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Jul 21

Chapter 39 - Dadi exposed (By Angel23) (Thanked: 98 times)

Raizada mansion..

Arnav reached in his house, and went to Lavanya's room.

He sat on the bed waiting for her to walk outside the bathroom.

And after sometime, he heard her voice, "ASR? You need something?" she smiled.

"I came to give you something.." Arnav looked at her.

Lavanya sat on the bed with him, "Really? What?"

Arnav smirked and took from his pocket tickets, "I booked it for you. New York is calling you now.."

"But? ASR..why? I mean.. I don't want to go.." Lavanya stammered shocked.

"Look Lavanya I don't want you to do something wrong here. You're very stubborn, and you will destroy your own life without realizing it. What you feel for me, isn't love Lavanya, just forget me once and for all. Your father gave me your responsibility, and I don't want to disappoint him, I don't want him to think that you came here and became spoilt. That's why before you do something wrong, I'm sending you back. I already talked with your father and he is okay to receive his daughter back. He told me he misses you a lot" Arnav patted her cheeks.

Lavanya looked at him shocked: You know.. I..

Arnav nodded: I know everything Lavanya. And I'm upset with you. You betrayed me, but I'm giving you a chance to go back to your own place.

Lavanya gulped scared of his looks, "ASR I just told Dadi because I.."

"Shh.. I don't want to hear explanations, you already did what you wanted and now you will do what I want.." Arnav said and stood up to go.

"Pack your bags now!!" he glared at her and left the room.

Lavanya threw a pillow to the floor crying.


Arnav went to his room and closed the door silently.

He went to the poolside and called a police officer, who is like a friend to him.

"Hi Shaurab.." Arnav smiled.

"Hi Arnav. How are you? Got the news you're getting married. You didn't even invite me to your engagement. I have to thanks the media for informing us.." Shaurab complained.

"Hey sorry yaar. I won't forget to invite you to the wedding!!" Arnav bit his tongue.

"Do you need my help?" Shaurab asked.

"Yes! Shaurab you helped me to hid Dadi and Jeevan uncle crime na. Now I want you to help me to expose them.." Arnav said.

"What? Seriously Arnav, thank God you want to expose them. I will.. I will surely help you my friend. By the way what's behind this change?" Shaurab smiled, he was really happy Arnav decided to expose the real criminals, instead of putting the blame on him. When Arnav talked with him, he was very much against this idea.

"Khushi.. My wife.." Arnav said with a smile on his face.

"Ohh so bhabhi changed your mind. I like it.." Shaurab laughed "By the way what I have to do help you?"

"Shaurab you need to come tomorrow at Khushi's place, I will text you the address and help me expose them in front of my family.."Arnav said.

"Okay no problem. I will come.." Shaurab smiled.


Haldi function..

Khushi came out of her room and found her house full of guests.

She smiled seeing everyone so excited and happy for their marriages.

"Khushi you look so beautiful.." Anjali hugged her smiling.

"Thank you Di.." Khushi hugged her back.

"You both don't even need to put haldi!! Already beautiful naturally.." Nani said praising Khushi and Payal.

Khushi and Payal blushed looking at each other with a smile.

"Where is Arnav?" Khushi asked seeing everyone but not her husband!!

"Aww someone is missing her prince.." Anjali teased Khushi.

"Both brothers are trying to dress that kurta!!" Mami said laughing.

Khushi widened her eyes, she only joked with him to wear it and he took it seriously.

Arnav entered in the house with Akash, and Shaurab with police officers with them.

"Please DM set everything right today.." Khushi closed her eyes praying as soon as she saw him and everyone shocked faces when they saw police.

"Chote? What's all this?" Anjali asked him as soon as she reached her brother.

"Di today I want to tell you the truth I hid from you all. The truth of Dadi and Jeevan uncle.." Arnav said and threw a glare at both who stood there shocked.

"What? What truth? Arnav I will tell them what you did if you .." Dadi tried to blame him instead.

"Two years ago.. I was made a fool by my uncle who made me sign a paper without my knowledge and ordered to burn down a place because they wanted that land, in which two persons lost their lives, and when I got to know they used my name to do it, they emotionally blackmailed me and forced me to put the blame on him and save both and I did that. Now this matter returned in my life when Khushi met Rudra, the son of those two persons who lost their lives, he also has that paper and believed that I killed his parents, Dadi got to know about Rudra trying to avenge his parents death, and using Khushi against me, she was scared that I would reveal the truth, hence she blackmailed me that she would hurt Khushi if I told her the truth. But Khushi got to know alone that I didn't kill his parents and I also couldn't lie to her for long. And then she convinced me to show Dadi's truth in front of you all.." Arnav ended his long speech and look into his Di's eyes.

She had tears in them, she was shocked, angry and worried for him at the same time.

"Why didn't told us this??" Anjali asked him.

Dadi looked at Anjali shocked: Anjali you believe I can kill someone! He is lying to me. Arnav is scared now that Khushi will not accept to marry her because he is a criminal. That's why he is trying to put the blame on me. And this is the reason why he married her suddenly also.. Why don't you ask him why he forcefully married her?

Arnav glared at Dadi: I married her to protect her from you.

Dadi: I have proof against you. I have that documents that were signed by you only in my room.

Arnav: I didn't had the knowledge of that papers before.

Khushi: Your truth is out Dadi. Reveal it to everyone that you're the killer of Rudra parents. And if you were that innocent kindly tell us why do you roam around with that documents? You came here normally to attend our marriage na? What was the need to bring such papers? Were you scared or you wanted to blackmail Arnav that's why? And how do you know Arnav forcefully married me? Do you keep spying us? We didn't told you that..

Dadi looked angrily at her: Anjali told me about your marriage.

Anjali frowned: Dadi I never told you that Arnav forcefully married Khushi because even I didn't knew that..

Dadi looked at her shocked. And Arnav smirked.

"These are your spies. Dadi kept them around our mansion.." Arnav showed to everyone few man looking fearfully at Dadi.

"Tell us. Isn't she your ma'am?" Arnav shouted to them asking.

"Yes sir.. Ma'am only ordered us to keep a watch on you.." one of them said crying and police took them back to the jeep.

"Ab bolo Dadi.." Khushi smirked.

"I have not killed anyone.. " Dadi shouted crying.

Shaurab came near her, "Do you remember me aunty? I was there when Arnav decided to take the blame on himself for the crime you both committed. We both made a big mistake by hiding this to the law. But I will not commit the same mistake by letting you escape. The truth is that you wanted that land for your son and you  both end up committing this crime.." Shaurab said dangerously and ordered the police man to take Dadi and Jeevan from there.

"Enjoy your marriage.." Shaurab winked at Arnav, who smiled in return.

Nani sat on the sofa shocked with this news. She is still trying to digest it.

Anjali cried: I never thought Dadi could do this and Chote why did you hid this from us? You accepted a crime you never committed.. Are you mad or what? Do you know where this could go?

Arnav: I'm sorry Di. I thought you all would be upset and disturbed with this news and everyone would badmouth our family..

Mami slapped him on his shoulder, "Don't hid such things from your family. Didn't you saw how she tried to blame you then? If you didn't had Khushi's support and Shaurab who witnessed everything, they would trap you in their plans.."

 Akash hugged him: Bhai you hid this even from me!!

Arnav smiled seeing everyone cares on him.

Khushi blinked her eyes at him, as if telling him that everything is fine now.

"Let's start with haldi then.." Buaji said smiling trying to enlighten everyone's mood. They were still quite upset and shocked.

"You were amazing Arnav ji!! Just like a hero exposing Dadi villain!! And I have destroyed that papers, even if Dadi tries to prove you wrong to the court. Then she will not have proofs now. And now all our family knows about the truth..we don't need to be scared now" Khushi whispered to him.

"Now Dadi and Jeevan uncle will rot in jail. And I made Lavanya leave to New York before she could create problems for us.."Arnav informed her.

"Now?" she looked at him.

"Now we should enjoy every bit of our marriage.." he said and tried to peck her cheeks, but Garima stood in between them clearing her throat.

"Now you both can't see each other and forget your romance for the next coming days.." Garima said.

Arnav: That's why my pyari ma will let me kiss my wife for a while and then I promise I will be a good boy. I will not call, see, or even show my face to Khushi Ma I promise. I will start talking with other girls now..

Khushi jaws dropped: Youuu..

Arnav hid behind Garima giggling, Garima laughed out loudly when he said that, while Khushi jealousy reached to it's 100%!!

"Amma see he wants to leave after marriage.." Khushi whined with a crying face.

"I will never leave you Ma, you're the only woman who took my heart from me and I gave it you without even realizing it.. I love you Ma.. " Arnav hugged Garima from behind staring at Khushi, he winked at her. He said it to Khushi but put Garima's name instead of hers.

Garima shook her head smiling: I love you too beta.. Just one kiss!!

She said and went from there leaving the couple alone for a while.

Arnav quickly took Khushi to her room, and closed the door.

"Arnav ji everyone is waiting for us.." Khushi whined.

"Ma allowed today.." Arnav pulled her back.

"But I didn't na.." Khushi grinned.

"Khushi look I'm romancing with my wife!! So don't disturb.." he brushed his nose with her.

Khushi's cheeks turned red

Jul 22

Chapter 40 - New life???? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 89 times)


Three years and some months later..

"Too good Khushi.. too good.. Your handmade laddo are just awesome. My kids just don't stop pleading me to pass from Khushi aunty's shop and buy some sweets for them.." a lady said excitedly taking the box of sweets from Khushi's hand.

