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Jul 3, 2017

Chapter 29 - Arnav shares a hint with Khushi.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 89 times)

She finally opened her eyes lazily, yawning she glanced at him, then at her position: Oh DM..Arnav ji are you okay?

Arnav smiled: I'm perfectly alright Khushi..

Khushi pouted: I told you to sleep on the floor..

Arnav sighed: Thinking well now, it wasn't a bad idea..

Khushi looked at him: Are you really okay?

Arnav rolled his eyes: Khushi hell no!! How can you manage to sleep like a drunkard? And how does Payal sleep with you? She must be really good to tolerate all this..

Khushi frowned: Don't start dragging Jiji here.. I give you a chance to speak and you keep complaining like a parrot.. You married me, now tolerate me also..

Khushi left him and pulled the blanket away, Arnav pulled her back: And I never rejected too.

She stares at his dark brown eyes for a while, but a knock broke their eye lock.

“I’m coming..” Khushi said leaving the bed, “Aunty..” she smiled as she opened the door.

“Sorry to disturb’s Chotu’s clothes are inside the room, and he is getting late for school” Radha said.

“Ohh’s okay aunty..I woke up now only” Khushi pressed her hands on the lady, consoling her that she didn’t disturb.

“Good morning aunty..” Arnav smiled at the lady as she entered in the room, she replied to him, and then Arnav and Khushi walked to leave the house after having breakfast with them.

“Thank you for saving my Khushi Chotu..and for letting us stay here..” Arnav said on the door, Chotu hugged him. Radha also smiled: Don’t say thanks’s our duty only to help you both.. you are so generous with our Chotu.

Arshi smiled, and left to the car.


“Aunty is so good hain na? She let us stay in her house..and Chotuuuuuu is my hero..” Khushi said chirpily.

“Hmm..” he replied concentrating in his phone calls which he missed yesterday.

“Arnav ji you’re my real hero, you beat those goons and saved me” she smiled faintly at him “I just refuse to believe you can kill someone”

“Khushi again.. stop talking about this..” Arnav said sternly.

“But..Arnav ji you promised to me that you will share everything with me, then why not today?” Khushi insisted.

“But I shared Khushi..I told you I signed those papers..” he said.

“But is it true?” Khushi raised her eyes.

“Yes it is true..what do you think my signature is doing in that paper?” he glared at her.

“Arnav ji think about what you’re saying to me..because if you’re lying..I will be very know it..” her eyes glistened.

“Hmm..” he gulped “We’ve reached” he added not able to maintain eye contact with her.

“Arnav ji why aren’t you looking into my eyes? Please share with something disturbing you?” she patted his cheeks.

“Nothing Khushi..just go..” he looked away.

“It looks like you will only say the truth the day I die!!” she said hurt, and left the car.

“Khushi tum..” he looked angrily at her for saying such things, but she had already left.

Massaging his temples, he called Aman, still on his car.

“Aman did you do what I asked you to?” Arnav asked.

“Haan ASR, but Rudra is refusing to leave Delhi, till he gets his justice..” Aman said.

“Look use any way but just make sure Rudra doesn’t reach Khushi now. She is already thinking I’m hiding something, and I know she won’t stop here.. “ Arnav said.

“Okay, I will do the necessary.. should we put him on jail?” Aman tried for a solution.

“No, Khushi will get to know I did it.. just try to send him out of Delhi..” Arnav sighed.

“But ASR shouldn’t it be better if we tell Khushi the truth? One or other day she will find it, the way she is” Aman asked.

“You know Khushi Aman, once she gets to know that I didn’t kill his parents, she will go into it till the end.. and I can’t let anything happen to her.. I just can’t!!” Arnav said deeply in his thoughts.

Khushi who was still behind the car hearing everything, jumped in joy, “Yes I knew’re innocent..” she whispered to herself.. “Thank you DM for sending me back here, thank you for making me forget my phone here…I will offer you jalebis today..Khushi wala promise..” she danced happily behind his car.

When he got out of the car making his way to the mansion, she quickly hid behind his car again.

Arnav entered in the mansion, and Khushi went running “Oh noo Arnav ji can’t reach first.. what will I do to stop him??” she eyed to HP, and quickly signaled him to call Arnav.

HP nodded confused: Malik…

Arnav turned to him: Hmm…

Khushi smiled and blinked her eyes to HP thanking him, she then managed to enter the mansion without getting noticed by Arnav.

“Uff this time I got saved..” she sighed in relief..

“Khushii..where were you both all night? I was so worried..” Anjali walked to Khushi side hugging her.

“Ji woh..goons attacked me while we were returning and Arnav ji saved me, then we spent the night in Radha aunty’s house..” Khushi explained.

“What goons attacked you?” Anjali and Nani asked shocked.

“Don’t worry Nani and I’m fine” Khushi said, trying to calm them "See I'm alright!"

“You  both scared us Khushi” Akash pouted.

“Ohh sorry..but the fault is of Arnav ji who didn’t informed you all..because my phone was in the car..” Khushi said blaming her husband!!

“Ohh really, aren’t you my wife? Can’t you take my phone and call them?” Arnav smirked.

“I don’t touch other people’s thing without permission” Khushi side glanced at him.

“I’m your husband Mrs.Raizada” he said.

“Ohh I forgot that you has been only two days since I got this new name..” Khushi looked at him with her big eyes.

The family laughed at their cute fight..

“Okay..stop fighting you both.. and Chote please inform us.. we get worried..” Anjali said.

“Hmm Di, she fainted and I got worried that I forgot to inform you all” he explained and quickly left to his room.

Khushi smiled staring at his disappearing figure, Anjali and Akash cleared their throats.

 "Khushi bitiya go and change your clothes, and rest too you must be feeling weak" Nani touched her forehead worried. 

"Okay Nani" Khushi smiled, and went to her room. 

After freshening up, she sat on the bed not looking at Arnav. 

"Don't talk about death all the time" he said angry "I'm talking with you Khushi!!" he looked in disbelief when he saw her purposely ignoring him and pretending to read something. 

"I don't want to talk with you.." she looked away, leaving him astonished..

"Ohh really..doesn't seem the same person who was snuggling to me today!!" he whispered enough for her to hear. 

"Leave me alone, you don't want to say the truth to me and still want me to speak with you!!.." she glared at him. 

"Khushi I already told you.." he sighed, she is really stubborn. 

"I don't want to listen your blabbering, if what you're saying to me was the truth, you wouldn't look away Arnav ji I know you.. you don't have the habit of lying, but yes.. I must say you act very well.." she looked at him hurt. 

"Alright.. yes I'm hiding something (Khushi looked at him shocked) but I will not tell you, neither let you reach that truth.. because your life will be in danger Khushi, so please for my sake stop all this..please Khushi, you're my life and you know that if somethings happens with you, I will die.." he said in painful voice. 

"Please don't say such things.." she placed her fingers on lips, with moist eyes "Okay, I will not interfere in this matter" 

"You're not hurt with me?" he asked, and she nodded sideways "At least you told me something.." 

"No no..this can't happen..Khushi you can't leave my side.. how can you fall on his traps? Why are you leaving me Khushi?? .. I won't let you leave my side Khushi.. you will have to help me" Rudra whispered broken, after seeing Khushi supporting Arnav, he was standing on the door..

