Bonded by Love- Completed

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Jul 11

9. Revelation-1 (By Spriya) (Thanked: 79 times)

"You..." Khushi eyes widen in shock.


"Yup, it's Me! Wow, I must say you have strong memory" he replied coolly.


"Where is my husband? What happened to him?" Khushi gone into her worried mode forgetting her state.


"I thought you are genius, by now you should've guessed where you are and what happened?" He said nearing her.


"You mean, that call was fake and you..kid..nap..ped me" her mind worked in jet speed and she shuddered at the revelation.


"That's like my girl" Khushi flinched at his words.


"Have you gone nuts? Let me go" she surpassed him ignoring his words.


"Little kitten is on mission. But let me clear something, you cannot..." She cuts his words.


"Don't dare to play with me. I don't know why you kidnapped me, i am sure it must be one of your bad intentions. If my husband get an ounce of this, you will not be spared no one can save you from him" she threatened him.


"Oh please Khushi, don't tell this to your husband. I am very scared. If he see me then he'll kill me" he said and laughed like manic. "Do you expect me to get scared of your threat? Is your husband is god or what? Who have power to stood against me; your husband is small before me. He can't do nothing with his so called money" he said dangerously.


"Are you mad? You don't know my husband; he has power to destroy you" Khushi replied proudly.


"Oh really. Haven't you read or heard money have to bend before power? Still you didn't understand did you?" He asked raising his eyebrows.


Khushi want to slap him seeing his cool attitude. How dare he to underestimate my husband power? He has all the things wrapped in his little finger. In his snap of eye her arnavji will destroy the person before her.


"Ok, forget it. Like a good girl wrote a letter stating you are leaving your husband because he's cheating on you" he said handing her pen and paper.


"In your dreams. Why would i leave my husband? It is utter nonsense and i'll not do any such things" khushi said with venom.


"Oh, really. Lets check" saying this he neared her, Khushi moved backwards in fear. In this she forgot she is standing at the edge of bed when he came close to her she fell backwards in bed.


Before she move back he holds her leg, she wriggled to leave from his hold. But he is stronger than her so easily he pushed her and came on top of her. She closed her eyes trying to gather her strength, she pushed him by his shoulder but he holds her hands above her head and came closer to her ears. Tears started to fall from her eyes.


"Can you write or do you need more trail?" His whisper made her agree to his demand.


Wiping her tears angrily she wrote the content as he said and wrote her name as she planned before when he was gazing other side. She was thinking from the time she agreed to write the letter. Before he check the letter once again she hide her name with her hand and somehow convinced him that she didn't leave any hint. He called someone and sent the letter and her mobile to her home. She prayed hard for arnav to find her clue. He noticed her silence and decided to break it.


"Where are you lost Khushi? Ok let me check your general knowledge about me?" He said throwing a wink at her.


"Will you stop boasting yourself? What do you want from me? Why are you doing all this?" She asked finally coming out of her thoughts with gritted teeth.


"Well, i guess you are only interested in knowing why i kidnapped you. So I'll do the honour of introducing myself"


"I am Karan khundra, son of great politician and CM of uttarpradesh Mahesh khundra. A close friend of payal gupta now payal singh raizada whom i studied with her in University of Lucknow. We were close friends once upon a time, interesting isn't it? And one day, i saw a angel in my college, that happened before seven years. She looks like a school going girl, she came there searching for her sister. I fell for her in first sight. I felt, she is god's gift for me. Her look itself told me she is innocent and i wanted to protect that innocent angel from this cruel world. I want to know her details, so i followed her without her notice and find out that she was sister of one of my classmate who was one of the silent girl. From that day i started to follow her without anyone notice. She studied 11th standard that time. So i decided to give her time and until she grows i i'll not express my feelings. In the mean time i can't sit quite, day and night her face haunts me. It's hard for me to collect her information as she is from interior of lucknow. Without having choice i befriended with her sister to know about that angel. That was one tough task for me as she'll not speak to boys usually. I have to do lot of things to befriend her, that includes ragging, abduct her using my friends and like a gentle man i rescued her. Slowly she started to accept my friendship. We become friends though she'll not share her personal things with me. She needed me for helping her out of ragging issues and study related issues which angered me but i tolerated all that for my angel. After one whole year one day my angel stumbled upon me as i rescued her from bullying, that day was indeed a great day for me. My friend aka her sister introduced my angel to me which i already know. After that it was hard to see my angel as she become busy in her studies in the mean time i pestered my friend aka her sister to share about her family. Slowly she started to open up about her family that how her family adopted her younger sister when her parents died, how they started to treat her as their family member yet their buaji is not ready to accept her earlier and how their financial status is low and at last she dropped the bomb saying she is going to stop her studies as her babuji is struggling to earn money due to the loss their sweet shop faced and they decided to stop my angel studies also. That time she finished her 12th and ready to join in college. I tried a lot to convince her to study, so that i'll be able to meet that angel as i planned to suggest the same college as ours. But destiny has other plans, i met with an horrible accident which bedridden me after five years of coma. As soon as i recovered, i started searching for my angel and at last i found her using one video which telecasted in television. She fallen from stage, my breath stopped for a minute. But by god grace, one man saved her and at last married her before i reach her. So this is me and my love story. What do you guess from that?" He finished his part and asked last question in sarcastic way.


Khushi was shocked by this revelation. By his each sentence she got what he is telling. At certain point she knows the angel he is referring is none other than her and his friend is payal, her jiji. Shock would be an understatement for her. Her head started spinning with the realization of another obsessed lover behind her which she didn't know till this moment. How come she forget this person who stared her in different way but it is no fault of her too, she seen him only once. After that first meeting she actually forgetted him though some times her jijj says something about his love. Wait did he said payal is close friend of him. But jiji said something else. She said he is just her classmate and he is not CM son that time also. If he loved her then why did he waited till now, there is plenty of time between her marriage infact almost one year she worked under arnavji why didn't he approached her that time? If he want to marry me why didn't he tried to stop my remarriage? Is he also joined his hand in arnavji kidnapping? Is he the one sent sheetal to RM? Is he planned to separate me and arnavji? These musings made her spin her head and in no time she blacked out.


"Khushi...khushi..." Karan shouted and hold her before she hit the floor.



Picked her, he put her in the bed and sprinkles water on her. She didn't opened her eyes. Panicking he called doctor who assured him; she fainted due to shock and already there is little chloroform in her body made her weak.


Prescribing medicine doctor took leave and karan called someone.


"Keep the private jet ready. Two persons are traveling. Keep some casual cloths for one women. Inform to dad that i am going abroad and will return by next month" he finished the call and gazed her.


After half an hour he waked her up and gave her food.


Khushi eyes drifted into sleep, she tried hard to open her eyes but failed miserably.


"I am sorry khushi. I have no other way than mixing sleeping pills on your food. We're flying far away from our enemies who are ready to separate us. This time I'll not leave you khushi. I need you, after my maa you are the only one i need" he whispered with dangerous glint which showed his love but not an true one but an obessisive one.



"Don't lie payal, you know her whereabouts" arnav shouted nearing her.


Payal who was in the floor lifted her head "Trust me, i don't know where she is"


"She is saying truth bhai" aakash whispered in broken voice while payal looked shocked and small smile appear on her face thinking aakash trust her.


"What?" Arnav scrunched his eyebrows.


Nk asked everyone to come to tv room. Once all reached Nk connected his mobile with tv and pressed play button.


"Why your call is not connected? I am trying to call you from past hours. I feared of my family reaction karan. What if they throw me out after knowing my hand in kidnapping khushi? Look, don't do anything to khushi which she hates. I helped because you told me you love her so it's your duty to keep my name away from this police issues if once khushi missing case is out?" They all heard payal voice.


" are speaking as if you did only for my well. You helped me just to gain attention of your family on you. Infact you are jealous of her" he said on the other side and laughed.


"What? I am not jealous. Why would i? I love Khushi as my own sister?" Payal said with quivering voice.


"Oh.. it's a news for me. Then why did you helped me when i asked you. Infact you didn't even gave me a assumption you are against it. You behaved as if you're waiting for that opportunity" he back answered carelessly.


"You're crossing your boundary karan. You asked my help, i did now i want an assurance from you. If by any chance police find about me, you have to help me or else I'll tell all your details" payal threatened him.


"Why should i help you? I already had what i want. If you are interested in trapping me then you are most welcome. I Will easily put all blame on you. I have full power. What do you have?" He asked sarcastically.


"Karan, this is not fair. You should not ignore me like this. Please at least for our friendship sake you have to help me" without having no option payal pleaded on mobile.


"Ok, then I'll help you. You gave me my happiness of my life. If any one asked you then told like this 'Someone blackmailed you using your pictures. You don't know them, you only talked to the person in phone which always shows private number. Make them believe, you are bound to do this. That's it' no one will find anything about me. I am flying far away with my angel. Have a happy life with your husband. Hope your path cleared and obviously mine too" he finished and cut the call with a smile before she questions him where?


Payal face lost its colour hearing her conversation with karan. Arnav, raizada's and gupta's look payal with hate, if possible she will be ashes by now. But her mind is busy finding how did she end up trapping in this mess.


How our conversation on phone is exactly recorded? Is that means already raizada's had doubt on me? Who? Arnav or aakash? What if it is aakash? He'll not accept me henceforth. Who is spying on me? Does it mean my life is closed? Oh, no i did all this for my life. What if?


Sorry for the delay guys. I kind of stuck in middle of the story line. Hope this update is worth waiting. If not i am really sorry guys, i'll try my best in next update. And sorry for ending without clearing doubts.

How many of you have same questions as khushi? What do you think, why did karan waited until Khushi remarriage happens? How did he get khushi photos and her likes? Why payal did all this? Why sheetal is involved? How did aakash and nk get their conversation recorded? What will happen now? Will arnav find Khushi before karan flying away to abroad? How will arnav going to find khushi?

How many of you guessed khushi has obsessed lover who kidnapped her and literally destroyed her life? Did any one find it bored? Hope i did not disappoint anyone by this mystery.

Stay tuned to know the answers!!!

Thanks for your support on previous chapter guys. I hope you love this chapter too.


Jul 15

10. Mission: Finding khushi (By Spriya) (Thanked: 55 times)

"Payal, what's all this? Why did you do that to khushi betiya? Isn't she your sister?" Nani asked shattered by this revelation which threatening her family happiness.  

"I can't believe you had such venom for khushiji" anjali said shaking her head to clear the true face of payal she heard lately.


"I didn't expect this from you payal bhabhi" Nk expressed his displeasure.


"Who is he? Where is he now?" Arnav shouted nearing her.


"Tell him payal, where is he? Why is he behind khushiji?" Aakash questioned nearing her.


"Tell them, why you helped him? Did you forget she's your sister? How can you let him kidnap her? Aren't you ashamed on kidnapping your own sister?" Buaji shouted holding her elbows in tight grip.


They all shouted her without giving time for payal for answer. Their questions and accusations creating havoc in her heart and mind.


No, this can't be happening. Why everyone is blaming me? Isn't they are the one who always put me in back seat? Whatever i do they always find fault in me. They are the one who made me feel like i am inferior to all. The minute Khushi enters all will forget me even in my home too. Why they are not understanding me? Don't i have feelings? Why they always took me for granted? Why i am the only one to bend before maaji(mami)? She accepts khushi then why not me? Am i that bad? Karan was right, indeed i was jealous of Khushi. But it's not only my fault, family had enough hand in intriguing my feelings against khushi, her mind reasoned in between. They consider only Khushi as daughter-in-law not me. I always be a slave or paid less maid to themYou're finished payal. Finished. No one is going to understand you. Your life is ruined. The persons stood before you ruined your lives. Your all dreams are crashed. Neither Aakash is going to accept you nor maaji. It's better to die than living between accusing eyes, her heart cried and came into wrong decision.


"Payal..." Aakash shouted loudly. Hearing him she come out of her thoughts.


Before anyone acknowledge what is happening payal ran downstairs to dinning table and picked the knife. In a blink of eye, the cold metal passed through her tissues making her blood come out of her stomach.


"Payal..." All are shocked by this scene. Arnav and aakash reached her in no time, aakash put her head in his lap while she pluck out the knife from her tissues.


" yo..u di..d?" Aakash stammered in shock.


In the meantime, remaining members reached there and arnav tears some cloth from her pallu and tied it in around her waist much to her displeasure and Nk was busy calling for ambulance and cops inform the new formed problem to their higher officials after picking the knife from payal hand.


"Payal...payal... don't lose your conscious. Payal..." arnav patted her cheeks even though he had less time to find khushi he cannot let payal die before his eyes. Already his eyes seen enough death he doesn't want to add one more in the list.


Her eyes slowly starting to close before closing her eyelids, she mumbled disorientedly.


"I didn't do anything wrong....I didn't wish...anything... bad for Khushi. I didn't told...him to...kidnap...her...I want her.. happiness...i did wron..g" she closed her eyes realising her mistake at last in death bed.


"Payal.." aakash shout reached outside of raizada mansion.


Soon ambulance arrived, they all packed to hospital. Standing outside ICU, arnav looks defeated; How he is going to find khushi? How will he find where she is? The only way to reach her is payal and she is not useful at moment. What can he do now when his name is still unknown, wait she said karan. But first name is not enough, there will be thousands of karan in delhi. How will he find the one whom he was searching? Sulking here bring nothing good, it's better i directly jump into finding khushi. Yes that will be the only option. With this determination he lifted his head and noticed his family reactions which is no less than him other than garima and buaji none eyes are teary. Aakash stood aloof staring the wall.


