Gave my Heart away.. - COMPLETED

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Aug 16

The last chapter.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 88 times)

Khushi walked towards Arnav, and pulled him to a corner.

"Arnav I'm scared. Only Dadi is here.. What about the others? Are they planning something else?" Khushi said all worried for them.

"They must be waiting outside Khushi.. And I'm also wondering what their plans are?" Arnav said.

Aashi and Aru were playing with each other in Khushi's arms.

Aashi was kissing her brother's cheeks and he was giggling enjoying the ticklish feeling on his cheek.

Khushi and Arnav looked at the with a smile on their lips.

Khushi kissed both babies's forehead, and Arnav hugged the three.

"I won't let anything happen to you and our babies.." he whispered and kissed her forehead.

Khushi nodded, "I know you won't.." 

Arnav walked to go, Khushi stopped him: Where are you going Arnav?

Arnav: To look for Rudra and Lav.

Khushi nodded sideways: Please don't go alone.. Don't leave us alone..

Arnav: Khushi trust me.. I will come back in a while..

Khushi nodded slowly, still her heart didn't want him to go alone.

While Arnav left, Anjali came to Khushi.

"What are you doing here alone with Aashi and Aru Khushi? This party is for you and you.." Anjali smiled.

"Woh actually.. " Khushi tried to look for an excuse.

"Shh.. Come here.. I don't want to hear anything.." Anjali pulled her, and they went to stay with the family on a table reserved only for Raizadas and Guptas.

"I'm so happy today.." Garima smiled, "Finally our family is complete.."

"Yes.. And I wish nothing happens now to separate us from each other.. We should always be like this.." Nani said.

Akash: Nothing will happen now! We will stop our Sacrifice Bhai from doing sacrifices for us now..

Everyone laughed, Payal beat Akash playfully: Don't talk about my Jija like this Akash ji..

Akash jaws dropped: You're so bad with me Payal ji!

Payal giggled when he called her with "Ji", this is his teasing mood!

Khushi was worried for Arnav, she was constantly looking towards the door to see if he comes back or not.

"Princess is everything ok? Why do you look worried?" Nani patted her cheeks.

Khushi nodded smiling: Haan Nani.. Everything is ok only.. I'm just looking for Arnav..

Anjali: Aww Khushi can't stay away from her husband!! Rohan I will be like this with you ok!

Rohan nodded smiling, "No problem! I will be like this with you too.."

Anjali smiled blushing.

Khushi smiled staring at both love birds in the family now.

Nani: He will come soon, don't worry.. Maybe he is talking with his business partners.. You know how Chote is..

Dadi was staring at the table where the family was. Khushi was feeling uncomfortable with her gaze.

She tightened her grip on Aashi and Aru, scared if Dadi was planning to do something now.

NK stare at Anika, she was busy staring at the arrangements made for the party..

He smiled when he saw her wide eyes staring at an expensive chandelier.

"That's beautiful.." she whispered.

"Not more than you!" he whispered lost in her.

Anika turned to him, amused with his confessions.

"Mr.Arrogant did you said that I'm beautiful?" she asked to him.

"Did I? No.. I didn't hear myself saying this.." he said looking away.

"Liar.. I heard you saying that.." she frowned.

"Ok! I said.." he said.

Khushi shook her head, "You both only know how to fight right? Can't you both forget your first meeting and start afresh? What's the need to be enemies just because of a misunderstanding?"

"He/ She started first.." NK and Anika pointed to each other.

"Now start a friendship now.." Khushi said.

"Friendship no!!!" NK widened his eyes.

"Why not?" Anika looked at him confused.

"Look if it was to forget our first horrible meeting, I would made you my girlfriend..not only friend.." he said.

Anika blushed, "So you like me?"

NK nodded shyly, "I will just come back.. I need to use to washroom.."

He went running from there, Anika and Khushi laughed at his red face.

Khushi pinched Anika's cheeks, "Always stay happy like this.."

Aashi imitated her mother, and pinched Anika's cheeks.

"Stay happy happy.." she said giggling.

"Aww thank you baby.." Anika kissed Aashi's cheeks.

The lights suddenly went off.

"Arnav.." Khushi whispered his name scared.

