The Boy Under The Tree

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May 9, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)


After returning back from the daily evening walk, she headed inside the mansion with her dad, but after giving a look at that little boy who was sited under the tree on the lane.

She headed to her room and peeped out through the window… he seemed sad because he was staring at the ground, she knew because she also stared at the ground whenever she felt sad.

She headed out of the mansion making sure her dad dint notice or he wouldn’t allow her to go out this late.

She headed on the other side of the lane where the boy was sited and stood right in front of him but he dint even turn his head to look at her…

Maybe he was too sad to even look at her.

She sat next to him silently and continued staring at him, neither did she nor did he speak a word.

A tear dropped down his eye and she felt sad for him, but she remembered what her dad always did for her when she was sad.

He would silently sit next to her and hold her hand and let her cry until she felt better.

She hesitantly got hold of his hand but he still dint react… she held his hand and sat next to him for almost half an hour without saying any word…

It had been a month now… she always came for an evening walk with her dad around the lanes and she always saw this boy sited there.. Although she had no idea why he sat there, she just wanted to make him feel better, and today, she had gathered enough courage to walk to him and sit next to him.

She kept on holding his hand until the moment she felt like she should be back to the mansion so she pulled her hand away from his slowly and headed back to the mansion.

Before entering inside she turned to look at him one last time and a smile spread over her face when she saw him turn his head up finally and look at her.

He dint smile at her but what made her happy was that he finally looked at her… for the past month she had been watching him, but he never turned his head up.. But he did today and he looked at her.

May 11, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

“Khushi, let’s go for the walk” her dad called out from the hall.

Khushi rushed out of her room quickly and headed to the hall as she got hold of her dad’s hand and they both headed out for their daily evening walk.

As soon as she stepped out of the mansion, her eyes directly went to the tree, to see if the boy was there, but he wasn’t yet… he was normally there when she returned back from the walk, so expecting to see him after she came back, she headed for the walk with her dad.

“So tomorrow is my princess’s birthday… you are going to turn eight, you are growing up so fast and like every day, dad today has a lesson for you” Her father said

Khushi looked at him excitedly as she waited for her father’s lesson, she loved the lessons he always gave her.

The purpose of this walk wasn’t just because it was good to have a walk daily, it was also because her father used this time to give her some of the most important teachings about life, he was experienced and she loved learning everything about life.

Khushi kept on staring at her dad while they continued walking, he was like lost in some thoughts.

“What’s today’s lesson dad?” She asked as she shook his hand.

“I saw you yesterday, when you sneaked out of the mansion and headed under the tree” Her dad said

Khushi stilled, she was scared, she just hoped her dad wasn’t angry on her about that. She knew it wasn’t right, but it wasn’t wrong either.

“Don’t be scared sweetheart… I am not angry, but today’s lesson is something I always wanted to teach you when you turn eight because I thought you’d be mature enough to learn it but I can see you learnt it before I could even teach you”

“I don’t get it” Khushi said nervously.

“What you did for that boy was good Khushi and I am so proud of you for that, you gave him what he needed the most, a hand to hold. Today’s lesson for you is that, whenever you see a person who needs help, never hesitate from helping them, even if they mean nothing to you… your help can change their lives and like you experienced yesterday, just giving that boy your hand helped him a lot.

But then second thing is that you should never sneak out of the mansion without letting your dad know, I know you did it with a good intention but it was something wrong to do. When you know you are doing something right, you shouldn’t fear telling me about it” Her dad said

“Sorry dad, I was just curious and I wanted to help him”

“And I told you it isn’t wrong to help someone, it’s wrong not to inform your dad about it”

“I Promise it won’t happen next time” Khushi said

Her dad smiled at her as they both continued with the walk.


After half an hour they both headed back to the mansion and before they entered in, Khushi looked at the tree, the boy was there.

She looked at her dad, and he just smiled as he let go off her hand, she happily rushed towards the tree and sat next to him.

Even today, he dint look at her, he just stared at the ground, and like she did yesterday, she held his hand and sat there silently letting him know he wasn’t alone in whatever that was making him sad, although she had no idea why he was sad and why he sat under this tree daily, she just felt holding his hand could make him feel better.

She dint speak a word, neither did he… but her presence was enough to make him feel better, she dint need to speak to make him feel better.

After sitting there for some time, Khushi slid her hand away and headed back to the mansion, she looked back at him one last time before entering in and he was looking at her again.

Nothing could have made her happier than this, she knew she was making a difference in his life and it felt good to make him feel better.

She rushed back towards him and they both stood face to face looking at each other… she smiled at him but he dint smiled back, he just stared at her.

Today was the first time when she looked him into the eyes, those red painful eyes and she felt sad… there was something really wrong with this boy.

She remembered being sad, but she was never sad like he seemed to be.

She just hugged him for a while the broke apart as she turned to walk away without looking back at him, she couldn’t even understand why she felt sad… maybe his sadness was too much that she also started feeling sad for him.


He walked away after looking at the tree for one last time… he could stay here the whole day only if he could but his life was a mess and only he knew how he managed to spend an hour here daily… It wasn’t so easy to escape the hell he was in.

He headed back to that place he called home which was never like a home for him.

As soon as he entered in the mansion, he was welcomed with a loud roar of his aunt.

“Arnav! You little creep! Where have you been all this time? Do you know how much work is pending? If it isn’t done by dinner time, I promise you’ll not get any food to eat today”

“Sorry aunty, I’ll just get everything done” He said as he rushed to finish up all the work.

A minute later, he felt a huge hand on his shoulder as he slowly turned around to look at his huge uncle standing in front of him with his stomach hanging in the air like it always did.

He slapped him leaving marks of his five fingers on is cheeks as Arnav cried in pain.

“You better not cry those crocodile tears! Why is my money missing? Tell me you are the one who stole it?” his uncle asked

“I promise I dint uncle, I never would steal, my mother never taught me to steal”

“Your mother is dead, she wouldn’t teach you anything anyway, if you have to stay in this house better learn not to steal, next time my money goes missing, I’ll punish you really hard”

Arnav just nodded silently as his uncle walked away… his life was worse than hell… everyday he saw kids of his age going to school, being loved by their parents… playing outside and doing so many things which he couldn’t only because he lived at his uncle’s and he was being treated like an animal.


“Why is he so sad dad?” Khushi asked as she sat on his laps.

“I don’t know Khushi, not everyone’s life is a bed of roses anyway” her dad said

“I want to help him dad, I can’t see him sad like that… can’t we do something for him?”

