Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai?

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May 22, 2017

Chapter 21 - Arshi closeness, and the plan! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 76 times)

Khushi looked around, she blushed  seeing some guests look at them.

She shifted her attention to Arnav whispering: Arnav.. Leave me..

Arnav frowned: Why?

Khushi raised her hands pointing to the guests: They are looking at us..

Arnav rolled his eyes: They will always, why care for them?

Khushi giggled: You're impossible!! See my mehndi spoiled because of you.

Arnav scanned her hand: Not that much, at least my name is still in your hand.

Khushi looked at his face giggling: And my mehndi is in your face!!

Arnav widened his eyes touching his right cheek: What the.. No.. Why this had to happen??

Khushi laughed and hugged him tightly: It will fade in some days.. And no one will notice it..

Arnav smiled: Since it's you, I don't mind.

Anjali came near them, and was shocked seeing both hugging each other.

Anjali: Chote..

Arnav and Khushi broke the hug, and looked at her.

Arnav replied not interested in talking with her: What?

Anjali looked at him sadly: Chote why are you talking with me like that? Did I committed a big sin?

Arnav: Don't ask me Di. You know what you did, and you should be ashamed of yourself for betraying ma, and supporting that man.

Anjali nodded sideways: Ma is not angry with me Chote, he is our father. No one ignores their father Chote. Just give him one chance.

Arnav irritated: Diii.. Are you blind or what? He himself said to me that he only wants our property and nothing else. He only loves his second wife and his children. Please open your eyes. He doesn't love us..

Anjali shut her eyes: Chote you're still thinking about him as a villain. Please talk with him calmly, he is changed now.

Arnav: I don't want to talk with him, he is your guest only, you take care of him. Didn't you think about Nani before inviting him? He killed Nani's daughter, do you think it's easy for her to be in the same place as him?

Anjali: Chote please..

Khushi looked at both: Please calm down Arnav.

Arnav walked to leave. Anjali held his hand stopping him.

Anjali looked at him crying, and Arnav was having a hard time controlling his feelings, he didn't want to ignore his sister, but would never forgive his father.

Arnav shut his eyes: Di don't force me. I won't forgive that man..

Anjali: Just try Chote please.

Arnav: No Di. I will never forgive him for killing my mother slowly, for leaving us and go to London with his lover, for never calling us to know how we are, for leaving us without any protection, if it was not for mama and mami, we wouldn't be here, and now you want me to accept him as my father? Smile at him despite everything he did with me and you? Really Di?

Arnav left, Anjali stood there thinking about his words.

Khushi placed her hand on Anjali's shoulder: Di.. I admit he is your father, but he doesn't deserve to be called so.. Whatever he did in your past, if I was in your position I would also do the same Arnav is doing. He is responsible for your mother's death, and you still accept him? I can clearly read from his eyes that he hasn't good intentions.

Shyam also came there: Anjali why are you hell bent on making Arnav accept Dev?

Anjali stayed silent. She left from there crying to her room.

Shyam sigh, Khushi looked sad, she went running to console Arnav.


Arnav's room:

Arnav cried: Meera Di doesn't understand me. Why should I forgive that man?

Meera hugged him tightly: It's okay monkey. Di will understand your point only when she see his true face..

Arnav nodded: You're right Rabbit. We have to show her Dev's true face only then I will be able to get them out of here.

Meera: So we need to think of a plan!

Arnav: But what will make him speak the truth?

Mean while, Khushi reached Arnav's room and found Meera and Arnav talking.

Khushi: Arnav tum teek ho?

Arnav nodded and made Khushi sit on his lap: We're thinking of a way to make Dev and Nikhil reveal their plans.

Meera was surprised seeing Arnav close to Khushi, while Khushi was blushing sitting on his lap in front of someone else.

Arnav noticed the two, he smiled: Rabbit we're back together now.

Meera smiled broadly: Really!! Wow I'm so happy for you monkey and Khush.

Khushi smiled looking at Arnav lovingly.

Meera cleared her throat: Ok enough of your romance here!! Let's think of a plan..

Khushi: Why don't we act as ghost and scare them? They will surely tell us the truth. After all who is not scared of ghost?

Arnav rolled his eyes: Khushi seriously??

Meera giggled with Arnav, while Khushi pouted: Then tell us your plan!

Arnav smirked: I will do something that Di will realize by herself that he isn't trustworthy.

