TS: Our Love Story

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May 7, 2017

Our Love Story (By Angel23) (Thanked: 63 times)


" Why all girls want to meet him? Why my chance doesn't come? I'm so upset today Payal" Khushi pouted sadly, her eyes were ready to cry now.

" Calm down Khushi, you will surely meet him. DM can't be so bad with you, you pray everyday to just have a meeting with him" her friend side hugged her tightly " Don't cry baby"

Khushi closed her eyes smiling: Thanks for your support Payal. You're really my best friend.

Payal looked at her watch, then at Khushi: Oops guess I'm late to work now, bye Baby otherwise my boss will say bye bye to me.

Khushi smiled a little: Bye cutie.. See you at the theatre don't forget..

Payal nodded and went from there running.

Khushi took slow steps sadly to a coffee shop. She sat in a corner alone, and ordered some snacks for her.

She looked at her surroundings with a sad face, and her eyes blinking to hide her tears. She always wanted to meet him, a famous singer, Ranveer. She just loves him and his songs, her mother thinks she is mad, but only she knows what she feels for Ranveer. She wanted to meet him once and tell her feelings to him.

She looked at his picture on her phone and smiled faintly: I will surely meet you. Wait for me please..

" Excuse me. Can I sit here?" a man in his late twenties asked her politely.

Khushi looked up to him and found strange to share the table with him, with an awkward smile she nodded.

The man smiled, taking his seat opposite to her: Hey stay calm. I wouldn't come here but you see coffee shop is full today, there is no space for me. So only I asked you.

Khushi smiled: Ohh sorry.

The man smiled: It's okay.

He took his laptop from his bag, and got engrossed in his work.

" I'm Arnav" he looked at her, seeing her alone and looked at bit lost.

Khushi: I'm Khushi.

Arnav: So Khushi, why are you looking a bit off?

Khushi nodded sideways: Nothing.

Arnav raised his brows: Ohh mumma told to not share secrets with strangers. Not bad, I like girls with this attitude.

Khushi giggled: Haan Mumma really told me to not talk with strangers.

Arnav: My mumma also told me that. But why am I talking with you?

Khushi shrugged her shoulders smiling: I guess I've some magic, or my cute face tells you that I'm not a bad stranger.

Arnav: Maybe. Is my face telling you that I'm a bad stranger??

Khushi: No, my heart tells me you're a strange stranger..

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other, then busted out laughing.

The manager came there scared: Sir we already reserved your table. I don't know how someone sat there. Come with me sir, I already told them to leave.

Arnav looked at the manager: No it's okay. I'm fine here.

The manager smiled a little and went from there.

Khushi raised her brow sipping her juice: Sir?? You're rich?

Arnav: Rich in terms of money, poor in terms of love.

Khushi: Really? Why? Now you told me you have a mother, when you have her by your side, its impossible to be poor in love.

Arnav smiled: My mother left me when I was 7 years old.

Khushi gave him a sad and shock look: I'm so sorry Arnav..

Arnav: There is nothing to be sorry about good stranger!!

Khushi decided to change the topic, to not hurt him more: Where do you work?

Arnav looked outside: Near here. That building is mine.

Khushi widened her eyes: Are you ASR? Payal's boss?

Arnav nodded: Payal.. Hmm yes. My employee.

Khushi frowned: Baddie.. You don't let my friend enjoy and you're here enjoying alone.

Arnav looked at her confused: What I did to your friend?

Khushi jumped from her seat: Ask what you don't. You don't let her sleep properly, she dreams about you firing her for not doing her work. And in office you want everything in time, a minute late and you're already barking at people.

Arnav smiled embarrassed: Woh.. I need to do it..

Khushi frowned: Kyun?

Arnav: Because if I smile to all my workers, they will take me for granted. And will become lazy, and then my company from top position will be the last one.

Khushi: Really? I don't agree with you. If you talk well with your employees, then they will like you and will do they job even better, yes there are people who will take advantage of this but not all. And if you scare them they will surely work for you, but not with their heart. I'm not giving you advices because I'm better than you. Believe me I don't know anything about companies and all, but I know how people are. If everything is made with heart, believe you will reach in heaven.

Arnav smiled: Wow.. I will follow your advice Khushi.. Your words are so motivating..

Khushi: Thanks for hearing me. And I hope you didn't feel bad, did you? Please don't punish me for talking much (Khushi looked at him with fear)

Arnav: Ohh no, I didn't feel bad.

His assuring look, calmed her down.

Arnav smirked: So good stranger you still didn't tell me your problem..

Khushi smiled: Hmm some other day!! I have to go now..

Khushi got up from her seat: Bye strange stranger!!

Arnav nodded smiling.

Khushi was walking to go, she turned to him and both said at the same time: Hope to see you here tomorrow!!

After realizing they both said it at the same time, both chuckled. Khushi went from there with a smile on her face.


Arnav went to his cabin, and leaned on his chair with a sweet smile playing on his lips.

" Khushi " he whispered her name closing his eyes.

" Wow thanks ASR, first time you're meeting me with happiness" Aman smiled and sat on a chair.

Arnav frowned and looked at him: Khushi not for you.

Aman pouted: Then? Have you gone mad you're talking alone?

Arnav sigh: I’m thinking about someone.

Aman blinked his eyes: You were thinking about some girl? Am I hearing well??

Arnav smiled: Yes Aman babu, I was thinking about a good stranger!

Aman clapped his hands excitedly: Really? Arnav jaan you didn’t tell me about your girlfriend. Why are you so bad ahn?

Arnav rolled his eyes: Why do you jump to your own conclusions? I met her today only.. at my favorite coffee shop.

Aman smiled: Oh la la, kya baat hai.. met his girl at mumma’s favorite coffee shop. Can this be a sign of your mumma?

Arnav nodded: It can be, maybe mumma is trying to find a match for me in heaven!

Both laughed.


Khushi tapped her feet impatiently: Payal and Lav please let’s go in. Why are you busy staring at boys? We will miss the movie..

Payal and Lav literally ignored her, and were giggling shyly at the boys who were sending flying kisses to her.

Khushi: Fine then, I’m going inside.

Payal frowned: Why are you so bad? When it’s for Ranveer we wait for you.

Khushi: Ranveer is not like these boys, he’s special!

Khushi turned to go, and smiled seeing Arnav coming with his friends, probably.

She whispered: Strange stranger..

Lav looked at her weirdly, then at Payal: What’s wrong with her? From the time she returned, she is speaking about this “Strange stranger”

Payal shrugged her shoulders, then looked behind her, the next moment she widened her eyes in shock seeing her boss.

Payal: Let’s go inside girls, my boss is here. He will chop me into countless pieces if he gets to know I’m enjoying.

