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May 15

Part 10 The Surprise (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

Note: to enjoy this update imagine max. portions.

Part - 10

Next Day:

"Man will this all work? Everything is ready. I will give you signal. If it won't come then inform your family to get ready for your death." Said Arnav to a guy

"Bhayya you don't worry, I have been doing this job for ages. Noting will happen. You don't get tensed unnecessarily. I swear. Be confident." The guy said

Arnav was about to say something but was interrupted by his phone ringing

He lifted it with a small smile,"Hi"

"Hello Mr. Raichand. So is the surprise ready?" Khushi asked

"Surprise is ready only thing left is wait till evening and see it. Did your dad give you his surprise?"

"No that is also in the evening. Anyways I didn't say about your surprise to others what if it is not superb why to make others fun of you?" She laughed

"I said right no one can make fun of me for this surprise and I don't mind in others seeing it but if they see problem is for you. You only think." He smirked

"No need. Okay so did aunty and others go for the pooja?"

"Which Pooja?" He frowned and that is when he remembered,"Yeah pooja, they left early morning itself." He lied and sighed in relief

"So not even wishing me?" She asked curiously

"I will wish you along with the surprise isn't that enough?"

"More than enough. Okay we will meet in the evening. Bye." Saying she hanged up




Arora's Mansion:

All stood in the terrace of Arora's Mansion where the party was taking place. The place was beautifully decorated with pink and white balloons and the railing was covered with fairy lights, the place very much crowded. Many dishes for the guest were arranged as a buffet in one side with people for serving.

Payal stood with Khushi wearing a simple Anarkali. Neither did she speak with Neil nor did him. Ragini came and spoke with her for a minute or two.

Beside her stood Khushi who was looking ravishing wearing a full length Anarkali of maroon and golden color which had lot of stone work in it. A small solitaire necklace adoring her neck with her hair made into loose curls making everyone awestruck with her beauty.

She stood beside Payal greeting all the guest when she noticed her dad's best friend Avinash standing with her father.

She walked towards them with a smile,"Hi Uncle!" she exclaimed

"Hello birthday girl. So how is everything?" He asked

"Everything is fine uncle going well. Where is Kuldeep? When will he come its been six years since I saw him. What made so much glued to San Francisco?" She asked    

"Who knows when he will come? Okay so you carry on beta." He said eyeing Neil with a loop sided smile.

She smiled at him and started going back when her phone started ringing. She looked at the screen to see Arnav's name flashing in it with a smile she lifted the call and wasn't able to hear him properly due to the noise from the party area. She went to Ragini and said she will come in two minutes to which she nodded and Khushi walked out of the terrace and went inside the house.

"Hello Arnav sorry wasn't able to hear you due to the noise. Where are? When will you come?...." She said

"Hello Khushi listen to me. I am really sorry but I can't come. I am really sorry." He said in a serious tone

"Why? What happened?" She asked trying to control herself sensing the seriousness in his voice.

"Umm.. You don't get worried. Nk.. he met with an accident." He said slowly

"What?" She gaped," Arnav is it serious? Wait me and Lavanya will come. Send me the address." She said in a worried tone

"In your hospital only. Doctor is operating him. You don't get worried me and Shan are here. Don't say to Lavanya she will be panicked. Please. I will inform you. Please don't say to anyone. You get me right? Also I am really sorry for spoiling your birthday." He said

"You don't have to be sorry. Also now more than my birthday NK bro is important. Call me okay. Bye." She said and hung the call.

Disappointed she went back into the party but maintained herself and stood with a fake smile with her mind miles away.

She turned and saw Lavanya who was happily getting along with others,"I can't say this to her. First let Arnav call." She thought to herself



After 30 minutes:

Khushi stood in the party spot when her phone rang again flashing Arnav's name. She went back into the house and attended the call.

Before she can say anything she heard him in a tensed tone saying,"Khushi please come out. I am waiting here."

"I will say you come." She heard in a tensed voice

"Yeah I am coming." She said and descended the stairs and came out of the house.

She came out of the house and called out his name several times to not get any reply. 

Sighing she turned to her left where she saw a wooden sign board indicating to go through a way on which it was carved 'follow me' on which fairy lights were fixed. She frowned but more than that which surprised her was that, this board was new.

Her attention shifted to her phone when it beeped she opened it to get a message from an unknown number which stated 'follow it'. Frowning she looked around to see no one. 

Out of curiosity she started going in the way which the signboard showed and ran into the direction as each signboard she passed her curiosity was developing.

After crossing about twenty signboards she reached a cliff from where she could see the whole Delhi city but today it was complete darkness . She remember saying to Arnav once this was her favorite place but never finds time to pay a visit. 

She looked around panting when a sound coming from the side of the cliff she listened she turned her head to see a comet cracker in the dark sky shining in different colors which was followed by many more comets which finally carved the message in form of fire stating ' Happy Birthday'.

Then slowly she could see the sky filled with red and white balloons which conveyed 'Happy Birthday' and many fire balloons floating in the sky which conveyed the same message.

She stood still seeing the beauty of the sky and enjoying its beauty with out knowing that was not the end. Suddenly she felt lot of golden light rays hitting her face made her to look down the cliff which made her notice the lake below the cliff being fully filled with floating candles. 

A smile carved on her lips and her eyes twinkled seeing it. But before she could enjoy it more it all vanished into thin air which disappointed her a bit which was followed by one last comet cracker bursting and conveying,'Go back".

She slowly turned back to face darkness but slowly she could see some beams of light being created from where she came and slowly some more lights came which made her understand all the while from the second signboard till here she was in a tunnel of fairy lights and the ground beneath her was covered with red rose petals.

She started running through them to see a person whom she had in her mind.

After running for about four minutes again the atmosphere was filled with darkness and she stopped on her track and she could see the silhouette of a tall man a bit away.

She stood rooted to her spot and she could see the man approaching her but she wasn't able to see his face due to the darkness.

Soon when he was about twenty feet away from her as he walked along with him one - one row of the fairy light tunnel started brightening.

She was now able to see his face which made her face to be filled with happiness and was replaced with a frown as he reached her.

"Arnav" She could barely whisper he smiled at her and handed a large bouquet of red roses to her and whispered in hoarse voice,"Happy Birthday" 

She took the the bouquet with her face having mixed emotions.

"How is my surprise actually there is more." He smirked

"H-How is Nk bro?" She asked worried

"He is completely fine. Along with the surprise thought to give you a small shock. NK didn't met with any accident he is in your home now along with Lavanya."

"What? That means you lied...." She said angrily

"Shh.." He said placing his index finger on his lips,"Today I will speak." He said removing the hand.

Which made her to calm down a bit and look at him. She saw him wearing a plain white shirt and a blue blazer with a pair of blue torn jeans looking deadly handsome.

