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May 27, 2017

FF: Oasis (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 55 times)

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25th December 2017:


It was snowing heavily. Today was the Christmas Eve. As usual Toronto’s winter was showing its wild sides.

She drove her Honda through the empty Highway going back home from the Christmas Party which her best friend Toni threw.

Toni was an ambitious girl in her late twenties who was her colleague. Toni is a Canadian with a tall and slim figure with brown hair till her elbow.

Though she is a Canadian and her parents are one now her parents are spending their retired life in Alaska.

“I Khushi Kumari Gupta, age 28. Its been four years since I am here in Toronto. Now this is my home. 

I am a computer technie working in Global Technologies. My best friend is Toni Perkins is also my colleague. I love this place.

 Five years back I was nothing. Today I own house and good job. Though I am not a Canadian yet soon I will be one but this four years here already made me a Canadian.

 I miss my family. Even after five years, I didn’t get the courage to go back home and face them all especially him. I loved him forgetting all the past.

 He was ready to marry me again due to my wish following all traditions and rituals. Everything was smooth until something from past blasted on to our lives. 

It was proved that because of my mother who brought me up, who was my mother’s sister had a relation with his dad not knowing that he was married and had children and was a bas***d who was playing behind his wife forgetting about the family which he has.

 His mom came to know about her husband’s deeds and was not strong enough to handle it, and committed suicide.

 All  this landed upon my fate and he broke the marriage on the very day. I was hurt but what hurt me more was the humiliation me and my family had go through because of my broken marriage.

 I had enough of it and didn’t wanted to cause any problem to my family and my jiji who was married to his younger cousin.

 I left Delhi one night and landed on Chennai with a few penny. I didn’t even knew the language. I managed to get a job finally at a restaurant as the cook. Soon I got admission in Loyola College there. From then I used to work part time. I got direct admission to do my final year there, where I stopped when I was in Lucknow. I learnt the language and got along well there. Once I was graduated, from Campus Selection I got job her as a trainee. Now I am here on Toronto.” Khushi thought about her life while driving.

As she was driving her phone started ringing. Handling the steering wheel in one hand with the other she took the phone in her hand and looked at the screen to see ‘Roshan’ flashing on it. Roshan was her team leader,an Indian and a friend to her. Both Toni and Roshan know about her past. She attended the call,”Hi Roshan Merry Christmas.” She wished him


“Yeah. Will see On 2nd.”


“Introduced Millie to your parents?”


“Yeah, then what happened?” She laughed later what happened took place in a fraction of seconds.

Her heart started pounding faster, her phone slipped from her hand and fell down hanging the call all she could do was scream and used all her effort in kicking the brake seeing a figure who jumped in front  of her car.

She sighed in relief as the car stopped with a thud.

“Sh*t” She cursed under her breath and opened the car door and ran out to check if the person was fine or not.

As she came she could see the person’s head bleeding and was in a pool of blood she wasn’t able to see his face as she was facing his back.

Gaining courage she sat beside him and turned his face to hers with her trembling hands.

As she saw the person she gaped and looked at him in horror all she could barely whisper was,”Arnav ji?”                                                                                                                           to be continued.......

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Jun 3, 2017

Part 1 Who is He? (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 42 times)

Part - 1


Khushi sat on the waiting room with trembling hands as her mind was a mess where all the memories of the past and present were playing all over again in her mind.

Her attention shifted to the door as it opened and Toni came in and looked for her and came towards her.

She came to Khushi and they shared a hug,"You okay?" She asked to Khushi and they took a seat.

"Now say what happened?" 

Khushi presses her lips and takes a long breath and narrates to her about the accident by hearing which Toni got shocked

"What did you say to the management?" Asked Toni

"They didn't ask still. I just signed in the place of spouse."

"You are sure right that is him only?" Asked Toni

"You kidding me? It was him." Khushi said angrily,"I said it was an accident." She added

"Do they have any suspicion that it was your vehicle?"

"No, yes. I don't know." She said in a broken voice

"If they have a doubt, he have to say that it was not your vehicle. If not you know right?" She asked while Khushi nodded

"I don't know why all these happened. I don't know how to face him and his family. Just thinking about this from past five years I didn't go and meet my family. What sin did I do for god to punish me like this?" She said crying bitterly.

After eight days:

Its been eight days since the incident and still he didn't gain his sense and was still in coma. The surgery was success but the doctors were saying hat the body and brain still didn't recover. About the accident they covered it up by saying it was from a different vehicle.

She along with Toni and Roshan sat on the waiting room discussing about the incident.



The nurse stood there keeping an eye on the figure who was in coma from past eight days and stood there taking the medicines which had to be given to him via injection time to time. She stood there facing her back to him taking out the injection which had to be given to him. As she stood there she heard some voice which made her to to turn around and look.

As she turned she saw him struggling with the wires and trying to get up.

She rushed to him and pacified him and informed the doctor.

Shortly he saw some doctors entering along with some nurses and behind them came a man of his age who who seemed to be an Indian and a woman who wasn't. At last came a beautiful woman with trembling hand and quivering lips which made it look like she was frightened of something and there were dried tear stains on her cheeks. 

He frowned seeing it and turned and looked at the doctor to see him eyeing something to the woman.

He again saw the doctor's attention shifting to him and came towards him with a soft smile,"Hello ASR, I am doctor Calvin. How are you feeling?" The doctor asked while he nodded

"Do you know her?" Doctor asked pointing at Khushi

Khushi looked at him eagerly in order for him to answer while he looked at her face keenly,"No" He answered nodding his head sideways

Doctor sighs,"You please take rest ASR." he said and walked out with others.

"What happened to him doctor?" Asked Roshan

"Maybe due to this accident he might have lost some parts of him memory as of now I guess he remembers only some parts of life. Like he knows he is ASR, Arnav Singh Raizada. I just don't want to stress him now. Slowly seeing that his health is fine we would ask him more. Else it would harm him." Said the doctor and walked away.

Khushi leaned against the wall with her eyes shut tight.

"Khushi please stay strong." Said Toni

"To say it is very easy Toni but when you are in my position only you would understand what I am going through. I am in a situation were I can neither be happy or sad. One side would say be happy that he doesn't identify me and be happy about it while on the other side I am worried for him."





A man in his early thirties walked into the luxurious house with some files in his hand in a formal attire.

He looked around the mansion which was fully dark and headed towards a room climbing the stairs

He walked towards a room which looked like a bar with the counters and the lights.

As he walked in he saw his boss sitting there gulping his whiskey.

"Yes Aman" He heard his boss say

"More how much you will drink Arnav?" Aman asked 

Aman was not only his manager but was also a good friend to him and a brother. he himself doubted whether he shared this bond which he had with Aman anytime with his brother Akash.

"Why can't I drink Aman, you know right today how much big deal I won. I am happy today." He said with a smirk

"Remove that mask of your happiness. I know how broken you are." Said Aman

"Why would I be broken. She was a cheater not only she even her mother. Just because of Akash I didn't throw her sister out of my home." Arnav said

"Then why didn't you go back and stayed with your family?" Aman asked

"Look Aman, I am not in a mood to fight you now." He said while Aman nodded

"I am going to Delhi tomorrow. I told right my dad is getting a surgery, for next two months I can't accompany you in any of the trips. Bye." Saying he walked out while Arnav nodded and continued with his drinks.

Arnav Singh Raizada was in a mood of forgetting everything staying away from the most important people of his life not knowing that instead of him someone else was coming soon to take his place.

to be continued.....

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