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Aug 24, 2017

Part 7 Starting of a lifetime (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 80 times)

Guys here is the next part. Tell me how is it

At Khushi’s place


Anjali: Kuku why aren’t you started yet? Don’t you have to get ready for your date?

Khushi: What is there to get ready? And Anju, how many times I have to tell you…

Anjali: I know I know it is not a date. Leave that and tell me what are you going to wear? Do you want something from my wardrobe?

Khushi: No thanks Anjaliji. I am perfectly fine with mine, I know what will be perfect for today.

Arnav reached before the apartment and after sending her a text decided to wait outside. He was in a WhatsApp chat with Rehan.

Rehan: What? Hey don’t bluff man, at least not to me.

Arnav: Why would I?

Rehan: But, yesterday she slapped you and today you two are going on a date?

Arnav: I told you she is different. And hey it is not a date.

Rehan: Oh say that to your ‘BFF’ she will believe you not me. At least agree with your mind.

Arnav: Whatever. By the way Tia (Spanish word for aunt) called thinking I am in India.

Rehan: Really? So they are back from their ‘second honeymoon’ in some forest. And why had she called you?

Arnav: She has her friend’s daughter’s marriage next week and so she may land any time.

Rehan: Only Tia or uncle too?

Arnav: He too and even Nig.

Rehan: What? Bro you can’t do this to me. I have to tolerate that Nig alone without you.

Arnav: Serves you good for teasing me.

Rehan: How mean, anyway good luck.

Arnav: (Smirking emoji) to you too, I heard you are frequently out with the new pediatrician.

Rehan: Err Mehra again. Let me see how he will go out with Malhotra and by the way I don’t need it bro as it is not new for me. But it’s your first time.  Surely make it memorable

Arnav: Hope so. And hey don’t you dare to do that to Akash, he is doing what I asked.

Rehan: Let me think about it.

Arnav: Rey, Akash told me one other news too.

Rehan: What?

Arnav: That you really presented your theory in the conference. I am very proud of you.

Rehan: Oh Jesus, ASR praised me. From where did sun rose today? Anyway I don’t think your appreciation will work. They aren’t going to agree with it

Arnav: Never. Like you said I ASR appreciates something when it is really fruitful and I am telling you they will select your theory only.

Rehan: Menon sir too was telling this but I am telling you they will not.

Arnav: Are you ready for a bet then?

Rehan: On what?

Arnav: You will not skip your workout being lazy.

Rehan: And you will give your favorite SUV to me for one week.

Arnav: What the!

Rehan: Is ASR afraid for the bet?

Arnav: Me and afraid? Never. I am damn sure I will win.

Rehan: You have that much confidence on me?

Arnav: Without any doubt as I know you more than anybody else. After all we were together since we were embryos . Anyway today is the announcement of results right? So let us see.

Rehan: Yeah let us see. By the way where are you actually? Today so much time to chat with this poor soul.

Arnav: Poor soul and you? It doesn’t match Rey and I am in front of her house I told I will pick her.

Rehan: Oh being the gentleman are we?

Arnav: I am not Rehan Singh Raizada for not being one.

Rehan: (Hand on heart) Ouch! That hurts bro.

Arnav: Bye bizarre doctor. I think she is coming.

Rehan: Bye timetable architect.

Khushi got ready and came out after sometime and seeing her Anjali’s jaw dropped

Anjali: Kuku! Is this what you termed as perfect dress?

Khushi: Yeah, what is the problem in this? Isn’t it obvious I need something comfortable and warm? It is already too cold outside.

Anjali: But you are going out with a guy.

Khushi: So?

Anjali: You are asking that? Deny how much you want but I know Raizada affect you. So don’t you want to impress him?

Khushi: I don’t want to impress anybody with my dressing Anju. If he is impressed it is about ME, my personality, and my inner self not the outer appearance.

Anjali hadn’t anything to counter it so she kept mum.

Khushi: By the way have you seen my watch? I can’t find it.

Anjali: (Muttering under her breath) only it was missing. (Getting it from the table) Here

Khushi: Thanks and bye Di.

Anjali: Enjoy. Aren’t you taking the car?

Khushi: No he is down.

Anjali raised her eyebrows but Khushi just shrugged and walked out.

After telling bye to Rehan Arnav looked around and cursed himself snowfall had started slowly and took out an umbrella. He was worried that will Khushi fall ill if they go out in this atmosphere. He was anxious whether she will be wearing something similar to that she wore on party or maybe a skirt or gown then up to the time they will be back she will be ice. He came out of his self thoughts and cursing hearing footsteps. Seeing Khushi his jaw dropped as she was in a dress which was nowhere close to his imagination. But he sighed relieved as he don’t have to worry about her health as she was in her woolen jumper and jeans with lip-gloss as her makeup, a tiny stud, watch, and three or four rings that was her accessories as usual, so much Khushi like.



 He smiled at her as she came out and closed the gate and noticing she don’t have an umbrella he indicated her to wait and quickly came to her side. She too passed him a happy smile appreciating his gesture for long time and watched him more than she intended. But she had to admit once again that he have great dress sense and he was looking handsome and dare to add hot in that winter attire of his.


Arnav saw her and realized she was checking him out as she looked away quickly and smirked. He came and stood in front of her taking her under the umbrella and husked

Arnav: Hey

Khushi: Hello

Arnav: Shall we?

Khushi nodded her head and they both walked ahead together under one umbrella. He first reached the passenger side and opened the door for her. She thanked him while he just smiled at her. Keeping the umbrella in backseat he took the wheel and started the car.

Anjali who was watching all this from balcony sighed contented seeing the bond between them. Even though which amazed her to bits as she felt it was too early considering the fact that they barely know each other. But as heard from her friend Arnav was keeping his ASR self away only for her Kuku and she too was behaving in the actual Khushi way. She is glad as Arnav will be her friend, which she is sure that Khushi will agree today and she will be the happiest person if he will become more than that but she just hopes whatever that happened with her will never happen with Khushi.

In the car

Khushi: I hope I didn’t make you wait for long.

Arnav: No it’s fine as I was in a chat.

Khushi: Oh. Actually can I ask you something?

Arnav: Of course Khush

Khushi: Are you an Indian?

Arnav: Why? Aren’t you coming with me if I am an Indian?

Khushi: It’s not that, you resemble English people much and your uncle Mr. Richards, I know he is an American. But your work is majorly in India

Arnav: Yeah I resemble Americans because my Mom was an American citizen and father was an Indian. And about making India as head branch you can say I wanted to show that I am something to someone over there.

Khushi didn’t miss the smile he had when he told about his mother in a lovely voice and the blank expression he had when he said father and not to forget he told father, no endearment like mom. Is she missing something? But it is not the time to dig on that matter

Khushi: So how did she adjust there? I mean the society always have interest in making us aware that how we didn’t fit there or how we stand alone or different from others.

Arnav looked away hearing about his Mom and realized whatever she said was right. Then his thoughts went to the time happy times he spend with her it then drifted to her sufferings and sacrifices and the last days with her and his eyes got moist unknowingly. Khushi saw him going in a self world and frowned.

Khushi: Arnav did I say something wrong?

Arnav: (Masking his emotions and composing himself) Hey no, it’s actually that Mom is no more and I got into her thoughts.

Khushi: (Feeling guilty) Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to. Oh no how I forgot this, the waiter had said about Mr. Richards' sister. (Going all guilty) I should have guessed. I really didn’t mean to hurt you

Arnav: (Understanding her situation) it’s fine. You didn’t know and it is also a fact that I can’t be sad every time I hear about Mom. She should be remembered as a pleasant memory as that what she was in her whole life, but sometimes you know. Leave that by the way did I hear Arnav?

Khushi: (Realizing his need for change of the subject) Maybe. But I didn’t decided what to call you actually in future.

Arnav: So there is a future for us?

Khushi: If you are ready.

Arnav: Of course I am. That’s why I proposed that.

Khushi: Hm. (Suddenly noticing the surroundings) Oh we reached?

She was amused as they reached this soon and before she knew he was by her side opening the door for her. He tossed the key to one assistant and they both walked in side by side and she saw him with esteem as every worker of the restaurant greeting him with respect. Arnav just nodded at them in his ASR manner and led her towards the lift. Entering it and pressing the terrace button the journey was a déjà vu for them as they both went back to this afternoon. They reached the terrace and Khushi realized being the man he is Arnav had booked the entire floor for them. She was overwhelmed with the gesture as it was the first time someone doing something like this for her, especially and uniquely for her. Arnav stopped realizing she wasn’t following him and looked back to see her at the entrance watching the decorations and saw the different emotions across her face and said.

Arnav: Hey no need to get emotional, as you know it’s my uncle’s place I have that much authority.

Khushi looked at him shocked as he read her this correctly which none did yet not even Anjali.

Arnav: (Reading expressions again) it’s your eyes.

Khushi: (Just nodded as yet again it amused her) still you didn’t have to do this, as it isn’t a date.

Arnav: I don’t had to but I wanted to and did I hear a complaint there (Smirking evilly)

Khushi: (Realizing his intensions) Never, I am happy being friends now.

Arnav: So you agree we are friends now?

Khushi: Do I have to tell you that now?

Arnav: No need, then come let us celebrate our day then.

Again he pulled the seat for her before settling himself and even served the food for her increasing the respect she have for him a notch higher. Then only Khushi realized food was already present there and again she was overwhelmed seeing all her favorite items there. She realized it may not end here so said playfully

Khushi: So Raizada had done his background check very deeply. But I wonder who told you about my favorite food and all.

Arnav: Had to, after all I am ASR and if you remember I was your ‘stalker’ as you like to call it. But hey why are you back to Raizada again? Arnav is fine.

Khushi: That is for me to decide. Anyway Thanks for this.

Arnav: Khush hadn’t you heard about it? Between friends no sorry no thank you.

Khushi: (Smilingly) you know what; it is what Anju says every time I said sorry or thank you.

Arnav: Really? And every time? So you have that habit still. Then let me tell you something even though I like you as you are this have to change Khush, because I don’t like my people saying thank you or sorry to me. It is as if they are keeping a distance.

Khushi: Will keep in mind.

Arnav: So who is Anju? Your friend whom you live with?

Khushi: Yeah, Anjali Singhania my best friend from college days. She is working in the city hospital.

Arnav: Doctor? But you are

Khushi: Yep an Ob-Gyn actually. She was my senior we met during yeah you can say the ragging phase. I don’t know why but I was friends with the gang then than my classmates and she became my bestie.

Arnav: Cool. So your parents?

Khushi: (Emotionlessly) In India. Vijay and Kaveri, Mamma is a housewife and Papa is a businessman, JD industries

Arnav didn’t miss the lack of emotion she had on her face while talking about her parents. But shrugged it and asked

Arnav: Where is it based? I mean sorry I hadn’t heard about it.

Khushi: Hey you forgot your theory no sorry no thank you. But really you don’t have to be sorry it isn’t that big and I don’t know how he maintains it. (Muttering under breath) it should have been shut down long ago if he was faithful.

Arnav: You said something? (Seeing her nod) Ok so why law? Not interested in business?

Khushi: No business isn’t my cup of tea. Why law? Genuinely speaking I don’t know I don’t like that too.

Arnav: Excuse me?

Khushi: (In a law voice) Papa was adamant about being a doctor or lawyer. Biology goes off my head so I took law.

Hearing that she didn’t have the chance to select her profession and her dismayed look itself was a negative for her parents in him. Not wanting to bother sadden her more he changed the topic

Arnav: You don’t like Biology? Oh goodness I really want someone to hear this as he always flaunt about biology this biology that.

Khushi looked at him thankfully as he changed the subject but got confused hearing his words whom was he referring to but not wanting to interfere she asked

Khushi: Ew what is that interesting about it that someone likes it? But yes there will be people like Anju too. And you too don’t like it?

Arnav: May be it is a default for doctors but frankly I don’t know how he finds it interesting, interesting means mathematics or drawing right?

Khushi: Oh wow it is really something because it’s my favorite too.

Arnav: See and he says I chose the most stupid profession.

Khushi who was listening to this wondered who is this and out of her curiosity she was about to ask who it is. But as she wasn’t paying attention to food it went into the wrong pipe and she coughed. Arnav immediately helped her with water and asked looking all concerned

Arnav: You ok Khush?

Khushi: (Finally getting breathe) Huh?

Arnav: (Suddenly his whole demeanor changed) Hello where is your focus? Can’t you be careful while eating? Are you a kid or what? Are… (But stopped realizing that he was scolding her unnecessarily)

But Khushi was not at all concentrating the scolding all she saw was his concern and seeing his sudden withdrawal pressed his hand

Khushi: It’s fine. We are friends right?

Arnav smiled at her trying to change his mood as well as it warmed his heart whenever she said that. Then he remembered something and said cheekily

Arnav: By the way Khush you can eat how much you want, you don’t have to hurry it’s all yours. Hey don’t look like that I know how foodie you are

Khushi’s jaw dropped at his teasing and hit him on his arm with a pout making him laugh out loud.

Khushi: You

But they were interrupted by the manager

Manager: Excuse me ASR

And Khushi realized what ASR was as gone was the teasing and laughing Arnav and it was the rude and mighty Arnav Singh Raizada in his whole glory as he said with authority

Arnav: Yes?

Manager: (Forwarding a cordless) sorry to disturb you ASR, but GR is on line

Arnav: Uncle?

Manager nodded and Arnav looked at Khushi apologetically for being interrupted like that but she blinked her eyes indicating move on so he moved aside

Arnav: Uncle?

Gavin: Nav Mr. Alex was saying some issue regarding the accounts.

Arnav: Accounts? But why are you telling me this? Aren’t you the boss?

Gavin: I am but I am just a professor and yeah everybody doesn’t have ASR’s business tactics.

Arnav: No need of buttering old man, I will look into it.

Gavin: And don’t think I will thank you.

Arnav: (Chuckling) I know. So when is the flight?

Gavin: After two days and Nav I will talk to you later. Got to go man, have class next hour.

Arnav: Ok old man bye, then.

Gavin: Hey I am not old.

Arnav: It is what Tia says

Gavin: It is her who is old, I am perfect fit.

Arnav: Really? Let me tell this to her then.

Gavin: What? Are you planning to kill me?

Arnav chuckled at that

Arnav: Bye uncle.

Gavin: Bye.

Arnav walked back to see Khushi froze midway with food in hand and concentrated on her mobile. He shrugged his shoulder at her weird antics and snatched the phone

Khushi: Hey give it back.

Arnav: Let me also see what it is in this that you almost forgot about your food.

Khushi: It’s a novel Arnav, I was reading in Kindle.

Arnav: (Giving the phone back) which one?

Khushi: ‘The dry’ by Jane Harper

Arnav: The new book? I have just brought that last week.

Khushi: You got the book?

Arnav: Yeah, I am not comfortable with online reading. Book gives the satisfaction.

Khushi: That’s right but I wanted to read that from the time I got it so you know curiosity

Arnav: Yeah, I can understand so you like crime thrillers?

Khushi: Yep, so you have any other book with you now?

Arnav: Joe Ide’s IQ Just finished it.

Khushi: How is it? I mean I hadn’t read his stories.

Arnav: He doesn’t have many stories but yeah it’s cool, a mix of detective and comedy. If you are interested I will bring it for you.

Khushi: Sure

Arnav’s phone which was kept on the table rang but he cut it not wanting any disturbances now. Khushi suddenly remembered

Khushi: Oh no I forgot to mention it rang three four times while you were on call and I guess a couple of messages too from some ‘Akash’.

Arnav checked his phone and a wide grin appeared on his face reading ‘Once again Dr. R’. He faced Khushi and said

Arnav: I know I shouldn’t but I really have to make a call

Khushi just blinked seeing his excitement and he called Rehan then and there

Arnav: See ASR never losses it

Rehan: Oye hello it was me who presented it

Arnav: Whatever you didn’t want to. You attended it solely for me. And yeah don’t forget the bet.

Rehan: How will I forget that? You know what, after hearing the result I really thought I shouldn’t have give into your wishes now I can’t even sleep peacefully. Why are you always behind my sleep?

Arnav: (Chuckled) anyway congrats buddy.

Rehan: Hm, so you are back this early

Arnav: No yaar

Rehan: Means? You are chatting with me leaving your lawyer? Are you nuts? Cut the call now. I will call later.

Arnav: (Shaking his head at Rehan’s dramatics) ok then.

Rehan: Yeah bye.

Khushi was looking at him curiously as she was seeing him behave so freely with someone else for the first time. He cut the call with the grin intact and saw Khushi looking at him keenly and smiled.

Arnav: I am so happy today

Khushi: I can see that. What happened? If it isn’t personal?

Arnav: IMA accepted Rey’s new strategy in open brain surgery

Khushi: Rey?

Arnav: Oh I haven’t told you right? My brother Dr. Rehan Singh Raizada.

Khushi: So he is the doctor you mentioned earlier? One second, AR College and hospitals?

Arnav: Yeah. (Raised his eyebrow as if why did you ask?)

Khushi: I had heard about it from Anjali, one with some special equipment to detect cancer and all and AR is her dream hospital.

Arnav: Yep. The other section of AR corp. is handled by him. And dream hospital? Really?

Khushi: That’s what she says and now I got why it felt familiar when I heard AR; I don’t know how did Anju miss this? And wow you have a brother

Arnav frowned as he didn’t get it why it is something wow to have a brother

Khushi: I am single child so it is really exciting to see bond between siblings. And you what that’s what I am jealous of Anju, she has three other sisters and I can guess you too share such strong bond

Arnav: Yep, he is what I have. Yeah there is uncle, Tia, our cousins and Bua, but they all are not mine only. But Rey is.

Khushi didn’t miss he hadn’t mentioned anything about his father or family other than Bua. But she know if he is ready he will tell her, so asked the another thing nagging her

Khushi: Tia?

Arnav: Yeah, Gavin uncle’s wife, she is Spanish so we call her like that

Khushi: You know Spanish?

Arnav: Little bit but I can understand it really well hearing from Tia

Khushi: Cool.

Then they continued on and on until Arnav asked

Arnav: Shall we move Khush if you have finished, it is already late and I have to drop you home. The atmosphere too isn’t great.

Khushi: Sure but you didn’t eat much.

Arnav: No, no I am full and I don’t have that much capacity yaar.

They both chuckled at that and started to move out. During the whole journey to home both kept chatting and chatting, getting to know each other more. And finally when they reached both couldn’t stop smiling remembering about the time they spent together and not to forget the two of them could read the other so easily. It was really late when they reached after Arnav’s ice-cream party and all.

Reaching before the gate Arnav and Khushi got down and both headed to home after a brief hug which was initiated by Arnav with the smile intact expecting for a happy life ahead

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Sep 18, 2017

Part 8 What is Rehan's secret? (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 61 times)

Arnav and Khushi both were talking nonstop about the evening respectively to Rehan and Anjali. Anjali and Rehan can clearly see the excitement and happiness from their faces and silently sent a prayer to keep that with them always.

At Arnav's place, Paris

Arnav had piles of drawings to approve and was busy verifying them along with a number of black coffees. During somewhere mid to that he pulled out his phone hearing the ring and it was from his lawyer Mr. Roy from India and said there is a problem regarding the file he had mailed. He said he is not sure about the special clause as it was a clause not significant in India and said it will be better to take help from a lawyer who works there. Arnav decided to do that and cut the call.

