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Jun 25, 2017

Chapter 10 - Khushi's stubbornness (By Angel23) (Thanked: 56 times)

He felt happy that Khushi understood him, he pressed himself more to her, she smiled with his act.

" Arnav..." Khushi mumbled his name.

" Hmm.." Arnav looked at her.

" I'm sitting on the floor!!" she giggled.

" Ohh sorry.." Arnav realized her position, he made her sit next to him.

" You wake up so early Khushi!! I will never be able to catch your glimpse then.. I return home late, and you leave home will we meet then?" Arnav asked.

" Don't say like that.." she frowned at the thought of being away from him " I'll stop working then.."

" No Khushi.. Don't stop, you're doing well in your field, and I support you.. You could wake up with me na, then give me good morning kisses, then feed me with my favorite aalo paratha" Arnav smiled.

Khushi smiled at his dreamy look: Okay.. I will wake up with you now..

Arnav kissed her right cheek: Then?

Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck: Then give you good morning kisses..

Arnav kissed her left cheek: Then?

Khushi smiled: Feed you your favorite aalo paratha..

Arnav was about to kiss her lips, Khushi placed her palms on his lips: The list ended here!!

Arnav pouted: Really? Why didn't I ask for more!?

Khushi laughed at his face...

" Sir..your patient is waiting on the room.." a nurse called Arnav.

" Alright.. I'm just coming.." he smiled and kissed Khushi's forehead " Bye doll..take care.."

Khushi clenched her fist angry. She left the cabin, and went to her car.

" He left me again..kyun? Why do you always attend others first than me? " her eyes became red now.

NK got in the car, and looked at Khushi: What happened? Why are you with this face?

Khushi: Nothing!!

NK found her strange: What? Is he betraying you?

Khushi: Nahin..

She drove the car to her office, and directly went to her cabin without talking with anyone.


At night, after having dinner with Lavanya. She waited for to come back.

Although he called her to inform that he will be late and she could go to sleep, she didn't pay heed to his words and preferred to stay waiting for him.

Hours passed, and then she heard the sound of the door being opened.

She went running till the door, to see his face.

Arnav closed the door carefully to not wake anyone while sleeping, but when he turned he found Khushi staring at him.

" scared me Khushi.." he gasped, with his palms on his chest.

" I scare you?" she asked in disbelief.

" No, but what are you doing this late? Didn't I told you to sleep?" he asked, caressing her angry face.

" I wanted to wait for you" she said resting her head on the crook of his neck.

" You will get tired doll.." he kissed her hair.

" I'm not.." Khushi was adamant on her decision.

"Khushi I'm telling it for your good only, you go to office everyday early.. If you keep waiting for me all night, you will get tired in the morning, and this will affect your work.." he explained her, and lifted her to their bed.

" I said na.. I will wait.." Khushi got angry now " Is there something you're hiding from me?"

Arnav frowned: No Khushi..why do you always get suspicious on little things?

Khushi: Mahi was a little thing!! She loved you Arnav..

Arnav: Okay Mahi loved me, but I didn't na.. You should trust me also Khushi..

Arnav went to the bathroom, after his quick shower, he walked out and went directly to sleep on his side.

Khushi looked at him: Did you eat something?

Arnav said without looking at her side: Hmm..

Khushi bit her lips feeling guilty now, she whispered his name but he didn't reply anymore, instead hugged his pillow to sleep.

" I'm sorry.. Please forgive me.." she said sobbing and hugged him from behind.

Arnav felt as if someone just pricked his heart, he slowly opened his eyes and turned to her side.

" Don't cry doll..." he kissed her tears.

" I'm s..sorry.." she mumbled and clutched his shirt like a baby, it reminded him when they were kids.

" It's okay..stop crying.. I just want you to trust me Khushi, that's all. And what am I hiding from you? Did you saw something in my hand? Or my face? Is there any girl's lipstick mark? Do you want to check me?" Arnav asked her trying to take off her doubts on him.

" No..I trust you.." Khushi nodded sideways, and hugged him tightly " Please don't leave me.. I trust you Arnav.. I will not be able to live without you again.. " she cried in his embrace.

Arnav was astonished, he never saw someone with so much fear inside, Khushi lives with the fear of losing him..

" Khushi I won't leave you.." he could only say that to her, slowly she fell asleep.


The next morning, Khushi and Arnav were having breakfast with Lavanya and Aman.

" Arnav.." she looked at him.

" Yeah.." Arnav tasted his toast, and shifted his eyes to her.

" I have some work in London now, and it's urgent.." she said.

" Really? Why do you have to go now?" Arnav pouted and held her hand tightly.

" Don't worry about that, you will come with me.." she smiled.

" Khushi I can't go with you, I have work.." he said.

" You can take leave for some days Arnav.. " Khushi looked at him clearly disappointed.

" Yes, but now only I took leave to meet Nani, and now I can't do it anymore, I have my patients waiting for me's a huge responsibility.." he explained her.

" Everyone is important for you.. your family, your friends, your patients..everything is you and your things.. You don't have any space for me in your life.. That's why you left me years back.." Khushi shouted angrily and left running to her room.

Arnav looked at her disappearing figure with a sigh.

Lavanya: Don't worry Arnav.. I will talk with her..

Arnav smiled: I would be really grateful if you do..

He left the house with Aman. In the car, Aman stare at him.

Arnav looked at him: What??

Aman: Are you happy Arnav?

Arnav nodded: She is just a little stubborn and nothing else.. We will sort out our differences..

Aman patted his shoulder smiling.


" Understand what Lavanya? I will leave my husband here and go for weeks to London.. I will miss him Lavanya, I can't stay away from him.." Khushi massaged her temples.

" But Khush he has work.. Please understand that part're being selfish now.." Lavanya said patting her back.

" I'm not selfish.. I just love him so much that I can't live without him, this is not selfishness.." Khushi looked at Lavanya angry.

" Okay. But he doesn't want to go.." Lavanya argued.

" He will go with me, I will convince him.." Khushi said with a determined mind..

Lavanya just looked at her, and drifted to her thoughts.

Jun 27, 2017

Chapter 11 - Arnav accepted! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 57 times)

After talking with Lavanya, Khushi went to her office and Arnav was in the hospital thinking about her, he wasn’t sure if it was the right time to call her or not. But he was worried, if she takes any wrong step because he denied going to London with her.

After a struggle between his mind and heart, he decided to call Lavanya, to make sure if Khushi is alright or not.

“Hi..Lavanya” he said.

“Hi Arnav.. don’t worry, she is fine now..” Lavanya said, she already knew that Arnav was worried for her.

“Thanks Lavanya.. hmm..did she agree?” he asked.

“No yaar..I really tried to convince her but she is stubborn, you know..” Lavanya pouted.

“I know..but thanks anyway..” he smiled and left the phone on his desk.


