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Jun 5, 2017

Chapter 9 - Arshi closeness.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 105 times)

Restaurant XYZ:

"Khushi are you okay now?" Arnav asked staring at her.

" Yes Arnavji.. I'm fine!!" Khushi smiled.

" Only that stupid room scared me.." Khushi pouted, while Arnav looked at her amused.

" Hmm so what are you going to do now?? About Shyam?" Arnav asked.

" Collect proofs against him and hand it to Anjaliji.." Khushi said as it was a normal task to do.

" Khushi be careful.. He will not leave proofs against him on his room like that, you will have to use your brain to find out where he hides it.. " Arnav warned her " And if you want, call me.. I will help you"

Khushi nodded: Ji..

Arnav: Does anyone in your house knows about Shyam??

Khushi nodded sideways: Anjaliji told me not to share with anyone.

Arnav frowned: Why Khushi?? Inform at least your father.. How will anyone protect you like this?? Don't be childish..

Khushi pouted: But Anjaliji..

Arnav shook his head: Let it be, I will myself talk with your father about this..

Khushi nodded sideways: Nahin.. Bauji will stay worried then..

Arnav: Even I'm worried for you Khushi, don't you think you're endangering your life??

Khushi: I just want to help Anjaliji..

Arnav nodded: I know, but at least tell someone in your house, in this way you will not be alone na..

Khushi: But I have you with me na.. I'm not alone..

Arnav: Still.. Let your Jiji know then, she will help you in case you need.

Khushi nodded: Tik hai.. I can share with Jiji then..

Arnav smiled a little: What shall I order for you then? Chinese? Italian??

Khushi made a yuck face hearing this: Shii no, I don't like such food Arnavji..

Arnav: Then what do you want??

Khushi smiled: Vada pav, pani puri.. Yummy.. Its just delicious.. Do you like it Arnavji??

Arnav smile awkwardly, Khushi: Arnavji you don't eat all these na??

Arnav nodded sideways. Khushi: Its okay, I will take you today.. Chalo..

Khushi grabbed his hand taking him out of the restaurant, and both went to the roads of Delhi..

They stopped at a dhaba. Khushi ordered vada pav for both.

Arnav was scanning the place, with his eyes, well he didn't like it all but for Khushi's he would do it..

Khushi: Sit here Arnavji..

Arnav nodded, and took his handkerchief to clean his place.

Khushi raised her brows: Arnavji it's clean..

Arnav: No its not..

Khushi shrugged her shoulders, after some seconds she hit herself, and smiled at him: You're not accustomed with this lifestyle hain na?

Arnav nodded sideways: No Khushi, it's just.. Woh..

Khushi: It's okay Arnavji.. I know you're rich and you're not at all habituated with these types of food and lifestyle..

Arnav frowned: Khushi it's nothing like that, I will get accustomed with this lifestyle also.. Its not a big deal for me..

Khushi: Why Arnavji?? You have everything. Then why do you need it?? Its just for today na..

Arnav: For you of course..

Khushi stare at him amused, while Arnav realize what he just spoke now..

He also stare at her and tried to explain himself, but looking at her eyes it meant that she already understood it..

Khushi broke their eye lock, looking at the man who brought food for them.

" Thank you mister.." Khushi smiled.

Khushi took one vada pav and handle it to Arnav: Now taste this unique and special burger for you!!

Arnav chuckles and took it from her hand.

After eating, Khushi asked him smiling: Acha laga??

Arnav nodded: Its quite good..

A man came near them smiling: Ayeee cute couple ji.. Join us in our celebration.. My daughter will get married.. The boys family accepted her.. Join us..

Khushi screamed happily, and hugged the old man: Congratulations sirji.. Bohot baadai ho.. We must dance for this great news..

Arnav placed his hand on his ear, and shut his eyes tightly with Khushi screams.

Khushi started dancing with the beats of the drums: Oh balle..balle.. Arnavji come on.. Let's dance..

Arnav widened his eyes: No.. Khushi we're getting late to office..

Khushi frowned: Arnavji.. His daughter will get married.. Its such a great news, we have to be a part of his happiness.. (she held his hand, trying to take him) chaloooooo...

The man smiled: Beta join us.. Your wife is so full of life, you should be like her..

Khushi and Arnav looked at each other: Wife???

The man smiled: Haan haan.. The way you both look at each other shows how much you love each other.. Such a cute couple ji..

Before Arnav could explain. The man left smiling and joined the others to dance..

Khushi also entered in the crowd dancing: balle...balle... Shaadi haiiiiii...

Arnav mumbled: Unbelievable..

Khushi pushed Arnav to the crowd: Dance Arnavji.. Come on...

Arnav just looked at her: I don't know..

Khushi shouted for him to hear: Just dance what you feel like.. Here no one will judge you..

Arnav smiled faintly, Khushi danced with some ladies.. Arnav just kept staring at her..

Khushi laughed dancing with some old ladies looking cute trying to shake their waist.

Arnav also giggled seeing them, he quickly took his phone and clicked a picture of Khushi with the cute old ladies.

Khushi came to him, he immediately hide his phone in his pocket.

Khushi: Let's go Arnav ji.. I guess this is irritating you now..

Arnav: Actually not, but we're really getting late.. Today I want to meet with Jennifer, the one who will take care of my models..

Khushi pressed her lips: They are not your models Arnavji.. Just models..

Arnav was quite surprised with her statement: Yeah its the same Khushi..

Khushi: No.. When you say your models, it looks like they are yours possession.. When they just work for you..

Arnav sigh: Alright just models.. Is it fine now??

Khushi nodded, then her eyes went to a bangles vendor..

She clapped her hands excitedly: Bangles!!!!!!

" Arnavji please wait for a while.. I'm going to buy bangles.." Khushi said and went running behind the man.

Arnav rolled his eyes: Today we are not going to leave this place..

Khushi: Bhai sahab.. Wait..

The man stopped and looked at her, Khushi: Show me bangles that you have..

The man smiled seeing a client for him, he started showing her many types..

Khushi choose one pink for her, she searched for money in her bag, but pouted realizing that she didn't had money to pay for it..

Arnav came to her rescue, he paid the man.

Arnav: Choose this one (he showed her red bangles).

Khushi smiled and exchanged her bangles, taking the red one for her: Thank you Arnavji...

Arnav smiled lovingly at her, the way she blushed taking the bangles he liked for her was so heart warming.

Arnav: Can we go now Khushi??

Khushi nodded staring at her bangles playing with them.



" Hi ASR.." a lady in her late twenties smile waving at Arnav.

Arnav smirked: Hi Jenny..

Khushi looked at both, she stopped checking her files. The lady seemed modern, she was beautiful also... 

Jennifer: At last you need me!!

Arnav: When did I deny it??

Jennifer rolled her eyes: Ohh yeah. Like after your every successful show you never give any credit to me..

Arnav smirked: Ohh that.. I do that to encourage you to work more..

Jennifer: Very funny!!

Arnav pulled a chair for her: Come.. Sit here.. 

Khushi jaws dropped, he never did that for her, her mind thought.

But he bought bangles for her, her heart added.

Khushi grabbed all the files in her tiny hands and walked to leave his cabin angrily.

" Khushi where are you going??" Arnav asked.

" Heyy you can stay here.. I don't bite anyone.." Jennifer smiled at Khushi.

Khushi grinned sarcastically: I don't want to disturb!!

Arnav frowned: You never disturb me Khushi..

Khushi stare at him astonished, while Jennifer raise her eye brows smiling.

* Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Khushi sat again silently, with a smile playing on her lips..

Jennifer: So lets work ASR.. What special treatment you want me to do for your models this time??

Arnav smirked glancing at Khushi: Correction Jenny.. "Just models"..

Khushi widened her eyes but did not dare to look at him, what got on her mind to say that to him?? She kept herself engrossed with her papers.

Arnav: This time it will be bridal's look. So I need you to make them look like traditional brides.. You know girls must relate to them, and not look at them like models.. It should motivate them to purchase our products..

Jennifer: Well this time I might not be the best choice for you ASR.. I mean I don't know much about Indian traditions..

Khushi looked at them: I can help you both Arnavji..I will explain Jenny ma'am everything about Indian weddings and clothes they like to wear.. Then she will make your models look like Indian brides..

Arnav: Yeah we can do that..

Jennifer nodded: Why not? I accept it.. So Khush right?

Khushi smiled: Khushi ma'am, not Khush..

Jennifer pinch Khushi's cheeks: You're very cute!! I like Khush for you..

Arnav smiled seeing Khushi's cute face staring at Jennifer.

" Indeed she is very cute.." Arnav said while typing on his laptop.

Khushi looked at him with big eyes, Jennifer laughed.

Arnav smirked: Jenny don't forget, I want that favorite make up artist of your for the models..

Jennifer nodded: It will be done ASR.. Don't worry.. I will get going now.. Need to start working with your..(she glanced at Khushi) just models..

Jennifer left, Khushi looked at her waving: Bye ma'am..

Jennifer smile: Call me Jenny like ASR..

Khushi nodded, after Jennifer left. Khushi was alone with Arnav in the cabin. She was finding it too difficult to look at his eyes, after he called her cute.. She doesn't why but her heart beat again, and she was turning red now..


Gupta house:

" Khushi bitiyaaa come to have dinner, it's getting late.." Garima shouted calling her..

" Haan amma.. I'm coming" Khushi said, and looked back at the bangles in her wrist smiling...

She recalled all the moments spent with Arnav today, when he saved her in AR, their lunch together, when he told her that he will learn her lifestyle, when he bought bangles for her, when he called her cute in front of Jennifer...

" Khushi amma is calling you since long, why don't you come??" Payal frowned.

" Jiji I'm coming na.." Khushi pouted, and went behind Payal.

Payal shook her head: I guess you have many things to share with me today..

Khushi nodded smilingly: Yes.. I have a lot of things to share with you..




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Jun 8, 2017

Chapter 10 - Arnav in Gupta house! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 113 times)

Gupta house:

" Kyaaaaa?? What are you saying Khushi?" Payal almost screamed hearing that she is living with a criminal.

Khushi placed her palm on Payal's mouth: Shhh Jiji.. Don't scream..

Payal gulped, and indicated Khushi to leave her..

Payal: What will we do now?? It's better we tell bauji.. He will handle this man to police..

Khushi nodded sideways: Wait Jijii.. We are doing this to help Anjaliji.. After I gain proofs against this man deeds, we will throw him out of our house..

Payal nodded: He hasn't come yet Khushi, you could go to his room now..

Khushi bit her nails scared: DM raksha karna..

Saying this she left silently to Shyam's room..

Payal was in the living room controlling if anyone comes..

Khushi searched under his bed, some of his files placed on the dresser..

Then went to his cupboard: There must be something here..

Her hands were trembling, she was sweating in fear of getting caught, and constantly looking at the door to see if Shyam comes in.

She searched in between his clothes and finally managed to get some files.

She flipped some pages, and found some names, probably his clients..

" It might be helpful" Khushi thought, and walked to leave the room, and someone from outside was opening the door.

Khushi gasped scared and took two steps back, she looked around confused where to hide.

" Ayee DM.. Why me??" Khushi made a crying face, and hid inside his cupboard.

Shyam entered in his room after a tiring day, he fell on his bed directly.

Khushi was chanting inside the cupboard sobbing..

Then she remembered about Arnav, she immediately call him.

Khushi whispered: Arnavji..

Arnav: Haan Khushi bolo..

Khushi: I'm trapped in that rakshas room with him, I'm very scared Arnavji..

Arnav worried: Khushi what are you doing there?? Who told you to go there if you knew he was there? Are you out of your mind?? Where are you exactly??

Khushi frowned: Don't scold me Arnavji.. I didn't knew he was going to come.. Please save me.. I'm already very scared and instead of consolling me, you're shouting at me..

Arnav sigh: Okay.. Don't be scared.. I'm coming.. Hmm.. Are you listening to me? ..

Khushi was praying: DM.. Please Raksha karna.. Please.. Protect me this devil..

