Arshi SS Lonely

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Apr 21, 2017

Arshi SS Lonely (By Kattty) (Thanked: 85 times)


What a nice day it was! 

You know I enjoyed a lot today. I got up at around 9 am, lazily went to washroom, got freshened up. Had breakfast, chatted with Laxmiji. I watched 3 back to back Salman Khan movies, and I almost forgot my lunch. But still those movies made my day. 

I helped Hari Prakashji in planting tomatoes. Its fun to get your hands muddy and plant a new seed, and watch it grow into a plant, a plant which benefits us so much in return of water.

What to speak about HPji? He is like my own brother, who doesn't think twice to bother me, unlike the others who r so kind to bother me.


Lucky me! I have an amazing group of friends. Laxmiji is my bestie, Mohanji n HPji are my other friends, who have helped me a lot. They r quite busy in their work yet they don't forget to talk to me.

What else do I need? I have my own family!

Oh My God!! How could I forget to introduce myself?

I am Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. I don't know why I have this  tag of "Gupta" as well as "Raizada" when I am neither of them. You can simply know me as Khushi. 

I currently stay in Shantivan, and I m known as Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada, the famous business tycoon. Here comes his call.



"Yes, I m fine"


"Hmm..I had. I had my medicines too"


"There are people to take care of me"

He tells a bye n I cut the call without telling a 'bye'. Does that make a difference? Anyways I will be seeing him in an hour or less.

He is the owner of Shantivan. Oh, let me introduce the other people staying in this house. There is Devyani Singh Raizada, my husband's Nani, Manorama Raizada, his Mami, and her husband, Manohar Raizada, mamaji. That's only one-third, there are more. Mr. Akash Singh Raizada and his wife Mrs. Payal Raizada, my husband's cousin n bhabhi.

And the most important person, Mrs. Anjali Jha, my husband's sister and the HEART of this family. 

Previously Mrs.Jha's husband Mr.Shyam Jha had been staying here, but then my husband kicked him out of the house, for me.

And thus the Raizadas lost their beloved dhamadji (son in law) because of me. Oh no no he is alive, by lost I mean, he is no more staying in this house. And I am the sole reason for all these, at least according to them. 

But they r kind enough to let me stay in this house, at least for the sake of my husband. They r kind enough to not speak to me rather than taunting or scolding me. They are kind enough to not let me a part of their family rather than letting me be a part of them n being uncomfortable with me around them. 

Because I snatched their daughter's happiness.

I owe them for the kindness they are showing on me. 

Right now this room is my everything. 

I don't know why I m here? I m here because they want me yet they don't want me.

I don't know how long I will be punished for destroying Mrs.Anjali Jha's happily married life.

Here, I present to you My Story.


Apr 29, 2017

Lonely Part 1 (By Kattty) (Thanked: 89 times)

d@Lesh85, dear I have discussed about your suggestion with my readers, and most of them in India Forums and Wattpad asked me to continue with self narration, so that they can get to know Khushi's pain and her feelings, So I would be continuing in that way. Sorry if I hurt you.

Part 1

A knock on the door. I open the door and smile at Hari Prakashji. He has a plate, my dinner. I take the plate carefully and let him in.

HP: Bhabhi its already 9 pm. You need to eat.

My heart swells listening to him. He is more than a brother to me. Even though he works for the Raizadas, he is more concerned for me. I am indeed lucky. I wonder if the Raizadas remember there is a person named "Khushi" in this house.

"I will have it soon. Thank you for this. You too have your dinner soon

" I reply. He nods his head.

I watch him leave the room. I keep staring at the food not wanting to eat now. I jerk hearing a familiar voice. I sigh, its my husband. He must have said a 'hi', I didn't hear him, who cares? He goes to the washroom, n comes out in two minutes. I appreciate his speed of changing clothes. He is wearing black track pants n white full sleeved tee.

"Why aren't u eating?" he asks me with a frown.

"I don't feel to" I reply softly.

I am surprised when he holds my hands n make me sit on the couch. HP enters again with another plate. I stare at Arnavji, confused. Is he accompanying me?

He dips the roti in the dal and brings it near my lips.

"I can eat" I say, feeling extremely awkward.

"I know you can but I want to feed you" he says huskily.

I am not surprised by his words. I am lost in his chocolaty brown eyes. I wonder why I always get lost in his eyes. I dont realize when I part my lips, n he feeds me. I stop him at the third bite and I start having the food myself. He didn't deny. He started having his food.

"Why are you here, you must be downstairs, in the dining hall?"

He clearly understands my question. He isn't accompanying his Di for dinner?

" I want to dine with you" he replies sternly.

"Why? Your family must be waiting for you"

"I have clearly told them that I would be dining in my room, because, you need me"

"Mrs.Jha needs you more" he isn't surprised by my instant mock.

He sighs. 

"And I need you Khushi" he answers straight on my face. This reply did overwhelm me. 

I know he needs me. I can see that by his lovey dovey actions from last week. Somewhere his words did reach my heart. He wants me and I can see that. I eat the last piece of roti. He was somewhere waiting for me to say something, he sighs and continues to eat.

"Why do you want me? Afterall I destroyed your Di's life?" 

I can see him getting angry. But he tries to control

"Khushi you know its not your fault"

"But you think so" I murmur.

"I really did not mean it that day. I know you aren't responsible for it"

"Hmm" I don't want to argue with him. I am not in mood. There is mere silence.

"Can I go out tomorrow please? I want some peace" I request.

That's not what I wanted to say. I wanted to say i want to get out of this suffocating jail!!!

But I can't say so. He nods his head.

"You have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. After that I will take you out"

I agree. I want some change from this not so peaceful Shantivan!!!


He switches off the lights. I m on the bed , dressed in my night salwars. I have my dupatta around my neck and I m scared to remove it. You might feel I m crazy but I don't know what's wrong...correction...whats right with my Laad Governor since a week. He hugs me tight and sleeps every night. Initially I had tried to protest but all my efforts went in vain. He hugs me as if I am his teddy bear. This time he is scared, scared to lose me. I close my eyes when I feel his hand around my waist. His actions are melting my heart, but I don't want to melt so soon. After all its not so easy to forget everything!! I am unable to sleep. I am lost in the past. The dreadful past.

It wasn't easy to digest his words. I know he didn't mean it. Yet his sharp tongue hurt me, a lot. He showed me what I am. I am nothing but a mistake, not just a mistake but the biggest mistake of his life. He didn't try to woo me but threatened me with the contract. I am here only to save my jiji's marriage. He is trying to win me but once bitten twice shy. Experience is the best teacher!!!

I want to speak with someone who can lighten my heart. Who other than jiji can understand me? I went downstairs. My jiji is upset. Somewhere I blame myself for all these. I can see the rift between her and jijaji. I feel bad for them .How I wish I could set everything alright!

"Jiji" I call her, while she is busy cleaning the vase.

She doesn't respond. I wonder why is she behaving like that?I hold her hand and call her again. She shoves my hand.

"Stay away from me" I am taken aback.

" What happened jiji? Why r u.."

"You aren't my sister. If you were then you wouldn't interfere in my and Akash's personal matters?"

"I just wanted to sort the things between you n jijaji" I reply softly.

"But that created more problems. Why Khushi? First of all we all are suffering because of you. Did you see Di? Did you see Dadiji? You know how shattered they are? Akash is right Khushi, I have to be the daughter in law of this house rather than being Khushi's sister. You are reason for the sorrow in this house" Payal exclaimed angrily.

I felt as if someone stabbed my heart. This was the least thing I expected. I gulped my throat. What can i expect from others when my own jiji blamed me for the mishaps.

"Even you think that I am responsible?"

"Of course. If you hadn't opened your mouth about Shyam then this would have never happened. If you had not told anything against that man.."

She was stopped by me.

"So that he could destroy more lives? How could you expect me to tolerate further?"

"Tolerance is what you lack! Don't I tolerate the harsh words of my mother in law? What would have happened if you had tolerated his presence? You could have adjusted. What did you prove by telling his truth? You caused more harm to us. Di almost killed her baby! Me, maaji, akash, arnavji n dadiji are trying to make her smile but she isn't. You broke the family. Just for you, mine and Akash's marital life is at stake. I can't take more risk by supporting you Khushi. I don't want to lose Akash. So please stay away from me and forget that you ever had a sister! "

She left from there leaving me alone.

My heart broke into a millions of pieces.My jiji disowned me? Even she thinks its my fault?

'You have to marry me Khushi or else I will destroy Akash and Payal's marriage' I was reminded of arnavji's threat. I married him and stayed with him, bore his tortures for my jiji. But what did she do? She blamed me.

What is my fault? What did she expect? Expected me to beg Shyam! That won't happen in the worst case too. The world is selfish! No, every individual in the world is selfish. Including you jiji!

You just want to save your marriage. Just thinking about your life! But I spent my year in beautifying your life. I lost my reputation in Sheesh mahal to save your marriage. But when I returned I was told "you proved that you aren't our blood"

Why? Why am I blamed for every sh*t that happens in this world?

Today you proved me that I am not your BLOOD sister!!!!

Thank u for showing me your true colors jiji. I ruined my life to save your marriage and you rewarded me for that. 

I won't blame you. You were just a part of my life, you became more devoted towards your marriage and inlaws. I will not bind you in this relationship anymore. After all who am I? I am just an orphan who grew in your house. 

From now onwards neither you r my jiji nor I am your baby sister.

I took that decision. I don't want to burden anyone. I can't force anyone to love me like they used to. One truth, and a disaster in Shantivan.

And the root cause for the trouble is none other than Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

I open my eyes when I hear the sound of alarm. Its 8 in the morning. I am relieved when I don't see my Hubby's hands over my waist, or else it would have weakened me again, I would have been lost in admiring him. I don't want to forgive him so soon. He must be in the washroom. I slowly get up from the bed and start folding my bedsheet. My eyes drift to the tea table. There is my breakfast. I smile sarcastically. I am used to this room service now. I wonder what is the difference between this room and a jail. Its just that nobody hurts me physically, but mental torture is worst.


The clothes are back from laundry. I see Hari Prakashji busy in cooking. Mrs.Payal Raizada is helping him. The water jug is also empty. I adjust my Saree. I have to go down to fetch some water n collect my clothes. I don't want to burden HPji with my work. As soon as I step out of my room I see Mrs.Jha coming out of her room. 

Damn it!! 

I step back immediately, and hide behind a pillar. I fold my arms n wait for her to go. I am very much tired of this one sided hide and seek game, which I and Mrs.Jha are playing since a month. She never seeked me, and this hiding game from my side is still on. I feel why doesn't it happen the other way round? Isn't this unfair? Even she should get a chance to hide. I sneak out. I see Mrs.Jha and her aunt Mrs. Manorama Raizada sitting in the sofa and watching TV. She wants to cheer up Mrs.Jha. 

So basically I am not allowed to step out. I curse them under my breath. I need my clothes and I am indeed very thirsty. I see my dear Arnavji coming out. I know he cannot see me and he is walking straight, he stops when i catch his arm. He is pretty surprised to see me hiding behind the pillar n he sees his Di. He gulps his throat. But I can see some sort of happiness in eyes. But why? Oh!! He is happy because I am holding his arm!! Lol.

"Arnavji can you please get my clothes from there?" I point downstairs "and also a glass of water "

" Yeah sure" he cups my cheeks. 

It feels so good when your husband listens to you without arguing.

"Everything will be alright. Di will be normal with you soon and she will want to talk to you soon" he tries to make me feel better.

I am so tired of these things and I am hell irritated. 

"Why do you think I am too interested to speak to her?" I say angrily.

He doesn't say anything. He can see me getting irritated. I see him disappearing, HE has gone down to get my things. I am so tired of these games that I am least interested in Mrs.Jha or the family. I don't want to talk to any of them even if they are willing to. I am fed up. He comes back with my clothes and water. I thank him and in return I get a kiss on my cheek. 

"Take care and don't stress yourself. I will come in an hour. We have to meet the doctor"

I nod my head and go back to my room. 


Thank you for the likes n comments


Apr 30, 2017

Lonely Part 2 (By Kattty) (Thanked: 98 times)

Part 2

Arnavji is back from office. As promised he returned in an hour. I am ready to go to the hospital. I march downstairs as I get a message from my hubby. He is in the car. I pick my wallet and the mobile, my new friends since a month.

I stop when Mrs. Raizada appears or rather jumps in front of me from nowhere. Its her usual hello hi bye bye style, she has her hands up. Sometimes I wonder if she was a monkey in her previous birth! Yeah, I know it would be an insult for monkeys. I fold my arms.

Mami: Hello hi bye bye, phati Saree, seeing you after a long time.

She says in a mocking tone. I try to move forward since she is just wasting my time. She blocks me again with her hands. I roll my eyes.

Mami: however you r going out, get these things while you return.

She places a list on my hand. She tries to go, now I pull her back and give that list back to her.

" I guess you have your own daughter in law to do this work. I am not your servant, get that in your small brain"

I tell her looking sternly into her eyes. I know she didn't expect this. Anyways this isn't new for me.

Treat me worse than a dog and expect me to work for you?

Ridiculous isn't it?

"Hello hi.." I ignore her. I walk straight towards the door, n she says, "you used to do all these before, why not now?"

I reply, "Because that time I was the bahu of this house, but right now I am just Khushi"

I closed the door angrily, not bothering to listen to her reply.


I know he is looking at me, I try to avoid meeting his eyes. I look out of the window. He concentrates back on the road.

How irony! I wanted this attention from him before but then he wasn't there for me. Right now he pays so much of extra attention to me even if I don't want.

"Are you fine Khushi?"

I sigh. He has been asking this question to me since a week. Well, I am actually not fine. How can he expect me to be fine after what happened in the previous days?

