Bonded by Love- Completed

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May 21, 2017

Bonded by Love (By Spriya) (Thanked: 19 times)


Khushi kumari gupta/singh raizada-


         A chirpy, bubbly, innocent, selfless soul who was loved by all. She met her prince charming in the form of devil who turned out to be her rajkumar after their remarriage. Her first marriage with the devil is termed as disaster? due to one man named shyam who lust after her and he happens to be her husband's brother in law. Later her husband turned into rajkumar in her love and remarried her. 


  But did the life give her fairy tale ending?? That's the question. She faced so many problems in her life, just now happiness knocked her door in the form of her husband Arnav singh raizada.


  Will it last long?? 


  What will happen when her husband's ex-girlfriend sheetal kapoor showed her presence with her son who was an exact xerox copy of her husband in her peaceful life? 


  How will she take this when her whole family is hell bent on comparing the child with her husband? 


  Did the child is really her husband's? If yes, then what she will do? Will she leave him or stay with him?


  What if the child is not his? Then how will she manage the situation when the ex keeps sticking to her husband?


  In all this, did her husband know anything about this??? 


  Did sheetal come here with a motive???



  Just peep in to know the answers for "WHAT IF's"???




  Based on sheetal track!!!



I sit to write for another story but end up writing this! Hope you all support me in this story. Its a short story so will wrap up within 10parts! I written only this part so i don't know when i will update next part. First part will be in some hours.

May 21, 2017

1. Separation (By Spriya) (Thanked: 109 times)

A black Mercedes car zoomed out of the raizada mansion. The car runs through the heavy traffic of Delhi and stopped before a big building named ‘Mishra Laws and firms’ A girl in early twenties stepped out of the car,


“Mohanji, wait here till i come” she ordered her driver.


“Ji..Bhahiji” he replied smiling at his favourite sweet owner.


She walked confidently inside the building, nearing the reception, “I have appointment with Mr. Mishra, senior advocate”


“Your name mam?” the receptionist asked.


“Khushi kumari gupta singh raizada” she answered and the receptionist told her to wait for five minutes after checking her appointment in computer.


As soon as five minutes passed she strode towards Mishra cabin and entered in after knocking the door.


“Hello Mr. Mishra” khushi greeted in a perfect professional manner.


“Hello Mrs. Raizada. Take your seat” the elderly lawyer greeted her back and gestured her to take her seat.


“I want to file my divorce” khushi said without beating around the bush.


“What? But...” the elderly man shuddered hearing her request. Quickly regained himself, “But Mrs. Raizada you are newly wedded. How come you want divorce this soon? As far as i know you and Mr. Raizada are happily married and leading a happy married life” he asked as he know from his sources and circle that ASR is happily married and head over heels in love with his wife. Being one of the top reputed lawyer and friend of Mr. Roy he knows how ASR is and he is quite shocked with this divorce case.


“For your information we are married for one year, it is enough to get divorce. Other than that, there is nothing for your concern. Would you take my case or shall i go to other firm?” Khushi asked sternly.


Mr. Mishra took his glass, placed it on his desk, “Look Mrs. Raizada you are like my daughter. I advise you to solve the fight between you and your husband. Life is so small beta. We don’t realise one’s value when they are with us then will regret big time when we lost the precious. The thing which you find false and wrong now will look so right in future. Don’t take decision in haste and anger which only gives nothing but pain. My wish is, you both just sit and talk to know where your relationship lacks and what to do to avoid it. Communication always brings best out of your relation. Miscommunication is always a problem between couples these days. Many wants their partner to be understanding without voicing their thoughts like hero, heroines in novels and films but that is quite impossible in real life. We can’t expect life to be a gold spoon. Life’s beauty lies in unexpected twists and turns. So please keep your mind fresh before taking life turning decisions. I told you what i usually feel. Hereafter it’s your decision beta” he waited sometime after finishing his speech so that the words would sink in her mind.


Khushi looks distracted by his speech but soon composes her herself, “I don’t know you’re taking counselling classes here in your office” she smiled sarcastically.


The elderly man sighs at the stubborn women in front of him who was perfect for ASR in looks, arrogance and stubbornness. “If you already took the decision then who was me to change your opinion, i’ll take your case”


“Ok...That’s good”


“Why do you want to separate from your husband? Is he abusing you?” he asked taking pen and notepad.


“He is having affair behind my back. He has child with her” khushi said with disgust.


“That means he had affair even before your marriage” asked shocking by the fact that Mr. Raizada has child with another women before marrying this young girl who is sitting in front of him before one year. He know this is normal in this world as ASR is well known businessman and top if it his company is fashion house which has models wrapped around his one finger. May be he had his cosy time with his model resulted in living creature of his blood.


“Yes, she’s his Harvard friend, now they have six year old son” khushi answered him.


“So he is in affair even after marrying you and cheating on you” he asked noting the required points to win this case.


She sighed, “Yes or no, i mean now only he came to know that he has child with that women and i want divorce”


After observing all the facts, “Case is weak on our side Mrs. Raizada as you said he didn’t know he has son when he married you, so technically he doesn’t cheat you. If he chose to lead a life with his son and his son’s mother then our case has high chance to win. If he doesn’t want his son responsibility then also we can easily get divorce stating that he is unfair to his child, in future this will happen to you too. But if he choose to want only his son’s custody and you as his son’s mother then the case is totally depend on you. You can choose either a life with him accept his son or divorce him” he put forth the choices and chances of the case before her.


“In no way, i want a life with him. You can do whatever you want but i want divorce at any cost and not to forget alimony” khushi determined in her decision.


“Ok, as you wish. I’ll send notice to Mr. Raizada tomorrow. You be prepared for hearing. And regarding fees, you shall consult my junior” he dismissed her.


Khushi sat in car thinking her conversation with lawyer. She told the driver to drive to laxminagar.




“Hey, khushi betiya...come...” her buaji welcomed her with her usual breathtaking hug.


“Khushi, how are you? How is damadji?” her mother greeted her.


Khushi faked a smile at them, what she can tell them when she came here after taking steps to break her marriage, thought bitterly.


“All are fine amma, buaji. I just come here to spend some time with you as it’s been long, so i thought to stay here tonight”


“ok bitiya, What about arnav bituwa? He always tag around you if you came here?” her mother asked the question which she thought to avoid it for now.


“He is busy with his work amma. Stop asking about him, i am here to meet you but you’re asking him only” she pouted at least she acted.


She is chatting with them happily when her mobile rings and shows ‘Arnav’ she cut the call immediately. Again her mobile beeps before she cut it her mother nudged her to take the call which she can’t deny.


“Hello...” she answered.


“Where are you khushi? Where do you went? Now time is 7 p.m. Tell me where you are, i’ll pick you” came a bunch of questions from other side.


“I am in laxminagar. I am gonna stay here tonight” she answered slowly.


“What the??? Why didn’t you inform me beforehand? Wait let me also join you, it’s been long time i stayed there”


“Not needed” she replied sternly indicating sternly that his presence is not needed.


“But khushi...Are you angry on me for shouting at you for DNA test? I already told you na i am not like that. Why aren’t you trusting me?” she heard his hoarse voice.


“I am sleepy. Good night” she cut the call to avoid the conversation and she is not in mood to fight with him now as from tomorrow onwards there is lot of issues queued for her to fight.



“What the???” arnav muttered seeing the disconnected call. Why can’t you trust me khushi? he mumbled himself thinking her behaviour from karwachaut. He cannot forget that day not because it is first karwachaut after marriage, this is the day that brought changes in their relationship starting from khushi done DNA test behind his back and the result turned out to be positive which he don’t know how? And top of it she is not ready to trust him.


He behaved angrily with her for two days and after that khushi’s behaviour changed much to his dismay. Nowadays he’s seeing new khushi who is unknown to him. Whenever she opens her mouth before him the words rolled out of her tongue was always sarcastic.


He cannot understand how to handle this different khushi who is not ready to hear his words. He cannot read her mind like before, her eyes which always shows her inner soul is reflecting nothing. It’s been one week that incident took place leaving a crack in their relationship; it’s his fault to agree with her every demands like he did when she asked sheetal to stay in their house.


He decided to confront sheetal tomorrow as khushi told sheetal confirmed that aarav is his son. In his anger on khushi and later lost in khushi’s new found behaviour he totally forget this part. Their life is a mess now but not anymore he thought not knowing the biggest shock of his life is waiting for him tomorrow which will shook the soul of ASR and arnav. He is so lost in his thoughts that he failed to notice a pair of eyes which is on him is reflected with uttermost happiness.



 I assure you this story will be differrent but have some patience!

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May 26, 2017

2. Arnav's reaction (By Spriya) (Thanked: 105 times)

Arnav heard some knocking sound, “Khushi...someone is at the door” he muttered turning other side to continue his sleep. Again he heard the knock, “khushi...” he raised his voice. But continuous knocking made him irritated and come out of his slumber.


He rubbed his eyes in order to erase his sleep and wandering his eyes here and there in search of khushi. Realisation dawned on him hearing another knock. Shoving the comforter aside and pushing his legs in slipper he made out of his way to the door. He came to face with a scared HP who was ready to knock again as soon as he opened the door.


“What?” he barked as his mood is totally off due to khushi’s absence.


“Bhaiyya, your lawyer is waiting downstairs. He want to meet you” HP replied hurriedly.


“What? This early”


“Bhaiyya, time is 10 a.m” Hp replied with shaking voice ready to hear another round of scolding.


Arnav eyes turn wide as saucers and he turned to clock to confirm the time, hell in his whole life he didn’t slept till late. Quickly dismissed hp he marched towards washroom taking his towel. Already he is awake half of the night thinking over their problems and wondering about khushi’s behaviour. Without having her kicking and pushing he stay awake another quarter night as it becomes a habit for him to sleep having her all over him. And top of it today morning he woke up late and don’t know why Mr. Roy is here, this day can’t be better, he thought.