Khushi smiled still looking at Arnav, who didn’t notice her yet. Khushi shouted running to him: Strange stranger…

Payal hid her face with her bag: Is Khushi mad or what? She’s calling my boss, oh my god, Khushi is my enemy or what??

Lav giggled: You’re gone today babes!

Payal grimaced at Lavanya then pulled her inside the hall running away from Arnav.

Khushi went running behind Arnav: Heyyy sunooo.. strange stranger.. wait…

Arnav realized that voice his calling him, he turned only to see Khushi panting, holding a car to support her.

Arnav: Heyy guys, you go. I will come back in a while.

Aman smiled at Arnav, then nodded. Akash just nodded since he didn’t knew till now that his friend liked someone.

Arnav reached near Khushi: Are you okay? What a surprise, we’re meeting two times in a day.

Khushi pouted: I’m not okay. Didn’t you hear me calling you? Look people are staring at me like I’m mad girl.

Arnav giggled: Ohh sorry. I didn’t hear you, was chatting with my friends, that I didn’t gave attention to my surroundings.

Khushi smiled: Sorry is better. But watching my favorite movie with me is the best option you have to make me forgive you. What say??

Arnav nodded: Of course good stranger! Let’s go.

While watching the movie, Arnav and Khushi were talking with each other. Aman all the time looked at Arnav teasing him, making Arnav irked at him. Payal was glaring at Khushi for sitting and chatting with her boss.

Arnav eating his popcorn: So you like watching romantic movies?

Khushi nodded: I always imagine my dream boy with me in these movies!!

Arnav smiled: Really? And who’s your dream boy??

Khushi raised her brows: I won’t tell you strange stranger.. just in two meetings you think I’m going to share my secrets with you?

Arnav chuckles: Alright, let’s meet often then. Maybe you will trust me more then..

Khushi: That I accept, because you’re kind honest strange stranger. I hope you’re not a kidnapper..

Arnav laughed: I’m kidnapper? Then how on earth I’m working in a company and police didn’t arrest me?

Khushi bit her tongue, with a sheepish smile: I forgot it you’re Payal’s boss!

Arnav: By the way, you came here alone? Where are your friends?

Khushi quickly pointed to Payal and Lav. Both immediately turned to watch the movie, Payal looked at Lav crying: Khushi will get me killed.

Khushi smiled: I think Payal is scared of you.

Arnav: Text her to enjoy, I won’t kill her!

Khushi giggled, and messaged Payal. Payal read the message with a shocking face, then looked at Arnav smiling sheepishly.

Khushi shook her head muttering: Pagli.. I don’t know why are they scared of you, in fact one day I told her that I will invite you to our house, and will make you eat chilies, and then you wouldn’t be able to talk for a week, let alone barking at people. Awesome plan hain na?? I just wanted to see your face, how funny that would be (Khushi giggled alone, Arnav looked at her shocked).

Khushi laughed seeing his shocked face: Relax Stranger, it was when you were my enemy, now you’re my friend I won’t do it. Sach mein.. don’t be scared of me.

Arnav looked at screen: Okay.. I will be more careful when dealing with you.

Khushi laughed more: Don’t make a villain please!

May 9, 2017

Chapter 1 - Is this love? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 43 times)


" Haan mumma.. we're coming. No.. I'm fine, no mumma.. No one stole my phone, how would I be talking with you then? It's just we're not finding taxi.. " Khushi was busy explaining her mother, why is she getting late to return home.

Arnav stopped the car in front of her: Come in Khushi..

Khushi smiled, still talking with her Mumma: Found someone to help me mumma, bye bye.

She looked at Arnav: There are my two friends also!

Akash smiled looking at Payal: Come in, we will adjust..

Arnav looked at Aman: You go and sit at the backside.

Aman pouted: You're such a traitor!

Arnav chuckles, Khushi sat with him at the front side. Aman, Akash, Payal and Lav were having a hard time adjusting themselves at the backside.

Khushi: Thank you, if you hadn't come on time, mumma would make me her dinner today.

Arnav nodded: What are friends for?

Khushi smiled sweetly. Payal jaws dropped seeing her boss talk politely with someone, and that too her friend.

Akash giggled seeing her expression. Akash: Payal you didn't tell me you're going to watch a movie, we could go together!

Payal: It was a friends outing!!

Akash smiled: Ohhh alright! Then I'm more than a friend to you right?

Payal widened her eyes: What? When did I say that?

Akash smiled: Abhi. If you said it was a friends outing, then I'm not your friend, maybe more than that.

Payal whispered: In your dreams!

Arnav: Hmm is this your house?

Khushi looked outside: Yes, it's here. Thanks once again.

Khushi and her friends walked out of the car. Khushi opened the gate, then turned to Arnav smiling, she waved.

Arnav smiled and waved back at her.

Khushi knocked the door, and waited for her mother to open it.

Arnav was waiting, Aman looked at him in disbelief: Arnav! I think she has reached home, or am I  becoming blind?

Arnav: I know Aman, but I want to see her safe and inside her house.

Aman rolled his eyes: Alright, let's wait till someone opens the door.

Khushi's mother opened the door, and glared at her: Sanki.. Where were you? Next time I'm not going to let you go out with these two.

Payal and Lavanya pouted. Arnav noticed her mother was angry.

Khushi held her ears cutely: Let me in my sweet beautiful mumma. I won't get late again..

Garima pulled her into a tight hug: I was worried for you baby.

Khushi also hugged her, feeling the warmth of her mother: Main teek hoon mumma.

Arnav smiled watching the scene, he looked at the sky complaining: " See if you were here, I also would have hugged you everyday like them mumma"

Aman: Let's go . She entered inside her house now.

Arnav nodded and started the car, Akash looked at them suspiciously: Am I missing something?

Aman looked at him: Payal right? You're missing her, don't worry you will meet her tomorrow at office.

Akash smiled sarcastically: Very funny. 

Arnav just smiled.


Garima stroke her hair lovingly, Khushi was resting  on her mother's lap, both were at the balcony.

Khushi smiled: Mumma strange stranger..

Garima sigh: Who is he now? First you keep blabbering about Ranveer everytime, now this boy..

Khushi pouted and stayed silent. Garima shook her head smiling: Okay sorry my baby, tell me.

Khushi smiled again: Mumma you won't believe I met Strange stranger two times today, first at coffee shop, then at the theatre. And guess what, he is Payal's boss only..

Garima frowned: That grumpy one, how did he end up being your friend?

Khushi shook her head: Payal is a pagli, he is not grumpy at all, he was good with me and good person to talk with.

Garima smiled: Really?

Khushi nodded: Hmm.. but before starting a true friendship with him, I wanted to hear what do you think about him?

Garima: Okay, let's start with our exam.

Khushi smiled excitedly and nodded.