"Hmm" I reply, uninterested.

"I know you are hurt. The family has not let you live in peace." He opens his mouth to say further, I stop him.

"Could you please stop talking about your family? I am fed up." I know I am rude, but this should shut him. His family reminds me of all those past, those bitter memories!!!

"I am sorry" he replies.

I wish sorry could make things alright, I whisper.


I am done speaking with my doctor. She has prescribed me some medicines. I feel a bit relaxed after speaking to her. She is 2 years elder than me. Her name is Naina Batra (Drashti Dhami). She is like a sister to me, rather than my doctor. She gives me a smile. I usually call her by her name than calling her "doctor".

"There is an improvement in your health Khushi. Good. I hope you are doing well in home."

Is that place even a home? I wonder.

I nod.

"Thank you Naina" I say. She places her palm on mine.

"Do not hesitate to call me if there is any problem. Okay? Remember that I am always there to help you"

I am overwhelmed. I wish she was my sister. She being an outsider has shown so much of concern for me. I nod my head.

"Khushi I would like to speak to Mr.Raizada"

"Yeah I will call him"

He is waiting outside. I know Naina wants to speak about my health with him personally. I send him in and wait outside. I know Naina hasn't told me my weaknesses. She usually tells me only the improvement in my health and shares my weakness with my husband. After all he is the only person who is close to me now.

I sigh. What kind of closeness is this? I craved for his love then, I wanted him to trust me then, I wanted him to look at my sorrows then, I wanted him to be my husband then but I was nothing but the BIGGEST mistake of his life!!! I was nothing. Bound with a contract, I had to stay with him for six months bearing the hatred.

He says he loves me. If he would, then why would he tag me as the "biggest mistake" of his life? He indeed proved me that he is the best brother in this world, but not the best husband! Forget best, he wasn't worth a 'husband'.

He is kinda pouring a lot of love towards me nowadays. But I really don't care, because right now I have gained some self confidence in me, I have learnt to live without anyone's support. I cannot forget the pain he has given me. I need to show him that I should not be taken for 'granted'. Its my turn now to be selfish and think about my self respect.

He is out. Naina comes towards me and tells me to take care. I bid a bye to her. We leave.


My stomach is paining since last half an hour. I don't know why, but the pain is quite uncontrollable. I ask him to stop the car. Once I m out, I throw up.

He gets down, worried. I feel better after throwing up. He gives me a bottle of water. I drink it.

"You OK?" I nod my head.

"Why did you throw up? What's wrong with your health?" He asks me with concern.

"I guess because of the breakfast" I reply.

"But nothing happened to me" he says suspiciously.

"I ate yesterday's food. I didn't know it would upset my stomach" I reply with no strength.

He frowns.

"I had been to the kitchen to fetch my breakfast, but there was nothing. I got to know from Mrs.Payal Raizada  that she forgot to cook lunch  for her husband n she packed the breakfast which was made for me. She suggested me to cook something for myself, but your sister entered the hall n I was pushed out of the kitchen with a plate of yesterday's food.I was hungry n I ate it. Neither your family let's me eat proper food not they let me cook. What am I supposed to do?" I say it in a calm voice but he could feel the coldness in it.

His jaws tighten.

"From now I will take care of that Khushi. I won't let you eat stale food. " I can feel the sseriousness in his voice.

From his expressions I m sure that Mrs.Payal will have a sleepless night.


We are in Agra, in front of Taj Mahal. My stomach is full, my husband has taken care of that. I wasn't expecting him to get me here. I adore the place. I have seen it many times, but everytime I see it, it looks refreshing. I smile.

He holds my hand and makes me sit on the slab. I look at him with a confused expression. I didn't expect him to be lovey dovey again.

" I am sorry, no Khushi, its not because of any guilt or pity. Its because I am really sorry, and I truly need to apologize to you, for whatever has been happening in the house. I could have stopped Nani when she said you to stay away from Di. I could have  explained Di that its not your fault. I could have just made things alright then you didn't have to suffer so much. I really mean these words. I m sorry for blaming u that night when Di tried to...Situation forced me.I didn't want to hurt you but I did.but after that you misunderstood don't blame you for that, because if I was in your place even I would have done that. I am extremely sorry"

I m expressionless. Yes his words touched my heart but its not so easy.

"Its not the situation that forced you to blame me. Its the person who matters. If your sister would have been in my place that day then you wouldn't have dared to say anything that you told me. If it was anyone from your family, you wouldn't say anything. If I was in your sister's place you would have tried explaining me that your sister isn't at fault. Don't deny this please, because if you do, then it would be the biggest lie." I say calmly.

He is speechless. He side hugs me. I don't resist.

"I won't deny that I took you for granted, but I realized my mistake. I am sorry"

"I need time, a lot of time, to digest the facts. I can't say that I will be perfectly alright with you, because you have broken me" I say softly. He tightens the hug. I feel a drop of water on my forehead. Yes he is crying.

" I m sorry" he chants.


We are at the door. I see Mrs.Jha, Mrs.Manorama Raizada, and Mrs.Devyani Raizada seated in the hall.

"I am not hiding again. Its not my problem if Mrs.Jha is sitting there. Doesn't mean that I will be standing at the door until she moves to her room"

I say him clearly even before he says anything.

And Mr.Raizada don't you dare tell me to come from the back door, I think.

"I will not tell you to hide. In fact I have never asked you to hide. It was your choice.."

I cut him.

"It wasn't my choice. It was your Nani's order"

He holds my arms gently.

"Relax" he tries to calm me down. I am highly frustrated. "Shall we go in?" He asks me. I am surprised when he holds my hand and walks in front of them, especially in front of Mrs.Jha. I can see them staring at us while we climb the stairs. The older Raizada looks unhappy.

Hell!! Why am I seen as a criminal?

Too much!! Are we aliens to be stared? My husband leaves my hand when he gets a call.

"Sasuma, look how happy she is after destroying Anjali bitiya's life" I hear Mrs.Raizada. My hubby has already reached the room. I stop and look downstairs. The heart of this house is in the kitchen. Only my husband's aunt n grandma are there.

From which angle do I seem happy?

"Stop it Manorama, Khushi bitiya isn't responsible for all this" I hear Mrs.Devyani Raizada.

I wish you had understood this before. Then you would have never asked me to hide for your grand daughter or neither would you tell me to stay away from you all.

I wish you had shut her mouth then by saying this. I wish you had told his to your porcelain doll, I wish you had explained this your grandson, Mr.Akash Raizada, who turned violent from silent after knowing Shyam's truth. I wish you had told this your selfish bahu. What's the use now?

You r no better than a chameleon!!

My husband gestures me to get in. He is going out.

"Where are you going?" I ask him.

"A few people need to be reminded of their place" he says sternly. I watch him go to Mrs. Payal's room. I sigh and get inside my room, my jail.


am combing my hairand all of a sudden I feel some pullsomeone is trying to 

pull meAnd I enter to a different worldI am totally confusedWhat's happening

Who pulled meWhere am I?

I am in RMbut why is everything the opposite way? I see Arnavjiand beside himits ME!!! My jaw drops

Who is this another KhushiI turn to see the mirrorWhat rubbish?

I see Khushior my reflection who is with Arnavji.

Khushi says, "Arnavji come home soonand don't forget we are going for a date tonight"

"I know KhushiYou need not remind mehe says angrily.

The mirror Arnav is also rudequite weird!!

I see Arnav going out n Khushi turns towards me

She isn't much surprised to see me.

"Who are you?" I ask her doubtfully.

I am your reflectionI am everything which you aren't now

Just have a look at the mirror Shantivan

She replies.

I am taken abackWhat does she mean?

She goes down

I walk outthe whole Shantivan is in reverse direction.

 I look at the people from upstairsThey are very happy.

 I see Khushi going to the dining hallMrsPayal is hugging her

Khushi breaks the hug n gestures her to sitI see Khushi serving the family

MrsDevyani Raizada holds her wrist and stops her.

"Khushi bitiyawhy are you standingIts not your duty.

You should also sit n eat with us"

"Yes KhushijiBe a good girl n take your seatsays Mrs.Jha.

DiNanijiMamijiafter what happened you all are still so kind with me

I mean Shyamji n.." She was cut in middle.

"Its not your fault KhushijiI was blind to not see his true colorsIn fact I thank you for saving me and my raj kumari from that creep."

"Yes Khushi bitiyait wasnt your faultDon't blame yourself

Let's forget the past n move onsays Mrs.Manorama Raizada.

I m taken aback againEverything in this world seemed so perfect

Akash Raizada also speaks well with Khushi n PayalIn fact the whole family has no issues with KhushiMy eyes well up

Why wasn't everything so good in real world?

I see Khushi advancing towards meShe looks happyOf course who wouldn't be happy with such a family.

"How did you feel the virtual world?"

She asks me.

"You r lucky to have such family

Everyone is sweet here except for ArnavjiWhy is he rude yet?" I ask confusedly.

She smiles. "Everything changes with time

Here everything happens opposite to what happens in your world

He was good to me until he was angry with you in that worldbut now 

he isn't angry with you n its vice versa happens here."

"Why did you bring me here?" I want to know.

"Because I wanted to show you the truth of your life

Wasn't everything just like what I showed you no Nanijijijajidijiji behaved 

the same way with you before? Caring n tendersoft n sweet

everything was goodMamiji is an exceptionYou didn't have 

Arnavji on your side thenbut now you have himbut not the others

Everything has a time KhushiHappiness isn't forever

You lose something onceyou gain something the other time

Today you aren't that same sweet old Khushiyou have gained sarcasm

bitternesscourage and you have started becoming selfishBut what did you lose 

to gain themYour happinessyour smilesyour familyn your self respect!!

 N you know who the reason isIts they." She points towards the family

I stand shockedN suddenly she pushes me and I fall somewhereIt's too dark here. I am scaredyet i make an attempt to moveSomebody is laughing

Its not someonethere are manyI am shocked when I see the mirror 

Khushi (happy and cheerful onesitting on the edge of the room and crying

The Raizadas are laughing at her and they are moving towards her

The sounds of their laughter increaseswith their increase in steps.

"Save meshe screams.

I get up suddenly. I am sweating like hell. Was that a dream? Yes, it was. I am panting heavily. I see Arnavji getting up suddenly. Since he was hugging me, he might have got up when I woke up suddenly.

"What happened Khushi? R u alright?" He asks me with concern. I am breathing heavily. I am glad it was a dream.

"Did you see a bad dream?" He asks me while caressing my hair.

"Don't ever laugh at my condition" I say softly. I know it was a dream, but still I can never tolerate if he laughs at my present situation.

He looks at me worriedly. "Why would I laugh at your condition?" I meet his eyes. I know he can see my fright. I dont know why, but I place my head on his chest. I am too scared to realize anything. He hugs me.

"I guess it was a bad dream. You have to inform Dr.Batra tomorrow. Now don't worry, I am here. Nothing has happened" he assures me while caressing my hair.

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May 7, 2017

Lonely Part 3 (By Kattty) (Thanked: 99 times)

I open my eyes on hearing a knock. I am amused to find myself over him completely. I am not able to think much, and I am really not ashamed of my position. I just want one thing-sleep, sleep and sleep!!! From the past one month and 8 days, I haven't got proper sleep. All thanks to my husband's family. I shift to my side, letting my husband get up and see who is on the door. He rubs his eyes and opens the door. I just want to see the person who disturbed my sleep. What an amazing family! In the day they don't let me breathe, at night their dreams haunt me and in early morning they don't let me sleep peacefully. I open my eyes and look at the door.

Its Mrs.Jha. I didn't expect her here. She looks quite happy. Ofcourse she would be, after all her family has cocooned her from all sorrows n started drinking my blood. Maybe she knitted a sweater for her baby or decorated the temple, you know its such a great news, that she needs to share her each n every small happiness with her brother. I can hear them speaking. She smiles at me, I shut my eyes pretending to not see her. My husband must have grit his teeth for my behavior, but I really don't care! She must be his delicate doll, not mine. Somewhere I feel guilty now, because she has not hurt me directly. It was her overprotective family. Why am I thinking about the past again? I should sleep.

"Give this to Khushiji" I open my eyes again, when she takes my name.

I am surprised when she placed prashad on my husband's hand. OK so she was here to give prashad. Every Tuesday HPji gives me a prashad but I never asked him where it comes from. I am really astonished. Isn't she angry with me?

"Take care Di" my husband tells her. She leaves the room. She tries to look at me, I shut my eyes again, feeling uneasy. I have to sleep, I remind myself.

I feel his hand on my waist. He is back to bed. I snuggle more into him. He hugs me.

Na tum meri zindagi mey aati aur na Shyam aisi harkat karta. Sabse badi baat, Di Khush thi. Mai tumse mila hi kyun? You are the biggest mistake of my life Khushi Kumari Gupta! (If you had not come in my life then Shyam would have never done such thing. And the main point is Di was happy. Why did I meet you? You are the biggest mistake of my life Khushi Kumari Gupta)

I pull apart from the hug. I feel like someone stabbed my heart. No matter what, I cannot forget those heart breaking words. I sit on the bed.

"Khushi what happened?" He can see my uneasiness.

"I think I need to get up. Its late"

"Its just 6"

I ignore him and rush to the washroom. I close the door roughly, and it makes a 'thud'. Why is my life sucked up?


I am chopping the vegetables in the kitchen while Hari Prakashji is making the dough. I want to know about the prashad.

"HPji who gets the prashad every Tuesday?" 

"Bhabhi, only Anjali Di goes to temple every Tuesday, after returning she tells me to give you the prashad. But today she didn't"

"That's because today she came to my room"I murmur.

