To IPKKND3 Bashers, with love

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May 27, 2017

To IPKKND3 Bashers, with love (By Spoon) (Thanked: 36 times)

Once upon a time there was a show whose lead actors rocked our worlds, not just with their acting skills, but with their mere presence, their warm friendship, their acute sense of comic timing, their what-the(s) and devi-mayyas. Mostly it was a heartbreaking and nerve-shattering tragedy that brought the onscreen jodi together and love prevailed. Then, the lead actor whose character the world idolized as the only-in-your-dreams Darcy, a la Byronic representation of a wounded visage, decided to pursue his ambitions and quit. The female lead bore the brunt of angry fan mails, the show was dropped and 4Lions retreated into a fresher cocoon to recover.

Fans with fangs got what they wanted.

No Barun No IPKKND.

Five years passed by. The postmodern world is now more futuristic. Technological advancements have brought in 4K invasion.  DSLRs are a privilege. Who doesn't have a smartphone anyway? Twitter is trending, Instagram is sharing. One will think, the world has matured. Ripened at this stage. Perfect opportunity to take the next ring and hop on the merry ride. The man who ripped hearts out when he left the said show, puts on goggles, a very baroque-cum-chic scarf, walks on sand with a flaming guitar and pulls a few strings.

Hearts stop.

Hearts flutter.

Hearts thunder with cloud-claps.

BARUN SOBTI IS BACK! Rabba Ve is back. Trending for 3mill- 4mill- 5mill- in three days. Sanaya Irani is back! ARSHI IS BACK!

Then comes the actual sand storm. Oh yes, this is a sand storm. Full of grit and dirt and dust. But no drop of rain or a breeze divine as the mariner states in Coleridge's lyrical bemusing.

If Rabba Ve, then Arshi. If Arshi, then Sarun.

No Sanaya. No Sanaya. No IPKKND3.


Fights, fist fights, cat fights, insta fights, tweet fights, growls, rumbles, whispers, article bashing and cussing are suddenly the new trending snippets of life.

A show that created magic, a show that not only inspired but prevailed years after it was over, has been suddenly reduced to mere memories of ugly things.

You think it was Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani who alone gave you "What-the" "I love you dammit" "Arnav ji" ??

A show is successful for two reasons - the actors in front of the camera and the actors behind it.

I say, beloved fans, have you forgotten what aura 4Lions generally casts on its shows? Did you forget their subtle touch of magical wood-fairy, water-nymph alchemist styled mumbo-jumbo in story telling? Did you forget the soul-shattering tears of pure, unhindered, not-to-be-obliterated love that wet your faces?

Who, in this fast, adaptive, godforsaken beautiful world, judges a book by its cover?

I say, reserve that criticism, hold that thought. Let the show run for a few weeks at least! Let Madam Gul Khan put on her Rabbit Hat and pull out a few tricks. Let her do her thing that you and I, we both know she is awesome in doing.

Dig in, if not with devotion, then at least with curiosity!

Sarun is special to all of us. Some of us, however, intend to keep them forever in our hearts even if there is not a remote possibility of them sharing a screen. So, be the kinder heart, wear the marshmallow smile and make way for a new actress, not to compare her with the vivacious Sanaya Irani, but to leave her own footprints, make her own name.

Don't we all want a legacy of our own?

Now do me a favour and look at the picture I so painstakingly linked with this rant.


I hear you chant, NO SANAYA NO IPKKND.

My dear, the new face is named Shivani and this is IPKKND 3

Even a child can spell the difference.

Nobody is looking forward to a repeat magic show. We know the tricks already. If it doesn't work this time around, who will stop that show from being bashed by same loyal lineage of fans?

Will you?

Can I?

So who risks 'waking the dragon' as Viscerys asks Danny?

Ah, I see, you ask why I am 'bulldozing' your cause?

I am not. I am just letting you know that the new Rabba Ve promo has made my heart throb and has made me pick up my pen after 5 long winters of uninspired musings.

Reason enough. Enough said!


If you have survived till now, I applaud you.

So, dearie, keep your chin up, give the Barun-special-goofy-grin and embrace a change, even if it's only once a while.

Just another fan

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