He sighs,"I know you for six months now. In these six months we wear very good friends. As I told you in my whole life I was never in love with someone but last six months changed everything. I am in love. To find her only it took me a long time now I can't wait anymore I am going to say my love to her today, this movement." He said and looked deep into her hazel brown eyes which were in a state of shock,"I Love You" He said huskily looking at her and smiled while she gaped

"I know you never saw me like that. So you can think about and take some time. Now when you feel to accept my love from then you should wear this." He said and gave her a small box which took still shocked

"Say yes to me soon.. I am going in." He said with a smile softly and walked into her house whereas she stood rooted to her spot not able to believe what she heard.



Arora Mansion:

Arnav walked in to collide with someone he looked to see it was Neil.

"Arnav what happened you are late?" He asked with a smile

"No uncle had an urgent work." He said 

"You saw Khushi?" Neil asked in a serious tone

"Yeah she is out." He said

"You go to terrace. Party is over there. I will come with Khushi." Said Neil and went out while Arnav went into the terrace.

Neil came out of the mansion to see Khushi taking baby steps lost in her thoughts.

"You are here. Where all I searched for you? What is that?" Neil asked looking at the bouquet of roses and the small box in her hand

His voice made her to come back from her thoughts,"A-Arnav gave" She said in a shaky voice

"Okay come. You were very impatient to see my surprise right come now time for it." He said and side hugged Khushi and took her with him while she kept a fake smile being lost in what she heard a few movements back.


Neil bought her into the terrace and took her to the dais along with Ragini who pulled Payal with her.

He came and took the the mike and said with his hands over Khushi's shoulder whose eyes were wandering around for him.

"Ladies and Gentleman. I am really glad to have you all here. Today my daughter Dr. Khushi Arora is turning twenty three..." He continued to the guest whose attention were on him.

Khushi's eyes wandered around for him and found him on the other side smirking at her with NK by his side who was smiling at them.

When realization dawned upon her that he cought her red handed and she hurriedly looked away and concentrated on her dad.

"Now I would like to hand over the mike to my best friend Avinash." Said Neil as Avinash came into the dais as Neil handed him the mike.

"First of all Happy birthday Khushi beta. As Neil said me and he have been friends from the time we have been in army now we wish to take it to the next level." Said Avinash smiling and handed it to Neil while Arnav, NK, Lavanya, Khushi and Payal looked confused.

"First I would like to call Kuldeep jadhav, Avinash's son on to the dais." He said as Kuldeep walked in and wished Khushi and stood beside his dad with a smile.

"Okay I don't want to drag this here in presence of you all I am fixing my daughter's marriage with Kuldeep." Said Neil while the guest cheered for it while one heart broke into millions of pieces.

"In this occasion only we are conducting their engagement ceremony." Said Neil while the crowd again cheered while Khushi stood shocked and pale not able to believe anything.

She was bought back with Neil call her and handing the ring to her to whom she smiled which didn't show on her eyes.

She turned and saw Kuldeep who extended his hand as she slowly slid the ring on to his finger while he did the same to her trembling hands with joy.

Once they were done the guest cheered for them by seeing which Khushi gave a fake smile.

Khushi tuned to the other side to his retreating figure with NK calling him for which he wasn't paying ear.

As Arnav saw them exchanging he felt nothing more was left for him to see and the ground beneath him slipping and felt a sharp pain on his throat. He marched out controlling his emotions and not paying ears to NK who was calling him.

to be continued.....

Precap: A Broken Heart

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May 17

Part 11 Broken Heart (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 31 times)

Part - 11

He walked out of the mansion with a dejected look and his head hung down. He turned back and looked into the mansion.

He gulped down the lump which was formed on his throat as he could hear the loud sound of thunder along with lightning which looked like tearing the sky apart.

Slowly he started walking away as he could feel heavy drops of water showering upon him.

All that came to him mind was their engagement and moreover a Khushi who seemed like nothing took place before.



Arora's Mansion:


Khushi and Kuldeep stood beside each other as guest came forward and congratulated them.

"So how are you?" He asked

"I am good. Actually I thought you didn't come that is what uncle told." She smiled at him

"Is there any problem if so don't hesitate." He said

"No nothing. Just a bit tired."

"Kuldeep.." He heard someone calling him and excused himself and went while Khushi stood lost in her thoughts

Payal came and stood beside her which was unnoticed by her,"Khushi" Payal called shaking her which made Khushi to come out of her thoughts

"Did you know about this?" She asked while Khushi nodded no

"What is dad's problem without even asking you he even fixed your marriage and conducted the engagement." Said an irritated Payal

"So what Di? I am happy about this." Said Khushi

"Then why is your face upset Khushi." Asked Payal angrily

"I am but that is not about this engagement. I am happy on this. Both of know Kuldeep from childhood on wards he a good guy, studied and well settled. I know him for years then what is the problem? Also dad ain't saying that marrriage is gonna be conducted this second it would be next year. Then what?" Khushi explained

"Then about what you are upset?" Payal asked while Khushi sighed and narrated everything to her which made her gape.

"What are you saying?" Payal stammered

"And now he saw this engagement taking place and after that I didn't see him. For me he was just a good friend, I never saw him like that." 

"I guess you have to speak with him.." Payal suggested

"That is what I am also feeling. I have to convince him. Will you please come with me? Tomorrow evening we will go to is house." Khushi pleaded while Payal agreed



Arnav sat on the footpath as it was raining heavily with his eyes shut tightly gritting his teeth, his finger were entwined and swallowing the lump which was continuously forming on his throat as all the movements which he spend with her flashed in his mind.

Which started from their first meeti in Lavanya's house and ending with the picture of her getting engaged with Kuldeep.

Her happiness with him was tearing him apart. 

He was brought back from his thoughts feeling a hand on his shoulder, he slowly turned his head to see NK who sat beside him equally drenched.

"Come" NK said



Arnav stood on top of one of the car which was parked on the roadside with a beer bottle in his hand looking at the sky while NK stood beside him on ground with Shan beside him.