Khushi and Meera looked at him confused: What??


Payal looked around the hall, trying to spot Lav, Meera and Khushi.

She pouted: Where did they go now?

Suddenly someone pulled her from behind, she gasped scared: Wha..

The person placed his palm on her mouth impeding her to talk more.

Payal widened her eyes but after seeing his face, she sigh in relief.

Akash smiled and left her: Kaisa laga surprise?

Payal beat him on his chest: You scared me!

Akash giggled: You see I wasn't able to stay away from you. That's why I had to literally kidnap you from there.

Payal smirked: Acha? Mr.Raizada are you that weak? Can't you come in front of everyone and take me?

Akash: Do you want Nani to pull my ear?

Both laughed.

Nani shouted searching for Payal: Payaaallll bitiyaaaa.. Payaaallll...

Payal widened her eyes in shock, Akash hid her behind a pillar: Talk about the devil, and here she is..

Arnav, Khushi, Meera, Lav and Ayan were descending the stairs and saw Akash and Payal hiding from Nani.

Arnav smirked: Naniii what are you doing?

Nani looked up: I'm searching for Payal. Don't know where is she? She was here only..

Khushi giggled silently.

Arnav: I think I saw her..

Akash and Payal widened their eyes hearing this. Akash cursed Arnav for trying to spoil his moment with Payal.

Nani smiled: Where?

Arnav was about to point behind the pillar, Khushi shoved his hand quickly: He saw Payal's ghost Nani. Not her, tell Nani na Arnav..

Nani frowned confused: Payal's ghost?

Arnav glared at Khushi: Woh Nani I dream that Payal bhabhi was a ghost and wanted to kill me..

Nani laughed: Arnav beta you and these kinds of dreams??

Khushi, Lav, Meera and Ayan also laughed at him.

Payal sigh in relief seeing that Nani's attention wasn't in her anymore.

Nani: Acha it's lunch time now, come outside you all.

The youngsters nodded smiling, they were really hungry now.


" Uncle what are you doing here? Aren't you seeing what I am? Khushi is getting close to Arnav now" Nikhil looked angry at Dev.

" I said calm down" Dev smiled at him.

" Calm down?? DM fashion house is almost ruined, and we are here enjoying a marriage and letting both stay close to each other, really uncle? Aren't you switching sides now?" Nikhil sat on Dev's bed frustrated.

" Shut up Nikhil. I know Arnav and Khushi are getting closer now. And this is what I need, the more closer they get, the more it will hurt when they get separated. Right now I'm just using Anjali to divert his attention, my prey is that little girl Khushi Kumari Gupta!! " Dev smirked.

" What? Why are we wasting time on Anjali then? " Nikhil asked confused.

" I already said that, so that Arnav keeps his attention on saving his sister from me, and leaves Khushi. I will do such a plan that will force Arnav to make you marry Khushi and transfer all his property to you, I mean to us!!" Dev laughed evily leaning on his bed headboard.

Nikhil just nodded smirking.


" Arnav please feed me na. See I have Mehndi in my hands.. How can you be so bad?" Khushi pouted looking at him enjoying his food.

Arnav giggled and feed her: Here it is my hungry princess.

Khushi smiled accepting him feed her the delicious wedding food.

Nani was really happy seeing this scene.

Anjali came there and sat on the table with a faint smile.

Arnav looked at her worried, her face clearly showed him that she was crying. He felt bad to see his Di crying.


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Jun 11, 2017

Chapter 22 - Arnav's confession (By Angel23) (Thanked: 78 times)

" Payal you're looking gorgeous.." Khushi smiled at her, while other girls were busy teasing Payal.. 

" Excuse me.." Arnav smirked coming inside the room. Nani: What are you doing here? Boys are not allowed..

Arnav: Came to take what's mine!!! 

Khushi hide behind Payal blushing, she shook her head with his madness.. 

Payal smiled: tum jaoo. otherwise he will not leave us..

Khushi bit her lips, Arnav extended his hand to her...


" Arnav you.. you're becoming shameless day by day.. how can you take me away from there? Everyone were looking at us..." Khushi scolded him. 

" Uhh I don't care Khushi.. you belong to me, why should I be scared of them??" Arnav kissed her forehead, and she didn't had words to fight with him back.. 

" This is not fair Raizada.." Khushi mumbled, and Arnav smirked. 

He guided her to an open place in the hotel decorated with red flowers and white balloons.. 