"Thank you Shika ji and your kids are very cute. I just love them you know. It's my pleasure to make the sweets for them.." Khushi said with a small smile playing on her lips, and the lady left her shop waving to her.

Khushi waved back till the lady reached to her car, and disappeared from her vision.

A small figure next to her was busy throwing angry glares to her.

"Aree my baby.. You're my favorite.." Khushi giggled and kissed her cheeks.

The little one looked away with crossed hands and still a stern face, that reminded her of HIM.

"Aashi my baby..are you angry with mumma? Aren't Kishuu and Kyara your friends? Mumma just made sweets for them.." Khushi cooed her daughter trying to make her smile.

"Mumma you love em.." Aashi complained with a cute pout.

 "I love you more Aashi. You're my life.." Khushi said taking her baby from the chair and after asking the staff to leave, she closed her little yet famous sweet shop.

Aashi snuggled in her mother's chest prepared to another journey from shop to her home.

Khushi kissed her forehead and wrapped Aashi with her shawl to protect the little one from getting sick.

Her phone rang and she picked it seeing the caller Id, "Hi NK.."

"Hi Miss Khushi!! Where are you? For God sake didn't I told you that I would come to pick you? It's not safe to walk on the roads alone with my Cutie pie ok? Tell me where are you now? I'm coming.." NK scolded her.

"I didn't want to disturb you.." Khushi smiled.

"What disturb?! Pagli tell me where are you?" NK said faking angriness.



In a huge mansion, a boy's giggles was echoing around the living room as he was excited his father is with him today.

"I'm with little Aruu. When I woke up today's morning I felt he was upset so I decided to stay with him. Postpone my meeting for tomorrow Aman.." Arnav said ruffling his son's hair, Aarush closed his eyes smiling feeling the warmth in Arnav's touch.

"Paa paaaa.. " Aru screamed running in circle near his father.

Arnav smiled looking at him, "Sir should I make baby sleep?" Rose, Aru's baby sitter asked.

"No Rose! He is playing with me today.." Arnav said and kissed Aru's cheeks, who smiled in return to his father.

"And you can take a leave today.." he glanced at Rose, she just nodded and went from there.

"Papa look Superman.." Aru showed his little toy to Arnav.

Arnav took it from his hands, "Let's make this super man fly.." he said in  an excited tone.

"Yeeesss..." Aru clapped excitedly..

Arnav picked Aru from the floor and made him sit on his laps, placing soft kisses on his hair with moist eyes. The little one expected his father to make the superman fly but instead he got kisses in return, but he didn't mind receiving extra care from his father.

With Arnav caresses, kisses and hugs little Aru fell asleep on his father's arms.

"I only have you with me now.. You're my everything Aruu.. I just thank DM for bringing you in my life that day your parents abandoned you and I got a little cute son for me..." he looked at his son sleeping cuddling to him with tears escaping his eyes.



"Aashi baby wants milk?!" Khushi shouted from the kitchen to her daughter who was in the living room playing with her dolls.

"Hmmm.." Aashi replied engaged im her plays.

Khushi poured the warm milk in a glass for her, "How do I forget you Arnav? When a part of you is still with me! See she is everything like you, same gussa, same expressions, same eyes, and same "Hmm" of yours.. Everything she does reminds me of you!! Unfortunately I couldn't even cherish the best moments of my life with you. What was my fault Arnav? What was my fault if amma was the second woman in your father's life? I just hate you Arnav.. I hate you for leaving me in mandap alone that day.. " Khushi cried thinking of her past.

"Hey rona dona again!! Come on Khushi.. Just forget this husband of yours once and for all.." NK came there and looked at her angry.

"It's impossible NK.." she whispered crying "The way he loved me I will never forget, and the way he hurt me in the end I will also never forget.."

"Don't cry princess.." he hugged her tightly.

"How was your date with your girlfriend?" Khushi changed the topic taking the glass from the table and leaving the kitchen with NK.

"What date? I just went to return her purse and told her clearly that I'm not following her and I'm not a thief. You should have seen her embarrassed face, unbelievable she was the one who spoiled my kiss with a hot girl by bumping on us, god knows where was she going in such hurry and her purse fell on the floor. And I went to give it back to her. But she told me to stop following her everywhere!! Now that she realized her purse went missing she came in search of me in my studio and called a thief just because I didn't had the purse with me that time, she thought I sold it to someone else. That's why today I went to meet her and personally return her precious purse and made her listen my lecture also.." NK said cursing the lady who became a headache for him.

"Oh God!" Khushi laughed at his face "Poor she, maybe she got scared seeing you behind her.."

NK shrugged his shoulders like I don't care.

"Mummaaa.." Aashi called her pouting.

"Yes baby.." Khushi shifted her attention to Aashi.

"Papa??" she pointed to NK asking Khushi.

"No Aashi. I just told you papa won't come.." Khushi cupped her face breaking Aashi's heart once again.

Big fat tears started coming out from her eyes, when her mumma denied NK being her papa.

"Don't cry baby..mumma can't see you cry.." Khushi immediately picked her from the sofa and stood up caressing her back to calm her down.

"How will I explain to you Aashi? You father doesn't even want to see my face.." Khushi thought also crying, she was feeling helpless now.

"Khushi at least show her, your husband's picture.. Maybe she calms down then.." NK said trying to find a solution. It has become a routine now for him, whenever he comes to visit Khushi and Aashi, she starts crying pleading for her father. He knows the little one wants cares from her father, but little did she know her father doesn't want her, he thought with a pity look.

"But I don't have his picture. I deleted it.. (Khushi thought for a while) ohh yes.. I will find it on google.." Khushi said picking her laptop disturbed, her daughter demands on seeing her father are increasing day by day.

"Arnav Singh Raizada..." she typed it and it appeared many pictures of him.

Aashi blinked her eyes surprised.

"He is your papa.." Khushi said pointing to the screen.

NK spilled the coffee he was drinking shocked.

"Nannav.." he said with wide eyes.





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Chapter 41 - The reunion over the phone. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 116 times)

Khushi glanced at him: Do you know him?

NK nodded: He is my cousin Khushi..

Aashi was busy trying to touch her father's picture.

NK: Khushi you're his wife. Oh god, you never told me your husband's name otherwise I would help you..

Khushi looked at him angry: Help me with what NK?

NK: Help you stay with him..

Khushi: NK really! I thought you were my friend and understood what I went through all these years alone. But you are siding your cousin now, don't forget he destroyed my life!

Khushi stood up and walked to leave the living room.

NK looked at her: Khushi wait. Listen to me. He still loves you, he isn't what you're thinking of him..

"What?" she turned to him frowning.

NK nodded: The man you hate so much don't deserve this hate from you. Khushi I'm such a fool.. How couldn't I ever connect your story with his!

Khushi: NK I'm not getting you..

NK walked to her and made her sit on sofa again.

"Listen.. Nannav loves you Khushi.. I don't much what happened with you both.. when I called him I think after two days of your marriage.. he sounded devastated you know.. He was drunk so I couldn't understand much what he explained to me.. But I heard him say he loves you a lot.. He did all that for you.. Dadi..something like that.. and then it ended in he lost everything, his family, your family, and most important you.." NK said trying to remember his phone conversation with Arnav.

Khushi looked at him shocked: Dadi..

NK nodded: Yeah he told something with Dadi. Khushi you want me to call him to ask him clearly what happened?

Khushi nodded slowly, she was already scared for misunderstanding him.

NK called Arnav, who picked his call after some seconds. NK put it on loudspeaker mode for Khushi to hear it also.

NK: Hi Nannav..

Arnav: Hi monkey..

Khushi's heart skipped a beat hearing his voice after 3 long years, tears start flowing from her eyes.

Aashi was still in her world trying to touch her father on the laptop screen, she was annoyed when she was not able to touch him like she touches NK.

NK: Nannav how are you?

Arnav: Good and you? By the way you sound low NK, is something wrong with you?

NK: No. Actually I want to ask you something..

Arnav: Yeah.. I'm hearing..

NK looked at Khushi: Nannav how did your broke your marriage with bhabhi? Why did you left her on mandap that day?

Arnav: NK let it be.. When she isn't going to return to me ever, why are you reminding that incident? Why do you want me to explain? Just forget it..

NK: Nannav please!

Arnav: NK you seriously called me to know about my past?

NK whined: Please Nannav it's urgent. I want to hear your story again..

Arnav: What the..are you drunk? (sad tone) I told you our enemies won and our love lost.. That's what happened that day..

Khushi gulped thinking what would have happened.

NK: Hmm continue Nannav..

Arnav: I don't want to talk about that day and neither remember the stupid people who separated me from my wife..

Khushi blinked her eyes astonished, he still consider her as his wife!

NK: Ok! I think I'm coming soon to your place now (he eyed to Khushi).

Arnav: Hmm you're most welcome! By the way let me inform you, we are just two now. If you want to enjoy your holidays then you can go to Delhi. Di, Nani, Akash, Mami and everyone is there..

NK: Two means?

Arnav: Me and my son.

NK gasped shocked, while Khushi widened her eyes, she now wanted to cry badly. She lost him because of a misunderstanding and now lost him completely because he already move on in his life.

Arnav: Hey I adopted him, don't think too much NK. After Khushi, I will never touch any other woman. She was, is and will always be the only woman in my life.

Her heart broke into million pieces hearing this confession from him.

She couldn't control herself but utter his name, "Arnav.." in a broken voice.

Arnav's breath hitched. He gulped not believing he just heard her voice now, not believing his own ears.

Arnav: Wh..who NK? (he asked but he knew the answer)

Khushi cried: Arnav..

