SS: A Bullish Khushi

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Apr 20, 2017

SS: A Bullish Khushi (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 107 times)

After the basketball match-

Khushi was sitting at the poolside thinking about the closeness between Arnav and Sheetal. How during the match Arnav's and Sheetal's eyes locked with each and how before the match Arnav was staring at her, how they were arguing who is a better player.

It had been ages since Arnav and Khushi argued on petty things. The similarities between Aarav and Arnav and not to forget, Arnav’s ignorance towards her were unnerving her.

Arnav came and sat beside her. Several minutes passed but she did not notice him.

Seeing her lost in thoughts, he exclaimed startling her, “Thank God! I did not find you in the wardrobe this time around...”

She was startled on hearing him but she did not say anything.

On seeing her not replying, he asked, “Are you upset?”

She just shook her head and said-“No why will I be upset?”

“I get it!! You are not upset, you are just jealous and insecure.”

“Huh??”Khushi looked at him blankly.

“Yes, you are jealous and insecure of whom you already know.”

“I'm jealous of whom...?”

“Of Sheetal..”

“How did you feel Khushi seeing the ignorance of me and family towards you?”

“Before Sheetal and Aarav came to live in our house everyone was like Khushi this, Khushi that, and now everyone is like Sheetal this, Sheetal that, Aarav this, Aarav that and adding to that everybody started ignoring you.”

“This is your lesson Khushi, that never invite unwanted people into our homes to live. This is our home Khushi, not a D****shala to invite every other person to live with us. Just look and contemplate that, she came here 15 days ago to live with us on your invitation because her broker told her it will take a 3 days time to give her the keys of the flat but until today she did not get it, strange isn’t it?”

Now, Khushi looked directly into his eyes but still did not say anything. 

“There is a saying Khushi that, "The expertise of a person close to you is never realised" or simply you can say, "Ghar ki murgi daal barabar". What all you have not done for Sheetal and Aarav, Khushi but today Sheetal, who is an outsider is getting praised. Just think about it for a while, today, after you came early from the basketball court, no on noticed it or no on noticed that you were not present in the hall until I asked about you.”

“Khushi, I don’t mind being compared to any person either good or bad but from many days the family is comparing me to that boy to which you are listening and stressing yourself. The boy you are stressing yourself about isn’t even like me. I was not like that Khushi, I was a very naughty kid during my childhood. After what happened that day, I changed myself completely. They are comparing me to Aarav and that is affecting you very badly...”

Holding her hand he continued,

“Due to these trivial things, the stress you are taking isn’t good for your health. Look, you have lost weight in just 2 weeks. You are not my Khushi anymore. My Khushi was lovely chirpy, bubbly, talkative, lively, happy, who stood against ASR and challenged him, who made ASR bend on his knees and bow his head in front of her. My Khushi is the one who stood for her rights whereas this Khushi is always sad, silent, lost in some thoughts, who never stands up for her.”

“There is no place for people like you, I mean selfless, self-sacrificing, altruistic, naive, innocent in this world. Your innocence and naivety cost us six months of our marriage. Yes, Khushi if you weren’t this naive or selfless I wouldn't have married you forcefully. I blackmailed you, forced you and threatened you to marry because I knew you could do anything for your family's happiness. This was one of the reasons why I married you apart from the misunderstanding. You would have denied marrying me if you weren’t naive or innocent. You would have demanded the reason. But you did not do any such thing. If you would have denied marrying me I wouldn’t have stopped the marriage because for me Aakash’s happiness is same as Di’s happiness. It was just a bait to get what I wanted. And yes, remember this if Shyam's affair was with any other girl I would have thrown money at her face and ordered her to get out of his life but I married you because I loved you then. Yes, Khushi I was coming there on the terrace to confess my love for you.” Khushi hugged him tightly shedding tears. His eyes were moist too remembering all that. 

They stayed like that for a while then Arnav came out of the hug and said, “You have to stand up for yourself Khushi. You have to make yourself notice. I will support you in everything but you have to do it on your own. I know you are intelligent and you will be able to do it, I will be there to hold you whenever you stumble.”

“And remember this Khushi, the relation I share with you either physical or emotional I did not share such a relationship with anyone..” After saying this he pats her cheeks, pecked her forehead and left from there.

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Apr 24, 2017

Part 2... (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 116 times)

Hiiii guys.. this is Inaara_Khan. I have a problem while opening Addtomyview. so I'm posting from my friend Ashra's account.. Her username is Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg...

Thanks @Kiddo_Star for an amazing cover pic and @hbadsara for proof reading my chapter..

This update is especially dedicated to @SpriyaS @ninishta15 @Kiddo_Star 

Khushi was pondering over what Arnav said. Later on, she got up changed her dress and laid beside Arnav keeping her head on his chest. Arnav hugged her in that position and started stroking her back.

He knew she needed time to understand whatever he had said earlier. He didn’t know where her confidence had disappeared after their remarriage. 

She wasn’t the Khushi anymore who back answered him, she, now, just listens to orders of everyone and he knew for sure that he didn’t want that.

He wanted her to fight, stand up for herself. He can’t always protect her and shield her from the outer world, under his wings. He knows how the world works, there is no place for innocence or naivety in this world.

The world doesn’t work on the emotions. We have to strengthen our hearts or become heartless to gain success. 

He had seen the result of his over-protectiveness and pampering towards his Di which did destroy her life. If only he had allowed his Di to work or study further then maybe she would have been strong enough to judge a person or face the harsh reality of her life. Till today she is weeping for her loss. He requested and even begged her to join his Company or do any work, but she is just adamant to sit idle and mourn her loss. 

He badly regrets two things in his life. One is, shielding his Di like a rock from the outer world and second, marrying Khushi and not asking about Shyam to her that day. 

He had reacted in the heat of the moment and not thought calmly about the situation and not listened to his heart. 

But when did the great ASR take a decision from his heart?

The first time he took a decision from his heart was when he was about to confess his love to Khushi but was heartbroken after hearing his love saying his Jijaji to leave his Di, who is the world to him. If only had he waited some time and had not left abruptly from there then maybe he wouldn't have been heartbroken and would have come to know the how two-timing creep his Jijaji was. 

He was an idiot of the century to ask Shyam about what he have seen on the terrace and believed him in spite of hearing Shyam confessing his love for Khushi. His love was so weak that he wasn’t able to trust Khushi but was able to trust Shyam. 

If only he had done some investigation on his own. He knew that there was no use of thinking about what ifs but sometimes he did feel very bad for not trusting, hurting, insulting, humiliating the girl who he claimed to love. 

And now this girl is again hurt due to his ignorance. Thank God that he completed his drama and now he can work peacefully. He wasn’t able to work in peace seeing how she was suffering and stressing herself due to Sheetal and Aarav. Indirectly or directly she is getting hurt due to himself.

He just hopes now that Khushi is back to her crazy prankster self.

Thinking all this he drifted into a deep slumber.

Next Morning 

Khushi was woken up by a soft caress on her face. She opened her eyes and saw Arnav caressing her face with his wicked fingers creating a havoc on her body. The look she saw on Arnav’s face made her blush.

Seeing her awake he wished her by kissing her cheek,“Good Morning sweetheart! Slept well?”

“Hmm...” said Khushi still sleepy

“Ok, now get up”

“No, let me sleep. It feels so good after so many days.”

“What do you mean?”

“It feels good to see my hubby’s attention back to me. Your ignorance disheartened me very much.”

“I’m sorry dear! But it was necessary so that you can understand the consequences. Kindness is good, but its overdose is bad. There are times you should think from your mind too not only from the heart. It may cost you a lot. This world is very mean and selfish Khushi, you always can’t be kind. If you are like this always people will misuse you and in the end, you will be the one who will be hurt. People backstab the person who helps them in their time of need. First, you have to keenly observe a person and judge him/her if he is good or bad. If the person is good to be good if the person is bad to be the worst of yourself so that next time he won’t mess with you.”

“Yes, you are right... and I’m sorry for not trusting you and going behind your back and doing the DNA test. Actually the similarities between Aarav and you, the daily comparison between you and him and adding to that you were her ex, it took a toll on me and I did it. I’ll never repeat it.”

“It’s ok. I know it was not you it were your hormones which compelled you to do that as you were PMSing. I understand how cranky or emotional you become during that time. I wasn’t angry or upset with you, it was just acting so that you can realise how hurt I can be when you do something behind my back. And there will be no next time because I never shared such relation with anyone which can give birth to a child except you. So chill!”

“Forget all that, now give me my Good Morning kiss.”

“No Arnavji it’s getting late, please let me go.”

“Com’on Khushi it’s been more than a week that I have  kissed you or have come close to you in that way due to your days and that drama.”

“Please, Arnavji not now it’s getting late. I promise you tonight but let me go now.”

“Tonight I’ll do what I want with interest, but now at least give me a kiss..”

“No Arnavji, I know what your just kiss means.”

“I did not know that my wife is intelligent.”

“Your wife is much more. But she doesn’t have time to show you, so for now please let me go.”

“I know it’s getting late. As you did not agree for a kiss you will get a punishment for that. And I have an idea by which we can save our time and I’ll get what I want and you your punishment.”


“Why should I say you when I can show you..” saying this Arnav carried a blushing Khushi to the bathroom for ‘saving their time’.

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Apr 30, 2017

Chapter 3 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 139 times)

At the dining table at breakfast

Khushi and Arnav joined the Table for breakfast when everyone was finishing their meal. They were very late to join because they were actually saving their time by coming out of the bathroom after 1 hour.


“What happened Khushi bitiya? You are very late today,” asked Nani seeing her coming down late.

“Yes Khushiji, are you alright?” asked Anjali.

“Actually Naniji...”

“Actually Di, yesterday in the night we went on a long drive so we came late,” Arnav said.

“Ok, Chote! But next time doesn't go out of the house late. It isn’t good, and Khushi bitiya don’t be late next time, look today because you weren’t present Payal bitiya alone had to prepare the breakfast.” Said Nani, not liking the fact that only Payal prepared the breakfast which wasn't as tasty as Khushi’s hand-prepared meal.

“Ok Naniji, I’ll be careful next time.”

All this while Sheetal was fuming in anger.

She came to breakfast table along with Aarav a little early hoping to spend some time alone with Arnav and flaunt the similarities between Aarav and Arnav. She was disappointed not to find him at the table. When she did not find Khushi too she started fuming in anger. 

However, she masked her anger behind her fake smile, wished everyone and enquired about Arnav and Khushi. She came to know that they both did not come still and upon that Arnav missed his jogging which never happened in front of her. 

She was about to call them but was stopped by Aakash who opposed her by saying that "let them come when they wish to" as he has a faint idea what both were doing. Her anger reached the peak when she saw them coming to the dining table hand in hand and smiling.

Later she cooled down hearing Nani scolding Khushi for coming late and not helping Payal for preparing breakfast. 

After Breakfast

“Arnav can you drop Aarav to his school??” asked Sheetal hoping to spend some time with Arnav alone.

Arnav was about to say something but was cut off by Khushi, “No Sheetal, he promised me that he will come to mandir with me. You can ask the driver or take a taxi.”

Sheetal just smiled slightly internally fuming in anger while Anjali said, “No problem Khushiji first Chote can drop Aarav to school and later go with you to Mandir.”

"No Di, Aarav’s school is totally in the opposite direction of Mandir and Aarti starts at 8:30. I don’t want to miss it. The driver can drop Aarav to school." She turned to Aarav and said, "Run Aarav or you will be late for your school.”

“Arnavji just waits, I’ll be back in 2 minutes.” Saying this she left from there for their room.

Arnav hid his smile seeing Khushi taking her first step while he saw Sheetal fume in anger and crush a paper in her hand.

When Khushi came back taking her mobile and clutch, she was relieved not finding Sheetal and Aarav.

“Let’s go Arnavji or else you will be late for your office.” 