"Arre for how long you will stand on top of someone's car like a statue?" Asked Shan

"Enough of being upset yaar.... Stop being upset." NK said

"Why should I be upset? I don't care... Especially about her." He said taking a sip from the bottle looking at the sky

"Then why your eyes are welled up?" NK chuckled

"That is because of not blinking eyes." He lied looking at them and said instantly,"Why should I cry for did me and she love for years like that for me to sit here and weep. Just an attraction like you say." He said with a faint smile

"All these things are not important for us job is only important. That day if that producer rejected us because we are new means we should quit? No right.. If not him someone will be interested in doing a project with new comers. I am director you are cameraman." He said adamantly

"Yes super. First you come down." Said NK and he along with Shan helped him to come down

He leaned against the car and said in a broken voice,"Still I should have told her about my feelings long back when you asked me to and should have convinced her and our family right? Now it won't happen right? Everything is over." He said ,"Then why the hell did meet me?" He shouted

"Hey" NK tried to calm him down

"In my whole life I don't even remember me crying. I cried four years back when dada died. You know right when we both said we want to enter the industry he was only one who supported us and how close he is to us. I saw her hardly six months back she made me cry." He said with a faint smile

"That is always like that in every love at least once in his life he will cry because of a girl best example for you is myself, Nk and now you." Shan said frustrated

"True, what you said is not just true it is a Fact." Said Arnav,"What is the need of all these for us we have to enter into the industry as fast as possible." Said Arnav wiping away his tears.

"Yes like you said if we fail once that doesn't mean we should give up, we will try again." Said NK to see Arnav lost in his thoughts

"Hello? Where are you lost?" Asked Shan snapping his fingers in front of his eyes making him come back to the world.

"Come we will go home" Said NK

"You go I will come" Said Arnav

"Where are you going? I will come with you." Said NK

"I will go alone." Said Arnav plainly

"Why?" Shan frowned

"I am not going to commit suicide for a girl. Please leave me." He shouted angrily

"Fine go wherever you want." Said NK gritting his teeth and walked away along with Shan to one direction while Arnav walked away to the opposite direction.



After 4 hours:


Ratna along with NK, Anjali and Dadi sat on the sofa extremely worried not seeing Arnav and it was almost mid night.

Their gaze was constantly at the clock and on the main door moreover his phone was switched off.

They thought to wait for sometime before informing Akash or Aravind

"Why did you leave him alone?" Asked dadi to NK who sat their biting his nails

He jerked hearing her,"Arre what can I do? He was adamant on going alone."

"But you should have stayed with him." Dadi said

"God.." NK cried

"Enough.. I am already tensed here." Said Ratna angrily

"What happened actually you both went to the birthday then what happened?" Asked Anjali while other nodded

"That...." Before he could say further he heard the sound of the main door opening and Arnav marching in while everyone gathered around him as he frowned

"What?" He asked

"Where were you?" Asked Ratna

"What happened in Neil's house?" Anjali asked and they showered a hundred question on him

"Will you let me speak?" He asked frustrated while others became silent

"It doesn't matter where I went and about what happened in her house. She got engaged with one guy minutes after I proposed her. In short I had a love failure." He said making others shocked except for NK and marched in with out speaking further.

to be continued.....

Precap: The Truth

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May 18

Part 12 The Truth Updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 30 times)

Part - 12

Next Day Morning:

Arora's Mansion:

Khushi's Room:

Khushi stood in front of the mirror getting ready for going to the hospital.

Khushi looked at her refection in the mirror and sticks the bindi on her face as flashes of the previous night falls on her.

Shrugging them off she turns to see the bouquet which he gave along the small unopened box lying on the table beside her bed.

She walks towards it and takes the small box in her hand remembering him giving it to her and saying wear it when you love me.

She opens the box to see a golden heart shaped pendant she takes it into her right hand and looks at it and open it to see his and her image on it which shocks her.

With it still on her hand she looks to her left hand to see the diamond engagement ring on her finger.

Khushi's POV:

I am really tired of all these drama taking place.

To love Arnav I never saw him like that he is only a good friend to me nothing beyond that being a good friend I don't want to hurt him.

Kuldeep is also a good friend of mine. Both are my friends. At least for mom and dad I can try to see him in that place but not Arnav.

Though it has been six years since I saw him, he was my childhood friend and even after he left we both stayed in touch with each other and Arnav, I hardly know him for six months.

I have to convince him and get everything back to normal where we both are just friends and for Kuldeep I have a year and in this one year I can get to know more about him.

And in future I may be able to love him if not before the marriage after the marriage.

I can never go against mom and dad. More than them of course not even I myself will be able to find the best for me.

POV Ends

Living Room:

"Yesterday I spoke with Payal. She is now working a new media company. It is even better than the before one." Said Ragini

"So? What should I do?" He asked curtly

"I had enough of this. Now only people started asking why is your elder daughter staying away. I had enough of saying lies. She is your daughter and not your enemy. In her young age she did a mistake, now she realized her mistake. Can't you bring her back?" Asked Ragini in a sad tone

"If you think by calling her yesterday for the function everything is mending it is not. Only for Khushi I agreed that she can come if she didn't come Khushi wouldn't have agreed for the function like the previous years. Can't she come and say sorry to me and ask for forgiveness? If she had the thought that I am her dad and not her enemy then she would have come long back. She won't come. Until she come here I myself will not go. If you want you go and stay with her." He said angrily and left

 Dining Room:

Three of them sat for having breakfast as the servant came and served them.

"Yeah Thank You" Said Neil and hanged the call

"Who was it?" Asked Ragini

"Avinash told me to contact this wedding planner. Actually they are very popular and if we won't contact them this early we can't get into their schedule." 

"For next year marriage if we have to do the payment and reserve them now itself? they will very expensive I guess." Said Ragini

"Yes that is."

"Can't we look for someone else if they are so expensive?" Ragini suggested

"Why? I have only one daughter if not for her then for whom I am earning." Said Neil with a soft smile while Khushi stayed silent

"What are they called?"

"S&K shortly SK."

Neil eyed something to Ragini while she nodded and looked at Khushi which was unnoticed by her.

"Khushi, can I ask you something?" She asked slowly while Khushi looded at her surprised and nodded

"Are you happy about the marriage beta?"

She looked at them and smiles,"Yes I am. I know what you both choose for me will always be the best. I know him moreover. I am happy. Also there is plenty of time for me to get adjusted with it and I will." She said and got up

"Khushi I suggest you better don't go to hospital today." Said Ragini while Khushi frowned

"Today you go out with Kuldeep " Said Neil

"I have to meet Arnav." She thought ,"No dad not today. Maybe tomorrow. There is an emergency in hospital today. Our MD is coming today. I have to help the dean." She lied while they nodded and left bidding bye.



Anjali sat on the living room playing on her phone when the door bell rang.

Shrugging it off she continued playing to hear Ratna yelling at her from the kitchen to open the door.

Stamping her foot she goes and open the the door with a grumpy face which immediately turned into shock after opening the door.

"Hi Anjali" Greeted Khushi while she gave an uneasy smile

"God why did both of them come now both dad and Bhai are here. If she will see them... No no think positive." She thought and called Ratna 

Who walked towards them and stood shocked.

Anjali moved aside letting them in.

