Bonded by Love

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Jul 11

9. Revelation-1 (By Spriya) (Thanked: 78 times)

"You..." Khushi eyes widen in shock.


"Yup, it's Me! Wow, I must say you have strong memory" he replied coolly.


"Where is my husband? What happened to him?" Khushi gone into her worried mode forgetting her state.


"I thought you are genius, by now you should've guessed where you are and what happened?" He said nearing her.


"You mean, that call was fake and you..kid..nap..ped me" her mind worked in jet speed and she shuddered at the revelation.


"That's like my girl" Khushi flinched at his words.


"Have you gone nuts? Let me go" she surpassed him ignoring his words.


"Little kitten is on mission. But let me clear something, you cannot..." She cuts his words.


"Don't dare to play with me. I don't know why you kidnapped me, i am sure it must be one of your bad intentions. If my husband get an ounce of this, you will not be spared no one can save you from him" she threatened him.


"Oh please Khushi, don't tell this to your husband. I am very scared. If he see me then he'll kill me" he said and laughed like manic. "Do you expect me to get scared of your threat? Is your husband is god or what? Who have power to stood against me; your husband is small before me. He can't do nothing with his so called money" he said dangerously.


"Are you mad? You don't know my husband; he has power to destroy you" Khushi replied proudly.


"Oh really. Haven't you read or heard money have to bend before power? Still you didn't understand did you?" He asked raising his eyebrows.


Khushi want to slap him seeing his cool attitude. How dare he to underestimate my husband power? He has all the things wrapped in his little finger. In his snap of eye her arnavji will destroy the person before her.


"Ok, forget it. Like a good girl wrote a letter stating you are leaving your husband because he's cheating on you" he said handing her pen and paper.


"In your dreams. Why would i leave my husband? It is utter nonsense and i'll not do any such things" khushi said with venom.


"Oh, really. Lets check" saying this he neared her, Khushi moved backwards in fear. In this she forgot she is standing at the edge of bed when he came close to her she fell backwards in bed.


Before she move back he holds her leg, she wriggled to leave from his hold. But he is stronger than her so easily he pushed her and came on top of her. She closed her eyes trying to gather her strength, she pushed him by his shoulder but he holds her hands above her head and came closer to her ears. Tears started to fall from her eyes.


"Can you write or do you need more trail?" His whisper made her agree to his demand.


Wiping her tears angrily she wrote the content as he said and wrote her name as she planned before when he was gazing other side. She was thinking from the time she agreed to write the letter. Before he check the letter once again she hide her name with her hand and somehow convinced him that she didn't leave any hint. He called someone and sent the letter and her mobile to her home. She prayed hard for arnav to find her clue. He noticed her silence and decided to break it.


"Where are you lost Khushi? Ok let me check your general knowledge about me?" He said throwing a wink at her.


"Will you stop boasting yourself? What do you want from me? Why are you doing all this?" She asked finally coming out of her thoughts with gritted teeth.


"Well, i guess you are only interested in knowing why i kidnapped you. So I'll do the honour of introducing myself"


"I am Karan khundra, son of great politician and CM of uttarpradesh Mahesh khundra. A close friend of payal gupta now payal singh raizada whom i studied with her in University of Lucknow. We were close friends once upon a time, interesting isn't it? And one day, i saw a angel in my college, that happened before seven years. She looks like a school going girl, she came there searching for her sister. I fell for her in first sight. I felt, she is god's gift for me. Her look itself told me she is innocent and i wanted to protect that innocent angel from this cruel world. I want to know her details, so i followed her without her notice and find out that she was sister of one of my classmate who was one of the silent girl. From that day i started to follow her without anyone notice. She studied 11th standard that time. So i decided to give her time and until she grows i i'll not express my feelings. In the mean time i can't sit quite, day and night her face haunts me. It's hard for me to collect her information as she is from interior of lucknow. Without having choice i befriended with her sister to know about that angel. That was one tough task for me as she'll not speak to boys usually. I have to do lot of things to befriend her, that includes ragging, abduct her using my friends and like a gentle man i rescued her. Slowly she started to accept my friendship. We become friends though she'll not share her personal things with me. She needed me for helping her out of ragging issues and study related issues which angered me but i tolerated all that for my angel. After one whole year one day my angel stumbled upon me as i rescued her from bullying, that day was indeed a great day for me. My friend aka her sister introduced my angel to me which i already know. After that it was hard to see my angel as she become busy in her studies in the mean time i pestered my friend aka her sister to share about her family. Slowly she started to open up about her family that how her family adopted her younger sister when her parents died, how they started to treat her as their family member yet their buaji is not ready to accept her earlier and how their financial status is low and at last she dropped the bomb saying she is going to stop her studies as her babuji is struggling to earn money due to the loss their sweet shop faced and they decided to stop my angel studies also. That time she finished her 12th and ready to join in college. I tried a lot to convince her to study, so that i'll be able to meet that angel as i planned to suggest the same college as ours. But destiny has other plans, i met with an horrible accident which bedridden me after five years of coma. As soon as i recovered, i started searching for my angel and at last i found her using one video which telecasted in television. She fallen from stage, my breath stopped for a minute. But by god grace, one man saved her and at last married her before i reach her. So this is me and my love story. What do you guess from that?" He finished his part and asked last question in sarcastic way.