Late at night, when he returned he found Lavanya and Khushi watching movie, he sat on the sofa with them.

“Watching movies??” he smiled and caressed his wife’s cheek.

She shoved his hand away, and folded her arms indicating that she is still angry with him.

Lavanya understood they need some time to talk alone, so she walked to leave the living room. Khushi held her hand: Stay here..

Lavanya: No.. I’m sleepy now..

Lavanya went quickly, and Arnav was still staring at the angry doll in front of him.

“Khushi, If I didn’t had any work, I promise I would go to London with you..” he said.

“If I was really important for you, then you would leave everything to go with me” she replied sternly without looking at his face.

“Khushi you know that I love you! Why are you doing this with me?? It’s difficult for me too, don’t think I will be enjoying my life without you, it’s only been days you came here and I will miss you. But then it’s life Khushi, we have to work and I can’t leave everything just like that to go with you.. what are you going to do there? Work right?? It’s the same as me, but my work is here, I have patients that wait for me all day, and I have to take care of them too.. I cannot be selfish profession doesn’t let me..” he explained to her, and tried to held her once again, but she distanced herself from him.

“You’re being selfish now Arnav.. you’re only thinking about you and your profession, are you the only doctor in this world?” she shouted to him.

Arnav sighed and went to his room silently; Khushi looked at him leaving with moist eyes.

“Why don’t you understand my love for you Arnav??” she cried and switched off the TV furiously.

Arnav descended the stairs to have dinner, he thought he would find her sited on the sofa watching the movie, but no one was there.

Confused, he went outside the house, to his garden, after looking sometime for her alone, he didn’t find her. He then decided to ask one of the guards.

“Did you saw Khushi?” he asked.

“Ma’am left some minutes ago with her car” the guard replied.

Arnav nodded: Okay..

“Where did you go now Khushi?” he asked himself worried for her.


Looking at the view of Delhi through her cabin, a tear escaped her eyes, no one loves her as she wanted to be loved, she yearned for his love all these years and when she finally could live the moments she most wanted, he wasn’t the same anymore. His priorities changed now, she was in the last position in his life, and everything is so ugly in her life again.

“Dadi was will never love me Arnav, even if I belong from the same class as yours, you would never accept me as your wife, because I’m still the old, poor and orphan Khushi for you and your family..” she rested her head on the table, and her tears touched the glass.


Khushi was hiding behind a tree watching her friend, Arnav playing with some new friends in his mansion’s garden, the faces were new for her, there was a little girl the same age as her, looking beautiful with a pink and white dress, she was clinging to Arnav, much to the dislike of Khushi. Then there was another girl with blue dress and two boys, they were playing happily with Arnav and Armaan.

“You..little devil..what are you doing here? Didn’t I told you to stay  away from this house?? How dare you disobey me??” Dadi stood behind Khushi, and shouted scaring her.

“D..da..dadi..” she managed to say, sobbing badly.

“What did you say?? Dadi?? I’m not your Dadi, got that?? You’re an orphan who doesn’t have anything to do with this family, look where Arnav, your friend is now.. he is with his true friends today, the one who belong  to the same class as his, not you.. look those girls, how well dressed they’re and how my grandson is happy with them, unlike you, who wear the same and ugly dress every day.. not only your dress but you’re also so ugly dear..sorry to say, but like they say truth is always bitter..” Dadi laughed evilly.

“No..Arnav says I’m like a fairy.. he likes me too..” Khushi’s eyes brimmed with tears, she went running from there to a place where she could not hear Dadi’s evil laughter.

Flashback ends.

“Khushiii..Khushiiiiii…” she wiped her tears, when she heard his voice calling her.

She went to lock her cabin’s door before he could open it.

“Go away from here Arnav..” Khushi shouted, and sat on the floor leaning on the door.

“Khushi open this door please..” he tried to open it, when he realized that she locked it.

“I don’t want to talk with you.. go away from here” she shut her eyes, as more tears made way to her cheeks.

“Fine I will stay here till you open this door..” he also sat on the floor waiting for her.

“I won’t open this door, you will get tired alone..” she shouted angrily.

“I won’t get tired..” he said confidently “I will talk with another doctor tomorrow to attend my patients till I’m with you in London..” he said slowly.

Khushi slowly opened her eyes: Are you saying the truth?? Will you go with me?

Arnav nodded: Yes! Now please open this door..

She opened it slowly, her face was shining with happiness, as soon as Arnav saw her, he pulled her into a tight hug.

“Don’t do this anymore..” he whispered, and buried his face on her hair.

“I won’t..” she mumbled and rested her head on his shoulder…


"Do you doubt my love for you Khushi??" he asked, with her actions he could only think of that. 

"Life has shown such bitter moments in my life, that I'm not sure if should I trust anyone so easily, everything seems fake for me.. I'm sorry Arnav.. I tell you that I love you,but when you reply to me, I still feel that it's not true, that one day you will leave me alone like you did in the past, when we both married each other, you promised to stay with me all your life na, then why you left me the same day only why?? Answer me.. you didn't fight for me.. you stayed with your family and left me alone, did you even bother to know how your friend was, in which state? Nahin na.. your parents scolded you and then you continued your life without even thinking about your wife.. not only your Dadi and your mother were bad to me, you also proved me that you didn't like me.. if you really liked me, you would still look for me Arnav.. " she cried heavily on his chest. 

"Khushi..." he also didn't had words to reply her. 

"I love you Arnav.. I don't want to lose you again.. I still feel scared of my past.. " she mumbled to him, Arnav caressed her back lovingly. 

"At that time I didn't consider our marriage a true one Khushi, I thought we were playing only. But now everything changed, now I consider you my wife, and I will not let you go anywhere away from me, I will stay with you all my life.." he consoled her "And see I will go with you to London, don't stay upset. I don't like it.." 

Jul 6, 2017

Chapter 12 - London.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 53 times)


" This is my house.." she said staring at his curious eyes wandering around the unknown place to him.

"'s beautiful.." he plastered a smile on his face.

" Let's go in.." she said and guided him inside.

While reaching the living room, a maid came running to Khushi and took the bags from their hands.

"No it's okay..I will manage.." Arnav said smiling at the scared lady.

" Let her do need to rest Arnav, you must be tired.." she cupped his face.

Arnav let the lady take his bags, and Khushi made him sit on the sofa.

" Thank you for coming here with me.." Khushi smiled.

Arnav just smiled, "I need water" he said.

" I will bring it right away.." she said running to the kitchen.

Arnav played with the pillows upset, he didn't want to be here, he wasn't happy at all.. Right now he would be in his hospital treating and chatting with his favorite patients, who he shares a good bond with. But to gain her trust, he did this too.

" Here is your water.." she smiled at him, he took it from her hand and gulped it in one go.

" What's the work here?" he asked, while she sat beside him.

" Hmm..just some meetings and few arrangements for my show.." she said, resting herself on his lap.

