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Dec 27

The proposal (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 24 times)

Hey guys,

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My exams were to be finished last week and I was planning to update after that so that I can write freely but all thanks to the Hartal in Kerala it got postponed. But I couldn't keep myself away from writing this part as it was about the Christmas day. And I thought I will post it now itself rather than waiting for the exams to finish ... so here I am with the next part of 'ArHan'.

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But again they were interrupted as they heard 'Arnav Bhai'. Khushi just said a 'not again' not looking up but Arnav was appalled to see the couple walking towards the table ... especially the man. 

But he quickly composed himself and smiled

But he quickly composed himself and smiled. The man too smiled and shared a friendly hug with Arnav who had stood up by then.

Arnav: Hey Rishu ... long time ... and you here?

Man: Yeah ... really long time ... and hey ... finally ... (Smirking) you have got a company

Arnav: (Chuckling) ... oh yeah ... my friend Khushi

Khushi smiled at them even though she was getting mad with hunger. Arnav could read her hunger as well as anger in her face so he said which he found as the best solution for time being.

Arnav: And Rishu ... join us man

Khushi understood why he said that and immediately supported him.

Khushi: Yeah ... in fact we have just started

Man: Are you sure? ... I mean ...

Khushi: Of course Mr.?

Man: Deshmukh but you can call me Naresh and this is my wife ... Gauri

Naresh and Gauri settled on the table as Arnav and Khushi insisted again and ordered their food. While they were waiting for the food Arnav asked.

Arnav: Hey ... by the way ... you got married ... when?

Naresh: Yeah ... last week ... in fact, we are here on honeymoon ...

Arnav: Oh is it? ... Congrats ...

Khushi: Congrats guys ...

Naresh & Gauri: Thanks

Arnav: So what do you do Gauri?

Gauri: I am a c****ographer ...

Khushi: Hey ... are you the same Gauri who assisted Remo D'souza for Ranbir's 'Badtameez dil'?

Gauri: Yeah ... but ... how do you know that ... I mean

Khushi: Oh I am a great fan of Ranbir Kapoor ... so ...

Gauri: Oh ... you too are a Ranbir fan

Khushi: You too means? ... Oh you also

Gauri: Yeah ... and Khushi you know what ... I was too nervous to stand before him and instruct him ... but he was very understanding and friendly that I relaxed soon and thus could give my hundred percent

Khushi: I can understand your situation ... I mean the 'Ranbir Kapoor' standing before you and you have to teach him steps ... but he eased you out ... that was so nice of him ... and yeah I must say you have done a great job there

Gauri: Thank you ... and you know what

Arnav and Naresh could just gape at them as they were going on and on about their favorite actor like some long lost friends even forgetting about their presence. Soon the waiter arrived with Naresh and Gauri's food and they all started to eat

Gauri: (Gulping down the morsel) ... so Khushi ... what do you do?

Khushi: I am a lawyer Gauri ... a part of (Pointing at Arnav) his legal team

Gauri: Oh that's great ... and you Arnav?

Naresh: Hey ... don't you know him ... he is the great Arnav Singh Raizada ... your father's company was designed by him ... Bhai ... the Kashyap Corp.

Arnav: Oh you are Mr. Kashyap's daughter ... oh yeah ... I remember he called me for the reception and said that he will send the formal invitation ... but as I was here I told him not to ... and that's why I never knew who the groom was

Gauri: Oh that's fine ... and I am so sorry ASR ... I couldn't recognize you ... I mean I have never seen you even though I have heard a lot about you

Naresh: It is not your fault Gauri ... the Raizada brothers hate publicity ... (In a low voice) speaking about the brother ... Bhai ... how ... how is Rey? ... how is his treatment going on?

Arnav: He is very much better now ... just the monthly visits for one more year

Naresh: Oh that is really great ... (Sighing) it feels like ages that I saw him or even heard his voice

Arnav: (Nodding) I understand Rishu but ... err ... what happened between you guys that you people even lost contact?

Naresh: (Sighing) ... I ... I really don't know Bhai ... you know I was out of town ... and when I came back ... everything was over ... AJ committed suicide ... Rey broke up his relationship with Sam and friendship with Anu ... he was in severe depression and you took him with you ... and Sam and Anu ... they both left the country. I was away for just a few weeks ... and all my best friends ... (Sighing) Sam and Anu's old numbers don't exist anymore and they have even relocated ... and Rey ... he ... had blocked up my number. (haking his head) you know seeing you today I was hoping that I could get the matter from you but it seems you too don't know anything ...