Garima: So student Khushi Kumari Gupta first of all why do you think he should be your friend? You have three options:

A - He is rich

B - He looked good.

C - He is handsome.

Khushi giggled: He is handsome and rich yes, but I will go with option B, he looked a good person to me.

Garima: Alright! What's the first thing he did when he met you? For that you have three options also:

A - Seemed to be flirting.

B - Already started treating you like his friend.

C -  He greet you normally.

Khushi: Option C, first he talked with me politely, I was scared because I thought he would flirt with me, then he explained he had no table to sit.

Garima nodded: How does his talks seemed to you? 

A - To get close to you.

B - Bored, so was just chatting with you to pass time.

C - Trying to be your friend.

D - To give you company.

Khushi giggled: He wanted to be my friend, so option C.

Garima: Okay in your mother role now, I'm kind of liking this boy.. (Garima giggled) Back to teacher mood, my test isn't over yet. What kind of boy he is?

A - Cool boy.

B - Innocent boy.

C - Bad boy.

D - Business type of man.

Khushi rubbed her chin: Well, now I'm confused, but mumma, oops sorry teacher, he is a man not boy, for me he looked cute like an innocent angel, but he is without any doubt workaholic, so option D for this one.

Garima: Okay, in terms of responsibility:

A - He is like Payal and Lav, doesn't see time to go home..

B - Likes to be reach home early

Khushi smiled: Well I think he reaches home early, because when we were returning, he was also going. So option B.

Garima nodded: Good boy. What type of hairstyle he has?

A - Messy hair.

B - Perfectly gelled and well combed one.

Khushi laughed: Mumma are you choosing a friend for me, or a boy of your choice. For your good luck, he is not like Ranveer, option B.

Garima smiled and sigh in relief: How I wish this boy to be my son-in law, not that mad singer of yours.

Khushi: Teacher, you're entering in mumma's role now.

Garima pinched her nose: Sweetheart you broke the rule first, you called me Mumma.

Khushi giggled. Garima: Okay for me this boy passed this test with flying colors. I accept this friendship.

Khushi hugged Garima: I knew it he would pass. Just waited for your confirmation on the same.

Garima: Hmm what's his name?

Khushi: Arnav..

Garima nodded: Go to sleep now angel, tomorrow college for you.

Khushi made a boring face, but went to her room running.


Arnav left his bag on his recliner, and went to freshen up. After that, HP came with food for him.

Arnav smiled looking at him: Thanks HP. You can go now to your home.

HP almost fainted seeing his Malik, saying "Thanks" to him and also smiling.

Arnav went near HP, and held his shoulder firmly: Don't faint HP, from now on you will get this treatment from me. I'm sorry for barking at you everyday for little mistakes you do.

HP looked down: Malik.. What are you saying? You don't need to say sorry..

Arnav smiled: I had to say it HP. I don't know how much my words hurt you everyday, but I know that I wouldn't like to be treated the way I treat you. So I'm really very sorry.

HP smiled: It's okay Malik. I promise I will come early tomorrow, and won't get late like I did today.

Saying this HP left, Arnav smiled remembering Khushi's words " If you treat them well, they will do your job even better"

After HP left, Arnav looked at his food.

Arnav: Tomorrow I'm going to meet her again.. Hmm Arnav choose some good clothes..

He left the idea of eating, and went to his closet.

" Not even a single normal cloth..damn.." Arnav pouted and sat frustrated.

He immediately called Aman: Heyy babu we have to go to shopping tomorrow.

Aman, who was talking with his family, left the living room shocked, he went to a corner: Jaan what's up? Shopping and you are like bahu and sasuma!

Arnav rolled his eyes nodding: Yeah, but sometimes bahu and sasuma get along well, understand like this. I and shopping are entering in good terms now.

Aman smirked: And who brings sasuma and bahu together is DM, because even a husband can't do that. In your case Khushi is DM?

Arnav giggled: Stop it Aman. But seriously Babu I need some good clothes, not these suits. What will she think of me? I'm a workaholic..

Aman: Ohhh now you have problem, when I said it you didn't pay attention.. You really don't love me Jaan.

Arnav smiled: I love you babu.. Now help me, tomorrow I'm counting on you.

Aman nodded: Of course I will help you. First time my friend is interested in a girl, she must be special then. Heyy I'm sounding like Kashibai and you and Khushi, Bajirao and Mastani.. Yuck.. I don't love you man..

Arnav laughed: Good bye my Kashi..

Aman smiled and hang up the call.

Arnav hugged his pillow and watched some movies till he gets  asleep.


" Ranveeeeerr..." Khushi woke from sleep panting heavily, she wiped the sweat beads on her forehead with her palm.

" Khushi no.. Seriously neighbors are going to complain to me for your shouts" Garima came to her room, opening the curtains and letting the sun rays make place to her room.

" I dream Ranveer was going away from me" Khushi pouted sadly, rubbing her eyes.

" That's not a new thing. You always dream that, and in reality this is what happens" Garima rolled her eyes.

" Bad mumma" Khushi said with a cute pout.

" Bad or good, I'm your mumma. And in your next birth you will find Garima as your mumma only" Garima said smiling proudly.

Khushi smiled and hugged her from behind: I would love to find you always near me.

Garima caressed her cheeks: My doll.. Ohh you're getting late girl. Hurry up..

Khushi went to her bathroom smiling. After getting ready, she went with Garima to college. Garima then went to her shop.


" Pink shirt no" Arnav frowned at Aman.

" Why no? Girls love pink" Aman said.

" I'm not a fool Aman. Girls love pink on themselves, not on boys.. " Arnav smiled sarcastically at his friend ready to beat him now.

" Okay blue jeans and white shirt, perfect now" Aman gave him the last option.

" That's it Kashi. Now I like it" Arnav smirked and took the shirt and jeans to try it.

He came out, raising his brows at Aman: How is it?

The lady helping them smiled shyly: Hot..

Arnav widened his eyes. Aman smiled at the girl: So sorry lady, this look na, is for someone else.. Poor you right? .. But don't worry I'm here..

The girl looked at Aman angry and left from there.

Arnav laughed at Aman's face: Seriously, do you think you have a chance when ASR is here ahn?

Aman: That's not fair!

Arnav frowned looking at Aman: Aman I forgot to ask her number, how will I know if she's going to come or not?

Aman patted his shoulder: Relax bro, she will surely come.


" Haan Cutiee I'm still at college" Khushi said talking with Payal, who was at AR.

" Ranveer's show today.. You didn't forget right, otherwise you will blame me" Payal said.

" I know, you don't have to make me remember. Today I won't go, strange stranger will come at that coffee shop, and I know I'm not going to meet with Ranveer anyways.." Khushi said sighing.

" What?? Boss is doing miracles in your life. The girl who left her friends just to glance at Ranveer. Today is leaving him for a meet in a coffee shop?" Payal was astonished.

