Chapter 1

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May 7, 1917

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May 6

Chapter 1 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 46 times)

It was Sunday morning, it was neither too cold or hot. Arnav who was sleeping on his comfortable bed, started to wake up hearing the daily bajan of his wife. It was a daily routine for him to wake up hearing her melodious voice, which kind of brought peace to his confused heart. ************** They have been married for the past six months and lying under the same roof as husband and wife, though he never accepted her as his wife. Because this marriage only happened to take revenge from her for spoiling his sister, Anjali's life by by snatching her boyfriend and love and his bestfriend. He wondered how Khushi would be so different. He thought Khushi was a gold digger and loved Sid for only for his money, which was a big lie. He thought Khushi married him because he was richer than Sid. At first he was torturing her, both physically and emotionally, he kept taunting her that she is an orphan **************** He never allowed her to sleep in the room, he always allowed her to sleep at the balcony near the poolside knowing it will be uncomfortable from cold and insects. At first, he thought Khushi would beg for forgiveness, but she didn't, she was always keeping his orders and doing what he says. Now he feels bad when he sees Khushi crying, he sees the pain in her eyes. But Arnav is really confused by the growning feels inside his heart for Khushi. Is Arnav falling in love with Khushi? And pls forgive me for bad typos. Pls comment, i need your views to continue

May 7

Second Chance- Chapter 2 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 53 times)

But Arnav is confused by the growing feelings inside him for Khushi. He started to feel incomplete if he did not see her face in the morning or feel guilty when she is sick or has cold. He sometimes want to console her when he sees her silently crying in the balcony. Just then he saw Khushi entering the room with a blue salwar with small gold earrings and started to get ready for college. Arnav started to get up from his bed and entered the washroom to get ready for the day. But a few seconds he notice that he did not come along with a towel and came out only to see Khushi talking on her phone with someone with her back facing towards him. ************** ''Sure Karan, you go and take good care of Anjana, I will take care of the test you have to conduct today. I only have two classes today, then, i will be free'', Khushi said with a smile while she packed her bag for college keeping her phone on loudspeaker on the bed. ''I know you will take care Khushi, but still Anjana did not like troubling you. Sometimes, i think she loves you and only married me because she could not marry you'', Karan said and Khushi burst into laughter. Arnav thought she was beautiful when she is laughing and a small smile formed on his lips unknowingly. ''Karan, just shut up and take care of Anjana and Junior. I will come there this Sunday, if i am free, okayy?'', Khushi said ''Sure Khushi. But when are you going to give us good news about the arrival of Junior Professor or Junior ASR?'', Karan said with a humor in his voice and Arnav noticed the pain that flashed on her face through the dressing mirror for a few seconds before she forced a smile. ''Karan chup kar. Otherwise i will tell Anjana that you said to me that she is becoming a moti'', said Khushi. ''You know she will literary kill me if this happens. So I will disconnect the call now. Bye see you tommorow'', Karan said. ''Bye Karan'', Khushi said and hang up the call. She took her handbag and her mobile and left hurriendly without noticing Arnav. And Arnav stood there not understanding why he felt like someone stabbed him straight in the heart when he saw the pain in her eyes. ***************** It was nearly 20 past 3 in the late afternoon when Arnav was sitting in the carin the traffic with Anjali sitting beside him who was talking to her friend about her and Sid's engagment next week. ''Ok Smriti, i will see you tommorow, bye'' said Anjali with a smile and disconnected the call. ''Bhai, i am really happy that i am getting engaged to Sid and that Khushi would be out of your life soon'', Anjali said with a smile which Arnav returned. Though Arnav smiled, he can't ignore tha pain in his heart that Khushi is leaving him for good. He felt like he was loosing part of him and thinking made him more angry and confused. Just then Anjali called Arnav breaking him for his thoughts. ''Huh'', Arnav said. You said Sid was out of town right?. ''Yes, he told me that his friend met with an accident yesterday so he went out of town'',said Arnav. ''Then what is he doing here?'', Anjali asked pointing to Sid who was sitting in his car opposite to the other side of the traffic with confusion. ''I don't know, wait let me call him'', Arnav said picking up his phone but Anjali stopped him. ''Bhai, am sure he is going to meet Khushi'',Anjali said. Just then, the traffic started moving, and he followed Sid. About a fifteen minutes ride, he saw Sid packing at Khushi's college garden. He packed his car outside the college. He saw Khushi standing near the bench with tensed face but soon replaced with anger. Sid was about to greet her when Khushi slapped him. Why did Khushi slap him? Pls comment and forgive me of bad typos. Thank you