He came downstairs after getting ready in his usual suit, “Hello Mr. Roy” he greeted and exchanged a hand with him. “What makes you come here? You could’ve waited in office itself. Anything professional problem turned up?” he asked scrunching his eyebrows in confusion.


“ASR, if it’s professional i would’ve contacted in your office itself, but it is personal” Mr. Roy his lawyer explained with hesitancy.


“What?” arnav uttered which came into his mind that instant.


“ASR Mrs. Raizada filed divorce. Her lawyer sent the court notice to your house, being your lawyer i received in court itself. You have to reply to that notice within 15days” his lawyer dropped the bomb in ASR’s life.


“Say again” arnav asked not believing his ears. He is not a fool to conclude that it’s khushi who want divorce from him, yet his heart did not want to believe it.


“Mrs. Khushi kumari gupta singh raizada wants divorce from you” he repeated gauging arnav’s reaction. The moment he finished the sentence his eyes widen at the sight of ASR falling from sofa.


Jumping from his seat he pulled ASR and made him lie on sofa. He tried sprinkling water on his face and patted his cheeks but nothing worked so he called his family members who was engrossing in attending their long term guest, they at first didn’t react his calls which he wondered was they all really ASR family. Without having any choice he broke the vase which is on the teapoy. Hearing a loud noise all members rushed upstairs where he was standing.


“Hey bhagwan, chotte’s favourite vase is broken. Mr. Roy you should’ve taken....” anjali exclaimed but she was interrupted by HP’s voice who came running from kitchen with arnav’s black coffee.


“What happened to bhaiyya??Wait let me take something sweet for him, he did not eat anything from morning” Hp shout alerted Raizada members.


That’s when they noticed unconscious arnav.


“What happened to chotte?” nani and anjali asked in same time.


“He fainted while speaking” Mr. Roy replied half truth as he did not want him to be the one who announce the news to his family. He don’t know how’ll they take the divorce of ASR and somewhere he feared of ASR wrath and he concludes this family is not aware of ASR’s life happening’s even after staying in the same house.


“Where is khushi?” payal asked noticing the absence of khushi when arnav is lying here ill.


“Haan, i didn’t see her from yesterday noon itself” anjali said after thinking for some time. Mami and Nk too agreed with her.


“Here arnav beta is ill. Where iz this patttishadi gone without taking carezzz of her husband” mami scoffed without letting go off the opportunity to taunt her.


“Khushi betiya is not here from yesterday itself and you are all telling me now?” the elder of raizada clan asked when she herself missed the same.


“Why nannav still didn’t go to office?” Nk throwed next question for which none has reply as they are so much engrossed in their guest sheetal kapoor and her son aarav, they ignored to notice whom is in home and whom not!


Mr. Roy, sheetal and her son are silent spectators of the scene. Before anyone start another query session hp came there with juice and sweet. Anjali snatched the sweet from him and make arnav lie in her lap, slowly she pushed the sweet through his throat.


As soon as the sugary thing touched his lips and made its way down, arnav gained conscious. He abruptly stand up and ready to run down the stairs to see his khushi but alas his body gave up made him unconscious again. This time Nk and Mr. Roy supported him before he fell down in rough floor. Slowly with the help of Hp they made him lie in his room.


Soon they called doctor, followed by doctor’s arrival they all waited outside as doctor told not to make crowd.


“Why arnav didn’t eat till now?” sheetal asked to Hp.


“Bhaiyya was sleeping until i woke him up after lawyer came” Hp replied cursing his fate for being answerable to the woman who start to rule the house by small things which family is aware or not he doesn’t know. But he’s sure this woman is taking their sweet khushi bhabhi’s place.


“I can’t believe it, khushi can be this much irresponsible too. Here arnav is ill without taking proper meals and medicines there khushi is enjoying elsewhere we don’t know” sheetal said gaining everyone attention on her. Seeing their faces, “I am sorry naniji, i know i don’t have any right to poke my nose in your house matter, but seeing you all worrying for arnav when taking care of arnav is khushi’s responsibility, i can’t sit quite” she finished with grin on her face which was unnoticed by raizada’s as they are busy pondering over sheetal words.


While Mr. Roy can only shake his head at their reaction and now he has fair idea of why the divorce of ASR is coming in the first place. This family gave too much authority to a mere guest.


“Sheetal is right! How come khushiji/khushi betiya will irresponsible? How come she leave without caring about chotte/arnav” these are thoughts running in nani, anjali and mami mind.


Their musings came to halt when doctor neared them, “His Bp is high and his diabetics also can’t help in this situation. Please give him healthy food, soon he’ll come to conscious” saying this, the doctor went away.


Anjali gave him juice after he gained half-conscious. Gulped the juice hurriedly in his half conscious state he managed to stand before anyone comprehend what happened he sprinted out of the room grabbing his car keys from the side table mumbling khushi’s name. From that the raizada’s know arnav is going to see khushi and he knows where she is.


“Hello hi bye bye...what happenzz nowzzz?” mami asked with her usual glory.


“I am taking your leave now” Mr. Roy said making them out of their reverie.


“Is there any problem in office, if it is then did aakash knows?” nani asked.


“I can’t say anything now. You ask to ASR itself. I am taking your leave” Mr. Roy politely dismissed the topic before he left from there.


“Call aakash now anjali betiya, ask him is there any problem in office. Chotte seems disturbed” the old lady ordered. But their dear anjali betiya forget due to aarav interference asking for juice. One by one leave the room not knowing they’re soon going to face a big trouble.




“I think there is some serious problem between them. Our plan is working and is in right path” a voice echoed through the four walls of raizada mansion.




“When’ll our plan succeed? How many days i have to wait for that day” the same voice reverberated through the electronic rectangle plate.




“Ok, i’ll do what you said. I’ll keep my eye on them” the voice said before cutting the call.




“Our first plan is success” sheetal restated in the phone.




“Oh dear, don’t worry. No one will come to know what we’re doing. What’s next?” she asked to the other person on the call.




“He fainted, now” sheetal said sadly.




“I’ll take care of him. We need him, he is our main.... wait someone knocking the door, i’ll call you later” sheetal finished the call.


Adjusting her hairs and taking a sip of water sheetal opened the door to see an excited aarav standing outside the room with cute smile playing on his lips. Aarav entered the room after sitting comfortably in bed,


“Mom when are we going to live with dad like a family” he asked curiously.


“Aarav...yeah...” sheetal shuddered at this unexpected question but soon she covered with an excuse, “Your dad is in stress now. As soon as he’s out of it, we’ll talk to him ok. Now tell me what my boy wants, what about laddoo? Now all are in their rooms we’ll grab some sweet for you” sheetal said ruffling his hairs.


Aarav exclaimed in joy thinking his mouth watering sweets especially laddo but soon his face fell and a frown appeared on his face, “Mom after dad start to live with us where khushi aunty will go? She’s nice and sweet mom. I behaved harshly with her only because of my wish to stay with dad”


While sheetal gave a tight smile as reply and before he asks further she literally run down to take his sweets.



I want to clear some things before proceeding further. In this story, you will see a new khushi not new but will see her original self like they shown during earlier days. Arshi is not going to separate. Here sheetal also will be different, that's all i can tell now. Don't expect more realistic things like khushi will get the divorce and move on from him that will not going to happen. It is just my imagination so the things will change according to my mood, but i assure you it will be different. 

Last but least this will end in 5chapters hopefully, nothing decided for now. If you want any particular scene to be happen like how arnav will woo khushi, then feel free to tell me i'll add that according to the flow of the story. It is written for you readers so i decide to ask your opinion too, apart from my imagination your idea also will be added to the story if you wish!

Thanks for your THANK YOU's and COMMENTS. I overwhelmed seeing your responses hope i'll get the same response for this update too.

My sincere thanks to: Allisonshakespeare, Sandy, Pindborg, Maahiak, Kshamadeeksha, Londoner, Pujaipk, Lillyzilin, Nanduarshi, n, Arshi95twilight, reena, Angel23, Lily30, Nupur, Noordina, Prachi21,rereshmi24.

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May 30, 2017

Teaser!!! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 25 times)

My health got deteriorated a bit unexpectedly, so couldn't able to update. So i decide to put a teaser for upcoming parts. And first time i tried something which is so new to me, i made a video teaser with in few minutes. It may be worst, please bear with me it's my first edit. Hope you are ok with it. If you're interested click the below link.

Click here to watch the video

Will back in thursday/friday with an update!

Thanks for reading and watching!!!!

Jun 2, 2017

3. Arnav's promise (By Spriya) (Thanked: 96 times)

Arnav stood before the wooden door battling himself whether to rang the bell or not, but nonetheless he pressed the bell as his life resides inside. Gulping his nervousness again he ranged the bell when none opened the door.


After seemed like eternity the door opened only to face with ever smiling khushi whose smile faded as soon as her eyes landed on him. Arnav released his breathe which he holds till now unknowingly.


“What are you doing here?” she asked nonchalantly.




“Your office doesn’t working in laxminagar. Did you forget that by any chance...smacking her forehead, yeah how can i forget that, you must be busy with your girlfriend and your son. So this thought missed your brain?” she mocked him without letting him speak.


“” he staggered few steps back in disbelief.


“You’re kidding right?” he asked with hope, dismay of his erratic heart beats which clearly indicates something wrong is gonna happen.


“Do i look like a joker who entertains people with their smile? Whom i kidding? You and your family already treating me as one. If anyone from your family is upset then go...grab khushi...shout your frustration...order her to shut in room itself...tell her to stay away...or simply kill her with indifference...and...ignorance...she will hear all this with a smile...she has no emotions and feelings at all... That is the mantra of you and your family Mr. Raizada. How irony it looks! I thought you all are my family. But no, you are seeing and using me as your personal punch bag. I am tired of it, now your girlfriend also came there so please go start a life with her Mr. Raizada. At least understand her a bit unlike me and lavanyaji” khushi let out her pent up emotions that’s what he thought.