"And when will we go back?" he asked.

"Never.." she looked at him.

" What??" Arnav frowned, " What do you mean?"

" We should settle here itself Arnav.. Think well, I will help you get a job in one of the best hospitals here, you will be a famous and well known doctor Arnav.. And as my company is here wouldn't be better.." she smiled kissing his cheeks.

" No way Khushi.. I never wanted to be famous, I just love my profession.. I don't want to stay here Khushi.. I came here for you and you do this to me..what's wrong with you??" Arnav pushed her, and stood up.

" Why can't we stay here?" Khushi frowned.

" I don't want Khushi.." Arnav shouted angrily.

" Okay..we will return in two weeks.." Khushi said with moist eyes. 

Arnav sat beside her, "Please don't cry have to understand my reasons for rejecting this also, I have Aman, Anju, Shyam, my family everyone there.. I can't leave them just to stay here with you.." he cupped her face.

" I understand..  that one day you'll leave me for them.." she sighed and walked to her room.

Arnav followed her, on his way he found Mary.

Mary: Sir it's better not to enter in that room.. If ma'am gets angry, then no one can handle her..

Arnav smiled: Don't worry.. I know how to handle her..

He entered in the room," Khushi.." he called her who was sited in the bed crying.

"Please just leave from here.." Khushi said wiping her tears.

" Leave from here?" he asked again.

She looked into his eyes deeply, she ran into his arms, and cried more in his embrace.

" I love you Doll.. please don't misunderstand me.." he whispered to her.

" Just never leave my hand Arnav.. " she whispered in his ear.

" I won't.. I promise.." he tightened his grip on her.


While having dinner, Khushi was more calm now, she was chatting with Arnav.

" So tomorrow you will leave me alone.." he pouted.

" No.. I will return to pick you, then I will show you around.." she said.

" Okay.. I will wait for my doll then.. And please wake me up also, so that I can see your face in the morning.." he said.

" Alright.." she giggled.


Early in the morning, the birds chirping sound woke Khushi, she caressed his hand smiling, who were wrapped around her waist possessively as she was facing her back to him.

She turned to his side, and kissed his forehead, " Good morning Arnav.."

Arnav was still sleeping, Khushi raised her eyebrows, "When it's time to wake up, he doesn't!!" she giggled at the frown appearing on his face, showing her that he wants to sleep more.

"Good morning Arnaaaaaavvv..." she stressed his name.

"Good morning Doll.." he yawned "You look so beautiful early in the morning.." he smiled at her..

" Really!! I look ugly Arnav.." she giggled.

" look beautiful without make up.. Innocent.. Gorgeous..Simple..and.. Hot!!" he smirked..

" Flirting with your wife??" she smiled, and her cheeks turned red without any doubt!!

" Yes.." he stroke her hair softly, Khushi bit her lips smiling teasingly, she quickly pecked his cheeks and left running to the bathroom "I'm getting late"

" You aren't Khushi.." he pouted and hugged his pillow.


Restaurant XYZ:

After attending her meetings, as promised she returned home to pick Arnav, both went roam around, bought some clothes for each other in malls, and stopped in a restaurant nearby to have lunch.

" Do you like the food here? You know it's one of my favorite restaurant.. I just love coming here with NK and Lavanya" Khushi shared with him.

" It's good.. I like it.." he smiled.

" here?" a lady looked at Arnav surprised.

" Ohh are you? Yes, I'm here.." Arnav stood up and greeted the woman.

" I'm fine..I shifted to here two months back.." the lady said.

" That's good.. How is my cute princess?" he asked.

" Ruhi is fine now, it's only because of you helped us a lot..(the lady placed her hands on Arnav's shoulder while talking) Ruhi just loves you.. Only you could cure her.." the lady said getting extra close to Arnav, much to the dislike of Khushi.

" Hi.. I'm his wife, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.." Khushi extended her hand for a hand shake.

The lady was quite surprised, with the news of Arnav being married, faking a smile she also shook her hands with Khushi.

" Nice to meet you, wow Dr.Arnav you got married.." the lady was still trying to digest this news, being a single mother, she kind of had a crush on Arnav.

" Yeah, he got married and now his wife is there to look after him, to keep a watch on those ladies who like to flirt with him, or butter him by saying that he is the best doctor in the world.." Khushi clenched the lady's hand with a sweet smile on her face.

The lady tried to take Khushi's hand off her as she realized that Khushi was hurting her, she frowned looking at Khushi.

" Leave me.." she whispered hissing in pain.

Arnav noticed this long time hand shaking: Khushi what are you doing? Leave her hand..

The lady cried in pain now, and Arnav realized that Khushi was pressing her hand, " Khushi stop it..leave her"

" The one who dare to touch you other than me deserve a punishment.. You still have a daughter to take care of na, I will spare time I see you trying to get close to my husband.. I won't think twice " Khushi left her hand, and glared at her.

The lady left running from there crying.

" God..what was that?" Arnav looked at her and sat on his chair.

" Don't ask me..she is a shameless woman, she is a mother and still flirts with you in front of me, your wife!! Do you think I would stay quite over this?" Khushi looked at him with questioning eyes.

Arnav stare at her smiling.

" What?" she raised her eyebrows.

" I just love to see this strong side of yours.." he smirked.



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Jul 6, 2017

Chapter 13 - He left my hand.. I left my life.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 63 times)

" Khushi I'll just come back.." he said and headed to the washroom.

Khushi nodded, and waited for him. His phone rang, and she looked at the caller Id.

" Anju.." she whispered.

" Hi.." she picked up the call.

" Hi are you? Have you reached well?" Anjali said smiling, not yet realizing it was Khushi's voice.

" Anjali, Khushi here.. Arnav is perfectly alright that he would hate phone calls disturbing him when he is with his wife.." Khushi said.

" I'm his friend and I'm sure I don't disturb him.." Anjali frowned.

" Ohh you do.. But he will never tell you because you're elder to him.." Khushi played with a fork.

" Sorry to disturb then.." Anjali said and hang up the call.



Anjali left the phone upset on the table, " He isn't the same anymore.."

" Relax Anjali, maybe we were really disturbing them and Khushi got angry.." Shyam side hugged her.

" It's not like that.. You know Arnav never ignores my phone calls, I'm like his elder sister, then why is he doing this now that he married? Friendship doesn't change when you get married.. I don't like this Khushi at all..she likes to command on him and he blindly follows her words.." Anjali frowned " It was better if he married Sheetal or Mahi I think.."

Shyam hugged her tightly, " We better not call him again..maybe he doesn't like it now.." Anjali said hugging him back.


Two days later..

" Arnav what are you doing? Look I booked movie tickets for us.." Khushi said smiling.

" I was wondering Anju still didn't call me.. You know whenever I go out, she is the first one who calls me to know if I'm alright or not.." Arnav said checking his phone.