I am really surprised. Here, Mrs.Jha smiles at me in the morning, she has been keeping the prashad for me since weeks. What does she want? She left me in a confusing state. Here her family didn't let a stone unturned to hurt me or make me feel no less than a "bad omen" and here she...I don't know. Am I mistaken? She isn't directly responsible for what happened with me. I shut my eyes and sigh . But that doesn't mean that I will forget everything. How can anyone expect me to like her when her family did so much with me for "her"?

I look at my phone when it started to ring. Its Naina. I pick her call.

"Yes Naina. I am coming in an hour"


I and Naina are in the coffee shop. 

"Naina I can't tell you how lucky I am to have you beside me"

"Khushi, you are like my baby sister, and don't thank me please. You know how I felt that day when I saw you in such a state. I am glad that you are better now"

The rainy night, I am running on the wet roads, with a jet speed. My legs don't stop at all. Suddenly I see the flashlights of a vehicle , which stops at a distance of 5cm from me. I scream.

I hiss, while sipping the hot coffee.

"Careful Khushi." She says with concern. I nod my head.

"I was reminded of the past" 

She keeps her hand over mine.

"Everything is fine Khushi. Try to move on. Ignore your husband's family"

I feel better whenever she is with me. We finish off the coffee. She holds my hand and walks towards the exit. I told her about my dream. She just consoles me. She opens the door of her car for me. I am about to sit but I pause seeing my husband get out of his car.

"Khushi come let's go" he says looking at me.

"Mr. Raizada, would you mind if I take your wife to my home, for a few hours?" Naina asks him. I wonder why she needs his permission, when I am ready to spend the day in her house. 

I see my husband nearing her.

"Look after her well. A single scratch, and you have to face my wrath, Dr. Batra" he warns her.

"Don't worry Mr.Raizada, I am not you, to ignore my responsibilities. N keep your warning to yourself. If not for Khushi, then I really don't mind sending you and your family to jail for your good behavior with her." She taunts him.

I know they dislike each other. But he can't disagree that Naina is a good doctor n my condition has improved because of her. He gives her a long glare. He ignores her and comes to me.

"Take care. Keep this, you might need it." He gives me a few bucks and his credit card.

"Make sure that she stays happy" he tells Naina and leaves. Naina starts driving.

"No matter how much I hate him Khushi for hurting you, I can't deny that he loves you and cares for you." She chuckles.

"Hmm" I reply.

The worst night, in Gupta house! I am surrounded by Amma and Buaji. Bauji sees me from far. He wanted to come near me but these two ladies didn't let him. I am looking at these ladies, who are packing my bags. After all I am an "adopted" daughter. In fact, just an orphan.

"Amma, Buaji, listen to me" I plead.

"Finally you showed us your true colors. What was the necessity to tell the truth. Because of you our Payalia is suffering. We did SO much for you. We looked after you like our own daughter. But you ruined our Payalia's life. We don't want you anymore. Get lost" says Buaji.

"But what was my mistake?" I ask with the little energy I have.

"You ruined our Payal's life. Isn't that enough? Today you did prove us that you are not our blood' Says Amma.

"In fact its you all who showed me that I am not your blood" I say aloud n take my bag n leave the house.

They did hurt me. 

I came back to RM. I know all are upset with me in RM, I can see that by their face. Naniji comes towards me.

"Khushi bitiya yesterday what happened was not good, so this time you take it as my request or order, I don't want you to appear before Anjali bitiya or join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I can't take risk her life again. We want Anjali bitiya's happiness."

I am shocked. She means I tried to kill her granddaughter and I snatched her happiness? Then Shyam was a sage? Just because I told her the truth, I became a thorn in her life? What kind of judgment was this?

" and in your presence I don't think that Anjali bitiya will be able to breathe" Mamiji adds fuel on my already burnt heart.

"Khushiji please don't disobey dadi this time" OK so Akash jijaji is also against me.

Right now I feel like a criminal being punished. I don't really know what is my crime. 

"Say directly that you all don't want me to be a part of this family anymore. After all I m responsible for all the mess that happened here. I won't disobey you again Naniji" I say softly and set off to my room.

I am very much hurt with the family. Do I have anyone who is mine? Why do they think that I m responsible for whatever happened with Di? 

My husband enters the room. He comes to me and hands a packet.

I look at him, confused.

"This is for you" I keep looking at him, without responding.

"Why aren't you taking? I bought It for you" he says. 

"You tell me if I have to take it, bcoz its you n your family who decide my each and every movement" I say.

He goes pale. "Take it Khushi" he says softly. I take the groundnuts. I don't feeling like eating. I keep them on the bed. I gulp my throat.

"Khushi, whatever I said yesterday, I didn't .."

" You didn't mean it, I know. You said it out of anger. You were angry, n you took it on me. Right? Its not a new thing, I m used to it"

He goes pale again.


"Its ok . its perfectly okay. Now even I believe that I m responsible for every bad thing that happened to your Di"

"You r not" he holds my arms.

"Everyone hates me" I am in a weak state.

"No, they don't" he cups my face.

" I almost killed her" I say, referring to Di's suicide attempt. 

"Khushi you didn't" I see his eyes getting moist.

I push him away.

" I did!!! Because I am nothing but a mistake, a bad omen. I am that woman who broke your Di's happily married life. I am a mistake" I scream and collapse on the floor. I am on my knees.

He is on his knees. I see tears flowing through his eyes.

"Khushi you are not responsible for what happened. I didn't mean it"

"I am, I am.." I feel everything black. I don't know what's happening. I guess I am fainting.

"Khushi" I come back to present when I hear Naina. We have reached her house. Naina lives with her grandma. She is also an orphan like me. I feel happy whenver I am here. Naina is a rich psychiatrist by profession, but she is always simple and down to earth. This nature of hers makes me love her more.

"Khushi beta" dadi hugs me. I hug her back.

"After Khushi came you forgot me na"

Naina says with a pout. Dadi hugs her too. We giggle.

After a long time I am laughing. Dadi takes us in and serves lunch. We eat together. Its been ages since I ate with family.

I, dadi and Naina chatted a lot, we took selfies and had lots of fun. Naina's home is no less than heaven for me. I feel happy after a long time.

Our silly pillow fights, cake baking, watching cartoon was so much of fun. Dadi is no less than a kid when it comes to masti.

On a whole I enjoyed a lot today. I don't realize that its evening. I need to go home, in fact jail.


I see my husband already in the room. He is working. He smiles looking at me. I dont.

"How was your noon?" He asks me.

"I felt like I lived" I say. His smile vanishes after hearing me. 

"I want to live Arnavji" I add, with a dejected face.

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May 8, 2017

Lonely part 4 (By Kattty) (Thanked: 112 times)

"Am i asking too much?" I ask him looking at his blank expression.

I can notice him gulp his throat. He doesn't say anything. I know he is confused. He looks at me.

"You are free to do anything Khushi, this is your house" he tells me.

"This is not my house. This is hell Mr.Raizada!!! If it was my house then I wouldn't have been restricted for each and every thing" I snap back.

He holds my hand and makes Me sit on the bed. I am fuming with anger.

"You think I care about what others restrict? I really don't care, because you are my wife. You have the rights on my house. Whenever you wish you can go anywhere, you can do anything you wish to. " he cups my cheek.

"But your grandma has restr.." I speak.

"I said I don't care! You are staying in my house, YOUR house Khushi. Nobody can restrict you" he assures me.


He holds my hand and we walk out of the room. Sometimes its very difficult for me to understand him. Nani and Mami look at us.

" Khushi bitiya , Anjali bitiya is sitting down" the old lady says, this is what I don't like. That's why I call this house a jail.

"So what? Did she ever say that she doesn't like Khushi walking past her? Or did she ever deny Khushi's presence?" He grits his teeth and tells her.

"But Chotte, Anjali bitiya"

"So for Di you all will keep hurting my wife?" He snaps. I am taken aback. Where was this love before? Was this suppressed under his Di's love?

"Hello hi bye bye now for this phati.." She stops when my hubby shouts.

" I am not talking to you Mrs.Raizada, n you better don't interfere in my life" I keep looking at my husband.

What's wrong or rather what's right? He is going against his family. Mrs.Manorama Raizada looks down. She is hurt with the way he spoke.

"Chotte stay calm" consoles the elder raizada.

"Nani please tell her to not interfere in my life, n if she does it again, then I will forget that she nurtured me after my parents' death" he says coldly, gritting his teeth.

The old lady nods her head. "Come" he pulls my hand and grabs me down.

I can't deny that no one in this family has the guts to go against him.

We are in the garden. He keeps looking at me.

"Why do they hate me?" I ask unwillingly.

He is speechless. I don't expect him to speak. I look at the stars.

"I wish my parents were alive" I am observing the shining stars amidst the clouds. I feel him holding my hand. I don't look at him.

"I think your family would be happy if I was in jail" I say calmly. I want to open up my feelings today. I want him to know and realize the bitter truth of his family.

"Khushi.." I stop him

"Is it because they love Mrs.Jha so much or they hate me to this extent? That they can do anything for her, whether its right or wrong. " I gulp my throat, "So much hatred towards me for telling the truth! How irony!" I gulp my throat.

He gives me a warm hug.

"I had thought even you had wanted to.." He puts his index finger on my lips.

"You had misunderstood me" he says.

"I believe you. Maybe I had misunderstood.", I add, "I believe you because I have been through it, a few months back, when you misunderstood me n Shyam. But the difference is that I believe you, unlike you did" I stare at him.

"I am sorry", I can see the guilt in his eyes. He is really sorry for what he did.

"Am I so bad that they did think of punishing me for a crime I never did?" I avoid his contact. I am looking away.

"I never wanted you to suffer Khushi", he says, "I never thought that they would think like this"

"But they did" I whisper, "I know Mrs.Jha never hurt me directly, but her family has treated me so badly for "her" that I dont feel happy whenever she is near me. " I say coldly not minding what he thinks. I too have a heart and they must know that.

"I wont force you to love her" he says calmly, "I want your happiness". I look at him with shocked expression. I expected him to be angry. This is the first time he is supporting me, otherwise he would have scolded me for his Di. He pulls me into a hug.

"I cant forget the past" I say.

Its dark in the house. Its very late, Arnavji is not back to room. I go out of my room, looking for him. I can hear some whispers in Naniji 's room.

"Di is very scared now. I will handle the situation. You dont tell this to anyone" I see Arnavji.

I wonder what might have happened. Why is Di scared? 

"If Anjali bitiya had not drove the car then this accident wouldn't have happened" I see Nani exclaiming. I am shocked.

Di n accident?

"I have talked to the doctor, the patient is fine now" Arnavji says.

" What if he opens his mouthwaAnjali bitya has to go to jailwa." I see Mamiji crying.

"Mami he hasn't seen her face. It was too dark when Di had called me. The patient told only about long haired woman. He doesn't know more than that."

"What to do Chotte? I have made her sleep with great difficulty. She was crying all along. She is very guilty for what she did. We can't send her to jail." Naniji says

I am hell shocked to know all these.

"Why did she have to drive? Was that creep so important? " he referred to Shyam. I see anger on his face.

Bhy don't we hide her from the police? That car belongs to us, n the scratches on the car clearly says that the accident took place from our car. We can't escape from police." Mamiji is still crying.

"She has sufferer so much right now and upon that this accident" Naniji is on the verge of crying.

"How can we hide Di from police?" Arnavji says.

Mamiji wipes her tears.

"Why don't we put the blame on Phati Saree? Even she has long hair, n if you remember, she has also worn the same coloured Kurta today. Thankfully Anjali bitiya had wiped her fingerprints"

I freeze on the spotHatred to such an extent!!!! They want to send me to jail for something I never didJust to cocoon their Anjali bitiyaHave I taken any vow that whatever Anjali Jha doesI am held responsibleI have never seen such a familyI waitonly to listen Arnavji.

"Yeah you are right.." This is another shock for meEven he is against meI don't wait there anymoren rush yo my room.

I did so much for your Di and your familybut you have no concern for meI should have understood that you love no one other than your DiI was a fool to love youI almost sacrificed my life to save youI worked day and night to find the whereabouts about youI acted to love that man just to get a clue about youI saved you and what did you doYou want to punish me for you'd sisterAm I no one to you?

I can't stay here anymoreI won't wait for you to put me behind the bars for a crime I never didI will run away from hereI have to.

" I wish you had heard me completely Khushi. I had scolded Mrs.Raizada that day for saying that"

"Maybe its fate. How would it have been if you had heard me completely on that day, on the terrace? We all would have been happy today"

*Sad rabba ve*

Yeah I m unhappy that he had misunderstood me then. But maybe that's his nature, to jump to conclusions. No matter how much sad I am with his past behavior, I can see his concern for me. Yes he said that I was the biggest mistake of his life, but sometimes I wonder did he really mean that? He bound me with the contract to keep me with him? Today I feel that he does love me. I had seen the divorce papers in the cupboard. He wants to set Me free. But little does he know that I have burnt it. I want to live, but I want him beside me.

I look at him. He avoids my eye contact. He is watching the stars. Today I realize, why would he hide me under the hay that night if he didn't love me? Why would he bear all the punches from those kidnappers when they had the gun on my head? Why would he slap Shyamji twice? Why would he break all the ties with Mrs.Manorama Raizada? Why would he fight with Naina to take me home along with him? Why would he keep quiet whenever I taunt him or his family? Why?

"Its cold, let's get inside" he tells me when I am admiring him.

I nod my head.


Again a hell boring day. Naina is also busy with her patients today. I m just watching TV. How in a month my whole life turned upside down. I sigh. Its dinner time. Arnavji has a meeting so he will be late.

I am ready to go n fetch my plate. HPji brings my plate as usual. I thank him.

I keep it on the tea table. I go to wash my hands. I hear a knock again.

" Naniji is calling you down. She wants you to join them for dinner" Hpji says.