"Hi aunty. Where is Arnav? Actually I want to meet him it is important." Khushi said while Ratna nodded her head and said slowly,"He is in his room. I will call him now." She said and started to walk while Khushi stopped her.

"No need aunty. I will go. Di you stay here." Said Khushi and walked in while Anjali and Ratna prayed silently that Aravind and Akash shouldn't come out of their room.

Sighing Ratna asked, "Beta what will have for drink?"

"No thanks. I am fine aunty." Payal said while Anjali and Ratna went to inform Dadi about their arrival.

She sighs and picks the News Paper which was lying on the table and starts to read.

Akash was descending stair and saw a figure who was reading the News Paper. He wasn't able to see her face as it was covered by the news paper.

"Excuse me?" He says and sees the news paper downed and is shocked to see the person.

"What the?" Escaped from his mouth



Khushi knocked at the door of Arnav's Room which was opened by NK slowly.

Moving aside he gave her space to come in.

As she entered she saw Arnav sitting on the bed with his laptop acting as if he didn't see her.

"Arnav I want to speak to you." She said while he looked at her and got up from the bed and stared at her plainly indicating her to continue.

She turns and looks at NK who nodded his head and went out of the room.

She sighs,"Arnav I came...." Before she could say further she heard Payal shouting for her from the living room.

Frowning they come out of the room and proceeds towards the the living room.

As they came Khushi looked at Payal in confusion to see her angry and an other young angry man with her.

"sh*t" Arnav said under his breath and stayed silent with his head hung down as he knew there wouldn't be any use even if he speaks now same was the situation of Ratna, Dadi, Anjali and NK.

"What happened Di?" Asked Khushi who was confused to the core

Payal chuckles and says,"You know what Khushi he cheated you." She said eyeing Arnav who stood with his head hung down

"What are you saying?" She frowned

"What did he say to you, his name? Yeah Arnav Singh Raichand but it is not it is Arnav Singh Raizada. Still if you are confused his dad is Aravind Singh Raizada. And this guy is his brother Akash Singh Raizada the same person cos' of whom I lost my job. Ask him can he deny this." Payal said glaring at Arnav

Khushi with tears filled eyes turned to see Arnav who stood with his head hung down.

Her attention shifted from him to the stairs hearing someone's voice as she turned she saw the head of the family Aravind Singh Raizada coming towards them.

As he came Akash was going to say something to him which he stopped him by showing his palm.

He walked towards Khushi,"Beta I hope you know the problems between mine and your family. I don't what my son said to you. Whatever it is I am asking you sorry on his behalf. Please don't keep anything in heart. From now on my son won't cause any disturbance to you. I will look into it." He said slowly looking at her eyes.

Khushi looked at him with tear filled eyes and for one last time looked at Arnav who who looked at her with guilt as all the memories flashed on her mind as a lone tear escaped through the corner of her eyes and looked at him with hatred filled eyes. 

Wiping her tears she walked out of the mansion while Payal followed her.

"Khu.." He wasn't able to complete as she already left 

Not caring about others he walked out to make her understand.



"Khushi come.." Said Payal starting her Harley

"You go Di... You are having night shift right? I will go alone." Khushi said


"You go.." Khushi assured her and started to walk away.

As she walked it started raining heavily wiping her tears she walked to hear the same voice asking her to wait.

Finally catching up with her speed he said in a broken voice,"Khushi please listen to me." He said getting hold of her wrist.

"Dare you touch me.. I don't want to see you. I hate you." She shouted pushing him 

"I know I lied to you...."

"You know what in my whole life mostly i lied for you to my parents. Even now I lied to them and came to meet you thinking you might be hurt. Do you have any idea about how much I trusted you? I thought you as my best friend who will always be there to help me. But you in such a cheap way with lots of planning you betrayed me. Is this your love?" She asked with disgust in between her sobs.

"Then what do you call love? Sacrificing the girl whom you love and live with an other girl? I don't know that. I want to live my whole life with you. Also I swear I didn't know about all these until you said to me one day in your house. Later I thought of ending everything but you yourself came back to me and I felt it was a chance which that god gave me and I used it. That day when I saw you in Lavanya's house on her birthday itself i fell for you. After finding you I thought  if I will just come and disclose my love to you, you would think that I am just a jerk. So only I thought to develop a friendship between us and thought to confess about my love. And I did on your birthday but few minutes after that you got engaged. I cried because of you more than what I have shed ever." He said angrily

"Please understand I don't know here what is right and wrong it is only you. I want to hold your hand for this whole life." He said taking her hand in his

She pushed him away and withdrew her hand and pointed at him with her finger,"You.." She said and burst into tears and walked away.

He gulped and stood there looking at her retreating figure in the heavy rain and fog.

to be continued....

Precap: The challenge of 2 years

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May 19

Part 13 The 2 years challenge Updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 31 times)

Part - 13

Feeling dejected completely drenched in rain he came back to RM and opened the door and entered to see the whole family waiting for him and his brother and dad who were burning in rage.

Not in a mood to answer their questions he started walking towards his room acting as if he didn't see them which was only stopped by Aravind's voice.

"Arnav we have to talk." He said in a plain voice where there wasn't any anger or any happiness

"Not now dad, I am really not in a mood to talk with you." He said

"Then when will your mood be alright? When everything between you and that girl will be alright? You know how much I hate him and how much he hates me. For god sake try to act according to your age." He said angrily while Arnav stayed silent

"Do you even have any idea who that girl?" He shouted

"Your once best friend's daughter.. I don't care about what you people think? I want her. I love her." He said angrily

"This is just obsession Arnav." Akash commented

"Who are you to say that if you were my situation you also would have done the same thing. To understand that you should fall in love for at least once."  He said to Akash

"Arnav this is your final warning this would be the last time you meet her. If not.."

"If not what you will throw me out of this house? I don't care about what you say." He shouted only to feel a sharp pain on his right cheek.

His hand automatically went to his cheek and he saw it was his mother Ratna who slapped him and is burning in rage.

"Mom.." He stammered

"GO to your room Arnav." She said angrily


"Nk take him to his room" She said burning in rage as NK pulled Arnav to their room.



NK/Arnav's Room:

"Then?" NK asked

"She walked away crying." He said

"I told to you then only no need of saying all these lies. Did you listen to me then? NO a big NO." NK said in a sarcastic tone

"Now what will you do?" Asked NK

"I don't know."