Khushi bit her lips, " Let's go..we're getting late.." she said.

" Yeah let's go.. I'm so excited to watch a movie with you, remember when we were kids how we used to dream about this.." he hold her hand smiling, and guided her outside the mansion.

Khushi looked away feeling guilty, " I'm sorry Arnav.. I don't want to separate you from your friends, but.. I also can't give others the chance of snatching you from me.. You were close to your family, and see they made you leave me, and now if become very close to your friends then they will make you leave me.. I can't let this happen at any cost.." Khushi thought with moist eyes staring at him.



" What is this? Arnav beta left for London and didn't even informed us.." Nani said worried.

" Actually Nani even we are not able to talk with him, he doesn't pick up the calls.." Aman said "That's why I came here to inform you all..maybe something bad happened.."

" No don't talk like this.." Raj gulped scared thinking what happened with his son.

"Simple it's his honeymoon and he won't attend you all.." Armaan rolled his eyes.

" Arnav is a responsible boy. He would never do this.." Nani glared at him.

" Now call him again na.." Dadi said tired of their worried faces.. "If he doesn't pick, then call that girl.."

Raj nodded and called Arnav, his phone was switched off, he then called Khushi.


Arnav was sited bored in her cabin, he has to wait till Khushi comes out of the conference room.

" Why is Dad calling Khushi?" he thought confused when he saw her phone ringing.

" Hi Dad.." he picked up the call.

" Arnav.. Oh my scared us.. One week passed and you didn't even pick our calls? Aman, Anju, Shyam are hell worried for you, they call you everyday but you don't pick up the calls, can I know why are you ignoring your friends? Anjali and Shyam are really angry with you, today only Aman came to Lucknow to inform me that you went to London.. And London? When did you decide this?" his father said everything in one go.

" Dad they never called me yet.. Even I was wondering what happened with them. I'm the one who is angry with them.." Arnav frowned.

" What? Arnav they call you everyday.. I saw their phone you know.. " Raj said in disbelief.

Realization dawned on him, thinking who could have done that.

" Dad tell Anju and Shyam to not be angry.. And yeah.. I will come back soon.." he said with eyes burning in anger.

" Arnav sir.. Here is the bouquet your ordered and ma'am's favorite coffee.. This is the best way to tell her that you decided to stay here with her forever in London.." Rose, Khushi's secretary smiled and placed the bouquet and coffee on the table.

" That's not needed Rose..throw all this away.. The plan of staying here got cancelled.." he said serious.

" What..but why sir?" Rose frowned.

" Because your ma'am doesn't deserve my love.." he said leaving Rose shocked to the core.

Rose left from there with the things he ordered disappointed. It has been one week they are here, and she loves to see this lovely couple together, her ma'am is more calm and happy now with him around. They seem made for each other, she wonder what made him say that she doesn't deserve his love for her and also cancel the surprise he was about to tell her.


" Khushi I'm very happy you're back.. " one of her client and good friend smiled.

" I'm not back, Sara.. I'm here just for two weeks, my husband works in Mumbai and we have to go back.." Khushi said.

" Ohh that's were doing well here.." Sara pouted.

" Yeah but I can't leave my husband you know.. I can live without this work, but not him.." Khushi smiled.

" That's true also.." Sara said and left Khushi's cabin.

" Arnav I'm going to attend a meeting now, then we will leave.." Khushi said and he nodded thinking.

" If Khushi can leave her everything for me, then I also can do this for her.." he thought and quickly called Rose, her secretary to plan a surprise for Khushi.

Flashback ends..

Arnav slammed his fist on the table angrily.

Khushi came in at the same time, and stepped back seeing him in that state.

" What happened Arnav?" she asked and closed the cabin's door.

" You're asking me this?" he smiled sarcastically.

Khushi looked at him confused.

" How dare you do this to me Khushi?" he pulled her harshly.

Khushi shut her eyes in pain: " What did I do?"

" Don't feign innocence now..because I know how you are.." he gritted his teeth and showed her his phone.

" My friends didn't call me or you cut their calls purposely?" he asked.

" I did.." she confessed looking down.

" Why Khushi? Why are separating me from my family, friends and work? Do you want to destroy my person or what? Do you want me to live for you? Thank god I didn't fell on your traps.. I was about to accept staying here in London with you forever.. But DM didn't let me, she showed me your real face before that.." he shouted to her.

" Arnav I .." she looked at him crying.

Arnav wiped her tears smiling: Ohh how much your tears make me weak!! But this time my anger will win Khushi.. Because I won't forgive you for doing this with me.. Anju is angry with me because of you.. You know I don't love Anju Khushi.. She is like my did you thought she could replace you in my life?

Khushi tried to say something..

" Enough!!" he shouted " You're not my Little doll, you're a selfish woman.. I don't know you.. I hate you Khushi.." 

" I feel so suffocated with you, I'm far my friends, family, hospital..everything that I love.. Today I don't have anything.. I stay only trapped with you..everywhere I're there.. It's suffocating Khushi.. Still I love you so much that I'm accepting this torture also.. I'm sorry.. But I don't want to lose my everything just for you. Maybe your love is like that for me..but mine is not.. " he said stepping back, walking away from her..

" I don't like here.. I don't like your office.. I don't like your house.. I don't like your lifestyle.. I don't like your favorite restaurant..  I don't.. I don't Khushi.. I don't like this married life.. It's horrible.. I thought  when we started it would be heaven to stay with you..but now I'm feeling suffocated in this marriage..I don't like you.. " he whispered stepping back at each complaint he had from her..

A lone tear escaped her eyes, seeing him go away from her.

He left, she sat on the floor crying uncontrollably. 

" Ma'am ..  Ma'am.. Please stop sir.." Rose came running to her cabin.

" What happened?" Khushi asked her worried.

"'am.. brakes of the car are not working may stop working at anytime.. I tried to stop sir from going in that car but he is adamant..he doesn't even want to listen to me.." Rose said panting.

Khushi looked at her with big eyes, and left from her cabin running.

" Arnav.. Arnav..stop .." Khushi shouted and came running to him.

" Please leave me alone!!!" Arnav shouted back and got in the car.

" Okay I will.. Drop me home first.." Khushi said calmly.

" What? How can you react normally after..let it be.. No one will ever understand you.." he shook his head, and opened the car's door for her.

Both left, Rose came outside and saw the car going.

" What? He didn't listen to ma'am words also" Rose frowned.

" Ma'am left with him" the guard informed.

" What?? What is ma'am doing?" Rose wiped her sweat worried.

While Arnav was driving the car without looking at Khushi, but she was staring deeply at him.

" Maybe my love was selfish for you.. I trapped in you my love.. But I was scared to lose you again.. I'm sorry Arnav.. I didn't realize that I was destroying you.. I thought everyone as my enemies..but didn't realize I became your enemy.. I'm sorry.. I don't know how to love you, but I love you a lot.. I'm sorry.. Today you left my hand..and I will leave my life.." she smiled while tears left her eyes..