" There is nothing like that. Ranveer will not be angry with me because at his every show I go. Its not a big deal if I miss one.. Right? " Khushi asked with a doubt.

" Right!! I'm saved at least today from hearing your shouts" Payal giggled.

Khushi hang up the call muttering "Pagli".

" Ranveer please don't be gussa with me. But I already saw it in my dream that we will not meet, why waste time? " Khushi whispered alone talking with his picture.


Arnav was waiting impatiently for Khushi, in the same coffee shop.

He called the manager.

Arnav: Listen yesterday I was sitting here with a girl right?

The manager nodded confused: Yes sir, do you want the same snacks you ordered yesterday?

Arnav whispered: I want the same girl.. (then looked at the manager) no, was this the table? Or I'm wrong?

Manager: No sir, you're right. This was the table.

Arnav nodded: Okay, thank you.

Manager went from there confused with ASR's behavior.

Arnav looked at his phone: I think I came too early, I will sound desperate now.

He called Aman.

Arnav: Kashi I think she's not coming today..

Aman: Bajirao have patience please, and don't tell me you are exactly inside the coffee shop at the same table.

Arnav smiled sheepishly: Yeah I'm. If I don't stay here, then she will not find me.

Aman face palmed: Bad impression Arnav. Just send yourself away from this table, go somewhere else.. And yeah near the coffee shop please.

Arnav nodded sideways: How will I see her then?

Aman: Ohh god you're so stubborn. Listen to me, before she comes to you and say: "Hum dil de chuke sanam" and you will wait for her years and years in this coffee shop.

Arnav pouted: Shub shub bolo Kashi. ( seeing Khushi come inside) my Mastani is coming..bye.

Aman smiled.

Khushi sat opposite to him smiling: Hi Arnav.. Sorry for being late, I was in my college.

Arnav: Ohh it's okay.

Khushi looking at the bottle of water finished by Arnav: Uhh I guess I made you wait.

Arnav smiled embarrassed looking at the bottle and then thought " Aman was right, bad impression"

Arnav: Well yeah.. Actually I came early here.

Khushi smiled: Yeah your office is near.

Arnav nodded.

Khushi: So strange stranger, from today you're officially my friend.

Arnav raised his brows: Really? Wasn't I before?

Khushi: No, my mumma had to approve this friendship and she did it. So you're not a stranger anymore, but my friend.

Arnav smiled: Ohh. Did you mother got angry yesterday for coming late?

Khushi nodded sideways chuckling: Mumma is extra worried for me, that's why but she loves me so much, that she can only fake her gussa, after 5 minutes or less than that she will show me her big smile.

Arnav smiled: That's good Khushi. Did you informed her about you going out with your friends?

Khushi: No, I forgot.

Arnav: That's why! You have to inform her to assure her you're fine.

Khushi blinked her eyes: You look like my mumma. Wow, you're really like her, scold me in a soft tone.

Arnav giggled: Is it bad or good for you?

Khushi smiled: Very good! And she liked you so much, just by hearing about you, imagine when you both meet.

Arnav smiled: I would love to meet her.. (Arnav whispered) my sasuma..

Khushi: Did you said something?

Arnav nodded sideways. Arnav: What would you like to eat or drink?

Khushi smiled: Hmm sandwich and juice is fine for me.

Arnav ordered it for both.

Khushi: I missed something important today..

Arnav looked at her: What?

Khushi: Ranveer ka show.

Arnav rolled his eyes: That mad singer? I just hate him to the core, his bad music is just so irritating to hear.

Khushi angrily: Arnav don't talk bad about him.

Arnav giggled: Hey why are you getting red now? Don't tell me you like that mad guy?

Khushi nodded innocently: You and mumma are so bad. You both don't like him..he is handsome, sings well and is famous. He is just perfect!!

Arnav covered his mouth with his palm trying to stop laughing.

Khushi glared at him: Stop laughing okay.

Arnav: Seriously girls are mad. I didn't knew you're one of them..


" RK.. RK...RK..." the crowd shouted at the man standing on the stage.

He smirked: Thanks to all my fans for supporting me in every phase of my career..(shouting) love you all..

The girls almost cried. He left the stage and his bodyguards came running to protect him from the crowd.

His mother came running to him. He smiled asking through his eyes: Was my show good?

His mother: Do I need to say anything?

Both laughed and went to his vanity van.

Sandhya (his mother): Ranveer your career as a singer is going good, I mean fantastic. It's high time you introduce to me your girlfriend. I want to see my son married.

Ranveer chuckles: I don't have anyone mom. And you will be the first one to know her okay?

Sandhya nodded.


" You're kidding me right! You live alone Arnav?" Khushi asked shocked, she stopped walking through the silent and isolated road, to look at his face.

" What's there to be shocked about Khushi?" Arnav asked amused with her behavior.

" I don't imagine myself living alone, that's scary.. What if ghosts come there? And how do you cook and work at the same time?" Khushi made a scary face.

" Ghosts and all don't exist, and I have HP, the one who takes care of my house" Arnav smiled.

" Ohh.." Khushi was relieved now.

Khushi pointed with her finger chirpily: Wow wedding there..

Arnav: Cool.. A man's life is about to be destroyed!

Khushi smacked him: Why are you boys like that? Both will live happily okay!!

Arnav laughed: Everyone says so!

Khushi shook her head smiling.

Khushi: Let's steal food! It will be fun Arnav..

Arnav widened his eyes: No way! I'm not going to do this..

Khushi smiled mischievously looking at him. Arnav stepped back: No Khushi, dekho my mumma used to say stealing is not a good thing. DM gets angry..

Khushi laughed like crazy: Arnav hahahaha.. awnn such a innocent piece you're!! Let's go please..

Arnav folded his arms: No!

Khushi also folded her arms: Yes!

Arnav stood still. Khushi accepted defeat with a sigh, Arnav smirked and walked to go.

He stopped walking hearing Khushi's voice, well singing.. With a confused face he turned to see her, but saw the whole wedding guests behind him.

Khushi smiled, and came near him, showing him to the guests: Munda thoda, offbeat hai

Par kudiya de naal, bohat sweet hai

The guests, Groom and bride laughed at them.

Khushi continued dancing with some boys and girls: Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai...Viral ho gaya ye Tweet

Arnav smirked and joined the crowd: Par phool wool karne mein cool...Tu badi tezz katari hai...Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki...Humne kardi taiyari hai

 And both danced together: Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke, aaj hil-dul ke...Le saare, ke saare nazare...Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke, aaj hil-dul ke...Le saare, ke saare nazare

The bride's mother smiled: Ohh what a lovely couple, dekho (looking at her husband) they saved us from a boring sangeet!