“The only thing you can do for him is hold his hand until one day he trusts you enough to share his problems with you, then we can look for a solution”

“Okay” Khushi said noting in her mind that she would always have to sit with him and hold his hand… that was the only way she was going to help him.

Maybe one day he would finally find a friend in her, maybe one day he would smile back in return when she would smile at him… maybe one day he would tell her what has been bothering him and maybe one day everything would be fine and she would see him happy.

But was that day really going to come? Was he going to sit under that tree forever? Would she be seeing him daily? If she had so many answers, she also had so many questions whose answers only destiny could give.

May 13, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

Three months later…

A lot had happened in this three months…

As for Khushi she had learnt so many new lessons on her daily walks…

As for Arnav he had been denied so many meals and had been beaten so badly by his uncle and aunt until sometimes he just felt like sitting under this tree and never going back home.

What hadn’t changed so far was the relation between Arnav and Khushi…

He still sat under the same tree…

She still joined him there after her daily evening walk and held his hand…

He still looked at her when she went away but he yet dint smile…

In this three months, they hadn’t spoken a word… they dint even know each other’s names…

All that Khushi knew was she had this sad friend who needed help and she always held his hand hoping one day he would trust her enough and speak to her about problems…

All that Arnav knew was no matter who this girl was, no matter she had no idea what his problem was, she always sat with him holding his hand and that made him feel a lot better…


After finishing all the housework, he looked at the clock… it was his time for the visit under the tree.

Today… after three good months, he had decided he was going to talk to her… he was going to ask her what her name was and why she always sat down under that tree with him…

If she was good enough, today he was going to share his pain with her and maybe become friends with her…

“Arnav! Where are you going?” His aunt asked when she spotted him at the door.

“The groceries are finished up, I was going to buy some”

“Without asking for money? Or did you steal them?”

“I was just coming to ask you for money” He said

“You can buy the groceries later, right now you aren’t going anywhere… we are expecting guests and you have to be here”

When he heard the word guests, he knew who he was expecting… they had expected such kind of guests many times before and they all went away without getting what they wanted.

He knew his uncle and aunt were planning to sell him off to a rich family and in return they would get a huge amount of money, but for the guests who came previously, either they dint like him or they weren’t okay with the amount his greedy aunt and uncle demanded for.

It wasn’t that Arnav dint want to go away from this place, it was just that no matter how bad, they were the only family he had and what was the guarantee that after he goes to a new home, they wouldn’t treat him worse that he was being treated here?

He sadly headed back to the kitchen and started cooking a mean for the guests while he prayed that this guests wouldn’t like him so he dint have to go away.


Khushi stepped out of the mansion with her dad and her eyes went directly under the tree to look at Arnav but it seemed really strange that he wasn’t there today.

Maybe he was late… she thought…

Maybe by the time she comes back from the walk, she would find him there…

She had got so used to seeing him there daily, that not seeing him there today just dint feel right…

“So Khushi… today’s lesson for you is patience… learnt how to be patient and when the right time comes, you’ll get what you deserve” her dad said

“Should I be patient about everything or certain things dad?”

“You should be patient for things you love, for things you want to achieve and for things that you really need. This things take time and if you don’t have patience you’ll lose them in the process of trying to get them earlier without waiting for the right time”

“Okay dad” She said as she continued walking with him.

Her mind was just lost in thoughts of Arnav… what if she still dint find him after she returned back? She dint know why but she just dint like the thought of not finding him under that tree like she usually did.


Arnav had just finished preparing all the food when he heard the doorbell. He knew they were the guests, his heart almost stopped beating for a moment.

He rushed to open the door and welcomed in a beautiful lady and her husband who was dressed in a three piece suit, he looked like a business man.

“Arnav, they are Mr. & Mrs. Raizada… go change please, they are here to see you” His aunt said

Arnav nodded positively as he looked at Mrs. Raizada who smiled at him, he smiled back and headed to change.

He put on that one pair of clothes his aunt had kept for him to wear at such occasions only.

He walked out and settled himself on the sofa as his aunt served the guest with snacks.

“So he is Arnav… the one you are here to see” His aunt said

“He looks lovely” Mrs. Raizada said as he walked towards him and sat next to him.

“What class are you in Arnav?” Mr. Raizada asked as he stared at them with confusion.

“He doesn’t study… we dint have enough money to…” His aunt said

“That’s really bad, every child deserves education” Mrs. Raizada said

They sat there and chatted for a while and then finally said something that Arnav dint want to hear.

They had liked him and they wanted to take him with them… they were also ready to pay the amount and now he knew that there was nothing that could stop him from going away.

He was sad it was just too soon, or maybe too soon because he hadn’t even talked to his friend who sat with him under the tree daily.

“Arnav go pack you bag, we are waiting for you in the car” Mrs. Raizada said with a smile.

Arnav just nodded and headed inside as tears rolled down his eyes… he was so scared to go with this new people.

He wish he could convince his aunt and uncle not to send him but he knew they would never agree, they were getting a huge amount after all.

He headed towards the car with a small bag and sat inside still thinking… was it right to go with them? How were they going to treat him? What if they beat him worse than his uncle and aunt did? What if they denied him food for more than a week? How was he going to live?

May 16, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

The driver parked the car around a huge mansion that was double the size of his uncle’s mansion.

There were almost five guards at the main gate, followed by three guards on the gate after the main gate.

There was a huge garden outside the mansion all fenced with electric wires.

He stepped out of the car as Mrs. Raizada held his hand and they walked inside the mansion.

The entrance had a huge black door with some designs, Mrs. Raizada typed something on the electric keypad that was on the side and after a few seconds the door opened, and he was introduced to his new house, a huge mansion that seemed like it could take more than five thousand people and still feel empty.

It was all in the shade of gold and white… there was a huge television placed on one side of the wall, and he couldn’t just stop staring at how beautiful this house was.

“Ashima, show him around, I have some work at the office, I’ll come back later at night and sit with my son and we’d make lots of stories okay?” Mr. Raizada said as he cupped Arnav’s face and kissed on his forehead.

“Don’t be late Armaan” Mrs. Raizada shouted from behind as he rushed out of the mansion.

“What work do I have to do?” Arnav asked

“Work? You don’t have to do any work Arnav, the servants are there for that, but if you wish to do anything do it on your own, no one will force you to do anything.

All you have to do is go to school, your dad will get you admitted in Anjali’s school and then you have to study hard and always finish your homework, do your exams well and build your career”

“I’ll be going to school?” Arnav asked excitedly as tears formed up into his eyes.