"Nk..." He called when he neared him, "I am going now. I have to find khushi before he flies out of india. You take over responsibilities here" he ordered him in hurry taking his mobile he turned to run.


"Bhai..wait..i am also coming. Khushiji is first priority for us" aakash said breaking everyone silence.


"Haan, babuwa...Get our titaliya first. Don't Know where she is and what she is doing? I want that **** behind bars. Don't know she has eaten or not" buaji said crying.


"Go chotte. We are here, you should come here only with khushi or else forget you have family. And eat something before going" nani said blessing him. Arnav opened his mouth to deny for dinner.


"No chotte. Don't you think, you want enough energy to search khushiji? Chal, grab a sandwich in canteen. Aakash you too. If you need take Nk for your help, i'll look after things here. Don't worry about us. Nk bhai accompany them" anjali behaved as elder sibling and managed the situation, literally pushed them into hospital canteen and grabbed some food for family members too. In all these chaos they are tired already.


Nodding at her they three started for their mission- Finding Khushi.


Aakash was driving the car while arnav sat in passenger seat and nk was in back seat.


"How did you got the recordings? We may get clue from that" Arnav asked suddenly with his new found hope.


Nk started telling him, "When you gone out from buaji house we got call from garima aunty from your apartment"

Aakash mobile beeped with message he opened the message from garima that reads in hindi, "Call me from your private number" so he called her.


"What happened aunty?" Akash asked attending the call and moved little away from khushi room.


"Beta, did you find khushi? Where is she?” Garima asked from the other side.

"" He exhaled his breath and heard inhaling of breath from other side.


"What...? Beta it's not time to play" garima said even though she knows no one lie in this matter but her mother instincts refuse to believe it.


"Aunty i am sorry, that is the truth. But don't worry bhai and me will not let our khushiji like that. Before dawn she'll be with us" aakash assured her and regaining his hope.


He is also confused, shocked and perplexed. But it is not time to let over his worries, already his bhai is devastated other side his family didn't know this matter yet. So he has to be strong for them. This is the time he waited for to stand strong and support for his bhai who stood beside him all the time and he'll.


He'll not let his bhai life in vain. His bhai suffered already for his enough life. Fourteen years back he is child so he couldn't do anything that time. But not now, even if it takes his life this time he’ll make sure of his bhai happiness.

With this determination he assured buaji and garima before cut the call he heard,


"Beta, arnav betuwa said our phones will not work inside apartment. Here policeji said our phones are safe from tapping and yours not so i messaged you. As soon as phone got worked my phone ringed. I don't know what to do but i attended it anyway. Khushi's cousin rohit called and he said  khushi asked his help so he want to speak to her. I said him to call later. Maybe it'll be helpful for you" she said the purpose of her call wiping her tears.


"It must be useful aunty. Give his number to me. I'll check how it was useful for us" aakash asked and noted the number and inform the same to police. But what he don't know is sheetal already gave statement against payal and khan  already digging into it.


Within few minutes Mr.Khan, arjun and his team arrived in cops quarters along with aakash, nk.


"I already called Rohit here sir" aakash replied to khan and desperately waiting for rohit arrival.


"Excuse me..." Rohit tapped aakash shoulders who was busy in his thoughts standing before room door.


"Huh... you?" Aakash asked scrunching his eyebrows.


"I am rohit dhawan, khushi cousin. You are payal's husband right what happened to khushi?" rohit asked worriedly and both entered to investigation room.


"Mr. Rohit, what did Mrs.Raizada said to you?" Mr.khan bounced on him.


"She gave me a number and asked me to track it details. I am working in telecom company" rohit answered with hesitation.


"What happened to her?" Rohit asked in no time.


"She's kidnapped" arjun replied at the same time checking  rohit identity.


"What?? i know, the number she gave is a private number and it needs higher authority to find it's the details. I can't find it out and i already warned her not to involve in finding mysteries. And sir, she said her family has been under someone scrutiny and one of her family member is helping the culprit" rohit replied worriedly in a single breath shocking the occupants.

"What? Family member is involved" khan questioned, now almost his suspection is correct and instantly turned to aakash “Do your family knows Mrs. Raizada is  kidnapped?"


"No" he replied in daze created by rohit words.


"Then it'll be easy to find Mrs. Raizada. Rohit give me the  number" khan started his investigation in jet speed as he got the culprit but it is not easy as said, Raizada family not going to believe this truth and he need strong evidance.


Seeing the number in white board glistened in red pen aakash eyes widen.


"This is payal, my wife number AR corp., private number" he mumbled in shock.


"Arjun fast, release her number from blocking list and tap all her incoming and outgoing calls" he dismissed arjun and told rohit to wait.


Fortunately as soon as they removed her number from blocking list she called someone and they tapped her call.


"I am sorry to say Mr. Raizada your wife was the culprit”  khan said breaking aakash and nk trance who looked horrified by the new found face of his wife/bhabhi after hearing her conversation with some stranger.


"With whom she was speaking? I want details Asap! Get details of his number, I'll show him how it'll be to mess with ASR wife and aakash sister" aakash said with fury curling his fingers.


"That's the problem Mr. Raizada. That number comes under government telecommunication quota. We can't get details of that number unless we have permission from ministry” arjun butted in massaging his temple in confusion.


"Then what are you waiting for? Get permission spend as much as you want but i need that **** and my bhabhi before me safe and sound" aakash threatened in ASR way.


"It's not easy for us, but for you. You must know higher officials in ministry. Give pressure from your side that will move this case speedy or else it'll take atleast two months” arjun dropped the bomb.


Aakash nods and called aman to contact minister, being  raizada came candy that time. In the mean time nk called arnav and Gupta's. All reached rm with recorded clips to know truth from easy route. Even though they are rich and have power, it'll take time to get help from ministry so aakash decided to confront payal. But she??

Hearing this arnav blood boiled more. Angrily he dialed detective number.


"Why did i appoint you? Can't you do your work? I am paying to find my wife not for entertaining" he bit out angrily. It's been already seven hours still there is no information on Khushi whereabouts. Threatened to destroy their agency if khushi is not found before dawn he cutted the call.


"Payal said, he is her friend. Do you know any of her friends aakash?" Asked arnav contemplating whether khushi know this friend of payal or not. As far as he know, Khushi didn't shared her friend circle on lucknow with him. He know her Delhi friends only.


"No bhai, till this moment i thought she will not speak to any males. She always a shy one. I don't even know her friends in delhi" replied aakash realising how unfair their relation is. Whatever problems they have, at least they should known each other better. Love is not only enough for sustaining in relationship, if it's enough he would know her deeds long back.


"Then we should ask gupta family" said arnav getting frustrated by each passing minute.


"They too don't know nannav. We already asked them, in fact they are shocked as much as we" this time nk replied.


"Waisee..i have one doublt. How come khushiji doesn't know payal bhahi number even though its a private number, but they do share all their stuffs right?" Nk questioned which bugged him lately.


"AR private numbers should not be shared between us unless it is emergency. But i do know all the numbers as C.E.O. They can share between their spouses. It's our policy. So khushi, di, payal don't know their each other numbers. But now, it's time to rewrite the policy" arnav said in distant tone lost in his thoughts.


"Shyam..." Whispered arnav and they reached the investigation quarters. Jumped out of the car arnav literally ran inside.


"Shyam manohar jha. Did you investigate him?" Arnav questioned impatiently.


"Yes ASR. He has no hand in this, now he has been kept in jaipur central prison, Rajasthan" Khan replied.


"Now what you are planned? Before dawn i need my wife before me" ASR in him warned.


"I already told Mr. Aakash to give pressure to officials. What stage it is in? We are also trying but it will have more power if you personally involved in" khan replied politely before burning lava.


"Aakash...what the hell is happening here?" Arnav shouted making others shuddered. ASR is in all his glory.


"Bhai, woah...just now aman called, minister is delaying purposely. You remember, last deal we got threat from our rival who is close to that minister so he is delaying" stated Aakash.


"Aakash don't be a dump ass. Is he is the only one who is minister? Call who is favour on us. Leave it” arnav dismissed and he himself indulged in.


In all the chaos, arjun interrupted, "Sir, shyam manohar jha has some useful information for us. Prison superintendent called now, shyam told them, he can help in finding this mystery. So they wanted us to go there or shall we investigate him by conference"


"What....?" Arnav and aakash shouted. The least expected person who knows khushi kidnapper is shyam. How is that possible? Is shyam trying to help that kidnapper by distracting us? Yes that must be possible, the thing he wished to do is doing by this unknown kidnapper. He must be happy about it, then why the hell he said he can help us. Surely there is a plan behind this, arnav and aakash concluded.


"He must be lying, don't waste your time by going there. Ask him through conference. We want to talk to him" ASR ordered for which khan have to oblige. May be they will get to know some clues.


"Jet is ready sir" a man working under him came to karan house and loading the luggages in car.

"Ok..Be ready. We have to fly before dawn. Already her **** husband started searching for her. He is so close to us. Before he reach here, i have to fly somehow along with her" karan said getting ready.


"No problem boss. All is ready"


Karan nods giving last look to his house, he picked khushi and made her to lie in back seat while he occupied passenger. They started their travelling to airport in dark clouds.


You guys can relax as this is the last cliffhanger chapter. Probably two parts are remaining to end this story.

And the parts which contained telecommunication ministry is strictly my imagination. I don't know how it works but i do know there are numbers used under defense cannot be tapped without permission from government. So don't ask me how it works,if you know anything regarding that you are feel free to tell us.

And don't worry khushi will be safe and sound. How and when you have to wait for next part which is probably before monday.

Thanks for who pressed thank you and comments-Londoner,Candie,Pindborg,Arch- Thanks a lot ,Dsv,Arnavkushiarshi,Maahiak,Lily30,Noordina,reena,Fffan123,pritiasrfan,Nourhan khattab- I will update second love after finishing this dear,Sarada Devarakonda,, 

Thanks for reading!

Jul 17

11. Revelation-2 (By Spriya) (Thanked: 66 times)

Shyam was enquired by cops in prison. When they asked him "Do you know khushi?" He knows what he feared was actually happened.


So he instantly told them, he can help them in finding her and he too know ASR will not trust him if he told the full story so he choose to act cool and his foremost priority was rescuing Khushi safe. In no time prison enquiring room was changed into a conference room with two cops made shyam sit in center of the chair in jail uniform.


"What story did you created this time shyam?" Arnav asked with gritted teeth seeing him in big tv connected through the conference.


"It's not makeup story arnav. A truth, a hidden truth of many years precisely seven years. The one whom you are searching was karan khundra, son of uttar pradesh CM. Don't waste your time in enquiring me. I don't have any plans to escape from this jail so it's better you find khushiji without arguing and shouting at me" shyam replied coolly making arnav and aakash blood boil.


"Shyam..." Arnav bit out giving extra pressure to each syllable with gritted teeth, he badly wants to kick him seeing his cool behaviour. Now it is confirmed there is more to this karan drama. Shyam was aware of it; may be they both planned this but maybe Karan betrayed him so shyam spilling the truth now.


"Bhai, let's look for Khushiji first” aakash diverted arnav   attention. The least he could do was helping him to find  khushiji without wasting time. Already they are loss of time.


He felt, somewhere he is also responsible for this kidnapping. If only he could tried hard to understand payal's insecurities this day wouldn't come. If only he stood against his mother for payal. If only he guessed what torment payal was in. If only he predicted what future behold for them. If only...


Throwing his and payal fate into god aakash decided to rectify his wife sin. It's his duty too. Sharing happy moments, give into physical needs, depending on spouse for small matters, giving surprises, providing luxuries is not only love but sharing each other worries, helping hand in solving problems, taking part in your spouse misery and guiding them when they did wrong without blame game also included in it.


The time he heard payal conversation and her last words before losing consciousness is enough for aakash to realise he lacks in maintaining his married life and she suffers major inferiority complex or phycological problems. He like a teenager who thinks the meaning of love in only as fairy tale and many time blamed her easily. As a husband, it's his duty to look after his girl who come with him leaving her family only in the hope of her husband. A husband who will protect her, shield her from harm, will understand her, will support her when she needed someone, will walk along with her in the rough pace of life. But what he did? They badly needed to work on their relationship. For that he has to take one step forward; that is doing his wife's wrong into right.


With this new decision and determination, aakash slipped out of his family when they are busy staring at ICU. He asked payal status to one of the doctor, who checked her first. He assured the knife didn't go deep so just a small operation is enough to join the tissues. After getting a lot of assurance from him, he signed for operation and get ready to accompany his brother in finding his sister-in-law.


"Aakash..." Arnav called bringing him back to earth.


"Haan bhai. What you decided?" Aakash asked adjusting his spectacles.


"Now we have only one option available for us which shyam said. We don't know he is saying truth or not. But somewhere i guess whatever he told will be useful for us. I already made require arrangements. Karan dad is in Lucknow, aman already started to strike deal with him. He should bend before us, shyam gave some illegal business details of his. Khan will handle from here along with nk and his team. We have to reach airport, if karan planned to fly then surely he had to reach airport. Arjun and team is going to come with us" arnav explained dragging him to car.


"Bhai, i'll drive" aakash asked extending his hands.


"No aakash, you drive slow" before aakash know he was in the passenger seat. While talking arnav pushed him inside and he took his seat behind the steering wheel. The car zoomed fast to airport, aakash holding the dashboard for his dear life. Horror spread over his face seeing arnav's driving. But he to understand what his bhai condition is. Both are in same boat, his soulmate is in hospital at least he is assured payal will be safe but his bhai soul....