Khushi widened her eyes, looking at boys around her:  Munde plenty mere layi hogaye senti

All girls joined her smiling: O tere layi hogaye senti...Tere layi hogaye senti

 Khushi looked at Arnav, pointing her index finger to him: Tere liye main set hoon...Iss baat ki guarantee

Arnav smiled faintly looking at her. After having fun dancing, Arnav and Khushi were offered food for free. 

Khushi winked at him: Nor you mumma, neither DM is angry now. Khush?

Arnav: Very happy!


" Mummaaaaaaaaa look who is here" Khushi shouted, coming inside with Arnav. 

" Ranveer?" Garima laughed, she was inside the kitchen. 

" One day I will bring your son-in-law here, for today is Strange stranger" Khushi said leaving her bags on sofa. 

Arnav smiled confused: Son-in-law?

Khushi: I love Ranveer..I know he is a singer, so no chance of marrying him, but I have full faith in my love, you can laugh as much as you want.. But I will be Khushi Ranveer Khana!

Arnav gulped, his dream broke in seconds, and that little sentence: "I love Ranveer"...

Arnav composed himself, and smiled. 

Garima came outside, she checked Arnav with one stare: Is he Arnav?

Khushi nodded. Garima smiled: Wow Payal's boss is so young! 

Arnav smiled when inside he was broken. 

Khushi held Arnav's hand: Come with me!

Both went to her room, reaching there Arnav was amused, all the places of her room contained one or other thing of Ranveer. 

Khushi: See I have everything, his CDs, his pictures with his awards, I know everything about his family, he has a mother Sandhya, and his father died because of cancer, poor him. I cried everyday when I got to know about this. Hmm where I was, ohh see.. my pillow has his picture, I hug my pillow tightly when I go to sleep.. 

Arnav just nodded: You really love him..

Khushi nodded and sat on her bed with Arnav: Problem is I never get the chance to meet him.. like those who don't even love him, have already met with him, it's only with me that bad lucks come. 

Arnav smiled: I will make you meet him, just decide the date and time. 

Khushi widened her eyes shocked, she held Arnav's shoulder: Really? You can do it to me! Arnav.. I will be really grateful to you if you help me!.. 

Arnav: I will. What are friends for?

Khushi hugged him tightly, Arnav wiped a small tears on corner of his eyes smiling. 

Arnav: But love, you have to see if like him personally. Not just by his looks or songs okay?

Khushi nodded smiling brightly. 


" Forget it yaar she's not for me!" Arnav said with his mood totally off. 

" What the.. no way, she is for you! Mumma's sign cannot be wrong! Just use your force you're ASR.." Akash said getting angry, for knowing about Arnav's love interest last, and now hearing that she loves someone else. 

" Shut up, love cannot be forced, stupid..I will force her, will she stay happy?" Arnav frowned, and threw a pillow to Akash. 

" Okay, so what will you do Arnav?" Aman asked sadly. 

" Help her to stay with Ranveer. And then I move on with my life" Arnav said hugging his pillow.  

" But you met her yesterday, how can you term this so quickly as love?" Akash asked. 

Aman and Arnav glared at him. Akash went from there: Fine! I'm going.. 

Arnav looked at Aman: Maybe he is right, how can I say what I feel for her is love?

Aman: Are you missing her now?

Arnav nodded. 

Aman: Do you think about her every time?

Arnav: Yes, she doesn't get out of my mind. Damn that coffee shop.. 

Aman widened his eyes: Don't forget it's mumma's favorite coffee shop..

Arnav looked up: Sorry mumma..

Aman: Why are you helping her stay with Ranveer?

Arnav: Because I can't see her innocent and lovely eyes sad. 

Aman smiled: Then you love her, see love may take seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years and all, but once it happens, you do everything for that person okay! 

Arnav smiled sadly: I told you to say good things, see now indeed she said: "Hum dil de chuke sanam". 

Aman hugged him: SORRY! But you have me, your Kashi.. Nothing to lose..

Arnav: No I prefer Priyanka Chopra! 

Aman switched on the TV: Right now she is in NY, so let's watch Quantico!


" Mumma it's was so funny today with Arnav.. I just loved today's day" Khushi exclaimed. 

" I can see that" Garima smiled. 

" Mumma Arnav promised me that he will make me meet Ranveer" Khushi said chirpily. 

Garima looked at her shocked: Kya? Why would he do this big thing for you?

Khushi: He is my friend mumma. 

Garima: I don't want you to meet Ranveer. Even if Arnav can do that for you. 

Khushi frowned: Why mumma? Why can't I meet him? I love him mumma, you know that..

Garima: Yes Khushi I know, but I tolerated all this for you because I thought it's natural in your age amd it's not something to be taken seriously. 

Khushi: But I take it seriously!

Garima: NO you don't! Love isn't seeing a person on TV or shows and like his songs and the next day declare your love for that person. What if he is a completely different person in real life?

Khushi: I know him..

Garima shook her head: Okay, it's your life, do what you want baby! But one day you will learn that you do not have to run after who you want, because life gives you what you deserve.

Khushi stood still thinking about her mother's words...


" So aunty doesn't like Ranveer" Arnav asked.

" Hmm she believes I don't love him" Khushi said playing with Arnav's pens on his cabin. 

" If he starts dating with you, maybe she will take it for real" Arnav said. 

" No, I don't like doing things without her knowledge. It's better to forget I will ever meet him" Khushi said with moist eyes. 

Arnav quickly came to her caressing her cheeks: I will convince Aunty, please stop crying!

Is This Love?..Maine Naa Jaana..Is This Love? ..Tu Hi Bata Naa

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May 12, 2017

Chapter 3 - The end! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 133 times)

Aman came inside Arnav's cabin. Aman: We have to go to Manali, for the photo shoot.. I hope you remember it.

Arnav nodded: Yeah.

Khushi looked at Aman, then at Arnav: You're going away from me?

Arnav smiled: Not from you. I have some work..

Khushi: Ohh sorry. I must be disturbing you all.

Aman: Not at all, you can stay here. We'll leave tonight.

Khushi smiled.


" I just hate your friend Payuu" Akash said irritated.

" What? Who are you talking about?" Payal looked at him confused.

" The one who is upstairs in Arnav's cabin. He loves her dammit, and she is behind a singer.. What the.." Akash looked at her in disbelief.

" Heyy calm down here.. Repeat what you said.. ASR loves Khushi? Is this what I understood? " Payal asked shocked.

" Yeah, he loves her" Akash said.

" OMG.. This is a breaking news" Payal got up from her seat.

" Shut up Payuu stay quiet. You're not supposed to tell anyone about this please. Arnav will kill me if he gets to know" Akash said scared.

"And now? Is he heart broken? But he has a stone instead of heart, impossible to break.." Payal rolled her eyes.