May 8

Second Chance-Chapter 3 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 43 times)

''How could you agree to marry Anjali Sid?'', Khushi said with anger. Seeing this, Anjali was about to step out of the tree behind they were hiding but what Sid uttered made her stop and made Arnav's body to become numb. ''Di?asked Sid in shock while keeping a hand on his burning cheek. Khushi: Because, if you really considerd me as your elder sister as you claimm you would never do what you did yesterday without asking me once. Khushi said in anger. Sid: But Di, i thought i am doing the right thing because, once i marry Anjali you can live happily with Arnav. And hearing that Khushi calmed down a little and sat on the bench and signaled Sid to sit beside her. Khushi: Sid, do you really think i can be happy with Arnav, and he will accept me as his wife just because you married Anjali? You know what, what you are saying is impossible. He did not want to share a room with me let alone me in his life? I know you are feeling guilty for what happened to me and how he married me for revenge. But Sid, it is no one's fault, it is my destiny so stop blaming yourself. Sid: But Di, it is all my fault because i was the one who fell in love with Lavanya when i was about to get engagaed with Anjali and even after Lavanya retured my feelings, i did not tell her the truth about Anjali. And because of this, your life is getting spoilt. He said this with guilt in his eyes. Khushi: Sid, i know u made a mistake by keeping the truth from Lavanya anout you and Anjali. But it is not the way to make it up to it. If you get married to Anjali, it will destroy everyone's happiness, your's, Anjali's, Arnav's, Nani's and everyone in yours and Arnav's family. I know how it will hurt when you see hate in your husband's eyes instead of love or respect for you Sid, because i am experiencing the same pain everyday and i let Anjali go through the pain? Arnav closed his eyes in regret hearing the pain in her voice. Sid: Di, how could you care for a girl like Anjali who only cares for herself ?. She is such a selfish girl who made her own brother get married to a girl and thought she has a gold digger? Just to get me back and still using Arnav's love to hurt and insult you on daily basis? She is the main reason for your current state Di and you are supporting her her? Anjali felt like she has been slapped by Sid's words. Khushi: Sid, i know whatever you are saying is true. But Anjali is this way, because there was no one to tell her what is wrong and right as she never had a mother with her. I know Nani and Arnav love her alot, but no one can take a mother's place ever. She may be selfish now Sid, but i know she was a good girl in the past that is why she became your bestfriend. No one deserves a loveless marriage Sid. I know you will still love my sister friend, Lavanya and getting married to Anjali will only increase your hatred towards her because you will think she is the reason Lavanya left you. If Arnav sees her sister unhappy in her marriage, it will eat him alive everyday Sid. So please stop this engagement before it destroys everyone's life. Sid: But Di, what about you? Sid asked with concern. Khushi: Sid, stop thinking about me. But even if you want to marry Anjali you can, but on one condition. Sid: What is it Di? Khushi: Then you have to forget Layanya and your love for her. Khushi said with a stern voice. Sid: Di, Sid shouted in shock as he know he can never forget Lavanya in his life time. Even if he marries Anjali, his heart always belongs to Lavanya. Khushi: Yes Sid. Because it is unfair to marry a girl you aren't in love with someone else. I knwo it will hurt like hell, because i know the pain and seeing Lavanya going throught the same pain trying to forget you. But Sid, if you want to marry Anjali, then you will have to do this, otherwise i will break my marriage with Arnav making Maa understand and the tell the whole truth to Arnav and Anjali. So decide yourself Sid. Because i don't want your life to get spoiled along with Anjali and Lavanya jsut because you want me happy which is never going to happen. Sid sat there thinking, while Arnav stood there like a lifeless person and on the other hand Anjali stood there will tears flowing freely from her eyes realising the big mistake she did. Khushi: Sid, i know it is hard to decide this soon. But take your time because the preparation for the engagament is going to start in 3 days and you have time stil then. Khushi said keeping a hand on his shoulder. Sid sat there thinking for a few seconds then his eyes closed, taking a deep breath. Sid: Ok Di, i willt think about it. Fi, will you still consider me as you brother even if you don't like my decision? Sid said with moist eyes. Khushi: Though he met through Lavanya, i will always love you as my own brother, and said and hugged him. Sid: Ok, Di, i will take my leave,Chachi wanted to meet me. Khushi: Ok Sid you go. Even i have a class in 15 mins. Sid: Bye di. And khushi nodded with a smile and left for her class. Pls comment. Thanks