As soon as Arnav sat in the car, he burst out laughing while Khushi was boiling in anger.

“Shut up Arnavji!! It isn’t funny...”

“It was so hilarious Khushi. I couldn’t help it. I mean your face was worth watching when you were politely denying the request. And when did I promise you that I will take you to Mandir?” Arnav said snickering.

“Achaa! When did you become a driver?”

“Excuse me?”

“Haan aur nahi to kya, she was asking you to drop Aarav to school as if you are a driver. Huh! And you, you were ready to drop him as if you don’t have any work.”

“I was about to deny Khushi, but you did not hear that. She asked so politely, my heart wasn’t willing to deny her but you did.” Arnav said feigning sadly.

“Achaa! Then go and become her driver. Drop Aarav to his school, take Sheetal to her office, then obey her every command like a servant.”

“Com’on Khushi I was just kidding, Ok!”

“I know...”

“Ok tell me which temple do we have to go?

“That bada wala Mandir where we did our Kuldevi Puja.”

“There? But why? I mean it’s so far.”

“No, it isn’t that far. Yes, I wanted to go there because that is the Mandir where you did the Puja with me for the first time.”


When Sheetal entered the house exhausted. She saw everyone present there along with Khushi discussing something.

She was surprised seeing Khushi taking part in the discussion. As she noticed from few days she was lost in her thoughts and was silent and somewhere she knew that she was succeeding in her plan.

“Hi, everyone! I mean Namaste!” Sheetal greeted announcing her presence. But no one paid attention to her as they were busy discussing something.

When she did not get any response she tried again. She was surprised for the second time in a row on not getting any response as usually every day when she returns, everyone hovers around her n Aarav for tea, juice, coffee, snacks or at least ask about her day and work but today everyone was ignoring her.

“Where is Aarav?” asked Sheetal hoping to gain any response.

“He is in his room doing homework.” replied Khushi who was secretly enjoying the ignorance of her family at least for some time.

Now Sheetal was sure that something was definitely wrong because every time someone was present around Aarav 24/7 even when he was doing his homework and today everyone was sitting and discussing something without paying heed to Aarav. She just silently left to her room.

After sometime

Arnav and Aakash entered the house. Khushi was the first one who saw them first.

“You both came?! It’s good came we are discussing Diwali. Come sit. I’ll just bring your coffee.” Khushi said getting up from the sofa.

Arnav just hugged her in response and said, “Okay. I’ll just freshen up and come.”

When Arnav came down, he saw Khushi was about to come to their room to give him the coffee. He settled himself on the sofa, took the coffee mug and pulled Khushi to sit beside him for which she easily agreed.

“Where are Sheetal and Aarav?” asked Arnav taking a sip of his coffee.

“You are very much eager to meet them. Did you not spend much time in the office or what?”

“Com’on Khushi's I was just asking about them. Whenever I return home from work, she would be around. Not finding her around, I just asked.”

Their conversation was interrupted by Sheetal herself.

“Arnav you are here, this early?” Sheetal asked.

“Call him ASR. He doesn’t like anyone calling him with his first name except his family." Khushi snapped.

“Shouldn’t he come early? Does he need to ask your permission to come early?”

“No, it’s not like that. Actually, when I asked about his return he said he had a meeting. So I thought that he will be late.” Said Sheetal awkwardly.

“Ok let’s forget it,” Arnav said in a dismissing tone, not reasoning about his early return as he did not feel right because ASR doesn’t  explain himself to anyone except his wife. When Khushi being his wife doesn’t have any problem on his return then who is she to question him.

“Come, Sheetalji sit,” Anjali said.

“What are you all discussing?” asked Sheetal sweetly.   

“Woh, it’s time for Diwali. So we were discussing it. The preparation, sweets, lightening, Rangoli, diyas, shopping etc. Khushiji will prepare the diyas like last year right Khushiji?” Anjali asked.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other remembering how she took some soil from his pots without him noticing as he doesn't like anyone touching his plants or pots. Later how he removed the soil which went in her eyes by blowing air in her eyes.

They came back to from their la la land by Anjali’s call.

“Yes, Di.”

“You say Sheetalji, how do you celebrate Diwali?”

“Why will she celebrate Diwali Di? I mean she only said a few days back that she is an Atheist, then why do people like her celebrate festivals that too Indian. She lived all these years in the US so maybe she does celebrate Easter or Christmas but not Diwali and Holi, am I right Sheetalji?” Asked Khushi.

“Yes, Khushi is right. I don’t celebrate such festivals. But now as I’m here I’ll celebrate with you all.” said an embarrassed Sheetal who was innocently insulted by Khushi.

“You don’t have to do all this-this Sheetalji. It’s up to you if you want you can celebrate with us, but we will not force you to do anything.”

“It’s ok Khushi I don’t mind.” said Sheetal. 

But their conversation was interrupted by Aarav.

“Mum when are we gonna meet dad. There is a parents day this week, so I  want to take my dad with me.” Asked Aarav.

“Aarav not now!” said Sheetal.

“Why not now mum? You said we will meet dad once we reach Delhi. It’s 20 Days we reached here but we did not meet him still.”

“Aarav Is this the way to talk to your mum?” asked Sheetal.


Sheetal slumped down on the sofa keeping her head in her hands she started crying, “I’m a bad mother. I can’t take care of my son, this is why he always ask about his dad.”

“No Sheetalji you aren’t a bad mother. It’s just that he is missing his dad like other kids of his age” consoled Anjali.

“Why don’t you just say him about his dad?” asked Khushi.

“What shall I say him that his dad is happily married.”

“Yes say It. The sooner he knows the better” 

“Does his dad know about him?” asked Khushi.

“No, he doesn’t know about Aarav.”

“So it’s your fault Sheetalji. You should have told him about Aarav.” Said Khushi.

“How can I tell him about Aarav. He is happily married and above all he hates kids.”

“Was he married when Aarav was born?” asked Khushi.


“See you should have told him that time only then maybe this day wouldn’t have arrived.”

“How could I say him Khushi. He hates kids.”

“No person can hate his or her child.  Arnavji too hates kids that don't mean he will hate our child too. Am I right Arnavji?”

“Khushi from where did our child come in between, we are talking about Aarav ok!! Anyway, leave It. If Sheetal doesn’t want Aarav to know about his dad or Aarav’s dad to know about Aarav, it’s up to her. You don’t interfere. You go get ready we have to leave for a business party.” Said Arnav.

“Me? But Why?” asked Khushi confused.

“It’s a couple party so obviously you will join me.”

“Is It necessary?”

“Yes, it is. Now go we have to leave by 7:30." He said, turning to Nani. "Nani I and Aakash have to attend a business party so we are taking Khushi and Payal. Do have your dinner n medicines on time ok?” said Arnav. On seeing her nod he dragged a confused Khushi to her room.

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May 28, 2017

Chapter 4 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 100 times)

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Coming back to the update-

Dedicated to @ShaniceKazmi and my drama queen @Kiddo_Star 

Proof readed by @hbadsara

Chapter 4

Party venue

As soon as Arnav and khushi got down from the car media started clicking their pictures. why shouldn't they this was the first time ASR was attending some party with his wife after his marriage and upon that this was a couples party where many businessmen came either with their wives, fiancée, girlfriends or escorts.

Khushi hugged Arnav getting scared by the flashes and the media as it was the first time she was appearing in front of media and it was the first party she is attending with Arnav as his wife.

There were no public appearance of them as a couple but their marriage pics were released by ASR himself to show the world that he is married to the love of his life.

Arnav sensing her fear relaxed her- “ Relax khushi!! I’m there with you. Just smile and walk with me. Don’t acknowledge or comment on their questions.”

Khushi just hmmed in response.

Reporter1: “Good Evening ASR & Mrs Raizada, this is the first time you are attending any business party after your marriage, how are you feeling?”

Reporter 2: “Mrs Raizada, how are you feeling married to the eligible bachelor of Asia??”

Reporter 3: “ Is it right ASR, that your wife belongs to middle-class family?”

Reporter 4: “Is it right ASR that your ex-girlfriend is staying with you in your house and has a son who is an exact replica of you?”

Arnav who was silently walking with Khushi on his side stilled for a moment but did not turn or answer the question and continued walking.

He was shocked to hear this as no one in his family knows about sheetal being his ex-girlfriend except Khushi and Sheetal herself, then how come this news was leaked. Something is surely fishy. He was damn sure that Sheetal was the one who leaked this news to the media to hurt khushi. Thinking all this he reached the entrance of the hall and was welcomed by Mrs & Mr Mehta who were AR’s client and host of the party.

As soon as they entered the hall there was a pin drop silence in the hall. Every one’s eyes were on the couple who entered the hall. 

Some were jealous and some were in awe of the couple who were looking like match made in heaven.

Khushi was looking absolutely stunning in red and black colour evening gown and Arnav in black tux with a red tie matching Khushi’s attire.

All the women present there were jealous of Khushi for marrying ‘The ASR’ and the men envied Arnav for marrying such a rare beauty.

This is the first time they are seeing Khushi with their own eyes as they only saw her in the pictures released by AR after their marriage.

“Haaww Arnavji you lied to me??” accused Khushi.

“What the! When did I lie khushi?” asked a confused Arnav.

“You only said right that gowns are the dress code of the party, but see here everyone are wearing different types of dresses.” Said Khushi remembering how Arnav said that gowns and formals are the theme of a party.


Arshi’s room

“Arnavji is it necessary for me to come with you to the party?” asked Khushi not willing to go to a party.

“And why are you asking so?”

“That wasn’t the answer to my question?”

“Yes Khushi, it’s compulsory for you to come to the party with me.”

“Why don’t you want to come khushi?”

“Actually Arnavji I’m not comfortable to on attending such party...”

“I understand khushi but sometimes you have to attend some parties . Every time we can’t avoid them, can we?”

“But Arnavji...”

“No Khushi, you are coming with me to this party and that’s final!!”


“What should I wear, suit or a saree??”

“Your dress is kept over there on the bed..” said Arnav pointing where a packet was lying on the bed which she failed to notice earlier.

Khushi excitedly opened the box to get shocked seeing a red n black colour evening gown

“Arnavji I think your order is misplaced..”


“See I think by mistake they packed this (pointing to the gown) instead of saree..”

“No Khushi, nothing is misplaced or there is no mistake. You are wearing this gown today for the party.”

“But Arnavji, how can I wear It?”

“Why, did you not like It?”

“No, it’s nothing like that, it’s amazing!! But I can’t wear it.”

“It’s decent only khushi. Moreover it covers your full body unlike your sarees which are backless and show most of your stomach.”

“Are you taunting me?”

“Nope, why will I do that? I’m just stating the facts.”


“Ok! OK! I was just teasing you. What’s wrong in this gown. The other day you wore a similar gown in the office remeber?”

“Yes Arnavji it was just infront of you. But now I mean for the party.”

“Khushi, the dress code of the party is gowns and formal so you have to wear a gown.”

“Ok.” agreed Khushi unwillingly.

“Com’on  go get ready fast, or else we will be late for the party.”

Flashback ends.

“Agreed that I lied to you khushi, but it was just to make you wear a gown. If I simply asked you to wear a gown, will you wear It?”

“No, But..”

“Anyway you are looking so ****y and hot that everyone in the party is eying you Only..”

“Are you in a way jealous Mr Raizada??”

“Nope, not at all! As I know that this beauty belongs to me only me.”

“Yes, and same goes to you too Mr Raizada, you are mine only mine.”

Their conversation was interrupted by Aman who came running as soon as he saw them entering the hall.

“What are these media doing here Aman. I warned you that there shouldn’t get to know about us attending the party.” whispered Arnav dangerously to Aman.

“I don’t know ASR, I think Mr Mehta invited them.”  said Aman hesitating.

“Leave it Arnav-ji.” 

"Won’t you introduce her to us Amanji?” asked Khushi eyeing a girl who is beside him.

