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Jun 21, 2017

Chapter 19 - Khushi's bond with Raizada family.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 108 times)

After bidding bye to Arnav, Khushi went to her room to freshen up.

Payal went behind her: were with Arnavji!!

Khushi smiled blushing: Jijiiiiii don't tease me..

Payal: Lagta hai it's quite a serious relationship, he is even calling me Jijii..

Khushi hide her face with her palms and went running to the bathroom.

Payal laughed at her face.


While having dinner, Khushi was constantly looking at her phone to check if she has any messages from Arnav.

Payal and Garima giggled seeing her do that, when Payal called Khushi, Garima was there too, hence Payal told Garima that both love each other. Garima was very happy for Khushi, she and Payal promised to keep this a secret until Khushi tells Shashi and Buaji about Arnav personally.

" I've reached home Khushi.." she read his message, she smiled and thanked DM for sending him safe home.

" Why are you looking everytime at your phone??" Buaji asked.

" Kuch nahin.." Khushi hid her phone.

" Shashi you better start keeping an eye on your daughters.." Buaji said taunting Khushi indirectly.

Shashi: I trust my daughters Madhu..why don't you leave Khushi in peace?

Buaji looked away: Then don't say that I didn't inform you..

Shashi: I will not!! Happy? Can we have our dinner now?

Shashi shook his head, then patted Khushi's shoulder: I trust you bitiya.. Why are you getting upset?

Khushi smiled: I'm not upset bauji. I will never break your trust also.

Shashi smiled: Toh baat paaki hai??

Khushi widened her eyes, shocked. How does her father knows everything now? Was he a magician also?? She giggled at the thought.

Khushi: Baujii..

Shashi: When a friend comes to drop you home, he will leave you till the gate, but when your man drops you home, he will take you till your father, to show your father that he can take care of you!!

Khushi blushed profusely looking down.

Shashi caressed her hair: I'm very happy Khushi..


Arnav was having dinner with his family, everyone were looking weirdly at him, because today he had a smile on that stern face of his!!

" Chote..tum teek ho na?" Anjali asked not able to see that smile of his, if Arnav smiles then it's only for seconds, today it seems this smile won't even leave his face, and that's something to get worried about now.

"Yeah Di" Arnav replied casually.

"Bhai are you sure?" Akash asked blinking his eyes.

" What the.. Of course I'm sure!!" Arnav frowned.

"Uff thank God you're our Arnav bitwa only..your "What the.." never leaves you" Mami giggled.

" He never leaves his what the.." Nani shook her head.

"Chote how is Khushi?" Anjali asked smiling.

" She is fine.." Arnav replied, with a dreamy smile on his face again!!


Early in the morning, Arnav returned from his jogging, he went to the kitchen and drank water, then chatted with his ladies for a while.

"Good morning Khushi!!" he texted her, while talking with his family.

Anjali: When will Khushi come here again Chote?

Nani pouted: Do we need to organize a puja again to call her??

Arnav rolled his eyes: I will call her here!!

He called Khushi, and hand the phone to Anjali.


Khushi had just seen his message, she smiled, and the next moment he was calling!!

Excitedly she picked up the call: Good morning Arnavji..

Anjali giggled: Khushi it's me Anjali..

Khushi bit her tongue, she smiled sheepishly: Di app..Good morning..

Anjali: Good morning Khushi. Actually I called you to invite you here, it's been a long you didn't came to meet us..

Nani snatched the phone from Anjali: It's better you come, otherwise Nani won't talk with you.

Khushi nodded: Ji nani..I will come soon..

Nani smiled satisfied: Okay, I'm waiting for you then.. 

Akash shouted behind Nani: Bring Payaljiiii too Khushi..

Everyone laughed. Khushi also laughed looking at Payal.

Khushi: Don't worry Akashji I will bring your princess.


Arnav looked at his family angrily, his phone was being passed for all his family members except him. He badly wanted to hear her voice..

" Can I talk with Khushi now?" Arnav asked.

No one heard him saying that, he was practically ignored.

HP laughed at his face, to which Arnav smiled sarcastically at him: You're enjoying this a lot na??

HP nodded sideways: Nahin Malik... I'm at your side only..

Arnav smiled, HP left running scared of him.

Arnav went near his family: Give my phone back to me now!!

Anjali pouted: Chote you talk with her everyday in office.. what about us?? Have some pity on us..

Arnav: No Di.. Give me my phone, I want to talk with Khushi..

Anjali smiled teasingly: Wow you're so eager to talk with her, why??

Arnav shut his eyes impatiently: Diiii..

Akash went running with Arnav's phone to the living room.

Akash: Khushi please pass the phone to Payaji, I want to hear her voice..

Arnav came to him: Akash noooo..

Akash giggled: Please bhaiiii..

Arnav face palmed: You will regret for doing this with me..


Khushi giggled hearing Arnav shouting to speak with her, "bechara" she thought!

Khushi: Jiji Akashji wants to talk with you..

Payal blushed a little: Nahin..

Khushi gave the phone to her, and left the room.

Payal: Khushi.. tum..(she looked at the phone) Namaste..

Akash almost fell on the floor hearing her melodious voice: Namaste Payalji..

Payal laughed silently. Akash: How are you??

Payal: I'm fine and you?

Akash smiled: After talking with you, I'm more than fine!!

Arnav sat on the sofa glaring at him:  What the.. Akash, go fast na..

Akash put his finger on his lips indicating Arnav to keep quiet.

Arnav rolled his eyes and cursed himself for handling his phone to his family.

 Akash: Payaji, today Nani invited you both here, will you come?

Arnav: Akash I will cut you in pieces now, didn't Di inform Khushi about this? Why are you creating a conversation with her when you have nothing to say??


Khushi came to Payal, who was giggling while talking with Akash.

Khushi: Jiji one minute please..

Payal pouted little sad, Khushi understood that: Jiji relax!! I just want to say something to Arnavji.

Payal bit her lips embarrassed: It's nothing like that..

Khushi took the phone, and asked Akash to give it to Arnav, Akash gave it to him unwillingly.

Khushi: Arnavji stop barking at your family!! Call me from my landline number.. here it is..

Arnav noted her number, then said: I'm not barking, they're not letting me hear your voice..

Khushi: It's okay na..

Arnav: Is it okay? Seriously!!

Khushi: Jiji is waiting, you call me on  the landline number.

Arnav nodded: Okay..


Khushi and Payal reached after sometime to Raizada mansion.

After taking the blessings from elders, Akash came to Payal and stole her away from everyone taking her to their garden.

Khushi stayed with Nani and Mami.

" Khushi bitiya..we missed you.." Nani smiled, side hugging her.

" Nani I miss you too, but what to do? You don't work in AR!!" Khushi pouted then laughed with Nani.

" Hello hi bye bye, this Sunday I have a wedding to attend bitiya, do you want to go with me along with Payal bitiya? It will be fun.." Mami sat with Khushi.

" Haan Mamiji I can go with you, no problem.." Khushi smiled.

" Khushi.." Anjali smiled and sat on the sofa.

" Di how are you?" Khushi looked at her.

" I'm fine.." Anjali said, then looked upstairs "Choteeee Khushi is here.."

Khushi blushed hearing his name!

Arnav came downstairs after hearing that she reached.

" Hi Khushi.." he smirked.

" Hi Arnavji.." Khushi smiled at him, her eyes shine in happiness after seeing him.

 " Let's go to office, we're getting late.." Arnav said taking his bag.

Anjali frowned: She just came now Chote!! Please let her stay with us.

Arnav: No, today you talked with her na, for almost an hour, and I kept waiting..

Anjali: This is not fair!!

Arnav smirked: Poor you Di..

Anjali threw a pillow to him angrily, Arnav caught it at the right time smirking.

Khushi laughed at their cute bonding.

Khushi: I will come here after work ends.

Arnav's eyes lit up: Really? You will come with me today??

Khushi nodded: To stay with them!!!

Khushi walked to go with him, she looked at the garden: Jiji??

Arnav: Let Jiji stay with Akash, you will come to pick her later..

Anjali nodded: Yes, we will take care of Payal. Don't worry Khushi.

Khushi smiled and left with Arnav.

Lavanya came behind them running: ASR can I go with you?

Khushi shook her head, this woman is never going to change.

Arnav nodded: You know you're late right Lavanya?

Lavanya: Actually sorry, I was not feeling well.

She was about to open the car's door in the front side, Khushi held her hand: Excuse me Lavanya ma'am, that's not your place!

Lavanya awkwardly went to the back side, she cursed Khushi inside.

Khushi smirked, Arnav had a smile on his face, how much he loves to see her possessive for him!!

The three went to AR. Arnav: Khushi I want to talk with you.

Khushi nodded, both went to his cabin.

" Is there any problem Arnavji?" Khushi asked worried.

"No, not a problem. I wanted to know if you want people to know about our relationship, I still didn't tell anything even to my family..I was waiting for your permission.." Arnav said.

" Arnavji it depends on you.. Amma, bauji and Jiji already know about us, so in my family buaji is left.. I didn't want to say it yesterday only, otherwise she would speak a lot. But soon I will tell her too, if you want you can say to your family too.. I don't have any problem.." Khushi smiled. 

" Okay, what about people here in AR?" he asked.

" For me I would keep it a secret, but if you want Arnavji I don't have any problem" Khushi said, she knows already she has a lot of enemies in AR, who will cast their evil eyes on their starting relationship.

" No Khushi.. I respect your decision, and you have the same thoughts as mine" he pinched her nose.

Khushi giggled. Arnav: Where are we going to have lunch today? Dhaba again?

Khushi laughed: Yes!! Special burger is waiting for you..

Arnav: It's vada pav right..

Khushi nodded: Quick learner you're..

Arnav smiled: I'm ASR after all.. by the way how are my models in the training?

Khushi beat his chest angry: I already said they aren't your models..

Arnav laughed: I know, just kidding with you. I wanted to see your gussa side..

Khushi giggled: They are quite bad!! When I say an Indian bride has a posture, she is shy and always with a smile on her face, a real smile!! They just don't get me..

Arnav nodded: They are modern na..but I trust you Khushi, you will do this for me..

Khushi cupped his face: Of course I will do anything for you Arnavji. And don't worry, at the D-day they will look perfect brides..

Arnav nodded: I know..


" Please just let me call one person.. Just one call please.." Shyam begged at the inspector.

" Okay one call only.." the inspector glared at him.

He gave his phone to Shyam and went from there.

Shyam called Lavanya quickly. In AR, Lavanya picked up the call irritated: Who is it??

Shyam: Lavanya it's me, Shyam.

Lavanya shocked: Shyam did you call me?? Did you escape or what??

Shyam: Shh.. I didn't escape, salee sahab made sure that I will never find a way to get out from this jail. I just called you to ask how is Khushi?

Lavanya laughed sarcastically: Just forget Khushi,'ll never get her now, she is Arnav's girl now.. even I've started accepting defeat now, Kiya is out of the game and I'm left.. ASR already doesn't like me and Khushi hates me too, so I don't see a way out!! Isliye, you better stop dreaming about Khushi now..

Shyam: angel accepted that monster..what's wrong with her now?

Lavanya: Shyam you're interesting!! You are the monster, not ASR.. He is a prince, unfortunately he had to like that maid..

Shyam: So you think yourself as a princess? Sorry to say Lavanya,  but in front of Khushi, you don't stand a chance, that's why salee sahab left you and went to that innocent angel..urghh..everyone wants her..

Lavanya rolled her eyes: Alright!! The prince and princess are together now, happy ending!! You're getting your punishment and now let me live my life.. I'm feeling suffocated here now.

Shyam: Hey this doesn't end here.. Shyam Jha never accepts defeat, if he (ASR) wants Khushi, then I also want her.. This time I will win, you will see Lavanya..

Lavanya: No one wins with ASR, get that in your mind Shyam.

Shyam rolled his eyes: Bye..


" Khushi I'm leaving to a meeting with Mr.Khanna, I will directly pick you up to have lunch okay.." Arnav said before leaving.

" Okay bye.." Khushi smiled, Arnav left with Aman.

" What was ASR talking with you?" her colleagues asked curious to know.

" Nothing.. He was just informing me that he is going to a meeting, so was instructing me my work" Khushi faked a smile, then left running from there.


Jenny: Wow I'm so happy for you.. I never knew ASR was this romantic.

Jennifer hugged Khushi tightly happy for her, Khushi smiled, she didn't want to tell anyone in AR, but that doesn't count Jennifer, because she helped Khushi a lot, not only in realizing that she has fallen for Arnav but protected her from Kiya and Lavanya's act.

Khushi: Thank you Jenny ma’am for everything you have done to me. You’re my true friend now..

Jenny smiled: You’re welcome Khushi. You know the first time I saw ASR staring at you, I knew he fell in love with you, and I was shocked, happy and what not.. You’re really lucky Khushi, you’re seeing this side of him, no one gets to see.. I can even say the way he behaves with you, he doesn’t behave with his family also.. But it’s understandable, such an innocent piece you’re (Jenny pinched Khushi’s cheek)..


After having lunch at their favorite place now, Khushi and Arnav were talking about random stuff. When a couple fights took their attention.

“You girls have lots of problems” Arnav said with a pity look for the boy.