For once I am happy, but my happiness vanishes. Today they want me? After such a long time_? Why? Am I a toy that whenever they want me they can use me n whenever they don't want me they can throw me? I am extremely hurt now. Why is my happiness based on Mrs.Jha's happiness?

"Tell her that I am done eating" I say

Hpji looks at my untouched plate. He doesn't question me. He nods his head n goes back. My hunger vanishes.

I finish my dinner and before I even get up I see the family at the door of my room. I can't handle their drama now. Mrs.Jha isn't there. Thank God, at least I need not see her crying.

"You all need anything?" I ask without any kindness in my voice.

"Bitiya I had called you down, you didn't have to eat alone" Devyani Raizada says kindly.

"Yeah Khushi, I guess you have learnt to disobey elders now" says Payal.

" Could you please mind your own business?" I look at my so called sister.

"Hhbb phati Saree what's wrong with you? " I ignore her.

Mrs. Devyani Raizada cups my cheek.

"Bitiya did we do any mistake? R u angry with us?" Oh wow. I want to laugh now. They can host a comedy show. After what happened they r still not aware of their mistakes?

"Khushiji you can tell us" Akash's interference wasn't needed. These 3 women are enough to boil my blood.

I shove Mrs.Devyani's hands. "No everything was my mistake. You people did nothing" I say angrily.

"Khushi.."Mrs.Payal tries to speak.

"Just shut up. I don't want your drama anymore. Leave me alone"

"What's wrong bitiya?"

"What's wrong? Huh? Very early realization Mrs.Raizada.Blame me for each and every single mistake n expect me to be happy with you? R u all nuts? Or am I a joker? You people made my life hell and you all want me to be normal with u all. Tell me what was my mistake?"

My eyes get moist. My throat is paining.

"What was my mistake? That I told the truth about Shyam? What wrong did I do? What was my mistake if your daughter could not bear his truth? Why was I blamed when she tried to suicide? I went to her room to tell her to eat for her baby, if she misunderstood my words and tried to suicide, how can you blame me?if she had done the same thing when any one of you had told her what I told then would you punish your family members Mrs.Raizada?" I ask the old woman. She looks down in shame.

"You wouldn't, because they r your family. I am just an outsider. Instead of explaining your daughter you kept hiding me from her. You kept me in this room. You didn't think about me. Anyone who mattered to you was just your delicate doll. You didn't bother to know if I was alive, you didn't bother to know that I was suffocating here. You just wanted her happiness. You all blame me for what Shyam did. You think I tried to trap him. Why the hell would I fall in love with that ugly faced man who is 20 years older than me? What would I get destroying your daughter's happiness? I wish you people had sent me out of this house instead of him, because at least he is living peacefully rather than living in this hell!!!! You think your daughter is the only one suffering here?" I shout on the top of my voice.

Tears are flowing continuously from my eyes. The old lady comes to wipe my tears.

"Don't you dare come near me!!!" I shout.

"Congratulations, you have successfully ruined my life and killed that bubbly and cheerful Khushi. Because of this kind treatment from you people I have lost my happiness completely. I stopped smiling. You all wanted to punish me. Look you have succeeded. Nobody has the idea that I m suffering more than your daughter. Shyam was better, at least he didn't torture me mentally. He didn't send me to depression. Yes. I m taking treatment for mental depression. All thanks to you n your family." I gulp my throat.

"Mrs.Manorama Raizada has proved me very well that she can go to any extent to save her daughter. No matter what, Khushi should be put to jail for Anjali bitiya's crimes. Because whatever happens to Anjali but it's, phati Saree is responsible. Did any one of you realize that I was missing for  7 days? No right? Nothing much cud be expected from you all. Today all of a sudden you all want me? For what? To cover any more mistakes your bitia did?" I am hicupping.

" I expected you all to at least treat me as a human. I guess I expected a lot" I say gulping my throat.

"Now give me a reason to be normal with you all"  I give a scorny look to each Raizada. All have theirs heads down. I see Akash feeling bad, his mother is also guilty. Payal feels bad. The older Raizada is crying.

"We are sorry bitia..we didn't want to hurt you"

"Please leave me alone" I scream.

" forgive us" she pleads.

"OUT I SAID" I roar.

All of them go out. I am surprised to see Nanheji with his luggage. He is back from Sydney. His eyes n cheeks are moist. He heard everything?

" I wanted to surprise you all, but you all surprised me. A dhamakedaar surprise" Nanheji says sarcastically looking at the Raizadas.

My cheeks are drained with tears. I m finally letting out my pain n tears after one and half month, the Raizadas made me feel worst. The only good thing that happened today was Nanheji is back.

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May 10, 2017

Lonely Part 5 (By Kattty) (Thanked: 134 times)

I am surprised to see Nanheji. He comes towards me and wipes my tears.He was my only true friend. He was the one who blindly trusted me when I told about Shyam.

" I am sorry for not being here when you needed me" he is guilty for something which wasn't a mistake.

"You need not apologize Nanheji, in fact you have never hurt me" I hold his palm n assure him.

" Don't cry. These tears don't suit you" he says.

I smile amidst the tears.

"I missed you, thanks for being here" I say while a lone tear flows from my eye.

He side hugs me.

"Now I m here, so I won't let anyone hurt you, or let you be alone"

"Why is life so complicated Nanheji?" I ask him sadly.

"I don't know, maybe its the harsh truth." He sighs.

There is mere silence.

"Don't hide your pain Khushiji, let it go"

I nod my head.

"Why did they have to blame me for each n everything? I just wanted to show the bitter truth to Mrs.Jha. But as people say, everyone love the beautiful lie than the bitter truth. I guess I shouldn't have told the truth, they ruined me!! "

"No Khushiji, you didn't do wrong. You wanted to save Di, but if they treated you badly, it doesn't mean that you did wrong. You are a nice person Khushiji, you have been tolerating their taunts n tortures, if I was in your place then I would have put them in jail."

"I don't want to put them behind the bars. I just want some peace, that's it! I want them to realize that they can't hurt one person for another, but maybe they were too blind for their daughter." I cry.

He wipes my tears.

"You are a strong woman Khushiji, don't cry" he consoles me.

He gets a phone call. Its an important call i guess. He cups my cheek n tells me to take care. He goes out of the room. I close the door. I am very much angry n frustrated with the Raizadas.

its all because of Phati Saree

For you Anjali bitiya is suffering

You are responsible for her sadness

Khushi bitiya don't go before Anjali bitiya.

You almost killed her!

Why did you have to tell the truth?

Why don't we send Phati Saree to jail?

She took our bitiya's happiness awayShyam wasn't like this before she entered our life

She must have trapped Shyam

She cast evil eyes on our bitia's happily married life

She is responsible

I am unable to bear more. Their harsh words are ringing on my ears. I scream. Nobody is gonna come because of the soundproof wall. I cry aloud. I throw all the things away! I want to let my frustration out. I cry more.


Arnav's POV

I am much late today. I was busy with a meeting. I just hope everything is alright with Khushi. I don't know why I am getting a bad feeling. I am feeling uneasy. I open the door of our room. Khushi is keeping a vase back on the table.

The room looks pretty clean. Maybe she shifted the places of few things.

"Hi" I say, hoping that she turns to see me.

"Hi" she says sweetly. I m very surprised. She never greeted me happily in this one month. She has always ignored my hi byes. What's wrong today?

Why is looking happy? No, she is faking. I can see that. There is something wrong. I can make out from her face.

"Is everything OK Khushi? R u fine?" I ask her out of concern.

My heart is beating faster. She doesn't look at me, she nods her head. My Khushi is lying, I know. She is hiding something from me.

I go to her and cup her cheeks.

"Khushi look at me and tell if everything is fine" I demand.

The next minute I feel her in my arms. This is the second shock I m receiving today. This is the first time she is initiating the hug. I feel a tug in my heart when she sobs in my arms.

My hands automatically reaches her hair.

"Khushi" I exclaim. She cries more.

"What's wrong, love?"

Khushi (clutching my shirt): Thak gaye hum aise ghut ghut ke jeekar. Ab hum mein aur himmat nahi hai yeh sab sehne ki. Hum ab aur bardaasht nahi kar sakte. ( I m tired living with this suffocation. I have don't have any more strength to tolerate these. I cannot tolerate anymore.)

I cannot stand her tears.

"I regret today for telling about Shyam's truth. It caused more harm n misery in my life. But what could I do? I could not see him destroy our lives. I was quiet when he betrayed me. I thought Mrs.Jha would be heartbroken! But I couldn't stop myself from revealing the truth when he kidnapped you, because it was about YOU!!! But I realize that it was my biggest mistake because I m getting punished for that. They think I ruined her life."

She gulps her throat whereas I snuggled more into her. I know she needs me. I keep caressing her hair. I was getting emotional too.

" I didn't do anything Arnavji, trust me. I m not responsible for Mrs.Jha's sadness. But why do they think that its my fault? They told Me not to go in front of her, I obeyed them. It was difficult for me to stay alone. They made me feel lonely, and when I finally got adjusted to being alone, they want me back. I m not a toy to be played. I have feelings. They want me because Mrs.Jha is happy. Why is my freedom, my actions based on Mrs.Jha happiness? Why am I allowed to be happy or act happy only when she is happy? I denied to join them for dinner, yesterday, and that became a sin for them. They denied me to join them since a month, and that's their "concern" for Mrs.Jha, no matter that decision of theirs broke my heart into pieces, but yet its CORRECT according to them.

I whispered a Shhh, when I feel her hicupping between her tears. A lone tear escapes from my eyes. I can feel her insecurities regarding Di. Today I see myself in my wife's position n i can feel her pain. Anyone in her place would have left this home by now. I feel extremely bad about my family's behavior. They were indeed partial towards her.

I feel bad when she cries non stop. I guess its an improvement in her health, because she had not cried since one and half month, even when she was hurt. Its good that she is letting out her pain.

"Am I not a human and don't I have feelings?" She asks Me.

"You do" I reply softly, kissing her hair.

"Then why do they take me for granted?"

I am speechless. I don't know what to say. She hugs me tighter.

"Hushh" I try to calm her, "I will make everything alright Khushi" I assure her. I can't see my wife suffering anymore. I am heartbroken seeing her devastated. She needs me now, a lot.

She slowly breaks the hug. I wipe the tears from her cheeks.

"I have to confess" she says, gulping her throat. I wonder what she has to say now. I patiently listen.

"I broke your favorite coffee mug, out of anger. Blame your family, they provoked me" she says like a small kid.

I chuckle and touch my forehead with hers. She smiles.

"Its OK, I will buy another one." I say calmly.

"Will everything be alright?"

"Yes Khushi"

I bend and lift her in my arms. She wraps her hands over my neck. That's her usual way. I look at her and take her towards the bed. I lay her above the soft bed. I kiss her forehead and cover her with the blanket.

"Sleep.. you will feel better" I say.

I stand properly, n turn to go out, but she holds my arm.

"Don't leave me alone" she pleads.

I nod and sleep beside her. She hugs me tightly. I won't let her suffer anymore. Enough of pain, now she deserves only happiness. I kiss her hair.


I glance at her before going out of the room. Its 11.00pm now. She is deep asleep. I know Nk is back, in fact he came back on my request. I go out. I m surprised to see No awake at this hour.

"Nannav" he calls me.

I go towards him. He hugs me.

"How are you Nk? Thanks for coming back"

"Anything for Khushiji. BTW how is she now?"

"You know the matter?" I ask him, surprised.

"I saw everything from my eyes, I loved the way she confronted them. Nannav I never knew that my family was so selfish that they hurt a poor soul" he says angrily.

"I was a part of her sadness"I confess.

He frowns.


We both now sit on the staircase.

"Ours was a contract marriage. Everyone thought we had a runaway marriage because we loved each other, but that was because I misunderstood her . I thought she and Shyam had an affair n they were betraying Di. I wanted to say this to Di but then I came to know that Di is pregnant. N hence I married Khushi to save my Di's marriage, n that became the beginning of her sorrows. I treated her worse than a human, I blamed her each n every second. I made her life miserable. She tolerated everything for Payal. I had threatened her that if she wants Payash to be happy with each other then she has to stay with me for six months. One fine day in GH, I told her why I married her. She kept pleading that she didn't cheat Di, she said she didn't love Shyam, but I didn't believe her. I thought she was faking a story. But, when I was kidnapped, she saved me, and that's when I started believing her. She had to risk her life to prove me that she loves me and only me."

A tear escapes my eyes. Nk gives me a disgusted look.

"She had to fake that she loved him, just to know your whereabouts Nannav. You know how disgusted she felt when he was near her?" He tells me angrily.

I gulp my throat. My wife is an angel.

I know that now.

"That was not the end of her sorrows"

I explain him how I blamed her as the biggest mistake of my life and how my family treated her all along.

"The turning point of my life was when she went missing. I can't forget that day when Di did an accident"

I am damn shocked to know that Di made an accidentWhy did she have to drive to meet ShyamThat snake who ruined our lifeHe almost tried to kill meNobody knows the fact other than meNani and MamiI hope Mami doesn't spread this newsI don't want my Di to go behind the bars.

I go to Nani's roomMami is already here.

"Di is very scared now. I will handle the situation. You dont tell this to anyone" I say.

"If Anjali bitiya had not drove the car then this accident wouldn't have happened" I see Nani exclaiming.

"I have talked to the doctor, the patient is fine now"I say

" What if he opens his mouthwaAnjali bitya has to go to jailwa." I see Mami crying.

"Mami he hasn't seen her face. It was too dark when Di had called me. The patient told only about long haired woman. He doesn't know more than that."