Baahon mein teri aake lagaa

Mera safar toh yahin tak hai

Tumse shuru tumpe hi khatam

Meri kahaani tumhi tak hai

Arnav looked at her confused, before he could even react she pushed him off the car and went rolling on the road..

" Khushiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.." he shouted looking at the car going..

Khushi looked in front and saw a bus coming towards her.

" Thank you making me and Arnav meet again in this lifetime.." she whispered looking at the sky, and then shut her eyes tightly not able to see the bus coming close to her.

" Khushi stop the car.. Khushi noooo..." he cried trying to stop her.


He stood numb when her body fell on the road, and blood came out of her head..

Ye raaste alag ho jaayein

chalte chalte hum kho jaayein...

(maybe our paths diverge,

and we get lost while walking)

Main phir bhi tumko chaahunga,

main phir bhi tumko chaahoonga...

is chaahat mein mar jaaunga

main phir bhi tumko chahunga...

(but I'll still love you,

I'll still love you.

I'll die for this love,

but I'll still love you)

Jul 7, 2017

Chapter 14 - Will there be a change?? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 76 times)

He gulped looking at her unconscious state being taken by the doctors and nurses. The blood continuously coming out from her head was scaring him more.

He was doctor and it is his duty to stay calm but today he wasn't, for the first time he was scared, he knew the doctors taking her for the operation would do their best, and that's what he keeps chanting to his patients also, but today he wasn't able to believe it, today he was a mere a person who was scared of losing a person special to him.

" I'm sorry Khushi.." he cried and the door closed.

" Keep calm sir.." Rose consoled him, although she was herself shocked with what happened, her ma'am knew that the brakes could fail at any moment, then why didn't she informed sir, and ended the problem, was her ma'am committing suicide? she thought scared of what the reason could be for such a drastic change in between this cute couple.

" Keep calm Rose? How can I? It's all my fault, I left her hand when I promised that I wouldn't.. I broke my promise.. DM is punishing me for that.. " he sat on his knees crying.


Arnav limping went towards her with tears in his eyes.

He sat on the floor, and placed her on head on his lap.

" Khushi..Khushi..don't do this to me.. I told you to stop the car..Khushiiiiii... I'm talking with you.. answer me.. Khushi.. open your eyes.. you can't leave me.." he patted her cheeks.

Khushi smiled staring at him, her eyes were half closed.

" Ne..never" she stammered before passing out.

" Khushiii.." he shouted "Please help meee.. someone please help meeee.." he called out for help, and that's when Rose and the guards came running to rescue Khushi.

Flashback ends..

" How can I not blame myself Khushi? I know you killed yourself for saved me and I.. I'm stupid.. I just hate myself.. I didn't knew this would end like this Khushi.. I just said all those things in anger, frustration.. I'm sorry Doll.. " he shut his eyes tightly.

Hours passed, Arnav was sited on a bench alone waiting for Khushi.

Rose already left, because she was tired. She insisted Arnav to go back, but Arnav was adamant on staying till Khushi's operation is done.

" Mr.Raizada.." the doctor walked near him.

He immediately stood up and attacked the doctor with questions.

" Relax Mr.Raizada, she is fine now..yes she lost blood and could even not survive..but we saved her.." the doctor smiled and hugged  Arnav, who was smiling while tears left his eyes.

" Can.. I her..?" Arnav asked.

" Yes, but when she gains conscious.." the doctor said patting his shoulder, then walked to leave.


Khushi opened her eyes slowly, her head was hurting a lot, she wasn't able to move her body a bit.

" Aahh.." she hissed in pain.

" I'll just inform your husband that you gained conscious.." the nurse smiled and walked to leave the room.

"No please..don't call him.." Khushi whispered.

" But why? He has been waiting for you since the operation started.." the nurse frowned.

" When will I get discharged?" Khushi asked.

" It depends ma'am.." the nurse said " If you get better fast, then you will get discharged soon"

" Khushiii.." he smiled seeing her, he went running and placed soft kisses on her face..

"I'm sorry Khushi.. I'm sorry.. I won't say such things to you again I promise.. I was angry with you that's why I said those hurtful words to you.. " Arnav mumbled to her cupping her face.

" Go away from here Arnav.." Khushi looked away..

" I won't Khushi.. I'm sorry please.. I broke the promise I made to you.. I'm sorry.. Please give any punishment you want, don't be angry with me.." Arnav cried.

" Arnav today you're free from me.. Go and live your life the way you want.. And the fault isn't yours, I'm not angry with you, but if you stay here with me, I will destroy you Arnav.. I saw how much you were hurt with me, I don't want that.. It is said that if you love someone a lot, then their happiness is what you care for.. And you're not happy with me, why should I force you to stay with me? Go Arnav..go.. I promise I won't be upset with you.. go and be happy.. there will not be a possessive and obsessive Khushi behind you.. " Khushi stare at him deeply in his eyes.

" No, I won't go back without you..  If you love me so much can't you change for me?" Arnav asked.

" I can..but I'm not sure if it will result in something.." Khushi cried looking away.. "Just go Arnav.."

" You know when I left you.. I said..that I hate you..but when.. I saw that I..was..about to..lose you again.. I felt so scared Khushi.. I kept waiting here for hours and hours praying to DM to take my life but not yours..if I really hate you think I would be here with you? I would have left long ago.. Khushi please.. I will help you..for this..don't tell me to go.." he whispered in a broken voice.

She looked down and nodded slowly, Arnav smiled faintly at her caressing her hair..

" Are you okay? Feeling any pain?" he asked worried.

" Just my whole body hurts.. I just can't move.." she said.

" It's normal.. If take all medicines on time you will get better.." he said brushing his nose with hers.

" I'm sorry.." she whispered to him.



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Jul 11, 2017

Chapter 15 - A will for a change.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 64 times)

During one week..

Early in the morning, in hospital:

"No I don't want.." Khushi looked away like a baby..

"But ma'am you have to drink this soup, it's only then you'll recover fully.." the nurse tried to explain a stubborn Khushi.

"Nahin, I hate soups..please take this away.." Khushi folded her arms.

Arnav got in the room, and found Khushi fighting with the nurse.

"What's happening here?" he asked clueless.

"Ma'am doesn't want to drink this soup.." the nurse said.

"Don't force me.." Khushi looked at him.

Arnav took the soup from the nurse's hand, and asked her to leave.

"What's wrong with this soup?" Arnav asked her looking at the soup.

"It's yuck.. I don't like.." she grimaced making him chuckle.

"Khushi it's not that bad!! Even I don't like soups now, but it's good for health my princess.. And now you have to drink this, if you want to be out of this place soon.." he said raising the spoon near her.

Khushi nodded sideways, "No, I don't like.." she shut her eyes tightly.