" Wow it's magical.." Khushi placed her palms on her mouth awed by the decoration.

"Not bad, someone is learning how to be romantic" Khushi giggled.

Arnav pulled her by her waist: I was always romantic..

Khushi: Ohhh.. really??  

Arnav smirked: Should I show you?? (He tilt his head and placed a soft kiss on her ear)

Khushi close her eyes, she shivered with his touch, her heart started beating faster.. and how much she hates, that he is the only one who can bring such feelings inside her..

Khushi: Payal..sangeet.. Arnav.. we're getting late...

Arnav: What the.. I didn't organize all this for you to just see and go away..

Khushi: But we will miss their sangeet na..

Arnav: What about me?? our date?? I promise we will also do sangeet here.. you will not miss anything..

Khushi: No no.. we have to go..

Arnav cupped her face: For me, you can't do this??

Khushi sigh in defeat.. 

Arnav: If you want to go, go then.. 

Khushi kissed his cheek: I'm fine here with you, my angry laddo..

 Arnav chuckles, both went to sit at a small table placed for them. Arnav served her, and Khushi served for him. 


Meera looked around, she found two people missing "Arnav and Khushi", she went to look for them..

Meera: Nani did you saw Monkey and Khushi??

Nani nodded sideways: These both are always missing these days, anyways sangeet is about to start you come with me.. 

Meera nodded, and went with Nani to the hall. 


" Tomorrow this happy family, will see a sad ending.. unfortunately this had to happen in your wedding Akash" Dev laughed evilly. 

Nikhil: Wow uncle you're so smart.. I thought you were planning something, and now you tell me such a dangerous yet good plan for me!! 

Dev smirked: I'm smart that I know boy.. but I need you to work perfectly on our plan okay.. I want no mistakes from your side.. 

Nikhil nodded like a good boy..


Arnav smile looking at Khushi..  

Khushi also look at him, she raised her eyebrows: Why are you looking at me like that Arnav??

Arnav: I want to spend all my life with you Khushi.. you know it never hurt me so much being away from someone like it hurt for you.. at that moment I knew you're my dream girl.. 

Khushi smiled shyly: I too want to spend my life with you Arnav.. away from all these problems, just you and me.. 

Arnav suddenly stood up, and knelt down taking Khushi by surprise. 

Arnav: I Love You Khushi Kumari Gupta..

Khushi's heart skipped a beat, she smiled, her eyes were shining only.. 

" Khushiiiiiii...Khushiiiiii...." Lavanya was coming there looking for her.. 

Arnav face palmed, Khushi giggled: I will just come back.. 

Arnav frowned: My response??? 

Khushi: Wait for tomorrow.. 

Arnav: No way, I will invade your room if possible today, but you will surely say you love me too.. 

Khushi smirked: Let's see!!!! 

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Jun 22, 2017

Chapter 23 - The big plan.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 67 times)

Khushi left with Lavanya giggling, after glancing at Arnav disappointed face.

Arnav smirked as he looked at her, he also went to the hall.

Nani went running to him: Arnav beta it's your brother's wedding, where do you disappear every now and then?

Arnav: Nani I'm here only..

Nani smiled: Will you dance for your brother?

Arnav frowned: No way Nani!!

Khushi came to them: Nani don't worry, I'm here na.. I will make him dance..

Nani left smiling, Khushi smirked at Arnav: If you dance, I will confess Arnav!! Now it's your choice..

Arnav pouted: This is not fair!!

Khushi giggled: Please it's for Akash and Payal..we have to dance..

Arnav nodded and pulled her by her waist, he whispered in her ear with his husky voice: After the dance, I will get to hear I love you from you..

Khushi closed her eyes, and nodded slowly..

Nikhil behind a pillar smirked: And tomorrow..bang bang!!

After a couple of performances by Meera, Ayan, Lavanya, and the elders, Khushi and Arnav finished the sangeet with their dance on Gerua song.


Khushi's room:

" I..love..you" Khushi said blushing, Arnav brushed his lips with hers. Khushi looked at him shocked: What are you doing Arnav?? Someone will come here..

Arnav: No one will come..

Khushi smiled shyly, she hugged him tightly to hide her shy face.

Arnav caressed her waist: Very soon we will also be in Akash and Payal bhabhi's place.

Khushi nodded: I'm waiting eagerly for that day Arnav..

Arnav kissed her earlobe: This day will come soon Khushi..

