OS: One Love Forever *Completed*

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May 15, 2017

OS: One Love Forever (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 46 times)

She looked at her reflection on the mirror with a smile sitting in front of it in her bridal attire.

Today she was going to get married to the love of her life after going through a lot of heart breaking and happy movement after a long wait of five years.

She wasn't able to wait anymore.

He the one and only love of her life, Arnav Singh Raizada. A handsome hunk. A wealthy business man and moreover a person who was very good at heart.

Every girl of this Nainital adored him and wanted to be his bride due to his looks and wealth.

For all of them he was someone from whom they can everything they wanted.

While for her he was the only love of hers. Her life. She couldn't even think of him getting married to an other.

When he was twenty three she saw him for the first time, though he was her cousin.

Her chain of thoughts were broken by the feeling of someone's hands on her shoulders.

She looked into the mirror to see her best friend Payal who was dressed in a beautiful red and while lehanga gazing at her feeling happy for bestie.

She crossed her arm around Khushi's neck and said," Khushi I am really happy for you. Finally you are getting married to Arnav bhaya. But I am sad about one thing after marriage you will go with them to Delhi. Then how will I meet you?" Payal said in a sad tone

"Arre why are you getting worried for that will occasionally come to Nainital and you can also come to Delhi"Said Khushi while Payal nodded her head

"You know what yesterday I wasn't able to sleep even for a movement. Whenever I close my eyes Lavanya di and Arnav Ji's face comes and I was crying for the whole night. Now I feel like a fool for that." She chattered  

"Any one in your place will feel the same afterall your love getting married to an other person and that person is your elder sister. From your love he might have become your jija ji." Said payal and Khuhsi nodded

"To save the marriage after lavanya di eloped today morning thankfully they decided to get me married to him." Said Khushi while payal nodded

"You remember your first meet with him?" Payal asked with a naughty glint while Khuhsi smiled

5 Years back:

xyz School:


Grade 8:

"Did every one do the homework which I gave yesterday?" Teacher asked tot he class and started calling each student to her desk to check their homework

As a student reached her she looked angry at the student seeing her book,"Why you didn't do your homework?"

Khushi stood with her head hung down and said slowly,"I forgot to do."

The teacher harshly pulled Khushi from her table and made her stand in middle of the class

Khushi had her eyes welled up thinking about the teacher going to hit her with the iron scale.

Teacher came with the long iron scale with rage and rose her hand high to hit Khushi but her hands were stopped from doing so by a strong masculine hand.

Teacher angrily looked to her side to see who dared to stop her but after seeing the person she downed her hand.

All the while Khushi had her eyes shut tightly.

She slowly opened her eyes not feeling the pain to see a man around the age of twenty three who was very tall and was looking deadly handsome.

"Who gave you the rights to hurt the children physically?" He asked angrily

"Sir she didn't do her homework that is why." The teacher tried to defend herself

"Then you will hit her. Let me speak with my dad about this." he said and looked at the class," Who is Khushi?" He asked while the the class pointed at her

He looked at the small girl who was only till his shoulder in front of him who was looking shocked at the turn of events.

"I am your cousin. Anjali's elder brother. Mom told to me to pick you up." He said while she plainly stared at his face.

He started walking while she followed.

That day after reaching home she came to he was the elder son of Aravind Uncle. He is staying in Delhi alone looking after the business there. He was there only for two weeks but for her small mind it felt like eternity.

She was confused about her own feelings. All told her to call him Bhayya just like Anjali and the other kids did but she didn't felt to call him so. She didn't know why this was happening and always felt strange when he was around. After two weeks he left that was when she was in a verge of breakdown and shared her problem with her bestie Payal. Who told her that, this feeling is called crush and when it is on an adult some call it 'adult crush'.



"I never thought things would have been this complicated. I just thought u had only an attraction to him for saving u from the teacher." Payal said

"But he thankfully didn't say that to anyone at home if so they would have scolded me alot instead he just made understand. But I felt really sad yaar when left. I felt like I couldn't live anymore but finally after 1 long year he was back. but then it was very frustrating.." She sighed

"yeah I remember u had to become a courier girl when u tried to tell him u love him. Instead he used to give u love letters and gifts and used to ask u to give it to Lavanya Di. And all the other girls from village gave u the love letters and gifts in order to give to him."

