Fanaa| Destroyed in Love

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May 15

Faana| Destroyed in Love (By Angel23) (Thanked: 44 times)


"Now it’s enough” she whispered looking at view of London through her cabin’s glass window.

“I will show everyone that you belong to me Arnav Singh Raizada” Khushi smirked, taking slow steps to reach her table, that was some 4 feet away from her.

She took her hot black coffee placed on the table, and sat on the chair, looking at his picture for the tenth time.

“Khush” a beautiful woman opened the door of her cabin smiling, she was wearing black jeans and a blue floral top, with her hair left open.

“Hmm..” Khushi looked at her.

“Found more information about him, Arnav Singh Raizada” the girl was reading the information she got.

“Lav stop it now! Do you think I don’t know his name? Till now I lived only for him, and now you come with his name. I want his whereabouts, can you provide me that? If not, then out..” Khushi gritted her teeth.

“I know Khush, sorry he lives in Mumbai alone. And he is working in XYZ hospital, that’s all I know Khush” Lav said closing her note book.

“He did good becoming a doctor..” Khushi smiled a little.

“Why? He loved biology!?” Lav smiled.

“No, he is a good person and cares for everyone like his own blood, I hope he is still like that now” Khushi glared at Lav, then looked at Arnav’s pic again.



“ Heyy baby, say to your mumma you’re very strong, this fever is nothing” Arnav smiled talking with a 4 years old boy.

“Mumma I will be fine very soon” the boy smiled to his mother.

“That’s the spirit, so Mrs.Khanna I will prescribe some medicines here, and next week you come with him, I need to check him, which I’m completely sure he will be fine after that” Arnav assured his mother.

“Thanks Dr.Arnav, I will get going now” Mrs.Khanna said, leaving with her baby. Arnav nodded, then waved at the boy.

Aman came inside the room: Done with work Dr.Arnav??

Arnav smiled: I’m never done.

Aman nodded: I know! Dr.Arnav is always looking for a patient.

Arnav giggled: Let’s lunch, I’m famished.


“Wow look that girl” Aman pointed to some random girl passing by the restaurant.

“Hmm” Arnav hmm-ed looking at the girl, then at his plate again.

“Arnav for God sake yaar” Aman rolled his eyes.

“You already know Aman, I feel nothing looking at them. You know sometimes I feel I’m jailed in my past. Whenever I try to look or mingle with someone, her face always appears to me, I just can’t forget what happened in the past” Arnav left his food on his plate again, with a sad sigh.

“Matlab you still consider you’re married to her?” Aman asked widening his eyes.

“No Aman that was a child’s play. I didn’t even know what marriage meant that time. It’s just I can’t forget her. What ma and dadi did that day still hurts me” Arnav said.

“Yeah I know, but forget it, it’s been 12 years now that incident happened. You’re still in the past” Aman said eating his food normally, but only Arnav knew what he felt in his heart that day and even today that incident haunts him.

“Heyy doctors forgot about me!” Anjali smiled looking at both. Arnav pushed the chair, making space for her to sit with her boyfriend Shyam.

“Hi Anju. We were free, so thought to have lunch” Arnav smiled.

“And now he is spoiling my mood by talking of that girl in the past, remember Anju” Aman said glaring at Arnav.

“Arnie you still think about her? I told you to forget that” Anjali caressed his cheek, Arnav smiled faintly.

Arnav: I need to lose my memory to forget her.

Shyam frowned: Why are you talking like that? What’s so special about this girl?

Arnav sigh: I don’t know! Just tell me how can I forget almost everything about my childhood but not her? Is this possible?

Anjali sipped her juice: Don’t worry Arnie, with time you will forget about it. Now concentrate in finding a bahu for your mother, she must be eagerly waiting for it.

Arnav smiled: Yeah she is, I don’t know where I will find a good girl.



“Arnav… Arnav..” she whispered his name smiling while packing her bags excitedly, she just wish time to pass quickly, so that she can be with Arnav.

Lav came to her room and soon the smile on her face faded.

“I’m going with you Khush” Lav smiled showing to Khushi her bags.

“I know it” Khushi replied to her, and continued packing the remaining stuff.

 So here I present another story of mine.. which I will be updating regularly after ending Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai?. This story takes a key element from Is she the one for me? - a possessive and obsessive Khushi who wants Arnav at any cost, but the plot is different now. Hope you will support me in this journey, eagerly waiting for your comments!


May 15

Chapter 1 - A new face in his life.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 45 times)


“Ma I’m fine, yeah.. Aman is also good” Arnav was talking with his mother over the phone, while changing channels on TV.

Breaking news: KK fashion house owner Khushi Kumari Gupta is visiting Mumbai. It will be her first time here and her fans are excited for her entry.

Arnav looked at the TV, where Khushi’s pic were being shown, he got lost in those captivating innocent yet determined hazel eyes, her soft pink cheeks, and her hair which seemed so soft, and increased her beauty, there was lot to describe in her picture, and he got busy in registering her face in his mind forgetting that his mother was still talking with him.

“Kitni sundar hai..” he whispered and frowned when the journalist changed the topic.

“Who beta?” came a reply on other side.

“No..nothing ma..” Arnav widened his eyes, smacking himself.

“Arnav you have to come, Nani is sick and she wants to see her grandson. So please!” his mother tried to butter him up.

“Alright, I will come!” he smiled accepting defeat.

Aman came and sat next to him, snatching the pizza box from him.

Arnav: Aman do you know who the owner of the place Akash works is?

Aman nodded: KKG. Who doesn’t know her man, she’s so..

Arnav cuts him off: No need to continue, why didn’t I knew about her?

Aman giggled: You don’t know about girls here, you think you would know about someone living in London?

Arnav hugged his pillow: Bohot sundar ladki hai..(She’s a very beautiful girl)

Aman coughed: Wait you liked her?

Arnav nodded sweetly: Her face seemed familiar to me, and wow just by seeing her picture I’m mesmerized by her.

Aman pouted: Why did you have to like her? She’s so far from us, how will I bring her to marry you now? Couldn’t you like your neighbor Sheetal??

Arnav laughed: Sheetal no way yaar, she is too clingy. I kind of hate people like her. Heyy leaving all that aside, we have to go to Lucknow, my nani is sick or to say she’s missing me, and we have to go.

Akash came inside the house leaving his bag on sofa, and fell there exhausted: What? I’m tired of working in that hell, I will die someday.

Arnav giggled: Don’t worry Akash, I won’t let you die.

Akash: Nani is really sick this time? Or she’s just missing you?

Arnav chuckles: What do you think?

Akash just smiled.

Aman: And we have to go to Lucknow. To see Arnav’s dear nani!!


The next day Arnav and his two friends left to Lucknow, and Khushi just reached to Mumbai.

In the car Khushi ordered the driver to take her to Arnav’s house directly. In her mind, she was happily dreaming about her life with him, finally all her dreams will come true now.

They soon reached in Arnav’s house. She looked around and saw a simple white house, with an awesome garden outside.

“Let’go..” she said to Lavanya, and got out of the car. They were about to enter, but the guard stopped her: Ma’am no one is here, Arnav malik just left today only to Lucknow.

Khushi turned angry: Why?!

The guard said: Malik’s nani is sick so they went to visit her.

Khushi nodded: Lav make arrangements, we’re leaving to Lucknow now.

Lav widened her eyes: What? But Khush how can we go? Isn’t it better to wait for a while till he comes back?

