Love come arranged marriage and revenge

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May 29, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 33 times)

Thanks to all my readers.this my new story.please comment my story and press thank t button.

Character sketch:

Raizada family:

Arnav sing raizada:26years .papularly known as ASR.successful business man at young age.owns a AR fashion house.A Rude ,Arrogant and Ruthless monster to whole world.but a loveing person to his family.he loves his sister ,and brothers and care for them so much.she dont like girls around him.

Devayani sing raizada:nani of Anjali,arnav,akash nk.she always searching girl for her chote.

Ashwin sing raizada:father of Anjali ,arnav,nk.he has his own business.he did one mistake 18years back.still he think about and feel bad .he dont get angry at anyone.he is kind hearted person.helping minded .he loves his family a lot.and care for his children.

Saradha ashwin sing raizada:she is very strict for her children.but she loves her chote a lot.she likes to go temple and pray for her family's she like to do that .

Manohar sing raizada:father of akash.he always busy with his business.he loves his brother ashwin and family.

Manoramma sing raizada:she runaway from her family for her love .and married manohar sing raizada.her dad dont like love marriage so.she loves her family her arnav beta and makeup .

Anjali shyam jha:sister of arnav,akash,nk.loves her family and brothers.she like to tease her brothers always.she settled in us with her huspand and her child muhanya.

Shyam jha :huspand of by profession.he loves his daughter.

Akash sing raizada:son of manoramma and manohar. He loves his bai arnav.somtime he is scared seeing him.

Nandkishor sing raizada:he is a good guy.he loves her mom very much .and scared of arnav.and he loves his sister Anjali.he is studying mba 2 year.

Gupta family:

Kushi kumari gupta:21years.A lovely and bubbly sweet girl.very kind and silent .dont get angry on anyone.she always smile.she finished mbbs and running her dad hospital.loves her mom,dada,her lovely sister payal.

Shasi gupta :dead in one car accident before kushi birth.he is a doctor.

Garima shasi gupta:she loves her daughter's .and she missed her husband.she is working as a school teacher.she loves her job.she loves her family a lot.

Harish gupta sing raizada:father of shasi and manoramma.he loves his granddaughters and his daughter in law .he has a own garment business.payal also help him.

Payal gupta:sister of kushi .she loves her family a lot .she is working in Ar fassion house for revenge of her dad dead.she is a fashion designer.

I will update 1st part as soon .thank you everyone.

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May 29, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 41 times)

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Raizada house:

Arnav ready for the office.

Nk ready for the college.

Akash also ready for the office.

Sharadha and manoramma and nani doing pooja

Arnav ,nk ,akash coming down .sharadha give Prasad to everyone .but arnav says maa please howmany time I told you I dont believe in all this so plz.

Sharadha know him very she dont want argue with him.she shook her head and leave.

Everyone in dining table for the breakfast.

Arnav:drink her orange juice and bread.

Nk and akash finished the breakfast.and waiting for arnav.

Arnav take his laptop and come down.he ask his brothers are you ready .

Nk and akash :yes we are ready. 

Three of them sit in the car arnav drive the car.nk and akash talking eachother.

Arnav drop nk in collage.and arnav and akash leave the office .

Suddenly one girl stop arnav car.

Arnav stop the car .he ask what in anger.

Kushi:little scared and says woo woo actually sir my car is repaired .will you please drop me in my home please sir.

Arnav:look at her eyes he mesmerized her voice and beauty.she is very simple in her white Chudidhar.

Akash seeing all this silently smiling.

Kushi:hello sir 

Arnav :mm yea I will drop you come

Kushi:smiled brightly and says thank you.

Akash seeing all this shocked.

Arnav : nods its k.

Akash :says hi to kushi

Kushi:look at arnav 

Arnav smirks at akash .and says he is my brother akash.

Kushi:smiled and says ok .hi akash.

Arnav ask where is your home .

Kushi tell him to her house address.and her mobile ring she attend the call.hello. dr kushi here .

Arnav think himself her name kushi.its beautiful .arnav your thinking to much.control yourself.

Garima called kushi.kushi attend the call.

Where are you kushi.

Kushi:complain about her car problem like small kid.

Arnav and aksh hearing this smiled silently.


Kushi : maa please wait for me 10mint

Garima:says ok  

Arnav drop her in her home.Kushi says thank you

Arnav says its ok.kushi ask arnav sir your good name please.

Arnav think himself every girls are same.

Kushi : called again sir .any problem.

Arnav :my name Arnav sing raizada.

Kushi : kushi kumari gupta .

Arnav :says bye 

Kushi:also says bye arnavji.

Arnav:trun to look at her and smiled know one called him like that.he drive the car .akash sleeping in the car.

Gupta house:payal in her room .she look at the raizada family photo.I dont leave you all .she shout in anger..

Kushi knock the door jiji jiji

Payal : open the door.hi kushi your car is repaired .then how can you came here so early.

Kushi:god will send me for someone so I came home early.

Payal ask who is this kushi

Kushi: Arnavji 

Payal:ask what

Kushi :his full name arnav sing raizada.

Payal:blood boiled hearing his name .

Kushi called jiji you know him 

Payal says he is my boss .

Kushi : offo jiji I dont know thats why I dont call him for coffee.

Payal :smiled its ok da.she ask where is dada .

Kushi :he leaves his office jiji.

Payal says come we will eat together today.

Raizada house:

Manoramma:hello hai bye bye sasu ma what are you doing.

Nani:I am going to search girl for our chote.

Mannoramma:hello hai hai but our arnav beta says marriage bye bye na sasu ma.

Nani says han han I know but we will try once na mano.

Manoramma:han sasuma dont feel our arnav beta marriage will happen soon and our akash marriage also.

Nani ask sharadha when our anjali came to india .

Saradha:day after tomorrow maji.hearing this manoramma is very happy.our anjali and our muhaya oh ho jiji its very happy news hello hai bye bye.


Payal in his cabin.akash came to payal room.payal and akash in love already.payal also know mannoramma is her dad sister but her dada know this getting angry and kushi dont know anything .she feel bad if know this she didn't say anything to anyone.

Payal ask when will you marry me akash .mom and dada searching groom for me.I am scared you know.please do something.

Akash:first my bai marriage then only my marriage happen .

Payal : talk to herself he dont going to marry anyone he dont like girls.please atlest you just tell ur family about our love .

Akash:says di will come tomorrow .I will tell her then she will talk to my mom and everyone ok.

Payal:says ok.


Arnav working In his laptop.and think about kushi.her eye are very innocent.she dont talk much like simple like my di.he similed.

Arnav called akash and payal and says u both going to attend the mr.obbrais office for our project meeting.

Akash and payal says ok sir.

Kushi in hospital .and her mobile ring she sees the name on display in her mobile she felt happy its her dada.hello mr.harish what are you doing.

Hello kushi mam I am ur dada pa  ur dada is faint he dont open his eyes.

Kushi shocked hearing this what .she crying and next second wipe her tears .please u know our hospital na sir .plz come fast .


Raj : says I am and sir on the way mam .you dont worry.


Kushi: says thank you.and she called payal but she dont attend the call.she called his office.and reception girl connect wrongly arnav cabin.

Arnav attend the call his heart beat faster .

Kushi:hello jiji she crying 

Arnav :called kushi 

Kushi:cryingly ask where is my jiji .

Arnav also tensed hearing her crying sound .whats the problem tell me.

Kushi:please give phone to my jiji.I want to talk to her please she crying.she dont answer his question.

Arnav anger raised.whats the problem dammit how many time I am asking you.

Kushi : scared in his anger but she tell everything to him.

Arnav:she leave for some meeting in out of city .I will come ok dont cry first wipe your tears .dada is fine ok.

Dont get afraid ok.

Kushi:feel better now and says ok arnavji.

Arnav drive the car fastly and came to gupta hospital.

He ask receptionist where is dr kushi.

Receptionist told first floor right side second room sir.

Arnav knock room door kushi open the door and look at him .

Arnav ask how is ur dada if he is fine na.

Kushi:cryingly says he is not fine his bp is very low.

Arnav tuched her shoulder and says your a doctor na so dont cry like that ok.he wipe her tears .

Kushi hug him tightly and crying .

Arnav also huged her.

Kushi :my dada is everything for our dad dead befor my birth .my dada is like my dad.

Arnav:hearing all this he feel bad.arnav mobile ring 

Kushi hearing the sound she says I am sry arnavji.

Arnav says its ok wait a minit he attend the call and talk to his pa.

Kushi look at him continuously.his brown eyes is so cute na kushi she think herself.

Arnav ask if u want drink something .

Kushi :no arnavji I dont want anything now.nurse came out of the dada room.and says mam harish sir open his eyes .