“Ma’am you can call me Aman and she is Nidhi my fiancée.” Introduced Aman.

“Hii (extending her hand) I’m Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada..” Khushi introduced herself.

Arnav was surprised seeing Khushi introduce herself as Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada as every time she introduces herself as Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada but didn’t show it. Somewhere deep inside he was happy knowing that she is accepting some changes in her life being the wife of ASR.

"Hii I’m Nidhi Chawla. Nice meeting you.” Said Nidhi.

“Same here, and this is my husband Arnav Singh Raizada.” Introduced khushi 

“Who doesn’t know him. Hello sir!!” greeted Nidhi politely.

Arnav acknowledged her greeting with a nod.

“Come let’s proceed.” saying this Arnav took Khushi towards other businessmen.

Arnav Introduced Khushi to many businessmen or partners.

Everyone saw how possessively Arnav was holding Khushi by her waist and not to forget the softness in his ever so cold eyes whenever he looks at her. They all were amazed seeing the ever so angry and hot headed man so calm and composed and thought to themselves ‘Love really does wonders’

By then Aakash, Payal, NK & Sheetal too arrived.

Khushi gritted her teeth seeing Sheetal . If not for Anjali and Nani she wouldn't have allowed her to come for the party. She remembered how Anjali insisted to take Sheetal with them.



Living room

"When Arnav and Khushi came down all ready to leave for the party they saw Anjali, Mami and Nani discussing something. Seeing them they stopped their discussions.

"Khushiji you are looking pretty!!” praised Anjali.

"Thanks Di!!” 

"What is this with you wearing gowns n all..” asked Anjali 

"Di Arnavji gifted me this. It’s pretty right??” asked khushi

"Chote gifted you this?” asked a stunned Anjali.

"Yes Di, you did not answer how is It?” asked Khushi.

"It’s beautiful khushiji. And it’s looking splendid on you.” Praised Anjali.

"Thanks Di!!”

"Shall we move Khushi?” intervened Arnav

"Yes.” But was Cut off by Anjali.

"Chote wait, let Sheetalji come then you all three can go at once.”

"Sheetalji is coming??” Asked a perplexed khushi.

"Yes, she will be down soon.” said Anjali.

"But why?” asked Khushi.

"Actually Khushiji she was feeling so low after her conversation with Aarav so to cheer her up me and mami  decided to send her to the party. By this she may feel better..” said Anjali feeling bad about Sheetal.

"Ok! But how can she come, I mean it’s a couples party right?” asked Khushi genuinely confused.

"Yes Di, Khushi is right. How can She come alone, I mean she needs someone with her as Date to attend a party.” said Arnav 

"No problem chote. Nanhe bitwa can go With Sheetal bitiya.” Interrupted Nani.

"But Naniji..” said Khushi not liking a bit that Sheetal is going to attend a party with Nanheji as her date.

“Oh yes!! I Can go  Dadiji, I don’t have any problem.” Said NK excitedly to spend sometime with Sheetal.

"Khushi was about to say something but Arnav signalled her not to and said, "Ok NK, wait at the entrance Aman will send you the passes. Let’s go Khushi.” Saying this he dragged khushi out of the house who was fuming in anger.

In the car

"How can you agree to allow  Sheetal to attend the party? If she was upset, it was her problem. If she don’t want to tell Aarav about his dad it is her problem not us. So why should she join us to the party, is she your relative, friend or sister?” asked Khushi gritting her teeth.

"Khushi calm down ok! She isn’t my sister or friend. But we can’t deny Di and Nani, can we? No right if we did we have to explain our reason for our denial, which we can’t. So for now we have to be silent.” explained Arnav patiently.

"I know it’s her doing..” 

"Khushi! We can’t say that right. May be she is really upset over Aarav’s behaviour. May be she has a strong reason to not say about his dad?”

"But.” She wasn’t able to compete her sentence as Arnav shut her mouth with the best way possible.

Flashback ends......

Khushi came out of her thoughts by a tap on her shoulder

“What happened Khushi? Are you alright. I called you few times you did not respond..” asked Payal.

“Nothing jiji..” said khushi.

“Khushi you be with Payal I’ll be back  after meeting some clients.. Will you be comfortable.??” Asked Arnav not wanting to leave her alone.

“Yes Arnavji, I’ll be ok.” Said khushi smiling at his concern.

“I’ll be right back.” Saying this he leaves from there with Aakash.

“Khushi you be here with me..” said Payal nervously

“Why jiji, are you alright?” asked Khushi confused with her behaviour

“Yes khushi, I’m actually afraid. Last time when I came with Aakash to such party I wasn’t comfortable. I wasn’t coming today too, but when Aakash said that you are also joining I agreed..” said Payal relaxing a bit.

“It’s ok jiji. It was your first time na, it happens..” said khushi comforting her.

By then Sheetal joined then with NK. NK excused himself not wanting to stand between the ladies.

“I never thought you will wear western. I mean I never saw you apart from suits n sarees.” said Sheetal.

“Whatever you see with your eyes isn’t always true right. I mean there is always other side, either it maybe of a coin or a person.” Taunted khushi.

“Anyway you are looking pretty khushi.” Said Sheetal.

“You are also looking not bad sheetal. After all spending 2 hours getting ready brings out our natural beauty..” said Khushi sarcastically.

Sheetal was about to say something but was interrupted by some ladies who came to meet Mrs ASR.

"Hii I’m Priya Malhotra . You are Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada? Asked Priya pointing Khushi.

"Yes, I’m Khushi? Arnav Singh Raizada..” said khushi

"Hii I’m Shilpa Agarwal.” Intoduced Shilpa

"Hii, I’m Puja Shastri.” Intoduced Puja.

"Hi, I’m Simran khanna.” Intoduced Simran.

"Hii, I’m Khushi this is Payal Aakash Singh Raizada’s wife and this is Nidhi.” Intoduced Khushi to all of them ignoring Sheetal.

All were looking at Sheetal to introduce herself.

"Ahh she is of no importance.” Said khushi

Before anyone could say anything Khushi continued-“ Puja your necklace is beautiful. Though I don’t like diamonds, but it is looking pretty on you.” said khushi diverting their attention as she very well know that theses ladies are only interested in gossips and expensive accessories.

"Yes, I know my husband brought it from Switzerland when he went there for business..” boasted Puja.

This went on for a while. Whenever sheetal Tried to take part in the conversation or anyone tried to talk with Sheetal Khushi successfully diverted their attention to some jewellery, clothes or any other accessories not allowing them to speak to Sheetal.

Sheetal was fuming in anger seeing the royal ignorance, a direct insults from Khushi.

Just then the lights were dimmed and there was a announcement for dance.

“We would like Mrs & Mr ASR to open the dance floor..” announced DJ.

There was spot light on Arnav and khushi.

Arnav came near Khushi and asked her for a dance for she agreed slightly blushing.

Arshi started dancing on the dance floor. Raabta song was playing in the background..

Sheetal was burning in rage seeing them dancing and the importance given to Khushi by Arnav and other people. She wanted this life for herself not khushi. She Thought till yesterday everything was going according to her plan and now how come suddenly Arnav started giving attention to Khushi. She thought he is doing this on purpose so that no one should know the sourness of their relation. This thought cooled down her anger to some extent.

She came out of her thoughts listening to the loud cheers and saw ArShi completed their dance.

Everyone started joining the dance floor with their respective partners.

Just then there was a loud sound of THUD!

To be continued.....

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Jun 3, 2017

Chapter 5 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 98 times)

Next Morning

Sheetal  woke up with hangover. Her head was aching badly. When she looked at her side she did not find Aarav. When she saw the time she was shocked as it was 9'o clock. 




"S**T!!” cursing herself she hurriedly went to the washroom. By the time she reached the living room it was 9:30. There was no one present in the hall as everyone dispersed into their rooms after breakfast. She tried remembering the happening of yesterday but did not remember it, instead increased her headache. 




“HP, make me a strong coffee.” She ordered HP who was cleaning the dining table.  




“Ok!!” obeyed HP. 




“Wait Hariprakashji!! You don’t need to do anything for her. You carry on your work.” Said Khushi  




“Ok bhabhiji!!”  




“HP isn’t your servant sheetal to do your work. If you want a coffee, make yourself.” Said Khushi who was burning in anger seeing Sheetal so normal after yesterday. 




“But khushi, my head is aching badly!!” exclaimed sheetal horrified. 




“So what Sheetal? It isn’t my problem if you suffer from headache or heartache!! If you want coffee make yourself one, dare you order anyone on in this house.” saying this she left from there. 




Sheetal went from there to the kitchen cursing Khushi. 




While brewing coffee she wondered where was the ever sweet khushi who was ready to do any work for any one. This khushi is back answering n insulting her where ever possible. Did she come to know her intentions? Sheetal panicked at her thought. But how can she come to know about her motive in this house as she planned everything discreetly. No one apart from one person know about her true colours and she know that the person will not dare to do anything against her. There is no possibilities to know about her n her motives. So she relaxed, poured the coffee in the mug and went out of the kitchen. 




When she came out of the kitchen, she saw Arnav leaving for the office. She called him. 




"Arnav, can I take a leave? Actually I’m not feeling well so-” trailed off sheetal, hoping to rest for a day as her head is aching as if someone is hammering her. 




“Is he the head of HR department? So why are you asking him about the leave? You are just an employee there, Sheetal, so as per the rules you should mail the leave application to the HR department instead of asking MD or the boss.” snapped khushi who was behind her. She did not like the way Sheetal was asking leave from Arnav instead of HR department. Why is the HR department in the company, if every employee asks leave from the MD. 




"Khushi is right Sheetal. If you want leave you should ask HR department a day before or before 7 am.” agreed Arnav with Khushi. 


"And if you do not do any such thing before taking the leave then, your salary will be reduced for a month!!” Said Arnav bitterly. 




"Sorry! I’ll keep that in mind” murmured sheetal. 




"You know Sheetal, I hate sorry’s. So next time think before speaking that word to me!!” snarled Arnav. 




"How can you speak to Sheetalji like that Chhote?” asked Anjali who heard the last part. 




"Why not Di, when she is taking an unplanned leave without informing anyone, then as a boss he has the right to scold or fire his employees.” Said Khushi not liking a bit as Anjali is siding Sheetal not knowing the matter. 




"But Sheetal is Chhote’s friend Khushi-ji!!" Said Anjali  




"Di, everyone knows that I don’t mix my personal life with my professional life. And for the last time I'm saying that Sheetal isn’t my friend. She was just my classmate.” Saying this he stormed of the house. 




This was the tight slap for Sheetal. She was fuming in anger, first she was insulted by khushi in the party and now by Arnav. 



"I’m sorry Sheetalji. You know na how Chhote is. Leave it. Don’t mind his words..” apologised Anjali. 




"Did Aarav leave for the school at time?” asked sheetal plastering a smile on her face. 




"Yes, he is such a good boy. He doesn’t need his mom to get ready in the morning unlike other children.” Chirped Anjali. 




"Yes Di, he doesn’t need his mother to get ready as you are there na as his nanny” snapping this khushi left from there 




Anjali felt hurt hearing this. She did not know what happened to khushi as she isn't talking to anyone. She tried talking to her in the morning to know what happened in the party yesterday but she just ignored her as if she doesn't exist. At the breakfast table too she only served Arnav and herself ignoring others. 




She thought to ask Chhote but he too was very angry. Payal refused to open her mouth, Aakash left for office a little early and now only NK was the one who can answer but he also left to meet one of his friends who is in Delhi. She can’t ask sheetal as she knows that she was drunk in the party, so there are chances that she may not know what happened. Sighing, she left from there to her room. 




Khushi went to AR with Arnav’s lunch as she knew he did not have his breakfast properly. 






She directly went to his cabin only to be disappointed as he was not present there. She asked his secretary who just came to take one file. 




"Sheena, where is your sir??” asked khushi. 




"Ma’am he is in the conference room as a meeting is going on.” Answered Sheena. 