Khushi bit her lips: Go to your room Arnav..

Arnav smirked: Why?

Khushi smiled and pushed him outside: Just gooo..

Arnav walked to his room smiling.


Wedding day:

Today was the big day for Akash and Payal.

In her room, she was being dressed by her mother and friends.

Meera: Finally you will join our crazy family now..

Payal smiled: You're from the boy's side, Akash will beat you if he gets to know you here!!

Meera giggled: You're right!! I will get going.. I just wanted to see how the bride is looking!!

Payal blushed: And how am I looking?

Meera: Perfect!! You're looking gorgeous Bhabhi..

Meera left running, outside.

Arnav found her on the way: Rabbit..

Meera nodded: Everything is like what we planned Monkey.. Di is already in the terrace.

Arnav: Okay..nothing should happen to her Rabbit..

Meera: Nothing will happen to her Arnav, trust Ayan..he will catch Di at the right moment.

Khushi came running to them: Arnav..Dev is going to the terrace now, I send him a letter and asked a servant to give it to him.

Arnav: Okay let's go there too.


Arnav, Khushi and Meera followed Dev to the terrace.

The three hid behind a pillar.

Anjali smiled seeing him: Papa you called me here..

Dev nodded sideways: No dear, you're the only one who called me here..

Anjali frowned: No a little boy told me you called me..

Dev: But..no..a servant gave me a letter..

Anjali: Maybe someone played a prank on us..

Dev nodded: Yeah, these kids nowadays!!

Anjali smiled.

Ayan came to the terrace, he showed thumbs up to Arnav, Khushi and Meera then walked near Anjali and Dev.

Ayan: I called you both here..

Anjali: Ayan tum. But why?

Ayan: Di didn't you want a way to convince Arnav bhai to accept Dev uncle?

Anjali nodded: Haan..

Ayan smiled: I have an idea to do so..

Anjali: No Ayan, let it be.. Chote doesn't want it, and neither I want to force him anymore, he is hurt..

Dev looked at Anjali angrily, Ayan pushed Anjali trying to convince her: Di please..

While convincing her, he pushed her purposely off the terrace.

" Anjaliiiiii.." Dev shouted shocked.

" Ohh nooo.. Diiiiii..." Ayan faked that he was crying.

Arnav gulped scared, he wanted to save his Di, but Khushi held his hand: Arnav di is fine..

Meera: Monkey don't worry.. Ayan attached a rope on Di's waist before making Di fall off the terrace, she will not fall..

Anjali was shocked, she noticed a rope in her saree, that was not letting her fall, she looked confused, if Ayan wanted her to fall why did he save her first?

Ayan looked at Dev: Help Dii..uncle.. Please do something..catch her..Di will die.. Please..

Dev: Let her die then.. Why should I risk my life to save hers??

Anjali heard what her father said, she was badly hurt. Arnav was right, this man never changed, he was still the same selfish person.

Dev went running from there, if Anjali dies when he was there people would blame him, so he thought to save his life first.

Arnav went running to Ayan, who was pulling the rope to help Anjali.

Arnav extended his hand to Anjali, she held his hand and he pushed her in, both fell on the floor.

Arnav caressed her hair: Tum teek ho Di?

Anjali nodded crying: I'm fine Chote.. You did this to show me his real face?

Arnav nodded: I'm sorry, I had no other way to show you his real face.. See when you were in danger, he left you Di..this is his truth..

Anjali hugged him crying heavily: Why Chote?? Why don't we get the love from our parents? Why is papa such an evil man? Why doesn't he love us??

Arnav: Shh Di..we don't need his fake love, we have our family with us.. We are happy with mama, mami, Nani, Akash..sab.. Di everyone here loves us..please Di forget that man..

Anjali nodded: You're right Chote.. I was blind who couldn't see Pa..Dev Malik true face..

Shyam came running to Anjali, he kissed her all over her face: Are you alright?

Anjali smiled with his care: I'm fine..it was a quite cool experience to stay in air for sometime!!

Everyone laughed. Arnav hugged Khushi and Meera: Thank you for helping me.

Ayan pouted: You guys could hug me too.. I did the most difficult part..

Arnav smiled and pulled Ayan into a tight hug: Thank you Ayuuu..


It was night time, Akash was waiting for his bride in mandaap, Arnav was busy attenting the guests.

Dev was shocked when he saw Anjali all fit and fine: Anjali tum..