While Khushi was inside the cupboard praying, Arnav left his mansion and headed to her house as fast as he could.


" Kya hua Payal bitiya.. Why are you constantly looking at Shyam's room?? " Buaji asked getting suspicious.

" Kuch nahi buaji.. " Payal faked a smile, when Shyam reached. Garima called her, and she didn't had time to inform Khushi.

Shashi: Payal you should start working. What do you think?

Payal nodded: Haan bauji.. I will join you in the shop.

Shashi nodded smiling. All he wanted was for Payal to forget what happened recently.


After sometime, Shyam left his room to have dinner.

Khushi sigh in relief, she quickly went out of his room running..

Khushi held her phone, where Arnav was still talking with her trying to calm her down.

Khushi smile: Arnavji my mission got successful!!

Arnav: What the.. I'm outside your house now Khushi..

Khushi bit her tongue: Sorry Arnavji.. But come inside.. Let's have fun with Shyam kaka!!

Arnav chuckles: Alright!!

Arnav headed to her house, he knocked the door.

Buaji went to open the door, she smiled seeing Khushi's boss.

Buaji: Ayee Nandhikis****.. App bitwa..

Arnav smiled a little: Namaste aunty..

Khushi went running to the door: Arnavji.. come inside.

Shyam widened his eyes seeing Arnav there.

He went running to his room, and locked it scared of Arnav.

Khushi and Arnav went to living room, and as expected Shyam wasn't there anymore.

Payal smiled: Good evening sir..

Arnav: Good evening Jiji..

Payal and Khushi giggled, Khushi: Arnavji her name is Payal..

Arnav: Yeah I don't know, so I called her the way you did!! Now I know she is Payal...

Khushi pinch Arnav's cheek: If I'm very cute, then you're super cute..

Arnav nodded sideways: I'm not cute.. Spare me Khushi..

Shashi liked seeing their bond, if anyone saw them together, no one would say they're boss and secretary!!

Arnav looked at Shashi, then at Khushi: Is he your bauji??

Khushi nodded, Arnav like a good boy seek blessings from Shashi, he was trying to impress his father in law..

Shashi placed his hand on Arnav's head: Kush raho beta.. Sit here with me.

Garima came quickly with snacks and juice for Arnav: Beta have something..

Arnav: No aunty, I had dinner now only.. Thank you..

Garima nodded sadly, Arnav noticed their sad faces, he didn't want them to think its because of his lifestyle that he was rejecting.

He took one snack and eat it, and also drink juice.

Garima smiled happily, Shashi asked worried: Did our Khushi do something wrong that you had to come here beta??

Khushi nodded sideways: Nahin bauji.. Arnavji is just here to visit me..

Khushi sat beside Arnav happy, Arnav nodded: Your daughter didn't do anything wrong uncle..

Khushi nodded proud of herself, Payal shook her head with Khushi antics.

Shashi sigh in relief, Arnav smirk: Khushi where is the paying guest??

Khushi smiled, then looked at Garima: Where is Shyam kaka??

Garima frowned: He was here now, don't know where did he disappeared now.

Khushi: Wait amma, I will call him now..

Khushi went to Shyam's room and knocked the door shouting: Shyam kakaaa.... Shyam.. Kakaaaajii.. Please come outside Arnavji wants to meet you..

Shyam gulped his saliva, scared of Arnav, he quickly hid inside his cupboard praying that Arnav leaves as soon as possible..

Khushi giggled imagining Shyam's state inside the room.

She knocked the door again, just to scare him more.

Arnav smirked "Now you're scared to face me Mr.Jha.. I swear if it wasn't for Di and Khushi. I would have kicked you out of our lives.. "

Garima: Khushi let it be, maybe he is busy..

Khushi nodded and went to sit again with them.


" Khushi will kill me one day" Shyam whispered angry with her for having called Arnav home.

" How can my innocent girl even like salee sahab?? But don't worry I will show you salee sahab real face Princess.. Then you will come running to me.. And I will accept you with open arms" Shyam smirked, humming a romantic song..

While humming his favorite song, his eyes went to pink shining thing in his cupboard, he placed his hand on it and realized it was an earring..

Shyam: Earring?? In my room? Wait.. Yeh toh..(he raised his brows) Khushi's earring.. What is this doing here??

He quickly checked his cupboard, and groaned angrily: Dammit..Angel why?? Just why do you like to make me angry??


" Take care.. Sleep hugging Payal tightly okay, so that rakshas can't harm you!!" Arnav said and entered in his car.

"Okay.. Arnavji" Khushi giggled.

" And didn't I told you to inform me before doing something?" Arnav frowned.

" Yeah you did.. But I forgot Arnavji.. " Khushi held her ears cutely..

" Next time don't talk with me.." Arnav looked away..

" Nahin Arnavji.. Next time pakka I will tell you.. I promise" Khushi said quickly, as if he would stop talking to her now.

" I will get going now.. Bye Khushi" Arnav smiled.

" Bye Arnavji.." Khushi also smiled, and went running inside her house

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Jun 9, 2017

Chapter 11 - Khushi angry with Arnav (By Angel23) (Thanked: 108 times)

* RM:

" Good morning Chote.." Anjali smiled at him.

"  Morning Di.." Arnav said in a low voice.

" What happened Chote? Are you okay?" Anjali asked worried, she placed her palms on his forehead and that's exactly what she guessed.

" Chote why don't you take care of yourself?? See you have fever.." Anjali scolded him.

Arnav was just looking at her, wondering how this woman has the strength to look after him after everything bad that is happening with her.

" Di.." Arnav softly mumbled her name, Anjali felt his gaze different today.

She knew he knows everything about Shyam, blinking her eyes she gestured him that she was alright!

Arnav smiled a little feeling relieved now.

Anjali: Now tell me are you feeling okay? Should I call your doctor?

Arnav: No Di.. I'm fine, its just fever..

Anjali clapped her hands smiling sarcastically: Aree wah.. Its just fever na.. When you catch cold don't come to me...

Arnav smirked: I will not come this time!!

Anjali: Acha, why??

Arnav shrugged his shoulders: Because I have Khushi to take care of me!

Anjali smiled happily with his words: Choteee... You and Khushi??

Arnav placed his palms on her mouth quickly: Shh Di.. Me and Khushi still on friends stage okay.. And don't go on and gossip to Nani and Mami.. This is bhai-behen I clear?

Anjali widened her eyes, and since she could not talk, she nodded vigorously.

Khushi entered in the room at the same time, she was shocked seeing Arnav almost killing Anjali..

She ran to save Anjali: Arnaaavjiiii... Leave Anjaliji.. What are you doing? Do you want to kill Anjaliji? Kaisa bhai ho app??

Arnav left Anjali confused: What the...

Khushi pointed her index to him angrily: I saw everything okay.. You were trying to kill Anjaliji.. How dare you Arnavji?? You're her brother, but that doesn't give you the right to kill her.. What's her fault that she is your sister?? And what big mistake she did that you want to kill her??

Anjali giggled silently, then placed her hand on Khushi's shoulder to stop Khushi: Khushi sunno..

Khushi caressed Anjali smiling: Its okay Anjaliji.. I will save you no matter what, from these both rakshas..

Arnav frowned: I'm not rakshas.. And why would I kill my sister? I'm not mad Khushi..

Khushi turned and pushed Arnav to the wall angrily: Don't lie to me.. Now I see why people call you Devil!! In office you also murder people hain na?? Ayee DM am I your next prey?? That's why you're behaving sweetly with me, so that you gain my trust and then kill me..but I will save Anjaliji before dying.. I will... ( Khushi thought) haan I will write a letter stating if anything happens with Anjaliji then its your fault..

Anjali could not help but laugh out loudly.

Arnav raised his brows: I'm not a serial killer okay! And leave me now..

Khushi looked at herself, she was literally trapping Arnav on the wall with her hands.

She quickly made space for him embarrassed with their position.

Arnav: Why are you laughing on such a stupid theory Di??

Anjali: Chote why are you getting angry?? She didn't knew what was happening..

Now Khushi looked at them confused: What was happening then?? Arnavji you weren't trying to kill Anjaliji?? (Khushi widened her eyes)

Arnav left the room, while Anjali nodded sideways: He was just talking with me Khushi, where did you get such big ideas?? But it was fun seeing Chote get dominated by someone!

Khushi sadly: Acha.. Arnavji is angry with me na.. I'm such a fool, why would he kill you?? ( Khushi hit herself)

Khushi handled Anjali the file she got in Shyam's room: Anjaliji I found this, I think it's those criminal clients of his.. There are many cases like that.. I think this will help you in proving him as a criminal..

Anjali flipped some pages and nodded: Thank you Khushi.. Only you could help me.. Thanks.. This will help me a lot..

Khushi smiled and hugged her: You don't need to thank me Anjaliji..

Anjali smiled and determined to go ahead with her plan.

Khushi: Anjaliji I have to talk with Arnavji.. Bye..

Anjali held Khushi's hand: Khushi wait.. Tomorrow is Saturday, Nani held a puja, you have to come okay?

Khushi nodded smiling: I will Anjaliji..

Anjali: You can call me Di like Chote does.

Khushi hugged Anjali tightly: App kitni achi hai.. To tell you the truth I never such a rich family could ever be good with poor people like us, but your family is different Di.. It feels so good like this, in such a short time you all became a part of my life too..

Anjali smiled, Akash heard this while coming to his Di: Really? Are we a part of your family??

Khushi nodded: Good morning Akashji...

Akash smiled teasingly: Then Jiji is our family too na??

Khushi giggled: Jiji nahin.. Payal..

Akash said dreamily: Payal.. What a name..

Anjali looked at him smirking, she thought.." Both my brothers fell in love with Gupta sisters!!"

Khushi: Should I go Dii??

Anjali nodded, Khushi went running downstairs to talk with Arnav..

In her way she found Lavanya, Khushi smiled awkwardly: Good morning ma'am..

Lavanya rolled her eyes: Seems like you love to mock me.. Don't think this ended here.. ASR was, is and will always be mine.. I will fight for him.

Suddenly felt a rage inside her: Who told you he loves you? Arnavji is not made for a selfish person like you.. He deserves someone better than you ma'am.. And till I'm here I will not you win him at any cost..

Lavanya was shocked with Khushi's reply: How dare you? You behenji.. You're threatening me!

Khushi smiled: I'm just informing you, so that you stop whatever is in your mind, because Arnavji is not for you..

Lavanya laughed: Ohh really?? Then? Is he for you? Are you day dreaming now??

Khushi shrugged her shoulders smiling: Maybe!!

Khushi went from there with a smile on her face.

" Heyy DM what's wrong with me?? Why did I say maybe Arnavji is for me?? (Khushi slapped herself) Am I becoming mad?? Arnavji will find a better and more beautiful girl than me, she will be rich and will behave like him, she will be princess, not a Sanki like me..(Khushi thought sadly).

She quickly went outside and found Arnav waiting in the car.

She gestured to him with her hands " Are you waiting for me??"

Arnav glared at her, she quickly understood that he was really waiting for her.

She got inside the car, and Arnav started it without talking with her.

" I'm sorry Arnavji.." Khushi whispered side glancing at him.

Arnav didn't say anything.

" Arnavji this is not fair.. How can you get angry with your cute friend?? I know I'm Sanki.. Whatever came in my mind, I just said it.. I know you can't kill someone.." Khushi said everything in one go.

" That's not what you said Khushi, today you proved to me that you don't trust me.. You think I'm gaining your trust by being your friend and talk sweetly with you, if that's the case.. Lets only be professionals now.." Arnav said in a serious tone.

Khushi started sobbing scared of him..

Arnav melt seeing her cry, this woman will make him crazy!!

He wiped her tear with his thumb: Shh..

Khushi shoved his hand: You're  very bad!!! I said sorry na.. What's the need to scold me like that?? And I trust you Arnavji, you're the first person in Delhi, that I trust with blind eyes..

Arnav stare at her surprised with her revelations.

Khushi looked at him: Why are you looking at me like that??

Arnav whispered near her ear: You're also very special to me..

Khushi blushed profusely. Her heart was going dhak dhak now..