“Ohh so you think you’re always right!!” Khushi looked at him.

“She is fighting with him because he doesn’t have time to meet her family..”Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Did you hear exactly what she said?? You always don’t have time to meet my family, that’s different Arnavji, she always invites him and he always rejects it, men should do what you did to me yesterday, take me till my father!” Khushi smiled.

“You’re right” realization dawned on him.

The girl was leaving, wiping her tears, Arnav looked at her: Go and slap him!!

Girl: What??.. OMG ASR!!

Arnav chuckles: I said go and slap him, he doesn’t deserve a good girl like you..

The girl nodded, since she even had ASR support in this, she went bravely and slapped the man on his right cheek: “Never show your face!!”

Arnav looked at Khushi: Not bad.. actually the problem is not only with the girls, we boys also exaggerate sometimes..

Khushi smiled: And you’re not one of them.. you’re a nice person, Arnavji..

Arnav chuckles: Now that’s huge compliment for me!! No one ever said that to me..

Khushi caressed his palms: Why are you trying to show to the world that you’re an emotionless person?

Arnav turned serious: This world doesn’t understand people like me.. everyone is selfish, running behind money every day..

Khushi looked at him: Are you saying that I’m behind you money?

Arnav nodded sideways: Didn’t I say that you’re an angel in that letter? You’re not one of those selfish persons I meet every day, you’re different Khushi..

Khushi hugged him: Arnavji I understand your feelings. And you don’t know how happy I feel, that you trust me, you don’t compare me with others..

Arnav smiled, and hugged her back.

They returned to home after that, Arnav cancelled his meetings for the day, because Khushi can’t get late to return home, so he thought it would be better if they go now.

“Jiji must be happy na with Akashji” Khushi smiled thinking about them in the car.

“Yeah.. and it’s good she isn’t mad as him, it will help to reduce madness in my house” Arnav said.

Khushi laughed with him seconds later…


Raizada mansion:

“Heyy why did you guys came so early??” Akash pouted angry with his brother.

“They need to go home early also” Arnav replied.

“I will soon come to your house to talk about our rishta” Akash said smiling to Payal, she blushed and looked away.

“Pagal.. stop torturing Payal now..” Arnav said “She must be having a headache now, hearing your bakwas for hours”

“She is not, tell him Payalji” Akash said.

Payal didn’t say anything, she went to stand beside Khushi.

Khushi giggled: I think today you have a lot to share with me Jijiii..

Payal blushed, she slapped Khushi’s shoulder playfully: Tu  bhi na!!

Anjali: Did you both had lunch Chote??

Arnav nodded: Yeah Di..

Nani: Can I know where? Aren’t you torturing my princess??

Khushi smiled sweetly, she was loving the pampers she was getting from his family and from Arnav also.

Khushi: Nani I ate, don’t worry Arnavji didn’t torture me!!

Nani nodded satisfied, Mami smiled: Come you both to my room, you need to help me in choosing what I will wear on this wedding.. I need to look my best..

“Wow Khushi you even impressed Mami” Arnav thought impressed with his Khushi, his Mami is very choosy and takes time to trust others, at least both had the same qualities in this, but with Khushi, she quickly accepted showing her friendly side.

Khushi and Payal went with Mami to her room. Arnav went to his room to rest for a while till they end with their chatting.

Anjali and Nani prepared some snacks, and also joined Mami, Khushi and Payal in the room. They just messed the whole room, only to find one saree of Mami’s like!!

Jun 22, 2017

Chapter 20 - ASR vs Buaji (By Angel23) (Thanked: 129 times)

After returning home with Arnav and Akash, Khushi and Payal were telling everything that happened with them to Garima.

Buaji was trying to hear what they were saying, hiding behind wall.

Garima looked at her saree: Madhu you can join us..

Buaji bit her tongue embarrassed, she got caught.

Khushi smiled: Yes buaji, come in.. Why are you standing alone?

Buaji glared at her: Don't need to make fun of me..

Khushi sigh sadly: I'm not buaji..

Buaji sat with them on the bed, Payal smiled: Amma you won't believe, Naniji loves Khushi a lot..she was telling me that Khushi is her princess..Di also was telling me a lot of things she likes in Khushi.. they all loved her a lot..

Khushi smiled happy, Payal caressed her hair: Continue like this Khushi, you always spread happiness wherever you go.

Garima side hugged Khushi, Buaji got angry hearing that Khushi is given more attention than Payal with Raizada family.

Khushi looked at her phone ringing, it was Arnav.

Garima looked at her: Go..

Khushi nodded and went running out of the room, she picked her plate of jalebi and left to her room.

" Hii..Arnavji.." Khushi smiled and sat comfortably on her bed.

" Hii Khushi.." Arnav said.

" Hmm.." Khushi munched her jalebi waiting for him to tell something.

" Hmm what? Can't you create a conversation?" Arnav smirked typing on his laptop.

" You called you say something" Khushi smiled in mood to tease him.

" Alright..I love you.." Arnav smirked.

" Not that.." Khushi blushed. This man knows how to turn tables!!

" I said something it's your turn.." Arnav said.

" What you said, me too.." Khushi said quickly eating her jalebis in between.

" What the... That's cheating you know.. And what are you doing? " Arnav asked confused.

" Eating my favorite jalebi.." Khushi smiled and looked at her plate full of jalebis.

" Oh really!! This late at night you're eating sweets Khushi.. You will become diabetic like me then.." Arnav scolded her.

" But Arnavji I can't live without Jalebi.." Khushi pouted sadly.

" What the.. Khushi you're talking as if Jalebi is your husband.." Arnav said in disbelief.

" Jealous?" Khushi giggled.

" Well I'm not.. But don't eat much, sweets aren't good for health.." Arnav said in a serious tone.

Khushi nodded and like a good girl she went to keep the jalebi in the kitchen.

" I kept it in the kitchen now.." she informed him " Should I take a picture to prove it for you?" she asked innocently.

" No, that's not needed.. I trust you" Arnav smiled, this woman never fails to bring a smile on his face.

" What are you doing Arnavji?" Khushi asked.

" the fashion show is approaching, we don't have much time.. I need to go tomorrow to sort decorations and lights issues" Arnav massaged his temples.

" You can ask Amanji to do this for you" Khushi said.

" No, I put a lot of effort to this show, I don't want any tiny mistake on it.. So I need to do things alone, you know ASR way.." Arnav said with a smirk on his face.

" Scare people that's what you mean.." Khushi smiled.

" Not really!! Khushi tomorrow I will come to pick you up.." Arnav said.

" Okay..anything special?" she asked curious.

" Yes, I want to talk with your family about us, and after that we will leave together to check the arrangements for the show.." Arnav smiled, he knew she would jump in joy.

" Kyaaaaa??? You will come to talk with bauji? Sachiiiiii??" he was right, she was jumping in her bed.

" Haan Khushi, don't make me deaf now, otherwise tomorrow I will not hear what uncle will say to me" he laughed.

" Ohh sorry..I'm so happy Arnavji"  she smiled sheepishly.

" Even I'm happy Khushi.. So tomorrow I will come to your house, next day it's your turn na.. You should come to my house, like a good girl and confess to my family that you want a serious relationship with me.." he giggled silently.

", that's a boy job, not mine.." Khushi jaws dropped, thinking how it would be if she tells to Raizadas, that she is dating Arnav..

" I dare you Khushi Gupta.. " Arnav smirked.

" No..Arnavji..don't do this to me, you know I'm shy in these matters.." Khushi pouted.

" Come on Khushi, it's a challenge! If you do this, I promise I will never let any woman other than you kiss me.." Arnav said, keeping his laptop aside, he was enjoying this conversation now.

" Arnav why me?... Hmm..okay, challenge accepted!!" Khushi shut her eyes praying to DM to give her strength to do this.

" Pray Khushi..pray to DM, you will need her blessings.." Arnav giggled.

" Arnavji don't tease me..I will hang up the call.." Khushi said angry.

" Ohh my wild cat, don't be angry na.. I'm just kidding with you. What do you think I'm not nervous to talk with your father?? I'm hell nervous Khushi.. I don't even know what's the first word I'm going to say to him.. like " Uncle I'm dating your daughter" what will he think of me!! ... But then it's necessary to make our relationship official.." Arnav consoled her.

" Haha.. Arnavji you don't need to be scared. Papa already knows about us, he will just smile..don't be nervous.." Khushi consoled him also.

Like this, they kept talking with each other till wee hours.


The next day Khushi woke up with energy, she was preparing the breakfast happily, since she knew Arnav is coming today.

Garima looked at her confused: Khushi why are you cooking all this?

Khushi: Amma Arnavji is coming today.. to talk with bauji..

Garima smiled: Really? Why didn't you told me earlier? Let me make sweets for him.

Khushi: No amma, Arnavji can't eat sweets, he is diabetic.

Garima sigh sadly: He is so young, why did DM do this to him!!

Khushi pouted also sad: You know even I'm angry with DM for making my Arnavji sick.

Garima smiled teasingly, Khushi bit her lips embarrassed.

Seconds later, they heard Shashi talking and laughing with someone.

Garima and Khushi looked at each other with an excited smile.

They left the kitchen hurriedly and went to the living room.

Arnav was there with Shashi, when he saw Khushi, he smiled.

By his smile, Shashi could guess very well who was behind him now.

Khushi showed thumbs up to him, and whispered: "Good luck"

Arnav: Actually uncle..woh main..

Garima and Payal pressed their lips to suppress the smile on their face.

Khushi was gesturing to Arnav to tell Shashi quickly, because he won't kill him.

Arnav frowned, then looked at Shashi: Uncle actually I wanted to tell you that...

Buaji smiled: Aree bitwa tell us.. Why are you stammering? Is it a good news? Do you want to talk about Payal?

Payal widened her eyes, and whispered to buaji: Buaji please keep quiet..

Arnav nodded sideways: It's about Khushi..

Buaji sigh, and continued to chop the vegetables, not interested in their talks now.

Arnav looked at Shashi: Uncle I love your daughter!!

He finally dropped the bomb, Khushi smiled, while Buaji left the knife shocked.

Shashi smiled: I know dear..

Arnav nodded: I wanted to tell you this personally, I don't want you to think that I'm playing with Khushi, your daughter means my life.. I will take care of her like my own family, if possible will love her more than anyone, you can rest assured uncle, Khushi ke liye, I'm always here!!

Shashi hugged Arnav tightly, Arnav smiled and hugged him back.

Garima's eyes got moist hearing this from Arnav.

Payal hugged Khushi happy for her. And buaji kept a grumpy face, she didn't like that they are setting Khushi relationship first before Payal.

Garima went to kiss Arnav's forehead: Thank you beta.. I'm sure you will keep our daughter always happy.

Khushi went to kitchen to serve breakfast for Arnav shyly.

Garima and Payal went to help her also.

Shashi: Beta if you don't mind, I have to go and open the shop.

Arnav nodded: Sure uncle..

Shashi smiled and left to his shop, leaving Arnav and Buaji in the living room.

Buaji looked at him: I thought you came here with Payal's ristha. But you came here for Khushi.

Arnav looked at her serious.

Buaji was scared with his look, but still dared to say something more: Why do you want to have a relationship with an orphan? Bitwa you're so rich, you can find any beautiful girl...

Arnav cuts her off: I'm also an orphan..

Buaji gulped: But do you think you will be happy with her? Khushi doesn't know anything about your lifestyle, she will have a hard time learning it.. You both are so different from each other, you belong to different world.. You will say something, she will do other will not be easy..

Arnav: Actually I want to learn her lifestyle, because it's me who need her.. Did you understand buaji? I need Khushi to live... And we already understand each other, so life will be very easy..

Buaji kept quiet, if she talks something else, Arnav will kill her for sure, his glares were already scaring her.

Arnav smirked: And if you want Payal's wedding to happen, you better stop torturing my Khushi.. If I  see one more tear in her eyes because of you, forget Payal's rishta.


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Jun 24, 2017

Chapter 21 - Tic tac toe (By Angel23) (Thanked: 107 times)

Arnav walked near buaji, he held the knife from her hand and chopped the vegetables for her smirking.

" The ones who hurt ASR's dear ones, he cuts them piece by I'm just simulating this with vegetables, tomorrow it might be true.." Arnav said in his husky and warning tone.

Buaji gasped shocked, she held the glass of water shivering and drank it in one go.

Khushi reached the tables with plates for them: Arnavji what are you doing with buaji?

Arnav smiled: Kuch nahin, I was asking her if she doesn't need help.

Khushi giggled: You know how to cook?

Arnav smirked: Are you doubting my capabilities?

Khushi nodded sideways: I know what what you can do!!

Garima and Payal sat on their chairs, Arnav also joined them to have breakfast.

Khushi sat beside Arnav, and served for him.

" I cooked it.." she added smiling and excited to know if he likes her food or not.

Arnav after tasting it, pinched her shoulder, she was too busy in her world eating.

" It's delicious.." he said, Khushi blushed and thanked him.

Buaji was silent all the way, she only smiled everytime Arnav looked at her.


After leaving her house, Arnav and Khushi went to talk with the manager for decorations issues.

Khushi choose the decoration of her like, as Arnav asked her to do so.