Anjali smiled: I'm fine and alive Dev Malik..

Dev: Dear it's not what you think. I went running to call for help..

Anjali: Seriously stop lying to me.. And one more thing, just go away from this place now, take your nephew with you too.

Arnav clenched his fist seeing his Di talking with Dev.

Arnav walked to them: What do you want? Why are you behind my sister Dev?

Dev: Anjali please trust me..

Anjali: I said out of this place right now!!!!

Arnav smirked looking at Dev: You lost dear Daddy.. I won..

Dev glared at Arnav: This is not right..

Arnav called the guards to throw him out of the place: Then go and figure out what's right, out of here!!

The guard took him forcefully out of the hotel.

Dev shouted smiling: You didn't win yet Arnav..this game will be finished by Nikhil only..

Arnav frowned looking at him: Di did you saw Nikhil somewhere?

Anjali worried: Don't ask about him Chote.. Where is Khushi?

Arnav looked at her shocked, he went running to Khushi's room where he last saw her.

And his biggest fear happened, she wasn't there anymore.

Arnav went downstairs running, he started to look for her around the hall the marriage was happening, but didn't find her.

" Chote.." Anjali came to him.

" He took her Di.. Nikhil kidnapped Khushi.." his eyes were burning in anger as well as fear for her, what will Nikhil do to her now.

" No..no.. I have to save Khushi Di.. I have to find her.." Arnav mumbled, confused what to do, where to find her...

Akash noticed Arnav and Anjali worried faces.

He went to them, Akash: Is everything alright?

Anjali nodded sideways: Nikhil kidnapped Khushi.

Akash shocked: What? When did this happen? Khushi was with us.. How dare he?

Arnav cried: It's my fault.. I promised to her that I wouldn't let Nikhil come near her, still I let that happen..

Akash hugged Arnav tightly: Don't cry Arnav. It's not your fault.. We will find Khushi..

Arnav: If anything happens to her, I will die..

Anjali cried seeing the state of her brother.

Soon the news of Khushi kidnapped reached to all the family.


" Nikhil don't come near me.." Khushi cried stepping backwards.

" Oh baby.. You don't know how much I waited for this day. Today you will become fully mine" Nikhil stare at her shamelessly.

" You're so beautiful Khushi..just like this moon that is adorning our night.." Nikhil laughed staring outside the hut..

" Aaj tum sirf meri hoo..wow.." Nikhil smiled and walked near Khushi.

" I said don't come to me.." Khushi shouted getting scared of his looks.

" Dekho Nikhil please let me go.. What wrong did I to you? Why are you being so bad with me?" Khushi cried, she knelt down begging him to let her go.

" Ohh my baby don't cry na.. I can't see you crying.. But you see this is the plan, today you and me will get close, tomorrow our baby will come.. as I'm poor now, your lover will feel sorry for you then, he will make sure you get all the happiness in the world, so what will he do? Transfer all his property to me and Dev uncle, so that I can take care of you and our cute little baby..hain na? How's my plan? Superb right? " Nikhil cupped her face smiling.

" You have gone mad.. This will never happen" Khushi spit out on his face.

Nikhil shut his eyes and wiped his cheek: Now you're provoking me Khushi..

Khushi: Don't touch me.. If Arnav gets to know about you, he will kill you Nikhil.. I'm warning you already, leave me alone..

Nikhil laughed laying on the floor near Khushi: What will he do? Where will he find you in this jungle? By the time he reaches here, you would be mine.. Samjhi tum?

Khushi took this opportunity that he was on the floor and stood up quickly, she tried to run out of the hut.

Nikhil held her leg smiling, with his sudden force on her leg, she fell on the floor and got hurt badly on her elbow.

" Aaahh.." Khushi cried in pain.

" Mat karo aisa.. You will get hurt only.. behave like Payal, a shy bride.. I promise I won't hurt you then.." he smiled and caressed her elbow.

Khushi cried more, and shoved his hand angrily: Leave meeeee... You will not touch me.. Arnav's right I will never give you.. Never..did you hear? Never... I will die, but will not give my love to you..

Nikhil smirked: Let's see!!

Jun 26, 2017

Chapter 24 - Love always win..the end!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 76 times)

" You will see.." she replied with attitude when deep inside her heart she was a little girl scared of an monster standing in front of her.

Nikhil smiled: Wow..aggressive..now that's something I never taught you to be.. Must be Arnav's effect..