" Miss Payal and Mr.Akash you both are paid to work. And not gossip on your boss's life" Aman said sarcastically, and glared at Akash.

Akash smiled sheepishly: Aman she can help us. Think in good way.

Aman pointed to Payal: She!? She will tell everything to Khushi itself today at this minute.

Payal pouted: It's not true okay. I can help you.

Aman smirked: Thanks girl!

Akash: Thanks babes..

Payal glared at him: Ohh shut up Akash. *****************************

Arnav's cabin:

" Hmm can I help you?" Arnav asked a engrossed Khushi doing her assignments.

Khushi smiled, then scratched her forehead with a pout: I'm not understanding what to do..

Arnav: Come here Khushi Kumari Gupta.. I'm going to make you intelligent today.

Khushi laughed: I'm intelligent also!! Sometimes when I want to..

Khushi went to sit beside Arnav and he kept explaining her, she was listening to his words with all the attention, it was surprising for her because when her teacher talks, she only listen for 20minutes and after that she drifts to Ranveer's thoughts. With Arnav it was different, she felt she could hear him without interruption.

She smiled faintly looking at him.

Aman came inside again: Arnav..

Arnav looked at him: Not now Aman, we'll talk about work later. Now tell everyone I'm busy.

Aman cleaned his ear: Sorry! You're cancelling the meeting?

Arnav: Yeah Aman, I'm! Now go..

Aman went from there thinking "What loves does to normal people!!"


" No aunty.. It's enough" Arnav widened his eyes looking at his plate, Khushi invited him to have lunch with her and Garima, since he is going to Manali tonight.

" Haha feed him more Mumma" Khushi laughed at Arnav.

Garima smiled: You have to eat all this Arnav, no one leaves my house without eating well.

Arnav smiled at her, remembering about his mother, his short moments lived with his mother were the only reason that kept him moving on, but he also used to feel alone.

" Arnav eat na, it's delicious" Khushi said savoring her food.

Arnav shook his head, and picked his phone: Yeah Aman..

Aman: Jaan where are you?

Arnav: Hmm Khushi's place why?

Aman: We need you here! I think I found someone useful to help you stay with your Mastani..

Arnav: What? Didn't I told you to forget Mastani? Nothing is going to work..

Aman: Wait Jaan.. Payalia is ready to help us. You have to fight for your love at least.

Arnav shocked: Anklet? How does she knows it? Don't tell me Akki told her? I will kill him today..

Garima and Khushi looked at each other confused.

Khushi: Mastani?

Arnav smiled sheepishly after realizing he is not alone.

Arnav: I'm coming babu. Wait!

Arnav looked at Khushi and Garima: I have to go.. Bye Khushi. Bye Aunty, your food was indeed delicious.

Garima smiled caressing his hair: Thank you dear. Do come more times to visit us. I loved chatting with you.

Arnav smiled back. Khushi: Bye Arnav.. I hope you will not forget me in Manali.

Arnav: Your name is  carved in my heart. How can I forget you?

Khushi smiled sweetly: Aww..

Garima smiled faintly at him " And I knew it. You fell in love with my Doll"

Arnav left. Khushi was still waving at him, and Garima looked at both smiling.


" So my plan is, we know Khushi loves Ranveer" Payal said writing Khushi plus Ranveer equal to heart in a board.

Arnav pouted looking at her: Just clean that heart now. Are you helping me or them stay together?

Payal giggled and cleaned the heart. Aman: Hmm next Payalia..

Payal: Haan.. But we don't know if Ranveer loves Khushi. And I'm sure he won't fall in love with her, because she is more like a fan to him! So Khushi after Ranveer rejection will be heart broken.. And who will pacify her????

Aman and Akash smirked: Arnav!!

Payal: Right!!

Arnav smiled: Payalia if you thought like that to work, I swear I would increase your salary..

Payal jaws dropped: So that means you're not going to increase now?

Arnav laughed: I will Payalia. First time you used your brain for something, I must motivate you. (looking at Aman) babu why didn't you think about this??

Aman: I don't know Jaan. Creativity is disappearing from my mind now..

Akash and Payal laughed.


" Baby what's wrong? Why aren't you watching the movie?" Garima looked at Khushi, staring at the TV but her mind wasn't there.

Khushi: I don't know mumma. See Arnav is going to Manali today with Payal. I will be alone now.

Garima: Ranveer is here na.

Khushi cried: Mumma you're not understanding. I'm feeling low. I know it's wrong, but I don't want Arnav to go.

Garima sat with her: What is Arnav to you dear?

Khushi: My friend!

Garima smiled: Really or something more than that? I never saw you crying for anyone other than Ranveer.

Khushi looked at her mother for a while: You're right mumma. I never cried for anyone. Strange right? Arnav just entered in my life in two days and I feel he is so dear to me, I feel like someone whom I can share my problems with, and he will always support me.

Garima kissed her forehead: With time you will understand everything..

Khushi sigh.


" I don't want to go" Arnav left his bag on bed, sadly.

" Why?" Aman asked him.

" I will miss Khushi, Aman do one thing.." Arnav was about to continue, but Aman patted his shoulder nodding.

" I will take care"

" Thanks babu you're the best" Arnav hugged him smiling.


" Good morning aunty" Arnav arrived the next day in Khushi's house.

" Arnav? You here?" Garima asked surprised seeing him.

" Actually I didn't go to Manali" Arnav smiled.

"Arnaaaaaav" Khushi shouted happily and came running to him.

"Khushi" Arnav whispered with a happy face.

" Come in beta" Garima said making way for him.

The three headed to the living room, Garima left both comfortable there, and went to take her bag.

Arnav: Aunty should I drop you somewhere?

Garima: No dear, I'm going to work, it's near here.

Arnav smiled: It's okay aunty. I can accompany you, after all Khushi is not the only friend I have here, you're also.

Garima winked at Khushi, Khushi pouted.

Arnav and Garima went walking to Garima's shop and Khushi stayed at home waiting for Arnav to return.

Garima: Why didn't you go to Manali?

Arnav stammered: Woh.. Actually.. I ..

Garima laughed caressing Arnav's back: You would miss that pagli right?

Arnav shocked nodded.

Garima: Dear don't forget I've more experience in love than you.. I can see you lost your heart to my doll.

Arnav gulped in fear: Aunty I don't want to play with your doll, sorry Khushi.. I really want something serious, I promise I want to marry her ..

Garima giggled: Calm down Arnav. I know what kind of boy you're. And if you need help consult me.

Garima went to her shop smiling. Arnav stood there also smiling: Wow I've support of her mother also.


Some weeks later:

" I'm so excited.. Wow I'm finally going to meet him.. Arnav I'm so excited.. " Khushi looked at her reflection on the mirror smiling nervous yet excited.