Khushi: I’ve waited 12 years for him, not anymore. He is my husband and it’s my right to see him.

Lav nodded, and both went from there. Lav in the car looked at Khushi: Khush just stop living for him, maybe he doesn’t even remember of you.

Khushi frowned: He does, and if he doesn’t I will make him remember that he filled sindoor in my maang.


Arnav was driving the car, with Aman and Akash blabbering to him to find a girl to marry.


Arnav: I liked your boss Akash.

Akash looked at Arnav weirdly: Really? By the way I’ve never seen her in personal life, but people say she’s a hitler.

Arnav pouted: Sachi? I thought she was innocent girl, her eyes are so captivating, man I can’t take her face out of my mind.

Aman smiled: Now what happened to that girl of your past?

Arnav looked at Aman astonished: Strange I didn’t remember of her since I saw Khushi.

Akash sigh in relief: At least my boss made you forget that girl!

Arnav smiled: If yes, then I’m very happy. At least I will sleep peacefully now.




Arnav finally reached lucknow, he was driving to his home way. He looked around appreciating the city, nothing much changed, he smiled.

“Careful Sonaaaaaa” he heard a little boy shout at a girl, she was crossing the road running from him. This scene took him to his past.


“Careful girl” Arnav shouted to a little girl playing in a lake near his mansion.

She looked at him pouting: You go and be careful, I’m fine here.

“Heyy you don’t need to act rude. I was just warning you, you can fall there” Arnav said calm with a smile on his face.

“I’m not being rude. I thought you were making fun of me” she said, and sends him a small smile.

“What are you doing here alone? Don’t you have friends?” Arnav asked looking around and trying to spot at least a person with her.

“I don’t have anyone..” she smiled at him, seeing him looking around.

Arnav widened his eyes: What? With whom do you live with then?

Khushi: I live alone.

Arnav felt sad: You don’t have parents?

Khushi nodded sideways. Arnav held her hand tightly: Friends?  From now on you have me.

Khushi took her hand away from his: I don’t trust strangers, all are very bad.

Saying this, she took her doll and went running from there. Arnav went behind her running also: Heyy please wait, I’m not bad. Please trust me.. wait girl..

Khushi started crying seeing him coming near her, she stopped not able to run anymore.

Arnav reached her: Don’t cry please, I really want to be your friend, I’m not bad.

Khushi wiped her tears, crying more: Everyone says so, but then they make fun of me or beat me. I don’t want to be anyone’s friend.

Arnav wiped her tears lovingly: Please stop crying. I’m so young to beat you, in fact my Dadi beats if I don’t do homework. I don’t beat or make fun of anyone. Sachii please believe me.

Khushi blinked her eyes: You go to school?

Arnav nodded: Yes. You want me to teach you? Maths?

Khushi nodded excitedly: I want it, please teach me things you do in school.

Arnav smiled: First be my friend little doll. Khushi smiled shaking hands with him.

Flashback ends.

“Little doll” Arnav whispered smiling, then look at his friends and found them sleeping, he shook his head and continued driving to reach his home quickly.


Raizada mansion:

HP went running to open the door after hearing about Arnav’s arrival. He smiled seeing Arnav: Chote malik app..

Arnav smiled: HP how are you?

Archana, his mother came near the door with a disgusting face: Arnav don’t tell me you have time to talk with workers now!

Arnav rolled his eyes: HP, is like my friend. He’s always here for me.

Archana shook her head: No way, you’re not his friend, he is your slave got that?

Arnav frowned: Ma don’t start. HP you go.

HP went from there smiling after seeing Arnav, he didn’t mind his ma’am words as he is used to it now.

Arnav entered in the mansion, and as usual found his mama reading newspaper chatting with his father, Raj Singh Raizada.

His mami with Nani gossiping about daily soaps and Nani busy caressing and feeding her dear Laxmi.

He smiled: Hi everyone!!!

Everyone stopped doing their daily routine, and looked at Arnav with his two friends behind him.

Nani smiled brightly: Arnav beta. You came.

Arnav smiled taking blessings from her, then pinched her cheeks: My drama queen Nani, I’m here to visit you but see you’re completely fine.

Nani giggled: Dekha just to see my grandson I have to fake illness. What’s happening in this world?

Arnav laughed: Naughty you are!!!

Mami: Hello hi bye bye this doctor’s job is making you thin bitwa. Why don’t you join you father and brother’s business?

Arnav: I’m very happy as a doctor mami. No plans to change my profession.

Dadi descended the stairs: Why? Are you scared of the business world?

Nani frowned: He isn’t scared that’s why he chose this as his profession, every day he has the duty to save someone’s life. Do you know people must be brave to be doctors?

Dadi rolled her eyes: Armaan beta is bravest of this house, that’s why instead of running away like Arnav, he helped his father in business and also took AR to another level.

Raj looked at his mother: I’m happy with what my both sons are doing now. In fact I loved the fact that Arnav did what he want from his heart, and not to please me.

Arnav smiled looking at his father.

Archana: Arnav your room is cleaned now, you can go and rest. You must be tired right? Aman and Akash you also go.

HP accompanied the three to their respective room.


“Sheetal come here?” Archana whispered, and Sheetal came running, she was hiding behind a pillar with her parents.

“Aunty you didn’t tell him anything?” Sheetal pouted.


“I will Sheetal, let him rest. Then we will talk about this alliance calmly” Archana caressed her hair.

“Sheetal loves Arnav a lot, she even asked us to live near him just to get close to him” Sheetal’s mother smiled praising her daughter.

“Haan if both marry each other then we will become relatives along with business partners” Sheetal’s father looked at Raj. Raj faked a smile and went to his room.

Archana patted his shoulder: Of course, I like your daughter Sheetal a lot, I’m dying to make her a part of Raizada family.

The three giggled.


It was night now, Arnav was having dinner with his family chatting normally with them. He looked suspiciously at everyone who were glancing at him every now and then.

Arnav: You guys want to say something?

Archana smiled: Yes. Actually we have some guests today.

Arnav: Then call them. I’m not some monster who will kill them if they appear in front of me.

Akash and Aman giggled.

Sheetal and her friends came even before Archana called them. Sheetal smiled shyly to Arnav while her parents sat on the chairs already reserved for them.

Arnav chocked on his food, and started coughing badly. Nani immediately gave him a glass of water.


"Arnav is my husband" Khushi glared at Archana convincing Arnav to marry Sheetal. 


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May 16

Chapter 2 - Little doll (By Angel23) (Thanked: 43 times)


Arnav: Sheetal! What are you doing here?

Nani whispered to Arnav: She came to marry you.

Arnav shocked: What?

Archana smiled: Arnav let them have dinner, we will talk later.

Nani looked at Arnav: Just chill! You just have to say no and matter ends.

Arnav nodded: But ma is too much! She using me for her business issues. Why doesn't she gets Armaan married with Sheetal then?

Nani: You already know your mother's nature. I tried to talk with her, but she is adamant that she want's Sheetal as her bahu..

Arnav shook his head: She will get Sheetal as her bahu, but not making her marry with me.

Aman: What's up guys?

Arnav whispered to Aman everything Nani has just whispered to him.


Living room:

Archana: Arnav you already know Sheetal right?

Arnav nodded.

Archana indicated Raj to speak further, he sighed before continuing: Beta we want you to accept Sheetal. We would like to see you getting married with her.