“Yes, with Anjali… oh by the way, Anjali is your sister… there she is” Ashima said as she pointed at a girl who was running downstairs.

She same to them and hugged Ashima tightly as she looked at Arnav.

“Is he my brother mom?” She asked

“Yes Anjali… he’s your brother, his name is Arnav… Arnav I have some work in the kitchen, Anjali will show you around… Anjali please show him everything and even his room… if there’s something he doesn’t know, please help him” Ashima said as she left both the kids alone.

“Come with me” Anjali said as she held Arnav’s hand and pulled him with her upstairs.

She headed far at the right end and opened the door to one of the rooms.

“This is going to be your room, it’s the same as mine, just that the bed sheets and the curtains are in different colors, if you don’t like it, tell mom she’ll get them changed to your favorite color.. What’s your favorite color by the way?” Anjali asked

Arnav just looked at her plainly, he dint even know what his favorite color was until today… he just shut his eyes and the first thing he saw was the tree… his memories with the girl who always held his hand and sat next to him…

He opened his eyes and looked around not being able to believe he had such a huge room… he was going to sleep here all alone?

“Green” He said as he looked at Anjali

“Great, nothing will have to be changed then… Green is already there”

“This is going to be my room alone? And that huge bed is mine too?” He asked

“yes everything in this room is yours, although for now the wardrobe is empty but don’t worry mom was saying if they bring you here today, we’ll go for shopping and get you clothes and everything else you needed”

“This is all amazing, I am not used to this kind of a life” Arnav said

“Don’t worry, with time you’ll adapt to it…”

“Can I rest for a while? You can show me the house later… I’m really tired please”

“Sure” Anjali said as she walked away leaving Arnav behind in his room… things were so good he couldn’t believe he got so lucky… he couldn’t believe he was trying his best so he couldn’t come here, where now he was going to get a better life than what he had back at his aunt’s place.

The only thing he would miss was the tree… and his partner… that girl who always sat with her…

He wished he had at least asked for her name… he dint even know her name… what was he going to call her?


After the evening walk, Khushi went and sat down under the tree and waited for Arnav… she waited and waited hoping he would come but he dint.

She dint like not seeing him there… he had got so used to be spending time with him every day under the tree that today without him it felt so lonely.

She wanted to go and look for him but she dint even know where he lived, she wanted to go and ask around if anyone had seen him but she dint even know his name… he never talked to her, he never even told her what his name was.

“Khushi… its dinner time!” her dad shouted from the window.

Khushi looked around hoping she would see him yet but he wasn’t anywhere around… she sadly headed back inside the mansion...

“What happened Khushi?” Her dad asked as they both settled down on the dinner table.

“I don’t know dad… That boy, who always used to sit under the tree… he wasn’t there today” Khushi said

“He must have got busy with something else… you obviously can’t expect him to be sited under that tree everyday”

“But I dint even know his name… I dint even know where he lived, what if something wrong happened? What if he’s not feeling well?”

“Relax Khushi, you are just over reacting.. He dint come today, fine he would come tomorrow or the day after, so relax… remember today’s lesson… Patience… always be patient if you want something to really happen and one day it will happen” her dad said

She nodded positively as she finished her dinner and rushed to her room. Before going to bed, she peeped out of the window hoping she would see him now but she was disappointed… the boy who was always under the tree, was no more under the tree.


Arnav headed downstairs after a while of resting… Mrs. Raizada was busy arranging the dinner table while Anjali sat on the sofa watching TV.

“Should I help?” He asked

“No Arnav… I don’t know why you seem so scared of us, I have no idea how you were being treated back at that house but remember this is your house, I am your mother so I’d expect you to behave like a normal kid does… don’t be scared of us… I’m not going to punish you for anything”

“It’s just that I don’t like seeing you doing this all alone”

“Oh then it’s fine you can help me” She smiled

Arnav helped her in arranging the dishes then all the bowls that the servants brought from the kitchen… everything was ready, they were just waiting for Mr. Raizada to arrive so that they could have dinner together.

They had just settled down when Mr. Raizada walked in… he greeted them all and headed to his room to freshen up.

He showed back after almost fifteen minutes and then everyone settled down on the table.

“I’ve talked to the principle, you’ll be starting your school from next week, meanwhile in the spare time, Ashima will take you for shopping, to get you clothes, school uniform, book and any other things you’ll need okay?” Armaan said

Arnav nodded positively as he looked at his plate, there was all kind of foods served, he wondered what he should begin with.

“Don’t be shy Arnav, I know it’s just your first day but you’ll get used to… feel at home, we can’t take the place of your real parents but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good parents” Armaan said

Arnav just nodded as he started having his dinner… everyone in this family was so sweet and so loving to him unlike at his aunt’s place…

Maybe all he needed was time like Mr. Raizada said and he would get used to.

May 17, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

Fifteen years later…

It had been fifteen years since Arnav got a new family.

In this fifteen years, he experienced life in the most beautiful way, he went to school learnt lots of things and finally completed his high school.

The Raizada’s treated him like their own son, they never differentiated between him and Anjali.

At this point in life when he was finally planning to join a good university and start building his career, he had no regrets apart from one.

The only thing he ever regretted was not knowing the angel’s name, that angel who saved him unknowingly.

That girl who sat with him under the tree, who helped him fight his pain without even knowing what exactly it was, he did try many time to go back to that place and look for her but things just dint work out.

A few years back he’d finally decided to visit that place again… he sat under the same tree and waited for hours but she never showed up.

Later on he asked around and got to know that they had left long back which broke his heart completely.

It was the only way for him to find her and now she no more lived there, how was he ever going to find her?

She must have grown up now, like he was… and when he looked at a photograph of himself of how he looked like fifteen years back, it was quite difficult to recognize himself, and he wondered if he’d ever be able to recognize his angel if she ever came in front of him.

He had two missions in his life, to build his career, and to look for his Angel.

“Ready bro?” Anjali asked as she walked into Arnav’s room.

“Almost” Arnav said setting his hair up.

“Okay too much of gelling your hair, we are just going shopping and no girls will be free there to look at you”

“Say one word more and I promise I’ll not come with you” Arnav said

“Fine, there will come a day when you’d want to go shopping with your Angel, I’ll also do the same in return” Anjali said

“Angel? No! I told you never to touch my diary Anjali! This is seriously not done!” Arnav shouted

“What’s not done, I’m your sister, we’ve been best friends, I’ve always told you everything about my boyfriends and anything else then why do you have to hide things from me? Especially something as cute as childhood love” She giggled.

