The Ghostly Girl

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Jul 5, 2017

Chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 48 times)

Chapter 9



From: Anand

You better thank god for making it study leave for Harvard students. J Boarded flight. Will reach there by evening.


Arnav sighed and pocketed his phone. His fingers moved on the keyboard of the computer before him as he worked on the accounts of the travel agency he was employed at. A man, who had booked a bus for a trip, was sitting before him.

“And that would be a total of Rs: 50,000, sir” Arnav said pressing his mouse and the printer started functioning.

The man paid a check and Arnav handed him the bill.

“Are you Manohar’s son?” the man asked as he accepted the bill.

Arnav looked at him. “He was my mamaji. You knew him?” he asked.

“I have come here before for booking a vehicle. Heard he has passed away and his job is offered to his family” the man said.

“It was an accident” Arnav said softly with his mind flashing images of his mama ji’s body wrapped up in white cloth.

“Your name?” he asked.

“Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada”

“Don’t you go to college?” he asked.

“I used to. At Harvard! But now...I gotta work for family!” Arnav said smiling faintly.

“I see, you’re too good at accounting. I have seen accountants before who are utter idiots and require customers to help them. But you’re good!” the man said.

“Thank you sir” Arnav said smiling. It would be a lie if I say that he didn’t blush a bit at the praise.

“What would you get by working here? Some thousand bucks? You know, I own a fashion house. You can join as a junior in accounts department!” the man said standing up and threw his visiting card to Arnav.

Arnav stood up and took the card. He read

Styles Corp.

Christopher A. Styles

Holy ****! Styles Corporation! India’s number 1 fashion house!

“Call to the office number and get an appointment!” the man said.

“Why? I just met me!” Arnav stammered.

Christopher laughed and pointed to his grey hair, “Being old makes you experienced and gives you ability to read people. I saw you working. You’re special. And yes, when you come to meet me, make sure that you have some document to prove that you went to Harvard and then, you’ll be appointed!”

He leaned to the counter and patted Arnav’s shoulder. Arnav smiled and thanked him from the bottom of the heart with his fingers holding the card tightly.






From: Chotte

Anand is coming. So gotta go to airport and pick him up. Please buy some cough syrups for Nani on your way back home.


Anjali walked out of the pharmacy with cough syrups and started her scooter. Some of her students who were on the way smiled at her and she drove away smiling at them.

Her mind went to the previous day when her brother asked her about Khushi. How did he get that newspaper article? She had made sure that nothing about Khushi reaches his and Anand’s hands. Then how? Why did he ask about her?

 Her fingers shivered as she thought about the girl of the context. Khushi! There was no way that Arnav will remember her. She had made sure of that. Khushi was past and there is no way that she is gonna ruin their future!

She stopped the scooter before home and walked towards the door. A sudden pang of guilt hit her as she walked up the steps of the house which actually belongs to Khushi’s family. Even after her death, Khushi is still a part of her life. A part which Anjali cannot ignore. But there is one thing she can control and that is keeping the mention of Khushi away from her family.

Giving Nani her cough syrups, Anjali walked to her room. After mama’s death, Nani had moved with mami to keep her from crying her hearts out and Anjali was giving a single room and so was Arnav since Akash was away at college hostel in Kanpur.

Closing and locking the door behind her, she dumped her bag on the bed and walked to the mirror. Suddenly she froze and looked at the mirror. Along with her reflection was something else marking its presence on the wall behind her.

She turned to the wall in a swift motion and read the note that was stuck on the wall.

She knew that handwriting very well.

It’s her!


She gasped and walked backwards.

“No...No...Someone is playing with me....she...she can’t be back!” she whispered to herself.

And then she saw the flower vase kept on the table being lifted to air and then dropped to the floor breaking into pieces.

She sucked in a huge breath and looked at the empty space with sweat dripping through her face.

“No...” Anjali whispered and looked back at the note.

Her eyes widened to see that near the note there was now something more written on the wall.

The next moment, Anjali fell down unconscious.




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Jul 6, 2017

Chapter 10 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 61 times)

Chapter 10



Anand stretched his limbs as Arnav paid the taxi driver and pulled out his friend’s luggage.

“Why are we here?” Anand asked looking around the unknown neighbourhood.

“We gotta do some research about Khushi before going home!” Arnav said.

Anand nodded and said, “But a cup of hot tea before that please.” and he pointed to a tea stall.



The boys sat down on a bench and sipped the tea.

“Strange right? A ghost whom we both can see...only both of us!” Anand whispered.

Arnav nodded and sipped tea.

“So are we related to this man?” Anand asked frowning.

Arnav shrugged and said, “I don’t know know from her talk it seemed like I was really close to her!”

“Explain really close” Anand said.

“She said something about some promises I gave her, moments we spend together and etc...”

“You were in relationship?” Anand gasped.

“I don’t know. I have never met her before seeing her near lake side! But she....what is all this?” Arnav pulled his hair.

Anand sighed and said, “Yaar, what about di?”

“She is hiding something. I’m sure! We should get her spill” Arnav said determined.

Anand stood up and paid the tea vendor and the boys walked through the street.

“Which is this place?” Anand asked.

“Vasant Vihar colony. Khushi’s family stay here!” Arnav said.

“So we’re going in and talk to them?” Anand asked.

“Not are” Arnav said smiling.

Anand looked at him.

“They have met me when I dropped Akash here but they don’t know you. Go in and get some details! Meanwhile I’ll interrogate the neighbours!” Arnav said smiling.

“You prick....” Anand began when Arnav’s phone rang.

“Ha mami” Arnav said picking up.

“WHAT? Where is she now? Ok wait, I’m coming!” Arnav said shocked.

“What is it?”

“Di fainted. She is in hospital” Arnav said.

“Go to her. I’ll get details from here!” Anand said and Arnav nodded running away.




Anand watched his friend running away and then turned back the Vasant Vihar colony to walk to Gupta house when he found himself staring at a familiar face.

“Ah!” he jumped back seeing the face close to him and heard a chuckle.

“Come on man, you took me out for a date and is this how you treat your ex-date?” she asked laughing.

