OS: Maa

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Apr 18, 2017

OS: Maa (By Kiddo_Star) (Thanked: 83 times)

{Italics - Thoughts}

"Aarav?" Khushi called out for Aarav. 

Her eyebrows scrunched on not finding Aarav in his room.

'Nani had said that he was completing his homework.' Khushi mused.

"Aarav?" Khushi called out for Aarav once again.

On not finding Aarav in his room, Khushi turned to leave the room when a ruffling voice caught her attention. She turned around to see a paper held in place by the paper weight on the tea table.

Curious to know about the contents of the paper, Khushi walked towards the table and pulled the paper from underneath the weight.

"Dear Maa" Khushi's heart raced as she read the designation of the letter.

So this is meant for me.

Khushi smiled to herself and continued to read further, "First of all, I am very sorry for all the times I have troubled you. I am sorry for all the times when I have been rude to you or disrespected you. Please forgive me, Maa.

Remember the first time we had met? You were the only one in the market who had stood up against those kidnappers and saved me. Yes, I did scold you for risking our lives but back then, honestly, you were a horrible driver. Yet without thinking of your own life, you came ahead to save me. You are indeed a real hero, Maa. Thodi filmy ho, but bahot pyaari ho."

Khushi recalled the day she had saved Aarav. Aarav had chided her for almost killing him that day. Not that she had minded the small kid, but now she felt an unknown satisfaction for saving him.

Khushi continued reading the letter, her son has so heartily written.

"I had liked you the instant I had the small bickering with you in the market. But still I continued to be rude to you. I did not mean to, Maa. Sheetal aunty had fed me with the lie that Dad was my biological father and that he was not accepting me because he was married to you. I wanted to be with Dad just like my other friends did. And so, I did everything that she had asked me to do. I did not know she was using me for her benefits. I really did not know."

Khushi's eyes turned moist as she read her son's writing. The paper held the patches of dried tears and her heart ached at the thought of her son's tears.

Khushi looked around her to spot Aarav. Her heart told her that Aarav was somewhere around her. And then, her gaze turned to the poolside. She walked towards the poolside and opened the french door, stepping out.

She saw Aarav standing in front of her with his head bowed down. Khushi kneeled in front of him and cupped Aarav's face making him look at her.

Unable to hold back his tears, Aarav threw his arms around Khushi, embracing her to feel her radiating love and warmth. Khushi hugged Aarav back and formed circles on his back to calm him. 

No words were exchanged between them, yet the eerie silence had done a lot of talking. 

Khushi sat on the jute recliner in the poolside and pulled Aarav on her lap. Aarav hugged Khushi and snuggled into her, hiding his face in her bosom.

"I missed you, Maa!" Khushi heard Aarav mumble.

"I missed you too, Aarav!" 

Khushi looked at the six year old kid on her lap who is a surprising mixture of innocence and maturity. She kissed the top of his head and wrapped her right arm around him, bringing Aarav close to her.

"Shall I continue reading the letter?" Khushi asked trying to distract Aarav. But Aarav just nodded his head, still staying in the same position.

"When Sheetal aunty's real intentions were revealed, I was heartbroken. I had considered her my mother but she had broken my trust. I was scared to go back to Ashram. I did not want to leave any of you, Maa. And when you had asked dad to adopt me, I was overwhelmed. I was scared to accept you as my mother but I was very happy that I would be staying with you all.

I was scared that once again I will consider someone as my mother and again I would be left heartbroken. That's why I had not accepted you as my mumma. I did not want to consider anyone as my mother. But as always you broke my resolve, Maa. I had to eventually trust you and accept you as my Maa. 

You know, you are the best person on this world.

Even Dad accepts this fact that no one can be like you ;-)

Thank you so much for being the best mother to me and for accepting me as your son.

I love you, Maa."

Tears flowed down Khushi's eyes as she completed reading the letter.

Khushi broke the hug and made Aarav look at her as she said, "Aarav, get one thing clear for once and for all. You might not be related to me by blood but that doesn't mean you are any less to me. After Arnav-ji, you are the next best thing that has ever happened to me. And the only reason I thank Sheetal is because if not for her, I would never have gotten such a gem of a son."

Aarav looked into Khushi's eyes for the assurance and in the next moment, he hugged Khushi as he said, "I love you, Maa."

"I love you too, Aarav!" 

Khushi did not know what had pushed Aarav to go down the memory lane of the past year. But she knew that this was not the right time to ask him the reason. He needed distraction - if not closure.

"By the way, the next time you go to Bua Nani's house, I am going to accompany you. I missed your talks like hell. Aapke bina ghar suna suna sa lagta hai." 

"Well, Mr. Aarav Singh Raizada, I had already offered you to join me to Bua Nani's house. But you, being as stubborn as your dad, had denied me saying you would be fine with your dad for a week." Khushi said making Aarav embarrassed.

"But I did not know that I would be missing you so much. This was the first time in the whole year that you had left me alone for a week." Aarav sulked and complaint his Maa.

Khushi smiled at him and promised that she would take him with her the next time she decides to go away from the house.

"Now, how about a basketball match today evening?" Khushi asked knowing well to lift up her son's mood.

Like father, like son!

"You and me against dad? Perfect!" Aarav smiled widely at Khushi idea of a basketball match.

"WOW! With my basketball coach on my side, I am sure we both can defeat Arnav-ji." Khushi exclaimed happily.

Khushi's breath hitched as she felt her heart go erratic. She looked up to see Arnav leaning on the french door of their room with his arms folded to his chest. He had a smile adorning his face and his eyes held the adoration he felt looking at Khushi and Aarav.

Such a bliss is their chhoti si duniya!


Just read about the MeD Contest and thought to enter in. Well, Aarav-Khushi has always been my favorite in the serial. (Sometimes even more than ArShi) so hope this is a valid OS.



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