“Khushi...You’re taking me wrong. I love you, you know that. I really didn’t consider you as my punchbag, you’re my love and wife khushi. I know things are not good between us before our remarriage, but that doesn’t mean i didn’t love you. I behaved as jerk from our first meet itself and now you think low of yourself in my life which is not true. Soon you’ll realise too. You’ll be my priority always, i promise you you’ll be my prime concern even more than di. We’ll solve our problem calmly khushi, decision which we take in anger will never be right, who knows the result of that more than us khushi. Please take back the divorce case and lets take this issue slow and once again i assure you aarav is and never be my child, i didn’t share any such relation with anyone out there khushi. If we have child then it will be ours only” arnav said after coming out of shock which khushi given him.


“By the way, even if the divorce case proceeds then i’ll make sure that you’ll come to me by yourself before the case ends. So be ready to pack your cloths from here or it didn’t matter, i am all eyes even without that” he said with devilish grin and winked at her.


As usual her cheeks coloured a reddish hue and mouth formed o’s hearing his statement. Before she acknowledge, she felt her cheeks wet only come to know that he put a loud kiss.



“Be ready Mrs. Raizada” he huskily said and disappearing to his car but not before winking at her again.


“Hey devimaiyya, why this laad governor always ordering and troubling me” khushi muttered placing her palm on her cheeks after gained conscious from the kiss.


Closing the door she leaned on it thinking, “Why are you making things worse arnavji? Why can’t we lead a simple happy life. No khushi this is not time for mourning. The sooner you face this problem the better your life would be” she berated herself.




“I am worried for khushi. Where she will be? I called home but they are not picking up the call” payal told to nani sitting in nani room while anjali is busy with aarav’s drink in kitchen.


“Don’t worry payal betiya, chotte gone search for her na. She’ll be fine, maybe she is in gupta house” nani consoled her.


At the same time, a shadow walked to one of the room and made the room up and down searching something. After few minutes the person lips stretched into wide grin, hurriedly the person took the phone and noted the number before placing it in the same place. Making sure no one noticing, the person silently went out of the room.



Her mobile beeped with sound indicating a message is popped up. Chewing her nails seeing the message and contemplating for few minutes quickly she decided to give a call. After two rings, the call gets connected,


“Hello..I am khushi speaking. Is rohit dhawan there?”


“Yup! You called the right number. I am rohit dhawan, but how come madam remembered me? It’s been long time you called, you totally forget me as soon as you married. And i am angry on you, you didn’t even invite me to your marriage and i came to know from garima aunty lately. She told your husband is some business man. So, how come billionaire wife has time to call this poor soul?” he spoke without giving her chance to breathe.


“Will you shut your dramatic mouth rohit?” khushi laughed over the phone.


“What to do when my angel forgot me, one way or other i have to make her remember me you know. Ok, jokes apart what made you remember me?” he asked.


“Rohit, i want some help from you. I cannot trust others in this matter?” she asked hesitantly.


“Yeah sure, what do you want me to do?” he encouraged her hearing her hesitating voice.


“I want details of one phone number, like whose number, for whom they are in touch with and how often the number contacted to a particular repeated number”


“Yeah sure, but your husband is a big shot. You’ll get these services at your doorstep itself, isn’t it?” he asked confused by her request.


“That’s a long story rohit, our phones are being tapped and someone following our family closely. They have each and every detail of us. So i cannot contact detective agencies. You are working in telecom company so it will be easy for you to collect details, i guess” she reasoned and asked hesitantly.


“But now you’re speaking, that means our call also being tapped” he asked bewildered.


“No, no...this is AR corporation number, it cannot be tapped. I use this when emergency arises. So you can contact this number without fear, but this number will be mostly switched off. Give a ring to amma’s number i’ll call you myself”


“AR means AR fashion house?” he asked hesitantly.


“Yes, that is my husband company” she replied coolly.


“What?...ASR is your husband, that means there is high chance of your rivals keeping an eye on your family. So do inform police and your husband khushi, don’t do anything which makes you land in trouble. I think big shots are involved in this” he advised his cousin after recovering from the shock she given him.


Yes, he is her cousin. He is khushi’s aunt son, khushi parents did love marriage so all the ties with her paternal family is ended before she born. She and him studied in same school and both are friends without knowing their relation and later they came to know they’re cousins and that strengthened the bond. But after khushi’s parents death they are forced to separate yet they are in contact frequently. Rohit family didn’t approve their friendship so khushi limited her calls to him.


“...Rohit, i doubt someone from my family is helping them. Please don’t ask anything more than that, do as i say” khushi literally ordered him.


“ok, khushi. Give me one hour i’ll tell you all the details” he finished the call.


Khushi let out a sigh thinking all her problems will be solved once she finds whose number is this. But suddenly relief washed over her face and worry took over her. Hurriedly changed the sim she dailed a number.


“Look, he is going to burst like lava, before he reach, you better escape from there for few hours” she said without hearing who’s on the other side and cut the call as buaji entered.


Meanwhile, on the other side who picked the call smirked evilly before deleting the call log and put the mobile where it had been.




“Sheetal...” the loud roar of arnav shooked the whole raizada mansion. All members hurriedly run to the living room to see an enraged ASR ready to kill someone.


“What happened chotte? Why are you shouting?” anjali asked holding his arms.


“Where is sheetal di?” he asked with gritted teeth.


“Calm down chotte. It’s not good for your health especially when you are ill in the morning” she rubbed his arms trying to calm his anger which is next impossible for now.


“Hello, hi bye bye...what is happenings in this house from morning? First you fainted, phattisadi is nowhere to be seen and now you are shouting on top of your head” mami huffed in annoyance of disturbing her beautiful sleep.


“Are you all become deaf? Here i am asking for sheetal, you all are bothered about your own issues” he bit out his disappointment trying to control his rising anger due to his irritating family.


Yes, today he’s irritated on his beloved family as they are not understanding his anger pleas. Here he is dying to throw the sheetal out who becomes a thorn in his life. Seems like none care about it. Hell how can he forget that, they don’t even know khushi is in her home so what if she didn’t inform them, can’t they call her once and ask her where she is or they forget a person called khushi is here in the presence of their guest, he thought bitterly and a new realisation dawned on him that his family is too much concerned about sheetal more than they apprehense khushi and sheetal is taking khushi place slowly.


Thanks for your likes and comments dear. I am totally fine now, thanks for waiting patiently for this update.

By now, you have many questions aroused in you all will be answered within two or three update!

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Jun 5, 2017

4. Sheetal exposed? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 67 times)

“Sheetal...” hearing his roar sheetal came running downstairs.


“What happened arnav?” she asked calming her heavy breath.


“That is what i am dying to ask. What is happening behind my back sheetal?” he asked taking one step forward in threatening manner.


“What are you talking arnav?” sheetal questioned controlling her nervousness. She knows what is coming and she did prepared for that but did not expect this soon.


“Don’t try to act smart sheetal” he warned her.


“What is going on here?” nani asked seeing the tension between her grandson and sheetal.


Haan chotte, what is this? She is our guest, you cannot shout at her like this” chided anjali.


Hearing her his jaw clenched, “Guest...No one wants to know why i am behaving like this, instead of asking me the reason you are trying to make me worship your so-called guest”


“Chotte, she is your friend” anjali said disbelieving the fact that he’s insulting sheetal who is close friend of him according to her.


The tension in air grows strong after anjali defended sheetal. Arnav is ready to pounce on but breaking their trance payal asked, “Where is khushi arnavji? I am calling her from past one hour but she’s not taking my phone. I am worried”


“She’s fine payal. She is in buaji house, she already informed me before going there” he replied controlling his anger and thanked his stars for having at least one soul who bothered about his wife whereabouts but what he missed was, she also didn’t notice khushi’s absence from yesterday itself like his family.


Turning his gaze away from payal, “Sheetal i am asking you something. What did you told to khushi?” he asked with gritted teeth.


“I didn’t said anything” replied and shivered at the intensity of anger and rage she witnessed in his eyes for her.


“Don’t lie sheetal. Didn’t you told khushi that aarav is my son? Didn’t you produced fake DNA report and handed it to khushi?” shouted throwing the bomb on the occupants.


“What?...” four gasps erupted in the living room.


“I did not told anything of that sort” sheetal defended herself.


“You must be kidding isn’t it chotte/arnavji?” anjali and payal asked at the same time worrying for the life of their respective sibling.


“I am not kidding di. This was what sheetal told to khushi...” before arnav complete his sentence.


“What are you trying to tell arnav? Why would i tell khushi like that?” sheetal asked gathering her shattering courage.


“One more lie sheetal, i’ll kill you for sure” sheetal jumped from her place hearing his yell. It is not yelling, it is fury which would kill anyone who dare to go near him and mess with him.


“Chotte, what is this new problem? Is really aarav your son?” anjali asked coming out of her musings and praying to god that whatever she heard till now was a sick joke.


An instant shock waved over on arnav face. He did not expect this, at least not from his di. Before he recovers from the shock he heard his nani speaking,


“Sheetal betiya, why are you silent? What did you told to khushi? Is it true aarav is...” the elder women cannot continue after that. She didn’t even wish in her dreams that she could face this day. She feels as if they are going back to 14years where her daughter is betrayed. Same is happened with anjali and now arnav to landed in this mess. “Why her family have to suffer like this always?” she thought wiping her tears.


“I am sorry naniji. I cannot hide the truth for long, i guess. Yes, aarav is arnav’s son and it is just accident” sheetal faked her cry which is impossible for her that moment as her tears are stubborn like her that didn’t fall from her eyes. She forcefully poked her eyes with her middle finger when none noticed.


“She is lying dammit! You better accept your lie and pack your bags from here and your game is over sheetal” he again roared.


“Wait chotte, we cannot come to conclusion without investigating. Here she put an allegation on you, how can you expect us to sit silent and throw her away” said nani.