Khushi: So this means you're not angry with me??

Arnav: Can I ever be angry with a cutie like you?

Khushi smiled, then pouted: Arnavjii.

Arnav: Haan..

Khushi: If Lavanya ma'am convince you to stay with her, would accept it?? I mean if she really proves that she loves you, will you love her back?

Arnav looked at Khushi suspiciously: Why do you want to know that Khushi?

Khushi: Nothing.. I just wanted to know out of curiosity..

After seeing Arnav silent again, she asked: Arnavji??

Arnav: One girl said to me, I should never stay with someone I don't like.. Love cannot be forced!!

Khushi smiled faintly: Acha Kiya, you listened to my advice...

Arnav also smiled.


"Buaji I have to go now.." Shyam smiled at her.

" But why bitwa?? You only stayed few days here.." Buaji said sadly.

" If I want to marry Khushi, then I have to have conditions to take care of her na.. So I'm going to earn money and then I will come back to take my bride with me" Shyam smiled.

Buaji was impressed with him: Of course bitwa, your bride will be waiting for you.

Shyam: Promise me buaji. You will not handle Khushi to anyone other than me.. I really love her..

Buaji nodded: Rest assured, Khushi bitiya is yours only..


Kiya's house:

" Kiya arrange a room for Shyam" Lavanya said.

" What??  But why?" Kiya asked confused.

" I will explain you later Kiya, we're getting late for work.. ASR will kill me then.." Lavanya said and dragged Kiya out of her room.



Arnav: Aman when Lavanya comes, tell her that I want to talk with her.

Aman nodded: Sure ASR.. Now you need to check that photo shoot, Jenny is helping the models..

Arnav: Yeah just let me sign these files and then I will come downstairs.

Khushi entered in Arnav's cabin: Arnavji..

Aman turned to Khushi: Khushi you should knock the door, I almost got scared with your sudden entry..

Arnav glared at Aman: She doesn't need to knock the door Aman..

Khushi smiled thanking Arnav, then turned to Aman: Amanji I'm sorry, next time I will knock the door..

Arnav frowned: What the.. Khushi I'm telling you na.. You don't need to. And you're my secretary, so you will listen to what I say..

Aman: It's better listen to ASR, otherwise I will lose my job..

Khushi laughed at the poor Aman..

Arnav was staring at her, when he noticed her earring was missing..

Arnav: Khushi where is your other earring??

Khushi touched her ear confused: Aree.. Where did my earring went??

Arnav chuckles: Khushi your earring doesn't have legs to walk, try to remember maybe it fell somewhere...

Khushi rubbed her chin cutely thinking: Hmm.. I don't know Arnavji.. Maybe it fell when I was working only.. And yes, Jenny ma'am is calling you, they are ready for the photo shoot.

Arnav nodded and walked to go, he turned behind seeing Khushi still there thinking where she left her earring.

Arnav smiled, and went near her: I will buy another one for you..

Khushi looked at him surprised,she looked down smiling.


Jenny came running Arnav: ASR the models are ready..

Arnav nodded: Then start it..

Jenny ordered to switch off the lights, and everyone were now engrossed seeing the models perform, Arnav was busy pointing out the mistakes talking with Jenny. 

Khushi was staring at him, her eyes refuse to look at anywhere other than him, she smiled softly.. 

Jenny was passing by ready to work on the models again, as ASR found a lot of mistakes on their looks, she noticed Khushi with her fixed on Arnav. 

Jenny waved her hand: Khush??

Khushi came back from her dream land: Haan Jenny ma'am do you need something??

Jenny: No, but you need someone!!! (Jenny approached Khushi, and whispered near her ear) if your heart wants it, why are you refusing??? 

Khushi stammered: What are..saying ma'am? I'm not understanding anything...

Jenny smirked: I'm not blind Khush, ASR calls you cute, and now you're staring at him like he is your man only.. I know everything..

Khushi widened her eyes: No Jenny ma'am we're just friends.. it's not like the way you're thinking.. 

Jenny: Dekho Khush, Jennifer is never wrong.. you're in (she whispered only to Khushi) love with ASR.. mark my words... 

Khushi nodded sideways: Aisa kuch bhi nahin hai.. (it's nothing like that).. 

Jenny placed her hand on her ears shutting her eyes singing: I don't want to listen anything.. I know the truth.. 

Jenny went from there leaving Khushi confused: "Am I in love with Arnavji?? Nahin.. I'm just his friend only" 

Kiya and Lavanya came near him, Kiya smirked: And it's better you to stop thinking that ASR will ever be yours.. 

Khushi frowned, Lavanya played with Khushi's hair: Khushi Kumari Gupta I will show you hell here in AR.. 

Jenny came back and quickly shoved Lavanya's hand from Khushi: Let's see who shows hell to who, you to Khush, or ASR to you??

Jenny: If you try to harm her Lavanya, ASR won't leave you. I'm already warning you and Kiya.. 

Arnav approached them, and looked only at Lavanya: I need you in my cabin now! 

Khushi felt jealous, she didn't like the way he called Lavanya, why does he need her?? 

Khushi: Arnavji what about the models??? (Khushi was trying her every possible way to keep him away from Lavanya)

Arnav: Jenny will take care of them.. 

Khushi frowned: But.. haan.. files.. yes.. files.. you need to sign them.. bohot urgent hai.. 

Arnav: Which files Khushi?? 

Khushi gulped: Woh..Mr.Mehta ki files.. yeah.. 

Arnav smiled confused: Mr.Mehta who??

Khushi bit her lips, she will surely get caught now, Jenny smiled: It's okay Khush, maybe you're making confusion in the names.. 

Arnav nodded, and walked while Lavanya went behind him with a proud smile on her face, she winked at Khushi.. 

Kiya also left there happy seeing her friend win, Khushi muttered angrily: Liar..

Jenny: Then you say that you don't love him!!

Khushi angrily: Yes I don't love him, I really don't care!!!

Jenny smiled: Ohhoo kitna gussa?? That shows you care, that inside you're feeling jealously that you don't want to show me neither him..

Khushi pouted: Are you at my side?? Or his side??

Jenny grinned: Both sides!! 


It was 6pm, and everyone in AR were packing their things ready to leave, Khushi was one of them, she was walking to leave when a voice stopped her. 

Arnav: Khushi.. are you leaving without talking with me?? 

Khushi gritted her teeth, and she angrily took water from a bucket and threw it on his face. 

"This is for lying to me" Khushi said glaring at him. 

Jenny witnessed this, she placed her hands on her mouth shocked. Aman and Akash almost faint with the scene. 

Kiya and Lavanya smirked, they were doing a happy dance in their minds. 

Arnav wiped his face shocked: What the..when did I lie to you??

Khushi pouted glancing at Lavanya: You went back to her na?? you didn't keep your words.. you're very bad.. I trust you so much, and you break my heart like this... that too in front of me.. 

Arnav frowned: What you are talking Khushi?? 

Khushi: You're dating Lavanya ma'am again na?? break-up se patch up na?? 

Arnav nodded sideways: Who told you this?? 

Lavanya and Kiya were also confused now, along with Akash and Aman who were not understanding anything they were talking. Only Jenny knew why Khushi thought like that.. 

Khushi frowned: I see it with my own eyes, you said you need her.. 

Arnav face palmed: Khushi you need a doctor check up, you know that?? I was talking about something else with her, not about that.. sanki ho kya?? 

Khushi smiled sheepishly: So no patch up?? (She held her ear saying sorry)

Lavanya left with Kiya quickly as Shyam called them, otherwise she wanted to do a drama over this too. 

Khushi ran near Arnav, and wiped his face with her soft hands: I'm so sorry.. Heyy DM Arnavji you have fever.. is it because of me?? Was the water that cold?? I'm sorry Arnavji.. 

Arnav: No Khushi, I had fever since morning.. 

Khushi: Let's go to hospital then.. you had fever, and didn't say anything?? How can you come to work in this state?? 

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi: Shup.. if you don't want to go to hospital, come with me I will prepare haldi doodh for you. You will recover quickly.. 



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Jun 11, 2017

Chapter 12 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 100 times)

Arnav nodded: Okay..

Akash jaws dropped: How can bhai enjoy with Khushi after destroying my cute love story with Payal??

Aman laughed: That’s life bro..

Akash grinned: That’s your life bro, Payal will surely be mine. DM won’t abandon me.. (he looked up) hain na DM?? You’re my friend right??

Aman chuckles, Arnav and Akash left with Khushi.


Gupta house:

“Arnav bitwa app.. Khushi kya hua??” Garima got worried seeing Khushi with them today.

“Kuch nahin amma.. why do you get worried all the time?? Arnavji is sick, so I asked him to come with us, and I would prepare haldi doodh for them” Khushi said.

“Bitwa kya hua?? Why do you stress yourself with work?? You should rest sometimes” Garima caressed Arnav’s forehead lovingly.

Khushi smiled, Payal came there drying her hair with the help of towel: Who is it amma??

Garima smiled: Payal it’s Khushi’s boss..

Payal widened her eyes seeing Akash in front of her: You??

Garima frowned: Payal talk with respect!!

Payal composed herself, and went quickly to the kitchen with Khushi.

Akash whispered to Arnav: Why are progressing in your love story leaving me behind?? This is not fair bhai..

Arnav chuckles: Why don’t you leave me in peace?? I came here with you, go and try your luck with Payal..


Akash widened his eyes: Do you want her mother to beat me up?

Arnav: You don’t worry okay; I will talk with Khushi about your case.

Akash’s eyes shine in happiness: You’re the best bhai!!

Khushi came back after sometime with milk for Arnav, she sat beside him and touched his forehead with her palm to check if he still has fever or not.

She smiled at him and handled him a glass of turmeric milk: Drink this..

Arnav took it from her hand and drink it in one go, as he hate milk, but since it’s Khushi he can’t deny.

Khushi giggled seeing his face while drinking milk.

Arnav looked at Garima: Aunty tomorrow my Nani organized a puja, I’m inviting you all there.

Garima smiled and looked at Shashi seeking permission, he nodded.

Garima: Haan beta, we will come..

Arnav smiled satisfied: I will wait for you all then..good bye..

Khushi: I will accompany you both..

Akash waved at Payal, who glared at him in return, he smiled sheepishly.

Khushi: Sorry for today.. I hope you're not angry with me..

Arnav: Well I'm not.. But tomorrow we will visit a doctor..

Khushi laughed: Nahin, I'm perfectly fine..

Arnav smiled and went with Akash, he somewhere liked seeing her possessive side today, this is a good sign to him.

Khushi is opening up now, she started to get angry with him also, that shows the she is comfortable with him now..


Raizada mansion:

Arnav and Akash reached home tired, they directly went to their room.

And after resting for a while, joined everyone to dinner.

Mami: Hello hi bye bye.. Arnav bitwa did you confirm with that pretty girl, is she coming tomorrow??

Nani: Manorama, her name is Khushi.. Tell us Arnav bitwa.. I ordered HP to make jalebis for her..

Anjali nodded: Haan and did you invite her family also?? I told you Chote to invite her parents also..

Arnav raised his brows: Are you doing puja for DM or for Khushi??

Akash chuckles: They all accepted our invitation.

Anjali clapped excitedly: Yes!!

Her phone rang, and soon the smile on her faded.

" Shyam??" Anjali thought confused, she left the dinning table.

And went to her room.

" Shyamji app" she faked a smile while talking with him.

" Rani sahiba how are you?" Shyam asked.

" I'm fine and you?" Anjali rolled her eyes.

" I'm also fine my princess.. There is a good news for you" Shyam smiled.

" Kya?" Anjali asked, if it is good for him, then its bad for her.

" I'm coming back tomorrow" Shyam said.

Anjali gasped shocked..


" Kya Shyam kaka left.." Khushi asked shocked.

" Don't call him kaka, Khushi" Buaji scolded her.

" He is kaka only" Khushi frowned.

" Khushi.." Buaji glared at her.

Garima sigh: Stop you both.. Why did he left??