“It wasn’t love, it was friendship… she just supported me at my weakest and that’s why I am here being the strong guy I am today… all I want is to meet her once and tell her how thankful I am for what she did”

“And tell her that you just try lying to yourself that it was friendship but somewhere you do love her, even though you don’t know her name, you don’t know how she might look like now, you do love her bro and you know why I say so? Because she came to you at that point in your life when you had no one, and if you still want to make me believe you don’t love her, prove it to me, get a girlfriend”

“I don’t do the girlfriend things, that’s for kids like you”

“Just to remind you I’m only a month younger than you and you love her and can we leave now please? Raj must be waiting for us, it’s been months since I saw him, I wonder how you’ve managed fifteen years without seeing your Angel… anyway let’s go please”

“Okay go downstairs, I’ll just get the car keys and join you”

Arnav sat on his bed as he started putting his shoes on.

“I know we dint meet so that we could become strangers again, I know one day Destiny will bring you back to me, and I’ll wait for that day” Arnav said as he quickly got the car keys and headed downstairs.


They both walked in the shopping mall and as soon as Anjali saw Raj, she rushed to hug him and it lasted for almost ten minutes.

When she broke the hug, she was crying… Raj wiped her tears away and told her he was here with her and he was going to stay here with her now.

Talking about Raj, he lived abroad, last year when the whole Raizada family had gone abroad for vacation, Anjali met Raj there and in a month they fell in love.

When they came back, Anjali and Raj kept contact through calls and video chatting and now finally Raj had decided to come to India for his lady love, how cute was that.

“Hey bro” He greeted Arnav.

“Hey Raj, finally you are here to handle this naughty girl, she’s really been eating my head up” Arnav giggled as Anjali slapped his hand.

“So who are you living with here?” Anjali asked

“My cousin, She’s been here in Delhi since childhood with her father, they both live alone in a huge mansion and when I thought of coming here, they suggested I’d live with them, they are the best people… in fact I came with my cousin here, she wanted to meet you.. Let’s go she’s in that shop, I’ll introduce you to her” Raj said as he got hold of Anjali’s hand and pulled her with him while Arnav followed them.

They entered into a shop as Raj started looking around for his cousin whom he had left behind a while ago.

Arnav’s eyes fell on a girl who was standing at the corner trying some earrings on her ears as one of them fell down.

He quickly rushed towards her to help her pick it up when he got hold of the earring and the girl’s hand ended up on top of his hand.

He quickly turned his head up to look at her while she looked back at him into the eyes.

That touch was something he had felt before, he shut his eyes as he stood up and the girl stood up with him her hand yet on his.

Arnav opened his moist eyes and stared at the girl standing in front of him who had been looking at him in confusion all the while.

She pulled her hand away from him as Arnav handed her back the earring not taking his eyes away from her.

Could she be his Angel? Why did her touch feel so familiar? Why did it feel like something that could take all his pain away?

“You are here! I’ve been looking for you all around!” Raj said as he walked towards her.

“Yeah, I was just checking on some earrings” She said

“You wanted to meet her right, here she is… my love, Anjali… and Anjali she’s my cousin Khushi” Raj said.

Anjali and Khushi started talking to each other while Arnav just kept on staring at this girl, he dint know how to be sure if she was the one…

Only a touch couldn’t decide though, but then it was a point too… why did her touch feel like this, he’d touched many girls mistakenly or maybe just randomly but nothing ever felt like this, this touch just sent down shivers into his spines.

Khushi kept on stealing glances at Arnav while he continued staring at her and then suddenly just walked away.

He stood outside the shop and shut his eyes trying to feel her touch again, trying to remember the childhood touch he’d felt and compare it but things in his mind were just so messed up they weren’t working at all.

Anjali walked out with Khushi and Raj as they found Arnav standing there lost in thoughts.

“Oh I even forgot, Khushi… he’s my brother Arnav” Anjali introduced as Arnav turned to look at Khushi once again.

“Hi Arnav” She waved at him.

He just smiled back a little without speaking any other word and walked away.

“Don’t mind, he wasn’t being rude, he just rarely talks to girl” Anjali explained.

“It’s Okay”

May 18, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

Arnav sat in the car as he looked outside and saw Anjali walking towards the car with Raj while Khushi followed them behind.

No matter how much he tried he couldn’t take his eyes away from her, she was beautiful yes but that wasn’t what made him feel this way about her, it was her touch.

He shut his eyes and remembered his Angel, he dint know how she looked like now, but however she looked, she was going to be the prettiest girl for him because she had a pretty heart that cared for him.

He opened his eyes and Khushi was standing right in front of him.

“I’m sorry, actually Anjali and Raj wanted some privacy so I thought I’d stay back” Khushi said

Arnav looked around and the both were nowhere to be seen. He stepped out of the car and headed to the other side as he held open the door for Khushi.

She smiled at him and walked to the other side and settled herself down.

No matter what she thought of him at first, he wasn’t such a bad or rude guy, he was a gentleman, maybe Anjali was right, he just dint like talking to girls.

Arnav tried his best not to stare at Khushi as now she was sited next to him but he just couldn’t… he wished he could get to touch her once, and get that feeling again and maybe then he could get sure if she was his Angel or not.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Khushi asked

“You remind me of someone and before you think it’s a cheesy line I’m using to try and flirt with you then it’s not… you really do remind me of someone”

“Do I look like that someone or?”

“Not really, actually I don’t know… but your touch feels familiar... When your hand touched mine at the shop… it just felt too familiar”

“That’s weird, I mean how can you recognize a touch? Something you just feel?”

“You can when it’s the only thing that made you feel alive”

What followed next was silence until Anjali and Raj were back finally.

Arnav dropped them to their place first then drove home with Anjali.

He headed to his room as soon as they arrived home and locked himself inside.

He sat on his bed and shut his eyes, trying to remember her touch, trying to match it with Khushi’s touch but he couldn’t just concentrate… there was a lot going on in his mind.

He covered himself with a blanket and went off to sleep not caring what time it was.


She ran and ran not knowing where she was heading to, not knowing why she was running, not knowing a thing… she just continued running and behind him ran a little boy.

Shouting at her to stop, telling her to take him back home but she dint want to listen to him, she was just lost into herself.

“Run away please” She shouted at the boy but he was in no mood to listen, he just kept on following her.

“Mom please come back, we’ll go back home” He shouted.