Arnav: No Rishu ... that idiot is not saying anything to anyone and bearing all the pain alone ... (Sighing) ... anyway even though I am not convinced he seems okay now ... at least from the outside ...

Naresh: Hmm ... and ... don't take me wrong ... but I heard ... he ... err ... girls ... I mean

Arnav: One night stands ... you can say it Rishu ... not need to get embarrassed ... (Gulping) ... because he is so proud of it

Naresh: But he was never ... I mean ... he used to flirt a lot but ...

Arnav: What we can say when a person is hell-bent on spoiling his life ... (dejectedly) ... initially, I used to lecture him a lot on this matter ... but seeing him getting more aggressive doctor said to let him be ... and he says he is very happy with this life ... (Sighing) as if I am seeing him from yesterday only ... anyway leave all that and tell me how is life

Naresh: (Looking at Gauri) ... great I must say

Arnav: So where are you practicing now? In Mr. Deshmukh's hospital?

Naresh: Yeah ... (smiling sadly) ... you know what ... he used to tell me that when we graduate he will start his own hospital and Anu, Sam, AJ and me ... all four of them should join him ... he ... he used to warn me to not to ditch him to join in my father's hospital ... (Blinking his tears away) but I think he doesn't need me anymore

Arnav: I ... I don't know what to say Rishu ... I would have done something if I knew what's the matter ... I tried every way ... literally ... but that stubborn man had zipped his mouth

Naresh: Leave it Bhai ... you know, right? Bahut Ziddi hai ... err ... I mean very stubborn

Arnav: (Sighing) ... yeah

Gauri and Khushi who were a silent spectator to the men's conversation understood so many things. Gauri was surprised to know that Naresh knows ASR personally but what shocked her more was he was her husband's estranged bestie Rey's brother. Khushi too was shocked to know that Naresh was actually Rehan's friend because initially, she thought that he may be a relative as he called Arnav as Bhai. And both Khushi and Gauri understood how important Rehan was to both of them and how much his silence is hurting them. They decided to ask about all this later and concentrated on what they are speaking.

Naresh: By the way ... you guys here on vacation?

Arnav: No man ... I have got work ... but yeah ... one week vacation

By now all of them had finished the desert and Naresh said wiping his mouth.

Naresh: Cool ... so ... bye then ... I think we should take our leave ... and Bhai ... I know Rey won't but at least you keep in touch

Arnav: Sure Rishu ... your number hasn't changed, right?

Naresh: The same ...

Arnav: Okay then ... bye guys

Khushi and Gauri too wished each other and Naresh and Gauri took their leave. Arnav and Khushi too walked out and settled in the car. But Arnav's cheerfulness before the lunch was lost as he was lost in his thoughts about Rehan so much that he was just sitting in the car staring blankly at the front and not starting it. Khushi saw this and shouted

Khushi: You know what Mr. ASR it is good that you asked them to join us for lunch ... otherwise

Arnav: Otherwise what Ms. KD?

He understood what she is doing as she was finding it very hard to keep a straight face so his question too was playful. But her answer stupefied him and he sat gaping at her not knowing what to reply.

Khushi: Simple ... I would have gotten another table for me and you could have continued your chit-chat session ...what ... don't give me that look okay ... I mean I told you again and again that I am damn hungry ... first, they took so much time for giving the food, thanks to your unique items ... and when it arrived people coming to meet you back to back interrupting our eating as if you are some film actor or something ...

Arnav: Khush ... I too have fame okay ... like that also it is not necessary that a person should be an actor for him to be a celebrity

Khushi: Okay I agree on that ... (faking a smile) but I as far as I know you, you never come in front of media ... but still, people recognizing you and that too (pointing at him) when you are dressed like this ... can you explain to me how? ... and

Arnav understood she had started her blabber so he started the car and asked with a smirk.

Arnav: So what is your problem exactly? ... people disturbing your lunch or people recognizing me (pointing at himself) when I am dressed like this

Khushi: (Sighing) ... both

Arnav: And why is that? ... I mean I can understand the food part but ...

Khushi: But what Ani ... I mean don't you find it weird? ... yeah, it's right that AR and you were all over the news which I failed to notice before ... but only the news ... no photo ... no interview ... but still, people recognize you ... (twisting her mouth) how ... how is that possible

Arnav: (Smirking) ... what I am hearing here Khush? ... you ... you searched about me?