He walked to take her in his arms, Khushi stepped back crying: Nikhil leave me..

Nikhil: How can I? I just can't live without you Khushi, I'm obsessed with you now.. Till I don't make you mine, I won't rest..

Khushi gasped, this man was scary, he meant every word he ways saying, and she could read it in his eyes..


" Sir...Sir..." the manager of the hotel came running and sweating to Arnav, who was talking with local police.

Arnav looked at him, he said stammering: Sir..that girl..

Arnav held his shoulder: Tell me..did you saw Khushi?

The manager nodded: Yes sir.. That man took her to way of the jungle..

Arnav was shocked, now he was sure what Nikhil's intention were.

" Let's go.." he went running to his car with Akash and Shyam.  The police officers also went in their car.


" Don't touch me..." Khushi yelled angrily when Nikhil tried to touch her hair.

" Look you're not in the position to threaten me okay.." Nikhil said angry also.

He pulled her forcefully by her waist and smirked.

Khushi was beating him to let her go, but he didn't do that, instead tightened his grip on her.

" Leave me..Nikhil... I won't let you touch me.. Leave me.." Khushi cried, and shut her eyes tightly when he was about to kiss her cheeks.

She glanced at her left side, and saw a stick made of wood.

She grabbed that in her hand quickly and beat him on his head.

Nikhil groaned in pain: Ahhh...Khushi what is this?

Khushi stepped back, shocked herself as she never imagined beating someone: Yo..u...I..said..you..will not..touch...me.. ..

She stammered scared, Nikhil pushed her on the floor and angrily came near her. 

Khushi tried to take the stick on her hand, before he could do anything.

Nikhil smirked: Ohh see..I can marry you even now.. My blood will be your sindoor..

Now she looked at him shocked, Nikhil approached her trying to fill her maang with his blood.

Khushi took the stick again and beat him brutally on his head again.

Nikhil fell on the floor unconscious.

Khushi cried looking at him scared, she sat on the floor crying heavily.

Suddenly she heard the door being opened, she looked scared.

But her heart sighed in relief when she saw Arnav there, she smiled.

Arnav came running to Khushi, he sat on floor with her and cupped her face: Khushi.. are you alright? Did he..?

Khushi nodded sideways: No.. I didn't let him do anything..

Arnav hugged her tightly: I'm sorry..it's all my fault..

Khushi cried in his embrace: I was scared..

Arnav: I'm here now.. (Arnav stared at Nikhil) what happened to him?

Khushi: I beat him with this stick, he wanted to get close to me.. I only did that to defend myself Arnav..

She said it innocently, it was the first time she beat someone without even thinking of the consequences.

Arnav placed his fingers near Nikhil's nose, and sighed in relief..

"Arnav is..he..d..dead?" Khushi asked shocked.

"No.. Don't worry.." he consoled her taking her into a warm hug.

" You're my brave girl.." he kissed her forehead "You did the right thing Khushi..don't be scared.."

Akash and Shyam came running and found Khushi and Arnav hugging each other, and Nikhil laid unconscious.

" Take him away.." Arnav said looking at the officers " I want him in jail, getting a severe punishment"


6 months later:

" Vanillaaaaaa...." he shouted around the house, looking for his wife.

" Laddoooooo...I'm coming..." he heard shouting back at him, and she was outside the house only.

He smiled, and went running outside the house, there she was perfect as ever, even sweating she looked perfect.

" Why don't you take HP with you to the market?" Arnav asked her wiping away her sweat.

" Because I like doing it alone.." she said showing him the things she bought.

" But you're ice cream baby, you will melt if you work hard like this" he giggled making fun of her.

" And I won't kiss, hug or pamper you anymore, you already laddo, if you get sweet treatments, you will get diabetes.." she teased him back.

" Heyy no... Laddo doesn't mind extra sweetness in his life.." he hugged her from behind, as she placed juices in the fridge, and walked to take more things she bought from the plastic material.

" I missed you.. You know if there is something I don't like, is when I wake up and don't see your face.." he pouted.

" I know..sorry but Payal bhabhi asked me to go with her, and you know she wakes up early..so.." Khushi explained him and kissed his nose cutely, mumbling a sorry in between.

" It's okay.. " he smiled, when she says sorry, then there is no way to stay angry with her anymore.

" Payal bhabhi invited us today to lunch with Meera's fiance..will you be free?" Khushi asked.