"When will the meeting end?”  




"Ma’am it will take more than ½ n hour..”  




"Ok! Is Aman attending the meeting?” 




"No ma’am he is in his cabin..” 




"Ok! Ask him to meet me here..” 




"Ok Ma’am!!” 



After 2 mins there was a knock on the door of ASR’s cabin. 




"Come In” 




"Good Afternoon ma’am!! Greeted Aman  




"Good Afternoon Aman..” 




"Take a seat.” 




"How are you Ma’am??” 




"I’m fine Aman. I want you to do a task for me, will you?” 








"What is the position of Sheetal in the office. I mean what type of job she does here??” "She is a junior designer here. She was offered a job of senior designer at Mumbai branch, but she refused it saying she is comfortable here.” 




"Ok! I want you to do a background check on her. From birth to till today. I’ll msg you her pic. 

She studied her MBA from Harvard university with Arnavji.” 




"Is that enough, or you need more Information??” 




"It’s enough ma’am as you said she did her MBA from Harvard university. I’ll find it out, but it may take 2-3 days. Is it ok with you??” 








"N thanks Aman for handling the media yesterday.. 




"It’s ok Ma’am.” 




"Did I disturb you?” 




"No Ma’am. As it is lunch time I was going to cafeteria anyway.” 



"Ok! When will his meeting end?” 




"I think it’s almost over.” 




"Ok ma’am I’ll take your leave. The report will be with you on the third day.” 




"Thanks a lot Aman." 




"No ma’am, thank me when you will get your report.” saying this he left the cabin leaving khushi in her thoughts.  




Khushi came out of her thoughts by a peck on her lips. She was shocked as some one has dared to peck her lips. When she saw the person who pecked her lips she relaxed as it was none other than Arnav. 




“Arnavji you scared me!” 




"Relax Khushi. No one will dare to do this with ASR’s wife. I called you many times but you were lost in your world. So to Bring you back to earth I just pecked you..” said Arnav as if it was no big deal. 




"Ok leave all that, why did you come here, any problem." 



"No, I just came to have lunch with you.” 




"Ok come!!” 




When Khushi came back home, she saw buaji chatting with Payal, Anjali n Nani. Sheetal was reading the magazine. 




"Buaji!!!" Screamed khushi with happiness running to her n hugging her tight startling everyone. 




"I missed you so much!!" Exclaimed khushi. 




"I missed you too Titalya!!" Replied buaji coming out of the hug.. 




"Come sit..” saying this she dragged her to a sofa settled down and chatted with her merrily as if she was meeting her after many days. 




Every one just adored her seeing happy after a long time but did not realise that it was due to them that she lost her happiness. Sheetal just rolled her eyes on seeing the drama according to her. 




After some time buaji whispered khushi eyeing sheetal- "Was it necessary to keep Arnav babua’s friend in your house?” 




"Kya kare buaji majboori hai..” whispered back khushi. 




"Woh toh dikhraha hai Nandkis****. Dekho uske kapre jaise kisi 10 saal ki bachhi ke pehne ho..” said buaji disgusted in seeing Sheetal wearing shorts. 




"It's ok buaji, they are guests we can’t say anything..” 




"Khushiji did you see today's news paper?” 




"No, why Di?” asked khushi 




"There is a photo of yours and Chhote in it, looking so stunning..” said Anjali proudly for which khushi smiles slightly as Arnav had already shown her earlier in the office. 




"Really?? Show me also..” pipped Buaji. 




After ooohing in the photo buaji got up saying- “Ok, I will take your leave now. I just came to give the karwachauth materials required for Khushi n Payal.” 



"Tomorrow is Karwachauth??” asked khushi horrified on forgetting it. 




"Yes titaliya, and you have to fast for Arnav babua’s long life. Did you forget it?” 




"No buaji, nothing like that.” 




"Achaa..” asked buaji still suspicious  




"Yes buaji, then you have to apply mehendi on me na??” 




"Yes, but your mehendi will be given by your sasural. So apply it before sleeping.” 




"No buaji, you only apply it on me and go.” said khushi stubbornly.. 




"Wait for sometime madhumatiji. If bitiya is insisting so much you only apply mehendi on her.” requested Nani seeing the child like behaviour of khushi after many days.. 




"Ok samdhanji!!” agreed buaji reluctantly.. 




Buaji n Nani Sat with them saying the do’s and don't’s of karwachauth. Sheetal just left from there forming a plan in her mind.






When Arnav returned from office there was a lot  of commotion in the house. Nani n Anjali were dancing on some old traditional songs. Buaji was singing as well as applying mehendi on khushi’s hand. Mami was applying mehendi on payal’s hand. Rama, HP’s wife, was present there too. Sheetal and Aarav were no where to be seen. 




"What is happening here??" Arnav asked no one in particular. 




"Chhote, tomorrow is karwachauth so we are preparing for it.” As soon as Anjali said his eyes went towards khushi who was already looking at him. 




"Ok Di, Ask HP to send a cup of coffee to my room..” saying this he went towards his room giving a last glance towards khushi who was looking at her hands filled with henna. 




When HP came n have coffee to Arnav, he asked him to send khushi to the room. 




After a while khushi entered the room. 




"What happened Arnavji??” asked khushi worried. 




"Nothing Khushi..” saying this he engulfed her into a hug. 


"Are you going to fast tomorrow??” asked Arnav coming out of the hug. 




"Yes, it’s obvious that I will fast. Every married woman will fast for the long life of their husbands.” said Khushi not understanding why is he asking all this. 




"But you don’t need to fast khushi. You don’t have to be hungry all the day for me.” said Khushi. 




"But Arnavji....” 




"No khushi, I don’t believe in all this. You don’t need to do this khushi. I will not allow you to be hungry and faint like you fainted on teej..” said Arnav. 




"But I believe in all this Arnavji. Teej was different. Then I wasn’t in love with you or was married to you, but now I’m married as well as in love with you. I want to keep this vrat, for your prosperity and long life..” explained khushi. 




"Khushi, by you being hungry will not extend my lifetime and will not increase my prosperity. 

So you don’t need to fast..” said Arnav not liking the fact that she will be hungry for all the day. 




"Yours and my beliefs are different Arnavji. I believe in all this. Please let me keep this vrat, I promise I will take care not to exert myself..” 






"Please Arnavji..” pleaded khushi with a puppy face. 




"Ok khushi, if you feel any weakness the next second you will break your fast.” Warned Arnav in no-nonsense time. 




"Thank you so much Arnavji..” saying this she jumped in his arms.. 




"Easy khushi!!” eased Arnav. 




"Ok Arnavji.. I have asked Hariprakashji to bring food to my room so that I can eat peacefully..” Chirped khushi.  




"Ohh!! So you are planning to eat all the tomorrow’s food today only?” teased Arnav. 


















"Stop teasing me Arnavji.. you do this Every time.. “ whined khushi 




"Arrey!! I have only one wife to tease, to pamper, to irritate and to love. So I will do it with you.” Said Arnav chuckling.. 




There was a knock on the door. Arnav opened the door to see HP with his wife carrying so many dishes. He let them in. 




Khushi asked them to place the dishes in the coffee table and said them to bring one more Table to accommodate the remaining dishes. 




"Khushi, are you going to eat all this dishes?” asked a horrified Arnav on seeing so many dishes. Variety of dishes of were laid infront of her to eat so that she can survive tomorrow without food.. 




"Yes, do you have any problem?” asked khushi  




"No not at all.. as I will be the only one who will be benefited. After eating all this you need to burn the calories and I will help you burn them all the night..” said Arnav winking at her.. 








"Why should I be shy infront of my very own wife??” asked Arnav. 




"Arnavji can you put the alarm of 4:00 am in the morning? I have to wake up early for sargi..” asked khushi changing the topic. 










4:00 am 




All the ladies were assembled in the hall for sargi. Sargi was prepared by Nani for her bahu’s. 




Nani first fed a spoon full of sargi to mami then khushi and payal. 


Mami too fed khushi, payal and Anjali as she shouldn't feel left out. After that everyone started eating the food so that they can fast the whole day. Khushi was feeling drowsy as Arnav didn't allow her to sleep the whole night. 




Sheetal too came there to eat the sargi. 




"Wow!! Sargi I love it. Naniji can i have some?" 




"Sure bitiya..” Nani was about to feed but stopped as khushi said 




"Naniji, how can she eat that sargi? I mean you said that mother-in-laws prepare it for daughter-in-laws. Then how can she eat it. It was prepared by you for me, mamiji and jiji. Di also can eat as she is the sister of Arnavji and Aakashji but she is no one to us. So she can't eat it!!” said khushi. 




"But bitiya..” said nani 




"Correct me nani if I'm wrong..” asked Khushi. 




"No bitiya, you are absolutely right. She can’t have sargi..” 




"So, sheetal if you like sargi so much you can ask Hariprakashji to make it for you tomorrow..” said khushi to sheetal. For which sheetal meekly nodded n left from there. 




Arnav who was standing on the top of the stairs smirked seeing khushi taking the charge and handling the situation. Trust khushi to do something like this. 




After sargi Nani gifted all of them sola shingaar in a plate for evening puja. Everyone took her blessing and left from there except Anjali. 




"Nani don’t you think khushiji is behaving weird these days??” asked Anjali  




"Yes, bitiya I too noticed the same. Wonder what happen to her.” Replied nani.  




"I think we should ask Chhote.. maybe he may know the reason.” Said Anjali. 




"Yes, but for now take rest..” nodding Anjali n Nani left to their rooms.. 






8:00 am 




Khushi was sleeping peacefully so Arnav did not disturb her as he knows if she gets up she will start thinking about the food. 




He quickly wrote a note for Khushi and left for the office.. 




khushi got up from the sleep to only get shock of her life.. 



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Chapter 6!!! (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 95 times)

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Chapter 6 

When khushi got up from her sleep feeling different. The aroma in the room was pleasant. She wasn’t willing to get up as she was feeling very warm comfortable and light hearted. With the great difficulty she opened her eyes to get shock of her life.. 

She did not recognise the surroundings as the whole room was decorated with roses and Jasmines.. The walls of the rooms were hanged with many pictures of Arnav and Khushi . There were many pictures some of their marriage, engagement, haldi, mehendi, Sangeet khushi smiling,  laughing, khushi covered with jalebi’s batter. She remembered how Arnav applied jalebi batter on her face after their remarriage and forced her to click a picture. Some pictures were of Payal’s Sangeet where both danced on Teri-meri song. 

She was surprised seeing so many pictures hanged on the wall of their room as earlier when she asked Arnav why there were no pictures of him in the room, he said that he did not like hanging pictures in the room. 

She got up and touched each and every photo remembering the memories behind them.. 

She looked around for Arnav but did not find him as she is Damn sure that he is the one who did it.. 

She went towards poolside opening the French Windows. It was also decorated with roses and fairy lights. 

The whole pool was covered with rose petals as if it was bathed with them .. 

There were diyas kept at the corners of the pool which were not lit as it is day. Fairy lights too were switched off... 

She was feeling so fresh seeing the all this. 

When she saw the time she was shocked as it was 1:00 pm. How come no one woke me up wondered khushi. It is the first time in her life that she slept till afternoon as buaji always wake her up after 8:00 am. 

She hurriedly went towards washroom to freshen up. Again she was surprised as the whole bathroom was covered with rose petals especially the bath tub. 

She leisurely took bath enjoying the feeling of rose petals sticking to her body like second skin. 

When she came out of the bathroom after having a nice bath she saw a note under the glass on the side table. She quickly opened it understood that it was from Arnav by seeing the hand writing. The note read. 

leaving for the office, important meeting. Will be back by 12. Don't run around here and there.

Take care :)



'He did not return yet, It’s 1:30 pm.’ Khushi thought. 

Getting ready she went downstairs. When she reached the stairs she saw the whole hall was being decorated by various flowers. NK was supervising them. 