Khushi was shocked by this revelation. By his each sentence she got what he is telling. At certain point she knows the angel he is referring is none other than her and his friend is payal, her jiji. Shock would be an understatement for her. Her head started spinning with the realization of another obsessed lover behind her which she didn't know till this moment. How come she forget this person who stared her in different way but it is no fault of her too, she seen him only once. After that first meeting she actually forgetted him though some times her jijj says something about his love. Wait did he said payal is close friend of him. But jiji said something else. She said he is just her classmate and he is not CM son that time also. If he loved her then why did he waited till now, there is plenty of time between her marriage infact almost one year she worked under arnavji why didn't he approached her that time? If he want to marry me why didn't he tried to stop my remarriage? Is he also joined his hand in arnavji kidnapping? Is he the one sent sheetal to RM? Is he planned to separate me and arnavji? These musings made her spin her head and in no time she blacked out.


"Khushi...khushi..." Karan shouted and hold her before she hit the floor.



Picked her, he put her in the bed and sprinkles water on her. She didn't opened her eyes. Panicking he called doctor who assured him; she fainted due to shock and already there is little chloroform in her body made her weak.


Prescribing medicine doctor took leave and karan called someone.


"Keep the private jet ready. Two persons are traveling. Keep some casual cloths for one women. Inform to dad that i am going abroad and will return by next month" he finished the call and gazed her.


After half an hour he waked her up and gave her food.


Khushi eyes drifted into sleep, she tried hard to open her eyes but failed miserably.


"I am sorry khushi. I have no other way than mixing sleeping pills on your food. We're flying far away from our enemies who are ready to separate us. This time I'll not leave you khushi. I need you, after my maa you are the only one i need" he whispered with dangerous glint which showed his love but not an true one but an obessisive one.



"Don't lie payal, you know her whereabouts" arnav shouted nearing her.


Payal who was in the floor lifted her head "Trust me, i don't know where she is"


"She is saying truth bhai" aakash whispered in broken voice while payal looked shocked and small smile appear on her face thinking aakash trust her.


"What?" Arnav scrunched his eyebrows.


Nk asked everyone to come to tv room. Once all reached Nk connected his mobile with tv and pressed play button.


"Why your call is not connected? I am trying to call you from past hours. I feared of my family reaction karan. What if they throw me out after knowing my hand in kidnapping khushi? Look, don't do anything to khushi which she hates. I helped because you told me you love her so it's your duty to keep my name away from this police issues if once khushi missing case is out?" They all heard payal voice.


" are speaking as if you did only for my well. You helped me just to gain attention of your family on you. Infact you are jealous of her" he said on the other side and laughed.


"What? I am not jealous. Why would i? I love Khushi as my own sister?" Payal said with quivering voice.


"Oh.. it's a news for me. Then why did you helped me when i asked you. Infact you didn't even gave me a assumption you are against it. You behaved as if you're waiting for that opportunity" he back answered carelessly.


"You're crossing your boundary karan. You asked my help, i did now i want an assurance from you. If by any chance police find about me, you have to help me or else I'll tell all your details" payal threatened him.


"Why should i help you? I already had what i want. If you are interested in trapping me then you are most welcome. I Will easily put all blame on you. I have full power. What do you have?" He asked sarcastically.


"Karan, this is not fair. You should not ignore me like this. Please at least for our friendship sake you have to help me" without having no option payal pleaded on mobile.


"Ok, then I'll help you. You gave me my happiness of my life. If any one asked you then told like this 'Someone blackmailed you using your pictures. You don't know them, you only talked to the person in phone which always shows private number. Make them believe, you are bound to do this. That's it' no one will find anything about me. I am flying far away with my angel. Have a happy life with your husband. Hope your path cleared and obviously mine too" he finished and cut the call with a smile before she questions him where?


Payal face lost its colour hearing her conversation with karan. Arnav, raizada's and gupta's look payal with hate, if possible she will be ashes by now. But her mind is busy finding how did she end up trapping in this mess.


How our conversation on phone is exactly recorded? Is that means already raizada's had doubt on me? Who? Arnav or aakash? What if it is aakash? He'll not accept me henceforth. Who is spying on me? Does it mean my life is closed? Oh, no i did all this for my life. What if?


Sorry for the delay guys. I kind of stuck in middle of the story line. Hope this update is worth waiting. If not i am really sorry guys, i'll try my best in next update. And sorry for ending without clearing doubts.

How many of you have same questions as khushi? What do you think, why did karan waited until Khushi remarriage happens? How did he get khushi photos and her likes? Why payal did all this? Why sheetal is involved? How did aakash and nk get their conversation recorded? What will happen now? Will arnav find Khushi before karan flying away to abroad? How will arnav going to find khushi?

How many of you guessed khushi has obsessed lover who kidnapped her and literally destroyed her life? Did any one find it bored? Hope i did not disappoint anyone by this mystery.

Stay tuned to know the answers!!!

Thanks for your support on previous chapter guys. I hope you love this chapter too.


Jul 15

10. Mission: Finding khushi (By Spriya) (Thanked: 54 times)

"Payal, what's all this? Why did you do that to khushi betiya? Isn't she your sister?" Nani asked shattered by this revelation which threatening her family happiness.  

"I can't believe you had such venom for khushiji" anjali said shaking her head to clear the true face of payal she heard lately.


"I didn't expect this from you payal bhabhi" Nk expressed his displeasure.


