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Jun 11

ARSHI SS DYAD (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 29 times)

Guys, here is my second story. DYAD-something that have two parts. It is the story of the twin brothers the Dyad A&R Arnav and Rehan - ArHan. Hope you will enjoy the story.


Arnav and Rehan were discussing about their day and today it was through Skype as he was in Paris for a deal and Rehan was in Delhi. Arnav saw Rehan taking a sip from his drink.

Arnav: Reny! Again you started drinking?

Rehan: No Arny, why would I? It’s just the quota of bear you had allowed me on weekends. By the way where is yours?

Arnav: Oh! Its Friday today!

Rehan: Of course. You had forgot it? Come on take you drink.

Arnav took it because of his stubborn brother. Rehan noticed him different today because he was looking lost from the start and now he just took the drink, without sipping it, just kept there.

Rehan: Hey! What happened to you? Where are you lost? You had even forgotten it is weekend. Say it, what is the matter? Did somebody hurt you?

Arnav: What? Nothing happened to me. So tell me about the new interns, how they all are working?

Rehan: They all are working good, but you don’t change the topic yaar. What is it? Did your new building collapsed?

Arnav: Shut up! Nothing happened to the project. It is something else.

Rehan: What is it?

Arnav: Yaar, there is a legal advisor for the other company; I had just saw her on the party.

Rehan: Oh, it’s a girl. So is she hot?

Arnav: Reny!

Rehan: Ok, ok boss. So what is it with her?

Arnav: I don’t know yaar, I really don’t know. I was just sitting there uninterestedly with a drink and clicking the surroundings in my camera.

Rehan: Typical ASR.

Arnav: Are you listening?

Rehan: Ok sorry!

Arnav: Just then someone called her there, and that too to sing. I was about to get up and walk away but seeing her I was just stuck there. Looking like an angel in white, and her voice yaar, I don’t know. And most importantly the song one of Mom’s favorite. I couldn’t control myself and my camera too it’s on accord clicked and clicked her picture.

Rehan: Don’t tell me the love at first sight ****.

Arnav: I don’t know about all that, but surely I want to know her more.

Rehan: So what have you planned?

Arnav: Nothing yet, but surely I want to meet her.

Rehan: Finally, my brother proved that he is a man.

Arnav: Reny!

Rehan: I said the truth Arny, it is the first time you are speaking about a girl, and so what is this special about her that the great ASR fell for her?

Arnav: She is special, that is only I can say now.

Rehan: Don’t get attached too much yaar, please don’t get hurt.

Arnav: Hey, she is not like that.

Rehan: You have gone man. So where is the photo of my Bhabhs?

Arnav: Don’t you dare Mr. Rehan Singh Raizada, don’t you dare to play your cheap flirting with my girl. She is not your babes.

Rehan: You got me wrongly idiot, I hadn’t said babes, I had said Bhabhs, modern name for Bhabhi, meaning Brothers wife. And don’t worry man as Mom had said Bhabhi is our second mother. As she will be younger than me if not mother she will be my sis, ok?

Arnav: You don’t have to justify Reny, and you know me.

Rehan: Of course Mr. possessive Raizada. So she will be your babes and my Bhabhs. So where is she? Show me?

Arnav: Here.

Rehan: I can’t blame you yaar, she is beautiful and innocent too.

Arnav: I know. Ok, good night then.

Rehan: Good night buddy and today you are too eager to sleep. Ok then dream about my Bhabhs.

Arnav: (Smirking) Sure. So don’t drink much and sleep.

Rehan: Yes boss.

Both the brothers chuckled at that going offline.


Next i will update the character sketch. Before that Guys, tuesday is my course viva. So i will update my stories only after that. Pray for me and I hope you all will support me just like for 'Love of modern hearts'.


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Jun 15

Character Sketch (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 19 times)

Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav Singh Raizada is the arrogant angry beast for the world. But he is amiable with the loyal and hardworking employees like Aman and Payal and respects the senior employees who used to work with his father even though he hates him to the core. Rehan or Reny is his only family and everything apart from their Bua who lives in Varanasi and maternal family. He was as if dead when Rehan was addicted to alcohol and drugs years back and he had to act very strict to bring his Reny back to life. He loved his Mom to bits and her death due to their dad has a high impact on both the brothers. He shows to the world that he doesn’t believe in the concepts like love and commitments but in the heart of hearts waiting for that to happen. As he was afraid of relationships he doesn’t even pay heed to any women other than for profession. After their Mom gone and father brought his new wife home he along with Rehan left the house towards their maternal uncle in Boston. They used to live there but never accepted any money for their needs as they both worked hard during free times and became what today. His mother wished him to be an architect due to his drawing skills and so it was his passion from childhood and that is what he is now. He completed post graduation from Harvard and now is the CEO of AR builders and developers under AR corp. We can say his best friends are plants, guitar, and camera.

Rehan Singh Raizada

Rehan was the coolest among the brothers until some years ago but one incident made him drawn in guilt and regret and he became ruder than the ASR himself. He loves his Arny to the core and he can’t even sleep until he discusses his day with him but there is one thing that he hid from his brother. He too doesn’t believe in love and commitments but unlike his brother who is allergic to girls, he is a total playboy but apart from casual flirting and one night stands he can’t tolerate women. Even after the dark phase of his life, he accomplished his passion, his mother’s wish with the constant support of his brother that is to be a doctor. He had completed his graduation and specialization from Oxford University. He is the CEO of AR College and hospitals and along with doctor sometimes to avoid loneliness he works as a professor too. Unlike Arnav he doesn't mind girls throwing themselves at him or he acts like that but never mixes his personal life with the profession. In profession, he is the strict and arrogant boss who never tolerates mistakes. Both the brothers like to mock each other’s profession and sarcasm is their best friend. Even though Angelina Richard their mother died out of cancer the sons know it’s their father who killed her. Like Arnav we can say his best friends are drums and books.

Khushi Arora

Khushi is nothing but her name. She was a happy bubbly Khushi in childhood but the sole reason she forgot to even smile now is her father who uses her for his benefits and mother who says nothing against the father. She wanted to be an architect and they made her a lawyer when she became one she liked to be a civil one to help poor and he was adamant for her to become a criminal lawyer or a legal adviser of MNC’s so that they can get ample money. She never was a girly person from childhood so she used to play all the boy’s games along with the neighborhood kids but that was never fine with her parents. They wanted her to dress up as per their wish behave as per their wish, even think as per their wish them. At first, she used to fight for her justice but gradually she left everything and done everything they wanted unknowingly. According to her father, they had done everything best for her but according to her other than loving her. When it was time for college they sent her to Cambridge University because for them it was the best university. Anjali is her only friend who was her senior in college and her parents allow her to go out only with her whether it is inside or outside the country. She knows life is not a fairytale but still hopes for love but generally hate men who play with girl’s feelings. As per her, no men can ever understand women for what they are.

Anjali Singhania

Anjali Singhania is Khushi’s friend from college who is a doctor by profession still struggling hard to stabilize her life. She was from a middle-class family but with the scholarship, she achieved her wishes to become a doctor. She had once taken a decision against the wishes of her family and it changed her whole life and till too she is ashamed to face them because of the guilt. She and Khushi became friends due to pain and thus always with each other in thick and thin.

Aman Mathur

Arnav’s manager at Delhi branch. Respects his bosses and very loyal to them. They consider him as their friend but his middle-class life is always pulling him back from accepting that. Very loyal towards work and forgot even to marriage. (He is a good character)

Akash Mehra

Akash is Rehan’s assistant and Aman’s best friend. But unlike Aman, he treats the AR as his friends. He always goes to AR B&D saying to see Aman but it is actually to meet Payal which he thinks nobody knows.

Payal Malhotra

Head interior designer at AR B&D. Is in love with Akash.

Vijay Arora and Kaveri Arora

Vijay does what he likes and thinks everybody wants it and Kaveri follows his every word. He will do anything for money. He is frustrated because he didn’t have a son and blames his wife for that. She too thinks it to be her ill fate and blames everything upon Khushi. Both of them never give a hear to what Jayashree says in case of their injustice towards Khushi.

Jayasree Arora

Khushi’s Dadi and the only one who care for her. She tried many times to instill goodness in her son but never succeeded. Hoping that the fairy tale love will happen for her chutki.

Avanthika Kumar

Arnav and Rehan’s Bua. The only one who acknowledges and care for the twins in their father’s side. A proud business women who care for the AR than her own brother. Calls Arnav as Chote and Rehan as Nanhe and adore them very much but right now worried about their future.