Arnav smiled: Dad I can't marry Sheetal.

Archana widened her eyes: Arnav tum..

Arnav looked at her: Ma please let me continue. First reason is that I don't have any feelings for Sheetal and second I don't want my parents to choose someone for me, the one who is destined to be with me, will come at the right time.

Nani smiled at him showing thumbs up, she left to her room with Laxmi and Mami.

Sheetal fumed in anger after Arnav's direct rejection.

Archana caressed Arnav's shoulder: Beta please think it again, it's a good proposal, Sheetal's parents have a good reputation in society and Sheetal is such a nice girl, like the way your generation likes a simple modern girl.

" Arnav is my husband" Khushi glared at Archana, who was trying to convince Arnav to marry Sheetal.

Arnav, Raj, Dadi, Archana and Sheetal's parents shifted their attention to the door where Khushi was standing with Lav.

Arnav whispered:  Haila Akash's boss!

Raj smiled: OMG Khushi Kumari Gupta what a pleasant surprise! I could never imagine you would come in our house.

Khushi approached them. Arnav immediately went near her: Khushi.. Please forgive Akash, I know he left his work without informing anyone. But believe me I was the one who told him to come with me to Lucknow, if you want fire me not him.. Wait.. Ups I don't even work for you, it's okay you make me do his work for a week as my punishment, I don't even understand anything about your work, so it will be more difficult and I will feel like it's really a punishment and will never do it again.

Khushi frowned: What are you talking about? Akash kaun?

Arnav innocently: Akash Oberoi.. He work in KK, in Mumbai.

Khushi: Now you expect me to know each name of my employees, that too in Mumbai?

Arnav looked down whispering: Sorry then..

Khushi melt seeing his cute antics: It's okay! I won't punish your friend Akash.

Archana frowned: What are you doing here? And why did you say my son is your husband?

Khushi smiled: Mrs. Raizada don't you know how to treat guests in your house? I really salute you Mr.Raizada for tolerating such a manner less woman!

Archana glared at Khushi.

Khushi: Like I was saying stop convincing Arnav to marry whoever you were talking about. Arnav is all mine, and I don't have intentions to share my husband with anyone. Once upon a time you separated me from my husband, this time if you try it Khushi Kumari Gupta will destroy you.

Arnav widened his eyes in shock, his heart skipped a beat, he stared at Khushi, words didn't came out of his mouth, and the only thing he managed to utter was: "Little doll"

His "Little doll" was a question to her, was a doubt he had in his mind and she cleared it for him, by looking at his eyes smiling.

Archana looked shocked at her: You! Khushi..

Khushi nodded: Ji haan. The same Khushi you threw out of here. The same Khushi you separated from her Arnav. And now the same Khushi will take her husband with her again.

Dadi: Unbelievable!

Khushi smiled sarcastically: Hain na? It's interesting how that small girl, who had nothing, no parents, no house to stay, no money, ..absolutely nothing but today owns almost everything and more than you Dadiji..

Arnav held her hand: Little doll come here. I want to talk with you.

Saying this Arnav took her to his room and closed the door.

In the living room, Archana was biting her nail thinking, while Dadi was still thinking how did Khushi managed to get such a success.

Raj: Khushi is awesome right? Who could imagine that little girl you threw that day from our house, for being poor and orphan would be the one of the most richest person in London.

Archana: And you're very cool about that. I fear she might want to revenge us, she can spoil our company purposely.

Raj rolled his eyes: She will not gain anything in destroying AR. She only wants Arnav, that's so clear.


Arnav smiled cupping her face: Little doll you.. I just can't believe it, I'm seeing and touching you after 12 years.. Doll where were you? What happened to you? And.. Oh God.. I have so much to talk with you, and you know I never slept in peace after that day. I always felt guilty Doll..

Khushi smiled faintly: You don't need to feel guilty, it wasn't your fault.

Arnav hugged her tightly: I'm sorry Doll.

Khushi hugged him back and finally tears came out of her eyes, she was controlling since 12 years.

Khushi hip cupping: Do you know how much I missed you? There was never a day I didn't take your name.. But no one was there for me.. I was completely alone.. This world is so bad.

Arnav nodded: I know. This world isn't for you.

Khushi wiped her tears and broke the hug: You didn't forget about me?

Arnav nodded sideways: How could I? You were my only friend in childhood and we got separated in such a way that I couldn't forget. Just because we played that we married each other, seriously Ma and Dadi created such a scene. It really hurt me.

Khushi raised her one eyebrow: We weren't playing Arnav. We did marry each other..

Arnav laughed: Little doll you really believe in that marriage?

Khushi nodded: Yes Arnav. I still wear mangalsutra and put sindoor in your name.

Arnav looked at her shocked: Little doll but I don't consider this marriage true.

Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck: Arnav I didn't came here to beg your love. We both know that we married each other, and I want my husband.. It's my right!

Arnav gulped: What if I don't want?

Khushi smiled: I'm not your little doll anymore, people know me as KKG go and ask your friend Akash right? What I can do.

Arnav looked at her intense eyes with fear.

Arnav: K..Khushi I don’t ..

Khushi placed her finger on his lip: Don’t even utter that, you will repent a lot, because one or other day you will be mine. If you don’t accept our marriage then you will not marry anyone.

Arnav nodded slowly still looking at her scared.

Khushi smiled: That’s good, now sit here I want to talk with you.

Arnav did as she said.

Khushi caressed his palm: So Dr.Arnav, how’s life? What did you do all these years?



Dadi roared in anger: This girl can’t come in our lifes again, I can’t let Arnav be with an orphan. Archana you have to make him marry with Sheetal as soon as possible.

Archana nodded: I just don’t know why she came back in our lives.

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May 17

Chapter 3 - A new chapter in our life - Marriage (By Angel23) (Thanked: 68 times)

Khushi: I'm very hungry, won't you give me something to eat?

Arnav nodded and shouted to HP: HP..

Arnav: Wait here. Maybe HP is busy. I will get it for you.

Khushi nodded with a half smile.


Arnav went to bring food for Khushi, Akash and Aman came behind him in the kitchen.

Akash frowned: What is boss doing here? She was to supposed to be in Mumbai na.

Aman nodded and looked at Arnav for an answer.

Arnav: Your boss is my childhood friend, remember Little doll? Yeah she is the same.

Aman smiled: Wow you must be happy na? You liked her and she turned out to be the girl of your past.

Arnav nodded: Yeah I am very happy, but there is one problem. She believes that we're married. And I find it too difficult to accept that marriage.

Akash: Oh God.. What will you do now?

Aman: Khushi is the girl you liked, she turns out to be your only friend and you're already married to her. What's your problem Arnav? It's better staying with her than Sheetal. Now your parents won't even force you. And since you like Khushi, fulfilling this relationship will be easy..

Arnav nodded thinking: You're right Aman. There is nothing bad if I accept so.

Dadi looked at the three sternly: That girl isn't going to be a part of Raizada family, mind that Arnav.

Arnav: That girl is Khushi, and she is already a part of the family Dadi.

Dadi widened her eyes: Don't tell me you accept this marriage?

Arnav nodded with confidence: I do. It's better staying with someone I know than Sheetal. And see, I guess DM send Khushi to me at the right time. Otherwise you and Ma would force me to get married to someone I don't want. Like you both always do, first forced me to stay away from Khushi and now you want me to accept Sheetal.