"Who is he? Where is he now?" Arnav shouted nearing her.


"Tell him payal, where is he? Why is he behind khushiji?" Aakash questioned nearing her.


"Tell them, why you helped him? Did you forget she's your sister? How can you let him kidnap her? Aren't you ashamed on kidnapping your own sister?" Buaji shouted holding her elbows in tight grip.


They all shouted her without giving time for payal for answer. Their questions and accusations creating havoc in her heart and mind.


No, this can't be happening. Why everyone is blaming me? Isn't they are the one who always put me in back seat? Whatever i do they always find fault in me. They are the one who made me feel like i am inferior to all. The minute Khushi enters all will forget me even in my home too. Why they are not understanding me? Don't i have feelings? Why they always took me for granted? Why i am the only one to bend before maaji(mami)? She accepts khushi then why not me? Am i that bad? Karan was right, indeed i was jealous of Khushi. But it's not only my fault, family had enough hand in intriguing my feelings against khushi, her mind reasoned in between. They consider only Khushi as daughter-in-law not me. I always be a slave or paid less maid to themYou're finished payal. Finished. No one is going to understand you. Your life is ruined. The persons stood before you ruined your lives. Your all dreams are crashed. Neither Aakash is going to accept you nor maaji. It's better to die than living between accusing eyes, her heart cried and came into wrong decision.


"Payal..." Aakash shouted loudly. Hearing him she come out of her thoughts.


Before anyone acknowledge what is happening payal ran downstairs to dinning table and picked the knife. In a blink of eye, the cold metal passed through her tissues making her blood come out of her stomach.


"Payal..." All are shocked by this scene. Arnav and aakash reached her in no time, aakash put her head in his lap while she pluck out the knife from her tissues.


" yo..u di..d?" Aakash stammered in shock.


In the meantime, remaining members reached there and arnav tears some cloth from her pallu and tied it in around her waist much to her displeasure and Nk was busy calling for ambulance and cops inform the new formed problem to their higher officials after picking the knife from payal hand.


"Payal...payal... don't lose your conscious. Payal..." arnav patted her cheeks even though he had less time to find khushi he cannot let payal die before his eyes. Already his eyes seen enough death he doesn't want to add one more in the list.


Her eyes slowly starting to close before closing her eyelids, she mumbled disorientedly.


"I didn't do anything wrong....I didn't wish...anything... bad for Khushi. I didn't told...him to...kidnap...her...I want her.. happiness...i did wron..g" she closed her eyes realising her mistake at last in death bed.


"Payal.." aakash shout reached outside of raizada mansion.


Soon ambulance arrived, they all packed to hospital. Standing outside ICU, arnav looks defeated; How he is going to find khushi? How will he find where she is? The only way to reach her is payal and she is not useful at moment. What can he do now when his name is still unknown, wait she said karan. But first name is not enough, there will be thousands of karan in delhi. How will he find the one whom he was searching? Sulking here bring nothing good, it's better i directly jump into finding khushi. Yes that will be the only option. With this determination he lifted his head and noticed his family reactions which is no less than him other than garima and buaji none eyes are teary. Aakash stood aloof staring the wall.


"Nk..." He called when he neared him, "I am going now. I have to find khushi before he flies out of india. You take over responsibilities here" he ordered him in hurry taking his mobile he turned to run.


"Bhai..wait..i am also coming. Khushiji is first priority for us" aakash said breaking everyone silence.


"Haan, babuwa...Get our titaliya first. Don't Know where she is and what she is doing? I want that **** behind bars. Don't know she has eaten or not" buaji said crying.


"Go chotte. We are here, you should come here only with khushi or else forget you have family. And eat something before going" nani said blessing him. Arnav opened his mouth to deny for dinner.


"No chotte. Don't you think, you want enough energy to search khushiji? Chal, grab a sandwich in canteen. Aakash you too. If you need take Nk for your help, i'll look after things here. Don't worry about us. Nk bhai accompany them" anjali behaved as elder sibling and managed the situation, literally pushed them into hospital canteen and grabbed some food for family members too. In all these chaos they are tired already.


Nodding at her they three started for their mission- Finding Khushi.


Aakash was driving the car while arnav sat in passenger seat and nk was in back seat.


"How did you got the recordings? We may get clue from that" Arnav asked suddenly with his new found hope.


Nk started telling him, "When you gone out from buaji house we got call from garima aunty from your apartment"

Aakash mobile beeped with message he opened the message from garima that reads in hindi, "Call me from your private number" so he called her.


"What happened aunty?" Akash asked attending the call and moved little away from khushi room.


"Beta, did you find khushi? Where is she?” Garima asked from the other side.

"" He exhaled his breath and heard inhaling of breath from other side.


"What...? Beta it's not time to play" garima said even though she knows no one lie in this matter but her mother instincts refuse to believe it.


"Aunty i am sorry, that is the truth. But don't worry bhai and me will not let our khushiji like that. Before dawn she'll be with us" aakash assured her and regaining his hope.


He is also confused, shocked and perplexed. But it is not time to let over his worries, already his bhai is devastated other side his family didn't know this matter yet. So he has to be strong for them. This is the time he waited for to stand strong and support for his bhai who stood beside him all the time and he'll.


He'll not let his bhai life in vain. His bhai suffered already for his enough life. Fourteen years back he is child so he couldn't do anything that time. But not now, even if it takes his life this time he’ll make sure of his bhai happiness.