“Khushi” he whispered looking at the woman before him.

“Yes” she said and crossed her arms under chest, “Don’t worry about Anjali. I just played a prank on her and the **** fell unconscious....Humans!” she rolled her eyes.

“How do you know Anjali di?” Anand asked.

“Oh! So you also don’t remember me?” Khushi asked angrily.

Anand gulped but said gathering courage, “Khushi....I know that you’re angry but me and Arnav are telling the truth. We don’t remember meeting a person like you before. And now you’re telling that you know us very well. You have some connection with Anjali di! Please tell us. You know your story so tell us....why you are asking us to find out!”

Khushi’s eyes softened up and looked at him. “I know my story but even I do not know it full Anand. My death is considered as a suicide but it is not. I never killed myself. Someone killed me. WHO? I don’t know. Only you and Arnav can find it out because only both of you can see me!”

“So help us a bit!” Anand cried, “Tell us about you. How do we know you because we damn don’t remember anything?”

Khushi looked at him and found genuine concern in his eyes. Sighing she said, “Okay”





After an hour


Anand gulped down a bottle of water and looked at the women before him.

Her eyes continued to water tears and she said in cracking voice, “Now that you know my story...complete it. FIND MY KILLER!”

Anand looked at her pale hand and stretched his arm to touch. He stopped himself and looked at her. She nodded and he touched her hand. A feathery feeling engulfed him as he curled his fingers around her palm.

“I promise you. I’ll find you your killer” he said firmly.

She nodded and stood up. Without turning back she walked away disappearing into the evening sky.

Anand took out his mobile and dialled Arnav.

“I’m hospital. Where are you?” Arnav asked without any hello.

“I met her and I talked to her”



“How did it go?”

“She told me her story and now it’s our turn to complete it by finding her killer!”

“What’s the story?”

“Will tell you. Come home. I’ll be there! But before that Arnav, is there something you’re hiding from me?” Anand asked.

“What? Hiding?” Arnav asked shocked.

“We’re best buddies. Right from childhood. We share everything isn’t that so? Then why did you hide your biggest secret from me?” Anand asked angrily.

“What are you talking about Anand?”Arnav asked sharply.

“Who is Nandkis****?” Anand asked.

As expected, he didn’t get a reply but a question, “Who told you?”

“So it’s true!” Anand said angrily.

“I can explain Anu....” Arnav said pleadingly.

“Not interested” Anand said curtly.


“One word, that was all enough! Your life, your choice; I would have never interfered but ONE WORD. YOU COULD’VE TOLD ME!” Anand shouted.

“Please hear me out....”

“I’ll be there at Laxminagar. Come home with nothing but truth!” Anand said and cut the call.



Jul 8, 2017

Chapter 11 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 49 times)

Chapter 11



“How’s di?”

That was the first question Arnav heard as he entered his house. Looking up he saw Anand sitting on the couch in the living room sipping some juice.

“She’s fine. Doctor said she fainted due to shock!” Arnav said sitting before him.

“Khushi played some prank on her” Anand said and placed the glass of juice on the table which was between both the boys.

“Who told you about NK?” Arnav asked.

“Khushi” Anand said.

“How does she know?” Arnav gasped.

Anand scoffed and looked at him, “Why did you hide this from me?”

“I didn’t want anyone other than di to know!” Arnav said looking down.

Anand sighed and said, “It’s hard Arnav. It’s really hard to trust you anymore!”

“Anand come on...” Arnav began when Anand showed him his palm, “Leave it. Don’t you want to hear Khushi’s story?”

Arnav nodded.

“Ok” Anand said clearing his throat, “Khushi Kumari Gupta was your sister’s classmate at high school. They both were best friends. She used to come here and di used to visit her house too!”

Arnav frowned, “If then why don’t I remember her?”

“Hear it out Arnav” Anand snapped.

“Sorry. Continue!”

“After school, Khushi got admission in Harvard and she left. Anjali and Khushi still had contacts and both the girls shared their experiences over phone. It was then, three years ago, you and I got Harvard scholarship! And we left to Harvard!” Anand paused and looked at him.

Arnav was frowning but still nodded.

“I know. Even I don’t remember her!” Anand chuckled, “You and Khushi met again at Harvard....oh and so did I. We three became friends and both fell in love. Anjali was initially against this but soon gave her nod under my convincing words. Umm thank me later Arnav. And then just 4 months later Khushi was found dead at hostel room! Bang! The end!”

Arnav frowned and said “But then she said that we both were the ones whom she saw for the last time!”

Anand nodded and said, “On the day of her death we both had met her at a cafe. That was in the evening. Then she found out about your “secret” and you both had a conversation. That night she was found dead by sleeping pill overdose!”

Arnav rubbed his face and whispered, “So she came to know about NK and killed herself?”

“Nope. It wasn’t a suicide. That’s what she said!” Anand said.

Arnav sighed and leaned back on the sofa.

Anand looked at him and said, “Khushi found out about NK. Apparently it was a secret only you and your sister knew. Care to tell me why I WAS NOT AWARE OF THIS?”

Arnav shut his eyes and said, “Anand please...!”






Nani and mami were talking with doctor and Anjali leaned on the headboard of her hospital bed.

Her phone rang and she looked at the caller id.

NK calling

“What do you want NK?” she asked sharply.

“Hello my classmate!” NK greeted.

“I had pointed out the last time we talked that I would appreciate if we stay as “long lost” friends!” Anjali snapped.

“Chill girl! I got an invitation for our high school reunion and was suddenly reminded of you. Are you coming?”

“Yeah. It’s just 10 minutes drive from my home idiot! Where are you! I really hope that you’re suffering”

“Jesus! Come on girl, show me some kindness. After all I have a special connection with your family!” NK laughed.

“Just **** off!” she said and cut the call.

She sighed and closed her eyes recalling the day, 3 years back, when she and her brother had a serious conversation about her high school classmate NandKis**** a.k.a NK.


3 years back


“Welcome home Chotte!” Anjali hugged her brother who had come home for the first time since he had left for Harvard.


“How is Harvard?” Anjali asked as she plopped onto her brother’s bed.