Kushi and arnav enter the room.she huged him and crying.

Arnav think omg she crying like small kid.

Harish:says oh ho ranima why are you crying like this.

I forget my tablet thats why happened all this.I am sry ranima.

Kushi:ask now are you ok na.harish wipe her tears and says now I am perfectly fine and he look at arnav .

Kushi:says dada this is our payal boss.I called payal but she leave for some meeting in out of city so he came here.

Harish:you distrubing everyone for me na he smiled.

Arnav:ask how are you dada .

Harish:now I am fine beta.thank you.

Kushi: ok u just sleep and rest k .we will go home after 2hours.

Harish says ok doctor mam.

Kushi and arnav smiled.and out of the room.

Kushi look at him she want to talk something but words dont come from her mouth.

Arnav :says ok I am leaving if you want anything u just call my mobile arnav give his num.

Kushi :kushi talk herself plz dont go arnavji.

Arnav ask are you called me kushi.

Kushi :look at him happyly and nods yes.

Arnav :ask what 

Kushi:says nothing 

Arnav:ask are you ok na.

Kushi : smiled and says hmm fine u just leave thank you.

Arnav: its ok.

Thank you everyone

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May 30, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 17 times)

Thanks to all my readers plz comment my storys.

Akash and payal finished the meeting akash drop her home.

Kushi:called payal mobile.hello jiji

Payal:han ranima 

Kushi:jiji dada bp is low he is in hospital now.

Payal :what ...why dont you call me.

Kushi:jiji I called ur mobile so many times but ur mobile was switch off and I called ur office .

Ur boss arnav came here and help me.

Payal:get angry why did you call him kushi .please dont cal you next time ok.

Kushi :think herself why jiji get angry hearing arnavji name.

Payal :hello hello kushi

Kushi :han jiji ok.I dont call him .

Payal :ok and han you dont talk to him ok.

Kushi: changed the topic and ask where are you jiji.

Payal:I am in home .

Kushi:ok jiji u dont say anything dada health problem to maa.she will tensed na jiji .

Payal :says ok my lovely sister you talk like dada ur thinking also.

Kushi:thank you jiji.ok we will come in halfnever ok.

Payal : drive carefully ok.

Kushi :ok jiji 


Raizada house:mami busy with her makeup .

Saradha busy with prepared dinner.nani rest in her room.arnav always busy with his mobile and laptop .

Nk going out for meeting his frds.akash talk to anjali .

He says di tom I will come in airport .she ask how is ur bai .he is fine di.di I want sime intresting matter about bai.anjali ask what akash.he told everything about kushi.anjali hearing this happy.and ask what about you akash.di please dont tease me di.bye we will see tom bye take care.bye akash.

Gupta house :garima in kitchen preparer dinner.and she noticed payal is thinking to much .she ask payal what are you thinking.

Payal:woo maa woo nothing I am just think about next project.

Garima:I know you very well payal.I already told you dont think about that family .you just concentrate on ur job and ur future ok .and ur aunty also part of that family so we will forgive them god will give punishment .u dont get any revenge for that family ok.

Promise me first.

Payal:maa plz how can you forgive him that raizada I dont promise you maa.I am sorry.payal run from there.

Garima:feel bad think about payal.her future.

Kushi and harish enter the home.garima ask kushi what happen dada .if he missed bp tablet today.

Kushi and mr.harish look at each other.

Maa no no nothing like that maa.dada just came for hospital thats it.

Garima :oh ho .I know everything ur dada pa called me .and ur cryingly called payal boss he will help you.everything I know.

Kushi:smiled oh ...han ...han maa that time I am just little tensed that's why I dont call you maa I am sorry she hold her both ear.

Garima and dada smiled seeing her talk .garima oh my lovely daughter crying today haina so her eyes getting tired na go and freshup we will eat together ok.

Kushi:huged her thank you mamma.she huged harish also .

Garima ask harish :papa why dont you take tablet you know na if anything happen to you kushi feel bad .

Harish:ask where is payal.what she says .

Garima:papa she dont change she didn't forgive them till.I dont know what to do.

Harish:u dont feel.I Will take care .

Garima:says this is all because of you always angry on she also angry at that raizada.and you only told the truth to her .thats why she talk like that.first you changed your character and forgive ur daughter.then only my daughter will change plz papa.I dont know if kushi also know this all .and I dont she react this matter.I dont know

I want my daughter's happy life I want that papa so please .I am sorry I will talk to much .I am sorry papa.

Harish gupta:its ok beta.I am also realize my mistake thats why I forget to take my tablet.and think about my daughter .

Garima:smiled hearing this she felt happy.papa you forgive ur daughter na.

 Harish gupta:yes I want to see her .I want to talk to her a lot.beta she have a children na.

Garima :han han you will meet her tomorrow .now come down to eat something .

Harish:ok beta .

Raizada house :arnav sleep in his king size bed.suddenly he wake up and remember hospital incidents.he talk to himself.ASR this is not good for you go away from her.and why are you huged dont hug any girl expect ur maa ,didi,mami, is this all happened in a I dont want any girl and so called marriage .omg this girl distrub me to much.

He closed her eyes and try to sleep.


Other side:kushi think about payals word .why jiji says don't talk to him.but I dont know my heart searching him every second.hey devimayya why I am feeling like that.please do something.

Its morning:

Raizada house:everyone waiting for anjali and muhanya.


Kushi : says mamma I am going to mandir .

Garima:ok beta but careful ok.

Kushi:ok maa.


In airport:

Anjali and muhaya saw arnav and akash .

She hugged both the brothers and feel happy.arnav ask muhan h r u .

Muhanya: fine mamu .

Akash and arnav kissed her both cheek .

She ask I want icecream mamu please.

Akash says oh ho muhan ur so sweet .mamu will give u lot of icecream ok.

Hearing this muhan laugh at him.

Anjali says muhan first we will go to meet devimayya 

Then u will eat ice cream ok .ur a good girl na.

Muhanya:ok mummy.

Kushi ,anjali ,muhaya and akash enter the temple.

Muhaya playing the mandir steps .suddenly she jumped the steps and she slipped she shout mummy.


Anjali ,akash ,arnav also saw in out of the mandir he shout muhannn ......

Anjali shout muhanyaaaa....

Akash :shocked and run to her .arnav also run to her

But kushi catches muhanya in her hand and hugged her.kushi smiled at her.muhanya also smiled at back to kushi.

Arnav run to hugged her akash and Anjali also came near kushi.

Arnav shout at akash and Anjali dont you both look at the child.where are you lost you both.if anything happen to her.he dont look at kushi till.

Anjali and akash know him very well so both are in silent. Anjali look at kushi.she shocked seeing arnavs anger .little scared also.anjali tuche her shoulder and she look at anjali .anjali says thank you so much.

Akash:says thank you mam.

Kushi:its ok akash sir.she look at arnav but he dont look her and dont say thank you also.

Arnav says di me and muhan waiting in the car .u both go and do ur so called pooja.

Anjali and akash nods yes.

Kushi turn to leave angryly but arnav hold her hand and says thank you kushi thank you so much.

Anjali and akash to see this and look at each other.

Kushi :getting nervous he suddenly hold her hand .she look at his eyes .and says its ok arnavji.and she run from inside the mandir.

 Arnav and muhaya waiting in the car.

Anjali :called kushi ...


Anjali:thank you so much kushiji.

Kushi:its need to say thank you.she ask arnavji

Anjali:yes I am arnavs sister anjali.that child was my daughter.arnav like her very he get angry like that.


Anjali:ask how you know him .my sister payal working in his company.this my third meeting of arnavji.


Anjali noticed all her speech.she think she is perfect for my chote.


Anjali ask her mobile number.kushi give her number.

Anjali and akash says bye to her and leave the mandir.

Raizada house: everyone sit in the hall .and chitchat.

Nk and muhanya playing in garden.

Saradha ask  what you decide about your marriage .

Arnav:maa I am not interested .

Saradha:what you mean.

Arnav :I mean I am not going to marry anyone thats final maa.

Saradha and arnav argue everyone watch them silently both are angrily leave from there.

Arnav:in poolside talking with his pa aman.anjali came near him.he know why di came here.

Anjali:chote whats your broplem why are you hurting maa.and you dont think about akash .if you dont want marriage na he also dont says dont want marriage .

Mami and mama feel bad na chote .please try to understand na.are you falling love with any girl.please share with me chote.

Arnav: di please leave me alone .

Anjali:says ok .and she going to meet her mom.

Saradha:ask what he says leave me alone .I am right na anjali.

Anjali:maa please give him sometime .I will handle this matter.and he will marry in this year just relax mom.

Nani :also says saradha dont get angry just relax Anjali will handle her chote.