Dadi gritted her teeth: Arnav..

Arnav left with the plate in his hand, Akash and Aman looked at each other then went running from Dadi.


Arnav entered in the room: Here is your food Little doll..

He looked at her side, instead of waiting for her food, she was sleeping peacefully on his bed.

He smiled and left the plate on the dresser.

He walked to his closet and took out a blanket for her.

He covered her with the blanket still staring at her innocent form. Then went to take out her sandals, he caressed her feet, her skin was so delicate, she looked like a fragile doll but when she is awake, she looks a strong and determined woman.

He shook his head, and went to the balcony.

" DM you know what's right and wrong na? Please give me a hint.. Did you bring Khushi to save me from getting married to Sheetal? Is Khushi made for me? I think yes, otherwise why would you bring Little doll in my life again. And why would you make me like her..  It be a coincidence that I like the same girl. Something something right?" He looked at sky demanding answer from DM.

Yawning he went back to his room, and found Khushi rolling right and left on the bed, she was panting heavily.

Arnav quickly sat on the bed, beside her, and patted her cheeks softy: Khushi.. Khushi..

Khushi jerked and opened her eyes.

Arnav caressed her hair calming her down: Relax.. It was a nightmare only, you're okay.. Calm down..

Khushi breath came to it's normal state after hearing his voice. She held his hands tightly: Promise me you will never leave me alone again.. Promise me Arnav..

Arnav: Khushi calm down..

Khushi: Promise me Arnav..

Arnav nodded: I promise.. I will never leave you alone Khushi. I will fulfill this relationship with honesty, but..

Khushi looked at him eager to know what this "but" meant: But?

Arnav looked at her eyes: But I need time to fall in love with you.

Khushi smiled: I know you need time. I wasn't going to force you either.. I just want you to accept our relationship, even I need time to understand you, we lived away from each other for 12 years and it's obvious we changed a lot.. So I think we need to be friends first..

Arnav smiled brightly: Haan I also think like that. I already like you, so it will be easy to fall in love.. I mean see you're my little doll, you're KKG the one I liked just by seeing on TV.. I never felt anything for a girl just by looking at her, but you have done some magic on me... I was so mesmerized by you.. You..are so beautiful, so innocent.. Your eyes are so captivating.. All the way to Lucknow your eyes were in my mind. In fact I just couldn't take your face out of my mind.. You soft cheeks.. and your lips..

Arnav bit his lips realizing what he was saying to Khushi.

Khushi smiled: Woah.. You did complete check up on me.

Arnav giggled embarrassed: Sorry I didn't realize what I was saying. Hope you didn't feel bad.

Khushi nodded sideways: No it's good you still share with me your thoughts. And you're my husband. So it's your right.

Arnav smiled: Hmm.. Like we used to do in our childhood days. I shared everything that happened in school to you, do you remember it?

Khushi nodded: Every single thing!

Arnav sat comfortably beside Khushi and both kept talking with each other till wee hours.


"Good morning" Nani smiled to Archana, Raj and Armaan, as usual Archana was serving breakfast to Raj and Armaan as they leave early to work.

Raj: Armaan where were you last night?

Armaan sigh: Had meeting late, so decided to stay in my friend's place that was near AR.

Raj raised his brows: And you think I'm going to believe it? Be a little responsible Armaan, I don't have problems if you go to clubs or any other place you like, but don't drink too much that you can't handle yourself and even my friends call me to inform about you. I hope you know you represent AR and you have to keep a good image in society.

Armaan frowned, Archana: Let him have his breakfast peacefully, you always spoil his mood early in the morning.

Raj: I'm teaching him the right thing.

Dadi chuckles: Go and teach Arnav the right thing, he is accepting a random girl as his wife just to escape from marrying a good girl like Sheetal.

Nani glared at Dadi: Stop talking nonsense about my grandson. Khushi isn't a random girl, we all know her. And Arnav is my good boy, he knows what he does.

Raj nodded: I don't even have to worry about Arnav, that boy lives alone and still is responsible and capable to earn his money.

Armaan rolled his eyes: Right.. You always siding your favorite son!

Raj gritted his teeth: It's not about choosing my favorite son! I love you both, and I want the best for you both. I want to leave this world proud of my sons.

Arnav came downstairs with Khushi.

Arnav: Why are you fighting early in the morning?

Armaan smiled: Ohh here is Arnav. Dad's favorite, go and show how much love you have for your son and leave me in peace.

Armaan stood up and walked to leave, he glanced again at the new face in his house.

Armaan: KKG? You're here.. Ma were you talking about her? When did Arnav marry her?

Khushi didn't like his brother just by seeing the way he talked with Raj. She kept silent staring at him.

Archana: Khushi is that Arnav's childhood friend.

Armaan gasped: Impossible how can this happen?

Khushi smirked: The world changes, not everything is permanent.

Nani smiled: Arnav beta did you accept this marriage?

Raj turned to Arnav to hear his response, Nani was equally eager to know.

Arnav looked at Khushi, then at everyone with a warm smile: Yes..

Khushi's heart was relieved now, she smiled a little and Lav noticed that.

Lav smiled thinking "So Arnav is the one who can you make you smile"

Dadi looked away angry, while Archana was thinking what to say to Sheetal's parents, she promised that she will make Arnav marry Sheetal.

Raj approached Arnav: You took the right decision Arnav.

Raj caressed Khushi's hair: I always liked you dear, and see destiny brought you back in Arnav's life. Welcome to Raizada family.

Khushi smiled genuinely to him: Thank you Uncle.

Raj pouted: Uncle? My daughter-in-law is calling me uncle! That's not fair..

Arnav giggled: Call him nana Khushi.

Raj widened his eyes: I'm not that old now.

Khushi: Dad is fine!!

Raj nodded: I will get going now. Take care.

Raj left, Armaan smirked staring shamelessly at Khushi, what was irritating him was that Khushi loved Arnav and how lucky he would be if Khushi was his.

Archana shouted to Raj's leaving figure: Unbelievable Raj.. You accept this nonsense.

Khushi went near her: And you have a lot of problems with me sasuma..

Arnav sat on the chair with a happy smile on his face but soon faded: Nani where is my paratha?

Dadi smiled: Ask your wife to make it, she is the one who will be taking care of you from now on.

Arnav was wondering if Khushi knows how to make it, since she lives in London and her life style seem to be different than his.

Arnav plastered a smile on his face: Khushi it’s okay, you can make a toast for me.


Khushi went to the kitchen without saying anything to him, Nani and Arnav went behind her in the kitchen and hid behind the door to see what she will do.

Arnav whispered to Nani: Do you think she got angry on me?

Nani nodded sideways: I think no, otherwise she wouldn’t be in the kitchen. She would send you to cook for yourself.

Arnav pouted: She’s not that bad with me, yesterday we talked with each other, she is soft soft with me.

Nani smiled: Really! That’s so cool.. I really liked her to be your wife, she perfectly fits in the image I thought for the one who would be your wife.

Arnav smiled, then looked at the kitchen to see Khushi.

He was shocked, she was really making aalo paratha for him.

Arnav: Nani dekho..

Nani also followed his gaze: Ayee your London wife turned out to be a Desi girl!!!

Nani clapped excitedly, while Arnav had a sweet smile on his face feeling totally pampered by Khushi, she still didn’t forget that aalo paratha was his favorite, and she learned how to cook it for him!