"Please drink this for me.." he whispered, and she sighed in defeat!!

"Okay" she smiled a little and accepted him to feed her.


" Ma'am are you fine now?" Rose asked worried for her boss.

"Yes Rose, I'm better now.." Khushi smiled.

Arnav liked seeing her bond with others too. He was standing behind them.

NK caressed her hair lovingly, "Don't scare us like this anymore, do you know  I just left my work and everything in Mumbai, and came running here to you?"

"Aww thanks NK.." Khushi smiled at him.

Lavanya was also there with them.

Arnav didn't like when NK touched Khushi. He just stared at them.


At night, Arnav was sleeping beside Khushi.

" Arnav.. Arnav.." Khushi patted his chest calling him.

"Hmm.." Arnav replied in his sleep.

"I want to go to bathroom please wake up.." Khushi pouted looking at him sleeping peacefully.

Arnav opened his eyes slowly, "You can go's outside only.."

" How can I go? I can't walk.." Khushi jaws dropped.

Arnav lifted her, "I'm just kidding.."

Khushi smiled staring at him, she should start enjoying life like Arnav, and not stay serious all the time, point to be noted.


"Aww what a cute teddy bear.." Khushi woke up early in the morning and found a cute bear in her bed.

"You like it?" Arnav opened the door of the room, smiling.

"You brought this for me?" Khushi asked surprised.

"Yes.." he sat beside her, "And this also" he handle her a box of chocolates.

"Chocolates are yuck.." Khushi frowned.

"Really!! I thought you like it, everyone likes chocolates.." Arnav pouted.

"I'm just kidding.." she placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Learning too fast.." he said amused.

"After all I'm KKGSR.." she smirked raising her imaginary collar.


"How's my massage?" Arnav asked smirking, while massaging her legs.

"Horrible.." Khushi teased him.

"Really? I don't think so, Nani loves my massage.." Arnav said.

"I really prefer someone professional you know.." she smirked.

"Should I call someone professional?" he teased her back, taking her phone.

"'re better only.." she snatched the phone from him.


One week later..

After recovering fully, Khushi got discharged after one week. And now is at her home with Arnav, NK and Lavanya.

"Hey Khushi should I order your favorite salad?" NK smiled taking a seat beside Khushi.

"But Mary already cooked.." Khushi said.

"So what? Arnav and Lavanya will eat her food, we both will eat salad.." NK said.

"Khushi let's go.. I'm ready now.." Arnav descended the stairs.

"Sorry NK. But we're going to lunch together.." Arnav smiled at him.

"Ohh cool.." NK faked a smile.

Khushi stood up and wrapped her arms around his, "Let's go" she said with a warm smile.


Arnav brought her to her favorite restaurant.

"We should change this rule now.." she eyed him "Let's go to another restaurant of your choice.."

"No. It's really fine here Khushi.. I'm sorry.." he said guilty.

"Arnav you don't have to say sorry, and neither feel guilty for something you're not at fault. Instead I should say thank you that you didn't give up on me. You're still here.." she hugged him tightly while tears left her eyes, she quickly wiped them before he noticed.

"I love you Khushi.." he whispered in her embrace, "I'm always here for you. I did the mistake of leaving you once, but I won't do it again. I'll help you change and we will live happily forever.."

"Can I help you sir?" a waited stood behind them with a shy smile after witnessing their hug and Arnav's confession.

"Yeah..arrange a table for us.." Arnav smiled and broke the hug with Khushi.

"Sure sir. This way.." he said and guided the couple.

Arnav and Khushi sat on the table the waiter told them to.

"Arnav.." she looked at him.."two weeks already passed, I think we should go back now.."

"Relax doll.. I will not think you're prisoning me here if we stay for some more time. And one week you stayed working, other one at the hospital. What about us?" he asked.

She smiled amused with his words..

"Arnav.. I wanted to say to you that.. I will change now, I promise I won't be stubborn and possessive for you, just a little bit.. But it won't harm our relationship..I won't let you repent for choosing me once again.." Khushi said hesitantly.

Arnav quickly pecked her cheeks smiling. "You're looking like my Little doll now.." he said looking into her eyes, today he could see innocence in them, he could feel she was that little doll who just need him to be happy, that his presence was enough to change her mood into a happy one, today she wasn't the rude business woman he see everyday. She was changed, and he could feel that. He felt so good in her presence, like he was back in the past.

Jul 13, 2017

Chapter 16 - Khushi passes her test! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 63 times)

“Arnav.. Where did he go now?” Khushi thought worried, as Arnav left her waiting in the restaurant stating that he forgot his wallet in the car.

“Ma’am your husband..” the waiter seemed tensed, Khushi immediately stood up worried.

“Yeah, tell me” Khushi looked at him eager to hear some news of Arnav.

“Actually some goons attacked him” the waiter said and guided her outside the restaurant.

Khushi saw Arnav’s forehead bleeding now, and a girl helping him out. The first thing her heart shouted to her, was that she should trust him no matter what.

“I can manage Miss, thank you” Arnav smiled at the girl trying to help.

Khushi came running to him, she touched his arms, making him turn to her, “Are you okay?” she asked him worried.

“Yeah. Some goons attacked me, they wanted my wallet..” Arnav shrugged his shoulders sighing.

“Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?” the lady asked him.

“Yes, I’m alright..” Arnav looked at her, then at Khushi to notice if she was jealous or not.

“Thank you for helping him” Khushi said to the lady, making Arnav look at her astonished.

The lady left from there. Arnav smiled staring at Khushi.

“Why are you smiling? Isn’t it hurting?” Khushi touched his forehead gently.

“It’s hurting a lot Khushi, you know all I need now is your pampering..” he hugged her smiling.

“Sachii..let’s go to hospital then. I can’t let anything happen to you.. chalooo..” Khushi said dragging him into the car.

Arnav giggled looking at her, she frowned: You’re kidding me!!! Here I’m hell worried for you and you..

He held his ear pouting: Sorry Doll. But don’t I deserve some pampering from my wife??

Khushi nodded sideways smiling: No!!! Because you’re liar.. (she giggled taking money out from her purse and handled it to the waiter).

“Are you seriously okay?” Khushi looked at him once again.

“Haan baba. I’m alright..” he assured her.

“Sir she didn’t react at all” the lady who helped Arnav said talking with NK on the phone, while staring at Arshi’s car going.

“What? Are you sure? Did you stay there for long time??” NK asked.

“Yes sir, I’m still here. She was just worried for him and even thanked me for helping him, nothing else” the lady said.

“Okay byee..” NK cut the call angrily.


Khushi’s mansion:

After sometime..

“What??” NK looked at Lavanya smiling at him.

“Why are you always rude with me? You talk so well with Khushi and mee” Lavanya pouted.

“That’s because you don’t deserve what Khushi does” NK mocked her, and Lavanya threw a pillow to him sighing in frustration.

