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Apr 12, 2017

NA TUM JAANE NA HUM (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 55 times)

Delhi: 10:30 pm

At  the top of the apartment of outskirts of delhi,a man stood in the balcony sipping beer &looking out  the darkness, watching the  hassle &bustles of city. It was a night time& city is glowing with lights. However his apartment& his heart shows a different story , a story which is unspoken& unknown to most of us. He heard his cell phone ringing in his pocket with a” buzzing, sound”. He didn’t even bothered to take a look, out of irritation he thrown it on ground.


As a far as he concerned , there was no more happiness no more light in his life, as the world knows he was in deep hallow, it wides within coming days even more deeper, burning him alive within the guilty& pain. He was in verge of destruction, His life was now turns it upon in alcohols,& always high on alcohols, deadly alcoholic. his friends,his colleagues& his business partners always pinned him in to it rather than helping him, making him to more habitual. There is no one in his life to show him right path at all, all are empty. His quality of  hard work, concentration& dedication for work  wasn’t there anymore. The Ceo Arnav Singh Raizaida,billonare of ar industries was now a dead lonely man, even though everyone was around. Everyone was just using him for their satisfaction &luxuries, playing him like a debt card, even his own sister who doesn’t care him anymore.


He fired most of the people in his company out of madness. Due to his high temper*rutheless altitude give him a various plot images in magazines& social media with tag of ruthless business tycoon which was now affecting on company’s reputation. He has almost pushed most of his close friends away from him,& slowly began to fall in misery. There was no one with him to owe his sorrows, not even a single soul in whole world who understands him.

His phone again now started ringing, he picked it up from the floor& answered it” what the hell , you want???” he barked

“ hum.. I am sorry sir.., um.. your sister is here.. waiting.. replayed aman( his P.A), in frighten tone

“ yah..  coming..” replayed him

As he driving back to his home, he spots his friend akash who is in market buying vegetables. The veg.seller puts it all together in a plastic bag and gives it him.when he was about to pass, the money.he spots a man standing at a distance, it could take him only a few seconds to make him realize the man was no other than his friend arnav. He was about to say hai, he went from there. 


On the other side on the outskirts of luck now..a far away from the city, a small village located in an area , with  a few perishable houses. a girl was sitting near the  balcony, talking to stars.. Seems like little funny actually, she none other than khushi , the one& only daughter of village president khushal singh. Today is her last day of her weekend leave, so tomorrow she was returning back to delhi, back to her world & her job. 



“ hogayi baath maa se” asked khushal(have you been finished talking to your mother)

Khushi: “, mey to bus..yaha.( no dad.. I mean.. I am not.. I was just .,.) (she wiped her tears seeing her dad)

 Khushal: Chal rahne de, muje patha hai tume  ( it’s ok.. let it go, I know..)

 Hum ., kal kithne baje ki filght hai.. “asked him

At  6 morning.. Replied khushi 

 Toh sare saman pack ki..(So, have you been packed all your stuffs...)

Ji dad..(Yah, dad)

Dad, I will miss you..(Khushi hugged him)

Ya, I miss you too


After short drive within 20 mintutes,from the apartment, he reached the gates of the raizaida mansion. The gates were opened& he drove inside& parked his car, house maid hp opened the doors.he went straightly towards the living hall, as he know his di must be there.

 Arnav: what’s the matter dii??

Anjali: oh, well you have come.. , I thought i should return back, without seeing you.. ha any way, I have made my decision

Arnav: what decision..

Anjali: I have equal right in property right, so I think it’s time to get part it..

Arnav: what do you mean??

Anjali: my share.., I know it will be quite shock for you, but you know… I think it’s a right time. Half of it you wasted it.. unless if I didn’t take any initiative now .. You will waste it all by yourself& I can’t let it happen. According to dad’s will , I think this house is in your,

Arnav:  where I want to sign.. Tomorrow you came with the lawyer..i will sign it..( he said & went upstairs)

 The drops of rain was hitting the ground, heavily raising slashes of mud, sounds of whole world were lost in the cacophony, except the voice from his heart, which constantly questioning him, making him reminding everything once more.  

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Apr 16, 2017

NA TUM JAANE NA HUM (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 36 times)

“ Some wounds never heals, you may seem he intact from outside, but deep inside he is bleeding& breaking an every single moment, a little stab of time can rip him in a part into pieces.