Khushi looked around for Arnav but was disappointed not finding him. She asked NK 

"Nanheji did you see Arnavji?” asked khushi. 

"No khushiji, kyu Nannav gumsum hai??” asked NK. (Is Nannav sad?) 

"Gumsum nahi nanheji gumshuda..” corrected khushi smiling slightly.. it’s lost not sad.) 

"Yes, same to same..” said NK pulling his right ear. 

"Ok, I’ll see you around..” saying this she left from there towards kitchen. 

Khushi  entered the kitchen and saw Hariprakash washing the dishes. 

"Hariprakashji, everyone had their lunch so early today?” asked khushi 

"Yes, bhabhiji. Only naniji and Di had the lunch..” said HP. 

"Did sheetal not have her lunch?” 

"No bhabhiji, I called her but she denied to have lunch."

"Ok!! Where is naniji n mamiji?” 

"They went to temple with Anjali Di..” 


Khushi left from there to her room as she knows if Arnav finds her doing any work then she won’t be able to fast for next year’s teej and karwachauth. 

When she entered her room she saw Arnav sitting on the bed doing something on his phone. 

"Where were you Arnavji, I was searching for you everywhere. And what is all this decoration and all?” exclaimed khushi as soon as she saw Arnav sitting on the bed.. 

Arnav gets startled hearing her but then relaxed-“ relax khushi, I was in the hall helping NK then suddenly I got a call from Aman so I went outside to attend It. When I came back NK said me you were searching for me so I came to our room as I know you will come back here..” explained Arnav. 

"Ok leave all that, who did this decoration and all, and please don’t say it was done by Aman!!” said khushi. 

"No khushi, this decoration is not done by Aman as I was the one who ordered all these and did the decoration. Happy?” 

"Very much! But why did you do this??” 

"When you can fast for my long life and prosperity then I can at least do this much if not more. As I know how much you love food and in spite of all that you are being hungry for me so-" trailed of Arnav. 

"I’m fasting Arnavji not hungry. There is a difference between hunger and fasting.” Said Khushi 

"Ok Ok, how did you like the decoration?” 

"I just love It!!” Saying this she jumped in his arms. 

"Easy khushi or else you will feel dizzy..” saying this he steadied her engulfed into a hug. 

"Are you feeling weak?” asked Arnav concerned. 

"No Arnavji, I’m perfectly alright. How can anything happen to me when you are there to look after me?” asked khushi winking at him. 

"Khushi, I’m serious!!” warned Arnav. 

"When when did I say I’m kidding Arnavji?” teased Khushi. 

"Ok leave all that, where is my gift?” demanded Khushi. 


"Yes, A husband should give a gift to his wife on karwachauth.  Did naniji not say You?” asked Khushi as she is sure at least Nani or Di must have asked him to Bring something for her as a gift. 

"Nope, no one said Me any such thing!” said Arnav. 

"Ok! Come let’s see what naniji has gifted me..” saying this she dragged him to the recliner where her Sola shingaar was kept and started opening it. In that she found a red Saree, bangles, a beautiful necklace set, sindoor, Bindi, waist band and many accessories required for a bride. 

"Khushi are you going to wear all this tonight?” asked Arnav on in seeing so much accessories. 

"Yes Arnavji. today a girl will be decked up as a bride a it will be the most important and auspicious day after her marriage.” Explained khushi excitedly. 

"Arnavji will you take me to Mamma’s garden now, as I want to take her blessings?” asked khushi hoping to take her mother-in-laws blessings. 

"Ok! But why suddenly?” asked Arnav 

"Actually today is Karwachauth na so every mother will like to give blessings her daughter-in-law.” 

"Ok, you be ready we will go now..” said Arnav touched with her words. 

Arnav and Khushi spent more than two hours in the garden as Arnav shared his childhood memories with her. 

When they returned it was almost 5 in the evening. 

As soon as Arnav and Khushi entered the house everyone started bombarding the questions about there whereabouts as they were worried for them. 

Khushi just ignored them and left for her room not answering their questions leaving Arnav who just sighed at her behaviour as he knows that she is somewhere right in ignoring them. 

"Where were you both Chote? you know we all were worried for you upon that you left your phone at home..” asked Anjali. 

"Di, we just went for a drive on the way we saw a park so we just sat there for some time.” Replied Arnav. 

"But Arnav you could have informed anyone as we were worried for you.” Said Sheetal with fake concern 

"Call me ASR  and You don’t have to be worried for me sheetal, you are a guest here so behave like one.” Snapped Arnav 

"Chote...”said Anjali in a warning tone. 

"Di I’m going to my room” said Arnav in dismissing tone. 

"Waise Chote your room was looking mind blowing!!” teased Anjali 

Arnav smiled slightly internally blushing and went from there. 

"Did Arnav changed the interiors of his room??” asked sheetal confused on hearing Anjali complementing Arnav’s room 

"No Sheetalji, he decorated his room and poolside with red roses and it is looking stunning..” said Anjali excitedly on in seeing his brother's romantic side. It is the first time he did something romantic for Khushi according to her. Who knows how many things he had done for her in private. Who will explain all that to her what all romantic things her brother had done for his wife will be private right, neither Arnav not Khushi will tell all that to anyone... 

"What!! but why?” shrieked sheetal. 

"Why means Arnavji is doing all this for his wife who is khushi or else for whom should he do??”asked Payal controlling her anger. 

"I mean to say why to waste all that flowers unnecessary !!” said Sheetal getting conscious of herself as everyone where saying at her. 

"It's between them sheetal. Let Bhai do whatever he wants for Khushiji. You don’t ned to say anything regarding them. And Thank God you did not say anything like that before Bhai or else I’m sure he would have strangled your neck.” Said Aakash 

"Ok leave all that, everyone go get ready for Puja.” Said Nani not liking the conversation where it’s leading. She also did not like Sheetal interfering in others matter but she can't say anything as she is a guest. 

Everyone dispersed into their rooms for getting ready. 

Arnav’s room. 

When Arnav entered the room he did not find khushi.  He heard water running in the washroom and thought khushi is there. He sat on the bed waiting for her to come out. 

Arnav was surprised When khushi came out of the washroom wearing a Saree which he bought for her. 

"Suprised!!" exclaimed khushi on in seeing her husband's surprised face. 

"Very much! Where did you find this Saree?” asked Arnav. 

"In the wardrobe, why did you not say that you bought a Saree for me?” questioned khushi pouting her lips. 

"It’s nothing like that khushi. Actually when I saw nani already gifted you one so I did not say as you can wear this another time and I thought you will not wear as you were saying all the women will wear the sarees gifted by elders.” Said Arnav 

"It’s nothing like that Arnav-ji, actually these all this things will be gifted by mother-in-law as I don’t have one naniji gifted me on behalf of our mother. Well I decided I will wear all the other things gifted by naniji except Saree as I will wear the Saree gifted and designed by you.” 

"How do you know that I designed this Saree??” asked Arnav surprised and touched by her gesture 

"Well I’m Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada so I ought to know the dresses designed by Arnav Singh Raizada” said khushi Dramatically. 

"Really?? What all you know about your husband..” asked Arnav pulling her towards him. 

"Everything but now you go get ready, the moon will be out anytime now..” saying this she pushed him towards washroom 

"Ok!” Saying this he took a packet from the wardrobe and left to get ready smirking. 

Khushi was surprised on in seeing Arnav wearing a grey kurta pyjama with out Any fuss or pestering from her side. 

"Surprised!” exclaimed Arnav mimicking her.. 

Khushi’s heart slipped a beat on seeing her husband looking devilishly  handsome in traditional outfit

"Arnavji are you real! I mean did you really wear a kurta pyjama?” asked khushi dazed. 

"Yes Khushi, you wore my choice of clothes, and I wore your choice of clothes. So we are even.” Said Arnav 

"Are you comfortable wearing it?” asked khushi. 


"Ok, come let’s go down” saying this khushi dragged Arnav towards the door of their room. 

"Wait! I think something is missing?” 


Coming near her he kissed her on her forehead and on her cheeks one by one. Khushi blushed seeing the look he was giving her. 

"This.” Saying this he caressed her cheeks which were red. After That he went towards  coffee table took something which was wrapped in a paper, opened it and took the gajra which was wrapped in the paper and tied it around her hairs. 

"Aww thank you so much Arnavji for this..” saying this she kissed his cheek. 

"Aren’t you getting late khushi?” teased Arnav 

"Yes, come now..” saying this she dragged Arnav downstairs. 

When Arnav and Khushi reached downstairs they saw everyone were present there including sheetal. The hall was decorated with fairy lights and flowers which was looking beautiful. 

"See, Chote and khushiji too came. Shall we start the Puja Nani.?” Asked Anjali. 

All the ladies did some Puja while the men were sitting in the hall. 

Hariprakash came and said that moon has come so they all went towards terrace to open the fast with their puja thali’s 

Arnav held khushi’s hand to stop her going towards Terrace. When Anjaali noticed that they both weren’t coming she asked them-“ Chote, khushiji aren't you coming?” 

"No Di, khushi will open her fast at the poolside. You guys carry on.” Replied Arnav. 

Anjali went from there giggling like a school girl on in seeing her brother so romantic.. 

"Come khushi..” saying this he took her towards poolside. 


"Where is Chote and Khushi bitiya?” Nani asked not seeing them. 

"Nani Khushiji is opening her fast at the poolside..” said Anjali giggling. 

"Ok! You all open your fast..” said nani. 


When Arnav and Khushi reached poolside, Arnav removed the hand which he kept on Khushi’s eyes. When khushi opened her eyes and looked around she stilled for a moment. The poolside was looking magical with fairy lights and diyas. The flowers were adding the beauty to it. The lights were switched off, the only light was coming from fairy lights and diyas which giving a magical view. 

"It’s so beautiful, Arnavji!! Exclaimed Khushi. 

"You liked it?” 

"Like? I love it..! Saying this she hugged him. 

"Don’t you want to open your fast?” asked Arnav coming out of the hug. 

"Yes, come!!” Saying this she took the Aarti plate and circled it first for Arnav then for the moon. Then she took the sieve, first saw moon in that and then Arnav. After that she was going to touch his feet but he held her shoulders not allowing her to touch it and nodded her head in no and hugged her. After coming out of the hug she asked Arnav to feed the water and sweet i.e. jalebi. Which Arnav did. 

"Now com’on open your mouth..” saying this she took some sweet towards his mouth. 

"Me, but Why?” asked Arnav confused. 

"Because I know you also kept the fast!!” said khushi. 

"How do you know?” asked Arnav 

"I know everything, after all I’m Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada!!” announced khushi proudly. Saying that khushi fed him some sweets so that his sugar levels shouldn’t decrease. 

"Come Arnav-ji, let’s go down I’m feeling very much hungry..” said Khushi. 

"Ok come..” saying this both went downstairs. 

When they reached down stairs they saw everyone did not come still. 

After five minutes everyone started coming. Sheetal was the last one to come down. She was coming down holding a sieve in her hand and closing her eyes, which khushi found it odd but ignored it as she was feeling very much hungry.. 

Sheetal opened her eyes and first she saw Arnav from the sieve and said to everyone- “actually I forgot my phone in my room I’ll bring it and come.” Saying this she left from there. 

"Khushi bitiya, where is your thaali?” asked Nani. 

"It is at poolside.” Said Khushi. 

"Go and bring it bitiya, it isn’t good to leave it under open for long time..” said nani. 

"Ok nani ji.." said Khushi 

"But Khushi.." Arnav was going to say something but stop as she said-"its ok Arnavji  I will be back by the time  HariPrakashji lay the table.."saying this she went towards the pool side. 

When Khushi reach the poolside she saw Sheetal was trying to drink the water from her thaal. Khushi marched towards her snatched her pot from her hand and slapped her tightly. The pot flew to one corner and made a loud sound. 