May 8

Special (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 35 times)

I really appreciate the support and encouragment you guys are giving me. This is the first time i am writing at Myeduniya. I thought i would not make it, but my thinking was wrong. I have opened a page at Facebook and my username id is Chashmish Graham. It photo of my fbk account is a lion with colors around it's head. And the name of the Page is Fanfictions Corner. If you want to join, send me a friend request. I will be writing mys stories there. Pls i need your views. Thank you

May 8

Second Chance- Chapter 4a (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 39 times)

Here Arnav started to walk wiping his tears followed by Anjali who was doing the same in complete silence to the car. Once they reach the car,Arnav sat without a word on the driving seat, while Anjali sat on the passenger seat and closed the door. Both of them sat in silence taking in what they heard in the past few minutes and how many lifes they have destroyed with a single misunderstanding. Arnav felt like a monster now remembering how he treated Khushi for a mistake she never did. Anjali and the other hand was suffocating with guilt for wronging Khushi and realised that Sid was never hers. ''Bhai, am sorry'', Anjali finally said but Arnav shook his head. ''Not now Anjali'', and Anjali nodded in understanding. Then Arnav started the car, driving in silence. Once they reach the house, Arnav turned and look @ Anjali. ''Anjali, go inside i have to go somewhere'', Arnav said and Anjali looked at her brother in concern and started to protest but Arnav cut her off. ''I will be fine Anjail, i just need some air and Anjali nodded getting out of the car and saw Arnav deiving out of the gate. And she rushed towards her room as she can't control her tears of self disgust and guiltness anymore. ***************************** Khushi came home @ 5pm and headed towards the washroom to get freshened up. Once she cam out, she took her exams papers from the bag and started to correct it sitting on the couch in the balcony. After 30 minutes, she felt thirsty and looked @ the jug, empty and mentally slapped herself for not bringing water along with her before. The she stood up and headed to the Kitchen to fetch water. But as she crossed Anjal's room, she heard soft sobs coming from inisde. She hesistated before opening the door knowing Anjali hates the sight of her, but her heart won't allow her to walk away. She opened the door softly and saw Anjali sitting on her bed sobbing with her back towards her. Khushi walked towards her slowly and place a hand on her shoulder once she stood infront of Anjali. ''Anjali'', called Khushi in a soft voice and Anjali looked @ Khushi with teary eyes. But what Anjali did shocked her to the core. She stood up and hugged Khushi tightly never to let her go. She expected Anjali to shout @ her but never hug her like a child seeking love and comfort from her mother. Khushi slowly wrapped her arms around her shoulder and carressed her back. ''I am so sorry Bhabhi'', said Anjali while she continued to sob in her arms. After a few minutes Khushi broke the hug and handed her a glass of water. ''Drink this'' Khushi said in a soft tone and Anjali took the glass and drank the water. Anjali looked @ Khushi with regret, pain and guilt and her eyes. ''Am sorry Bhabhi for destroying your life. I thought you were the one Sid fell in love with'' Anjali said and Khushi looked shocked to hear this. ''Anjali, what are you talking about?'', Khushi asked. ''Bhabhi, i know everything and please am sorry. Khushi was shocked to hear this and decided to ask about it later and decided to comfort her seeing her state. ''Anjali, it is ok. I am not saying what you did is right, but @ the same time unforgiveable. You should realise how maby lives will be affected if you make Sid yours. Don't think i am saying this because Lavanya is my sister friend but Anjali this is the truth Sid love Lavanya more than himself and i have seen this myself. I will update soon. Sorry for the short updates. I have a problem with my computer that's why i updated shorter updates. Pls like the page in my Fbk account, Fanfiction's Corner, so that we all start writing. Pls comment. Thank u