“Dammit...You’re asking her as if she is one pure soul who considers telling lie is a sin” he cursed loudly.


Nani stopped him and asked sheetal to continue.


“Arnav and me studied in Harvard in the same department. We both are alike so we bonded well as we both always ended up forming a team in doing assignments. Day by day we grow closer, i started to love him. He asked me to be his girlfriend which i agreed instantly. Though i am his girlfriend he didn’t consider me as one, he behaved as a friend. I too didn’t consider that as a big problem, i thought my love is enough for both to lead a life. During our graduation night, we pretty got drunk and he confessed his love to me, we got carried away. Being in love with him i too didn’t stop him but next day itself he broke up with me. I was devastated, i thought all will be fine after that night...he simply tagged that night as a mistake...” hiccupped she continues further taking a glass of water


 “I don’t want to push him in an unwanted relationship so i set him free like he wished. After four months i got to know that i am pregnant and i don’t have the heart to abort my child which is the proof of my love. My parents disowned me when i denied for abortion. I moved out of my house and started to live separately with the help of my friend. Days passed hardly, i want to contact arnav and i badly needed his support but i know he will not love me or my child so i restrained myself from contacting him. After aarav born he became my universe, my thoughts of contacting arnav fly out of my mind. I started to live for aarav though he always reminded of arnav in all ways. I always wanted arnav near me when aarav first smiled, first laughed, first crawled, first sit on his own and started walking on his own, his first word and his first school day. I consoled myself saying this is my fate and decided to give aarav the world which he wish but alas! he wants a father. I failed to give him a father love, he starts acting arrogant after few days of his school and that is the worst time in my life. He wants a father like his friends have one. However i tried my best but at last failed. I showed arnav’s picture to aarav so that he’ll stop pestering for his father but it backfired.


Without having no choice i landed in india a month before in search of arnav. Luckily i find him in market i thought finally i found my love and father of my child. But my happiness didn’t last more than a minute, arnav introduced his wife to me. My world slipped beneath my feet. I decided to leave india and informed the same to aarav who denied outrageously. I convinced him but he put the condition of staying in delhi, he pleaded me that at least he could see his father from far. So i applied job and that turned out to be arnav company after that you all know what happened, we stayed here on the insistence of khushi. Unfortunately, khushi came to know all these in karwachaut. I don’t know she was doubting aarav’s father is arnav from long. She came to me with the reports of DNA test and i have no point to deny that. I am sorry naniji, i created a huge mess here, i’ll leave from her” she finished wiping her tears.


“You are leaving no where” anjali said shocking arnav but she cared less. Her heart pained to hear her side of story, she felt no girl should undergo this pain when she herself felt that not so before but what she missed was that her sister-in-law life also pinned with their lives. Whatever decision they take, will affect khushi first.


“Di you’re believing her over me” asked arnav shocked out of wits.


“Why khushi betiya is not here? Is sheetal truth is the reason for her absence?” nani asked finally.


“Yes! This sheetal faked the same story with khushi too. Being selfless soul she left rm and applied divorce” he bit out harshly.


Another gasp escaped from their mouth. This day can’t be worse than that.


“Khushi wants divorce, what will happen to her life?” payal mumbled herself with teary eyes.


“This is not true right. Aarav is not your son” payal asked to arnav with hope.


“I assure you payal, aarav is not my son and khushi always be my wife” arnav promised her.


“Then what about aarav chotte?” questioned anjali making him grit his teeth, if possible his teeth will be kissing the ground by now.


“Chotte please clear this mess soon. Four lives attached to this. I don’t want anyone to hurt in this process but at the same time, i don’t think a girl will lie on her child parenting” this time nani says indirectly believes sheetal.


“I have proof” arnav said gaining the attention once again on him. Sheetal was literally shivering in her place hearing him.


“Think sheetal. You should not accept defeat easily. Think...before arnav submit the proof, somehow you have to make the family believe in you. If he throws you out then our entire plan will be spoiled. No i cannot make that happen at least not until khushi find out who doing all this. Hope khushi saw the message and done the background check. And hope i did good by hiding the person who keep an eye on us and instead messaged their number to khushi, if i told her the name then she’ll not trust me. At least after finding whose number is that, she’ll not blindly trust her family members” sheetal thought and determined to prove arnav wrong and defeat the person whom behind this mess and got reminded of how she messaged the number to khushi.


When payal and nani was busy in gossiping and anjali with aarav as she planned, Sheetal walked to one of the room and made the room up and down searching something. After few minutes her lips stretched into a wide grin, hurriedly she took the phone and noted the number before placing it in the same place. Making sure no one noticing, she silently went out of the room and messaged the same number from her phone to khushi. *(Refer chapter 3)*




Did aarav really arnav son? What khushi and sheetal planning? If they are together then what happened in earlier was a drama? If yes then why do they act? Did sheetal is really good or she is acting before khushi too? Why khushi join her hands with her husband’s ex? Why anyone from their own family ready to backstab them? Did sheetal know who is the family member? If yes then why didn’t she told the name directly? If sheetal told the name to khushi will she believe her? Why are they doing the divorce drama? Is it really a drama or khushi going to divorce arnav? If it is drama then why? Is it because the person want to separate arshi? Is sheetal is also involved with them? And finally, what do you think, will sheetal succeed in her plan?


Stay tuned to know the answers!!!!

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Jun 8, 2017

5. Is the problem solved? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 85 times)

“I have proof” said arnav gaining everyone attention on him once again while sheetal praying hard not to get caught, if he proved that she’s lying then the entire plan will go in vain, she thought.


“What proof you are talking arnav? Don’t try to cover your lie” Sheetal courageously dared him. she wondered what happened in laxminagar that he is hell bent on throw her out. She hoped nothing wrong happened there as she is the one who called khushi and told what she heard in the other room of raizada mansion.


According to her and khushi’s plan, khushi is going to reveal the truth when arnav visit her in laxminagar. But their plan got s****ped due to a person who called and warned her until they are divorced they all will be kept under their scrutinity including laxminagar. So she called khushi and informed the same. On the other hand khushi too confirmed some unknown persons like goons are wandering around her buaji house. So she guessed khushi must have acted to hate him and the result is in front of her, ready to strangle her. Thank god, sheetal phone is not tapped or else the situation will be worst, she thought to herself.


“Wait let me show you” arnav said going to call someone from his phone but stopped hearing sheetal voice,


“Why are you doing this arnav? Don’t you feel your son aarav has right to stay with you. I guess he is hapless to get his father’s love. But you know, it hurts when you doubt on aarav’s parenting when he is the symbol of my love. It is said right, pain will be only understandable when we are hit by that not otherwise sheetal feigned crying that somewhat melted raizada’s heart and arnav’s rage increases no bound by minute.


Claps echoed on the hall breaking their trance who was earlier consoled crying sheetal and payal stood there yet her thoughts are far wandered around khushi.


“Wow! Sheetal.. I must appreciate you, you have excellent acting skills. You deserve Oscar for this performance. In a blink of an eye you turned my family as puppet in your hands and now they are not even ready to hear me out let alone find out the truth themselves” arnav let out a bitter laugh which clearly shows his pain of standing sinner before his family without any of his fault.


“Chotte...” nani called.


“I too know how to raise my voice nani” that shut the elder raizada’s mouth.


“Dadiji how can you support sheetal instead of arnavji and khushi? sheetal is lying, why can’t you see her truth? Did you thought about khushi life once? What will happen to her and her whole life is mess due to this sheetal? Instead of throw her out you are taking her side” payal burst out her worry which shocked raizada’s as they are seeing her new side which is unaware to them till now. Even in shyam revelation she stood calm and cried but not shouted like this.


“Hello..Hi..Bye..Bye.. How dare you to raise your voice against sasuma?” mami scolded payal.


“Payalji, how can you put such accusation on us? We’re concerned for khushiji too but that doesn’t mean we should ignore little aarav who has nothing but having a family as his dream” anjali defended their behaviour.


“Are you indirectly declaring, you are ready to accept sheetal and aarav? Why do you always see one side of coin, turn the other side of the coin too who knows what lay there?” payal shouted in rage.


“Why my khushi has to suffer always?” payal mumbled silently but enough to heard by others.


“That’s why i am saying don’t rush things in anger” nani said breaking the ever growing hot tensed atmosphere.


“There is no way i am going to tolerate sheetal and her son anymore. She must leave shantivan the very moment. I cannot entertain people who stood hindrance before my khushi’s happiness” arnav declared his decision.


“If you decide all this in anger then who are we to you? Don’t you respect us and trust us with our decision” nani asked with tinge of hurt.


“Nani, if i am guilty then you’re right but here again and again i am denying the accusation. Why are you hell bent on distrusting me nani” he asked with the same amount of hurt.


“Please stop it, stop all this. I don’t want to be a home wrecker, please don’t fight within yourselves because of me. I’ll leave from here and then all this mess would be solved, you please forget a person called sheetal and her son stayed here on time period. Please don’t fight...” sheetal slumped down on the floor and let out a loud wail which obviously a fake one.


“Relax sheetalji. Calm down. We will talk in peaceful manner” anjali consoled giving her water while sheetal smirked at her success and the one who ready to backstab raizada’s face showed anger but soon that changed.


“Why are you all so careless when it comes to my sister? When shyam betrayed di you all treated khushi to worst and ordered her to not come in front of her. Now this sheetal is hurting khushi with her presence then, why can’t you simply order sheetal to out and stay away from khushi? why are you all supporting sheetal?”...let out a sarcastic laugh she continued, “Oh now i got it, khushi is just daughter-in-law of this house not daughter so why you’ll care for khushi. I am like a fool crying and begging you for my sister. If this happened to your daughter, you’ll happily crush everyone feelings just to keep anjali raizada happy. What a chameleon family i and khushi got?” Raizada’s eyes widen hearing her accusations.


Arnav gaped at payal hearing her words though he know what she said was nothing but a pure truth of his family and his earlier behaviour. And he concluded one thing, whatever happens this time payal will not tolerate any ****s about khushi.