Khushi reached the living room running like a kid, she was laughing all the way and looking behind time to time.

“Yeeeeessss.. I won..” Khushi shouted happily.

“I said that the one who win, will be called monkey..” Arnav came behind him smirking.

“Arnav that’s cheating. You didn’t said that..” she pouted beating him.

“I said that, and the one who loses will be called handsome!!! And that I’m” he raised the collar of his shirt smirking.

“Yeah that you’re!! But you’re a monkey also because you lose our race competition..” Khushi giggled.

NK clenched his fist seeing them so close.

“Heyy I’m not monkey. NK looks like one..” Arnav laughed at NK’s face.

“Yeah Arnav, you’re right.. a big bandaar..” Lavanya said angry with NK.

NK just left the living room ignoring their talks.

“Heyy he felt bad, I was just joking..” Arnav said.

“Don’t worry about him Handsome Raizada..” Khushi cupped his face, Lavanya closed her eyes with her palms “Now don’t romance here with me”

“Ohh sorry Lavanya..” Arnav chuckled.

“Let’s play something, you know I’m so bored here with NK” Lavanya smiled.

“Truth and dare..” Khushi sat comfortably on the sofa, Arnav nodded: Let me make Khushi dance today..

The girls giggled. 

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Jul 13, 2017

Chapter 17 - The Game.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 73 times)

Arnav spin the bottle smirking, and it pointed to Lavanya, making him pout.

"Thank God it isn't me.." Khushi smiled.

"I will catch you.." he winked at her "So Lavanya truth or dare?"

"Truth..I don't trust you.." Lavanya grinned.

"Who is your boyfriend? My wife doesn't share it with me.." Arnav pinched Khushi.

" never asked me.." Khushi widened her eyes.

"I don't have a boyfriend!! But I love someone who doesn't love me back.." Lavanya smiled faintly, while NK rolled his eyes.

"Who??" Arnav and Khushi asked together.

"Hey the game is about one truth!!" Lavanya laughed.

Lavanya also spin the bottle and now it turned on Khushi.

"God is unfair!!" Arnav whispered holding his head in a dramatic way.

"Truth also.." Khushi giggled.

"Okay. So tell us, apart from Arnav, who do you like the most?" Lavanya asked.

"You!! I know you're irritating and very girly but I can't live without you"  Khushi said with a hidden smile on her face.

"Awww..." Lavanya stopped the game to hug Khushi tightly.

"What about me Khushi?" NK asked pouting.

"I'm here for you bro, let the girls on their own.." Arnav smiled patting his shoulder.

NK faked a smiled, and Khushi spin the bottle excitedly, she badly wanted it to point at Arnav.

"Truth or dare?" she jumped excitedly when it turned out to be him only.

"Dare.." Arnav smirked.

" Wait.." Khushi went running to the kitchen and came back with ice cubes smiling like a kid to Arnav.

"Khushi no.." Arnav stood up and stepped back..

"You remember this?" Khushi giggled.

"How can I forget your torture?" Arnav smiled.

She put the ice cubes inside his shirt, giggling.

"Stop now.. it's giving me goose bumps.." Arnav said stepping back again..

"Okay.." Khushi laughed at his face along with Lavanya.

"I did it very bad by choosing dare with you.." Arnav sighed and sat with them again arranging his shirt.

They continued playing, until NK shocked them with the dare for Khushi.

"I want you to kiss me.." he said normally.

"What??? My wife won't kiss you.." Arnav looked angrily at him.

"Come on this is just a game.." NK smiled "And you can kiss me on my cheeks, nothing wrong.."

"No. I won't kiss any man other than my husband.." Khushi stood up and went to her room angry with NK's wish.

Arnav looked at NK smirking, and went behind Khushi.

Lavanya was clearly hurt with him, "Why did you chose Khushi to kiss you? Can't you see she is married?"

"It's a game Lav. Didn't he joke with me calling me monkey?" NK shrugged his shoulders and went away.


Arshi room..

"This friend of yours is so strange, how can he ask something like this to you?" Arnav said angry.

"Yeah. Even I'm shocked with NK. Despite knowing how much I love you, he still.." she whispered.

"Don't worry, I will talk with him to stay in his limits.." Arnav caressed her hand.

"No, let it be. I will talk with him.." she rested her head on his shoulder.

"So you talk, if he tries to cross his limits, then you call me I will beat him up.." Arnav said kissing her soft hair.

"That's why I don't want you to talk with him.." Khushi giggled covering her mouth with her palms.


"Try as much you want to change Khushi, I won't let you. One or other day this obsessive and possessive side of yours will destroy your relationship with Arnav, and I will make sure of that.." NK smirked, he took out his phone from the pocket, and sighed seeing who is calling him.

"What?? I told you to have patience, now both are much closer than before and it's getting difficult to prove to Arnav that Khushi isn't changed.." NK barked.

"Should I come over there?" she asked.

"No Mahi, please step by step you will get Arnav for you and I, Khushi for me.." NK rolled his eyes.

Jul 15, 2017

Chapter 18 - Arnav jealous!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 78 times)

NK's room.

Khushi knocked the door of his room and waited for him to respond.

"Come in.." NK shouted from inside.

"NK.." Khushi opened the door and widened her eyes.

She immediately looked back: Wear your shirt now..

NK smirked: Relax Khushi.

Khushi frowned: What relax? Didn't I knock the door? Couldn't you wear your shirt then?

NK: We're that close friends Khushi that you wouldn't mind.

Khushi: Ohh really.. I mind it NK.

NK wore his shirt quickly, and Khushi turned to him again.

Khushi: What you did today, I didn't like it a bit. You know I trust you NK, you know that I love Arnav a lot, let alone kiss you on the cheeks, I never let any other men touch me.

NK: Sorry Khushi. I was just kidding you know. But you and Arnav took it seriously.

Khushi: It better be a joke..

NK smiled: Yeah it is. Now don't scare me in your KKG mode..

Khushi smiled: Good.. I'm going then..

NK: Ohh so you only came to scare me. Am I not your friend anymore?

Khushi chuckled: Of course you're.

NK: Let's play chess..

Khushi: Wanna lose?

Nk smirked: Let's see..


In the living room, Arnav sat with Lavanya, "Working??" he asked.

"Yeah. Checking some files.." she smiled.

"Lavanya do you love Nk?" Arnav asked casually, shocking Lavanya.

" you k..know??" Lavanya stammered.

"I just know. I'm also in love with Khushi. I know what's the feeling, and I see the same in your eyes for him, but not vice versa.." he replied.

"Hmm.. You got it right.. I wish.." she said in her thoughts.

"Heyy everything will be alright!!" he patted her shoulders consoling her.

"By the way where is my wife?" Arnav looked around.

"I don't know.." Lavanya shrugged her shoulders "Check in NK's room.."

Arnav nodded and went to NK's room, he saw Khushi laughing with NK playing chess.

