Arshi SS Lonely

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Apr 21

Arshi SS Lonely (By Kattty) (Thanked: 73 times)


What a nice day it was! 

You know I enjoyed a lot today. I got up at around 9 am, lazily went to washroom, got freshened up. Had breakfast, chatted with Laxmiji. I watched 3 back to back Salman Khan movies, and I almost forgot my lunch. But still those movies made my day. 

I helped Hari Prakashji in planting tomatoes. Its fun to get your hands muddy and plant a new seed, and watch it grow into a plant, a plant which benefits us so much in return of water.

What to speak about HPji? He is like my own brother, who doesn't think twice to bother me, unlike the others who r so kind to bother me.


Lucky me! I have an amazing group of friends. Laxmiji is my bestie, Mohanji n HPji are my other friends, who have helped me a lot. They r quite busy in their work yet they don't forget to talk to me.

What else do I need? I have my own family!

Oh My God!! How could I forget to introduce myself?

I am Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. I don't know why I have this  tag of "Gupta" as well as "Raizada" when I am neither of them. You can simply know me as Khushi. 

I currently stay in Shantivan, and I m known as Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada, the famous business tycoon. Here comes his call.



"Yes, I m fine"


"Hmm..I had. I had my medicines too"


"There are people to take care of me"

He tells a bye n I cut the call without telling a 'bye'. Does that make a difference? Anyways I will be seeing him in an hour or less.

He is the owner of Shantivan. Oh, let me introduce the other people staying in this house. There is Devyani Singh Raizada, my husband's Nani, Manorama Raizada, his Mami, and her husband, Manohar Raizada, mamaji. That's only one-third, there are more. Mr. Akash Singh Raizada and his wife Mrs. Payal Raizada, my husband's cousin n bhabhi.

And the most important person, Mrs. Anjali Jha, my husband's sister and the HEART of this family. 

Previously Mrs.Jha's husband Mr.Shyam Jha had been staying here, but then my husband kicked him out of the house, for me.

And thus the Raizadas lost their beloved dhamadji (son in law) because of me. Oh no no he is alive, by lost I mean, he is no more staying in this house. And I am the sole reason for all these, at least according to them. 

But they r kind enough to let me stay in this house, at least for the sake of my husband. They r kind enough to not speak to me rather than taunting or scolding me. They are kind enough to not let me a part of their family rather than letting me be a part of them n being uncomfortable with me around them. 

Because I snatched their daughter's happiness.

I owe them for the kindness they are showing on me. 

Right now this room is my everything. 

I don't know why I m here? I m here because they want me yet they don't want me.

I don't know how long I will be punished for destroying Mrs.Anjali Jha's happily married life.

Here, I present to you My Story.


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