"Bhai, what if he is not in delhi. We only know his name and he has farm house is in delhi" aakash asked with wide eyes. Panic rushed in his spine but arnav sat unaffected making him feel weird.


"No aakash, he is in delhi. It's nearly two hours since we got Khushi letter and mobile. If he want to fly then he must be in delhi, this is the nearest airport for international planes and private jets. And he's planning to go abroad so obviously he is in delhi" arnav cleared his doubt and pressing his accelerator more.


"It made sense now aakash. Shyam is saying truth. Do you remember khushi mobile gps showed her mobile is in laxminagar when it is not. He must be locked her sim location in laxminagar, once it got locked wherever you go it always show the locked location. It cannot be done by a simple person; like khan said it needs higher official not someone like shyam can do it" arnav said out of blue shocked by the fact that karan planned well to kidnap her, in fact, it seems like he is waiting from a long time for it.


"Oh god. What is it bhai? It looks like some crime story" aakash murmured in shock.


Before he comes out of shock car screeched halt before airport. Arnav ran inside while aakash took the task of parking it as already many honking their horns. Following arnav, arjun and his team reached there and started seeing the footages.


"We don't know his face, how will he find now" arnav breath hitched for a moment. His heart started beating faster. He don't know, is it because of his running or it indicates khushi presence. Taking his mobile he called aman to get his picture but before that.


"ASR, they faxed karan picture" arjun shouted arnav came near them aakash to joined in.


Seeing the picture they both shocked.


"Bhai, isn't he the one who worked as a photographer in AR when khushiji joined our office. He said he's a friend of our photographer and joined as his assistant. Remember we sacked him seeing his unprofessionalism. That means he's behind her from that time itself" aakash bewildered trying hard to digest this truth.


Meanwhile, arjun was checking CCTV footages and passed karan photos to all entry gates and ordered to block him.


"He is not reached yet" arjun said with hope but here arnav is in his own world.


One physco lover is behind his Khushi from a long time, what he is doing here? He isn't aware of this. Hadn't he promised to protect her? Why he's failing each time? Is sheetal is send by him or she done for her own selfish reason. Why didn't he pressurize khushi when she avoided him? She already knows something is wrong in our family. In fact, she did divorce drama, realization struck hard for him making him fall on his knees. She is all alone battling but he, as usual enjoyed his life. He should have guessed khushi is hiding something. When it comes to khushi why he always let everything on her own?


"Bhai, control yourself" aakash said who was silently reading the various emotions played on his bhai face. He helped him to stand up and gave him water.


"Aakash...Khushi..." Arnav whispered with quivering lips. Aakash wiped his corner of his eyes seeing vulnerable arnav.


"He is not reached yet. Don't worry bhai, you'll get your happiness" aakash assured with hope.


"Good news ASR. Your manager made Karan father to agree with your deal. He gave his son whereabouts. We checked his location he has a farmhouse in outskirts of delhi. He is there from the past one year and from yesterday evening there is a girl, i mean Mrs. Raizada is also there. Now he's on his way to airport, we got hold of his men. So we're near to find your wife, within half an hour she'll be with you " arjun said earning a shock which is nothing but a sudden hug from ASR.


"Sir..he arrived" one of the cop shouted seeing the footage.


"Where?" Arnav reached the screen before arjun and confirmed he is the one who worked in AR.


"I'll go" arnav started to run.


"Sir wait, it is not safe for your wife. We have to trap him without his notice" arjun stopped him but when did ASR heard others he stormed out. He can't sit quite knowing his Khushi is with karan near his premises.


When arnav reached outside karan was opening the back door to get khushi before his hand touch her arnav ran in light speed, pushed his hand and let his head inside to get shocked seeing khushi unconscious and picked her.


Karan didn't expect arnav to be here before him, he already asked his dad to give him security. Where are they? How did arnav reached here? Why there is no security here to receive me? While karan lost in thoughts arnav picked her out. Seeing khushi in arnav arms karan gain his sense back.


"How dare you?" Karan gritted trying to punch arnav but a kick land on his face make him fell backwards.


Arnav saw aakash telling to go inside and he is struggling to keep pouncing karan while cops are running in their direction.


Soon khushi was taken into medical help in airport itself. Police rounded karan and put handcuff on his hands.


"Leave me. I have to go to my angel..leave me...leave me..." Karan went aggressive and soon a bunch of bodyguards came said something to one of the police and taking karan with him releasing from handcuffs shocking aakash.


"What are you doing? We gave complaint against him, how can you release him?" Aakash shouted.


Arjun ran towards them, "Sir, it's an order to release karan. But we assure you there will be no problem for Mrs. Raizada henceforth.


"Are you kidding me?" Aakash said in rage.


"Sir, it is not new. Don't you know indoor politics? We are bound to release him but they assured here after they'll look after karan and they will convince ASR too. If i deny, i must be transferred somewhere and new officer is going to release him anyway" arjun stated the fact.


Aakash let aside this matter temporarily as he know whatever arjun saying is indeed correct. It is not going to work like they are showing in films. Being in business line he know how much politics works in back door. They know closely other than common man.


Aakash mobile rangs, "I am coming bhai"


He entered the room where Khushi is staying temporarily. She was sleeping in bed unknown to the commotion she was in while arnav was staring and caressing her face time to time pecking her in between. His one hand holding her hand in his tight grip.


"Bhai" aakash called breaking the trance.


"See, my khushi is safe" arnav said with full blown smile adorned his face. The tension he felt in nearly nine hours is vanished permanently.


"Why she's unconscious?" Aakash asked nearing them fondling her head.


"That **** gave sleeping pills to her" arnav said with fury. "Where is he?" He asked coming out of his khushi land.


Before aakash could answer arjun entered "ASR shyam manohar jha wanted to talk to you"


"What? What he wanted now?" Arnav asked carelessly but something strikes his brain.


"Ok. How can i talk from here?" asked arnav while aakash stood confused.


"We can't talk to him from here. Basically, we'll not give permission for prisoner to talk to outside person through conference or phone unless he's inquired but we can't deny he helped us big time" arjun said waiting for ASR reaction.


"I am going to take my wife to home. I'll talk to him from there through mobile, you give the number to aakash" ASR dismissed and picked khushi gesturing aakash to accompany. Arjun stood baffled hearing ASR order, he came to tell something but he ordered something and left like that.


Shaking his head arjun gone for further procedures and arnav, aakash along with khushi reached rm.


Arnav made her lie on the bed, aakash excused himself to call Nk and anjali.


"I am sorry Khushi. I failed you, i am sorry" he cried hugging her.


Some minutes passed in silence, arnav decides to fresh her up. He wiped her face, hands with water and changed her clothes into a comfortable one.


Aakash knocked before entering, "Bhai, i am going to hospital. Payal operation is successful she'll gain conscious in few hours. I should be there"


"Ok. Aakash take care. I'll come after khushi gain conscious. Send all to home, they must be tired" arnav said and requested aakash to wait in his room until he freshens up. When khushi wakes he doesn't want to scare her with his absence, he knows she will get scared. Hereafter he'll never let her alone.


Aakash started for hospital while arnav remembered shyam and decided to close the matter before khushi gain conscious. When she wakes up she should be stress-free. He dialled the number.


"Hello...ASR speaking, I want to talk to shyam manohar jha” arnav spoke sitting beside khushi caressing her hairs time to time holding her hands.


After a minute of silence, shyam came into line.


"Arnav, did you find khushiji? How is she?" Shyam worried voice reached arnav ears making him fist his fingers.


"You shouldn't worry about my wife, when am here” arnav said with possessive dripping on his voice.


"Haha... that's what i saw how you saved. Arnav you should be careful when you have a beautiful wife" shyam said making arnav blood boil.


"Shyam..." Controlling his anger "Why you wanted to talk me?" Asked arnav.


"To tell about karan. Don't fly in the sky thinking you find Khushiji so all problems are solved. Karan was one physco who will not leave khushiji. He thinks she is his breath. He's following her from the time she is in school. He is the one who send goons to abduct khushiji when you released the video. It's her luck, i followed her and saved her from them. Later he tried to kidnap her which i find out. Fortunately, his dad was MLA that time trying to get cm post. I found his illegal activities by mistake and threatened them with that. So karan let his guard down without having no choice. I continued to protect her until one day you put in jail. His men destroyed their papers thinking i have only one copy but already i had one more copy with me safely in a locker which i gave you now. So i am warning you, he is always a thorn on your neck. Unless you keep his father in toes you probably have a hard time handling him. I don't think ASR will need advice, did he? And don't think i am doing all this repenting because i am not! I love khushiji, will love until my death but doesn't mean i am a threat to you. Shyam manohar jha will not bend before ASR and he'll not force khusiji. His love is true unlike he showed on anjali. True love will not force them to love which i realised lately. When i am not able to love anjali who showered love on me then i cannot force khushiji too. Some love will end before starts mine and anjali love was same. Anyways good luck ASR. Keep khushiji happy"


Arnav doesn't realise when call ended. He sat pondering on shyam words. He don't know whether he has to be happy knowing shyam is away from their path or he has to be sad knowing other than him someone is loving his wife or he has to be worried for karan fiasco. His hand in his own accord caressing her head.


So shyam truth is revealed. I guess many of you wanted some action between arnav and karan but i don't want to suffer khushi more. So do tell me some suggestion guys,

Do you want another twist from karan before arnav get hold on him? Or shall i end my twists here? Do you guys want more shyam flashback part? I am going to write after seeing your comments, so the update must be on friday.

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Jul 22

12. Carefree morning (By Spriya) (Thanked: 78 times)

Arnav eyes fixed on khushi's serene face. Within a night she looks so pale, her eyes look puffy. She might be cried hard for him. While wiping her face he noticed her dried tears. How dare that **** to make his love cry? He'll not leave him easily. Whoever that karan maybe, he have to face ASR for even thinking of his wife.


"Khushi. Open your eyes na. See you're safe with me. We are in our home. It's already seven in morning. Get up na jaan" arnav cooed in her ears lying beside her.


"Khushi..." He pecked her forehead and eyes one by one.


"Hmm..." she responded to his peck but soon her mind went into previous day, making her fear to open her eyes even though she heard arnav's soothing voice.


"Wake up khushi. You are in home. You are safe in rm. I am here, just open your eyes and see yourself" he said seeing her fearing to open eyes by closing her eyelids tightly.


"Hmm..." She moaned and open her eyes. Like he said, her eyes didn't deceived her. Indeed she is in rm, in their room, in their bed, in her cocoon her husband arms.


A relief washed over her entire form. A cry escaped her mouth seeing arnav near her. Like a child who found her mother in a crowd, khushi launched herself on him. He fell flat taking her with him.


"Arnavji..." She let out a happy wail. Happy that she escaped from that golden jail, happy that she was far away from that physco, happy that she was safe in her love arms, happy that she need not to be worried hereafter.


"Shh..shh.. you're safe" he caressed her head and other hand rocking back and forth. Khushi dipped more into him.


"" She hiccupped.


"Shh..shh..will speak about it later. Now like a good girl, get up. I am hearing growls from your stomach. Poor it was, missed it's daily dose" arnav tried to lighten the atmosphere earning a playful slap on his chest.


"Nahi..i'll not get up" she said like a stubborn child buried her face more into his neck shocking arnav. Wherever she is, the moment she got reminded of food she'll leave straight away to kitchen. And to his wonder, wantedly she is lying on him or else he have to plead her for just a kiss and a hug in daylight.


"Khushi, your health is perfect right?" He asked confusedly.


In reply she snuggled into him leaving no chance for air to pass through. Few minutes passed in silence, khushi is not ready to leave him.




"Hmm...I am hungry" she said at last failing in controlling her growls.


"Go freshen up. I'll be here with your breakfast" he disentangled himself from her.


"Hmm..come fast" she replied rushed to washroom taking her cloths.


Even though she wanted to go down to meet the family and do participate in conversation she didn't wished to do that moment. All she want was to confide with the four walls of their room with arnav. She herself wondered why did she feared so much for karan when she's not scared of shyam who lived with her in the same house for six months in her earlier marriage and another one month after her remarriage. She can't deny the fact that she noticed some undying mad glint in karan eyes which is absent in shyam eyes. Now she's with her hubby then why to burn her brains unnecessarily, she thought and came out asap. Her hunger didn't let her think more.


When she was out of washroom, already her husband made all the arrangements for her breakfast.


"Why are you standing there? Come khushi!" He called her and making her sit on recliner and he took seat opposite to her.


Seeing food Khushi forget her previous turmoil and silently they ate their breakfast.


"Do anyone from our family know about my kidnapping?" Khushi asked breaking the silence. From the time all she met was arnav, she was sure if their family know about her being missing then they must be here by now fussing over her or they are busy with sheetal. She thought to ask arnav without racking her brains.


"Yup. They know khushi. I told them not to disturb you" arnav told the half truth. He know she looks bit shaken by this karan fiasco and if she know payal is behind this then again she start to worry herself lest he want her to fall sick.


"That's good. I don't want to go out of our room arnavji" she said taking her place in bed after finishing breakfast.


Arnav was astonished hearing his wife who always keeps family as top priority is now saying opposite. Even though there's some unfinished business out there, arnav decided to oblige his wife wishes. He too sat beside her pulling her in his arms.