"Still how could you shout at your dad like that? Are you nuts?" He asked angrily

"I don't know in the heat of the movement I just lost it." He said


"Will you please stop talking about it?" He asked cutting NK 



Next Day:

"Are you sure about this La?" Asked NK worried and hanged the call and ran to Arnav

"Bad News." NK said panting


"They are starting the marriage rituals today. First one today Shagun" He said 

"I am going." He said getting up from the beanbag 

"No you are not. Remember what uncle said. Hardly an hour back I guess you went and said sorry to all." Said NK

"Who is going to say to them. Only you, me and Lavanya knows. Lavanya don't even know my parents. I am not going to say. Then next one is you. Are you going to say?" He asked in a threatening tone with a small smile

"Yes I am." Said NK adamantly

"Okay NK. I guess it was three weeks back you went out with that girl Riya and her friend Jeena lying to Lavanya. Even you send me some pictures. Poor Lavanya didn't see it. I will whatsapp her now." Said Arnav with a smirk

"What!!  I just went with them that doesn't mean." NK tried to defend himself

"Yes for us it doesn't mean but for Lavanya both are her favorite enemies." He said,"So I am going. Don't do any mistakes okay. Behave well." He said patting NK's cheek and walked out.



Arora's Mansion:

Both families sat on the living room for the ritual to start. From groom's side there was only Kuldeep and Avinash and from Bride's side there was Khushi, Neil, ragini and Lavanya.

"I have spoken to Pandit ji he said that the best murat for next year will be on.." Before Neil could say further he saw the door opening and Arnav coming in wearing a blue denim shirt and a black jeans.

Neil smiles at him which made him know that Khushi didn't say about the previous night to them. He looked at her who was glaring at him.

He walked towards them and Neil said," This is Arnav Singh Raichand. Khushi's friend you might have seen him on the day of engagement." He said while they nodded and smile at him

"I want to say something." Arnav says while Khushi looked at him shocked while others looked confused

"I am really sorry to say this. I have lied to you all, my name is not Arnav Singh Raichand, I don't even know any person with that name." He said 

"What are you saying?" They chuckle

"My name is Arnav Singh Raizada. My dad is Aravind Singh Raizada." He said while they looked at him shocked,"And I love Khushi. I want to marry her." He said shocking them again

Neil chuckles,"And you think I will let that happen. I don't know even after knowing the truth why I am still letting you stand here. If you forgot she is engaged to Kuldeep." Reminded Neil controlling his anger

"But even before that I proposed her." He said while Neil looked at Khushi who nodded

"Did she say yes?" He asked while Arnav nodded no

"She will not.. My daughter will never go against me. This marriage will never happen. You can go." He said and turned

"You are that confident about her?" He questioned

"What do you mean?" He asked

"Give me two years. It took my cousin NK to make Lavanya love him with in two years. Give me two years. I am also confident about Khushi that she will reciprocate my feelings." He said

"Just shut up.." Neil said

"Wait Uncle I want to speak with him." Said Kuldeep cutting him and got up from the sofa and came towards Arnav and stood facing him

"So you are saying that if we give you two years my SOON - TO BE WIFE will fall head over heels for you."He asked while nodded with a smile

"That confident?" Kuldeep asked while Arnav said,"I am confident. Are you?" 

Kuldeep turned and looked at Neil,"Uncle this marriage will take place exactly after two years on this same day." While Neil and Avinash nodded with a smirk

"In this two years you do what you are capable of doing while we will proceed with the wedding rituals and all." Said Avinash

"Yes if Khushi herself will say to me that she loves you and not Kuldeep I will get you both married. I don't have any problem even if your dad denies it. I will support you both. But for that Khushi should say to me." Said Neil with a loop sided smile

"Neil, he is blabbering something why are we doing all these?"

"Let him do whatever he want. Why should we care? We will proceed with the preparation." Said Neil

"yes aunty in this two years me and Khushi can get to know each other well." Said Kuldeep

"So challenge?" Asked Arnav with a smirk putting his hand forward

"Challenge" Said Kuldeep with a smirk and put his hand on top of Arnav's.

to be continued...

Precap - Following Her

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May 22

Part 14 Following Her Updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

Part - 14

"Mom!! What the hell is this? How could you people drag my name on to this and challenge him?"

"True aunty this is more than the limit. She is a person not some public property to put challenge on. This is her life.." Said Lavanya

"I don't know why dad is giving this much importance to that cheater. What was the need of postponing this marriage listening to him?" Asked an irritated Khushi

"I didn't do all these for him." She heard her dad as he walked in along with Avinash and Kuldeep.

She frowns at them,"Do you think Khushi that you will fall for him and break our marriage?" Asked Kuldeep holding her left hand which had the engagement ring while she looked at him and nodded no.

"Let him do what he wants. Why should we care? Let him do what he wants we will do ours." Said Avinash

"Yes beta if it is after two years even you both can get along well with each other and then you both would come to the right age. See recently only you both started working. By then you would be at the right age." Convinced Neil

"In that way what you did is right uncle. See Arnav is NK's cousin and all but I want the things to go according to her wish. I want her to be happy." Said Lavanya

"Okay then we are leaving. We will conduct this ceremony after consulting with Pandit ji." Said Avinash and they walked out

"Shall I ask you something?" Asked Ragini to Neil who nods his head

"Like he said if she will say to you that she doesn't want to marry Kuldeep and loves him. What will you do?" She asked slowly

"Mom like that it will.." Before she could say further Neil showed her his hand in order to stop

"If she will say I will cancel her marriage with Kuldeep and will get them married in the way the wish. And this is not due the challenge which I had with him. It is because I want my daughter happy. If she finds her happiness with him I will let that happen. I don't want her to follow her sister's path. Even if his family won't accept for their marriage I would get them married." He said and walked away.



After 1 year:

Its been now 1 years since all those incidents took place. In this 1 years Arnav was behind Khushi but there wasn't any change in her. She continued to stay like a rock. Payal and Akash met each other again and landed in fight complicating everything. But Payal agreed to help him in order to take revenge from Akash after lots of pestering. Kuldeep and Khushi's relation have improved a lot. 

Arora Mansion:


Khushi woke up from her sleep and got ready for hospital and sat on her room reading Newspaper.

As she was reading she heard someone whistle. As she heard that sound she flinched. 

Putting the News paper aside she goes to the balcony of her room and hold the railing and peeps out to see him standing in front of her house with a smirk.

"Hello, When will you say yes. It has been an year." He calls out.

Without answering him she walked back in. Everyday morning this was a sight for her him standing in front of her house.

He was actually following her everywhere she goes from home to hospital, from there to Payal's house and again back to home 

Due to him she even had to buy a car rather than opting for going with Payal or public transport.

After 30 minutes:

She sat on her car driving to hospital and switched the FM and continued to drive.