Khushi: Don't change the topic ASR ... and answer me ... arre answer me

Arnav: Now what should I answer Khush ... you yourself know the question is baseless because we were sitting in a restaurant loaded with hundreds of people but only two people recognized me ... and both of them were my old acquaintances ... then?

Khushi: (Huffing) ... don't talk to me

Arnav: What the ... this is not fair Khush ... and yeah whenever you fail in negotiation this 'don't talk to me' won't work ... okay

Khushi: Don't you understand English Mr? (Showing her index finger) I said, right? ... don't talk to me

Saying this with an irritated sigh she looked out through the window to avoid the embarrassment for her stupidity and as well as not to laugh seeing his confused and frustrated expression. Because she knows she stated the argument just to divert Arnav but she was out of words then but she is not someone to bend her head that easily so she used her anger to cover up the embarrassment.

Arnav too took a deep breath and concentrated on the road. But soon he brought the car to a sudden halt as she said 'Stop Ani' turning towards him and clutching his shoulder. She looked at the scene and again looked at him and said excitedly

Khushi: Look there ... there is some games going on ...

Arnav folded his hands at his chest and gave her a pointed look

Khushi: (Holding her ears) ... you know I don't like to lose in arguments ... so I did that and I am extremely sorry about that ... there I said it ... you happy now?

Arnav unfastened his seatbelt and said with a smirk.

Arnav: Very ... and you know why? ... arre ... I won over the great KD in the argument ... so I ought to be happy right?

Khushi: Whatever ... but hey where are you going?

Arnav: (Coming to her side and opening the door) ... are you really stupid or acting like one? ... what ? ... now only you told me that you want to play ... then are you planning to play sitting inside the car?

Khushi: (Getting out) ... means? ... we are going to play?

In reply, she got only a shrug of his shoulders and she said hitting his shoulder

Khushi: Stupid man ... then cant you say that straight

Arnav: Look who is talking?

Khushi: What do you mean by that? ... I ... I don't speak straight?

Arnav: (Taking her in a side hug by her shoulders) ... wow, Khush ... I must say you are really grown intelligent ... maybe because of company

Khushi: What the ... Ani ... I ... you ... you mean

Arnav: (Smirking) ... you know what I mean milady ... so now stop talking and come ... let us see what is happening there

Khushi just said an 'hmm' and Arnav very well know what that means. It clearly said 'Don't worry Ani ... I will surely give it back to you'. By now they had reached the crowd and on enquiring, they got to know that it is a Christmas related game zone sponsored by a jewellers which is going on in sets in which one set was for family, one for kids, one for couples, one for friends and so on. They decided they will play on the friends set but unfortunately for them, every other set was over and only the couple set left. Hearing it Khushi's face fell as she so wanted to play. Seeing that Arnav said to the man who was writing down the names

Arnav: Khushi and Arnav

Khushi: But ... Ani ... this ... this is the

Arnav: (Whispering) ... the couple set and we are not a couple ... I know ... but they won't get to know this until we tell them ... and moreover didn't you hear the instructions ... we two just need a little coordination, compatibility, and understanding ... which we already have ... so

Khushi: (Hugging him) ... thank you so much, Ani ... you know what you are the best ...

Arnav: I know ... now come

They too entered the circle and stood with other couples ready for the game. There were different rounds like memory game, treasure hunt, twenty questions, carol singing, character guessing etc. In fact, there were ten rounds and people who had passed seven or more rounds can only go to the final round. And thus only four couples were left including Arnav and Khushi. Two of the couple was oldies and one couple was middle-aged and thus everybody was all cheers for Arnav and Khushi as they were the youngest couple. Then they had two more rounds which included knowing each other and duet song as it is the couple set and which left one of the old couple and Arnav and Khushi. Then the host announced that in the last round one person from each couple has to propose the other. And who has to propose whom ... they will decide by taking the chits. They took the chits and it came out like Arnav and the lady from the other couple has to propose their partner and first, it was Arnav's chance.