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Jul 3, 2017

Chapter 30 - The guilt.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 116 times)

Anjali came to Rudra: Come in, why are you standing on the door? I will call Khushi for you..

Anjali knocked the door: Chotee..

Arnav went to open the door: Haan Di (he eyed at Rudra) what the hell? What are you doing here in my house?

Rudra smiled: Came to meet my friend Khushi..

Arnav: Khushi is busy with her husband..

Anjali giggled: Chote let him meet Khushi, what is this possessiveness for Khushi?

Arnav fumed in anger looking at Rudra.

Khushi came and stood beside him: Hii Rudra ji..

Rudra: Hi Khushi..jalebis for you..

Khushi was about to take from his hand, but Arnav came in between and took it from Rudra's hand, he called HP: HP..HP..

HP came running to him: Ji Malik..

" Take this jalebi.." he hand it over to HP.

" Thank you Malik.." HP smiled, it's first time Arnav is gifting him something.

Rudra clenched his fist, while Anjali looked at Arnav with big eyes: Chotee.. Why did you do that?

Arnav smirked: I just told him to take the jalebis to keep in the kitchen..what's my fault if HP understood that it was for him? Let it be Di...I'm sure Rudra won't mind, neither my wife..she knows her husband is capable of buying more jalebis for her..

Khushi smiled excitedly hearing that she will get more jalebis!!

" Khushi can we talk?" Rudra ignored Arnav's looks.

" Haan..let's go to the living room.." Khushi said guiding him.

Anjali also went to do her things, Khushi and Rudra went to the living room.

Arnav shook his head "I don't know what drama he will do this time.."

His phone rang, looking at the name, he entered in his room and closed the door.

" What happened?" he asked.

" Ohh this the way to talk with your Dadi?" Dadi smiled.

" Dadi will you tell me why you called?" he said not interested in their talks.

" Rudra has reached your house.." Dadi informed.

" I know that.." he said "Do you keep your spies near my mansion?"

" I need to do that to protect my son, we never know when and how your wife put us behind the bars.." Dadi said.

" She will not do anything. I told you right, I put all the blame on me..then why are you doing this?" he frowned.

" Bitwa you put all the blame on you but what if she finds out the truth while trying to prove you wrong?" Dadi said angrily.

" She will not find the truth.. And I'm warning you Dadi, leave my wife alone..don't you dare do anything with her, because if something happens with her, you will see the worst of me..and I won't even think of your son neither you.." Arnav fumed in anger.

"Nothing will happen to your wife till she keeps silent over this..anyway did you thought how to send Rudra out of the town?" Dadi asked.

" I tried to bribe him but he didn't accept, now I talked with Aman..let's see what he will do.." Arnav massaged his temples.

" You better keep a watch on your wife, right now she is a big threat for us.." Dadi said.

" Scared of my wife?" Arnav smirked "Khushi will not help Rudra, and won't find the truth. But if you harm her, I won't stay quiet either.." he said in a warning tone, enough to scare Dadi.

" I'm sorry Khushi.. I can protect you from everyone, but I can't let you have enemies because of me.. I know how my Dadi is.. " he whispered and left his phone on his bed.


" Rudra ji I'm sorry, but I can't help you anymore. Arnav ji doesn't want me to do all this.. And I have to obey my husband's words" Khushi said with a guilty feeling inside.

" Khushi, I never thought you would be this selfish.. You're helping a criminal just because he is your husband.." he looked away.

" No Rudra ji..Arnav ji didn't do anything, I swear..he didn't kill your parents.. I heard him say..he is innocent, please don't put him in jail.." Khushi said sobbing.

" What??" Rudra was shocked "If he didn't kill my parents, then who did?" Rudra thought.

" Wah Khushi, you proved how good friend you're. Now that your husband isn't at fault, you want to leave my side..when the matter was your husband, you wanted to support me..why?" Rudra made a pity face.

"'s nothing like that.. I would help you, but Arnav ji doesn't want me too.. I can't go against his words, he is my husband Rudra ji.. I'm sorry.." Khushi felt guilty now.

" Alright Khushi, I will keep trying .. And won't forget what you did to me.." he said walking away.

Arnav came to the living room, and looked at Khushi crying..

He sat beside her: Khushi..what's wrong? Why are you crying?

Khushi looked at him: Rudra ji got angry with me..

Arnav smiled brightly: Really? That's so cool.. Thanks DM, sometimes you're really helpful..

Khushi beat him on his chest: Arnav ji he was my friend..

Arnav hugged her: Was..thank God he isn't now..

Khushi pouted in his embrace: You're very bad..

Arnav: I'm very possessive of you, that's all..

Khushi smiled a little, she rested her head on his shoulder: But Arnav ji I'm feeling guilty now..

Arnav thought " I'm also feeling guilty Khushi.."

Arnav: You don't need to're my innocent angel, you haven't done anything wrong..

Khushi nodded and hugged him tightly as she could.



" Bhaiiiiiii.." Akash jumped to hug Arnav happily. 

"What?" Arnav eyed him. 

"Good news" Akash smiled at him. 

"God Akash..are you pregnant?" Arnav mocked him. 

"Hey DM.. how can you get pregnant? You're man na Akashji.." Khushi said shocked, as she came near them in the corridor. 

Akash face palmed: Bhai stop teasing me.. I was saying that Nani wants to talk about our rishta soon. Means tomorrow we'll go to Payal's house. 

Arnav smiled and side hugged him: That's so good Akash.. I'm happy for you.. 

Khushi also hugged Akash: Congrats Akashjiiii.. I'm so happy for you both.. 

Khushi had small tears on her eyes, how she wished to have a grand marriage with Arnav also, but everything happened the opposite of what she thought. 

Arnav noticed it in her eyes, his heart broke in pieces just by glancing at her hazel glistening eyes. 

"To protect you from Dadi, I had to marry you Khushi.." he thought. 

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Jul 7, 2017

Chapter 31 - Baby (By Angel23) (Thanked: 112 times)

Arnav: So tomorrow in Gupta house  to take another girl from Bauji!!!

Akash giggled with Arnav, while Khushi pouted looking at both.

"What do you mean? We're still his daughters.." Khushi put her hands on her hips.

" I didn't rejected..but now you're my wife too.." he winked at his wife, who blushed.

Anjali came running to them, " You know we need to do preparations for the marriage, and you three are chatting here?"

"Tell me what's need Di?" Arnav asked.

"Shaadi hai..not your work.. Do you think you will call Amanji here and get your work done? You will have to work hard.. Arnav ji.." Khushi giggled.

" Khushi is right!!" Anjali laughed imagining Arnav calling Aman to do the marriage works.

"And Di don't forget to invite Dadi and her family, otherwise they will say we didn't inform them earlier.." Akash said rolling his eyes.

Arnav stood freeze at the spot, " Why? What's the need?"

" Chote we have to invite them.." Anjali said.

" Isn't Dadi a part of your Papa's family? It's important for her to be here and witness Akashji and Jiji's wedding Arnavji.." Khushi said looking at him.

" Hmm.." he said disturb and left the mansion.

Khushi frowned staring at him: Did he felt bad about my words?