She stopped and turned to look back, the whole road seemed empty, she rushed back to him and hugged him tight.

“Listen to me baby, you need to go back home right now, momma can’t come with you or else she’ll be risking your life.

You love your mum right so please listen to me and do as I tell you”

“But I can’t leave you alone here…”

“Arnav! You aren’t grown up yet, you can’t save me, I have to save you and I’ll do anything to save you, even if it means distancing myself from you forever.” She said angrily

“Momma please don’t leave me” He cried

“I’m not leaving you Arnav, one day I will be back, I promise I will be back but for now listen to me, go back home, pack whatever you need and go at Uncle’s home.

I’ll come back someday when everything will be alright and I’ll take you from there” She said


He sat up on his bed sweating badly.

He rushed to the washroom and washed his face as he looked at himself in the mirror, that part of his past was one thing he never forgot. No matter how much he tried, it would always haunt him that he left his mother alone to fight for herself, even though he was just a six year old boy, he shouldn’t have left her alone.

He walked out wiping his face with a towel when he found Khushi standing at the door, for a second he was surprised.

Did he sleep for too long? What time was it? And why was she here? What was she doing in his room?

“I’m sorry, I knocked but you dint reply so I just opened the door to check if you were in”

“That’s okay” He said as he threw the towel on the bed.

He stared at her for a while and she stared back, it was all awkward.

“You can come inside” he said

“Actually aunty sent me to call you, Raj is waiting for you downstairs. They both wanted to meet so I had to come here with Raj as Anjali’s friend so she said Raj might feel alone so if you can come downstairs and give him company, Anjali was busy so she directed me to your room, I hope you don’t mind”

“It’s okay, I’ll be there in a few minutes” He said

He gathered all his stuff back and put it back in place while Khushi just stood there still not moving an inch.

“Do you need anything?” Arnav asked

“What you said has been bothering me a lot, one reason I agreed to come here with Raj was because I wanted to talk to you…

I don’t understand why you feel my touch being familiar.. What is it about it?” She asked

“It makes me feel safe and loved” he said as he looked at her and she looked back at him directly into his eyes.

She stared at him in confusion for a while then just walked away…

After Arnav came downstairs, Ashima left for some work so it was an advantage for Khushi and Raj as they both got time to spend together.

Arnav headed out of the mansion leaving them spending their time… most of the times he just liked being alone and sitting under a tree and thinking about things.

He sat under the favorite tree in the garden and just looked at the ground reminiscing his childhood memories.

Although all the trees in this garden wouldn’t ever make him feel the way that one tree had always made him feel, they all still helped.


Khushi walked outside leaving Raj and Anjali inside the mansion when she saw Arnav sited under the tree.

She walked towards him and sat next to him, he dint turn his head to look at her, he dint speak a word when she sat next to him, he just continued staring at the ground.

At this moment, he reminded her of that childhood friend she’d had, the one who used to sit under a tree like him and behave just the way he did.

She moved her trembling hand slowly to his and got hold of it and just at that moment, he turned to look at her with eyes full of tears.

This moment, this feeling, this touch meant everything to him, he would give his life just to feel this, to feel safe, to feel loved once again.

She stared back at him and got lost into those emotions his eyes were carrying, they were so painful, so hurting.

May 19, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Angel” Arnav whispered as he looked at Khushi in disbelief.

“I’m sorry if you dint like me holding your hand, it’s just that my dad always taught me, if we can’t understand someone’s pain, we should just support them without asking any questions, holding their hand when they’re sad would always make them feel good..

I saw you sited here under this tree and it reminded me of so many childhood memories… you seemed sad so I thought I’d just help” Khushi explained.

“Can I hold your hand please?” he asked

Khushi nodded being confused as Arnav got hold of her hand and closed his eyes…

He felt that feeling, the childhood one, when she sat next to him holding his hand without speaking a word… she did the same again today without realizing that he was the same boy she knew…

Those feelings, that touch meant the whole world to him.

He just wanted to jump up and down and tell her he was Arnav, he was the same guys she used to sit with after her evening walks, the same guy who never talked to her but he was hesitant.

Would she remember him? Did she even care if he existed or not? Would she believe him?

So many questions popped up in his mind at this moment, the moment he had always waited for.

He had so many dreams, he always thought when he’d meet her he’d just hug her excitedly and tell her how much he missed her but now that the moment was here, he dint know why… he was just confused and scared…

What if she failed to recognize him? He would just break!

“Just a minute” Khushi said as her phone rang

She pulled it out of her purse and received the call while Arnav just kept on staring at her…

He dint know what he felt the first time he saw her, but seeing her here today and knowing that she was his angel made him feel so many things… she was like the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen because somewhere he knew she had the most beautiful heart…

After all not everyone holds the hand of a strange little boy sited under the tree just to make him feel better… not every has the heart to think about others…

“No Jay, I told you I’d be happy with anything you decide but just that I feel getting engaged in a week’s time is quite in a rush… can’t we give ourselves some time? I mean like two months or more?” she said drawing Arnav’s attention to her conversation.

“Where does the question of me loving you or not come here? Okay look, let’s meet and we’ll discuss this better face to face” She said

She held the phone closer to her ear for a while then dropped it back into her purse while Arnav just looked at her in shock.

“You’re getting engaged?” he asked

“Technically yes, but not so soon, I’ll have to convince him”


“Kind of… best friend before boyfriend… we’ve known each other for seven years or more, and then he asked me out I said yes”

“You love him?”

Khushi looked at Arnav in confusion, why was he all over a sudden so curious about her relationship? And thinking about that question, she’d never asked herself if she loved him or not, he was her best friend after all, there was surely no other guy who could understand her better and keep her happier.

“Don’t tell me you have a crush on me” Khushi giggled

“What? No! I was just asking you know… like seeing Anjali and Raj, there’s so much love between them, so I was just asking if you love him”

“I’ll answer that later, for now I need to get going before this idiot decides that we get engaged next week” she said as she carried her purse and stood up.

She looked at Arnav who was yet sited down staring at the ground sadly.

She bent down and got hold of his hand once again as Arnav looked at him.

“Friends?” She asked

Arnav just nodded as she smiled at him and walked away leaving him behind all shattered.

He dint understand himself at this moment, he had always waited for his Angel, and now when he finally found her he couldn’t react.

He always told Anjali and himself that she was just his friend and he’s been looking for her, but if that was the case why was he so hurt knowing she was with someone else?