Arnav breathed in, he shut his eyes tightly and tears escaped his eyes.

Khushi cried touching the phone. Both didn't say anything to each other. But she heard him crying, he also heard her.

NK looked at Khushi with moist eyes.

Aashi didn't like to see her mother crying all of sudden, she took her baby steps to reach her mother and rested her head on her mother's lap.

Khushi stare at Aashi, then smilingly she wiped her tears and looked at the phone: Arnav.. Listen to me..

Arnav whispered his favorite: Hmm..

Khushi: Arnav what happened in that bachelors party night.. The most beautiful moment of our life..the result is standing in front of me today Arnav..

Khushi hand over the phone to Aashi, she whispered to Aashi "Papa".

Aashi's eyes lit in happiness, she screamed in joy: Papaaaa..papaa..

Arnav stood numb in the corridor, he didn't move a bit. He just got shock after shock today.

Aashi pouted giving the phone back to Khushi: Papa don't talk to Aashi..

Khushi returned to her: Talk with him baby..

Aashi: Papaaa.. talk with Aashi..paapaaa..

Arnav was still lost in his thoughts, the phone fell from his hands and he knelt down crying.

"Aaaaahhhhh.. " he screamed crying. Life was so unfair with him, he wasn't with his wife when she was pregnant, when she needed him the most, he missed the special moments of her pregnancy journey, he missed seeing his baby girl born, he missed the "Congratulations it's a girl" from the doctors, he missed giving the love Khushi deserved all these years. He missed everything!

Aman reached to him in the corridor, "ASR what happened? Why are you crying?"

Arnav: Aman I wish I could kill the responsibles for separating me and Khushi. I wish I could kill them and give them the same pain I went through.. The same pain she went through.. The same pain my daughter went through without her father.. Aman.. When I left my Khushi..I just didn't left her but my daughter too.. Aman we have a baby girl.. the symbol of our love Aman. And because of all of them I lost them Aman.. I missed seeing my daughter first walk, first talk, first cry.. I missed those special moments in my life.. I heard her voice calling me papa Aman.. She has such a cute voice.. I.. My phone..

Arnav started searching for his phone and Aman helped him to find it, who also had tears in his eyes looking at Arnav's state.

Arnav quickly called NK again to talk with Aashi.

Khushi saw NK's phone ringing, and picked it: Arnav..

Arnav smiled: Khushi.. our baby..I want to talk with her..with you too.. I want to see you both.. Please.. I ousted you from my life, I know you're very angry with me.. But I just want to see you both once in my life..

Khushi: Arnav I want to talk with you too. I..(she sobbed) with Aashi..

Khushi hand the phone to Aashi, Aashi: Papaaa..

Arnav smiled: baby..

Aashi squealed in happiness when she got an answer from her father, finally!

Aashi: Papa where are u? Aashi waits, waits, waits but never see u..

Arnav nodded: I know baby.. Papa and Aashi will meet very soon..

Khushi took the phone from Aashi's hands, "NK told me you left Delhi. Why? I want an explanation Arnav.. Why did you left me? Our family? Who did this? I want to know..

Arnav: Will you come to Mumbai? I will tell you the truth.

Khushi nodded: I will.. I will come soon Arnav.




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Jul 24

Chapter 42 - Reunion for Arshi and the babies. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 115 times)

Aashi secretly snatched NK's phone from the table and went to hide behind sofa.

"Papa. Talk with Aashi.." she put the phone on her ear.

Khushi walked out of her room and found her cute daughter trying to speak with her father.

Aashi looked up at her mother and smiled sheepishly handing the phone to her, "Aashi wants to hear papa.."

Khushi knelt down and pulled her near, "Aashi you will see Papa soon.." Khushi placed a soft kiss on her forehead smiling.

"Aashi wants now.." she pouted "Please make tin tin tin (she touched the phone screen with her index finger showing to Khushi how to call)"

"Acha okay. Mumma will make tin tin tin for you in my phone. Leave uncle's phone, he has to go.." Khushi said snatching the phone from her little hands.

Aashi nodded. NK took his phone and Khushi guided him outside.

Khushi: Please NK book the tickets as soon as possible.

NK nodded: Don't worry Khushi. I will do everything to unite you both..

Khushi smiled, NK: Close the door well and don't open it for strangers.

She nodded: Ok!

Khushi picked Aashi then from the floor, and went directly to her room.

She placed Aashi on the bed and called Arnav for her.

Arnav picked up her call quickly, for which she smiled, he still gives her importance like he used to, "Khushi.."

Khushi: Arnav actually Aashi wants to talk with you.

Arnav: Yes.. I also want to talk with my baby..

Khushi smiled and put the phone on loudspeaker mode, then kept it on the bed.

Arnav: How's my baby? Hmm.. Aashi.. What are you doing princess?..

Aashi: Aashi is watching mumma and talks with papa.

Arnav smiled: What is mumma doing?

Aashi looked at her mother, who smiled at her: Say to papa we are coming soon..

Aashi repeated: We are coming soon..

Arnav smiled: Come soon baby.. Papa wants to give my Aashi lot of kisses and hugs.. Papa wants to play with Aashi..

Aashi squealed in happiness.

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi threw her salwars to the bed, "Haan Arnav.." she replied to him.

Arnav: I want to see Aashi. Send me her picture please.

Khushi nodded: Yes I will send it to you right away.

She send the picture to him. Arnav received his daughter picture, he smiled caressing it. She looks like him, same eyes, nose and cheeks! But her hair is exactly like Khushi, and they are silky like her.

"Gosh.. Aashi.." he stood up from his bed still staring at his daughter picture.

Arush came with Rose after sometime to his room.

Arnav came to Rose, and picked him from her hands, he kissed his face happily.

"Papa wants to show you someone.." Arnav said and showed Aru his sister "Look your sister.. Didi.."

Aru smiled in his arms, Arnav kissed his cheeks, "Aru has got a sister for him na.. You know Didi's name? Aashi.. "

Aru: Aashi (he repeated like his father) my sister.. Papa..

Arnav nodded: Your sister..


Khushi, NK and Aashi reached the airport of Mumbai.

She was nervous, excited, upset, scared, happy and what not today. She would see her husband's face after 3 years. It's such a long wait, she is eager to hug him, kiss him and shower him her love! But at the same time, she was angry with him because he let her misunderstand him. He let her leave him. And she wonders what the reason was.

Aashi looked around pouting, "Where is papa mumma?"

NK giggled: Ohh calm down Miss Raizada. You will meet your father soon.

Anika smiled: Haan haan even I want to see this reunion.

NK glared at her: Uninvited guest! I don't know how I end up with you, like really.. You!! Why did you even came here to Mumbai?

Anika, the girl who bumped with him and accused him wrongly, pouted and hid behind Khushi.

Khushi shook her head: NK don't scold her. She is new here in Mumbai and we are going to help her.

"Papa.. Look.. Mumma.. coming.." Aashi screamed trying to get out from Khushi's arms to reach her father who was coming in their direction.

Khushi looked at his direction and her eyes stopped on him, her husband.

He reached near them, and she was still lost in him.

Arnav smiled a little, he whispered her name softly waking her up from her dream!

NK caught Aashi from Khushi's arms. Khushi let her go and directly fell on his arms, clutching his shirt she hugged him tightly crying.

Arnav hugged her back wrapping his arms around her waist, he whispered sweet nothings to her.

Khushi cried more, she hid her face on the crook of his neck. Arnav patted her back, he also had tears in his eyes, because only both know how much it was difficult to stay three years without each other!!

NK: We should get going now!!

Anika smacked his shoulders for interrupting Arshi.

Arshi broke the hug and looked at NK, Anika and Arnav's eyes landed on his cute daughter staring at him.

He smiled at her, she too reciprocated and raised her arms to come to him.

Arnav picked her from NK. And hugged her tightly, placing soft kisses all over her face, her belly, her arms, her neck. She giggled feeling ticklish. Khushi also smiled when she giggled touching her father's face with her tiny hands.

Both were in their own world, Aashi enjoying pampering from her father, a new face to her, which she longed for and Arnav giving as much love as he could to his daughter.

After sometime, they headed to the car and drove off to his mansion.


When they reached the mansion, they were welcomed by Rose and Arush.

Khushi looked at him, "Is he our son?"

He blinked his eyes astonished with Khushi, she said "Our son".

Arnav smiled and nodded, "Aarush.."

Khushi picked him and caressed his back, "Aww kitna cute baby.." she kissed Aru's cheeks. Aru looked at her and smiled accepting the new faces in his life.

Then he looked at Aashi in his father's arms, "Didiiii.." he said.

"Bhai.." Aashi also smiled at him and like her Mumma taught her, she called her brother, bhai.

Khushi hugged Aru, and he snuggled on her chest.

Arnav guided them to the living room.

"Rose she is Khushi, my wife.." Arnav said with proud feeling in his eyes as he glanced at Khushi.

"She is my baby.." he kissed Aashi's forehead. Aashi closed her eyes smiling.

"You want to rest? You must be tired na Khushi.." Arnav touched her cheeks.

"Let's make the kids rest first. I want to talk with you.." she reminded him.

Arnav nodded and both went to his room.

The room was filled with Aru's toys and pictures of him with Aru.

Khushi placed Aru on the bed, and Arnav placed Aashi.

Khushi kissed both and made them sleep. 








Jul 24

Chapter 43 - The truth! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 124 times)

Arnav made her lay on the bed, Khushi nodded sideways: Arnav I want to know the truth. My heart won't be in peace then..

Arnav: Let's go to the poolside then..