“Damn you and your lies sheetal” he cursed under his breath. Without waiting he called the persons whom he ordered to come to rm before.


In no time four persons entered making the occupants confused and they gasped seeing cops coming inside. Seeing them sheetal face become pale, she looks as if she was beaten by ghost. She knows her game is close and ASR will make sure to rot her in jail.


“Who are they chotte?” nani asked coming out of the shock payal had given them.


“Why don’t you ask this question to your loving guest sheetal kappor because they are close friend of her” mocked arnav.


All frowned in confusion, so without further ado he called first person to ocme forward.


“Do you remember him sheetal?” arnav asked raising his eyebrow.


“Oh..wait let me first introduce him to my family. Nani, di, mami he is aarav’s basket ball trainer. We must appreciate his skills and i am wondering how come he trained aarav who hates basket ball literally was loving the game now” he finished sarcastically.


“Arnav..What is...this? Aarav loves basket ball from his birth itself, you know from his age one he is seeing and playing basket ball” sheetal argued over lost battle.


“So you don’t accept your defeat, let me call your other friends too. Pranav..” ha called him in and turned to raizada’s “I am astonished to know a person lives in two different countries at the same time. Pranav lives in Australia as per sheetal but he is in india from past year” he cleared the air.


“I told about another pranav arnav” sheetal butted in.


“Wait sheetal..I’ll make your work easy. I’ll introduce all first, you can utilise that time to create story about that person.


“Well next Mr. Sharma, owner of sheetal rented house. He has one interesting story to tell. Sheetal lived there from past 6months, but she said she landed before one month.


And next person is Mrs. Choudry, lifeshine orphanage head. Aarav is one of the favourite boy for her and he is one pure gem who nurtured by her from his birth in orphanage.


He is a assistant in City hospital where khushi did DNA report. He exchanged the samples of mine with aarav so the report came as positive.


And not but least sheetal is bankrupt. So she decide to trap raizada’s knowing khushi’s selfless nature, her plan went smooth and she dreamed to live like a queen” he finished with stern face.


“It’s all a lie arnav. Arnav hear me out once please” pleaded sheetal before she convince him her cheeks burned.



Sheetal holds her cheeks and glare at the person who slapped her and that person turned out to be anjali. While sheetal cannot comprehend what is happening? Her mind stood still and busy gasping the new information of bankrupt as far as she know she is nothing but a bankrupt that is not possible. And she concluded that this was planned by the same people who were keeping their eye on arnav and khushi.


“How dare you to play with our feelings and try to break my brother’s marriage?” anjali stood with red eyes.


“Why you involved aarav into your plan? Don’t you feel ashamed to use innocent child?” asked payal.


Sheetal stood biting her lips trying to escape from this situation.


“I am afraid you rot in prison for whole life” finally winning smile settled on his face.


Arnav gestured the cop to arrest sheetal and told hp to bring aarav down.


“Arnav i agree this is all drama... But hear me please... I have a strong reason to do that which you are unware of... Your and khushi life is in trouble...” her voice faded by each passing second as cops forcefully dragged her out of the mansion.


As soon as sheetal was dispersed raizada’s bid a teary farewell to aarav who was attached to them like a family in a short span of time. But they too understand the situation, if he stay there then he’ll remember throughout his life that he was forced to act like someone and his own identity, habits will fade away with passing time which arnav didn’t want. So they handed him to the orphanage itself. They all watched aarav leaving with teary eyes but one person has evil smile on their face which others missed to notice.


“Take our khushi betiya home chotte” nani ordered to arnav who already went outside to pick his lady love clearing all confusions and mess from their lives.



“Hey khushi... Why are you doing marathon here?” garima asked eyeing khushi who was running here and there with mobile in her hand.


“Hey sankadevi..stood still” buaji get hold of khushi.


Irritated due their continuous interruptions khushi let out a groan.


“Buaji...don’t block my path. Move aside. Here am in great tension and you are enjoying to irritate me” khushi chided and pushed buaji aside.


“****.. It should be written in world record” says buaji.


Khushi frowned “What...”


“That sankadevi khushi didn’t touch jelabi even after being irritated and annoyed” buaji chuckled at her own sentence while garima swallowed her smile.


“I am standing between life and death, you’re having fun seeing me like this” khushi sat in sofa with frustration.


Seeing her fallen face, garima and buaji sat beside her, “What happened with you beta? Did you fight with arnav beta?”  buaji asked caressing her hairs.


Khushi lifted her lashes to see an expected face of her buaji and amma, “It’s nothing like that buaji and amma”


Garima made khushi lay on her lap, fondling her head she asked slowly, “Khushi beta, you know we are with you. Share your worry with us, it’ll reduce your pain. Did you fight with arnav beta before you come here? or any other problem?”


Khushi sighed, “A big problem is going on our lives amma. I can’t tell you anything now. I am sure i’ll win this with your support haaina..”


“Devimaiyaa blessings also with you titaliya. You’ll win this battle” buaji encouraged and hugged her.


Her phone rings shifting their attention towards the phone. Khushi hurriedly press the green button without seeing the caller id,




“Is Mrs. Raizada there?”


“Yes, who are you?” khushi questioned non-chalantely.


“Mr. Raizada met with an accident. I saw this number in his call log” the other person said making khushi fall thud on the floor. In no time her eyes watered and voice quivered.


“Where is he? I’ll reach there within few minutes but please be with him” khushi said taking her purse and other necessities and noted the hospital name before sprinted out of the house. While gupta’s stood rooted to their spot seeing her run out of the house in this rainy evening.




“Haha...That sheetal tried to cross us and see now where she ended. Serves right for her being trying to act smart. She’ll rot in jail without any fault of hers. Haha...haha...” a voice echoed in raizada mansion room.




“Not to forget that khushi. What she thinks, is she Sherlock holmes or Jhansi ki rani? Guess what now her minion and partner is in jail and she is unaware of it”




“Just one arrow our goal will succeed. Wait for sometime” the voice glinted with determination.


I don't know when i'll update next part. Like i told earlier i am too much busy lately. Today i promised for an update so posted this. I don't even have time for proof read. So sorry guys, but pakka the next update will be on next week(Tuesday/wednesday)

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Jun 12, 2017

6. Kidnapped! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 78 times)

[No proof read]

So have many mistakes and feel free to point out.

Arnav literally run inside the gupta house, inhaling a breath "Buaji" he shouted.

Garima and buaji hurriedly came to the hall hearing their son-in-law shout.

"Arey beta...Just now sankadevi sprinted out of the house, now you are here" buaji exclaimed noticing the restless face of arnav. They're going to give him a call anyway as they are afraid of khushi whereabouts.

"Buaji where is khushi?" Arnav asked desperately. He simply want to see her, hug her, kiss the hell out of her and shout for her stupidity of believing everyone and always ready to invite troubles on their life.

"Don't know bituwa. She was impatiently gazing at her phone time to time from past hour. Suddenly one call came and she dashed out of the house as soon as she finished the call. If i am not wrong her eyes are teary, before we ask anything to her she ran away immediately in a blink of eye" garima clearly showed her worried form.

"What..." He could not utter more than that. His mind busy in clearing the dilemma.

Who called khushi? If she gazed the phone time to time then she may waited for someone's call. For whose call she must be waited? Did she waited for my call? If i didn't called her then she may be called me either directly or indirectly through aman. All persons in our family are fine, other than our family for whom khushi will show desperateness. She is pagal, she worry unnecessarily for everyone arnavhis mind argued in-between.

His heart shrugged away the mind conclusions as he know, whatever khushi does she will not go without informing others even if it is trivial and silly things.

His eyebrows twitched in irritation of not getting any clue to find khushi, more than irritation worry took over him.

Hurriedly taking his phone from his trouser pockets he called khushi. The phone ringed but none answered frustrated him more. He tried three more times and resulted in dead end.

Seeing his restless face, the fear and worry gripped gupta's. Garima handed him a glass of water. Gulping the full content, he called RM.

"Hello...ASR here, Hp did khushi is there?"


"Go and check the whole house. You have only five minutes" arnav ordered sternly while buaji holding his arm looking at him expectantly.

Closing his eyes, he started counting descending from hundred like khushi said. Whenever he got tension or anxious, khushi advised him to do this. As per her theory, medicines will make them weak and depended on it. So she insisted him to join in anger management classes or yoga to calm his nerves. But being ASR, he denied outrageously so she come up with this as per doctor's instruction. At first he would joke and mock around this as stupid technique, but now it relaxing him and this is the first time he is doing this too. He realised how much khushi has influence on his life from simple things to delicate one.

Before he count ten he heard Hp voice, "No bhai, bhabhi is not here and naniji wants to talk to you" hp said seeing nani stand beside him ready to take the reciever.

"Chotte what happened? Where is khushi betiya?"

"I don't know nani" he whispered as if his whole energy is sucked out of his system.

"Ask her friends chotte. She may gone to visit them"

"I'll look into the matter nani, incase if she showed up in shantivan do inform me asap" said and cutted the call before hearing nani's reply. He is not in mood to argue or entertain people even if the people is his own family. Khushi is the utter most priority for him now.

"Buaji, why don't we check in neighbourhood? Maybe she went to meet some of her friends there" arnav said with hope and the three went in search of khushi in different directions leaving the old man, shashi in their home itself.

They asked everyone who passed through them on the roads. Arnav went to happyji's garage after remembering something.


"We are the sole reason for this mess. Where khushiji must be went?" Anjali said to nani.

"We're doing the same mistake again and again. How come we didn't see khushi betiya gloomy state. I thought chotte and she had some fight, so she is behaving differently nowadays. But the truth is far away from that" says nani realised her mistake too lately.  Their conversation was interrupted by payal who entered nani room.

"Dadiji, i am sorry. I shouldn't talked to you like that. But after seeing you supporting sheetal instead of khushi i got angered. You are elder to us...." nani cutted her words.