"What to do Chotte? I have made her sleep with great difficulty. She was crying all along. She is very guilty for what she did. We can't send her to jail." Nani says

"Why did she have to drive? Was that creep so important? " I am angry

Bhy don't we hide her from the police? That car belongs to us, n the scratches on the car clearly says that the accident took place from our car. We can't escape from police." Mami is still crying.

"She has sufferer so much right now and upon that this accident" Nani is on the verge of crying.

"How can we hide Di from police?I am worried.

Mami wipes her tears.

"Why don't we put the blame on Phati Saree? Even she has long hair, n if you remember, she has also worn the same coloured Kurta today. Thankfully Anjali bitiya had wiped her fingerprints"

am disgusted to hear herWhat kind of person is sheHow can she even think of blaming my Khushi for something she never didI love my Di a lotmaybe blind lovebut I am not so blind in her love that I will send my wife to jail to cover her mistakesWhy should my wife suffer alwaysWhat is her faultI am hell angry on Mami.

"Yeah you are right,why don't we send Khushi to jailIn fact why don't we start a scheme, 'Khushi has to cover Anjali bitiya's mistakes and she has to suffer'That must make you all happyWhy MamiWhat sayDi has done a mistakebut why the hell do you want my wife to sufferIsn't she a part if this familyDoesn't she have the right to stay happyWhy do you blameher for everythingWhy is Khushi targeted as the scapegoat alwaysI am very much disgusted on hearing you " I am angry.

"But phati Saree.."

"StopI don't Want you to take her name from your mouthI won't let you send Khushi to jailMy wife doesn't deserve itIf Di has to go to jailthen she willbut I won't let you send my wife to jail"

She keeps quietNani glares at MamiThere is a knock on the doorWe all step outIt's the policeI am a bit scared.

"I will handle this"

"Mr.Raizada we have got to know that Mr.Shetty's accident took place from your carWho made the accident?"


"It happened because of meI did the accidentI hear DiShe is crying.

"Anjali bitiyaMami n Nano nod their head in a no.

noI can't live with this guiltI have to admit my faultI am feeling bad for what I didI shouldn't have run away that timeI had even tried to cover my mistake by wiping the fingerprintsI am sorryI feel extremely bad for what I did." Di admits her fault.

I am happy they Di didn't try to hide the truth. I respect her decision of admitting her crime. I see the police arresting her, I won't let her stay in jail for a long time. I immediately call Aman to  make the bail paper's ready. After all it's a minor accident.


After 2 hrs Di gets her bailFinally Mr.Shetty's wife takes back his case after I and Di persuade herI come back to home with DiI finally enter my roomBut khushi is missingI wonder where she isI search for her everywhereshe isn't hereI take my car and go to GHShe isn't there tooHer phone is switched offI search for her in the citybut I can't find herI am hell worriedDid she leave meI make a ticket to Lucknow.


Its seven days since she went missingI had to take the help of police.

It was useless to go to LucknowI didn't find her thereShe was nowhereI am back to DelhiI am crying in the streets of DelhiHow can she leave meMy Khushi left meSuddenly I get a call on my mobile.

"Asr we tracked Khushishe is in Xxx street in Delhi,in yyy househe gives me the addressI am thankful to Aman.

I immediately go to that houseI don't even ring the bell n just enter the housecalling KhushiShe hides behind some ladyI pull her out.

Nk, "then what happened?"

"That day she made me realize how important she is, in my life" I say

"She misunderstood that I came to put her to jail. She was reluctant to come back to me"

"Khushi why do you think I will send you to jail?"

"Because the only person you are concerned is your DiNobody else matters to youYour Di did accident n you want to send me to jailWhy Arnavji?"

"You r getting Me wrong KhushiI try to explain her.

"I heard youYou wanted to send me to jailI m sure of that"


"I am not yet doneKyun ArnavjiAapki behen ki izzatizzat!! Aur hamari izzatKya woh koi mayne nahi lagtaKya sirf aapki behen dukhi haiHamare dukh ka kyaAap usey nazarandaaz kaise kar sakte hai?"  She shouts.

"N that day I realized how partial I was with her n Di. Even my wife's self respect is important. How could I ignore that? I was guilty for my deeds."

"Where had she stayed?" Nk asks

"In Dr.Naina Batra's house. She had argued with me a lot. Khushi was also reluctant to return.Back with me. Then I had to explain her that she had misunderstood me. Dr.Batra was no less than Khushi’s lawyer. I had to explain her how much I missed Khushi, and how wrong she was about me. I hadn’t intended to send my wife to jail, it was Mrs.Manorama Raizada. Naina had taken care of my wife very well. If Khushi had a sibling, then she would be like Naina.”


“That day when Khushi believed me when I told she had misunderstood me, my respect for her had increased. I felt I am not worth her. She deserved better. When she had told me about Shyam, I hadn’t trusted her, but that day when same happened to me and when I explained her, she trusted me. After a long argument she came back with me. Naina had left no stone unturned to keep Khushi with her and deny her to come to me. Then I was told about Khushi’s depression.” I sigh

“Khushiji is under depression?” Nk is shocked.

“She is under treatment. After Khushi came back, Dr.Batra had called me, and told me about her depression. I was also shocked. But right now Khushi is doing better. I thought everything would be alright after Khushi came back. I started concentrating on Khushi more. I gave my whole time to her and her health, but I guess the situation in home turned worst. I am sad that she had to suffer so much today”

“So basically it was just you and Naina on Khushi’s side?” Nk frowns.

I nod my head.

“No wonder how much I dislike Dr.Batra, I cant deny that she loves and cares for my wife” I state proudly.

“What about Payal bhabi?” Nk is curious.

“Don’t even ask. She turned out to be a vamp.” I grit my teeth.

“ I am sorry for not being here when she wanted me” Nk says sadly. I side hug him.

“Now when you are here, I want you to take care of my Khushi, in my absence” I instruct him. He obeys.

We hear some noise from my room. I guess Khushi is awake.

“I need to go” I say to Nk.


“What happened?” I ask her, “what was that noise?”

“It was so dark here, so when I got up to find you, I bumped with the tea table. Btw where were you?”

I check her leg, she doesn’t have any wound.

“You should have taken care. I wasn’t sleepy, so I just went out” I reply.

“Its already 11.45, we need to sleep” she tells me. I agree.

I cant believe I Spoke with Nk for 45 minutes.

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May 24, 2017

Lonely part 6 and 7 (By Kattty) (Thanked: 27 times)

Due to some reasons I m not able to post in med properly. Maybe because I m posting from mobile its not coming properly. But I don't have my lappy with me right now, so please follow this link for part 6 n 7. Type Arshi Ss lonely in your browser, you will get my story in India forum or wattpad. I have posted till part 7. Part 6 Part 7 Thank you for the likes comments n thank yous Thanks: Sania Rameez Angelinarshi Vasuarshi Archanasuresh Veronicaa19 Noordina Lazydoll Jelebigirl Maahiak Arshi Lily30 Agnee Monarsh62 n Blackshimmer19 Prachi21 Arnavkushiarshi Reena Londoner Miss?2525252525252525 Sujesan61 Sandy Pritsiasrfan

May 26, 2017

Lonely part 6 and 7 updated (By Kattty) (Thanked: 47 times)

Part 6

Words in bold represent the past

Khushi's POV

I see my husband slipping on the bed beside me. I m in his warm hug. I feel much relieved after crying my heart out. Maybe this is what I wanted. I feel better now. I look at my husband. His eyes are closed.

He is so cute when he is asleep. I am liking his concern and loving nature towards me. That's what I wanted from the beginning of the marriage. I wanted him to love my and treat me like a wife. I guess I had to go missing to make him realize my importance. I chuckle. 

Maybe its fate. I m thankful to Naina for being there with me whenever I needed her. After all she is my new sissy, not by blood, but by heart. 

I am tired running so far. I m heartbroken by Arnavji's betrayal. How could he agree to send me to jail to cover Mrs.Jha's mistake? Why am I taken for granted? Am I not his wife? Do I have no value? Why is he so partial towards me and his sister? I understand that she couldn't bear her husband's betrayal so soon, but that doesn't give him the right to blame me.And what he said today was beyond limit.

Why should I be punished for something I didn't do? His sister shouldn't go to jail, but I should. Why?

Isn't this unfair? I can't bear this anymore. They have broken me, to a great extent!

I must hide from the police. I cant sacrifice anymore for that family. I keep running. I m without food since two days, n yet I manage to run. My legs are hurting badly. But I have to run for my life. I stop, feeling extremely tired and bend to hold my knees. I m puffing, with my eyes closed. I run again, and when I open my eyes I see the headlights of a car. It is going to hit me n...

My heart beats fast as it stopped just a centimeter away from me. My chest is heaving fast. Sweat beads form on my face.

A woman gets down the car. 

"Are you alright? Did I hurt you? Why were you running?" She asks me.

I feel like swooning as I m extremely tired n I black out.

Tears pool on my eyes. I think I m wetting his shirt. But I cannot forget those horrible two days, when I kept running in those streets of Delhi to escape from the police. I m reminded of the partial treatment which Raizadas did to me. I m unable to stop my tears.

I can feel his warm breathe.

"Khushi" he calls me. He has realized that I am crying. I feel him, caressing my hair.

He breaks the hug and looks at me. He slowly wipes my tears, and kisses my forehead. 

"I am sorry" he apologizes. Maybe he is guilty. But right now I m not angry with him because he has realized his mistake n he is trying to amend our relationship. 

"I want maa" I say like a child, crying in his arms.

"I am sorry for this terrible state of yours" he speaks again. I know he can't stand my tears, at any cost. 

"Its your family" I speak up, n hug him again. He tightens the hug.

"Sleep baby" he says calmly while kissing my hair.


Arnav's POV

Its 9 in the morning. I am on the bed looking at my beautiful wife. I can say that she is very tired. Of course she would be, after crying a lot. I am in no hurry to wake her up. I push the strands of hair which are covering her eyes and tuck them behind her ear. She wiggles a bit and comes closer to me. I smirk. She must be 19 by age but her sleeping habits are like a 5 year kid. I see her one leg over mine and the other leg somewhere entangling the blanket. The blanket has become a ball, all thanks to my wife.

She slowly opens her eyes. She could have slept more since she hasn't slept well yesterday night. She blinks her eyes n looks at me.

" I didn't ruin her life" she murmurs.

"I know" I say n kiss her forehead. My throat is paining badly as I feel like crying, but I have to be strong for her. 

"Get ready, let's have breakfast" I say. She nods her head.

" thank you" she says holding my arm.


"Being with me" she blinks back her tears. I slowly caress her eyes. I don't want her to feel that I pity her, actually I don't. I feel sorry for her but I don't pity her. I love her and its my duty to take care of her. I lift her in my arms. We share a cute eyelock. I drop her till the washroom.

-Rabba ve-

"Freshen up" I tell her while she stares at me. I smirk.

"Do you want my help?" I m sure she is still lost admiring me.

"Khushi" she blinks her eyes.


"I said do you want my help" I ask her.


"In freshening you?" I say with a huge smirk. Her cheeks go tomato red. She is blushing like hell.

She closes the door straight on my face. I m sure she is blushing more. 

That's it, I just wanted her to get distracted. Today is her birthday, her first birthday after marriage. Finally my Khushi turns 20. She doesn't remember her birthday yet, I have to make it a memorable one.


I m on my way downstairs. Khushi is taking bath. I see Nani, Payal n Mrs.Raizada. I grit my teeth. I don't why but I have started to hate them. I gulp my throat remembering how my wife was crying yesterday because of these people.

"Chotte how is Khushi bitiya?" Nani looks worried.

"Is she alright Arnavji? How is her health?" Payal asks.

"How on earth do you remember her today Payal?" I mock.

"She is my sister, I m concerned"

"Ohh really? When was this "concern" when she needed you? When was this "concern " when you gave her stale food?" My bp is going high. I guess today I will be taking her class if she continues this drama. She is on the verge of crying. Crocodile tears!

"Calm down chotte" Nani says.

"HHBB how is phati..I mean Khushi"

"You need to worry about that Mrs.Raizada. I m there to take care of my wife. N thanks for your concern" I say sarcastically looking at those 3 villians of Khushi's life. Maybe Khushi includes Akash, Di n Gupta's also. 


"Nani, why don't you all do a favor on me. You all are concerned for Khushi, right, so please don't come in front of Khushi for a few days in front of her. I hope you understand" I give them a mocking smile.

"But why Arnav bitua? She would improve when we all talk well with her n be with her, not by hiding her"

"Wow, when it is about you all, you don't wanna hide before Khushi, but when its about Khushi, she needs to hide before Di. Isn't that unfair?"

I see their faces going dull.

"I can't risk her happiness anymore, so please don't appear before my wife for a few days or months if possible  n if you all disobey me then u have face the worst of me." I warn them.

See your wife crying for hours in your arms n forgive them who are responsible for this? Impossible! I can't forgive them so soon.


Khushi's POV

"Hey Khushiji wassup?" I look at an enthusiastic Nanheji. 

"Come in Nanheji" I say looking at him, standing at the door.

"Wow Khushiji this pearl necklace looks amazing on you" he compliments.

I remember him, making me wear this today. This is the same necklace which he broke, he has got it repaired. I was happy looking at this today. After all it belonged to my mom. How can I forget that kiss which he placed on my neck? I was touched by his move. He is trying to amend our relationship. In the past few days he proved me that he wants me, not for the contract, but because he loves me truly. 

"Blushing huh? Ohho nannav gifted this?"

"How do you know?" I ask instantly.

"Look at your tomato red cheeks" he teases me.

"OK Khushiji, Nannav has told me to give this to you, get ready" 

I open the gift pack with a frown and look at the pretty off shoulder red gown. Its beautiful.

"But why? Are we going out?" 