Anjali: Don't worry Khushi..he isn't angry with you, but with our past. You know it's impossible to forget that Dadi is connected to our father..

Khushi nodded, " Anyways let's do the guest list..I need you both to help me.." Anjali said and Akash and Khushi followed her to her room.

Akash sat on the bed: Vimla aunty Di don't forget..

Khushi sat on with them smiling, " Wow wedding always gives a happiness from inside"

Anjali and Akash nodded giggling.

" And when I'm the groom!! I'm feeling so excited yet nervous..what if I fall off the horse Di?" Akash looked at Anjali with big eyes.

" Pagal..nothing of that sort will happen.. " Anjali laughed.

" Not a problem Akash ji.. Payal will catch you if you fall" Khushi giggled.

Anjali took a paper and pen, and looked at them.." So start telling me the names"

" Vimla aunty and her family.." Akash said.

" Noted.." Anjali wrote the name, " I don't know will I help?" Khushi pouted.

" Do one thing bhabhi tell us the names of my friends in AR.." Akash said and Khushi's eyes shine in happiness.

"Your friend Kunal.." Khushi said, and Anjali made a separate list for Akash's friends.

" I'm sorry if I hurt you Arnav ji.." Khushi messaged him, while talking with Akash and Anjali.

" I'm not hurt with you baby.." came a reply.

The word "baby" was enough to make her cheeks turn red.

Anjali smiled teasingly at Khushi, she eyed Akash gesturing him to look at Khushi.

" Bhabhi what's there in your phone that is turning your cheeks red?" Akash smirked.

" Me..nothing Akashji..kuch nahin.." Khushi said stammering.

" Show us Khushi.." Anjali said.

"Nahin..kuch nahin hai Di.." Khushi hid her phone quickly.

" Relax Khushi..we're just kidding.. We know the only one who can bring a blush in your face is ASR.." Anjali laughed.

Khushi blushed more hiding her face with a pillow.

" Why are you all teasing my princess?" Nani entered in the room, she felt relieved seeing the family happy like before.

" Princess is hiding her phati dev message from us.." Akash said.

"'s her message na.. Chote must have written some sweet words to his wife like baby..sweetheart..jaanu.." Nani winked joining them.

" Naniiiii.." Khushi widened her eyes, her face couldn't turn more red than this..



" Dadi will come to attend Akash's wedding.." Arnav said in a sullen mood.

" Oh no..what will we do now? I hope she doesn't hurt Khushi" Aman said.

" I too don't want that Aman.. You know I just wish to send them to jail and tell the truth to everyone..but it will be a mess.." Arnav said.

" I know ASR.. But don't worry your mansion is surrounded by our bodyguard disguised.." Aman said.

" Yeah but now that Dadi is coming here, I feel she will harm Khushi.. Aman you know I need to tell all this to Khushi, it will be difficult now to protect her, if Dadi comes close to Khushi during the wedding.. Khushi must know Dadi's real face so that she can protect herself if I'm not near.." Arnav said deep in his thoughts.

" That's what I want you to do. It's better to tell Khushi everything, she will not judge you and your relationship will become stronger, you both will trust each other more.." Aman smiled.

Arnav nodded smiling, " What about Dadi's spies?"

" We found them outside your mansion only ASR, and don't worry we replaced them with our men, who will be distracting Dadi for a while giving her false informations.." Aman said.

" Wow Aman..good job.. I'm impressed with you day by day..just give one more good news about that Rudra.." Arnav smirked.

" Ohh I'm still working on this.." Aman giggled making Arnav sigh.

" Something is fishy about this Rudra too, he wanted to use Khushi against me, but he forgot that Khushi and me are made for each other, he cannot separate us just by wanting.." Arnav leaned on his chair, and his phone beeped again.

He smiled reading the message of his wife, "Don't baby me now.. I'm still half-angry with you.. you married me forcefully and behaved like a villain, do you know how much scared I was? Laad governor.. Come home soon.. I'm waiting *the nickname you used to me*.." 

He let out a laugh making Aman look at him amused.

" Pagli can't even say baby in a message to me.." he thought shaking his head.

Aman had a smile on his face realizing where this laugh comes from, he left the cabin praying to DM to keep Arshi together always.

Jul 9, 2017

Chapter 32 - Arnav tell Khushi the truth.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 108 times)

“Khushi..” he whined following her on the stairs “Stop it now”

“I should stop?! Mr.Raizada didn’t I told you to come early?” Khushi turned back to him, holding her hips.

“I know but I had work..” he explained “I want to talk something with you Khushi..”

“Why should I listen to you?” Khushi pouted looking away.

“Because you’re my wife” he smirked and trapped her on the wall with his hands.

“Acha ji!!!  It doesn’t work like this Arnav ji” Khushi grimaced at him.

“But really Khushi, it’s serious. I need to talk with you” he said in a serious tone, enough to convince her to go in the room with him.


“If Arnav didn’t kill my parents, then who did??” Rudra looked at his friend, who shrugged his shoulders.

“Maybe he is protecting someone close to him, because first Khushi said that he killed, and later she changed her statements, which means or she discovered the truth or he told her the truth..” Aashish said sipping his wine.

“You’re right Aashish, but I want you to be wrong..” he sighed, and before his friend asked him why, he answered “I want Khushi for me, and it would be easy if Arnav was the murderer of my parents, she would leave him and stay with me..”

“’s kind of difficult now you know..” Aashish nodded.

“I’m madly in love with her Aashish, and now I need to find a way to blame him as well for this murder..” Rudra said, shocking his friend “What? If he is not at fault, why are you punishing him Rudra? I don’t agree with you, and you only want that girl, have you ever thought if she loves you back or not? Don’t forget you’re here to avenge your parent’s death, not to fall in love or whatever.. please Rudra, you’re a good friend of mine, don’t do things you will repent later.. now that you know Arnav isn’t at fault, just leave him and his wife, and concentrate on the real culprit..”

Aashish left the glass on the table, and walked to leave.

“Sorry Aashish.. Khushi is the girl that fits perfectly to be my life partner.. I feel so lonely now.. I need her to live..” Rudra said playing with the glass of wine.

Aashish who was still at the door, heard his last line, “I knew you won’t stop Rudra.. that’s why tomorrow I will inform ASR everything about what you think of Khushi..”


Arshi room:

“You wanted to know who killed Rudra’s parents, right?” Arnav asked her, and Khushi sat beside him on the bed.

“Yes..” she whispered confused.

“So it’s my Dadi and my uncle, Jeevan..” Arnav said in a whisper.

“What???” Khushi almost shouted in shock, but Arnav placed his palms on her lips at the right time.

“Khushi keep quiet like a good girl, or else I will stop here only..” he glared at her.

She nodded, “Continue..”

“Actually two years back when I was in London, I was signing some papers of office, in between all of them, was that paper you showed me, which my uncle purposely did it when he came to visit us there, after that he returned to Lucknow, and showed the papers to Rudra’s parents, saying that I signed them and it was for them to vacant the place, and all that you know. When I got to know what happened there, I came to Lucknow, and asked them why they used my signature for doing such a crime, I knew they did it purposely only, so that people blame me..” Arnav said.

“So why didn’t you prove your innocence Arnav ji?” Khushi looked at him.