Buaji smiled: He wants to work hard, that's why he went to Lucknow, to earn money.. See how good boy he is..nowadays you don't find people like him..

Khushi rolled her eyes, then thought worried: " Where could he go now??.. I should inform Arnavji and Di about this.."

She went in her room and called Arnav..

Khushi: Arnavji.. Bad news..

Arnav: What??

Khushi: Shyam kaka isn't here anymore, he left saying to Buaji that he wants to work hard.. He went to lucknow..

Arnav: What?? How is this possible? How will we trap him now Khushi? I told you, it was better send him to jail only.. Now I guessed he escaped, I will talk with police to find him..

Khushi: No! Don't do that, lets wait and see what is his next step.. We don't even know where he is now..

Arnav nodded: Khushi if he takes a wrong step, I'm not going to wait anymore..

Khushi: Okay Arnavji.. You will do what you want then..


" Shyamji you didn't even inform me about anything" Anjali asked still trying to digest this news.

" I'm telling you now Rani Sahiba.. What happened? Didn't you like the news?? Don't you want me to come back??" Shyam asked.

" No.. No.. Shyamji what are you saying?? I'm.. I'm very happy that you're coming back.. " Anjali smiled but still was confused, why Shyam left Khushi's house.

" See you tomorrow then Rani sahiba.." Shyam smiled.


" Shyam what the hell are you doing? You will get caught you know!" Lavanya looked at him.

" I won't.. Khushi knows now that I work for criminals.. and why do you think she went to my room? Its because she is suspicious about me, and I'm scared if she and salee sahab know my real face now.. That's why I need to go home, so that I can bring Anjali to my side.. If anything happens now, at least I will have her by my side, she will fight with everyone for me..did you see the advantage of having a fool wife?? ( Shyam smirked)

Kiya clapped her hands: Aree wah Shyam.. You're very lucky! If ASR wants to throw you out of their house, he will never succeed because Anjali is there for you!! And what about us?? We will definitely lose our jobs..

Shyam: Since you both are helping me, don't worry.. I will find a way to create a misunderstanding between Salee sahab and Khushi, so that Lavanya stays with him..

Lavanya smiled: Thank you Shyam.. We will also help you..


The sun rays peek at everyone house hinting that its morning!!

In Raizada mansion, all the ladies were busy working for the puja.

Mami and Nani were busy looking at the arrangements trying to find at least some mistake to shout at the lazy workers.

Anjali on the other side, was arranging the food for the guests, but her mind wasn't on that, she was worried about Shyam's entry.

Arnav came in the kitchen: Di..

Anjali faked a smile: Yeah Chote.. Do you need something?

Arnav: Woh..yeah.. Actually I want you to pack jalebis for Khushi, she will take it when she leaves..

Anjali smiled: Okay. I will pack it, we did it especially for her Chote..

Arnav smiled thanking her, Akash also came inside: Di pack laddo for Payal too..

Anjali and Arnav: Kyun??

Akash pouted: Are wah, when its jalebis for Khushi..its okay.. When its laddo for my Payal, you ask me kyun??

Arnav: But you don't even know if she likes it or not..

Akash: Laddo is my favorite, then its her favorite too..

Anjali giggled: You both will make me crazy.. I will pack laddo and jalebi for your princesses okay??

Akash smirked: Payal is my queen!! She is superior than any girl..

Arnav nodded: Khushi is my princess.. And her mother, my queen!!! (Arnav stuck out his tongue to Akash with a winning smile)

Anjali laughed seeing both cute fight over their girls..

Akash pouted: Bhaiiiii this is not fair okay..

Anjali folded her arms smirking: So now you both admit it.. I will have two sister in laws na??

Arnav and Akash looked at each other shocked, they just spill the truth like that..

Anjali pulled both into a tight hug: I'm so happy today..

Arnav and Akash smiled and also hug her back..

Akash: Di please tell bhai to help me also, he is busy in his love story..

Arnav: What the.. I told you I will talk with Payal.. Crying baby..

Akash pouted: You're very bad..

Akash left the kitchen glaring at Arnav, Anjali also nodded: Very bad!!

Anjali also left the kitchen giggling.

Arnav: Everyone thinks I'm bad!! Khushi, Akash and Di.. But they love me a lot..(Arnav smiled)

Akash came back running: Bhai.. Your princess is here, lets go..

Akash drag Arnav out of the kitchen, both went to living room.

Nani was already talking with them, Arnav glanced at Khushi, she was looking gorgeous with a pink kurta, he just couldn't take his eyes off her.

Nani, Mami, Mama, Akash, Anjali and Shashi  also noticed the way he was gazing at her.. All of them had a teasing smile on their faces.

Khushi looked at them " Why is everyone smiling like this at me?? And where are they looking at constantly??"

She also felt someone gaze on her, she slowly side glanced at her left side..

Arnav quickly turned to other side, all started laughing leaving Khushi more confused and Arnav embarrassed.

Faking a call, he left the living room quickly to his room stating that it's work call!! 

Nani: You're Khushi's father hain na?? 

Shashi nodded: Yes.. 

Nani smiled: Khushi bitiya is very sweet and good girl (glancing at Lavanya) nowadays we don't find girls like her..

Shashi smiled proud of Khushi, Garima, Buaji and Payal were also very proud of Khushi. Garima: Shukriya..

Khushi smiled shyly.. 

Akash was sending flying kiss to Payal, Payal glared at him: Badtameez.. 

At the same time Arnav came and stood beside Akash waiting for the elders to finish their conversation. 

Khushi thought Payal said badtameez for Arnav, she pouted: He isn't shameless Jijii.. Arnavji is a good man.. 

Payal nodded sideways: I'm not saying to him.. 

Khushi: I heard it well Jijii.. you said it.. 

Nani smiled: Kya hua Khushi bitiya??

Khushi: Nani dekho na Jiji is saying that Arnavji is badtameez.. and I'm saying that he is a good man only.. 

Nani widened her eyes, while Arnav looked at Payal like "What have I done to you?" 

Payal nodded sideways scared: Nooo, I was calling his brother.. not sir..

Mami: Hello hi bye bye my innocent son, why you called him badtameez?? 

Shashi coughed seeing the confusion this will cause, Payal stammered: Woh.. he.. 

Arnav pinched Akash: What did you do?? 

Akash shrugged his shoulder: Just sent a flying kiss to my queen!!

Arnav: Akash.. seriously. Can't you have a little patience in you?? 

Arnav turned to everyone: Akash teased her that's why.. 

Mami frowned: Akash??

Akash glared at Arnav, then looked at his mother smiling sheepishly.. 

Shashi: It's okay.. I'm sure Akash bitwa wants to be your friend Payal, hain na??

Akash nodded: Yes yes!! 

Payal looked at Shashi like why-are-you-helping-him?? Shashi blinked his eyes, indicating her to end this matter now. 

Payal stayed quiet.. 

Khushi: Jiji why didn't you say earlier to me??

Payal: Shup Sankii.. it's all because of you..

Khushi pouted: I was just defending Arnavji okay.. 

Mami smiled and caressed Payal's hair: Sorry bitiya if you felt bad.. but its normal na these days.. understand his hint to you (Mami winked, Payal looked at her with big eyes) 

Meanwhile, Khushi looked at Arnav, she touched her forehead asking him if he was alright now? 

Arnav smiled and nodded, he gestured with his finger "It's only because of you I'm fine" 


Jun 12, 2017

Chapter 13 - Shyam's exposed (By Angel23) (Thanked: 119 times)

Anjali smiled: So let's start with the puja..

All proceeded near DM idol to pray..

Anjali closed her eyes, and prayed to DM: " DM today Shyam is coming back to RM, you know I'm not doing anything wrong.. Please give me strength to prove him wrong in front of my family today.. Please.. Be at my side today, don't let him win.. Today I will show his real face in front of everyone here"

Khushi joined her hands cutely, and was busy muttering her wishes to DM.

Arnav beside her, was laughing silently hearing her wishes..

Arnav: Khushi I told you that I will buy another earring for you, why are you tormenting DM to find the lost one to you??

Khushi side glanced at him: It's a bad thing to hear someone wishes Arnavji..

Payal glared at Akash, who instead of praying was looking at her all the time.

" I should throw my sandals to him, only then he will get some sense.." Payal thought.

Khushi: Arnavji.. Why aren't you praying??

Arnav: My relationship with DM broke long ago..

Khushi: Kyun?? What are you saying Arnavji?

Arnav nodded sideways: Forget it Khushi.. It's a long story..

Khushi pouted sadly: My DM isn't bad.

Arnav nodded: She isn't bad for you only.. Because you're very sweet.

Khushi smiled cheekily.

" Rani Sahibaaaa..." a voice echoed around the Mandir they were praying.

Anjali breathe in and turned to him..

Guptas were shocked when they turned and saw Shyam there.

Arnav blood boiled staring at him: How dare he came here?

Khushi: I don't know, I would never imagine that he left our house to come here again..

Anjali came to him smiling: App..

Shyam smiled: Rani Sahiba I missed you so much..

Anjali: When you were here in Delhi only, why didn't came to meet me??

Nani, Mama and Mami looked at Anjali confused.

Nani: What are you saying Anjali bitiya? Shyam was working right?

Shyam nodded confused: Why this question Rani Sahiba??

Anjali: First is I didn't see any ticket here to prove me that you were going abroad. And after you left Mr.Jha I met your disgusting truths.. You're very cheap man..

Shyam was shocked, Nani stood there confused: What are you talking bitiya, he is your husband.. I'm sure you had some misunderstanding..

Anjali: I already cleared my misunderstandings Nani, and today I will prove for you all that he is a cheater..

Shyam caressed her cheek: What wrong did I to you?? Why are you treating me as a stranger??

Anjali shoved his hand angrily: You're a stranger to me.. And all your life you have been doing wrong acts only.. Tell everyone now.. Tell them where you were?? Gupta house right?? You were there fooling an innocent family who has nothing to do with you?

Buaji stare angrily at Shyam, Shashi and Garima were equally shocked as everyone else.

Shyam nodded sideways: No.. Rani Sahiba.. I wasn't in any Gupta house..

Buaji jaws dropped: You cheater.. Tell everyone the truth.. You were staying in my house as a paying guest..

Khushi nodded: Don't lie Shyam Kaka.. You can ask anyone in our neighborhood, all of them see you in our house.

Anjali: Do you have anything to say in your defense???

Shyam wiped his fake tears: Haan I lied to you Rani Sahiba, but it was to surprise you.. I was planning to..

Anjali raised her hand stopping him:  Before you start with your drama, I would like to continue to prove you wrong with proofs..

Anjali gestured HP to bring them inside.

HP opened the door and brought with him few men.

Anjali walked near them, and turned to her family.

Shyam gulped seeing them. Lavanya gave him a you're-finished look.

Arnav smirked watching all this: Wow ASRs are really smart..

Khushi grinned: Di is smart, don't take credit for yourself..

Anjali pointed to one man: He is one of Shyam's client.. Or lets say.. another criminal like him, he sells drugs and police finds him, he already know who would prove him innocent, Mr.Jha.. You use your work to help these cheap people, and in return receive a good amount of money..

She pointed to another gang: And about them? What can I say.. Rape, kidnapping cases.. But everytime polices find it hard to put them behind the bars, because lawyers like Shyam always stand for them. They also confessed their crimes now Shyam, it's your time now..

Anjali smirked, Shyam for the first time was scared of her look.

This is the first time she faced him like this and also talk with him with different tone.

Arnav took steps to Shyam, and slapped him hard on his cheek..

" I never thought I trusted the wrong person.." Arnav looked at him disgustingly.

" Never show your face to us, you snakewa.." Mami glared at him.

" No. Please trust me.. Rani Sahiba.. You can't do this to me.. I'm your can you humiliate me like this?" Shyam begged her.

Anjali slapped him: Shii.. Aren't you ashamed of your acts?? How much I trust you and this is you give me in return? If I knew about your acts, I would never marry you.. And get this in your mind, I'm never going to come back to you again.. I will never forgive you for what you did to me..