Gavin Richard and Sasha Richard

Gavin is AR’s mother’s brother and a professor whom they call as uncle and Sasha is his wife whom they call as tia (Spanish word for aunt) as she is spanish . Both loves the twins a lot and care for them more than their own son.

Nigel Richard

Gavin and Sasha’s son and AR’s cousin. He is a software engineer and cool fun loving guy. We can say he is actually afraid of his angry cousins but like to irritate them. He is younger to them and respects them a lot.




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Jun 19

Teaser for next part (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 11 times)

Guys here is a teaser for next part. Hope you are liking the story. And kindly please look into the character sketch because I had forgotten to mention some of them in the previous update. Read and say your views.

Anjali: Where did you get it?

Khushi: Was on the doorstep.

Anjali: But why are you angry? You can be proud my girl, here too you got a follower.

Khushi: Follower my foot. Anju, you know I hate these types of guys.


Jun 26

Part 1 The secret admirer (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 26 times)

Let us get into the story. I hope you all will like it.


At Anjali’s apartment

It was night and Anjali was sitting on the bed reading something in her nightgown and that’s when Khushi came there after her long shower in her night suit.

Khushi: Anju, how do you manage to wear these types of dresses always, oh now I can breathe properly?

She said placing the dress Anjali had brought especially for her for the party.

Anjali: I will manage Kuku because I wear all types of dresses not like you who are as if the brand ambassador of any jeans company. By the way, does Mr. Hitler allow you to wear all these types of dresses?

Khushi: That’s different story yaar, to court I can because I tell them it’s dress code but other occasions I don’t know how I carry their choice of dresses. And when Papa offered to work in abroad I accepted it readily.

Anjali: I am really sorry Khushi, last week only you came and from tomorrow I have a very busy schedule, I thought we can have some fun but

Khushi: Anju, it's okay. I can understand your situation and I am not complaining so no worries there are weekends right? We will surely enjoy then. But I want to ask you something else and I want you to think about what I am going to say. I know you always wanted to face your parents only when you will be able to stand up for yourself so working hard for that and I respect that. But even after reaching this stage you are not thinking to go and meet them. Don’t you think it is high time you should go and meet them?

Anjali: Kuku I don’t know what should I do nor will they accept me back but I don’t want to be a burden on them; already there are three more girls there. I don’t want my bad shadow to fall on them and I don’t have it in me to go and stand in front of them after committing such a mistake. They all will be hating me so much, my chotis will be cursing me for what I have done, sometimes when I am really alone I feel to end this useless life but this lonely life is the punishment I am giving for myself.

Khushi: (Pressing her shoulders) Anju, don’t think like that and I still think it’s all your illusion they all would have forgotten what happened. And I am sure your sisters will be waiting for you.

Anjali: I hope so.

Khushi: And dare you to say you are alone. I am here right, as your sister. Or is it like this that I am only considering you as my Di?

Anjali: Never dear, you too are similar to my chotis. Ok now leave all this and tell me about your new job here.

Hearing that Khushi’s face fell.

Anjali: What happened? Any problem?

Khushi: (Faking a smile) Nothing yaar.

Anjali: Nothing? Khushi now only you said I am your Di and you expect me to believe this rubbish? Tell me what the problem is?

Khushi: The boss Anju, I don’t feel his intentions are good. Always finding ways to come to close to me, also none of the female employees have a good impression of him. Didn’t you notice tonight also he was acting as if he was the one who invited me there when it was clear that we went there as per your friend’s invitation?

Anjali: Why don’t you resign it then? As far as I know, you don’t like to work with such people and that is what you had told me too that you wanted to help poor not this type of rich brats.

Khushi: I know but do you think Papa will allow it? It was Papa’s wish that I should work in abroad for some time and I think his last deal was with these people. So he can’t say no to them but as it is over now I really wanted to leave that company but if I do so then Papa will call me back there.

Anjali: How disgusting, but what can we expect from Mr. Hitler? Is everything happen for money? So it is again for his business purpose he sent you here. But Kuku why can’t you fight for your basic rights at least that too when you feel the boss is not good? You are a lawyer who should fight for others right, but here you are even forgetting about your own rights?

Khushi: It is Ok, leave it Anju. I had lost interest in fighting for me and I think this is the better option at least I don’t have to save a murderer here. About the boss, if he tries to do something then he doesn’t know Khushi at all so don’t worry about it. Ok now let us forget it and tell me about your new friend.

Anjali: Actually I am her gynecologist. She came there with a stomach pain and she was so relieved getting rid of that she announced me as her friend.

Khushi: So what is she doing?

Anjali: You will be interested to know that, she is engineering pass out and right now working in a famous construction company here.

Khushi: Really? So which is the company?

Anjali: I don’t remember the name but it is very famous in abroad and you know what? I had heard that it was made from ashes and that too by a man who is nearly 28 now.

Khushi: Wow interesting, so have you met him?

Anjali: No yaar and Seema told me he is a private person and rarely comes into the limelight.

Khushi: He should be appreciated for this quality, I mean he doesn’t want to take credit and shout to the world that he had done this much when some people flaunt their status even if born with a silver spoon. And he is an Architect too

Anjali: That’s true, but you and your admiration of architects.

Khushi: Anju, you don’t know anything about that, so don’t you dare.

Anjali: Ok Madam. I am not saying anything. What is your tomorrow’s schedule? Any cases?

Khushi: Actually tomorrow I am free, so I thought to see Paris.

Anjali: Good decision, I will suggest you some good places and drop you when I am going.

Khushi: Ok then. I am off to bed then. Good night.

Next morning

At Arnav’s place

Arnav was trying on the phone for the the nth time, but Rehan was not picking up the phone. First, he was frustrated but then started to get tense, so he called on the land line and Rahim Chacha picked up the phone.

Chacha: Hello

Arnav: Chacha, it’s me Arnav. Where is Reny? He is there right, not gone out late? Was he over drunk last night? Why is he not picking the phone?

Chacha: Baba, Rehan Baba is not up yet, and no he was not over drunk, but I think he slept late yesterday. And you know that he will not hear me if you are not here.

Arnav: I know Chacha, I don’t know what I would do with this guy, any way you please go and give the phone to him I want to talk to him.

Chacha: Ok Baba.

Chacha knocked the door of Rehan’s room but there was no response from in, so he lightly pushed the door getting a doubt and to his surprise it was open. He entered the room as it was Arnav’s call otherwise who wanted to get an earful in the morning itself. He called him twice but there was no response at all, so gently touched his shoulder touching him

Chacha: Baba, Rehan Baba get up.

Rehan groaned frustratingly as his sleep got disturbed and raised his head as he was sleeping on stomach.

Rehan: What the hell Chacha? Why are you waking me now? What do you want now?

Chacha: (In a low voice) Baba, Arnav Baba is calling.

Rehan looked at the clock and groaned it was really late according to his early riser brother. He snatched the phone from Chacha putting it on his ear while pushed his face deep into the pillow.

Arnav: Reny, say sorry to Chacha now. You are angry with me so don’t take it on that elder man.

Rehan looked at Chacha and pouted holding his ear mouthing sorry and Chacha instantly smiled at him and gone to the kitchen to get his bed tea.

Rehan: Good morning monster.

Arnav: (Chuckling) Good morning sleepy head. Where is your phone?

Rehan: Yaar you won’t leave me right? I thought you will be busy with your plans to meet your lawyer, then too switched it off so that I can sleep at least today thinking by chance you will call and so you called on the landline, what is this man?

Arnav: (Serious tone) that is what doctor said right, to do regular workout and proper diet for some more time. Doctor, you are forgetting what you explain it to your patients.

Rehan: I know Arny, So going to jog?

Arnav: Hm.

Rehan: So your lawyer is early than you?

Arnav: For what?

Rehan: To jog of course.

Arnav: How do you know?

Rehan: You are easy to read man, I can guess that much from your happy voice. Are you planning to have an unexpected meeting during a jog?

Arnav: (Smirking) What do you think?

Rehan: Don’t scare the girl man.

Arnav: You are saying as if I am going to kidnap her.

Rehan: Can’t say anything about arrogant men like you.

Arnav: Look who is saying at least let me play a little man it’s my first experience, let us see what will be Madam’s reaction.

Rehan: Good luck man. By the way Arny you hadn’t told the name.

Arnav: It is like a mystery yaar, what little I know about her is she is a lawyer and colleagues call her as advocate K. I couldn’t even get to know the surname.

Rehan: OMG, is it ASR saying this? So when are you planning to give the resignation letter?