Saradha :ok maa.and I dont talk to him now a days.when he will say ok for marriage then only I will talk to him this is my final decision.

Anjali and nani shook her head .

Arnav also hearing this feel bad.

Harish gupta and garima enter the raizada house.

Anjali ask who are you .

Harish gupta:we want meet manoramma.

Anjali :come dada come aunty you both sit here I will call mamiji.

Harish gupta and garima says ok beta.

Manoramma saw her dad and shocked and happy also.she called papa .she tuch her feet and says please forgive me papa.harish hugged her daughter.

Harish gupta:I am also did mistake na mano.I am sorry for that.

She look at garima and hugged bhabi h r u.

Garima:I am fine h r u and ur family.

Mannoramma: I will introduce my family .

Saradha jiji my husband elder brothers wife.and she is my sasuma .she introduce everyone.

Raizada are very happy seeing manoramma s happy.

Harish:ask where is your huspand and son .

Manoramma:introduce akash to her dad.harish hugged him happyly.akash tuch garima feet.

And everyone talking each other.

Manoramma ask garima bhabhi where is my brothers daughter's.I want to see them.

Garima: says my first daughter working in your company.and my second daughter kushi she is a dr.

She running our hospital.

Saradha called papa come eat something bhabhi you also come .

Garima :look at saradha and think about shashi accident.I am sorry I dont get.hungry bhabhi .I will eat next time.

Saradha :its ok bhabhi.

Harish eat with mano and akash.

Thank you everyone.

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May 30, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 37 times)

Thanks to all my readers.I have some work tomorrow so I will give you one more update now.

After somedays manoramma talk to her dad daily whenever she want she going to her dad home and spend time with kushi and payal.saradha dont talk to arnav till.arnav feel bad he dont eat properly.

Gupta house:kushi and payal talking each other.

Manoramma and anjali at gupta house.

Payal and kushi says namaste mamiji .anjaliji.

Anjali ask how are you both.

Payal and kushi: says fine anjaliji.

Manoramma ask where bhabhi and ur dada.


Kushi says mom going to market .dada going to meet his old frd.

Payal come with juice Anjali and mami drink the juice.and talking each other.

Anjali says tomorrow is my daughter muhanya birthday so you all came to our home ok.

Kushi :says mom .

Garima enter the house and saw mano and anjali.

Anjali informed about his daughter's birthday and says u all come and wish my daughter ok kushi.

Kushi:look at her mom.

Garima says ok beta we all come .

Anjali : thank you aunty.

Manoramma huged payal and kushi lovingly and says to bye.

Raizada house:

Arnav try to talk saradha but she dont talk to him.

Anjali says chote mom dont eat anything today.

Arnav dont know what to to handle his mom .

Because of him she don't eat anything.

Anjali:chote please do something dad also not here if he knows all he feel bad .

Arnav: di please I want somtime di.

Anjali:ok chote.

Arnav called kushi mobile .but she is not attend his call .she is in meeting so.

After sometime kushi called his mobile.

Arnav :hello where are you.

Kushi: says I am on the way to ur home.

Arnav says ok.then we will meet our home 

Kushi : ok arnavji.

Kushi called payal and ask where are you jiji.

Payal: we are in maniji house.where are you kushi

Kushi:I will come in 5Minutes jiji.

Raizada house: everyone waiting for arnav .

Kushi enter the house .muhanya run to hugged her and kissed her.

Kushi also kissed her back and wished her happy birthday.kushi tuch nanis feet and saradha feet .

Mami hugged her and says ur looking beautiful in this red saree.

Saradha look at kushi .she likes kushi .

Arnav enter the hall everyone saw him but muhanya only called him mamu plz come we will cut the cake today ur birthday also na.


Saradha look at him angryly .and feel bad .

Arnav:came near muhanya and gifted her one diamond necklace and says happy birthday.and he leave his room.

Anjali and nk called but he leave silently.

Muhanya cut the cake and give to the cake everyone.

Kushi :knock arnav room door.

Arnav : come in

Kushi : called arnavji


Kushi:arnavji wish you many more happy birthday.

Arnav:thank you.arnav look at her .she is beautiful in her red saree.kushi I want to talk to you.

Anjali:shout chote .....mamma 

Arnav run to downstairs and saw her mom faint.arnavji please move I will  check aunty 

Kushi flash water on her face she open her eyes and saw kushi .she hugged kushi.aunty aunty are you ok .

She faint next second.

Arnav lift her and go to her room .kushi check her and she give some injection.everyone wait in out of the room.kushi came out arnav ask kushi mom .

Kushi:she dont eat properly thats why she faint other wise nothing to worry.

Anjali ask now your very much happy na chote.

Arnav:in anger 

Kushi :look at him and silently says no .he control his anger and came near kushi look at her and hold her hand .arnavji please leave me na everyone is here.

Arnav in anger I dont care.please be silent for sometime I will handle everything.she look at her mom .garima look at manoramma.manoranmma called arnav betva what r u doing.....

Arnav: mami plz dont ask anything.

Arnav and kushi enter saradha room.arnav open her mom cabord.and take out mangalsuter and kumkum 

Kushi seeing this widen eyes .

She try to leave the room.but arnav hold her hand.

And he take the kumkum and put her hairline .what are you doing arnavji please no no she shook her head .she step backwards arnav move to her and tie manglsuter in her neck.kushi try to remove mangalsuter arnav slap  her in cheek .kushi shocked seeing his anger .

Now in this second ur my wife ok .saradha open her eyes and saw kushi crying.mangalsuter kumkum .

Arnav:mom I am married now.

Saradha shocked  seeing all this she huged kushi and says I am sry beta.

Arnav came to garima and says I am married kushi I am sorry aunty .

Garima :what are saying arnav.

Payal shout in anger mr.raizada I won't leave you.and ur family

Arnav shout shut up if you tuch my family members anyone I will hurt ur lovely sister.

PAYAL:my sister dont do any mistake .

Arnav:yes I know she is pure heart person but u try to kill my dad na miss .gupta.

Payal: ur dad kill my dad 

Arnav ask any evidence miss dad dont do any mistake 

Garima ask where is my daughter .

Arnav:she is with her sasuma.

Kushi run to hugged her mom and crying.garima says come kushi payal we will go our home.

Arnav:called kushi ......

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May 31, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 27 times)

Thanks to all my readers plz comment  my storys. 

Arnav:called kushi..... Iiiij

Kushi, payal and garima stop walking.

Arnav came to  garima aunty i dont stop you. But 5minit i want to talk to u alone please. 

Garima:in stren voice only  5 minit. 

Arnav: come to my study  room aunty. 

Garima fallowed by arnav. 

Akash : ask payal whats going on here 

Payal: please  dont ask anything in this matter. We will  talk this later. 

Akash : in lot of confusion. 

Anjali , nani, nk, akash mami everyone is very upset for arnavs behaviour. 

Kushi is totally  shocked  . She is very silent. 

After 5minit garima  came downstairs. 

Payal:ask maa come we will  leave. She hold her sister  hand and step forward. But garima stoped her. 


Garima :now ur sister  is married . She leave with her husband  house. Come we both leave. Ur dada waiting  for us. 

Payal:shocked  mom what are  you  saying. he forced to marry my sister  maa. How can u say he is her husband. 

Garima:shout in anger payal. She is my daughter  first  then only ur sister  ok. 

I know  my daughter . U just go away from  her life come we will  go right now. 

Payal:try to  say but garima please come with me. 

Payal :look at kushi and she is lost her thought. She think because  of me my sister  is pain. I am sorry kushi. 

Garima and payal leave from there. 


Arnav came down. 

Anjali:ask chote why did this all happen. 

Nani:chote u know  meaning  of marriage, kumkum, mangalsuter, and u forced to marry that innocent  girl why u did this tell me the answer  right now 

Mami:arnav betva u know  na kushi is very innocent. If payal did any mistake  na u just punished her. Why you punished  kushi. She is not like  payal. 

Akash:if payal did any mistake . Please  say something  bai. 

Arnav is very silent. 

Nk:arnav u just answer  kushiji first  how can u forced a girl and hurt her. If anyone hurt our di like this 

Arnav :shout  in anger nkkkk.... Stop it. Yes i did mistake   i am sorry. 


After a long time she called  him .. 

Arnav:felt  happg hearing this. Mom 

R u ok. She slaped his cheek. 

Arnav:shocked  mom... she says dont called me like that. U dont respect  anyone. Ur not my son. Why did  you  this all tell me she crying and hold his shirt collar . U dont respect  a girl her feelings. 

Ok tell me the truth  . 

Arnav:mom i love her 

Kushi :broke  the silent and look at him in disbelief. 

Saradha:no ur lieing. 

Arnav:no i am said truth. 