Meanwhile police came inside Raizada mansion at the orders of Arnav, Anjali looked at them: Take him inspector..

Shyam shouted crying: No Rani Sahiba.. Please don't do this to me.. Please.. I'm innocent, I just do this to have a good future with you.. Please trust me..

Anjali shut her eyes, Arnav wrapped his arms around her: Di..

Anjali wiped her tears: I'm fine Chote.. I'm perfectly fine.. Nothing happened to me.. Don't forget I'm ASR also..

Arnav smiled faintly, Nani caressed Anjali: All this happened, and you didn't even tell us anything bitiya.. Why were you suffering alone?

Anjali smiled: Now everything can't be done by Chote.. Actually I really wanted to show Shyam's real face to all of you.. But I did all this with the help of my little sister Khushi and Rahul, chote do you remember him??

Arnav nodded: Your school friend.. He is a lawyer now..

Anjali smiled: Yes, unfortunately he has work today, but I invited him tomorrow here..

Khushi clapped her hands: Villain out.. Yaay.. Kya scene tha.. Di you looked like a heroine proving him wrong..

Arnav muttered: Sanki..

Anjali smiled then looked at Arnav: If you don't mind, I would like to stay in my room alone for sometime..

Arnav nodded: Just don't waste your tears for that man..

Anjali: I won't.


Lavanya's room:

" Urghh.. Why are all our plans are failing? I'm not understanding.. Now what will we do Kiya? Now Shyam is out.. What about us??" Lavanya bit her nails nervous..

" Relax Lav.. You're scaring me now.. It's better not to play with ASR, today we just saw Anjali..tomorrow we might see THE ASR.. " Kiya said scared.

" What? You're leaving me alone now.. " Lavanya gave her an unbelievable look.

" No.. But we need to rest for a while.. " Kiya said calmly.

" Rest!! Till the time I rest, Khushi will be Arnav's wife.." Lavanya mocked.

" Nothing of that sort will happen.. But right now its better we take our steps carefully.." Kiya said.

" Yeah.. And we have to help Shyam get out of jail.. He helped us, now its our time" Lavanya sat on her recliner, massaging her temples.


Nani caressed Arnav's hair: You're worried about your sister?

Arnav looked at Anjali's room, then nodded sadly: I want to stay with her..

Khushi sat with them with moist eyes: Arnavji I can't see you like this..Di will be fine..

Arnav nodded: I know, she is strong.. But why this had to happen to her? We already suffered so much when ma left us.. And now her husband turned out to be a cheater..

Khushi side hugged Arnav, surprising Nani and her family, they know Khushi doesn't like to give hugs and kisses to strange men.

Khushi: Everything will be alright.. DM knows what's store in our life..

Arnav smiled: Thank you for helping us Khushi, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be able to do this.. Now Shyam is in jail, and I will make sure he doesn't get out of there so soon and also receives a severe punishment for betraying my Di..

Mami smiled: Hello hi bye bye stop being sad for that snakewa.. He doesn't deserve us.. I still can't believe that he was like that..

Nani nodded: Manorama is right.. Let's not waste our time thinking about him. In fact, we should concentrate in making Anjali happy..


It was evening, Khushi was chatting with her family about Shyam.

Garima: Poor Anjali bitiya, she is so sweet, she didn't deserve a husband like Shyam..

Shashi nodded: True.. But what to do? Thank DM that everything got sorted.. I just hope that he doesn't come back to her life..

Buaji gritted her teeth: He is cheater.. Why did I trust him so much?

Khushi and Payal looked at her confused..

Khushi: Buaji why are you getting so angry??

Buaji frowned: He promised me that he will marry you, but turned out to be a criminal..

Everyone looked at her shocked.

Shashi: When did you talk with him about Khushi's marriage? Are you out of your mind? He is some 10 years elder to Khushi.. Why did you do this Madhu??

Buaji was embarrassed: Who would marry her? Don't forget Shashi, she is an orphan, and not your real daughter.. That's why I wanted to end her matter quickly, so that you concentrate in Payal's wedding.. Which once got destroyed because of Khushi..

 Khushi looked at her with moist eyes, she left to her room running.


Raizada mansion: 

Mama: Khushi bitiya knew about Shyam, why didn't she tell us?

Anjali sipped her juice: She told me everything mama.. in fact if it wasn't her, I wouldn't have proved Shyam's truth to you all today.. 

Arnav smiled: She is an angel that came in our lives.. 

Nani nodded with a teasing smile on her face, Akash laughed: On our lives, or your life bhai?? Tell us clearly what's your intention??








Jun 13, 2017

Chapter 14 - Khushi shares a secret with Arnav (By Angel23) (Thanked: 137 times)

Khushi cried all night with buaji words ringing in her mind, Payal tried to calm her down, but this time Buaji had hurt Khushi a lot, by calling her an orphan directly.

It was 5am and Khushi was still awake in her room, looking at her surrounding through the window of her room.

“How I wish you both were here for me ma, why did you leave me?? It’s so difficult to live a life like this, it seem you’re depending on someone who wants to get rid of you as soon as possible, I know buaji doesn’t like me.. but how can she think of making me marry Shyam?? We have so much age difference, why didn’t she think of me?? Bauji never differentiates me from Payal, then why can’t buaji accept me ma?? Am I that bad??” Khushi looked at the sky talking with her mother.


She reached office with a sullen mood today, it was not typical of her, and her colleagues were finding it too strange.

“Heyy Khushi what happened to you??” Samaya, one of the colleagues asked caressing her cheek.

“Nothing” Khushi plastered a smile on her face.

Kiya reached near them: Khushi prepare ASR schedule for today, hurry up.. we’re getting late..

Kiya said and walked to go smirking, she pretended she was in hurry and bumped with Khushi making the coffee in her hand fall on Khushi’s hand and her dress.

“Ahhh…” Khushi hissed in pain, the coffee was hot and she couldn’t control herself.

“I’m so sorry Khushi..” Kiya said with a fake polite smile.

“It’s okay..” Khushi said caressing her wound, with a slight frown on her face.

“It’s not okay Kiya. Ohh no!! Because of your carelessness, one of the employees of AR got her hand injured, if ASR gets to know about this, what will happen to you???” Jennifer smirked, scaring the hell out of Kiya, Jenny stood behind Kiya, and whispered in her ear: “And that too ASR’s favorite employee..”

“Should I inform him??” Jennifer pouted.

“No.. please Jennifer, I didn’t do it on purpose..” Kiya begged her.

“Lie.. why are you lying to me?? The more you lie, more I get convinced that I have to inform ASR about this..” Jennifer folded her arms “Now it’s your choice”

“Jenny ma’am its okay, she was in hurry..” Khushi said.

“Khush learn to deal with people like her, they always do something with a motive behind it.. “ Jenny smirked looking at Kiya.

“And do you remember that she and Lavanya threatened you that they will make your life a hell, so these are their cheap tricks they are using to achieve what they want.. “ Jenny said with her gaze fixed at Kiya, who now didn’t have courage to look at her.

“Yes I did it purposely..” Kiya admitted looking down.

“And you’re fired” all heard an angry shout, they already knew it was their boss shout.

Kiya shivered in fear hearing his voice, his steps coming to her were making her step back..

“Kiya, you’re paid to do your work, and not to hurt your colleagues..” Arnav glared at her..

“ASR please forgive me..this will never happen again” Kiya cried realizing that she will now lose her job, which means a lot to her.

“Guards.. (Arnav shouted more) Guards.. Throw this girl out of here..” Arnav said sternly.

Khushi: Nahin, she admitted her mistake.. Why are you giving her such a punishment? Don’t fire her please..

Arnav: Miss Gupta you don’t need to tell me what I need to do. Every employee here knows how I’m and if they came here to do other things other than work, they also know the consequences..

Khushi kept quiet after that, and the guards showed Kiya her way out of AR designs.

Arnav looked at Khushi and said softly: Come to my cabin..

Khushi nodded and went behind him.

“Khushi sorry for being rude with you, but people like Kiya don’t deserve to work here” Arnav said.

“It’s okay Arnavji.. I didn’t feel bad also” Khushi smiled.

“Are you sure?? You seem sad today.. is everything alright??” Arnav asked worried.

“Can I share with you something?” Khushi asked.

Arnav nodded, Khushi continued: It’s a secret I’m sharing with you, you’re my best friend na, so you need to know everything about me. Arnavji I’m an orphan, my amma and bauji died when I was kid, and since then my uncle and my aunty (Shashi and Garima) have been taking care of me. Jiji is their real daughter, but the problem my buaji doesn’t like me much.. yesterday she revealed to us, that she wanted to make me marry with Shyam..

Arnav listened to everything she said patiently he also felt sad knowing she is an orphan, he knows the feeling on being one too, but was too shocked when he heard buaji thought of making Shyam marry Khushi.

“Is your buaji out of her mind or what??” Arnav said angrily.

“Arnavji she is my buaji, don’t talk like this” Khushi pouted.

Arnav took her hand and gently caressed her wound, he went to take the first aid box, and came back to her, while applying ointment: Okay she is your buaji, but she doesn’t have the right to decide about your life na, so what if you don’t have parents?? She doesn’t have the right to force you to marry someone who you don’t like, and moreover she was about to handle you to a strange man, who she didn’t even knew his history.. and see what Shyam turned out to be, a criminal..

Khushi nodded: I know you’re right.. ouch..(Khushi bit her lip for letting him know that it was hurting her)

Arnav looked at her worried: Sorry it will hurt a bit..

Khushi smiled seeing his care: It’s okay Arnavji.. I know you never want to hurt me.

Khushi: Is Di alright now??

Arnav nodded: After all she is ASR, today she woke up with an energy.. making us wake up early, and forcing us to eat her delicious handmade paratha..

Khushi giggled: That’s so good.

Arnav smiled, then remembered of another ASR (Akash): Khushi can I share something with you??

Khushi nodded and beat Arnav playfully (in Khushi's way): Haan bolo, you don't have to ask..

Arnav looked at her antics, he shook his head: Actually my brother Akash likes your sister.. I mean.. you know.. love wala like..

Khushi widened her eyes: Kyaaa??? Jiji hates him, you know..

At the same time Lavanya barged inside Arnav's cabin: ASR how could you throw Kiya out of AR??? She deserves more this place than this behenji..

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Jun 16, 2017

Chapter 15 - Realization of Love! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 112 times)

"What the.. how dare you enter in my cabin like that??" Arnav looked at Lavanya angrily. 

"ASR why did you have to fire Kiya for such a small mistake" Lavanya asked politely scared of his look. 

"So should I wait for you both to do bigger mistakes?? Should I wait for the day you murder Khushi??" Arnav raised his one eyebrow "That day when I called you in my cabin, what did I say?? Didn't I warn you, if I see both of you plotting against Khushi again, I would fire one of you.. but your friend just challenged my orders, so that's her punishment.. first time I forgave you both for locking Khushi in that dark room, not this time Miss Kashyap, and you know very well that your days are counting here, if you make the mistake your friend did.. bye bye.." Arnav smirked. 

"But ASR I didn't even inform her about the same" Lavanya tried one more time to save her friend. 

"In that case, or you will lose your job for not obeying my orders, or you let her suffer for your mistake.." Arnav said sternly.. 

Khushi look at him astonished, how does he know that Lavanya and Kiya locked her in that room. 

Lavanya left the room disappointed, she sigh: The day you came in my life, Khushi Kumari Gupta all these bad things are happening with me. Why did you came?? I just hate you to the core, first ASR left me and now my friend too. I'm completely alone now, but don't think I've accepted defeat.. 

Inside the cabin, Arnav: Why are you looking at me like that??

Khushi: How do you know Lavanya ma'am did that??

Arnav: I suspected them when you said someone locked you in the room, no one in AR would have dared to do something like that apart from Lavanya, so I just asked Aman to check in CCTV, and my doubt got cleared.. 

Khushi giggled: DM, this looks like a CID case.. 

Arnav smiled, he never saw such innocence in someone like he see in this woman, till now he could guess Khushi was a selfless girl, she likes helping other without even thinking about herself. She never thinks of hurting someone.. 