“I was about to..but Dadi started emotionally blackmailing me, that uncle was papa’s brother, how would everyone look at them..I was spoiling our family’s reputation..and all that.. no one would put me behind the bars Khushi, but if they knew that Jeevan uncle did that, they would and it was more easy for Rudra to do that also.. that’s why to save our family’s reputation I had to put the blame on me..” Arnav said upset “But that’s not the point, you know Dadi is coming back now, and she knows you’re helping Rudra in finding the real culprit, which is obvious she doesn’t want to let you do that, that’s why I said for you to stay away from all this, but now I want you to be careful Khushi. Whatever you feel wrong, just tell me okay..” he cupped her face.

“Didn’t you ever felt the need to punish them?” Khushi looked at him with moist eyes.

“I want to Khushi, but it will be a mess later..” he explained.

“It will not be Arnav ji, think well, you will show Dadi and your uncle’s real face to the family and they will get the punishment for killing Rudra’s parents..  just think one day they backstab you, and tell to everyone that you’re the one who did that. You will not be able to prove them wrong, because they have proofs against you, that papers.. you shouldn’t trust them Arnav ji.. please let’s help Rudra ji also..” Khushi cupped his face.

“But how will we do it? In between Akash’s marriage??” he asked.

“Don’t worry, we will make a plan..” Khushi smiled “Do you agree?”

He nodded, “But we have to be careful, I don’t want any harm to reach you!”

Lavanya, who was hiding behind the door, listening to their conversations, smirked. 


Jul 12, 2017

Chapter 33 - Arnav gets to know about Rudra's intention (By Angel23) (Thanked: 115 times)


"Arnav ji you have to come to my house today, you know we will be there to talk about Jiji's rishta.." Khushi arranged his tie.

"I know Khushi. Why are you repeating the same thing to me all the time?" Arnav chuckled.

" It's for you to keep it in your mind. What if you forget and come back here? I don't want you to skip your lunch.." Khushi said worried for him.

"I won't forget my cutie pie.." he cupped her face kissing her forehead.

Khushi smiled staring at him, "Good bye"

Lavanya entered in the room and bumped with Arnav, who was leaving the room at the same time.

"Ohh sorry ASR.." she smiled at him.

"It's okay.." he replied.

"Khushi I wanted to ask you if you have some traditional dress for me, actually we are going to your house today, and I can't find a proper dress to wear, please help me out.." Lavanya pleaded to Khushi.

"Yeah Lavanya ji I have some dresses. I will give it you.  Come here.." Khushi said opening the closet to show Lavanya her dresses.

Arnav left to his office.



"Please let me talk to ASR.  I know I don't have any appointment with him but please it's really important.." Aashish pleaded the secretary, who was denying his entry.

"No sir.. I can't let you in, it's against the rules.." the secretary said and got engrossed in her works.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Akash looked at him.

"Hi, I'm Aashish. I have something important to inform to ASR, please let me meet him.." Aashish begged Akash, who melted in his words.

"Okay come with me" Akash said and walked to Arnav's cabin.

"Bhai.." Akash knocked the door.

"Come in Akash.." came a reply. Akash opened the door and signaled Aashish to come in.

"Bhai, this man wants to talk with you. He said it's something important" Akash informed and walked to leave the cabin.

"You may sit.." Arnav said confused, but didn't show it on his face.

"Arnav I have something important to tell you. It's about Rudra.." Aashish said.

"Yeah.." Arnav nodded giving all ears to Aashish now.

"You must know that he wants revenge from you because he believes you killed his parents. But now he found out you didn't kill his parents, but instead of finding the real murderers of his parents, he wants to blame you so that Khushi, your wife leaves you. I'm telling you, he is kind of obsessed with your wife. I'm Aashish, his friend since college days,  I know Rudra as a man who always gives attention to his parents only, he never had interest for girls, it's first time I'm witnessing this, and I'm scared if this will destroy all your lives. That's why I wanted to inform you so that you be alert about it, don't let Khushi stay near Rudra. I'm scared if he kidnaps her or something of that sort.." Aashish said everything in one go.

"Aashish well thank you for informing me about this. I was suspecting him but didn't have proofs, now you confirmed it for me. Thank you, really. I will protect Khushi from everyone.." Arnav smiled genuinely.

Aashish smiled, "Well my job is done now. I have to go"

Arnav nodded, "Okay. Thank you once again.."

Arnav ordered his driver to drop Aashish home as a way of thanking him.


Raizada mansion..

"Boys nowadays don't respect traditions. What is this? Today we're leaving to talk about his rishta and he goes to office like its not even his marriage.." Mami rolled her eyes in disbelief.

"Chote and his rules.." Anjali giggled checking the gifts they bought for Payal.

"Khushi come here.." Anjali called her.

Khushi sat next to Anjali.

"You know I was so excited to do all this for you and Chote, but your marriage happened suddenly. Anyways, remember the day we went to shopping and I asked you to choose a sari for me? Well that sari wasn't for me, but for you.." Anjali smiled and handled the sari to Khushi.

"Di you.." Khushi smiled overwhelmed by her gesture "Thank you Di.." Khushi left the sari and hugged Anjali tightly.

"Let's go.. Jaldiii.." Akash came in and called his family.

"Aww what is this? You were in office and now telling jaldii to us as if we're the ones who are late.." Nani twisted his ear.

" Ouch Nani it hurts..please spare me.." Akash giggled.

"But I thought you guys would leave directly from office to Payal's house. Why did you came to pick us? We would go with the driver!" Anjali said handling the gifts to HP, for him to place it in the car.

"Yes, but bhai wanted to see his wife. What can I do?" Akash shrugged his shoulders..

Khushi blushed and went running outside to get away from teasing.

She entered in the car, and beat him suddenly.

"What the.. Ghost possessed you or what?" Arnav raised his eyebrow.

"You are so shameless Mr.Raizada, how could you tell Akashji that you came to pick us, because you wanted to see me.." Khushi scolded him.

"I didn't say anything, but what to do if he is smart.." Arnav smirked.

"Arnav ji can I ask you something?" she said innocently and in her baby voice.

Arnav melted hearing her voice, "Hmm.."

"I want to get married again, with all the rituals.." she said looking at him.

"I know Khushi. I promise I will fulfill this wish of yours very soon. I know you don't accept this marriage complete also. And I don't blame you, what I did was wrong. Soon I will rectify this mistake.." he kissed her forehead.

"Thank you" she whispered happily.

"By the way I have some great news for me.." he smiled.

"Your friend Rudra loves you.." he dropped the bomb to Khushi.

"What? How? Why?" Khushi asked all confused. 

"When I told you I don't like him, you used to tell me he is a good friend now see what he was doing behind you.." Arnav said.

"Shii..Rudra could he do this to me?" Khushi said thinking of the way he was friendly with her.

"Today his friend Aashish came to tell me. Khushi apart from this, now we have to be extra careful, because the one we wanted to help is backstabbing us. He already knows that I didn't kill his parents still he wants to blame me. Rudra, Dadi, Jeevan uncle are our enemies now Khushi" Arnav said in a serious tone.

"Hmm I just hope we prove them wrong and end all this. I want our normal life without these problems and villains" Khushi said worried.

