Chapter 1

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Jun 4

Second Chance- Chapter 7 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 37 times)

Hello really very truely sorry for not updating. I was very busy...we were having school projects and i didn't have time. But i will try to update soon. Pls forgive me. Khushi stood in shock with tears brimming from her eyes to her face. She didn't know what to say. She was totally shocked. But what affected her was that this great ASR has fallen head over heells with his wife. She didn't know what to say but she felt a soft corner for him in her heart. She never expected turn of events. She did not expect that Arnav will fall in love with her. Even though she doubt that he was speaking the truth and guilt, but seeing the love for her was PROFF. A VALID PROOF. Giving the marriage a second chance was tempting. She didn't want to get hurt and heartbroken again. She won't be normal if her hearts breaks again. Soon she saw Arnav standing up with a defeated look written all over his face. The was pain evident in his eyes. He thought that even though what he did was bad, he misunderstood her, tortured her emotionally and physicall, he didn't even deserve that chance. He now felt there was no hope left. Just as he was about to turn, Khushi held his arm. Arnav was waiting for a yes, he had a hint of hope in his eyes. He knows what he is asking is a big thing. But after he talked to Sid he realised that his closness to Khushi was not attraction or emotionally attraction but i was Love. Love. He was in love with his wife. But after some minutes passed, he understood that there was no chance that Khushi will give to him. He felt the pain, the unbearable pain. He turned and wipe the tears in the corner of his eyes. But the next moment, he felt a familar hand holding his wrist never to let it go. He turned to see Khush looking at him with a small smile on her face. ''Yes'', Khushi said. ''Yes, i will give this marriage and relationship a second chance. He hugged her resting his head and her shoulder. Khushi felt droplets of tears on her back. Soon Arnav broke the hug. ''I promise you that i will not do anything to hurt you. I will protect you and keep you in my arms. I will never let you down'', Arnav said determindley. Sorry for not posting more. I will update more soon. Sorry again. Please comment and let me know your views. Love you all. Thank u

Jun 4

Second Chance- Chapter 8 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 37 times)

Arnav hugged Khushi once again. He broke the hug. Arnav wore the ring on Khushi's finger and place a kiss on her hand and she blushed. They left home with smile beaming on their faces. After 6 months: Khushi was sitting by the poolside reading a book but lost in thoughts and memories of the past six months. After that night, that night she gave Arnav the second chance. Arnav kept his promise and she felt happy. In this six months a lot of things happened like both became best buddies, their remarriage, Sid and Lavanya's marriage, Anjali falling in love with his college mate, Rohit. Finally after six months of dating, gifts, surprises and temple visits. The great ASR finally made his wife fall in love with him again. Khush never thought she could love again, because she was hurt and tortured. Khushi want to tell him immediately and share her happiness with him. But he was on a business meeting and will come tonight. She remembered how stubborn he was not leaving for the meeting as he can not stay away from her that long which was 2 weeks! She literally fought with him to make him go for the meeting. But once she left she regretted convincing him to go as she was missing him like hell. But this distance made her realise her feelings for him. Khushi knows he will be returning tonight and she knows how to express her feelings to him. Arnav was sitting at the back sit of his car with irritation as he was stuck in traffic. He can't wait to see his wife again after two weeks and now he was stuck and in traffic for the past one hour, he was a mess without his wife for the couple of weeks without his wife. He became an addiction in the last six months. He can not sleep or even eat without her. He really wanted to be in her arms. What is Khushi planning? Pls comment. I will update soon. Thank u lovelies

Jun 11

Second Chance- Chapter 9 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 48 times)

Hello guys, am truely sorry for not updating early. My personal life is weighing me down. Am truely sorrrryyyyy... Here it goes: In this last 6 months, Khushi has become his everything and used to solve his problems. Make him sleep in her lap if he feels saddened, made him sleep in her arms when he was deserted and he did everything in his power to make her happy. He even started going to the temple with his wife just to made her happy and to see a smile on her face. Though they neber touched themselves with ****ual intension, Arnav tried ro control his physcial attraction towards her as he didn't want to spoil their new formed friendship. Though Arnav wanted to hear that 3 magical words from her lips, he knows he can't force her to love him as love comes naturally but not by force. Because of his love he can wait for as long as she can take to love him. His thoughts broke after he sensed that the traffic was moving, he was excited to meet his wife after 2 weeks. ******************************************* Arnav reached home 11 past 5 at midnight, with a spare key he opened the door as he didn't want to disturb anyone as it was late. And he knows that by that time everyone is already sleeping by Khushi's order. Arnav without making a noise went to his room. He was confused to find all the lights off as Khushi can not sleep without the lights on unless someone cuddles her. He carefully closed the door without making a noise and switchws on the light only to freeze in shock seeing the sight before him. He saw his lovely wifey sitting in the ,iddle of the bed like a new bride in their second wedding dress looking at him with a smil while the room was decorated with candles and roses. Arnav didn't know how to react seeing what he saw. Seeing his shocked state, Khushi stood up from the bed and walked towards him with a smile on her face. She stood in front of him before Arnav came out from his shock. Arnav: What is all this? Khushi: Arnav i wanted to tell you this for the past one week. We know that we have gone through many hurdles in life to reach where we are now. I was glad that you ask me for a second chance. I was happy that you humbled yourself to ask for another chance, for if i didn't give you that chance, i would not have met and seen how great and a good friend you are. All i want to tell you is that I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart. I cannot leave without you, i am a mess without you. I am not completed without you. *she said with a few tears in her eyes* Arnac hugged her in happiness ad finally.Finally she was returned his proposal. He hugged him tight. Pls comment and hit the 'thank you' button. Love you all!