Arnav looked at Khushi and seeing the confusion on her face he was about to reveal the truth but she squeezed his hands. Sighing he kneeled in front of Khushi on one knee and took hold of her hand. They both looked at each other and gulped only one thought in their mind ... this was getting too much. Everybody was cheering for them but only they two know their condition. Arnav took a deep breath and looked directly into her eyes. Khushi wanted to blink her eyes in assurance ... but one look at his eyes she was lost. Arnav's case too was not less ... he too was lost in the hazel depths. But he came out from his trance as people asked him to speak up and whispered which was audible to everybody as they were waiting with bated breath.

Arnav: I love you Khushi ... will you marry me and become Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada?

He asked in English even though most of the people there were speaking French. She looked at him and nodded not wanting to burden him more by sitting like that and he got up. The crowd applauded them even though they didn't understand the exact words and not to forget they were disappointed with the one line proposal. But Arnav was altogether on a different world as all he could think was his own words 'I love you Khushi ... will you marry me and become Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada?' He doesn't know why but 'Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada' ... that felt too right. He shook his head not wanting to go in that direction and looked at Khushi sideways wanting to know whether he had embarrassed her. She was looking at him concernedly probably understanding his thoughts ... or probably not. But he realized he was lucky as she whispered.

Khushi: It is okay Ani ... it was just a game

'But it felt too real' said her heart but she successfully shut it down and smiled at him. He too smiled back and they concentrated ahead as the lady was proposing. She was almost singing a poem which she later revealed as the exact words of her husband when he had proposed her all those years ago. Everybody including Arnav and Khushi cheered for the cute couple and of course, they won the first price. Arnav and Khushi too got their gift being the runner-up couple. They received the gift and walked to the car. Settling in the car Khushi opened the gifts immediately. It was a golden chain with a couple ring hanging on it. It was so beautiful that Khushi forgot her surroundings so Arnav said jokingly

Arnav: Hey ... you can keep it all if you liked it that much

Khushi: No ... no ... you too have right on it just like me ... but yeah you will get this chain only

Saying this she unhooked the chain took out the rings.

Then she put the chain around his neck and secured it and then put on the rings

Then she put the chain around his neck and secured it and then put on the rings.

Khushi: What ... don't look at me like that ... you know I love rings ... and chains ... I will never get along with them ... and moreover, it is looking very good on you

Arnav: Really ...

And as if to ensure himself he turned the front mirror towards himself and checked himself.

Arnav: Hmm ... not bad ... and hey you know what today there are some programs near Seine River too ... and with all the decorations the sunset will be out of the world ... so wanna go?

(Is it? ... I don't know)

Khushi: Of course ... is that even a question to ask ... and hey shall I drive ... I mean you are driving from too long ...

Arnav: Not now ... you can drive us back home

Khushi just shrugged and switched on the music system and soon both of them were into the song and singing along with it.

They had reached the beach and it was already nearing to sunset. They removed their shoes and jackets and started to walk along the beach as it was one of Khushi's favorite hobbies to walk and talk, like that. And as usual, it was Khushi who talked the most while Arnav was listening to her and replying to her whenever needed. They had a light dinner at one of the cruises and were now settled on the car bonnet far away from the crowd but still at a place where they can see the fireworks.

After some random talks, Arnav went silent and Khushi too didn't disturb him and silently watched the fireworks enjoying the music out there. After minutes of silence, Arnav whispered

Arnav: Rishu ... he was Rey's bestie ... in fact, there were the five of them ... the Hi5 ... Samantha Ghosh aka Sam, Anurag Modi aka Anu, Amirah James aka AJ, Naresh Deshmukh aka Rishu and Rehan Singh Raizada aka Rey, the only Indians in their batch and apart from Rey everybody used to call me Bhai. Rishu was the matured one among them ... he was like a mentor to Rey because whenever he is confused with situations and cant contact me it was Rishu who helped him out. Sam was his only serious relationship till now. And he had this weird friendship with AJ ... they will always fight like cat and dog but they were the unannounced besties ... one can read the other without words. And Anurag aka Anu ... I don't know what to say about the relationship between Rey and Anu ... I mean even I was jealous of their friendship ... they ... they were each other's breath literally. (Sighing) ... Hi5 was the example of a perfect gang and Sam and Rey was an ideal couple of their college. Yes ... they were the perfect gang but the ideal couple ... that was never digestible for me. Why? ... because you know what Khush? ... Rey wasn't like this then ... he was a party animal ... a flirt ... not the rich spoilt brat type but ... what do you say yeah ... the cool one. And Sam she was this well sorted calm and matured girl and not to forget a bit traditional. Simply they were the total opposite of each other

Khushi: But the opposite used to attract in all the best love stories ...