"Welcome to your favorite program Secret Message with your favorite RJ Nicki. So we have our first caller of today's on line." She heard

"Hello who is this?"  Asked Nicki

"I don't want to reveal my name but if the person who is hearing this have to know who I am. So you can call me cheater." Said the person while Khushi looked at the FM keenly

"Cheater? What kind of a name is that?" Asked Nicki in a naughty voice

"Actually this is the name by which that girl me. Even if you check in her phone my name would be saved as ' Cheater'." Arnav laughed while Khushi glared at the FM

"If she calls you like that there would be some reason. Isn't?" Asked Nicki

"Yes a big reason." Khushi muttered

"Yeah sadly I told a big lie to her but that was for her only and I Love Her. But she isn't understanding this. Its been one year. At least you try to make her understand Nicki." Arnav pleaded

"Why not? Okay may I know this girl's and your real name?" She asked curiously

"Her name is Khushi and my name I won't say but I will say the short form of mine." He said while Nicki said yes.

"It is ASR"

"That's cool. Khushi ji why can't you forget your cheater ASR's mistake and love him like he does. Don't take any decisions when you are in a bad mood. Think about your cheater and make a good decision..." Said NK while Khushi switched the FM off.

"All are there to torture me." She cried




After few Hours:

Khushi sat on her cabin prescribing the medicine for one of the patient lost in thoughts and slowly hands the prescription to the nurse who stood beside her lost in thoughts.

The nurse take it to look shocked and with a laugh she brings Khushi back to the world who frowns at her.

"What happened Divya?" Khushi frowns at the nurse

Divya laughs at her and hands the paper to Khushi. Frowning she takes it from Divya to get shocked thinking what she wrote. It was written as ,' Cheater or Kuldeep'. She slaps her head with her hand and takes a new paper and give the correct prescription to her who looks at her with a naughty glint.

Now not only the people who works there even the patients who are  there also know everything obviously from him through different ways. 

"Dean is calling you for rounds." Said a male nurse who came in while she nodded and went out.



She came out of a patients room along with dean who was a man in his late forties with a file in her hand.

"Ria is showing fits worse day by day. You know right next month we have to do surgery and four injection is must. But this fits may affect her health so you have to take the injection with out forcing her. Note it down. It is your responsibility..." Said the Dean as he said that Khushi bit her tongue as her phone started ringing.

"Take it" Said the Dean while she went aside and answered the calll from this unknown number.

"Hello" She said slowly

"Cheater here."

"You!! Why are you torturing me like this what was that stunt today morning on FM?" She asked in frustration

"You heard that? Anyways when will you say yes to me."

"Whatever you do I will never say yes to you. Look I am on duty don't disturb me." 

"Then okay we will meet now." He said

"No we aren't."She said adamantly

"I am coming and we are meeting." He said while she stayed silent

"I Love You" She heard him


"I.. Love You." Saying he hung the call

Cursing him in her mind she goes back to the dean and says,"Sorry Doctor"

"Was it Arnav?" He asked while she remained silent which gave him his answer

"He is really torturing me doctor." Saying she narrates the morning incident to him while he chuckled

"Forty six time I changed my number. Don't know how the hell he is finding it. Also every time I change it he is also changing saying then all there will be equality between us." She complained

"Come we will go." Said the Dean while she nodded and left



After twenty minutes:

Khushi walked back to her cabin after the rounds and went over the files which was kept on the shelf.

"Where did it go?" She scrunches her eyebrow and calls for Divya not to get any reply

"Doctor please come to the casualty." Said a male nurse who came in while she followed him.


She walked into the casualty to see many people surrounding there. Frowning she goes to see and grits her teeth to see Arnav there.

He turns and face her with a smile,"You came here. I would have met you in there." 

"What the hell are you doing here?" She asks angrily

"Came to see you. So when will you say yes?" He asked in a calm tone

"Yes Doctor when will you say yes?" Asks Divya while Khushi glares at her

"You know what if just say that yes. I will even give my life to you." He says while she cries in irritation

"Will you please go now. I am on duty." She pleads

He looks at others an then thinks for a while and says," Okay now I will go. But don't worry we will meet in the evening." He says with a smile and goes.





Khushi came out of hospital as her shift finished and was about to enter her car but grosned in irritation seeing the tire punctured.

She thinks for a while and decides to park the car there only and go with Payal and come tomorrow and give it to someone to fix it.

She dials Payals number and call her," Hello Di" Saying she explains the situation to her


"Oh! you can't come. Never mind I will manage." She moves towards the bus stop and waits there for ten minutes and boards a bus.


She sits in a window seat looking outside through it.

She jerks off hearing someone whistling near her ear.

She turns to see him standing there with a smile,"Hello" He says and sits beside her with her one arm spread over seat and says,"So when will you say yes to me?"

She looks at him and says,"Will you go and sit somewhere else?"

"If I will go and sit somewhere else you will say yes?" He asks

"You.." She said in a dangerous tone pointing her finger at him and was about get up from the seat while he stops her.

"No need." He says and goes and sit in the seat behind hers.

"Okay now you say.." He said

"Because of you all these two year contract came." She said irritated

"What? What about your dad and that guy Kuldeep and his dad? They were also there." He reminds her

"But you started it." She defended them,"But in a way as dad said it is good I can get to know him well and would be of right age." She said

"That was also because of me. Even I will get enough time to make you fall for me." He smirked

"Am I the only girl in this world? Or did all the other rejected you. Why are you stalking me?" She asked

He sighs,"I didn't find anyone like you. For twenty five years you didn't feel for anyone nor did anyone come behind you and same was my condition that means somethings is there between us." He says laughing

"Who told to you I am single I am engaged in some more months I will get married." She said

"That also I know yaar." He said coolly

"You know it right then stop following me. This would be our last meet. I mean it. From now on you shouldn't call me or meet me and this whistling and all you have to stop. You get me? You won't follow me right?" She asks getting up from her seat as she had to get down the bus while he turns and looks at her and nods sideways slowly.

She got down the bus and started walking but stopped and flinched hearing the whistling sound. She turn around and glares at him

"If I will whistle you shouldn't turn and look back at me for me to stop this." He said with a smirk while she she turned and started walking but stopped abruptly and turned back hearing the sound of the whistle

"Why are you getting so affected by me?" He asked with a smirk while she curses herself for turning back while he gave her a helpless look with a smile.



7 PM:

Khushi stood in front of the mirror getting ready for going out. Today she had to go on a dinner date with Kuldeep.

She wore a black anarkali with her hair made into a ponytail.

She came out of the mansion and was picked up by him in his black Audi A3.


"So you like this place?" Asked Kuldeep with a soft smile

"It is wonderful! Why wouldn't I like it.." She exclaimed but soon flinched hearing the sound of the whistle which seemed like she was the only person in the restaurant who heard it.

She looks around and takes her phone and says keeping it near her ear,"Yes say.." She acted as if someone was there on the line and turned to Kuldeep.

"Kuldeep two minutes." She said and walked out of the restaurant.