Arnav: What about Akash?? 

Khushi: Don't you think he should talk with Jiji?? He loves her, not me.. If I say this to her, it will look bad. But if he confess to her, and explain her loves her truly and would never leave her, she will like it..

Arnav nodded: Yeah, but you see he is impatient type. That’s why I had to speak with you, and we could make them meet each other at least..

Khushi giggled: Okay Arnavji.. we’ll make a plan to unite them..

Anjali came inside the cabin, Arnav look at her: Di app..

Anjali: Yes, but today my work isn’t with you. Chote could please let me take Khushi with me??

Arnav: For what??

Anjali smiled sheepishly: Shopping!!!

Arnav: Alright, but I will accompany you both.. I don’t have much work..

Anjali nodded happy: Okay, let’s go..

Khushi: I can’t leave work like this Di, this is wrong.. Arnavji will cut my salary then..

Arnav: Heyy why do you think so bad of me Khushi?? I won’t deduct your salary, don’t worry about that, let’s go..

Anjali pinch Khushi’s cheek: You’re so innocent and cute Khushi.. I swear I never came across a person like you..

Khushi smiled blushing, Arnav stare only at her also smiling like a mad man in love. Akash came inside the room: Heyy you both Raizadas why are you looking at Khushi smiling like mad??

Arnav shifted his gaze: The same way you look at Payal!!

Akash smirked: So you also think like that for Khushi hain na bhai??

Anjali giggled, Khushi look at Arnav with big eyes and poor Arnav coughed to get away from this situation.


Arnav went running like a plane outside his cabin saying “I’m taking out the car, see you both outside..”


“ Thanks Khushi, you’re really my true friend. At least you think for me, unlike my OWN BROTHER..” Akash said waiting excitedly for Payal in the car, it was their plan since they were going to shopping, they thought to pick Payal also, so that Akash and Payal get to know about each other..

“I was the one who told Khushi about your case…” Arnav said with sarcasm in his words.

“But she is the one who came up with this plan” Akash grinned.

“Jijii..” Khushi said to stop their fight.

“Akash’s jiji has come, let’s go..” Arnav said teasing Akash.

“Bhaiiiii..” Akash whinned “Di dekho na, he is always teasing me…”, for which Anjali glared at Arnav indicating him to stop teasing Akash.

“What did I do?? I’m saying the truth, Akash’s payal, and Payal is Khushi’s jiji, so Akash’s jiji..” Arnav said.

Payal entered in the car, and everyone kept quiet after that, she smiled at Anjali: Namaste Anjaliji..

Anjali smiled: Namaste, how’s everyone at home??

Payal: They are fine..

Akash smiled, Khushi was in the middle of both: Hello Payal..

Payal faked a smile: Namaste Akashjii..

Akash joined his hand: Oops Namaste Payalji..

Payal looked away cursing him inside, Khushi giggled seeing Akash’s cute face.


*Shopping mall:

“Khushi come with me..” Arnav said trying to steal Khushi from everyone.

“Yeah..” Khushi said going to his side.

Anjali pushed Khushi to her: Excuse me Chote, she is going to stay with me..” Anjali said, wrapping her arms around Khushi’s shoulder.

“Diiii..” Arnav glared at her, Anjali showed her tongue to him.

“Okay fine.. you stay with Khushi and Payal, I will go with Akash to some restaurant near, you know I don’t have patience to see all these colorful saree, and wait till you choose one” Arnav said.

“Stay here Arnavji” Khushi pleaded him sweetly.

Akash laughed silently and whispered to Arnav: Go on, say no to her bhaii..

Anjali also waited smiling, to see Arnav’s response. Arnav looked at his sibling ready to laugh at his face. But could he deny Khushi’s wish?? A big no!!

Arnav: Okay..

Anjali and Akash turned their back to Arnav, Khushi and Payal, and laughed at Arnav’s face.

Arnav was highly embarrassed, he knew both are laughing at him, he never stays in ladies shop even if it is for Di, and now Khushi made him break his own rule.

Akash: I’m going to buy water  okay, otherwise I will die laughing..  

Arnav rolled his eyes: Very funny!!

Anjali pressed her lips: Buy one bottle for me too Akash..


Arnav ignored both, and turned to Payal and Khushi: You can choose anything you both like, I will pay for you both.

Akash came back running hearing this: Excuse me, you buy for Khushi, Payal ke liye main hoon na (I’m here for Payal)

Arnav grinned: And I’m sure she doesn’t want you to pay for her! Hain na Payal?

Payal nodded, Akash pouted: ASR why do you like to revenge all the time??

Arnav smirked: Tit for tat! You also laughed at my face, it’s my time now..

Khushi looked at them confused, her mind was still thinking on Akash’s words “The same way you look at Payal!!”…

“Does Arnavji feel for me, what Akash feels for jiji??” she thought worried.

Anjali: Khushi do you like some here?? Choose something for you also..

Khushi nodded sideways: No Di, I just came here to help you, not buy something..

Arnav sigh: She is not going to accept if you ask her Di, you choose for her..

Anjali smiled: Haan I forgot how Khushi is..

Payal: But Anjaliji, it’s really not necessary..

Arnav turned to the salesman: Show me that red kurti.. and the purple one..

The salesman took both out for Arnav, Arnav: Go on and try these, it’s for you both..

Akash grinned: Red for Payal, and purple for Khushi right bhai???

Arnav glared at him: RED FOR KHUSHI.. it fits her..

Anjali joined the teasing: No chote, I think red will suit more for Payal..

Arnav: Stop it you both.. I chose the red one for Khushi only..


Anjali: But it’s your favorite, not hers..

Khushi look at him, “Why did Arnavji choose his favorite color kurti for me??”

Payal was busy denying it, and Khushi was lost in her thought. The siblings were having fun pulling each other’s legs.

Anjali caressed Payal’s cheeks: Please accept this, look we aren’t doing any favor, Khushi considers me as her sister and you too Payal, does it look good when you both deny my gift?? You both helped me a lot, let us give this small gift for you both.

Payal smiled then nodded, she took the purple kurti and went to try it, Akash waited for her impatiently.

While Khushi was still in her confusion world, Arnav handled her the kurti: Khushi??

Khushi looked at him: Hmm??

Arnav look at kurti, then at her: Go and try it..

Khushi nodded: Ohh yeah..

She also went to try the dress, Anjali: Khushi is behaving strange today hain na??

Arnav nodded: Yeah, she seems lost.. I think she is still sad because of buaji..

Anjali: Kya kiya buaji??

Arnav: You won’t believe it Di, buaji wanted Khushi to marry Shyam.. I swear if she wasn’t a bua.. I would give her a big punishment for thinking like that..

Anjali was shocked: Really?? Then its good I proved Shyam as criminal before this..

Arnav: Haan.. even if Shyam’s truth wasn’t revealed,  I would never let Khushi marry with anyone else other than..

Khushi raised her brows: Other than??

Arnav widened his eyes, Akash and Anjali look at him shocked.

Khushi took some steps to reach them: You would never let me marry with someone else other than whom Arnavji??

Arnav nodded sideways, thinking what to say to her now. Akash coughed, then saw Payal looking beautiful with that purple kurti: WOW Payalji.. you’re looking so beautiful..

Arnav also look at Payal: Yeah Payal, this dress suits you perfectly..

Anjali also started praising Payal to make Khushi forget her question, Khushi also gave in.

The trio sighed in relief seeing her talk with Payal about other things.


Gupta house:

“Bye Khushi, Payal..” Arnav waved at them smiling.

“Bye Payalji” Akash said dreamily, while Payal frowned at him muttering “mad man”

Arnav left, while Khushi and Payal entered inside their house.

“How’s the day??” Shashi asked them smiling.

“It was awesome bauji.. Arnavji bought kurtis for us, first we denied but them Anjali convinced us to buy it, it was gift from their side, then we ate ice cream with  Anjaliji and that mad man..” Payal smiled happily.

“Are wah.. you both had lots of fun today” Garima said with a smiled.

“I think they liked our Payal bitiya, that’s why they called her today, who knows tomorrow we will see your marriage bitiya with Arnav bitwa” Buaji said happy.

Khushi immediately looked at buaji shocked, Payal rolled her eyes: Buaji don’t start!!!

Payal left to her room.

“Why are you looking at me with big eyes?? Aren’t you happy for your sister??” Buaji frowned at Khushi.

Khushi nodded sideways: Nothing like that buaji..

Shashi said openly: Arnav doesn’t like Payal.. he likes Khushi bitiya, it’s clearly written in his eyes, only a blind can’t see that..

Garima looked at Shashi shocked: What are you saying?? He is her boss..

Khushi also looked at him confused.

Shashi shrugged his shoulders: I don’t know anything, but the first day I saw him looking at Khushi, I realized that, that boy gave his heart to our daughter.. if he is her boss or what, I don’t know.. I’m just telling you all the truth..

Khushi looked at him, Shashi gave her a faint smile with a nod.

Shashi: Khushi if you like him, I’ve no problem with your relationship. I know he is a good boy and you both make a perfect couple..

Buaji: Are wah, you think so much for someone who is not even your blood and what about Payal bitiya?? Why do you always choose Khushi over Payal?? Now you choose a rich boy for this orphan and Payal bitiya will marry a poor one, who wants dowry from us like the previous one right?

A tear left Khushi’s eyes hearing such words from her buaji, she stood up: Don’t worry buaji.. Akashji loves Jiji, Jiji will not suffer now.

Shashi: His brother right??

Khushi nodded: Haan bauji, today Arnavji told me that his brother loves Payal, and we are making a plan to unite both.

Garima smiled, and joined her hands thanking DM for bringing such good men for her daughters.

Garima: Toh Arnav bitwa likes you Khushi??

Buaji rolled her eyes: Of course, she only wanted knew very well that Arnav bitwa is the owner of that mansion and the office, that’s why you choose him for you. And now come up with this story that his brother likes Payal..

Khushi: Nahin amma, we’re just friends..

Garima face fell, Shashi gave her a look that soon-she-will-realize-her-love for him, then glared at buaji for speaking so badly with Khushi. 

Saying this Khushi went running to the kitchen, and cried heavily, she sat on the floor and hugged her knees.

 She called Arnav, Khushi sobbing:

Arnav on the other side, felt she was crying: Khushi what happened?? Is everything alright?? 

Khushi: Arnavji why people always think bad of you?? Why aren't my parents here with me?? Kyun.. bolo na.. Arnavji why they left me?? 

Arnav put the brakes, and the car came to halt: Buaji scold you again?? 

Khushi cried more: Hmm...she hates me Arnavji.. 

Arnav sigh: And I hate her.. Khushi if it wasn't for you, I would really teach her a lesson.. 

Khushi: Tum busy ho kya?? I want to meet you Arnavji abhi.. Ohh you must be driving hain na?? 

Arnav smiled happily, she felt his need!: I'm coming now.. 

Arnav hang up the call, and looked at Anjali and Akash: Hmm you both could take a taxi or rickshaw na??

Anjali jaws dropped: How mean Chote.. fine we will go, have fun (She winked smiling) 

Akash giggled: Don't cross your limits beta.. okay, you're still on friends stage..

Arnav raised his hand to beat Akash, but Akash was quick to get off the car. Anjali was happy with her both brothers in love, this was like a perfect family to her.. 

Arnav smiled: Thanks my cuties.. and sorry for leaving you both like this..

Anjali: Choteee go na.. we're always ready to help you in your love story..

Akash pouted: And you didn't even help me, instead bought a kurti for Payal.. 

Arnav laughed: Next time promise, I will help you.. 

Akash smiled: It's okay bhai, I'm not angry with you.. now gooo Bhabhi is waiting..

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Jun 18, 2017

Chapter 16 - Liar!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 88 times)

Arnav reached her house again, Khushi felt he was near. She left the kitchen and went running outside.

" Arnavji.." she whispered smiling, while few tears left her eyes.

Arnav walked towards her house, and found Khushi on the way also.

Khushi hugged him tightly, Arnav caressed her hair softly.