Everyone in the hall were startled hearing the sound from the poolside they rushed towards the poolside to see what happened there they saw a fuming khushi is standing glaring at Sheetal with the red eyes and Sheetal keeping her left hand on her left cheek where Khushi slapped.. 

everyone will shocked seeing the situation. Arnav was the first one who came out of shock and understood that Sheetal may have done something which infuriated Khushi to this extent that she slapped her he asked Khushi “what happened?” by going towards her. 

By hearing Arnav everyone came out of shock and wondered why did khushi slap Sheetal as she is a very calm person. 

"What happened bitiya why did you slap Sheetal?”asked Nani but khushi kept her mouth shut and did not say anything to anyone. 

"Khushi!!” called Arnav by holding her hand 

"What happens khushiji? Why did you slapped Sheetalji??” asked Anjali 

"Why don’t you ask your ever so sweet sheetalji di?” said Khushi sarcastically 

"Huh??" Anjali looked at her confused..

"Ask her di, what was she doing at the pool side, ask her what was she doing with my thaali, ask her do why was she trying to drink water from my pot which was kept in the thaali?” shouted khushi

Everyone looked at sheetal for answers as they know that khushi is every thing  but a liar. 

"Is she right sheetal? Were you trying to drink water from her thaali?” asked Arnav gritting her teeth. 

"No Arnav, I did not know that the Thaali was khushi’s. Actually I came here as I wasn’t getting any network on my phone and regarding drinking water I was feeling thirsty so I saw the water and was about to drink but khushi came in between, snatched the pot and slapped Me. Trust me I did not know that this was her thaali.” Said shetal after composing herself and faking her tears at last. 

Her explanation was genuine but No one believed it except Nani, Anjali and Mami. 

"Really!! Then why did you not drink the water from the jug kept over there?” asked Khushi pointing at the jug which was kept at the same table, as she knows that she is telling lies because first she saw Arnav from the sieve and now drinking water from the same pot which was touched by Arnav. She noticed all that but did not expect her to pull this cheap stunt. What can she expect from such people.

"Ohh! I did not notice it..” said Sheetal faking a surprised look. 

Khushi was going to say some thing but was cut off by mami who said-“ hello hi bye bye, khushi we can do all that investigations later but now I think we should go down as I’m felling very hungry.” 

"Yes, bitiya manorama is saying right, I think first we should eat we can talk about this later.” Said Nani and went from there followed by others except Khushi and Arnav 

"Arnavji....” Khushi was going to say something when Arnav said-“ khushi I believe you, I’m sure sheetal is lying as she did not have her phone in her hand.” 

"I think we should have our dinner then think about it, what say?” asked Arnav seeing her face which was stressed. Nodding at Arnav they both went down to say eat the dinner. 

Everyone where having the dinner but there was one person who was observing every move of Sheetal closely. That person was able to see anger and hatred towards khushi behind her smile . 

That person  was Observing Sheetal Form Morning and came to one coclusion that she hates khushi to the core and is trying to make khushi feel that she is better than her as Arnav’s wife. 

That person  remembered what happened in party and What changed his mind about Sheetal. 



Dance floor.. 

Arnav and Khushi reached dance floor and started dancing. Arnav kept his left hand on her waist and held khushi’s left hand in his right hand in return khushi kept her right-hand on his left shoulder and started swaying according to the music. All this whole khushi was blushing and wasn’t able to look into his eyes due to shyness. 

On seeing her not looking into his eyes Arnav whispered slightly brushing his lips with her ears -“ khushi look at Me..” 

Sensing his lips on her ears a shiver ran through her spine. 

When she looked into his eyes she saw warmth, love, care and desire in them. She was overwhelmed with the emotions she saw in his eyes of her love. Her eyes misted over seeing  the love and care in his eyes. 

At last she got someone of her own who loves her more than himself and whom she can call her own. For whom her happiness matters more than anything in the world. Who can do anything for her and lay the world at her feet. whom she can irritate how much she likes and that person will bear her craziness till his last breath. 

 It is not that she did not get love from Guptas but it was always secondary as for them the first priority was Payal. Not that she mind but she wished that there was some one who may love her and doesn’t get bored of her in life. Now that she got that person, the Prince of her dreamland she is afraid that may be some one like Shyam and Sheetal may try to destroy her small world which is full of happiness with her love. Come what maybe but she won’t allow anyone to destroy it which they made after a lot of difficulties 

She came out of her thoughts feeling some wetness of her cheeks only to realise that she was crying. Arnav wiped her tears and shaked his head as if to say 'not to cry' and kissed forehead pouring all the love he has for her in that kiss assuring her of a happily ever after. 

They were brought back from their la la land by the loud cheers and claps of the people. 

As soon As They stepped down from the dance floor almost everyone started dancing with their respective partners. NK was busy clicking the pictures and filming the whole event so he did not ask sheetal for a dance. 

Khushi noticed sheetal standing alone at a corner with a read face fuming in anger and giggled to herself. 

"Why are you giggling to yourself?” asked Arnav 

"Nothing, just like that..” said Khushi 

"Are you sure its nothing, or did you Loose Your Screw On The Dance Floor? “ asked Arnav with Mock seriousness. 

"Yes, will you please help me in finding it?” asked khushi 

"Sure, why not!!” teased Arnav 

"After finding it, drill it in your head” said khushi irritated. 

"Why? I have all the screws fixed at right places, so I don't need one. But I don’t mind lending you some. “ teased Arnav enjoying the conversation. 

Their banter was interuuped by Mrs Mehta 

"Hello Mrs Raizada! Enjoying the party?” asked Mrs Mehta. 

"Yes Mrs Mehta, I’m enjoying a lot” said khushi eyeing Sheetal who was whispering something to a server. 

"You can call me Aunty dear. You don’t need to be formal.” Said Mrs Mehta. 

"Then you can call me khushi too..” said Khushi instantly liking her. 

Just then a server was passing by with juice tray in his hand. Mrs Mehra called him and offered juice to Arnav and Khushi. 

Khushi was about to take a sip but she remembered something and left from there saying-“ Arnavji , I’ll b right back!!- and went from there. 

"But...”  He wasn’t able to complete as she was gone. 

Khushi went near sheetal who was standing in the corner smirking evilly. On seeing khushi she made a neutral expression not to get her suspicious. 

"Hi Sheetalji!!  Why are you standing here alone, no one is accompanying You? It’s ok you can join us come..” saying this khushi dragged her where Mrs Mehta and Arnav were standing. 

"Aunty she is sheetal, our guest and Sheetal she Mrs Mehtala, host of the party... Aunty she is pretty right?” asked khushi sarcastically with a aweet smile to Mrs Mehta 

"Hi sheetal! Nice meeting you.” Said Mrs Mehta. 

"Hi ma’am! Same here.” Replied Sheetal surprised as khushi is introducing her to someone because earlier she was ignoring her and wasn’t allowing anyone to talk to her 

Arnav rolled his eyes on hearing khushi praised sheetal so openly. 

Khushi offered her glass of juice to Sheetal. 

"Arrey Sheetalji, you aren’t having anything take this. “ saying this she handed her a glass of juice. 

"No Khushi, thanks..” 

"Arrey aise kaise. You are our guest, it’s our duty to make you comfortable so you should have it.” 

"Ok!! Saying this she drank the juice in one go. Khushi just watched her drinking the juice with satisfied expression. 

"Arrey khushi you did not take any juice, which on would you prefer orange or mango?” asked Mrs Mehra. 

"Mango”    "orange” said both Arnav and Khushi at once. 

They both looked at each other remembering how khushi poured mango juice in the shoes of Arnav for irritating him and Arnav remembered how cute she was sounding when she said orange wasn’t available so she poured mango juice instead. 

Mrs Mehta cleared her throat which brought them back to reality. 

"They look so good with each other right? They are so adorable!!” asked Mrs Mehta to Sheetal. Sheetal just smiled slightly not wanting to reply. 

"Arnavji, I’m feeling hungry..” complained khushi. 

"Ok come, I think good is being served..” said Arnav and took her to the other side of the hall where buffet was laid. 

Khushi, Arnav, Aakash and Payal were sitting at one table and enjoying the food when out of no where Payal asked- “ where is Sheetalji and NKji?” 

"Why are you so interested in them jiji?” asked khushi. 

"Khushi.” Warned Arnav. 

"Payal I think they both are dancing.” Said Arnav to Payal for which she nodded her head. 

Payal found Khushi’s behaviour weird and wondered to herself- what happened to her suddenly that she behaving so edgy. 

Khushi was a bit happy when she saw Sheetal not joining them but her happiness was short lived when Payal asked about that witch! Why can't her sister and family members live without sheetal for sometime. They are so concerned about that outsider to see her hurt. She came out of her thoughts listening to some sound at the other side of the hall. 

They ignored it thinking someone may have dropped the glass accidentally. 

NK came towards them running and panting saying- “Nannav, khushiji woh Sheetalji...” 

"What happened to sheetalji??” Payal was the first one to react 

"I don’t know Payal bhabhi.” said NK still panting

"What do you mean by don’t know NK?” asked Arnav confused. 

"Woh Nannav you all come and see..” saying this he went from there followed by a tensed Payal, confused Arnav  and Aakash and a irritated Khushi 

Some time earlier 

sheetal was searching for Arnav n khushi . Not seeing them she was moving towards dining hall when she heard people were praising Arnav and Khushi as couple. 

She was fusing in anger hearing all that as where ever she goes she is hearing people saying how adorable they look, made for each other couple, magical couple etc.. 

Suddenly sheetal was pushed from behind and lost her balance resulting in her fall. THUD!!!!! 

"AHHH!!” yawped sheetal hurt by sudden fall. 

"Sorry sorry ma’am. Actually I  wasn’t seeing at the front. I’m so sorry.” Said the girl who bumped into sheetal by mistake 

She helped her to stand. Sheetal pushed her with a force that the glass in the other hand of the girl fell down. 

"What the hell!!  Can’t you see and walk. Are you blind?” screeched Sheetal 

"I’m sorry ma’am!! I know it is my mistake and I’m saying sorry for that.” Said the girl whose name was Nisha. 

"I don’t need your sorry ok! Just get lost..” said Sheetal frustrated 

"Excuse me!! Who are you to say me all this. I just bumped in you accidentally and I’m sorry for that. Instead of letting go you are unnecessary arguing and making a big fuss out of it.” Said an irked Nisha. 

"Fuss! Am I making a fuss? Why will I make a fuss that too with you? Have you seen yourself in the mirror?” mocked Sheetal. 

"No I did not, as I don’t need one. Why will people like you understand it?” said Nisha rudely 

By this time all of them were surrounding them and no one was trying to stop them. Everyone can say that Sheetal was heavily drunk by the way she was slurring. 

Arnav, khushi, Payal and Aakash were shocked on seeing all this. 

"What do you mean to say that I’m not beautiful?” slurred Sheetal. 

"When did I say that, if you yourself is saying that means you aren't!! Exclaimed Nisha. 

Sheetal was about to pounce on her but was held back by Khushi- “enough Sheetal. You are creating a scene.” 

"Oh! here comes the instigator!!” said Sheetal harshly pushing her hand. 

"Are you insane?? Do you know what are You doing?” asked Khushi steading herself. 

"Ohh Shut up khushi!! Stop your drama, what are you thinking haan! You can do every thing as you are smart, intelligent haan? No you are not you are just a middle class gold digger who tried to trap The ASR in your beauty for his money. See me, I'm  beautiful, smart, intelligent studied from Harvard university, one of the top universities of the world and you are a bhenji, an illiterate, a yokel who doesn’t knows how to speak in English..” Sheetal was going to say something but was cut off ASR. 


"Arnav..” said Sheetal getting scared 

"Apologize!!” on seeing her mum he again repeated gritting his teeth- “ I said Apologize Dammit!!” 

"Arnav, listen to me.."

"Not a word more sheetal, apologize to khushi and her..” said Arnav pointing at Nisha. 