"Arnavji, i want to watch salmanji movie. Do one thing, put bodyguard movie. I want to see that" seeing khushi's enthusiasm arnav bowled off. Why not, when he thought she'll cry or talk to him about karan. Trust that his wife is one crazy piece only made for him. On the corner of his heart he too knows that she's doing this purposely to forget yesterday events and not to make him sad. He too don't want to push her so obviously he put the cd player.


"Sit beside me arnavji" khushi whined seeing him weirdly looking at tv. Before he took his seat, she happily dragged him towards her, hooking her arms with his and placed her head on his shoulder.


"Khushi, is this movie is that one?" Arnav asked after sometime.


"Haan, our movie date" khushi confirmed happily.


"Not ours, it's family picnic" arnav replied grumpily remembering three hours he wasted thanks to khushi who made it as family tour.


Khushi zipped her mouth, even though she did like that for di but she too knows spending time as a couple is how memorable and important for newly weds like them is spoiled only by her. After that they have no time to go out.


Yesterday night taught her best, they are missing their earlier joy of marriage because of family problems which seems never ending. Those days cannot be recreated. She want to utilise the time which she had, didn't life taught her happiness will no longer a permanent one. From the time she born all she got was sorrow-sorrow-happiness-sorrow-happiness-sorrow.


"Khushi where are you lost?" Arnav asked shaking her.


"Ahh...nothing arnavji. This is our first movie date" she exclaimed suddenly.


"But we gone for english movie khushi" arnav said with a frown.


"Naa... that was first date for you not for me" khushi twisted her words.


"What??" Arnav scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.


"Offoo arnavji. English movie was your favourite so that's your first date but i love salman movies. This is the first time we are alone seeing his film so its my first date" khushi explained as if she found some great explanation which no one knows.


"Okey..." Arnav obliged amusedly. Being khushi's husband he was always open to surprises.


Without disturbance they watched full movie in between cuddling, pecking credits to arnav. Khushi slept in tiredness. 


I know it was small update. And i am busy to write lengthy update, so sorry guys if i disappointed you.

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Jul 31

14. Revelation-3 and Face off (By Spriya) (Thanked: 64 times)

"What the hell are you saying aakash?" Arnav shouted over the phone while khushi was taking afternoon nap.


"Bhai, i can't do anything when they are assuring me he'll not come around khushiji again. I tried hard without trusting them but i can't bhai... they're shutting me out saying they'll convince you. So your presence is needed" aakash said dejectedly.


It's afternoon and payal already gained conscious whole family is there except arnav and khushi. Aakash called arnav when he was unable to get hold on karan.


"Whose custody he is in?" Arnav asked massaging his temples. Running whole night and from yesterday morning itself his diabetes level is not stable making him tired and worn out. Hardly he had two hours of sleep.


"I think with his father. They are not giving information" says aakash with a sigh.


"Ok. I'll look into the matter" arnav said going to end the call but interrupted due to aakash voice.


"Bhai, inform me if you planned to see anyone outside. Khushiji will be alone na" aakash whispered hurriedly, in fact he wants to accompany him. As far as he know, surely his bhai will go out to settle Karan's matter. He doesn't want his bhai to face him alone, not that he's doubting his bhai capabilities but he too wants to settle score with him who was also a reason for payal condition.


"Aman, i want details about that karan in one hour" arnav called his right hand man.


"Ok ASR" he replied and ended the call.


"Hmm...arnavji..." Khushi murmured slowly getting up from the sleep. Arnav was beside her in a blink of eye.


"Khushi..." He cooed caressing her arms.


Without opening her eyes she snuggled to his lap. Fondling her head, "Are you sleepy?" He asked slowly.



 "Hmm..." She tightened her hold on his waist.


"Shall i prepare coffee for you?" he asked as he know she is not sleepy. If she is asleep then she'll not snuggle to him unless she is tired of her taekwondo poses.


"Hmm..." She murmured.


He made her lie in bed and went down to prepare coffee for her. In the mean time his mobile rang disturbing her. Annoyed she attended the call without seeing whose mobile and call it is.


"ASR, karan is in his father's custody. His father flied down here and both are in farmhouse with high security. We can't meet him without appointment" aman said in one breath without hearing any voice at other side, "ASR..." He called.


"I want to see him. Do anything, but i want him before me" khushi voice reached over the phone shocking aman.


"Bhabhi...aap...where is ASR?" He asked in fear of getting another round of you're fired for umpteenth time.


"He's down, wait a minute amanji" aman heard her answer along with khushi calling arnav.


"Yes, aman. Did you found anything?" He questioned making his way to poolside as he was not interested in letting khushi know this matter.


"He was with his father in his delhi farmhouse where bhabhi was kept. ASR...bhabhi wants to meet him" aman said holding his breath.


"What the!" Arnav's favourite phrase came out before his brain progressing what aman said.


"I said all the details thinking you're on the call but that turned out to be khushi bhabhi. Sorry.. ASR" aman said holding his breath.


"Hmph... I'll call you later" arnav pressed the end button.


"Khushi" he called entering the room.


"You must be known by now why he called and i too know that he told you what i asked. I really want to see him and show him how true our love is and how foolish of him to thought you'll not find me and i want to see you punish him arnavji. You know he tried to come close" Khushi started speaking determined but when thinking of karan actions her body shivered and voice quivered.


"Shh..." He hugged her tightly assuring her at the same time controlling his rage.


"How dare he to come close to your wife? Only you have right on me. Only you the right to hurt me, scold me, care for me and have right on my heart, soul and body, none else. He tried to kiss me arnavji. Arnavji...h..e..." She hiccupped at the end and holding him to her dear life.


On the other hand his eyes turned bloodshot hearing her before he keep his emotions on check to control khushi, she ordered him.


"Kiss me...kiss me on check, forehead, kiss me..." She blabbered holding his collar.


Without thinking much, he did what she asked to do. One lead to another. Everything can wait, thinking this they both lost in their own world.


An hour or so mobile ranged making them broke their trance. Sighed he placed his phone on ear while other hand doing it's own job of caressing her bare shoulders. She snuggled to him in reflex.


"Kidnap him" said arnav making khushi shocked.


"You know where to keep him right. Call me after finishing your work" ASR in him ordered before end the conversation.


"Arnavji...what are you speaking? Who called and how can you order to kidnap someone. Don't you know how hard and torturous that will be. We both gone through this phase" khushi's good side started lecturing without giving him a chance to speak.


"Karan...i ordered aman to kidnap him" he answered ignoring her rantings.


"Why?" Even though she knows the answer still she asked him.


"To finish the unfinished business" Khushi sensed his transformation from her arnavji to ASR.


He felt her hold tightening on him, keeping his ASR mask aside, "khushi don't be scared. I am here na. Don't you trust me. You're the one who want to face him. If you don't wish now then no problem. I'll make sure to give him a lesson which he'll never forget in his whole life" he assured hugging her tight.


"Nahi...i want to see him. You're there na" she asked lifting her head.




"Hamesha..." She repeated and placed her lips on his chest where his heart resides.


"Where do you planned to keep him?" She asked resuming her position. He flipped her and come on top her.


"That you'll know when you see yourself. You know mouth can be used for other purposes too apart from questioning" before she register his husky voice he closed their gap.


"Arnavji...leave na..mmm...leave me..It must be night by now. Don't we have to meet that karan" she whined pushing him aside.


Giving a scoffing look he went to freshen up.


After dinner they both started for their destination. Lost in arnav and karan fiasco she totally forget about the family which made him relax. First she need to let out this karan matter then they can think about payal, he thought but it's not going to work this way which he failed to predict.


The car stopped, khushi curiously watched out of the window to know the place. Shock would be an understatement for her. They are now standing before the construction site where she stuck while working in AR and he came running rescued her and a big fight between them followed by.


"Arnavji..this site..." Khushi asked dumbfounded as she thought this must be destroyed by now.


"This is the same construction site where you stuck in past khushi. Still it is not destroyed waiting for court order. There will be no better place than this" he cleared her confusion. Seeing them aman came running from the entrance.


Arnav throw a glance at him, being ASR man from years he understood what ASR mean.


"We kept him in ground floor ASR. That'll be safe for us" aman replied guiding him to the area where karan is kept in.


"Amanji, you said he was under high security then how did you kidnapped him?" She asked underestimating ASR man capabilities.


Aman let out a smile and moved his eyes to arnav for permission. Arnav too nods. "Bhabhi what are chloroforms for? We added little in food except karan's. Their chef is now on our side"


"Aman did you make sure, there is no camera inside and outside?"


"Fortunately, the farmhouse is under maintenance. So they removed camera's" aman answered confidently.


Noding his head at him, arnav helped khushi to get down in stairs. He's not interested in making her meet him but he do understand if she didn't let out her worry and frustration then she'll remember this karan life long and there'll be a constant fear of him. Arnav didn't want his khushi to suppress this issue and worry later, he want to finish this chapter asap in their life.


They entered the room where he has been kept. Three to four bouncers are surrounding him and at the entrance two bouncers are made to stand for security.


Khushi pressed herself more into arnav and her grip on his hands are tightening seeing karan tied in a chair. Arnav assured her through his eyes and held her hands gently.


"Pour water on him" ordered arnav.


"Your place is beside me not behind. I am here" arnav said seeing her trying to hide behind his back when karan is struggling to open his eyes.


"How are you karan? Oops Mr. Karan khundra son of Mahesh kundra" says arnav sarcastically.


"You... How dare you to take my angel away from me?" Karan shouted after gaining full conscious.


"SHE IS NOT YOUR ANGEL DAMMIT. SHE IS MINE, MY ANGEL" shouted an equally enraged and possessive arnav.


"You..." Karan tried to get up that's when he realized he was tied into the chair.


"Release me from this ropes. No one can live after treating me like this" threatened karan.


"Arnavji..." Khushi held his arms as he tried to go near karan in anger.


"Leave me khushi..."


"Angel, you're also here. See what your beloved husband is doing, say him to release me. We both will lead a life far away from here" he said like an obsessed person which is actually true.


"You are mad karan. What do you think, I'll run to you leaving my husband who love me to the core. Grab a life for yourself. Don't snatch others" khushi said panting heavily. When he said, she is his angel her patience level snapped and earlier fear fly out of the window. She want to beat him left and right but at the same time don't want to touch him for beating itself, so she dropped that idea.


"He brainwashed you didn't he? You betrayed me hearing him" Karan pointed at arnav.


"Are you insane? I don't even know you then how can i betray you. Mind your life, stay away from mine. You'll get a girl who love you truly. Not me, i am already someone's and never try to interfere in my life" she warmed him which went in deaf ear.


"Nahi...nahi... you're my angel. I don't give you to anyone else..." Before he finish the sentence a punch landed on his face which came from none other than arnav.


"Stop saying that again and again. What do you think I'll let you freely out from here and you can have a happy life. Never..." ASR took charge of the control.


"Haha....haha....hahaha....what do you think I'll sit quite when you both lead a blissful life. I didn't join as a photographer just to leave her, i didn't worked as mere assistant just to sit quite and i didn't befriend with payal to sacrifice khushi, i didn't sit quite for whole damn year after my coma just to let her out of my life, i didn't captured sheetal pictures just to break your relationship, i didn't brainwashed payal just to get hold on her, i didn't kidnapped her to rescue you. Hell i did all that for her, for my angel" he said like a manic eyeing khushi.


Arnav now confirmed sheetal was sent by him but still in his corner of heart he doubts sheetal's intention.


Gritting her teeth khushi informed arnav that she'll wait outside as she feel sick seeing the look on karan face. Arnav obliged as he too don't want that **** eyes on her. For safety, he send aman with her. Though she is confused on him saying he brainwashed payal she decide to leave the place which is suffocating her.


"Angel stop...angel stop...." Karan shouted and started acting vigorous to come out of the chair.


"Don't waste your energy karan. You are not going to see the outside world for atleast few years" arnav said carelessly taking his seat before him.


"Stop boasting yourself ASR. I know what i signed for when i kidnapped khushi even after knowing your capabilities. Do you think i was weak then?" He said raising his eyebrows in mocking way.


"It's interesting to know your overconfidence. Lets forget it and coming to the main point will you stop running behind khushi?" Arnav asked without beating around the bush. He want to join with his wife Asap.


"Never..i'll never stop. Like i said earlier i didn't do all the things to let her go. First her father that shashi gupta then that shyam who controlled us for whole year, damn him if i met him i'll kill him with my bare hands same goes to you. How dare you to come between us? You know her only from an year but i know each and everything of her. Seven damn years i loved her, escaping from shyam eyes i noticed each and every likes of her. I get her details constantly by one or other way, i even know you married suddenly but don't know why and i don't want to know it either. I need her, she is my breath. I thought she'll divorce you when she came about sheetal and i'll console her then we'll get married. But she...she trusted you dammit. How much i tried to create hate in her mind for you, all got failed. And i didn't even planned to kidnap her until i came to know sheetal and my angel are at one team fooling me through payal. I cannot lose her can i? so kidnapped her. You know what i said, haha....i told her you met with accident and she came running to you. My plan is full proofed right but dammit you got my father on my toes and he withdrawed my security made your work easy. I must admit why everyone call you a shrewd man. Even after plotting perfectly by me, you still got me. But mind it i'll not let you succeed and I achieve my goal, no one can come between us" karan replied with mad anger arrogantly.


"So you can't back out do you?" He asked for which karan noded with sly smile.


"Then i can't help it" said this arnav stood and getting one spray bottle from one of the bouncers. He neared karan before karan comprehend arnav sprayed the liquid at his face. In no time he blacked out.