Everyone  shocked hearing such a word from arnavs mouth. 

Arnav :i am just tensed ur notwell. Its because  of me. So i did this. 

Saradha :says i am ur mom. And the grey ASR is lieing  To his mom first  time. i know  you very well arnav. 


Saradha:dont call me like that . i am asking you again arnav tell me the truth. 

Arnav:this is the truth  i love her thats why i am married  her. You dont like my wife we r leaving  this house. 

Kushi: hearing  his every words.

Nani:chote.what are  you  saying. 

shocked  hearing  this . And she faint. Anjali hold her  naniji nani manoramma says nk go and take some water. 

Nk run to kitchen. 

Akash called the dr. 

Arnav:came near nani 

Saradha :look at him angryly

Arnav: says mom i am sorry. 

Kushi came near nani. She hold  nani hand and check  her puls. Nk came with water . Bhabi water. She hearing bhabi. 

She flash water on nani face. After sometime  nani open her eyes. Kushi ask naniji r u ok. .nani says i am fine beta. Nani hold kushi hand and says please  forvive my chote. He is not bad. My chote care for everyone . But he dont do anything  to him. He always  think about his family business. This is his happyness and his world. Please  dont leave this house u just tell him. She is in tears. Arnav run to huged her nani please  stop it. I dont leave  u. 

Kushi:look at him in disbelief. And raizada family  also feel like that. 

Nani:see saradha he is like that.  

Saradha:maaji u take rest. I will prepared dinner. Nani says no u just welcome  ur bahu. Her gragpravesh. 

Saradha :look at kushi . And says anjali ready for the gragpravesh. 

Anjali called kushi. Come with  me. 

Kushi:look at arnav:

Arnav :think why she look at me like that. 

Anjali :chote she ask u permission to u so she look at you. 

Arnav :nods go... She also nods ok. 

Arnav and kushi enter the house . 

Nani :says chote  lift ur wife and go to  ur room. 

Arnav and kushi look ateach other.he dont know  what to  do. He think about his family  and his dad. He lift her. 

Kushi:is scared  to meet him. She look down and hold his shirt tightly. 

Arnav:says r u k . 

Kushi:nods ok . Arnav came to his room. Arnav put down kushi. And close the door. 

Kushi:standing  in silent. 

Arnav:called kushi. 

Kushi:hmm ji 

Arnav :i am sorry. 

Kushi:i trust my mom. 

Arnav: i am forced to marry you and please  forgive me i slap you i am in anger that time so. 

Kushi:why you did this to me Mr. Raizada. 

I know  you  dont love me. Its all lie. 

What u told to my mom. Why she leave me alone here. If my sister  do any mistake  na u just complain to my mom na. why did u hurt me and spoil my life. 

I hate u Mr. Raizada i hate u. 

Arnav:stood there looking at her. He was going to say something. When kushi said Mr. Raizada for getting  me as wife but dont expect anything  from me as a wife. 

Dont forget u forced to marry me. 

Arnav:shout at her enough..... He grab her hand.  she landed on his chest.both are look at each other  .tears flow  in her eyes. leave me arnavji its paining. 

Arnav:i also in pain. U dont know  anything  about  me and my family . 

And i know  everything  about your family  ur sister . Now my dad in hospital because  of ur sister. 

Kushi:its all lie. First u leave my hand dont tuch me. I accept this life  for my mom. 

you dont have any rights to tuch me. 

Arnav:will you stop your nonsense. What do you  thinking that i am dying to tuch you then let me clear you Mrs raizada  i am not going to  tuch you . And you remember  u only  huged  me in hospital. 

 Why r u huging me. U have feeling  for me i am a right Mrs raizada. She look at him silently . Arnav leave her. her. My family  dont know  about  my dad accident  so please  dont say anything  to  my family

Anjali :knock the door

Arnav open the door. Di 


Anjali:ignored  him. And go near kushi. 

Kushiji ur mobile.


Kushi:thank you anjaliji. 

Anjali :its ok bhabi. And han u want any help  ask me. Kushi  nods her head. 

Anjali leave  from  there. 

Arnav mobile ring  he attend the call hello  dr. My dad everything  is  fine na. 


Dr. Yea mr raizada  he is fine . Tom he will discharge. 

Arnav: thank you  dr arnjun. 

Kushi :now  realise  her  mistake. She ask arnavji ur dad. 

Arnav angryly  glared  at her. 

Kushi : i am sorry. I dont know  na. 

Arnav yes u dont  know  anything  and u dont trust  my  word also. 

Kushi:how can i trust you  u forced to  marry  me and dont say anything. 

Arnav:yes i forced marry you . And dont forget  if ur sister  hurt my dad again i will do whatever  i can. No one stop me. Go and tell ur sister. 

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Jun 1, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 22 times)

please  comment  my  storys. Thanks to  all  my  readers.

Kushi: Mr. Raizada i want change my dress 

Arnav:ok i am leaving. 

Kushi:Mr:Raizada now ur married sry forced  to marry  a girl. 

Arnav:stop it what you want. I dont have no dress how i will change. 

Arnav :give his Atm card and go and purchesh whaterver u want. 

Kushi:mouth in oh shape . What ... 

Mr. Raizada  u dont ask me before  tie mangalsuter in my neck i am a right. 

Arnav :getting  irritated  hearing. He closed his eyes in anger. Ok you can go with my di. 

Kushi:no u we both leaving  for shoping right now. 

Arnav:came near her she is getting  nervous and scared. Arnav take his mobile  and says i will wait for you in the hall. 

Kushi :ji 

Arnav:look at her naughtyly 

Kushi:rolled  her eyes and run to wash room. 

Arnav:think about  her first hug he smiled. 

Arnav came downstairs and called maa i am going to shopping . 

Nk:what the..... 

Akash and anjali look at him wide 

Saradha :in anger whatever  you want y r u inform me. 

Arnav :mom i am sry

Saradha:i dont forgive you. If ur dad know  all this he feel bad. 

Arnav :silently  leave from  there. 

Anjali :mom please  u know  him na. Maa he hide something  maa. 

Kushi:came downstairs and look  at everyone . 

Manoramma:called  kushi if he says anything  about ur marriage. 


Everyone  waiting  for her answer 

Arnav :sees everyone  around  kushi and asking  question. He knows his family  very well. 

Kushi:mamiji he said he loves me

Saradha says i am ur husband mom ok dont lie to me 

Mano:no no jiji my kushi dont lie. Hello  hi bhe bye. 

Saradha :mano now she is Mrs raizada. 

Anjali:ok we r trusting you. But we all want to see our chote baby. 

Kushi:shocked  what.. No she shout

Arnav smiled  silently. 

Anjali:ask y r u shouting kushiji. 

Next nk:han kushiji i have doubt  on you. 

Arnav forced  to marry  u na. Why dont you shout kushiji. it means u both love each other  right. 

Kushi:getting  nervous 

Arnav :called kushiii

Everyone  look at him  naughtyly.

Arnav:ask what why r u looking  like  that. 

Anjali said i trust  my chote. I also trust my raksha brother said nk. Mami i also trust my arnav bete. Akash says yes. 

Nani :i know  my chote  did all this for her mom. 

Saradha:but i de trust him he hide something  big. Thats y she getting angry and this forced marriage and so called love everything  is  lie. 

Arnav and kushi look at each  other  and shocked. He said maa i dont hide anything. I dont lie. Kushi come we  will go. 

Kushi and arnav leave from  for shoping. 

Kushi purchase  some saree and salwar her mobile  ring its was her mom. She attend the call hello 


Kushi:hearing  her dada voice she crying  silently. 

Harish :h r u. 

Kushi:fine dada h r u. Mom jiji. 

Harish:everyone  is fine. I know  everything arnav called me before  he marry you. 

Kushi:shocked  then why dont you tell me  dada. 

Harish:ur jiji the reason  for his dad accident. He says payal dont understand 

So he took this decision.this is  the only way to make ur sister  understand . 

Kushi:says ok dada take care of jiji and mom. Dada my dad 

Harish:intripute  and says that was a accident. Arnav dad dont do anything. Payal was misunderstanding . I am also misunderstand raizada family now  i am realise  my mistake. But ur sister  dont trust  arnavs word. 

Kushi:hearing  this relif. She talk herself

Hey devimayya thank you so much. 

Harish :hello 

Kushi:look at arnav. he talking with his mobile. 

Harish:hello ranima

Kushi :han han dada sry. He said its ok. 

Garima :called kushi h r u. 

Kushi:maa i am fine. Maa please  dont schold jiji maa. 

Garima :says ok kushi.arnav beta is good character. He is perfect  for you. He forced to maryy u. But its all because  of  our payal. So u dont get hurt ur family and arnav beta. 