With this determination he assured buaji and garima before cut the call he heard,


"Beta, arnav betuwa said our phones will not work inside apartment. Here policeji said our phones are safe from tapping and yours not so i messaged you. As soon as phone got worked my phone ringed. I don't know what to do but i attended it anyway. Khushi's cousin rohit called and he said  khushi asked his help so he want to speak to her. I said him to call later. Maybe it'll be helpful for you" she said the purpose of her call wiping her tears.


"It must be useful aunty. Give his number to me. I'll check how it was useful for us" aakash asked and noted the number and inform the same to police. But what he don't know is sheetal already gave statement against payal and khan  already digging into it.


Within few minutes Mr.Khan, arjun and his team arrived in cops quarters along with aakash, nk.


"I already called Rohit here sir" aakash replied to khan and desperately waiting for rohit arrival.


"Excuse me..." Rohit tapped aakash shoulders who was busy in his thoughts standing before room door.


"Huh... you?" Aakash asked scrunching his eyebrows.


"I am rohit dhawan, khushi cousin. You are payal's husband right what happened to khushi?" rohit asked worriedly and both entered to investigation room.


"Mr. Rohit, what did Mrs.Raizada said to you?" Mr.khan bounced on him.


"She gave me a number and asked me to track it details. I am working in telecom company" rohit answered with hesitation.


"What happened to her?" Rohit asked in no time.


"She's kidnapped" arjun replied at the same time checking  rohit identity.


"What?? i know, the number she gave is a private number and it needs higher authority to find it's the details. I can't find it out and i already warned her not to involve in finding mysteries. And sir, she said her family has been under someone scrutiny and one of her family member is helping the culprit" rohit replied worriedly in a single breath shocking the occupants.

"What? Family member is involved" khan questioned, now almost his suspection is correct and instantly turned to aakash “Do your family knows Mrs. Raizada is  kidnapped?"


"No" he replied in daze created by rohit words.


"Then it'll be easy to find Mrs. Raizada. Rohit give me the  number" khan started his investigation in jet speed as he got the culprit but it is not easy as said, Raizada family not going to believe this truth and he need strong evidance.


Seeing the number in white board glistened in red pen aakash eyes widen.


"This is payal, my wife number AR corp., private number" he mumbled in shock.


"Arjun fast, release her number from blocking list and tap all her incoming and outgoing calls" he dismissed arjun and told rohit to wait.


Fortunately as soon as they removed her number from blocking list she called someone and they tapped her call.


"I am sorry to say Mr. Raizada your wife was the culprit”  khan said breaking aakash and nk trance who looked horrified by the new found face of his wife/bhabhi after hearing her conversation with some stranger.


"With whom she was speaking? I want details Asap! Get details of his number, I'll show him how it'll be to mess with ASR wife and aakash sister" aakash said with fury curling his fingers.


"That's the problem Mr. Raizada. That number comes under government telecommunication quota. We can't get details of that number unless we have permission from ministry” arjun butted in massaging his temple in confusion.


"Then what are you waiting for? Get permission spend as much as you want but i need that **** and my bhabhi before me safe and sound" aakash threatened in ASR way.


"It's not easy for us, but for you. You must know higher officials in ministry. Give pressure from your side that will move this case speedy or else it'll take atleast two months” arjun dropped the bomb.


Aakash nods and called aman to contact minister, being  raizada came candy that time. In the mean time nk called arnav and Gupta's. All reached rm with recorded clips to know truth from easy route. Even though they are rich and have power, it'll take time to get help from ministry so aakash decided to confront payal. But she??

Hearing this arnav blood boiled more. Angrily he dialed detective number.


"Why did i appoint you? Can't you do your work? I am paying to find my wife not for entertaining" he bit out angrily. It's been already seven hours still there is no information on Khushi whereabouts. Threatened to destroy their agency if khushi is not found before dawn he cutted the call.


"Payal said, he is her friend. Do you know any of her friends aakash?" Asked arnav contemplating whether khushi know this friend of payal or not. As far as he know, Khushi didn't shared her friend circle on lucknow with him. He know her Delhi friends only.


"No bhai, till this moment i thought she will not speak to any males. She always a shy one. I don't even know her friends in delhi" replied aakash realising how unfair their relation is. Whatever problems they have, at least they should known each other better. Love is not only enough for sustaining in relationship, if it's enough he would know her deeds long back.


"Then we should ask gupta family" said arnav getting frustrated by each passing minute.


"They too don't know nannav. We already asked them, in fact they are shocked as much as we" this time nk replied.


"Waisee..i have one doublt. How come khushiji doesn't know payal bhahi number even though its a private number, but they do share all their stuffs right?" Nk questioned which bugged him lately.


"AR private numbers should not be shared between us unless it is emergency. But i do know all the numbers as C.E.O. They can share between their spouses. It's our policy. So khushi, di, payal don't know their each other numbers. But now, it's time to rewrite the policy" arnav said in distant tone lost in his thoughts.


"Shyam..." Whispered arnav and they reached the investigation quarters. Jumped out of the car arnav literally ran inside.


"Shyam manohar jha. Did you investigate him?" Arnav questioned impatiently.


"Yes ASR. He has no hand in this, now he has been kept in jaipur central prison, Rajasthan" Khan replied.