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May 18

Chapter 5 - Her love! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 59 times)

After Khushi finished cooking, she left the kitchen. Arnav and Nani went running from there in fear to get caught by her.

Arnav sat on his chair again and waited for Khushi to bring his breakfast.

Dadi glanced at Khushi coming with plate, she was surprised to see that Khushi cooked aalo paratha for Arnav.

" Did you do it learning from the internet?" Dadi mocked her smirking.

Khushi turned to Dadi: Why are you so worried about that? My husband is going to eat whatever I do from now on right? Isn't that what you wanted? Now you want to know where did I learn? What will you gain knowing it when you're not the one who is going to taste it?

Dadi's eyes were burning in anger, and ready to cut Khushi in pieces now.

Mami giggled: Hello hi bye bye.. If my serials bahus were like you Khushi bitiya, then they would not be suffering now. Brilliant you're!!

Arnav nodded: Right mami!! That's why I find your daily soaps very boring. Someone like Khushi would make it very interesting.

Khushi raised her brows: Actually not, some people would be busy in checking me out instead of watching the main plot..

She indirectly hinted him about the way he saw her in TV.

Arnav smiled embarrassed getting her hint.

Nani: Acha leaving all this aside, now that Khushi is here, I want to take you both to Mandir, it's really important to take blessings from DM before starting your new life.

Dadi gritted her teeth: I don't think that's necessary, DM will not bless two unmarried people.

Arnav looked at her: Dadi it's enough. Armaan can have many girlfriends and roam around late at night and you find no problem with that. Khushi is married with me with all the rituals and vows, and you still have problem with that?

Khushi: I will just come back. I'm going to change my dress.

Arnav looked at Khushi: No wait, have breakfast with me.

Archana just watched them getting closer and her dreams of getting Sheetal as her bahu being broken.

Khushi smiled and sat beside him. Lav, Aman and Akash cleared their throats purposely teasing the new couple in Raizada family.

Arnav: So what do you eat early in the morning?

Khushi replied casually: Aalo paratha, toast or bread with jam. It depends on my mood.

Arnav stared at her: And on my favorites food.

Khushi felt his gaze on her, she whispered: Right!


Kapoor's mansion:

" What?? Arnav really accepted this nonsense" Sheetal looked at Archana angry and at the same time disappointed with Arnav. She was pacing around her room cursing Khushi.

" What does she think she is ahn? Just came here and takes Arnav away from me! I waited for Arnav since we were in school days. Now she comes and claims him as her husband, no way Sheetal.. I can't accept, I mean we can't accept this.." Sheetal looked at Archana, Dadi and Armaan.

The three were sitting on her bed looking at her.

Archana: Sheetal what do you think? We accept this marriage?

Dadi looked away frustrated: I just can't understand how that orphan turned out to be KKG. Armaan wanted to work with her in his upcoming project, if we knew she is that little irritating girl.

Sheetal smiled: Why don't we make her marry Armaan then? Simple. She will accept it, because both are working in the same field and this marriage will bring benefits for both.

Armaan smirked: Nice idea Sheetal, I can help you stay with my brother and you help me stay with that queen.

Dadi glared at both: I don't want her to be a part of our family, are you both getting me?

Sheetal sighed hard: Dadi please..

Archana: Ma if Khushi marries Armaan. We will be the one who will get benefits in this marriage. Khushi is known face in London. Her marriage will help Armaan ascend to the top in AR, and get a recognition internationally also. Let us do it Ma, I'm sure she also wants to expand her business, I think she will leave Arnav for this kind of deal we have for her.

Dadi sigh in defeat: My favorite grandson with that witch, this is just unbelievable, but try it. I also want Armaan success. And after her marriage with Armaan, and Armaan get the success he always wanted, we will throw this girl out of lives forever.

Armaan frowned: No way, I want that woman for me!

Dadi looked angry with him but didn’t say anything after that. Armaan left for office leaving the three planning how to convince Khushi.


" May you have a blissful marriage" the priest smiled blessing the couple.

All around Arnav and Khushi had a warm smile on their faces.

Nani smiled teasingly: Now my work is done. You both can go where you want now. I will go with Manorama, Manohar, Aman, Akash and Lavanya bitiya to home with the driver. You take Khushi to show her our Lucknow.

Arnav smiled embarrassed: Hmm..

Nani giggled seeing his face and left with everyone.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other.

 Khushi smiled: Where will we go?

Arnav: Let's go to botanic garden. You will like the experience there.



" Armaan your arrogant behavior won't work here" Raj shouted at him in front of some employees.

" He didn't bring my coffee Dad. It is his fault" Armaan looked at him angrily.

" So what? That's not a way to speak with servants here. They are not your slaves.. Say sorry now" Raj was now on verge of losing patience with his son. His friend tried to maintain him calm but today Armaan just crossed the limits by asking the servant to knelt down and say sorry to him just because of not bringing a coffee on time.

" I won't say Sorry Dad" Armaan left from there sighing.

Raj's friend: Keep calm, you already know how he is.

Raj frowned: I'm not going to tolerate all this now.


Botanic Garden:

" I love flowers" Arnav smiled looking around the garden.

" I know since childhood you like places like this" Khushi commented walking with him.

" Hmm it gives peace to you. Whenever I have some problem, I prefer staying alone in places like this" Arnav said shifting his attention to her now.

" What about you Little doll?" he added.

" I like to stay at home with Lav" Khushi replied.

" What you both do at home? Is Lav your only friend?" Arnav asked curious to know about her lifestyle now.

" We chat, cook together, watch her favorite romantic movies, work sometimes.. Yeah I think that's all, ohh and we fight all day.." Khushi chuckles remembering about her fights with Lav, Lav dare not to mess with her when she knows Khushi isn't in a good mood.

" That's good. I also live with my friend Aman, sometimes he goes to his home but as we work together, he prefers staying with me" Arnav smiled.

" Now you have to add one more space there for me" Khushi raised her brows, doubting if he had.

" Why add another space? There is my room, you will sleep with me. And our living room is very spacious, you don't have to worry. And now I will get aalo paratha all days for me!!" Arnav's eyes bright in happiness.

Khushi smiled seeing him so excited to eat his favorite one.

Arnav: What's the first thing you do early in the morning?

Khushi: Look at your pictures.

Arnav nodded, inside he felt that this girl loved him immensely. It was something incredible for him, he never thought after what his family did to her, she was ever going to remember about him, but here she is.

Khushi: And you?

Arnav smiled: Go to the bathroom with your thoughts.

Khushi: My thoughts? Why?

Arnav: Because I always dream about you everyday. I never got a peaceful sleep since that day.

Khushi: That's your fault, why didn't you look for me? Couldn't you do this much effort to find me? I did my part and was successful too.

Arnav: Where would I look for you? It was near impossible, you found me because you had details about me, my full name, my family members name and AR. I didn't even knew your full name, I used to call you Little doll only.

Khushi nodded, he was right: Okay, you're right..  Don't fight with me.

Arnav looked at her amused: I'm not fighting with you Khushi.

Khushi: Yes you're. Why are you giving me long speech to prove your act? This means you're angry.

Arnav laughed: Well that can be true in your business meetings, for me it's not..where did you find this logic? One thing is for sure, you're still that Little doll.

Arnav was laughing all the way, and Khushi was very happy with the way he thought her to be same Little doll, indeed she never changed from inside and for him.