Kushi :remember how she angryly talk to him. Garima called kushi  . Han mom ok. Mom i will call u later  bye. 

Garima  :ok bye take care. 

Payal watching  all this. 

Kushi and arnav finished  the shoping and came to hospital for meeting  for ashwin. Kushi getting  nervous. arnav understand her feeling and said my dad is not like  me so please  u just relax. Kushi murmur herself loaardgoverner. 

Arnav hearing  this  smiled  unnoticed  by kushi. 

Both are enter  ashwin room. Arnav tuch his shoulder  dad. 

Ashwin open his eyes and look at him. 

Arnav ask h r u dad. I am fine chote. Ashwin look at kushi. 

Arnav: yes dad she is my wife and ur bahu.

Arnav and kushi tuch his feet.he knows  his son.he says godbless you both. 

kushi:talk herself  how uncle dont get angry on arnavji. 

Arnav says in her ear u busy with  ur shoping na that time i called him. And he is like u. He dont get angry  on anyone. 

Kushi:says how can you  know  i dont  get angry to anyone. 

Arnav :i know  .... 

Ashwin  ask kushi if he schold u na. U just complain  me r call my mobile  ok beta. 

Kushi:smiled  ok. 

Arnav says dad mom dont know  anything if she knows all this  i don't  know  what she decided. 

Ashwin :han han if she knows  this she dont get forgive  payal.

Kushi:folded her hand and says uncle  please  forgive  my jiji. 

Ashwin :leave this  all  beta. Payal also like my daughter  na. 

Kushi:smiled  thank you  uncle

Kushi has tears in her eyes. She look at her husband  he is busy with  his mobile 

Arnav :ok dad we will leave  now. I will come in morning. Kushi says take care  uncle. arnav said bye dad. He said bye 

Arnav mobile ring he said kushi u just wait i will come in 5minit. She ask where r u going. He said in anger wait for 5minit okand he run from there. 

Ashwin :says kushi dont get scared  he is like that but he is careing and protecting his family. Ur so lucky. And my chote also lucky.

Kushi:smiled  hearing  this  all. 

Arnav enter Ashwin room and ask dad now r u ok na. 

Ashwin  yea i am fine. 

Arnav:says we will  go home. But dad u go first then we r coming. 

Ashwin  :ok chote. I dont know  how to handle ur mother. 

After sometime raizada  house  :

Ashwin  enter the  house. Saradha  and evr welcome  him. He ask where is chote. 

Saradha says he is going shoping  with his wife. 

Ashiwin :what r u mad he is our son he dont do any mistake . 

Nani:and everyone  said what happen in evening. 

Saradha :says i know  he hide something. U ask him. Then only  truth  come out. 

Ashwin :faking  his anger  ok i dont leave  him today. 

Anjali akash and nk said dad please  dont schold him. He did all this for mom. And kushiji  also love him he also 

Saradha u all just keep quite . Dont suport him. 

Arnav and kushi enter the house. 

Ashwin  look at them an getting  angry. 

Who is this girl i dont accept  this marriage. Arnav says i dont care . 

Ashwin says u hide something  and this marriage  love everything  is a lie. U just told the truth  first. OR 

Arnav :or what 

Ashwin:faking  in anger  or u both leave the house right  now. 

Arnav says ok come kushi . She look at him  confisedly. 

Saradha :shocked  hearing  this nani also. 

Saradha says Ashwinji no no he dont go anywhere. Because  of me only he did this all. I am realise. 

Ashwin:says but u said he hide something. 

Saradha :is tensed no  trust him haina maji he dont hide anything . 

Ashwin :but u only

Saradha in faking  anger at Ashwin  he dont go anywhere  and she came to hold her chote and kushi hand come u both eat something first. 

Ashwin  :saradhaaa i dont accept  this marriage . 

Saradha :says ok u dont talk to them but if my chote  leave this home i also leave   from here. 

Ashwin : for your shake i forgive  him and he leave from his room. 


Everyone  smiled hearing  this. 

Mamiji said hello  hai bye bye come everyone  dinner  is ready. 

Kushi:think like that what a family.arnav going to  her room and freshup. 


Anjali came near kushi  tuch her shoulder she look at anjali. Bhabi go and freshup  u r looking  tired.kushi nods her head and leave . 

Kushi freshup  and came down  . Everyone  at dianing table.but arnav is not there. 

She searching  him. 

Saradha called kushi come eat dinner. 

She ask aunty where is arnavji. 

Nk akash and anjali what  ji arnavjj oh ho everyone  teased  kushi. 

Saradha  says u all  just stop it dont teased my bahu. Nani and mami also suported her.but kushi searching  till her husband. 

Saradha noticed this. And called kushi he is in study room. 

Kushi:thanks aunty she run from there. 

Kushi knock the door. Arnav busy with his video conference. He sees kushi and nods her indicate  To come inside. She nods and came inside the room. Arnav busy with  his confrece call. She look at him 

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Jun 1, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 17 times)

Thanks to all my readers  please  comment my storys. 

Arnav finished the  conference call. And ask what. 

Kushi :nothing .. 

Arnav:r u eat dinner. 

Kushi :woo woo i am waiting  for u. 

Arnav:hmm ok come we will  eat together. 

Kushi:smiled ok. 

Arnav and kushi eat dinner together . Arnav and kushi try to  go to his room but anjali stops kushi. Chote  u just leave. She will come before u sleep arnav know  very well his drama family.So he leave silently. 

Kushi:anjaliji i want  to  go.tomorrow  I  have surgery  in my hospital. 

Anjali:ask what...      mamiji came with new saree and jewellery. I will  talk to papa already. So u dont go hospital  for somedays. 

Kushi:mamiji woo i.. 

Mano:u dont say anything  u just ware this saree and get ready first. 

Kushi:Utter  loagoverner. 

She wareing the saree and jewellery. She looking beautiful. Saradha came with milk. She give to the milk glass to kushi

Anjali says come kushi i will drop u in ur room. 

Kushi:try to smiled and go with anjali. She enter the room and closed the door. 

Arnav:working with his laptop. Kushi put the milk glass in table. 

Arnav :dont look at her and said u sleep  i have some important  work. 

kushi:loagoverner  always  working i will  throw  this laptop in water tom. 

Arnav :ask if you want anything  kushi. 

She is getting  irritated  and said  nothing. U can do ur work. 

Arnav :ok u sleep. 

Kushi:lay on the bed and stare at him. 

Aftef sometime he called kushi but she sleeping  like  a child. She is looking  beautiful  is her sleep he think like that. And he came downstairs  and knock Saradha  room. 

Saradha :wakeup and open  the door. She saw arnav standing. Chote  u dont sleep. 

If kushi is fine na. U again  did anything  

Arnav:this is  to much. I want  to  inform  u. Tomorrow  i am going to Mumbai its important  meeting  maa. 

Saradha:shook  her head. Ok inform ur wife first  go. 

Arnav:maa she is in deep sleep . My flyt early  Morning 4 o clock. U just infu her maa. Gud nt sry to distrub you.

Saradha :smiled  gud nt chote. 

Arnav:sleep  beside kushi. 

Kushi wakeup 5:30 she saw arnav is not in the room. She came downstairs and searching  him. But he is not there also. 

She again came to room. And called his mobile. 

Arnav attend  the  call hello kushi

Kushi:arnavji where are you i am searching  you hole house. 

Arnav:kushi i am sry i am in mumbai now. I will  come in 2days. 

Kushi:why dont you inform  me . 

Arnav:ur in deep sleep so think i dont distrub  you  so i just  inform  mom only. 


Kushi:hmm ok. 

Arnav:again says i am sry 

Kushi:its ok arnavji. 

Arnav:ask u wakeup early. She said everyday i wakeup 5:30.. 

Arnav:hmm then What you  likes and dislikes  tell me. 

Kushi:i like rain and dance. I like chocolate and ice-cream. And i love white roses. I like stars and moon. And my devimayya. And i like babys. He ask what.... She say i like my dada mom jiji

Arnav :i will  talk to  u  later he cut the call. 

Kushi:called again  he ask what. She ask y did u cut my call. Kushi i just hate ur sister so please  dont talk about  her and her name to me. She try to  say something  but he says enough  dont argue with me please. 

Kushi:ok leave  it i am sorry . 



Arnav:ask did you like me 

Kushi:heart beats breathing heavily. He ask r u there na kushi. She says yes. He ask u mean this answer for my first  question  na. She said both. 

Arnav:ok bye i am going to ready for meeting. 




Arnav:did you missed me. 


Arnav:u dont missed me right ok bye

Kushi:in a hurryly answer  i missed  you so much arnavji. 

Arnav :laugh  ok then 

Kushi:when will you came here arnavji

Arnav:after  3 days

Kushi :ji. 