"Now what you are planned? Before dawn i need my wife before me" ASR in him warned.


"I already told Mr. Aakash to give pressure to officials. What stage it is in? We are also trying but it will have more power if you personally involved in" khan replied politely before burning lava.


"Aakash...what the hell is happening here?" Arnav shouted making others shuddered. ASR is in all his glory.


"Bhai, woah...just now aman called, minister is delaying purposely. You remember, last deal we got threat from our rival who is close to that minister so he is delaying" stated Aakash.


"Aakash don't be a dump ass. Is he is the only one who is minister? Call who is favour on us. Leave it” arnav dismissed and he himself indulged in.


In all the chaos, arjun interrupted, "Sir, shyam manohar jha has some useful information for us. Prison superintendent called now, shyam told them, he can help in finding this mystery. So they wanted us to go there or shall we investigate him by conference"


"What....?" Arnav and aakash shouted. The least expected person who knows khushi kidnapper is shyam. How is that possible? Is shyam trying to help that kidnapper by distracting us? Yes that must be possible, the thing he wished to do is doing by this unknown kidnapper. He must be happy about it, then why the hell he said he can help us. Surely there is a plan behind this, arnav and aakash concluded.


"He must be lying, don't waste your time by going there. Ask him through conference. We want to talk to him" ASR ordered for which khan have to oblige. May be they will get to know some clues.


"Jet is ready sir" a man working under him came to karan house and loading the luggages in car.

"Ok..Be ready. We have to fly before dawn. Already her **** husband started searching for her. He is so close to us. Before he reach here, i have to fly somehow along with her" karan said getting ready.


"No problem boss. All is ready"


Karan nods giving last look to his house, he picked khushi and made her to lie in back seat while he occupied passenger. They started their travelling to airport in dark clouds.


You guys can relax as this is the last cliffhanger chapter. Probably two parts are remaining to end this story.

And the parts which contained telecommunication ministry is strictly my imagination. I don't know how it works but i do know there are numbers used under defense cannot be tapped without permission from government. So don't ask me how it works,if you know anything regarding that you are feel free to tell us.

And don't worry khushi will be safe and sound. How and when you have to wait for next part which is probably before monday.

Thanks for who pressed thank you and comments-Londoner,Candie,Pindborg,Arch- Thanks a lot ,Dsv,Arnavkushiarshi,Maahiak,Lily30,Noordina,reena,Fffan123,pritiasrfan,Nourhan khattab- I will update second love after finishing this dear,Sarada Devarakonda,, 

Thanks for reading!

Jul 17

11. Revelation-2 (By Spriya) (Thanked: 65 times)

Shyam was enquired by cops in prison. When they asked him "Do you know khushi?" He knows what he feared was actually happened.


So he instantly told them, he can help them in finding her and he too know ASR will not trust him if he told the full story so he choose to act cool and his foremost priority was rescuing Khushi safe. In no time prison enquiring room was changed into a conference room with two cops made shyam sit in center of the chair in jail uniform.


"What story did you created this time shyam?" Arnav asked with gritted teeth seeing him in big tv connected through the conference.


"It's not makeup story arnav. A truth, a hidden truth of many years precisely seven years. The one whom you are searching was karan khundra, son of uttar pradesh CM. Don't waste your time in enquiring me. I don't have any plans to escape from this jail so it's better you find khushiji without arguing and shouting at me" shyam replied coolly making arnav and aakash blood boil.


"Shyam..." Arnav bit out giving extra pressure to each syllable with gritted teeth, he badly wants to kick him seeing his cool behaviour. Now it is confirmed there is more to this karan drama. Shyam was aware of it; may be they both planned this but maybe Karan betrayed him so shyam spilling the truth now.


"Bhai, let's look for Khushiji first” aakash diverted arnav   attention. The least he could do was helping him to find  khushiji without wasting time. Already they are loss of time.


He felt, somewhere he is also responsible for this kidnapping. If only he could tried hard to understand payal's insecurities this day wouldn't come. If only he stood against his mother for payal. If only he guessed what torment payal was in. If only he predicted what future behold for them. If only...


Throwing his and payal fate into god aakash decided to rectify his wife sin. It's his duty too. Sharing happy moments, give into physical needs, depending on spouse for small matters, giving surprises, providing luxuries is not only love but sharing each other worries, helping hand in solving problems, taking part in your spouse misery and guiding them when they did wrong without blame game also included in it.


The time he heard payal conversation and her last words before losing consciousness is enough for aakash to realise he lacks in maintaining his married life and she suffers major inferiority complex or phycological problems. He like a teenager who thinks the meaning of love in only as fairy tale and many time blamed her easily. As a husband, it's his duty to look after his girl who come with him leaving her family only in the hope of her husband. A husband who will protect her, shield her from harm, will understand her, will support her when she needed someone, will walk along with her in the rough pace of life. But what he did? They badly needed to work on their relationship. For that he has to take one step forward; that is doing his wife's wrong into right.


With this new decision and determination, aakash slipped out of his family when they are busy staring at ICU. He asked payal status to one of the doctor, who checked her first. He assured the knife didn't go deep so just a small operation is enough to join the tissues. After getting a lot of assurance from him, he signed for operation and get ready to accompany his brother in finding his sister-in-law.


"Aakash..." Arnav called bringing him back to earth.


"Haan bhai. What you decided?" Aakash asked adjusting his spectacles.