Just then his phone went to the previously used app and it was the gallery and seeing it his lips lifted up automatically. It was a selfie of him and Khushi which he took after the dinner on her wish without any fuss ... no in fact gladly. And as she forgot to bring her phone he did the courtesy of giving out his phone to take the picture. She liked the picture very much and literally threatened him to send it to her as soon as he took it.

 She liked the picture very much and literally threatened him to send it to her as soon as he took it

He smiled caressing her face, then looked at the time and wondered what she might be doing. He sighed looking at the files to be checked and thought that she might be already sleeping unlike him as it may take a couple of hours more for him to go to bed. That's exactly when a message came which surprised him totally.

Khushi: Hey

Arnav: Hey

Khushi: You are up at this hour?

Arnav: Work ...

Khushi: What? Oh no

Khushi: You could have told me

Khushi: We could have postponed the ice cream party

Khushi: I made you more late

Arnav: Hey don't say like that

Arnav: Today we started our friendship so it should be celebrated today itself, right?

Arnav: And above all that we had a good time

Khushi: Yep ... that's true

Khushi: I enjoyed a lot after a long time

Arnav: The feeling is mutual

Arnav: BTW why aren't you asleep?

Khushi: Was in a conversation with Anju

Khushi: On bed now

Arnav: Oh!

Arnav: Sleep then

Khushi: But I am not getting sleep ...

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: Because it is not my usual time yet

Khushi: I have almost finished the case

Khushi: Just some paper works

Khushi: And the novel too ... nothing to do actually

Khushi: So I was checking who is online

Arnav: Oh!

Arnav: By the way from 'case' I remembered one thing

Khushi: What

Arnav: Could you recommend some best lawyers here?

Arnav: Hmm ... maybe a Paris citizen?

Arnav: Need some help regarding Angel's inn

Arnav: Usually my lawyer in India deals with it

Arnav: But it is some special clause in Paris

Arnav: So ...

Khushi: This is news

Khushi: I mean the great ASR needs my advice for finding the best lawyer!

Khushi: By the way, I am not that bad you know

Arnav: Hey ... it's not like that ... I mean you already have too much stress

Arnav: And I don't know whether you are aware of that clause or not

Arnav: And most importantly I don't want to burden you

Khushi: I know

Khushi: I was just kidding Raizada

Khushi: But it's really fine

Khushi: I mean I can help if you want

Khushi: And that is what friends are for, right?

Khushi: Anyway I need to see what it is before giving you my word

Khushi: So what would you say?

Arnav: Of course ... with pleasure

Arnav: And hey

Arnav: Not again ... call me Arnav, man

Khushi: Noooo ... I can't, now

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: Now you are my friend

Khushi: And I call my friends, not by their name but with a nickname made by me

Khushi: You see I call Anjali as Anju, Jivika as GV, and Pujitha as Puji.

Arnav: New characters?

Khushi: I told you, Anju's buddies

Arnav: Oh yeah, then...

Arnav: Hmm ... call me Nav

Arnav: I mean that is what people who are close call me

Khushi: Then I can't call that

Khushi: I mean I need something unique

Khushi: Which only I can call you

Khushi: Just like you call me

Arnav: Really? Does nobody call you as Khush?

Khushi: No ... why?

Arnav: I am just surprised as I already told you it came naturally for me seeing you

Arnav: Maybe the way you carry yourself

Arnav: By the way Khush I have a call

Arnav: I will get back to you

Khushi: Hey ... who is it?

Khushi: Your GF?

Arnav: Haha ... nice try man

Arnav: Anyway no ... it is a business call

Khushi: Oh...kay ... good night then

Arnav: Goodnight

Arnav: Hey ... before that can you come to AR tomorrow?

Arnav: Or wherever you say

Arnav: I mean you said you need to see the file

Khushi: Is it urgent? I mean I have the final hearing of current case tomorrow

Khushi: If it will get over soon I will drop by

Arnav: Otherwise just inform me where to meet

Arnav: As it needs to be done before next week

Khushi: Sure ... will do that

Khushi: Okay then ... you continue your work and I will decide on what to call you

Arnav: Good luck with that and ... bye

Khushi: Yeah bye

Arnav got busy with the call and Khushi looked at the clock. It was almost half an hour they started chatting. She scolded herself for wasting his time again and then went into thinking mode as to what to call him.

In India

Rehan wondered how his girl-phobic brother is falling for a girl ... that too for a tomboy one. But he was blissful as he could see how happy his Nav is, looks like the 'Date' in the name of 'Casual dinner' was really wonderful he thought with a smirk. Can it be? He frowned at his thoughts because he too was out for dinner but all he could remember was the ugly events happened there. But what made it worse was he ran into one of his batchmates while coming back. The situation got much worse that Akash had to slap him to make him come back into senses. He had told Akash to keep it away from Arnav about it or he will get worried unnecessarily as usual.

Rehan was twisting and turning in the bed for a long time but he couldn't get any sleep. He got up being angry at himself for thinking about that stupid conversation again and again. He walked into the music room and smiled at it despite the big turmoil he was in as the room bought back the beautiful memories of his childhood with his brother and mother. The room had different gadgets as their mom was a master of various instruments with her masterpiece being the old piano. Bua had once found out about Mr. Raizada their so-called father giving it off in an auction.

Bua hadn't had the mind to give it off as she knows what it means to her Nanhe and Chote so she brought it from there against her brothers wish who wanted to get rid of his first wife's accessories as it was making his new wife irritated. Bua kept it in her house carefully till they made a house of their own and the brothers were forever thankful to her for that.

Their Mom had taught them to play different instruments but the piano was the one instrument which both the brothers were not good at so it is there unused since it had brought here. The room had different guitars which Arnav bought from various places and Rehan's drums too. He quickly got into the seat before drums and started with a rough note so as to vent out his frustration but the events of the evenings were still playing in his head and it was constantly reminding him of 'her'.


Rehan was out with another blonde 'Kamya' who was behind him from the day he had started to treat her father as handsome as ever in his casual outfit.

 FLASHBACKRehan was out with another blonde Kamya who was behind him from the day he had started to treat her father as handsome as ever in his casual outfit

Actually, he wasn't in a mood for this and was planning to hang out with Akash. But Akash will come only at late night due to some emergency so not want to sit idly in the home he called her. But seems like it became the biggest mistake as she now started to behave like his girlfriend. She was getting jealous unnecessarily but that was okay for him until she started to scold the waitress just because he had passed a smile and talked politely to her. And the reason she found for it was spilling water into her dress when it was her own doing. Still, he tolerated not wanting to create a scene in public but he had had enough when she told the girl to apologize, making her go all teary and he exploded.

Rehan: Shut up Ms. Khanna she won't do any such thing

Which caught the onlookers' attention which in turn embarrassed her. But she said faking a smile

Kamya: You don't have to interfere, baby, I will manage this and this ... this girl should learn a lesson


Kamya: You are not getting it, baby ... she ... she was trying to snatch you from me by trying to seduce you

Rehan: She wasn't ... and I know why you are doing this. You are jealous of her but for what, just because I smiled at her?

Kamya: Yes I am jealous because she was trying to snatch you from me. (Turning to the girl) oh ... now you are happy right? Creating a trouble for us?

The girl was literally crying in humiliation but as manager passed her a dark look she immediately said

Girl: I am sorry ... Ma'am ... Sir ... I didn't intend to do any such thing ... but ... but if I had done that I am ...(Gulped)

Rehan realized it was a pure humiliation for the girl but she was forgetting about her self-respect due to the pressure from her employer so he said before she can continue.

Rehan: No Ms. ... please ... please don't do that ... don't allow anyone to walk over your self-respect (Turning to Kamya) and what did you say? She tried to snatch me from you ... really? ... but as far as I remember you are just, JUST a date not my GF for me to be yours

Now it touched Kamya's ego as she couldn't believe what Rehan said

Kamya: But ... but you yourself called me for a date. I thought ... I thought you lo ... love me

Rehan: (With a dry chuckle) ... love? ... and that too a girl like you? ... very funny. Blondes like you are not fit for that emotion ... so don't ever expect it ... at least not from me ... and now before I lose my cool leave from here. (Turning to the girl) I am ... I am sorry on behalf of my date, Ms.

Girl: No ... no sir ... please don't apologize ... it is ... it is fine

They both smiled at each other. Kamya couldn't take it so she tried once again

Kamya: Baby ...

Rehan: I said leave dammit

Kamya ran from there but in mind, she pledged to give it back to Rehan Singh Raizada for the humiliation she had to face. Rehan to was about to storm off but a voice stopped him

"So Raizada hasn't changed a bit yet"

He frowned and turned only around to come face to face with his batchmate and rival Henry Louis and realized the day is going to be worse

Rehan: (Irritated) ... now, what do you want Louis?

Henry: I said the fact only ... humiliating respected people in public is your hobby, right?

Rehan: Louis ... I am warning you don't drag past into this. And yeah neither I was at mistake then ... not I am now. Then you and now she ... both of you deserved it. (Shaking his head) ... you literally insulted a girl by making a video of her private moments and she is humiliating a girl just because I smiled at her ... being a social animal I reacted to it ... and I know I am not at mistake both the times ... so

Henry: Well .. leave that but yeah ... your other habit hadn't changed a bit. Oh ... don't act all innocent ... I mean you always do that ... using a girl for your own needs then dumping her (Smirking)and going behind ...

Rehan went pale not with the words but it reminded him of 'her' but composed himself and said.

Rehan: Louis ... don't comment on something you are not aware of ... because your assumptions might not be always right

Henry: (Smirking) ... assumptions? No Raizada ... no ... it isn't my assumption at all. In fact it was your GF ... oops, ex-GF said that you used her and dumped her by breaking her trust ... and it was your BFF who supported her. So how do you expect all of us not to believe? And what did you said, now? ... you didn't do any mistake ... yeah right?

Rehan lost his control and started to beat him black and blue

Rehan: (Shouting) YES ... DAMMIT YES ... it was my fault to befriend people like them. And what did you said trust? ... yes ... it was my mistake to trust them ... (Shaking his head) I shouldn't have trusted them then ... then I wouldn't have lost ...

And he froze at the spot as the past flashed before him and his hold on Henry tightened making him choke for breath. But nobody dared to go to them seeing Rehan's animalistic rage and that was the scene which welcomed Akash who came to enjoy the night with his friend. He rushed towards them and tried to pull them apart but Rehan was not in the state of mind to notice all that so Akash shouted to bring him back to senses.

Akash: Rey ... Rey ... leave him, man. He ... he will die

Rehan: No ... don't stop me, Mehra ... because that is what I want ... his death. How dare he ... how dare he say that ... I ... I was at mistake ... when ... when he doesn't know anything? How dare he?

Akash: Rey ... Rey ... calm down ... please calm down. (Pulling him back and taking a glass of water) Here drink this

But he pushed the glass down and again tried to attack Henry who was standing with the help of the manager and at last with no other way Akash slapped him to make him aware of the surroundings.

Rehan slumped on the nearby chair sweating and Akash again passed him the water. This time he took the glass near his lips and emptied it in a single go and breathed hard. Akash pulled him to the car after apologizing to the manager for making a scene but the manager shrugged it off as he knows who Raizada brothers are.

During the entire drive, Akash asked what is the matter but Rehan didn't say anything. Reaching home he rushed to the mini bar and started to drink from the bottle itself but Akash pulled the bottle back making him shout.

Rehan: Mehra ... don't ... don't test my patience ... give it back to me

Akash: No Rey ... you are not healthy yet so drinking like this is definitely not good for you ... don't you know that ...

Rehan: Mehra ... don't start with your speech now ... (Sarcastically) okay, what will happen the most? I will die, right? ... then it is for the good only ...

Akash: Okay ... you are not going to agree like that ... then let me do one thing then ... I will call Nav ...

Rehan: (Sighing defeated) No ... no, Mehra no ... here keep your bottle with yourself but don't ... don't call him. My Nav is so much happy after a lot of struggles and I don't want to spoil his mood ... and this is my problem ... my guilt ... even though it is killing me from within ... I ...

Akash: Then why don't you share it, Rey. Okay ... not to me ... but at least to Nav ... you share everything with him ... then why not this? Can't you see it? It is killing you slowly ...

Rehan: That is what I want Mehra ... it should engulf me completely for doing ... doing all that. It is my fate and I have to live with this ...

Akash: (Shaking his head) I don't know what to say to you and I also know you are not going to change

Rehan: (Chucking) good ... you realized it soon

Akash: (Sighing) ... anyway ... I am going to stay here today. No ... no more arguments on that. I will be in the guest room and yeah ... call me if you need anything, okay?

Rehan: I am not a child Mehra ... and hey ... you know what? ... you sounded exactly like Nav now

Akash: I am extremely honored... because you both brothers don't appreciate others very often

Rehan: Genes ...

Akash: Whatever ... anyway, good night

Rehan: Yeah ... night

After some time Akash woke up with the sound of drums and coming back to the music room was really shocked to find tears drenching his cheeks. He really wanted to yell at him or slap him and spill the truth but he knows he won't be successful. Because Arnav, Aman and himself tried that many times but Rehan will zip his mouth suffering all alone without letting anyone know what actually happened. All they know is that Rehan had some rift with his bestie Deepak and GF but not the full details, in fact, nobody knows it except the three of them. He sighed and walked back to the room giving some personal space to Rehan. And later when Rehan had slept there itself due to exhaustion Akash with the help of Chachu put him on the bed.

Next morning

Arnav sighed cutting his call with Akash, as he took the call since Rehan was asleep. Akash had told him that Rehan hadn't woken up as they slept late but the news Akash stayed back there itself was indicating something wrong. But he decided to let it go as Akash would have informed him if there is anything wrong and also Rehan don't need a reason to wake up late. He shook his head at his lazy brother and left for office.

During the drive, he remembered the text Khushi sent to him in the morning as a reply to his good morning message and thought what the good news she wants to share with him.

Later in the noon, Khushi messaged him to come to the court as she may take more time. When he reached there the case wasn't over so he got down and decided to wait. After some time he saw Khushi coming out with three other colleagues in her lawyer style with her coat in hands. He can guess they were in some conversation by their gestures and guessed Khushi wasn't actually interested in whatever they were talking about.

 He can guess they were in some conversation by their gestures and guessed Khushi wasnt actually interested in whatever they were talking about

(Khushi's outfit) 

Khushi was coming out hurriedly after the case and her colleagues came to her congratulating her and she just nodded but later they started to ask why she denied going out with one of their colleagues. She shut them up saying she doesn't have time to waste and started to descend the steps but she could clearly hear their not so silent murmuring.

Colleague 1: Why is she like this? ... we consider her as our friend ... but for her ... we all are just colleagues. ... and didn't you see how rudely she behaved with Harry? ... I mean what is her problem?

Colleague 2: Leave it ... she is always like this ... and you know what I think that's why she didn't have any friends

Colleague 3: Oh please ... who will want someone like her as a friend? Always this attitude ... huh ...

That was something which she is hearing from her childhood "Who will want someone like her as a friend?". Tears started to well up but she stubbornly shrugged them off and looked ahead with confidence only to see her one-day-old friend standing there leaning on his car in his office attire looking at her and with a concerned expression.

 Tears started to well up but she stubbornly shrugged them off and looked ahead with confidence only to see her one-day-old friend standing there leaning on his car in his office attire looking at her and with a concerned expression

She knows him from only a few days but still, she felt she know him from ages. He is the only person who has never judged her, who like her as the way she is, who never questioned anything, who bearded all her tantrums from day one with a smile. She felt overwhelmed with emotions all of a sudden and broke into a run.

Arnav who was looking at her keenly understood she wasn't comfortable with whatever conversation they were indulging her in. Then he saw tears in her eyes but she left him dumbfounded as she acted exactly like him by masking her pain in seconds. And when she looked at him with those expressive hazel eyes he could read so many emotions. He just started to analyze them but she has begun to run and then all he knew was he stumbled few steps back as she was hugging him tightly over the neck. He hugged her back and caressed her back to ease her emotions. After sometimes he felt her calming down and whispered softly.

Arnav: Khush ...

Then only Khushi realized her surroundings and broke the hug and suddenly felt awkward. She was thinking how to start but before that heard his whisper.

Arnav: Hey ... you okay?

Khushi: (Nodding) Ac ... actually ... I ... I ...

Arnav held her hands as she was fidgeting with her fingers. She looked at him feeling nervous as she was thinking whether he will question her about what happened but he just blinked. And seeing her vulnerable expression he felt to hide her in his arms forever but he knows they aren't that close as of now so he just side hugged her over her shoulders and led her to the car. While he was closing the door of the car he saw the persons responsible for her this state looking at them keenly. He just passed them a dark look as of now since he didn't want to create a scene here and as Khushi was his first priority he took the seat behind wheels and closed the door.

Khushi: I ...

Arnav: No Khush ... please don't compel yourself ... tell me only when you can trust me ... until then ... just forget it

Khushi: It's not like that ... I mean I trust you ... but ...

Arnav: It's okay ... I understand. I know you trust me but not yet with your vulnerability ... just like me. We don't know each other much for that to happen. It will take time ... so until then do whatever which will take you out from this situation

Khushi: Can I ... (Clearing her throat) ... switch on the music

Arnav: (Surprised again with the similarity) sure ...

They both were in a comfortable silence for a long time with just the music which Arnav broke.

Arnav: So ... what was the surprise you were telling me?

Khushi: Oh yeah ... I forgot I have found a nickname for you

Arnav: Nickname? okay ... what is it?

Khushi: Arnie ...

Arnav: What? Arnie? ... from where did you get this? It ... it doesn't suit me at allKhushi: Who said that? ... it is formed from your name only. I just replaced the A & V with I &E ... rest is the same ... and yeah it was the best from the names I have shortlistedArnav: Really? ... then I am afraid to hear the others

Khushi: No ... no, you have to hear then you will realize it is much much better. You see, the first one was Avi ... but it is somewhat girly and reminds me of Avaley, my rival in college ... then there was Arru ... but it is too childish for you then there was ...

Arnav: Okay ... okay ... I got it. You call me whatever you like ... but hey ... don't you think it too is childish?

Khushi: Really ... and you can call me Khush?

Arnav opened and closed his mouth two-three times as words weren't coming out and at last, uttered a 'whatever' making Khushi chuckle. And he sighed inwardly seeing her laugh.

Arnav: So ... where do you want to go?

Khushi: Please take me to the nearby restaurant ... I am starving as I hadn't had anything for the lunch

The car screeched to a stop and Khushi asked what happened but when she looked up she was very much scared to see the rage in his eyes. Seeing Khushi cringing Arnav somehow calmed himself down and said more calmly.

Arnav: Khush ... don't do that ever again, okay? (Seeing her confused expression) ... never ever skip your meals. I know ... sometimes to skip the meals seems a good option to complete your works ... but the after effects won't be good. No ... don't argue with me on this because I very well know that as I am a victim ...

Khushi: (Holding his shoulder) hey ... what happened?

Arnav: (Sighing) during my teens I used to do that always. Rey used to warn me ... but I didn't mind those at all as I had to find time for part-time jobs as well as for studies ... so the better option was to skip the food. But in the end ... I was diagnosed with diabetes B even before I complete my bachelors. And let me tell you it is not easy to live with that considering the fact that I was a sweet lover. And moreover, it is only one result ... there will be other problems too. So please ... at least for my sake eat on time

Khushi was moved with the way he said that. She don't know what happened for him to have a teenage like that but felt sorry for the teenager who had to starve for completing the studies, sad when he said he has to live with that for whole life and immense love and respect when he requested to eat at least for his sake with his concern oozing out. She just smiled and said

Khushi: I will be careful from now on ...