May 9

Second Chance- Chapter 4b (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 53 times)

I know you love Sid but Sid loves you only as his friend.. So before you decide to marry him, thinking about this well, because marriage is a life time committmwent and you have to choose the correct person to be with. You may get a divorce the marriage because it did not work, but you know how the society is. I don't want you to go through that pain Anjali, because even though you don't like me you are also my sister and i only want good for you. I know you hate me and Lavanya for Sid leaving you. But Anjali, Lav didn't know anything about you and Sid. ''Now you must decide what to do'', Khushi asked with care and concern for her. ''I am really sorry Bhabhi. Now i have undersood my mistakes and i did it because of selfishness'' ''Now Bhabhi, i know i did a lot of mistakes in the past, but i will try to correct it, this i promise you'', Anjali said. ''Am really proud of you Anjali, but now you need rest from all this crying, so sleep for sometime and Anjali nodded. ''Bhabhi, will you stay with me?'',Anjali asked and Khushi nodded. Just as Anjali laid down on the bed, Khushi covered her with a blanket sitting beside to her. After a few minutes, she saw Anjali drifting to sleep and rested her head on the headrest, after a few seconds from tiredness of the whole day finally catching up. **************** Arnav came home nearly 6 pm and entered the house. He was glad that everyone including Nani were going to attend her friend's granddaughter birthday party, because he didn't have strenght to explain for his bloody eyes from crying after the things and the truth he has witnessed today. Arnav wanted to get some rest, but first he wantef to check on Anjali, who was hurting too. As he opened the door, he was flabbergasted to see Khushi sleeping in a sitting position resting her head on the headrest with a hand on Anjali's head who was sleeping with tear marks on her cheek. This is how their mother used to make Arnav sleep if he didn't get any sleep. He closed the door softly and headed to his room. He couldn't stand and look at the girl who was tortured on daily basis comforting his sister like a mother when she only receive insult from them. He stood infront of the mirror in anger as he felt some peace by the pain. Khushi who was sleeping heard Anjali's mobile ring and she immediately hang up the call and place it on silence not wanting to disturb her sleep. Just then she thought of correcting her remaining papers and left the room taking her water jug. Once Khushi came out of the room, she heard a sound coming from Arnav's room. Once she opened the door, she was shocked to see the state of the room as if it has hit by a storm. Then she was Arnav standing in front of the mirror as blood was oozing from his hands. Before she could react she saw he raising his hand to punch the mirror. ''ARNAV!'', Khushi shouted rushing towards him and caught his hand in time and looked at him. After a couple of seconds, he opened his closed eyes and looked at her with guilt. ''Arnav what is wrong'', Khushi said whiles cleaning his wounds, and saw silent tears ran down his cheek. Seeing his condition she was worried. But after calling him serveral times and no response, she decided to call Anjali to come and talk with Arnav. But as she was about to walk out of the door, Arnav called her. ''Khushi'', Arnav called in a soft voice and she turned to see Arnav standing there looking at her. ''Khushi, am so sorry. I hurt a lovable person like you. When i saw how you were treating Anjali today as if you were her mother, i felt really happy. But when i remembered what i did to you, the miserable thing i did to you, i felt like i was a monster'', Arnav said in a defeated voice. Khushi couldn't take his pain anymore, so she pulled him to her chest and Arnav hugged her tightly as if his life depends on it. Arnav started to sob in her arms. ''Let it out Arnav. Let all your pains come out and cry as much as you want. I will be here to hold you'', Khushi said in a soft voice. Arnav continued to sob ludly while Khushi continued to rub his back holding her tightly. The next morning, Anjali was the first to wake up. She got to the bathroom, standing in the shower as she felt tension in her body and the hot water hit her nerves. Anjali didn't know how to apologize to Sid and Lavanya. After last night conversation with Lavanya,Anjali was glad the Lavanya agreed to meet her today. Was Anjali really sorry? How was it? Pls comment. Thank u

