sorry readers

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May 19, 2017

sorry readers (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 7 times)

I'm sorry readers. I was bed ridden for days due to fever. It's was pure torture. It showed me how hell would be. My lovely fever gladly took away my sleep. I was dying by hunger. Yaah yaah there was food but when I put one normal to my mouth next minute I will be vomiting the whole content. I just survived with water for three days. Finally when I was able to eat a bit I was hungry for every two hours. Don't think eating means I was capable of eating everything. Definitely not only plain foods if there is little spice in it, my food pipe will be burning like hell. My misery didn't stop here the plain food also I can't take easily I never thought I have such a week tooth I have to swallow the food and drink water to settle it in my stomach that too for every normal. Till I'm not completely fine but fine enough to leave this message to you. And these days will be definitely notable in my history because such things happened. I didn't touch my mobile or laid my eyes on TV which never happened in my life time, it's medical miracle isn't it?

So guys please be careful fever these days are not only dangerous but horrible. Be safe.

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