Arnav: You better be ... otherwise, I wouldn't mind in forcing you

Khushi chuckled at that and said

Khushi: You know what? ... I think I should call you 'daddy' because you act like one

He couldn't keep the serious face anymore and laughed along with her.

Later they went to a nearby restaurant and Khushi finished her late lunch much fast. Then only it clicked her why they were here and said.

Khushi: Oh no ... I completely forgot about it ... where is the file?

Arnav: Wait let me get it ... here

Then they were busy for some time with Arnav asking some questions and she responding to it. Then his phone blinked with a message and after reading it he seems really upset.

Khushi: Is there any problem? Are you needed somewhere?

Arnav: No ... it's not that ... Rey hadn't called from the morning. When I called in the morning ... Akash, our friend said they slept late and he hadn't woken up ... now again Akash messaged Rey is busy in an operation. But ... but he never does that ... however busy he may get he calls me or at least texts me and I am tensed did something happened?

Khushi: Why are you thinking so? ... he may be really busy ... and hey ... is he the younger one?

Arnav: Yes ... why did you ask?

Khushi: It's just ... you know you really sound like a parent ... and now I am sure 'daddy' suits you better.

And with that Khushi started her blabbering by carefully diverting his mind. Both of them didn't realize how attuned they become to each other.

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Oct 9, 2017

Part 9 The bad, no worst day (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 34 times)

Do tell me how is it. It was very oevrwhelming for me to write this as it is very much happened with the lady who is my inspiration to write this story.

Paris, France 

Arnav and Khushi were going back home in the car. Khushi was blabbering her head out but Arnav was giving monosyllable answers as his mind was somewhere else since he was hell worried thinking about Rehan. After sometime Khushi too realized it from his absent-minded response and shook his hand.

Khushi: Arnie ...

Arnav: Huh!

Khushi: Kahan kho gaya ho tum?

Arnav: What?

Khushi: Arrey ... where are you lost? ... wait ... is there any problem? I mean you look hell worried. Now only you said that the contract signed today, right? ... and then? .. any problem with your rivals? or is it your ...

Arnav: Nah ... (Composing himself) all good ... and hey ... I forgot to tell you who my new partner is ...

Khushi: Who?

Arnav: It is Mr. Jackson ... your boss

Khushi: Oh yeah ... but only to this weekend

Arnav: Means?

Khushi: (Shrugging) ... means the contract I signed was till this weekend ... also the case got over a few days back but I had to serve the contract period ... so ...

Arnav: (Frowning) ... are you trying to say that you are going back?

Khushi: (Sighing) ... seriously speaking I don't know ... Papa told me to try something here itself but ... I don't want to continue there ... hey ... don't look at me like that ... because I don't think I need to explain the character of your new partner's son

Arnav nodded understandingly as he very well knows that creep.

Khushi: So ... you tell me what is disturbing you? ... is it something about your brother ...

Arnav: (Sighing) ... you won't let it go, right?

She looked at him with a sheepish smile which said never and he shook his head defeatedly.

Khushi: So ... what is it?

Arnav: I ... I don't know what is his problem ... but I doubt he is hiding something from me ...

Khushi: And why will you say that?

Arnav: I ... I just felt like that ... I mean ... I told you, right? ... that he wasn't attending my calls last week ... but then he called and blabbered a lot as usual and I was relaxed ... but since that day he isn't coming on the video call ...

Khushi: You mean he never does that?

Arnav: (Nodded) ... but I shrugged it off as he had a tight schedule in the hospital ...

Khushi: See this is the matter ... then why are you getting tensed unnecessarily?

Arnav stopped the car and leaned against the steering wheel for sometimes before looking back at her with a vulnerable expression which she never expected from the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav: You are not getting me Khush ... yeah, he is talking to me daily but then why can't he come on a video call ... I mean he is not a person who is hesitant to wake me up in the middle of the night just so that he wants to see me. Thus this ... this hide and seek ... you see as soon as I say let us skype he will have some errand to run ... I mean what the. (Shaking his head) so ... I am sure ... I am damn sure that he is avoiding me ... (With wet eyes) and what bothers me most is that this is what had happened then too ...

Khushi held his shoulders to give him a silent support even though she could not understand which time he is referring at. Seeing her quizzical look Arnav sighed and told which is only very few people know.

Arnav: Rey ... he ... he was in rehab some years back ... and he exactly behaved like this that time, always avoiding me and all that. But what I can't understand is why will Akash support him

Khushi: I think you are worrying unnecessarily ... I mean like you said Akash is both your friend ... so there is no reason for him to show an inclination towards Rey, right?

Arnav: Maybe ... but I can't help it ... Rey made it a habit so when he avoids me ... be it knowingly or unknowingly I am afraid ... I am afraid that something wrong will happen like last time ...

Khushi listened to him carefully and understood his point of view being the elder brother. Then thinking for some time asked calmly.

Khushi: Arnie ... can I tell you something?

Arnav: (Frowning) ... of course ... what's the need to ask?

Khushi: Hmm ... you are upset because he is avoiding you, right? ... and you think that is because he is disturbed about something like the last time?

Arnav: Yes ... but?

Khushi: I have to agree with you that is disturbed about something because there is no other reason for him to avoid you ... but that is expected ...

Arnav: (Frowning) ... what do you mean?

Khushi: (Sighing) ... he is your brother so like you maybe he too want to conceal his emotions so that you won't be worried. Hey ... don't look at me like that ... because I can read you that much. You will exactly do the same if that will keep Rey happy and away from worries

Arnav smiled at her thankfully as she showed him the situation in a different light. Then he squeezed her hand and blinked instead of thanking her to keep his motto of 'no sorry no thank you', making Khushi laugh out loud and he couldn't help but wink.

They went back home with a genuine smile lingered over their lips and realized somewhere between that they were getting attached with each other pretty fast not that they complained.

After some days

It was a week to their friendship and they had become really, really comfortable with each other and got to know each other better. And meeting each other and chatting at night had really become a habit. And today they were going to celebrating one week of their friendship in the evening.

Arnav thought about the last week with a fond smile on his face. He sighed unhappily as yet another attempt to get Khushi on phone failed. He really wanted to inform her that he will be late to be there at the meeting place where they agreed to meet. But what to do the phone was switched off from a long time now. Thinking about some time and deciding something he called Aman.

Aman: Hello ... what happened AS ... err ... I mean Nav?

Arnav: Aman ... you know my friend Khush, right?

Aman: Of course ...

Arnav: Okay ... so she will be there... hmm ... maybe in half an hour but as I was really held up here and I just wrapping up now. And thus I can start only after ten minutes ... so I won't make it in time ... but I can't get her on phone

Aman: Don't worry Nav ... I will ask her to wait in your office

Arnav: Do that Aman ... and yeah don't let her go upstairs, okay? ... it will be too dark there and work is going on ... it isn't safe at all. I know maybe she won't agree, saying she can take care of herself and all but ... don't allow her to go up at all ... even if you have to force her ... because it isn't really safe

Aman: But Nav ... I may have to go to the owner's office for some time ... you know that accounts ...

Arnav: Yeah ... got it ... hmm ... oaky Aman, do one thing ... tell someone to watch her ... as I ... I don't think she will stay put

Aman: I got it, buddy ... I will ask somebody to do that

Arnav: And yeah ... don't let that Abel know that she is there

Aman cut the call and told one of the office staff urgently as he got another call.

Aman: Hey look ... ASR's friend ... one Ms. Khushi Dubey will come here. Ask her to wait here until he comes ... don't let her go up, okay? ... and yeah be with her ... it is ASR's order

The man nodded and Aman got busy with the call and went outside completely missing the slime in the name of Abel standing there with a sly smile and the one important sentence of Arnav "Don't let that Abel know that she is there".

Abel who overheard the entire conversation, all thanks to Aman who put the phone on speaker due to the surrounding noise smirked and said to himself.

Abel: Oh ... so this was the reason you kept rejecting me. How dare you ... how dare you, Ms. Khushi Dubey, to reject me for ASR ... but don't worry darling I will make you pay for it and I exactly know what I have to do

He quickly made some phone calls and it was enough for Aman to rush out and met the office staff who Aman asked to watch over Khushi. And he was grinning ear to ear while going back as he was sure that he will get what he wants today because he had made such a story to make the stupid man believe him.

At the same time Khushi was walking along the pavement with tears in her eyes and now she really understood what Anjali and Dadi were trying to explain. Anjali told her to refuse her parents this time because it won't be good for her. Dadi told her again and again that her father's distant aunt too was there and she is the most conservative person existed on earth. But only with the firsthand experience, Khushi understood that they both were more than right. She hoped against hopes that her so-called relatives will be modest considering the fact that they were educated and settled abroad for years, but she was wrong ... too wrong.

What happened there still boiled her blood because her father's aunt was still in the primeval era as she was praising her well for nothing grandson completely disowning girls like her own granddaughter Rimy who was the bread earner of the family and Khushi. Khushi really felt bad for Rimy who was keeping everything behind that sad smile because her parents too weren't of much help. And her brother was a gone case who thinks as if he is some highness or something and she had to agree that she hadn't seen a leech like him in her entire life.

After just one hour there she was on the verge of explosion as the aunt was continuously taunting her saying she is a bad omen of the house, her parents will be very ashamed to have a daughter like her, she will never get married to a good family as her behavior sucks, she has to go to study classes to behave like a woman and what not. The whole family was having a sorry expression but nobody dared to speak against the head of the family and Rimy looked at her with sympathy very well understanding her emotions.

Finally, Khushi had had enough because they were even forgetting the fact that she is a guest here and decided to leave then and there, but she had agreed to Rimy reluctantly to have lunch. During the dinner, Anjali had called her to ask when she is returning. Khushi forgetting the surrounding had very casually told that she has to meet Arnav before coming back. And that was like the aunt had got another reason to question her and she went ahead with accusing her character, and Khushi's heart broke then and there. She was always the dust of the Arora family and even their neighborhood but today for the first time in her life somebody had ever questioned her character.

Accusations, she was used to but this was something she had ever expected but she composed herself quickly as she was well practiced at that. Rimy and her parents who were staying here for years unlike the aunt had immediately regretted seeing that because the person she mentioned maybe her friend, colleague or rather just a client but the aunt saw only what she wanted to see. Khushi left the house without even completing the meal but not before warning Rimy's parents that there is law and if Rimy needed she will always be there for her as a lawyer making the girl smile a genuine smile at her.

Exiting their home her legs unknowingly carried her to the one person who understood her very well in a very short time more than anybody had ever done. And after almost fifteen minutes of walk, she reached the office. The office staff told her that boss had asked her to go up. Without thinking anything she took the stairs as fast as she could and came to the place where works were going on. She frantically searched for Arnav but couldn't find him anywhere. So she asked one of the workers there and he told that ASR hadn't reached yet.

Disappointedly she started to walk away but someone told her that boss is calling her on the ground floor. Not remembering what she heard earlier she ran downstairs but suddenly somebody blocked her way. Hopefully, Khushi looked up expecting Arnav but to her dismay, Mr. Abel Jackson was standing there with that stupid smirk of his. Err ... what a day thought an irritated Khushi. And without concealing her irritation she asked

Khushi: You ... what are you doing here?

Abel: Why can't I be here ... or were you expecting someone else? But sorry to burst your bubble he is not here ... and yeah I have something to discuss with you

Khushi: As far as I know I had completed all your cases ... so now what do you want Mr. Jackson?

Abel: But I think you remember that I am your boss for two more days as per the contract. So Ms. Dubey now tell me what business do you have in another company? ... and that too with the boss itself?

Khushi: Look Mr. I am not in a mood to argue with you nor I have to explain myself to you by telling what relation I and Arnav share

Abel: Arnav ... oh so you two know each other on the first name basis? I didn't know that ... (Smirking) so how is he?

Khushi was disgusted hearing his inner meaning but said with a straight face as she clearly wasn't ready for a fight now.

Khushi: I am telling you for the last time Mr. Jackson ... (Gritting the teeth) move from my way

Abel: Easy there tigress ... what will you do if I don't?

Khushi started to walk out ignoring him but again he blocked her way.

Abel: Wait, sweetheart ... what's the hurry? ... and tell me what is in him that you rejected ME for him?

And that, of course, provoked her hearing that leech comparing himself with Arnav.

Khushi: Don't compare yourself with him you creep ... you aren't even capable to have your name with him in one sentence ...

And that's it Abel slapped her right across her face making her yelp in anger and hurt.

Abel: So much love for him ... Oh ... I must say he is really lucky to have you

Khushi: (Seething with anger) ... move from my way ... or you will realize all women are not the same

Abel: Okay ... okay calm down ... you be with whomever you want but ... but I need you for once

Khushi looked at him with eyes that spitting fire but he cared less and continued.

Abel: Don't worry ... ASR will never know ... it will be between us only. So ... shall we start ...

Saying this he started to lean towards her and Khushi used that instant to push him away and ran out but froze in her tracks hearing the recorded conversation.

Arnav who came after sometimes got to know that Khushi was here and that the stupid staff had sent her upstairs and that too to that creep Abel. He started running upstairs deciding to deal with him later because Khushi was his first concern.

He was frantically looking for her and the worker talked to Khushi told him that she was here sometimes before and he saw her going down immediately. But everyone looked downstairs hearing a loud voice and what he saw boiled Arnav's blood and he clenched his fist and ran down the stairs as fast as his legs had carried him.

Abel switched on the recording as he saw her running and Khushi halted in her steps shocked to even move.

Vijay: What are you saying, Mr. Jackson ... Khushi refused you? How dare she? ... don't worry. I will call her and she will agree to whatever you are saying ... but please don't cancel the deal. And yeah if I am not asking for too much ... please ... please recommend her to some of your friends or keep her in your company itself, can you?

Abel: (In a sly voice) I will take care of that ... and yeah ... Ms. Dubey is here ... so will you like to speak to her

Vijay: How dare you Khushi? ... how dare you to deny him? Don't you know what he had done for me? ... don't you understand how important this deal is for me ... so listen ... agree to whatever Mr. Jackson says you stupid useless girl ... at least try to not to be a burden on us

Khushi's eyes filled with tears hearing the word burden and she couldn't walk more. Abel came to stand in front of her again smiling sickly and she started to move backward.

Abel: So what will you say, Ms. Dubey?

Khushi: Don't come near me ...

Abel: Why sweetheart? ... didn't you hear what your father had said? ... wait let me play it again for you

Khushi: No don't ...please shut that ...

Abel: Why? ... feeling emotional, are we? Okay ... if you are that much sad let us forget about that ... but yeah let me do my task

Khushi: Don't ...

But she stumbled over something and fell down straight at her back making a loud noise catching the attention of everyone.

Khushi whispered almost an inaudible 'Arnav' and Abel chuckled lustfully.

Abel: Don't worry sweetheart ... I will be over with you before he comes ...

Abel started to hover around her and Khushi squeezed her eyes as she was finding it difficult to keep her eyes open due to the hit in her head as an aftermath of her fall and not to forget the audio clip which is repeating, again and again, wasn't helping her much making her vulnerable.

Abel smirked seeing that and pulled her up by her hairs brutally and leaned close to kiss her. Khushi was slowly accepting her defeat as she was slowly losing her consciousness and her heart bled at the thought of surrendering to an animal like him. She really hoped somebody will save her for sure and like her prayers were heard Abel's body was pulled harshly away from her throwing him on the ground. She meekly opened her eyes to see a fire-spitting Arnav Singh Raizada standing before Abel in a murderous rage making her smile through her pain. Everybody was standing dumbstruck seeing the roaring lion as he kicked the creep venting out all his frustration constantly yelling 'how dare you'.

Aman seeing Abel was about to die tried to hold his shoulder only to be thrown away by Arnav. Composing himself he shouted

Aman: Leave him ASR ... he will die

Arnav: Then let him ... how dare he ... how dare he

Aman: ASR the cops will be here soon ... they will handle him ... you ... you please go to Khushi Ma'am ...

Then only Arnav looked at Khushi and his breath caught in his throat seeing the only woman who could ever catch his attention almost unconscious with torn clothes and tears flowing out of her eyes. He came into senses hearing Aman calling him again.

He ran and crouched down near her and seeing him she tried to sit up. He brought her to a sitting position and covered her with his jacket and then hugged her to his heart's content assuring himself that she was okay. She broke the hug and then whispered cupping his face.

Khushi: Ar ... Arnav ... he ... he

Arnav: Shh ... shh ... nothing ... nothing happened to you ... I am here ... I am here

Khushi: Arnie ... Pa ... pa ... he

Vijay: What are you saying, Mr. Jackson ... Khushi refused you? How dare she? ... don't worry. I will call her and she will agree to whatever you are saying ... but please don't cancel the deal. And yeah if I am not asking for too much ... please ... please recommend her to some of your friends or keep her in your company itself, can you?

Abel: (In a sly voice) I will take care of that ... and yeah ... Ms. Dubey is here ... so will you like to speak to her

Vijay: How dare you Khushi? ... how dare you to deny him? Don't you know what he had done for me? ... don't you understand how important this deal is for me ... so listen ... agree to whatever Mr. Jackson says you stupid useless girl ... at least try to not to be a burden on us

That's when Arnav noticed the still repeating recording in the background and what he heard made him loathe Khushi's father for once and all.

He couldn't believe that her father didn't even bother what might happen to his daughter especially with a known slime like Abel. He shook his head to shrug the thoughts away and held her close almost choking her.

Arnav: Please ... please stop thinking about that ... I won't let anything to happen to you. (Looking around) someone, please shut that damn phone off. And Aman ... contact the commissioner and tell him to charge whatever cases he wants and yeah a recorded call and a signed statement of Mr. Jackson ... I will tell you what to write and record. (Looking at Khushi) ... I am taking her to hospital but yeah ... make sure that stupid staff never shows his face again to me

Aman nodded his head getting into his work when Khushi spoke.

Khushi: Arnie ... I am alright don't need a doctor ... I ... I just want to go home

Arnav: Yeah, right ... I can see how alright you are ... we are going to see a doctor and that's it ...

Khushi: Arnie ... please take me home ... please and ... if you insist on a doctor please call Anju ...

Arnav: Alright, don't plead. (Turning to Aman) ... Aman ... call Dr. Singhania and ask her to come to my home

Khushi: But ...

Arnav: No arguments ... I am taking you with me ...

Khushi nodded weakly as she knows it is futile to talk to him. Arnav stood up and picked her up with ease ignoring her protest and started towards his car keeping her close to his heart.

Aman got the number of Dr. Singhania from the hospital's site and told her the address of Arnav's home. A worried hell Anjali started towards the address thinking what the hell happened.

Arnav had done the first aid as the first thing as soon as he placed her in the passenger seat and drove off. Reaching his home he saw another car at the parking lot and a lady in her late twenties standing there worried. He very well knows it is Anjali and now he understood why she was very special for Khushi. He got down from the car and she immediately came towards him.

Arnav opened the passenger seat and again picked up Khushi in his arms. The disheveled look, torn clothes, a men's jacket around her and the fragile look was enough for Anjali to understand what might have happened. She immediately walked with Arnav silently and rang the bell as indicated by him.