Giving a satisfactory smile arnav left the room. Outside khushi was curiously waiting for him. As soon as she spotted him she ran and hugged him tightly.


"Shh..he'll not bother us hereafter" he cooed and called aman near him.


"Khushi go sit in car, i have an important to talk with aman" he made her sit in car. Assuring her he went to talk with aman.


"Aman like we planned earlier, shift him to his house where you kidnapped him and already he is unconscious after he woke up made sure he'll eat the sleeping tablet mixed food and you already had his self declaration letter right. Put that in his side table. No one will come to know our involvement in this" arnav ordered and walked to the car carrying ASR aura and confidence.


They already made a letter with karan handwriting using expert. That states,


I cannot live in this world knowing khushi is with someone else. You made a deal with asr dad, because of your illegal activities i am not getting my angel. You sold your son's happiness. I hate you dad. I hate you...You're the reason behind my decision. Promise me that you'll never hurt my angel. Don't break your promise, it's your son's last wish.

They made sure to notice small things like how he call his father and how his handwriting is and how his signature was. Being ASR is always a cherry on top, little of money from his pocket the chef and the man who was with karan was on ASR side. They already gave sleeping tablets in the form of little choco's which he love. Once karan took his breakfast he'll be finished.



Two days later,

"Shyam manohar jha was found in sunshine orphanage at his second day of birth with a name tag and a letter attached to it. The kind hearted orphanage head decided to brought him up. Until his eighteenth age his expenses was managed by orphanage, later due to his interest he joined in law college with part time job he was offered in orphanage itself. Though he was taught to all the good things, the moment he saw the letter which was left by his mother changed him altogether into different person whose morning start with greed of money and end with the same. The letter states shyam was born for a greedy man and an innocent woman. Money acted as repulsive between shyam parents which resulted in throwing him out for better future. She further stated money is the only breath to live, nothing else matters. That statement made him mad for money. After finishing his law he joined as junior that time he came across a growing business man Arnav singh raizada. Shyam being intelligent in his field guessed ASR capability and started planning to enter into his family somehow. His wait become fruitful when his eyes landed on ASR sister Anjali Singh raizada who was a handicap was added as plus point in his cap. Soon anjali was followed by shyam and he portrayed himself as good man for which ASR sister fall flat in his charms. They are married by following days, somehow shyam made a good name for himself in raizada hearts. Life went smoothly, anjali being ATM bank for shyam made his life a heaven even though he hates her over Pampering.


One day he went to lucknow for his work lieing to anjali because if she come to know he also in lucknow then he'll be a bird in Golden cage. Two days passed in blur, third day he saw a video in which his brother-in-law holds a girl who slips from the stage. At first he didn't paid much attention but what captivated him was arnav's intense stare on that girl. Till now, arnav didn't eyed any girl, girls throw themselves on him but his eyes didn't turn on their side. There is something on her made the stone hearted man to stare at her. Shyam noticed a slight transformation in ASR demeanour, so he observed the reason only to get fall for that innocent beauty. The moment his eyes landed on the girl who was stilled on ASR hands shyam felt unknown happiness. That night his thoughts fully lingered around her and next day he decided to follow her. Fortunately he found her in bazaar but what shocked him was some goons trying to misbehave with her. His blood boiled seeing that scene, without wasting time he rescued her. Following days he collected all the information regarding gupta family. Before he approach her gupta family send both sisters to delhi. Cursing them mentally he traced khushi's delhi address. To his pleasure, he easily convinced madhumathi, her buaji to give him a place to stay as he is a orphan. He started to sweet talk with buaji and made a place for himself. But khushi always seen him as his friend only and keep him at a arm distance. Days started passing, khushi started to work on his brother-in-law company AR which become headache for shyam. He was happy knowing the fact that arnav and khushi relation is bitter; at the same time anjali and khushi bond was growing tremendously. As usual following her one day when she went to market he noticed some group of unknown strangers waiting for opportunity to round up khushi. Using his brain he distracted them and dig into the matter only to get shocked knowing a big hand is behind this. He dig down to the core and got the culprit is none other than one obsessive lover of khushi who was following her from her school days itself, with additional information of his father doing illegal business under backdoor which he used in his favour. He threatened karan' s father, if he didn't control his son then he'll release his illegal secrets. Being in the dream of getting chief minister post, Karan's father sent karan to abroad for namesake and shyam continued to threaten him until he was made to put behind bars. Shyam loved khushi so he did all the possible ways to protect her. He feed lies to ASR which was the turning point in their lives, he tried all his possible ways to separate arnav and khushi when he found some sparks between them. All his attempts failed when they came home married. Even  then he didn't accept defeat, he kidnapped ASR both for money and khushi. At last failed in all his plans he was trapped by ASR and made to spend his life time in jail. And he was the one who helped ASR to find his wife. He did a mistake of loving a girl who was not his" khushi closed the file and let out a sigh.


Where she was living, her life was thoroughly monitored by many but she has no idea about it. The one whom she thought scumbag was the one who indirectly rescued and protected her. Why her life was like a spider web? She don't know how many secrets are still kept away from her. Now she understands why karan never approached her in this one year.


"Khushi..." Arnav placed his hands on her shoulder. She turned and arnav was confused seeing her empty eyes.


"Khushi...what?" Arnav asked but stopped seeing the file. Cursing himself for placing it on room, he took it and dump into the wardrobe.


"Khushi woh..." He stammered a little not knowing how to start the conversation.


"How many secrets are left for me to know?" She asked eyeing him directly which he avoided making her suspecting something she is unaware off is out there.


"You too have many secrets khushi. I didn't had any idea about it" he questioned her back without replying her.


Khushi lowered her eyes understanding what he is referring to. In these two days she came to know payal involvement on her kidnapping and her suicide attempt. Her feet didn't stood in floor she wish to see her straight away but arnav advice made her to wait until payal's pshyciatric treatment finished. And she know he is waiting for her to open up regarding this whole matter including sheetal's but she is keeping mum.


Anjali, nani, aakash and gupta's pampered her time to time in this two days. Raizada's are really sorry for their ignorance towards khushi which she being kind heart forgive them easily. 



Phew!!! I updated the heart of the story. Still i am unsure of its outcome guys. Did i wrote up to a standard or made you disappointed with this part. I thought to avoid filmy fights so wrote like ASR shrew brain.

Hope it's not a ****.

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Thanks Londoner for pointing out! You missed no updates, it's just i misnumbered it as 14.


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14. Refreshing classes (By Spriya) (Thanked: 54 times)

This was the 14th chapter. Previous one was 13th, i misnumbered it as 14.

14.Refreshing classes

"How's your health young lady?" Payal heard her doctor cheerful voice.


"Fine...My abdomen is slightly paining" Payal answered in low voice.


"It happens dear, you underwent operation so bound to bear that pain. But don't worry as days passes it will reduce" the doctor said with a smile while checking her.


"I am going on leave for few days, so you'll be monitored by my friend. Take care" the doctor informed and made her way out of the room.


"Mr. Aakash, her injuries are curing rapidly. So it's time to start pshyciatric treatment. My friend Mrs. Malini will look after your wife case. She'll be cured soon. Don't worry" she patted his shoulder before went to her cabin.


"Betuwa, i going to see her. It's already two days she had gained conscious still she's not breathing a word to us" said worried buaji.


Even though she and her brother family is angry with payal they can't deny the fact that payal is their daughter. Whatever payal did, they too were a reason for it. If only they did notice the brewing jealousy of payal on Khushi this all mess could be avoided. Being her parents and buaji they spent maximum time with payal from the time she born, they should be the first one to notice her mental state which they failed miserably. Rectifying their mistake they didn't leave her side, either buaji or garima is always beside her apart from raizada's. When buaji is with payal, garima would be with khushi and viceversa.


"She is in stress buaji. She'll be fine once her treatment starts" consoled an equally worried aakash.


"Hello...Hi...Bye bye... don't worriezzz. Koon i mean payal realized her mistake and khushi also with us. So say Bye bye to worries...Once again our family is going to be happy" mami cheered the atmosphere by her usual rantings. Truth to be told, mami realised her mistake of treating payal like a servant after hearing what payal uttered. She swore herself, she'll bring back her family in shape.


The three entered the room. Payal was staring the ceiling. Aakash was the first one to near her.


"How are you payal? Is it paining?" Aakash asked caressing her hairs.


"Arey, payalia... Did you slept well?" Buaji fondled her head and put tilak on forehead.


"Hello Hi....payal...Why are you not speaking? Did you forget how to speak in these two days..hello...hi..bye..bye..." Mami said in her usual style.


"Where is khushi? How's she?" Payal asked with difficulty without taking her eyes from ceiling.


"She's fine. Bhai is with her" aakash answered her. If the situation was normal, khushi was the first one to pamper her. Alas once the ever loving, inseparable sisters are now apart due to others carelessness.


"Do you want anything? You didn't answered your questions payalaakash tried to start conversation with her.


After that payal didn't spoke anything. She kept mum throughout.


That day passed, next day Malini started her treatment.


"Hello, strong lady..." Malini greeted entering the hospital room.


Payal looks her like an alien. Still now no one called her as strong lady, she was always a shy one.


"Why are you looking me like that? Did i put over make up in my face or am i that much beautiful you are admiring me without taking your eyes?" Malini throw a smile in return got a one from payal.


"How's your health? Wait let me check haan..." Malini started checking at the same time holds a conversation with her.


"By the way, i am maliniphyciatrist. What is your name strong lady?" She introduced herself.


Seeing payal all silent and eyeing her strangely, biting her lips she concluded payal is shocked, nervous.


"I won't bite you, you can talk with me freely. You know sometimes we will feel relax after sharing your problems to a stranger than your closed ones" malini said each and every word making sure to hold eye contact with her.


"Human's are not god to be perfect. Infact even in epic books we read many imperfect characters, but that doesn't mean they are bad. You know what i mean" seeing payal hesitating to open up malini continued.


"I have two childrens. Both are boys. Elder one is crazy, talkative, active and the latter is total opposite. Younger one is silent, shy type. If elder one befriended everyone then younger lags behind because of his nature. Do you think my younger son is lazy and not worthy?" Malini asked with a frown.


"Nope...infact your younger son will observe tiny things. He knows all the things happening around him and take decision according to it" payal answered surprising malini. She thought payal will have inferiority complex build up from childhood but hearing her answer she feels payal is not all the way she behaves.


"So do you" payal's head shot up hearing malini words.


"I don't understand what you are saying" payal replied genuinely.


"I studied your case, you feel inferior of your sister, don't you?"


"Woah... It's not like that"


"Oh, really. You should speak truth to both doctors and lawyers, so that they can save you" malini said with a smile.


"It's not like i hate her, but i feel hurt when others give attention to her ignoring me. I am not saying they are treating me as slave but when my mother-in-law treat her as good while i'll always remain as inferior. If she order me like a mother, i'll worship her all my life. Other side my husband who always follow his mother like a puppy. Seeing arnavji stands for khushi, i too want my husband to stand for me. If everyone sit for chit chat in evening, only i have to take snacks or drinks for all. Before i clean all the things and join them they will be dispersed to their room. Do you know how i feel? I feel like, am also like HP who works in our house. Khushi sometimes helps me but most of the time i feel like i am worst to be their daughter-in law. Why always i was overlooked by others? Why they took me for granted? Why? Am i not human? Ain't i have feelings? Or i am the one who overthinking all this. I can't understand anything now...I.want to be like khushi who was liked by others. If khushi is there the surrounding will be masti. I want to be like her..." Payal let out her turmoil in quivering voice.


"Relax, calm down. Here have a glass of water” malini  handed the water. After making sure payal is calmed down malini started speaking.


"First of all you're not inferior of others. Everyone is perfect in their own ways. You want to be like her, do you know if you also act like her then what is the difference between you and her. Khushi has own identity, if you start to behave like her then where is payal. Don't payal has identity? Don't you want to be a unique? Let's take like this, if you payal started living your life like khushi then imagine yourself after few years. That time when you look back, payal had not lived her life instead her sister lived in the facade of payal.


I don't know how much do you know about payal. But i know, don't be surprised haan...Don't you are eager to know what i know about payal" malini asked seeing her all silent and her expression itself is telling she is contemplating something.


"What?" Payal questioned in a low voice. Already her mind is debating many things.


"Payal is a strong girl. I heard, silent people are good observers and she is perfect example for that. A shy type for outsiders. I know she has lot of patience hidden inside her. She knows all of her loved one choices and likes be it her sister or mother-in-law she'll do anything for their happiness. She is a perfect girl everyone wish for" malini boasted her character a little bit so that she'll come out of her shell.


"How are you saying payal is strong? Isn't she weak? Only weak persons wish to end their life midway" payal also equally involved in the session.


"Your opinion is totally wrong. Only strong person have the guts to end his/her life. They are so strong that they even jump from climb even after knowing its height, they'll eat poisened food even after knowing they'll lose their life in few minutes, they can hang themselves even after knowing their throat will pain like hell that can't be a bearable one and some people stab themselves knowingly when the knife pass into inner tissues tearing it's way. You know nothing is painful like i mentioned above..that too knife...."


"Stop! Please stop! I agree i am a strong person. It's my foolishness to betray my sister and try to stab myself. It's my fault" payal cried hugging herself.


"Hey..just calm down strong lady...relax ok. Now all is fine haaina?" Malini asked with a smile.


"Will they accept me back?" Payal asked like an innocent child.