"It's ok betiya. You are concerned for khushi. But you took us wrong, we never ever thought you and khushi as outsiders. I know in anjali case we acted bit rudely, but we realised our mistake betiya. We are sorry if we made you still feel like you are outsiders"

"It's ok dadiji. Don't be sorry. Be gone by gone. We shall forget all things and live like before that's my wish" payal finished and anjali engulfed her ina hug.

"Hello..Hi..Bye..Byezzz.. hugs withoutzz me" mami huffed and crush them both in the name of hug.

"It is not time for celebration, still we don't know where khushi betiya is?" nani said making them break their hug.

"Don't worry dadiji. She must be somewhere around buaji house. Arnavji is looking for her, so all will be fine" said payal and beamed at mamiji as this is the first time manorama hugged her willingly.


"Where she must be? Where are you khushi?" Arnav mumbled oblivious to his surroundings standing in the middle of the road.

A car horn made him aware of his state. Wiping the sweat beads he stepped away from the path. Happyji came running to him from other side.

"Khushijiwentinautomywifesawthat" said panting heavily.

"What?.." frowned arnav not understanding a bit of what he conveyed.

Calming himself happyji continued slowly, "khushiji went in auto, my wife saw that"

"Where?" came the instant question for which happyji smiled sheepishly and called his wife who is not far from him.

"Where did you last seen khushi?" He questioned her blocking her in half way.

"I was in market when i saw her travelling in auto" she replied.

"Did she looked normal or in hurry?" He throws another question closing his fists.

"Her face is pale, i guess. I cannot see her properly as she is inside the auto and the auto crossed speedily" she stated what she saw.

"Where the hell are you khushi? Why cant you simply come in front of me? Is am so bad?" thought arnav and went other side to make call.

"Aman track khushi number. I want her whereabouts within in fifteen minutes" barked arnav.

"Ok ASR. Which number? Bhabhi's usual number or private number?" Aman asked while his other hand already working on another phone to get details.

"Both" answered and cut the call, before his feet carry him to his car he saw buaji walking towards him along with garima.

"Did you got any clue buaji?" Arnav asked desperately.

"No bituwa. Some people saw her travelling in auto" answered panicked buaji.

"Don't worry buaji. I'll search her, you please go home. Don't panic" he assured them though deep down in his heart he is scared like hell. His heart tells something is amiss and worst he couldn't pinpoint what it is.

Dismissing his unwanted thoughts, he rushed to the car and drove away to nearby temple. As soon as he entered temple premises, he jumped out of the car and  searched the whole temple. His eyes didn't find khushi. His heart already thudding out of his chest in anxious and worry.

Without delaying much he dialed aman with quivering hands. Before he bark, his ear heard aman's reply which drowned him in a deep hole of worry.

"But how can it be possible aman? She is not in her home then how come her mobile location shows laxminagar. Did you cross checked it? She is not even in neighbourhood. What about her other private number?" He tried to control his anger and fury and helplessness by closing his fists.

"The private number is switched off and its last location also shows laxminagar. I am sure bhabi must be in laxminagar. Please double check once again ASR and i already contacted detectives. I am sure we'll find bhabi soon" aman assured him.

And he further adds, "ASR i think we shall inform police. Its already 8p.m. soon it will be dark and we cannot risk bhabi life. I'll speak to commissioner and request him to keep the issues in wrap, if you wish" he said last bit hesitantly.

"Ok aman. Involve police force. And mind it, this should be strictly private and confidential. Involve trustworthy aman" arnav ordered confidently rather say he's trying to be ASR not arnav and what he don't know was he failed miserably in that.

ASR or Arnav both needs khushi. The heart needed its soulmate either way. ASR is nothing without khushi and Arnav is dead soul in the mere absence of khushi.

They are not bounded by love but bonded by love. Bound has limit whereas bond is like a fevicol which last forever once if it binds well.

If one soul leaves then other follow the suit. Its not a matter whether they are angry or ignoring each other, the love will find its way. Love has the power to erase all bitter and anguish memories. Once it consumes you, you probably cannot escape from that.

Arnav temporarily ignored khushi but doesn't mean he didn't love her. If his live is true then his soul will come back to him or he will reach his soul.


In no time, a crew is assembled in ASR high security penthouse. The crew consists of 3 higher police officials and a detective along with technical team.

They are made to seated in living room and the set up of the hall is somewhat similar of conference room. Within quarter minutes they saw ASR entering his penthouse with rigid look along with three other people who looked like middle class people that doesn't suited ASR personality but they shrugged their thoughts as no one want to face ASR wrath. Soon they witnessed how ASR manager respectfully welcomed them and made them to sit.

"You already got the details through aman if i am not wrong. So i need my wife beside me within an hour or else be ready to kiss goodbye to your job" arnav said sternly making gupta's shocked. Yes, the people who accompanied arnav was his wife family. He didn't want them in danger and more over khushi stayed with gupta's before she went missing. So he thought the police will find khushi soon with the help of gupta's and the details they give.

"ASR, he said is your wife is missing and her phone location shows her maternal area and she is not there other than that we don't know anything. Shall you feed us with other details?" Mr.Khan from one of the crew asked.

For which arnav noded curtly and told when and where did he last seen khushi and when did he last spoke to her. And how there is no way she will visit her relative home when her home is in delhi itself.

"Do you suspect anyone who involves in harming you and Mrs. Raizada both personally and professionally. You have quite number of rivals queued in your business circle" Another cop Arjun asked and noting the points trying to get a clue.

And he eyed gupta's the next instant he gulped his throat hearing open threat of ASR.

"Don't dare to suspect them. They are my wife's family" roared arnav and eyed the officer dangerously who gulped visibily. Just because they are middle class doesn't mean they are culprit or gold digger which ASR learned it hard way after living with his wife.

"I want to ask some details from your in-laws ASR" Mr. Khan interrupted ASR and arjun staring session.

"Go head" agreed ASR.

"Is Mrs. Raizada is with you before she went missing?"

"Yes.." replied buaji. Mr. Khan stared at ASR to tell them who is she to his wife actually as they are confused with two ladies and one man in wheel chair and the information will lead them to that proceed easily. Knowing his look arnav shared their relations. Noding at ASR he continued his interrogation,

"Is Mrs. Raizada looks tensed before she missing and did she told anything to you about her whereabouts?"

"Yes. She looked tensed from morning and she didn't informed anything before she run outside" this time garima replied.

From morning onwards she is tensed, that does mean her missing is related to me or what, arnav thought to himself.

"ASR i am afraid to say, your wife is either kidnapped or blackmailed. We will conclude only when you provide us with details. Are you suspect anyone? Personal or professional rivals?" Mr. Khan declared making arnav numb.

Aman placed his hand on arnav shoulder and bring him back to earth, gaining his strength and wearing ASR mask he says, " I suspect two persons. Both are related to personal. One is Shyam manohar jha, my sister's ex-husband and another one Sheetal kapoor, my ex- girlfriend. But both are in jail" he said aloud rather say he told to himself the last bit as he himself scared of what if shyam involved in this.

"Ok ASR. Already we send one team to laxminagar as your wife mobile shows that area and now we're going to  inform the  prison superintand to investigate both shyam and sheetal. We further want to check your family numbers. We suspect yours and your phone numbers are tapped" Arjun asked permission polietly.

Arnav noded and take his mobile to call RM, in all that tension he forget to call there and decided to inform the current status. Before he press dial he heard Mr. Khan voice,

" ASR we activated mobile jammer in your apartment as a part of security purpose. So all our mobiles will be unreachable for some time"

Arnav nods and put back his phone and ordered aman to give them necessary details.

Soon they figured out their numbers are indeed tapped which shocked arnav to the core. When the crew is busy analysing the situation they heard ASR voice,

"If khushi is kidnapped then how come the mobile signals show her location as laxminagar. Her phone os not in her house too. I am sure kidnapper will not be a fool to keep her in laxminagar itself" arnav shared his query. Thank god, he contacted aman through his  private number which he accidently carried with him or else the situation will be worst.

"That's what we to got doubt ASR. But don't worry our team is already working on it. I request you to dont share important matters with your number. Use your private number. If we take action against tapping them whoever doing this will get alerted. But we too need to tap your numbers?" Asked Mr. Khan

"Stop the services of my family private numbers expect me" arnav said and earned curious glances on him. And agreed to Mr. Khan demand. So technically, All raizada and gupta number will be tapped by both police and the person who is keeping eye on them.

"Are you doubting anybody in your family ASR?" Arjun asked out of curiosity.

"Nope.." he replied as he himself don't know why he said like that. Did he doubt his family? If this question arise before then ASR will chop the person who suspects his family but now he is totally khushi husband who has doubts on everyone and he himself suspect his family. Arjun agreed to stop the services.


"What you kidnapped khushi? What if ASR finds out?" A lady voice resonated in raizada mansion.


"What next? Forget it anyways, my path is cleared and yours too. But i am afraid what if ASR finds out? What will happen to us after that? ..helloo...hello...hello" the lady angrily punched the buttons as call gets cutted and what she don't know was the number is already blocked.


Meanwhile, on the other side..

Why garima aunty call also not connecting. Khushi also not taking her mobile. How can i contact them now? Rohit mumbled sitting in his office cabin.

He cannot find about the number earlier as he promised and he finds out just now that the number khushi gave is also a private number and the details cannot be find out by mere employee like him. That needs higher official and authority.


So here is the update guys. I promised to reveal the truth in this update but this part went long than expected. So that i hinted that the person involved in family is a lady.

So far the ladies in RM are- nani, mami, anjali and payal. So keep guessing.....Next update will answers many of your questions.