Arnav: Whose?

Rehan: Your manager of course. That’s what you usually do right, an instant resignation of inefficient one. Thank God Mathur hadn’t come with you.

Arnav: Excuse me you are supporting him over your brother?

Rehan: You’re my brother, that’s why I am saying this. So?

Arnav: It’s not his fault she is that much private I think.

Rehan: Very good luck then. By the way, I had heard there is a new vacancy of legal adviser in AR B&D’s Paris branch, can I recommend someone?

Arnav: What the! Don’t talk rubbish Reny, you know I was searching for someone efficient from a long time and it is not a new vacancy, don’t connect it with that.

Rehan: Yeah, yeah I know no need of cooking any story.

Arnav: You have gone mad Mr. Rehan Singh Raizada, bye.

Rehan: Go, go and enjoy; now you are happy right? By disturbing my sleep.

Arnav: Very! Now go and start the workout and don’t you dare to skip, I will ask Chacha.

Rehan: I know, I know your detective is here. Ok now bye.

Arnav: Bye, take care.

Rehan: You too.

At Anjali’s apartment

Khushi woke up very early like every day after she came as she has a habit of not getting sleep in new places. So she started for a jog as usual. Daily Anjali will be up when she comes back but today Khushi was surprised to see her still sleeping. She thought Anjali will be tired due to the tight schedule so decided to make coffee before calling her. And she entered the room calling for her with two cups of coffee.

Khushi: Anju, get up, get up. (Seeing her getting up) Good morning.

Anjali: Good morning. (Then thinking something and yawning) but why are you up this early? And why are you calling me now? You usually go for the jog?

Khushi: Hello looks at the time, madam.

Anjali: OMG, I had slept this late why didn’t you wake me up?

Khushi: (Chuckling) Relax Anju and now go and get ready otherwise you will be late again. By the way, when will the newspaper will come?

Anjali: Will be on the door by now. I will just come taking a bath.

Khushi nodded and gone to check whether the newspaper has arrived and as Anjali said it was on the door. She picked it up sipping her coffee and an envelope fell from it. She placed it on the dining table waiting for Anjali to come thinking it must be for her. Soon Anjali came ready in her salwar suit. Khushi seeing her

Khushi: Anju, an envelope is there for you.

Anjali: Envelope? But who will be? Ok, you please open and check what it is, while I will go and make the breakfast.

Khushi: Ok.

Saying this she picked up it and opened it going behind Anjali towards the kitchen. But seeing the content inside her jaw dropped. Anjali looked back to see why her chatterbox suddenly became silent. She asked seeing her look.

Anjali: What happened?

But Khushi was literally staring at the content that she hadn’t heard her. So Anjali asked shaking her.

Anjali: Kuku, what happened?

Khushi: Huh! Here see this.

Seeing the content Anjali’s mouth too was wide opened. Inside it was pictures of Khushi in various poses from yesterday night.

(Imagine Khushi in the different poses in the white dress with the given expressions)

Khushi: Wow, the pictures are so beautiful with a professional touch. (Suddenly getting angry) But who will dare to do this? That too with a girl?

Anjali: Where did you get it?

Khushi: Was on the doorstep.

Anjali: But why are you angry? You can be proud my girl, here too you got a follower.

Khushi: Follower my foot. Anju, you know I hate these types of guys.

Anjali: I think maybe he would know your lady goon style and because of that only left it in the door. Maybe he decided to be your secret admirer rather than getting an earful from you.

Khushi: Stop teasing me Anju, you are talking as if I am some type of villain and he is the heroin of daily soap. How dare he to take my pictures without my knowledge? Let me get into this, I am not going to leave him so easily.

Anjali: Poor he, but I have to say he captured your expressions beautifully with a professional touch; Look, you are genuinely happy here. Anyway leave that maybe he will not come again, it must be taken just like that. You tell me what you want for breakfast? I guess you haven’t learned cooking yet.

Khushi: I will take whatever you make because you make everything the best. And about my cooking you know this is the only thing I suck at; coffee is the maximum I can handle.

Anjali: You haven’t changed a bit, but how do your mother allow you to skip these all? She wanted you to be the perfect Bahu.

Khushi: Ramu kaka as always and Dadi too.

Anjali: So what are you going to do after marriage?

Khushi: I will marry a master chef then. See problem solved.

Anjali: (Giggling at her explanation) ok now go and get ready. Are you coming out with me? And remember we have to leave today not tomorrow, so come fast.

Khushi: Yeah sure, I will be right back.

Saying this Khushi literally ran to the room. Anjali shook her head at her friend because she knows what her right back meant. She looked at her retreating form smiling sadly thinking how can someone not like this innocent girl, but she knows the truth too her very own parents can. Soon her thoughts went to her own parents but she brushed it off not wanting to be sad from morning itself.

After almost an hour

Anjali: (From the hall) Kuku, are you coming or not? I am getting late.

Khushi came running ready in her jeans, t-shirt and jacket with just the lip-gloss on. Typical Khushi Anjali thought.

Khushi: Sorry got a little late, shall we leave now?

Anjali: Is this little late? You only have to put a lip gloss Kuku then for what are you taking this much time? Were you sleeping under the shower?

Khushi: (Showing puppy dog eyes) Di, don’t scold me in the morning itself.

Anjali: It will not work always Kuku, calling me Di like that. Anyway, you will never change.

Khushi: But you like me like this right

Anjali shook her head at that

Khushi: So shall we leave?

Anjali: First have your breakfast Kuku.

Khushi: What have you made? Oh my goodness, Paratha. Anju you don’t know how much I missed your Paratha there.

Anjali: Which is the soap Kuku?

Khushi: Anju!

Khushi: Kuku!

They both laughed at that. Suddenly Anjali got a call.

Anjali: (On-call) Yeah, I am starting in ten minutes.

Khushi: What happened?

Anjali: Emergency call.

Khushi: Then what are you waiting for. Let us move.

Anjali: But your breakfast.

Khushi: Don’t worry about me; I will have it in the car. Come.

In the car

Anjali was driving the car and Khushi was relishing the breakfast. Anjali giggled at the scene and Khushi raised her eyebrows indicating ‘what?’

Anjali: How can you have it like that? It is breakfast Khushi you should eat it properly. (With a sad face) It is my fault I shouldn’t have let you do this.

Khushi: Arrey yaar it’s ok and like that also it is not a new thing for me. Mamma-Papa sometimes even forget that they have a daughter, Dadi sometimes even didn’t have breakfast so for whom am I waiting, so I usually do it in the car. Today at least you are driving; there I have to do both, so chill.

Anjali just smiled at her and looked away so that Khushi will not see the tears. When they reached the town,

Khushi: Anju stop, I will get down here.

Anjali: Ok then have fun. And call me if you need anything.

Khushi: I will manage yaar, don’t worry.

Sharing a quick hug Khushi got down and Anjali drove away. Khushi started her journey from the town itself like Anjali had said; she was enjoying her freedom and solitary after a long time, so she was enjoying it to the fullest with places, food and what not.

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Jul 3

Part 2 The mystery continues (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 34 times)



A freshly showered Rehan was watering the plants after his heavy workout. Even though he is not very fond of gardening, he knows Arnav treat these plants as his kids and if anything happened to them he will take the house on his head.

His thoughts went back to his brother and the conversation with him last night. He thought it was the first time he had seen his brother like that and he was sure the girl has something special in her that attracted his Kadoos brother to her. He chuckled at his own thoughts, whom he was kidding? He is more difficult than Arnav after that incident. His mood was dull as he went back to his dark past which he still hadn’t shared with Arnav. But he is not ready for that too not when Arnav had started to at least start to relax seeing him (Rehan) back to life and now this interesting news he heard last night. He hope nothing go wrong for him (Arnav) because we can never say anything about the girls who just want money and power but seeing her he hoped she wasn’t one of them. And if she not turns out to be like what she looks like then the little hope he and Arnav have for a happy family too will be gone forever. He just hopes there is a beautiful life ahead at least for Arnav because he knows he didn’t have the right to wish that for himself.

His thoughts broke as heard the beep of the pager and knew he should wrap up all this and rush to the hospital. Today was really a busy day for him even if it is weekend. There was back to back operations scheduled and as the new interns will be joining today he will be having a hectic day. He took out his

dress from wardrobe and got ready and left soon.


At Anjali’s place

Khushi was waiting for Anjali after returning from her day out and she just want to tease Anjali saying she enjoyed a lot. That’s when she got a call and seeing the caller id her all mood to tease was gone.