Sounds of breaking each& everything echoing through the halls, he threw each& everything left& right, breaking everything he owned. He took a large frame to his hand& stared at it for a quick second.their family photo.. their childhoods memories, he let it go just like he let go the frames..his minds started shutting sown & all he could see just were darkness. 


The breaking man lied on cold hard floor in his dark room. The tears spilled out non-stop , he was hurt.

“ I want to stop this” he mumbled

Hp… hp.. he called


“ bring me a glass..” he ordered


“ chote babu, are you ok.. he asked”

“ do what I say” he said,

 poor hp,he was only servent here, he was not the one to poke in their matters, but out of everyone he knows arnav from he was  child. He was like a son for him. He felt so sad seeing him destroying himself like this. he wish if there is anyone out there to  change him.

arnav took the glass & shrugged the whole liquid sown, to make him slight relief from his sorrows

“ chote babu, aap kyum aise peethe., drinking this much isn’t good for you”. hp said


Arnav gave him sly smile* place his drink down& said “ that’s why I’m doing… you can go”



The alarm clock in khushi’s room rang , but she has already awake , she hadn’t get ample sleep   last night, she quickly turn it off, so the alarm might not disturb her friends. Swinging out of the bed she sighed, it has been just  half day since she left her home town, she already started missing a lot. She had missed the most beautiful memories she spend with her dad, she didn’t want to leave it behind.

Apr 18, 2017

NA TUM JAANE NA HUM-3 (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 43 times)

Khushi flipped through the last page of her diary, which marked the end of year, sat nearby the window having a cup of coffee. It was raining outside; she stood there watching rain, “its final hours, doctors scrambled to get affairs in order” came a voice besides her

“ ha, you awake, your coffee is placed beside the table” said khushi

“morning, thanks” said lav

well, are you planning to sitting whole day like this,  watching rain ha , didn’t you forget your appoint ment ,did you notice the time, you have to hurry up!!  said lavanya while sipping her coffee

“oh god.. it’s  time 8 ..No… , let me get down faster…” said khushi

Delhi  was setting towards the dusk and the hustle of the city was beginning to get it’s peak, it  was 20  minutes walk from her apartment to hospital near the Cruz station. She knew it would be difficult to hunt for an taxi at such time, so she decided to walk,; like all other days, streets were filled with office goers , and students .khushi & lav are  collegues, she is the only connection khushi have in this unknown city. Lav is the doing best in her modeling as a carrier.


At court corridors…a court hearing was going on.. all press & media,are surrounded there two make the news more sketchy, today is the final court hearing of five sketch murder case

A medical doctor who examined mohan revealed that there were signs of assault and intoxication when he was taken to the town Public Hospital. Dr. Roy testified yesterday that Mohan was also unresponsive. The witness noted that upon examining the patient, he found that there was an injury to the right side of his head and swelling to his right elbow.

According to Dr. pradeek ,a CT scan was ordered and conducted on the victim. The scan revealed that there was bleeding in the right temporal lobe and blood clots in the brain. The witness told the court that the injuries were considered life-threatening.”  I am sunita reporting from *********** channel

Shyam was walking in through the corridors, his assistant  mia rushed  to him with a cell phone

 “shyam, miss anjali  raizaida is on line “ said his assistant mia

“ oh, yah.. he said* picked up the phone

“ hello ranisahibha”,did you miss me??

“ of course I did,  are you in your office??”

“ no, I am in court”

“ well, are you headed back to your home, if then we can meet up there” asked her

“ oh , ranisahibha I am quite busy, I have approve an appeal here.. After that I’m free why don’t you meet me at here at 1.. he said

“ yah , sure.. love you”said anjali

good , see you soon” said shyam

“ shyam..” called mia

“ oh, ha ranisahibha.. I have to go.. ok, bye"


Inside there is an platinum ring which I have bought yesterday said shyam

 Shyam, can I ask you something? Asked mia

Yah.., he said

Are you sure you are going to ask her to marry you?? Asked her

Yah I’m sure..

Mia.. mia.., why are you so hyper yaa, look she is just a debt card for me, you know me right?!i am your legal husband& you’re my wife

Exactly I know, I know your are just marrying her for her properties, but.. I am thinking why you’re doing this, is the revenge is so grateful for our life. I mean you’re destroying her life ..