"Now we have only one option available for us which shyam said. We don't know he is saying truth or not. But somewhere i guess whatever he told will be useful for us. I already made require arrangements. Karan dad is in Lucknow, aman already started to strike deal with him. He should bend before us, shyam gave some illegal business details of his. Khan will handle from here along with nk and his team. We have to reach airport, if karan planned to fly then surely he had to reach airport. Arjun and team is going to come with us" arnav explained dragging him to car.


"Bhai, i'll drive" aakash asked extending his hands.


"No aakash, you drive slow" before aakash know he was in the passenger seat. While talking arnav pushed him inside and he took his seat behind the steering wheel. The car zoomed fast to airport, aakash holding the dashboard for his dear life. Horror spread over his face seeing arnav's driving. But he to understand what his bhai condition is. Both are in same boat, his soulmate is in hospital at least he is assured payal will be safe but his bhai soul....


"Bhai, what if he is not in delhi. We only know his name and he has farm house is in delhi" aakash asked with wide eyes. Panic rushed in his spine but arnav sat unaffected making him feel weird.


"No aakash, he is in delhi. It's nearly two hours since we got Khushi letter and mobile. If he want to fly then he must be in delhi, this is the nearest airport for international planes and private jets. And he's planning to go abroad so obviously he is in delhi" arnav cleared his doubt and pressing his accelerator more.


"It made sense now aakash. Shyam is saying truth. Do you remember khushi mobile gps showed her mobile is in laxminagar when it is not. He must be locked her sim location in laxminagar, once it got locked wherever you go it always show the locked location. It cannot be done by a simple person; like khan said it needs higher official not someone like shyam can do it" arnav said out of blue shocked by the fact that karan planned well to kidnap her, in fact, it seems like he is waiting from a long time for it.


"Oh god. What is it bhai? It looks like some crime story" aakash murmured in shock.


Before he comes out of shock car screeched halt before airport. Arnav ran inside while aakash took the task of parking it as already many honking their horns. Following arnav, arjun and his team reached there and started seeing the footages.


"We don't know his face, how will he find now" arnav breath hitched for a moment. His heart started beating faster. He don't know, is it because of his running or it indicates khushi presence. Taking his mobile he called aman to get his picture but before that.


"ASR, they faxed karan picture" arjun shouted arnav came near them aakash to joined in.


Seeing the picture they both shocked.


"Bhai, isn't he the one who worked as a photographer in AR when khushiji joined our office. He said he's a friend of our photographer and joined as his assistant. Remember we sacked him seeing his unprofessionalism. That means he's behind her from that time itself" aakash bewildered trying hard to digest this truth.


Meanwhile, arjun was checking CCTV footages and passed karan photos to all entry gates and ordered to block him.


"He is not reached yet" arjun said with hope but here arnav is in his own world.


One physco lover is behind his Khushi from a long time, what he is doing here? He isn't aware of this. Hadn't he promised to protect her? Why he's failing each time? Is sheetal is send by him or she done for her own selfish reason. Why didn't he pressurize khushi when she avoided him? She already knows something is wrong in our family. In fact, she did divorce drama, realization struck hard for him making him fall on his knees. She is all alone battling but he, as usual enjoyed his life. He should have guessed khushi is hiding something. When it comes to khushi why he always let everything on her own?


"Bhai, control yourself" aakash said who was silently reading the various emotions played on his bhai face. He helped him to stand up and gave him water.


"Aakash...Khushi..." Arnav whispered with quivering lips. Aakash wiped his corner of his eyes seeing vulnerable arnav.


"He is not reached yet. Don't worry bhai, you'll get your happiness" aakash assured with hope.


"Good news ASR. Your manager made Karan father to agree with your deal. He gave his son whereabouts. We checked his location he has a farmhouse in outskirts of delhi. He is there from the past one year and from yesterday evening there is a girl, i mean Mrs. Raizada is also there. Now he's on his way to airport, we got hold of his men. So we're near to find your wife, within half an hour she'll be with you " arjun said earning a shock which is nothing but a sudden hug from ASR.


"Sir..he arrived" one of the cop shouted seeing the footage.


"Where?" Arnav reached the screen before arjun and confirmed he is the one who worked in AR.


"I'll go" arnav started to run.


"Sir wait, it is not safe for your wife. We have to trap him without his notice" arjun stopped him but when did ASR heard others he stormed out. He can't sit quite knowing his Khushi is with karan near his premises.


When arnav reached outside karan was opening the back door to get khushi before his hand touch her arnav ran in light speed, pushed his hand and let his head inside to get shocked seeing khushi unconscious and picked her.


Karan didn't expect arnav to be here before him, he already asked his dad to give him security. Where are they? How did arnav reached here? Why there is no security here to receive me? While karan lost in thoughts arnav picked her out. Seeing khushi in arnav arms karan gain his sense back.


"How dare you?" Karan gritted trying to punch arnav but a kick land on his face make him fell backwards.


Arnav saw aakash telling to go inside and he is struggling to keep pouncing karan while cops are running in their direction.


Soon khushi was taken into medical help in airport itself. Police rounded karan and put handcuff on his hands.


"Leave me. I have to go to my angel..leave me...leave me..." Karan went aggressive and soon a bunch of bodyguards came said something to one of the police and taking karan with him releasing from handcuffs shocking aakash.