"Let it be Arnavji..” Khushi was going to deny but one glare from Arnav was enough to shur her mouth. 

"Sorry!!” murmured Sheetal. 

"No one heard you sheetal.”sasaid Arnav furiously. 

"I’m Sorry!!” said Sheetal a bit loud. 

"Again Ms. Kapoor..” 

"I’m sorry khushi!!" Said sheetal getting scared of Arnav’s anger. 

"Mrs Raizada for you not khushi!!” corrected Arnav. 

NK came towards sheetal and dragged her towards the exit who was protesting to let her go..

Media was capturing each and every thing. Arnav saw this and signalled Aman for which he came towards them. 

"Buy all the photographs and clipping of this Aman. This shouldn’t be aired on tv or published in any news paper. Or destroy their cameras or any such device." Ordered Arnav 

"Ok sir!!" Saying this Aman went from there to handle the media. 

Arnav went towards Mr Mehta-“ I apologize on behalf of Sheetal Mr Mehta for ruining your party.” 

"It’s ok ASR, I can understand. Anyway ASR doesn’t look good while apologizing.” Joked Mr Mehta. 

"Shall I say you some thing?” Asked Mrs Mehta to Arnav.

"Sure.” Said Arnav confused. 

"Please keep that woman away from your family especially your wife. I don’t think she is good for her. She may create severe problems in your married life.” Warned Mrs Mehta. 

"Thank you Mrs Mehta, I’ll keep that in mind.. I’ll take your leave now. Good bye!!” Saying this Arnav left from there. 

"Why did you say something like that Nikitha?” asked Mr Mehta to his wife. 

"Did you not see the madness in her eyes when she was shouting at khushi. I’m sure she is behind ASR and creating problems in their married life. There is more to than it meets the eye. Khushi is far more innocent to understand all this. I just hope they live happily without any problems.” Replied Mrs Mehta praying for their happy life. 

"Lets hope for the best!!” Saying this they went towards the other guests. 

"Where Is Payal and Aakash?” asked Arnav not finding them. He knows NK took sheetal home who was protesting against it. 

"They left..” muttered khushi. 

"Ok come let’s leave..” 

"Arnavji..” Khushi hesitated 

"It’s alright khushi, Aman will handle everything..” assured Arnav. 

"Where is he?” asked khushi. 

"I don’t know, he will be some where around..” 

"Ok, shall we drop Nidhi. I don’t think Aman will be able to drop her and we shouldn't leave her alone here when Aman is busy..” asked Khushi. 

"Ok! As you say..” 

"Come Nidhi, we'll drop you on our Way..” saying this they left from there. 


When they reached RM they saw nani and Anjali sitting in the hall with worried expression on their face. As soon as they saw them they asked 

"What happened Chote?” asked Anjali

"Nothing Di. Why do you ask?” asked Arnav. 

"We saw Nanhe bitwa carrying an unconscious sheetal, Aakash bitwa and Payal were tensed too. Did something happen in the party?” asked nani 

"Nothing of that sort Nani. You all should sleep. It’s very late.” 

"Leave that Chote, first say what happened in the party..” asked Anjali 

"Nothing happened Di, it’s just that Sheetal was drunk!!” said Arnav 

"Ya Di do nothing happened!!” said khushi and left from there. 

Everyone can feel bitterness in her voice. Arnav sighed seeing the retreating figure of khushi. 

"What happened to her Chote?” asked Nani. 

Nothing Nani, I’ll handle her you all go and sleep.” Said Arnav. 

"But Chote...” 

"Di come, I’ll leave you to your room.” Saying this he took her to her room.. 

Flashback ends....

To be continued...

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Chapter 7

Dinner was a silent affair as everyone were lost in their thoughts, khushi and Arnav were playing their food. Where as sheetal was fuming in anger as she lost the chance to make khushi jealous instead got a tight slap which was still stinging. Only Mami was enjoying the food.

Khushi abruptly got up from the chair saying- "I'm done!!" and left from there not paying any heed to Arnav's call.

"What happened to her, Chote?" asked Nani astonished as it is the second time Khushi was ignoring the food.

"Nothing Nani, I'll see her you don't worry!!"

"But Chote.." Anjali was going to say something but Arnav cut her off

"Di, I said right I'll manage, you all carry on with your dinner."

"Ok Chote, at least take some food with you, she was fasting the whole day and now too she did not complete her dinner. Make her eat as it isn't good for her health." said nani worried for khushi as she is noticing her from yesterday who was looking pale and her smile as if plastered to her face was lost.

"Ok!!" saying this Arnav filled his plate with the food and left from there.

"Nani, what has happened to Khushiji? Did you notice she is ignoring us from couple of days. I'm worried for her." said Anjali confused as well as worried for her sister-in-law who is staying a loof from the family members from last few days.

"Yes dear, but I don't understand why?" said nani confused. First she thought maybe Arnav and Khushi fought, but no she was behaving normal when Arnav was around.

"Oh com'on!! Leave it, will you? You all only said right that she is crazy, might be some of her craziness. You are reading too much between the lines." said Sheetal bitterly. She did not liked their concern for khushi. She regretted feeding Aarav his dinner early. If Aarav was here everyone's attention would have been on him not on khushi.

"You don't have to interfere in the family matters, Sheetalji. We are here to do it, as Arnavji said you are a guest so behave like one!!" snapped Payal as she did not liked how sheetal was speaking about Khushi and her craziness.

No one said anything as they know that whatever Payal said was right. First time Anjali and nani did not like sheetal's words.

"But Payal.."

"She is right sheetal bitiya, Chote is there to take care of khushi bitiya. We don't have to worry for her. It's between them, let them solve it." said nani in dismissing tone.

ArShi's room.

Arnav entered the room with the tray food. He looked around for khushi but did not  find her in the room, sighing he kept the tray on the coffee table and went towards poolside as he knows that she is looking at the stars. It her habit of making jalebis or gazing at the stars whenever she is upset.

As predicted Arnav found her at the poolside gazing at the stars in the same Saree which he bought for her as a gift for Karwachauth. He went and stood beside her.

"Mamma, you know your daughter-in-law kept her first karwachauth fast today as well as compelled me to follow her foot steps and now I'm hungry after fasting whole day with her. She isn't eating and letting me eat the dinner." complained Arnav pouting cutely to his mother looking at the sky.

"Hawww!! When did I say you to fast today and why did you not have your dinner still? You know right you will feel dizzy if you don't have food for long time?" asked Khushi frantically. She was worried for him what if something happened to him.

"Because you did not have yours. First you used to eat the whole food not allowing me to have a single morsel and now you do not eat anything not allowing me to eat." Pouted Arnav which melted Khushi's heart and Khushi kissed him softly as she wasn't able to resist her husband's cute face.

Arnav was pleasantly surprised at her bold move but nevertheless kissed her back. This is the first time she took the initiative as every time he was the one who did it.

After couple of kisses Arnav took khushi in the room, made her sit on the recliner and he himself sat on the coffee table and started feeding her the food. In return khushi too fed him lovingly.

After having their stomach full, Arnav asked- "Why khushi why are you punishing your self for that good for nothing Woman? She is doing all that to make you jealous and insecure and you are reacting to it as she expected!!"

"What should I do then Arnavji, when any other woman try to drink the water from the same pot which my husband used it to open my fast, when she is trying to break my marriage by creating misunderstandings between us, by proving the family that she is better than me in everything?"

"You just ignore her khushi, the more you are reacting the more she is playing with us. She knew everything about you khushi that you cannot see anyone is Distress and faked a drama of not getting her flat. She was thoroughly prepared about what she was going to do."

"You are right Arnavji. I should think twice before doing anything or at least consult you. Buaji is right I'm totally a Sanka Devi, I do everything without knowing it's consequences."

"No Khushi as I said earlier we should see the person through his/her facade that's all. We should be able to read them by a single glance. Maybe someone are there who are in dire need of help and we should help them but there are someone who just fake their helplessness just to be in our good books and later attack us. If we give them our single finger they will hold our whole hand."

"From when did ASR started helping others?" asked Khushi raising her eyebrows.

"From the time he married a sweet, naive and self less girl!!" replied Arnav flickering her nose.

"Ohk, come let's sleep. We have to deal with Sheetal tomorrow!!" said khushi.

"What!! No way we aren't sleeping as we have many things to do.." said Arnav with a naughty smile.

"No, we aren't going to do anything as I'm tired and sleepy.."

"Ok, come let's sleep!!"

Khushi looked at him with an unbelievable expression as he agreed to sleep with her instantly.

"What?? Why are you looking at me like that? Don't you want to sleep?"

"Yes, but you agreed with me?"

"Yup!! Because your health comes first. I can't let anything happen to you!!"

Khushi hugged him overwhelming with love for this man as for him his health comes first and then his desires. He isn't like a typical husband for whom his desires and needs comes first. She is so lucky to get a husband like him exactly like a Rajkumar.

Khushi came out of the bathroom after changing to see Arnav changed in his purple T-shirt which she likes a lot. She came and laid beside him. Arnav hugged her closer and started stroking her back.

Khushi remembered what Arnav said after coming from the party.


Arnav entered the room and saw khushi has changed her dress and was sitting in front of the dressing table applying moisturiser on her right hand. He went near and knelt beside her and helped her to apply it on the left hand.

"I'm sorry khushi!!" whispered Arnav softly looking at her hand.

"Why are you saying sorry Arnavji??" asked Khushi holding his hand.

"I'm sorry khushi for dating Sheetal in my college days. She was just my pretend girl friend as I asked her to be one. Khushi, I was very much focused on my studies and she was just an acquaintance who used to ask me some doubts related to studies and I use to clear it. She was different from the other girls who use to throw themselves at me at the given chance. She was very reserved girl."

"The first semester went on smoothly but later on many girls in the university started flirting with me and some bold ones proposed me. Either they proposed me due to their infatuation or due to bet as I was very much into my books. To escape all this I asked sheetal to pretend as my girl friend in return I promised her to help her in studies. When others came to know that sheetal is my girlfriend, the flirtings and proposals became very less as for them we were in relationship, when in reality we were just pretending. If I had known that sheetal would be like this I wouldn't have befriended her forget about dating khushi. I regret it khushi I regret befriending her, I regret asking her to be my pretend girlfriend."

"I don't know khushi who is Aarav's father, I don't know after me with whom she was in relationship. I completed my master's, came back and started my business taking loans from the banks and mami too helped me by selling her all the jewellery."

"I worked hard Khushi to give my family a secure environment where they don't have to think about money before buying any thing. By making my name and securing the future of the family I did not get time to live for myself. I did not have time to remember the school college or university days khushi. I forgot about Sheetal as a passing cloud. I did every possible thing to forget about nightmares which I used to have daily by immersing myself in work. Di and Nani use to get worried about me seeing the amount of time I use to work."

"Mama too helped me in the business but I made sure he did very little amount of work as it was time for him to rest and live for him and mami. After two years Aakash joined me which helped me alot. He became the pillar on whom I can rely upon."

"If I had the slightest idea that in future Sheetal would play with me and my wife lives then I wouldn't have date her. I did not know that she is a vile woman behind her face."

"I'm sorry Khushi, I'm so sorry!!" Saying this he buried his face in her lap..

"It's not your fault Arnavji, you did not know about her and her vicious ways. You were so busy in your studies and dreaming about your future to notice all this." comforted Khushi.

"I'm sorry too Arnavji, if I hadn't invited her to stay with us then this wouldn't have happened. I just thought her as your friend and invited her to stay with us as it wasn't good for a woman to search for a home especially in Delhi with a small child."

"We aren't playing the blame game, are we?"

"You started it, I was leading You!!"

"How do you do this every time?"

"Do what?"

"Change my mood!!"

"It's a secret!!"

"Ok, Come let's sleep. It was a very tiring day."

"Are you sure you want to sleep, Mr Raizada?" Khushi asked naughtily just to cheer him up.