"Everything will be alright.." he chuckled at her.

Soon their talks came to an end, when their family got in the car and started talking about Payal and Akash.

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Jul 15, 2017

Chapter 34 - Arnav's surprise (By Angel23) (Thanked: 95 times)

Arnav and his family reached in Gupta house, Khushi and Akash went running inside excited to see what Payal wore and how is she looking today.

Anjali and Arnav came at last with shagun gifts on their hands.

“Come in..” Garima smiled welcoming them.

“How are you Garima??” Nani asked her smiling, and Anjali helped Nani to sit on the sofa.

Akash also sat beside his mother and father, Arnav sat with Shashi chatting with him. And Anjali was with Nani and Garima.

“Where is our bahu??” Mami smiled asking, she pinched Akash’s cheeks, he was blushing now.

Khushi came with Payal who wore a pink and white simple sari. Akash was left with open mouth staring at her.

“Akash control yourself” Mama teased him and everyone laughed.

“So you all know what we are here for na. It’s time to get the kids married” Nani giggled.

“Haan haan, let’s start with the preparations..” Garima said.

“Tomorrow we can go to temple to talk with the priest about the date of their engagement..” Mami said and Garima nodded.

“Yes, and now the groom and bride want to talk with each other” Khushi smiled chirpily and winked at Payal who looked away blushing.

Arnav cleared his throat, “I want to get married with Khushi again..” he said and everyone looked at him astonished.

“Sach mein??” Garima blinked her eyes.

Arnav nodded: We can arrange two marriages na Ma. I want Khushi to live all these special moments and ceremonies she always dreams of. I don’t want to snatch all this from her.

Khushi smiled amused with him, he looked at her with a small smile on his face.

“It’s time to celebrate then, two marriages at the same time!!!” Buaji said happily and went to the kitchen to bring sweets and specially jalebi for Khushi.

Everyone now were dancing in happiness, and talking with each other about the decorations, clothes, dance and all.

Only Arnav and Khushi were lost in their world looking at each other with a faint smile. And Lavanya was staring at them burning in jealously.

Khushi signaled him to go to the kitchen, she left to kitchen secretly and after sometime Arnav went there without being noticed by anyone.

“Why did you call me here?” he asked.

“Thank you. I knew you were going to fulfill my wish, but I never expected it was this soon” she said with a cute smile on her face.

“For you I do everything Khushi..everything..” he whispered staring at her.

“I love you..” she said and quickly pecked his cheek, surprising Arnav.

“I love you too..” he replied and pulled her by her waist.

“Nooo.. leave me Arnav ji. someone will see us..” she blushed.

“Ohh you kissed me here, now it’s my time to romance with my would be wife” he smirked and she widened her eyes “My kiss was to thank you..”

“My kiss is also to thank you for being in my life..” he smiled, she looked down blushing.

“Khushi..” Lavanya interrupted their moments, “Ohh sorry..” she smiled sheepishly.

“What do you want?” Arnav frowned irritated with Lavanya for spoiling his romance with Khushi.

“Water.. I’m feeling thirsty..” Lavanya faked a smile. Khushi pushed Arnav a little, and poured water on a glass for Lavanya.

“Here it is Lavanya ji” Khushi smiled and handled her glass of water.

Lavanya took it from her hand and went from there, “You’re stealing all the moments I dream with ASR Khushi, I will surely destroy your life..”

“Arnav ji do you know I will have to stay here now until the day of our marriage?” Khushi giggled.

“What!! No Khushi..” he frowned “You can stay at my mansion also” he said.

“Nahin Arnav ji it’s tradition” she pinched his cheeks, and he pouted. 

Jul 17, 2017

Chapter 35 - Arnav and Akash escape (By Angel23) (Thanked: 109 times)

Arnav was driving the car with a sullen mood, he came with Khushi and now had to go back without her.

Anjali, Akash, Nani and Mami were stealing glances to each other giggling.

"Today someone is upset!! Hain na Chote?" Anjali said playing with her phone, then side glanced at Arnav.

"Who?" he asked, and all laughed at his face.

"You only Chote" Anjali laughed.

"I'm not upset. I know she will come back to live with me forever.." Arnav blurted out his feelings giving everyone one more reason to laugh.

They reached home, Anjali was busy teasing her brothers.

Arnav was smiling when they were talking how Khushi turns red when they talk about him in his absence.

But soon his smile faded, when he saw Dadi and her family sitting there talking with each other.

"Dadi app.." Anjali said surprised.

"Haan bitiya. Didn't you invite us for Akash's wedding? Here we are.." Dadi smiled and looked at Arnav.

"Yes. Dadi, you should informed us na, I would make arrangements for your staying here.." Anjali said and quickly called HP and OP to clean the rooms.

Arnav picked Khushi's call ignoring his Dadi's evil smirks at him.

"Khushi.." he said.

"Have you reached home?" Khushi asked.

"Yes.." he curtly replied.

"Kya hua? Why are you replying me like that? Don't you want this marriage? Are you angry with me because I told you I wanted to get married with all rituals? If you don't want Arnav ji we can cancel it.. I don't want you to think I'm forcing you.." she said sobbing innocently.

"It's nothing like that. I'm busy now, we will talk later, stop crying.." he smiled a little at her innocence.

"Ok!! Bye.. I love you.." Khushi said wiping her tears.

"Hmm bye.. Same to you.." he said looking at everyone.

"Same to you? Arnav ji you're really angry with me. You don't love me anymore..can't you say I love you too?" Khushi cried more.

"I'm with my family now, will talk with you later.." Arnav said cursing Khushi for not understanding his situation, how can he say he loves her too in front of so many people.

"Ohh okay..Sorry.." she smiled sheepishly.

"Where is your wife Arnav?" Dadi asked him looking around to spot a new face.

"She is in her house.." he said.

"Actually we decided to make Arnav and Akash marriage on the same day" Nani said smiling.

"Ohh you will get married two times Arnav? What was the hurry in the first marriage?" Dadi teased him smirking.

"In the first marriage, I wanted it and she accepted because she loves me, and the second one, she wants it and I accepted to marry her with all rituals and ceremonies because I love her.." Arnav replied smirking.

Dadi didn't have any answer to give him, hence she kept quiet.

HP: Malik I have cleaned the rooms.

Arnav nodded, "Take them to their rooms"

HP guided Dadi, Jeevan, and Arnav's cousins Arjun and Sunaina.

Anjali came with a tray with juice and snacks, she handled to OP and asked him to give it to Dadi and her family.

"Chote you have call the wedding planner okay.." Anjali looked at him.

Arnav nodded, "Yeah I will. Don't take stress Di.."

"How can I not? It's my brothers wedding. I'm so happy, there is so much to do" Anjali smiled excitedly.


Arnav went to his room, and called Khushi.

"Dadi is here you know" Arnav said with a frown on his face.

"What? Has she reached now?" Khushi asked shocked.

"Yeah and we still didn't even planned anything Khushi.." Arnav said.

"Come to meet me at 8pm here. We will talk what to do.." Khushi said thinking a plan to expose Dadi.

"Okay. I'll come and what we do, we will have to do on our engagement day only because we won't meet each other then.." Arnav said and hang up the call when Anjali knocked the door.