She came out of the restaurant to see him waiting outside stretching his arms with NK beside who kept a sulky face.

She walked towards them angrily while he asked,"When will you say yes?" He asked coolly and that was the limit in a second she felt her hands on his cheek with a great force to say more clearly she slapped him but soon she gulped down and withdrew her hand and stood shocked sensing that the slap fell on the wrong person.

NK stood gulping down the lump in his throat with his eyes shut tightly in the intensity of the slap while Arnav stood on the other side who escaped on the right time causing NK to get the slap stood there laughing.

"NK Bro I am.." Khushi was cut by him showing his hand in order to stop

NK turned and looked at Arnav and glared at him and walked away angrily.

"See because of you all these happened.." Khushi said angrily to Arnav

"What do you want? You want to marry me. Come we will go and marry. Come we will marry. Come." She said angrily pulling his arm

"No" He said slowly

"What no? In few months it is my marriage now if you will come and whistle and ask me when will I say yes? You think I am mad to say yes to you.Don't you have any shame." She asked angrily

"Yes it is wrong. From now on I will not follow you meet you to talk to you. Sorry. Bye." He says and walks away while she looks at his retreating figure in confusion due to his sudden change

to be continues....

Precap- A Day In Woods

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May 25

Part 15 A Day In Woods Updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

Part - 15

Its been a week since the restaurant incident took place and in this one week Khushi didn't even get a glimpse of Arnav.

Whenever she heard the sound of the whistle she felt like some alter overtook her she would become hysterical and would search for him and would be disappointed at last about which she was confused.

Shan's Home:

Arnav, Nk and Lavanya stood there gazing at Shan impatiently waiting for him to come out of his laboratory.

After waiting for about more ten minutes he came with a small chip on his hand.

"Take it." Saying he handed it to Lavanya

She took it and they all looked at it in confusion.

"I will explain." Said Shan,"This is a chip. she can attach it to her dress or hair or something. When she will touch that small black button it will turn on and what she is speaking and the person who beside her what they are talking we can hear it through speaker connected here." He said pointing at the speaker 

"How much?" Arnav asked

"Just three thousand" He said as Arnav handed him the money

"Better than this when she is near Khushi she just have to call you and put it on speaker and we can hear it." Said NK

"Shut up. If it is phone there would be all those connection problem but here nothing of that sort. We can hear everything clearly." Defended Shan

"But I am not understanding why you are doing this." Said NK to Arnav

"I have changed the plan. Still if I will just follow her as she said nothing is gonna change AKA if I will take a step forward then she will take a step backward but if I will take a step backward she will take a step forward. I am not going to meet her for some days and you see how she is going to take a step forward. Then she will speak more with Lavanya rather than Payal Di we can hear what she is thinking and plan according to that." Said Arnav

"I am doing all these because I feel that this won't cause any problem to her." Said Lavanya,"But if you will hurt her I will change plan then and there." She added to which they nodded.



Sunday Evening:

xyz Mall:  

As it was Sunday today Khushi came along with Lavanya for shopping.

After going inside every shop in the mall they finally bought a lot of things and stopped by a cafe at last.

They came and occupied a table for two and ordered for two cold coffee.

As they sat there Khushi heard the sound of the whistle blowing she looked around impatiently and her eyes landed upon a kid who was playing with it.

She sighs and looks and Lavanya.

Slowly she touches the chip was fixed to her shirt switching it on enabling NK and Arnav to hear them.

"So how is Kuldeep?" She asked

"He is fine. I am trying to get adjusted with him." She said

"When you can't love him what is the need to adjust?" Asked Lavanya

"Who told so I am trying." Said Khushi and thought for a while something and asked Lavanya slowly,"You saw him?" By hearing which all of them had a smile on their face while Lavanya covered hers quickly before Khushi could notice it.

"Who?" Lavanya asked pretending as if she didn't know

"He only that cheater." She said with her head hung down a smile crept on their face hearing it and Lavanya was enjoying seeing Khushi's helpless face

"Why are you asking? You don't love him? He is irritating you. He is a fraud, lies a lot and acts." Said Lavanya with a smirk

"No that... I him..." Khushi stammered while Arnav badly wanted her to say further

"You miss him?" She asked

"What!" Khushi exclaimed,"Why should I miss him. Who is he??" She covered up and continued to blabber

Lavanya's phone beeped and she saw the message and smiled and turned towards Khushi

"Khushi I know what you feel about love marriages cos' of your sister. But all are not like that you just look around this cafe here most of them are lovers. So I am just asking okay. You don't love Arnav or Kuldeep, but what will you do now if someone comes into your life and if you feel for him. What will you do?" Asked Lavanya

"If that person will come." Saying she she thought,"I don't know. No one is gonna come like that."

"If one will come." She asked

"If one will come." Thought Khushi and looked up at Lavanya with a small smile crept on her lips she said getting up from the chair,"Double Okay." She laughed and walked away making them all satisfied



"Bro we will give you enough payment. Only thing you have to do is come and shoot this Short Film for us." Said a young boy to Arnav

Arnav looked keenly at the young boys who were running a movie website which was popular on an average level and were aspiring high. They wanted to present a Short Film on their fourth year anniversary.

"No need of payment and all. As if I am some James Cameron apart from having a degree in this I am not much experienced. I will come." He said

"So we will arrange all the probs." One among them said

"Arrange everything except camera and the tripod. I really liked this script. Even title is also good 'stolen'." He said

"Tomorrow evening you have to reach Nainital." Said one while Arnav nodded

"If you want we will take you."

"No need I will come by my Harley. I love long road trips."



"Mom Dad day after tomorrow I am going to Nainital." Said Khushi

"Why what happened so suddenly?" Asked Ragini

"No the management had planned it, a two days. But I am not gonna stay there at night. Early Morning I will go and by night I will be back." She said

"Okay" They replied


Its been now two weeks since she saw him and she doesn't have any idea why she is being so strange instead of being happy that she didn't see him.



After 2 Days:


Arnav along with the boys stood on top of a cliff adjusting the lights and camera.

"Shall we put a trolley for this scene?" Arnav asked to the boys while they nodded

He was reading the script again and was checking the field when his phone started ringing.

He lift the call,"Hello NK"


"Yeah shoot is going to start." He said walking down the cliff for signal


"Climate is okay."


"Then how is everyone else?"


"Okay fine I will call you later." Saying he hung the call only to get an other call from an unknown number

"Hello" He said

"Sir we are calling from xyz bank. We are calling you because we have a new scheme where you can take personal loan up to three lakh." Said a woman

"Not interested" He said walking down

"Sir please sir let me explain more about this." And this continued  for an other fifteen minutes

"How many times I have to say to you woman, I am not interested." He shouted angrily

"Yeah fine" Saying he hung the call and turned around to go back only to find out he was in middle of some woods 

He stood rooted to his spot,"If I will get that woman. I swear I will kill her. But for that first I have to get out of here. Which direction I have to go also I don't know. All the  sides are looking the same." He cried and looked around again

"Twinkle Twinkle Little star How I wonder what you are up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky." He said out loud pointing at each direction to choose one.