She pulled the babies more close to her.

"Aree.. What happened to these lights?.. Akash go and check na.." Nani said looking around.

"Haan Akash.." Anjali said, scared of the dark place. She rested her head on Rohan's shoulder.

Akash nodded and switched the lights on his phone going to check what happened.

Everyone in the table switched the lights on, of their phones.

And Khushi with the help of the light, looked around to see where Dadi was.

Lavanya, Dadi and Rudra were in a corner of the hall.

Lavanya: This is the right time. We three should go there and take the baby.

Dadi face palmed: The baby is with Khushi.

Lavanya nodded sideways: No, Khushi left both babies with a girl, and went to look for Arnav outside..

Rudra: Great then! Lavanya let's do one thing, you go and take Aashi, otherwise she will scream if we three go to her.. So you take her and we are waiting outside.

Lavanya nodded and went to take Aashi.

While Rudra and Dadi went outside. To wait for her. 

After sometime..

Lavanya came with the baby in her arms, and smiled reaching to Dadi and Rudra.

"I found her.. Let's go.." Lavanya said walking fast.

Rudra and Dadi nodded and started walking with her.

Rudra looked once at the baby and widened his eyes.

"Stop.. Lavanya who did you brought here? She is not Aashi.." Rudra said.

Dadi looked at the baby, then glared at Lavanya: We shouldn't trust this girl to make our job..

"Go and leave this baby where you took her.. Just Go Lavanya before anyone catches us.." Rudra yelled losing patience with Lavanya.

"They already caught us.." Lavanya smiled with a defeated tone.

Rudra and Dadi looked at her confused.

She indicated them to look behind them.

Dadi and Rudra turned behind them, and gasped seeing Arnav and police officers pointing the gun to them.

Arnav smirked, "What a surprise.. Dadi, Rudra.. And ohh I had already met you before.."

"What do you mean?" Rudra asked confused.

"Lavanya tell them how I met you.." Arnav said.

Lavanya looked down.

"Okay no problem! I will tell them.." Arnav patted her cheeks.

"I had already seen Dadi disguised, but you both weren't in the hall.. So I came out and started looking for you both.. Lavanya was supposed to switch off the lights of the hall.. I found her doing her part and told her you will continue to do your job, but the plan will now be mine and not yours.. So as per my plan, she was supposed to lie to you both that Khushi wasn't with our babies, and she could easily take Aashi now, you both fools believed her words and she picked another baby purposely.. And I got a chance to catch you three together.. " Arnav said smirking.

Arnav walked to Dadi, "Ohh Mastermind.. Got caught now!! You're seriously unbelievable Dadi.. You killed Rudra parents and later made their son your partner in crime.. Then you created such a big plan to separate me and Khushi.. And now you wanted to kidnap my baby.. You know because of you all.. I missed the moments every father eagerly waits for.. I missed to see my Khushi pregnant.. I missed my baby first cry..first talk..first walk.. Do you even know how much it hurts Dadi? Do you know? My pregnant wife suffered in London alone to sustain herself and the baby.. When her husband could take care of her.. For Khushi and my every pain.. You will pay for that Dadi.. I never hated my father, the way I hate you.. Once I was ready to do anything for you, even though I hated the fact that you're my father's mother.. But now I hate you more than him.. He proved to be your blood only.. Now I see where did such cruelty came from!.. Are you even a mother? Don't you feel what pain you would give to Khushi by kidnapping Aashi? Don't you think of Jeevan uncle, your son is in jail? And you don't even think about him, you're here preparing another crime.. Shii shame on you Dadi.. Now be prepared to join your gang who destroyed my life.. If it wasn't for Khushi and my babies.. I swear I would kill you with my own hands.."

"Rudra.. I don't even know what to say to you.. You seriously joined hands with your parents killer for a woman! For Khushi!! Aren't you ashamed of your act? What do you think? By doing this you could get Khushi.. Sorry to say, she would never be yours.. Because you're a disgusting man.. You don't even deserve the parents you got.. I just wished you didn't do this.. I feel very sorry your parents are watching their son with the woman responsible for their death.. " Arnav shook his head in disbelief.

Khushi and their family were watching all this from distance.