Khushi: Hello Papa

Vijay: Khushi, what happened to the Jackson’s case?

Khushi: (Happily) we are surely going to win Dad; the case is actually baseless Mr. John is just accusing Jackson industries unnecessarily. And justice is with them too so,

Vijay: (Arrogantly) I don’t care about who is right or wrong, you have to make them win. You know I had a deal with Jr. Jackson and you have to make sure he will win. And after this case just ask him if he would like to continue with you being their legal advisor. It is good company and they will pay us well and now you know they are honest you will not having any complaint about that too. Otherwise just come back, are you hearing?

Khushi: (Sighed disappointedly) Hm.

Vijay: Here talk to your Mamma

Kaveri: Khushi there is one of your Papa’s distant relative staying there. I had told you are there so please go and meet them once.

Khushi: Mamma, but I don’t know them, then why? I don’t want to go.

Kaveri: Khushi they invited you and how can I deny? Don’t through your tantrums now. You should go, ok? Otherwise I will ask Anjali to take you there.

Khushi: (Disinterestedly) Ok Mamma I will go, don’t drag her in she is too busy. And Mamma is Dadi there?

Kaveri: She is in kitchen, wait I will give the phone to her.

Dadi: Chutki, kaisi ho? (How are you?)

Khushi: I am fine Dadi, or aap? (You?)

Dadi: How will I? Without my Chutki.

Khushi: Really? (Tongue on cheeks) So it is good right? Sometimes to away from there, at least I could get to know how much I will be missed.

Dadi: Shut up crazy. You just need a chance to start with your madness.

Khushi: I miss you Dadi.

Dadi: Me too dear. By the way where are you?

Khushi: Home, where else?

Dadi: Oh, but you are home this early? Didn’t gone to court today?

Khushi: Dadi, it is almost night here and one minute, are you alone?

Dadi: No Ramu is here. Why?

Khushi: Ok, (Happily) Dadi today was off so I had gone out.

Dadi: Really? So that’s why you asked am I alone. Ok so where is Anjali?

Khushi: Anju hadn’t come; she has a hectic schedule for few days.

Dadi: Chutki! You had gone out alone? Beta it’s an unknown city, then?

Khushi: Oh come on Dadi, your Chutki has grown up now, not the little kid.

Dadi: Yeah, yeah I had even forgotten you went there alone.

Khushi: By the way Dadi, you are in Kitchen. Didn’t I tell you not do any works when you have that knee pain?

Dadi: Now don’t start with it Chutki. What else would I do, when you too aren’t here?

Khushi: No that soap won’t work you please go and rest and Dadi tell my regard to Kaka. (Hearing the bell outside) I think Anju had come, I will call you later.

Saying this Khushi walked towards the front door.

Dadi: Ok, tell Anjali to call me later. I hadn’t talked to her for a long time.

She was about to open the door but saw an envelope which thrown through the bottom slit of door. Seeing that type of envelope again she instantly understood what will be the contents. She cut the call saying a quick bye and ran out as she heard the sound of a vehicle. She could only see the back side of a vehicle as it zoomed out. She sighed frustrated. Yesterday she decided to leave the matter thinking it to be just a prank like Anju said but now it was getting on her nerves. She was thinking who the hell will dare to do this? As far as she know she don’t know anyone other than her colleagues and Anju here, and they will never do anything like this so who will do this? She decided to find out it soon and she is not going to leave the person responsible for all this that easily. She entered inside and shut the door with her leg showing all frustration on it. She threw the envelope on the table without even looking at the pictures and decided to go for a shower before Anjali comes.

At night

Arnav returned home very late today. He placed his laptop bag on the bed and removed his blazer. He was having about to call the house help for the coffee that’s when his eyes fell on his image in the mirror. He stared at himself for a long time and he was really surprised seeing the foolish grin on his face. He don’t know what he should call himself because it is the first time he had neglected his work from morning and later realizing the time limit he had to spent a long night at office. That too by doing something really stupid, his mind chided him. All because of her he thought.

He liked the simple things she done today like playing with the kids at the park, helping an old blind lady to cross the road, relishing the food unlike today’s beauty conscious women etc. Today he got to know the innocence behind the mask she wore before others which he had witnessed on the party. Like Rehan asked what is about her he don’t know. But he don’t have answer to that something about her pulls him towards her and today almost spending a day with her he really wanted to know more about her. But why? His heart questioned him. She was different from all the ladies he has seen till today and has so many similarities to him and maybe in near future she will be a friend he never had his mind found the best answer for time being.

Now all he wanted was a full dinner as he was famishing and a good sleep as he can’t work more today. He decided to get up early because he have to work on the drawing all by himself because it was one of his dream project and he didn’t wanted any assistant to do that. From the word assistant he thought about Aman and called him.

Arnav: Aman how was the deal?

Aman: It was good ASR, I had said them we will not move an inch from our conditions and at last they agreed.

Arnav: (Arrogantly) I know that they will agree, because anybody who loss that deal will be a fool and Aman, how many times I have to tell you at least don’t call me ASR outside the office.

Aman: Sorry ASR, I mean sorry Arnav.

Arnav: Now that is better and Aman you have to come here soon man after wrapping up that deal. Man it is too difficult to handle the office and blueprints together, the idiot here only know to flirt I think I have to fire him soon.

And Aman was over the moon hearing him as he know what he meant by that and it is not easy to be praised by ASR and that too in work related matters.

Aman: Sure Arnav, I will take tomorrow’s evening flight.

Arnav: Ok then, good night.

Aman: (Frowned as it was the first time) good night and see you soon.

Arnav: Bye.

He cut the call and gone for a quick bath asking for a coffee.

Anjali’s place

Anjali came at night only to witness Khushi sitting with cross legged on the sofa munching over popcorn, murmuring to herself and the TV was showing some cookery show.

Something is not right, she thought. She came inside and placed her bag on table but Khushi hadn’t recognized her presence.

Anjali: What happened to you that you are killing those poor popcorns? And look at this, you, you are watching a cookery show?

Khushi: (Throwing her hands in air, showing an irritating expression) don’t tease me now Dr. Anjali Singhania. I am very angry and I wish I could kill him.

Anjali: Who?

Khushi: I can tell that only if I know who it is. Why are you eating my head? Go and do your work.

Anjali shook her head at her crazy friend and headed to her room.

After sometime when she came out of Kitchen after preparing food, Khushi was in the same position without moving an inch. She placed the bowl on the dining table and was about to call her that’s when her eyes fell on the envelope. When she opened it she easily understood the reason of the tigress mood. It was again some beautiful snaps of starting from her morning jog to her outing.

Anjali sat beside Khushi with the envelope.

Anjali: So this is the reason of your bad mood?

Khushi sighed and placed the pillow in her lap and lied there keeping her head and sighed. Anjali ran her hands through her hair. Khushi turned and hugged her over her stomach.

Khushi: Why will be he doing this Anju? What is he trying to prove by all these? Today he slipped just by an inch.

Anjali: Means he had come here? Did you saw him?

Khushi: Yeah, I could see only the vehicle but I couldn’t note down the number nor I hadn’t seen him. Yesterday I had left it like you said but now I am not going to leave this. I am going to find who it is. By the professionalism of the snaps I think it might be some photographer and I had asked the guest list of the party to the manager. He said he will get it tomorrow. If he thinks he is smart then he forgot it is Khushi.

Anjali: You sure?

Khushi: Hm. And I think I will check with the nearby studios too. I mean somebody would have processed it right?

Anjali: I think you are right. We can’t leave it like that. Should I come with you?

Khushi: It is ok Anju, I will manage. Like that also I have to go to Jackson industries tomorrow. I have a meeting scheduled with Mr. Jackson and have to get that list too. I will check with the studios while coming back.

Anjali: Ok, but now come on get up, the dinner is getting cold.

They both after a delicious dinner and long chat hit the bed hoping this all will end tomorrow.

At Arnav’s place

Arnav was fast asleep on bed and his mobile vibrated disturbing his sleep. He picked up the phone without checking the caller and said in a sleepy voice.

Arnav: ASR here.

Rehan: You monster, you were sleeping?

Arnav: What the!

Rehan: Yes, what the. Arny why the hell aren’t you online?

Arnav: Huh!

Rehan: Wake up you idiot.

Arnav: (Frowningly to himself) now who is this, calling me this late?

Rehan: Hello, do you forget you have a brother?

Arnav: (Suddenly recognizing the voice) Reny!

Rehan: Exactly. Now come online man.