They reached home, and found everyone in the living room chatting with each other, Khushi was amused with Lav also, she got along well with this family in such a short time, but how can one not? When there is such a sweet nani, an understanding dad, a funny mami and mama, a loving Arnav and a helpful HP. But there is a bad part too, his mother, Dadi and Armaan.

“Hey what’s up guys?” Arnav asked approaching them, he sat comfortably on the sofa.

Nani eyed him, he looked at her asking with his eyes “what’s wrong?”,  Nani indicated with her eyes to Khushi who was still standing alone there.

Arnav smiled sheepishly and went near Khushi again, he took her to his seat and made her seat first, then he sat beside her.

Arnav: Sorry, sometimes I forget that I’m married.

Khushi looked at him, she couldn’t control herself but laugh out loudly: Alright.. you’ve been married for one day, so it’s normal to forget..

Arnav giggled. Lav was surprised seeing Khushi laughing without caring about the world, she was really happy for her friend.

Sheetal was burning in jealousy seeing both getting close, she’s always with Arnav but he never paid any attention to her, and now Khushi just reached, and he is always with her.

Mami smiled: Hello hi bye bye, I was planning to do a small party to make people aware especially girls that Arnav bitwa is already taken!! He is a married man now.

Khushi smiled a little, and then looked at Arnav: Awesome idea right?

Arnav chuckles: Yes my highness..

Nani nodded: Done, we’ll do a party tomorrow for that. I will also call my friends, they need to see our beautiful bahu.

Khushi whispered to Arnav: I’m going to change.

Arnav nodded. As Khushi left, Archana and Dadi went behind her and waited till she walks out from the bathroom.


“ Awnn that’s so sweet, biwi informs you before going somewhere” Aman teased Arnav, he had noticed that Khushi whispered something to Arnav before leaving the living room.

“Shut up” Arnav smiled embarrassed, he admits it, he liked when she did this small yet loving act.

“Is it being difficult to accept this marriage?” Akash asked.

“Nahin. Even if it’s strange I like it this way..” Arnav smiled.

“Or you’re being forced to like it Arnav, you don’t worry just tell me if you don’t want, I can talk with papa to help you” Sheetal said.

Arnav frowned: Sheetal I already said I’m sorry but I can’t marry you. Please stop dreaming about us, more over now that I have my wife here with me.

Khushi looked at Archana and Dadi in her room, she raised her eye brows finding it strange that they are here.

“Need something sasuma?” Khushi smiled teasing her.

Archana faked a smile: Actually we came here with an offer for you.

Khushi sat on her bed surprised: Acha? That’s great.. what’s the offer sasuma?

Archana looked at Dadi who gave her permission to proceed: Take a look at the pictures behind you.

Khushi raised her one eyebrow, then looked behind her, there were many pictures of Armaan placed on her bed.

Khushi: Why do I need his pictures?

Archana: Khushi you can marry with Armaan, he has everything you want, he is rich and handsome, and the biggest reason for you to leave Arnav and marry Armaan is that both are working in the same type of company, while you help him get recognized in London, he will help you get recognized here and your marriage will bring benefits for us also. Think about this, leave Arnav to marry with Sheetal. Arnav isn’t going to bring you any benefits.

Khushi looked at the pictures again, she captured all them in her hand and went to the dresser, she took a lighter and threw all the pics on the floor.

She ignited the lighter smirking and in some seconds burned all the pictures on the floor. Dadi and Archana step back shocked.

“Bring me thousand handsome men, I will still chose only one man, that’s Arnav..” Khushi looked deeply in Archana’s eyes.

“One wife doesn’t betray her husband if she loves him truly, no matter if Armaan is more rich or handsome, which I believe he is not more handsome than my husband, I will never ever look at him with other intentions. Sasuma you should be ashamed of yourself to be asking me something like this” Khushi said angry, her eyes reflected so.

“But…” Archana wanted to continue but Khushi cuts her off.

“Out of my room right now, or everyone will get know about your actions here” Khushi said sternly.

Archana and Dadi walked to leave, Khushi: Aur haan, make Armaan marry Sheetal if possible, I guess they’re perfect for each other, both want people that are already committed.

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May 20

Chapter 5 - Khushi spoils Armaan's plans (By Angel23) (Thanked: 52 times)

Archana and Dadi left the room with embarrassed faces, they stopped abruptly seeing Arnav in front of them.

Arnav smiled sadly: It's such a horrible thing to know that your own mother think of you like that. You think Armaan is better than me?

Archana nodded sideways: No beta..

Arnav stopped her: I heard everything you said to Khushi ma. You don't have to lie to me, I don't know why you're so hell bent on making me marry with Sheetal, but I promise you ma, your every effort will fail. Because I won't marry Sheetal at any cost. And yeah you better start planning Armaan's wedding with Sheetal like Khushi said.

Archana gulped seeing his eyes in anger and hurt..

Arnav left them and walked inside the room with a sullen face.

Dadi glared at Archana: I told you, it was better doing this without Armaan in this scene. Now your son is hurt with you.

Archana looked away: I know.. But I don't have a choice. Mr.Kapoor helped us a lot and now it's time to return their favor. And his daughter only wants Arnav. What can I do?

Dadi sigh: I don't know now. Arnav already knows what you did to his wife, so he will without any doubt never going to hear what you say.

Arnav inside the room sat on the bed quiet thinking.

Khushi sat beside him: What happened Arnav? Why do you look sad?

Arnav: Ma how can she bring a marriage proposal of my brother to my wife? This is just ridiculous..

Khushi realized he heard their conversation: Arnav look..

Arnav: You did the right thing Khushi. I just love the way you replied them.. Indeed a wife never betrays her husband..

Arnav smiled a little: And vice versa!!

Khushi smiled: Don't worry about Armaan. My heart only beats for a doctor..

Arnav smiled: Really!! Then there must be a problem, let me cure it..

Khushi giggled: Nahin it's better this way, it will be a problem if this doctor leaves me, then it will stop beating.

Arnav placed his finger on her lips: Don't talk like this Khushi.. This doctor will never leave your heart.


Later at night, Armaan, Archana and Raj returned from office.

Dadi was ready to shout at Khushi, but her plans failed when she saw Khushi coming with a glass of water for Raj and Archana.

She smiled at Raj: This is for you Dad. You must be tired.

While for Archana she just handled the water without looking at her face.

Armaan smirked: For me?

Khushi smiled sarcastically: Jijaji you're so young, and nowadays you all youngsters are busy working out, can't you just walk to the kitchen and drink water? Is it that difficult for your body? Heyy there is another solution for that, you should get married, your wife will do everything for you. And I think your mother has a good marriage proposal for you.

Armaan glared at Khushi. Khushi left from there with a winning smile.

Raj was astonished by Khushi. The way she just talked with Armaan to set him right was impressive, he tried many times to make Armaan a good guy, but never succeeded. With Khushi here, things are changing in his house.

Arnav was in the garden talking over the phone with Anjali.

" Gosh some much happened, and you didn't even called me" Anjali said.

" I'm talking with you now" Arnav smile, he knew she was shocked.

" So you accepted Khushi as your wife right?" Anjali asked to clear her doubts.

" Yes.." Arnav said.

" When are you going to come back now? I'm missing my little bro here in hospital.. It's so boring working without you" Anjali pouted.

" I will come soon, with my wife now..and I miss you too princess " Arnav smiled.