" Yeah we can go vanilla" he said, canceling his meetings with Aman over the phone.

" Did you like Meera's fiance?" Khushi asked smiling.

" No.. I hate him.." Arnav frowned.

" Why??" Khushi asked him.

"Because the one I love is always talking and staying with him" he complained.

" Arnav..you.." Khushi asked shocked, her heart almost stopped beating thinking that he loves Meera.

" What? You are always talking with him, and I stay alone always!!" he pouted again. 

" Ohh..you scared me laddo.." she hugged him tightly and kissed the crook of his neck " I only love you"

" I know.." he smiled " that's why I don't get angry.."

" He is a sweet boy hain na? His talks are so funny.." Khushi laughed, thinking about Raj, Meera's fiance.

" Am I not funny anymore for you?" how much he hates Raj, for stealing the attention from him.

"Aww you're getting jealous Arnav" Khushi laughed at his face.

"Acha.. You're teasing me now.." Arnav smirked, and lifted her taking her out of the kitchen, he started tickling her when he made her lean on the sofa in their living room.

Khushi laughed trying to stop him: Haha..please stop..don't do this..to me..

Arnav stopped: Then don't talk much about Raj..

Khushi nodded with a smile: Okay..


Raizada mansion:

All ladies were cooking happily, as now they are going to witness the third marriage in the house.

Arnav tip toed inside the kitchen, and hugged his wife from behind smiling.

Khushi gasped shocked, taking everyone's attention.

All laughed at Arnav's naughtiness.

Khushi blushed, trying to take his arms off her, but he showed her bournvita.

" Drink bournvita senorita..and you will become Rita.." he laughed at his own created poem!!

" And who is Rita?" she asked raising her eyebrow.

" My secretary.." he smirked " Pihu and Ayan offered you this bourn vita..they're saying their didi will need it, because she will be cooking for my many people, then doing arrangement for the wedding, so you need to drink this to become strong.."

" Say thank you to them.. " Khushi smiled " And we will talk about Rita later.." she glared at him.

Arnav giggled and kissed her cheeks in front of the ladies, who gasped shocked.

Khushi widened her eyes, Arnav: I was just kidding with you..

He left the kitchen, then returned: Please close your mouth all of you..

All started laughing at Khushi's red face, and Arnav naughty smirk!!


" Hey fish.. Today you're going to eat yourself..dekho.." Arnav showed Lavanya a dish.

Lavanya shook her head: Stop teasing me Arnav.. It's been a long and you still call me fish, can't you give me another sweet nickname?

Arnav: It depends on my mood, but Fish suits you..

Lavanya beat his shoulder playfully, Khushi came to them, and took Arnav's plate to serve the food of his like, that was at another side of the table.

" I can serve for myself vanilla.." he took the plate from her hand.

" No.. I will serve for you laddo.." she scolded him.

" Serve for me too Khushi.." Lavanya smiled cheekily.

" Heyy fish.. Don't take my wife for granted.." Arnav made a fake angry face.

Khushi shook her head and left to serve for both, who were still teasing each other.


After having a delicious lunch together, both families went to the garden side to talk about how will be Meera's marriage.

" Decoration should be golden and red.." Meera said excitedly.

" No, make it black.." Arnav teased her.

"Shut up you monkey.." she glared at him.

"Arnav did you take medicine.." Khushi asked him worried.

" I'm not sick now vanilla.." he caressed her cheek.

"But you still cough sometimes..." Khushi said.

" Hmm it will pass baby.." he smiled.

Love, care and happiness, these three things never left their lives once they got together. Their love finally won over the evil's intention of separating them.

Now they can live happily without worrying about anyone, Nikhil was paying for his crime in jail, and Dev was begging on the roads with his family.

Raizada family were happy and united once again as they were before, and now with their children getting settled in life, it was another reason to dance in happiness!!

Garima also said sorry to her daughter for destroying her life by forcing her to stay with Nikhil, Khushi although forgave her, she never could be so close to her mother again, the fear was still hidden inside her, and Arnav was the only one whose presence was enough to take the fear away from her.

And last but not least, Arnav changed into his old form again, he became the funny and sweet Arnav he was, and the reason of his change.. Of course.. His wife, his Khushi..


The end!!!...

Thank you!! Another creation of mine ended, only because of your support and encouragement words..thank you so much.. I hope you all enjoyed the story..and it didn't bore you, sorry if it did!!

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