Then as the servant opened the door he asked her to enter. Anjali noticed Khushi was sleeping and held the room opened for him. They both together helped Khushi to settle on the bed silently and then Anjali asked him to wait outside, and he even though unwillingly agreed to it.

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Oct 29, 2017

Part 10 A night at his place (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 38 times)

At Arnav's place, Paris

Arnav got up from the bed to go out but stopped in his tracks feeling a tug at his hand. He prepared himself before turning around and his heart skipped a beat to see his tigress friend in such a vulnerable condition. but he was amazed seeing her masking her expressions with ease. He realized how similar they were and with that, another thought crossed his mind which again stabbed his heart as he understood it was due to the constant experience she could do that. And it didn't take much time for him to realize the reason behind it as the recording of Khushi's father still played in his mind and he wondered was there anything more to it. Along with the sheer protectiveness towards Khushi, immense anger towards her father too developed in him. He promised to himself that whatever be the reason which made her this reclusive he won't allow her to go through all that again. And for that, he needed to know more about her parents but he also knows it is not the right time to ask all that.

He sat on the bed near Khushi and immediately she hugged his arms but never has she dropped a single tear. He was feeling miserable seeing her hiding everything within herself. He pulled her to a sitting position and she looked at him with the eyes which have a world's pain. He couldn't control anymore and hugged her tight keeping her head on his erratically beating heart. After some moments of deadly silence, he felt wetness on his chest followed by silent sobs which brought tears to his own eyes recognizing her need for a refuge but he sighed realizing that she had finally opened up. He tightened his hold on her rubbing her back and whispering sweet nothings to her.

Khushi was feeling sick as the recording was playing in her head continuously but the thing which was keeping her from breaking apart was Arnav's protective hold around her. But when he stood up leaving her she opened her eyes suddenly feeling so lonely and miserable but masked it before he could see it. But when she looked at him what she wasn't expecting was the ache and concern in his eyes for her and her mask slipped away. And later his comforting hug hiding her in his arms which was as if he was trying to protect her from the outer world and his frantic heartbeat which was crying for her were the final nail in the coffin. And she broke down ... broke down completely wailing her heart out ... finally finding a shoulder to cry on.

Anjali was praying to make Khushi cry out her grief at least in front of Arnav as she is the actual Khushi only with Arnav. But all her hopes died down when she saw Khushi, as usual, masking her emotions. She was very much worried to see her friend in such a state and wondered who tried did that to her. She was glad Arnav was there to protect her, however, couldn't stop the tears. And to hide them from Khushi she turned around searching the necessities for an injection so that Khushi will sleep without any disturbances which she needed the most now. But later she sighed in relief and thanked the heavens for sending Arnav into her Kuku's life. And she hoped wholeheartedly that Khushi gets him as her life partner.

Anjali wiped her tears and sighed contently and turned around only to stand thunderstruck not to see her Kuku crying but to see the mighty ASR wiping his lone tear making her resolve stronger.

After some time

Feeling Khushi's steady breath Arnav broke the hug. And he was right, she was asleep on his chest with her one hand on his lapel and other bunching his shirt at back. He slowly lowered her to the bed and freed himself. He saw Anjali coming with an injection and he raised his eyebrow unknowingly. And as if reading his confusion Anjali told in a low voice so as to not wake Khushi.

Anjali: It's a mild sedation ... otherwise, she will be disturbed ... I mean I have to clean the wounds

Saying this Anjali walked near Khushi and was about to give her the injection but Arnav came there and held Khushi's hand surprising her. Khushi squirmed due to the needle and Arnav pressed her palms with one hand and with the other drew smooth circles on her face to calm her. And when Anjali finished he looked up and said.

Arnav: Okay ... you continue ... I ... I will take my change and leave

Before Anjali can say anything he went to his wardrobe and took out his clothes. He once looked back at Khushi and took out a capris and a tee and came to Anjali.

Arnav: Hmm ... can you change her to this?

Anjali was about to take it from his hand but he pulled back and asked.

Arnav: Wait ... will this be comfortable? ... or should I get something else?

Anjali: (Smiling at his care) ... no ... no ... it's fine

Arnav: (Shrugging) ... okay then

Saying so Arnav turned gave the dress to her and to go. And then only Anjali saw that.

Anjali: Wait ...

Arnav: (Turned) Huh?

Anjali: Your hand ... it ... it is bleeding ...

He checked his hands and saw blood dripping from his right hand. Anjali offered him some cotton with medicine but he denied her politely.

Arnav: I am ... I am okay ... you please go and check her

Anjali: But ...

Arnav: I am fine, Doc ...

Saying so he walked away leaving an astonished Anjali, but stopped at the door.

Arnav: And Doc ... come to the lounge when you are done ...

After twenty minutes Anjali walked out of the room and saw Arnav sitting in the lounge sipping his coffee with a forlorn and distant look. The doctor in her made her look towards his hand and she sighed seeing it bandaged. Seeing him in another world she cleared her throat. He instantly looked up and gestured her to take a seat. She settled before him and he didn't waste any time in asking.

Arnav: How is she?

Anjali nodded indicating everything is okay and then laid her head back on the sofa. And looking at her something clicked for Arnav so he instantly asked.

Arnav: Uh ... sorry ... what will you take? Is coffee fine? ... or shall I get tea for you?

Anjali: No ... no ... coffee is fine

Arnav poured the coffee for her and gave it to her. Both of them didn't know what to speak further. Anjali wanted to ask the thing that is nagging her from the time she received Aman's call. After seeing Khushi she can guess what might have happened, but who? why? how? Everything was disturbing her.

Arnav who was observing her guessed what is in her mind and told with gritted teeth.

Arnav: Abel Jackson ...

Anjali looked at him shocked and clueless so he continued suppressing his anger.

Arnav: Khush liked the drawing of my new project site too much and wanted to see it for real ... so we decided to meet there. But I was stuck in a meeting so I asked Aman ... my manager to keep her down itself as it wasn't safe to go up ...

Anjali: But Jackson?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... unfortunately, I had signed a contract with his father who unlike his son is a gentleman. I don't know why that idiot wanted to come there ... but as I know his character very well like everyone out there I had asked Aman to inform someone to watch over her. But ... but that creep played his cards well by bribing one stupid office staff and ... and ... she was told that sir is waiting upstairs for her and she ... (Closing his eyes) ... she would have thought that (In a whisper) ... it was me ...

Suddenly anger took over him and he tightened his fist and with a gritted teeth as he was angry on his absurd staff more than Jackson.

Arnav: He ... he won't work anymore ... but still, that is not enough ... I wish ... I wish I could kill him with my bare hands ... **** ...

Anjali saw the 'ASR' in him which she had heard till now. But what astounded her was the man who was drowning in guilt for not being able to protect his friend as she heard him whisper to himself.

Arnav: I ... I should have informed her before ... I tried calling her many times ... but ...

Anjali now understood why Khushi respected him so much and tried to console him seeing his condition.

Anjali: I too tried calling her ... but I think she had switched off her mobile

Arnav: But she ... she never does that ...

Anjali: Apart from when she is disturbed and needs a 'me time'

Arnav: (Deciphering her words) okay ... but what would have ...

Anjali: The house she had gone ...

Arnav: Sorry?

Anjali: (Sighing) ... hmm ... there was this aunt of her father ... Dadi had explained she is such an irritating conservative old lady ... so it is obvious she would have told something ...

Arnav just shook his head and told to himself which was not inaudible for Anjali.

Arnav: Can't say anything about a mere aunt when parents are like this ...

He clenched his fist remembering the recording and Anjali wondered what made him say that because she knows Khushi won't share it all just like that. But before she could ask, someone came there. She looked up and saw a man whom she guessed to be Arnav's manager as she had seen him before.

Aman came and settled on the single sofa next to Arnav and passed a small smile at her. She too smiled back. And from the look with which he observed Arnav Anjali understood he was more than a manager to him.

Aman: (Clearing his throat) ... Nav ... the statement ... recording everything is done ... he will surely get the punishment ...

Arnav: Not just punishment Aman ... he should rot in there so that he will think a thousand times before even trying something like this again

Aman: (Nodding) ... had met the cop and made sure about that ...

Arnav: Hmm ... and that moron?

Aman: He will have to beg to live ...

Arnav: Good ... Sr. Jackson?

Aman: He knows his son so he isn't surprised nor he is going try for a bail

Arnav: Better ...

Aman and Anjali noticed how Arnav was talking in monosyllables with gritted teeth looking ahead. From his posture, it was clear that he will kill them if they came in front of him now. Aman wasn't sure about his next set of words so said in a low voice.

Aman: And Nav ...

Arnav: Hmm ...

Aman: (Taking out a phone) ... I guess this is Khushi Ma'am's phone...

Arnav: Oh yeah it is ... thanks, Aman

Aman: Hey ... it's fine (In a low voice) ... and ... there were some calls ... I think from her father ...

Anjali didn't fail to notice how Arnav's every movement stopped for a moment and when he looked up the other two people gulped seeing the raw fury they in his eyes. Anjali couldn't help but ask which amazed both the men.

Anjali: Now what did that Hitler did? ... it was something for money, wasn't it?

Arnav: (With gritted teeth) ... he made it much easier for that Jackson

Anjali gasped at that and right on cue the phone again rang showing 'Papa'. Anjali snatched it from him before Arnav could attend the call as she knows what will happen if he answers it. But in that process, it got on the speaker mode and they all heard Vijay yelling from another end.

Vijay: Where the hell were you Khushi? I was calling you for a long time. And yeah what did you tell Mr. Jackson ... ha? I told you he is my client, right? Then what the hell did you told him? If you can't help me ... at least don't make it difficult for me you useless girl ...

Anjali saw the two men boiling in rage and she knew she had to take the control even though she too was fuming.

Anjali: (Suppressing her anger) ... Uncle ... uncle ... it's me Anjali

Vijay: Uh ... Anjali? ... where is Khushi? ... why isn't she answering my calls?

Anjali told what came to her mind.

Anjali: Uncle ... she had an accident and she is sleeping due to sedation ... nothing major but ...

Vijay: (Cutting her off) ... that is okay ... ask her to call me when she is up ...

Vijay once again shocked Aman as he kept thinking how a father can do that. And Arnav sighed at the yet another resemblance.

After the call, Arnav and Aman got into some discussion and Anjali silently sipped her coffee but after finishing it she realized something, she has the night shift today. She doesn't know is she doing the right thing, but she can't leave Khushi on her own after such an incident. So she did what was right for the time being. She asked Arnav whether Khushi can stay there for the day.

Arnav even though was taken aback at that question agreed instantly ... in fact, merrily. Anjali smiled relieved and stood up to go.

Aman: I think I too will leave and yeah ... from tomorrow there is tile work on the ground floor so don't come over there ...

Arnav: Excuse me! ... who is the boss here? I have to see the arch they finished today ... then only we can start working on the service plan of the next floor ...

Aman: That is surely you ... but you won't come over there tomorrow. You are allergic to tile's powder ... and don't forget what happened last time ... you were almost unconscious with constant sneezing ... so forget that ... or if you want I can talk to Rey

Arnav: No ... no need for that ... (Muttering to himself) he will skin me alive if something like that happens again. (Sighing) ... okay, I won't come ... happy ... now go ...

Aman and Anjali walked out chuckling at his words and the face he had made and when they reached the door Anjali spoke.

Anjali: Wow ... so there is someone ASR is afraid of? And ... hey ... who is this Rey?

Aman: His brother ... maybe you have heard about him ... I mean he is a world-famous doctor ... Dr. Rehan Singh Raizada

Anjali: What? Rehan Singh Raizada? The Dr. R? CEO of AR C&H?

Aman: Yes ...

Anjali: Wow that is really something ...(Seeing Aman's look) ... oh, don't get me wrong though I hadn't seen him I just admire him a lot ... and AR is my dream hospital ...

Anjali said with a smile. But for Aman, he doesn't know why but he didn't like Anjali going gaga over Rehan however. But he hid it perfectly with a smile and said.

Aman: Cool ...

Anjali: By the way ... (Extending hands) Anjali ... Anjali Singhania

Aman: Aman ... Aman Mathur

Anjali: I had heard that a lot by now ...

Aman: (Chuckling) ... okay so ... shall I drop you?

Anjali: No ... I have my car, Aman ... and ... bye then ...

Aman: Bye Anjali ...


Arnav quickly walked into the kitchen to prepare something for him and Khushi as the cook had left early today. He finished it fast and reached the room. Reaching there he saw Khushi was sleeping like a baby and his lips stretched upwards unknowingly even though his mind was restless. But as he couldn't work with this confused thoughts he picked up his stress buster, gardening.

After spending some time with his plants, as usual, he was much calmer but as he was dirty he decided to take a bath.

Khushi woke up hearing the sound of water and sat down hastily but immediately clutched her head as a shooting pain hit her. She tried to recollect today's events and slowly realized where she was. She looked around for Arnav and understood he was in the bathroom but the smell of flowers came from the door attracted her.

So even though she was a little weak physically she slowly stood up and walked towards the balcony. And what welcomed her was a breathtaking garden which attracted her and took her legs towards them unknowingly. She giggled as the plants caressed her and looked down at them. That's when she realized she is in Arnav's clothes and that again led her to the flashback.

She was ecstatic as Arnav came for her. It is not that a Karate champion like she was weak to fight against a monster like Abel. In fact, she had done that too even though not using any moves until she had fallen down. But the thing is that what caused it was not that creep but her father's words. But then Arnav came for her and the awareness that somebody is there to worry about you ... to protect you was really overwhelming for her. Then he had taken all the decision for her with authority and surprisingly it hadn't hurt her like her parents instead she felt protected because it was clear that he just wanted to keep her away from the beast. But what confused her was why Arnav demanded in the phone call to Aman that Abel should not come before her anymore and he will handle him directly? It kept nagging her mind because until now she had learned that Arnav respects women ... especially those who are strong and independent ... then what made him take a decision like that? She sighed as only Arnav can answer those questions. Her chain of thoughts broke hearing Arnav calling her and called out.

Arnav came out of the bathroom and decided to wake up Khushi so that she can eat something but frowned not seeing her and shouted her name.

Arnav: Khush ...

Khushi: Here Arnie ...

Then only he noticed the door to the balcony was open. He was worried thinking how she will behave now as earlier she had broken down completely. He reached there and saw Khushi standing near his garden with her hands on railings and watching the hustle and bustle of the city. He sighed and walked towards her and stood beside mimicking her posture. One look at her he could somewhat understand that she was again back to the usual strong lawyer mode. But to be sure he whispered.

Arnav: A penny for your thoughts ...

But instead of replying she questioned him.

Khushi: Where is Jackson?

Arnav: With the cops maybe ... why?

Khushi: This is surprising ...

Arnav: That is where he should be ... what is surprising in it?

Khushi: No ... I am not talking about that. I thought you won't tell me

Arnav: And what made you think like that?

Khushi: (Sighing) ... I had thought that you are not like other men who think ladies are weak and they like to live in some safe cocoon by men always ... but I guess I mis ...

Arnav: I never said otherwise Khush ... (Suddenly realizing something) ... hey ... don't tell me you took it like that ...

Khushi: Then what should I do? ... your behavior talks a lot ...

Arnav: No ... no ... you have completely misunderstood me. I mean ... it is right that I was a bit more protective ... but it is not because I think you are weak or something ... and in fact, you are the strongest woman I have seen. I know you have heard my conversation with Aman ... and I had asked him that Jackson should never come before you ... but not because I think you are fragile ... it is because I am afraid you might do something to him

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Of course ... can't predict what you will do when you are in your tigress mode

Khushi: (Hitting his shoulder) Arnie ...

Arnav: (Chuckling) ... truth is always bitter milady

Khushi: You are too much ...

Arnav: I know ... by the way, let me tell you one thing ... I loved it when you called me Arnav ...

Khushi: Really? ... and Arnie irritates you?

Seeing his expression she said smiling in glee.

Khushi: Wow ... now I got how to irritate you ... thank you so much for telling me ASR

Arnav: (Shaking his head) ... and she is telling me I am too much

Even though he was mumbling that to himself Khushi had heard it and burst out laughing causing him to smile as well.

Khushi: And what about me working in AR?

Arnav: You heard that too?

Khushi: Have to ... I am a lawyer after all ...

Arnav: And I was serious Khush ... your contract will end tomorrow ... like I had already told you I need some talented people in AR's legal team as Mr. Roy is finding it very hard to manage everything alone ... and who better than you. But I am promising you ... I will never ever compel you for anything ... you just take your time ... think about it and then only answer me ...

Khushi: Oye ... don't flatter me much ... (Smiling at his words) ... but yeah I will think about it ... and by the way, AR is not a bad option

Arnav: And I am honored to know that ma'am

Khushi: You absolutely are ... I mean ... it is not that easy to have Adv. Khushi Arora as your advocate

Arnav: (Bowing his head) ... I know my highness that you ...

The clock beeped breaking their conversation.

Arnav: Oh ... it's already eight ... come let us have food ... a delicious dinner is waiting for you ...

Khushi: Really? And hey ... I must say your cook is great

Arnav: Sorry?

Khushi: Arrey ... (Winking) the great ASR is praising her

Arnav: Very funny ... but for your kind information ... it is ASR's own preparation

Khushi: What? ... you ... you had cooked? (Chuckling) ... are you planning to kill me Arnie?

Arnav: Shut up Khush ... just taste it and you will see what Arnav Singh Raizada is capable of ...

Khushi: Okay then ... let us see

They both walked down with almost similar thoughts. Arnav was happy that she wasn't at all behaving like a crybaby after whatever happened as he was afraid it may dampen her spirits. But here she had already moved on from that ... or trying to do that with much stronger willpower and he was happy for her. Even though he wanted to know her life before meeting him, he knows that it isn't easy for her and that's why she carefully avoided talking about her parents and her earlier breakdown. All he wants is her happiness and peace if she is getting it by this way he is all ready to help her.

And as for Khushi she carefully avoided talking about her parents. Not because she didn't trust him but she didn't want to spoil the happy moments and she was glad that he understood it and avoided such topics. And what made her the happiest was she could forget everything in his company and was smiling wholeheartedly even after such an awful incident.

Reaching the dining hall he asked her to wait and dashed towards the kitchen to fetch the food. Sitting on the dining table she kept looking in the direction of the kitchen and smiled in glee as she realized that he ... HE had cooked for her ... HER

Arnav came out of the kitchen carrying bowls, set the table and served her. And Khushi couldn't help but squeal seeing her favorite food.

Khushi: Wow pasta ... impressive

But avoiding her comment he said bowing his head

Arnav: At your service ma'am

Then Arnav served her and Khushi couldn't help but moan on the tasty food. But she didn't tell anything making Arnav frown as he was waiting for her opinion.

After dinner, Arnav insisted her to sit down and he himself washed the dishes. Khushi was leaning against the counter with arms folded on her chest and watching him and both of them were busy on their own thoughts. After he finished he said.

Arnav: Hey ... now let us move up ...

But Khushi just walked towards him and hugged him tight making him frown at the sudden hug. Nevertheless, he hugged her back and concentrated her words.