“Great. It’s just been a month and I’m in love with the place!” Arnav said happily.

“Did you meet Khushi?”

“Your nerd friend? Yes!” Arnav said chuckling.

“Hey, she is a nice girl!” Anjali cried.

“Yeah right” Arnav scoffed, “Her eyes are bored into books, 24x7. Such a geek! Boring!”

Anjali rolled her eyes and said, “She is a brilliant girl and idiots like you won’t understand her IQ!”

“Hey I got a scholarship at Harvard. Don’t forget that!” Arnav said.

“Forget it! Now tell me about your friends”

“Anand! And yes, NK!” Arnav said.

“NK?” Anjali asked, “I have heard this name before!”

Arnav took out his mobile and opened his gallery.

“This is the guy!” he said and handed the mobile to Anjali.

Anjali looked at the pic and gasped. “Hey this is my old classmate! NandKis****!”

Arnav looked at her and Anjali cried, “Oh my! He has grown stubble!” and giggled.

It was then Akash came and called Arnav for some work. Arnav walked out and Anjali started scrolling through the images of gallery!





Arnav came back after some minutes and found his sister sitting frozen looking at his mobile.

He snatched it and said laughing, “When I give you my mobile to see a pic you’re not supposed to check the other pics!”

But Anjali didn’t laugh. Instead, she snatched his mobile back and shoved it into his face. “EXPLAIN THIS!”

Arnav looked at the photo and gulped. Oh ****! Why didn’t he transfer those pics to another folder?



“What does this mean?” Anjali asked angrily looking at the pic and scrolled for more images.

“It is what it is” Arnav snapped.

Anjali looked at him shocked.

“No...You cannot” Anjali gasped.

“But I am!” Arnav said looking down, “Di this is what I am!”

“What the ****!” Anjali threw the mobile and it smashed into pieces “This can’t be true” she cried.

Arnav said “It is di. This is true. I’m gay and NK is my boyfriend



Jul 13, 2017

Chapter 12 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 56 times)

Chapter 12



“What do you mean?” Anjali asked shocked.

Anand groaned and said, “Don’t play di. I know the story but want you to explain it!”

Anjali shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She was back home from hospital the next morning and Arnav had taken mami and Nani to some temple. Anand had made her sit on the chair in the dining table and asked her about Khushi.

“I asked Arnav to leave with them” Anand said, “I wanted to talk to you”

“Anand I don’t know how Khushi died” Anjali said.

“Lies lies lies” Anand heard a voice and saw Khushi sitting on the chair next to Anjali.

He looked at Anjali and then at Khushi. “You’re lying” he said.

“No” she said.

“She is lying. If not, why did she hide this from you and why the hell don’t you and Arnav remember me?” Khushi asked to Anand.

“What are you looking at?” Anjali looked at the empty chair near her.

“ANJALI” Anand screamed and Anjali looked at him shocked. He stood up and slammed his fist on the table. “ENOUGH OF ALL THE LIES! TELL ME THE TRUTH! HOW DID KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA DIE?”

Anjali gulped and Anand said sternly, “And yes, I know that Arnav is gay and he is in relationship with your class mate and our Harvard senior NK. But then why was he in a relationship with Khushi? Finally, WHY THE HELL DON’T WE REMEMBER THIS?”

Anjali looked down and then at him. “How much do you know and how do you know all this?”

“Someone told me” Anand said shrugging his shoulder.


“Doesn’t matter. Tell me why I don’t remember meeting someone called Khushi” Anand said curtly.

“Because I erased your memory” Anjali said firmly.

“W...What?” Anand stammered.

Anjali sighed and said, “I’ll tell you everything. Tell me what you know”

Anand nodded and said everything he had repeated to Arnav the previous day.

“How do you know all this?” Anjali gaped.

“Just tell me” Anand growled.

Anjali nodded and said, “I came to know that Arnav is gay during his first visit back home. I shouted at him but then realized that there is nothing I can do in this. He is gay and I gotta accept that!”

Anand sat down and nodded indicating her to continue.

“But can we tell this to family? No one would accept him. He would be laughed at, criticized! I asked him whether you know and he said no. He didn’t want anyone to know!” she said.

“Why? Why did he hid it from me?” Anand asked hurt evident in his voice.

“Because he feared whether he would lose his only friend!” Anjali said softly.

Anand scoffed and Anjali said, “You gotta think from his side Anand. It’s not easy. No matter how much world has progressed, people still find it hard to accept bi****uality!”

“How did Khushi come into picture?” Anand asked and looked at Khushi who was sitting next to Anjali and staring at her without any emotion.

“It was me who gave him the idea....”Anjali began



“Di please talk to me” Arnav said through phone, “It’s been a month!”

It has been one month since Arnav’s last visit and Anjali was still not talking to him. The news of her little brother being gay was not sinking into her systems.

“I don’t what to say Arnav” Anjali said angrily, “What will happen if anyone knows. Nani, mama, mami....Akash! We’re ruined! DO you get that?”

“Then what should I do?” he asked angrily, “I cannot pretend to be someone I’m not!”

“Do what I say. Go get a girlfriend” Anjali said.


“Go. Find. A. Girlfriend” Anjali said sternly.

“But NK...”

“I want you to have a girlfriend. NK and your relationship is none of my concern but I want it to be in closet! To the outside world you must be in relationship with someone” Anjali said angrily.

“Fine but who? I don’t talk to girls” Arnav groaned.

Anjali sighed and then her eyes fell on the picture on bedside table. It was of her and her friend. Khushi. Her school mate; best friend; Arnav’s senior at Harvard.

“Khushi” she said.

“Nerd? NO WAY” Arnav cried, “She is boring and is of your age!”

“I’m not asking you to fall desperately in love with her. Just go for some dates and make others, especially Anand, believe that you’re in love!”



“DISGUSTING” Anand cried and Anjali looked down.

“You and your brother decided to fool a poor girl?” he cried and looked at Khushi who was staring at Anjali in shock.

Anjali frowned and looked to her side where Anand was occasionally glancing but found nothing. She turned to him and said, “I had no option....”


Anjali sighed and said, “I am selfish. I just wanted the best for my brother.”