Khushi held his hand and both went to the poolside.

Arnav: You remember in our haldi function, Dadi was there before I came.

Khushi nodded and rested her head on his chest.

Arnav caressed her back, "That day she saw Ma's picture in your album on the living room and recognized Ma as the second woman in my father's life.."


The Marriage day..

Arnav slowly opened his eyes, and felt a weight on him. He rubbed his eyes and smiled seeing Khushi with her head on his chest, both were naked covered only with the blanket.

"Thank you Jaan.." he whispered thanking her for giving herself to him last night, for completely trusting him.

Khushi felt his movements, she also woke up and looked at him blushing realizing how she was in front of him.

"Good morning.." he kissed her cheek.

She turned red and hugged him again, "Good morning Arnav ji.."

Arnav: Khushi today is our marriage!! I hope you didn't forget that.

Khushi widened her eyes, she got up from the bed and ran to the bathroom with her clothes, shouting: Arnav ji amma will kill me now. She must be waiting for meee.. And I'm heree.. Oh god..

Arnav laughed: Relax Khushi. I will drop you home. And I won't tell anyone you snatched me from my bachelors party.

Khushi: I didn't snatch you okay. I was just checking if any chudail comes close to you! And you were the one who took me to your farm house.

Arnav nodded smiling: I brought you here yes! Baby you want coffee or tea?

Khushi: Arnav ji we don't have time naa..

Arnav chuckled: Acha tik hai! Freshen up then I will drop you home.

Khushi inside the bathroom nodded smiling.

After freshening up, Arnav secretly made her go inside the house. And then he also went to his house to dress up.

Flashback ends.

"Phir? (Then?)" Khushi asked him curious.

"Then I reached in my mansion but didn't found anyone. They already left the wedding hall. And Di left a message to me to dress up quickly. So I went to bathroom to wash my face and.." Arnav narrated to her.


"Hi baby.." he saw Lavanya on the bathroom smiling at him with a red dress.

"Lavanya tum. What are you doing here? Didn't you go?" Arnav shouted frustrated.

"How could I leave you Arnav? You're my life.." Lavanya ran to him and hugged him tightly.

Arnav pushed her away angrily.

"You smell her.." she looked at him painfully.

"I was with my wife all night.." he said sternly.

"Really! Then it was your last night with her because the car you send to pick your wife to the altar.. Brakes.. Oh gosh..I forgot to inform you ASR.. Brakes aren't working.." Lavanya laughed out loudly.

Arnav widened his eyes shocked, he ran back to his room and started searching for his phone.

"Damn where did I kept it?" he thought and descended the stairs in full speed heading to the living room.

"Sale sahab looking for this!" Shyam appeared in front of him smirking.

"You! What the.. You should be in jail.. How did you escape?" Arnav gritted his teeth and went forward Shyam to beat him up.

Shyam stepped back smiling: Don't do this mistake Sale sahab! Because my friend is in your wedding hall. He just called me and told me that my wife..oops sorry.. ex-wife is so beautiful and so innocent, that he might want to kidnap her at any time..

Shyam showed him a video of Anjali working in hall happily and then teasing Akash who was already sitting on mandap waiting for Payal.

Arnav: Don't you dare touch my sister.

Shyam laughed: I won't! My friend will do everything, kidnap her, torture her and then kill..

Arnav clutched his shirt collar with red eyes due to his anger, "Don't do this to my sister will face the worst of me then.."

Shyam pushed him away: Threaten me later ok! Go and save your sister's life..

Arnav shook his head and was about to go outside to save Anjali.

"Don't forget Khushi too Arniee.." Lavanya shouted to him.

Arnav stood still for a while thinking whom to save first. His sister and his wife, both lifes are in danger.

"Okay Akash come soon.." Jeevan came outside  of his room and descended the stairs smiling. He went and sat on the sofa.

"Arnav beta Akash is coming home. Woh I told him you weren't feeling well, so I called him and I don't know in his way he will meet an accident or not. If he does, then everything will be destroyed na. His mother will lose her only son. Payal will be left alone waiting for husband in mandap. Hey Shyam I heard her first marriage broke na because of dowry, now this is the second marriage.. bechari ladki.. Now what will happen to her father? I think Shashi will die of heart attack just by witnessing this. And this society will start screaming nonsense, will say Payal is a bad omen, she only bring bad luck and and all that. Leaving all that, Arnav you will lose your little brother whom you love a lot..

Arnav gulped crying: Why are you all doing this with me?

Jeevan frowned: I did nothing!! It's their fate you know..

"Fate!!" Rudra came out of the kitchen drinking water.

Arnav shook his head in disbelief: So you were the one who released them.

Rudra nodded: But that's not the point. Arnav fate played with you.. I want to share with you something interesting.. You know Garima, Khushi's mother, the one who you called affectionately as Ma is actually the second woman in your father's called Ma the woman who destroyed your own mother's life. Now you have only one option.. Leave Khushi..she isn't made for you..

Arnav glared at him: You're very late in sharing this news with me. Because Ma already told me about this and we already sorted it out.

Rudra widened his eyes: So after knowing all this. You still decided to marry her?

Arnav: She is not at fault! Why should I punish her?

Rudra smiled: True! But you will have to punish her, because you know.. If Khushi doesn't become mine. I won't let her be yours too..

Rudra showed him a picture on his phone, "Isn't this Sheesh Mahal? This mansion is very close to you na, it has your mother memories, then your lovely Di, your childhood just like my house where I lost my parents, but one thing isn't common in between us. This mansion is still intact na, I will have to burn this down, hain Shyam?"

Shyam nodded laughing: Why not? When we are about to destroy everyone, why leave his precious mansion?

Arnav shook his head crying, "You all have gone mad! Rudra you're supporting your parent's murderers and punishing those who haven't done anything wrong with you!

Rudra shrugged his shoulders: You snatched Khushi from me.

"She was never yours! Khushi is mine only mine.. Try everything you want to do.. At the end, she only belongs to me.." Arnav yelled.

Rudra glared at him.

"At the end everything will be destroyed!!" he heard his Dadi's voice.

"Now what's your plan?" Arnav looked at her with a defeated tone.

"Revenge! I should kill the one responsible for my son's and your mother death.. Garima.. She is excitedly helping her daughters to get ready for the grand day. She will directly go to the kitchen to bring some sweets for them and then *boom* my men will shoot her and she will die!! Oh god.. Her daughters, husband and that lady will come running to her, they will cry and all that but what can be done na, she already lost her life.." Dadi said pitifully.

Arnav knelt down, he placed his hands over his hair, crying, "Don't do this..please..don't do this.."

Lavanya, Shyam, Rudra, Jeevan and Dadi laughed at his state.

Dadi looked at him: You have one solution for this..

Arnav looked up at her: What?

Dadi: Leave that Khushi, I want you to send her out of your life just like she instigated you to kick me out and put me behind the bars. If you do this, Arnav I will make all of them stop what they are planning to do. Think Arnav, if you do what I want, then you will save Khushi, Anjali, Akash, your mother's mansion, and Garima. But if you don't, well you know it will be a disaster..

Arnav nodded looking down: I will.. I will leave Khushi.. Now please stop all this..

Flashback ends..

"This is what happened.." he whispered in a broken voice.

Khushi tightened her grip on him, with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Arnav.. I'm so sorry.." she mumbled hiding her face on his chest.

"I didn't knew all this. I thought so bad of you but you did all this for us.." she cried looking at him.

Arnav cupped her face, "It's not your fault Khushi. Perhaps it was destined like this. What matters is that you and Aashi came back to me! And I'm so happy.." he pulled her into a tight hug digging his face on her hair, "I won't let you both go anywhere now.."

"And I will never leave you again in my life.." she kissed his hair, caressing him.

"Di, Nani, Mami, Akash? Why are you not with them? Didn't you tell them the truth?" Khushi asked him.

Arnav rested his head on her lap, Khushi stroke his hair.

"They also left me. Nani was very angry with me because I left you.. She is right in her point of view.. I'm not upset with them also.. So I picked my bags and came here to Mumbai, on my way in Mandir. I found a baby boy on the floor crying. I tried to find his parents, even we went to police station to find them but no one came up. So I decided to adopt him. And I kept him with me these years.. Khushi you know why I love him so much.. Because..he is just like you.. He is innocent, simple, naughty in his way but the most important thing, he gives me happiness, just like you. His presence makes me feel alive again, just like when you're with me.." Arnav said.

Khushi smiled, "Thank God he is like me, otherwise I would have suffered with two ASR!! Because your daughter is just like you. Whenever I don't buy some toy for her, you have to see her gussa on me, just like you! You know she even says Hmm like you..

Arnav's eyes lit in happiness: Really! Tell me more about her..

Khushi nodded: And you will tell me about Aru..

The afternoon passed by like this, both telling each other about their kids likes and dislikes.



NK and Anika were fighting in the living room over the channels to watch.

"Hello this is my cousin's home, so don't argue with me.." NK glared at her.

Anika crossed her arms and pouted.

Arnav giggled looking at them, Khushi came downstairs with the two babies on her arms, both were snuggling to her still with sleepy eyes.

Arnav looked at her, and stood up helping her by taking Aashi to his arms.

"Sit Khushi.. I will warm milk for both.." Arnav said heading to the kitchen.

Khushi nodded and sat on the sofa with Aru, she cooed him giggling.

Aru was calm playing with her mangalsutra.

"Will he accept me as his mother? He already called Aashi as Didi, but didn't call me Mumma.." Khushi pouted looking at Aru.

Anika: Khushi ji can't I watch my favorite serial here?