Khushi: I know you don't like it ... but thank you (Feeling him stiffen) ... no not for protecting me ... it was your duty as a friend ... but for the yummy dinner. Nobody had ever considered it important to ask me what my favorite is other than Anju ... and here you ... you not only found it out by yourself and even cooked them for me ... and that too this much delicious ... so thanks

It again hardened a knot on his heart to hear her painful voice and his hold on her tightened. And he said in a whisper.

Arnav: Then consider there is someone else to look after you ...

After one more tight hug, Khushi detached herself from him and Arnav was astonished to see her wet eyes. But smiling through her tears she said

Khushi: You know what ... you are the best

Arnav: Hey ... stand by one thing, man ... (Winking at her) best or too much?

Khushi: No ... you are mad

Arnav: (Winking) of course ... and that's why a crazy like you are my friend ...

Saying this Arnav ran up as he knows she will be after him and as expected he was showered with her smacks for calling her crazy.

Then they settled in near the garden on her insistence.

At almost 11 Arnav walked into the room carrying Khushi as she was fast asleep on his shoulder after their long chat. He was ecstatic as even though he or she hadn't talked about their painful memories both got to know much more about the other as they kept chatting, chatting and chatting.

He tucked her in the bed and walked back to the balcony taking his laptop, mobile and some files as he was sure that he is going to have a long night as he had some work to finish. After about half an hour he received Anjali's call and whatever she had asked worried him like hell as he didn't know how to handle situations like these.

Sorry for the delay guys, I know I am very very late but one of my relative passed away and the atmosphere wasnt such that I  can sit peacefully and type, hope you understands. Next part of 'Love of modern hearts' is coming soon.  Tell me how was the update.

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Nov 29, 2017

Part 11 A whole day with him (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 36 times)

Do tell your comments

At Arnav's place, Paris

Arnav was hell worried even though there is no need for that. It was just Anjali told today's events to Khushi's Dadi who got very anxious hearing all that and wanted the assurance that Khushi was fine. So Anjali called him to ask whether Khushi in a situation to talk to Dadi. But when he told that Khushi is normal and but is already asleep she asked him to talk to Dadi and assure her as she wasn't listening to Anjali. He couldn't deny as he knows the bond Khushi shares with her Dadi. But the impending conversation scared him due to different reasons, one ... he doesn't know how to talk to a grandma ... because his granny was dead before he was born and about Dadi ... it was always fighting ... never had it been talks. Second ... it will be the first time he will be reassuring someone like this because before Khushi he was worried like this about Mom and Rey only ... and he never had to assure about them to anybody ... not even to his father, after all, they were only his responsibility. Yes, he cared for his extended family, they did too ... but not this much. Third ... this is Khushi's Dadi whom she loves a lot and he doesn't know why but he wanted to be in her good books. So all in all Arnav Singh Raizada was worried about the call and decided to prepare himself but he wasn't that lucky because the phone rang again with a number from India. He took a deep breath and received the call only to hear a soft but strong 'Hello'.

Arnav: Hello ...

Dadi: Arnav Beta?

Arnav: Speaking ...

Dadi: Beta ... I am sorry to disturb you at this time ... but when I heard Chutki had an accident from Vijay I was worried and immediately called Anjali Beta. And then she told me what happened there and I couldn't control myself even though she assured me everything is okay now. I just wanted to talk to her to assure myself she is fine and that's when Anjali told me she is with you and she will talk to you. Now she called me back saying she is asleep and to talk to you as Chutki is asleep. And I didn't think much and called you so that I can be ensured because Anjali won't hesitate to lie so that I won't get worried

Arnav: It is fine ... I can understand your situation ... but frankly speaking ... she is fine now and in deep sleep even though she had broken down completely at evening

Dadi: Thank god ... she cried it out ... and Beta ... did she eat anything?

Arnav: Yes ... I made sure of that Mrs. Dubey ... but how are you so sure that I won't lie to you?

Dadi: First of all call me Dadi just like Chutki ... and about your question, Chutki talks a lot about you and from that ... I know you never lie

Arnav felt very happy hearing it and a boyish grin appeared on his face. He was glad he had already impressed Dadi.

Arnav: Good to hear that ... and she talks a lot about you too Dadi

Dadi: Of course she will ... after all, I am her favorite person

Which made Arnav chuckle and he realized the origin of Khushi's playful side.

Dadi: Beta ... Chutki told me you have a house there? ... are you from there itself? ... and who all are there with you?

This made Arnav really tensed as he doesn't know how Dadi will take it if she got to know his family isn't there and they two are alone now. But he wasn't ready to lie like Dadi said so he told her the truth.

Arnav: No ... I am from India only ... and Dadi ... I ... I live alone here ...

Dadi: What?

Arnav: Please don't take me wrong Dadi ... I really don't have any bad intentions but when Doc asked me can Khush stay here as Doc has a night shift today and otherwise Khush will be alone so I couldn't deny ...

Dadi: You don't have to explain this much dear ... I asked because I was thinking that how you will manage everything alone not because what you thought ... and you know what I am a modern Dadi. I know how today's children are ... so you don't have to explain. And hey ... you manage everything alone but still took her responsibility ... my Chutki is really lucky to get a friend like you

Arnav: No Dadi ... it is me who is lucky ... to have her in my life

Dadi: Oh ... now I got it why you two become friends this fast ... you are exactly like her ... stubborn

And Arnav had a good laugh at that and Dadi too smiled.

Dadi: Okay then ... let me rephrase it ... you two are lucky to have each other ... okay now?

Arnav: Much better

Dadi: By the way, Beta ... Chutki never sleeps this early ... is it due to medicines?

Arnav: No Dadi ... it is because now its midnight here

Dadi: Oh I forgot about the time difference. Hey wait then why aren't you asleep?

Arnav: Huh! Actually, I had work

Dadi: At this late night? Go and sleep Beta ... otherwise, it will affect your health

Arnav: I will Dadi I just have to talk to my brother

Dadi: Okay then complete it fast and take rest ... anyway, good night Beta

Arnav: Good night Dadi ... and yeah it was nice talking to you

Dadi: Same here my dear... and ha next time come in Skype with Chutki ... after hearing your voice I so want to see you ...

Arnav: Sure ... bye now

Dadi: Bye

Arnav couldn't help but smile as he thought about the conversation. So this is how a Dadi will be he thought emotionally and called Rehan who in the first call itself took the call and asked him what the matter as Aman hadn't told the entire matter. And when he explained Rehan was equally angry and asked him what did he done to the two idiots and he was happy hearing the reply. Then Arnav asked him to do one thing. 

Arnav: And Rey ... I need a background check on JD Industries before tomorrow's sunset

Rehan: Consider it is done Nav ... and yeah ... now go and take rest ... it is past midnight, right?

Arnav: Hmm ... night buddy

Rehan: Night

He got up from the chair and headed to the room as he understood like Dadi and Rehan said he is hell tired and needed a good sleep. Reaching there he placed everything in his wardrobe, took a pillow and comforter and settled on the couch. And before he knew he was fast asleep and only woke up hearing his alarm.

He woke up with a start and took some time to realize where he was. The first thing he did was looking towards the bed but frowned not seeing her there but then heard sound from the washroom. He got up and settled the room and took out his mobile to check on his email.

After some time he looked up as the door opened and he couldn't help but appreciate her fresh look. Khushi's condition too wasn't good; with the messy hairs and the casual clothes he looked more handsome. Arnav was the one who came out of the admiring zone first.

Arnav: Why are you awake this early?

Khushi: Good morning to you too ASR ...

Arnav: Khush ... I am serious ... why are you up this early? ... it is not your usual time yet

Khushi: Arrey why are you glaring at me like that ... I don't know ... I just woke up. By the way, did you sleep at all?

Khushi asked keeping her hands on her hips as he yawned once more.

Arnav: Hmm ...

Khushi: Then why are you still yawning?

Arnav: Nothing ... I will just brush and come.

Saying this he walked to the bathroom but stopped at the door and asked.

Arnav: Listen ... there was spare brush, right?

Khushi: Yeah ...

Arnav: Okay then ... I will just come

After Arnav freshening they both went down and entered the kitchen. But as he couldn't find the cook Arnav called out.

Arnav: Bella ... Bella ... what the ... where is she?

Khushi: Hey ... what's the matter?

Arnav: The cook ... I think she isn't here yet ... you just wait here let me ask the security ...

Saying this Arnav walked out and Khushi looked around the kitchen. She instantly fell in love with the arrangement and instantly understood it is another one of ASR design. What fascinated her most was the mirror work in the kitchen and she moved closer to it. And that is when she looked up to her attire clearly and couldn't help but smirk at the tee. Hearing some murmuring she looked toward and saw a frustrated Arnav coming inside

Arnav: What does she think of herself ... that she will romance with her boyfriend forgetting her job all the time and I will pay her? Let me also see how she will continue to roam around without money. Huh!

Khushi couldn't help but laugh out loud at his self-talk.

Arnav: What?

Khushi: I never knew Arnav Singh Raizada is this cute ...

Arnav: What the! ... are you out of mind Khush? Here I am frustrated with the cook and you find it cute?

Khushi: No I am not talking about that ... I mean why didn't you tell me earlier? ... that you love to sleep

Arnav: What the! ... where did that come from?

Khushi: Here ... from your tee only

And that's when Arnav realized his folly and groaned seeing her mischievous look.

Khushi You know it will be the breaking news that the great ASR is fond of funny lettered tees and that too about sleep

Khushi: You know it will be the breaking news that the great ASR is fond of funny lettered tees and that too about sleep.

Arnav: Shut up man ... I have only this one and that too, not my wish ...

Khushi: Really ... then why did you buy it in the first place?

Arnav: It was a bet ...

Khushi: Bet?

Arnav: Yeah ... on our last vacation I and Rey had a bet on our favorite football team and unfortunately he won

Khushi: So it was your punishment ...

Arnav: (Sighing) Hmm ... and he chose this because he says I am an owl and always behind his sleep and he wanted to embarrass me in the school reunion gang

Khushi: And you wore it ... I can't believe it ... I mean your brother might have had great fun on your account ...

Arnav: No man ... there you underestimated ASR ... because I made it the theme for the party ... (Winking) you know to be young and childish again ... and my dear brother too had to wear something like this ...

And Khushi had her mouth turned in 'O' shape making him burst out laughing. Then Arnav prepared the coffee and they had it in between sharing some good memories.

After the morning coffee, Arnav chose to workout in the gym and he had a great company who surprised him by her stamina.

Then they both showered and since Khushi took a lot of time Arnav completed some unfinished work since she had warned him not to enter the kitchen without her as she wanted to help.

After she too came they both entered the kitchen. Arnav cooked the food with Khushi helping him in cutting vegetables, washing the plates, setting the table etc.

And when they were having breakfast Khushi's phone rang. She saw the caller id and her thoughts again went back to yesterday's painful events and instantly her eyes became glassy. However, she stubbornly shrugged it off and looked at Arnav before taking the call. But what astonished her was Arnav not meeting her eyes that too when she needed some support. She knows there is something that makes him do that but as she doesn't have time to ponder on that she took the call composing herself.

Khushi: Hello ...

Vijay: Khushi ... just now I had a call from Jackson saying he is referring your name to some multinational company. He told me it is a very good opportunity for you to work there and will be well paid. Contact him for the details and ... go and meet them as soon as possible

Khushi: Which is the company, Papa?

And Khushi got the desired result. Arnav looked at her with pleading eyes as if to tell her to let him explain ...

Vijay: It was some construction company ... but I don't remember the name

Khushi: AR Builders and Developers?

Vijay: Yes ... that one only

Khushi: Okay Papa ... I will go ...

Vijay: What? ... I mean I am surprised Khushi ... you agreed without any arguments for the first time ... good for you ... anyway, I will hang up now ... call me after going there

After completing the call Arnav jumped in to clear his side.

Arnav: Khush ... Like I said yesterday ... I ... I don't want to compel you ... but that day you mentioned about going back as your father won't allow you to stay here after the contract if you didn't get any good offer ... I mean (Sighing) ... I ... I don't know what else to do to keep you here ... err ... I

Before he could continue Khushi said nodding her head with a small smile.

Khushi: I understand Arnie ... even though I was angry at first as you had clearly said you will give me time to think and did this behind my back. But then as I saw your pleading eyes ... I somewhat understood why you did that ... and for the first time in my life ... I am happy that someone is compelling me. But are you sure about this ... I mean I don't know how much I ...

Arnav: Do you think I will handle a big responsibility to you just because you are my friend. Yeah, I will be more comfortable if I have my friend in the office rather than a stranger ... but that is not the reason ... never. It is solely because ... I know what my Khush is capable of ... and it is only and only because of that

And Adv. Khushi Dubey was over the moon sensing the proud in his voice when he said that 'I know what my Khush is capable of 'and couldn't help but smile at that.

Arnav: So what do you say, Ms. Dubey ... will you do the honor of joining AR's legal team?

He asked dramatically removing his imaginary hat making her smile.

Khushi: How can I deny such a good proposal? ... so ... with pleasure Mr. ASR ... (Sighing)(Sighing) okay ... so now tell me when should I join?

Arnav: You can start from Monday I guess ...

Khushi: Okay ... then do one thing drop me on your way to the office. (Sighing) I just hope Anju will be back by then

She said with a sad face as she knows what will be her condition if left alone. Arnav didn't need Einstein's IQ to read the expressions and he knows the best way to distract her ... rile her up.

Arnav: Nice plan Khush ... but no way ... I want my treat ...

Khushi: What ... treat?

Arnav: Arrey ... you got a job so isn't it obvious ... that I need a treat ...

Khushi: (With raised eyebrow) I never knew Arnav Singh Raizada demand for treats from his every new employee ...

Arnav: Very funny ... but you are wrong Khush ... it isn't the Arnav Singh Raizada asking it is just your Arnav or better Arnie

Khushi: (Smiling) ... okay ... so what do you want?

Arnav: Hmm ... we will get ready first. Then if you want I will take you to your place so that you can get your own clothes ... or feel free to wear mine. Then we will go to some park or like that ... and lunch will be by you and hey ... be careful because I am going to eat a lot today. Then we will go on a long drive and ...

Khushi: Wait ... wait ... don't you have office today?

Arnav: Aman's strict order to not to enter the site as there is tile work today and I am allergic to its powder. And there was only some file work which I had completed while you were showering ... so ...

Khushi: Okay then ... let us get ready and yeah take me to my place ... I will wear my own clothes rather than some funny tee (Winking at him) ... and yeah I don't have my card with me ...

Arnav: You are not going to leave that, do you?

Khushi: Nope ...

Arnav: Anyway ... let me get ready then

And like that Arnav distracted her with his silly fights.

It was almost night when they were back from their long drive And Adv. Khushi Dubey realized she hadn't enjoyed like that ever in her life. And when he got down to drop her inside she hugged him with all her might showing her happiness, gratitude and every other emotion wordlessly. He too hugged her back with the same intensity as he successfully distracted her from those pieces of baggage. Khushi Dubey then and there took an oath that ... she is going to share her past with him ... yes, she is sure going to. Well, how she cannot after seeing his selfless efforts to make her happy and comfortable. Yes, he has the right to know or she is going to give that right to him. Because he had somewhat earned that respect in her eyes.

Let us wait and watch what destiny have in store for them.


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Dec 26, 2017

Trailer for next update (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 21 times)

Hello guys I am back and I will update both the stories soon. I had read your comments and I guess some of you haven't seen my previous message. So those who don't know I had my university examinations of my PG and now I am back. I wanted to update this for Christmas but it is still in editing phase so I guess for now a teaser is better. Anyway tell me your views

Arnav: Aman ...

Aman: Yes ASR ...

Arnav: I am leaving ... you handle everything here

Aman: Okay ... will you be back for the party?

Arnav: Aman ... Khush is coming in evening flight and I have promised that we will be attending the mass of Christmas Eve at Sacré-Cœur Basilica ... so ...

Seeing the eagerness and happiness in Arnav's eyes Aman smiled smilingly.

Aman: Okay ... don't worry you go ... we will manage here

Arnav: Okay ... then I am leaving and yeah ... I will call you if we are joining

Aman: Sure ...

And the employees realized their guess was right, KD is coming back.

P.S: For your information it is after a leap but will have some flashbacks.


Jan 1, 2018

Part 12 Kay is back (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 26 times)

Mahaupdate for being late

At Paris

It was a busy day at AR. Some people were busy completing their work before the one week vacation which they get every year during the Christmas-new year. And others were busy arranging the Christmas party for the employees and interns. The interns and new employees who joined this year were simply at awe seeing the grand arrangements for the party.

In Arnav's cabin

Arnav looked at his watch again and tried once again but no ... again the phone was switched off. Frustrated he threw his phone on the table and started pacing in his cabin. He took the intercom to order another espresso ... his stress buster but gave up the idea, looking at the number of mugs he used from the morning and sighed ... looking like it will not work today. Then he decided to try the other one and reached for his jacket which he had left on the couch and took out the sugarfree chocolate bar, a habit he had got from Khushi and settled before his laptop. He was busy modifying the plan of the next floor of the current shopping mall project, one of the projects due to which he is stuck here.

AR B&D always offered people most beautiful, authentic and classy designs, be it traditional or contemporary buildings. But whenever ASR is the architect it will be beauty and perfection personified. So like always it caught many people's attention and he got new offers with the special condition only he should be the architect. Some of them he rejected outright simply because it isn't of his class as Khushi says. But then there were offers which he couldn't decline ... the ones which always enchanted him ... high-rise buildings and contemporary houses. So he was held up here for a couple of months. Not that he can't design it from Delhi but ASR had a special habit ... he will visit the site during work ... new ideas will pop up and he will modify the plan like he is doing now. And thus if he is the one designing a building from start rather than supervising his employee's work he liked to be physically present near the site. Finishing the task at hand he lied back on the chair and closed his eyes exhausted. Ten minutes to it his phone rang and he answered it without opening his eyes.

Arnav: ASR here ...

Khushi: Hello to you too Mr. Arrogant Singh Raizada ...

Arnav: (Sitting straight with wide eyes) Khush?

Khushi: Who else will dare to call you like that Arnie? ... by the way, tell me what were you doing?

Arnav: Don't you dare ... don't you dare to act cool after the little stunt you have played, Adv. Khushi Dubey. Where were you? ... ha, where the hell were you? Do you even know the use of a mobile phone? Tell me why weren't you taking my calls? It was two days back last we talked ... just two texts to wish me in the morning and night. Is that what you think about me ... that I won't bother more than those bloody texts. How could you Khush? ... how the hell could you?

Khushi: Okay ... I am holding my ears ... I know I shouldn't have done that but ... but it happened and can't be changed now and I promise it won't happen again. (Sighing) ... by the way, will it reduce your anger if I tell you I was busy finishing the things at hand so that I can be with my bestie on Christmas Eve as promised?

Arnav: Were you working over time? ... are you even taking care of yourself?

Khushi: Of all the things I had told him he got only that ...

Arnav: What the! You can't blame me okay? Here I am worried like hell without getting you on call for two days ... did you hear that TWO DAYS ... and there, madam was busy doing overtime work and that too for what ... to enjoy Christmas Eve with her bestie ... (Frowning) ...wait ... BESTIE where are you exactly now?

Khushi: (Smirking) in the departure lounge of Warsaw airport, waiting for the connecting flight in the next hour

Arnav: (Excitedly) means you are coming back

Khushi: Finally! You got it too fast Mr. ASR. ... by the way how many coffees?