Arnav:ok i am getting  late for meeting 

I am going  to  ready na so bye


Arnav :bye 


Arnav :kushi please  i will  finished  my meeting  i will  called you ok bye. 

Kushi saw the time its 7:30 hey devimayya. Its all because  of  that loadgoverner. She went wash room. after sometime she  come out of wash room and saw anjali and muhanya she smiled  at them. 

anjali:give arnavs maa bangle. She ask anjaliji why this bangle now i dont want. 

Anjali:kushi this is my mom bangle. she decided  to give  this bangle for her chote wife. 

Kushi:smiled  brightly. Anjali  ask where is  chote. She said he is leaving Mumbai  for some urgent meeting  so. 

Anjali:oh ok. Muhanya called mom come we will  go  down. She says ok. Anjali leave downstairs. 

Arnav message her kushi mobile. Wht doing. 

Kushi:i am ready for pooja u

Arnav:i am in meeting hall. 

Kushi:u dont concentrate  on ur meeting. 

Arnav:meeting  started timeing 10 o clock. 

Kushi: then y u came so early. I have to  meet my frds so. I am waiting  for my frd

Kushi:frd mean 

arnav:what  you  mean kushi

Kushi:i mean name 

Arnav:her name shivani. 

Kushi :ji 

Arnav:she is very beautiful  and she like me very much. arnav teased his wife. 

Kushi:ji u just meet ur frd i dont distrub  you  both. Dont mes me. Bye. She is beautiful  na. 

Arnav:saw her reply mes he smiled . And he reply  her ok thank you for understanding  me. 

Kushi saw his mes and getting  tensed. She has tears in her eyes and she throw  her mobile  in bed she came downstairs. 

Saradha:sees kushi and ask if chote called u. 

Kushi:yes aunty. 

Nani saradha mami anjali kushi doing pooja. And kushi prepared breakfast. 

Everyone  eat breakfast . After sometime  anjali and kushi talking  each other  in hall. Saradha  prepared  lunch. Nani and mami leaving  mandir. 

Anjali talking to shyam she introduced  to him kushi. After that arnav called him. 

Kushi saw him and try to leave  but anjali hold her hand. U just talk to  him i will  see where is muhanya. 

She nodes her head and she shut the laptop but arnav called her kushiiiii


Arnav:look at me 

Kushi:she is in tears  flow  in her eyes 

Arnav:kushi please  dont cry. I am sorry. 

Kushi:she crying  continuesly 

Arnav:kushi please  wipe ur tears  first 

Kushi:bye i we will talk later she shutdown the laptop and leave  her room. 

Arnav :what the.... he called her mobile 


Kushi saw it was arnav. She dont attend  the call. 

Arnav :getting  angry and message  her mobile . Kushi

Kushi : ji

Arnav:whats ur problem. Why are you  crying now. 



Kushi:yes really. 

Arnav : ok bye. 

Kushi:ji. R u finished  ur lunch. 

Arnav:waiting  for my frd. 

Kushi :ok bye 

Arnav: called her laptop. He saw kushi laying in bed tears mark in her cheek. He called  her  kushiii

Kushi:cryingly ask him what 

Arnav :hey ediot dont cry i dont have girl frd. U have any doubt ask her ur anjaliji. 

Kushi:looked at him happyly

Arnav: smiled  at her. Ok bye  i will call you later 

Kushi :arnavji

Arnav:ask wushi. 

Kushi :when you came here 

Arnav:after 2 days ok bye i will  call u evening ok. 


Thank you  everyone  i have some  work so i finished my stoys fast. 

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Jun 1, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 23 times)

Thank you all please  comment  my storys. I have some work so i finished  my  storys fast. Then only  i will update continuesly. Plz comment . 

Raizada house :everyone  eat lunch. And talking  each  other  in hall. 

Garima  called Saradha  mobile. She ask 

H r u bhabi. 

Garima  :fine saradha ji. Where  is kushi

Saradha give her phone to kushi. And said ur mom. She hearing  this happy. And hello mom h r u. 

Garima :fine beta h r u i want to  see u. 

U just  come here na. 

Kushi:remember  arnavs words and says mom arnavji is not here he leave Mumbai  for  some  urgent meeting. I will come after  2days ok mom. 

Saradha snatch the mobile  and says bhabi  she will come to meet u now with mano. 

Garima:hearing  this  happy. And says thank you. 

Kushi huged saradha and says thank you  aunty. She tuch her cheek go get ready  for  i will inform driver. She nods 

After some time gupta house  :

Mano and kushi enter  the  house. Garima  welcome  them both. She did aarthi to kushi. 

kushi:mom where is jiji dada. 

Mano :ask han where is dad and payal. 

Garima :payal went our london hospital. 

Ur dada went office and hospital. 

Mano:bhabi  are u ok. 

Garima :huged kushi i missed  my daughter  mano i just want to see her so called you. 

Kushi:mom its k. Mom i want jelaybi. 

Garima  happy hearing  this and leave the kitchen. 

Kushi and mano spend some time with garima. Mano says we will  leave bhabi its getting  late. 

Kushi mobile is silent mood. She dont noticed. Muhanya play with her mobile  she dont noticed her mobile. 

Garima :huged kushi and say bye 

Raizada  house:

Anjali and kushi talking  each  other. And muhanya  sleeping  in nani room. Arnav called anjali mobile  she said kushi chote  called me. 

Kushi:getting  tensed and asked what

anjali says shhhh... Wait. She attend  the  call hello chote. 

Arnav:di where is ur bhabi she dont attend  my call and howmany time i called her. 

She dont pic my call. 

Anjali ask kushi silently  bhabi  where is ur mobile. She said in my handbag. 

Arnav:hello di r u there. 

Anjali: han chote  she is sleeping  i dont see her . I am in my room. Kushi run to her room and take her mobile. And checked  60missed calls lot of messages. She getting  tensed  and scared of him. 

Arnav called kushi mobile she attend the call in first  ring. 



Arnav in stren  voice  why dont you  attend  my call . Where  are  you  going. 


kushi:stammered  oh arnavji i and i sleept i did not see the mobile . She tell in one breath. 


Kushi :ji

Arnav :shout  kushiii ur going to ur mom house so u dont attend  my  call. Y r u lieing  kushi. 

Kushi :scared  of his anger  . I am sorry arnav ji.

Arnav:y r u lieing  to me. 

Kushi:cryingly says my mobile  was silent  i didn't  noticed . Muhanya  playing  with my mobile  so she put mobile  in  silent. 

After  that me and Anjali ji talk to her room my mobile  in my bag. So di lieing  to  u. And i also suport anjaliji  i told everything  i am sry please forgive  me  arnavji. 

Arnav:hmm wipe ur  tears  first . U didn't  attend  my  call  na so  i am just tensed . Then i  called mom. 



Arnav: kushi

Kushi: ji


Kushi :ji what 


Kushi:ji and both of them laughed 

Arnav:ask how is mom  and dada 

Kushi :both r fine. 



Arnav:called mrs raizada  


Arnav :kushi plz dont call me ji ji. Call me arnav. 

Kushi:hmm ji. Arnav:kushiiii

Kushi :says arnavji aunty called me i will go downstairs i cut  the  call. 

Arnv:kushi u dont go  anywhere call me arnav. 

Kushi:arnavji please  i dont call you please . 

Arnav :smiled  its ok leave it kushi. Han kushi i will  come today nt flyt.  

Kushi:hearing  this  happy. Ji. 

Arnav ask say something  kushi. 

Kushi :i missed  you  arnavji. 

Arnav:same to u kushi. 

Arnavji drive carefully  k.he said ok bye 

Kushi:ji . 

Anjali:called kushi. 

Kushi came to her room bhabi  see muhanya has fever. Kushi tuch her head  di dont worry i will give injection . Nothing  to worry. kushi give injection  she crying  in pain . Anjali comfort  her. 

Mami nani saradha everyone  kushi in Anjali  room. Everyone sleept kushi and Anjali  not sleep and give her medicine on time. anjali says bhabi  u just go and sleep i will take care of her. No anjaliji  u just sleept i will give her medicine . U sleep. Please. Anjali  sleept. 

Arnav enter the house around 12:30 he straightly go to  his  room  but he saw kushi is not there. He changed his dress and came to her di room. He saw kushi give medicine  to muhanya. He came near  and tuched her shoulder she scared and going to  shout  but arnav closed her mouth in his hand. She breathing heavily. 

After sometime  both came out of the  room. 

Arnav:ask what happen to muhan kushi

Kushi:fever arnavji. She will be fine in morning. U dont worry. Its allready getting  late ur looking  tired go and some sleep arnavji. 

Arnav:no i am helped  u. I am not tired. 