They checked the lights, to see if it's working or not, and also choose the songs to be played during the show.

After that, they headed to AR, Khushi got busy in training the models and Arnav with Aman, talking about how to promote their collection.


At 6pm, all employees tiredly left AR. Khushi also packed her things and went to Arnav's cabin.

"Aren't you tired?" Khushi looked at him sleepy.

" Are you in hurry to go home?" he smiled at her expression.

" No..if you have work, I can wait.." Khushi sat on the chair.

" I was going through this presentation only, it's about to end.." Arnav said " Can we have dinner together?" he asked.

" Okay.." she said.

" Good, I already informed uncle about that,  and he accepted also" Arnav said.

" Smart.. ASR.." Khushi smirked.

Arnav nodded: That I'm!! Come here..

Khushi: I'm here Arnavji...

Arnav chuckled, and pointed to his lap: Come to sit with me..

Khushi blushed: Nahin I'm fine here..

Arnav lifted her and then went back to his chair making her sit on his lap.

" Why do get so shy? I'm your boyfriend now, not any monster.." he smiled.

Khushi giggled: I'm like this..

Arnav stroke her hair lovingly: And I love you like this..

Khushi smiled, she took a blank paper and a pencil.

" Let's play tic tac toe.." Khushi said and started drawing a 3x3 grids.

" Tic tac toe?! We played that in school.." Arnav almost let out a laugh.

" I still play that with Jiji, it's fun Arnavji.." Khushi smiled, then pouted seeing him laughing at her face.

" Big people like you don't play all this now, but in school we all played it.." Khushi said and left the paper aside.

" Let's play it.. And if I'm big and you're small. I want to reach your level now Khushi.. " Arnav said intensely, he meant that he wants to become like her, and she understood what he conveyed to her.

Both kept playing it for sometime.

" I don't know why were you insisting to play when you knew you were going to lose.." Arnav laughed at Khushi, glaring at him.

" I won one time okay..that's victory also.." she smiled cheekily.

" Congrats for that.." Arnav kissed her forehead.

" Thank you!! " Khushi giggled " At least it's not impossible to defeat ASR"

Arnav smirked: You defeated me in the first day we met Khushi..the day I gave my heart to you.. You won and I lost..

Khushi frowned: Kyun?

Arnav: Because I never wanted to fall in love, I never believed in so. But you came in my life and changed everything!!

Khushi looked at him scared: And is it good or bad?

Arnav looked at her scared face, he touched his nose with hers, pulling her more close to him: You changed my life for good Khushi.. I'll never repent your entry in my life..

Khushi sigh in relief, she blushed being so close to him.



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Jun 25, 2017

Chapter 22 - The way she cares!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 101 times)

After having dinner together, Arnav went to drop Khushi home.

" Take care..and dream with me.." Arnav said.

" You too..Arnav ji please drive well.. It's too dark..don't drive fast please, and call me once you reach home. And sleep well, don't take stress because of work" Khushi ended her list, and smiled at him caressing his cheek.

" Okay.. " he held hand that was caressing him and kissed her palm lovingly.

Khushi: Will you do what am I asking you to?

Arnav nodded: I will boss!!

Khushi giggled and went to her house. Arnav also drove to his home..


Raizada mansion:

Khushi bit her nails nervously, today it was her day to confess to Arnav's family that she is dating him.

She smiled brightly to hide her nervousness inside, Arnav giggled silently looking at her face.

" Khushi do you want to say something?" Arnav asked her faking a serious face.

" Yes.." Khushi nodded sideways while saying yes!!

Arnav raised his eyebrow: Yes or no?

Akash looked at Khushi: Don't tell me Payal married someone else!!

Anjali face palmed: You both stop torturing Khushi..tell me Khushi, what do you want to say?

Khushi: Di, Nani, Mamiji, Mamaji, Akashji, Laxmi.. You know Salmanji.. Bollywood hero..

Khushi stood up from the sofa, and spread her arms dramatically when she said "Bollywood hero"..

All nodded except Arnav, he was like what the.. She has to confess her love to him, and here she is talking about Salman Khan!!

Khushi continued: When Salmanji finds a pretty girl, what happens next?

All replied simultaneously: Pyaar!!

Khushi smiled: That's exactly what happened with me and Arnavji..

Arnav looked at Khushi surprised, she is way more smart than he thinks!!

All took time to understand, Anjali shouted happily: Khushi oh my God.. You both are in love!! Finally you confessed it..

Nani clapped happily: Oh I'm so happy for you both.. My princess, you're everything I wanted for Arnav..

Khushi smiled shyly, she looked at Arnav.

Both shared an eye lock, which was soon broke when Nani pulled Khushi to the table to eat with them.

Arnav also joined them, and sat beside his lady love.

" Jalebi for you.." he served for her.

" I cooked it.." he added smiling, making fun of her.

Khushi beat him playfully laughing: Don't make fun of me Arnavji..

Anjali: How is the preparation for the show  going Chote?

Arnav nodded: Good Di.. Khushi is helping us in making the models behave properly like Indian know they are modern, so they don't know much about the culture, she also chose the decoration.

Anjali smiled: That's so good. You both are helping each other..

Lavanya looked at them sadly, she badly wanted to be in Khushi's place. But God didn't plan that to her.

Arnav kissed Khushi's forehead: Eat something na Khushi. Today you will work to sweat.. It's better you eat here well..

Nani pouted: Arnav beta don't make princess work so much..pleaseee.

Mami and Anjali also felt bad for Khushi, they started pleading Arnav to not torture her.

Arnav rolled his eyes: What the...I'm not going to kill her.

Anjali giggled: But don't make her work much, she isn't a machine like you..

Akash giggled: Robot!!

Arnav just shook his head, Khushi had moist eyes seeing this family, who just knew her for days and treat her like their own, and her buaji who despite knowing her for years, never really accepted her from heart.

Arnav panicked seeing her glistening eyes, he left his glass quickly and cupped her face: Khushi I was kidding with you.. I won't make you work much.. It was for you to eat that I said like that.. Don't cry please..

Anjali poured water in glass and came running to Khushi: Khushi don't cry.. Chote is kidding na.. Nothing will happen to you.. Drink water..

She came back to the world, and found everyone worried for her.

She tried to explain them but they were more than worried for her that didn't even let her explain what really happened!!

" Arn.. " she managed to utter but to be cut by Nani.

" Don't worry my princess, today you will not even go to office okay.." Nani patted her shoulders.

" Khushi if you want to take leave, you can.." her sweet boyfriend caressed her cheeks, melting her heart..aww..but she couldn't travel to her land now, she has to explain them.

" Arnavji.." she once again tried to talk with them, but the family interrupted them saying other things.

Arnav noticed from her expression, that this was another matter.

" Leave her..." Arnav shouted to everyone, who were literally on top of Khushi now.

Everyone stepped back in shock, Arnav looked at Khushi: She is trying to say something else..

Khushi smiled in relief: Haan..Arnavji.. I wasn't crying because of work..

Now everyone had a sheepish smile. Khushi giggled with their expression: But I loved to see, I have a family to save me from Laad governor..

Arnav was like what the..: Khushi...

Khushi smiled: That's the name I gave you when you're in ASR mood.

Arnav frowned: But I'm not that with you..

Anjali teasingly: Really? What you are with Khushi then?

Khushi blushed profusely, Arnav rolled his eyes: Dii have breakfast without eating my brain!!

Everyone laughed from their heart, Khushi's entry in their lives changed their daily and boring routine.



" Khushi I need these files signed by ASR.." Aman handled her the files, and went running to execute another work.

Khushi sigh, she couldn't believe she was working in a place like this.

Thinking about the possible ways to save these employees from ASR, she reached his cabin.

" Arnavji.." she said with a sweet voice.

" Hmm.." he replied glancing at her once, then back to his laptop.

" Amanji gave me these files..they need your signature.." Khushi said and placed it on his table.

" Okay.. I'll go through them.." he curtly replied.

" How can he manage to act like a sweet lover boy and then rude business man?" Khushi thought staring deeply at Arnav.

"Khushi do you want to say something?" Arnav raised his eyebrow.

" No no.." Khushi said, and walked to go " Ohh yes yes.." Khushi returned.

Arnav nodded with a smile which he couldn't hide with her cuteness.

" You promised that if I tell your family about us, you would never kiss.." Khushi looked at him to see if he remembers her promise.

" Hmm.. " Arnav hmm-ed irritating her more.

" Hmm what? Can't you say it properly so that I can be satisfied?" Khushi looked at him with big eyes.

" I will never let any girl other than you kiss me Khushi Kumari Gupta" Arnav smirked.

" Should I make coffee for you?" Khushi jumped in happiness seeing her wish getting true!!

Arnav nodded, Khushi went running like a butterfly to make coffee for him.

Arnav smiled: Even if I didn't promised you that, I would really never let any girl touch me other than you, pagli..


In jail, Shyam was staring at Khushi's picture, caressing her face with care, as if he is really touching her.

" What are you doing?" a handsome police officer asked angrily.

" Nothing.." Shyam replied and hid Khushi's picture on his pocket.

" Show me that thing.." he pointed to Shyam's pocket suspiciously.

Another police officer came running to him: Sir.. Do you need anything?

He nodded sideways: I know how to do my job.

Shyam looked at both.

Rudra, the police Shyam was talking with said: Will you give me or should I show you my way?

Shyam got scared and handled the picture to him.

Rudra took it from his hand rudely and left from there.

Shyam groaned furiously at the officer.

Rudra sat on his chair, a servant came running to him and placed coffee on his table.

Then waited for his orders, without looking at his face, Rudra said sternly: Go!

The servant left, and finally Rudra raised the picture to see what was that criminal seeing. 

" Wh.." he couldn't even complete his words, when his eyes met the girl on the picture, she was a different girl in all ways, too innocent yet so beautiful..

" Ramuuuuu..." he shouted, and another police officer came running to him.

" Yes sir.." the officer looked down.

" Who is she? " he asked.

" I don't know sir.." ramu replied.

" How come you don't know? This criminal stays day and night with this picture only, and you don't even want to know how is she related to him? What if this girl with him also?" Rudra barked.

" No sir, this girl only helped..Arnav Singh Raizada's sister and she helped us to get this man behind the bars.." another police officer came to the rescue of his friend.

" Alright.. What's her name?" his heart felt relieved knowing that Khushi isn't a criminal.

" Khushi sir.." he replied.

" can go now.." he returned to his work land.


" Everyone is having lunch now, you could stop working!!" Khushi said playing with his pens, while waiting for him.

" Khushi I have loads of work, few days are left for the show.. " he explained her, then went back to his work.

" I'm starving!!" she pouted sadly, showing him that she will not eat without him.

" What?? Why didn't you told me earlier Khushi?" he got angry and worried for her.

" You were working, now let's eat please.. Amma cooked for you.." Khushi said showing him her tiffin.

" That's your food Khushi..I will ask someone to bring for me.." he said.

" Nahin.. Amma cooked it for you, and we can share it Arnavji.." she smiled.

" Okay.." he also smiled.


Jun 27, 2017

Chapter 22 - The little things we do. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 94 times)

Another tiring day ended in AR, while the employees left.

Jennifer went to Arnav's cabin, where Khushi was waiting for Arnav to pack his things.

" Oh my God..ASR we did it.." Jenny smiled excitedly playing with her fingers.

" The models are perfect brides now.. Thanks Khush.." she smiled explaining them, then raised her arms to hug Arnav.

Arnav stepped back, making Jenny confused.

Arnav smiled a little: I'm not allowed to hug you!!

Khushi nodded sideways immediately: Nahin Arnavji.. I don't have problem with Jenny ma'am..

Jenny laughed: ASR you.. Khushi I like it.. Possessive girlfriend..

Khushi smiled sheepishly: Jenny ma'am you can hug him..

Jenny: It's better not!! Otherwise tomorrow I will see ASR in no state to walk!!

Arnav: Not funny at all Jenny!!

Jenny laughed again and bid bye to them, she left to her home.

Arnav looked at Khushi: See how much I respect your words!!

Khushi smiled and hugged him tightly: Thank you Arnavji..


Raizada mansion:

Nani looked at Anjali: Anjali call him na.. He will take Princess home, when Shashi and Garima are here only.

Anjali nodded: Ji nani..I will call Chote now.

Nani looked at Shashi smiling, she continued chatting with them.

Today Anjali left to the market to buy few items with mami, on their way they found Shashi and Garima worried pleading for help, as some car bumped with Payal hurting her leg, and the responsible for her accident didn't even stop to help them. Anjali and Mami went running to help them and took Payal to hospital.

Anjali then took Payal, Shashi and Garima to home, and they spent the day with Raizada family.

Anjali called Arnav to inform him.

Anjali: Chote you come home with Khushi.

Arnav: Why Di?

Anjali: It's a long story, you come home and I will tell you. It's just Khushi's parents and Payal are here, Payal met with an accident.

Arnav: Ohh she alright?

Anjali: Yes, it's nothing to worry.. Just a minor injury.

Arnav nodded: Okay..see you soon..


Arnav who was driving the car, with Khushi and Akash with him, looked at Khushi: We have to go home, uncle and aunty are there, Payal met with an accident.

