Arshi Drabble : Hate you

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Apr 21, 2017

Arshi Drabble : Hate you (By Sinam1kana) (Thanked: 17 times)

'I hate you... Don't stalk me like this.' Arnav gave a small smile to Khushi and left the college grounds where he once confessed his love for her. *** 'I hate you.... Why should you fall in love with me, Arnav? You became a good friend of mine.' Arnav heard her words as they sat in their class to finish an assignment. The same words but meant different thing now. From a stranger, now, he is a friend. *** 'I hate you... I never thought I would break my promise to my father about not loving anyone. Yes, Mr. Raizada, I am in love... in love with you.  I hate you for making me fall in love with you.' Arnav hoped for this day but never ever he expected this to become reality. 'ahh... she seems obessesed with this 'Hate you... phrase...' , thought Arnav with a small chuckle. *** 'Hate youuuu.... ahhh... I HATTEEEE YOUUU, Arnav. Someone please kill this man for making me go this pain.' 'Goshhh... stop Khushi... you can hate me all your life, breath baby. Take deep breathes, listen to doctor and push slowly. I am here.' He was successful in calming her during delivery pains. 'Hate you, Arnav...' Khushi mumbled as soon as she saw the cute bundle in her hand. Literally, Khushi's Hate you turned into her discreted 'Love you...' Chuckling aloud, he pecked her forehead before their gaze fell onto the baby. **** How was it? Follow me on wattpad : @AngellicDoll

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