"Haan Di.." Arnav looked at her as he opened the door.

"Chote Dadi was saying that she wants to eat outside with all of us.." Anjali said.

"What? Di I want to meet with Khushi tonight!!" Arnav said in disbelief.

"I'm sorry Chote. You know she will talk a lot if we all don't go. You already know how Dadi is.." Anjali caressed his cheek.

"Alright.." Arnav sighed and messaged Khushi that he will not come to meet her.


Restaurant XYZ:

While Dadi was engrossed chatting with everyone and finding mistakes of the food prepared in that restaurant.

Anjali noticed Arnav and Akash bored faces.

She chuckled and whispered in his ear: Take Akash with you and go to meet with your princesses.

Arnav smiled: Really? Can I go?

Anjali nodded: Go secretly please. Dadi shouldn't notice you both.

Arnav nodded and messaged Akash to leave with him.


Gupta house..

"I will stay here in the car with Khushi.." Arnav said.

"No bhai. Car is mine tonight, you go in bhabhi's room" Akash whined.

"Heyy no. Buaji and Ma will keep coming there and interrupting our romance.." Arnav nodded sideways.

"I know that.." Akash pouted "Please bhaiiiii"

"Nahin Akash. I won't see Khushi for many days now, it's my last day!!" Arnav said adamant on his decision "There is a tree here. How about that?" Arnav smiled teasingly to Akash.

"I'm going.." Akash glared at him, and went inside the house.

Khushi came to Arnav's car after sometime.

"Khushi you take too long!! Were you dressing up to meet me?" Arnav teased her.

"Haha you wanted that Arnav ji, but I was sleeping only Jiji told me that you're here with Akash ji" Khushi laughed at his face.

"That's mean Wifey.." he pouted and started playing with her hair, which is his favorite time pass!!

"So I was thinking that Dadi has that paper in which you signed, and if we want to expose her, first we must find that papers and destroy it. Only then we can say everything to our family.." Khushi said.

"Yeah. But where? I'm sure she hid the papers very well.. We must find it anyhow at our engagement day.." Arnav said serious.

Khushi nodded.

Arnav: We don't have much time, if Dadi notices we fled from the restaurant she will create a scene.

Khushi nodded and hugged him, "Good night.."

Arnav hugged her back smiling, "I didn't say I'm going now.."

"Then?" she asked him confused.

"15 minutes to romance with you.." he winked and placed wet kisses on her both cheeks.

Khushi blushed and rested her head on his chest, "I'm very sleepy.."

Arnav chuckled, "Or you want to escape from me"

"Both.." she laughed and he caressed her back "Then sleep here with me.."

She nodded and closed her eyes, Arnav kissed her forehead smiling and kept appreciating her while she slept.

He stroke her hair lovingly, making her fall asleep deeply.

After Akash ended talking with Payal, he came back to the car, and found Arshi sleeping at the back side, Khushi resting her head on his chest, and Arnav with resting his head on her head.

"So cute.." Akash clicked a picture of them before waking Arnav.

"What the.." Arnav woke up and widened his eyes seeing Akash calling him.

"When did you came?" Arnav asked him.

"Now only!!" Akash chuckled, "Go and take my bhabhi to the bed. Look she is in such a deep sleep.."

Arnav smiled caressing Khushi's cheeks, he lifted her and took her to bed.

Garima came behind, "Pagli did she left you alone beta and slept?"

"No Ma. She was really sleepy so I let her rest.." Arnav smiled and hugged Garima before leaving.

Jul 18, 2017

Chapter 36 - The Engagement. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 113 times)

Engagement day:

Anjali was going mad with attending the guests, then scolding to the waiters to serve them at time and then Dadi who was time to time pleading something.

Arnav was on his room staring at his reflection on the mirror, he gelled his hair perfectly like Khushi loves and smiled. He never ever in his life thought he would do things like this, he barely had time to look at himself on the mirror, but still he managed to look handsome and make girls drool over him. But now he is staring at himself for some thirty minutes back trying to see if there is any fault on his look, just for Khushi, he wants to be the perfect prince for her today!!

He was excited for the time to come and he makes Khushi his officially, today everyone will know that she is his!!

"That Rudra also.." he thought with a frown on his face.

He called Khushi after sometime, "Hi baby.."

"Hi same to you.." she replied blushing.

"Khushi can you tell me what's the problem with the word "Baby"?" he asked chuckling.

"It get stuck on my throat only. And right now I'm in the car with my family.." she informed him.

"Hahaha now you understand my situation that day.." he laughed.

"Khushi I want to see you!! Please take a selfie.." he whispered huskily.

"But I'm on my way Arnav ji.." Khushi chuckled.

"I know.. But I'm restless, I want to see you before everyone else.." Arnav said.

"Acha okay!!" she said.

Khushi hang up the call, and took a selfie, before sending to Arnav, she looked at herself, she was looking pretty with a pink and white lehenga.

"Amma am I looking pretty?" Khushi asked showing her the picture she took.

"Haan Khushi. You're looking like a princess.." Garima smiled and kissed her forehead.

"And me?" Payal pouted "Akash ji is going to faint today.." Khushi teased her.

"Does it take long time to click a selfie?" she received his message.

"Have patience na Arnav ji!!" she messaged him back and send him the pic.


Arnav's room:

Akash came to Arnav's room, and found his brother staring deeply at his phone.

"Bhai Khushi bhabhi is going to be yours now. And you're romancing with Aman on the phone" Akash teased him.

"Do you have any other work other than teasing me?!" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"Nop. Because I love you this much.." Akash smiling and spread his arms.

Arnav smiled fondly at him and immediately hugged him tightly.

"OMG.. You both are going to get married to two girls, don't get gay in between your marriage only.." Mami joked trying to hid the tears in her eyes when she witnessed such a lovely moment of both brothers.

"Maaaa you and you bad jokes.." Akash rolled his eyes at her.

"Acha okay. I just came to see my both princes looks today. And wow you both impressed me!!" Mami kissed Akash and Arnav's forehead smiling.

Anjali and Nani joined them.

"Khushi and Payal have reached" Nani said.

The two boys looked at each other excited.

"Let's go then.." Akash said and Arnav followed him outside the room along with the ladies.

Arnav descended the stairs with his gaze fixed on her.

Khushi was also staring at him forgetting her surroundings.

"Ohh so she is Khushi.. Beautiful she is" Dadi smiled staring at Arnav's belonging.

"You grandson has good choice at least.." Jeevan said sarcastically.

Payal blushed profusely when Akash was sending blowing kisses to her behind Mami.

"I'm going to beat him up today.." she whispered to Khushi, who giggled staring at Akash.

"Uff your smile can kill millions.." her phone beeped and she read his message.

She shook her head laughing, Garima glared at her: Khushi behave yourself!! What will people say. You're laughing alone.

"Amma it's your son's fault not mine!! See.." she showed her mother Arnav's message.

Garima widened her eyes blushing, she looked at Arnav who quickly hid behind Anjali in embarrassment.

"Khushi how dare you show my message to Ma.." Arnav messaged her.

"How cute you look blushing!!" she messaged him back.

Khushi and her family greeted Arnav's family members and other guests.

Khushi took blessings from Dadi unwillingly.