Khushi looked at him shocked, and Akash almost shouted at Arnav: Kyaaaaa?? What happened to my Payal? Bhai tell me na..

Arnav glared at Akash: I'm not deaf, don't worry you both..she is fine, just a minor injury.

Khushi sigh in relief, she thanked DM for protecting her sister.

Akash: Even a minor injury on her skin is enough to break my heart bhai!!

Arnav almost let out a chuckle, but Khushi's glare at him, made him control himself.

"Drive fast na..bhaiii.. I have to see her.." Akash said with a crying face.

" Don't even start Akash.." Arnav shook his head.

" Drive fast Arnavji..even I'm worried for Jiji.." Khushi said worried.

" But Di said she is fine now" Arnav tried to calm them.

" Noo bhai..I need to see her with my own eyes.." Akash said pouting.

" If you said my eyes, they would continue to be your eyes Akash..what do you mean by my own eyes?" Arnav rolled his eyes.

" Bhaiiiiii.." Akash whined.

" Arnav jiiiiii..." here comes his girlfriend too.

" I will not drive fast trying to see someone who already recovered from the accident, we will be the ones who will get an accident if I drive fast.." Arnav scolded them.

Both pouted looking away, Arnav: Don't try you both.. I will not drive fast..

Arnav called Anjali and asked her to give the phone to Payal, then he put on loudspeaker mode.

" Jijii how are you?" he asked.

Khushi and Akash looked eagerly to hear her response.

" I'm fine don't have to worry and please tell that Sanki to not be worried about me.." Payal replied.

Arnav smirked and gave a See-I-told-you look to Akash and Khushi.

" Jijiiii..why do you walk so carelessly on the roads? Who dared to bump with you? Just give me his name.. I will break his face.." Khushi said angrily.

Arnav wanted to laugh again, she is so small and cute and wants to beat someone, and the baby angry expression on her face was so adorable, that he didn't control himself and pecked her cheeks.

Khushi widened her eyes, her cheeks became red now, she was blushing!! Who would know the reason why Arnav kissed her cheeks in such a serious situation!!

Akash smiled teasingly: Now you will not get an accident na bhai!!

Arnav smiled, and Akash and Khushi continued to talk with Payal to satisfy themselves that she was fine.

Once they reached home, Khushi and Akash went running inside leaving him alone.

After a section of the same questions at Payal, Khushi and Akash sat relieved now.

Arnav was like "unbelievable", but what can he do, one is her sister and other is her lover. And he also admits if Khushi was in Payal's state he would stay worried like hell, even if his Di said to him that it was a minor injury, he wouldn't stay at peace until he sees her face, that's what Akash exactly did..

"How are you Arnav beta?" Shashi asked,seeing him lost in thoughts.

" I'm fine uncle.." Arnav smiled.

"Dinner is ready.." Anjali came there with a smile on her face.

" No no..Madhu must be waiting for us, we have to go home now" Garima politely refused.

" Aww this is not fair.." Anjali pouted.

" Another day dear.." Shashi smiled at her, she was a sweet girl..

" Okay, we will wait for you all.." Anjali said, and signaled Arnav to drop them home.

Arnav nodded and guided Khushi and her family to his car.


" We will leave now beta.. Take care.." Shashi patted Arnav's shoulder smiling.

" Ji uncle..bye.." Arnav said, and waved at them.

Khushi was also going with her family, when Arnav called her.

Arnav said quickly: Khushi you forgot something in the car..

Shashi and Garima knew very well what this means, they giggled looking at each other, then walked inside the house with Payal.

Khushi came back and started looking for it: Kya Arnavji? Look I took everything, my bag, phone..

Arnav face palmed: Khushi my good bye kiss and your daily lecture!!

Khushi giggled realizing what he wants.

" You already know..why do you want me to repeat it?" she asked and closed the car's door.

" I just want.. These little things we do for each other is what makes our love grow.." he explained playing with her fingers.

" Drive well..have dinner and then take your tablets, and I will call you to make sure you take them.. Sleep well and dream with me, and don't take stress for work, everything will be done in time, and your show will be successful.." she quickly pecked his cheek blushing.

Rabba vee...rabba vee...



" Khushi tell me.. What should I wear?" Payal asked getting tired of choosing a perfect dress for her.

" Jijii why did you mess the room like this? Relax, we are going for a wedding only, not your own!!" Khushi giggled and sat on the bed trying to help her sister.

" Khushi..Akashji and his mother will be there!!" Payal glared at her sister, who was comfortably sited on the bed munching her jalebis.

" I understand why are you so hyper!!.." Khushi raised her brows "You fell in love with mad man now??"

Payal threw a pillow to Khushi to hide her blushing face.

Suddenly Khushi's phone rang, she went running to pick it, she knows it's Arnav only.

" Haan's too early now, Mamiji said we have to go at 11am there, we're still dressing.." Khushi complained even before Arnav could say anything.

" Khushi listen to what am I saying na.." Arnav said in disbelief.

" Ohh you were saying something? I didn't hear Arnavji.." Khushi smiled sheepishly.

"I didn't say anything till now.. Yeah, when you dress up, take a selfie.. I want to see how you're looking.." Arnav smirked.

" Hmm okay.." she blushed playing with jalebi on her hand.

" See you soon.." he said, and hung the call, after she said bye to him.

After her talk with Arnav ended, she went running to her cupboard: Jijiiii what will I wear??

Payal smirked: Ohh now you're having difficulties to choose what you want to wear..

Khushi pouted: You're right Jiji..why does it feel nothing looks nice on you when you're dressing for your boyfriend.. And when there is nothing special, whatever you wear is fine for you??

Payal giggled: Who knows??

Khushi: Arnavji favorite color is red, so I will choose a lehenga according to that..

Khushi found a solution for her problem, leaving Payal behind!!

After sometime, both went out of the room dressed and looking beautiful.

Shashi couldn't take his eyes off his daughters, seeing them like that, made him realized that they have grown up, they aren't the cute little girls they were years back who would come running to him when he used to come back from the shop and demand him cutely their favorite candies... Unfortunately time doesn't wait for anyone, otherwise he would want to cherish those moments all his life!!

Garima put her eye kohl behind Khushi and Payal's ear, as a tradition they believe that it will protect them from evil eyes.

" You both are looking beautiful.." buaji said smiling.

Khushi smiled and thanked her Buaji, she was really surprised that buaji complimented her.


He received a message, smiling he opened it excitedly to see how is she looking.

" Wow.." he mumbled sited on the sofa, waiting for Mami, Nani and Anjali to get ready.

" You're looking gorgeous Khushi.." he texted her back.

" Wow bhabhi is looking beautiful bhai.." his curious brother stood behind him and saw Khushi's selfie.

" Akash disappear from here.." Arnav looked at him.

" You're very bad!!" Akash left from there, and decided to use this selfie idea with Payal too.

" Thank you.." came a reply, and he knew she was blushing now!!

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Jun 28, 2017

Chapter 24 - Trouble in Paradise.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 90 times)


" How are we looking Chote?" Anjali asked him all smiley, as she looked at her dress.

" Beautiful Di.." he smiled back at her.

" Why don't you say wow like you said to bhabhi??" Akash teased him.

" Shup.." Arnav glared at him.

Everyone laughed and went towards the car, they passed from Shashi's house to pick Khushi and Payal.

" Are wah.. You both are looking beautiful.." Nani smiled looking at them.

They thanked Nani and everyone complimenting them.

" Chote say something to Khushi na, even Akash is busy appreciating Payal.." Anjali giggled.

Arnav looked at Khushi while driving through the mirror: What do you want to hear??

Khushi looked at him with big eyes, and everyone laughed in the car.

" That's not romantic at all.." Khushi said.

" Haan haan Chote..what is this? " Anjali laughed uncontrollably.

" I will tell her what she wants to hear.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

Khushi glared at him, and didn't say anything after that.


They reached the wedding hall, Arnav helped his lady climb down the car.

She gently placed her fingers on his shoulder for support.

" Angry??" he asked not seeing her smiley expression.

" Haan.." she pouted and started walking.

" Khushi you know I'm not good with words.." he came behind her.

" Couldn't you say I'm looking beautiful like you said in the message? Even Akashji complimented Jiji in front of everyone" she looked away faking angriness.

" Didn't I said to you that you're looking beautiful? You know it. What's the need to say it in front of everyone.." Arnav frowned.

"Alright you said it.." she wrapped her arms around his arm, both were looking a perfect couple now.

" Do you want me to say it?" he asked.

She nodded sideways smiling, she understands how he is, Arnav is different, he likes to show his love only to her, he is only comfortable in sharing his feelings with her, he doesn't like to show everyone that cares, only she is able to see this side of his...

" Laad governor.." she whispered to him giggling.

" I'm not.." he walked with her to the wedding hall.

" Arnav bitwa come come.. I want you to meet my friend, she is a big fan of yours.." Mami said excitedly, it's first time Arnav is participating in such events.

" No mami.. I don't want to meet Pinky, Dolly or whatever are your friends, they will pinch my cheeks like I'm a five year old boy.." Arnav said frowning.

" Arnavji go na..she is your fan.." Khushi pushed him to go with Mami.

She laughed at his face when he was going with Mami, as if it's his end!!

She stood there alone waiting for Arnav to come back.

Akash and Payal came to stay with her.

"I hope you both are liking the wedding here.." Akash smiled.

" Haan Akashji don't worry.. I like happy places like this to dance and enjoy.." Khushi said cheerfully.

" Where is Di?" Khushi asked looking around.

" I don't know.." Akash also realized that Anjali, Nani and his father weren't there anymore.

" There they are.." Payal pointed to Anjali who was talking with some guests.

" I will go to stay with them, you both enjoy.." Khushi winked to Payal and Akash.

She left running from there, Payal blushed and Akash smiled looking at her.

On her way, she bumped with someone, she was about to fall but he held her at the right time.

" Ahh DM.. (looking at the man) thank you for saving me.." Khushi smiled thankfully.

The man was still staring at her, Khushi waved her hand near his face: Thank you jii..

He smiled: It's okay.. Be careful..

Khushi nodded: Ji..I'm sorry..

" My name is Rudra, and yours?" he asked smiling.

" Khushi.." she said.

Arnav came near them, and wrapped his arms around Khushi's waist possessively.

" Is there any problem?" he asked looking at Rudra.

" Nahin Arnavji..he saved me from falling, I was thanking him and also said sorry, actually while falling I hurt his feet with my sandals.." Khushi looked sadly at his feet, she doesn't like to hurt anyone.

" Ohh it's okay Khushi.. It doesn't hurt.." Rudra smiles realizing why she was saying sorry.

Arnav nodded and pulled Khushi away from the man, he looked at her angry: Why did you say your name to a strange man?

Khushi: Arnavji shaadi hai..

Arnav: What the.. So what? You shouldn't smile at everyone, not everyone is your friend here Khushi..

Khushi started sobbing, scared of his anger.

" Do I scare you?" he asked in his husky voice, pulling her close to him.

Khushi nodded looked down, more tears made way to her cheeks.

"I was just explaining you Khushi.. You can't give your details to any strange person like that.." he explained the reason of his anger.

Khushi wiped her tears on his suit, making Arnav smile once again with her antics.

"Without showing your gussa. You can explain also.." Khushi replied him back with her baby angry face.

" Yeah I can.. But I'm like this.." he caressed her red cheeks " Soch lo you still have time to think if you want to be with me, or.."

"Don't say such words Arnavji.. Of course I want to stay with you.." Khushi said and placed her fingers on his lips.


During the wedding, they had lots of fun. Akash became more friendly with Payal, they were playing games together and stayed whole day chatting with each other.

Arnav and Khushi were in their love land, they were also together, eat together with the same plate, giving chances to the family to tease them. After eating, they walked around the hall chatting.

And Nani, Mami, Mama and Anjali were very happy seeing them finally accepting a partner in their life, especially Arnav, who used to ran away when they talked about marriage and all.

After biding bye to her friend, Mami came to the car and they went back home.


Monday morning:

" Ohh Sarla aunty good morning.." Khushi greeted her neighbor.

" Good morning Khushi bitiya.." the lady smiled.

Khushi looked at her surroundings happily, when she noticed the same man she saw in the wedding.

" Rudraji"  she waved at him smiling.

Rudra looked at her confused, he went near her: What are you doing here Khushi?

Khushi: I live here Rudra ji.. Do you also live nearby?

Rudra nodded sideways: No I live in Lucknow, I just came here for work only.

Khushi jumped in happiness: I'm also from Lucknow.. What a coincidence!!

Rudra smiled witnessing her jovial mood.

"That's good!! Then are you here for work too?" Rudra asked.

" It's a long story Rudraji.. But I work here too. Do you know Arnav Singh Raizada?" Khushi asked him.

Rudra nodded: Who doesn't know him?

Khushi smiled: Haan haan he is very famous.. I'm working in his company, AR designs.

Rudra faked a smile: Okay bye Khushi.. I'm getting late..

Khushi waved at him, as he left, she saw Arnav's car.

She went running to him.

" Were you waiting for me Arnavji? Why didn't you honk? I would hear you" she giggled.

" Khushi again you were with that strange man!! Didn't I explain to you?" Arnav said trying to control his anger now.

" Arnavji he is friendly, he isn't bad.." Khushi said pouting.