"My sister, my husband, my in-laws and my parents. I am bad na. I know khushi will forgive me, she is my pyaari pagali" payal chuckled remembering khushi's antics.


Seeing her chuckle malini realised payal is just brainwashed little by someone and small incidents are boon to their enemy and her love for her family is still there. It is hidden in the mask of hate. It is not even hate, it's just an emotional weakness which everyone feels when their life is not the way they intended. Payal is no where near pshyciological disease. If their family noticed her distress and disappointment before this could be avoided.


After letting out her feelings payal felt relaxed. She feel like she is reborn, the burden,anger, disappointment she carried from long time is out. Though she shared only few things she feel light. Now what she did earlier look silly and guilty conscious took over her.


How will i face khushi now? How can i do something to my baby sister khushi? If khushi is in my place she should have killed herself before harming me. Why did i fell for karan tricks? Don't blame him as if you were brainwashed by him. Infact when he contacted you, you readily accepted to help him. Where is your brain gone when he said he love khushi and he is the only one who can keep khushi happy? Didn't you know how much khushi love arnavji? Didn't you witnessed with your own eyes how much arnavji keeps khushi happy? And not to forget you are the one who told him khushi and sheetal are in one team, her brain mocked her heart's confession. She remembered how she attended the call which khushi called and said, arnavji is going to burst like lava you better leave from there for few hours. Immediately she called karan and informed the same and he concluded they both are in a team so he is planning something big.


After few hours she came to know he kidnapped khushi. From that time itself she feared for her own safety. Deep down she know arnav will never let khushi to go. He'll find her somehow but when did brain heard heart. Seduced by brain she courageously lied against sheetal and made arnav to throw her out. Infact she is the one who sent evidences against sheetal. All was perfectly planned by karan and she in jealousy acted as a pawn for him.


"Don't worry they'll accept you. They love you, don't you know. I promise you, you'll lead a happy life and All the best for your future. Ok let me send them in" malini break her thoughts and excused from there.


"Mr. Aakash your wife will be perfectly fine in few days. She is just distracted by the things happening around her. Keep her in happy environment she'll be fine and come to my cabin i want to discuss about few things" malini said and eyed remaining members to go in. That day all family members came to hospital except arnav and khushi.


Later malini feed all the things payal uttered and advised do's and don't to keep payal happy.


"I am totally fine amma. Don't cry or else I'll also cry” payal wiped her tears seeing all members crying over her.


"Payalji, how are you now?" Anjali asked with hesitation.


"Fine..di" payal also replied with same hesitation.


"Betiya. Get well soon. Our home is waiting for you" nani said fondling her head. Payal smiled faintly.


"Hello...hi hi...payal...soon say bye bye to hospital... I am getting bored without you ok" mami hugged her and whispered "Sorry payal betiya. You are always my daughter, you know my extravaganza things right. I just blurb things. Ok this should be secret between us. It is not easy to hear sorry from manorama, hello hi bye bye..."


"Maa...what are you whispering in her ears?" Aakash entered few minutes back and seeing his mother whispering something in payal ears and payal crying he freaked out. What he doesn't know was that is happy tears. She let her happy tears out after long time.


"Payal..." Aakash called huskily after family went out giving them privacy.


"I am sorry..." "I am sorry" they asked in same time.


That's it aakash hugged her careful not to hurt her in the process.


"You don't need to say sorry" "You don't need to say sorry" again they said in same time.


"Ok. Enough of same timing. Take rest payal. I am here with you. All will be fine like before" aakash assured placing kiss on her forehead.


One week her refreshing classes went and today is the day she is going to her home. She feel like she's going to sasural after getting married like a new bride. In this one week, no one talked about arnav and khushi before payal. They decide to give her time. Payal is already guilty to face her. Her hear beating fast thinking of facing khushi.


Calming her nerves down like malini said she placed her right foot on shantivan after welcomed by aarthi.


I don't know how this chapter come out. Hope you guys like it. I know many want payal to repent. But i thought from payal prespective here. She realized the mistake and more over if i our closed ones did any mistake we'll forgive them easily in real life. Life is so small to punish each and every one who's doing wrong. Hope you guys ok with it.

And one important news guys- This story is going to end in two chapters. I know many of you miss this story and me too. So i thought why not to write a sequel to it. Plot is ready. Do tell your opinion guys.

Do anyone up for sequel???

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15. Aware of unaware things (By Spriya) (Thanked: 60 times)

"I came to know sheetal truth in karwachawt. After you broke my fast, i got DNA report. Already i gave your samples, you caught me when first report arrives. Seeing them before my eyes for half of the day, aarav being behaving like you, i couldn't sit quit. So i asked the hospital to give me another report. They send it on karwachawt. It said, yours and aarav DNA matches and you're father of aarav. I felt broken, I don't want to lose you at the same time i don't want aarav to grow fatherless. I want that report to be false. I don't know what to do. I confronted sheetal. What she told me was enough to break me. You know what she said, she told me aarav is your son and it was accident. She told me you were drunken. I was devastated. I... my breath..knocked out" khushi hiccupped remembering how she felt that day.


"Shh...khushi..." Arnav hugged her. The pent up emotions of last few days was so hard on her. Always she is an one man army, whatever life throws at her she'll face all with smile on her face singlehandedly. Be it rescuing her sister from bullying in school or helping her father in business when their shop is in loss or bravely accepted to console her sister's would be before marriage or courageously stood before arnav all the times or tackling shyam advances or the time arnav forcefully married her or rescuing arnav from kidnappers, she never depended on any one. Same habit she followed when sheetal matter is out. She thought to clear the thorn from their life. Infact she didn't even wish arnav to know someone conspiring against them. But when she came to know about karan, she cursed herself for handling this alone in the first place.


"That night, i broke down completely. I didn't even had my food. Do you remember that night, i talked about being fatherless is worst? I don't know how to tackle the problem. I thought to be selfish for once in my lifetime, but aarav face ripped me apart. If aarav want dad then he wants his mother too. For my selfishness i cannot separate a mother and son right. So i decided to go far away from here with your memories. I know if i continue to stay here you wouldn't accept aarav. I planned to leave RM that night itself" khushi felt him going stiff and she can feel he's controlling his emotions.


"I'll kill you if you think something like that" he tightened his hold on her.


"Don't you want to know remaining?" Seeing arnav nods "Then don't interrupt me" and she continued to let out her secrets.


"Before i leave i went down to pray devimayya one last time. Before i proceed further sheetal dragged me to our garden" khushi gone into that day where she came to know the biggest shock of her life.

"Sheetalji why are you dragging me?" shouted khushi. sheetal  placed her palm on khushi mouth and gestured her to keep quiet. If it was another day khushi would have thought sheetal is kidnapping her but sheetal's pleading eyes made khushi to believe on her.


"Now tell me sheetalji. Why are we here now?" Khushi asked as soon as sheetal took her palm away.


"Khushi, i want to tell you something" sheetal said fidgeting with her dress in nervousness.


"What is left there to tell me? You already cleared my doubt. I promise you aarav will get what he deserve" khushi promised placing a stone in her heart.


"I want to talk about aaravIt's not what you think and what i said earlier"  said an impatient sheetal.


"I don't understand what you are trying say" khushi told confused as much as possible.


"Khushi, i know aarav from past six months only not from birth" sheetal dropped the first bomb making khushi dumb.


"I didn't bear aarav in my womb. Infact i was never pregnant before" sheetal told the truth and waiting for her words to sink in khushi.


"What the!!!" Sheetal surprised to hear arnav phrase from  khushi who always tease him with this phrase of his.


"Then what happened in graduation night?" asked khushi  khushi impatiently and her eyes got back its glory. Sheetal was not astonished, she can understand, any wife in her place would react like the same.


"Nothing happened" sheetal said blankly. She was flabbergasted the next moment with the hug Khushi given her.


"Really. You don't know what you gave me. Sheetalji you are saying truth, aren't you? Or you're saying this to convince me" khushi said all in happiness and at last her selfless nature got into her.


"I am serious Khushi. ASR and me has no such relation. I was just a friend to him. World tagged us as i am his girlfriend, seeing proposals and girls advances reduced for ASR he let the lie roam around. Nothing is between us. You're one lucky girl khushi, being heartthrob of college and in fashion industry ASR never eyed any girl. He is made for you. I can very well see the difference between the ASR, i know in college and now. He is totally into you. I am sorry to become a problem in your happy life, i didn't want to be a reason for breaking a happy growing family, but it was not in my hands” sheetal assured khushi and came to the main purpose of her visit.


"What do you mean by that?" Khushi sensed something is wrong going around them.


"Khushi...i don't think you will believe me but it's my duty to tell you the truth. Someone sent me to destroy your and ASR relationship. I don't know what's their motive and why are they doing this but they want your relation to go downfall. They only found aarav from orphanage and made me adopt him. I was made to train aarav like ASR. They sponsered our expenses. Within 6months aarav is totally like ASR. They made drama of kidnapping aarav so that you'll rescue him and our meeting was preplanned. And same as our second meeting, they made aarav to faint where you went for shopping. At the same time i was sent to AR for interview knowing it's ASR company. I was forced to do all the things which i was not interested in. They made sure to keep tabs on me and aarav. Being already trained like ASR, aarav came in handy as they wished. Your family compared aarav and ASR made their goal easy. You got samples for DNA test. I was told to exchange the samples, i replaced ASR sample with aarav. So report came positive. Today also i was forced to break fast from your thali. Don't worry, without their notice i poured the water you used, in pool and filled new water in it and when you saw i drank that new water. I was monitored closely and i don't have other choice than taking their orders. Everyday they will order me what to do and i have to act accordingly. I am really sorry Khushi. Because of me you are restless and worried from few days. What i said today was also an order from them and poor boy aarav he still believes arnav is his father. I don't know how'll he react once if came to know truth" sheetal pleaded khushi to believe her at the same time worried for aarav also. If things go well she decided to adopt aarav for her.


"Why you agreed to do that and who are they?" asked khushi  coming out of shock.


"I don't know who are they, they will contact me only through phone. And another thing i want to tell you is, someone from your family is helping them" sheetal said without beating around the bush.


"You gone nuts sheetal. First you act likes you know more about my husband and your son behaves as if he is photocopy of my husband. Then you told me aarav is born for my husband and now you are saying all is a fake and top of it you dared to suspect my family. No one from my family is like you, they will never try to harm me and my husband. Keep your lies to yourself. I regret the day i showed mercy on you” khushi shouted not able to believe sheetal is pointing her family member.


"Your shouting is not able to change anything. Believe me khushi someone is conspiring against you and arnav. Why am saying your family member involved is, they know my activities time to time. I tried to tell this truth to you before. Both time before i approach i was threatened. There is no camera in your home so obviously someone from your family is giving information to them. Trust me Khushi am not homewrecker. I will never be one that's why i mixed sleeping tablet to all food, as expected you didn't took food. This.." before sheetal complete her sentence khushi intervened.


"What? You mixed sleeping pills. How dare you sheetal. If anything happen to my family you'll not be spared" threatened khushi.


"I have no other option. I was living like standing in fire. Please khushi believe me" pleaded sheetal.


"Ok, if you didn't believe me. No problem, i'll record the conversation when next call arrives" sheetal said finding a way to make Khushi believe in her.


"Ok. I'll believe only after you show proofs. What makes you agree to do this drama? Don't you feel guilty for ruining a family? If you run out of money, you can ask to arnavji as your friend. Why all this drama?Khushi asked furiously.


"Woah....i was..photographed...i have no option. If i didn't agree for their terms then they'll post it in internet..” sheetal said slumped down in grass.


"What?" Khushi couldn't digest what sheetal said. She couldn't even imagine something like this even in her dreams.


"How?" Asked khushi placing her hand on sheetal shoulder.


"I was in mumbai before, working in high firm. One day as usual in weekend i went to pub where i chill myself after whole week of stress in office. I just drank three shots without knowing it was spiked. And at last ended up with my colleague. It's not new for me so i shrugged it off. But two days later i got pictures of mine from that night. I was shocked and furious on my colleague. I confronted him, he said he too received the same pictures. We don't know what to do. Followed by the photos a call arrived, a man threatened me and told me to act like they wanted. I refused, they threatened to release the photos in net. My colleague was frightened. I asked them, why they chose me. They said i was close to the person whom they want to revenge. I didn't agreed for it but my colleague pleaded me as his family reputation will gone once the photos gets released and my dignity will be in question. So i fly to delhi in next day itself after that they told me about ASR. Trust me khushi, if i had choice i shouldn't agree for that in first place. Trust me once” sheetal broke down in tears. How much modern someone thoughts are, the thing sheetal faced cannot be tackled easily by victim.


"Calm down, sheetalji. I trust you" khushi helped her to get up from the ground.


"Now it's up to you khushi. You tell me what to do?” sheetal  asked though she have some suggestions she doesn't want to involve, it's khushi family she has all the rights to decide what she wants to and from her family. Moreover khushi know her family well than her. Khushi stood contemplating something and decide to tackle this mess alone.


"You keep pretending that you're obeying their words. Our enemy wants my marriage to break and moreover they know you told me aarav is arnavji son. So i have to pretend angry on arnavji" khushi said to sheetal.


"Why not to take this issue to ASR eyes? He'll look after them. What if something happens to you?" Sheetal genuinely worried for her.


"Don't worry sheetaji. Nothing will happen to me. And i don't want arnavji to take stress, just now we are away from shyam fiasco. He'll be hurt if he came to know family member is involved in this" khushi somehow convinced sheetal.