Arnav: What do you mean by how many? ... I mean how do you even know I took more than one coffee?

Khushi: Oh your little speech earlier did that ... admit it you were missing me

Arnav: (Teasingly) ... of course I was missing you ... and you know why? It was like I had entered a cemetery without your chatter ...

Khushi: Very funny ... by the way ... I too was missing your teasing terribly

Arnav: Oh I am privileged Ma'am ... and hey which is the flight?

Khushi: The evening flight ... and I hope tujhe apna vachan yaad hein

Arnav: Vach ... what?

Khushi: Vachan means promise ... that is we will attend the mass at

Arnav: Yeah ... yeah ... I remember ... you just come ... everything else will be ready

Khushi: Okay then I will see you at the airport ... I have to go now ... I guess there is some confusion regarding the luggage

Arnav: Ok then ... bye Khush

Khushi: Bye Arnie

He smiled cutting the call ... how much did he hated that silly nickname back then but now without hearing it at least once in a day he actually feels suffocated. He shook his head and got up to go home deciding on a quick nap and dropping the previous idea of having a full-fledged sleep skipping the party. He collected his things getting into the perfect ASR mode for the world and marched down. But he couldn't actually wipe off that small smile tugging at his lips realizing she is coming back with this much difficulty just to be with him.

Every activity got stopped hearing the footsteps of the ASR. They all saw him descending the steps. Wait ... was that a smile on his lips? The interns and the project manager who joined last week wondered is this the same fire-breathing ASR who was lashing out at them for even a simple mistake. But for others, it wasn't new since they had seen ASR smiling ... no ... no laughing even though not towards them, from some time now. Exactly saying from three months and that is from Adv. Khushi Dubey aka KD joined as the legal adviser. But what amused them was the reason for his smile because he was sulking from last two weeks ... since the time she went to Boston for some case. And thus everybody was looking at him curiously wondering what the reason for that smile is now. Sensing many eyes on him he looked around and shouted with an inward growl.

Arnav: What? ... is there any show happening here. Get back to work everybody ... and yeah finish the assigned tasks on time ... otherwise, forget about the vacation

Everyone averted their eyes from the terribly honest monster who won't hesitate to do what he said. But their ears were directed towards the conversation he was having with Aman curious to know, does the happy mood he was in before had anything to do with KD.

Arnav: Aman ...

Aman: Yes ASR ...

Arnav: I am leaving ... you handle everything here

Aman: Okay ... will you be back for the party?

Arnav: Aman ... Khush is coming in evening flight and I have promised that we will be attending the mass of Christmas Eve at Sacré-Cœur Basilica ... so ...

Seeing the eagerness and happiness in Arnav's eyes Aman smiled smilingly.

Aman: Okay ... don't worry you go ... we will manage here

Arnav: Okay ... then I am leaving and yeah ... I will call you if we are joining

Aman: Sure ...

And the employees realized their guess was right, KD is coming back.

And that means now no messing around work, not that she is rude to them or showing any attitude. In fact, she is empathetic, helpful and all that, you can even act all nasty with her she won't mind at all. But once you skip the work and you will have to face the wrath of her. No, she won't bark at you like ASR or will complain to him even though she can do that being the ASR's friend. She has her own ways for that, the ones which will put you in self-pity and thus they never dared to skip work when she was around. At first, KD was a nightmare for them because the first time they saw her was in the success party ... and what had she done? She had slapped the person who can petrify them with one glare and he ... he had smiled at that.

So everybody was scared of her initially but that had changed, drastically you can add. Even though she isn't that much friendly she was never the boss's friend at work. There she was the best colleague one can get and she had shown them her sincerity and seriousness towards work, tactfully vouching for the legal part of any of the contracts proving to some people that she isn't here because she is ASR's friend. And they realized, neither she was domineering nor she was against entertainment. But when she sees people avoiding work for fun she saw it like ignorance of responsibilities which she hates the most. She is like we are coming to the office for work so you have to do exactly that ... as simple as that and other than that she has no grudges against them. And then she wasn't like a dread anymore, in fact, there are people who got inspired by her positive spirit and enthusiasm. So it isn't wrong if we say that there were people in AR who missed her ... other than the boss himself and they got happy with the news of her come back.

Arnav walked out towards his SUV setting it to life and moved out, enjoying the breeze through the open window. When he reached for the gear his eyes instantly turned towards the passenger seat and he sighed ... oh no he was terribly missing their late night drives. He was in a traffic signal when he saw some school kids crossing the roads with duffel bags and badminton kit, and of course, he was smiling at the memory.


The newly found friends used every moment they can get to know each other ... be it during morning jogging, occasional breakfasts, lunch breaks, late night work at the office, long drives or strolling through the lonely roads when the whole city is asleep.

And when on a Sunday morning he knocked the door of Khushi's apartment he was sure he will get an earful now as he very well knew how much she hated to get up early on weekends. Luckily Anjali who was ready to go to hospital opened the door and asked whether he needs a coffee. He denied it politely and Anjali left immediately as she was in hurry. He slowly opened her room and sat beside her. And seeing her sleeping selling horses he smirked and took his phone and played a fast number. She irritated opened her eyes and as expected shouted at his face.

Khushi: What the hell do you want this early you stupid ASR?

Arnav: Whoa! ... good morning to you too tigress ... and yeah I know I disturbed your beauty sleep but no need to yell ... I have a reason, okay?

Khushi: You better have one ...

Arnav: Do you like to go to the sports club?

Khushi: You moron ... you woke me up to ask this?

Arnav: Shut up ... and the answer the damn question

Khushi: If a person like sports then he or she will obviously like that ... what is the need to even ask?

Arnav: Yeah right ... so now go and get ready. And yeah no need to go for a shower now ... because we have to reach there today ...

Khushi: We ... we are going to a sports club?

Arnav: Yes Einstein ... you got it right ... now quick ...

And soon they got ready and reached there. But unfortunately Tennis court, Basketball court, and table tennis court were already occupied, thanks to their last minute plan. Khushi looked around and smirked as a sudden thought hit her and pulled him.

Arnav: Hey where are you taking me? ... all our favorites are occupied ...

Khushi: Not exactly ... the badminton court is still free. And I love badminton ... so you have to play with me ... come ...

Arnav: What the! Khush ... no, I can't ...

Khushi: Arrey ... it is just like tennis ... why are you freaking out unnecessarily?

Arnav: You are not understanding it ... the tennis ball has weight but shuttle**** is lightweight ... I can't manage that ...

Khushi: But we came to play, right? ... so what do you suggest? ... sit here and watch others play?

Arnav: Khush ... it will be more like a punishment than play for me

Khushi: Then punishment it is ... now come ...

Arnav: Don't think I won't get back to you ... one day I will take you to our farmhouse in India ... there have arrangements to play golf ... and let me also see how you are going to play then

Khushi: (Smiling happily) ... really? ... you will teach me golf? (Giving him a sudden hug) ... wow, Arnie ... you are the best ...

Arnav: Unbelievable!

Arnav could only shake his head at that ... this lady never failed to amuse him with her enthusiasm to learn new things. Here he wanted to punish her and she ...

Khushi: Now stop being a statue and come ... I am sure you will learn it quickly (Smirking) ... or is it like this that the great ASR is afraid of losing ...

Arnav: Don't challenge me okay ... Arnav Singh Raizada never losses ...

Khushi: See that is the spirit ... so today you will learn badminton and that's it ...

And true to her words he had learned that silly game even though she teased the hell out of him. But and then there wasn't any room for embarrassment between them. So right he had learned it that day. thanks to his stubborn friend.

Coming out from his memory lane Arnav looked on and realized he is home now. Discarding his blazer, waistcoat, tie, and shoe and tucking out his shirt he fell flat on the bed not even trying to change.

After two and a half hours his alarm rang and he got. After a quick shower, he got ready quickly in a casual outfit. Then he called the manager of Angel's Inn and told him to arrange a Christmas special dinner for two. Telling the servant to go home for the festival he quickly drove towards the airport, suddenly too enthusiastic to meet her after two weeks.

Khushi boarded the plane and settled well; of course, it is AR's legal adviser after all. After taking up the position he had offered her at AR she had pleased her parents for the first time and why won't they ... it was the most paid job she had until now. But the best thing was that she too was happy. So she cared less about their reasons for letting her take up that job.

On her insist he had taken her to jail to meet Jackson and she had yelled her heart out to him and even slapped him ... hit him using all the karate stunts she had forgotten due to the emotional turmoil she was in that day. Was it possible inside a jail and in front of cops? Of course, it is, ... after all, we are talking about ASR. ASR ... no ... Arnie ... her Arnie ... she sighed wistfully two hours more.

There had some problems regarding the ownership and power of attorney of Angel's Inn and as it was working under Richard's groups she had to go all the way to Boston. The case was over but there remained some paper works and only she knew with how inhuman speed she had worked last three days so that she can fulfill her promise. More than the promise, it was the eagerness to meet him. Oh, she had missed him ... missed him like hell but yeah she knew how much important Angel's Inn was for him. So all this was worth it. She couldn't help but smile remembering the time she had spent with him. He had acted on different roles sometimes of a protector ... sometimes of a mentor ... and the most important thing she never had ... the bestie. It is not that Anjali is not her best friend but the problem with Anjali was that she was much more emotional than Khushi and if we are discussing our problems with her she will start to cry even before us instead of consoling. But with Arnav he was a good listener and you can open your heart in front of him and he will hear you with patience and will even help you out of it. So it had helped Khushi much, to express her feelings ... be it sorrow, anger, frustration, happiness and it had made her more attached to him ... sometimes more than a friend. And the best thing was that she can fight with him to her heart's content and he won't even remember the profanities she used after that ... fight over, that matter is over ... that was his policy.

The last fight she had with him was when she decided to go to Boston. He had argued saying he will send someone else or Richard's lawyer can do it. But she wanted to do this, for him or more for herself. She still remembered the baffled look on employees exactly like that day she had slapped him in the party. Oh for the world he was ASR but she bothered less when she is angry.


Arnav: Like hell, you will go ... I said, right? ... you won't. Did you hear me Adv. Khushi Dubey, you won't

Khushi: What the hell Arnie ... stop being stubborn ... why can't you understand?

Arnav: No ... you try to understand Khush ... I can't let you go there alone ... not when Uncle, Tia, and Nig are in India

Khushi: That is exactly what I am saying Arnie ... with the Richards not being there you have to take that responsibility. If not in person, at least your legal representative should be there ... yeah ... yeah, I agree anybody can do that. But knowing how important Angel's Inn is for you I won't allow you to take any risk

And she had argued ... argued till he agrees.

Arnav: Okay ... okay, do whatever you want ... (Signing) now I understood how you became a very successful lawyer. Even though I am proud of you for that I hate it when I lose in negotiation ...

Khushi: Are you saying me that you are jealous of me Mr. ASR?

She asked trying to lift her one eyebrow like him but failed terribly making him chuckle.

Arnav: Oye ... skip it ... you can't do that ...

Khushi: (Elbowing him) ... you demon I will do one day, okay? It is not like you are doing it from birth ... everything comes with practice

Arnav: (Rubbing his sides) ... ouch, lady, that hurts ... and yeah I know you are the black belt ... no need to take your taekwondo moves on me ...

Khushi: Its Karate, idiot ... and yeah (Cupping his face) ... don't worry I will be fine

In the answer, he had just hugged her as he couldn't help but get worried for her.

She woke up with a start hearing "Mesdames et Messieurs....." and now she processed it all thanks to Arnav's French lessons it was the message to put on seat belts and switch off electronic devices. It was soon followed by "Mesdames et Messieurs, nous venons d'été autorisé à atterrir à l'Orly l'aéroport. S'il vous plaît assurez-vous une dernière fois votre ceinture de sécurité est solidement fixé. Les agents de bord sont actuellement de passage dans la cabine pour faire un contrôle de conformité finale et ramasser les tasses et verres restants. Je vous remercie" (Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been cleared to land at the Orly Airport. Please make sure one last time your seat belt is securely fastened. The flight attendants are currently passing around the cabin to make a final compliance check and pick up any remaining cups and glasses. Thank you).

After completing the procedures she walked out to the arrival hall and frowned looking around as she couldn't find him anywhere but squealed instantly as she was picked up from the waist. But soon relaxed realizing the touch. He then put her down and she asked acting all serious.

Khushi: Who are you?

Arnav: What the! Khush ...

Khushi looked at him from top to bottom

Khushi looked at him from top to bottom

Khushi: Oh it is you Arnie ... I mean I couldn't even recognize man ... look at you ... long hair and beard ... hmm ... but yeah it isn't that bad on you ...

He rolled his eyes at her drama and hugged her tight asking "You are fine, right?" she too tightened her hands around his neck with an "hmm" and murmured "I missed you".

Arnav: I know ...

Khushi: (Hitting his back) Arrogant Singh Raizada ...

Arnav: (Chuckling) Okay ... okay ... I missed you too my tigress

She broke the hug but stayed within the circle of his arms and smiled at him which was rewarded with his rare yet charming smile. He then stepped back and looked at her from top to bottom. No doubt she was looking gorgeous as always but he noticed something else.

 No doubt she was looking gorgeous as always but he noticed something else

Arnav: You had lost weight ... why is it so?

Khushi: You can do your interrogation later ASR ... first get me some food ... I am starving

Arnav: Sure ... the Christmas special dinner at Angel's Inn. Hey ... nice shrug by the way

Saying this he started to walk taking her luggage.

Khushi: Oh yeah ...wait for a second

Arnav frowned seeing her kneeling down and picking up something from the side pocket of her bag.

Arnav: What is it?

Khushi: Can't you see it ... now come on wear it ...

Arnav: (Raising one eyebrow) ... are you gifting me or punishing me?

Khushi: You can think whatever you want ... I am like this only ... so come on ... wear it

And she helped him to wear the shrug she had got for him. He looked down at him and again looked at her and again at him.

 He looked down at him and again looked at her and again at him

Arnav: Oh ... so we match again ...

And she just shrugged her shoulders and together they walked out. Today she had done it purposely but there were many times they matched unintentionally, all thanks to their similar liking in colors and dresses. Reaching the car and settling the luggage in the back seat they both seated and she instantly lied on his shoulders and he smiled at that.

Arnav: Sleepy?

Khushi: Nah ... just tired ...

Arnav: Let us get you some food then ... all this tiredness will fly away ...

She just hmmed and he drove away. Soon they reached the destination and she was again awed at the decorations there for Christmas. And about the food, she didn't have words. She had loved the food there and being Christmas she could taste various new items. And Arnav could only chuckle seeing her excited blabbers ... oh how he missed this.

They were out of the restaurant and was walking to the vehicle when Khushi asked.

Khushi: So when will the mass start?

Arnav: Midnight ... but there will be the organ concert around 10

Khushi: Really? Can we also play?

Arnav: Unfortunately can't ... they have special persons to do that ... but of course, we can go there and enjoy

Khushi: Then?

Arnav: Then there will be the Christmas vigil ... and then midnight mass

Khushi: What will be said there?

Arnav: Of course about the birth of Jesus ...

Khushi: So the atheist knows about all this ... interesting

Arnav: Excuse me! ... I am not an atheist, okay? I do believe in God ... but the thing is that

Khushi: You just thank him for whatever he gave you but never complains because you believe in hard work ... I know. I was just kidding ... so how much time we will take?

Arnav: Ten minutes. By the way, how was Boston?

Khushi: Oh loved the place but yeah missed a company. Hey ... you are not asking me what happened to the case ...

Arnav: Oh I know you had done it well ... but what amazes me is ... this fast?

Khushi: Yep ... and you know what ... the Richards's lawyer ... he was really helpful that's why only we could complete it this fast. So what happened to that new home? Did he agree to your demand?

Arnav: Oh no ... you have to help me with that... he is being adamant unnecessarily ... tell him some legal terms and conditions

Khushi: Oye hello ... it is about the law you are talking about ... not something which you can use for your own terms ... it is not fair

Arnav: Oh dude ... forget right and wrong for some time, otherwise, that will look like a **** and all my hard work will go waste

Khushi: Hmm ... let me think about it ...

Arnav: No thinking ... you are going to help me ... by the way we reached

She looked out and squealed

Khushi Wow Its I dont have words man

Khushi: Wow! Its, I don't have words man ...

It was a wonderful experience at Sacré-Cœur Basilica for Khushi as it is the first time she is celebrating Christmas in a grand way so when Arnav told they should go back she insisted to have a beer party.

Precap: Arshi’s beer party.


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Part 13 Rey and Happiness (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 33 times)


Arnav and Khushi were sitting in the beach, well it was actually an artificial beach near Seine river with their trousers folded below their knees, coats off and with their backs supported on his car parked there. Khushi was all silent and was literally lying on his chest. Even though the atmosphere was calm Arnav was very much tensed as he knows this was tranquil before a storm. Well, whenever Alcohol had gone into her system only three scenarios was possible one in which she will act all crazy, like singing songs in her on new funny tunes, dancing like there is no tomorrow, imitating other people especially him making him laugh out loud. In the second situation, she will prove how much good and a bright person she is as she will discuss her views on intelligent, innovative and socially beneficial topics making him proud. But the last one was what he dreaded the most in which she will be silent just like now for a long time but the worst part was then she will start to speak on very emotional topics. And he had found out a very important thing, the above-mentioned scenarios used to change accordingly as of how her last few days were.

And as he knew what was coming he just eased her back mentally preparing for the worst. Just then he felt her pressing her head hard on his one shoulder and clutching the other one for her dear life almost hurting him followed by her whimper. He spoke in a small voice so it won't irritate her.

Arnav: Khush ... cramps again?

Khushi: Hmm ...

Arnav: Don't tell me you overlook sleep ...

Khushi: Hmm ...

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth and in a little high voice) what are you? ... a kid? I mean ... didn't you hear what Doc said last time? ... and that is to never neglect sleep ...

He heard her groan with her hold getting tightened and realized his folly. He broke the hug and started to caress her forehead in a soothing manner.

Arnav: (Whispering) Okay ... okay ... no more shouting ... relax. Where are your medicines?

Khushi: It's ... it's over ...

Arnav: (In a low voice but with clenched tooth) and didn't you find it necessary to buy it then? ... okay leave that ... the relief balm?

Khushi: In my room ...

Arnav: What? ... you? ... these many days ... oh Jesus this lady!

He tried to get up only to make her clutch his hand and whisper.

Khushi: Stay here please ... it feels good Arnie ...

Arnav: Just a second ... let me check the first aid kit

With that, he got up adjusting her with the back of the car and ran to the other side. And he was back to her within seconds with the relief balm. He settled beside her and started to rub her forehead with the balm. He leaned on his chest at the soothing caress with her mind going back to that day.


It was almost four weeks to their friendship and she was well settled in the office. Arnav walked into the office after the site visit and an hour-long meeting. He wanted her opinion on the contract he has to sign. So he walked into her cabin straight but frowned not seeing her there as she hadn't mentioned about going to the court today. He took out his phone and saw so many missed calls from Khushi's number and Aman's number. Forgetting about Aman he tried her number and waited but nobody was picking it up which made him more tensed. Clouded with worry he walked out in long strides and came at a halt in front of the reception as if something struck him suddenly. He walked towards the receptionist who stood up intimidated seeing him.

Arnav: Where had Khush ... hmm ... I mean KD went?