Jun 18

Second Chance- Chapter 10 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 40 times)

Hello guys sorry for keeping you waiting... Here it goes:***************************************** Arnav hugged Khushi tightly and he was sobbing. Khushi broke the hug first. ''These tears are too precious to loose Arnav'', Khushi said with a smile and Arnav felt a kind of peace and relaxation in his heart. ''It's good even if I loose my life for you Khushi'', Arnav said with a teary smile. And Khushi kept her hand on his mouth shaking her head not agreeing with him. ''Do not talk like that ever again'', Khushi said with a glare and Arnav kissed her palm with a smile and Khushi took her hand back blushing. ''I love you'', Arnav said cupping her face. ''I love you too'', Khushi said with a smile and Arnav lifted her in her arms and walked towards their bed without breaking the eyelock. After 10 minutes, Arnav removed all the jewls and place a kiss on her forehead. ''Open your eyes'', Arnav said in a husky voice and she slowly opened her eyes and looked in to the eyes of her hubby contaning love. Only love and admirance! ''I love you and always will'', Arnav said with a soft voice and captured her lips into a passionate kiss. Khushi, it was the first time for her. She was not responding, but as the kiss grew passionate she learned! Arnav started to worship her body and Khushi was lost in another world, full of passion and deep pleasure! *********************************************** AFTER 3 MONTHS: Khushi was pacing back and forth in their room with a tensed expression on her face biting her nails. She did not know who to tell the matter to Arnav and closed her eyes in irritation. Khushi: Eyyy, Devi Maiyya, please help me. ''It is all his fault. Entirely His! If he kept this naughtiness to himself then this would not have happened. And now when she wants to share the news with himm he was out of town. Hello guys. Please do you guys want an epilogue??? Thanks for the support. Please comment and Thank. Thank u dearies. I will maybe update tommorrow.....

Jun 18

Notice- Take into consideration (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 14 times)

Hello guys... Am going to change the concept of the story. I will not prolong it as i am about to end. Thanks so far for the encouaraging words. I will not have done it without you guys. You can read my on-going stories at my Facebook page, Fanfictions Corner by Chashmish. Please like and comment at my facebook page. Please, also invite others to read my stories at my Facebook page. Thank you dearies. I love you all!

Jun 20

Notice...It is important!!!!!!!! (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 15 times)

Please, i have again noticed that you are following and liking my page, which is Fanfiction's Corner by Chashmish. I have problems with that page because it's comment icon isn't working. Because of that, i have created another page which is, Arshi Fanfiction Corner by chashmish, which is also my page. So please like, follow and comment on Arshi fanfiction Corner by Chashmish. Because i have started another story Wrongly Understood, and i wish to share with you. Please if you follow that page please comment and like because it is encouraging me to write more. I will like about 38 followers, about 50 likes and comments please. I am on my knees...

Jun 22

Second Chance- Chapter 11- Last Part (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 30 times)

Hello, guys thanks for supporting me through this story. I really appreciate it

Here it goes:

"Uff, if he comes i am going to kill him", Khushi said in a huff.

" Well, am here", Arnav said leaning on the door frame ****ily. Khushi run into his arms and buried her face on her chest. And Arnav buried his face on her neck. They stood in the same position for sometime and after feeling home, Khushi broke the hug and spoke..

"I missed you", Khushi said and Arnav could sense the happiness in her voice.

"I thought you were going to kill me when i get home once you see me.

Khushi playfully hit his chest and Arnav smiled.

"Shut up, I missed you", Khushi said..

"I missed you too my ****y wife", Arnav said with a wink and Khushi blushed and Khushi got an idea to break the news to him.

"Arnav, I want to tell you something", Khushi said with a tensed voice.r"

"Yes Khushi, what is it? Any problem?",Arnav said..

" I..I am ...", Khushi said stammering.

"Khushi, tell me what is it?", Arnav said a little irritated.

"Arnav,I am pre..pregnant", Khushi said with closed eyes.

After a few seconds of silence, Khushi thought that Arnav hasn't accepted the baby. She opened her eyes slowly just to see Arnav smiling..

"Khushi, you are not joking right", Arnav said..

"Arnav, am pregnant", Khushi said again..

"Really? You are? OMG!", Arnav said and lifted her up and twirled her.

"Arnav, it is okay! My head is spinning", Khushi said with her hands on her head.

"Ohh, am sorry, am sorry", Arnav said and place Khushi on the bed. After a few seconds, Arnav place his head on Khushi's tummy.

"Hey, my little princess, how are you doing? I hope you come soon. I love you princess", Arnav said smiling.

"Arnav, how did you know that it is a girl", Khushi said.

"Well,i believe that it is girl", Arnav said.

"Khushi, thank you for everything. Especially for the SECOND CHANCE. You have made me really happy. Thank you", Arnav said with tears in his eyes.

"Arnav, i am happy to have you as my hubby. I would have regretted if i did not give you a SECOND CHANCE. I love you!", Khushi said smiling.

Arnav pulled Khushi closer and kiss her lips lightly while his other hand was caressing her tummy, where their symbol of love growing. And that moment both Arshi know that this is the new beginning of their new family!

How was it? I hope it was good! Please comment. I am still updating my new story "Wrongly Understood", at my Facebook page, Fan fiction's Corner By Chashmish.


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Hello all! Thanks for the likes amd thank yous' you have been clicking. You guys have been with me throughout the story. Thanks alot! Well, i opened a page at facebook and was writting some of my stories but i was not getting likes and comments. Only three likes and three comments! But i have 46 likes????? Why???? I have taken a decision to write the story here so that, others who are not on facebook can access my stories. Thanks. Please vote if you support me... Thank you. I love you buddies!!..

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Continuation (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 17 times)

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