Saying this he cut the call. Arnav got up lazily and switched on to Skype.

Rehan: Oye, you hit on bed this early? I mean the owl ASR is asleep.

Arnav: Did you wake me up for this idiot? To hear your craziness?

Rehan: What else! Oh I got it you were dreaming. I thought I will tell you something interesting, but.

Arnav: What is it? There is some hot intern, who is ready to hit on you or you had gone for a date?

Rehan: Stupid me, I forgot I was talking to the ASR

Arnav: Finally, you understood it.

Rehan: What?

Arnav: (Cheekily) that you are stupid. By the way how many girls are there?

Rehan: Why? You want to try?

Arnav: No thanks, it is just to guess how busy you will be onwards.

Rehan: Yeah I forgot you have other people to drool on yeah by that, how was your day with your lawyer? Oye don’t look at me like that. If you are ASR, then I am RSR, don’t forget that.

Arnav: (In a dreamy look) it was different, but fruitful. I guess I got to know about her approach to life today in a different way. And guess what, we have so many similarities in the character.

Rehan: (Putting his hand on heart) Another ASR, don’t tell me please.

Arnav: Unfortunately yes.

The chat and teasing continued till late night and Arnav cursed him for making his sleep late as he have to get up early to complete his work.

Next day

Khushi was in the Jackson industries and informed the manager about her arrival. She told to get the list till she has a meeting. She entered the cabin and cursed under her breathe seeing the irritating Jr. Jackson there instead of his noble father.

Abel: Welcome, welcome I was waiting for you.

Khushi: Where is Mr. James?

Abel: Why? You will talk to him only. (Seeing her look) Oh now don’t get angry he sent me because he have an important meeting.

Khushi: (Muttering under her breathe) so, he know you won’t be able to handle the deal, that’s why send you here. He knows his son well.

Abel: Did you say something?

Khushi: No, not at all.

Abel: So, tea, coffee or cool drinks?

Khushi: I will prefer coffee Mr. Jackson.

Abel: You sure? I mean pretty ladies like you usually stay away from coffee, to maintain figure usually.

Khushi: You don’t have to worry about that. I will not get fat even if I eat two people’s food and actually I hadn’t come here to chit-chat. Where is the file I had asked for?

Abel: Oh, that’s good, here. And you can call me Abel

Khushi: I will like to be professional Mr. Jackson

Abel: (In mind: So you will not bend soon, let me see till when these will happen)

After sometime

During the whole meeting Abel tried different times to get into her. But she didn’t left a chance. He even asked for a date but she refused it outright making him more stubborn. When she got up he tired once again

Abel: Khushi, you look beautiful today.

Khushi frowned looking at her dress because nothing special was there.



Abel: And have anybody told you, you have beautiful nose.

Again she knows it is utter nonsense because everybody used to make fun of her in childhood about her button nose.

Khushi: I guess no, and Mr. Jackson, it is time for me to leave.

Abel: What is the hurry? And I forgot to tell you, you were looking gorgeous in the party.

Khushi’s mind got stuck on the words gorgeous and party. Her mind travelling at jet speeds, but didn’t said anything and faked a smile before leaving the cabin saying a quick bye. She collected the list before exiting the company and hired a cab to start her mission.


So guys, tell me how was it.














Precap: Arshi face to face

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Should I continue
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Please be sincere (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 24 times)

Guys it is your likes and comments that inspire me to continue my stories. This story is very close to my heart because I the Khushi here is inspired from a real person I know personally. And from the past updates I don't think you all are not much interested to know about this story. If yes please inform me. You can let me know positive and negative response but atleast let me know how you guys are taking it. Then only I can rectify if there is any problem. Thank you for all who voted and commented, it means a lot. And others please sincerely let me know your views and should I really continue writing.

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Jul 10

Part 3 Meeting her face to face (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 27 times)

Sorry for the delay and here is the third part

At Paris

As she sat in the cab and gone through the guest list. And as per earlier doubts she was searching for the professional cameramen and she got three persons in that. One was an old man but still working as it was his passion. He was an employee of Jackson industry itself and she had heard a lot about him from her colleagues. And from all those she knew he was not the person responsible for the photos. She searched about the other two in Google and got some basic information. After reading through it she called her one colleague who agreed to help her and asked to collect the necessary details about the two of them. That’s when she got a whatsapp message from Anjali who asked about the same and she texted back.

Khushi: Only three people with that profession. One is an oldie who works with JI. He is not the one. Another two Jayden Miller and Austin S Raphael. From Google it states that Miller works on daily soaps and Raphael have an Ad company, nothing much.

Anjali: So what are you gonna do?

Khushi: I wanna just check with the studios like I said yesterday.

Anjali: Are you sure this will work?

Khushi: Let me try at least. As I have some doubts now, I think it will be easy than earlier. And I have asked someone to do some background check.

Anjali: Good luck then. J.

Khushi: Hm. And Anju, I doubt that idiot Jackson have something to do with this.

Anjali: Why? What happened?

Khushi: The way he was talking to me today. But it is just a guess. Ok now I will get back to you. I think I have that call.

Anjali: Ok, bye.

After the call Khushi could understand that Mr. Miller too will not be responsible for this as he was off to Boston on the same night of party. So it is just Mr. Raphael now and I have to check with Mr. Jackson too. Thought a frustrated Khushi. She then enquired with all the famous studios there but no one hadn’t processed the photos she has, so she even went for the nearby not so famous ones too. Getting the same results from there too she was very much frustrated and literally fuming and to top of it was she heard someone humming the song ‘Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai’ which she sang on


It was almost night, and all she met was a dead end. So she decided to go home today and start the search tomorrow and was waiting for a cab for ages now, but as she came searching for the studio to a narrow lane getting a vehicle was almost difficult. The whole day was draining her and she was sweating with the walking now and discarded her coat and was just in tee and jeans. Also there was no other way than to walk as her phone too was dead and she wasn’t familiar with the number too so that she can inform Anjali. So she decided to walk to the next street and reaching there was waiting for ages now. She cursed herself for sending the cab away. She tried to get lift too, but nobody was stopping. She was almost to faint and that’s when she saw a black Maybach Exelero coming, and she waved her hands. She was surprised as it stopped because it was one of the expensive cars she knows and she had a mindset that rich people including her father are arrogant. When the glass was rolled down she was surprised to see a middle aged man in the driver’s uniform rather than a rich spoilt brat. She asked confidently even though she don’t know proper French

Khushi: Est-ce que vous pourrez m’aider? (Can you please help me?)

Driver: Madam you can ask in English, in fact you can speak Hindi, I am Indian.

Khushi: (Keeping her hand on heart) Thank goodness. Bhaiyya, are you going through Rue Bonaparte?

Driver: Yes, what happened?

Khushi: Actually can you please drop me there? (Seeing his frown) I know, I know you maybe going to pick your boss and he will scold you for getting late but please can’t you do that much for an Indian? Please Bhaiyya, pretty please.

The driver was actually amused seeing her turning into a chatterbox and really wanted to help the girl who reminded him of his daughter but he was scared to let her in as his boss was in the backseat even though it was him who asked to stop the car and ask her what she wanted. So he just looked at the front  mirror and got relaxed seeing the curt nod but he was somewhere know that his boss will not disagree because even though he act arrogant to world he had seen him genuinely helping needed.

Khushi got into the passenger seat quickly and leaned her head on the seat as she was really tired. Seeing her, the driver gave a bottle of water and she gracefully took it from him and drank half of it.

Khushi: Thank you so much Bhaiyya it was very much needed you see I was thinking that I will faint any moment now. Is it like this here?

Driver: Like what?

Khushi: What to say, I was standing here for God knows how many time, but not even a cab came and nobody wasn’t ready for a lift too I guess.

Driver: As that is a narrow lane there will be traffic on peak hours only, other than that everything will be private vehicles.

Khushi: Ohk, what is the time now?

Driver: Almost 9. Why what happened?

Khushi: Is it? (To herself) Damn it Anju will be worried. (To driver) You see I started early today and now my battery drained off. And what a day I had forgot my power bank and watch as well. I don’t even remember any number without the phone. So not a way for communication and my friend will be worried hell without seeing me.

Driver: Oh! Then why don’t you charge it from the car.

Khushi: Can I?

Driver: Sure Madam.

Khushi quickly connected the phone to the charger and texted Anjali saying she will come soon. Then turning to the driver

Khushi: Thank you once again Bhaiyya, you know you are an Angel and please don’t call me Madam you are almost my father’s age. (Seeing the questioning look) Oh, how can I forget that? You call me Khushi.

