Ishqbaaz Spoiler: Khoon Khandaan Drama – Anika Burns Shivaay’s Car; Nhok-Jhok Continues!

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May 2, 2017

Ishqbaaz Spoiler: Khoon Khandaan Drama – Anika Burns Shivaay’s Car; Nhok-Jhok Continues! (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 4 times)

In Ishqbaaz, although Shivaay tries to stop himself from finding Anika's family, Pinky doesn't let him as she wants Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) to know about Anika's 'khoon khandaan'.

Pinky takes advantage of Shivaay's dilemma (of finding Anika's family) and misleads Shivaay, by giving him wrong information about Anika's family.

Shivaay & Anika Fight!

Amidst the serious situation, Shivaay and Anika share a funny moment. Apparently, Anika and Shivaay, like always, fight at home.

Anika Follows Shivaay

Shivaay leaves the house, while Anika follows Shivaay's car in her scooter (laal Champa). As she wants to put an end to the fight.

Anika Pours Petrol Thinking It To Be Water!

On the way, Shivaay's car's wheel catches fire, and he doesn't understand what to do. Anika takes a can from the car's dikki and thinking it to be water, she pours it on the tire.

Shivaay & Anika's Nhok-Jhok Continues

Anika and Shivaay will be shocked to see the car burning. Their nhok-jhok continues as Shivaay blames Anika for burning his car. Anika's ‘laal champa' also gets destroyed.


Anika starts scolding Shivaay for keeping petrol in the car instead of water, while Shivaay starts scolding her. As usual, Anika defends herself by saying that she tried to help him, and instead of thanking, he is scolding her!

Anika & Shivaay Find A House

They walk inside the jungle to find a house to spend the night. Anika and Shivaay also find a house. On the way, they stop near a tree. Anika plucks the berries from the tree and enjoy eating them.

Anika & Shivaay Eating Berries

Anika offers berries to Shivaay, who initially hesitates. But, like always, Anika forces him to eat the berries. Both of them enjoy the moment!

Story So Far... 

It has to be recalled that Shivaay had been to the orphanage to find out about Anika's family and Pinky follows him. Shivaay gets to know that Tarun Virendra Bajaj, who is an industrialist, had dropped Anika in the orphanage.

Shivaay misunderstands that Anika is his granddaughter and thanks Pinky (because of her, he found about Anika's family). But, Pinky is upset and doesn't want Shivaay to get closer to Anika.

The next day he meets Mr Bajaj. To his shock, he gets to know that Anika is not his granddaughter and is an orphan. Apparently, Mr Bajaj had found Anika and her sister outside the temple and dropped them in the orphanage.

Pinky thanks Mr Bajaj for telling Shivaay, the truth!

Meanwhile, Shivaay is upset to know Anika is an orphan and promises to himself that he will not let her sad. Still Shivaay is in dilemma and wants to know about Anika's family as it is matter of 'Khoon Khandaan' for Oberoi family! Pinky provokes Shivaay to find out about Anika's family and gives wrong information.

Shivaay gets a call from the orphan saying they found Anika's mother's address (Pinky would have donated money to the orphan and had asked them to lie to him). Shivaay initially hesitates, but goes to the place (red-street area).

The prostitute directs him towards paan wala, who tells Shivaay that Nayantara used to sing at the place. Shivaay thinks Paan wala was pointing towards the temple and thinks Nayantara was a singer in the temple!

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