Kushi :look at him. Muhan crying  . 

Arnav:kushi muhan crying  she run to anjali room. Arnav fallowed  her. 

Kushi :lift muhanya in her arms she crying  continuesly  she saw arnav and stop crying. 

Kushi:ask muhanya u like this loadgoverner very much. 

Arnav :smiled hearing  her talk. After sometime  muhanya sleept. She is better  now. Kushi sitting in the floor near muhanya bed. Arnav sleept her lap kushi also sleept. 

Its morning :first  Saradha  wake up and look at everyone  sleept. She saw arnav and kushi. She called arnav. 

Arnav :wake up and called mom. She said u and kushi go to  ur room and sleept go chote. She try to  wake up  kushi but arnav stop  her. Mom she sleept just now. I will  take care. He lift her to his room. Arnav make her lay down  the bed. And he also sleept  beside  her. She is looking  very tired. Arnav kissed  her forehead. She hold her shirt  tightly like a child. Arnav said i love mrs raizada. I love u so much. 

Next day morning :muhanya run to play in gared with nk. 

Anjali helped Saradha  in kitchen nani and mami doing pooja. Arnav drink his coffe. Akash going  to jogging. 

Anjali ask chote where  is  kushiji. She is sleeping .coffee. 

Arnav:di wait she didn't  sleep yesterday  nt. She is very tired she can sleep for sometime na di. 

Anjali smiled  brightly. She ask u love her na. She is very nice chote. 

Arnav:where is muhanya . She is with nk in garden chote. 

Its afternoon :kushi wakeup and saw the time  she was shocked . heyDevimayya 

she run e wash room and get ready  and came downstairs . She saw Saradha  Anjali  nani mami sitting  and talking  each other. 

Saradha called kushi come. She came near  Nani  and says i am so sorry i sleept  long time  i am sorry. 

Anjali  :kushiji please dont say sorry. U dont sleep yesterday  nt. U take care of  muhanya full nt we all sleept. Thank you  so much bhabi. 

Kushi:anjaliji  i am also part of this family na. Then y r u saiying thank you. 

Anjali  :ok come u will eat first . 

Saradha nani mami says our chote is very lucky na. 

Kushi called arnav mobile   he is busy with his meeting. 

She message  him hi loadgoverner. 

He replying  i am in meeting.


Arnav:i will  call u after halfnever ok. 


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Jun 2, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 28 times)

Thank you all my readers  please  comment  my storys. 

Kushi waiting  for  arnavs call. But he dont call her. 

Kushi :called again after  halfnever. 

Arnav busy with  his work so he dont attend  her call. 

Kushi called again . 

Arnav:hello i am busy he cut the  call. 

Kushi :loadgoverner. 

Nk:knock  the door 

Kushi :smiled  at him  come nk. 

Nk:bhabi  i want to  go  college  tour. 

Kushi :wow thats great  news enjoy nk. 

Nk:offo bhabi  arnav dont alow me. So please  u just talk to  him for me please. 

Kushi:ask what 

Nk:bhabi  please. 

Kushi :think  herself  and said i will try nk. But i am not sure ok. 

Nk :smiled  thank you  bhabi. 

aftetsometime kushi and anjali talking each other. Muhanya watching  tv.

 Suddenly  both of them hearing  arnavs name in tv kushi and anjali sees tv. Flash news that great  asr in love with  lavanya. lavanya and arnav photos also sees kushi. She shocked  seeing tears  flow  in  her eyes.

 Anjali says bhabi  this is wrong  news Please  dont cry. 

Kushi:anjaliji please  leave  me alone for sometime. 

Anjali :nodes her head  ok she and muhanya leave  from  kushi room.

Kushi :closed  the  door  and remember  the news she crying. She think herself  he loves  that girl na. Why he forced  marry  me. 

Anjali called arnav mobile hello chote. 

Arnav:tell me di. 

Anjali:told everything  what happen  in before  sometime. 

Arnav:ok di i will take care. He is angry for that chanel. 

Arnav:called his pa aman. And says i am married  5days back my wife name dr. Kushi kumari aranav sing raizada . I will send all the detail to u. Give this news to all the chanel right now. 

Aman :ok ASR. 

Arnav drive his car fast and come home. And called kushiiii kushiii come here i want  to talk to you. 

Saradha :chote  that news 

Arnav:maa that was wrong news . 

Arnav:called kushi kushi please  come down. 

Kushi. Wipe her tears  and came down 

Arnav switch on the tv in hall.the flash news The great  ASR  married  before  5 days back his wife is also very richfamily her name Dr. kushi Kumari Arnav  sing raizada its an love come arranged marriage. He dont love lavanya that was wrong news  we r sry for  that. 

Everyone  relief  now. 

Kushi run to  huged  arnav and said  I  am sry. I just hearing that news  its hurting  arnavji. 

Arnav:its ok leave  it. She looked at him i am sry. He dont say anything  to  leave his room. 

saradha called chote but arnav said  maa please  leave  me alone  for  sometime 

Saradha :kushi u can go ur room. She nods her head  and leave her room.  

Kushi enter  the  room  and closed  the  door. She looked  at arnav he is busy with  his  laptop. 


Kushi:i am sry 

Arnav:i dont forgive  you. 

Kushi :eyes full of tears  and said  ok then punish me. 

Arnav:wipe her tears . Dont cry kushi  its hurting  me. 

Kushi :ji. 

Arnav mobile  ring he attend  the  call  hello aman 

Kushi:shook  her head heydevimayya always  busy with  his laptop  r mobile. 

Dont think about me my feelings. 

kushi talk herself  and came down. Anjali and nk look at her and called bhabi.

Kushi look at them both. 

Anjali ask if chote  angry  with you. 

Kushi:no anjaliji. U know  ur chote  dont care for  me. He dont love me. He always  his mobile business  laptop she speak continuesly  nk and anjali laughed seein her. 

Arnav:cut the call and saw kushi  is  not in room. He came down. 

Anjali and kushi talking each  other. 

Arnav came sit beside kushi. He stare  at her continuesly. She ask what 

Arnav:i am hungry  he look at her romanticaly. 

Kushi:faking smiled and said go and ask ur mother  she will feed u. 

Anjali ask what you want chote y r u distrub u my bhabi. 

Arnav:di he hold his head  ahh aaa di my head is paining so i am asking her some treatment. 

Kushi:look at him he winked at her. She get nervous. 

Anjali :do somthing he is in paining. 

Kushi:anjaliji  woo woo she stammered  her words and said ok. 

Arnav :kushi i am waiting  for  u.come fast he leaving  upstairs. 

Anjali :says Saradha maa chote  has headache. 

Saradha  says kushi  wait i will  prepared  his black  coffee  then he will better. 

Kushi:think herself  omg everyone trust him his words whatever  he said. 

Kushi enter her room with arnav black coffee. Arnav closed  the  door and step forward  to  kushi. 

Kushi:heart beat raise fast 

Arnav move close to her, kushi look him

He raise his hand tuck her hair  behind her ear. He lean kiss her forehead. She start to breath heavily. He went so close to her she close to her eyes. Dr. Madam he whisper in her ear she open her eyes 

Arnav raised  his eyebrows 

Kushi:push hime and leave from there. 

She came to anjali room. 

Anjali:bhabi  u came where is chote 

Kushi:in little  anger ur chote is perfectly fine he is acting  he dont have headache 

Anjali:smiled seeing her bhabi. 

Kushi:anjaliji  i am confiused plz tell about ur brother. 

Anjali :what happen  bhabi u like him na then only u dont stop ur marriage. 

Kushi :anjaliji  i am scared  of his anger 

And he dont know  he love me or not he dont say anything  but he care for me. 

Anjali :bhabi  u need to understand  if u understand him u love  him so much. 

i know  he loves u so much. U know  my chote  dont see any girl he dont talk any girl. We r all shocked  when he marry u. 

And he says i love her.First  time  we r all hearing  such a word  about  from his mouth. But u only perfect for my chote 

Kushi :but anjalii.  When he says i love u to me. I am waiting  for  that. 

Arnav in his room working  with  his  laptop. When kushi mobile  ring. 

He saw the name it was payal

His anger raised. 



Arnav:i dont want talk to  u. And vo away from my wife. He cut the call. 

After sometime kushi enter her room. And saw her loardgoverner working with his laotop. 

Kushi :called arnavji 


Kushi :ask r u k

Arnav:angrily  ask whats ur broplem . U think i am always  bhaind u and talk to u i have lot of work. If u dont like  me the leave  this house r divorce  me. 

Kushi shocked  hearing  this all. His every words hurtt her she cryingly  lay on the bed and fall sleept. 