Why couldn’t he tell her the truth that he was the same guy she knew in her childhood? The one who always sat under the tree?

Was Anjali right? Was there something more in his heart for her than just friendship?

Raj and Anjali walked out as Raj walked to the car and drove away while Anjali walked towards Arnav and sat next to him.

“What’s up bro? Why are you sited alone here? Remembering your Angel?”

“Can I ask you a question Anjali?”

“Sure anything..”

“How did you know you were in love with Raj? What is that feeling? How would you know?”

“There isn’t much about it, you just know, the way I used to feel about him, used to feel good around him and believed that I would trust him…

The way he made me feel, whenever I looked at him I just knew he was the one I’d want to be with, it’s like the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, you are hungry but you don’t feel like eating sort of thing..

There’s also another side of it, like for me, I don’t like him being around other girls, it makes me jealous, I’d want him to be only mine, there’s that possessiveness you feel towards the person you love”

“And what if for example Raj decided to get engaged to someone else… what would you do?”

“I would feel really hurt because I love him and I can’t see him hurt, but then I would want him to be happy and if that’s where his happiness is, I’d let him go”

Arnav just nodded as he got lost into thoughts… wasn’t it the same way he felt about Angel, who was Khushi now…

He did feel happy around her, he always had her on his mind even though he hadn’t seen her for all this years… there was just this strange connection between them.

“Why are you all over a sudden asking about love by the way? Is there something I should know?”

“Yes… you were right… I was in love with Angel… I mean I am in love with her”

“What really? I’m so happy for you” Anjali said as she hugged him happily.

She suddenly broke the hug and looked at Arnav.

“But bro, how will you look for her… will you even ever find her or not?

What if she has someone in her life or maybe she’s already married or something?”

“Like you said, if that’s where her happiness resides, I’ll let her go”

“I hope you find her soon and I hope she loves you in return, she would be lucky to have you, because you are the best man in the whole world” Anjali said as she hugged him again.

“Even better than Raj?” Arnav asked

“Even better than Raj” Anjali replied

“Crazy girl, now come on stop being emotional, let’s head back in and remember this remains between us, no one should know it, not even your Raj”

“Oh come on bro, you still don’t trust me”

“I do… I just no more trust circumstances” He said as they both stood up and walked inside the mansion.

May 20, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

“Hey!” Arnav heard someone

He turned his head up and looked at Khushi who was heading towards him, she sat next to him under the tree and looked at him as he stared at her silently.

“Are you okay?” She asked

Arnav just nodded as he took his eyes away from her and shut them… it was too painful to see her sited here next to him but not being able to tell her the truth.


“You know when we love something so much.. We don’t cut it down, we water it and let it grow bigger and bigger, and seeing it grow takes away all the pain from us and makes us happy”

“Like the way you water this trees daily, you never allow anyone to cut them down, you just let them grow bigger and bigger” he said

“Yes the same way, because I know, one day when I’m not around, this trees will keep you company… they’ll give you the strength to fight everything”

“There won’t ever be that day when you wouldn’t be around me… I’ll always hold your hand and keep you with me” he said as he got hold of her hand and hugged her.

“The rule of nature is that only when some dies, others can be born, we all have to go one day, and I want you to promise me that one day when I go, you’ll give a new life to someone”

“Don’t talk such please” He said sadly

“Arnav, promise me” she said

“I promise mom”


“Arnav!” Khushi got hold of his hand worriedly.

He had just closed his eyes and was trembling as if he was day dreaming and that dream was taking away his breaths from him.

She held his hand tighter and moved closer to him staring at him as he kept his eyes shut.

“Look I’m here, don’t worry…  whatever that is hurting you will get over soon, be strong okay… you can share with me if anything… we can be friends right” She said

He opened his eyes and looked at her with fear, he pulled his hand away from her and stood up.

“You must be here to meet Anjali, she’s in her room, please leave me alone” He said

“I’m here to meet you” Khushi said as she stood up

“To meet me? Why?”

“Because you need a friend… yesterday when I saw you here under the tree, I remembered my childhood friend, he used to be like you… and I saw him in you and I just knew there’s something eating you up and I thought I’d just help you the way I had helped him once”

“I don’t care about your childhood friend Khushi, I don’t need your help, I can help myself, please just leave me alone!” Arnav said angrily.

Khushi just stared at him for a while then walked away sadly.


Armaan, Ashima, Anjali and Arnav were sited on the dinner table having their dinner together like they usually did.

Armaan and Ashima were busy whispering something to each other and Arnav and Anjali just looked at them curiously.

“What going on mom dad?” Arnav asked

“Yeah, something seems fishy” Anjali said

“Actually Arnav… I think your dad would explain better” Ashima said as she looked at Armaan.

Armaan made expressions at her and then turned to look at Arnav.

“Okay let me try… Arnav there’s this good friend of mine, and a business partner too, so he has a daughter, Naina and she happened to have seen you a few times and she likes you so they were asking if we could meet up, his family and ours and maybe you could talk to Naina and if you like her too we can get you both engaged” Armaan said

“What?” Anjali asked as she stood up in shock.

Arnav had gone completely blank, he dint even know what to say… he had never even thought about all this, about being with another girl, until now his life only revolved around his Angel and no one else… how could he just allow any other girl to enter in his life like that?

“If you meet her, I’ll really be happy and there’s no pressure, if you don’t like her you can say it” Armaan said

“Arnav at least say yes to meet her” Ashima said

“As you both find right” Arnav said while Anjali turned to look at him in shock.

“No mom, bro isn’t going to meet any girl, bro why are you doing this? What about you? Your Ang…” before she could complete her sentence Arnav got hold of her hand and nodded negatively.

Anjali walked away angrily while Armaan and Ashima looked at Arnav in confusion.

“Is there any problem?” Ashima asked

“No I guess it’s the sister jealousy, she doesn’t want any girl in my life, maybe she thinks she’ll be less important… anyway I’ll talk to her” Arnav said as he stood up and followed Anjali.


“What the hell do you think you are trying to do?” Anjali asked angrily as soon as Arnav walked in the room.

“I’m just doing what mom and dad want”

“Why? Because you think they adopted you and gave you a good life so you always have to do things to make them happy even if it means sacrificing Angel”

“I’m not doing this to repay their favors Anjali, they are my parents, and whatever they did and are doing for me is their love not any kind of favor”

“Then why are you doing this? Why did you even agree to meet the girl?”

