My wait paid off

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Apr 27, 2017

My wait paid off (By Spriya) (Thanked: 32 times)










These are the meaning i heard when i pass through my school auditorium where annual debate competition is going on. Being an elder sister she did yearn for a brother that to an elder one you know the basic ethics right, we yearn for what we don’t have; that happened with me too.


I want an elder brother who care for me, who pamper me, who adore me, who was possessive of me, who will kick the boys whom dare to mess with me, who will correct her if she do any mistake, who will take the blame on him for my mischief, who will be with me in my emotionally weak moment. But this is life right, it cannot revolve around our wishes.


However i did all the things i mentioned or precisely expected from my brother if he’s with me was played by me to my younger sister. I satisfied myself by pampering her, hiding her antics from my parents so that she’ll not be scolded.


Though my childish heart didn’t satisfied with this. Whenever i saw my friends are dropped by their brothers for extra classes i too want a brother. I was even angry on god for not giving me a brother. It seems childish i’ll probably laugh out loud now.


The longing increased when i joined college, i am just a small town girl and shy type too so obviously i faced ragging. That time i wished if i had brother he may protected me. Days passed, i felt difficult to study there. Nonetheless i continued my studies. Later due to our financial problems i dropped my graduation. At that time i needed someone who will assure me “All will be fine”; Her parents are there with her yet they could not fill the void of the elder sibling which they haven’t aware of.


Years passed i become more matured and i found my childish fantasy funny yet in the corner of my heart i wanted my wish to be fulfilled.


Soon her marriage fixed, the groom is the only son of their family. I am totally disappointed i thought maybe if my husband has brother then i too consider him as my brother, be it elder or younger. But that too spoiled. And not to mention my marriage got s****ped due to their greediness. I am happy again, i believed the marriage stopped so that i’ll marry a groom from a joint family who has big family with brothers and sisters.


We shifted to delhi due to some mishap happened in khushi life who is my younger sister and that reason for our departure is a long story. Here i met my soul he is none other than Aakash Singh Raizada my husband. Oh oh i didn’t introduce myself isn’t I? I am Payal gupta now Payal Singh Raizada. Like i dreamt and wished i married to aakash after a lot of struggle and he has one elder brother. I am in cloud nine knowing aakash has one brother but all my excitement died the moment i met him.


Arnav Singh Raizada or ASR as called by his colleagues a calm, rigid, stern businessman. He is totally opposite of aakash. I barely spoke to him. Khushi married him in the same day of my marriage that too eloped. I am quite shocked. I thought after that i’ll have a chance to speak to him freely but it didn’t happened. Maybe we conversed on or two times that too regarding khushi.


Aakash has another brother Nk who is younger than me. He is so cool, fun loving person and anyone wants to be friend with him. I enjoyed his company yet somewhere in my heart i want a brother like my jethji who love his di to the core. He even die for her. Whoever sees their bonding wish to have a sibling like them.


Following months we faced many dreadful events which made a slight crack in our family and all solved soon. Khushi and my jethji married again. He did many things for my baby sister which increases my respect on him. Life went smoothly, even though we both live in same house we interacted quite less time. This routine was followed until one day when my mother was admitted in hospital. I clearly remembered what happened that day, all raizada’s along with buaji went for relative wedding. She too planned to join them but cancelled lately due to her catamenia. Aakash offered to stay with me but i denied him saying it’s one day only and i’ll manage. Her jethji as usual went for office escaping from the trip. So literally she, her mother and father are only in delhi.




I was resting in my room when the phone call arrived shook my world.


“What??...”I shrieked loudly hearing the other side.


“Payal betiya, please come to laxminagar soon. Your mother was breathing heavily and clutching her chest. Your father was sitting in wheelchair and trying to come out of it” her buaji neighbour voice reached her ears.


“I’ll come soon aunty. Please be with them until i reach there” I replied hurriedly and called the ambulance. Tears are flowing non-stop from her eyes. Many thoughts running in her mind making her restless.


“Aakash pick up the phone...” mumbled disorientedly, picking her purse ready to go gupta house. She don’t know what to do. Her mother state worried her and not to say she was scared to the core. She know she alone can’t handle this situation when her stomach is aching badly and her emotions are at peak. Without having other choice she called arnav,he picks up the call in 2nd ring maybe he’s surprised seeing me calling him.