" Okay.. You know what you do.." he said and started the car.

While driving, Khushi: Arnavji..

Arnav nodded: Hmm..

Khushi: Angry??

Arnav: No, I just want you to be careful..

Khushi: I promise I will be. He is a good man Arnavji..

Arnav nodded: Okay.. If you say so, I believe in your words.

Khushi smiled.


Weeks passed by quickly, and the work intensified in AR, Arnav's employees, especially Aman, Khushi, Akash, Jennifer and Lavanya were working hard to see this show successful.

In between all this, Arnav and Khushi became more close to each other, they are more comfortable with each other's presence, Khushi is now habituated that Arnav is her alarm now, he always calls her to wake her up, since he wakes up early to his jogging. And Khushi took the responsibility to call him at night time to make him sleep otherwise he would stay glued to his work. They became more friends now also, Khushi shares with Arnav everything, and he also does the same, he even told her how he lost his mother, and how his father betrayed his mother. This was one thing, he never shared with anyone, but suddenly one day when they were chatting on his car, he felt like telling her.

Khushi like a good girlfriend always take care of making coffee for him at office, and give him his tablets which he purposely forgets everyday. She has to forcefully make him take his medicines. And in Sunday she goes early in the morning to his house, to stay with him and his family with Payal also.

Payal has started dating with Akash, but they don't meet much because of work, Akash is always busy in AR and Payal helping her father in the sweets shop. So they only have Sunday to see each other properly, and to end this torture for Akash, he decided that soon he is going to her house with the marriage proposal.

Their families are also more close now, Garima sometimes makes special dinners, and invites Raizada family to their house, sometime it's Arnav only who lunches with them.

Anjali and Nani also invite them for dinner, or call Garima to go to market, shopping or Mandir with them. Shashi and Mama got along well, both like watching cricket together, and when India wins, it's party for them!!

While Mami, Nani and Garima are like best friends, who love to gossip about their neighbors and cook together while chatting.

Anjali, Khushi and Payal are like sisters, these three became the three musketeers in the family, they plan against the boys (Arnav and Akash), go out for movies together without informing anyone, and poor Arnav and Akash always stay worried for them, but they don't have courage to scold the three, they are strong woman who like to fight back!!

One special relationship, is Khushi and Laxmi, both are best friends also. And Nani got another reason to love Khushi more, as no one likes to handle Laxmi, as Khushi does. And Arnav got another headache!!

On the other side, Rudra and Khushi became good friends, they greet each other when they meet and share a good conversation.


Garima and her son in law were having a conversation over the phone.

" Don't worry beta..everything will go well tomorrow.. I already decided what I will wear tomorrow" Garima said excitedly.

" Okay ma.. Hmm, you will look more beautiful than you daughter tomorrow.." Arnav said smiling.

Khushi beat his shoulder playfully, Arnav continued chatting with Garima, while Khushi was eating her favorite pizza on their favorite restaurant.

Arnav hang up the call, and looked at her: Will you end all this?

Khushi beat him again pouting: Don't tease me..

Arnav smirked: Tomorrow someone will look fat! I'm sure now ma will look more beautiful than you..

Khushi giggled sarcastically: Ha ha ha..not funny Arnav ji..

Arnav: And tomorrow I'm going to hug and kiss all ladies in the show.. Wow.. Tomorrow will be a huge day you know.. Pretty pretty girls will come running to me..

Khushi rolled her eyes: Continue with your talks alone, you know I won't even respond to you..

Arnav giggled: I love to tease you, now that I know jealously is your weak point!!

Arnav kissed her cheek: Don't show me your gussa now okay.. You know girls won't touch me..

Khushi smiled, and cuddled to him happily.

After having lunch together, they returned back home, after all they needed to rest for the big day tomorrow..


Gupta house:

 "Khushi where are you going??" Garima asked her.

"Outside amma.. I will come back in a while.." Khushi said.

" Khushi you should rest na.. Tomorrow is such a big day for you and Arnav beta, you should look the prettiest girl tomorrow beside your man. Why don't you rest and do what they call..yeah..face pack like your sister is doing now?" Garima face palmed, she doesn't know where her daughter finds energy, Khushi never stays quite in one place.

"Nahin amma.. Arnav ji said I'm beautiful naturally.. And you know I don't have patience na Amma, let Jiji do it only.." Khushi said and went running outside the house, leaving Garima laughed at her craziness.

She went to greet her neighbor friends and decided to have a walk at a park nearby. 

Reaching there she played with some kids, then sat tired on a bench laughing with the kids.

" Aree..Rudraji you're here.." she looked beside her and found Rudra sited silently there looking at some picture.

" Rudra ji is everything alright?" she asked worried.

" Nothing ever was since they left me.." he whispered slowly with a broken voice.

" Your parents.." Khushi said with moist eyes as she looked at the picture of Rudra and his parents.

" How did you lost them?" Khushi asked.

" You seriously want to know?" Rudra asked smiling faintly "You won't be able to hear the truth.."

" Kyun nahin? I will Rudra ji..tell me.." Khushi said.

" Nahin..let it be Khushi.." he kept the picture back to his wallet.

" Tell me Rudra did you lost your parents?" Khushi asked more curious now.

" Arnav Singh Raizada..the reason of my parents death..the man I most hate in my life.." Rudra looked intensely at Khushi's shocked eyes.

" Wh..what?? What did Arnav ji do? Why are you saying this?" Khushi asked shocked.

" I know you're not going to believe me.. Neither I wanted to tell you this, I'm here to revenge my parents death only, and I hate your boyfriend Khushi, he is the reason why today I'm lonely, I don't have anyone in my life just because of him.. Arnav destroyed my life, and I didn't even got justice for that.. My parents died and the next day they were forgotten just because no one dared to speak against the ruthless and arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada.. " Rudra said with anger clearly on his voice.

" My Arnavji can't kill someone.. What proofs do you have that he killed your parents? What connection they even have with you Rudra ji? What are you talking?" Khushi cried.

" I have proof Khushi, I'm a police officer, and I won't talk or accuse someone without proofs, after a lot of investigation I found out my parent's murderer.. I didn't want to say this to you, because you have nothing to do with my enmity with him..but sorry to say Khushi, you are dating someone who doesn't deserve your innocence" Rudra said walking to leave.

Khushi held his hand: I want to see these proofs..

Rudra nodded: Come with me..

Both went to a hotel where Rudra was staying.

Khushi denied entering in his room, and stayed outside the hotel waiting for him to bring the proofs, all she wanted was that Arnav doesn't be proved as the killer of Rudra parents.

Rudra came back with papers in his hands, and handled it to her.

Khushi read the papers shocked: What is this??

Rudra: Arnav wanted the location where my parents were living to expand his Dadi's factory. They even threatened my parents if they don't leave the place, they would burn our house with my parents inside, my parents refused and that's what ASR ordered his man to do. My parents lost their lifes while trying to defend our place, and the signature of this man on this paper proves that he is the one who bought the place and also ordered..

Rudra didn't say anything after that, he went inside the hotel crying for loss of his parents.

Khushi was still in state of shock, she looked multiple times at the paper, and shut her eyes tightly crying, yes it was Arnav's signature only.

" Why? Why did you had to be so cruel Arnav?" she cried, and went to DM's temple.

" Is this true DM? Can Arnav ji do this to Rudra ji? Did he kill...?" she closed her mouth with her palms crying.

" Its not possible..this is not true hain na DM? The man I love can't kill someone, he also lost his parents, he can't be so cruel.. I have to talk with Arnav ji before jumping to any conclusion.." she wiped her tears, determined to find out the truth from Arnav. 

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Jun 29, 2017

Chapter 25 - The truth! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 102 times)


She returned home with a sullen face, she was lost in thoughts that didn't even paid attention to her surroundings or when her neighbors called her.

Everyone found her strange, she was so happy when she left her house, and now seems so devastated.

She knocked the door, and composed herself, plastering a smile on her face as soon as Garima opened the door for her.

" Thank God you returned Khushi, Arnav beta was calling you since so long, you could have taken your phone know he always calls you.." Garima smiled and handled the phone to Khushi.

" I will call him right away amma.." Khushi said and went to her room, closing the door, she sat on her bed caressing her forehead.

Arnav called once again, she looked at the phone ringing.

She picked it slowly, breathing in: Arnav ji..

Arnav: What Arnavji? I'm calling you since so long Khushi..where did you go? Aren't you tired?

Khushi: I'm fine Arnavji.. I just went for a walk, and returned broken..

Arnav: Broken? What do you mean?

Khushi: My legs seem totally broken Arnavji.. I ran a lot while playing with the kids in the park..

Arnav: Ohh okay.. are you fine? You sound low..

Khushi: I'm just tired..I think I need to rest Arnavji..can we talk later?

Arnav: Okay..bye..

Khushi after saying bye to him, hang up the call, and leaned on her bed fighting with her mind and heart, one was not ready to believe he could do such thing and other was warning her about the proof, his signature!!


The next day, Arnav left early to the hall to check the last arrangements with Aman.

After that, he returned back home and called Khushi, to chat with her for a while.

Arnav: Hi Khushi..are you okay?

Khushi: Hi Arnav ji.. I'm fine and you?

Arnav: I'm also fine..just about to get ready for the show..

Khushi: Okay, Arnav ji can I ask you something?

Arnav nodded confused: Hmm..

Khushi: Before you go to the show, pick me from Mandir..

Arnav: Khushi why don't you go now with Di or Payal? We will reach late if I come to pick you..

Khushi: Arnav ji please.. I promise it will not take time..

Arnav sighed in defeat: Alright, and can you tell me what do you want to pray such late at night?

Khushi: For your well being..and I want to talk with you..

Arnav smirked: Talk or romance?

Khushi: Talk..Arnavji I'm going to help amma in the kitchen, see you soon..

Arnav nodded confused, Khushi is behaving so strangely since yesterday.



Arnav reached the Mandir, and ascended the long stairs to reach Khushi.

She was sited waiting for him.

" I'm sorry..did I reach late?" he asked confused, she seemed to be waiting for him for hours.

" No.. You came at the right time.." Khushi smiled.

She stood up, and looked at him: Arnav ji I just want to ask you something, and I want you to tell me the truth only..

Arnav nodded: You know I never lie to you Khushi..

Khushi whispered  "I know", she was melting in his dark brown eyes now, she felt he was innocent and all this didn't have nothing to do with him. Still its important to clear her doubts.

" Arnav ji yesterday I met with Rudra ji, I found him in the park, where I was playing with some kids. He seemed lonely and was upset, so I asked him what was wrong with him and he didn't want to tell me, I noticed his parents picture with him, and I asked him how did he lost his parents, he said.." Khushi stopped not able to take words out of her mouth, her eyes were moist now and she didn't had the strength to continue.

" Khushi did you call me here to talk about Rudra?" Arnav asked in disbelief.

" Nahin, it's about you Arnav ji.. He told me that you are responsible for his parents death.. " Khushi cried and with a broken voice she managed to say it.

" What? What are you talking about Khushi?" Arnav asked frowning.

Khushi showed him the papers which had his signature: Did you sign these papers and bought the place his parents were living? Did you ordered your men to burn down the place if they refuse to give you that land? Did you do this for your Dadi's factory Arnavji?

Arnav looked at papers, flipping the pages, then he looked at Khushi: Yes I did sign these papers..

Khushi stepped back in shock: W..w..what? Ar..Arnav killed..his parents?

Arnav frowned: I didn't kill anyone Khushi, I bought the land and I had the right over it, I asked them to vacant the place, and they didn't, so I ordered my men to burn their house.. I was seriously not going to wait till they decided that they have to go, it was legally my property Khushi.. I didn't kill anyone, whatever happened was because their stupidity.

Khushi closed her ears with her palms not able to hear such disgusting words from his mouth.

" Shut up Arnav ji.. Do you know what are you saying? You took away two persons life just because of a factory? Couldn't you find another place? Why did had to be so cruel? You also lost your parents, how can you make someone else live as orphan when you know how much does it hurt? " Khushi shouted crying heavily.

" I lost my parents because they committed suicide, I didn't ask for his parents to do so, they had the chance to live Khushi..they were stubborn, so was I.. mera naam Arnav Singh Raizada hai, and I never lose.. " he replied with anger and attitude in his eyes.

" Arnav ji please tell me you didn't do this.. Please tell me you're not responsible for his parents're lying to me hain na? I know you're lying to can't be so cruel.. Please tell me Arnavji.. I trust you..please.." she brought him closer to her, clutching his shirt's collar, she cried burying her face on his chest.

" You asked me to tell the truth, this is the truth Khushi.. I did sign those papers and also ordered my men to burn the place down if they refuse to leave, can we end this discussion now? We are getting late for the show.." Arnav said in his ASR tone.

Khushi pushed him away angrily: You're disgusting Arnav Singh Raizada.. To hell with your show.. Just go away from my life..

Arnav looked at her angrily: Are you breaking up with me because of this?

Khushi laughed sarcastically: What do you think? Do you want me to date a You are no different from Shyam.. You don't deserve me, you proved to me that you belong to a different world.