Destroying?! she is the one who wants it..   Ok.. let’s forget it all, but what about the pains, the sorrows, the insult, the humiliations we passed ha, what about it??ha, the properties are not only theirs , we have also right in it. If  grandpa was alive , he would have given to us, knowing I am his elder son ashok singh raizaida ‘s son. And what about the accident?? Ha, is there any explanation?? Our baby”

shyam, she was drank… it was a mistake”

mistake.. mistake, right! For you, it’s a mistake.. but not for me..  she’s a ****.. I  can’t forget it so easily, if two minutes I came later, you will be.., she is such a greedy& selfish women don’t you know.. she only care for herself, what she needs.., I seen her rage in her eyes whenever we came closer..she tried many methods to make us split, even she killed our child.. ”he roared



Everyone nurtures a dream, dream for enjoys living, for a perfect family mia,. A dream for which every moment of pain, embarrassment and insult becomes a stepping stone & not a stopping one. And, I also has a dream, not a general one but the one I planned for years..Besides I made my mind already set for, here I am, in the age of 26 all set to reset my life again… he said.


Tring.. tring.. the phone went through the complete ring with no answer. Maybe this is the 20th time aman tried to connect  arnav .he was getting frustrated, so he called in landline no. But from the house maid hp, he get to know arnav is not there, he left early morning.

“ damn, if asr is not at his home, then.there is a chance,he will be.. dammit!!he grab down his car keys& went out..


It’s more than 4 clubs aman keep checking arnav .but there no luck for him. “ I think I should kept an weekly account for my workloads* activites” he thought. Disappointingly he thought to return back, he spot the man who sitting in nearby cafe, ” dreamers café” written on big bold letters on the café’s glass front .

” oh god! There he is” he sighed.

It’s has been more than a hour, he is been sitting in the cafe, staring outside through windows. In these lonely hours, he finish two cups of coffee.” Everything has an perfect irony with a perfect thing, whom never last to long, reminding him once vividly”. The person whom he had loved*respected, once was motherly figure for him, thrown out of life, like he was no one else. There is no relation nor love,; she prioritize money only. There is nothing to fold back.

“Asr, there you are".. a mild drizzle and acool breeze is a perfect moment for a hot cup of coffee ha ” said aman while walking in

“what the hell you want aman, just clear-off.. Let me in peace” said arnav

“Asr  just listen once.. uh, you forget it’s wendesday!.And you have two attend the conference.. The investers, share holders & the clients have been waiting for you there.

“ just cancel it..” arnav said

“ cancel it?, ??


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Apr 30, 2017

NA TUM JAANE NA HUM-4 (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 23 times)

 cancel it?, did you remember asr, it has been more than a month you been entered in conference. Every time we kept pushing like this, they will no longer be our clients."asr c'mon it's our chance.." .Literally that's it, I advice you to exit out this hell hole before you get sucked in.


Lav having her shower,when her phone starts  ringing in beeping voice,." Ghosh" she sighed .after having shower within 10 minutes, she dried her long brown hair applied , little make up. " perfect, for today's shoot". One final look in the mirror, she take out her bag& went out closing the doors of apartment. Meantime her phone again, started ringing,she answered exactly within next two rings.

" how many times, I told you nk there no post available"she said

"please. .. please lav would you recommend, you know it has been more than a month , I'm in this city, looking for job .

" yah, I know,, but there is no vacancies for the photographer..""Um.. . Let me try..., but I'm not sure" she said

"wow,.. Thank you! Thanks so much...    


"Asr, c'mon" things are dramatically opposite; they are distinct as it's a vice from virtue. Everyone too often to confound it. Your loss in altitude, disappearance in weekly hours, need to been mistaken. Do you have any idea?! people would gain to publish& magnifying stories about you... Asr you can't left it all here, we need to work hard to regain our AR position back to 1. Asr, it's not right way to walk away from problems, we can resisted it all way but circumstances will be strengthened, even by worse. You may be black horned, aloof besides a rock, surveying distance from each an everything, things can be change Asr... c'mon we needs you back, "AR" wants it... said aman.

( aman spent thee minutes in thrusting his tongue as far as he concerned without damaging the roots, he knew he would be striped with deadline blow,he wonder the notion of silence in face of arnav . all at once, he wondered what it is. Arrested to aman's voice, he never had any idea to give a reply.)

" asr, shall we move.. aman asked, he just nodded back

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