“Did Khushi know that the relationship was an adjustment?” Anand asked taking a deep breath.

Anjali looked down and nodded, “Yes”

Anand looked at Khushi who looked at him and said in a cracking voice, “No. Not until now”

Anand looked at Anjali who was still looking down. “Initially you were against this relationship and Arnav got me to talk to you. I convinced you about Arshi. SO ALL THAT WAS FAKE. YOU GOT ME TO TALK TO YOU SO THAT I WOULD BELIEVE THAT ARNAV AND KHUSHI ARE IN LOVE?”

        Anjali nodded.

“Was Khushi head over heels in love with him?” he asked.

“No. She knew that he was in love with someone else whom he can’t revel but didn’t know that he was gay” Anjali said.

Anand looked at Khushi. She closed her eyes and tears sprouted out her eyes as she said shaking her head, “I really loved him....**** I LOVE HIM”

Blood boiled inside him as he asked, “Did Arnav spent any romantic moments with her....pretending to be in love?”

“No” Anjali said.

“Yes” Khushi said.

The door suddenly knocked and Anand stood up.

“Must be Arnav” he said and looked at Anjali, “This isn’t finished. We need to talk and you better have a valid explanation why and how the earth YOU ERASED OUR MEMORY!”

Anjali nodded and walked inside her room slamming the door.

Anand looked at Khushi who was crying. No tears left her face but dissolved into it as she looked at him with pain and hurt evident in her eyes.

“I thought....he loved me...he said that...” she whispered.

“Remember what I told you yesterday? I’LL GIVE YOU THE JUSTICE YOU DESERVE” Anand said determined.

Khushi nodded and stood up walking to god-knows-where.

Anand walked to the door and opened it to find Arnav, mami and Nani.

“Where is Anjali bitiya?” Nani asked.

“In her room” Anand said and smiled at mami but did not make eye contact with Arnav.

Mami and Nani left to room and Arnav held Anand’s shoulder. “Did di tell anything?”

Anand glared at him and shoved his hand off his shoulder. Arnav looked at him shocked and Anand walked inside the room slamming the door behind him.





Jul 19, 2017

Chapter 13 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 58 times)

Chapter 13



“What happened and why are you angry at me?” Arnav asked sitting opposite to Anand on the bed.

Anand looked at him and asked, “Do you remember anything about our first year at Harvard?”

“Yeah, we won a project competition....umm you got a French girlfriend, then we both got into a fight with a guy and....”

“Only in bits! We both remember our first year days in pieces!” Anand said.

Arnav frowned and Anand turned the laptop he was using to Arnav. Arnav leaned and read the article titled “Memory Erasure”

Anand sighed and said “Scientists have developed memory inhibiting drugs. It’s not available in markets but only in some high profile hospitals and some rehabilitation centres. It erases unpleasant memories from our brain!”

“Why are you showing me this? Are you trying to tell me that we’re given memory inhibitors during first year?” Arnav asked.

“Your sister just admitted that she erased our memories!” Anand said.


Anand sighed and narrated his entire conversation with Anjali.

Arnav sat open mouthed and Anand said angrily, “So apparently you and your sister played with a poor girl’s heart! You used her to hide your ****uality! You’re so pathetic Arnav!”

Arnav looked down and then at him.

“Just use your brain and tell me, do you remember anything ANYTHING about Khushi?” Anand asked desperately, “I promised her that I would help her and bring justice to her! I need to find her killer!”

Arnav shrugged and said, “I don’t remember but one thing is for sure....we all are in some way linked to her death!”

“We are” Anand said “I am going to ask you some questions. Will you answer me honestly?”


“Di ki kasam?” Anand asked firmly.

“Di ki kasam” Arnav nodded.

“Are you still in relationship with NK?” he asked.

Arnav sighed and said “Yes”

“How long have you been in relationship with him?”

Arnav looked down and mumbled, “7 years”

“Sorry?” Anand asked.

“7 years” Arnav said loudly.

Anand stared at him in shock and Arnav sighed, “Di doesn’t know that. She thinks that I met NK from Harvard but I knew him earlier from high school. He was di’s classmate!”

“Then?” Anand asked.

“We both kept it in dark. Then he went to Harvard and after three years I got a scholarship there. During my first visit back from hostel I decided to tell di. So I showed her the photo of NK and then you know the rest...”

“Complete it!” Anand said firmly.

“Complete what?” Arnav asked.

“The story. You showed di the pic and...”

“And she recognized her friend. Then I left the room purposefully so that she will look at other photos. She scrolled through the gallery and....” Arnav suddenly stopped looking at Anand who was smiling at him.

“What happened?” Arnav asked looking at his friend.

“How do you remember all this?” Anand asked smiling.

“I don’t remember. You said this to...” he suddenly stopped and his face grew pale.

Anand smirked and said, “You’re brilliant Arnav but even brilliant people fall sometimes!”

Arnav gulped and Anand said, “When I told you that I came to know about NK you assumed that I know how Anjali came to know about this. I didn’t correct that! I only know that Khushi found out about you and your boyfriend NK!”

“So you...”

“Yes” Anand said standing up, “I didn’t know how Anjali came to know about NK. She never told me! Then how the hell do you remember that when we both had our memories erased? How is that possible unless....your memory was not erased?”

Arnav sucked a deep breath and stood up. He gulped and looked at his friend who was staring at him in anger.


Jul 19, 2017

Chapter 14 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 50 times)

Chapter 14



“Come on Arnav, tell do you remember all this?” Anand asked angrily.

Arnav was about to say something when the flower vase on the bedside table fell on the floor crashing into pieces.

The boys looked at the vase and then at each other.

“Hello boys” a voice was heard and they turned to find Khushi sitting on the bed.

Anand looked at Arnav and then at Khushi.

“Khushi, I’m close to it. Arnav and Anjali are in some way related to your murder” Anand said.

Khushi scoffed and looked at Arnav, “Arnav, the next time you talk to your sister please don’t forget that I can always hear you!”

Anand frowned and looked at Arnav who was gulping.

Khushi looked at Anand and said, “I know who my killer is. Thank you for all your efforts Anand but I found my killer!”