Arnav smiled: Ohh when everything is going good, you promise me that you will never leave me. Now that you found out about this, I'm suddenly a bad man? Now I don't deserve you hain na? Then let me tell you one truth Khushi Kumari Gupta, in this world everyone has a selfish, bad and dark part of them, got that? You won't find another  selfless person like you..

Khushi shouted back at him: I agree Arnav, everyone has a bad part in them..but not all of them can kill someone, like you did..that's why all of them are not in jail..

Arnav rolled his eyes: Really? I haven't kill anyone, stop talking as I'm murderer or what! I already explained you why I did so..

Khushi cried more, she knelt down: This is not possible.. All this is not true.. DM please wake me from this bad dream.. (she looked at Arnav) why did you do this?

Arnav also knelt down: Khushi listen to me.. Just forget this like a bad past, it's been like two years this happened, why are you crying over such a matter that no one remembers? Let's go, we have a future awaiting for us..

Khushi shoved his hand that were on her shoulder: Go to your show alone..

Arnav stood up and extended his hand: Stop this nonsense Khushi, let's go..

Khushi also stood up, and looked into his eyes: I will go... I don't want to see your face in my life again..

She took slow steps to leave, her mind was still trying to register everything he said, and her heart breaking at every moment she remembered all this was true, was he even a human? She thought..

He grabbed her arms harshly, and returned her to the place she was, yet again facing him.

" But I want to see your face everyday in my life" he didn't waste  a second and put sindoor on her maang.

Khushi gasped shocked when she realized what he did.. Did he just married her?

" A..Arnav ji.." she whispered in a broken voice.

He didn't reply her, and tied a wedding chain that was near DM's idol along with the vermilion, and tied on her neck..

" From today now on, you're my wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.. And you will have to face me everyday in your life.." he whispered in his husky voice in her ear.

A lone tear escaped her eyes, she started beating him with her tiny hands thinking that it would make any effect on him, but he seemed totally unaffected, today she was witnessing another face of his.

" Beat me, slap me..or do whatever you want last you're my wife now.." he smirked.

" I don't consider this marriage true.. I will tell everyone that you forced me.. Everyone will get to know your truth, do you get that?" she pushed him angrily.

" Acha!!.." Arnav smiled raising his brows " Khushi just one my word to the media, and they will blindly believe what I say, you're nothing in front of them.."

She sobbed and started pushing him more, Arnav was reaching to the stairs now, he was about to fall but neither Khushi or he saw that.

" You're disgusting..I will prove you wrong ASR, if you are so proud of your name, then I'm also Khushi Kumari Gupta. And I will show you the power of the truth.." she looked at him crying.

" Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada now, don't forget my name is attached to you now.. " he smirked.

" I'm not your wife.." she shouted and beat him on his chest, Arnav lost his balance and was about to fall off the stairs of Mandir.

Khushi held him at the right time shocked, she pushed him with force and both fell on the floor, Arnav on top of her..

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee...

" Are you alright? I'm sorry, I didn't saw you were going to fall.. I'm so sorry.." she cupped his face, and kissed his forehead crying, thinking what would have happened if she didn't save him on time.

Arnav smiled: This is the reason why you will not be able to prove me wrong wifey.. 

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Jun 30, 2017

Chapter 26 - The start of her married life.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 72 times)

Raizada mansion:

" Arnav bitwa what happened? Why did you return? Anjali and Akash already left.." Mami asked him, as soon as she saw him walking inside the mansion, and at TV it showed that his show already started.

"Arnav beta.." Nani looked at him confused.

Khushi appeared in front of them, slowly with baby steps.

"Princess what are you doing here? Shouldn't you both be at the show now?" Nani asked all confused, she walked near them, and wrapped her arms around Khushi shoulder, and that's when she noticed Khushi's maang filled with sindoor, she looked shocked at Khushi, and to clear her doubt she also saw the wedding chain adorning her neck..

" beta married.." Nani mumbled still in shock..

Mami also came there: Hello hi bye bye sasuma why are you so shocked?

Mami also stepped back in shock when she saw Khushi.

" Will you explain all this Arnav?" Nani looked at him.

" Nani don't ask me what, how, why and all.. Just know that from now on she is my wife.." Arnav said sternly.

" What? We deserve an explanation Arnav..why did you both get married secretly? What made you both do so? We were not against this marriage, then why?" Nani shouted angrily.

Arnav looked at Khushi, Khushi looked down crying.

Nani: I'm waiting Arnav!!

Mami: Why are you crying Khushi bitiya? What happened? Please explain us you both.. What will we tell your family now?

Khushi stopped crying after hearing about her family, mami was right, how would she explain everything that happened to her mother, to her father, buaji and her sister. What would she tell them that she fell in love with a monster, that he isn't the great man they think, she sobbed thinking how hurt her amma would be now, she loves Arnav like her real son, if she gets to know about his truth, it will destroy the family happiness.. No..she couldn't see such a beautiful bond between the two families break.

" Nani..we married each other..because.. Arnav ji wanted a simple marriage only, and is..a special day for he surprised me.." Khushi said in a broken voice, glancing at the man beside her.

" Kya? This is such a immature decision..what's wrong with the modern generation now? Marriage is not a kid play, Khushi bitiya you know how much it's important to marry with all ritual and vows and more important is that your parents must know about this..what you both did is not forgivable.. How can you snatch the right from us to see your marriage? How could you both do this?" Nani wiped the small tears in her eyes, while Mami helped her to sit on the sofa.

Nani shoved Mami's hand from her: Leave me Manorama.. I'm fine, just very hurt with you shouldn't have done this..

Khushi knelt down and rested her head on Nani's lap, sobbing: Nani please forgive me.. I know you're hurt, but please don't be upset with me..please forgive us..

Nani melted seeing the tears in Khushi's eyes, she looked away trying to be strong.

Mami felt bad for them, Arnav went to his room.

Nani looked at him going then at Khushi: Go and talk with Arnav, Khushi.. You both need to know what you're going to tell everyone when they return.

Khushi gulped her tears, and stood up, with baby steps she went to his room, now theirs!!

" Mr. ASR don't you have any shame on you? Why are leaving me to answer your family, when you're the one who forced me?" Khushi said angrily, and closed the door of the room.

" What do you want me to say? I married you because I love you.." Arnav looked at her.

" If you loved me, you wouldn't force me for this marriage" Khushi said.

" I wouldn't force you, if you didn't start with all that nonsense.. And I wasn't going to lose you because some Rudra whatever came to avenge the death of his parents.." Arnav said losing patience with Khushi now.

" Don't talk about Rudra now.. I don't want to hear your disgusting words.. I will show to the world your truth ASR, get that in your mind.." Khushi pointed her index finger to him.

" Ohh really!! Let's see if you really can do that.." he smirked and left to the bathroom. Khushi sat on the bed crying uncontrollably.

Sometime later, he came out and found her in the same position.

" Go and change Khushi.." he sat beside her.

" I don't want.. I don't want to do anything.. I just want you to tell me that you didn't kill his parents..just tell me once, Arnav.. I trust only your words..please.." her eyes brimmed with tears, looking at him like a baby.

Arnav: Unfortunately Khushi.. I really can't change the truth..

Khushi looked away, clutching the bed sheet.

"Go and change your clothes.. I will ask Nani to give you some of Di clothes till you go to your house to take it.." he said, and walked to leave the room.


Sometime later... 

Anjali stood freeze after hearing Nani's words.

Garima and Shashi looked at each other confused, why would Khushi marry with Arnav without telling them?

Payal helped Nani to stand, she seemed not to be feeling well. Payal insisted for her to take a sit, but she was adamant on staying like that, she was really worried for Arnav and Khushi, and clearly hurt with their act.

" Please forgive us Shashi.. I don't know why they did this.." Nani cried ashamed of her grandson's act.

Arnav and Khushi descended the stairs, Khushi didn't had courage to look in her parents questioning eyes.

She looked at Arnav: You're going to explain my parents now..

Arnav nodded: I will..

Garima went running to her daughter, she shook Khushi holding her shoulders: What is it that I'm hearing Khushi? Did you got married with Arnav beta?

Khushi nodded looking down.

Garima placed her hands over her mouth.

Shashi: What made you both marry secretly Khushi?

Arnav looked at everyone: We both married, because Khushi called me to Mandir today, she started talking about...

Khushi looked at him shocked, is he going to tell everyone the truth.

She held his hand tightly, and nodded sideways.

" What? Didn't you told me to answer all of them?" Arnav frowned.

" Arnav ji wanted to surprise me amma, it was a big day for him, so he wanted to marry me also.. Like I said to Nani.. He wanted a simple marriage.." Khushi spoke before Arnav could say the truth.

" But Chote.." Anjali didn't had words to say, she just kept looking at him.

" What happened..happened.. Now we can't change it..Khushi is the daughter in law of this house.." Nani said sternly and left to her room.

Arnav also walked to his room, and left Khushi to deal with her family.

Anjali went behind him in the poolside.

" Chote why did you do this? I know you're the one who forced her to this marriage.. A girl like Khushi would never get married without her parents consent.." Anjali shouted angrily.

" Di..leave me alone.." Arnav said without looking at her face.

" Chote have some shame.. Go and explain her parents why you did so.. Why are you leaving Khushi alone there?" she threw him a disgusting look.

" What should I say to them? She already told them why we married.. " Arnav shouted back.

"And you think I believe it?" Anjali smiled sarcastically.

"I was scared to lose her Di..this is the truth.." Arnav looked down " Now please leave me alone.."

Anjali sigh in defeat, it's impossible to take the truth out from his mouth, when he doesn't want.


" Khushi were you in hurry to get married or what?" Garima asked her sarcastically.

" Amma please forgive me.." Khushi cried hugging her mother.

Garima pushed her away angrily, Anjali held Khushi at the right time.

Anjali: Please forgive her and Chote ma.. I don't know what made them do this decision, but at last they are our dear ones.. And I know you can't stay angry with them for long.. Yes they deserve a big punishment (she beat Khushi's forehead playfully, but still with tears in her eyes) but the truth is that also they need our support now, Khushi is now Chote's wife, and we can't let her start her married life with sadness. Please forgive them..

Shashi nodded agreeing with Anjali, he hugged Khushi sideways, wiping her tears away.

Payal looked at Akash: This is so strange na..

Akash nodded: Very strange..why did bhai married bhabhi secretly when no one is against this marriage?

Payal sighed: Akash please take care of everyone here. And call me if you get to know about something..

Akash hugged her sideways: Don't worry Payal.. I'm here for Khushi bhabhi.. And if I get to know something I will call you..

Garima looked at her daughter: " We will have a talk tomorrow.."

Khushi bit her lips to stop herself from crying more, she didn't dare to look at her mother, Anjali kept her hands on Khushi's shoulder as if supporting her.

Akash: I will drop you all home.

He guided Garima, Shashi, Buaji and Payal to his car.

Anjali looked at Khushi, and cupped her face: You don't need to be scared Khushi.. I'm here for you.. They will be angry for a while, but eventually everyone will agree.. please stop crying..

Khushi nodded, wiping her tears: Di.. Arnav ji..forced..

Anjali nodded, at least Khushi will tell her the truth: Haan Khushi bolo..

" If I tell Di the truth..then Di will be hurt the most.. I shouldn't tell her.." Khushi thought looking away.

" He wanted to marry today only.. " she quickly managed a lie.

" I'm tired Di..can I go?" Khushi asked, interrupting Anjali from saying anything more.

Anjali just nodded, and let her go to her room.


Arshi room:

"You can share the bed with me.." Arnav frowned after Khushi took a blanket and sat on the recliner.

" Why should I?" Khushi glared at him in return.

" want to hear it again that you're my wife?" Arnav replied raising his one eye brow.

"Soon to be ex-wife..after I prove to the world that you killed Rudra's parents and also forced me into this marriage" she replied back with attitude.

" Khushi you're really funny you know.. When I was about to tell my family the truth, you stopped me..And now you want to tell everyone the truth? When you couldn't even say to my family, what will you say to the world?" Arnav smirked and leaned on the headboard of his bed.

" I will.. I just didn't say it because I didn't want to break our families bond, all of them think you're a good man, only if they your truth.." Khushi sighed.

Arnav just chuckled, and closed his eyes to sleep.


" I will finally avenge my parents death.. ASR..just wait and watch what will I do to destroy you.. Now Khushi is also with me.. She now knows your dirty truth.. After I put you behind the bars and getting a well deserved punishment, I will snatch your precious thing.. Khushi.. Khushi will be mine too.." Rudra smiled caressing Khushi's picture " I never knew I would find true love while on a mission to get my parents justice, Khushi I'm madly in love with you.. I promise I will keep you always happy.." ..


The next day, Khushi was staring at his face, she didn't got sleep all night thinking about the strange and shocking events one day brought to her. And he was sleeping peacefully there on his bed, she thought how could he do that?

" I shouldn't have fallen in love with you.." she mumbled, and pulled the blanket away.

" Good morning wifey.." Arnav smirked staring at her, he pulled his blanket and walked near her.

" Won't you give me a good morning kiss? Yesterday was our wedding night..and unfortunately you sleep on the recliner.. " Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

" I will slap you if you need" Khushi glared at him.

" No need Khushi.." he shook his head, and opened the door of the bathroom.

Khushi quickly held his hand, and Arnav smirked: Intentions changed?