Khushi walked to Rudra with tears on her eyes, she slapped him hard: I wish you never came in my life Rudra.. I feel so disgusted I accepted to be friend of a cheap person like you..

Rudra cried: I did everything because I love you Khushi..

Arnav slapped him on his face angrily, "Don't you dare such words to my wife.."

Khushi: If you loved me, you wouldn't hurt me.. You would be happy with my happiness.. And my happiness is Arnav, and no one else.. I never loved you and never will.. Because my heart belongs to Arnav only..

Rudra looked at Khushi, and tears escaped from his eyes.

"Take them away.. And please give them a severe punishment.. I want this jail to be like hell for them and for the others who are already there.." Arnav looked at the police officer.

He nodded and asked a Lady constable to take Dadi and Lavanya, while he handcuffed Rudra.

Dadi looked behind to Arnav crying, "I also hate you.. Because you're like your mother.."

Arnav frowned and clenched his fist, Khushi cupped his face.

"It's okay.. They are gone now.." she kissed his forehead.

Aashi and Aru ran to their parents.

Arnav looked at them with tears in his eyes, he knelt down with Khushi and the four shared a group hug.

While the family looked at them with tears of happiness, finally the devils will pay for their crimes.


5 years later...

"Happy birthday.." Arnav placed his arms around his wife waist, kissing her forehead.

Khushi pushed him away and went to the bed folding his clothes.

"Baby.." he called her softly.

"Shut up.. How could you forget to wish me Mr.Raizada? Even Anika and NK in London wished me" she yelled with tears on her eyes.

"I'm sorry Princess.. I didn't forgot your birthday.. But Aashi, Aru,  Kushal and Pari (Anjali's daughter) wanted to play with me yesterday till late at night, when it was time to wish you, I fell asleep tired.. Then in morning, Ma called me to talk about arrangements of your party.. I couldn't ignore her right?.. So I thought to message you but you didn't even touch your phone I guess.. And after lunch with Ma, Shashi papa and Buaji.. You know it very well they don't let me leave without eating anything.. So I had to stay with them, and now I got time.. So I came running to wish you personally.. I wish I was the first person to wish you on your birthday.. I'm so sorry Jaan.." he said and knelt down saying sorry to his wife.

Khushi touched his arms, "What are you doing Arnav ji? Please get up.. I already forgave you.. Get up.. Please don't do this.. It doesn't look good.."

Arnav stood up, and cupped her face: It's okay Khushi.. I don't mind to knelt down before you.. Really.. You're my wife..

Khushi smiled at him, and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you.. I knew it you couldn't forget my birthday.." she said.

"Never.. I will never forget your birthday, but I can forget mine as I hate birthdays parties.." Arnav said resting his arms on her waist.

"But I will never forget yours too.. So don't even think you will miss a birthday party this year.. When Khushi is here. You will celebrate your birthday every year.." she said giggling at his face.

"Ok! Do I ever refuse your orders?" he smiled.

"No!! Arnav ji l love you.." Khushi said as she broke the hug.

"I love you too Khushi.." he blinked his eyes shining in happiness that he was with the woman of his life.

"Mummaaaaaaaaa..." they heard Aashi and Aru shouting at the same time.

Khushi went running panicked downstairs.

Arnav laughed shaking his head, he still doesn't understand why Khushi gets so panicked when the kids call her shouting, as if it's not normal for her. She goes running like something wrong happened, when she knows it's Aashi and Aru's way of calling her. They always shout like this, so that she comes fast to them, but his innocent wife always thinks that something serious happened to them, that's why they are shouting like this.

"You both will kill Mumma one day.." she sighed in relief when she saw the with Nani on the sofa smiling.

Aashi: Mumma relax!!

Arnav made Khushi sit on the sofa with him, "Your mumma is getting mad with you all kids, these are the effects.."

"Aww.. Are you saying I'm mad??" Khushi beat him playfully on his chest. 

Everyone laughed at both.

Arnav chuckled, "No my Princess.. I know you're not.."

"You said that.. I'm not dumb.." Khushi looked away.

"Cutie pies please stop fighting now!!!" Anjali giggled.

"We are not fighting Di.. We are just teasing each other Di.. I know Arnav ji will never insult me.. I never feel bad for his words.." an innocent Khushi said with moist eyes, as she thought Anjali would think bad of her.