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Jun 3, 2017

Love come arranged marriage and revenge (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 44 times)

Thanks to all my readers.plz comment my storys.

Raizada house :

Its morning:

Arnav wake up and saw empty room.he think where is she .he remember what he says yesterday nt.he feel bad....he run to downstairs and saw anjali and muhanya drink coffee.saradha and mami in kitchen.

Akash and his dad reading news paper.

Arnav:called kushi mobile but mobile was switched off.he is very tensed.

Anjali:ask chote r u searching bhabi

Arnav:han di where is she.

Anjali :she went hospital some emergency so she leaving.

Arnav:smiled ok di.he came to room and ready for office.

Kushi:is busy with hospital work.

Dr.kirthi:hi kushi 

Kushi:hey kirthi h r u.

Kirthi:u forget ur best frd na.I am angry with u.

Kushi:y I did anything wrong.

Kirthi:no u hide to me still u dont say anything.

Kushi:ask what I am hide to u nothing like that .

Kirthi:tuch her mangalsuter and sindoor this is.y dont u inform me.

Kushi:remember everything and she crying.

Kirthi:seeing her crying she is shocked.kushi any problem.

Kushi:hugged her and share with her  everything.

Kirthi:wipe her tears and says dont feel everything will be fine soon ok.


Payal came from London.garima and dada welcome her.she ask maa if kushi called is she maa.

She dont call me maa.she forget me na.

Garima:u know her na.and her she dont call u.but she ask me about can she forget u.

Payal:maa I missed her so much maa.I want to see her maa.I called her mobile yesterday but ...

Garima :but what beta .

Payal:maa her husband attend my call.he says go away from my wife .I dont say anything to him.

Garima:yes u just away from her.thats good for ur sister life .u want her happy na.and u just away from that raizada house u dont do anything wrong about that family.promise me.

Payal:no maa I dont promise u.I know maa that ashwin only the reason for my dad dead.y dont u and dada understand that maa.

Garima:I understand beta but now kushi life is important na beta.she loves him .and arnav also loves her but he dont like u .but he speak to me and ur dada nicely .he loves his family so he angry like that.u just forget and forgive them R  u forget ur sister.garima leave from there cryingly.

Payal:think herself yes maa is right.kushis life also important na.but I dont forgive that Ashwin raizada.

I will punish him oneday .

Arnav in office.he called kushi mobile but she dont attend his call.he missed her smile and messages.

He called again and again but she dont attend .

He remember his and payal conversations in before his marriage.


Arnav mobile ring .he attend the call hello

Police:sir ur dad meet with accident .

Arnava:shocked dad dad sir my dad he is fine is he now.

Police :he is in hospital sir but he is fine.

Arnav run to see his dad .his heart in pain seeing his dad .he called dad r u ok .

Ashwin :yea fine arnav.

Arnav :ask who did this accident dad.

Ashwin:I dont know beta.

Arnav:y r u lieing dad.I know it was payal gupta.

She did this 5th time.u dont do anything wrong with her dad na .then why she is understand dad.I dont leave her this time .

Ashwin :no u dont do anything to her.just forget it .see I am fine na.

Arnav:y r u forgive her dad.but I dont forgive her dad.

Ashwin:shout arnav .if u distrub her then u just forget ur dad.

Arnav:dad .ok fine .

Arnav:called payal she attend the call hello

Payal:how Is ur dad arnav he is fine na.its just a trailer.

I dont leave ur whole family.wait and watch.

Arnav:payal ur worng .try to understand .my dad dont do any mistake.I know him very well.

Payal:noooo .... u dont know anything about ur dad.I dont leave ur dad and ur family.

Arnav in asr mood :oh really u challenge me .wait and watch payal .u know about my character na.if u hurt my family then I also hurt ur family.

Payal:Mr.raizada u can't do he said I can do anything payal.....just wait and see.....

Then arnav called harish and married kushi.



AKASH :called payal she attend the call hello 

Akash:when u came from London.

Payal:morning..she ask how is kushi .and aunty .

Akash :everyone is fine .how is aunty dada.


Akash :y r u sounding dull.r u ok.

Payal:I want to see my sister .I missed her so much akash.

Akash:then u can come our home.

Payal:but arnavji

Akash:I will talk to him u just come ok.

Payal :hearing this happy.

Akash:ok I will call u later bye take care.

Payal :bye .

Raizada house:kushi came from hospital and go to her room .freshup and came down .

Mano:ask kushi,how was the day betia .ur looking tired.

Kushi:mamiji my head is paining .she ask where is aunty anjaliji nani nk muhanya.

Mano:everyone going mandir.kushi and mano drinking coffee.mano ask beta u dont talk to payal.

Kushi:I am confused mamiji.if I talk to her na arnavji feel bad .I dont know what to do.but I missed my jiji.she can do anything for me.

After sometime arnav and akash came from office.

Mano :arey u both came early today .

Akash:han maa.maa one coffee send my room he leave his room.

Mano :also leave from hall prepared coffee for akash.

She ask arnav betva u want ur black coffee.

Arnav:no mamiji.he sees kushi .she silently reading some books.she dont look at him.



Arnav:I want coffee .

Kushi:ji she leave kitchen prepared coffee for him.

Arnav:freshup and waiting for his wife .

Kushi:came with his black coffee.he drink the coffee.

Kushi try to leave the room.but arnav called her .


Arnav:I am sorry.I am just angrily talk to u . I dont mean it

Kushi:how can you say such a big word arnavji its hurting a lot .she crying .

Arnav:kushi please dont cry.I dont have any intention to hurt you.I am just anger that time.I am sorry for hurting u.



Kushi:also smiled at him back.

Arnav :kushi 


Arnav:ask u like white rose na

Kushi:yes I love it

Arnav:u like ur devimayya na


Arnav: u like to wareing saree always na.

Kushi :yes yes 

Arnav:u love ur arnavji very much na

Kushi :yes yes yes yes 

Arnav:looked at her and smirks

Kushi:speak to herself heydevimayya what I am did.she says ur chiting me.

Arnav:oh really then proof me.she ask how 

Arnav move close to her.and kissed her forhead.she closed her eyes.she getting nervous .he look at her and smiled .she also smiled .

Hp knock the door .she move a side .arnav baiya saradha maa called u both

Arnav:we will come .

Arnav and kushi came down.

Saradha:smiled when u came kushi .how was the day.

Arnav anjali akash and nk teased offo maa what a motheinlaw and daughterinlaw.

Saradha:han u leave us oneday and this nk leaving clg.akash and arnav leave office .ur dad and my brother always my kushi only be with me.u all west.kushi smiled hearing this.anjali mouth in o shape.nk maa.

Everyone eat dinner together and chitchating.arnav continuously stare at kushi.

Kushi:seeing this her heart beat faster.she didn't eat properly.and she try to leave but nk called bhabi.

Nk:permission tour clg.

Kushi:remember han ok .sure .

Arnav watching both of them arnav ask nk what you want.

Nk:look at kushi .she nods tell him.

Arnav:what the ?

Nk:bai we all going clg I am also 

Arnav:u dont go anywhere..

Nk:face dull hearing this.

Anjali try to support him but arnav di please u just away from this matter.

Kushi:looked at him shocked .she feel bad for nk.she says loardgoverner.

Arnav:looked at her raised his eye brow ask what.

Kushi :getting nervous.

Anjali:know very well her brother .so she dont get angry on him.he also care for nk.

Arnav in his room.after sometime kushi also came and closed the door.she look at arnav and ask y u talk like that .di feel bad na.he says I know my sister.u dont worry.


Arnav:I have video conference u sleep.

Kushi:wo wo arna v ji ar navji I want to talk to u.

Arnav:started to walk forward to her .she step back unknowingly kushi getting tensed hey devimayya how can I stop him.

Kushi:arnavji ji she look at his eyes she forget everything.she try to talk about nk matter.and said wo arnavji nk nk tour please allow but her words halted when arnav placed his lips on hers..

Kushi:eyes grew wider suddenly kushi mobile ring arnav leave her immediately.kushi lowered her head not able to face him.



Arnav:what u asking before sometime.

Kushi:ah ahaa woo wo 

Arnav:start to teased her aah woo what

Kushi:nk tour 

Arnav:u dont hear what I am said in downstairs.thats final.

Kushi:ji.she went to sleep..

Arnav smiled seeing her.

He came to nk room and knock the door.he open the door.nk ask bai u dont can I sleep da my brother is sad because of my decision.

Nk:no no bai not like that .I know my bai .

Arnav :hugged him.ok u can go ur clg tour ok.

Nk:shocked hearing this.first time he changed his decision.he hugged him happyly thank you. Bai.

Arnav came to room and saw kushi sleept.he kissed her forehead.he wishperd I love you Mrs.raizada.

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