"Who's shyam?" Questioned sheetal. And khushi feed her about shyam truth.


"What if he is behind this khushi? He was more benefited if their plan works" confessed sheetal.


"I don't think so. His priority is always money and yesterday also arnavji said shyam is in jaipur jail. But he is capable of doing that. Lets wait, that is the only option for us” khushi said what she thinks.


Days started slowly, khushi and sheetal can't find who is culprit and khushi heard the man who threatened sheetal. But she can't guess whose voice that was. Without having no choice khushi pull up the divorce drama.

"As soon as i was out of RM sheetal give me a number saying she doubts the person whose number she given is the black sheep. Then i contacted rohit, my cousin. He said he'll tell the details in an hour and advised me. He never call after that. Late evening one call came, the caller said you met with accident. I came running to you before that karan kidnapped me. You know he behaved like a manic. He try to i refused to write the letter" khushi finished hiccupping.


Arnav hugged her tight as much as possible. How dare that **** to misbehave with his wife, jaan. He deserves more punishment. He curled his fists in anger but khushi snuggling made him back from anger.


"Shh... he'll never interfere our life hereafter. He'll never able to reach you. You trust me na" arnav asked holding her face between his palms. She nodded in response.


"Then leave all the stress and share whatever bothering you with me. Here after don't hide anything from me. See where your hiding habit lead us. My jhansi ki rani who rescued her husband from kidnapping is frightening now" khushi chuckled and hide her face in shy in his chest when he mentioned her as his jhansi ki rani.


What else can a wife wish for, a proper respect, recognization of her talent, trust and confidence from her husband. She is lucky like sheetal said, he never let her feel depended on him and he even encouraged her to be independent. She remembered how he gifted her a restaurant. She decided to run it as soon as family came normal.


"Hey..." He huskily called her playing with her hairs.




"I have no such relation with any girl khushi. You can trus..." Arnav decide to clarify his past.


"Shh..." Khushi placed her forefinger on his lips stopping him from saying further. "Don't...i don't want your past. I only want our present and future. I don't entertain if any girl enter in our present and future. Remember this, i trust you and will always" khushi kissed his lips surprising him. He chuckled seeing his tigress. Even sun will rise in west but khushi will never initiate any intimacy between them. So this moment was a magical rainbow for him which he cherised.


"What if i love other girl, what will you do? Do you still plug her hair out?" He teased her.


"Haan. I'll pull her hair and you...i'll make you sleep in guest room for one year" khushi smirked seeing his shocked face.


"Oh god..khushi...You..what will you do if our child comes? What do you do when i love my baby girl more?" Arnav smirked now seeing her crimson red cheek.


"Arnavji..." Khushi shrieked stand up from the recliner shocking him.


"What?" He to stood up seeing her worried face.


"Where is sheetal? I totally forget her. Where is aarav?" Khushi forget her in this two days. Only after speaking about her she got remembered of her.


"When you told me you'll prove aarav is not your son, i called her and warned her to escape from our home" khushi said biting her lips.


"So you are not angry with me at that time but played with me" arnav said with a fake hurt for which he got smack on his arms.


"Don't try to act. You're unfit for acting. Didn't you remember how you spoiled our plan before di when we exposed shyam. A wife who has good acting skills is bonded with opposite. Hey devimayya this is not fair, this LG doesn't even know how to act" khushi said dramatically knowing arnav is acting.


"Pagal..." He muttered and hugged her. "I couldn't even act before you, but you acted for more than a week right under my nose. How of foolish of me to run behind you everytime" he pretend to be serious.


"Hello...mera swami, You don't even  know abcd of acting ok. So you can't fool me in this life time" she wounded her arms around his neck and winked at him.


"No one cannot win from you khushi..pagli with brain" he placed a peck on her cheeks.


"Hello, patiji. You still didn't answer my question, where is sheetal?" She poked his arms.


"Woah..yeah... she's in lock up. I'll take her out don't worry ok" he said without letting her speak.


"And destroy that photo also. No one deserve that. I feel disgust hearing the things that karan done" she said making disgusting face.


"I'll take care. And still you didn't promise me?"


"Which promise?" Khushi scrunched her eyebrows in confusion.


"That you'll never hide anything from me. And like a good girl you'll confide me everything which hurts you"


"I promise.. I'll never hide anything from you and same goes to you" khushi asked a promise in return which he accepted readily.


"Now tell me what you hide from me?"


"How do you know?" He asked astonished.


"A wife always know her husband" khushi throw a wink at him.


"Nothing khushi. Karan asked your hand for marriage to your father. This was unknown to everyone. When i dig into matter, i got to know this. He asked when you're in 12th std. After that i confirmed it with uncle also. That's it. Past is past. Leave it" arnav shrugged it as he know karan chapter will be closed.



One day later,

"Arnavji did you saw the news. That karan attempted suicide. What if he wrote a letter saying, i am the reason for his death. Oh devimayya I don't want to go to jail. I still have a life to live and if i was in jail with whom my LG will fight" she started blabbering while arnav stood amused hearing her thoughts. He is amused by her antics.


"Khushi..stop it.. Nothing like that going to happen. I am here na" arnav assured her.


"Ok, you are saying so i agree. I am so happy arnavji, somewhere i was scared what if he comes again in our life. But i feel bad he did suicide, couldn't he change his mind and live happily" khushi let her heart out.


"Lets leave it Khushi. It's his fate" he did not want to extend this topic or else he'll spill the beans somehow before khushi.


"When did you start speaking words like fate. I am surprised you know this word" teased khushi.


"From the time he was married to a pagal" she playfully hit his arms and hugged him.


"Will jiji speak normal to me?"


"Hope so" he avoided this topic also. Even though payal did all this in insecurities he couldn't come to a point where he'll forgive for what she did to khushi.




As you guys wished sequel will be up as soon as this story finishes.

Now only one part is left to end. Next update will be on next week as i have some work in this week.

Until then enjoy reading!!!!

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@Noordina: Personally, i feel a strong persons are the only one have guts to end their life. May be the decision they took to suicide will be a weak moment but they are strong otherwise they can’t kill themselves. Many of we are afraid to get a small cut, imagine how they took decision to harm themselves. It’s not easy to stab themselves with knife nor it is easy to hang themselves. Again it’s my personal opinion, i closely seen the persons who tried to suicide they are strong; in a weak moment they took the decision but to implement their decision they need lot of courage. I wrote payal part what i seen and felt in real. Thanks for your constant support.

Aug 14

16. Realisation (By Spriya) (Thanked: 48 times)

"Payalji, wait" anjali stopped her from stepping in. Payal eyed her confusedly while others understood why anjali said so.


Anjali ordered HP to get aarthi thal and circled around payal and aakash. Payal feel delightful yet there is  nervousness occupied. Facing Khushi eye to eye was impossible for her, the guilt she is carrying is no less than undergoing thousands deaths. Aakash and malini assured her enough but she knows how her deed suffered khushi and she is ashamed of herself. Gulping and inhaling she entered placing her right foot on the mansion. Aakash didn't leave her hands, he's giving his constant support from the time she woke up. Seeing his care and mami's affection only brought her back from insecurity.


"Where's khushi?" Asked payal as soon as they settled in living room.


"Payal betiya, take rest. We'll speak about this later" the elder lady told her affectionately.


"Nahi dadiji, don't take me wrong. I'll never be calm until i face Khushi. My guilt is killing me, my subconscious mind is mocking me how fool i to think khushi as my enemy. I can't take this burden. Please dadiji, aakash please take me to khushi. I have to beg for apology" payal requested nani and pleaded to aakash.


Aakash nods understanding the gravity of situation even though payal is out of her insecurities still she has issues on handling her guilt. He helped her to climb up the stairs which leads to khushi room.


Others thought to give the couples sometime alone.



"Arnavji.. stop it. Aww, arnavji this is not fair... aww... haha... arnavji" khushi shouted as the result of arnav's continuous tickling.


"Then agree for my demands khushi kumari gupta singh raizada" he told her huskily. Khushi was panting and catching her breathe.


"Nahi..nahi...i'll not accompany you and I'll never wear that dress" she answered.


"Then bear this.." saying this he started his tickling again.


The reason for their playfulness was nothing but a naughty wish from arnav. After seemed like eternity he planned their honeymoon on Switzerland but as usual khushi madam sankiness reached its peak saying she want to celebrate their honeymoon in jammu Kashmir. His   reason for his earlier behaviour was not because of the place she suggests but the place where khushi want to see in their honeymoon was amarnath temple in which lord shiva was on the form of ice stalagmite which occur only for 48days on the months of july and august. Poor arnav, never in his dreams thought he'll get such a demand from his wife who was literally waiting to change his honeymoon plans into religious tour.


To make khushi agree to his plans he purposely challenged her to wear western cloths in which she'll feel uncomfortable. And knowing his tricks khushi denied him resulting in current situation.


"Khushi, i am serious. Will you come to Switzerland or shall i take new model of AR?" He earned a slap from her for his mischievous talks.


"Dare you think anything like that. Laadgovernor, why don't you take your aman with you? He'll be perfect match for you" she teased him back.


"You're going to feel one day for losing this wonderful opportunity" he said with sad pout.


"Aww... sometimes my LG also look cute" saying this she pinched his cheeks for which he make faces.


"I am not a kid Khushi. I bet even after our child comes you're going to pinch me and our prince or princess will going to make fun of you" he said rubbing his cheeks where her nails pricked.


"Swami, you don't need to worry for that" she also didn't leave the chance to irritate him.


"Khushi am asking you for last time. One week you and me in Switzerland what say?" He asked seriously.


She kissed his cheeks "Got your answer, didn't you?" She raised her eyebrows in question.


"Nahi..i want confirmation" he said naughtily showing his other cheek too.


"You know you're behaving like a child now arnavji" she astonished seeing this type of behavior from him. Never before he behaved like this, he always gets what he wants never asked like this cutely. She had no heart to deny, smiling she came close to him. Guess what, they are disturbed umpteenth time.


"Bhai..." Aakash cleared his throat with a blush. He doesn't understand why his ever brainy bhai who always perfect in his works never get a chance to close his bedroom door while indulge in romance. He himself seen them romancing many times, always it'll be a shocking sight to see different expression playing on ASR  face.


Cursing himself, arnav turned his face to see aakash and payal standing outside nervously. While khushi embarrassed like hell knowing in what position she and arnavji was before.


It will be a miracle if ever khushi gets pregnant, arnav mutters himself.


"Come aakash. Why are you standing there?" Arnav called them in and noticed nervous payal hesitating to enter. He eyed khushi to payal.


Understanding his gesture, "Arey why are you standing there itself? Come jiji and jijaji" khushi called them chirpily. They already decided to forget the past like malini suggested. Earlier arnav was little hesitant but khushi words did effect on him.


If we ignore her then what will happen? Again she'll be depressed and what guarantee we have that she'll never try to end her life? Do you realize what made her to help karanIt was all because of our ignorance, she felt we're treating her as inferior and me as superior. Can we live happily ignoring one of our family member? Can we ignore her each time we face her? Can't it'll create more mess in our family?Arnavji it'll not be fair when the main reason of her misery being me ignoring her and living happily, this was the exact words convinced arnav.


"Can't you speak to your sister payal?" Seeing the silent atmosphere arnav decided to break it.


"Khu..shi..." A cry escaped from quivering lips of payal.


"Jiji..." Khushi hugged her.


"Maaf kardo muje...will you forgive me? a bad..sister..i am..a..fool..i never ever forgive myself for... doing bad" She hicupped releasing from the hug.


Arnav ordered them to sit down and pass a glass of water to payal.


"Forgot it jiji. Begone by gone. Please you don't strain yourself" consoled khushi.


"You are always good khushi that's why you're saying like this. But it'll never fade, i was the one who did all this foolish deeds to destroy you. It's not a small thing khushi. It's not a small thing to forget and move on. I...give me a chance to repent khushi. I promise hereafter you'll never get disappointed with me. Please only one chance khushi. Will you give me?" Payal pleaded with a hope.


"Jiji, it's not needed you know?" Khushi hugged her again while the brothers stood watching the emotional reunion of sisters.


"Still you didn't give answers?" Payal questioned breaking the hug.


"You're also pleading so much. So i think i should give a chance to my devraani" said an mischievous khushi.


Payal smiled remembering how she teased her as jetaaniji. How happy those days were? All were destroyed by her, thought payal.


"So all is set now. Shall we come out of this emotional drama? I am tired of it" arnav said disinterested earning a glare from khushi.


"Arnavji, i am really sorry. I am culprit of you as much as khushi's. I troubled you enough. I don't know why and how i came across karan's words and decide to separate you and your wife. I was the one who sent you proofs of sheetal. She has no fault in this. I was the one who gave each and every details of our family to karan. I seen how you look after my sister and how much she matters to you. One sorry will not be enough to undo my sins. I have baggage of it. Please give me a chance to be near khushi?" Payal pleaded and accepted her fault before arnav also.


Payal stood with expectant eyes while arnav stood immobile not knowing how to react. His eyes wandered from payal to Khushi who having same hopeful eyes to aakash whose is also no less than the three. Seeing them he nodded his head awkwardly.


"Ok..come jiji. We have lot to talk and pack. Don't know how the weather would be there? Do you think we need to do shopping?" Khushi speaking non stop making them confused while arnav stood bewildered guessing his wife motive.


"Khushi what are you speaking?" Payal decided it's time to intervene khushi blabbering.