Arnav: I know ... and that's why everybody considered them as the ideal couple ... (Chuckling) the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. But I always felt that there wasn't this spark between them ... in fact when I met them for the first time ... before the formal introduction ... I thought AJ to be his GF. I even asked him once that is he happy with Sam and he was positive ... so I left my doubts as that's all I want ... his happiness. But then ... after four-year-long relationship one day he called me saying he is going to break up with Sam as he finally realized she wasn't the one for him. I asked him to be sure because that was his first serious relationship and I didn't want him to regret later. Again he was positive ... in fact, he was so much excited to end the relationship that for a second I thought he had gone mad. But that was him ... he will do crazy things which we will never ever expect. Then for one week, we were in contact and in all the conversations you could read his happiness except the last one in which he was very depressed. And then there was no contact for almost three weeks. But that was not new considering the busy schedule we both were in. But at least we used to text each other whenever we get time ... I even send some but got no reply. I really wanted to go and check on him but I was doing this internship and I had a project whose deadline was very near. After a few days, I submitted the project and got the payment ... I was very happy as that was the first time I was getting money as an architect. I was planning to call him that night as I couldn't contain the happiness. But before I call him I got a call that evening ...

Khushi: From him?

Arnav: No from Menon Sir ... he ... was Rey's professor then and now AR medical college's Principal. He told me not to worry and to listen to him fully ... he told me Sam and Rey broke up ... that wasn't a shock to me as Rey had informed me. But then he told me that he had broken up his friendship with both Sam and Anu. Sam ... I could understand ... maybe because of their break up ... but Anu ... I couldn't believe that ... in fact, I still can't. And the final nail in the coffin was AJ's suicide ... I was terrified ... who wouldn't be ... because she was this carefree girl who had no family issues not she had any affairs ... (Sighing) the reason is still unknown. He then told me that Rey is in grave depression and I need to immediately come and take him with me. I thought Sir was exaggerating things and Rey was just sad in losing his besties. But still I took the next immediate flight and I am glad I did. Because when I saw him ... I ... couldn't even recognize him ... he ... he was in this terrible state ... drinks ... cigarettes ... and even drugs ... and he couldn't even stand on his feet ... and couldn't even ... (Whispering) re...recognize me ... and was getting violent whenever somebody tried to approach him

Arnav sat up as the feelings were coming back with full force and Khushi too followed his suit.

Arnav: Sir told me that he hadn't come to college for two weeks so that day he went to the hostel and found him in that state. From his hostel mates, I got to know there were these talks going on in the college. Something like Sam accusing him of using her and dumping her and even Anu seconded her. I think the break up hadn't gone as well as he planned and Anu was angry with him as he had hurt their friend. With Rishu not there and with AJ gone, there was nobody to tell me the truth. I immediately admitted him to the hospital with the help of Menon sir ... which he couldn't do alone all thanks to the violent reactions he got from Rey. But still, sir helped me with different formalities in the college and hospital and Rey's physical weakness got better in few days ... but his mental state was terrible. We consulted a psychiatrist and he told me to take him to Rehab and I needed money for that. I could have asked uncle or Bua which I didn't ... simply because he was my brother ... my responsibility ... so I didn't ... instead, I did more part-time jobs. And I couldn't stay back in England because of my studies. So I took him with me back to Boston ... uncle's home.

Khushi: The reason for his depression ... was that really?

Arnav: I don't know Khush ... but now I don't think that was just the loss of his besties ... there is more ... I asked him the reason ... first indirectly ... then directly and calmly ... then shouted ... slapped but no ... he didn't utter a single word apart from ' I am the guilty one and I should bear all this alone' ... (Blinking back his tears) ... I ... I tried every single way ... in fact still trying ... doctor, me, Akash, Aman, Bua, Uncle, Tia ... everyone tried but we can't dig it up ... his doctor is saying that nobody can get it out of him unless he himself wish for it you know as even hypnotism didn't work ... so yeah (With a sad smile) I don't know the reason

Khushi: (Taking him in a comforting hug) ... everything will be fine Ani ... have faith and just don't lose hope

Arnav: (Hugging her back) ... I won't ... because that is the only thing I can do for now ...


Rehan: Mathur ... have you got the papers I asked for?

Aman: Yes ... here ...

Rehan: And Nav's signature?

Aman: Yeah ... that too

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