Arnav caressed her cheeks, "Why are you crying Love? No one said anything.. Di is also teasing you.."

Nani, Mami, Mama, Anjali, Akash, Rohan, Payal and the kids ran to console her, their Princess!!

"Khushi bitiya don't cry.." Nani caressed her hair.

Now everyone started consoling her saying sweet words to Khushi to make her smile.

Arnav looked at his family smiling, they still love Khushi the same way when she came in their lives.

God knows what will happen to him tomorrow, but his heart is not preoccupied for it, even if he is not Khushi, he knows his family will take good care of her, they will never leave her alone.

"Mumma stopped crying.." Aashi declared an end to their consoling section.

"Are you okay Khushi? I was kidding also.." Anjali said.

Khushi nodded, "Woh I'm sorry.. I thought something else.."

Nani came with a glass of juice for Khushi, "I will beat all of you if you make the birthday girl cry.."

Everyone giggled, with Nani expression.

"Nani do you know how to fight?" Aashi asked.

Arnav patted her cheeks, "Naughty girl.."

Aru said smiling, like a little gentleman: Please let's sit! We need you all to watch our first gift to Mumma..

Everyone nodded and settled themselves on their seats.

Khushi looked at Arnav confused, "What is it?"

Arnav pointed to the Tv screen, "Watch it.."

Khushi pouted and looked at the TV.

Aru switched on, and the video started with Arnav, Aashi and Aru on Arshi room.

Aashi started talking on the video, "Hi Mumma.. I wish you a very very happy birthday.."

"Happy birthday Mumma.." Aru came in front of the camera smiling.

"Happy birthday Love.." Arnav said smiling.

"We love you a lot!! (the three said at the same time).. So it's your birthday Khushi.. And like always I had to plan something special for you.. We three thought a lot what to do for you.. And then we came up with this idea.. You know I'm not good with words, but I really want you to know what you mean to me.. So what's better than this video!! Okay.. Let me start.. (Arnav turned to Aashi and Aru) you both don't laugh at me.. (Aashi and Aru giggled) .. Khushi you're really the special woman in my life.. It seems like you were destined to be mine.. I repeat only MINE.. when you fell on my arms in that fashion show.. Then your DM brought you close to me by making you work in my office.. And thank God you didn't hate me for what happened with you.. I just loved all those moments in office I spent with you.. I just couldn't take you out of my mind.. When I realized I was in love with you, I was so happy.. Because you were the girl I always wanted in my life.. A girl who could fill the empty space in my heart.. Then we got married not in a good way, but it was DM wish to make you mine again.. We met a lot of devils who tried to separate us but our true love won Khushi.. You never left my side after that.. You're a wonderful mumma for my two babies.. You make us happy with your presence.. You take care of the three of us everyday.. I know you sacrificed your time to be there for the three of us.. In the morning, you are the one who work hard, by giving me my suit, my walled and my breakfast, then your prepare our both babies to go to school, but the best part is no matter how much tired you're, you never forget to give us a good bye kiss.. And let me tell you, your kiss is our lucky charm..  Then you wait for us all day, serve food for us.. When I come back you still have time to give me my night suit, and massage my head everyday.. You help our kids with their homework and always find a time to play with them, participate in their life.. It's like I don't have words.. There are many little little things you do for us.. That means a lot for me.. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I love you Khushi.. You're the best wife and the best mother ever.. And yeah.. The day you came in my life.. I gave my heart away to you!! (Aashi and Aru came in front of the camera) Thank youuuu mummaaaaaa.. You're the best.. We also gave our heart to you!! (Arnav smiled when they said the last line) .. Bye love.. Waiting to see your reation.."

The video ended, and Khushi had tears in her eyes when it came to an end.

She looked at Arnav smiling and hugged him tightly, "Thank you.. It's the best birthday gift you gave to me.. You three mean the world to me Arnav.. Thank you for being in my life.."

Arnav hugged her tightly, and Aashi and Aru ran to join the hug.

"Oh God!! Enough of these emotional scenes.. It's time to party nooooow.." Akash said, but still his eyes were moist..

                               And their journey continues..

The End!


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