TS: Tit For Tat*Completed*

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Apr 27, 2017

TS: Tit For Tat (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 76 times)

No Idea whether this is gonna be a Two Shot or Three Shot...

Part - 1

She sat on the poolside with her face hid between her knees as hot tears streamed down her cheek. She sat their trying hard to control her sobs. Nobody were caring for her from past few days.

It is that period of time where the day's of Raizadas began and end with those two name, Sheetal and Aarav.

No, it is not that she is jealous of them but the way she is treated as an non existing material was hurting her. After all why would she be jealous of a small kid and its mother who came here to stay as guest.

Today was an other day among those hurtful days, yesterday she have given for DNA Test of her husband Arnav Singh Raizada and his so called ex girlfriend's son Aarav.

Which her husband caught her red handed though she tore away the reports and asked for his forgiveness he wasn't interested in forgiving her which resulted in she organizing an basket ball match on which he was interested.

She too wanted to join them and she did as this was her first time she did made mistakes but instead of correcting her he along with Sheetal mocked her and told her to quit.

How can he insult in front of guest? Don't he have that common sense.

Feeling dejected she quit the play while he was enjoying with Sheetal and her son. Which she hated the most not caring about her.

She even left the place and came to the house alone and none of them even noticed it.

She hated leading this kind of a life.

As she closes her eyes images of Sheetal, Arnav and Aarav as a family comes in front of her.

She felt like chocking and wanted to run away from here and all the problems.

She felt someone's presence behind her she immediately wiped her tears and turned to face the person with a fake smile.

As she turned she saw Anjali, Payal and NK there and she smiled at them.

Anjali placed her hand on Khushi's shoulder,"Khushi ji are you okay?" she asked while Khushi hummed.

"Don't lie Khushi we know you are not okay and we even know the reason behind it." Said Payal while Nk and Anjali nodded their head.

As Payal said that Khushi fell into her arms and started crying.

After few minutes Khushi broke the hug.

"Khushi ji, this is not the time for you to cry. You have make Nannav realize the mistake which he is doing unknown to him." Said NK

"What can I do Nanheji?" Khushi asked in a chocking voice

"You can do a lot Khushi ji." Said Anjali while ring of Payal's phone disturbed their conversation.

Payal excused herself and went and attended the call, after few minutes she came back with smile.

"Who was that Payal ji?" Anjali asked

Payal smiled at her and looked at Khushi and said,"Do you khushi who called me?" while Khushi frowned

"It was Mohit. He is coming to delhi. With in an hour his flight will land." Said Payal smiling by hearing which a smile came to Khushi which was not seen for some days forgetting all her problems.

"Mohit is coming.." She squealed in happiness 

"Wait. wait who is this Mohit?" Asked NK confused

"Mohit is our cousin and Khushi's and my best friend from childhood. He was in London looking after his business. Now he is back after six years." Khushi said smiling

All the while others looked at feeling happy for her.

"I have an idea to make chote realize his mistake." Said Anjali smirking while others looked at her confused.

"What do you mean di?" Asked Payal

"All those I will say. But for executing this plan I need this Mohit's help." Said Anjali

"He will do anything for Khushi." Said Payal

"Then very soon you can see a change in our ASR." Anjali said smirking,"NK ji we both will go and pick him up from the airport." Said Anjali

"But di how will you recognize him?" Asked Khushi

"Khushi ji you send us a picture of this Mohit. Also what is his full name?" NK asked

"Mohit Shegal" Khushi said with a smile playing on her lips

to be continued.....

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May 1, 2017

Part 2 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 107 times)

Okay this is a 3 shot.

Part - 2


By now all the Raizadas except for NK, Khushi, Payal and Anjali were present in living room chit chatting and pulling each others leg on the basket ball match which took place.

"Arnav at least by now I hope you understood that am a better player when compared with you?" Sheetal smirked

"Hello, Sheetal I just gave up for Aarav. If this game was played just between both of us, for sure I would have won." Arnav replied

"Yeah in your dreams" She mocked while the rest of the family like children in school laughed as a chorus.

"HHBB HP bring juice see how much tired my Akash and Arnav bituva are why see our Aarav bituva." Said mami caressing Aarav's face

"Haa, Manorama whenever I look at our Aarav bituva's face I feel I am seeing young Arnav. Both of their behavior, food habits everything is same to same." Said Nani while Sheetal laughed

"By the way where did Di, NK bhai, Payal and Khushi ji go?" Akash asked while others just looked around

That was when HP brought juice for the sports champions of Raizada family.