May 10

Second Chance-Chapter 5 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 35 times)

Once Anjali got ready, she walked towards Arnav's room to check on him. She opened the door slowly and was surprised at what she saw and brought a smile on her face. Arnav was sleeping like a child placing his head on Khushi's lap and hugging her waist whiles Khushi's back was on the bedrest while Arnav hold Khushi's hand to his chest. Anjali thought in her mind that they are a wonderful couple. She left the room without disturbing the couple to meet Lav. Lavanya was sitting in a coffee shop where Anjali asked her to meet her last night. Just then she saw Anjali entering the shop and walked towards her when she saw her. ''Hi Lav. Thanks for coming'', Anjali said with a smile. ''It's ok Anjali. Let's order something'', said Lav while Anjali nodded. After 5 minutes, Lav was sipping her milkshake whiles Anjali was sipping her coffee. '' So Anjali what did you want to talk about?'' ''Well i want to talk about you and Sid. You don't know how hurt i was when i came to know the truth for hurting Bhabhi. I know i have done a mistake Lav but now i want to make up for that, please forgive me. I really want you and Sid to get together'', Anjali said while Lav didn't know what to say. She was glad that the truth was revealed and her friend will atlest live in peace. ''Anjali, it is true that i hated you, but not for coming between me And Sid, but for hurting my friend for something she didn't do and don't deserve. It is my friend you must gain forgiveness because you hurt her. If Khushi is happy there from now, i don't have a problem'', Lav said with a smile and Anjali was surprise to see how friends care and love each other to the core. ''Thanks Lav. I promise you that Bhabhi will be happy from now and. I know how loveable she is and i will not let anyone hurt her'', Anjali said with a smile. ''Ok Lav, i will leave you now. See you later'', Anjali said with a smile. Here the the Raizada Mansion, Khushi woke up from sleep and looked at her husband's cuteness who looked like a child in his sleep and carressed him forehead softly. She remove his hands from her waist and covered him in a blanket. Khushi left the room to prepare breakfast. Once she reached the kitchen, she saw a sticky note saying: Bhabhi, I left for my friends house and i will be back by noon. So prepare breakfast for bhai and you only. She read it and smiled while she started preparing breakfast. Arnav woke up with a headache and started to search for his wife, but she was no where to be found. He remember how Khushi consoled him yesternight. Arnav didn't know what he did to deserve Khushi as his wife, he just treated her badly. He didn't know the name for the new found feelings he has towards Khushi, but whatever it is, he is going to give it a chance if Khushi agrees. Just then Khushi entered the room with a tray in her hand breaking him from his thoughts. ''Good morning Arnav, how are you feeling now'', Khushi asked in her usual smile. ''Good morning dear, i am just having a slight headache'', Arnav said. ''Ohh, you go and freshen up, eat and take some medications'', Khushi said in a strict but calm tone. After some few minutes, Arnav came back from the washroom and Khushi feed him. Sorry guys for short update. We have re-opened school and i have less time. I will try and update longer ones next time. Pls comment. Thank u

May 13

Second Chance- Chapter 6 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 14 times)