"Yes Khushiji, we r going out to have fun. Its been long time since we went out, you know you n me n your hubby"

I chuckle.

"Let's leave Nannav alone n go out" he winks.

"Excuse me! Was it mine or your idea?" I see my husband giving strange looks to Nanheji. 

"Nannav let me also spend some time with my best friend. I m not going to kidnap her" 

I feel nanheji side hugging me. Arnavji gives him his worst ASR look. I can see him staring at Nanheji's hand, which is over my waist.  I see him heading towards us. My possessive hubby pulls me from Nanheji's hold n holds my waist n I m dangerously close to him.

" don't forget that she is your bhabi"

"I can see that Nannav. Come on don't be a jealous ass. Be cool, like me, yoyo"

"Yes Arnavji stop being jealous" I say.

"Come Khushiji let's have tea n then you get ready" Nanheji holds my hand and takes me near the door.

I m sure my hubby must be staring at us n might have said "What the" too. But who cares? Its friends time.


I m getting downstairs holding the sides of my gown. I have rolled my hair. I see Arnavji staring at me as if he is gonna eat me. His eyes don't blink at all. Am I looking so pretty?

I gulp my throat seeing his long stares. He entwins his arm around mine once I get down.

"You look smoking hot" he whispers.

I am taken aback at his compliment. Is this the same Arnavji? He used to speak only by eye signals, but today he openly compliments my beauty. 

"Thanks for the gown, its beautiful" I thank him. He smiles.

"Let's go"


We r in my house.

I am quite surprised when I enter my house. How did Arnavji find out that this is my house? My house, where I was born and brought up for a few years until that horrible accident took place. I am happy after coming here. 

I look at Arnavji with a surprised expression. He hands me a file.

"From today, this is your house Khushi. You own this property." He tells me happily.

I am overwhelmed. He did make me happy. For ages this house was under the Gupta's, today finally I get my house, under my name. I hug him.

"Thank you Arnavji" I say happily.

He hugs me happily. A lot of things happened today. He has given me a pearl necklace, n now this house. I wonder why is he gifting me so much today.

"Let's go inside Khushi" he tells me.

I open the door of the house, and there is a loud noise. I m confused. I hear the sound of bursting of balloons. I frown, closing my ears.

"Happy birthday Khushi" they scream. I can hear Naina, Nanheji n Arnavji's voice. I forgot my birthday? This is the first time that I have forgotten my birthday. That's why I am showered with gifts today. OK so this was Arnavji's plan. That's why he asked me to wear this off shoulder red designer gown. 

The lights r on. I m stunned to see such beautiful decorations n lightings. My first birthday after my marriage has indeed been special. A drop of tear flows down my cheek.

"What happened? You didn't like it?" Arnavji asks worriedly.

"I loved it"I reply.

"Pagal, why r u crying?" Asks Naina.

"These r happy tears" I say.

N then jerk back, unable to bear the weight of these 3 people who are hugging me together. I try to hug them back, but I guess I can't handle three people together.

"Leave me, I will fall down" I cry, only to hear chuckles in response.

Finally they leave me. Nanheji n naina give me a few gifts. I thank them.

"So that's why you are gifting me since morning" I say looking at Arnavji, "you remembered my birthday?" 

"How could I forget? Its your first birthday after our marriage" 

I am overwhelmed. I give him a tight hug not minding nanheji n naina's presence.

I break the hug hearing Naina clearing her throat.

"I see somebody romancing openly" she teases me

"Haan toh, its our personal matter, you need not interfere doctor" Arnavji taunts.

"Who is talking to you Mr.Raizada? I m speaking to my sis" she mocks.

"Naina, Arnavji cmon its my birthday" I try to call them. These two can verbally fight till night, if left.

"Yup jaan, come let's cut the cake"


I look at the chocolate cake. Its so beautiful. I loved it.  I look at my husband thankfully. He nods in a no.

I blow the candles, they clap for me. I cut the cake, they r singing a birthday song for me. I take the cake near my Arnavji's mouth. I remember he is diabetic. My smile vanishes.

"You can't eat"I say sadly.

I keep the cake back. He holds my finger n licks the cream.

"This much won't harm", he says, "you fed me first dear" .A huge smile appears on my face. I feed the other piece to Naina, n then to Nanheji. Dadi is tired so she hasn't come yo attend the party. Else she would have come. I miss her. 

We did lots of masti. We plsyed musical chair, dumbcharats. It liked childish but still it was good. In between I also found Nanheji n Naina stealing glances. Something is fishy. Then we all took selfies n danced too.

It was full of fun. It was my best birthday.


Naina n No leave us alone n head back to home.

We or on the terrace. Well our house is far in the countryside. This house belonged to my parents but Mrs.Garima Gupta was taking care of the house n she said that she would officially make it on my name when I grow 18, but that never happened. She said they need the house for emergency purposes. I didn't argue then. But it was until last week that I didn't know that she was planning to sell the house without my permission. Arnavji told Me this. She wanted to sell it for a few lakhs, sio that she could improve their financial conditions. But how could she think of selling my house without my permission? 

"Thank you Arnavji for giving me my house back"

"Did you like the party?"

"I loved it" 

I look at the moonlit sky. It looks so beautiful.

"That's your Amma, n that's mine" he says pointing towards two shining stars. I look at him tearfully. He also misses his maa, I mean, our maa.

I give him a side hug. He makes me sit on the bed on the terrace. He holds my hand.

"Khushi I am sorry for whatever has happened in the past few days. I know I should have been there for you but maybe I got more busy with di.." I stop him placing my finger on his lips.

"I know you were wrong n you are guilty too. But I want to forget the past Arnavji. Yes I felt very lonely then, especially when you blamed me... N your family's partial behavior with me n Mrs.Jha. I can't forget it soon but.."

"Khushi I don't want to force you in this relationship, we can separate if you want"

"Wanna get rid of me so soon?" I ask him, in fact I mock him.

"No Khushi, you know I love to be with you but"

"I burnt it" I say.


"The divorce papers. I knew it before. What did you think? You can get rid of me so soon? No Arnavji, I won't leave you so soon. After all I can't live without you. No matter what, I can't stop loving you"

I see a smile on his face. He cups my face.

"That means you give me a chance?" E asks. His eyes are teary. He kisses my forehead.

"I love you" he says. I feel his lips over mine. N in a few seconds I respond. We kiss like mad lovers.


Next morning,

I m combing my hair. Last night was a memorable one. We took our marriage to a next level. I stop combing when he hugs me from behind. 

"I was thinking why don't we go to London for a few days?" He says. I feel his neck over my shoulder.

" Why so suddenly?"

"Don't you think we need to GO for honeymoon? We haven't been for one since we got married" he says.

"I know its not the reason. You want to cheer my mood, you want to keep Me away from the family",I say holding his hand.

"Maybe, but still you know just you n me" he winks.

"Thanks for the concern. I love you Arnavji" I say while kissing his palm.

"Start packing tonight, we r leaving tom" I nod my head. He gets a call.

"What??" He looks serious. He keeps the phone. I see him worried.

"What happened?' I ask him with concern.

"They arrested Di...for Shyam's murder" his voice is low.

I am shocked. Shyam's murder?


Previous update translation:

Aapki behen ki izzat, izzat!! Aur hamari izzat? Kya woh koi mayne nahi lagta? Kya sirf aapki behen dukhi hai? Hamare dukh ka kya? Aap usey nazarandaaz kaise kar sakte hai?

Translated: Your sister's self respect is is self respect. And my self respect? Is that not important? Is your sister the only sad person? What about my sadness? How can you ignore it?

Part 7

Nk's POV

I m in Naina's house. Umm, she has invited me for coffee, or to be clear, I got myself invited for a coffee. How can I ignore such a beautiful doctor? 

I don't know why I am blushing. I have dated so many girls in my life but I never blushed for anyone. Something is wrong with my heart. I stop blushing once Naina is here. She hands me a cup of coffee.

Naina, "Nk you said you wanted to talk"

I sip the coffee, n speak. "I wanted to know how you met Khushiji, I mean Nannav has no idea about this, n Khushiji will be hurt if I ask her. That would remind her the bitterness"

I see Naina gulping her throat.

"It was a coincidence. The first meet wasn't a good meet. I could have killed her if I hadn't pressed the brakes. It was a dark night. I was late to home. The streets were empty. I was driving, n suddenly I saw a woman in front of my car. I pressed the brakes hurriedly. The car stopped just a cm away from her. I got down the car to check if she was alright. She was scared. I could say that by her face. N then she fell down, she had fainted. I was extremely scared, then I took her to my house"

"This way you became friends" I ask her. She nods her head.

"Dadi was surprised to see Khushi. I had splashed some water on her face n made her lye under the fan. After a few mins she woke up. She didn't speak anything. Dadi gave her some tea. We tried to make her talk, but she was all quiet. I didn't want to force her to speak. Finally after a few hours she spoke. I asked her address, n she said she has no home. That's when i started realizing her weird behavior. She looked like someone who was I'm immense pain. I casually talked to her, she replied only what's necessary. I told her she can stay with me. She agreed, after refusing for a 100 times. The next day, she started opening up her story when I requested her. I am a doctor, n by her behavior I had known that she was mentally depressed. I cleverly made her share her pain. I n dadi were moved to tears when she told us about the inhumane treatment from your family. N the police issue. How can someone be so heartless? N her jerk husband. Since that day Khushi became close to me"

"Sweet of you" I say.

"Things were good until Mr.Raizada arrived my house. He got to know about Khushi. I was extremely angry when he came here. But then he was so desperate to take Khushi with him that I gave up. N even Khushi agreed to go. I hated him, but I couldn't deny that he loves Khushi" I look at Naina.

"I know" I say.

"I just hope things get alright" she says.

"Yeah. BTW coffee was good" I praise her.

"Thanks, dadi made it" she winks.

"Ohh" my smile vanishes. I expected her to blush on my compliment, but dadi made it.


Arnav's POV

I m in the station. Khushi is waiting outside. I need to meet Di. Now, what's this new drama? I can't believe that Di could kill him. I still can't believe it. The police let's me meet Di for five minutes. She is sitting in a corner. My heart wrenches looking at her deadly state.

"Di" I call her softly.

She looks at me. Her face is drenched with tears. I feel extremely bad. I gulp my throat when she walks towards me. She holds my hand amidst the bars.

"Di..did.. U.." I try to ask her.

"Chotte save me. I didn't kill him. I didn't Chotte. Believe me, I didn't. They tell that when I could do an accident, why couldn't I kill him? No chotte, accident n murder r different. I didn't kill him. Trust me" she says nodding her head in a no, she is crying badly.

"Di relax. I will not let you be punished. I trust you." I am worried since she us pregnant. Di isn't lying. I can say that by looking at her. I trust her. Maybe she is trapped. 

I had tried to bail her, but my bail was rejected because it's a murder case. I need to hire the best lawyer for Di. I need to save her. My time is over. I need to leave now.


Few days later,

Khushi's POV

I am very much worried for Arnavji. He hasn't slept properly the previous night. He is worried for his Di. He told me what Mrs.Jha said. I believe him. I don't hate Mrs.Jha, but I dislike her, n even though I dislike her, I believe that she can't kill anyone. She isn't so courageous. I know that by her nature. Yeah she is the main reason for my pain, but she never hurt me directly. That confuses me more about Mrs.Jha. 

We r going inside the court. I hold Arnavji's palm to ensure him that everything would be alright.

I see the Raizadas. They r quite worried for their daughter. The police comes with Mrs.Jha. The prosecution and the defense also enter the court. Arnavji has a talk with Mr.Roy, the defense lawyer. I don't know who wins the case, but I just want my Arnavji to be happy. He will definitely be not, if Mrs.Jha is proved guilty.

The judge enters. We all stand up, to greet him. He sits down, we sit. The holy book, Gita is brought, they make Mrs.Jha vow. N the fight begins.

The famous prosecutor, Mr.Kapoor is fighting the case. He opens the case, n explains the judge.

"Your honour, this is a murder case of Mr.Shyam Manohar Jha, a lawyer by profession. He was found dead in his house on 21st May. Somebody had stabbed a knife on his stomach and he was killed. And on that knife, we have got Mrs.Anjali Jha's fingerprints, who is none other than his wife. So Mrs.Jha will you explain, why did you kill your husband?"

Mr.Kapoor had strong points against Mrs.Jha. I wonder how Mr.Roy will win the case.

"I object your honour. The prosecutor has no valid proofs against my client. My client's fingerprints were found on the knife because she was removing the already stabbed knife from his stomach. The prosecutor has no eye witness."

"Mr.Roy, I can prove that she is a bloody murderer. She has the motive for murder. Your honour, Mr.Shyam Manohar Jha was not a faithful husband. He had married Mrs.Anjali for her property. Her brother, ASR, the business tycoon, has crores of property n to conquer them, Mr.Shyam married her. His betrayal doesn't end there. He was also behind Mrs.Khushi Raizada, ASR's wife. He had stayed in her house as a paying guest, n also tried to marry her. But Mrs.Raizada got to know his true colors n broke her relationship with Shyam. Shyam had also kidnapped Mr.ASR for his property n tried to kill him. When Mrs.Jha got to know the ugly truth of her husband, she killed him."

"No I didn't kill him. I didn't do anything. I didn't kill him" cries Mrs.Jha.

"Your honour, my client has not killed her husband. She is innocent. Somebody has trapped her. The proofs given by the prosecutor is not enough to prove my client guilty. N regarding the motive for murder, even Mrs.Khushi Raizada had a motive for murder. I want to ask a few questions to Mrs.Raizada"

"Permission granted" says the judge.

I m shocked. He thinks, I killed Shyam? Such a filthy blame on me. I look at my husband. He is equally shocked. So is Mrs.Jha. I can hear my husband cursing the lawyer. Maybe he never expected his lawyer to drag me in this issue. But Alas! His first target was me.