"Yes I was really irritated. I used make him buy gifts for me using Di's name and the letters from those girls I burnt them. How dare they think like that about him and moreover I should become their wedding broker. Also I used to fill his mind with false information about these girls." She said with a naughty glint

"but yesterday it was the worst." Said Khushi in a cracking voice,"Do you know how much it hurts to see you loosing your love for your sister who has no feelings for him while you had been in loving him for years." She said as tears streamed down her cheeks by seeing which Payal immediately came and wiped them off and tried to lighten her mood,"Now why are crying? Lavanya Di went with Shyam, your family decided to get u both married. Everything is gonna be good." Payal said cupping her face

"But what if he won't love me and will continue to love Di." Khushi said in a broken voice

"Nothing will happen like that." Payal assured her

"But..." Before Khushi can say further Garima her mom came in hurry.

"What are you both doing? Come its time for the murat." She said and dragged Khushi along with her.



The marriage took place grandly but Arnav didn't speak anything with her.

It was time for them to go Garima was weeping badly even Shashi her dad was sad but her didn't show. All expected Khushi to cry but she didn't she was smiling and was consoling Garima. After all why would she cry when she got her love after crossing lots of hurdles.

Soon they left for RM. Today they will stay here and tomorrow morning they will leave for Delhi.

Arnav's Room:

Khushi sat on the bed curling up her knees to herself lost in her thoughts. The bed was decorated with rose petals withered over the bed and scented candles arranged.

Her heart started beating faster as she heard footsteps approaching the room. She take a deep breath and shut her eyes tight.

She could hear him coming inside the room and locking it and approaching her.

She felt him sitting beside her and he sighs,"Khushi I never knew our family would do something like this and moreover Lavanya. I know there is ten years of age gap between us and you saw me like how Anjali sees me." He said while her eyes widened hearing him but which was unnoticed by him.  

"I know you are a kid." He said "Kid?" She thought frowning

"I know how broken you are feeling right now for marrying me....."

"Will you let me speak?" He heard her removing the ghoongat and looking straight into his eyes while he nodded yes.

"I am not kid as u said. From the age of 13 when I first met I always had some strange feelings for u. Whenever u praise me or smile at me I would be on cloud nine. I always wanted to spend time with u. After staying here for two weeks when u go I would be upset and would be waiting for u to come. I used to come to ur house pretending to meet Anjali but actually it was to see u once. I always had sleepless nights thinking about u. As I grew along with me my feelings for u also grew. Finally when I was in 10th grade I gathered up the courage to say this to u but when i came to say this u confessed to me that u love lavanya Di. U used to give me chocolates, greeting cards and letters to give to Di but instead of giving her I used to take them and I would strike where ever Lavanya was written and would write my name over there. I even used to hallucinate u and Di together. Even other girls in the village used to give me letters and all in order to give to which I used to burn. Don't think that I was selfish cos' I know even if I give to Di also this will only happen cos' from the age of 17 Di was in love with that Shiva. And I got married to u. If u feel I have done wrong then sorry. But plz don't ignore me, I can't take it. I did all these because I loved u. yes Arnav ji I love you." She said with moist eyes

"I know" He said plainly

"How do you know?" She asked in confusion

"I felt that also I have also been through ur age. but I felt it was just an attraction."

"So u love me or not?"She asked eagerly

"I will love you." he said while she looked at him confused

He sighs,"Whether u loved that person or not once u get married to someone u should love them leaving the past behind. But I need some time to accept u in all the ways. Will u wait for me?"

"For five years I waited, I can even wait for fifty years." She said smiling

He smiles at her and come towards he and cup her face and kisses her softly on her forehead which made a shiver run down her spine.

"I have made ur admission ready on a reputed college." He said

"Really!! Then I can go?" She squealed in happiness

"I have a doubt..." She said while frowned

"U said whomever we love one we get married we should love that person. Then what about we loving and marrying the same person?" She asked

"Yes u should try ur best in marrying the person whom u love but due to circumstances if we have to marry someone instead of ignoring them we should love them wholeheartedly." He said

Soon they went into deep slumber snuggling into each other hoping for the best to come in their life. 

                                                                                        ~The End~

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