“Who?” Anand asked.

Khushi smiled faintly and stood up.

“You promised me to bring justice for me. Then do it! Investigate this and find my killer! Bring him before law” Khushi challenged.

Anand frowned and looked at Arnav who was standing pale. “I’m sure that Arnav’s memory is not erased. If not then how come he...” he was cut off by Khushi, “I don’t want to hear your conclusions dear. Drag my killer to law.”

He sighed and said, “Okay, I’ll do it!”

Khushi smiled and looked at Arnav who looked down.

“Anand, Anjali must be there at her room! Why don’t you go and start your investigation there?” Khushi asked chuckling.

Anand looked to and fro between Arnav and Khushi and left the room.






“I want nothing but truth!” Anand said.

Anjali sighed and said, “So I cannot hide for long!”

“NO. Did you know that Arnav met a ghost at woods – Khushi?”

“Yes” Anjali said smiling.

“And then she is here?”


“She asked us to find her killer”


“YOU KNEW EVERYTHING!” Anand cried “Tell me the truth. Who killed her and why? What is your role in that?”

“Fine then hear it! We didn’t tamper with Arnav’s memory but only with yours because we didn’t want you to remember ANYTHING about Khushi!” Anjali snapped.


“Me, Arnav and NK” Anjali said.

“WHY?” Anand cried, “What is happening and Arnav remember Khushi. So he remembered her when he saw her from woods!”

Anjali smiled and looked away.

“Answer me!” Anand cried.

“You still live in a bubble Anand. You’re surrounded with fantasy!” Anjali whispered.

Anand frowned and Anjali said, “Arnav meeting Khushi’s ghost at woods, you taking her out for a date, Khushi coming here and asking you to find her murderer.....all that was a plan!”

Anand sat frozen. “So...” he gathered his voice, “She is not a ghost?”

“She is” Anjali said, “Three years ago Khushi was killed. Just two days after the death, Arnav met her ghost from Harvard. It’s like only Arnav and you can see her. She never came before you but was before Arnav for 3 years!”

Anand gasped and buried his face in his palm, “Everything is lie! EVERYTHING! AND EVERYONE! Even Khushi lied to me. WHY?”






Arnav looked at Khushi and asked, “So you heard mine and di’s talk yesterday night. How much did you hear?”

“Everything” Khushi whispered.

Arnav sighed and looked down.

“You’re brilliant Arnav. You even fooled a ghost!” Khushi said smiling faintly.

“Khushi...I didn’t have a choice” Arnav whispered.

“I wish I had a friend like you who would do anything to save me!” Khushi said lying on the bed, “Anand is so lucky to have you!”

Arnav sighed and walked towards the bed. He sat on the bed near to her and asked, “Why am I able to see you?”

“Because I’m here” she said chuckling.

“You know what I mean” he said.

She sat up and looked at him. She caressed his cheek and whispered, “Because our love is true!”

“And why can Anand see you?” he asked.

She smiled and whispered “Because he killed me”



Jul 20, 2017

Chapter 15 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 62 times)

Chapter 15



“Urrgh! I hate this!” Anand said to Arnav.

Both the boys were in a group of freshers who were being shown around the campus as a part of orientation.

“I’m trying to spot basketball court!” Arnav said chuckling.

“But they are just taking us to labs and classrooms. Seriously who needs that?” Anand hissed.

“Hey you two, come here!” they heard a loud voice and turned to find some boys sitting on bikes. They motioned their fingers asked them to come.

Arnav and Anand pointed to themselves asking, “Us?”

“Come here dimwits!” the leader of the gang shouted and the other boys laughed.

Arnav and Anand walked to them and the boys asked, “Names”

“Arnav” “Anand”

“What kind of names are those?” one boy asked laughing.

“It’s Indian names. You won’t be able to pronounce it since you guys are British!” Anand said recognizing their accents.

“Hey don’t be over smart. You gotta respect seniors, little boy!” another boy hissed and Anand looked down.

“Which course” one boy asked.

“BBA” Anand and Arnav said together.

The boy was about to ask something when they heard a voice, “What is going on?”

“Ah! Here we have another Indian!” a boy rolled his eyes.

“Leader of anti ragging squad. Ms. Nerd Gupta” another boy said as a girl wearing shirt and jeans with spectacles covering her eyes walked to them.

“You cannot rag freshers. It’s against rules” she said sternly.

“What are you gonna do nerd?” a boy asked laughing.

“You know what I can do!” she said calmly, “You guys are second year isn’t it? It isn’t late to pack your bags and leave the institution!”

The boys got up and walked away muttering and she turned to the boys.

“Hey, aren’t you Anjali’s brother?” she asked looking at Arnav.

“Yes. Khushi right? Di told me that you’re studying here” Arnav said smiling.

“Khushi Gupta” she said extending her hand and Arnav shook it.

She extended it to Anand who smiled and accepted it. “Anand Sharma”

“Go and continue the orientation. And yes, I’m the leader of anti ragging squad, so if you have any trouble, come to me! Here is my number” Khushi said handing them a paper with her number scribbled over it.

“Thank you” the boys said and she walked away.





Two months later


“Khushi please...”

“Arnav, I said NO” she said sternly and continued reading her book.

He sat near him and took away the book. “Why can’t you go out for a date with me?” he asked.

“I’m not interested” she said.

“Why?”He whined.

“Because you’re a whiny baby” she said laughing.

“Khushi” he cried.

“Fine” she turned to him, “You want reasons why I’m not interested?”

He nodded his head vigorously.

“Number one, you’re a baby. Number two, you’re immature. Well that can be associated to number one. Number three, you’re my best friend’s brother. That’s a complete NO in relationship protocols. And finally number four and the most important one, I DON’T LIKE YOU!” she finished in a breath.

Arnav sighed and said, “So it’s a no it seems”

“It doesn’t seem....IT IS A NO” she said sternly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll pester you and make that no and yes” he said smiling cheekily.

She groaned and he stood up. He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

“Hey” she whined and rubbed her cheek with her sleeve.

“See you later babe!” he sang and ran out of the library.




A month later


“Yes’s a yes....