"You saw them?" Arnav asked taking the glass of juice from the tray    

"Ji bhayya, Khushi bhabi and payal bhabi are upstairs. NK bhayya and Anjali didi went out." HP informed while they nodded



"Di are you sure about this?" Khushi asked in fear to Anjali on phone

"Yes. You just do as I say. You want chote to realize his mistake right then do this." Anjali said adamantly

"But what if any problem will happen?" 

"Nothing will happen if chote gets angry you also have a point to get angry at him." 

"Okay, I am coming." Khushi said shewing of her fears



Living room:

Hearing some noise Raizadas attention shifted from their finding similarities game to spot from where the voice was coming.

They looked towards the stairs and saw Khushi and Payal descending the stairs talking with each other.

Not caring to the matter that every ones attention is on them they came and sat with them and continued their talking.

"Khushi you know today me and Aarav won the match.." Sheetal said trying to bring that topic into conversation

As she said Khushi and payal turned towards her and gave a 'seriously' look and khushi said,"That is very important right.." She mocked," You continue jiji so Trump became USA's president." She said with a serious look while others looked confused thinking how did Trump came in between.

As she said that the door bell rang," They came" She squealed 

Hurriedly she got up from the sofa and ran towards the door while payal and other raizadas followed her slowly

HP came and opened the door as he opened the door Anjali and NK barged in while Khushi looked eagerly at the door. 

Slowly they saw a man of Arnav's age coming in wearing a black T shirt with a light brown colour jacket and blue jeans coming in with his shades on. He was tall and fair and had silky hair till his neck.

He came in with a loop sided smile glancing at Khushi. By seeing him Khushi ran to him and hugged him with a force and pecked him on his cheek shocking all the raizadas.

"Di Khushi Ji is rocking?" NK whispered to Anjali trying to control his laugh

Anjali nodded her head smiling and whispered back,"See chote's face" By hearing which NK's attention shifted to Arnav to see him burning in anger.

Khushi broke the hug,"So how are you its been so long since I saw You. I missed you, a lot." She said sadly

"As if I didn't. I too missed my doll a lot." She said pulling khushi cheek

His attention shifted from Khushi to payal,"Hi Payal" Saying he went towards her greeted her by shaking hands.

"You are looking really different in saree." He said looking at her by hearing which others fumed

"Okay let me introduce you to every one" Said Khushi and pulled him by his arm and took him to Arnav,"This is my husband, Arnav Singh Raizada." While both just smiled at each other,"Man why did you marry her? Why did I go to London if not I would have married her. You know what when we were small our family wanted both of us to get married, even we were okay with it. But later I went to London she met you. Any ways leave it." Said Mohit

"Arnav ji so this is Mohit , Mohit Shegal, our cousin" Said Khushi and introduced him to others except for Sheetal and Aarav

"Who are they?" Mohit frowned at Sheetal and Aarav

"She is my husbands ex girlfriend and that is her son." Khushi introduced

"Oh! husbands ex. This is a very modern family." he commented

"Then you go and fresh up after that we will go out." Said Khushi and took Mohit to the guest room not bothering to answer others questions.

After two hours:

Dining Hall:

All have almost finished having their lunch.

Today Khushi sat between NK and Mohit while Sheetal took the chance and sat with Arnav

"Di you are joining us for shopping?" Asked Khushi while Anjali nodded no and said,"You go with NK bhai and Mohit."

"What does she knows about fashion? She is always stuck with these old fashioned sarees and salvars." Sheetal mocked while Raizadas stayed silent

"Hello Ms. Kapoor. behave your self who gave you the right to make fun of Khushi. Stay in your limits. And who said exposing is called fashion. Your name is is Sheetal. and I don't think you have to let others know just like your name your behavior is also like sh*t." Mohit said angrily insulting Sheetal and Pulled Khushi along with him and went followed by NK. While Sheetal fumed.

"Arnav didn't you see how that guy insulted me?" Sheetal asked annoyed

"Will you please give me some peace of mind Sheetal." Arnav roared and got up from the chair marched from the spot.



8:30 PM:


Raizadas's sat there impatiently on not finding Khushi back at home though it became this late except for Payal's and Anjali's face and obviously Sheetal.

"Where did she go?" Arnav said to himself tensed trying on her phone.

"Arnav why are you getting tensed unnecessarily." Sheetal said only to get a glare from Arnav 

"Bhai shall we inform police." Akash suggested and Arnav nodded

"yes Akash butuva is saying correct." Said Nani

They heard the door bell ring and HP went to open the door.

"It might be Phati sadi." Said mami

As HP opened the door he got the biggest shock of his life.

Pushing him aside they came in speaking with each other not caring about others.

