OS whom to listen?

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May 13, 2017

whom to listen? (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 15 times)

Voice of mind in red 

Voice of heart in green for your convenience.

In Arnav's room 

He is measuring the length and breadth of the room. 

He saw NK trying his best to get close to his Kushi HIS Kushi. How dare he? To top of it he himself said his interest towards her to him. This is the peak he can't delay anymore he have to propose her as soon as possible.

"I have to do something before that monkey snatch my parrot away from me."he muttered.

"What the..... monkey, parrot what happened to me? When did I became this cheesy? Kushi what have you done to me."he smiled to himself as soon as he uttered her name. Really she had done something to him he shook his head.

"Aree Arnav, you are smiling hmmmmm you are looking cute when you smile" appeared his mirage of heart in all white.

"Oie he is still ASR. ASR and cute ewueee" appeared his mind in all black making a disgusting face.

"But he should change. And he is changing, that's a improvement" his heart jumped in excitement.

"ASR will never change"his mind spatted.

"Oh really, can't you see how he is smiling?"his heart asked folding it's arms across its chest.

"Oh hello that's not a smile but a smirk" his mind back answered folding it's arms too.

"Haan Haan I believed it. It's a smirk not a smile"his heart replied sarcastically.

"You......."his mind got angry and took steps towards his heart.

"Both of you shut up and tell me how to express my feelings to her"shouted Arnav irritated with argument between his mind and heart. Here he is trying to find a solution for proposing his love but his mind and heart were busy in their argument.

"Arnav listen, you have to make her feel how much you love her, make her like flying"his heart said dramatically.

"What flying, like really. ASR that won't work. Corner her like you always do and say that you love her directly"his mind gave it's piece of advice.

"What the....will anyone propose like this?"asked his heart annoyed with the reply of his mind.

"ASR will"his mind spatted again.

"Arnav don't listen to him. He is a waste" his heart came before him pushing his mind back.

"What the.....then what about you?"his mind pushed back his heart ready for next argument.

"Enough........ don't start again." Arnav shouted gaining the attention back to him who was till now watching the quarrel like a tennis match.

"He only started Arnav. Ok leave him. Talk to her lovingly"his heart started its dramatic way again.

"She will run away"his mind said rolling it's eyes.

"You shut up" his heart warned. 

"He is right she will run away and that's what she recently doing now"he sat dejected on his bed.

"That's why I'm saying, lock her and say it directly"his mind stood strong in its point.

"Haan you are right." Arnav agreed nodding his head excitedly. "But I can't say it directly just like that" his face fell he is not good with words and moreover he has no intention to scare her more.

"What the....you can man. You are ASR"his mind encouraged.

"Can I talk now"his heart said with the gritted teeth tapping it's feet as they ignored it completely.

"This is not any business deal that he can say just like that. It's love there's a special way to say these things"his heart said it as the matter of fact.

"Yaah yaah I know that cheesy things and stuffs"his mind mocked.

"I'm not saying you to be cheesy. lm just saying that don't say it harshly like you always do. Just open up your heart to her calmly" his heart said ignoring his mind.

Arnav thought about the idea shared by his heart.

"ASR...."his mind called.

"I got my answer so you don't need to say anything"he blocked it before it say anything.

"What...you are going to follow this idiot's advice. No way ASR you are not going to do like that" his mind fought to listen to it.

"Why not?"he asked loosening his shoulders.

"You can't...that's not ASR style"his mind tried to remind him that he is ASR.

"I'm just Arnav to her not the ASR."he is full on to listen to his heart now.

"WHAT......you can't do this to me"his mind tried it's way.

"Sorry I didn't have any other option. I don't want to lose her and you scare her like hell. So I'm shutting you down just go off from here" saying this he shooed his mind.

His heart gave him a thumbs up smiling and disappeared.

He strode out of his in search for his lady love to open up like his heart said. 

I know it's too bad but what to do I sat to write the next update for "you are my everything" but ended up with this and it became too cheesy so I thought to make it separate. I can understand you will be like "oh God don't you have mercy on me" reading this but what to I can't help it. 

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