I stand up and go. He comes to me.

"Namaste Mrs.Raizada" I don't reply. 

"So Mrs.Raizada, what kind of person was Shyam?"

"He was a cheat, he betrayed all of us. He also tried to kill my husband"

"Point to be noted your honour, he tried to kill her husband, that's one reason" I blankly look at Mr.Roy. 

"Are you doubting on me?" He smiles.

"Its my duty, Mrs.Raizada. OK, so how did you marry Mr.Raizada?"

"I object, your honor. The defense is asking irrelevant questions" says the prosecutor. The prosecutor is more into my side than the defense. How irony!

"Your honor, this question is related to the case" the judge permits him to question me.

"I n Arnavji got married in a temple"

"Reason? I mean did you marry because you loved each other?"

"No, he thought I n Shyam had an affair. He wanted to save Mrs.Jha's marital life." 

"Point no.2, Mrs.Jha was the reason for marriage. Not only that,your honour, the whole Raizada family turned up against her when she told the truth about Mr.Shyam. The family broke, n they blamed Mrs.Khushi for Anjali's broken marriage. They kept her away from the family. Even ASR had been concentrating more on his Di, rather than his wife. She started feeling lonely. N that became a reason for Mrs.Raizada to hate Mrs.Jha.The family's partial treatment was a reason for her to hate them. N to seek revenge, she went to Shyam's house killed Mr.Shyam with a knife, cleaned the knife. She knew Mrs.Jha would visit him, so she cleverly made it look like Mrs.Jha killed him."

"This is a lie. I didn't kill him" I say looking at the lawyer. I see Arnavji, who is giving murderous look to Mr.Roy.

"Isn't this true that you had been to depression?"

"Yeah but.."I try to protest.

"She agreed, your honor. Mrs.Raizada is a mentally ill patient" I am tongue tied. How can he call me that? Tears roll from eyes.

"Stop it!!!" My husband roars. "She is perfectly alright" he says angrily.

"Mr.Raizada, stay calm." The judge warns him.

"Your honor, I would like to call Dr.Naina, Khushi's psychiatrist"

"Permission granted"

Naina walks.

"Dr.Batra, is it not true that you r treating Khushi?''

"Yes it is true, but her health has improved n now she is perfectly alright. Khushi has not killed Shyam."

"How can you be so confident?"Mr.Roy says.

"I object, your honor. The case is against Mrs.Jha, n not Mrs.Khushi. The defense is giving a new turn to the case" the prosecutor argues.

" Your honor, I can prove that Mrs.Raizada is the murderer"

"She is not. Because the day Mr.Shyam got murdered she was with us, in her paternal house, celebrating her birthday"defends Naina.

I see Mr.Roy getting pale. Putting false allegations on me doesn't prove his client innocent.

"Done Mr.Roy? Your honor, its a clear cut murder. Mrs.Jha is the culprit"

"No I didn't kill him" she protests.

"If you didn't kill him, then how did your finger prints come on this knife?"

"I had got to know that he was a cheat. Initially I hadn't believed but later I had asked Amanji and sent detectives to investigate. They confirmed that he betrayed me. That day he had called, I confronted him. He requested me to come to his house, he wanted to talk to me. I refused. He didn't listen. Later I decided to go to his house to end the matter, but when I went there, he was stabbed. I just removed the knife, n bcoz of that my fingerprints came on the knife. I didn't kill him" she cries.

"Its a lie, you r lying"

"She isn't lying Mr.Kapoor. From Mr.Jha's house we have found this earring, which belongs to Mrs.Khushi"

He calls me again.

"So Mrs.Raizada, you say you didn't kill him, then how come your earring is found there?"

"Mr.Roy, this isn't my earring. Yes I have the same kind, but I have both the earrings with me, safely. You can investigate my room. When you have done so much homework, how come you didn't know that Mrs.Payal also owns the same kind if earring? Mrs.Gupta had gifted them to both of us. Isn't it, Mrs.Payal?"

I see Mrs.Payal sweating nervously. Mr.Roy calls her. 

" Do you identify this earring?"

Mrs.Payal nods her head.

"What was this doing in Mr.Shyam's house?" 

"I don't know" she says worriedly.

"Its because you had been there to kill him"

"No..I ..didn't" she is sweating badly.

"Where were you when he was killed?"

"I was in home?"

"Really? But your mother in law said that you had been to market."


"Say clearly. Were u in home or market?"

" I don't remember"

"Ohh. But as far as I know, you were in Shyam's house to kill him. You had not been to market"

"No its a lie"

"The knife has been sent for reexamination, n here comes my assistant with the report"

Mr.Roy starts reading the report.

"Your honor, Mrs.Payal has been clever enough to wipe her fingerprints from the knife, but alas every criminal does a mistake. N at the edge, you left a bit of your fingerprint"

Mrs.Payal bows down her head.

"Yes, I killed him" she confesses. We are all shocked.

"Thank you Mrs.Raizada, n I m sorry , you had not left any fingerprints, I just told that to trap you. Now please tell everyone, why did you kill him?" Orders Mr.Roy.

"I killed him because I wanted revenge from this woman. I hate her" she says pointing towards Mrs.Anjali Jha

"What did I do Payalji?"

"You are sole reason for the partial treatment that I n Khushi r receiving from the family. What was our mistake if you couldn't bear your husband's betrayal. Your family treated us worse. They never thought that it wasn't our mistake. N my sister had to suffer the worst. My mother in law forced me to go against My Khushi. She said if I n Khushi have to stay in Rm, then I need to stay away from Khushi. I didn't want her to throw my sister out of RM. So I behaved worse with Khushi. I m sorry Khushi, forgive me. I did that for your sake. Things became worse. My sister was treated worse than a dog. Once I was even forced to give her stale food just because this woman entered the kitchen. I was afraid of my mother in law. She can do anything, she can even send my sister to jail for no reason. That's why I had to give her the stale food that day. It was my mistake too, if I had cooked Akash's lunch in time, then Khushi would have got the fresh breakfast. But my husband was too blind in his mother's love that he started blaming me that I just cared for Khushi. Instead of punishing us, why couldn't the family make Nrs.Jha understand that it was her husband's fault n not Khushi's. Why the blame on us? Why dadiji? You said you love all your daughters equally. Then why were we not treated well? Why did Khushi undergo depression? Why only Anjali has to be happy, not others?"

Jiji did that for me? I am shocked. Tears flow from eyes. I am hating Manorama Raizada the most. Jiji is heartbroken, I can say that.

"That's when I vowed for revenge. She is responsible for Khushi to go to depression. The whole Raizada family, including me, are responsible for her pain. I wish I had never come in my mother in law's words. It was better if Khushi was thrown out rather than living in that home jail. I m sorry Khushi." She continues, "that's why I made a plan, I killed Mr.Jha n put the blame on Mrs.Jha so that she suffers a lot.I knew about the call from Shyam. I wanted the Raizadas to suffer looking at their bitiya in jail."

"But I never hated you or Khushiji. Payalji I never tried to hurt you both" Mrs.Jha says.

"Your honor, she might have not hurt us, but she never protested for the wrong things that happened in the house. She is the reason for our sadness. She might have not killed anyone but she broke my sister's heart into millions if pieces. If she had only trusted us that day, then we would have been happy today. All thanks to her blind trust on her husband. Thanks Mrs.Jha, thank you"

Mrs.Jha is crying.

I see jiji gulping her throat. I look at Arnavji tearfully. He holds my Palm n says me to be calm. They will punish jiji. arnavji is also shocked to know the truth. Mr.Akash has his palm on his face. He is also crying. Mrs.Manorama has her head down in guilt. Mrs.Devyani is crying. 

I wish they had realised their fault earlier, then jiji would have never done this.

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May 27, 2017

Lonely part 8 (By Kattty) (Thanked: 121 times)

"And the defense rests, your honor" 

The judge is writing something. I hope he doesn't give severe punishment. My tears don't stop.

"After looking at the evidences and Mrs.Payal Raizada's confession, the court has decided to send Mrs.Payal to jail for 10 years, and Mrs.Anjali Jha is set free"

I gulp my throat. Jiji has to suffer in jail for ten years. I feel extremely bad for how things have turned out. Arnavji wraps his arms around me. He is really concerned for me.

The police arrests my jiji. I, Arnavji n the Raizadas get up to meet her. They tie handcuffs. I m unable to bear this.

I see Mr.Akash going towards her.

"What have you done Payal? How will I live without you?" His voice is low. Maybe he is upset.

"You will live, just like you used to. Why so much of concern today? Just because I m going to jail? Where was this concern when you n your mother were blaming me n Khushi for no reason? Why Akash? Why so much of partiality? You can care for your sister but I am not supposed to care for my sister. What kind of justice is that? Akash I just wish you could have shown this concern when I needed your support, but no, you were busy blaming me n my sis. I guess I will be happy in jail itself, at least I won't be stressed or I don't have to listen to anyone's taunts. I will not feel suffocated. Goodbye Akash"

"No Payal, I didn't want to hurt you. I am sorry Payal. I won't let you go to jail. You can't leave me"

"Your sorry can't make things alright. You can't stop me from going to jail. I have killed Shyam. Please let me live in jail at least. Please"

I go straight towards my jiji. I see Mr.Akash feeling sorry all of sudden.

"No Payal, no. I love you. I can't.." His words halt when I slap him hard on his cheek. He is astonished. He never thought I could slap him. His mother looks angry, she comes to scold me, I guess. My anger doesn't decrease, I slap him again. 

"The first slap, was for mentally harassing my jiji, n the second one was for faking your love. How can you stoop so low, Mr.Raizada? You had told you would love MY jiji? Where was the love when she needed you? You were angry right that she didn't tell you about Shyam before? Tell me would you believe us over Shyam? Ohh please don't tell yes, I have seen your trust when we revealed about Shyam. How wrong I was to think that you are the perfect match for jiji! You broke her heart. You broke her. Because of you n your family my sister committed an unexpected murder. I won't let you stay happy. Never. You know, I used to wonder why Arnavji wasn't like you, but today I m glad that Arnavji isn't like you!!!!!"

"Hhbb how dare you phati.." I stop her. Today I need to put a full stop to her ego.

"You have no idea about my dare, Mrs.Raizada. N all this ego of yours will vanish once you suffer inside the four walls of jail"

"Jail?" She is shocked.

"Inspector! Put her behind the bars for domestic violence" says Naina. Naina had called the police. The police arrest her. Arnavji is standing beside me. I don't care for the pleadings of Mrs.Devyani. Mrs.Jha might be consoling her. Mr.Akash is recovering from the slap.

"Arnavji is there no way to save jiji?" I ask tearfully.

"Its murder Khushi, I m sorry, I don't think anything would be possible"

I go to him I n hold her hands. She is surrounded by police.

"Why jiji? Why so much of pain for me?"

"The Raizadas should feel the pain they gave you. I am sorry Khushi, I had to act bad. But I was helpless. Forgive me if possible. I am sorry. Arnavji please take care of my Khushi. Don't let her suffer more. I can't bear her sadness. Please let her be happy"

She cups my face. The police take her. I m feeling so hurt, extremely hurt. I 

see Mrs.Jha n Mrs.Devyani coming towards me. Mrs.Jha comes forward but I move back.

"Khushiji I m sorry" she says in low voice.

"Please stay away from me" Arnavji doesn't say anything. Maybe he is aware of my disliking which has turned to hatred towards Mrs.Jha.

"I want to go to my home" I say looking sternly at Arnavji.

"Yeah let's go, I will call Mohan"

"Not Shantivan, I want to go to MY home" i say referring to my childhood home. He looks astonished. He waits for me to say.

"I can't enter that jail again. I m tired of suffering Arnavji. Now I want some peace. I can't stay more in that house where I have suffered so much" Arnavji feels bad, I can make that from his face. He side hugs me. I look at the old lady, she feels bad I guess. Mrs.Jha is crying.

"Bitiya give us a chance" pleads the old lady.

"I am beyond hurt" I say. 

I don't care for what they think. I leave.


Arnav's POV

I have settled the case with Mr.Roy. I am extremely angry to know that it was Mrs.Manorama Raizada who put the blame on Khushi for Shyam's murder. How dare she? That's why Mr.Roy was hell bent to prove my wife guilty.

I never forgive those who mess with me. My wife is my priority, an important person of my life , n he definitely did wrong by calling her "mentally ill". I have destroyed his career. He will never be able to fight any case in his life.

I never expected the things to turn out like this. I never thought that Payal could do something like this. I wish I could save her, but its not in my hands. I can't go against the order given by the judge. I really feel bad now for scolding her that day, when she gave stale food to my wife.

How dare you behave so badly with your sister Payal? Oh i forgot she isn't your blood sister right!  How could you give her stale food? Don't you have even a bit of humanity? Don't forget that you are in this house because of Khushi, or else you n Akash couldn't have married. I want my wife to be treated well, otherwise you know what I can do.  I know to manage things. 

I never knew that Payal was innocent. I wish I had explained this fact to my own family rather than accusing Payal. I look at Khushi. She is extremely sad. My heart wrenches.

I go n sit beside her. She is looking At the stars.

"Life has brought me back to the same situation. I thought I moved on, but today I m feeling the same pain again" she says.

I gulp my throat. Too much of sadness at the age of 20. Its the age where she has to be happy, her life should be filled with mirth. But here, she us receiving only pain. I look at her painfully. I wish I could remove all her sorrow.