She didn't say anything to him, neither he, their presence for each other was enough.


" What a bad luck.." Lavanya threw herself on Kiya's bed.

" Yeah for me, lost my job because of that girl.." Kiya added.

" I know yaar.. I'm really sorry.." Lavanya shut her eyes.

" Now what? Are you going to give up on him??" Kiya asked curious.

" No.. ASR is mine, I've worked a lot to make him mine, and now some random girl can't come and take my place in his life.." Lavanya opened her eyes.

" I think I should be her friend now.. " Lavanya smiled.

" Yeah.. Why didn't we think of that before?" Kiya smirked also.

" If I become Khushi's friend, then ASR will treat me well, and after that I will find my way of winning him back" Lavanya smile and hugged her pillow.

" Wait.. You really want to be her friend, I mean true friend?!" Kiya asked astonished.

" No and that behenji no way.. Fake friendship" Lavanya said.


Raizada mansion:

Anjali went to her room, and kept the saree she bought in her closet.

" I will gift this saree to you Khushi, when you become my chote's wife.." Anjali smiled.

" Hmm someone is already buying gifts for her bhabhi.." Nani said and approached Anjali.

" Haan Nani..I'm very happy with Chote's choice, Khushi is just perfect for him.." Anjali said.

" Khushi is really perfect for Arnav beta, but did he confess his love to her??" Nani asked and sat on the bed with Anjali.

" Nahin, maybe he is waiting for the right time, it's just been days they know each other.. " Anjali said.


Somewhere near her lawn, Arnav and Khushi were sited on a wood material talking with each other.

" Why is she so cruel?!" Arnav asked after hearing the whole story.

" I don't know.. " Khushi replied caressing her fingers, as she looked down.

"This make no sense at all Khushi, she should respect you because you're the one who earns for them despite not being their blood" Arnav said, anger was clear in his voice.

" I know Arnavji, but let's not talk about this. My mood is already off now.." Khushi said.

" Alright!! let's change the topic.." Arnav smiled, her mood was really off and he didn't want her to be sad anymore.

" What did you mean when you said to Akashji, that you were looking at me the way he looks at Jiji??" Khushi asked to confirm her father's words.

" Woh..that..I was just teasing him.. You took that seriously Khushi.." Arnav laughed a little, then turned to other side, cursing himself for not having courage to tell her the truth.

" Yeah right, what about when you said that you wouldn't let anyone marry me other than??" Khushi asked, as she pulled herself near him to not let him escape this time.

" Other than Salman.. " Arnav smirked, thank God he saw Salman's poster in her house and this came in his mind now.

" Okay!! (Khushi became angry now) and why did you bought your favorite color kurti for me?? As far as I know Red isn't Salman's favorite color!! And don't tell me you were joking with Akash!!" Khushi said.

" Red suits you Khushi..that's why.." Arnav smiled and gulped at the same time, why Khushi was scaring him today?! Really, was this really happening with him, was he scared of her!! He ASR!! He would faint today for sure, he wanted to slap himself to check if he was sick or not..

" Why are you asking so many questions??" Arnav faked a smile.

" Nothing.." Khushi breathed in controlling her anger, how dare he lie to her?!

" What am I to you Arnavji??" she gave him one last chance!

" My friend Khushi.." Arnav replied casually, but deep inside him he started feeling this conversation going somewhere else.

" Friend!!" Khushi repeated his word with a sarcasm on her voice.

" Yeah friend.." Arnav said typing on his phone something..

" Tell me one thing, till today I never wore something red in office, how do you know it suits me? " Khushi asked suddenly.

Arnav: Khushi can we change the topic!?

Khushi: No we cannot change the topic, till you take out from your mouth what is in your heart!! Doesn't blue suit me??

Khushi almost attacked him, Arnav widened his eyes: does..

Khushi: Purple doesn't suit me??

Arnav nodded: It does..

Khushi shouted, she was literally on top of him now: Then?? Why you chose red only??

Arnav shut his eyes scared of angry side: Because its my favorite color..

Finally he admitted it, she smiled..

" Arnavji once you told me that you hate liars, I also hate them.." Khushi said smirking.

" Hmm.." Arnav pouted " Can you go back to your normal position??"

Khushi left him giggling: By the way, why did you choose your favorite color for me??

Arnav sigh, he quickly stood up: I have some work Khushi, bye bye.. See you tomorrow..

Arnav went as fast as he could, he would have another heart attack with Khushi's question..

Khushi returned home, and Arnav got in his car, after driving for a while, his mind alerted him: Why did she ask me so many questions?? Does Khushi knows my feelings for her??

He smiled at possibility of this to be true!!


Later at night, Khushi and Payal were chatting in their room.

" Jiji don't you like him?" Khushi asked her talking about Akash again!

" Do you like Arnavji??" Payal asked her.

" Jiji don't change the topic. Answer my question.." Khushi bit her lips.

" Answer you first.. why did you became so shocked when buaji said that Arnavji will marry me??" Payal smirked.

" Woh.. hmm.." Khushi looked down, she nodded slowly.

" Khushi really!! " Payal asked surprised.

"Bauji said that he loves me, and I also like him!!" Khushi said blushing, these kind of feelings are happening first time with her.

"Sach mein!! How does bauji knows about this? Didn't he scold you Khushi?" Payal asked worried for her.

" No bauji didn't scold me, in fact he and Jenny ma'am helped me in realizing that Arnavji has some feelings for me.." Khushi said.

" Please talk well with Akashji.. Jiji he really likes you..sachiii.." Khushi pleaded her.

Payal shook her head, and pulled the blanket for her, smiling.

" Pagal.." she muttered, with a shy smile on her face.

Khushi turned to her side of the bed, and hugged her pillow.

She took her phone, and searched for Arnav's pictures on Google.

" Liar.." she blushed smiling, and saved his picture on her phone.

Jun 19, 2017

Chapter 17 - Enjoying first love!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 119 times)

" It was bad meeting" Arnav pouted sadly with his head rested on Anjali's lap, while Anjali caressed his hair.

" Why??" Anjali asked.

" I just couldn't tell her my feelings Di.. You know me, I tell people directly what I feel, then what happened now?? Suddenly I got scared (he smiled sheepishly), I thought she would slap me, if she get to know that I love her.." Arnav explained his story.

" Ha ha ha..bhai such a coward you're" Akash laughed munching his favorite laddo.

" You're more than me, at least I talk with Khushi, you're taking her sister's help to do that.." Arnav mocked him.

" It's useless talking with you" Akash rolled his eyes, Arnav giggled.

Anjali: I can't believe you both can't tell a girl that you love her!! Is it that difficult??

Arnav looked at her: It's the fear of being rejected Di.. You girls are really difficult!!

Anjali kissed her forehead: Aww Chote.. you're so cute!! She isn't going to reject you, okay.. go on, don't be scared..

Arnav smiled faintly.

Akash: Bhai you look like a baby you know..

Arnav pouted: Leave me in peace Akash..

Akash giggled: Never!!

Anjali sigh, these both will never change, but she was happy with her crazy brothers.


The next day Khushi wore the red kurti Arnav bought for her, she reached the office with a smile adorned on her face.

While in his cabin, Arnav was thinking ways to confess to her.

" Think something Mr.ASR.. You can do this. In my life, I've won all big deals, this is nothing for me.." he consoled himself..

"But wait.. This is not a deal. Khushi is more than a deal for me, she is going to be a part of my life, or even my life forever.." he scolded himself for thinking her as a deal!!

Khushi knocked the door, Arnav looked at the door, his heart also knocked with a dhak dhak and he knew it was her!!

"Come in" he said in a soft tone.

"Good morning Arnavji.." Khushi smiled and wished him.

"" Arnav mumbled completely lost in her beauty with the dress he choose for her.

" Arnavji..close your mouth" Khushi giggled.

Arnav pressed his lips embarrassed, he caressed his hair smiling.

Khushi handled him a paper with his schedule for the day.

Arnav took it from her hand, with a pout, he was still angry with himself for not telling her his feelings.

" Khushi can we talk today?? After you finish your work??" Arnav asked hesitantly.

" Yes Arnavji.." Khushi's heart skipped a beat, is he going to confess to her today??

" Alright see you soon.." Arnav smiled, he sigh in relief after she left.

" You're going to tell her today, and that's it Arnav.." he told himself.


Khushi sat on her desk, she let out a laughter of happiness!!

Few colleagues looked at her weirdly, she smiled sheepishly at them, then hit herself for her madness.

" Is Arnavji really going to tell me his feelings today?? DM it's going to be the best day of my life..yaaay.. Thank you.. you send Arnavji, a prince of my dreams to me..although he is little kaddos but it's okay, I can manage!" Khushi talked with her DM.

" Hi Khushi.." Lavanya waved at her smiling.

" Good morning Lavanya ma'am" Khushi faked a smile, she didn't like to see Lavanya early in the morning, her heart alerted her that something bad is going to happen now.

" Can we talk Khushi??" Lavanya asked, and held Khushi's hand taking her to the cabin.

" Lavanya ma'am do you need something?? Actually I'm getting late, I have to help Jenny ma'am in making the models ready.." Khushi said trying to get away from her as soon as possible.

" Khushi wait..I want to talk with you, actually I want to say sorry for my behavior with you since you came here.. I'm really sorry Khushi, actually I'm very possessive towards ASR, he is very close to me, you know and I never saw him getting along with any girl other than me, so I got jealous..but I'm really sorry, if you had a boyfriend you would know how I know Arnav loves me a lot, he can't stay angry with me for long, neither me, that's why I wanted your help.. Can you help us stay together again?? I mean you can talk to him, he will never say no to you Khushi please, I know I did wrong by publishing our relationship news to the media, but I realized my mistake now, I will never do something of that sort again, please help me" Lavanya said still holding Khushi's hand.

" I know how does it feel Lavanya ma'am" Khushi looked angrily at her.

"Really!! Do you have a boyfriend?" Lavanya asked smiling.

" Yes..Arnavji.." Khushi whispered in Lavanya's ear smiling.

" What rubbish are you talking Khushi??" Lavanya got angry.

" I'm telling you the truth only.. If you ever try to get close to Arnavji, by forcing him to be with your with your dramas and all.. you will see the worst of me Miss Kashyap.. so don't even try to use me to get close to Arnavji.." Khushi said in a dangerous tone, and barged outside Lavanya's cabin.

Akash and Aman saw the way Khushi left Lavanya's cabin. They were shocked seeing anger clearly on her face.

" Cats fight!!" Aman said sipping his coffee.

" Yeah, bhai is so lucky..two girls over him!! And bechara me. I just love one girl, and she refuses me.." Akash pouted.

" Lazy people..what are you guys doing here??" Arnav raised his brows.

" We were witnessing your heroines  fight!!" Akash high five with Aman, laughing.

" What?? My heroines??" Arnav asked confused.

" Khushi and Lavanya bhai.." Akash explained.

" Lavanya is not my heroine, get that in your mind.." Arnav glared at them.

" And why did they fight??" Arnav added.

" We don't know, but we saw Khushi leaving Lavanya's cabin with a red face!! You better not talk with her, otherwise she will throw Lavanya's anger to you.." Akash laughed with Aman again.

Arnav shook his head and went behind Khushi.

He entered in the room Khushi was with Jenny training the models.

" Khushi.." Arnav searched for her.

All models clasp happily after seeing a sight of the great ASR. The ladies couldn't contain their excitement anymore, they went running to him, some hugged him forcefully and others even kissed him!!

Khushi jaws dropped with the scene in front of her, all girls were over Arnav, not even let him breath!!

Jennifer laughed out loudly seeing ASR's state.

" Leave him..ohh God will you kill him?? .. Leave him.." Khushi yelled angrily.

But the ladies gave no ears to her, she stomped her feet angrily and climbed a chair, then shouted: Should I call the security guards or you all will leave him now??

With her shout, the ladies left Arnav. Arnav breathed in and out, he caressed his cheeks only to find those girls lipstick.

" I hope you're enjoying working in AR.." Arnav faked a smile.

The girls nodded their head, Arnav: Good. Keep working to give your best in this fashion show..