Khushi looked at her and nodded: And watch it. NK give her the remote to change.

NK groaned and gave her unwillingly.

Arnav returned to the living room with small cups of milk. Aashi was already drinking it.

Arnav passed the other cup for Khushi, Khushi made Aru drink. He also drank without making fuss.

"Does he like milk?" Khushi asked Arnav astonished.

"He is my good boy.." Arnav said nodding.

"God!! I don't believe it, he is just like me. And your daughter makes me run all over the house to drink milk.." Khushi glared at Aashi.

Aashi giggled sheepishly, "Aashi don't like milk mumma.. Only ice cream.."

Arnav chuckled: Just like papa!

Anika was like aww seeing the cute happy family.

NK: You should thank me Nannav. I found your wifey!

Arnav smirked: Acha you were with her three years and made wait so long..

NK pouted: What to do? She never uttered your name for me. Only that day she was showing Aashi your pic, that's when I got to know..

Khushi bit her tongue, "I was angry with you. That's why I said to myself I will never say your name. Just like in movies.."

Arnav laughed: Really Khushi!!

He pecked her cheeks, as he found her cute explaining to him the reason..

NK smile teasingly: You want us to take care of the babies.

Anika nodded blushing: We can! You both go and rest, Khushi must be tired now..

Khushi nodded sideways: Nahin. I'm not tired. I'm alright, really.

Arnav, NK and Anika face palmed.

Jul 27

Chapter 44 - A new morning... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 111 times)

Arshi room:

She stared at her husband sleeping cutely with his arms around her.

She blushed as this was the second night they became one again and after three years. She missed him so much, that today she didn't want to sleep, just stare at him contented her completely.

She ruffled his hair gently, placing soft kisses on his forehead.

Arnav still with his closed eyes, made her lean on the bed, and cuddled to her.

"Don't you want to sleep?" he asked.

"No!" she giggled burying her face on the crook of his neck.

Arnav covered her with the blanket and soon made her sleep with his constant caresses on her back.


The next morning, Arnav was in the kitchen with his wife.

"So Anika doesn't know anything about Mumbai, that's why you brought her here?" Arnav raised his eyebrow.

"No Arnav ji. Can't you see that although NK fights with her, he still cares for her? It's first time I'm seeing him really care for someone, so DM told me that Anika is the one for him Khushi and you have to help them be one.." Khushi smiled pouring the coffee on his cup.

Arnav nodded and took the cup from her hand.

He sipped it, and after some seconds hissed in pain.

"Dammit.." he left the cup on the table.

Khushi came running to him, "Are you mad Arnav ji? Didn't you see it was hot?"

Arnav pouted caressing his lips, she shook her head and kissed him on his lips.

Arnav was surprised with her act, she is so shy to do all this openly, but today impressed him. He then responded to her kiss with passion, forgetting about his pain.

"Good morning.." Anika entered in the kitchen and found both kissing each other, she bit her tongue and turned her back to both.

"I'm sorry.." she shut her eyes embarrassed.

Khushi and Arnav broke the kiss shocked.

"I'm sorry Anika. Woh.." Khushi stammered embarrassed.

"It's okay.. I know such things are common for lovely couples like you.." Anika smile turning to them again.

Arnav smiled at her, then took his cup of coffee to run from there.

"Arnav ji careful.." she warned him seeing him go.

Arnav nodded and went from there, he was later joined by NK who woke up late.

Khushi and Anika also joined them for breakfast.

NK: I was thinking that we should see some places here in Mumbai for Aashi to play. She doesn't know much about here..

Arnav smirked: And her little mind isn't really interested to see Mumbai's places. Tell clearly na that you want to visit here so that Anika gets to know about Mumbai.

NK: Me? I don't want to do anything for her..

Anika pouted: Arrogant.. I haven't seen any man like you in this earth..

NK stuck his tongue to her, she looked away.

Khushi giggled: Stop it you both. And NK you can take the kids and Anika to show them Mumbai.

Arnav thought something, then nodded: Yeah..

NK nodded smiling: Okay then, I will take Aashi, Aru and Anika outside today.

"Mummaaaaaaa.." the four heard Aashi shouting for her mother.

Khushi was about to go, but Arnav stopped her: I will go..

Khushi nodded: Okay..

Arnav went running to Aru's room. Both babies were sitting on the bed waiting for their parents.

Arnav smiled and sat there, "Good morning my babies.." he cooed Aashi and Aru.

Both giggled happily, "Good moning Papa.."

Arnav kissed Aashi's forehead, then Aru..

"Did you sleep well?" he asked Aashi.

Aashi nodded smilingly, she hugged her father resting her head on his chest.

Arnav hugged her back, "Didn't you both fall on the floor?" he tickled Aru.

The kids laughed, and said "NOOO".

Khushi joined them and sat on the bed, she wished the kids and picked Aru from the bed.

"Mumma will give shower to Aruu today.." she kissed his nose smiling.

Aru imitated her, kissing her nose again. Khushi took him to the bathroom, and Arnav helped her to choose Aru's clothes.

Then both made Aashi bath as well, making her wear a pink dress.

Arnav combed her soft hair gently, he looked at her expression sometimes like "Ouch", then he kissed her where she was feeling hurt and she smiled showing her teeth to him.

While on the other side, Khushi dressed Aru with blue pants and white shirt, then dried his hair with the towel.

He started giggling when she did that, he was enjoying this small play. Khushi caressed his hair with her hands then and kissed him again, he was so chubby that she didn't control herself but fill him with her kisses.

Arnav lifted Aashi and Aru taking them to the breakfast table.

And Khushi stayed in the room making the bed and organizing the kids toys.

She descended the stairs later, and found Arnav making the kids eat and drink milk.

Aashi was making faces, but since it's her father making her drink she couldn't deny.

Khushi sat with them, "Eat quickly Aashi, uncle wants to take you both out.."

Both squealed in happiness, Aru raised his hands to sit on Khushi's lap, she picked him from the table and made him sit with her.

"Where are we going Mumma?" Aashi asked excitedly in her baby tone.

"Hmm many places Aashi.. Uncle will take you to parks to play.. Only if you behave like a good girl and finish your food.." Khushi said.

"I will Mumma.."

"Good girl.." Arnav smiled and caressed her back.

"Khushi this is like a dream to me.. You, Aashi are with me.. I just can't believe this.. Today I made my baby bath, I dressed her up and I'm feeding her breakfast!! It's just unbelievable.. I never thought we both would be living this.." Arnav smiled.

Khushi touched his hand: This is true (pouting) and unlike you said our love won and all of them lose..

Aru and Aashi looked at their parents smiling at each other.

Aru touched Khushi's face with his palms, he slowly recognized the lady his father used to show him and said that she is his mother.

He quickly pecked her cheeks, "Mumma.." he uttered smiling.

Khushi instantly looked at him, she smiled: Repeat what you said baby.. Say it again..

Aru smiled: Mumma..Papa.. my mumma..

Aru looked at Arnav questioning, Arnav nodded: Yesss she is mumma..

Khushi hugged him tightly.

Aashi ran to hug her mother also, she can't afford to lose a hug from her mother.

Khushi received her also in her arms, both babies cuddled to her resting their heads on her chest.

Arnav sighed: Tough job ahead for you!!

Khushi giggled: For you too!! Be prepared for fights, cute moments, jealous over small small thing, to buy toys of their choice at  unexpected moments, their tantrums when they are in bad mood.. Everything, but at the end this is what make us proud parents Arnav ji.. These are going to be the memorable moments of our life.. When both grow up, we would still remember everything of them, while they would have forgotten almost everything!!

Arnav nodded: That's true! And you know what's good?

Khushi nodded sideways.

Arnav chuckled: You're going to handle them when they cry, fight or are in bad mood. While I'm going to handle them when they want to play, smile and are in good mood!

Khushi jaws dropped: That's not fair!!

NK reached downstairs ready with Anika.

"Are my babies ready?" he asked to both kids.

"Aru is ready, Aashi didn't finish her milk.." Khushi glared at Aashi.

Aashi smiled sheepishly: I don't like mumma..

Khushi shook her head smiling.

Anika took Aru and Aashi with her, NK followed her outside saying "We will come back soon Nannav"

Arnav nodded: Be careful..

Khushi looked at him, then sat on his lap, "I'm your baby now. And I'm  hungry.."

Arnav took his sandwich from the plate and made her eat. Khushi ate it from his hand smiling, "Do you remember when I came in your mansion first day? You made HP cook so many dishes for me.. "

Arnav nodded: I didn't knew what you like, that's why..

Khushi giggled: You could have asked me Arnavji..

Arnav: It wouldn't look good! What if you misunderstood my intentions?

Khushi glanced at him smirking: I should have! This was your intention na, make me yours..

Arnav giggled: Yeah! But I'm not like those bad boys.. I really liked you..

Khushi: I know.. I love you..

Arnav pulled her near him, "I love you too Khushi.."

Khushi: And from now on, Mr.Raizada you will stop doing sacrifices for me.. Promise me no matter what happens, you will never leave my side. And will always tell me the truth, I will believe in your words blindly Arnav ji.. But please never leave me alone..

Arnav squeezed her hand gently: I promise I won't leave you alone..


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Jul 30

Chapter 45 - Back to Delhi.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 121 times)

Arnav leaned on the sofa, pulling Khushi to sit on his lap.

She placed her head on his chest.

"Didn't you punish Lavanya, Rudra, Dadi?" she looked at him.

"I did Khushi but Dadi, Rudra and Lavanya managed to escape. And at that time, I didn't want anything but you, I wanted to leave all that.. I didn't bother to go behind them. I was completely broken you know.. Losing you, then our family.." Arnav said caressing her back..