"Arey jiji, we're going to Switzerland. Arnavji planned for it" khushi stated chirpily as if she was going on a family vacation ignoring arnav's deathly glares.


"Pagli.. we're not coming. I need rest, had you forget it?" Payal asked smacking khushi forehead.


"Haan. What to do now!... don't worry jiji. I'll ask arnavji to postpone it. We'll go after your health become stable" khushi came with solution and mentally patted herself.


"Khushiji, i think we should discuss all this later" aakash tried to stop this conversation seeing his bhai's deathly glare on khushi. He understood arnav planned something for them but khushi is hell bent on destroying it.


"Yeah..payal need rest. Don't stress her by your talks khushi" said an pissed arnav. Infact he is super angry, he did not want to lose his cool before aakash and payal so he's playing along.


Pouting at arnav, khushi send them out and she would have accompanied payal if arnav didn't pulled her by arms.


"Khushi, what the hell are you thinking?" Came an question from her angry husband.


"What's your problem arnavji? Leave me" she released herself from his hold.


"Don't test my patience khushi" warned arnav.


"Don't you saw them. Jiji wants distraction what else could be a better idea?" Khushi asked with irritation seeing non-chalent arnav who refuse to see family comfort according to her.


"If this is the problem then we can send them to some other place. What is the need to call them in our honeymoon?" Arnav said irritated again by the turn of events.


"What is your problem? I am not inviting some outsider, he is your brother, she is my jiji" another round of annoyance started for khushi.


"You're never gonna understand, will you? Leave it, it's my absurdness to expect some lonely time with you" arnav said marched out of the room.


"What time you are talking? Didn't we spend this whole week? You're behaving childish arnavji. I am not only your wife but also a daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law" shouted khushi behind his back. Even though he heard it he shrugged it off.


Anjali who was standing outside came to see payal, shocked seeing their fights. She left the place planning something.


That day passed smoothly, all behaved as nothing happened except our arshi fight. Eventually payal came to know karan's death news. She felt nothing while knowing it. She felt as if she was out of some bad dream.



"Sheetalji..." Khushi's exclaimed call alerted others.


They all welcomed sheetal who was out from prison by arnav. Already they are feed by arnav about her truth.


"How are you sheetalji?" Asked khushi.


"Fine.. Khushi. How are you? Arnav said what happened. Thank god you're safe. Finally our mission is successful but yeah it flops a little" sheetal said sadly at last.


"It's ok sheetalji. All is settled now, you know what i mean" khushi said with a hint which sheetal catched correctly. Others don't know about her photographs, arnav decided not to let anyone know it. Khushi also no less than him. They both didn't want sheetal to feel uncomfortable knowing everyone is aware of her state. Effortlessly he stoled the evidences and destroyed them.


"Sheetal beta, khushi said you was blackmailed. I can only pity you" nani expressed her sadness.


"I am sorry sheetalji. In my blindness i lashed you and put allegations on you" next round of apology started by payal.


"I am not angry on you payalji but with others" sheetal said eyeing everyone.


"What are you saying sheetalji?" Questioned an confused anjali.


"I am saying truth anjaliji" sheetal said little rudely.


"Sheetal, you have no right to speak with di like that" warned an enraged arnav.


"Why i have no right? You guys always give right for outsider to interfere in your lives, then why not me?" she replied challenging him.


"What are you trying to say sheetalji?" This time khushi questioned her.


"Your family giving more importance to outsiders than your own family" came an instant reply from sheetal.




"Yes, naniji, anjaliji, mamiji don't you think you're giving more importance and rights to me when i stayed here as guest than khushiji. You always look after my comfort ignoring khushi comfort. You always come across outsider words than your family. When i said aarav is arnav child you guys believed me when he clearly denied being in any relationship with me. When i took extra advantage here, you guys didn't restrict me instead encouraged me. Do you even realize how khushi must felt when you guys are comparing aarav and her husband. Will you stay calm like this if something like this happened to your daughter? Infact i am more shocked to see the hospitality i got here. Each time a child is being compared to the son of this house and none got doubt on that. Why do you guys always believe outsider than your family. Even in shyam matter you guys didn't believed arnav when he said he's cheating" sheetal shouted, making others shocked hearing about shyam from sheetal truth. Khushi was the only one who overwhelmed seeing sheetal concern for her.


"And Khushi you, you need not to be good for all. Never compromise your life for others wishes. I agree you can never see anyone in distress but doesn't mean you have to help them keeping your life at stake. Could you imagine where you would be by now if i didn't told the truth? If you want to help anyone be clear about your boundary. Keep them at a distance you don't know who is good and who is bad. Don't be a prey for your enemy. Your selfless nature and your family activities made everyone easy to achieve their goal. Be cautious khushi"


All stood with open mouth hearing her. Still now they thought they're always right. Before they came out of it sheetal attacked arnav with her words.


"I am sorry to offend you ASR. I didn't expect such an ignorance from your side. You're always known for your sharp brain yet you failed to guess the misery waiting for. I thought you would be the first one to notice aarav and your similarities but my guess went wrong. And you unknowingly let insecurities to develop in khushi heart. You are at main fault in khushi leaving..." She was intervened by khushi.


"He's not at fault sheetalji" came an defend for her husband.


"Can't able to hear anything against your husband haan?" Sheetal asked mischievously. Khushi smiled slyly.


"I am going, my work is finished" sheetal said breaking all their stance.


"Nahi..stay here for some more time sheetalji" requested khushi.


"Still you didn't learnt your lesson?" Sheetal asked raising her eyebrows.


None spoke after that, sheetal left RM and raizada's realised their mistake even khushi understood and accepted to go with arnav for honeymoon.


Their lives sorted out and persons like shyam and sheetal taught more lessons to them being their enemy. 

-The End


Finally, it came to end. Hope i cleared all your doubts and you guys enjoyed this story.

Epilogue will be up soon!


Aug 16

Epilogue (By Spriya) (Thanked: 63 times)

"Arnavji, it is chilling so much" khushi said rubbing her hands to keep herself warm.

Arnav tightly hugged her by side, "Now?" His voice comes out hoarsely due to the climate.

Khushi pouted and nodded her head as no. He buried her more into him.

"This is so beautiful arnavji. Wherever our eyes wander all looks white" khushi admired the view before her being snuggled in his arms.

 Wherever our eyes wander all looks white khushi admired the view before her being snuggled in his arms

They are now in their honeymoon like arnav planned. They reached Switzerland a day before. Jetlagged, khushi slept the whole day and today they came to zermaat where a pyramid shaped mountain peak named for most photographed mountain in the world.

"Hmm..." Arnav murmured while his concentration was totally on khushi. Her excited child like innocent face, a broad heartfelt smile, eager eyes, pink cheeks due to climate it looks more reddish enough to tempt him, her warm body seeking it's solace in his arms are enough to distract him from her talks.

"Arnavji see na, shall we also go for ice skating?" She asked after a minute of silence. How will he answer when he's totally lost in her.

 How will he answer when hes totally lost in her

"Arnavji..." She shooked him seeing his lost state.


"Where are you? I am asking you something?" She pretended to pout sadly. She knows he's lost in her but a wife in her want to hear it in words from her husband.

He is ASR didn't he? He disappointed her, "Ice skating is risky khushi. You find it difficult to walk even in ordinary floor then how can you walk putting skates on" words flow out of his mouth before he could control over it. Seeing her glaring arnav bit his tongue and give her a sheepish grin.

"Don't you think, we are freezing and your body badly needs warm now" arnav used khushi's shivering form in his side. The way he said those words did it's work making khushi melt in his arms.

Tangled in thick white fur sheets khushi asked raised herself a little from his chest "Arnavji, how about spending tomorrow here itself"

"Wow, finally. Khushi Kumari gupta singh raizada decide to stay in between sheets" he said naughtly and flipped her beneath him.

"Laadgovernor, why your thoughts are always one sided. I meant to spend time in this resort itself. Here the view is awesome from lawn. The mountains view and you know i saw in pictures, this resort has open terrace restaurant. We can have our lunch enjoying the view of alps and i thought to check the spa in ground floor"

Why you need to visit spa Spa is for tired people and i dont think youre one so how about making the spa enjoyable he winked her

"Why you need to visit spa? Spa is for tired people and i don't think you're one so how about making the spa enjoyable?" he winked her.

"Chi...laadgovernor" slapped his chest playfully before hiding her face in his shoulders.

"Did madam forgot the swimming pool?" He asked cupping her bare shoulder. Her confused face told him the answer.

"There is an open private pool in this resort. Like terrace lunch we can see the view of alps from that pool also" he replied sincerely like a gentleman.

 Like terrace lunch we can see the view of alps from that pool also he replied sincerely like a gentleman

She twisted her lips in annoyance and disgust imagining them in open pool.

"What is there to feel disgusted?" He questioned understanding her thoughts.

"What the!! Arnavji that's an open pool. How can we? Chi..." She made a face.

"When did i said we're going to swim there?" He asked raised his eyebrows with a mischievous smile.

"Arnavji..." She shouted in embarrassment and put his palms on her face to hide from him.

Seeing her, hiding from him by his palms he laughed out.

"You're cute baby" his lips cooed on her ears. She squirmed in his arms feeling his hands doing ministrations.

"Stop it arnavji. Your stubble is tickling" she slightly pushed his face away from her shoulders.

Do you like here He asked turning her side encircling his arms around her waist

"Do you like here?" He asked turning her side, encircling his arms around her waist. She, in turn put her arms around his waist while other hand caressing his face lovingly.

 She in turn put her arms around his waist while other hand caressing his face lovingly

"Haan. It's beautiful. All i want is you arnavji. If you're beside me then I'll always be happy. No matter where you takes me i'll always be contented" she poured her inner soul.

Seeing her contented face arnav wanted nothing but her happiness. He felt light and serene when her face glows in happiness.

"Hamesha... I'll be with you. Promise me you never leave me in any situation. We cannot guarantee another karan or shyam will not enter in our lives. But i promise you that'll not affect our lives"

"Hamesha arnavji..." She hugged him tight burying his face more into her. His arms embraced her warmness.

Their little moment was disturbed by phone ring.

"Argh..i am going to break that damn thing" groaned arnav.

Khushi laughed at his irritated child like face, pushing him aside she attended the call as her husband is too lazy or precise irritated to take the call.

"Hello jiji... how's bali?" Asked an excited khushi in call.

Arnav can only bury his face deep in pillow knowing this talk will never end soon. When arnav announced he and khushi are going to Switzerland anjali surprised all of them giving bali honeymoon package to aakash and planned a religious tour for themselves. Knowing all in respective tour khushi didn't put any last minute stunt much to arnav pleasure. They all start their respective journey on same day and office was managed by aman. Only in emergency cases he was allowed to contact either arnav or aakash.

Fifteen minutes passed khushi was not ready to finish the call anytime soon. Got bored, arnav nuzzled her shoulders, neck disturbing her by one or other playful way.

She tried to push him, rolled her eyes scaring him which looked more tempting for arnav only to get ended up in letting to know their state on other side.

Embarrassed on disturbing a couple in middle payal ended the call much to khushi dismay.

"Arnavji... can't you keep your hands and other things to yourself? See now jiji know what we're doing. All because of you laadgovernor" she gritted her teeth smacked him by her elbow and hided her face in her palms.

He cared less, "You're going to spend lot of time with her next week then why to waste time now? Anyways i am sure she'll not be that much innocent in differentiating honeymoon and picnic. Come on, don't be a spoilt sport khushi" he lowered her and stopped her from speaking further.


Their life passed blessfully. After three years,

"Bhai, don't worry. Khushiji and baby is going to be fine" consoled aakash seeing tensed arnav pacing up and down in hospital corridor.

"Your Junior sankadevi or your chotte is going to be in your arms in few minutes with his/her little hands, leg, eyes, cute chubby cheeks. Don't get tense chotte" anjali consoled him making him little relief.

"Salesaheeb..." A voice shouted came running in the hospital corridor and hugged arnav tightly.

"Salesaheeb... congratulations. Where is Junior ASR?" Excited voice making all the eyes turned on him.

"Aap bhi na jijaji...still Khushiji in labour" said aakash for which he gave sheepish smile to all.

Anjali smiled like he's gone case.

"Jijaji, looks like you're so eager to see baby" payal asked raising her eyebrows he can only give a smile and eyed anjali who caress her slightly grown up bump.

"Baby and mother are fine. Congrats ASR. You're father of a baby girl" the doctor informed the excited family before her.

The new turned father stood speechless seeing a cute bundle wrapped in pink towel is taken by nurse near him. The nurse stood confused before them, she doesn't know to whom she has to hand the baby. All were looking at the bundle mesmirsed. Nani break their trance.

"Chotee. Hold her" nani gestured the nurse to hand him the baby.

Taking her near his chest, Arnav stood admiring his baby whom he and his wife created together. Her button like nose reminding him of khushi and other are exactly his carbon copy. Bending his face down he featherly placed his lips on her forehead. Sensing him she opened her eyes. He felt he's seeing him before mirror same Chocolate brown orbs observed the surroundings. Sensing crowd she wailed taking whole hospital around her head.

Poor arnav stood shocked, amused hearing such loud voice from such tiny body.

"Looks like khushiji have to take care of two LG's" laughed anjali.

The whole delhi rejoiced this news. Raizada princess was the talk of town. Everyone tried to take pictures or atleast some snaps. Protective father in arnav never let anyone know even a single nail of her.

Their life started with sweet new turn unaware of brewing storms.


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