As he finished he started walking towards the a particular direction hoping for the best, even there was no signal in his phone.

After walking for about thirty minutes he could hear footsteps which were very close.

Gulping the lump in his throat and trying not to panic he took each step very carefully and then he couldn't hear any steps.

He looked around cautiously to find none and started to walk which was broken by a sudden voice which scared him to the core,"Hello" he heard it

He looked around to find none and again heard the voice,"Hello look up Mr. whoever you are." He looked up and saw her sitting on top of a branch of a tree.

"You?" said Khushi in surprise of seeing him after two weeks lost in forest

"Yes me only. What are you doing there?" He asked in confusion

"Thought some animal is coming hearing the footsteps but it was you."

"Planning to stay there only?"

"No I am coming." She said and came down carefully holding one - one branch and safely landed on the ground

He gave her a weird look and said,"You are the main proof for concluding humans came from apes."

"Just shut up. I don't talk to you." She said pouting and continued walking

"That's fine, I don't care about it. But which way are you going?" He asked

"If I knew that you expect me to stay her lost. Came for water I guess now I will die here out of thirst." She asked in a sarcastic tone

"I really doubt it aren't you following me." She said glaring at him

"Yes I only did everything. I made you to feel drink water and come for it in the middle of forest then I myself came and found you in the middle of this vast forest. I came here for shooting a short film. Because of that NK and one stupid bank woman, I am here." He said angrily 

"Anyways leave it. First get out of here before it turns dark." She said and continued walking in a direction along with him.

After 3 hours:

"I can't walk anymore. Break" She said panting and sweating sitting on a rock

"Then you sit here. I am going. I don't want to be dinner for some animal." He said and turned to walk

"Are you a human?" She asked in irritation and stood up and continued to walk

"For you what? At least you don't have to carry anything. Look at me, I even have my bag." Arnav mocked

"I don't want to spoil this day by fighting with you." She said gritting her teeth

"Yeah, to not spoil, what a beautiful day this is?" He mocked looking at the vast forest around them.

After walking for about more forty five minutes they were out of the forest. Their faces showed excitement as if it was the first time they saw the world outside the forest.

"My car" She said in excitement and ran towards it like a kid while he followed her slowly.

"Mine only right?" She asked to herself looking at it

"Yes it is yours." Arnav said looking at the number plate

"I won't take you with me." She said turning around and facing him with her arms across her chest

"Did I ask you to take me along with you. I can find many other vehicles." He said arrogantly



Saying she went and entered the car and drove off while he continued to walk.

After walking for about ten minutes he witnessed her car parked in the middle of the road. He frowned and walked towards it  and peeped in to see her sitting inside.

He knocks on the window, while she downed it.

"No petrol?" He mocked with a smile

"It is there. Get inside." She ordered

"No need. I will walk." He said

"Get in dammit." She shouted

"If you say softly, I will come." He smirked

She groans and says in a soft tone,"Please get in side, cheater." 

"Okay" He says and get into the passenger seat while she is on the driver seat.

"You have licence?" She asked while he nodded

"For car?" She asked again while he said yes

"Why are you asking this?" He frowns

"Because I don't have one. Mine is in my home. I forgot." She said plainly and started the car,"There is checking. If someone asks we can lie that you are teaching me or you will take the steering." She said while he nodded slowly

7 PM:

Its been three hours since they started driving. In this three hours both of them drove alternatively. As Khushi said after driving for one hour they saw police checking the vehicles ahead of them and they exchanged the steering then, and saved themselves.

They drove as it was raining heavily and could hear the heavy sound of thunder accompanied by lightning.

"You scared?" He asked seeing the lightning and thunder

"No, why?" She frowned

"Nothing. Normally it is like that right? So?" He said while she smiled

As they drove they saw the few vehicles ahead of them were going back and there was one police man standing with an umbrella and telling something to all the vehicles

Their car reached near the officer and Arnav downed the window.

"You can't go forward now. As it is raining heavily there are chances for landslides. Go back" He said

"Arre, how can you say like that. We have to go." Arnav said

The officer sighs,"You can't go now. There are some motels where you can stay tonight. Sir please go." 

After 30 minutes:

They sat inside the car gazing outside the window to the rain, parking there car on the roadside.

"Why the hell did I come here?" Khushi asked to herself,"No place to stay and no range in phone to inform others."

There was no room to stay all the motels were fully booked.

He turned to see her hoping on to the back seat.

"What are you doing?" He asked in confusion

"I am going to sleep. I will sleep here in the back seat. You in the front if you wish to sleep." Saying she closed she closed her eyes tightly lying on the back seat curling up to herself with her head resting on her arm.

He looked at her sleeping form and smiled. He adjust the driver seat and lies on it with his arms folded.

After several hours:

The car stopped in front of RM.

By morning the rain stopped and the way got cleared for them. After driving for few hours they reached they Delhi.

She dropped him at RM and drove back to her home.

1 AM:

As she reached home it took about two hours for her to explain to them that she was fine and due to the chance of landslide she wasn't able to come. But in all these she hid the fact that Arnav was along with her to all including Payal and Lavanya which she herself didn't understand why did she do so.

She lied on her bed staring into both her hand on which her left hand had the engagement and the right hand held the chain which he gave.

She looked at both again and again with a smile which was broken by the sound of the her phone ringing

She immediately turned took it from the table beside her to see 'Cheater' flashing on it.

She immediately jumped out of the bed and ran towards the balcony not before checking that the room was locked.

"Hello" She said 

"Hello" He said

"You, I guess it was you who said I won't come behind you or call you. Now why are you calling me?" She asked smiling looking at the chain which she hid in her voice successfully

"No, just had a feeling that you were thinking about me." He said plainly

"What don't I have any other job?" She asked as the smile was replaced by irritation

"Then you didn't think about me?" He asked curiously

"No" She said plainly with a smile gazing at the chain

"Okay bye.." He said

"Hey wait.." She said hurriedly cutting him as a smile crept on his lips hearing her, "Umm, good night"She said

"Will you come with me tomorrow, for a cup of coffee?" He asked

"Why should I come with. I am engaged. You know right." She question with a smirk

"Think that I am a guy who came to ask your hand for marriage. Once the coffee is finished you can say you don't like me. I am okay with it. You?" He asked softly

"Okay" She said in a happy tone

to be continued.....

Precap- A Change

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