Raizada's looked shocked seeing Khushi. She was wearing a blue jeans shorts and a white off shoulder top. Her hair was made into curls. and many shopping bags in their hands. 

And the most important thing Mohit side hugging Khushi and they both sharing the same paper glass of coke with the same straw.

"God the film which we saw was so awesome!!" Khushi cried

"Yeah exactly. The direction was so superb!" Mohit exclaimed

"Acting too" NK reminded while they nodded

As they came in they were stopped by someone's hand.

They followed the hand to see its owner and saw Arnav burning in rage.

"Where did you go?" he asked controlling his anger.

"We went for shopping.. Then for a movie also we don't want anything to eat. We already had dinner." Khushi said coolly 

"HHBB Phati sadi,what are you wearing?" mami said in horror

"I hope you can see. And one more thing dare you call me like this dare you. I have a name. if you want to talk to me call me by that. Also for my jiji." She said strictly making mami swallow the lump formed in her throat.

"Khushi can't you see how much worried we were?" Sheetal said

"Ms. kapoor please stop pocking you pointed nose in my personal matter. You are just a guest." Said Khushi 

"Then what about him." Arnav asked eyeing Mohit

"He is not an outsider for me. He has all the rights, I gave him. If you want Sheetal can interfere in your matter and not mine same goes for Mohit. He won't interfere in your matter. Also I will come a bit late. Three of us are going to see a movie. Don't disturb. I will be in Mohits's room." Saying the trio left.

"Plan success" Anjali whispered to Payal seeing Arnav burning in jealousy

to be continued...

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May 5, 2017

Part 3 (Last Part) Updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 75 times)

Part - 3

Its been now a week since Mohit came to Raizada Mansion. This whole week Khushi was ignoring him. Her morning starts and night ends with Mohit and NK. She now less cares about let it be he going to office and coming late, his food neither his medicine. To say more clearly now she doesn't do any c****s for him. If he asks her to she will just arrange HP or JP to do that job for him.

That day she who said she will come after watching the movie was accompanied by Anjali. Morning when he woke up there was no sight of her in the room even Anjali as he went to Mohit's room he saw all four of them sleeping there peacefully.


During all these drama rest of his family didn't finish the Find Similarities game. Even Sheetal, she was taking advantage of the situation and was trying to come close to him.

He was bearing this drama for a week and he had enough of this c*ap which was taking place. He don't even know the reason behind this change of hers. Her closeness with Mohit was the thing which was more irritating for him.

More over she decided to start working that too not in AR, in Mohit's company. She got appointment letter. Within a week she have to join. Not only her his di and Payal too. 

Akash didn't have any problem in Payal working instead he was happy for her.

It was not that he was a male chauvinist but why not in AR and this sudden change?


Arshi Room:

Khushi entered the room to see Arnav who sat there waiting for her maybe.....

Without sparing a glance at him she started walking to the bed only to be stopped by his voice.

"I want to talk to you." He said while she turned and faced him with her arms folded across her chest.

He takes a deep breath,"When will Mohit leave?"

"When will Sheetal leave?" She snapped back

"Sheetal is my friend. But Mohit..."

"He is my cousin. Almost same blood."

"I don't like him even a bit dammit." He shouted

"As if you are doing everything as per my likes and dislikes. I hate Sheetal. The day she goes the same day Mohit will leave. After all Mohit is not a criminal like Sheetal." She shouted with equal rage

"What do you mean? Are you taking revenge or what?" He mocked while she went to the cupboard and opened it and came back with a file in her hand," Read it." She said placing it in his hands.

He frowned at her and opened it and started reading it only to get shocked.

"Yeah, she is in big debts if she she didn't pay the bank back she would have been jailed. For which she adopted a boy and made him believe that it was you his dad and because of me you ain't accepting him. Which made that boy to give me a cold shoulder. And now she is going to claim that it is your son and aims at your fortune." She finished shocking him

"How did you get to know all these?" He mumbled

"Mohit. yes it was Mohit who helped me in this not only him along with him you Di, my Jiji and Nanheji were there. From childhood on wards he was my best friend. Someone very close to me. We saw each-other as just friends not beyond like what you and our family thinks. So the very day Sheetal is gone he too will leave." She said angrily and left leaving him in guilt.



Next Day:

5 PM:

Khushi along with Mohit, NK and Payal entered the mansion to see a police officer leaving.

They frowned and walked in while Anjali limped towards them,"Sheetal is arrested. Everyone came to know her truth. Aarav is taken back to the orphanage." Anjali said while Khushi looked at others to see their head hung down in shame.

