"Friend wala ya ishq wala love "

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Apr 22

"Friend wala ya ishq wala love " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 35 times)

Khushi was standing in the balcony & looking at the stars with tears in her eyes , she was promising that she will be stronge to herself & fight for her happiness which is no more after her parents death . she was talking to her parents looking at bright  stars , she lost her parent when she was 8 years old , buaji only look after her till now with lots of struggles in her life too , buaji thinks khushi as her daughter only not her brother daughter  like that with a lots of love, affection, care, culture, traditions everything she thought her so khushi love’s buaji a lot.

When she was thinking someone tapped her shoulder so turned & looked the person its none other buaji,

khushi : buaji

buaji : wat u doing at late night go & sleep khushi , she nodded.  buaji can understand what she was thinking , she called her

buaji : khushi stop thinking about that & think about UR DAUGHTER AASHI 

khushi nodded & went to her room their she saw her daughter sleeping peacefully  so a smile appears on her face. Khushi have so much pain inside her heart but seeing aashi everything just goes away & feels happy because  only aashi is her life which faith to live her life .

khushi lie down beside aashi on bed then kissed her forehead & keeps her hand on her body then slept. Yes khushi u have to look after aashi & her needs so u have to be strong to work hard thinks khushi to herself. Buaji prays for khushi & aashi’s happiness & protect them then left to her room.


Next day

When khushi was sleeping she feels someone rubbing her cheeks so opens her eyes & looks who a smile appears seeing her baby awake & making her mom to wake up. 

Khushi : good morning my aashi baby khushi kissed her face 

aashi giggling as her mom wake up by act.

Aashi : mumma even she kissed her, aashi is 3 year baby

khushi : ok now we need to get ready come with that khushi took aashi to bathroom late buaji also joined to help khushi as aashi baby is too naughty kid , aashi is putting water on khushi & playing  . after a hour 3 came out then gets ready & went to have  breakfast with khuran’s ,

yes khushi is staying in maan singh khurana even dadi is there, maan came towards khushi & takes aashi  

maan : good morning my angel he kissed aashi cheeks even he wished khushi & buaji even they wished back  

dadi : ok come everyone have ur breakfast so all went & after that went to office,

khushi took aashi as well because she scared to loose aashi , khushi works in maan’s company only in NEWYORK FROM PAST 4 YEARS,  khushi left arnav & came here with maan.



In India

After khushi left arnav was completly breaks down but still searching her as ARNAV LOVES KHUSHI , he became alone in his life no one there to share  his pain but one person is their then also he kept alone. asha  (arnav  mom )  tried  to make normal but nothing worked.  Arnav was not getting a clue also as even buaji is missing that means both r together felt little safe as khushi is too innocent to this cruel world.

Arnav was sitting on recliner & thinking something suddenly someone came inside with a smile ,

arnav saw its pari ( anjali – rahul’s daughter ) she stood near arnav she smiled even arnav smiled as its remeber’s khushi’s smile  , talks , pranks , innocence all r equal as khushi ‘s with pari so arnav talks with pari a lot. 

Pari : mamu come lets play

arnav : pari i have work so u play with other’s 

pari ; no u have to come r else i will not talk with u arnav have to option so left to play after some time anjali came to call for dinner  then arnav went to his room.




Khushi was working in her room aashi is playing with buaji & dadi , khushi ‘s door knocked she said to come in maan came both smiled 

maan : khushi did i distrube u  

khushi : no nothing like that come on u can come wenever u like to talk with me 

maan :  thank u so much madam 

khushi : shut up there is no need to ask thanks & soory maan smiled 

maan : accually there  is a new deal  so came to talk about it 

khushi : ohh ok tell with that she shut down her laptop & closed files .

maan : there r so many companies so i thought even our company should join even there is a good profit wat u say

khushi : if it so good to our company means we should work on that project 

maan : u ok with this na

khushi : ahh i am ok with this  maan : then we both should do this ok 

khushi : ahh ok baba  then who is conducting it

maan : mr. khanna 

khushi : ohh ok where  

maan : that is in DELHI ,  khushi shocked

maan : i know khushi u thinking about him so lets drop it , so only i asked so many times 

khushi : maan  what u saying 

maan : haa i know u will remember him there  so he went  khushi was in thoughts buaji heard everything  

buaji : khushi i know what u thinking 

khushi : buaji with shock 

buaji :khushi beta maan beta done so much for u & aashi even me also so now u should work for his company for that u have to fight for urself & for baby ok so don’t run away from him  from now on words just face the reality ok

khushi : buaji she hugged & started to cry , y me always buaji  y everyone goes away from me do am that bad ahh buaji felt bad for khushi y he never cared for my feelings  nor his family i just hate them all.  Buaji is consoling her.

Buaji : khushi i thought u na u should be strong to face him ok be prepared beta we will go to DELHI soon 

khushi : ahh buaji i will not be week infront of him i just show him what am i now

Buaji : thats my betiya she kissed her forehead come we will have dinner khushi nodded then went down



At Dinning table

Khushi : maan we r leaving for delhi maan shocked

maan : khushi no i was cancelling the deal u just relax 

khushi : no maan i was prepared to face him still how many of years i will hide from him 

dadi : but beta u will get hurt na think once more khushi : no dadi i have decided to go

maan : no khushi i can’t take rick of it so lets drop it here 

maan was about to go but khushi holds his hand he turned

khushi : maan u r my strength ok if u not support me now i can’t fight around this world plz lets go u will be there for me & aashi na so y worry maan looked at dadi who nodded yes  said yes let her fight to face them no means she will never come out of it

Maan : fine finally u own

Khushi : that is me maan ahh with that maan started to chase her aashi is enjoying their fight so clapping elder’s r happy to see their kids happy 

 Next day

Maan left to delhi to make arrangements for family ,

 In RM 

 Arnav was also joining the mr.khanna’s deal so he was preparing for it. Suddenly a lady came inside his room without knocking arnav was her  and smiled even that lady smiled

 Lady : arnie what u doing


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