Hello guys..sorry for not update early Arnav kept staring @ her and slapped himself for not noticing her beauty before. After he finished breakfast, Khushi gave him his med. ''Thanks for taking care of Anjali yesterday'', Arnav said. ''It's ok, she is like my little sister. After sometime, Arnav caught Khushi's shoulder and said: ''I have to talk to you alot, but this isn't the right time and right place. She was confused by what he said last night. ''So will go on a date with me today?, Arnav said with hopeful eyes. Khushi accepted in a soft voice and didn't have her heart say no seeing the hope in his eyes. ''You should be ready before 7'',Arnav said and kissed her forehead and left the house to ,ake arrangement for their date. Khushi called Lavanya. ''Hello, buddy is everything alright'', Lavanya said with concern. ''No, am not. Arnav asked me out on a date today and i didn't know where i lost my mind to say yes'',Khushi said in irritation. ''Buddy, am soo happy for you'',Lavanya shouted with happiness and Khushi slapped herself for telling Lavanya. ''Lavanya, stop shouting, otherwise i will cancell the date with Arnav'', Khushi said. ''Don't dare'',Lavanya said and Khushi took a deep breath. Khushi wo was sitting on the dressing mirror chair facing here back to the mirror while Lavanya and Anjali were getting her ready for the date. Finally they finished and looked @ Khushi. ''Wow, Bhabhi, bhai is going to faint seeing you'', Anjali said and Khushi blushed. ''Yeah, you look like a diva'', Lavanya said with a broad smile. She indeed looked like a diva in her black saree with matching jewels and her hair was curled into a french braid. ''Thanks guys'', Khushi said and hugged both of them. ''Now go Khushi, Arnav is waiting for you'', Lavanya said and pushed her out. Arnav stood near the stairs in black jeans and sea-blue T-shirt rubbing his hands nervously. Just then he saw Khushi coming down from the stairs looking like a diva and Arnav forgot to blink his eyes for a few seconds. ''Damn, where did she keep all her beauty of hers hiddedn till now'', Arnav thought. Then he forwarded his hands and Khushi gently placed her hands on his hand. ''You ar looking beautiful'',Arnav said. ''Thanks Arnav'', Khushi said while blushing. ''Shall we?'', Arnav said and Khushu nodded and walked out of the house in hand. Once they rached the restaurant, Arnav got down from the car, and opened the door for Khushi like a gentleman and a waiter approached them. ''Welcome Mr.and Mrs. Raizada, your table is ready'', the waiter said and they followed him. Arshi reached @ the door and the waiter left, suddenly Arnav coverd Khushi's eyes with his hands ''Arnav, what are you doing?'', Khushi asked ''Keep quiet and stop asking questions'', Arnav said. Once they reached the room, he removed his hands. ''Now open your eyes'', Arnav said. Hello, i will be update in an hour. Pls comment. Thank u

May 13

Continuation of Second Chance-Chapter 6 (By Chashmish) (Thanked: 37 times)

The rrom was decorated with ballons and candles on the table. ''Arnav, what is this'', Khushi didn't know what to say. ''Ask you questions later, let us have our food'', Arnav said and they walked to the table. The waiter served them. Once they finished eating, Arnav stood up and went to Khushi. ''Can I have a pleasure to dance with you?'', Arnav said smiling and Khushi placed her hand on his. ''Ofcourse, Khushi said and stood up as the music started to play. After 5 minutes, Arshi stood dancing and Arnav stood infront of Khushi taken her hands in his. ''Khushi, i know this marriage only happened because of a misunderstanding and for revenger. But once you came into my home and you became my wife, everyone loved you as i insulted you. But as days passed i start to grow unknown feelings for you and i tried to deny it as much as possible. Because i know i should not get emotionally attactched to you. But after learning the tuth yesterday you are the only one i can trust with everything i have. But for the first time i have to make up for all my mistakes i did and i wanted to give another chance to this marriage. But i don't want this second change just for making up with you bit also for falling in love with you. Yes Khushi, the great ASR finally is head over heels with you my wife for a long time'', Arnav said and got down to his knee and took a black velvet box in his back pocket. ''Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada, will you give this stupid a Second Chance and give me the pleasure of making you my wife again? Will you marry me again, Khushi?, Arnav asked while he opened the box to reveal a beautiful plantium rong with gorgeois diamond sitting on the middle of a heart while Khushi stood in shock with tears in her eyes. Hello guys. Am sorry for not updating today, i was very busy with school work and other stuffs. And i am not sure will i will be update everyday. I hope you will understand And i want to clear doubts of some people 1. Anjali has really change and wants Sid and Lavanya and Khushi and Arnav be together. 2. Anjali will soon get her prince charming. 3. The family has not been noticed in the story and they will soon come. 4. Shyam will appear and he is a vilain. I have a problem with my laptop, it has been freezing, so it is on repair. And please i really want to read your stories too, i know you are amazing writers, you can update @ the Fanfiction Corner,or here, myeDuniya please. And i want to ask this, should i write mature scences, if you want?. I need your views and comments. Thanks for the encouragement an support. Thank u. Love u lovelies. I want to ask if i should write mature contents or not. Pls vote.

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