Payal ki Secret Lover

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Apr 13, 2017

Payal ki Secret Lover (By Spriya) (Thanked: 68 times)

Aakash, brother of ASR strode towards his bhai room in hurry to get a signature in one of the important document. After reaching arnav’s room, take a deep breath, adjusting his specs he is ready to knock the slightly opened door. Before his hand come in contact with the door he heard his bhai speaking something. He decided to leave from there but stopped hearing particular name, scrunching his eyebrows he placed his ear in the door to hear properly.


“I love you payal. I fell in love with you from the moment my gaze fell upon you. You are damn beautiful. I can’t even describe in words...your shape, your voice...aww...all are perfect in its place. I didn’t even realise how many hours I just sat stared at you when I first saw you. Can I tell you a truth; I even thought to hide you from the rest of the world which is waiting for a chance to grab you like a prey. You know whenever I miss you I came running to home so that at least I’ll get a glimpse of you amidst of our irritating family, don’t they have any other work than making you sit with them. You remember I even hide you for days lying to khushi so that my stupid heart feels you near me. I wish to see you the first thing in the morning after I woke up and the last thing to do before going to sleep. After marriage you are always with me yeah...except office which I loathe now. Whenever khushi go to gupta house she takes you along with her. I hate that, why can’t she understand how much you are important to me, why can’t she left you with me? But you know I am ASR. No one take my precious away from me. So whenever she go to gupta house I too accompany her so that I’ll not miss you. I don’t even need khushi to accompany me in business trips in abroad; your presence is enough for me. If I didn’t see you even once in a day then my day would go waste and mood will be off. Can I tell you a secret? I love you 1000 times more than khushi and love you from even before my marriage. Don’t tell this to anyone or else they will create problem for us. Our love story remains secret, deal..?? After a minute of silence, you don’t agree to be me because khushi will miss you and get angry on you. Don’t worry I’ll speak to her; I know how to make her agree to dance on my tunes. But remember carefully, don’t dare to love anyone more than me. I am possessive of my things. I don’t want to share you with others except khushi as I know how much khushi loves you. I cannot make my wife upset haaina, so you are allowed to be with khushi only. Hey wait, i even write poem for you. Can you imagine ASR and writing poem for proposal, I didn’t even do this for khushi,



“You are epitome of beauty in bauble;

Your presence itself is enough to make the walk attractive;

Wherever you go you spread your music along with your kindness;


Whoever partner you are with, will fit perfectly;

My heart is waiting for your music to ring in my ears.”


I love you payal” declared with dreamy smile on his face and his voice contains lot of tenderness in it.


Aakash heart broke the minute arnav happily declare his love for payal. He cannot believe his ears; he is too devastated to think logically. How can his brother love payal? Hell what about khushiji then? How can his bahi cheat on ever sweet khushiji and him? Didn’t his bhai know how much he loves payal? Without able to hear further, aakash bargin the room breaking arnav’s sweet confession.


Aakash: Bhai.....shouts angrily, he saw khushi too stand beside arnav silently. Heck what is this? khushiji also here. Didn’t she scold her husband for thinking like this? Why she supports whatever decision bhai takes.



Arnav hurriedly hides his right hand behind his back. He’s scared what if aakash heard what he is speaking lately? If he heard then his ASR image will go in drain. Why the hell khushi did not lock the door before starting this stupid dare? Doesn’t she know how much he feels embarrassed to do things like this before anyone other than her, cursing her mentally,


Arnav: Why you shouted aakash? Do you want anything? asked unsure hearing sudden raised voice of aakash.


Aakash: How can you act cool after doing like this? I didn’t expect this from you. You disappointed and betrayed me bhai, told sadly.


Arnav frowned: What i did? While khushi guessed what aakash was thinking and trying to suppress her erupting laughter.


Aakash: shakes his head dramatically, How can you do this bhai? Don’t you know how much khushiji loves you? Don’t you think about our family before doing this?


Arnav: All this happened because of her only, muttered silently.


Aakash: What???Khushiji how can you stay silent after seeing this?


Arnav didn’t heard what aakash told at last he is busy thinking deeply, “Oh no I think he seen my proposal. Stupid khushi, why can’t her brain working properly? Who the hell put this stupid crazy thought in her mind? Arghhh...and top of it why the hell I lose the bet? This is all because of that stupid challenge. Hereafter I should be careful before accepting any challenge from her. He comes out his musings,


Arnav: What are you saying aakash? asked hesitantly.


Aakash: Bhai, shouted in raised voice. Still now you didn’t understand what you did?  Unbelievable. How can you love payal bhai? asked in one breath. That’s it khushi burst out laughing.


Arnav: What the????khushi stop laughing. What’s wrong if I love payal aakash even khushi knows it? frowned not understanding anything. I know it is crazy but yeah...hesitantly, I did it for khushi. Don’t tell this to anyone.


Aakash: What???? If you forget let me remind you payal is my wife bhai, said dejectedly. Khushi couldn’t stand after this; she rolled in bed laughing hardly.


Arnav face is like what the ****?? Soon he too burst out laughing joining khushi. Aakash stood dazed not knowing why this crazy couple is laughing after dropping a bomb on his life.


Arnav: Aa...kas..h what y..ou tho..ught...he coughing badly due to laughing. Khushi instantly reaches him gives him water.


Aakash eyes find a glistering silver color chain in arnav’s hand, he keenly stare at the thing, finally it dawned upon him. It is no Anklet. Embarrassment is a small word for what aakash felt at that moment.



Aakash: Err...Bhai, I am sorry, apologised sheepishly.


Khushi: It’s ok jijaji, said still trying to control her laughter.


Arnav: Unbelivable aakash. You thought i love payal, ridiculous.


Aakash: What can i think bhai. You are talking as if you are proposing to your lover, whoever in my place surely thought you are speaking to your lover. But why did you do this in the first place?


Khushi: I’ll tell you jijaji. Your pyara bhai lost the challenge and he promised me that he’ll do whatever I’ll tell him to do.


Aakash: Ok from where did this payal I mean anklet come between.


Arnav: She wanted me to propose to a thing like phone or Bluetooth. But I felt her anklet is better option, said in one go embarrassed of being caught by his brother.


Aakash: I really appreciate you bhai. You did not even propose khushiji like this in your marriage, said teasingly and left the room with victorious smile as he know now what is going to happen in that room.


Khushi: Haww...arnavji, this is not fair. Now you have to propose me, said pouting turning away.


Cursing aakash in mind he hugs her from back he cooed, “Baby really you want me to propose. Don’t you know i lack in expressing but I’ll show you how much I love you”, said kissing her neck and picked her.

This os is written for Asu os competition. I tried to write humor for first time which is not my cup of tea. Hope you all like this. Press 'Thank you' If you like this and do comment!!!

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