"Khushi..." he whispered her name.

"Arnav come na. See how good your wife is at this game. No one won from me yet.." Khushi smiled cheekily.

"Cool.." he smiled "That's because you haven't played with me yet.."

"Really!! I will still win.." Khushi replied.

"Hmm. Let's go and have dinner, it's already late.." Arnav said extending his hand to Khushi.

Khushi held his hand and he guided her outside NK's room.

"Jealous Mr.Raizada.. Not bad.." NK thought smirking while staring at them going.

"Didn't you went to talk with him Khushi? You end up playing chess with him.." Arnav looked at her, while helping her to arrange the dinner table.

"He was just kidding Arnav.." Khushi said.

"What kidding? He really wanted to kiss you.." Arnav whispered angry.

"He didn't.." Khushi said.

"Khushi I know he wanted to kiss you" Arnav said.

"But he told me he was just kidding.." Khushi sighed.

"Alright.." Arnav whispered and placed the plate that was in her hand on the table.

Khushi ruffled his hair smiling, "You're so cute jealous!!"

" I want you all for me.." he wrapped his arms around her waist smiling.

"And I'm all yours.. NK is just a friend Arnav.. And if you want I will distance myself from him.." Khushi said.

"Nahin.." he pinched her nose and hugged her slowly thinking "What to do Khushi, I don't feel good about your friend, but if I tell you, you will always think that I'm jealous.."

"You guys are so romantic, even while arranging a dinner table.." Lavanya laughed clicking a picture of them.

Khushi blushed and hid her face on his chest.

"Oh God Doll you're blushing.." Arnav smiled surprised.

Jul 16, 2017

Chapter 19 - Back to Lucknow.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 52 times)

Arnav was peacefully sleeping snuggling to his wife.

Khushi kissed his forehead, and was about to switch off the lights when his phone rang.

"'s Papa.." Khushi said touching his cheeks.

"Hmm.." he opened his eyes slowly and took the phone from her hand.

"Hi Dad.." he smiled.

"Hi Arnav!! Is everything alright?" his father asked.

"Hmm, now everything is fine" he eyed to Khushi, who smiled back at him.

"Good. And when are you going to come back? Have you talked with your friends by the way??" his father asked.

"We planned to stay here for one more week Dad. And I didn't talk with them yet, I will soon.." Arnav hit himself for forgetting to call his friend.

"Ok! But beta if you don't mind. I wanted you to come back soon, I have to talk with you something important. Sorry to be disturbing, but it's important.." his father said.

"Something serious?" Arnav asked worried.

"Actually yes.." he whispered.

"Dad are you okay?" Arnav asked getting out off the bed.

Khushi looked at him worried, she followed him and asked: Papa ko kya hua Arnav?

Arnav shrugged his shoulders like he also don't know.

"No, nothing happened with me. I want to talk with you only.." his father said.

"Okay.." Arnav said and hang up the call.

"Dad wants to talk with me something serious. Khushi I hope you don't mind.." he looked at her.

She cupped his face, "It's not a problem for me Arnav. We can go back.." she blinked her eyes reassuring him.



Arnav reached with his wife, NK and Lavanya to his hometown.

Khushi got down the car and pulled her bag. She was having a difficultly in pushing her bag but still didn't told him to help her. He couldn't help but chuckle at her face.

"Khushi give it to me. I will hold it for you.." Arnav said.

"Nahin. I can manage.." Khushi smiled and started her mission again.

"You can't Khushi!! Look you're so tiny.." he giggled and her mouth shape was like "O".

Arnav held her bag and HP came running to help them.

Arnav entered in the mansion holding Khushi's hand.

Dadi just looked at them reminding of the past when they got married and entered in the mansion the same way.

"One said truly, if you plead for something for a long time, one day you will surely get it.." Dadi said shaking her head in disbelief.

Khushi didn't like what she said, Arnav squeezed her hand lightly and blinked his eyes to her.

Khushi nodded, and stayed quiet in her place with Arnav.

"Aree who would know that little girl who came here saying that she married Arnav, today would come back with him. I have to agree, you managed to trap a good boy for you.." Dadi smirked, she was enjoying provoking Khushi.

"She didn't trap me. We both fell in love together, and if love is a trap, the we both fell together Dadi.." Arnav replied.

Nani smiled looking at them: I'm so happy to see you both back.

Khushi and Arnav went to take blessings from them, then Dadi, Mami and Mama.

"Dad?" Arnav asked looking around.

"He went out with your mother beta. Go and rest till they come back.." Mami said.

" there two rooms empty here for Lavanya and NK?" Arnav asked to HP.

HP nodded, and said: "I'll just clean them right now"

Arnav looked at Lavanya: Wait here for a while Lav, till he cleans the room.

Lavanya smiled: Okay..I'll be fine..

Arnav took Khushi to his room, she sat on the bed.

Arnav sat with her: I'm here to protect you from everyone..

She smiled faintly: I know..

"Namaste bhabhi.." Armaan entered in the room with a teasing tone.

"Don't you have manners to knock the door?" Arnav glared at him.

"Relax bhai.. You weren't doing anything wrong na.. Chill.. I just came to see my beau.." before he could complete what he wanted to say, Arnav punched him hard on his cheek.

"I already warned you to not flirt with Khushi but it seems you don't learn the lesson.." Arnav shouted to him.

Mami, Nani and Dadi came to the room, and found the brothers fighting.

"Now only they reached Armaan, why are you doing this with your brother?" Nani asked him shaking her head in disbelief.

"He is the only one who likes to fight with me. I was just.." Armaan caressed his cheek.

"Shut up Armaan. You were flirting with my wife. And you think I'll keep quiet just because you're my brother?" Arnav gritted his teeth.

"You always defend this girl, even is she is wrong, you will always support her. I don't know what she did to you that you fight with everyone for her only" Dadi said side hugging Armaan.

"She is not wrong. And I will always fight for my Doll" Arnav said angry.

Khushi stare at him lovingly, "I will make sure I become your Little Doll again Arnav.." she thought and caressed his shoulder, "Enough Arnav.." she whispered trying to convey to him to stop the fight.

"Please leave us alone.." Arnav said looking at everyone.

Nani nodded and went with Mami, while Dadi and Armaan glared at them and left from there.

"This little girl can't win from me. Till today no one dared to look into my eyes and challenge me, what is she then? Many like her, came and went away from here" Dadi thought and left to her room.

"Dadi aren't you going to apply ointment to me?" Armaan looked at her going.

"When you flirt alone, then do this also. You stupid, you don't even know what to do at the right time, is there anything called patience in you?" Dadi shouted to him.

"Relax Dadi. There is no beautiful girl in this world than Khushi, I swear.. Gosh.. Whenever she comes in front of me, I can't just ignore her.." Armaan shut his eyes feeling the pain on his cheek.

"You.." Dadi shook her head and left from there.

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