"What are you doing? We gave complaint against him, how can you release him?" Aakash shouted.


Arjun ran towards them, "Sir, it's an order to release karan. But we assure you there will be no problem for Mrs. Raizada henceforth.


"Are you kidding me?" Aakash said in rage.


"Sir, it is not new. Don't you know indoor politics? We are bound to release him but they assured here after they'll look after karan and they will convince ASR too. If i deny, i must be transferred somewhere and new officer is going to release him anyway" arjun stated the fact.


Aakash let aside this matter temporarily as he know whatever arjun saying is indeed correct. It is not going to work like they are showing in films. Being in business line he know how much politics works in back door. They know closely other than common man.


Aakash mobile rangs, "I am coming bhai"


He entered the room where Khushi is staying temporarily. She was sleeping in bed unknown to the commotion she was in while arnav was staring and caressing her face time to time pecking her in between. His one hand holding her hand in his tight grip.


"Bhai" aakash called breaking the trance.


"See, my khushi is safe" arnav said with full blown smile adorned his face. The tension he felt in nearly nine hours is vanished permanently.


"Why she's unconscious?" Aakash asked nearing them fondling her head.


"That **** gave sleeping pills to her" arnav said with fury. "Where is he?" He asked coming out of his khushi land.


Before aakash could answer arjun entered "ASR shyam manohar jha wanted to talk to you"


"What? What he wanted now?" Arnav asked carelessly but something strikes his brain.


"Ok. How can i talk from here?" asked arnav while aakash stood confused.


"We can't talk to him from here. Basically, we'll not give permission for prisoner to talk to outside person through conference or phone unless he's inquired but we can't deny he helped us big time" arjun said waiting for ASR reaction.


"I am going to take my wife to home. I'll talk to him from there through mobile, you give the number to aakash" ASR dismissed and picked khushi gesturing aakash to accompany. Arjun stood baffled hearing ASR order, he came to tell something but he ordered something and left like that.


Shaking his head arjun gone for further procedures and arnav, aakash along with khushi reached rm.


Arnav made her lie on the bed, aakash excused himself to call Nk and anjali.


"I am sorry Khushi. I failed you, i am sorry" he cried hugging her.


Some minutes passed in silence, arnav decides to fresh her up. He wiped her face, hands with water and changed her clothes into a comfortable one.


Aakash knocked before entering, "Bhai, i am going to hospital. Payal operation is successful she'll gain conscious in few hours. I should be there"


"Ok. Aakash take care. I'll come after khushi gain conscious. Send all to home, they must be tired" arnav said and requested aakash to wait in his room until he freshens up. When khushi wakes he doesn't want to scare her with his absence, he knows she will get scared. Hereafter he'll never let her alone.


Aakash started for hospital while arnav remembered shyam and decided to close the matter before khushi gain conscious. When she wakes up she should be stress-free. He dialled the number.


"Hello...ASR speaking, I want to talk to shyam manohar jha” arnav spoke sitting beside khushi caressing her hairs time to time holding her hands.


After a minute of silence, shyam came into line.


"Arnav, did you find khushiji? How is she?" Shyam worried voice reached arnav ears making him fist his fingers.


"You shouldn't worry about my wife, when am here” arnav said with possessive dripping on his voice.


"Haha... that's what i saw how you saved. Arnav you should be careful when you have a beautiful wife" shyam said making arnav blood boil.


"Shyam..." Controlling his anger "Why you wanted to talk me?" Asked arnav.


"To tell about karan. Don't fly in the sky thinking you find Khushiji so all problems are solved. Karan was one physco who will not leave khushiji. He thinks she is his breath. He's following her from the time she is in school. He is the one who send goons to abduct khushiji when you released the video. It's her luck, i followed her and saved her from them. Later he tried to kidnap her which i find out. Fortunately, his dad was MLA that time trying to get cm post. I found his illegal activities by mistake and threatened them with that. So karan let his guard down without having no choice. I continued to protect her until one day you put in jail. His men destroyed their papers thinking i have only one copy but already i had one more copy with me safely in a locker which i gave you now. So i am warning you, he is always a thorn on your neck. Unless you keep his father in toes you probably have a hard time handling him. I don't think ASR will need advice, did he? And don't think i am doing all this repenting because i am not! I love khushiji, will love until my death but doesn't mean i am a threat to you. Shyam manohar jha will not bend before ASR and he'll not force khusiji. His love is true unlike he showed on anjali. True love will not force them to love which i realised lately. When i am not able to love anjali who showered love on me then i cannot force khushiji too. Some love will end before starts mine and anjali love was same. Anyways good luck ASR. Keep khushiji happy"


Arnav doesn't realise when call ended. He sat pondering on shyam words. He don't know whether he has to be happy knowing shyam is away from their path or he has to be sad knowing other than him someone is loving his wife or he has to be worried for karan fiasco. His hand in his own accord caressing her head.


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Jul 22

12. Carefree morning (By Spriya) (Thanked: 73 times)

Arnav eyes fixed on khushi's serene face. Within a night she looks so pale, her eyes look puffy. She might be cried hard for him. While wiping her face he noticed her dried tears. How dare that **** to make his love cry? He'll not leave him easily. Whoever that karan maybe, he have to face ASR for even thinking of his wife.


"Khushi. Open your eyes na. See you're safe with me. We are in our home. It's already seven in morning. Get up na jaan" arnav cooed in her ears lying beside her.