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Jun 16, 2017

7. Appalled! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 80 times)

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Money, a dominant thing in the universe which literally wrapped the whole world around it. Rich or Poor doesn't matter, this thing plays a prominent role in everyone's life. For rich, they run behind it to maintain their richie, for poor they run behind it for their everyday needs. But the main question is, did the money help them in their needy time or it will be useful in drastic situation where it has no value even if you have millions, billions of it. That's where arnav is standing now. He have lot of money to buy half of India but did his money find his missing wife? It's been five hours since his wife went missing but he couldn't find her with all the facility and government support he had.


ASR who boasted himself as he is the one who writes his own destiny is standing in a temple; stare at the idol with bending head and folding hands. He prayed to god to keep his wife, his life, his heartbeat, his soul safely wherever she was. After praying to his heart content he turns to leave but stopped abruptly hearing his phone ring in his private number. He attended the call and what he heard shocked, scandalized and horrified him to his core.



Few hours before,

“What? This much happened, sheetal turned to be deceit and khushiji mislead by her left the house asking divorce from bhai. You all are telling me now” aakash shouted for first time in his life which shocked raizada’s to the core who were standing in the middle of the living room.


His eyes are firing red and his whole demeanour screams so like ASR not like aakash they have seen. For a minute they are scared to go near him. Gaining courage payal placed her hand on his shoulder,


“Aakash calm down. Arnavji is already searching khushi. I am sure she must be in neighbour house”


“How can you say, all will be fine when actually it is not? I’ll deal this later. Now anyone care to tell me where is bhai?” he asked trying to lower his voice as much as possible.


“He is in laxminagar when we called few hours before, aakash. After that his calls are not connected and is out of reach” sadly said anjali.


Without responding to their answers and gazes he stormed out of the house.


Why i am always being dump like this? Why i am the last person who came to know the biggest issue in my family? Is am i too oblivious to the happening in my family? Why hadn’t i opposed the family when they are busy comparing aarav and bhai when i hostile the same? If once i voiced out my opinion then this day wouldn’t been end like this. How can i let my bhai’s marriage down when it is at stake and i like a fool sitting quietly when whole family is hell bent on making khushiji feel bhai fathered aarav. He and khushiji always supported him, didn’t they? How did i missed sheetal’s intentions? He cursed himself umpteenth time for his stupidity, foolishness and being coward of hiding behind his facade without opposing their family’s over hospitality to sheetal. Thinking this he strode the car little harshly but stopped abruptly hearing some sound.


Pressing the brake hard, he turned towards his side to see an scared, horrified Nk sitting in passenger seat clutching his seat belt and dashboard hard as if his life is depended on it. That’s when aakash noticed his presence. Nk was sweating profusely, thanks to aakash driving.


“Nk bhai, how come you are here? When did you sit in car?” aakash exclaimed in shock.


“I was following behind you when you left rm and got into car after you seated but you didn’t notice me. Forget it, are you going to laxminager now?” Nk answered and questioned him back.


“Haan...Yes...” aakash started the car. After that no words exchanged. They know why and what they are doing.


Nk resumed his position in his seat. Shock would be an understatement when he comes to know sheetal real face. He returned to Rm along with Aakash and what he heard after reaching there really appalled him. He kind of started liking her and decided to date her. He noticed lately that he has certain liking towards arnav’s choice of girls. Though sheetal is nothing like khushi, he liked her confidence and determination but now he came to know it was all a facade. She is worst women he had ever seen. Its better the truth out earlier or else his heart will be brutally broken like before. Shrugging his thoughts aside he concentrated on present and run behind aakash to accompany him and help arnav and not to say he is bothered about khushi’s missing. From the time he sat in car, aakash didn’t noticed him. He is in his own world giving him fear of hanging between life and death, that much horrible ride he had. He called aakash two times but he seemed to be into him, so he did what he is best at. He shrieked out loud that gained aakash attention and he stopped his driving making him sigh in relief.


Soon they reached gupta house and greeted with closed doors of the house. Aakash called arnav but it was out of reach. Aakash tried aman, to his bad luck that too unreachable as jammer is placed in the apartment.


“Now, what to do aakash? Where must be nannav and gupta family?” Nk asked eyeing the lock in the door.


“Don’t know Nk. Come we’ll ask about them to neighnours. Maybe they went somewhere near” aakash said and they asked the neighbours.


Seeing them happyji came there, tapped aakash shoulders, “Bhaiyya madhumatiji, her family are with arnav bhaiyya. They are searching for khushiji”


“Do you know where they are? When did they left from here?” aakash bombarded him with his queries.


“I don’t know their whereabouts bhaiyya. They left some two hours ago. They are worried” replied happyji.


“Hmm...” aakash noticed two well built man ready to open the gupta house with keys. Panicked, he rushed to them and stopped them.


“Who are you? How come the keys of this house are with you?” aakash asked eyeing the keys that is ready to join in its respective keyhole.


“First who are you to question us?” one of the men asked seeing the surroundings with his scrutinising gaze which alarmed aakash.


“Look, this is my in-laws house. So i have all the rights to question you not the other way round” retorted an enraged aaaksh who was already in frustration and worry where they landed in.


“We have ASR permission to open it. So leave before we so something” one of the two replied and slightly pushing him aside to put the key in key hole. While nk murmered aakash to interrogate the matter.


“ASR is my brother. so don’t dare to lie” aakash warned as he is not keen on letting this two unknown man into gupta house, besides he did not believe that his bhai gave them permission and he don’t want to take risk when already so many problems are hanging down their neck.


Sighed one of the man moved aside and spoke to someone through walky talky that confused raizada to the core. He turned towards aaaksh and gestured him to take the mobile which he was extending before aakash.


Frowning aakash took tha mobile and placed it on his ear, he heard arnav voice,


“Aakash they are police team. Allow them in”


“Where are you bhai?” questioned aakash confused by this call. When he called few minutes back, the number is out of reach now he is speaking to him. Is police force is behind this?


“I am in my way to laxminagar. I’ll see you there” arnav replied before cutting the call.


Aakash handed back the phone and mumbled a sorry and allowed them to in.


Within half an hour ASR reached there. As soon as he stepped in the house he saw the home is made upside down and two cops along with aakash and nk was searching the whole house for clue.


“Is any clue you got?” arnav asked no one in particular.


“No sir, we are searching. Only that room is remaining” he pointed towards khushi room. Arnav legs in his own accord carried him to her room.  He entered followed by aakash and one cop. Without wasting time they indulge in searching.


Arnav pushed all the things that came in his way while searching. He know if khushi know that he pushed and messed her room then she’ll not allow him to enter their room and he is least cared about that now.


His eyes froze and lips curve into a smile seeing something in the wall. He reached near it and put his hand tracing the photo which is khushi’s. His eyes widened in astonishment when he across the replacement of salman’s pic with his. He barely remembered when he saw the wall last time. Maybe she changed after their marriage, he thought. His monologue came to halt hearing aaksh voice, infact he forgot all his worries for five minutes when his eyes lingered on photo.


Raising his eyebrows he shiftly reached them where aakash and a cop was standing and eyeing something in their hands. He bends his head to their level and took the phone from aakash hands.


“This is khushi mobile. Where it had been?” arnav asked without waiting for reply he dialled her number. To his shock her mobile ring echoed on the four walls.


This is the same room where me and buaji searched. That time her mobile was not here. And even when he called her mobile earlier it did not ring in the house, then how come the mobile is here now. If the mobile was not here earlier then why her location showed laxminagar. His mind full of confusions, mysteries and what not. He felt to pluck his hair out. But his determination in finding khushi is keeping him sane. Again his thought process came to halt,


“Sir, Your wife left on herself. See she left a note behind” the cop said and handed him the letter and called his other team members.


Putting her phone in nearby stand he read the letter and aakash to read that standing behind him.




Dear Arnavji,


Jab tak aapko yeh chithi millegi, tab tak hum aapse door challe jayenga....bohot door... hum aapke zindagi woh dusri awrat nahi bana chahete jo Arav hummein samajta hai. Hummein pata hai ki jab tak hum wahan rehenge tab tak aap unhe nahi aapnaoge. Isilye hum aapse door jaa rahe hai. Agar aap humse sacha pyaar karte hai toh hummein dhoonte dhoonte humare piche mat aayega. Sheetal aur Arav ko aapna lijiye. Hum hamare chotte chotte yaadon ke sahare khush rahenge. Yeh hamari vinti hai. Aapni zindagi jeeiye, hamara intezar mat karna.



KhushI ArNav singh raizaDa :-P



{Dear arnavji,

When you find this note, i'll be gone away from you..far away from you.. I don't want to be the second women in your life like aarav thinks. I know until i stay there you'll not accept them. So i am going away from you. If you love me truly then don't come behind searching for me. Accept sheetal and aarav. I'll live happily with our short lived memories. Its my request. Live your life, don't wait for me.



KhushI ArNav singh raizaDa :-P}


He dropped the letter as soon as he finished reading that. Ground slipped beneath his feet. He don’t know when Mr. Khana arrived and what they discussed. He simply stood there shocked. Aakash shaked him and he come out of his trance.


“Is it Mrs. Raizada handwriting” arjun asked pointing the letter.


Arnav nodded in reply. “It is not true right” he asked with a hope to akash. Aakash bend his head down which is the answer itself.


“I am sorry Mr. Raiza...” before Mr. Khan complete his sentence arnav interrupted  him as something striked his brain.


“Why did she write the content in hindi and signature in English that too in weird way”  arjun asked which went in deaf ears as arnav roared at the same time.


“Give the letter” arnav forcefully snatched the letter in a blink of eye. He reread it again.


“I am sure this is not her words”  his eyes gleamed in joy of getting clue and died in the moment itself.


“How?” Mr. Khan asked.


“Khushi will not call herself as Khushi arnav singh raizada..”  seeing their confused faces he cleared the air, “ she call herself as Khushi kumari gupta singh raizada”


That’s when all noticed the mismatched upper and lower cases. What she want to convey? Is it her usual way of signing or its a clue? Why did she use sticking the tongue out smiley? They thought except arnav.


Arnav already taking paper, pen and noted the exact words of her sign. Others also peeping to know what he is doing while Mr.khan realised it is something related to the clue.