"But you should punish them for doing this with us! And you never know if Dadi is still behind you or not. At that time, we were just two Arnav ji, now we are four!" Khushi looked up to him.

Arnav nodded: I know it's important to punish them, and also for your and Aashi and Aru safety.

Khushi: Talk with the cops to find them and put them behind the bars. They deserve a bigger punishment than this..

Arnav nodded: I will talk with them tomorrow with Aman.

Khushi took the phone from the table, and Arnav looked at her confused.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Calling amma and tell her that soon we are going back to Delhi.." Khushi smiled.

"Amma.." Khushi squealed in happiness when she heard her mother's voice.

"Khushi? You.. Why are you talking with me from Arnav's phone? Is everything alright? Did he find about you?" Garima asked worried.

"I'm fine amma. Actually me and Aashi returned to Arnav ji! Amma he didn't leave me..he is not at fault.." Khushi looked at Arnav caressing his face.

"What? Khushi are you mad? You're in Mumbai, you didn't inform us anything this. What if he only accepted you back because Aashi is his daughter?" Garima frowned.

"No Amma Arnav ji really loves me! All this was a misunderstanding, our enemies did that to separate us.. I will tell you everything when we return okay.." Khushi said.

"Okay.." Garima nodded confused.

Arnav: What did she say?

Khushi: She still thinks you called us because of Aashi, but later I said that you truly loves us and I will say what's the truth when go back.

Arnav: I'm feeling strange to face them all again!

Khushi frowned: Why? You haven't done anything wrong, in fact we all should say sorry to you for not understanding that you did all that to save us.

Arnav smiled faintly at her and then hugged her.


Next day..

Arshi room:

Arnav cooed his both babies sleeping.

While Khushi was packing their bags, "They are cute na?" she asked smiling.

Arnav kissed Aashi's forehead: Very cute!

Khushi: Amma, bauji, buaji, Di, Nani, Akash ji, everyone will be so happy na Arnav ji, when they see our little Aashi!

Arnav nodded: Especially Nani, she dream of this you know.. I was the one who always rejected marriage proposals..

Khushi pouted: You don't need to talk about other girls!

Arnav chuckled: Ohh I forgot I have a Jealous wife here!

Khushi put the bags on the floor, "Stop teasing me!.."

Arnav caressed his babies trying to wake them up.

NK knocked the door, "We are ready Nannav.."

Khushi opened the door for him: NK we are just making the kids ready..

Anika nodded: Even I'm still getting ready!

NK glared at her: Or you want to use your make up to at least looked beautiful?

Anika: Khushi ji please scold him. He is always teasing me..

Khushi giggled: NK don't tease her na! How will you handle her for lifetime then?

NK widened his eyes: What lifetime? No.. She is just staying with us for her visit to Mumbai, and unfortunately now Delhi too. But then she will go back with me to London. She on her way, and I on my..

Khushi smirked: Let's see!


Outside the mansion, Arnav was placing the bags on the car.

He wiped his hands with Khushi's duppata then, earning a glare from her.

"Where is Aashi and Aru?" he asked planting a soft kiss on her forehead to pacify her.

"They are coming with Rose! I don't know what Aashi wants inside.." Khushi chuckled.

Anika and NK got inside the car waiting for the babies to come outside with Rose.

After few minutes, Arnav giggled looking at his daughter coming to them with a big ball for her tiny hands.

Rose was trying to help her, but little Aashi was adamant on holding the ball with her hands.

Aru was on Rose's arms, calling his sister, "Didi..Didi.." he giggled seeing her trying to hold his ball.

Aashi tried to balance herself with the ball who was not letting her see the ground.

Khushi face palmed looking at her daughter trying to be independent!!

Arnav walked to his daughter, and took the ball from her hand.

Aashi looked up to him, and hid her hands behind her, her cheeks reddened.

And Khushi knew what it means, her daughter was about to cry.

Arnav knelt down: You're so small doll to hold this..

Aashi's eyes glistened: Aashi wants ball..big baaaallll..

Arnav nodded pulling her near him, "Papa knows Aashi wants big ball, Papa will take it for you.. (he pointed to the car) Aashi will play there..

Aru clapped his hands: Yessss...big ball...

Aashi too smiled jumping in happiness: Aashi plays big ball!!!

Khushi smiled and took Aru from Rose's arm, and Arnav picked Aashi and the ball on his other hand.

"Rose take care.." he looked at her before going.

"Sure sir.." she smiled.

Khushi glanced at him leaning on her seat.

"Khushi I was saying her to take care of the mansion, not herself!!" Arnav explained her.

Anika and NK laughed at a jealous Khushi.

"Then say it clearly.." Khushi pouted.

"I told you.." he smiled.

"You told me, not her!" Khushi looked away playing with her duppata.

"I love you, not her!!" he said and she blushed.

Anika: Aww too cute!!

NK smiled and patted her shoulders: Very cute!!

Anika looked at him, he also realized he touched her.

Smiling awkwardly he left her, and called Aashi and Aru to play with him also.

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Aug 6

Chapter 46 - The family Reunion.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 96 times)

Arnav stare at his mansion, his old memories with his family flashed on his mind, and his eyes got moist. It has been three years he hasn't been in touch with his family and it hurts him the most, that he managed to stay without his Di for such a long time. His family didn't ousted him from the mansion, but they started avoiding him after he separated from Khushi and the way he left her alone on mandap. He couldn't tolerate his family ignorance on him, that's why days later he shifted to Mumbai and never talked with them again.

Khushi tapped his shoulders, "Let's go inside Arnav.."

Arnav nodded and grabbed her hand, while behind him Anika and NK held the babies sleeping.

The guard opened the gate for him, and they walked inside.

Arnav knocked the door, with various emotions running through him. He doesn't know whether to be upset or happy that he is finally meeting with his family.

Inside the mansion, Anjali stood up from the sofa as soon as she heard the knock on the door, she left Kushal (Akash's and Payal's son) with Mami. And went running to attend the person outside.

She opened the door, then gasped when she saw her Chote standing in front of her.

"Chote.." she whispered crying.

Arnav smiled while tears came out of his eyes, he pulled his Di into a tight hug.

She hugged him back crying, "Chote..where were you?.. Ohh.. How much I missed you.. Only God knows.."

"I missed you too Di.." Arnav whispered in her embrace.

Mami and Nani walked near the door, and were shocked by seeing Arnav with Khushi, NK and a strange girl for them with two babies.

Nani melt her heart by seeing her grandson, but his act three years ago made her maintain a stern face: Anjali!

Anjali broke the hug, smiling she turned to Nani: Nani see na.. Chote came back..

Nani: So what? He is no one to us! Don't forget what he did three years ago, he left his wife in mandap alone facing all the humiliation by this society when Khushi wasn't even at fault. And now what is this? Why did you brought Khushi and Aashi here? Did you force them Arnav?

Khushi nodded sideways: Nani please.. Let we explain to all of you what happened that day..

Meanwhile, the Guptas also reached in Raizada mansion and walked inside.

Khushi looked at her family, she ran to hug them.

Shashi and Garima cried in her embrace, Buaji also hugged her emotionally.

Arnav looked at them, "Can we walk inside and talk?"

Everyone nodded, but still shocked that Arnav returned with Khushi.

Inside the mansion, the Raizadas and Guptas gathered around the living room.

Nani: Tell us Khushi bitiya. What happened? Why did you return to Arnav?

Anjali nodded all confused: Please tell us Khushi..what's happening?

Khushi squeezed Arnav's hand gently and indicated him to proceed.

Arnav looked at all his family, and narrated everything that happened on that horrible day for him.

After listening to this. Everyone were silent for a while, they couldn't believe that a misunderstanding separated them from Arnav, Arnav left Khushi, Khushi stayed away from her husband and lost all the special moments of her pregnancy with him, Aashi suffered without Arnav, Arnav stayed alone for three years paying for a mistake, where he is not a fault!

Anjali that sat beside Arnav cupped his face, "Why did you lie to me Chote? What was the need of such a big sacrifice?"

Arnav: I had no choice Di.. I would lose you, Akash, Khushi, Ma and our mansion.. I couldn't destroy our lives like that and I knew they were very caps of doing that..

Anjali cried: Chote I can't believe you did that for us. And all we did was hate you..

Akash also came in front of Arnav, he knelt down and held his ear: I'm so sorry Bhai.. That day I told you words, you don't even deserve.. You're in fact the best brother in this world.. I'm so sorry..

Arnav slapped Akash playfully crying, "Since when do you say sorry to your brother.. You aren't at fault.. Please stop being guilty.."

Anjali and Akash nodded and hugged Arnav tightly. 

Their hug last for long minutes, after all the siblings were talking with each other after a long time, and it's the first time this happened, otherwise the three are close to each other and never separated from each other like this time.

Khushi smiled staring at their bond.

Nani also came near Arnav, with tears on her eyes. She is always strict when it comes to relationships and choosing between right and wrong.

But this time, the tears were in her eyes because she failed to read her grandson. She failed to judge him, or perhaps she loved Khushi so much, that couldn't control herself but punish Arnav like this.

"" Nani cried.

The siblings broke the hug, and Arnav stood up and quickly hugged his Nani impeding her from saying sorry to him, "Nani you know you don't have to say sorry.."

"But I failed to see that you were actually protecting us.. And how could I? When already on haldi, you proved your nature. You sacrificed yourself to protect that villainous woman and her son.. How could I fail?

Arnav cupped her face and wiped her tears: Shhh.. Forget about that.. Nani.. Look there..