Ms. Joy: K ... KD?... ASR ... she hadn't come yet ...

Arnav: What? ... did she call?

Ms. Joy: N ... no ... but Ama ...

He was gone before she could complete that Aman sir had asked him to contact KD as soon as possible. Ms. Helen Joy sighed despairingly, like every other girl in the office she too had a secret crush on ASR. But facing his anger and arrogance was altogether a different matter, in fact, she will start to stammer whenever she came face to face with him, which he had never minded. But now the problem was different as it was about KD ... the only women he was attached with ... the only person to whom he wasn't 'the ASR'. And now even before she could inform him what Aman had told he had gone ... but for him, it will be her mistake only. Even though she was sure that he is going to meet KD directly she just hoped she wouldn't have to start looking for another job.

Here Arnav immediately started to Anjali's apartment and during the drive, he tried her number again and again. But got no answer and which doubled his worry with each passing second. He was in front of her house in record time and he was sure that he will receive a number of fines or a license suspension for breaking the traffic rules. He strode towards the apartment which wasn't locked so opening the door he called out.

Arnav: Khush ...

Not finding her there he walked straight to the bedroom but what he saw took his breath away. There she was lying in the floor unconscious. He ran towards her and started to call her frantically but she wasn't getting up. He picked her up and placed her on the bed. Then getting the water from the nightstand sprinkled on her face but she wasn't showing any movement which tensed him further. He immediately called Anjali not knowing what to do. She took the call and asked before he could even say a 'hello'

Anjali: Where are you?

Arnav: Huh? ... yeah ... your home

Anjali: Oh thank god you had reached ...

Arnav: Khush ... she ... unconscious ...

Anjali: Relax ... she will wake up after sometime

Arnav: (Shouting) ... what the hell Doc ... here she is unconscious and you are ... you are saying me to relax ...

Anjali: Yes I am ... because it is nothing new

Arnav: What? ... but ... but she ... I mean how?

Anjali: I know Aman just called me ...

Arnav: Aman?

Anjali: Yeah ... he just called me ... it seems that Kuku tried to contact me but I was in the middle of a delivery. She tried you ... but you too wasn't available

Arnav: I was in a meeting ...

Anjali: Yeah he told me. So she tried to get you through Aman. He too tried you numerous times but couldn't get you ... then he called the office where you had the conference and they informed that you had left ... then he called the reception and asked to inform you ...

Arnav: What? ... but she didn't tell me ...

Anjali: Is it? ... anyway, leave that ... you reached there it is important

Arnav: Okay ... but tell me what happened to her

Anjali: I don't know had she mentioned it to you ... she ... she gets migraine attacks ...

Arnav: What? ... but she never ...

Anjali: It is no wonder ... she hid it from me too ... in fact, for a long time. Maybe she would have told you eventually ... but it was unexpected yesterday ... hmm ... never mind ...

Arnav: Doc ... what is it?

Anjali: (Sighing) ... yesterday she had some talks with her parents and I think that is how it triggered ... I mean she was very gloomy after the call and ...

Arnav: What? ... but ... wait ... tell me how it happens?

Anjali: It happens dues to two reasons for her when she has a lack of sleep or when she is in a highly emotional state

Arnav: Okay ... but that day ... she ... I mean ... you know ...

Anjali: Yeah ... that day she started to have pain but I gave her the tablets ...

Arnav: Okay ... so should I give her tablets now?

Anjali: No ... it is of no use now ... err ... I mean it has to be taken during pain. Now that she had fainted it will be almost gone while getting up ... if not ... then only give her those tablets in the cupboard. Hmm ... you will be there, right? I had another delivery lined up ... I tried to interchange with another doctor but ...

Arnav: Don't worry I am not going anywhere ...

He tried to assure her but the fact is whole the worry was for Arnav. So he immediately contacted Rehan and it was him who mentioned about some herbal balm. He immediately ordered that from the nearest medical shop and started to massage her head. And as the pain got subsidized she woke up but he continued the massage until she literally shouted at him saying she was okay. And after that, she had got a good scolding for not mentioning it to him before and worrying him like hell.

She couldn't help but smile at the concern behind his scolding. She came back from her thoughts hearing him

Arnav: Khush ... are you okay now?

Khushi: (Hugging him) ... how I wouldn't ... when I have you?

Arnav: (Sighing) Hmm ... by the way, what was it? Did you skip sleep?

Khushi: No

Arnav: Then?

Khushi: Vo (that) ...

Arnav: Tell me ...

Khushi: I had a talk with Mamma yesterday ... which was hmm ... disturbing but never had time to ponder over it. But I forgot about all that in the excitement of meeting you ... and I think it all came back due to my dear Leffe here. (Laughing humorlessly) ... why don't they love me, Arnie? ... am I that bad?

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) Khush ... what did she tell you?

Khushi: (Sighing) ... they all had gone to a relative's marriage ... as usual people were busy finding fault in me ... my behavior, dressing style, job, and absence in the wedding etc. And she took all that frustration on me ... not to forget she was praising my stupid cousin Shalini ...

Arnav: (Tightening his hold) Khush ...

Khushi: I am okay Arnie ... after all, it is not the first time. (Exhaling deeply) ... anyway, leave it ... I don't want to spoil my mood today ... it ... it ...was the best so far

As he heard her words Arnav's mind had gone to that day when she had confessed the dark past. The day was her parent's wedding anniversary. She had searched for a perfect gift for them for almost two weeks and had couriered it to them so that they will get it the first thing in the morning. Everything had gone as she planned except ... well instead of being happy and proud of having such a daughter they had shouted at her ... shouted at her for wasting money and what not.

Anjali was very busy then as she was planning to shift to India which only increased the time they spent together. And it was their routine to go for long drives on Fridays but she had left office before the lunch break and he hadn't seen her after that. He was sure something had happened and wanted to follow her then and there but that time he had worked on a government project and they had been between the fund discussions. Moreover, he knows that if she needed him she would have been at least left a text ... which she didn't and that itself indicated that she needed some time alone. And he definitely knew where she would be, at her secret escapade ... his garden.

And he was right when he got home his servant informed him she was there. And when he reached her he had seen her in the most vulnerable state. She was sitting in the balcony floor amidst his plants, her face resting on her folded knees. He called her softly and when she looked up her face drenched with tears. She stood up immediately and ran straight into his arms. He had caught her above ground and settled on the recliner. That was the first day she had really opened up and that too without a drop of alcohol in her system. She had cried her heart out shedding every tear which she had pent up inside her from childhood making him realize that all these boldness was a façade and there lay an innocent kid behind all these.

He shook his head not wanting to revisit that painful night ... not when they had been perfect so far just like she had said. He was thinking of different options to lift her mood and as if on cue his mobile rang. He smiled seeing the caller and put it in the loudspeaker.

Rehan: Merry Christmas Mr. ASR ...

Arnav: Same to you Dr. R ...

Rehan: Arrogant! ... and he says I am the rude one here ...

Khushi: That's true Basil (A meaning of Rehan) ... after all, he is the ASR as in Arrogant Singh Raizada. But you forgot about the sweet one here ...

Rehan: Happiness? ... you reached ... when? Why didn't you tell me about this, Nav?

Arnav: What the! Sweet and you unbelievable! ... and Rey I have to know that before to inform you ... she only called me before boarding the plane ...

Khushi: (Smirking) ... still, you had time ... but you didn't, right?

Arnav: Khush ... you ...

Rehan: Don't you dare ... don't you dare to scold her ... she called you before boarding the flight which means you had 8 hours. Did you hear that 8 HOURS so it is your fault only ... you should have informed me ...

Arnav: Unbelievable ...

Rehan: Anyway merry Christmas Happiness ...

Khushi: Merry Christmas to you too Basil ...

Rehan: Happiness ... Nav there was telling me that guys planned to attend the Christmas mass ... so how was it?

Khushi: Oh no Basil ... he ... this Arnie betrayed me. Yeah, the set up was nice but Jesus ... he didn't tell me it will be in French ... and that too in classic French. And you know what (Pouting) he didn't even translate it for me ...

Rehan: Nav ...

Arnav: Don't start Rey ... it was she who scolded me when I tried that ...

Khushi: That was because we should keep silence inside the church

Arnav: And will you please explain to me how to translate without speaking ...

Rehan: You should have thought it before taking her there. Anyway, you don't worry Happiness when you guys come here hum use koi satsang pe le jayenge (We will take him to Satsang- a spiritual gathering in the temple), as a punishment

Arnav: What the! ... what did you speak about punishment ... speak in English, man ...

Khushi: No way ... he spoke that in Hindi specifically so that you won't understand it ...

Arnav: Unbelievable ... (smirking) you haven't even met him yet and already conspiring against me ...

He smiled inwardly as it was so much fun to instigate a drunken Khushi.

Khushi: So? ... what is your point? ... that I can't group with him just because I haven't seen him?

Arnav: (Tongue in cheek) ... I am afraid that is the case exactly

Khushi: Really? ... let us solve the problem then. Basil cut the call ... let us have a video call ... we will see today itself ... I mean what does he think of himself ha?

Rehan: Happiness ... calm down ... calm down, man ... no need for all that. Didn't you realize? He is trying to win the bet ...

Khushi: Huh! What?

Rehan: Yes dude ... he was trying to rile you up so that you will forget about the bet ... and you would have been done exactly that ...

Khushi: Bet?

Rehan: Yeah ... I thought you wanted to win but here it seems I have to keep reminding you about it as again and again, you are forgetting about it ... (Smirking) or is it that you want him to win ...

Khushi: Like hell, I will let him win ... don't worry ... it won't happen again. After all, it's my prestige issue ... and I have to prove a point to Mr. Arrogant Singh Raizada ...

Rehan: Exactly ... see that's the spirit ...

They were talking, laughing, teasing each other even during Arshi's drive back home. They had almost reached Arnav's home and not hearing anything from Khushi from some time Rehan called with a frown.

Rehan: Happiness?

Arnav: Oye ... don't yell ... (connecting the call to Bluetooth) she is asleep ...

Rehan: Oh ... yeah ... it is almost morning there ... by the way, aren't you planning on sleeping tonight? Why aren't I surprised? ... oh I can almost feel it here ... you are gleaming with 'HAPPINESS'

Arnav: REY ... stop it, dude ...

Rehan: Why? ... you deserve punishment you meany architect ...

Arnav: What did I do?

Rehan: What did you do? ... you ... you had almost spoiled my surprise. Nav ... man, why don't you get it? It will be so much fun when finally she will see Arnav and Rehan together ...

Arnav: Oh yes that will be so much fun ... but it is too much fun for me to get you two on the edge ...

Rehan: Jerk!

Arnav: (Chuckling) ... tell me something new ... hey ... I will call you later. Let me take madam upstairs ...

Rehan: Bhabhs is staying with you? ... what happened to her Doctor friend?

Arnav: She is at some conference ...

Rehan: The one in Canada?

Arnav: Yeah ...

Rehan: Oh ... I so wanted to attend it but then this unexpected ... never mind

Arnav: What are you talking about? ... and what is happening there, Rey? What are you hiding from me? ... I think I will have to call Akash as you are hiding a lot from I came here ...

Rehan: Hey ... no need to call Mehra. It is just some issues within the college ... nothing big ... and I would have told you if it is ...

Arnav: Are you su ...

Before he could complete

Rehan: Of course

Arnav: (Murmuring to himself) there is something ... I need to contact Akash for sure

Rehan: And Nav I have something to talk to you ...

Arnav: What?

Rehan: I know you are a Harvard graduate that too with rank and all but don't think you can outsmart Rehan Singh Raizada

Arnav: We will see to that later ... but still, I don't get it how did you make her agree on that ...I mean she is not easy ... and what prestige issue Khush was talking about?

Rehan: Oh ... keep guessing ASR ... let us see how far your thinking goes ... but yeah, you are not going to get it from me ...

Arnav: Whatever ...

Rehan: (Chuckling) I think you are right ... it is fun to see the great ASR all worked up ...

Arnav: Good night ...

He pressed the end key as if hitting it and Rehan had a good laugh at his frustration and at the other end Arnav exhaled loudly, both their minds going back to that day.


It was a regular day at AR and he was in the workshop which he had organized for interns and inexperienced employees. He had found out that in this branch too there had so many talented people who need a helping hand to be the best. At India, he used to conduct workshops in the head branch and he realized he had to spread that scheme to all other branches. He used to bring world-famous architects including his teachers and college mates to help them. And he encouraged Khushi to attend those classes as architecture was her unfulfilled dream.

Everybody was waiting for today's trainer and Aman had gone to get him but there was no trace of him. Arnav who was impatiently sitting beside her squeezed her arm in his tension making Khushi look directly in his eyes. And she read it there ... Arnav Singh Raizada was a man of words and the fear of not being able to fulfill his words was making him anxious as well as mad. She realized why he was this much irritated as she could hear the murmurs from behind. Squeezing back his hands she turned around to face her colleagues.

Khushi: Guys ... do you know who is today's speaker?

And she got her answer in almost a yelling tone. Khushi smirked inwardly before facing them again

Khushi: (Clearing her throat) Err... I had heard that he is a structured person and is very austere about the small and basic things. He will be asking you questions in between and if you don't answer it he will taunt the hell out of you. (Seeing the scared looks) ... hey, don't worry guys I hadn't said these to scare you ... I just warned you guys so that you can prepare to face him ...

Saying so she looked back at an amused Arnav and winked making him shake his head at her but her plan surely worked as all got busy discussing and revising things for the next half an hour until the guest had arrived.

Arnav was busy introducing and welcoming him when his phone vibrated but he ignored it. When it vibrated for the second time he realized his folly as he had forgotten to put it in silent mode in all these tensions. He took out the phone from the pocket of his pants without anyone's notice and waved it at Khushi. She saw it and immediately walked out snatching the mobile in the way and walked straight into the nearby cabin which was Arnav's. The phone again vibrated with 'Rey' showing on it. Deciding to tell him to call later she took the call only to freeze at the voice ... it was exactly Arnav's including the huskiness except that it was a pitch higher.

Rehan: Where the hell were you idiot? ... what were you doing that you can't even drop a text? ... or is it that you liked to see me getting all worried for you? ... and ...

Khushi: Hello ...

Rehan: (Frowning) ... who the hell is this? ... and what are you doing with my brother's phone?

Khushi: (Almost smiling at the resemblance in their behavior) ... Mr. Raizada I am Khushi ... Khushi Dubey ... a member of AR legal team. Arnie ... I mean Arnav is in between a workshop right now ...

Rehan: Oh Bha ... I mean Happiness ... I forgot about that ... he had told me. And yeah ... no need for that long introduction ... Just Khush is fine ...

Khushi: (Surprised) how do you know me?

Rehan: Don't even ask ... you are all he can talk about lately ...

Khushi: Really?

Rehan: Yep ...

Khushi: Oh ... and the feeling is mutual Mr. Raizada because all he says is about Rey, Rey, and Rey ...

Rehan: (Chuckling) ... the feeling is really mutual then. By the way, Rehan or just Rey is fine (Gritting his teeth) I just hate Mr. Raizada ...

Khushi: Okay ... I will remember that ... waise (By the way) what did you called me? ... Happiness?

Rehan: Yep ... I think that is fine ... after all Khushi means Happiness ...

Khushi: Okay ... then what does Rehan means?

Rehan: There are different meanings, why?

Khushi: So that I can use your idea ...

Rehan: Really? Then find yourself, Madam ...

Khushi: Wow ... you just sounded exactly as Arnienow ... you know I was shocked to hear your voice at first. I mean ... you two sound too much similar

Rehan: Really? I hadn't noticed it yet ...

Khushi: Then start noticing now ... by the way, is it just sound or is it anywhere in looks?

Rehan: Means ... you hadn't seen me yet?

Khushi: No ... as there isn't any photo of you in his phone or laptop ...

Rehan: (Smirking) ... then I think you yourself can answer it when you see me ...

Rehan's naughty side was working fast as he realized she had thought that the photos of him in the phone as Arnav itself. It will be so much fun when his Bhabhi will realize they two are identical twins. But now that he had planted the curiosity in her she surely will ask Arnav about it. He was thinking hard for a plan to divert her as he heard.

Khushi: Then I will ask Arnie your photo today itself ...

That had caught his attention and immediately he decided on something and smirked thinking sorry Nav but I have to do this

Rehan: No ... no don't ask him

Khushi: Why?

Rehan: That ... hmm ... yeah ... he was telling me yesterday that he is the only person who has patience and you are utterly impatient as you hate to wait in the restaurant for food and we had a bet that I will prove him wrong ...

Khushi: What the! He told you I am impatient and he is the patient one ... I think it is the nicest joke of this year ...

Rehan: I know ... but don't you think if you will ask him my photo now he will again call you as impatient?

Khushi: Oh that's also right ... I won't ask him at all. But we can video call right?

He groaned at his intelligent Bhabhs, no doubt why Nav even befriended her. Still, he tried once more.

Rehan: But I think he will still say that you hadn't had the patience until we meet ... after all, he will go to any length to prove his point ... you know ...

Khushi: Hmm ... so what do you suggest then?

Rehan: (Murmuring) ... now it is coming in my track (To Khushi) ... let us make a deal, Happiness ... we will meet face to face only ... and we can prove your patience ... let us see how he can taunt you then ...

Khushi: Okay ... but ... why are you helping me ... I mean ... he is your brother after all ...

Rehan: That's right ... but I know my brother ... he thinks only he has brains and all others are idiots and above that, it is your prestige issue. And of course, how can I not help a sweet person like you ...

Khushi: Oh that's so nice of you thanks, buddy ...

Rehan: Okay bye then ... and yeah don't tell him about our deal ...

Khushi: I surely won't ... and I just can't wait to see his reaction when he will get to know this. Anyway, it was nice to talk to you ...

Rehan: (Smirking) ... yep ... it will be so much fun and yeah pleasure was all mine ... bye ...

Khushi: Okay, bye ...

Rehan cut the call before the lawyer start to think with brains murmuring 'this is called killing two birds with one stone, good luck my dear Bhai and Bhabhi'

Rehan was brought back to earth by his Bua.

Bua: Why are you doing this?

Rehan: Doing what Bua?

Bua: Why aren't you telling him about all these?

Rehan: For what? ... so that he can fly back leaving everything there?

Bua: But ... Chote has the right to know ...

Rehan: He has and I will tell him ... but only after I solve this ...

Bus: But Nanhe you ... alone ...

Rehan: Don't worry Bua ... Mr. Raizada or his **** son is not even an efficient opponent ... I will deal with it

So how was the Bhabhi-Devar duo, tell me your views.

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Part 14 'Budhhu' means a person who is intelligent (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 35 times)

At Paris

The morning rays peeped into the guest room disturbing Khushi. She opened her eyes irritated and was greeted by the pounding on her head. Groaning she got up yawning and her eyes widened realizing how late she was today as she saw the time, all thanks to the hangover. She decided to freshen up before going down as she knows that she can find the necessities there as she had stayed a couple of times here for the documentation of some urgent contracts. She looked around for her phone and seeing it on charge realized that Arnav already checked upon her so walked out to find him.