Driver: Ok beta.

Khushi: That is even better; by the way what is your name? And where are you coming from this late? Is your boss giving you over work? If yes, you can tell me I am a lawyer I will take legal action and you don’t have to hesitate, I know how arrogant ass rich people can get.

Now the driver was more worried, she is almost asking to complain about his boss in front of himself. He hesitantly looked at the mirror, seeing his nod he continued with the conversation.

Meanwhile the boss (Yes you guys guessed it right, the ASR himself) was watching the entire conversation amusedly and he was actually smiling seeing her antics and constant blabbering. And seeing the driver scared like hell he wanted to laugh out loud but kept a straight face and as he was wearing his sunglass nobody can guess his state of mind. He was rewinding all the time he met her, including accidental first meet and then the constant following nah we can say stalking (Yeah, again you guys were right it is none other than ASR was her secret admirer) He then concentrated on the conversation going on and again indicated the driver to continue with the conversation.

Driver: My name is Mohan and no Beta, it is not any overwork. And for the question why I am here, actually my boss drives himself to everywhere (In a complaing tone) not allowing me to drive other than necessary saying I am becoming old and he don’t want me to stress out. But today his car just broke down.

Khushi: Oh, that is really sweet of him to genuinely care for you, like a perfect gentleman. So you are going to pick him up?

Driver: No! I mean I am coming from there only.

Khushi: Means?

Driver: I meant I picked up him and he is sitting in the back seat.

Arnav just looked away to control his laugh and again made a poker face. Khushi uttered a ‘what?’ and her mouth in ‘O’ shape and then cursed herself

Khushi: Khushi, you are sometimes really a dumb. Can’t you at least check if there was someone else? You are really a stupid, now how are you going to face him. You just accused him and called him ‘sweet’ in front of himself. What he will think about you.

Khushi slowly turned around and look at him and was lost in the handsome man sitting there in black shirt and dark cream jeans with a hat in head and glares in eyes, her whole body froze at the sight of him.

She realized she was actually drooling over him only when he turned around to face her. Even though he wore those glares she could see his one raised eyebrow. Khushi again cursed herself as this was the first time she literally drooled over someone and embarrassed herself, it is not that she hadn’t seen handsome men but this was, she just wants to see his eyes behind the glass. Argh, what are you even thinking? Get a grip on yourself thought a flustered Khushi. And slowly turned around to face him and cleared her throat

Khushi: Hm actually, I am, I am sorry, I didn’t knew you were sitting there and thank you so much for letting me in and agreeing to drop me. I know you may be very tired after a long day even then you are

Arnav: That’s fine.

He said it with a straight face. And again Khushi started to mumble

Khushi: What does he think of himself? Huh! As expected an arrogant ass, can’t he at least say a ‘hi’or introduce himself, here a girl is trying to talk to him and he now that matters? Argh Khushi you have gone mad for sure.

Arnav laughed at that inwardly and introduced himself

Arnav: ASR

Khushi: Huh?

Arnav: (Extending his hands to her) my name, ASR.

Khushi realized she again made a fool of herself as he heard her not so silent mutterings and extended her hand not so surely and he done a gentle hand shake.

Khushi: Nice to meet you, and myself Khushi, Khushi Arora.

Arnav: Nice to meet you too miss Arora.

Khushi just faked a smile and looked out. Then the driver again asked something about her native place and all and she was back to the chatterbox self until they reached before her home. She opened the car door and get down quickly and then came around to face Arnav and the driver and said.

Khushi: Once again than you for your help. Thank you ASR. Thank you Bhaiyya.

Arnav just nodded at her and driver smiled affectionately. Khushi waved at them and turned around and walked to open the gate. But she heard the car coming back and a voice which made her breathe hitch as realization dawned upon her.

Arnav: Hey ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ you forgot your phone.

Actually Arnav enjoyed the first face to face meeting too well and was smiling remembering her. He removed his hat and glasses and that’s when the driver said she forget her phone. He smirked and asked the driver to go back and instantly made a missed call from her phone to his cell. Then he got down and called her with the name he secretly given her before when he didn’t know her name. He realized his fault only when she turned around looking angry like hell and in her full tigress mode. And muttered ‘Arnav you are gone!’

Khushi was hell angry realizing it was none other than the person who disturbed her sleeps and irritated the hell out of her these days and all the adoration and crush she have on his gentle heart and handsome features where long forgotten when she marched towards him. He started to move back for each step she took towards him. Finally she got hold of his collar and spit out almost pressing him to the car and hovering on him

Khushi: So it was you?

Arnav: (Acting innocent) What?

Khushi: Shut up and don’t act innocent in front of me Mr. ASR or whatever.

Arnav: Hey listen

Khushi: Listen? You are asking me to listen? No and you will listen to me. What do you thought of yourself that you will act like this and I will stay quiet? How dare you? How dare you to click my photos without my knowledge and to send them to me? How dare you to play with a girl like this? Did you think she is a girl so she will not do anything? And top of all now acting in front of me like a perfect gentleman as if you don’t know me? Tell me why did you do this? And did you thought I will leave you like that, and then you don’t know me well.

Actually first Arnav was shocked and then surprised at her actions and behavior, he didn’t expected it at all. He was sure she will be angry but to blast like that and shouting at him holding his collar, it was definitely first but he liked when she done that like as if she have full power over him. He was shocked with his thoughts and actually guilty as the questions dawned on him up to what extend he had disturbed her and was about to apologize as he was not a person to hurt woman. But he changed his mind and quirked an eyebrow when she said he didn’t know her. Oh really! Then I would love that darling thought Arnav.

Arnav: (Smirking) Are you challenging me?

Khushi: If yes? What do you think I don’t know about you? I wouldn’t investigate about you?

Arnav: (Folding his arms over his chest) Oh really? What do you know about me?

Khushi: I know you; I know you are the Ad director Austin Steve Raphael. Oh, thinking how did I get to know this? I have my own sources mister and I can easily find about you, don’t forget I am a lawyer.

Now Arnav was really amused. So she have her own team to investigate interesting and by the way she thought I am Austin very interesting, I owe you one buddy thought Arnav as he mentally decided to have a conversation with Austin today itself. As she didn’t identified him thanks to his casuals otherwise she would have easily he is a business man from his attire and dared to challenge him, which too was a first time for him so he decided to play along, two people can play a game. And right then he changed his expression to a shocked one and looked at her

Khushi: Oh, don’t be shocked. Now cat got the tongue? So tell me Mr. Raphael how do you explain your this indecent action? Tell me and give me all copies of those photographs along with soft copies, otherwise be ready to face the court.

Arnav: Look Khushi (Seeing her sharp looks) ok look Ms. Arora, I know I had done wrong. But I can explain it. (Seeing the questioning look) First of all I am sorry, and as you had said I am an Ad director. I was a guest in the party and my camera was with me. And you know my camera has a bad habit, (With his tongue on cheeks) it always click on its own when it see gorgeous things and I think that had happened to it while it saw you in that white dress (Noticing the color change in her cheeks and smirking inwardly) and when you sang

He went to the dreamy mode and she was hell irritated as he was making it embarrassing for her

Khushi: What?

Arnav: (Shrugging his shoulders) Nothing.

Khushi: Ok, leave it and tell me when are you going to give the copies?

Arnav: Tomorrow 10 AM at my office if it is okay with you. (Taking Austin’s card from his wallet) here is my card shall I send a car for you?

Khushi: Ok I will come and no thanks Mr. I can very well come by myself. 

Arnav: Ok then, good night Arora.

Khushi just nodded and muttered ‘good night, my foot’ which was obviously hearable for Arnav and ran off snatching her phone from him.

All this while the driver was looking amused at the rear view mirror at the exchange between them. He really liked the girl and if she was the reason for the softer side of his boss for few days then he was more than happy with it. He prayed genuinely to God to keep both of them happy. Then they drove off and Khushi marched towards the house in her full rage mood.

During their usual chat as Arnav explained the not so dramatic first meet Rehan was really surprised as he got to know his naughty brother is still there which he usually masks and the with the way Khushi responded. He already started to respect her knowing her ability to stand face to face with the ASR. And after that when he said Aman is going to Paris he was bashing on him for not giving any rest to that poor soul. Later Arnav explained it was due to the high work here and Rehan calmed down. And Rehan was eating his ear off with his story of usual terrific dates and all. And later he had the much needed conversation with Austin who was his friend.