"If only you permit!!"

"Then you aren't permitted to sleep this early.."

"As you say Mrs Raizada!!" saying this he picked her up and took her to the bed.

Flashback ends.

Next Morning

Everyone was sitting in the hall after breakfast as it was Sunday

"ASR, shall we play basket ball today??" asked Aarav suddenly out of nowhere.

"No Aarav, it's Sunday let us relax. This week was very tiring!!"

"Oh com'on Chote, you can relax after playing too. See how sad he is." Chided Anjali pointing at Aarav.

"Leave it Anjaliji, I think he is sacred of loosing."

"I don't want to argue sheetal. Everyone here knows who wins!!"

"Ya ya, I know it was your same dialogue back in university too."

"Sheetalji, you both were of same batch and class in university, right?"

"Yes and his only friend too!!" boasted Sheetal proudly.

"Then why do you work at AR as a junior designer??"

To be continued.......

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Aug 5, 2017

Chapter 8 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 104 times)

Proof readed by katty

"Sheetalji, you both were of same batch and class in university, right?" asked Khushi

"Yes and his only friend too!!" boasted Sheetal proudly.

"Then why do you work at AR as a junior designer??" asked Khushi.

"What do you mean Khushi??" asked Sheetal perplexed.

"You studied from a best university of the world. I mean no one easily gets admission there but you got, that's the best thing. This shows how intelligent and hard working student you were back then. But why do you work at AR as a junior designer that too in your only friend's company??"

"I mean there are many companies and industries both here in India and abroad who needs employees like you that too at the position of CEO, CFO, Head designer etc.. not as a junior designer. See for example your only friend of university is MD as well as owner of AR group of industries and you are just a junior designer in his company.

"Your seniors of his company are of a some local universities of India and you being an Harvard Graduate is a junior designer, it doesn't look good, right?"

"A student of such a university working at such a low job is like a Well educated man working as a milk man. Agreed, AR appoints employees who are well educated from best universities but that doesn't mean a Harvard Graduate will work at such a low position. Now-a-days only freshers work at that position. But you look like a experienced woman."

"Didn't your only friend of university Recruit you at a higher position?" Khushi asked sarcastically.

"No Khushi, AR is the best in designing field so I chose to work at AR and you know Arnav I mean ASR doesn't hire people on personal level."

"Yes I know that he doesn't give jobs at personal level but that doesn't mean he did not see your progress. I mean you did show him your Experience certificate then he should have hired you at high position. AR hired the best people for higher positions then he should have given you a chance to prove yourself!!"

"AR isn't the only company who is best, there are many more companies better than AR. "

"Just contemplate Sheetalji, your batch mates and class mates Earn lakhs and millions in a month for example your only friend too do earn more than it then why should you be behind earning only thousands??"

"I don't understand why are you shifting in India suddenly, as you are from USA. There are better options over there than here. Indians are shifting abroad as they give amazing packages for jobs as well as studies and you are shifting in India, how ironic!!!"

"No aunty we came here in search of my dad as he lives in India that too in Delhi!!"

"Really?? Then didn't you find him??"

"Yes, we found him but my mom isn't allowing me to meet him as his son, as he is married!!" Aarav said sadly.

"Awww poor baby, don't worry you say me his name we will definetly meet him!!"

"Aarav!!" Sheetal glared at him

"You don't need to worry Khushi, I'm his mother I know what's best for him!! And khushi you don't need to say anything about my job, salary, position and my university. It doesn't look good hearing all this from a middle class illiterate woman who don't have any sense of fashion!!" Sheetal mocked gritting her teeth.

"Really?? How do you know about my family back ground and me being illiterate??" Khushi asked confused. Sheetal was taken aback hearing this direct question at her. She looked around and saw everyone were looking at her.

"Every one can say that Khushi looking at your dressing style and hearing your pure Hindi!!" Sheetal replied after composing herself.

"Really?? As far as I know the dresses I'm wearing are designed by AR's best designers and to you they are looking like I bought them from a local market and coming to me speaking Hindi, majority of Indians speak Hindi that doesn't mean they are illiterate and India's national language is Hindi so it's obvious we will mostly speak Hindi. For your information every illiterate doesn't know Hindi, they know their regional languages. Hindi is taught in school for every student in every city, village and state of India!! You also speak Hindi that means you are an illiterate!! Scoffed Khushi

"What, you are wearing AR's designer suits!! Com'on khushi AR doesn't design casual wear!!"

"Yes you are right Sheetal, AR doesn't design casual wear but ASR does for his wife!!" said Arnav who was staring at sheetal unbelievably.


"Yes, he does. You go on saying to everyone that he is your friend whom you don't know anything about. What a friendship goals you are setting!!" Taunted khushi.

"It isn't like that khushi. He changed a lot, everyone change after a period of time so does he."

"Really?? May I know what are the changes in me??" asked Arnav amused with the way sheetal was convincing everyone that she knows him better.

"You married ASR, that is the biggest change in You!! You were allergic to middle class people and here you married to a girl who comes from middle class family. Now-a-days you are doing everything you hated earlier!!"

"If these are the changes in me sheetal then you don't know anything about me. Let me remind you, I came to study in Harvard due to scholarship not because I was rich, and I don't hate middle-class people but the people who are gold-diggers and the girls who are clingy. Did I once say that I will not marry, agreed that I did not believe in marriage earlier but that doesn't mean I will not marry. I fell in love with a girl, married her and gave a name to my relationship!!" Declared Arnav proudly.

"Marriage is a pure relationship between a man and a woman. If marriage wasn't important then in western culture too people would have live-in relationship rather than marriage. Every one are not like you sheetalji who has kids out of wedlock." Insulted khushi.

Sheetal was shocked hearing all this as she did not expect the turn of events. She thought today too Arnav will play basketball with Aarav and by this she will win over khushi by making her jealous but here the both husband and wife are taking her class in the most unexpected way by mocking and insulting her.

If this goes on then other family members too will start mocking her instead of praising her. She has to do something to give right back at Khushi.

"Yeah khushi it's right I have a child out of wedlock but that doesn't mean I will have a contract marriage of six months!!"

Aug 9, 2017

Chapter 9 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 94 times)

"Yeah khushi it's right I have a child out of wedlock but that doesn't mean I will have a contract marriage of six months!!"

Arnav and Khushi were stilled hearing about contract marriage!! No one knows about their contract marriage except them then how come sheetal knows about It. This was the only thought running in their mind!! They came out of their shocked state hearing Anjali.

"Aarav you go upstairs and complete your homework!!" Said Anjali

"Aunty I'll complete it in the evening!!" Protested Aarav

"No Aarav you complete your homework now, we will go for a movie in the evening!!"

"Really Aunty??" asked an excited Aarav

"Yes, if only you complete your homework now!!"

"Ok, I'll be right back!!" Saying this Aarav ran from there to complete the homework.

"Sheetalji, is true that Aarav is born out of wedlock??" asked Anjali after making sure Aarav isn't present anywhere in the vicinity

Sheetal was taken aback after hearing Anjali. She thought when she will say about contract marriage they will question about the same but here Anjali is questioning about Aarav's parenting.

"W.o...h a.c..tu..a...lly..." stammered Sheetal

"Yes or no!!" Anjali asked sternly. Everyone were surprised hearing her tone as she is using it for the first time.

"Yes!!" Accepted Sheetal.

"So that means you were in a live-in relationship??" I thought you were a divorcee Sheetalji but you did not marry at a first place!!" said Anjali in a disappointed tone. She thought sheetal was a divorcee and was supporting her as she knows how it is to be a divorcee but here it was different case.

"No, I mean...."

"Do you know the Aftermath of live-in relationship?? Do you know how will Aarav suffer after knowing you weren't married?? Do you know what will society call him?? And upon that you aren't allowing him to meet his father!! Shame on you and your ex, due to you both an innocent will suffer!!"

"No Anjaliji, I was not in a live-in relationship, Aarav's father used me in my drunken state and left me the next day!!" said Sheetal sobbing.

"WHAT!!!" Every one were shocked with this revelation.

"Yes, it happened on Graduation night. I loved him to bits and thought he too loved me so I submitted my self to him but the next day he left me not knowing he fathered a child!!" said sheetal hiccupping between her sobs

Everyone felt pity towards her except Arnav and Khushi. They are sure that she is faking a sob story to gain sympathy from every one especially Anjali because here anyone can sympathise her then it is only Anjali as she too went through a betrayal from the man she loved.

"It's ok Sheetalji, you don't have to cry for that person, he isn't worth it. You have to be strong for Aarav!!" Comforted Anjali by making her drink water.

Sheetal too stopped crying seeing the sympathetic looks of everyone except Khushi and Arnav. She gritted her teeth in anger on seeing them not believing her

"Whatever it maybe Sheetal, you shouldn't have crossed your limits before marriage. And now because of you both Aarav is suffering him. Do you know what will be the impact of all this on him!! He will become like Chote or far more worse!!" Said Nani. She too sympathise sheetal but she know what sheetal did was wrong

"Why will he become like your Chote naniji?? Arnavji had a bad past but Aarav doesn't. Both the situations are very much different. Leave It, I don't want to say anything on It, but I don't understand why do you all keep comparing Arnavji with Aarav??"

"Remeber Di, once you said that Arnavji was very mischevious and naughty during childhood but Aarav isn't one percent naughty. He is always angry and serious. The credit of Aarav's behaviour goes to his mom Sheetal. It was her duty to teach him all the good things."

"Arnavji is very serious every time because he had to grow up at an early age but here Aarav is only 6, AT this age should children be serious and angry all the time?? According to sheetalji Aarav is totally like his father so that means his father is same arrogant rude and angry to others. It's a very bad habit so sje should have changed it long back. She should have taught Aarav how to behave and all. It is her duty to do that as a mother."

"Your this carelessness is encouraging him to continue with this type of behaviour. Your eveyttime saying that Aarav is totally like his dad is also encouraging as at this age many children like to copy their parents in Every means!! And I don't undertand every child has both the parents qualities but Aarav had only his father's, strange!! He isn't an ounce like you inspite of living with you from birth!!"

"If this goes on with Then, sorry to say Sheetalji tomorrow your son will also use other girls and leave them impregnated without caring like his father has done to his mother!!"

"Khushi why are you saying all this..." Sheetal was cut off by Nani.

"Whatever she is saying is right, if this goes on then you are only to be blamed. I thought Aarav will understand with time but his arrogance is going increasing day by day!! I did not say it earlier as you are the guest but his behaviour isn't acceptable in this house. So you better make him understand!!" Warned Nani sternly.

Sheetal too did not miss the warning in on her tone. She cursed khushi in her mind and said faking tears- "I understand naniji but what can I do, I'm a single mother what all can I handle at a time. I'm mostly busy making our living so that Aarav can get a peaceful life and he has to be alone. In my busy schedule I'm not getting any time to correct his behaviour or guide what is right and what is wrong!!"

"This isn't an excuse Sheetal, you come back from office at 6 after that you will get ample of time to spend with Aarav and make him learn all the new things but you don't either you will be busy in your mobile or you will be working!! I don't understand how much work a junior designer has?? If you are not doing your work you will always be ready to help Arnavji. You don't need to that, before you he was doing his work very efficiently!! So you use your time to teach Aarav rather than helping ASR!!" Affronted Khushi

"Khushi is right, you don't need to help me with the work anymore. Concentrate on Aarav!!" Arnav said as he needed her only to make Khushi realise her mistakes as she realised he don't need Sheetal anymore!! It's better of if she don't help her or pretend to help him. When she was helping him he was the one who was doing major work as she was busy staring at him or unnecessary touching here and there making him uncomfortable.

"Now leave all this, see it's time for lunch!! Come let's have our lunch!!" Saying this Anjali ushered everyone towards dining hall for lunch.

After lunch when Arnav was going upstairs he heard a heart-piercing scream.


To be continued.....

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