Khushi grinned: You badly wanted that..but Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada I woke up first.. So I will freshen up first.

Arnav: Oh mansion, my room, my bathroom..(he whispered) ..and now my wife. Didn't you hear wife should respect their husbands? Mine wants to slap me on the next day itself!!

Khushi looked straightly in his eyes: Forced meant to say.. And if my husband didn't even bothered to ask my permission to get married, why should I respect him? He doesn't deserve so.. Let me in Arnav.. I'm getting late now..

Arnav: I'm also getting late, don't forget because of you, I didn't attend my show..

Khushi: I need to do puja and also cook for everyone Arnav..

Arnav entered in the bathroom smirking: Sorry Sweetheart..but here rules are mine.. Go and use another bathroom if you are in hurry..

He closed the door on her face, Khushi looked away: Laad governor.. Wait and watch what I will do to you also..

After sometime of waiting, he finally walked out, Khushi sigh in relief..

Arnav went to comb his hair, and Khushi was about to go to the bathroom when someone knocked the door.

Khushi was about to open it, Arnav called her: Khushi wait..

Khushi frowned: For what? Now you want to open it yourself because it's your room.. This is an absurd Arnav.. Am I not allowed to touch your things now? Then send me out of this room itself..

Arnav ignored her blabbering's, and  quickly took her blanket and hid on his closet.

Khushi now understood, after that she went to open the door.

" Ji mami.." Khushi faked a smile.

" Khushi bitiya..your husband brought you this..." Mami hand it over Khushi shyly.

" What is this?" Khushi asked confused.

" Designed saree for you Khushi" Mami said smiling.

" Arnav ji.." Khushi looked at him, caressing the saree on her hand.

Arnav left the room without looking at her face.

Mami smiled: He is shy also!!

Khushi nodded "I will come in a while Mamiji.." saying this Khushi went to take a quick shower.


" DM what is happening in my life? Why are you putting me in such a situation where I can't judge what's right or wrong? I know Arnav ji for months, and I thought I could easily judge him, why did you show me him like a monster? My heart is still not believing Arnav ji can do such thing..please help me.. I promised myself that I will always trust his words, and he is telling me only that he killed Rudra ji what will I do? Prove him wrong in front of our families.. I with a great difficulty managed to compose myself and act strong, will Nani, Mami ji, Di, Amma, bauji able to bear all this? How will I help Rudra ji get his justice without hurting my family? Arnav why did you do this? Please help me DM.. " Khushi sobbed in her prayers.

Arnav whispered in her ear: Stop torturing DM, I have a solution for your problem..

Khushi slowly opened her hazel eyes, and shifted her attention to him..

Arnav: Don't look at me like I'm your DM..I just said I have a solution to end all this..

Everyone around them were thinking Arnav was romancing with his wife.

Anjali was the one who noticed a different expression on Khushi's face.

" Khushi you have to serve the breakfast today.." Nani said sternly and walked to the table.

And everyone followed her, Khushi went running to the kitchen and with the help of HP, she served all of them.

" Chote how is Khushi's handmade food?" Anjali asked trying to create a happy ambience.

" Delicious.." he said glancing at his wife, who looked away angry.

" It's very good.." Nani smiled at Khushi, Khushi went to take blessings from Nani.

Nani offered her Arnav's mother bangles: You know this is Arnav's mother bangles, now I'm handing it over you..that means now you have the responsibility to keep this family united and always happy. I trust you Khushi bitiya, I know you can do this..

Nani blessed her smiling.

Akash looked at Mami: It seems Nani can't stay angry with her princess.

Mami also smiled with an aww-expression at the bond: Haan jii..hello hi bye bye.. I never saw sasuma attached with someone like Khushi.

Khushi just hugged Nani crying, how will she keep this family happy when she wants to prove their son wrong.

" I'm sorry Nani.." Khushi sobbed in her embrace.

" It's okay Princess, I can't stay angry with you for so long.. But never do such things again.." Nani warned her smiling.

Khushi nodded sobbing, and Arnav just kept staring at them.





 Thank you: Londoner, Dsv, Isabellaallan2108, sujesan61, arshigeet, Tweety, Noodina, lesh85, Jelebigirl, Arshi95twilight, Arshisarunmoon, Maahiak, Candie, Nupur, Lily30, Cutesowji, n, Anonymous: I missed you dear 

Jul 1, 2017

Chapter 27 - The fear of losing her.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 95 times)

" Chote take Khushi to her home.." Anjali said.

" Hmm.." he nodded.

And took his bag, looking at his wife: Let's go Khushi..

Khushi went with him to the car, the journey was a silent one.

" Where are we?" Khushi broke the silence frowning.

" To end your problems, or let's say show you the truth.." he smirked, and opened the car's door for her.

" Are you getting yourself arrested?" Khushi smirked, deep inside she was scared, thinking if he really wants to arrest himself.

" Nahin..but this is what you want to do right? So let me give you a chance.." they entered the police station.

As soon as he entered, the police officer stood up: Sir..Good morning..sir..

" Good morning.." Arnav replied "Start proving me wrong Khushi.." he smirked at his wife, and sat comfortably on a chair.

Shyam looked at both of them confused behind the bars.

"" Khushi stammered still shocked with Arnav's act.

" Ohh congratulations sir and madamji.." the officer smiled.

" Thank you.." Arnav gave him a half smile.

" But he is a criminal.." Khushi glared at him.

" What??" the officer and Shyam whispered shocked.

" Haan sir..he is a criminal, two years back he signed a paper ordering to burn down a house, just because he wanted that land to make a factory for his Dadi. And inside the house, were two people who lost their lives because he ordered his man to do so.." Khushi said everything in one go, still trembling.

" Ma'am what are you saying? Sir can never be wrong.. It must have been his property only, that's why he ordered so..he is right only.." the officer wiped his sweat, and defended ASR, otherwise he will lose his job.

" I can't believe're supporting him..shii..disgusting people.." Khushi stepped back crying.

"Dekha Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.. This is ASR power, try to scream the truth, and everyone will behave as if you're telling a lie..I told you before stop wasting time on this matter.. You will not be able to prove me wrong.. Not you, neither that Rudra..that's why still today he wasn't able to arrest me despite being a police officer.. " Arnav pulled her close to him, as he stoop up, and Khushi looked away in disgust.

" Ha ha ha..kamal hai Khushi want to send every lover of yours behind the bars.." Shyam laughed out loudly.

Arnav left Khushi, and walked to him: Who gave you the right to say your opinions here?

Shyam smiled: Arnav Singh Raizada I don't have any connection now with your family.. You all are nothing to me now.. I don't need to be scared of you now.. Haan.. Only one person matters to me, Khushi..

Arnav pulled Shyam by his collar gritting his teeth: Don't you dare take my wife's name in your filthy mouth..

Shyam laughed: Calm down Arnav..calm down.. Why are you getting angry? ..scared to lose Khushi ji.. Don't be scared because you already lost her.. Khushi ji hates you now.. Hahahaha..dekho toh..she wants to put you behind the bars..hahahah.. Who won her now?? RUDRA .. Hahahaah..

Arnav punched his face furious now, he kept beating Shyam with the iron material, Shyam was bleeding now..

Khushi went running to stop him, "Arnav just stop it..what are you doing? Leave him please.. Arnav ji you will kill him.. leave him.." Khushi shouted crying.

The police officers tried to make Arnav leave Shyam, who groaned angry, Arnav pushed the officers to the floor and kept beating Shyam..

" Arnav ji please stop this.. He is losing conscious Arnav ji.. leave him .. Arnav ji.. " Khushi held his shoulder trying to stop him " I will never leave you Arnav ji.. please stop beating him.." she cried uncontrollably.

He left Shyam slowly, Khushi sobbed looking at Shyam's state.

He held Khushi's hand, and took her out of the place.

Rudra was reaching now, he saw Khushi crying and Arnav with her.

" Khushi what happened? Why are you crying?" Rudra asked as soon as he approached them.

Arnav glared angrily at Rudra, fear crept over him, and Shyam's words rang on his ear over and over again.

"Leave my wife alone.." he gritted his teeth.

" Wife? Khushi what is this?" Rudra asked shocked.

" I'm married to him Rudra ji.." Khushi looked down.

" And stop instigating my wife against me Mr.Rudra.. Otherwise you will see the worst of me.." Arnav glared at Rudra.

" This is not possible.." he whispered widening his eyes.

" It's the reality..if you were dreaming about my wife, then stop doing it..because she was, is and will always be mine.." possessiveness was clear in Arnav's voice.

Khushi kept staring at him.

Rudra held Khushi by her shoulders: This is not true know how cheap he is..why did you marry him? Khushi are you out of your mind? Why Khushi?

Khushi: I wasn't given a chance to choose Rudra ji..

Rudra understood her hint, he nodded slowly and left Khushi, directly to his work place.

Arnav: Shall we go? Or you still want to cry over all this?

Khushi nodded: Let's go..


Arnav left Khushi in Gupta house, and then went to his office.

Khushi sat on the sofa, everyone had an awkward look at her, and neither she knew what to say.

" Is there anything you want to say Khushi?" her father asked, caressing her hair.

Khushi remembered about the incident that happened recently, it was near to impossible to prove him wrong in front of everyone, no one will believe her. He is protected by everyone, and has contact that will never let her put him behind the bars. No wonder why Rudra is still struggling to get his parents justice.

" No bauji.." Khushi whispered.

" What was the need to marry him like this Khushi? Arnav beta may not know our tradition, but you could have stopped him, couldn't you? " Garima shouted angrily.

" I know amma.. but I couldn't stop him.." Khushi looked down.

" Unbelievable Khushi.." Garima sighed.

" Now what will you all do? How will Arnav beta say to the world that you're his wife? How will we answer to our neighbors about you? Have ever thought about this?" Garima asked.

Khushi maintained her silent mood, she didn't had answers for them now.

Garima shook her head in disbelief, Shashi: It's better we end all this now, stop scolding her, from yesterday she has been crying and this is not the right way to start her married life. Let's forget what happened and accept the truth, Khushi is now Arnav's wife.

Payal nodded: Haan amma, please forgive Khushi now..

Garima didn't say anything, just left the house and Payal went behind her.

Shashi kissed Khushi's forehead, and left to his shop.

Buaji looked at Khushi: Go to your room Khushi bitiya.. Pack your things.

Khushi nodded and went to her room, Buaji went to the kitchen and prepared tea and some snacks for Khushi.

She then entered in Khushi's room, and found Khushi crying on her bed.

Khushi saw buaji's shadow, she quickly wiped her tears.

Buaji smiled: Special tea for the bride..

Khushi smiled and took it from her hand, Buaji sat on the bed with Khushi folding her clothes that were spread all over her bed.

" Are you happy Khushi?" Buaji asked.

" Hmm.." Khushi smiled.

" You know why I didn't like you? When you were just 8 years old and came to this house, you were very irritating, you wouldn't stay quiet at one place, always talking about this and that.. And still today you're like that.. You're so loveable and innocent Khushi, that I refused to accept that in this world can ever be such a selfless soul like you, that's why I always talked badly with you so that you could react, but it was your nature only, you are a good girl. Other reason is that your father treated you with more love than Payal, and I used to hate that.. But today I realized you both are precious to him.. Khushi bitiya.. I'm really sorry for treating you badly in front of everyone, for insulting you everyday... I'm so sorry.. Do you know why am I telling you all this now? You know when we returned home yesterday, there was a emptiness in my heart, I couldn't be happy no matter what I did..and that's when I realized my life left me, my gudiya isn't here anymore, the girl  who  I used to torture and still she used to come back to me and care for me all day, isn't here anymore.. I missed you bitiya.." Buaji cried in Khushi's arms.

Khushi smiled faintly, and hugged her buaji crying: Don't say sorry Buaji.. Let's forget the past..

Buaji nodded: Yes, I promise Sanki from now on you will see a different Buaji for you..

Khushi giggled and nodded sideways: I prefer the old one, not this crying one..

She laughed with her buaji.

" But tell me bitiya, is everything alright with you and Arnav bitwa? Your eyes don't reassure me that.." Buaji turned serious again.

" Nothing is alright buaji.. Everything is destroyed in my life.." Khushi said sadly.

" What? What happened?" Buaji asked worried.

" Buaji please promise me you won't tell anyone about this.." Khushi said and Buaji nodded.

Khushi then told her everything that happened in Mandir.

Buaji was completely shocked with this, she looked at Khushi: Do you believe his words?

" I don't know buaji.. My heart says he is innocent, but my mind says he is a criminal.. I'm so confused.. I love him buaji... I love him a lot, he is my know it much it hurts? I don't want to prove him as a criminal in front of you all. But Rudra ji tears always remind me that he need his justice too..otherwise I would hide this truth to myself.." Khushi cried resting her head on Buaji's shoulder.

" Khushi.. I think you should believe your heart now.." Buaji said.

" Buaji.. " Khushi looked at her shocked, even knowing about all this. Her buaji was supporting Arnav.