"You're looking gorgeous Khushi. I'm sure you will get along with him" Arnav smiled sadly, which went unnoticed by Khushi.

Arnav went near her, cupping her face: You still have fever, so don't take out your sweater, and don't eat ice cream or cold drinks please, even if he offers you. And don't be nervous, everything will go good okay. Good luck.

Khushi smiled and nodded: I will take care of myself Arnav. Thank you for making my dream true.

Khushi left with the driver to the place where they fixed a meeting with Ranveer.


Arnav sat on the living room alone praying: You can't be bad with me DM, please make this as their last meeting.. Please don't make him fall in love with her.. Please I promise I will take care of Khushi like a princess, after marrying with her I will still love her and do anything to get her close to me, please just don't make Ranveer fall in love with her..Mumma please do something, Khushi has to be your bahu.. Please.. Please..


Khushi reached the place, it was a big mansion. She was awed by the amazing sigh of this mansion.

She smiled, and closed her eyes praying before stepping in the mansion.

Sandhya noticed Khushi praying. She smile seeing a cute girl for her son, she immediately liked Khushi.

The guard opened the gate for her, and she entered nervous.

Sandhya came to her: Namaste dear.

Khushi smiled: Namaste aunty. You're Ranveer's mother hain na? You look beautiful in real life. I never thought I would meet you personally.

Sandhya giggled: Thank you Khushi. You don't need to be scared or nervous, my son is really nice guy.

Khushi smiled: Aunty you know my name?

Sandhya: Haan, Ranveer informed me that his fan named Khushi would come.

Khushi nodded and went inside with Ranveer's mother.

As she stepped in she saw HIM, she smiled and clapped excitedly, her legs were jumping and she let out a scream, although she promised to herself that she would control herself, but she couldn't seeing her idol in front of her.

" Ranveeeerr... OMG DM you're really here in front of me.. Aunty pinch me.." Khushi jumped smiling.

Ranveer smiled: Yes I'm really here super fan.

Khushi smiled and quickly hugged him: It's was my dream to meet you, finally!!

Ranveer: I never knew someone could like me to this extent. ASR told me about you.

Khushi nodded: I like you.. I.. (she wanted to say that she loves him but that didn't came out of her mouth)

Sandhya smiled: So Khushi prepared for a day out with my son?

Khushi nodded.

Ranveer signaled the driver to take Khushi to his car. Khushi went with the driver outside again.

Ranveer looked at his mother smiling: Did you like her?

Sandhya nodded: I liked her a lot. She is so beautiful, cute, bubbly and chirpy.. Like an angel..

Ranveer nodded: Dekha, when ASR showed me her pic, ma you won't believe I slept thinking about her only. I don't know how I never met with her, but thank God destiny brought us together..

Sandhya nodded: Now go, don't make my bahu wait.

Ranveer giggled and went from there.


In the car:

" What do you like to do when you're free?" Ranveer asked her.

" Hmm stay with my mumma, Arnav and friends and you?" Khushi said.

" Same here, but not with mumma, only friends chilling out" he smiled.

" Ohh so you like going to pubs?" Khushi asked.

" Yeah.. Everyone Saturday I go with my friends. You should come one day with me, I will show you real fun" he increased the volume of the music playing in the car, driving fast.

Khushi wasn't liking a bit of it, she was scared. She faked a smile: Uhh no thanks. Having fun is staying with Arnav at his cabin in his office and chat with him, we love eating junk food together and then after his work ends, we always go to beach to play with water. I love it and he knows that, then he takes me to watch movies, sometimes horror movies, we both get so scared that we start screaming even before it starts (Khushi laughed remembering their cute moments) ..

Ranveer laughed: Seriously you do this? It's like teenagers things.. Wow ASR does this.. I never thought so..

Khushi got angry: So what if he is ASR? Every person is different outside, not because he is a business man that he has to be serious all his life.. Everyone has the right to live freely including ASR!

Ranveer nodded: Yeah right..


In a beach:

" Heyy bro what's up?! .. " Ranveer's friends greeted him.

" Guys this is Khushi, my super fan and Khushi these are my best friends" Ranveer introduced them to Khushi.

Khushi faked a smiled: Hi..

Kunal: Hii Happiness..

Shanaya: Hii Ranveer's super fan. How come you're this good for nothing fan?

Khushi smiled. Ranveer started running behind Shanaya laughing and everyone got engrossed in their own talks forgetting that Khushi was there.

Khushi felt a left out. She looked around thinking " If Arnav was here, he would never leave me alone, unlike Ranveer. Arnav forgets his friends when he is with me, while Ranveer forgets me when his friends are around him.. Point to be noted"


Lunch time:

Restaurant XYZ:

Ranveer: Khushi order what you want. I really don't know your likes..

Kunal: But she can choose something for you, since she knows everything about you.

Everyone laughed. Khushi smiled remembering the past..


" Hmm your face tells me that you like pizza.. Should I order it? " Arnav asked smiling and looking at the menu.

" Wow you guessed it right Arnav. How do you know?" Khushi asked surprised.

" I asked aunty your favorite food" Arnav smirked.

Khushi smacked him laughing: You cheater.. I hate you..

Arnav laughed: Same here..

Khushi glared at him. Arnav giggled: Think the opposite now..

Khushi smiled side hugging him: Aww you're my best friend!!

Flashback ends.

Khushi woke up from her dream, and ordered the food for her.


It was night time now..

Khushi was already very bored and disappointed with the meeting she thought would be the best in her life.

Ranveer looked at the sky leaning on his car: Khushi can I tell you something?

Khushi nodded faking a smile.

Ranveer smiled staring at her: You're very beautiful..

Khushi got uncomfortable with his gaze, she smiled: Thanks..

" What the.. I'm supposed to be blushing Khushi.. What's wrong with you?" Khushi thought.

Ranveer went near Khushi: Khushi I ..

Khushi pushed him gently: I want to go home, I guess it's very late..

Ranveer smiled embarrassed: Alright!!


She opened the gate of her house and turned to wave at him, but he had already gone.

She remembered that Arnav always stays till she gets inside the house, where Ranveer didn't even wait till she opens the gate.

She opened the door of her house slowly to not disturb her mom's sleep.

There she found Arnav sleeping on Garima's lap cutely. Her mumma also fell asleep caressing Arnav.

She smiled. Arnav opened his eyes slowly sensing her movements.

Arnav whispered: Doll how was it?

Khushi hugged him tightly: Good!

Arnav hugged her back: Only good? I guess you have many things to share with me, and why did you return this late? I was waiting for you with aunty.

Khushi: Woh Ranveer was still dropping his friends home.

Arnav furrows his brows: What? He went out with you and his friends? Did he left you alone?

Khushi lied: No, he was friendly with me. His mother is also sweet.