While here in Anjali’s place she couldn’t even close her eyes due to the constant cursing Khushi was showering upon Austin. As she too was worried for her friend she decided to accompany Khushi tomorrow.  



Tell me how was it guys. Your comments means a lot.












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Should I continue
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Part 4 The mission starts (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 26 times)

Guys here is the next part. Actually I thought to stop this story seeing the response but there are some genuine comments and readers who encourage me to write. So I am continuing with this story. And guys please mention me if there is something really wrong. And thanks for whoever voted and commented and sorry for the delay.


Anjali was really amused when got to know from Khushi that she came face to face with the person behind all this and had to appreciate both their guts, for him to speak as if it is a normal thing to do. But what surprised her more was the way Khushi literally attacked him and threatened to give the photos back. She knows for sure that Khushi is a person who have extreme of all emotions be it anything anger, guilt, pain, love and happiness, she will be showing it fully but one more thing she knows that her parents always tries to control her saying typical Indian girls shouldn’t show attitude in society, they should be well mannered, softy spoken and blah blah blah. And by their logic and years of experience she was expert at hiding those well from others. She definitely shows it to Anjali and some of the close friends they had at college as they had threatened her to be herself with them, other than that she was always in control with her emotions. But hearing everything last night she was really REALLY surprised to know she had blasted upon a stranger and it was really a great thing and if Mr. Raphael was the reason for it she really wanted to know his intentions so decided she is going to help her. And for that matter when she asked one of her friend they gave a good response about him and now she was really curios to find out the person. She came from her  thoughts when Khushi waved a hand in front of her all ready to go.

Khushi: Where are you lost?

Anjali: Nothing I was just thinking why the always in control Khushi Arora jumped on him like that? And not to forget couldn’t you get the photos yesterday itself? Why postponing it?

Khushi: He deserved that Anju, nothing more than that. I agree he is handsome and anybody will get attracted but didn’t you see his audacity? He tried to flirt with me even after what he had done.

Anjali: Oh, so that is the case, he is handsome. Don’t tell me you are finding chances to see him once more.

Khushi: Shut up Anju. You don’t know how he acted before me like an arrogant ass not even interested to look at my side when he was the one always stalking me. And also it is not like am seeing handsome men for first time.

Anjali: Ok I agree but why did you trusted him Kuku?

Khushi: Trust? And that too him? No never.

Anjali: Then how did you thought whatever he said was true? If you had collected it yesterday I would have believed you, but

Khushi: What?

Anjali: Khushi, you believed when he said he took it as you were pretty, you believed him when he said that he will give it tomorrow, you even declined his offer of giving it you by himself and going to collect it by yourself. Can you explain all these?

Khushi: I don’t know Anju. I would have just slapped him for saying all those things but when I looked into his eyes I don’t know why but his eyes told me he was saying the truth that he was genuine when he said why he took those photos and why he didn’t handed over it directly as he was just afraid of my reaction and also when he said he is going to return all the copies to me. I mean he was talking to me in the eye, no genuine person can lie like that.

Anjali: Maybe he is not genuine at all.

Khushi: Why are you thinking on the unnecessary things? We are going to meet him and get it today right?

Anjali: Hm, but Kuku you said he is an Ad Director and he said he will give you them but he can have as much of copies he want. What will happen when he uses it for some of his Ads? In the Ad of a sanitary napkin for the worst?

Khushi: Then I will bury him alive, ok I think I can make a legal document on that, so he will have to go to court if he does.

Anjali: That’s better. Ok now let us go, I too want to see who could charm you other than your Ranbir Kapur, Shahrukh Khan and Zac Efron.

Khushi: Anju!

Anjali: Ok, ok let us go.

At India

Rehan getting down from the car passed his key to one of the security guards for parking and walked into the college for starting a new year, yes today was the re-opening day after the summer vacations and he was really looking forward to it like every year, as he like to teach. He walked towards the Principal as he was called by the principal to have a talk. He literally adored this man who was his professor back at oxford and joined here after retirement as per his wish as Rehan was finding it too difficult to take up the responsibilities of the college and hospital together alone. And his sir Dr. Srinivas Menon who was a south Indian, Keralite to be precise too treated him like a son.

Rehan: May I come in sir?

Menon: Sure my son, come on in, sit. I was waiting for you.

Rehan: Good morning sir, is there any problem?

Menon: Morning Rehan, no, I wanted to discuss something with you about the plans for new batch.

Rehan: Sure. By the way how are you sir? How were the vacations? What about your family?

Menon: Everything is pretty good young man. You tell me how about your monthly meditation classes?

I heard you had skipped it last month?

Rehan: And he was literally eating my head off for that and you know what that session is much better than his lecture. Even after the doc assured I am alright one year ago he makes sure that I attend those to clear my mind as he still says I am not myself after that depression.

Menon: It’s his concern and love and we can’t blame him Rehan; you were pretty wasted back then while I had contacted Arnav. He had to slap you many times so that you will at least hear us because the urge to drugs was intolerable for you and you kept screaming at everybody. And he is right too; you have changed your cool attitude.

Rehan: For better right? I think this matured one giving me strength to fight my demons. Life teaches us various lessons sir and yeah time changes everything.

Menon: You are right.

Rehan: So tell me what you wanted to talk about?

Menon: Yeah, about that Rehan, the strategy you suggested last year to avoid the awkwardness between seniors and juniors by pairing them on assignment were really good and for a particular group of people it was really helpful. But most of them were like juniors are doing the assignment and seniors got a chance to rag them officially as it was the assignment of freshers. We have to do something about that, you know what I mean.

Rehan: I have noticed it too sir did you asked other staff?

Menon: Most of them were saying to drop the idea of grouping itself, but then freshers will need help from outside and it may invite new problems. I don’t know what we should do. So what would you suggest? Drop it?

Rehan: No sir it will not do no good. Let me think about it and yeah we can announce whatever it is on the induction program. Doesn’t worry let me discuss it with some of my fellow students, ok?

Menon: Ok then, will meet in the party but do let me know the decision.

Rehan: Sure, good day sir.

Menon: Good day Rehan.

As he was going to the faculty room he was thinking about what Mr. Menon said suddenly an idea clicked his mind. Like he said to Mr. Menon there were some of his students who are really like his friends. He is not a person to mingle and become overfriendly with any student and bring unnecessary problems by favoring them and all. But yeah there are some of them who are very genuine and loyal to their studies, who he thinks after studies, will be a gift to AR. They used to assist him in some cases too as they were interested. He messaged one of them to come with them to his cabin soon. He looked around from his phone hearing sounds and realized new students started to arrive and he have to be present for the induction program soon. When he turned right there was some commotion going on and he frowned. There was a crowd around a girl and three boys arguing and he know the boys well, it was the same ones who he considered as his friends. The girl was accusing being ragged and the boys were defending them. The senior students seeing him gave him a way while new one’s thought who is he?

Rehan: What is happening here Nakul?

Girl: There comes another one, what are your problem guys?

Nakul: No Dr. R she is creating unnecessary situation.

Girl: Unnecessary situation? You middleclass guy have the audacity to collide with me, ME and do you think I will just shut up. Do you even know who I am?

Nakul: No Dr. R it is not true, we were coming to you and she was the one who come hurriedly and collided with him.

Rehan: Look Ms, you are really creating an unnecessary fight. And when you are at fault it should be you who should apologize so don’t make a scene apologize to them and go to the hall.

Girl: I don’t care who is at fault, he bumped to me and he should apologize. (With a disgusting face) And why would I apologize to them? Do you know who am I? I am Meghna, Meghna Khanna, daughter of Suraj Khanna.

Rehan: So? That doesn’t make you the righteous one. Apologize to them now.

Meghna: And who are you to tell me that? You know what I am going to complain about you four to the principal. Bloody seniors, I will file a ragging case.

Rehan: Like hell you will. I said apologize.

Gautham: Leave it Dr. R; don’t make it an issue now and Ms. go from here before he does something.

Meghna: What will he do? He can do nothing and I am not going to apologize to you middle class cheap fell…

Rehan: Enough! Who do you think you are? Somebody talking politely doesn’t mean that they are bowing in front of you. Now you will not go from here without doing it.

Azad: Dr. R

Rehan: Shut up guys now I am not going to allow her to leave from here without the sorry.

Meghna: Do you even know my father? He is the king of fashions and I

Rehan: (Yelling at the top of his voice) I SAID APOLOGIZE DAMN IT, otherwise forget about your studies and career.

Meghna: Who the hell are you to tell that? I am Meghna Khanna and he should be the one to apologize not me and now as you said all these you too.