He signaled Khushi to follow him, and he left the room.

Khushi looked angrily at him: Couldn't you stop them from kissing you? Or you were enjoying it??

Arnav took out his handkerchief and wiped his face: It's kind of normal all this for me Khushi..

Khushi jaws dropped: What normal?? There is nothing normal for me in all this..

Arnav raised his brows: Khushi I said it's normal for me..when did I talk about you?

Khushi: So if boys kiss me, it's all okay for you?

Arnav placed his palms on her lips: NO.. I would kill whoever dared to kiss you..but Khushi it's my work, situations like that keep happening..

Khushi pouted: I didn't like it Arnavji.

Arnav: Neither do I like it, I will do the possible ways to avoid all this okay..

Khushi smiled at him.

Arnav: Were you fighting with Lavanya?

Khushi raised her one eyebrow: Are you worried about her?

Arnav: About you Khushi..

Khushi: I wasn't fighting with her..

Arnav: Then?

Khushi: Kuch nahin Arnavji, I was just explaining to her to not try to use me to get close to you, little did I know that there are bunch of Lavanya's behind you!!

Arnav giggled: And I'm only behind one girl whose name starts with "K"..

Arnav left smiling, Khushi stopped walking shocked. Did he just said that?

Jennifer came behind her: Hmm.. someone is enjoying first love!!

Khushi hugged Jennifer happily: I'm so happy.. Jenny ma'am..did you hear what Arnavji said to me?? Oh..this is happening so fast with me!! I can't believe this.. Arnavji said that he likes me..

Jennifer: He loves you Khushi!!

Khushi nodded with bright smile on her face, she was just to happy to react today..

Jun 20, 2017

Chapter 18 - Love confession!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 127 times)

Lavanya was pacing around her cabin, furious with the news she got: ASR is dating that behenji.. how can this be possible?? When did I miss this happening yaar? Now what will I do?? I can’t even be her friend now, and it’s obvious she will refuse to help me, since she wants ASR all to herself.

Lavanya went to ASR’s cabin to hear the truth from him. Khushi saw her going to Arnav’s cabin, she bit her nails: Ayee DM, Lavanya ma’am is going to Arnavji’s cabin, she will tell Arnavji that I lied that we’re dating, and then Arnavji will get angry on me..fool me.. why did I had to lie?? But you know DM that I didn’t lie, he is going to confess to we’re automatically dating na..hain na DM?? You’re my friend, you know I just said that because I was angry with Lavanya ma’am, please don’t punish me for lying.. please..

Khushi almost begged looking at the sky, Akash was passing by, and he looked upstairs and saw nothing special: Khushi what are you doing?? With whom are you talking??

Khushi: DM lives upstairs, I am talking with her Akashji..

Akash nodded: You know bhai doesn’t talk with DM? And all day you keep chanting DM name here, how will you both stay together??

Khushi smiled, now she was 100% sure that Arnav has feelings for her, his own brother confirmed the same. This means Shashi’s guess was right!!

“Wah bauji..You’ve really seen this world” she thought impressed with her father’s skills.

“Opposite attracts Akashji.. that’s why Payal jiji likes you!!” Khushi giggled.

“WHAT?? Payalji likes me!! Are you saying the truth??” Akash asked shocked, all the files on his hands met the floor now.

“Yesterday when I took your name, she smiled and muttered “Pagal” Khushi said nodding.

“Pagal?? Do I look like a mad man now??” Akash pouted.

“Ooffo Akashjii she smiled, got it?? When a girl smiles, it’s a yes” Khushi giggled looking at Akash’s face, who lit up in happiness.


ASR’s cabin:

“ASR I was going through the models dress.. all of them are perfect and they also fit the models..” Lavanya said playing with her fingers.

“Yeah, Jenny told me that Lavanya” Arnav said typing something on his laptop.

“Actually..” Lavanya was about to continue, when Aman entered in the cabin: “ASR”

Arnav looked at him: Yeah Aman…

Aman showed him a beautiful red lehenga: I counted the dresses for the models, and this was left. Why did you design this dress?

Arnav smirked: It’s for my would be wife Aman. I designed it for her, keep it here.

Aman smiled: Ohh okay!!!

Lavanya shocked: Khushi? Is this dress for Khushi, ASR?

Arnav: You’re quite intelligent Lavanya!!

Lavanya gulped: “This means Khushi was telling the truth”, she left the cabin disturbed.


 It was time to leave the office, when one of the guards told Khushi that Arnav called her to the office ba****t.

Khushi jumped in happiness, and then left quickly to the ba****t, on her way she stopped in a mirror material, and arranged her hair smiling: You’re looking quite good Khushi!!

“Ma’am you could leave your hair open” one of the guards said, then looked down smiling.

“Aww you’re flirting with me.. I’ll complain to Arnavji about this, and I will only leave my hair open for the one who has to see it, not you” Khushi glared at him.

“No ma’am you’re getting me wrong. I didn’t mean that ma’am, please don’t say it to sir.. I’m a father of two little daughters and I really love my wife.. I was only advising you to do it for sir, not for me..” the old man said it scared of the consequences.

“Ohh I’m sorry uncle ji..  And thank you..” Khushi bit her tongue for scolding him, he was innocent, it was clear from his eyes.

Khushi descended the stairs, and the guard closed the door and went to his home.

“Arnav..” Khushi called him.

On her way, she found a white balloon, she picked it and there was an envelope attached to it.

She quickly opened it, and found their picture, it was the first day she met him, when she was in his arms.

She smiled caressing the picture, indeed one of the best incident in her life in that tragedy night.

She turned the picture to see if it was written something else, but it wasn't!!

She walked more and found another red balloon on the floor.

It had a letter now attached to it. She started reading, her heart was beating fast now..

" Remember our first meeting!? It's wasn't so good, yet it was one of best days in my life after such a long time!! An angel fell in arms, she was so cute, innocent, scared, fragile!! I felt like protecting her from this bad world!! Yes, this world doesn't deserve a wonderful creature like you, but I'm selfish.. I want you!!.. After that meeting, I couldn't take you out of my mind and especially my heart, it's seems you already had the key to open my heart, and the day you stepped in my life, my dead and locked heart started opening up!! Another compliment for you Khushi, you're a magician!! And yeah, only mine okay!! Then I thought I would never meet you again in my life, because I had gone to Delhi and you were in Lucknow, I know it was bad that some journalist published your pictures with me and also spoke bad of you, but then it was because of them that you came here in Delhi and I met you again! You don't know how much happy I was when I saw you in AR!! I was on cloud nine when I got to know that you would work with me as my secretary, means you would be close to me everyday!! Gradually we became friends, that's a relationship I'm blessed to have with you, I must say it was a wonderful experience to be your friend Khushi, you were a true one. I'll never regret being your friend, but I want to take this friendship further!! And then comes Shyam's part, sincerely I really hate this chapter of my life..but you played an important role here too, not only in my life, but also my sister.. I will always be grateful to you for helping her, today if she is happy and free of that man's evil doings then it's only because of you Khushi.. I love this nature of yours, well another compliment for you, you're helpful and selfless girl Khushi!!.. Ohh yeah, you're also helping my crazy brother to stay with your Jiji..thank you for that too Khushi, you're bringing happiness in my family, you know now they keep shouting your name to me everyday!! That's your effect on people.. You're an addiction to me!! But don't think you're too good.. there is a bad part of you too..Jealousy, I'm sure yours reach 100 level..*laughs* you just can't bear to see me with another girl, and you know I love to see your possessive side too..and I promise I will keep myself away from all girls.. My eyes will always be on you, my girl!!.. Now see you made write so much, and this isn't enough, there is so much about you I want to write but time doesn't permit too and I'm sure you're eager to read those three magical words.. so here they are................."

Khushi pouted when the letter ended without "I love you" in it, but her anger was replaced with a blush as soon as..

Arnav placed his hand on her waist and whispered in her ear with his husky voice: " I love you Khushi..."

Khushi closed her eyes smiling, she felt goose bumps just by hearing his voice and now with his confession!!

Arnav: Did you like my surprise??

Khushi nodded blushing, Arnav smiled happily, " Thank God she didn't slap me!!"

Khushi slowly placed her head on his chest blushing, the smile still hadn't left her face: Arnavji..I

Arnav stood still for a while, he was still registering in his mind if he heard it well or not..

"" Arnav asked confused.

" Arnavji!! What do you mean by how? In our first meeting, you became my hero..was it possible for me not to fall in love with you??" Khushi beat his shoulder for spoiling their romantic time!!

" I didn't think like that Khushi.." Arnav chuckled, he was so happy.

"Thank God you are not like other girls..who would make me wait for six months then say yes..Di was right, you wouldn't reject me" Arnav smiled.

" So you already proposed other girls.." Khushi asked folding her arms.

" No..and stop this Khushi, this side of yours really scare me, it's even worse than a horror movie.." Arnav stepped back with her angry glare..

" I'm still trying to figure out from that innocent and cute Khushi, how do you manage to become this scary one?" Arnav smiled sheepishly, Khushi was coming forward, he was going backwards.

" I'm trying to hug you and you're going away from me" Khushi giggled at his face.

" Really I know you want to beat me..but I'm saying na.. It's through Aman I know girls takes this time to accept.. I was never so close to girls.." Arnav said.

" Okay I know.. I'm just kidding with you Arnavji.." Khushi hugged him tightly.

Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist, both stayed like that for a moment.

"Are you happy?" he asked to confirm, if she accepted this relationship by pressure or not.

"I'm Arnavji.." she smiled.

"You know I never believed in's actually surprising for me that I confessed my love for you.." Arnav said.

"I'm a magician after all.." Khushi raised her imaginary collar.

" Only mine!!" he added " Someone's calling you Khushi.." Arnav looked at her phone that was ringing.

Khushi picked it: Haan Jiji..

Payal: Khushi where are you?? It's so late now. Where have you been? Are you stuck somewhere? Should I come to pick you up?

Arnav whispered to Khushi: Tell her I will drop you.

Khushi nodded: Jiji I'm fine, I'm with Arnavji he will drop me.. Don't worry..

Payal smiled: Ohh okay..

Arnav put his wallet and mobile on his pocket, and held Khushi's hand: Is your family angry that we are late??

Khushi walked with him, out of the ba****t: No, they're just worried..

Arnav nodded: I'll have to say sorry then..

Khushi: No Arnavji.. I already said that I'm with you..

Arnav: Exactly Khushi.. I don't want your parents to think bad about me, not only your trust, I want to win theirs too. And I'm sure they must be thinking that I'm not a good influence to you..

Khushi smiled seeing his care towards her family: Don't worry Arnavji..they will not think bad of you..


Khushi reached with Arnav in her home, Shashi and Garima were watching news.

While Buaji looked like was waiting for Khushi only.

" Heyy Sanki where have you been??" Buaji asked suspiciously.

" Aree beta app.." Garima stood up and made space for Arnav to sit.

" Actually sorry uncle..Khushi was with me. That's why we got late..this will never happen again.." Arnav explained to Shashi.

Shashi nodded sideways smiling: It's okay beta, when Payal told us that she was with you, my heart was relaxed then.. I knew she was im good hands.

Buaji rolled her eyes: And what exactly were you both doing till this late??

Shashi/Khushi/Garima/Payal said at the same time: Work, what else??

Arnav stayed quiet, he didn't want to hide from Shashi the truth, but it wasn't the right time to say everything about him and Khushi now.

Buaji nodded, still her heart didn't accept that Arnav and Khushi were only working!!

" Their chemistry tells me something else.." she thought.

Arnav: I shall take your leave uncle..see you soon..

Khushi smiled: I will accompany you till the door.

Shashi and Garima smiled to him: Bye beta..

Payal waved at Arnav smiling, Arnav also waved at her: Bye Jiji!!

Khushi and Payal giggled, he liked calling Payal Jiji also like Khushi calls.

Khushi went with Arnav till the door, Arnav kissed her forehead taking care that no one notices them: Take care..see you tomorrow..

Khushi smiled blushing: Bye..take care..

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