KhushI ArNav singh raizaDa :-P


“ASR, write down the capital letters separately” said Mr.khan. Arnav did the same.




Mr. Khan couldn’t conclude anything from that but arnav guessed it and add the ‘P’ from smiley.




Arnav staggered few steps back seeing the word kidnap. He couldn’t believe his own eyes.


“So that means Mrs. Raizada is kidnapped” Mr.khan said making all of them out of the shock.


“I want my wife now. Do whatever you want, take money as much as you need but i want my wife before the sun rise” after threatened them he left the house and stopped in mid way in a nearby temple.





He drove towards RM manically. Gritting his teeth he pressed the accelerator more and speed of the car making the passing by fearing their lives. One sentence ringing on his mind making him tightens the holds of his hands on steering wheel.


“Payal Singh Raizada was the one behind your wife’s kidnapping”


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Jun 22, 2017

8. Ambivalence (By Spriya) (Thanked: 71 times)

“Payal...” the hoarse loud voice shook every pillar of raizada mansion.


Raizada’s rushed down to face with an enraged aakash shouting at his top of the voice for payal continuously. Along with him Nk and gupta family also there.


“Did you find khushi?” payal asked as soon as she reached last step.


Aakash strode towards her in blink of eye, grabbed her hands forcefully making her stumble a bit. Payal breath hitched seeing his hand rising in air. She closed her eyes tightly prepared for heavy slap but none came. Slowly opened her eyes she saw Nk holding his hands in mid air. While others terrified to react, as all happened in a second.


“Leave my hand Nk” aakash ordered sternly.


“No, it’s not right aakash. You should not raise your hand on women even if she is wrong” Nk admonished and bring aakash hands down. Aakash fingers curled into a fist in anger. While raizada’s once again tongue tied seeing the new avatar of aakash but what shocked them the most was of gupta’s oblivious behaviour towards the happenings. How can they be silent when aakash raised his hands on payal?


“What is this aakash? How can you raise your hand on payal?” nani questioned came out of her shock.


“What else do you expect me to do dadi? The thing she did was intolerable and unforgivable” shouted an fierce aakash who ready to murder payal.


Only he know what he felt when he came to know about payal deeds. He can’t believe his senses but later realised, All glitters are not gold. It took lot of time for him to digest this truth and act upon this matter. It’s not easy to grasp that the person whom he thinks to be his soul mate is not the way he thinks nor she is what she portrays.


“What she did?” anjali asked which went in deaf ears as already aakash dragged payal to the middle of the living room and pushed her with a force.


Fortunately or unfortunately mami caught her, “This is not right aakash” scolded aakash surprising everyone.


He shrugged his shoulders, “Where is khushiji payal? Where did you hide her?” shouted making raizada’s frown and payal in fear.


“How can i know aakash?” asked payal with crying face.


“Enough of your crocodile tears payal. We didn’t expect this from you. Is this what we taught you? Stop acting and tell me now where is khushi?” buaji spoke shocking payal to the core. Whatever happened till now in their lives buaji always supported her no matter what, but today all turned upside down.


“Buaji what are speaking? How can i know where is khushi when she is with you from the morning?” payal questioned back.


“Enough...” everyone turned to see the source of roar standing in the main door with some police. He strode towards them.


“Enough of your lies payal. Care to tell where my khushi is?” arnav asked with gritted teeth.


Payal eyes wandered from arnav, buaji, garima, shashi, nk and finally landed on aakash. She gulped her throat seeing the same amount of rage in everyone eyes. She knows her game is over, there is no way when her own family is against her while raizada’s are the one stood with confused faces unaware of the storm hitted them.


“I don’t know. Why are you putting false allegations on me” she asked feigned courageous and innocent.


“Don’t test my patience payal. Will you spill out or do you want to taste third degree treatment in police lock up” arnav threatened her. Her eyes widened hearing his threats.


“What is happening here chotte? How khushi missing is related to payal?” nani asked the question which bugged her from the time aakash entered. Instead of answering her, arnav gestured her to stop.


“I am sorry. I don’t have any other option. I was bound to do this. There is some other person behind this and i don’t know where she is” she declared and sat in floor with a thud.


Is she speaking truth? What if payal is manipulated? Is shyam involved or is it sheetal? How did they find out payal is behind this? How come payal will do something like this against her loving sister? I am sure there must be some misunderstanding. Payal harm khushi these three words itself didn’t fit in one sentence, not to forget how she fought with them for their indifference between khushi and anjali and how she fought for her sister rights. She plays a major role in throwing sheetal out, thought arnav, anjali, nani and mami.



Standing in the middle of a luxurious room with all facilities starting from air conditioner, cosy queen size bed with fluffy pillows, costly show pieces, a neat tiled floor with soft mattress, an expensive wind chimes and a big white coach which afford two members, a lavish dressing table, a big teddy bear except network and communication facilities, she stared at none in particular. Her fingers tightly bunched the salwar material in fear and anxiety. Her hair looks messy; eyes seemed puffy and ready to pour its precious. But she didn’t let her precious out, her determination, stubbornness and top of it her faith on her husband made her strong. Khushi her name; denotes happiness which suddenly washed out of her life like a storm.


The door clicked making her snap towards her surroundings. Swiftly she adjusted her appearance by covering her whole hands from shoulders with her duppata and turned towards to the source of her misery carrying a tray in hand.


“Hi babe! Here please eat something. You should not remain in hunger” the male voice reverberated inside the room.


“I am not hungry” khushi replied and occupied the bed. He too followed the suit to sit beside her. Seeing him near her, she moved aside making him glare.


“Please khush babe eat something atleast for me” hearing him she flinched and throw daggers at him.


“Ok khushi. Happy. Now eat, not for me but for your husband. How’ll you see him if you die in hunger?” he let out sarcastically.


“Don’t you dare to talk about him” khushi warned him for which she only got a wicked smile as reply.     


Huffed in annoyance, she moved towards the window which was closed with hard grills paving no way to escape. “Where are we?” she asked slowly.


“Hanhaann...Nope! The lest i could tell was you can’t escape from me” he held her elbows and making her sat on bed. She disgusted at his touch but can’t do anything which would result in more advances from him.


She silently ate the food which struck in her throat numerous times giving him more chance to come close to her. She cursed her fate and stupidiness for falling in this mess.


As soon as she finished “I am done” said moved the plate aside and turned other side from his gaze. Suddenly she felt some sugary thing touched her lips, panicked khushi jerked from bed slapping the man in process.


“How dare you slap me?” he asked angrily.


“Can i show you once again?” she replied sarcastically.


Quickly changing his expressions, he cooed “You have all the right to slap me baby. I just gave you jelabi which you love, why are you angry for that” he asked as if he don’t know the reason.


She pushed the jelabi tray making it dirty with it’s syrup in the floor, “I hate it now”


“I’ll see how many days you are going to reject me. Don’t keep dreaming about your useless husband who will find you like a hero because you are already with one” he boasted himself not knowing her husband will always be her prince.


“Sleep well babe...” he winked at her and try to give her good night kiss which she escaped saying sleepy and occupied the bed covering her head to toe with a blanket. She waited until the door clicked indicating his absence. Angry tears start to roll down her eyes.


How dare he try to kiss her? Who give him permission to come near her? Who was he to order her and trying to act lovely dovey with her which only belongs to her arnavji? How dare he to mess with ASR wife? She thought angrily wiping her tears at the same time remembering her past hours.



She paced the length and breadth of gupta’s living room and desperately waited for rohit call.”He told me he’ll call in one hour, why still didn’t he contact me? Shall i call him once?”when she mumbled herself her phone rings. In her eagerness she attended without noticing the id.




“Is Mrs. Raizada there?”


“Yes, who are you?” khushi questioned non-chalantely.


“Mr. Raizada met with an accident. I saw this number in his call log” the other person said making khushi fall thud on the floor. In no time her eyes watered and voice quivered.


“Where is he? I’ll reach there within few minutes but please be with him” khushi said taking her purse and other necessities and noted the hospital name before sprinted out of the house.


Neither she is in sense nor in mood to inform others about this accident so she did what her mind told. She stopped an auto and reached the hospital in few minutes. Before she enters the hospital someone placed a cloth in her nose from behind. In no time her head spins and after that all blanked.


After seemed like eternity, her eye lids fluttered trying to adjusting the light. Clearing her vision she opened her eyes fully to face with a luxurious pink room of girly choice most importantly her choice. Her breath hitched seeing the pink and white wall covered with natural scenery paintings which are hanging neatly along with salman khan poster in one wall and her photos in remaining walls. She turned to her bedside and noticed a small photo frame of her in red saree which she wore for AR photo shoot that mesmerised arnav. Small smile appeared on her lips seeing the ceiling which literally look like sky. Instantly she got remembered of bachelors night and a blush automatically crept on her face, no matter what that night will be the best memories in her life. That is the first time he told her his inner most feelings and that is the day when they both let out their inhibitions aside and enjoyed their night as just arnav and khushi who love their partner to the core not ASR or KKG. Realisation dawned on her like a thunder.


“How dare that laadgovernor to scare me like this? I know only he knows how to scare me and later make me happy, he and his ways hmphh... What is the need to scare me like this? Smacked her forehead, Did you forget how he challenged you? It’s all his doing.

“By the way, even if the divorce case proceeds then i’ll make sure that you’ll come to me by yourself before the case ends. So be ready to pack your cloths from here or it didn’t matter, i am all eyes even without that”

I’ll not speak to him when he’ll this time i am not going to fall for his chessy talks and that ****y smile” she thought dreamily. She come out of her drolling session hearing door sound and turned other side thinking its arnav and she’ll act angry, he in reflex will pamper her.


“Still you didn’t wake up” the voice said making her jerk up from her bed. This is not her arnavji’s voice.


She turned and her eyes widen, “You....”


“Yeah, Me...” he replied coolly.




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