" Listen carefully to me bitiya.. Arnav bitwa loves you a lot, it is clear from his heart that he is scared of losing you.. Now think if he really ordered his men to burn down the place, would he tell you the truth knowing that you would leave him at the moment you get to know this? Would he take a chance of losing you? Don't you think he is hiding something? Why did he accept all this right at the moment you showed him the papers? He could deny all that also, and make you his because he knows you trust his words only.. I'm sure if he did this Khushi, he would lie to you scared of losing you.. Something is fishy.." Bauji said.

" Maybe you're right Buaji.." Khushi said thinking Arnav is very selfish when it comes to her.



" Why did you call me here?" Rudra asked to the man standing in front of him.

" Just tell me how much you want to leave my wife? I will give you a good amount don't need to do all this drama of justice and all.." Arnav said.

" What? Are you telling me to forget my parents? And accept money from a criminal like you?" Rudra shouted.

" I didn't said for you to forget your parents dammit.. But I want you to stop instigating Khushi to do all this, just leave her alone..she has nothing to do with this.. I want my wife away from this.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Khushi knows your dirty truth now, she will not leave you.. I tried so much to put you behind the bars but I couldn't.. Now Khushi came in my life, she gave me some hope.. With her help I'm sure you're going to be destroyed Arnav Singh Raizada.." Rudra smirked.

And left his cabin, Arnav slammed his fist on the table.


When Arnav left his office, he came to pick Khushi.

" Good luck.." Buaji pressed her hands on Khushi smiling.

" Thank you buaji.. I will try to find out what he is hiding.." Khushi smiled.

Khushi took blessings along with Arnav from the elders, and then they left to home.

In the car, Khushi looked at Arnav for a long time as if trying to read his face.

" What?" Arnav said irritated with her long staring session at him.

" Nothing.." she whispered and looked away.

Arnav felt guilty know, he stopped the car near a dhaba and bought vada pav for her.

When he returned to the car, she was not there anymore.

" Khushi..Khushi.." he called her out, after making sure she wasn't in the car, he looked around the place to spot her.

" Uncle did you saw a girl here that came with me?" Arnav asked to the old man who was sited there for a long time.

" No beta.. I didn't saw anyone.." he said, Arnav nodded.

And went to ask few men near him, but they also didn't saw Khushi.

" Where are you Khushi?" he asked himself running his hands through his hair.

His Di called him making him more worried, now what would he answer to them.

" Haan Di " he said walking around the place looking for Khushi.

" Chote it's getting late, did you went to pick Khushi?" Anjali asked worried.

" We're coming home.. I will call you later.." he lied.

" Arnav bhaiyaa.." a boy came running to him.

" Chotuu..what happened?" Arnav asked him worried.

" Didi..some men took Didi with them.." the boy managed to say while breathing hard.

" Khushi..where? Tell me where did they take your Didi?" Arnav asked caressing his hair.

" That way.." he held Arnav's hand and both went running to where the boy was guiding them.

It was an old and almost destroyed building. Arnav's heart skipped a beat thinking what could have happened to Khushi.

" Chotu stay here.." he said and ran inside the building.

" Ha ha ha.. What a girl we found today.." a men stared at Khushi shamelessly.

Khushi was laid unconscious on the floor, and the men surrounded her.

Arnav heard their voices, he quickly went to the side he heard sounds.

"Don't you dare touch my wife.." he gritted his teeth when one man was approaching Khushi to touch her.

" Heyy get out from here.." another man shouted to him showing him a knife.

Arnav slapped him on his right cheek and snatched the knife from his hand in no time.

Others looked at him shocked, and Chotu who was hiding behind a pillar cheered for his bhaiya.

" Heyy how dare you slap him?" another man came with full force to beat him.

Arnav punched him on his belly, and threw him on the floor.

Two of them came behind him, holding him by his shoulder, Arnav walked backwards with force to a wall, the two got hurt on their back.

" Ahhh.. Don't leave this man.." the man shouted to another one.

Arnav beat them brutally and both reached to the floor.

After sometime Chotu called some boys from his colony and with their help Arnav managed to beat the goons up.

Arnav went running to Khushi, he placed her head on his lap: Khushi.. Khushi open your eyes.. Khushi..

Chotu came and also sat with Arnav, calling his Didi.

" Bhaiya dekho.." he showed Arnav Khushi's wounded arms, it seemed she was struggling with these men and lost conscious in between.

" Khushi..please open your eyes..don't leave me.. please.. talk with me.. Khushiiiiiiiii.. " he cried patting her cheeks.

" You wanted to hear the truth.. that I didn't do anything na.. then listen to me.. I didn't do anything.. I haven't killed anyone..please open your eyes now.. talk with me Khushi.. please don't give me such a big punishment.." Arnav shouted to her, trying to wake her up.

Chotu caressed his back: Bhaiya don't worry.. Didi will be fine.. I will call a local doctor here.. Let's take Didi to my house..

Arnav nodded quickly, he wiped his tears and lifted Khushi mumbling sweet nothings to her.

As they reached Chotu's house, he placed her carefully on the bed and caressed her forehead. His heart was beating fast, he was very scared to lose her.. if anything happens to her, then it will be his fault only.. "Please wake up Jaan" he chanted it in his heart..

" Doctor? Where is he?" he looked at Chotu.

" He is coming bhaiya don't worry.." the boy, who got along well with them when they used to come to their dhaba, consoled him.



 I especially updated this chapter just to show the truth to my readers..hope you're not heart broken now.... if Arnav didn't kill them, who is the culprit then??

Jul 1, 2017

Chapter 28 - A night in the same bed!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 90 times)

Arnav stare at her fragile body, and tears left his eyes.

" Khushi wake up na.. why are you doing this with me?" he shook her body.

" Bhaiya doctor is here.." Chotu came and let the doctor enter the room.

Arnav looked at the doctor, still holding Khushi's hand.

" She lost her conscious, some goons attacked her, since then she isn't opening her eyes.." Arnav said.

The doctor checked Khushi, and after a while he said: It's because of the shock, she fainted.. And also the goons tormented her, as you can see there is wounds on arms.. She might have lost force and fainted. It's nothing to worry, she will regain her conscious after sometime..

Arnav nodded caressing Khushi's forehead, the doctor prescribed some medicines and Chotu guided him out and also went to buy medicines for his Didi.


The time was passing by, and Khushi still didn't regain conscious.

Arnav was getting more worried, he was passing around the room staring at her and the watch..

" Stop it Khushi..wake up now.. Are you listening to me?.. Here I'm losing my life seeing you in this state and you are peacefully sleeping.. Khushi please open your eyes once.." he shouted to her crying at the same time.

" Beta have some patience.. Doctor ji said na..Khushi bitiya will be fine.." Radha, Chotu's mother said trying to calm Arnav.

 " She is fine aunty..but is very bad, she is enjoying seeing me worried for her.. " Arnav caressed her cheeks.

" Na beta.." the lady cried.

Chotu handled a glass of water to Arnav: Try this bhaiya.. Maybe Didi wakes up..

Arnav nodded, and splashed water on Khushi's face.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly, and then opened it slowly.

Arnav, Radha and Chotu smiled seeing her regain her conscious.

" Khushi.." he whispered her name smiling.

Khushi rubbed her eyes confused where she was. Arnav helped her lean on the headboard.

" Are you okay?" he asked.

" Arnav ji.woh..goons..attacked me.." Khushi said trying to remember what happened with her.

Arnav placed his fingers on her lips: I know..

Khushi hugged him tightly crying, " I was scared for a moment.."

Arnav shh-ed her, and caressed her back: With me around you, do you think I would let anyone touch you?

Khushi nodded sideways: I knew would save me..

Radha smiled seeing their bond, she quickly went to the kitchen and brought juice and snacks for Khushi.

" Please eat something bitiya.. You must be feeling weak.." Radha caressed Khushi's shoulder.

" Thank you.." Khushi took the juice and snacks from her hand, and smiled thankfully.

Arnav kissed Khushi's forehead lovingly, leaving her surprised with his gesture.

" Drink the juice Khushi" he said bringing the juice near her lips.

Khushi nodded and sipped the juice like a good girl.

" It's going to rain soon.. I suggest you both to stay here only.." Radha said.

" No we can' Di is waiting for us.." Arnav said.

"Arnav ji please listen to her.. The weather is not good.." Khushi placed her hands on his shoulder..

" Alright.." he nodded, after all he obeys her every word.

Radha smiled: I will get some blankets for you both.. Chotu will sleep with me today..

She and Chotu closed the door, letting the love birds stay alone for sometime.

" I think you're right Buaji.. Arnav ji maybe ruthless and arrogant but deep inside he cares..he can't be behind this crime.." Khushi thought looking at him.

Arnav: Khushi stop giving me those looks.

Khushi: Why? Can't I look at my husband?

Arnav smirked: Ohh finally you accepted it..

Khushi: Is there any way to hide from this truth?

Arnav: know you're destined to be with me.

Khushi: With a criminal!!

Arnav glared at her: Don't start these snacks.

Khushi looked away: I don't want..

Arnav: Don't be stubborn..

Khushi: Then tell me the truth please Arnav.. Is there something you're hiding from me?

Arnav cupped her face: Let's not talk about this.. I already told you the truth, and I want to forget all this as soon as possible please Khushi.. I love you and you know that.. although I married you forcefully but you know very well that it wasn't because I stopped loving you but my fear to lose you only.. I don't want any Rudra in between us. Let's just forget all this and start afresh..

Khushi: How can I Arnav? How can I forget everything? How can I start a relationship with someone who tells me that he killed someone's parents and is not even regretting that?

Arnav: So you prefer Rudra over me?

Khushi nodded sideways: You already marked your place in my heart Arnav.. And that place doesn't have're the only winner and will always be.. There is no place for anyone other than you in my heart..  (she pointed with her index finger to her heart) this one belongs to you..

Arnav walked to the window facing his back to her, he shut his eyes tightly: "I'm sorry Khushi.." he mumbled.

" I knew it..something you're hiding from  me otherwise you wouldn't look away.. If you're Arnav Singh Raizada, then I'm also Khushi Kumari Gupta... I will make you say the truth to me.." Khushi smirked.

" If I'm in your heart, then for my sake forget all this..cut your relation with Rudra.." Arnav said.

" Why are you so desperate to make me forget all this?" Khushi asked starting her mission.

"Khushi stop it dammit.. Will you do what I'm asking you to?" he asked facing her again.

" No.. " Khushi folded her arms and looked away.

Arnav just gritted his teeth, but still decided not to discuss with her anymore.

He sat on the bed beside her.

" You're not going to sleep with me.." Khushi looked at him.

" Are you seeing any recliner here for me?" he asked sarcastically.

" Are you seeing the floor there?" Khushi pointed to the floor smiling.

" What the..Arnav Singh Raizada won't sleep on the floor, got that?" he said in disbelief tone.

" Of course you will..because there is no other space here.." Khushi said.

Arnav looked at her, then at the floor: I'm not sleeping on the floor Khushi.. Keep dreaming.. And just move a bit.. I need a comfortable space to sleep.

Khushi moved for him, while Arnav went to take the blanket from Radha.

He returned and covered Khushi with the blanket then kissed her forehead, mumbling a good night to her.

" Do you want me to sleep on the floor?" he asked her again to confirm his doubts.

" Nahin..sleep here.." Khushi said.

" Okay.." he sighed in relief, at least she has some sense in her.

" Right side.." Khushi said quickly.

" What?" he frowned.

" Don't shout at me.. I'm sick.. And I said sleep at the right side. Don't come to my left side.." Khushi said pouting.

" Hmm.." he said going to the right side, now only his wife could do that!!

"Are you okay?" he asked her worried, placing a soft kiss on her rosy cheek.

Khushi blushed, she was about to say yes, but then thought to do her plan.

" No.. I'm feeling weak.." Khushi said making a sick face.

" Do you want me to call a doctor?" he got up.

" No..what will doctor do to me? There is no doctor who will cure me.." Khushi said sobbing.

" Don't say like that..tell me what are you feeling?" he stroke her hair lovingly, worried for his angel.

" I'm feeling like soon bye bye Arnav ji.." Khushi said waving at him.

" Khushi don't talk rubbish.." he said angrily.

"I don't feel like living now Arnav ji after knowing you.." Khushi faked crying.

" Stop your bad acting Khushi.." he glared at her, and faced his back to her.

" Urghh Khushi why didn't I act well?" she hit herself.." He caught you now.."

" That's why you haven't met Salman till bad acting that he wouldn't have tolerated.." he mocked her.

" A woman who has been attacked by some goons, anything could have happened today (Arnav glared at her) and she is mocked by her husband.. Bechari.." Khushi looked away grimacing at him.

" Shut up Drama queen" he rolled his eyes.

Khushi pouted and turned her back  to him now.

" I have to be friend with this Laad governor, only then he will say the truth to me.." Khushi thought.


Next morning..

The sun rays peeked in the room, Khushi snuggled more to her husband hiding from it.

Arnav rolled his eyes, it wasn't enough that she didn't let him sleep scared of thunders, and then rolling on the bed, later finally she slept but with her arms all over his face, and legs on his, he was laid on the bed like a dead body and she like a drunkard woman, and now she is peacefully snuggling to him to protect herself from the sun rays, and he is the one who is suffering.

Although he wanted to wake her up, but he was enjoying being so close to her, which has become impossible now. He planted a soft kiss on her forehead and waited in his dead body position till she open her eyes.

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