“Arnavji...amma...”I cried over the phone as soon as he attend the call.


“What happened payal?” he asked hurriedly hearing an crying payal on the other side.


“Arnavji” again i mumbled whatever came into my mind.


“Which hospital?” came the question from other side. After noting down the address he assured me that he’ll reach there soon and he’ll look after the hospital arrangements.


I was sitting outside emergency ward with my babuji, he is also broken and sadly he cannot even express it. I am too not in state to console him. Suddenly i heard someone calling me from behind. I turned to face with arnavji, i know the next instant my head was on his chest, i leaned on his chest as i felt relieved seeing some known face there. And sadly my all bottled up emotions are out before i understand the situation.


“I am scared. I don’t want to lose her bhai. Already i lost my mother once, i don’t want to lose her too and i don’t have enough strength to face it. Will she recover quickly?” I asked between my hiccups and continues without waiting for a reply, “Will she open her eyes? Will she speak to me like before? Will she scold khushi for teasing me? Will she feed us like she did in my childhood? Will she laugh out loud hearing khushi antics? Will she correct me if i do some wrong? Will she leave babuji and us? Tell me bhai?...” I continued blabbering pouring my heart out. He looks taken aback, why not whoever in his place will be shocked seeing my state as i always appeared to be composed before others. But i too need a shoulder to lean on. Unknowingly my wish got fulfilled that day i got my elder brother and for a change i behaved like a child before him. He must be thought i am gone mad along with khushi. But i don’t care i needed someone beside me and in this worst situation i got my dream come true.


He awkwardly patted my head, “Umm..Payal don’t worry amma will be fine. I am here na i’ll make sure of it. You please take rest, don’t cry..” I nodded he passed me water and make me sit on the chair then he went near babuji consoled him too, before he disappeared into the doctor cabin.




After that there is no turning back. However things turned embarrassed between us after my outburst. I don’t know why i acted like that, maybe i needed support that time which he willingly gave me or my greed for having an brother like him or maybe my hormones which is on peak, that made me blurt out many things which i not intend to out. But to my utter surprise he talked to me normally even he asked me to call him bhai. It was one wonderful moment for me. For a girl who carved for brother’s love from childhood it was cherry on the top. The family stay got extended so was our relationship Bhai-Behan. He took care of me for whole one week not only me he take care of babuji and amma too but my heart didn’t want to go in that direction. Though he talked very less, it was enough for me. Finally i got my elder brother that was the thought imprinted in my mind.


See now i even forget about my amma talking about him. Amma was recovered fast and i started talking to bhai frequently. Whole family was surprised by this. Infact khushi teased hell out of me and him. Not that we are teasing like every sibling does but surely there is unique relation between us. He always bought something for me whenever he buys anything for di. His actions spoke more than words that he accepted me as his sister. I was not keen on receiving gifts from him because i thought di will feel insecure. But later i got good scold for thinking like this from di itself. She even encouraged me to speak to him fearlessly. Then we come close again, he will scold aakash if he behaved harsly with me that happens rarely. Yet the feeling that someone out there to look after your each and every happiness gave me satisfied feeling.


Khushi would be jealous sometimes seeing our bonding. Arnavji will tease her pairing with me. They two will argue on how my child will call them who wasn’t born yet. Arnavji will say he’s mama for my baby, khushi will say he’s maasad and aakash will be adamant on making sure to call him as Badepapa by his baby. This was the daily topic now brought in the house after i declared my pregnancy. You must be wondering why i am saying all this now, because tomorrow is rakshabandhan which is obviously first time for me after i get my brother. Ok dear dairy i am going to make rakki as this is my first time i am celebrating i have to make sure it will be the best at the same time likable by him too. See you soon...



Yours lovely,

Bhai’s Behan Payal...




Sorry for late entry asu, i am busy with my exams so take time to write this.

I don't know what i wrote guys, i wrote it in hurry so it is not proof readed and this is the first time i am writing from someone POV. So please feel free to point out my mistakes that will be great help for me as i know this os have lot of mistakes. 

It was fully written from payal POV so arnav emotions don't have any work here, if you want i'll write it too.

And i hope it comes under Emotional!!! 

If anyone have better title for this then suggest me dears as i said earlier it is written in hurry so i dont have time to put apt title for this...

***I missed the last chapter of weird love so i have to rewrite it..I'll post it as soon as i finished writing****

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