Oh my divine gods....

It’s a yes....” Arnav sang as he danced around his room.

“What has gotten into you?” Anand asked frowning as he walking into his crazy friend who was dancing.

“Khushi....she said a yes....

She got me in a mess....

She said a yes.....” he sang and took Anand’s hand twirling him.

“Arnav” Anand cried.

“SHE SAID A YES TO GO OUT WITH ME!” Arnav screamed and jumped around the room. Suddenly he stopped seeing Anand filming it.

“Hey” he cried and Anand said chuckling, “Lemme send this to Khushi. I’m sure she would change her mind”

“NO” he cried and pulled his friend’s mobile.

“Oh my god! I’m so happy today” Arnav said and slumped on the bed.

Anand chuckled and Arnav sprang up. “Can you believe it? She said a yes to me!”

“You’re acting as if she said yes to marry you” Anand said laughing.

“One day I would get her say that too!” Arnav said smiling.

Anand rolled his eyes and said “Yeah whatever”



Jul 22, 2017

Chapter 16 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 60 times)

Chapter 16



“Hello NK!” Arnav and Anand cried as NK joined them from lunch at canteen.

“Hey boys, how’s it going?”

“How’s what going?” Arnav asked frowning.

“Your classes and also relationship with a senior girl!” NK said raising his eyebrows.

Anand laughed and Arnav blushed red.

“Classes and relationship are inversely proportional to each other NK” Anand said controlling his laughter, “Ever since Arnav got his happiness, I mean got his Khushi, studies went downhill!”

“Well not for her it seems” NK said laughing, “Khushi is still the class topper!”

“That’s my girl” Arnav said.

“What’s happening here?” Khushi asked taking a seat joining the three boys.

“Nothing just applying inverse proportionality constants for practical things” Anand said and NK burst into laughter.

Khushi frowned and looked at Arnav who smiled sheepishly. “They are crazy!”

“Anyway, what’s the plan after lunch break?” NK asked.

“We’re going for a date!” Khushi said wrapping her arm around Arnav.

“Bunking classes again? This is the fourth this week!” Anand cried.

Arshi shrugged and NK said, “Let them sick puppies!”

Anand chuckled and Arshi got up. “Okay then, we’re leaving. Bye!”

They left and Anand looked at NK.

“Well since they have gone, why don’t we also leave?” NK asked smiling slyly.

“Is there a need to ask?” Anand asked smirking.





“Well looks like your brother and my sister are in same class. Payal did mention someone named Akash!” Khushi said sipping her chocolate shake.

Arnav smiled and said, “See even our siblings are close friends!”

“So?” Khushi asked frowning.

“Nothing I just....urrgh! I don’t know why I’m going on uttering rubbish these days” Arnav groaned.

She giggled and Arnav said, “It’s because I’ve been holding something inside me!”

“What?” she asked frowning.

Arnav smiled and stood up. He walked to the opposite chair where she sat and kneeled before her.

“Arnav” she gasped.

“Khushi, I have loved since the first day I met you, years ago, at my house with my sister. I tried to consider you as a sister but couldn’t! Then I decided to fix you as my friend. I failed there too! And then I realized that there is only one way that I can see and that’s as my beloved soul mate!” he said and took out a ring.

She gasped and he said, “Don’t worry. It’s not an engagement ring. Just a promise ring. It’s a promise from me that you’re the one; the one whom I have in my dreams, the one whom I’m gonna marry in future, the one who will be mother of my children and the one with whom I’ll breathe my last!”

He extended his palm and she smiled in tears. She placed her palm on his hand and Arnav smiled slipping the ring to her finger. The other people of restaurant clapped for the couple and Arnav stood up and leaned to kiss her passionately.





“So who was it today?” Arnav said slumping on the hostel bed.

Anand raised his eyebrows in question and Arnav said chuckling, “Come on, there is new hickey on your neck. So tell who today’s date was!”

“’s not someone you know” Anand said looking away.

“Anu....” Arnav sang, “Who is it my boy? Are you hiding something?”

“Hiding? Me? No. It's a mosquito bite and i didn't have any date today.” Anand said.

“So my best friend went out without a word and comes back with new love bites and a **** hair. You want me to believe your word? Tell me her name!” Arnav demanded.

“Nila” Anand said.

“Nila? Never head of her!” Arnav frowned.

“Met her at a club” Anand said.

Suddenly his phone blinked indicating a message and Arnav raised an eyebrow.

“Message at 11.45 night? Must be from “Nila”?” Arnav asked and Anand rolled his eyes taking the mobile.

His face suddenly hardened and Arnav frowned, “What is it?”

“Nothing. Err...I gotta go” Anand stood up.

“What happened Anand?” Arnav asked sitting up.

“It’s Nila’s friend. Err...Nila is drunk and I gotta...pick her up” Anand said and hurried out of the room.

“Okay!” Arnav shrugged and lied back on his bed.


“The next morning they found Khushi’s dead body in her hostel room. Sleeping pills overdose!” Anjali said and looked at Anand who was sitting before her.

Anand looked down and then at her, “So....Arnav is not gay. He loved Khushi”

Anjali nodded.

“He was not in relationship with NK. I was” Anand whispered.

Anjali nodded.

Anjali sighed and said, “If you don’t believe me, I’ll get you in contact with NK. He’ll show you many proofs and you can be sure that you both weren’t JUST friends!”

Anand frowned and asked, “But then...what happened afterwards? I went to NK right? And who killed Khushi?”

Anjali chuckled and asked, “Isn’t that obvious Anand?”

“NK?” Anand asked with eyes widened.

Anjali scoffed and said, “Gotta give an award to NK’s father. He definitely did a good work in erasing your memory! Even after trying hard to get you reminded of the past and giving you hints, you don’t remember an ounce! Urrgh! Science!”

“Wait what? Giving me hints?” Anand frowned.

Anjali shrugged.

“Listen I’m getting confused. Let me assemble things. So Arnav and Khushi were love sick puppies. I was gay and in relationship with NK, Khushi’s classmate and our friend. Then Khushi died. Who killed her? Then, Arnav could see for the past three years but didn’t tell me a word. Then you, Arnav and Khushi played a drama and made me believe that Arnav played with Khushi’s feelings and was in relationship with NK. And also that me and Arnav had our memory erased and Arnav is still in relationship with NK.” Anand finished with a sigh.