Arnav turned to the other side walking, he gasped seeing Khushi in front of him.

Arnav: Khushi tum..

Khushi raised her one eye brow: With whom are you talking?

Arnav look at his phone, then at Khushi: Anjali..

Anjali hang up the call seeing no response from Arnav.

Khushi: Anjali kaun?

Arnav giggled: Khushi you look like CID office, god you're scaring me with your questions..

Khushi: Arnav who is Anjali?

Arnav looked at her face, she was serious: Anjali my friend..

Khushi: You only told me about Aman and Akash, how come this Anjali comes in the picture?

Arnav: They are my work colleagues Khushi.

Khushi: " I miss you too princess" I see you're very close to her.

Arnav raised his brows: Wait. It's not what you're thinking Khushi. Anjali is like a sister to me, and we call each other with sweet names, that's all..

Khushi got calm now after hearing his explanations.

She nodded: Okay.

Arnav sat on a bench: Sit here.

Khushi did as he said. Arnav looked at her: I have many friends at my work place. But that doesn't mean they can take a place of my wife in my life. I'm really following your saying: "One wife doesn't betray her husband and vice versa"

Khushi: I thought she was your girlfriend something like that.

Arnav: If I had I would have told you Khushi.

Khushi nodded: Tik hai.. Now you don't need to fight with me..

Both chuckled remember about the morning incident, when they were in the Botanic Garden..


Next day:

" Good morning Nani" Khushi smiled to Nani.

" Good morning dear. It's good you woke up early today. Do you want to do puja today?" Nani asked caressing Khushi's hair.

Khushi nodded: I can do it Nani.

Nani made space for her in the Mandir of their house, Khushi stood in front, while Nani, Mami, Raj, Archana, Dadi, Arnav, Aman, Lav and Akash were behind her praying.

Khushi finished doing aarti, and distributed Prasad for everyone.

Lav smiled at her: You can feed Arnav with your own hands Khushi..

Khushi shook her head: Don't tease me..

Lav giggled. Khushi handled Arnav his prasad.

Arnav took it from her hand smilingly and ate it.

Armaan came late as usual, he wanted to skip this part, but stopped seeing Khushi is the one who did puja today.

He smirked extending his hand to her: Now you can't refuse to give me prasad bhabhiji..

Khushi smirked: Ji nahin Jijaji.. But it seem DM is the one who is not willing to give you prasad.

Armaan looked at the taali and saw that laddo ended.

Arnav came near them and placed his arms around Khushi's waist possessively: Go and ask Nani if you want it Armaan, I never saw you attending pujas here at home, now suddenly you want Prasad. Are you doing all this to tease my wife?

Armaan smirked: I never attended because till now someone  interesting like Khushi didn't do this puja and all..

Arnav gritted his teeth, and grabbed Armaan's shirt collar: What did you say? How dare you look at my wife like that?

Everyone's attention shifted to both fighting.

Khushi placed her hands on Arnav's shoulder: Leave him Arnav. It's useless talking with people like him..

Arnav left Armaan harshly glaring at him: I'm leaving you because you're my brother, next time I see you near my wife. I will not spare you Armaan.

Armaan rolled his eyes busy arranging his shirt.

Nani shook her head and left to the breakfast table followed by everyone.

Nani: Raj beta you have to teach manners to Armaan, this is not the way to behave with his bhabhi. What he does outside with girls, he can't think he can do it with Khushi. Khushi is like the daughter of this house and she must be respected. I can't tolerate behaviors like this.

Arnav nodded: Right. Armaan is crossing his limits now Dad.

Armaan glared at both Nani and Arnav.

Raj sighed: Of course you both are right, Armaan say sorry to Khushi right now.

Dadi: Let him be Raj. Why you always have problem with him? And if our bahu keeps showing her beauty to others, it's impossible that he will not look at her..

Arnav: Shii Dadi what are you saying? Did you even realize what leaves from your mouth in trying to defend Armaan?

Khushi just looked at Dadi with disgust.

Raj gritted his teeth: Ma its enough now. Don't try to defend Armaan everytime, and what's wrong if Khushi is beautiful? She wears decent clothes. And your grandson should have respect, because she is his bhabhi, not any random girl outside there.

Mami nodded: Hello hi bye bye, such a shameless boy you're Armaan.  Archana what are you teaching to your son? If we look at Arnav, then Armaan, no one will say both are brothers.

Dadi didn't say anything. She knew Armaan was wrong, and she couldn't defend him more. She left to her room.

Raj: Ma where are you going now? Stay here to defend your grandson actions. Arnav accepted his wife and you talked a lot to him, now Armaan teases his bhabhi and you find that correct? Bolo? What should I do with your grandson now? Not only you Archana you also tell me what punishment should I give to your son? He is like that because you always pamper him and never teach him the right thing. Now instead of going to your kitty parties, please concentrate on setting your son in the right path.

Armaan left the mansion cursing Khushi for the lecture he had to hear early in the morning.

Inside the mansion, Khushi lost her appetite to eat something. She left to her room and sat alone in the balcony.

Raj looked at Arnav, who was staring upstairs.

Raj: Go and talk with her, maybe she feels better. I will fire Armaan from AR now.

Archana looked at him shocked: What? You will fire your own son?

Raj nodded: Only then he will get to know what is real life, enough of pampering him. It's time to show him the reality, that life isn't what he think it is.

Archana looked angry at Raj. Nani nodded approving Raj's decision.

Mami smiled: Now it will be fun, seeing Armaan bitwa finding work for himself.

Aman, Akash and Lav looked at each other, finding this family so strange.

Arnav reached the balcony with plate filled with aalo paratha for Khushi.

He sat, and looked at her face: For Armaan you're changing your mood. Why?

Khushi looked at him: Not for him. I don't like to see people fighting and more over I'm the reason for it.

Arnav nodded sideways: You're not the reason. Armaan is always like that.. And today he just crossed his limits by teasing you. So I just can't keep quiet and accept this nonsense. Dadi and ma always pampered Armaan, that's why he is like that.

Khushi nodded: Yeah I remember it..

Arnav: Don't worry about him, after today's party Nani organized for us, we will leave from here. No Armaan, no Dadi, no ma to torture you..

Khushi smiled. Arnav also smiled and feed her, she accepted him feed her.

After having breakfast, both went to the room.

Khushi chose a blue saree to wear in the party.

Arnav nodded sideways, Khushi left the saree pouting, and showed him a green saree now.

Arnav also nodded sideways chuckling.

Khushi widened her eyes, and showed him a red dress.

Arnav smiled brightly, Khushi just knew he liked it.

Then Arnav helped her to chose all matching accessories.

Khushi looked at him: Now its your time. You should be matching with me.

Arnav: I know I will wear a black suit with red tie to match with your flawless wonderful dress.

Khushi smiled: Good choice Dr.Arnav!!

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May 21

Chapter 6 - The party (By Angel23) (Thanked: 61 times)

Nani looked very serious: I'm very angry with you Archana. Did you just realized you're spoiling your own son?

Archana looked away: Ma.. What should I do?

Nani sigh: Be stern with Armaan, the way you were with Arnav. I really wish Arnav was your real son.

Archana: Maybe that's why I pampered Armaan more than Arnav. At that time Jiji handled me her son but I wasn't ready to nurture him, I only accepted him because Raj wanted to take care of Arnav, he believed that in Jiji's family no one would take good care of him. So we brought him here when Jiji died of cancer, Sasuma (Dadi) didn't like his stay here and I also started thinking like that, that Arnav isn't my son. And the result got in me staying more time with my son than Arnav.