It was a Sunday and Maria’s off day so she knows where to find him, of course in the kitchen and the music echoed from there cleared her doubt. So she slowly tiptoed in the kitchen and saw him dressed in capris and tee moving with a practiced ease and humming along with the song routinely as he put the chopped vegetables into the pan on the stove. Seeing he awfully concentrated in the work she tiptoed towards the coffee maker but before she could touch it she heard

Arnav: Don’t even think about it

Khushi groaned her failed attempt

Khushi: (Murmuring) Argh… the mirrors, I should have guessed. (Pouting) Please, please Arnie a coffee wouldn’t do any harm

Arnav: The pouting won’t work Khush; last time (pointing towards the coffee machine) you did this your headache got worse and all day you were cranky. So don’t even think about it

Khushi: (Frowning) how do you know that?

Arnav raised his one eyebrow as if asking do you really want me to say it making Khushi murmur

Khushi: Err…Khushi you and your big mouth. Now suffer yourself

Saying so she made a face at herself and Arnav couldn’t help but laugh which in turn earned him a dirty look. He turned around as he couldn’t stop smiling and sipped his coffee which he spat out hearing her ‘waittttttt’. Confused he looked at her and raised his eyebrow

Khushi: (Gritting her teeth) Can you please tell me ASR that how YOU can have coffee if it have a bad effect on the hangover?

Arnav smirked at her and started counting

Arnav: One – I never act all touchy just because of a headache, I take medicines instead. Two – I don’t get hangover like you, not at least with the light beer we bought. And three – I wasn’t drunk last night as I had to drive us home. (Tongue in cheek) so now, as I have proved myself guiltless can I proceed with my beverage my lord?

Khushi: (Making an innocent face) But I need to drink something, I am thirsty

Arnav: Nice attempt Adv. Kay but this is ASR you are dealing with. If you are thirsty you can have water, right?

Khushi: (Whining) how do you do this every time?

Arnav: What? Catching your lies? (Laughing) Practice Ma’am practice, after all, I am the CEO of AR corp. and I have to keep the reputation of a businessman. So now stop all this like a good girl and sit there.

He heard her sighing defeated and settling on the kitchen slab. But as soon as she sat she clutched her head tightly as the sudden jump elevated the pain. Suddenly realizing something he walked towards the fridge and took out the lime juice. Next, he opened the bottom section of the top cabinet, took out a tablet from the first aid box and walked towards her.

Arnav: Hear have this; it will help you out

Hearing the seriousness and care in his voice she accepted it and gulped down the medicine. Then she kept sipping the juice and watched him engross in his work again. And seeing him like that only one thought came into her which she blurted out without realizing

Khushi: God, how can someone be this much hawwwt…

Hearing her Arnav was stilled; no, he was not new to compliments like this, not at all, the bimbos out there had made sure of that. Also, she herself had told him that he was handsome many times, but HOT? He doesn’t know what but he felt something strange in his heart. He slowly turned his head and looked over his shoulder and saw her looking at him with a dreamy look and smirked

Arnav: Who Khush?

Khushi: (Startled) who who?

Arnav: (Innocently) Hot?

Khushi: Whatttt! (Realizing she had spoken it aloud) Hot? I…I mean I said hot? I was…yeah I was telling that it was too hot nowadays

Arnav: Really? (Smirking)But as far as I know, it is the winter season in Paris right now

Khushi: I… (Gulping) I meant in Boston

And seeing her fidgeting with her fingers Arnav understood she was damn nervous. So he decided to drop the subject for now and said

Arnav: Ohh…okay

Khushi sighed inwardly and asked to change the topic

Khushi: So what have you planned for the holidays?

Arnav just shrugged his shoulders in reply

Khushi: Means? You haven’t planned anything?

Arnav: Honestly speaking didn’t plan for a vacation, but to tell you the truth I was planning fly to Boston

Khushi: (Guiltily) I got you worried sick right? (Sighing) But it wasn’t my intention; my only thought was to reach here before Christmas Eve

Arnav: I know and that’s why you escaped big punishments

Khushi: Big punishments? So there are small ones?

Arnav just grinned at her and she sighed

Khushi: Okay so what are they?

Arnav: For now plan our holidays

Khushi: (Smiling gleefully) That’s it? It is very easy, you worried me unnecessarily

Arnav flicked her nose and air quoted ‘For Now’ and she huffed in response.

Arnav: Anyway leave it and let us have breakfast I am damn hungry

Khushi: Then come na, what are we waiting for

Saying so she hurried towards the bowls and carried them to the dining table, making him chuckle at her love for food.

After they done with the food she was washing the dishes and he was wiping them

Arnav: So what will we do today? Just laze around like this?

Khushi: No way, we can’t waste a day like that, that too the Christmas way. (Cheerfully) You know I always wanted to see the Christmas celebrations in a Christian country; even when I was in Cambridge I had hoped to see it but at that time we had vacations and Papa will start if I am not home so I missed it every time. (With a dreamy look) It will be different than India, right? I mean there are only a few Christians nearby home so I have never actually taken part in the celebration. Yeah, we used to celebrate at school, but it was different from what they show in movies and I have read in books…so

Arnav: Wait…wait I got it you want to actually enjoy the special events and celebrations of Christmas here. Hm…I have heard that there are some tourist houses which arrange a one-day trip for tourists on such occasions. So let us check the sites

She agreed and he took out his iPad and they both were busy going through different sites but wasn’t able to pick up the best plan. Finally getting frustrated Khushi said

Khushi: Arnie I think we are just wasting time, it’s all set up based on some stupid schedule and if we are going by this we won’t be even able to enjoy.

Arnav: Then?

Khushi: If Anju was here, she would have known, as she had gone before with her colleagues.

Arnav: No way, it is your wish for years and we are gonna fulfilling it. (Sighing) But Austin is also out of station, otherwise, he would have helped. Hm… I think I will call Mr. Stevens

Khushi: Wait…wait I have another idea

Arnav: And what is it?

Khushi: We will go on a long drive

Arnav: But

Khushi: ARNIE! Let me complete it, so where was I? Yeah, we will go for a long drive and we will drop in if we can find something fruitful or enjoyable. What's say?

Arnav: Sounds good, so let us go with that. And I think we should avoid the city as it will be terrific traffic today.

Khushi: And should hurry up it’s already nine

Arnav: Yeah you are right, let us do one thing. I will change first and then we can go to your place so that you can shower and change.

Khushi: Arnie, I just came yesterday

Arnav: I know that Khush. What it has to do with my suggestion?

Khushi: Arrey, we came here directly from the airport

Arnav: Hey don’t lie yaar, we went to the restaurant first, then church, and then beech, then only we came here.

Khushi: That is not what I meant. What I wanted to say is that we didn’t go to my place yesterday.

Arnav: I am aware of that too. Say something new

Khushi: (Sighing) we haven’t gone to my place meaning my luggage is still in your car. Now does it ring any bells?

Arnav: So? Come to the point Khush.

Khushi: Errr…Arnie, Are you really a ‘buddhu’ or acting like one? And that means my dresses are in the luggage and thus we can avoid going to my place and coming back, all in all, we can save time.

Arnav: (Muttering) I don’t think it is possible, all thanks to your bath.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: I just said you are right.

She looked at him with narrowed eyes as she had a fair idea of what he said

Arnav: By the way what did you called me Khush? What was it? Oh yeah ‘buddhu’…what does that mean?

Khushi: What! You really don’t know what ‘buddhu’ means? (Chuckling) Sometimes I really wonder how you live in India.

Arnav: Khush… (Narrowing his eyes) was it something bad?

Khushi: Bad? No…never, actually, it is a word which defines you

Arnav: Is it? Then tell yaar what is the meaning? Wait…I had heard ‘buddhi’ and which means intelligence. So is this ‘buddhu’ got something to do with it?

Khushi: Of course (Muttering) and that is what you lack. But I think it is better if you don’t know about it.

Saying so she walked towards the porch and taking the key from the Mohan took out her luggage. And all the while Arnav was following her

Arnav: Khush, you yourself keep telling me that I have to increase my vocabulary, then why don’t you just tell me what does ‘buddhu’ means.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw Mohan finding hard to control his smile and he got a doubt.

Arnav: Tell me clearly are you sure it isn’t anything awful?

Khushi: Of…of course. Don’t you believe me?

Arnav: Of course I believe you, but then why do I feel you are trying to hide the actual meaning?

Khushi: (Showing big eyes at Mohan) wait I will explain it to you, you see what does 'buddhi' means? Intelligence, right? And 'buddhu' means a person who is intelligent. And that’s why I told you it defines you clearly

Arnav: (Passing a half smile) Are you sure?

Khushi: Of course my ‘buddhu’ Arnie

Mohan couldn’t take anymore and burst out laughing. Arnav looked at him weirdly and saw Khushi also joining him.

Arnav: What the! Now, why the hell are you laughing like an idiot?

Khushi: (Controlling her laugh) exactly, idiot.

Arnav: What?

Khushi: You know what Arnie; you shouldn’t have trusted me just like that.

Saying so she ran into the house laughing and Mohan also joined the next round. But one glare was enough for him to stop laughing and gulp visibly. But the hilarious twinkle still lingering in his eyes was enough for Arnav to understand that something was not right. Then remembering her words he took out his phone and typed ‘buddhu’ and seeing the search result, his eye popped out literally. And hearing her still roll with laughter he shouted annoyed

Arnav: Khushhh…stop right there. called me an idiot? How dare you…how dare you to make fun of me?

Khushi: (Shouting from the top of stairs) Ha…ha truth is always bitter Mr. ASR. And you know the funny thing Ani you are the first person who smiled after being called as ‘buddhu’…Ha…ha…ha

Arnav: KHUSHH…you…you little witch stop right there I am not going to leave you today.

He ran up the stairs to get hold of her but before he could reach he heard the door being shut and locked. He banged on the door frustrated

Arnav: Khush open the door right now, otherwise

Khushi: Otherwise what? And do you think I am a ‘buddhu’ like you to walk into the lion’s den? No way! Now agree that I am smart and go and change like a good boy

Arnav: Smart my foot, it is not smartness you just took advantage of the fact that I don’t know Hindi

Khushi: Whatever it is you smiled at being called ‘buddhu’ my ‘buddhu’

Arnav: (Whining) stop calling me that

Khushi: (Controlling her laugh) okay, okay jokes apart now let us not waste time and get ready; otherwise I don’t think we can go out before lunch

Arnav: Oh yeah I can understand after all you need time to sleep in the bathtub too

Khushi: What the (Opening the door and holding his collar) how dare you? How dare you to make fun of me and my bath?

Arnav: (Freeing himself and shrugging) unfortunately I did and you know why? (Smirking) Arnav Singh Raizada hates to keep debt ma belle (My beautiful). And hey, don’t get hyper otherwise this cute button nose will turn all red.

Flicking her nose he walked out in attitude leaving a flabbergasted Khushi at the door. He reached the door of his room and saw her in the same position and whistled getting her attention

Arnav: (Grinning) Hey now aren’t you getting late?

Khushi: Stop grinning

Arnav: Why? Why shouldn’t I smile? (Biting his lower lips) Is it because I turn more handsome as I have a flawless nose, unlike your tiny red nose?

Khushi: My nose is not red

Arnav: But it’s tiny

Khushi: (Huffing and spitting fire at him) don’t think I won’t get back to you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav: (Smirking) Oh I am waiting, Ms. Khushi Arora

Khushi: Let’s see then

Arnav: Yeah let’s see

She turned around causing her shoulder length hair to follow the suit and he could only smile seeing her irritation. Arnav too walked towards his room and got busy in grooming himself. He looked at the mirror while brushing his hair and stared at his reflection. Shaking his head at himself he murmured

Arnav: You are really a gone case man. What is with this silly grin of yours? Get a grip ASR!

He warned himself and took out his cell phone and saw Aman’s message that he is going to board the plane. Wishing him happy journey he pocketed his phone and hung the shades on his shirt. And then he walked out of the room taking his cap and camera.

He settled on the couch in the living room waiting for Khushi reading the newspaper. After about forty minutes he heard ‘Chalein’ (let’s go) and looked up.


And he realized how right the idiom ‘easier said than done’ was as he sat there drooling shamelessly at her forgetting about the warning he gave to himself. Khushi’s condition too was not less as she was mesmerized once again seeing his ‘hawwwt’ look.


But she composed herself quickly and called out

Khushi: Arnieee…

Arnav: (Coming out from the dreamland) Oh

Khushi: Chalein?

Arnav: Oh yeah let’s go.

They both walked out in such a harmony that anybody who will see them like this will think them as a couple in so much love and that was the exact thought came to Mohan also. Mohan sensed they are going out and opened the gate. Seeing Mohan in security uniform which they overlook before Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and frowned. Arnav called him to clear the confusion

Arnav: Mohan…

Mohan: (Came running to them) Ji sir

Arnav: Why are you at the gate today? No, let me rephrase my question, why are you at work today?

Mohan: That…that…sir yesterday the security guards were saying that you had given them an off today. So I thought I will do that job for today, I mean someone has to be at the gate right?

Arnav: Mohan…I told you to join the employee vacation trip, right? Then? (Sighing exasperatedly) No actually don’t tell anything just go and pack, you are joining others. I guess you have an hour to join them, so now don’t waste time and go because I can very well manage a day without security guards.

Mohan: But sir my family had gone with them as you said…

Arnav: Oh yes your family had gone with them. (Sighing) Do you even know why I asked you to bring along your family? So that you can spend time with them and vice versa, not to send them on a holiday while you work your ass off here

Mohan: No…no sir don’t say that there is hardly any work and that too when you or Rehan sir comes

Arnav: Oh please, keep your this story to yourself because I very well know what you do in my absence. I asked you to hire servants and just keep tabs on them but you are doing every work yourself. Also when I asked you whether you want to move to India to your family a couple of year back you told me your nephew is here and you are staying with them. But they settled India one year back and you are staying here alone and you still didn’t inform me or Rey, why?

Mohan: How can I?

Arnav: Why can’t you Mohan? Yes, we both are short tempered but you know us since we were kids and I had to hear it from Aman yesterday. (Sighing) Okay, tell me the truth did you thought that we are like Mr. Raizada that we will fire you from your job if you tell me your problems? Actually speaking I can’t blame you, after all at the end of the day we are his blood only…

Mohan: No, no sir please never say that I am sorry if I had made you think like that, but it was never my intention it is just that you had done so much for my family and to ask another favor from you

Arnav: Don’t say that Mohan it wasn’t any favor, your daughter topped the entrance exam but couldn’t join IIT just because of money. And I very well can understand that feeling, so I sponsored her just for my piece of mind, so never term it as a favor. And it is just some money and it has to be used for needs not to just increase wealth, because I had faced situations where money won’t even have the value of a piece of paper. And please never hesitate if God forbids some similar situation arises. (Sighing) okay now let us stop these emotional talks as you have to hurry up

Mohan was about to say something but Khushi who was a silent spectator to all this beat him to that.

Khushi: And now don’t start another excuse, you are joining them Bhaiyya. These are some special moments you get to spend with family so don’t miss it for anything if you don’t want to regret later. And yeah don’t worry about the time I have informed the HR they will wait for you, so just pack and go.

Mohan nodded his head defeated and turned to go

Arnav: One second Mohan, go back to India with your family. No, no arguments over there, and after some days go to RM I will inform Rey.

Mohan could only nod his head again at the commanding voice which meant no more discussion. Arnav and Khushi settled in the car and Khushi once again turned to the chatterbox talking about random topics. They drove aimlessly stopping anywhere they found something interesting and finally it was lunchtime.

Khushi: Arnie…I am hell hungry yaar, please stop somewhere

Arnav: Excuse me! You just finished the packet of chips and again you are this much hungry? Where does all this go? You are really strange man!

Khushi: Oye the chips were just for time-pass

Arnav: (Passing her a weird look) time-pass? Will anybody eat food for time-pass, that too like this, I mean without any interval?

Khushi: I do, so many people do, and you know why? Because everybody can’t eat food according to a schedule.

Arnav: Hey that’s not true I don’t eat by a schedule (Seeing her raised eyebrow) I mean I do but I am habitual to that moreover what is wrong in that?

Khushi: When did I say it is wrong? What I tried to tell you was just like you said it is about habits. You are accustomed to eating food in that way and me this way, that’s it matter over.

Arnav: (Sighing) you know what? I quit because nobody can win over you in negotiation

Khushi: (Chuckling) Oh don’t be jealous my dear, dheere dheere se seekh loge.

Seeing his expression she gritted her teeth

Khushi: Dheere means slowly and seekh means grasp

Arnav: Oh so you said I will grasp it slowly, right?

Khushi: Exactly

Arnav: (Rewinding the sentence in mind) wait, what?

And Khushi just winked at him return making his jaw dropped. He shook his head and looked ahead and noticed a restaurant ahead

Arnav: Hey read that board, is it festival special?

Khushi: (Reading the board) Yes…yes…yes, let us stop there.

Arnav: Okay…okay let me park the car, don’t jump.

They settled down and ordered the food when they heard ‘is that really you ASR?’ catching the attention of the people around them. They both looked up to see a middle-aged couple there and Arnav immediately stood up shaking hands with the man

Arnav: Mr. Lee! It is really a coincidence to see you here

Lee: Oh I was thinking the same about you young man. So what is the Hestia (God of architecture) of India doing here?

Arnav: (Chuckling) just thought to spread my magic here too, and you are here on?

Lee: Oh we are on a holiday here, by the way, my wife Jenny.

Arnav: Nice to meet you Mrs. Lee

Jenny: Same here ASR

Lee: Actually I was waiting to thank you in person ASR

Arnav: Thank me, why?

Lee: The clause you mentioned, it really saved my billions

Arnav: Really? Then that credit goes to the lady over here

Arnav said looking at Khushi and the other two followed his suite. Hearing him mentioning her Khushi too came to them and Arnav said side hugging her

Arnav: Meet my friend and AR’s legal adviser Adv. Khushi Arora aka Kay and Khush this is Mr. and Mrs. Lee, remember the steel industry case

Khushi: (Nodding with recognition) Oh yeah hello Mr. and Mrs. Lee

Lee & Jenny: Hello

Lee: So Kay right?

Khushi nodded her head with a polite smile

Lee: ASR here was telling me that you were the one who helped me with the case. So a special thank you to you for that help, otherwise, it would have cost me a big amount. And you know the thing astonished my lawyer was that it was there all the time but he overlooked it.

Khushi: Oh yeah I was saying Arnav the same thing that how come he missed out something like that. I mean he just told me casually and I figured it out but even after these many months of the case, your lawyer didn’t. Anyway glad that I could be of any help.

Jenny: It is your humbleness that making you say it was nothing but it really helped us a lot, so thank you.

Khushi just smiled acknowledging them.

Lee: (To Arnav) By the way it was really hard to recognize you in casuals ASR

Arnav: (Smiling) and that is the trick of the casuals.

Lee: Well said lad. And yeah I think it is better if we take our leave before the food gets cold. Anyway, it was our pleasure meeting you two.

Arnav & Khushi: Same here

Mr. and Mrs. Lee walked out not missing the closeness between the two and hoping to hear the news of them being a couple soon. Arnav and Khushi settled and Khushi immediately dug into the food murmuring something

Arnav: (Amused) Khush, you are cursing them for the delay

Khushi: Of course, couldn’t they wait till we finish eating. (Sighing) I know I am being rude but (Pouting) can’t help it

Arnav: (Chuckling) I know.

But again they were interrupted as they heard ‘Arnav Bhai’. Khushi just said a ‘not again’ not looking up but Arnav was appalled to see the couple walking towards the table. was it?

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