“Right!” Anjali said smiling.

“So now complete the story. What happened after I got Nila, I mean NK’s message? What was the message? Where did I go? And how am I related to Khushi’s murder!” Anand asked.

“BECAUSE YOU KILLED HER!” Anjali hissed in anger.




Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 17 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 69 times)

Chapter 17



“Hey NK” Khushi said walking into NK’s house.

“Hey Khush” NK said greeting her.

“You gotta help me in my project” Khushi said slumping on the couch.

“Class topper Khushi Gupta needs this guy’s help?” NK asked pointing to himself.

Khushi nodded and NK handed her his phone, “I had taken photo of npn transistor circuit from lab. You’re working on that right”

She squealed and said, “Thank you so much NK! You’re the best!”

NK laughed and said, “You sit. I’ll get some drinks!”

He walked away and Khushi copied the pic to her mobile and found herself scrolling for other pictures in the gallery.




“Here you go Gupta girl” NK said placing a glass of orange juice before Khushi who was checking his mobile.

He snatched it and said laughing, “When I give you my mobile to see a pic you’re not supposed to check the other pics!”

But Khushi didn’t laugh. Instead, she snatched his mobile back and shoved it into his face. “EXPLAIN THIS!”

NK looked at the photo and gulped. Oh ****! Why didn’t he transfer those pics to another folder?

“NK I ASKED YOU TO EXPLAIN!” Khushi shouted.


“What does this mean?” Khushi asked angrily looking at the pic and scrolled for more images.

“It is what it is” NK snapped.

Khushi looked at him shocked.

“No...You cannot” Khushi gasped.

“But I am!” NK said looking down, “Khushi this is what I am!”

“What the ****! This can’t be true” she cried.

Arnav said “It is Khushi. This is true. I’m gay and Anand is my boyfriend”

He slowly took the phone from her hold and held it behind his back.

“But NK....why did you hide this from me?” Khushi cried.

He didn’t reply but started typing a message with mobile in his back.

To: Baby

Come home now! Khushi knows. Trouble!





“What happened?” Anand asked breathing heavily as he stormed into the house.

NK was sitting on the couch with his head buried in palm. “She knows. She found out and she is gonna ruin us!”he cried.

“How?” Anand asked.

“She saw the pics in my mobile!”

“But NK! What if our classmates know? And your family? Stop her dude, she is gonna ruin us! STOP HER!” Anand cried.

“She has already gone to her hostel!” NK cried.

“Oh god! She is gonna call Arnav!” Anand cried.

“Anu, I’ll go to Arnav and trick him to go out with me for a party or something. You go and talk to Khushi because she won’t listen to me!” NK said and Anand nodded.





“Why are we here in this party?” Arnav asked bored.

“Dude, just get your head off from Khushi and have fun!” NK said slapping his arm.

“Parties are not my thing” Arnav said shrugging.

“Hey NK, why are you roaming with freshers?” a boy asked.

“He is not some fresher! He is the boyfriend of a senior girl!” NK said laughing.

Everyone chuckled and Arnav blushed red.

“Dude, tell us, how on earth did you get her?” a senior boy asked and wrapped his arm around Arnav.

“Story time! Story time!” everyone cried, “We all wanna know your tactics for which Khushi fell!”

Arnav stood awkwardly and boys dragged him to a gang. NK let out a deep breath and smiled. “Good. He is distracted!” NK said to himself and looked at Arnav’s phone which he had got hold of.

59 missed calls from Khushi.

He smirked and switched off the phone.

His mobile dinged a bell and he took it.

From: Baby

She is dead.


His eyes widened and he gasped at the message.


To: Baby



From: Baby

I killed her.

Help me. Save me.


NK gulped his throat and called the guy.

“What the **** are you telling?” NK hissed.

“Didn’t have a choice NK! She had every plan to ruin us!” Anand hissed from other side.

“And you.....” NK looked around and whispered in a low voice, “Killed her?”

“Suffocated her with a pillow! She died!” Anand said.

“God now what? Listen, where are you?” NK asked.

“At her hostel room!”

“Is her eyes open?” NK asked.


“Close it. You should close dead eyes before its long” NK said immediately.

He heard some noises as Anand moved and heard him telling, “I don’t understand how eyes matters now!”

“It matters dimwit. Now take a paper and pen. Write a suicide note in Khushi’s handwriting that she ended her life due to study pressure!”

NK waited for a while for Anand to finish it and craned his neck to find Arnav chatting with senior boys, completely drunk!

“Gotcha” Anand said.

“Now go to your room! I’ll take care of the rest!” NK said and cut the call.

He dialled his father’s number and walked out of the club. He said, “Dad, I need your help. By tomorrow morning you’ll get a dead body at your hospital. You have to conduct the post mortem and give a report that it’s a suicide. Sleeping pills overdose! And yes, send me that memory inhibiting drug you once talked to me about!”





Jul 30, 2017

Last Chapter (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 73 times)

Last Chapter



Arnav walked into the room and Anjali looked up. Anand was sitting with head hung low and Arnav walked to the bed and sat there.

“Why did you wait for three years?” Anand asked.

“We’re collecting proofs” Anjali said.

Anand looked at her and Arnav sighed, “That night when I came back to hostel, I tried calling Khushi. She didn’t take my call. The next morning people found her body! I did not know what to do. It was as if I had gone mad. Reports came as suicide and I instantly knew that something was wrong! Khushi would never suicide and study pressure? Na, not for Khushi! I went to the doctor who conducted post-mortem and came to know that it’s NK’s father!”

“I called NK” Anjali continued, “And he said that it’s a pure case of suicide! But we didn’t believe and then one day Arnav sat Khushi before him!”

“I was so terrified. I thought I’m imagining things but turned out to be true. I could see her. And she said that you could too because you killed her!” Arnav said angrily.