"God bless you.." Dadi smirked caressing her head, then looked at Arnav.

Arnav glared at her. Khushi smiled and stood with Garima then.

"Your face reminds me of someone" Dadi said staring at Garima.

Garima plastered a smile on her face, "Maybe..someone who looks like me.."

Dadi nodded still trying to figure it out but then left the idea since it isn't important for her also. All she wanted is her safety and her son also.

Khushi's friend pulled her and Payal to a corner and started gossiping about their groom's looks.

"Oh God Khushi..Jiju wants to kill us with his looks.. He looks damn ****y with that black Armani suit.. Ayee..ayee just one look at him and someone start blushing alone... And Akash Jiju.. did you saw him!! He just like his brother in blue dark suit matching with his Queen.." the girls started giggling staring at the two brothers.

"Hey shup.. Don't you dare flirt with my Arnav ji.. He is only mine.." Khushi beat her friends playfully pouting.

Payal just smiled blushing.

"Stop staring you all at him.." Khushi complained pouting, she wasn't liking anyone look at her man like that.

"You can stop us Khushi, what about all these girls here? They just came here to see Jiju only.." her friend teased her laughing.

"Now don't pout!! I'm controlling myself here and you're making it difficult to me.." she received his message.

"Difficult it's for me to see all these girls look at you like that.." she messaged him back and looking at him with a crying face.

"And I don't give a damn to them. I just want you and only you Khushi.." he message her, and gave her a don't-make-that-sad-face look.

She showed him her teeth with a bright smile.

"Here bhai is still romancing with bhabhi through the messages. And there is my shy Payal, who can't even reply to me, let alone look at my side!!" Akash cursed his fate.

"Can I go and talk with Khushi now Di??" Arnav asked impatient and Akash followed his brother with the same expression.

"Chotee just look at the guests now. Everyone wants to meet Khushi and you and give you gifts. How can you both and meet your princesses? It's not the right time to romance. After the engagement.." Anjali glared at both.

"Who told them I want gifts??" Arnav frowned.

"Now I don't have time to explain you traditions.." Anjali left and went to take Khushi and Payal to the center stage.

She made both sit and put eye kohl behind their ears to protect them from evil eyes.

Arnav and Akash joined the ladies and sat with them each one on their respective decorated sofas.

"Finally I can hear your voice.." Akash whispered to Payal.

"Why are you doing shameless things? My friends were teasing me.." Payal complained to him in a low voice faking a smile.

"Aww Payal you're fighting with me on our engagement day.." Akash pouted.

On the other side, Khushi was complaining to Arnav.

"Why did you wear black? You know how much handsome you look in black and every girl would stare shamelessly at you, still.." she said cutely.

"Excuse me.. I did every effort to look handsome for you and you're thinking about them.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"It's not like that. But I feel like pulling their hairs when they look at you!" Khushi said sighing.

"And I don't feel like punching the boys that are staring at my wife?" Arnav asked her.

She blushed lowering her eyes.

Jul 19, 2017

Chapter 37 - Arnav- Khushi's plan (By Angel23) (Thanked: 90 times)

Arnav stared at Khushi, who was making faces.

"Are you hungry?" he asked.

"Yes look that yummy sweets there Arnav ji. But it's all my fault, all day Amma was telling me to eat something but I was busy in dressing up and all that I forgot to eat.." Khushi pouted staring at the sweets and cakes placed on a table.

"But Khushi.." he chuckled and held her hand pulling her to the kitchen.

He opened the fridge and took one Fanta for her, then put jalebis and other sweets for her in one plate.

"Eat.." he handled it to her.

"No! How will it look like if someone finds me here? And by the way Di will call us to exchange the rings in sometime.." Khushi said looking at the door of the kitchen scared.

"We still have one more hour Khushi. Just eat this now.." he made her sit on the chair and pulled another for him.

"Shall I feed you?" he asked and his eyes shouted care and love only for her.

She smiled fondly, and nodded her head like kid being pampered by her mother.

"Arnav ji can my neighbors attend our marriage functions?" she asked him.

"Who Khushi?" he stare at her confused. 

"Happy ji, Sarla aunty, Munna uncle.. sab.." she said counting with her fingers.

"They can.." he smiled pinching her cheeks.

"And why didn't you invite them today?" he added his question.

"Because you are from high class na. I thought you wouldn't like their presence here, but they wanted to see my and Jijj's marriage.." Khushi said looking down.

Arnav cupped her face: Khushi I told you that I don't have problem with your class or your lifestyle. Didn't I?

Khushi nodded: But still..

Arnav: Still I'm different from you?

Khushi: No! Still I wanted to ask your permission.

Arnav touched his forehead with hers, "Next time don't ask.."

Anjali entered in the kitchen with HP, both smiled blushing.

Anjali cleared her throat, "Chote didn't I told you this isn't the time to romance?"

"Di I'm making her eat.." Arnav showed his Di innocently the plate.

"Ok! When you both are done with this come outside. You can't delay much because people will start talking.." Anjali shook her head smiling.

One hour later..

Arshi and Payash were standing on the stage to exchange the rings.

Anjali first handled the ring to Arnav, who took it from her and looked at Khushi smiling.

"Prepared to be mine?" he whispered in her ear.

"I'm already yours.." she whispered back to him.

And Garima also gave Khushi the ring, both exchanged the rings.

Lavanya had a lone tear escaping her eyes watching Arnav become of someone else.

Dadi noticed when she wiped off the tears, "Drama queens.." she thought.

Then Payash also exchanged the ring.

And everyone clapped for the couples. After the engagement ceremony, the party continued.

"Khushi this is the right time now to go to Dadi's room. Everyone will be dancing and all. No one will notice we are not here.." Arnav pulled her away from the crowd.

"Yeah.. Lets go.." Khushi said.

Akash and Payal also came there to romance for a while. Akash pouted: See they took our place today too. That day on the car, and now also..

Arnav chuckled: Take your place Akash. We are leaving..

Khushi giggled and held Arnav's hand to go.

Akash smiled happily, that his brother gave him the space to romance with Payal.

Arnav and Khushi ascended the stairs and silently tip toed to Dadi's room.

"Wait Khushi. There is Jeevan uncle room also.." Arnav looked at her like we don't have much time.

"Oh God. Let's do one thing, you go to his room and I will search here.." Khushi said.

Arnav nodded and went to Jeevan's room while Khushi searched in Dadi's room.



Jul 21, 2017

Chapter 38 - Naughty Arnav - Shy Khushi (By Angel23) (Thanked: 83 times)

Lavanya smirked looking at Arnav and Khushi in different rooms looking for the paper. She descended the stairs and went to Dadi.

Pulling Dadi away from the crowd, she whispered: Go and check in your room if your important documents are still there..

Dadi widened her eyes in shock, "Girl.. What are you talking about?"

"I know everything..Rudra..papers.. murder..everything.." Lavanya said smirking.

"And if you don't believe me, come I will show you what's happening in your room.." Lavanya held her hand and guided her to her room.

"You stupid boy.." Dadi shouted angrily at a guest that bumped with her on the corridor and made his drink fall on her sari.

"I'm sorry aunty. I didn't saw you.." he said guilty.

Dadi pushed him away and walked fast to her room.