"Khushi..." He pecked her forehead and eyes one by one.


"Hmm..." she responded to his peck but soon her mind went into previous day, making her fear to open her eyes even though she heard arnav's soothing voice.


"Wake up khushi. You are in home. You are safe in rm. I am here, just open your eyes and see yourself" he said seeing her fearing to open eyes by closing her eyelids tightly.


"Hmm..." She moaned and open her eyes. Like he said, her eyes didn't deceived her. Indeed she is in rm, in their room, in their bed, in her cocoon her husband arms.


A relief washed over her entire form. A cry escaped her mouth seeing arnav near her. Like a child who found her mother in a crowd, khushi launched herself on him. He fell flat taking her with him.


"Arnavji..." She let out a happy wail. Happy that she escaped from that golden jail, happy that she was far away from that physco, happy that she was safe in her love arms, happy that she need not to be worried hereafter.


"Shh..shh.. you're safe" he caressed her head and other hand rocking back and forth. Khushi dipped more into him.


"" She hiccupped.


"Shh..shh..will speak about it later. Now like a good girl, get up. I am hearing growls from your stomach. Poor it was, missed it's daily dose" arnav tried to lighten the atmosphere earning a playful slap on his chest.


"Nahi..i'll not get up" she said like a stubborn child buried her face more into his neck shocking arnav. Wherever she is, the moment she got reminded of food she'll leave straight away to kitchen. And to his wonder, wantedly she is lying on him or else he have to plead her for just a kiss and a hug in daylight.


"Khushi, your health is perfect right?" He asked confusedly.


In reply she snuggled into him leaving no chance for air to pass through. Few minutes passed in silence, khushi is not ready to leave him.




"Hmm...I am hungry" she said at last failing in controlling her growls.


"Go freshen up. I'll be here with your breakfast" he disentangled himself from her.


"Hmm..come fast" she replied rushed to washroom taking her cloths.


Even though she wanted to go down to meet the family and do participate in conversation she didn't wished to do that moment. All she want was to confide with the four walls of their room with arnav. She herself wondered why did she feared so much for karan when she's not scared of shyam who lived with her in the same house for six months in her earlier marriage and another one month after her remarriage. She can't deny the fact that she noticed some undying mad glint in karan eyes which is absent in shyam eyes. Now she's with her hubby then why to burn her brains unnecessarily, she thought and came out asap. Her hunger didn't let her think more.


When she was out of washroom, already her husband made all the arrangements for her breakfast.


"Why are you standing there? Come khushi!" He called her and making her sit on recliner and he took seat opposite to her.


Seeing food Khushi forget her previous turmoil and silently they ate their breakfast.


"Do anyone from our family know about my kidnapping?" Khushi asked breaking the silence. From the time all she met was arnav, she was sure if their family know about her being missing then they must be here by now fussing over her or they are busy with sheetal. She thought to ask arnav without racking her brains.


"Yup. They know khushi. I told them not to disturb you" arnav told the half truth. He know she looks bit shaken by this karan fiasco and if she know payal is behind this then again she start to worry herself lest he want her to fall sick.


"That's good. I don't want to go out of our room arnavji" she said taking her place in bed after finishing breakfast.


Arnav was astonished hearing his wife who always keeps family as top priority is now saying opposite. Even though there's some unfinished business out there, arnav decided to oblige his wife wishes. He too sat beside her pulling her in his arms.


"Arnavji, i want to watch salmanji movie. Do one thing, put bodyguard movie. I want to see that" seeing khushi's enthusiasm arnav bowled off. Why not, when he thought she'll cry or talk to him about karan. Trust that his wife is one crazy piece only made for him. On the corner of his heart he too knows that she's doing this purposely to forget yesterday events and not to make him sad. He too don't want to push her so obviously he put the cd player.


"Sit beside me arnavji" khushi whined seeing him weirdly looking at tv. Before he took his seat, she happily dragged him towards her, hooking her arms with his and placed her head on his shoulder.


"Khushi, is this movie is that one?" Arnav asked after sometime.


"Haan, our movie date" khushi confirmed happily.


"Not ours, it's family picnic" arnav replied grumpily remembering three hours he wasted thanks to khushi who made it as family tour.


Khushi zipped her mouth, even though she did like that for di but she too knows spending time as a couple is how memorable and important for newly weds like them is spoiled only by her. After that they have no time to go out.


Yesterday night taught her best, they are missing their earlier joy of marriage because of family problems which seems never ending. Those days cannot be recreated. She want to utilise the time which she had, didn't life taught her happiness will no longer a permanent one. From the time she born all she got was sorrow-sorrow-happiness-sorrow-happiness-sorrow.


"Khushi where are you lost?" Arnav asked shaking her.


"Ahh...nothing arnavji. This is our first movie date" she exclaimed suddenly.


"But we gone for english movie khushi" arnav said with a frown.


"Naa... that was first date for you not for me" khushi twisted her words.


"What??" Arnav scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.


"Offoo arnavji. English movie was your favourite so that's your first date but i love salman movies. This is the first time we are alone seeing his film so its my first date" khushi explained as if she found some great explanation which no one knows.


"Okey..." Arnav obliged amusedly. Being khushi's husband he was always open to surprises.


Without disturbance they watched full movie in between cuddling, pecking credits to arnav. Khushi slept in tiredness. 


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