Nakul: Ms. Khanna please go, don’t put your career at sake

Meghna: Ha, you are scaring me? I am very much scared Mr. whatever.

Every senior student gulped seeing Dr. R at the verge of his self control; they all know what it is to make him angry and what will cause the lady, he will not accept these types of attitude, never. While juniors were feeling pity for her to get into a fight in the first day itself with her attitude and ego. Rehan was ready to blast o her when he got a call saying to come fast. So he said

Rehan: Does your parent is present here?

Meghna: (Arrogantly) He is in the hall.

Rehan: Ask him to come to the principal’s office after the program, let us discuss it there.

Meghna: Oh you are threatening me? We will surely see what will happen.

Rehan: Yeah, let us see.

Saying this he stormed off from there with the boys following him. Meghna too walked into the hall with head held high. The senior students left the breath which they are holding for long.

Senior 1: God knows what will happen now. She really pulled the wrong chord of Dr. R’s anger.

Senior 2: Yeah he is very amiable in normal situations but is a monster in anger.

Senior 1: But still he is the role model of almost every student.

Senior 3: Yeah that’s totally true.

Senior 4: Let us go to the program otherwise he will shower his taunts on everyone. I think it’s a bad day.

Senior 2: Yeah let us go.

The juniors who heard this was afraid thinking who is he decided not to go in front of him seeing his anger.

Soon the induction program started, it was conducted for welcoming freshers to the college. Meghna was with her father and looked ahead to see that Rehan was seated on the stage as he was the head of surgical department with the principal and other head of departments and some student representatives so the freshers assumed him to be the student head or something as he was with the students earlier. Menon was the president of the function and addressed the students

Menon: Dear students, welcome to AR. I guess you know me I am your principal Dr. Srinivas Menon I hope you all will have a good time here. And guys don’t forget you are here for study and anything else and yeah only those who prove themselves in the final year project with the standards and conditions of the trust can only complete their House surgency with AR. And also our senior students and lectures are always here to help you and if any problems arise you can approach any HoD or me and I hope the cooperation from our senior lot too. Also there is an important announcement is to be done about the first year assignment and Rehan, no your Dr. R will give you the details (He looked at Rehan and he blinked back). And my senior lot, I hope there will not be any ragging cases to be reported on your name and if it happens serious action will be taken against them as per the university rules.

Meghna just smirked hearing this. Rehan was observing the students. He doesn’t like students who don’t take studies seriously, he is not against enjoyment but academic is a must for him. Because as per him a doctor made with just money is as waste as a dancer who don’t know mudra (gestures). Some of them were really enthusiastic while some of them are only adding to his anger. They were busy with phones and all and Meghna was one of them but he controlled himself. After some of the HoD’s he took the mike.

Rehan: Guys morning first of all I hope you all will enjoy being a part of AR. And yeah about the assignments this year a senior will be paired with the fresher for their assignment in clinical studies and they can do it in AR itself like last year. But this year there will be changes as both the students will be giving the report and presentation and special marks will be awarded for the senior student. I hope myself to be clear and if there are further doubts regarding this you can contact me or Mr. Nakul Roy final year. Thank you.

He concluded his speech immediately when he got a text and went to his cabin. When Rehan came for speech Meghna looked up but as she was engrossed in the phone she again assumed him to be the student head and again went back to phone. After the meeting she along with her father went to the principal’s room.

At Paris

Khushi and Anjali as per the address on card reached Mr. Raphael’s office on time.

Receptionist: How can I help you Maam?

Khushi: I have a meeting with Mr. Raphael.

Receptionist: Let me check the appointment list then.

Khushi: No actually I have a verbal consent. Can you please ask him?

Receptionist: Then I am sorry Maam he won’t allow anyone without appointments.

Khushi: (Controlling her anger) please it is very urgent and he himself told me about it.

She then called their boss and he asked her to send her as already ASR had informed him and they had a pretty conversation on their same initials. Khushi knocked the cabin and entered before Austin can say come in and yelled at the top of her voice without noticing that he is facing the opposite side.

Khushi: What the hell do you think of yourself? First of all you played this dirty game with me and then asked me to come here. And when I came you will not allow entering here without appointment. When you had told me to come couldn’t you informed it to your receptionist? What is your problem Mr. Raphael and don’t think you can play any dirty game with me. I

Austin: (Turning around) Excuse me?

Khushi was shocked to the core seeing his face and Anjali was astonished seeing her expression.

Khushi: Yo..You?

Austin: (Raised his eyebrow) Do I know you?

Khushi: You are Mr. Raphael? I am asking for Mr. Austin Steve Raphael, the Ad Director.

Austin: Of course and yeah that’s me.

Khushi: Where is another one?

Austin: Excuse me Ms. Arora. I don’t know any Raphael other than me and my father. And you definitely wouldn’t have met him because he is bed ridden for years now.

Khushi: But he said

Austin: Look Ms. Arora I think somebody had fooled you. There isn’t any other Raphael working as Ad Director.

Khushi: Huh! (Hiding her embarrassment) Sorry for the inconvenience Mr. Raphael, actually I think I heard wrong. Sorry.

Austin: It is ok Ms. Arora, good day.

Khushi: Yeah good day.

Anjali and Khushi left the cabin and Khushi was fuming. Anjali could understand her condition as she wanted to end this today itself and now this new drama. Austin informed about her arrival to Arnav and asked him to stop the drama soon and relieve the pretty lady only to hear his cursing making him laugh out loud. Khushi suddenly got a call on her cell while exiting the office as she was in a foul mood she barked

Khushi: Hello

Caller: Good morning to you too Ms. Tigress.

Khushi: Who is this?

Caller: Oh no ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ you forgot me too soon.

Khushi: YOU? How did you got my number? And what the hell is this Mr what are you playing at? What do you…

Arnav: Ok calm down Madam. I will explain everything

Khushi: I don’t want any of your explanation. I am straight ahead ging to police station with this number. They will handle this further.

Arnav: You don’t have to take that much tension. I am calling from the official number of AR builders and developers.

Khushi: What? You are an architect?

Arnav: Yes. Ok, ok I know I lied to you but it was not my intension. I really think you would have strangled me then and there if I had told you I am not a professional photographer. But you yourself gave me a chance to escape by bringing Austin’s name and I used it. It wasn’t not good in my part but

Khushi: Ok enough with your explanations now tell me when can I get the photos? And not to forget including the soft copies.

Arnav: Can you come here tomorrow? Actually I am going for an important meeting now and it will take hours and as I was handling the drawings and managerial works alone for last two weeks my schedule is really hectic so to come to meet you

Khushi: (Sarcastically) Oh you don’t have to take that much difficulty. Just send tell me the address I will come there.

Arnav: Oh on that matter you just have to ask to drop at AR anybody will show you or you can use GPS. And yeah if you are not confirmed yet you can call and ask in the reception.

Khushi: Ok, I will come tomorrow.

Arnav: Sure Khush, I will inform my PA.

Khushi: It’s Khushi or Ms. Arora.

Arnav: But I like it that way.

Khushi: Argh.

Khushi and Anjali soon started the car and Anjali started her questioning session

Anjali: So you are again believing him?

Khushi: What can I do other than that Anju? By all means I have to get those photos.

Anjali: So what he actually is?

Khushi: (Dreamily) He is an architect.

Anjali: Don’t tell me that is the reason you are believing him. Kuku I know it was your passion and you admire them but that doesn’t mean they are never wrong.

Khushi: Ii is not like that Anju

Anjali: Leave it; it is waste to talk on that matter. Just tell me which is the company?

Khushi: AR B&D.

Anjali: AR? I had heard that name somewhere. Oh yeah that is where Seema works. (Seeing her questioning look) Arrey, it is my patient from friend, I introduced her na on party, the one who is an engineer.

Khushi: Yeah I got it. Then do one thing Anju you call her and ask her about him I will enquire is he really have any meeting now in the reception.

Anjali : Ok but what does he does?

Khushi: Manager I guess.

Anjali: Guess?

Khushi: I don’t know, (Sheepishly) actually I didn’t give him the chance to tell that. Anyway you just ask.

Both of them got busy in the calls and after that.

Khushi: He does have a meeting.

Anjali: And by Seema’s explanation he seems a flirty guy, always with girls.

Khushi: Then that will be surely him and also now I got what is his hectic schedule.

Anjali: So tomorrow we are going to meet him?

Khushi: Obviously, but now where shall we go?

Anjali: Let us visit some good places and after that a good movie. What say?

Khushi: Yeah sure.





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