“Because they are my parents, they expect a daughter in law and they expect grandchildren, I can’t keep on waiting for a girl my whole life whom I am not sure about and because of that I can’t keep my parents away from what the deserve when they once gave me what I deserved”

“I don’t believe you are the one saying this”

“Then believe it… Angel was just a childhood dream or fantasy, I have to get over it and face the reality and if me meeting that other girl and getting married to her makes mom and dad happy, I’ll do it for their happiness…

You’ll not understand, you don’t know what it means to give a child who had nothing, everything… you’ll never know what they did to me meant, they did all that without me asking for it, and now when they are asking for something, I can’t deny them that” Arnav said as he walked away.

“You are wrong bro, and I’ll never support you in this decision” Anjali shouted and she banged the door of her room angrily.


Arnav got into the car and drove away, he just wanted to be alone for some time…

He wanted to go back to the only place that always made him feel comfortable, and so he drove to the street where he once used to live.

He parked his car in the side and walked under the tree, the same tree where he used to sit and sat down there…

He looked at the mansion, where Khushi used to live and for a moment, he just hoped she could walk out of it once again and come sit next to him and hold his hand… maybe it would make him feel better.

This pain was just eating him up…

May 23, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav parked the car outside as he headed inside the mansion. The whole mansion was in darkness.

He looked around but couldn’t see anyone, what he found was a note near the switch which read that Armaan, Ashima and Anjali were gone out, the dinner was cooked for him and put on the table.

He settled himself down as he served himself the food just when Khushi walked in.

“Where’s Anjali?” she asked

“She’s gone out, anything important?”

“No, I’ll come back tomorrow” Khushi said as she turned to walk away.

“Khushi” Arnav said as he stood up and walked towards her.

She turned around and folded her arms as she stared at Arnav silently, waiting for him to say whatever he had to.

“I’m sorry for the way I behaved in the morning” Arnav said

“You know what? You should be sorry… I was just trying to make you feel better Arnav, and what you did in return was just… anyway let it be”

“I know I was rude, I shouldn’t have been, I’m sorry please forgive me”

“It’s okay, just don’t be rude to me like that again”

Arnav nodded positively as he headed back to the dining table while Khushi just stared at him.

“Arnav, whatever that’s bothering you, it will be okay yeah… if you ever need a friend, remember I’m always there” Khushi said

“Thank you” Arnav smiled at her as she walked away.

He stood up and rushed to his room leaving the food like that, he had been trying to eat, but after he saw her, he just lost his appetite.

He opened his diary and started writing whatever he felt in it…

He always did that, there was that one time when he dint need a diary, because there was this girl who would sit under the tree and hold his hand, and that would help but right now he had no one, so this was the only way to make himself feel better.


A silent noise woke him up, it was as if someone was crying… he looked around but could see nothing, the whole room was covered in darkness.

He stretched himself to switch on the lamp from the side table and finally saw Anjali sited on the couch crying.

He quickly rushed towards her and hugged her worriedly.

“What happened Anjali? Are you okay? Did mom and dad tell you something? Did Raj do anything?” Arnav asked

She nodded negatively while Arnav stared at her in confusion… if none of this, what else was disturbing her?

“I’m sorry bro, I’m really sorry” She cried as she hugged him.

“Will you please tell me what happened Anjali?” Arnav asked

“I broke my promise, but I was tempted to and now I am glad that I broke it or else I’d have never known anything” She said

“What are you saying Anjali?” Arnav asked

Anjali stood up as she walked aside and then turned to look at him, Arnav yet staring at her in confusion.

“That day when I touched her, the whole world came to a stop, it was this feeling that I had been looking for, the feeling I had been yearning for years that I felt after she let me hold her hand.

At that same moment I realized, I was in love, I was in love with this girl sited next to me and it wasn’t anything about her face, he height, her hair or anything physical, it was the way I felt when I held her hand, it was that feeling that told me without her I was like that fish without water, it could breathe but only for a few seconds.

I have no idea why destiny has been cruel to me, I have no idea if I’d ever be able to accept the fact that she belongs to someone else, I don’t know if life would ever be the same, I know nothing, all I know is that I love her and no matter how hard I try, I can’t stop myself from loving her.

Maybe it would have been better if she never came back, if I would wait my entire life hoping someday my Angel would come, it surely would have hurt less than this, hurt less than knowing she came to my life only to leave”

“You read my diary again”

“You fell asleep with it in your arms, and when I came to check on you, I just couldn’t stop myself from reading it”

“Okay” Arnav said as he walked back to his bed and sat there.

“You found Angel and you dint even tell me, why bro? You even agreed to see that girl mom and dad are showing you when you know how much you love Angel! Why are you doing this? Why are you punishing yourself like this?”

“I’m not punishing myself, destiny is punishing me… all this years I waited for her thinking she was just a friend but what I never realized was that she was that girl who shared my pain with me, how could she have just been a friend to me?

Yes I agree, I love her, I have loved her ever since I left her, but the fact also remains to be she loves someone else and I can do nothing about it, she was never meant to love me Anjali”

“Who is she bro?”

“Its better you don’t know, just live believing that we haven’t met her yet and that we are looking for her yet, and everything will be okay”

“But my brother will never be okay” Anjali said as she rushed to hug him tightly.

“Maybe I could make you smile with some good news” Anjali said as she broke the hug and looked at Arnav.

“What good news?”

“You know Khushi? Raj’s cousin right? She is soon getting engaged to her boyfriend, she had called me to inform me, I’m so excited and happy for her” Anjali said

Arnav looked at her in complete surprise, he remembered when she had received a call from her boyfriend and at that time she dint sound ready at all for the engagement, then why did she agree for it all over a sudden?

Only if Anjali could understand, this wasn’t any kind of good news for him, but a heartbreaking one…

“That’s nice, I’m also happy for her” Arnav said

“I too, anyway, I’ll head to bed, take care of yourself and I’m sorry for reading your dairy”

“It’s okay, you are my sister, you are allowed to”

Anjali smiled as she hugged her for the last time and walked out. Arnav walked towards the window just when he heard a knock, he turned around and saw Anjali there.

“Promise me you’ll be okay” She said

“I promise Anjali” He smiled.


“Are you okay with that?” Jay asked

“Just a week? I mean there’s a lot to do, lots of preparations, guests, decorations, catering and what not, I can’t manage it in a week Jay” Khushi said

“I’m there, I’ll help you, Raj is there too and his girlfriend, what’s her name? Anjali… she will also help us” Jay said

“I know that, but… let it be, a week is fine, we’ll manage” Khushi said

“Thank you babe, that’s why I love you” Jay said as he hugged her happily.