Arnav smiled: Did you eat ice cream??

Khushi nodded sideways chuckling: No way!! I don't want to be scolded by ASR!!

Arnav left her on her bed, pulling the blanket for her, he kissed her forehead: Good night Khushi. Take care, we'll talk tomorrow.

Khushi nodded.


Arnav returned to his home sadly, she liked the meeting, and he feared Ranveer also liked it.

He went to sleep with a fear of losing Khushi.

His thoughts were disturbed by his phone ringing.

He picked it: Hello?!

Ranveer: Hi ASR.. Thanks for making me meet with a girl like Khushi..

Arnav rolled his eyes: You're welcome..

Ranveer: My mother and I also liked Khushi a lot.. So with your help I wanted to propose her. I know it's too early but I can't contain myself, I want that cute girl all to myself.

Arnav gulped his saliva shocked: What?

Ranveer: Please yaar. You have to help me out.. This Sunday I want to propose her. All you have to do is tell her to be ready.

Arnav nodded and whispered slowly: Okay!

As Ranveer hang up the call, he threw his phone in frustration.

" I knew it.. I knew it you would like her.. Our plan got destroyed Aman.. Now nothing will help me stay with Khushi.. She loves him, he also loves her.. I can't come in between them now.." He cried looking at the sky in his room's window.

" Why did you show me her mumma? Why did you brought happiness in my life to take it away from me? I can't bear to see Khushi with someone else.. I will die.. I was already planning about our life.. Our cute little kids.. And this Ranveer came in the picture.. " he looked down.


" OMG he liked you Khushi..of course" Lav exclaimed.

" Maybe not" Payal said trying to convince Khushi not to stay with Ranveer.

" Ohh shut up Payal, he wanted to kiss her, Khushi you're such a fool why didn't you let him? " Lav asked.

" I was nervous that's why" Khushi said biting her nails.

" Don't be a fool Khushi, you always dream of this, and now that it happened you don't seem happy at all" Lav said glancing at her suspiciously.

" Of course he is a stranger right Khushi, Arnav is more friendly than him" Payal asked smiling.

" He is not a stranger Payu. It's just in first meeting I couldn't kiss him, I was nervous and all.. " Khushi lied everything she was feeling, she was scared to say the truth, she wanted the truth to be that she loves Ranveer no matter what.


Payal looked at Aman and Arnav: Sorry guys I couldn't convince her.. I tried a lot but everytime Lav was talking good things about Ranveer and I didn't had time to tell her the truth..

Arnav smiled: It's okay Payal, thanks for trying. Anyways there is no possibility for Khushi to stay with me, because Ranveer wants to propose her.

Payal shocked: What? He really likes her??

Arnav nodded. Aman angry: That mad man had to love her, to spoil our perfect plan.. I hate him..

Payal: We will not tell Khushi about this, in fact we will tell her that he didn't like her, what say guys? We can still implement our plan..

Aman nodded: That's what I'm explaining to him.

Arnav: No guys, I can't lie to Khushi. I promised to her, that I will be honest in our friendship.. I can't break that rule.

Payal smiled: How I wish I had someone to love me like you do Arnav, ups sorry Boss.. I really wonder if someone like you exist in this world for me!!

Akash entered with a smirk: Me baby.. I really looooveee you!!

Aman and Arnav chuckled. Payal rolled her eyes: Alright!! I guess God only wants to bless me with a flirt like you.



" Arnav what are we doing here??" Khushi asked him with an unsure smile.

" You will live your life best moment Khushi here in this beautiful garden.. Today your life biggest dream will come true" Arnav said with a faint smile.

Khushi smiled: What?

Arnav placed his finger on her lips: Wait here.. You will get to know..

Arnav left from there walking, he smiled looking at the sky..

" Thanks for at least bringing a true friend and a sweet mumma (Garima) in my life.. " 

Main phir bhi tumko chaahunga,

Main phir bhi tumko chaahoonga...

is chaahat mein mar jaaunga

main phir bhi tumko chahunga...

(but I'll still love you,

I'll still love you.

I'll die for this love,

but I'll still love you)...

Arnav cried heavily walking on the roads, and the rain helped him hide his tears...

" It's over.. everything is over.. " he mumbled looking at her picture, and every moment spent with her flashed in his mind like a movie, but unlike most of them, this one had a sad ending. 


" Where is he? Why is he making me wait much? Arnav told me it's the best day of my life, so it must be that Ranveer wants to propose me.. Ayee DM how will I react today..." Khushi thought smiling happily and sited on a bench waiting for Ranveer. 

She saw a hand with red roses in front of her, only to see her man standing there with a suit looking handsome. 

She smiled shyly: Ranveer.. 

Ranveer knelt down: Shh.. don't say anything today.. It's my time to tell you my feelings, you already showed me how much you know, you love my songs and all, but today I will tell you what I felt when I saw you first, so Khushi Kumari Gupta, your name itself is so beautiful, and the God's creation is something that I won't even comment, your smile makes  me want to lose myself in you, your hazel eyes captivate me, your bubbly and chirpy mood will never make feel off in my life, and that's why I want you to be always there for me Khushi, will you marry me????

Khushi widened her eyes, then smiled nodding: Yes I will Ranveer, you don't know how I'm happy hearing you propose me.. 

Ranveer smiled: I love you Khushi..

Khushi kissed his cheeks blushing: I love you more...


" Arnaaaaaaaaaaavvv..." he heard her voice, and in the next seconds she landed on his arms, hugging him tightly, he didn't hug her, he was still in his world trying to register what really happened, wait was he dreaming about Ranveer proposing to Khushi?!! Hell yeah... but what was she doing here?

" Khushi I told you to wait there..." Arnav looked at her. 

" I don't want to.. how dare you send me to Ranveer.. Thank God that gardener told me that Ranveer planned to propose me and I fled from there.." Khushi rolled her eyes.. 

" Why??" Arnav whispered. 

" Mumma once told me One day you will learn that you do not have to run after who you want because life gives you what you deserve, if you're not with the one you love, love the one who is with you. Maybe this person can not have the beauty that you seek, but they have the love you are looking for.., I understood this late in my life, but better late than never.. When you asked me if I liked the meeting, to tell you the truth it was the worst one in my life! I never felt so alone in my life Arnav, I was missing you all the day, he was different from you, and few days later I realized that I liked you more than I thought I liked him, he was different in real life, and this love thing was really just a fan's madness, I'm happy that I met my idol.. but I will be happiest, if the one I really love, loves me back!

She kissed his cheeks and whispered: I love you Arnav..

Arnav smiled amused, shocked and surprised, he lifter her and twirl her happily, then shouted on top of his voice: I loooveeeeeee you tooooooooooo..

Khushi laughed with him..

The end! 

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