"Ha, Khushi Bitiya. What we did was unpardonable. We were just unknowingly hurting you without even thinking how you will feel if we link Aarav with Chote. We always took you for granted we never valued what you and Payal bitiya were doing. Please forgive us." Said Nani holding Khushi's hand in a said tone with her head hung down while Khushi looked away.

"I too want say all these. Please forgive all of us." Said mami

Khushi looked at her,"What is mine and Jiji's name?" 

"Phati.... Khushi and Payal." Mami said covering up with a sly smile

Khushi nodded her head without saying anything and went in while other looked at Anjali, NK, Mohit and Payal helplessly.




Mohit's Room:

Khushi sat on the bed confused biting her nails.

"So what did you decide about the Raizadas?" She heard Mohit's voice while she turned back and looked at him plainly

"They came to know truth and even apologized." Mohit said,"I guess you should forgive them."

"But they hurt me a lot." She said

"Then what you want to get divorced." He asked irritated while she nodded no

"See you think from their point of view. You yourself will understand whether you have to forgive them or not but for that first put you ego aside. I am leaving tomorrow." He said

"I am having ego?" She asked angrily

"Then what? Sit here and think... I hope you will take a wise decision and forgive them." Mohit said and went.



Next Day:


Everyone assembled in the living room for bidding bye to Mohit who was leaving today.

Khushi said she forgave Raizadas but didn't say anything about Arnav nor she spoke with him.

"So when will you come back?" Akash asked

"Within two weeks." He replied gently

"Beta then you will stay here right." Asked Nani

"No, No, I have my own mansion here. Here I just came according to the plan."

"Plan?" Mami frowned

"yes, all these things was a plan you di Arnav. She was the one who wanted to make you learn the truth like this." He said while Arnav turned Anjali to see her looking everywhere but not him

"I am leaving now if I won't go. I would be held up in traffic." He said looking at his watch 

He cleared every confusion Arnav had about him and Khushi. He didn't wanted to create a problem between them. It is true he loved her and wanted to marry her. But now she is married to Arnav and is happy with him. All he want is to see is her happiness. For that he will help her when needed just like this. He will slowly learn to move on in his life. 

He came to Khushi and hugged her and whispered in her ear," When will you forgive Arnav?"

"He hurt me right now he shouldn't repeat this that is why this punishment. He hurt me I am also doing the same. TIT FOR TAT." She whispered back and they broke the hug

"You got the Appointment letters right all three of you join on Monday. Don't be lazy. For me profession is different personal is different." He said in a serious tone

"So bye all. Will see later." he said and waved them bye and left

As Khushi turned rest Raizadas left and Arnav stood their with hopeful eyes which were ignored by her.

After Two Days:

This two day Arnav tried hard to woo Khushi back but she was just ignoring him not paying ears to his sorry's. All his pleads were just rejected by her. Now all the three woman started working and days are hectic yet they are enjoying working their getting along with their colleagues.


Arshi Room:

Khushi entered the room to see the room fully dark. She tried switching on the light but it wasn't. She glided the poolside door and entered to see the poolside decorated beautifully with fairy lights.

She turned to her right to see the wall beside the pool decorated with fairy lights by which it showed 'I am Sorry' and a sad looking emoji. As she turned to her left she could see a table with rose petals withered on it had a chocolate cake which conveyed the same message 'I am Sorry' and a sad faced emoji.

But the was not the end, she heard the sound of something bursting and her gaze shifted into the sky where a fire cracker burst which also conveyed the same message which was on the cake and on the wall which made her smile with happiness overfilling her.

She heard foot steps and turned around to see Arnav who stood there.

He walked towards her and sat on his knees,"Khushi please stop it. I can't take this any more. This ignorance by you is killing me. I understood now how you might have felt when I always behaved so close with Sheetal. Please I am sorry. I will never repeat this." He mumbled to get no reply from her

Sighing he got up and turned to walk away but he wasn't as he felt a grip on his wrist he turned and saw Khushi standing there holding his hand with her head bend down.

"When will you forgive me?" She asked imitating him while he smiled,"I Love You" He said cupping her face as she smiled.

"I love you too. Forgive me I hurt you." She said wrapping her arms around him tightly

"I have hurt you. You don't need to say sorry." He said as she broke the hug

"By the way when did you become this filmy?" She asked rising her eyebrow

"After all i f I get a wife who is as filmy as you obviously I too will become." He muttered

"What did you say?" She asked angrily

"I didn't say anything" He lied

"No you said something. You called me filmy? How dare you Laad Governor."

This is what happens. Nothing is perfect in this world even relations. They will continue to fight with each other in this way but the love they have for each other will never let the get separated. After all in relations where there is no disagreements there love is absent. 

                                                                                       ~ The End ~ 

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