Khushi gasped standing in front of the door, her face clearly indicates that she heard their conversation.

Archana and Nani looked shocked at her.

Archana pulled Khushi inside the room hurriedly and closed the door of the room.

Nani: Khushi bitiya please don't tell anything to Arnav. I beg of you..

Khushi's eyes got moist, turning to Archana: Arnav isn't your son?

Archana nodded sideways: He's my sister's son.

Khushi shook her head smiling while tears left her eyes: You should be really disgust of yourself. How can you say those words? You gave more love to your son. And left Arnav alone? Do you think your sister is happy with what you did?

Nani: Khushi..

Khushi looked at Nani: Don't worry Nani, I won't tell anything to Arnav but will surely take him away from  fake people here.

Nani nodded: Thank you Khushi.

Khushi left the room angrily, while Archana looked at Nani: Is Jiji angry with me?

Nani shook her head: You still ask me that!! In trying to please your mother in law, you forgot the role of a sister.


It was evening and guests started gathering at the garden of Raizada mansion.

Raj and Archana were attending them, Armaan was with his friends.

Dadi, Nani and Mami were watching everything sited on their chairs comfortably.

In Arnav's room, he was waiting for Khushi.

Khushi walked slowly out of the bathroom, her attention wasn't in him but arranging her dress.

 (Khushi's dress)

What she didn't knew was that Arnav was already lost in her sight.

The dress fit her perfectly like it was made only for her, her basic make up brought a brightness on her face making her look an innocent angel on earth, her hazel innocent and captivating eyes didn't let him stare at any other thing other than her. He was feeling goose bumps just by staring at her.

Khushi was totally unaware of the effect she was causing to Arnav.

She glanced at him: Arnav I'm ready, let's go.

Arnav didn't answered her, he was still busy in finding more details about his wife.

Khushi finally looked at him, she also noticed he was staring at her since long.

Khushi's lips curved into a shy smile. She lowered her eyes and walked till the door.

Arnav realized she was really going, he went running behind her: Khushi wait for me..

Khushi giggled: Where are you lost?

Arnav smiled: Like in serials, a hero gets lost when he see his heroine.. Understand something like that.

Khushi widened her eyes smiling: Honest we are.

Arnav blocked her way while walking: I'm not honest,  I'm trying to woo my wife!!

Arnav winked at a surprised Khushi, Raj came there: Let's go Arnav, we're getting late. They are waiting for you and Khushi outside..

The three left the mansion and went to the garden.

All guest stopped gossiping, and took their time to appreciate the couple.

Khushi and Arnav looked at each other with a faint smile. This was just the start of their new life together, today they aren't friends whose motive was to stay together and play all time, today they are standing in front of the world as husband and wife, whose motive is to stay, care, and love each other. Will they find all this in their marriage?? ... Only time will reveal that..

" Wow such a wonderful couple.." Kriti, Raj's friend exclaimed.

" Indeed" all his friends appreciated the choice of Arnav.

Raj smiled, and looked at both: Feel comfortable. This party is for you both. So enjoy..

Arnav side hugged his Dad while Khushi smile politely.

After sometime, people started enjoying in the party. Some eating and drinking, and some dancing.

Sheetal approached Arnav, she smiled: Arnav..

Arnav turned to her: Hmm..

Khushi, was standing some feet away from them talking with Lavanya. She stopped talking, to see what Sheetal was up to.

Sheetal smiled: Dance with me?

Arnav: Sheetal look my wife is very possessive, I'm scared if you dance with me and she pulls your hair..

Akash and Aman giggled silently.

Sheetal fumed in anger: But..

Arnav cuts her off: It's better you run away from me Sheetal. You better not mess with KKG!!

Khushi frowned seeing them talk.

Sheetal saw that, she smirked moving closer to Arnav and arranged his tie.

Khushi clenched her fist seeing the scene: I will kill this girl..

Lav: Relax Khush.. Aren't you seeing that she is doing all this to provoke you? She wants you to fight with Arnav, and then she will get advantage of this.. Just control yourself!

Khushi shut her eyes in frustration turning to Lavanya: I just hate her.. She is trying forcefully to be with Arnav. I have to show her right place.

Lavanya: What are you going to do?

Khushi: Not only her, I have to set everyone here before I go with Arnav to Mumbai.

Arnav looked at Sheetal angry: Sheetal leave me. Can't you see I'm not interested!?

Sheetal pouted: You will be Arnav, when you realize that Khushi is not good for you.

Sheetal left. Arnav turned to his friends and continued chatting.

Khushi went near Sheetal, and whispered near her ear: I'm the one who pulls my husband's tie, and I don't admit a random girl do that.. So you better not tease me Sheetal, consequences won't be good..

Sheetal smirked: You can't scare me Khushi Kumari Gupta.. Do what you want, in the end Arnav will be mine. 

Khushi laughed: Arnav is already mine! I guess you're sleeping too much Sheetal.. Wake up and see the reality..

Khushi took a wine glass from the tray with the waiter and threw it on Sheetal's face: I hope this wakes you up!!!

Khushi left from there smiling.

Akash and Aman were laughing: Woah your biwi isn't someone to play with Arnav!!

Arnav was amused with the scene, did he just saw that happening?

He slowly took steps and reached his wife.

Arnav extended his hand like a gentleman: Can I have the pleasure of dancing with the most beautiful girl in this party??

Khushi smirked: This girl is married!

Arnav pouted: Sachi?? With whom?

Khushi smiled: Dr. Arnav Singh Raizada!!

Arnav laughed: That mad fellow!! You just try me!

Khushi giggled: Don't talk bad about my husband..

Arnav: Even I'm married but still I want to have a dance with you.

Khushi: Sachi?? Who's your wife?

Arnav: Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

Khushi showed thumbs down: That business Hitler!

Arnav: She's the best!! In fact if she gets to know that I'm flirting with you, she might throw a glass of wine on your face..

Khushi: Acha! Then why are you flirting with me then??

Arnav smiled sheepishly. Khushi smiled placing her hands on his, accepting a dance with him.

Arnav took her to the dance floor. Few couples were dancing there, Khushi placed her hands on his shoulder for support and Arnav wrapped his arms slowly around her waist.

Raj, Nani and Mami stopped talking to look at them smiling, they were really happy that Arnav found a true love.

Khushi: So Mr. Flirt talk more about your wife!

Arnav smiled letting the soft music guide their bodies.

" My wife is a beautiful and strong woman.. But while sleeping I find her too cute like a doll. She is very nice but sometimes I'm scared of her Hitler ways.." Arnav chuckles.

Khushi shook her head smiling: I'm not Hitler..

Arnav laughed with her.

The party reached to end, the guests started leaving.

Khushi was sleepy now, she rubbed her eyes cutely standing next to Arnav.

While Arnav and Raj talked with the guests leaving outside the gate.

Arnav looked at her: Go and sleep Khushi. I will come in a while.

Khushi: No I'm fine.

Arnav looked at Raj: Dad we're going inside.

Raj nodded: Don't worry, go and rest.

Arnav smiled, and picked a sleepy Khushi to their room.

Khushi was surprised with his act, he looked like a loving husband who left his family, guests and everyone just for her!!

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