"Why doesn't this pain ever leave me? I cannot Mrs.Jha, for whatever has happened. I know she isn't at fault, but she is the reason for the fault. I have to confess" she chuckles, "the time you said me that you married me for your Di, I was heartbroken. I was sad when in the initial stages of our marriage you used to shower so much love towards her n excess hatred towards me. But that wasn't serious then. I thought after I revealed Shyam's truth to the family, everything would be alright. I thought I saved her. But no, I ruined mine n my jiji's life. I never thought that your family would take things in a wrong way. I thought their nice behavior towards the daughter in laws would make them trust on us. They trusted our words, but never accepted us. They just wanted to console Mrs.Jha, n to make her happy they gave us all the pain which we didn't deserve. Why so much of special treatment to only her? Just because she was pregnant or because she is the daughter n we r the in laws? Why did we have to suffer to beautify her life? Only if that day after the truth was out, your family had tried to convince your Di rather than pampering her n punishing us, then jiji would have never committed such a crime. I am sorry Arnavji, I can't forgive them. I just can't"

I wrap my arms around her. I m glad that she told me her feelings. Naina n Nk were here with her a few minutes back. Its night so Nk has been to drop Naina.

"Its OK Khushi. I don't want to force you yo forgive them. I won't force you like Di or forgive her too. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. I want your happiness dear", I continue, "I am sorry dear, I wish I could amend the things. I wish I  hadn't trusted Shyam, I wish I hadn't been partial to you. I am sorry Khushi."

She tightens the hug. I know she needs me. Why every time our happiness gets shattered?

"Everything will be alright na Arnavji. I can't bear anymore. I m tired''

I kiss her hair. I don't want my wife to suffer more. I haven't visited Shantivan n I don't wish to. Di might need me, but she isn't a baby anymore. She is grown up n she needs to learn to take care if herself. There r other people in my life too. She needs to understand that. Its high time I concentrate on my family.

"Everything will be alright. We r moving to London tomorrow" I declare.

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Jun 2, 2017

Last part n Epilogue (By Kattty) (Thanked: 78 times)

Khushi's POV

I look at him when he says "London". I m sure he cares for me, but I don't want him to forget his responsibilities towards his family. They don't mean anything to me, but they are his family. They nurtured him since he was a child. He shouldn't forget that.

"Arnavji, I don't want to move to London" he looks at me.

"Why? What happened?"

" Arnavji, they need you. Your presence in Delhi is important. I don't like them, doesn't mean that you should dislike them. After all they are your family. They want you."

"Khushi..." He tries to protest

"No Arnavji. Mrs.Devyani is still under shock. Mrs.Manorama is in jail. Nanheji's mom is unwell, he is going back to Sydney. Mrs.Jha is always dependent on others. N Mr.Akash is depressed since jiji went to jail. I don't think there's anyone who can handle the situation right now."

"Di said she will handle the situation. She has promised" I look at him with a confused expression.

"Are you sure?"

He nods his head. Mrs.Jha has surprised me. I hope she handles her house. I wish she had thought this before, then I and jiji didn't have to suffer so much. I wish she had used her brain before.


Anjali's POV

I am heartbroken on knowing what my family did for me. Why did I behave like a jerk? How could I not see Khushiji's pain? How could I ignore Payalji's sad face? How could I? Why? Why did they have to suffer for me? I was so much lost in my pain that I couldn't see their tears. I was selfish, I shouldn't have been.

I feel extremely bad. They shouldn't have done this for me. I am sad. I go to Nani' s room. Tears flow through my eyes continuously.

"Why Nani? Why did you punish Khushiji? " Nani is also heartbroken. She did that for me, but I had never asked her to.

"Bitiya I thought you would feel the same pain if you saw her..I was wrong. I shouldn't have done that" I can feel the pain in her voice.

"To reduce my pain, you gave her pain? Nani I never told you to punish her. We r responsible for Khushiji's depression. We r responsible for Payalji's imprisonment."

Nani cries. I can see her suffering. Nani has realized her mistake.

" I shouldn't have done this. Khushi bitiya didn't have to suffer. I am sorry Khushi bitiya, I am sorry Payal bitiya. I didn't have the rights to punish them. I made her stay in her room only. I made her feel lonely. I was so cruel. I shouldn't have done that. I lost my bubbly n cheerful Khushi bitiya. I didn't do anything with Payal bit it a, but at the same time I ignored her pain. I should have been with Payal bitiya. I could not become a good grandmother, I couldn't. Forgive me" Nani cries more.

"I should have been witty to know that my fate couldn't be good. Papa had betrayed mamma. How could I expect my fate to be better? I should have known that why any man would like to marry a limp? I should have opened my eyes when he always fooled me about his work. How did he agree to be a ghar jamai? He was always betraying me n I always believed him. I was such a fool to believe him over my chotte. I was such a fool to get angry on Khushiji. I had not known the truth unless that accident took place. He looked happy rather than concerned. That's when I started doubting him, n then I got to know his true colors from Aman. I wish I was sensible before. How could I trust that cheat? I hate myself for this."

Nani says "Yes we were wrong n we are getting punished. We lost our bahus, chotte left us."

"Its good that Chotte is concentrating more on his marriage. What have I given to chotte in so many years? I have never done anything for him. I have always been dependent on him. Its high time I let him concentrate on his life. I shouldn't be a burden on him. After mamma papa's death it was chotte who looked after us. Its my time to be a good sister"

"Meaning? How will you handle things?"

" I need to prepare my resume"

Nani looks a bit better. Its high time I look for a job. I need yo handle the situation in home. Anjali Singh Raizada will prove herself to be good enough to handle this house.

"How is Akash bitua?"

My heart wrenches when I hear his name. I couldn't believe that my silent brother would behave badly with Payalji. He is also a reason for her to suffer. I just wish I could make things alright. He was crying.

"He has locked himself in his room. He was crying a lot. He feels bad for what he did to Payalji. He says he wants her back. He wants her to forgive him. Its not easy Nani. Payalji has also suffered. He feels guilty. He is ashamed of himself n his mother. Maybe Khushiji's slaps has brought him to right path. I think he is repenting Nani. He misses Payalji. He needs time to recover."

Nani cries.

"Daughter in laws are the pride of a house, n we did a big mistake by hurting them. That's why today there is no peace in Shantivan. Shantivan is facing the curse." Nani says.

"We have made a mistake, so we will have to face the punishment" I say. I have to be strong.


After 8 years,

In London,

Arnav's POV,

I am sitting in front of my laptop. I am in Skype, in a video call, with Di. Di has always been in touch with me. She has realized her mistake. Khushi has no problem with me being in touch with Di. But still she is not able to forgive Di or the other Raizadas. I respect her decision. 8 years back, Di n Nani had come to Khushi's home to beg for forgiveness. But Khushi couldn't forget the pain they gave her. She hadnt forgiven them. Even I didn't force her to, because I have seen how much my wife has suffered for them. Initially I wasnt  talking well with Di. I used to reply to only what's required. But as years passed, I guess I m becoming her chotte.

I can see Di, in my laptop.

"How are you chotte? N Khushiji?" She asks.

"We are fine, in fact better. How is your business going?"

"Its good" she replies.

I forgot to tell that Di has started working. She runs a hotel in Delhi. Di has always been a good cook. Now the Raizada family runs on Di's budget. I have removed Akash from my company. I don't think I need to tel the reason. He has found a job for himself. N I don't really contribute to Shantivan. I guess Di is capable of filling her family's stomach.

"Where are the cuties?"

I show my cute 1 year old Aisha to Di. She was sleeping on the cradle, now I pick her up in my arms. She is our princess.

"Arun stop running. Baby have breakfast. Arun..Arun..listen to me" Khushi shouts from behind. I turn to look at Khushi running behind Arun. This happens daily. Arun, our 4 year old prince, always irritates his mamma. I laugh looking at Khushi's tired face. These babies have made us happy. After Arun came into our life, Khushi has got herself back to the old, bubbly and chirpy Khushi.

Di can see them. She laughs.

"Arun is very naughty" she says.

Arun goes back to Khushi when she emotionally blackmails him that she wouldn't talk to him. Mamma's boy. I smile. Finally Khushi makes him eat.

"Where is Ansh?" Ansh is Di's son. He is 7.

Ansh comes to chat. Di goes.

"Hi buddy. How r u?" I ask him.

"I m fine mama. How r u? N where is Mami?"

"I m fine dear"

I call Khushi. No matter how much she dislikes Di but she loves Ansh. Because Ansh hasn't done anything wrong to her.

Khushi brings Arun too.

"Hello my baby how r u?" She asks.

"I m fine Mami. When r u both coming home?"

She gulps her throat.

"Tomorrow" she replies. She doesn't want to go to Shantivan but she wants to see Ansh. For him we will enter Shantivan.

Tomorrow, the day when Payal will be released from jail. I had talked to my lawyer n the judge decreased the punishment from ten to eight years. Khushi has been very thankful. She smiles at Ansh.


Khushi's POV

After 8 years we come back to India. I am getting nervous. Today I will be meeting my jiji after 8 long years. Poor jiji, she has suffered so much. Mrs.Manorama Raizada was out, 3 years back. But the Raizadas didn't let her stay with them. It must have been the toughest decision for them. What amuses me is, Mr.Akash was the one who didn't let his mother stay with them.

Oh yeah, my hubby had removed him from AR since he wasn't so efficient. After jiji went to jail he hardly went to office. I n my kids along with their dad are waiting outside the station. Just 2 minutes n jiji will be out.

Arnavji is carrying Aisha. I m holding Arun. There comes Jiji. I and Arnavji smile. I hug my jiji. I forgot to tell you, jiji has broken all the ties with the Guptas once she got to know how they behaved with me. Happy tears flow through my eyes. Jiji is also crying.

"How are you Jiji?"

"What Do you think?" Jiji teases me. We chuckle.

Jiji looks at my two kids. She smiles. She is astonished.

"They are your kids?"

I nod my head.

"He us Arun n she is Aisha" Jiji goes to my kids n kisses them.

"How are you Payal?" Asks Arnavji.

Jiji nods her head. We turn back to leave. I see the whole Raizada family n Gupta family. I m surprised to see them.

They all look at us with guilt. I hold my jiji's hand. Mr.Akash looks terrible. He has turned very pale n thin. He has grown beard, or rather not shaved. I see him heading towards Jiji.

Jiji gets emotional looking at him. Maybe she still loves him. I got to know from the jailer today that Mr.Akash used to come to meet Jiji everyday. I was surprised to know that. Maybe both love each other.

I can see tears brimming through their eyes. He wipes jiji's tears.

"Forgive me Payal. I always gave you pain. Maa did so much with you n I just behaved like a jerk. Never thought about your pain. I just kept hurting you. I never tried to understand the reason for you n Khushiji to hide Shyam's truth. I am sorry Payal. Because of me you had to suffer in jail for so many years. Forgive me Payal. Forgive me Khushi." He folds his hands. Jiji gulps her throat. She keeps her hands on his.

"It shouldn't repeat again Akash"

"It won't" he nods his head in a no. Jiji cries.

"I need some time. You need to prove yourself Akash. I will forgive you once I m satisfied that you wouldn't hurt me" Akash nods his head.

I see the Gupta's n Raizadas coming towards me. Miss.Anjali Raizada comes forward.

"Khushiji, you n Payalji had to suffer a lot because of me. I am really ashamed of my behaviour. I am sorry Khushiji. I should have been sensible before. Please forgive me. Please." Miss.Raizada pleads.

My heart somewhere melts. Its been eight years now. I should forgive her, maybe.

"Bitiya, forgive me also. I became so blind in my grand daughter's love that I punished you for no reason. I am sorry bitiya. I m sorry Payal bitiya."

We look at the old lady. I look at Arnavji. He is expressionless. Of course it should be me who shud decide.

"Its been 8 years, please forgive us" pleads Mrs.Devyani.

I n Jiji go to them, n smile.

"We forgive you. But we need an assurance that this won't repeat again"

Nani and Di hug us. Tears flow from their eyes. Arnavji smiles. The Gupta's come forward.

"I know that you all are ashamed of your deeds. I understand, Jiji is your own blood n I am not. Of course you all would care for her" I say. I am not angry anymore.

"Titliya, we didn't mean to hurt you. We were just over concerned for Payal bitiya"

"But can you explain why did you all try to take my house away?"

They are speechless.

"I am sorry, I won't be able to forgive you. Because you all betrayed me. Broke my trust. I grew up under your roof n when I needed you, you just threw me out. I am sorry, I can't forgive you all"


"Di, Nani let's go home" I say.

We all leave. The family is talking to my kids. I n Arnavji play with Ansh. Ansh is a cutie pie. He is one of the main reason for me to enter Shantivan.


We r finally back to RM. Nani does the pooja. She has two kalash at the door. One for me n one for Jiji. She encircles the plate for us n puts the tika. I slightly push the kalash from my leg. The rice falls down. We enter in, with our kids. Akash jijaji n Jiji are also welcomed the same way.

All of a sudden Nanheji n naina come.

"Khushi how can you forget us? You didn't even meet me" Naina complains.

"I was about to.."

"When Khushiji? Not fair huh. N you people remember me or not" Nanheji says looking at the family.

"Nk bhai we remember you" Di n jijaji say.

"Haan haan. That's why you people didn't think of getting me married yet" he pouts.

"Yeah its high time we get them married" Arnavji says, "I wonder how it would be to handle these two irritating people in same house" he complains.

There Arnavji receives two smacks.

"We r not irritating Mr.Raizada" says Naina.

"I can feel that" he mocks.

"You haven't married yet?" Asks Jiji.

"How can we marry without your presence bhabi?" Says Nanheji.

Jiji feels elated. She hugs Naina.

"Now let's start their wedding preparations" I say.

"I will call the pandit to fix the marriage" Di says.

All are busy in wedding preparations.

"Finally everything's alright" says Arnavji.

I side hug him

"Our complete family" I say

The end.


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