Arnav pointed to Aashi who was peacefully sleeping resting her head on Anika's chest.

Nani nodded smiling, "I know.. Your princess Arnav.. Aashi.. my doll.."

Arnav smiled: Yes! Your Doll Nani.. Remember how much you dream of my son/daughter?

Nani giggled: Yes.. I can finally play with my Doll.. I just can't believe it.. She is so much like you.. Khushi.. (Nani ran to show him a picture) Khushi send us this picture of Aashi.. I keep staring at her picture whole day praying that one day.. She will come to meet her Dadi.. And today my Gudiya is here.. You both are here.. Thank you Arnav for clearing this misunderstanding and let me see your beautiful family..

Arnav hugged her smiling, "Now you can play with Aashi and Aru all day Nani.."

Garima and Shashi looked at each other smiling.

Arnav looked at Garima, and walked to her.

"Ma.. I'm sorry..I left Khushi in the moment she needed me the most.." he said with repenting for his mistake.

Garima nodded sideways crying: No beta.. Don't say sorry to us.. We kept cursing you all the time, when all you did was protect us from those evils..  We are the one who should say sorry to you..

Shashi nodded, and hugged Arnav tightly.

"Today I don't repent choosing you for Khushi. You're the best husband she could ever get Arnav beta" Shashi smiled.

Buaji squealed in happiness, she likes happy reunions like this. 

Mami: See you're making even Madhumati cry here..

Buaji quickly wiped the small tears in her eyes: I'm not crying!! I'm very happy for Arnav and Khushi bitiya.. You're the one who is shedding tears Manorama..

Mami nodded sideways: No! I saw you crying.

Buaji frowned: You're crying.

Nani shook her head smiling: Stop fighting over a silly matter!!!

Everyone laughed out loudly.

Nani's eyes landed on the cute boy sleeping on NK's lap.

"Arnav beta who is he?" she asked confused.

"He is my baby Aru.." Arnav smiled.

"Your baby???" everyone except Khushi, Kushal, NK and Anika asked at the same time with wide eyes.

"Yes my baby with another woman.." Arnav giggled.

Khushi looked at him with big eyes smiling.

"Chote you married with.." Anjali gulped.

"Just kidding Di! I adopted Aru, on my way to Mumbai I found him on Mandir, his parents abandoned him and people were just looking at him crying, no one wanted to take his responsibility, so I took him with me and give him my name.

Nani smiled proud of her grandson, "You did the right thing Arnav beta. DM must be happy with your decision to take this baby with you.."

Anjali smiled: OMG now I am aunty of three babies!! Going to get old early than I thought..

Arnav and Akash laughed.

"Anjali bitiya didn't you tell Arnav beta about your Boyfriend?" Mami smiled shyly.

Anjali widened her eyes. Arnav raised his eyebrow: And who is HE Di?

Anjali blushed: I will tell you later.. For now you all should rest..

Khushi nodded and turned to NK and Anika, " Let me handle the babies now.. You both should rest now, you took care of them, now you must be tired.."

Now everyone's attention went to NK.

"NK!" Akash smiled surprised.

"Hiiii.." Nk waved at the smiling "And before you ask me what am I doing here, let me answer I play an important role in uniting these both love birds.. And she is Anika, a trouble maker who came to our life by accident.."

Anjali laughed: You will explain  us everything later ok! Now go and rest..

Anjali patted Arnav's shoulder: Go and rest Chote. I have so much to share with you!

Arnav nodded smiling and picked his babies, who were deep asleep from Anika and NK. Arnav went to his room.

Khushi stayed with ladies of the house, who were asking non-stop questions to her, and she replied to them calmly.

Anika and NK were the most tired of this journey, since they were playing with Aashi and Aru.

HP dropped them at their respective rooms, which Anjali ordered to clean for them as soon as possible.

After chatting with the ladies, Khushi tiredly went to Arnav's room.

She opened the door silently, because she knew he would be sleeping now.

And when she opened the door, she found the three sleeping cutely.

Aashi and Aru were in the middle of the bed, Arnav was at the left side with his arms protectively around his Aashi and Aru, and then a pillow on her side to protect them from falling.

She smiled and closed the door, she went to the bathroom to take a quick bath, and then wore a simple salwar.

After dressing up, she pulled the pillow of her side and leaned on the bed, planting a kiss on Arnav, Aru and Aashi's forehead, she slept with a smile on her face.

Finally they reunited, and their family also accepted them back.

The only thing is making her worried, is that Dadi, Rudra and Lavanya are still roaming around freely and maybe they already know that both are together now and are plotting to separate them again.

"DM please protect my family from those devils.. Please don't separate me from Arnav ji.. I can't live without him.. Please keep us one always.." she prayed before letting herself drift into a deep sleep


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Aug 12

Chapter 47 - The happy Family! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 93 times)

Arnav turned to the left side of his bed, and caressed his daughter's tummy while sleeping.

She was already awake and giggled when Arnav touched her.

"Papa..Papa.." she called him smiling.

Arnav opened his eyes and stare at her: Heyy Cutie pie.. You are awake..

She nodded showing him her teeth.

"Why didn't Aashi call Papa?" he sat on the bed taking Aashi in his arms.

"Papa sleep.." she said indicating him that he was sleeping.

"Aashi can call Papa anytime okay.." he kissed her forehead smiling.

Then took her to the bathroom, he splashed water on his face.

Aashi smiled enjoying the tiny drops of water falling on her face.

Arnav stopped washing his face, and extended his hand to take the towel to wipe his face.

"Papaaaaa.. " Aashi whined clutching his shirt.

"Kya hua baby?" he stare at her confused, till now she was calm.

"Papaaa..panii..paniii (water).." she pointed to the wash basin with a crying face.

"Ohh Aashi wants to wash her face.." Arnav cooed her.

She nodded clapping her hands, and Arnav turned on the tap and sprinkled water softly on her face.

She giggled enjoying the feeling, and hide her face on his chest when Arnav tickled her.

"More???" he asked her.

Aashi nodded, while Khushi stood with a stern face looking at the father-daughter having fun playing with water.

"Not more Miss Aashi! You will fall sick if you play with water.." Khushi came near them, and took the towel to wipe her face.

Aashi looked away, "Molee.. molee.. Aashi wants moleee..(more).. Papa.. paniii.."

Arnav smiled and kissed her cheeks, "Okay.. Let's play molee with water.."

Khushi shook her head in disbelief. Till now she had controlled Aashi, but with her father around now. Aashi is sure to have a free life like a bird now.

"Are you hungry? Shall I serve something for you?" Khushi looked at him excited like a kid playing with his daughter.

"When you have your food, call me.." Arnav said.

"But I want to know about you. And you're talking about me.." Khushi rolled her eyes.

"Ohh Khushi! I will eat with you only.." Arnav said and took the towel from her hand, wiping Aashi's face.

Aashi laughed when Arnav brushed the towel on her face. Making Arnav smile amused.

"Aru is still sleeping! Make less noise you both.." Khushi said with a scolding tone and left the bathroom, heading to the bed where Aru was sleeping cutely hugging his teddy bear.

Khushi was awed by the scene, she couldn't help herself but kiss his cheeks secretly.

Ruffling his hair, she pulled the blanket more to him.

"Mummaaaaa.." Aashi shouted by after seeing Khushi looked at her with wide eyes and signaled her to keep quiet with her fingers on her lips.

Aashi mimicked her mother, by placing her fingers on her lips.

Arnav giggled silently staring at both, "Aashi will play with Papa now outside.."

Aashi looked at him, "Papa bhaiii" she pointed to Aru sleeping.

"Bhai is sleeping baby.. Let him rest.. Then we three will play together-together okay.. " Arnav explained to her in a baby tone.

Khushi came to them and pushed both to the door, "Go go go.. You both are spoiling my baby sleep.."

Aashi and Arnav went from there downstairs, while Khushi returned to Aru, smiling. She was so happy that the four were like a happy-family just like she dream about!

Arnav and Aashi reached downstairs in the kitchen, the ladies were preparing dishes for the Grand Lunch today!

"Aashi ask these ladies, do we eat a lot that you're cooking so many dishes?" Arnav said teasing the ladies.

"Do we eat looottt?" Aashi giggled repeating half of her father's words.

"Aashi ask your father if your mother eats a lot? Hmm.. Nani don't you remember the first day Khushi came in our mansion, so many dishes for breakfast only.." Anjali smirked.

Arnav smiled embarrassed, "Diiiiiii you don't need to talk about that day.. I already said I didn't knew what Mumma likes!"

"Mummaaaa!!" everyone laughed.

Arnav bit his tongue, it's becoming an habit now.. Aashi and Aru call Khushi "Mumma" too!

Mami laughed: I will surely tell Khushi about this one..

Anjali high five with her..

Garima came to Arnav smiling, she wanted to take her granddaughter in her arms.

Arnav understood it and handled Aashi to her.

"Aww my baby.. Do you recognize me?.." Garima cooed her.

"Naniiii.." Aashi said smiling, she played with Garima's mangalsutra, while Garima was overwhelmed that Aashi recognized her. They only talked with Khushi and Aashi over the phone, when she was in London. It's the first time, she is taking Aashi in her arms!

Now all the ladies, came to Aashi asking her to take their names too.

Arnav left from there, and joined the Akash and Mama.

"It's tough being a father right?" Mama asked to both chuckling.

"It's not that tough.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

"What??? You're gonna repent for saying this Bhai.." Akash widened his eyes.

Khushi and Aru came downstairs after sometime, Aru was snuggling on his mother's chest, feeling her warmth.