Khushi stood up as soon as she saw her father standing upstairs looking at her, he gestured to her as she rushed upstairs to him.

“Isn’t any of my lesson helping this time?” He asked

“I don’t know dad… I just feel a bit uneasy, Jay and I have been together for so long, but there’s something that lacks, the connection, I don’t know why it just doesn’t feel the same like it used to… he doesn’t feel the same.”

“It’s because you are now grown up, at that time love for you was something you couldn’t understand well but now you do, so you are just confused”

“Maybe… but are you happy? Do you like Jay?”

“I am happy if my daughter is happy and Jay is a great guy, I’m sure he’d keep you happy always, he’d help you in your hard times like you did when you were kids”

“I hope so” Khushi said as she hugged her dad.

May 24, 2017

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

Arnav was having his breakfast with Ashima and Armaan, when Anjali joined them.

“Bro, I need a favor, please drop me at Khushi’s place, I have to help her in some things” Anjali said

“Why don’t you just learn how to drive? Dad please get her a car and a good driving teacher” Arnav said

“Actually that’s true, I’m always disturbing you… Dad please do something”

“I will, but for today, Arnav you’ll drop her”

“But it’s my first day dad and I dint want to be late, look Anjali I’ve never said no to you but today I really can’t”

“First day where?”

“At work, he decided he’s joining the company so from today onwards he’ll be coming to office and handling all my work, once he learns, I can be free” Armaan giggled

“No way!” Anjali said as she stood up.

“Now what happened to you?” Arnav asked

“Why are you behaving so weird bro, you and I both know this isn’t what you want, this isn’t your dream… you wanted to build your own career, you wanted to start from the bottom, so why all over a sudden did you decide to join the company?” Anjali asked

“Is that true Arnav?” Armaan asked

“Look Arnav, we have never forced you for anything, we’ve always taken you and Anjali the same, but if you still don’t take us as your parents, what are we supposed to do?” Ashima said

“It’s not that mom”

“Then what is it Arnav, if you really took us as your parents you should have told us about your dreams, that you want to build your own career and when I asked you to join me at work you should have refused”

“I’m sorry dad”

“You’re dropping Anjali wherever she wants to go and then you can do whatever you want to, I better not see you at the office” Armaan said as he stood up.

Arnav stood up and hugged him tightly while Anjali and Ashima stared at the duo.

“Thank you so much dad” Arnav said

“You are my son, so behave like one, stop acting like we’ve done favors for you” Armaan said

“Let’s go, I’ll drop you” Arnav said as he turned to look at Anjali.

“What now? Stop giving me those looks, I’m not scared of you”

“Oh really?” Arnav asked as he ran towards her and she quickly ran away trying to escape him.


Arnav and Anjali got in the car as Arnav drove to the address she told him to.

“Is it an excuse of Khushi that you are using to meet Raj” He teased

“Shut up bro, I told you she’s getting engaged so she wanted me to help her that’s it… you can join me now that you aren’t going to work”

“All because of you”

“Well nothing is more important for me that my brother’s happiness” She said

“Not even Raj?”

“Not even Raj… you were the only one I asked for… you know when the doctor’s said there was a problem and mom couldn’t become a mother anymore, I always prayed to God to give me a brother who would always be with and love me and support me and then he gave me you.

You are the best brother anyone could have and moreover the best son mom and dad would have… we are all so proud of you bro” Anjali said

“Okay enough of the buttering, we’ve already arrived so go on, do your work” Arnav said as he parked the car and hugged Anjali.

Anjali just stepped out of the car when Khushi and Raj walked out of the mansion. They headed towards her while Arnav tried all he could not to look at Khushi but he just couldn’t do it.

“Hi Arnav” Khushi said as she walked towards the car.

“Hey” Arnav faked a smile

“You’re leaving? That’s not fair, it’s the first time you are coming at my place, come on you can’t leave without coming inside”

“I have some work to do”

“Please, just once… look even Anjali is here, please come” Khushi said

“Okay” Arnav said as he walked out of the car and joined the rest as they walked inside.

Raj and Anjali walked to a corner as they got busy talking to each other while Khushi guided Arnav to the hall as they both sat down.

“Tea or coffee?” Khushi asked

“Nothing, I’m fine thanks”

“Can I ask you something if you don’t mind?”


“Why are you so reserved type? Or maybe it’s me who sees you that way? I mean since I’ve met you I’ve noticed quite a few things about you, like you rarely talk to anyone but you talk to Anjali so well… do you have problem with strangers or?”

“To know me you have to understand me and not everyone does understand me, I’m fine with being myself to my family but for others I’m silent I talk only what’s needed”

“But why so? Are you scared of people or?”

“I’m scared of getting too close and getting hurt…” Arnav said as he stood up

“What happened?” Khushi asked

“I think I should leave, I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude, but all this socializing and stuff isn’t for me, I am happy the way I am” Arnav said

“Arnav stop” Khushi said as she got hold of his hand and pulled him back.

“Khushi please let me go”

“Sure but after you meet someone”

“Who do you want me to meet now?”

“Someone who was once completely like you, someone you remind me of whenever I see you, my fiancé Jay, you know you and him are so alike, well he changed a bit after finally falling in love with me but there’s something about you… something I can’t explain”

“Talk of the devil and the devil appears” Jay said as he walked in

Arnav turned to look at him, he was tall enough, quite taller than him, quite thin and handsome.

“Jay meet Arnav, Arnav he’s my fiancé Jay and Jay this is the only guy who can manage to snatch me from you if he’d want” Khushi giggled

“What do you mean?” Arnav asked

“Just like I said you both are so alike, so anyway don’t worry I was just joking” Khushi giggled

“I think I’ll leave, it was nice meeting you” Arnav shook hands with Jay and walked away.

“So tell me what about him and me is the same”

“He sits under the tree just like you used to, remember when I used to come and hold your hand and sit with you… he’s so reserved type just like you were in our childhood days… he’s so much alike you at times I feel like he’s the one I spent my childhood with… that boy that I firstly saw under the tree”

“Oh I get it” Jay said as he hugged her.

Arnav stood at the door staring at the both, although it did hurt him to see Khushi in someone else’s arms, it also made him happy that she was happy, nothing else mattered anyway.

“Our childhood is a secret not everyone should know about it, you know I don’t like it, people would just think I was odd” Jay said as he broke the hug.

“I know and that’s why I never talk about it to anyone else but only you”

“Good, it should always remain that way.”

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