She opened the door quickly and made way in with Lavanya.

"What's happening here?" Dadi asked frowning when she saw everything normal.

"Dadi.. woh Khushi.." Lavanya started looking around the room.

Dadi angry: Were you making me a fool?

Lavanya nodded sideways: Nahin Dadi, Khushi was here to search for that paper, and yeah.. ASR..let's go to Jeevan uncle room, he is there only..

Dadi nodded and both went to Jeevan uncle room.

While still her in room, under the bed Arnav and Khushi were hiding hugging each other.

"Thanks DM.. We escaped this time.." Khushi whispered.

Arnav kissed her forehead, "We escaped Khushi, but we got another enemy here, Lavanya.."

Khushi nodded: She knows about us. And now Dadi also knows we are planning against her. She will do something quickly.

Arnav: No! I will handle Dadi and Lavanya.

Khushi: How did you got to know they were about to come?

Arnav smirked: I saw Lavanya from the window of that room ascending the stairs with Dadi. I had to stop you because first I knew they would go to this room, then I pushed a boy to them and I quickly came here to save you.

Khushi smiled: And guess what??

Arnav looked at her, "What?"

Khushi showed him her hands with the papers she was holding, "I found the papers!!"

Arnav smiled, "God..Khushi.." he hugged her tightly making her lean on the floor, "I love you.."

Khushi hugged him back smiling, "I love you too Arnav ji.."

"I love you three.." he kissed her left cheek.

"Arnav we are under the bed of someone else room.." Khushi looked at him blushing.

"My mansion.." he kissed her right cheek then.

"Arnav we have to go.." her face turned red.

Arnav didn't listen to her, instead placed a wet kiss on her neck, Khushi shivered looking away..

"CHOTE.." they heard Anjali shouting.

"Dammit.." Arnav frowned and Khushi giggled at his face.

Both left Dadi's room secretly, Khushi went to hid the papers in his car, as she would take them to her home.

"Haan Di.." Arnav said irritated.

"Did I disturb?" Anjali asked with a sheepish smile.

"Yes.. Di I was.." Arnav said. And Khushi placed her hands on his mouth glaring at him.

"You didn't disturb us Di.." Khushi said smiling.

"Actually tomorrow is haldi ceremony na. So I was thinking that it will not be fun without you all, so we could do it at your place Khushi. Isn't it a good idea?" Anjali asked excited.

"Haan Di. Superb.." Arnav eyes lit in happiness.

"I have no problem also Di.." Khushi blushed when Arnav winked at her.

"We will complete what we left unfinished there.." he said hinting to his romance.

Khushi gasped shocked and went from there running, her face was already so red that she wouldn't be able to face Anjali now.

Anjali widened her eyes looking at Arnav.

Arnav smiled at her and went from there also behind his lady love.

"Khushi why are you running away from me?" Arnav complained standing beside her, while his family were chatting with her family.

"Shup.. Enough Arnav ji..see how much I'm blushing now..please have some pity on me.." she begged him.

"Ok! I'm hungry now.. Don't you want to feed me?" Arnav asked smiling.

Everyone around them heard that and started laughing.

"Khushi go and take care of your husband.." Nani said giggling.

"Khushi bitiya..feed something to Arnav beta.." Garima said blushing, first she read his message to Khushi, and now heard her son in law asking to her to feed him.

Khushi hid her face on his chest blushing, Arnav wrapped his arms around Khushi and pulled her away from the family.

Both went to roam around for a while, Arnav stopped the car in a restaurant.

"Why did we came here?" she asked him.

"Spend time with you.." he answered wrapping his arms around her waist possessively.

"Arnav isn't this restaurant closed?" she asked looking around and saw no one present there.

"I booked this place only for you and me.." he whispered huskily in her ear.

"What?!" she exclaimed surprised and happy. And he switched on the lights.

The restaurant was decorated with their favorite color, Red! Heart shape balloons all over the floor, Khushi kicked them playing while walking.

Then she reached on a table for two placed for them.

"Arnav this is beautiful.." she said smiling.

"Sit here.." he made her sit on the chair.

"What would you like to eat My Princess?" he asked brushing his nose with her right cheek.

"Anything you give me" She said giggling at him.

"Ok! Then you can eat me, I really don't mind.." he said.

She bite his cheek, "You're not tasty as my favorite pizza.."

He pouted, "Bad luck!! I will bring your favorite pizza then.."

After some seconds Arnav returned with one plate with pizza for both.

He made Khushi sit on his laps, she picked a piece and feed him with her hands, "You're going to eat all this. Since you're hungry.." she teased him.

Arnav giggled, "It's fun seeing blush in front of everyone. And I'm the only who can make you turn red!!"

"It's not fair.." she pouted and he bit her fingers teasing her.

"Ouch.." she hissed.

"And you're very tasty Khushi.." he smirked and she blushed again.

 "And you're very shameless!!!"


Raizada mansion..

"Where are the brides and grooms?" Dadi asked not seeing Arnav and Akash.

"They are new generation now. Of course, they must be roaming around together somewhere. Must be tired of attending the guests and all.." Nani explained with an angry tone.

"Hmm.." Dadi glared at her, Nani looked away and went from cursing Dadi.

"Irritating lady!! Who she thinks she is to stop my grandsons from having fun?" Nani pouted talking alone.

Lavanya on the other side, came to talk with Dadi.

"Look I know you know about everything,  but Arnav and Khushi went outside only, they weren't in my or Jeevan's room. You had a misunderstanding, and no one will find that paper because I hid it well in my room.." Dadi said patting Lavanya's shoulders.

Lavanya: Dadi they are plotting against you.

Dadi smiled: If they did, Arnav knows very well that I have the papers with me and I will put all the blame on him. There is nothing to worry dear!!

Lavanya nodded: Okay..

Dadi: What do you want? Why are you helping me? Arnav?

Lavanya nodded and bit her lips embarrassed.

Dadi smiled and whispered near her ear, "On the marriage day, take Khushi's place that's simple. Don't you watch tv serials?"

" That's not possible!! Arnav will see me because he will put sindoor in my maang na, he will see my face.." Lavanya sighed sadly.

"Then make Khushi against Arnav.." Dadi said.

"How? Will you help me Dadi?" Lavanya smiled.

"No.. Look I'm scared of Arnav Singh Raizada wrath.. I'm only able to make him hide this my secret by emotionally blackmailing him and because I'm his Dadi. And you want to create another trouble for me! I'm here to protect me and my son from going to jail only.. I don't want more problems for me.." Dadi said and left Lavanya alone.


Restaurant XYZ..

Khushi opened the box Arnav offered to her excitedly.

"Aww stars and wind chimes for meee.." she looked at him lovingly.

"Hmm. You know I went to shopping with Di days back and I saw this wind chimes, I remembered how much you love this sound. So I bought it to decorate our room with this after our marriage.." he said caressing her waist.

"Thank you.." she hugged him tightly "Only Salman's poster is left.."

Arnav frowned: No, I'm not even going to allow him in our room!!

Khushi giggled and nodded: Okay Arnav ji Salman won't come in between us. Sirf app meri liye important hai (Only you're important for me)..

Arnav buried his face on her hair, "That's better.." he whispered.

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