“We just had Khushi’s words that told us that you’re the killer and NK is helper but we did not have proofs. We tried interrogating you but you did not even remember Khushi nor about your first year days! Not even about your relation with NK. NK and his dad completely erased your memory with that drug! To not get into trouble, NK never contacted you and went to London after Harvard studies!” Anjali said.

“Then we tried another method to bring back your memory – by scaring you and recreating those moments! You did not know Khushi so we didn’t push you. I kept you away from conversations with classmates where Khushi would be mentioned. I convinced you that you have no other friend other than me! I convinced everyone at college that we both are traumatized by Khushi’s death and does not like to talk about it! We gave you so many hints, like gay relation. I acted as gay and secret relation with NK while in real it was you. The way di found about me and NK was exactly how Khushi found about you and NK. But no use!” Arnav said sighing.

“But we got proofs against NK. Apparently he and his dad are misusing the drugs available at hospital. They are selling it abroad and making money. NK also has some connection with underworld and we have already reported this to Scotland Yard. NK is caught and is gifted life imprisonment!” Anjali said smirking.

Anand sighed and stood up. He turned back to see Khushi standing by the door glaring at him.

“You promised me to bring me my justice! I need it NOW Anand. I demand justice” Khushi said coldly. Anjali frowned looking at Anand since she couldn’t see or hear Khushi. But Arnav heard her and looked at Anand.

“How?” Anand whispered.

“Death for death!” Khushi whispered.







Arnav lighted the pyre and let his ex-best friend’s body burn in flames. Anjali stood with no expression while Nani, mami and Akash looked on with sad faces. Payal and Buaji smiled in satisfaction to see their Khushi’s killer being burnt.

Anand jumped off a cliff. That was how the news was presented before Akash, Nani and mami. And then slowly Arnav explained everything to the family and also to Guptas. It was hard for Raizadas to accept that the jolly young boy they all loved actually committed such a cruel crime to hide his secret!

Arnav walked out of the premises where they were burning Anand. He stood by a tree and felt small tears on his cheeks.

Anand! He was his best friend since childhood! The best companion! His blood boiled recalling the day, 3 years ago, when Khushi told him how Anand killed her by suffocating with a pillow! All this for burying a secret? Why couldn’t he tell Arnav that he was gay? Arnav would’ve accepted him and would’ve stood with him but....he had to kill his love who found about his secret! Only Arnav knows how it feels to stay with a guy who had killed the love of your life for three years!

“Arnav” a voice called him and he turned to find a smiling Khushi. She appeared more whitish and he frowned.

“Why do you look like this?” he asked.

“I have to go” she whispered.

“WHAT?” he screamed.

“I have to go Arnav. I’ve got my justice. My killers are punished! Now it’s time for me to leave earth!” Khushi said smiling.

“No. You can’t leave me!” he cried and lifted his hand but she floated backwards.

“Everyone has to go Arnav. It’s time for me to! I have attained my salvation and I cannot stay here!” she whispered.

“Khushi...please” he cried hot tears rolling down his cheek, “I love you. Don’t leave me!”

“Promise me that you’ll be happy”


Khushi smiled and she started getting blurred.

“NO!” Arnav cried.

“Stay happy Arnav. Promise me that you’ll find someone for you, someone better than me!” Khushi whispered as she started to disappear.

Arnav burst into tears and Khushi whispered, “Promise me!”

“I promise” he said in tears and she completely disappeared. He broke down under the tree and cried his heart out.





10 years later


United States


Arnav Singh Raizada – the name holds royalty!

At the age of 21 he joined Christopher Andrew Styles at Styles Corp as junior accountant. Realizing that his interest is in fashion designing, Mr. Styles transferred him to designing section. Working there for three years, Arnav Singh Raizada decided to open his own fashion house.

Today, after 7 years of AR’s opening, Raizada, known as ASR, is the number 1 fashion designer in the world. With his brother Akash Singh Raizada as vice CEO, AR group is climbing up steps of success with each day. ASR’s sister Anjali Singh Raizada is the principal of AR college of engineering and Akash Singh Raizada’s wife Payal Singh Raizada also works there as the head of Electronics and Communication department.

“Don’t you get bored by watching news about yourself?”

He felt the remote being snatched from him and the TV was switched off. He chuckled and said, “It is a great feeling to know that the world is talking about me!”

“And here I’m talking TO you! Did you hear what I said?” she asked angrily.

“Of course dear wifey, we’re going to the grave! God, you seem more excited to go there than me!” he said smiling.

“Yes because I can talk to her about controlling an akdoo named Arnav Singh Raizada!” she said smacking his arm, “Go get ready man. Even Khushi is waiting!”

He smiled and walked to the room getting ready.

He walked out wearing black and black suite and smiled fondly at his 4 year old daughter, Khushi, who was sitting on the living room couch swinging her legs in air.

“Daddy” she squealed and Arnav laughed lifting her in his arms.

“Let’s go!” the mother of his daughter cried.




“Hello Khushi, hope you’re fine! Well I’m not! This guy” she said pointing to Arnav, “is troubling me a lot. How on earth did you fall in love with this akdoo? Hmmm well I don’t blame you. Even I fell in love with this Arrogant Singh Raizada!”

“Why is mamma insulting you before Khushi aunty?” little Khushi whispered to his father’s ear.

“Every woman whom I love likes to insult me!” Arnav whispered back and looked at his wife, Sakshi, who was ranting about how irritating he was to the grave of his dead girlfriend, Khushi.

“Does that include me daddy?” little Khushi asked innocently.

“Well no! You’re daddy’s angel!” Arnav whispered rocking her in his arms. Khushi giggled and looked at her mother who was still ranting about Arnav.

Arnav smiled and looked at his wife and then at his daughter. Falling in love again was not easy. But he did it for Khushi. He gave a chance to Sakshi, who joined AR as an intern, for his Khushi and never in his five years of marriage with her has he ever regretted about that! Sakshi knew everything about Khushi and has made it a ritual to visit Khushi’s grave every month and tell her about how they are (well more like complaining about Arnav). She even named their daughter Khushi as a remembrance of the beautiful angel and also in the hope that she would grow up as Khushi Kumari Gupta.







P.S There WILL NOT be an epilogue







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