Arnav looked at the coming to the lunch table.

He pushed the chair aside for Khushi, "Sit my Love.."

Khushi blushed, and sat on the chair beside him.

Everyone laughed at Arnav's naughtiness.

Khushi played with Aru and Aashi to avoid the teasing smiles her family was giving to her.

And Arnav sat with them, taking Aashi in his arms, he wrapped his arms around her small body and rested his chin on her head, asking her what she wants to eat.

Aashi started pointing to the dishes she liked just by seeing.

Khushi rolled her eyes, "Give this Gudiya this one.."

"Nooo.." Aashi pouted, "That.. Papa.." she pointed to what she wants.

"Aashi listen to mumma.." Khushi kissed her head.

"Noo nooo.. Aashi wants that.." Aashi said with an angry sigh reminding everyone of ASR.

"Give her what she wants.." Nani giggled and passed the plate to Arnav.

Arnav served for her smiling, "My Little ASR.."

Khushi shook her head, and asked what Aru wanted. Aru was a calm boy, he didn't choose anything only mumble "Mumma.." as if saying for Khushi to choose for him, and he would eat everything she feeds him.

Khushi looked at Arnav, and Arnav served for Aru, showing her what Aru likes to eat.

Khushi memorized everything Arnav said that he likes.

She feed him, while eating herself too. Both were enjoying the lunch together.

Aashi tasted the food Arnav feed her, she start making faces.

Khushi giggled.

"Aashi don't like!!" she said looking at Arnav.

"But Aashi told Papa to serve.." Arnav said pinching her cheeks.

Aashi smiled sheepishly.

Khushi served for her again, "Didn't I told you you won't like Naughty girl?"

Aashi buried her face on her father's chest to hide from her mumma's scolding.

Arnav: It's okay Khushi! It's called experimenting new things..

Khushi jaws dropped: Achaa..

"Really!" Arnav nodded.


"She is back in his life again!" Rudra gritted his teeth.

"What? How do you know? And really how? Did you went to city??" Dadi scolded him.

"Yeah! I had to buy food for myself.. Living here in villages isn't easy at all.. That's when I saw on Tv on a shop, that ASR came back to Delhi with his wife and baby.. Means.." Rudra said.

"Means Khushi was pregnant?" Dadi said with wide eyes.

Lavanya looked away, with tears on her eyes.

Aug 14

Chapter 48 - The big party! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 111 times)

At night, Khushi changed to a night suit, and walked out of the bathroom only to find her husband busy with his phone.

"Give some attention to me too! I came back after three years you know.." she sat on the bed sighing.

Arnav smirked and kept his phone aside looking at her.

"What kind of attention do you want?" he asked huskily.

"Not the one you're thinking!" she giggled and snuggled to his chest.

He accepted her placing his arms around her waist warmly.

"Now that I'm with you and our family, I want to live all the moments I lost.." she whispered.

"I want too Khushi.. But first we need to punish the three responsible for our separation.." Arnav said rubbing her back with his hand.

"How are we going to do that?" she asked to him.

"I already executed my first plan.. Let them know that you came back to me and we have Aashi.." Arnav smirked.

"What??? Now they surely try to hurt us Arnav.." Khushi looked at him with big eyes.

"That's what I want.. Now that they know about you and Aashi.. They will make a blunder and we will catch them.." Arnav said.

"Ohh but then we have to be alert, otherwise.." Khushi looked at him scared.

Arnav placed his fingers on her lips, "Sshh.. Nothing will happen this time.. This time we will win.. We have to win it Khushi, for us and our babies.. "

Khushi nodded smiling.

"I will throw a big party for you.." Arnav said.

"Not for me! To catch them right?" Khushi smirked.

"Are wah Mrs.Raizada is becoming like her husband.." Arnav pinched her cheeks smiling.

Khushi smacked his shoulders, "I'm more smart than you!"

"Hmm.. After all enemies out of our life.. We will plan our honeymoon..what say?" Arnav said and made her lean on the bed.

"Good night Arnav.." Khushi smiled and closed her eyes.

"What? When it's about our honeymoon, you want to sleep?" Arnav looked at her in disbelief.

"We have two babies Arnav!! Are you planning a third one?" Khushi shook her head.

"Why not?" Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

"Awww I will become old with your kids.." Khushi laughed.

"Even if you become, I won't mind.." Arnav said dropping wet kisses on her neck, and then moved to her lip.

"Choteeeee.." Anjali knocked the door.

Arnav shut his eyes in frustration, Khushi giggled at his expression.

She ran to open the door, "Yes Di.."

"Aashi wants to sleep!" Anjali said caressing Aashi's hair, the little one yawned.

Arnav picked Aashi from Anjali's arms, "Aww my baby.." he kissed her temples.

Aashi closed her eyes as soon as she reached in her father's arms.

"Aru?" Arnav asked.

"Aru is still playing with his cousin.. Little Aashi was running here and there, that's why she got tired.." Anjali smiled.

Khushi shook her head, "She makes run here and there also.."

Anjali laughed with Arnav, at Khushi's complaint.

Arnav: Don't talk like that about my Princess..

Khushi grinned: I want to see your face when she cries.. That day I will let you alone to handle your daughter..

Arnav pouted and walked inside the room with Aashi.

Khushi: I will come with you Di to wait for Aru..

Anjali nodded and both went downstairs to play with Aru and Akash's son.


After three days, Arnav announced to the media about the big party he will be holding for Khushi and Aashi return in his life.

The news reached to the three villains who escaped from going to jail.

"Shouldn't we do something?" Rudra asked to Dadi and Lav.

"What? I really just want to go back home to my Dad.." Lavanya rolled her eyes.

"Do you know police is looking for us? How will you leave to New York?" Rudra frowned.

"They must have forgotten about it by now.." Lav said pouting.

"Ohh really! ASR held a party for his wife and his baby, and people will see his ex-girlfriend on airports..won't it grab attention of the police?" Dadi said sarcastically.

"We should kill Arnav once and for all.." Rudra said clenching his fist.

"No! This time we won't do anything to them, but to their life, means that baby.." Dadi evilly smirked.

"What will we do with that baby?" Lav asked.

"You're really fool!! We will kidnap..what's her name? .. Aashi.. Haan we will kidnap her and then blackmail Arnav to let us live in peace normally without going to jail and gives a good amount of money.. Then we will return his daughter.. Simple.. If he doesn't obey, then we can throw that baby somewhere he will never find her.."

"What? I'm not going to do this.. If it was Khushi, it's okay.. Aashi is Arnav's daughter, she is my love's little baby.. I can't hurt him.." Lavanya freaked out.

"Ohh God.. Want freedom or not?" Rudra asked to her rolling his eyes.

Lavanya nodded slowly, "Isn't there any other way?"

Both said at the same time, "No!"


The big party day!

Arnav and Khushi were busy greeting the guest with a smile on their face.

"Is everything ok Arnav? Are your bodyguards keeping a watch on people coming in? They could come disguised too.." Khushi whispered near his ear with a smile on her face.

"Don't worry! Everything is under control.. And keep Aashi and Aru with you.. This time they will attack them, not us.." Arnav whispered back.

Anjali came with a strange face to Arnav, a blush on her face indicated him that he was his sister's love and his enemy! As a brother he felt jealous again that his sister attention will be divided now with this man.

Khushi pinched his arms, "Stop glaring at the poor man.."

Arnav faked a smile on his face, "Is it better now?"

Khushi nodded, "Much better.."

Arnav pecked her cheek, smirking: Much more better?

"Shut up!" Khushi looked away with red cheeks now.

"Lovely couple.." the man said with a smile on his face.

"Thank you.." Arnav and Khushi said at the same time..

"For saying the truth.." Arnav added his sarcastic comment..

Khushi rolled her eyes.

"Rohan, he is my brother you know.. Arnav Singh Raizada, and she is Khushi, his wife.." Anjali introduced them.

"Her brother who will break your face if you play with her.." Arnav smiled.

"Choteeeee..." Anjali rolled her eyes.

Rohan looked at Anjali, scared of Arnav, when he came here, he met with everyone, but was more scared of Arnav only.

"I won't play with Anjali.. If she is your life, then she is my heart.." Rohan said with a smile on his face, although he was nervous.

Arnav side hugging him, giggling: You really got scared.. I was just kidding..

Rohan sighed in relief, and Khushi and Anjali laughed.

Khushi: Even your jokes are scary ASR..

Arnav: Ohh really.. Let me show you how scary they are..

Arnav walked closing the gap between him and Khushi, she blushed and went running from there.

Arnav glanced at the couple, "I like him Di.."

He said smirking before going again to tease his wife.

While running behind his wife, NK came to Arnav.

"Nannav.." he called him.

Arnav stopped and looked at NK: Haan..

NK whispered to him, "Look at your left side.. Doesn't she resembles your Dadi?"

Arnav eyed to elder lady on his left, with heavy make up to hide her true face.

"I know..she is Dadi only.." Arnav smiled.

"What? Catch her then Nannav.." NK widened his eyes.

"So that the other two escape! Have to find the three together.." Arnav said.

Khushi picked the babies on the floor to her arms, and eyed to Arnav indicating him to look at Dadi who came now disguised.

Arnav blinked his eyes, and indicated her to turn back.

She looked back and saw that behind Aashi and Aru they were at least six bodyguards of his disguised. He made sure there is no way someone strange would touch his babies.

But still Khushi was overprotective mother, she pulled her babies close to her heart and decided to not let them go anywhere without her permission, especially now that Dadi was there. She wonders where the other two are!

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