Love happens again

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Jun 11, 2017

Love happens again (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 21 times)

How do you feel when you deny the existence of love? But the death of a person ignites pain so fearful you barely feel alive. Is that not love....

Khushi bathed in the warm sun rays and felt quite cheerful after many days. These apartments are her home from now. She only left the old house in lakshmi nagar but memories were intact.

It has been 4 years since her life changed. Everything she believed shattered, the safe abode seemed a thorn nest since then.  The dreams of future she saw, not of hers but her sisters were all gone like vapour.

She was always like that, she never had a dream of her own. She lived in her sister’s happiness. She adored her, she liked everything diya did. Diya her sister is the most beautiful girl for her.

Only last night diya called, they are in one word terms right now. What changed between them? Or should she say who came between their relation.

There are two people to be blamed for, both her sister’s lovers.  Shyam manohar Jha her husband now and Arnav Singh Raizada her Ex boyfriend. She hated them both. It would be injustice to hate Arnav but she must hate him.

Arnav, she and diya were friends. Arnav and diya were actually classmates, while she is three years junior to them. They joined the same college and the same course, fashion designing.

Arnav wanted to do MBA after graduation, to take over his father’s fashion business. And he promised job for diya in their AR Fashions. She denied out of self respect and also found a job by herself in Bangalore.

It seemed (khushi only knew later) that they were in love since long time, and arnav had to leave for Harvard for his MBA, but were still in touch through phone, maintaining long distant relationship, hiding it from family including khushi.

Khushi was not good in her studies, she was in her own comfort zone needing nothing at all. Her father earned well in the sweet shop and her sister has her own job, and she thought she need not work.

Moreover she secretly struck a deal with arnav for her job if she ever needed it. They both were well tuned compared to her reserved sister but it was diya whom arnav fell for.

Now after all these years she felt burdened by the sudden need to work. She got a fine stab how bitter life can be in real. She is always attending interviews with no success, and she has a interview tomorrow.

She became the sole bread earner of the house after her father was paralysed, now using very little left of the savings.

But this morning is different, she felt her life is going to change again but for better this time. She even felt happiness after all these years.

“khushi”her mother called from inside

Reluctantly she abandoned looking at the vehicles strolling along and came in to see her mother watching TV.

“Ju... Just watch this news”her mother’s voice broke but before she could look at the TV she heard his name first.

“Arnav Singh Raizada”

Reporter was reading on about how the accident took place, with a sad put up face but khushi read the scrolling.

Arnav Singh Raizada and his niece were trekking in the Western holiday..... Snapped rope. The words barely made sense as she felt her mind going numb. Finally the reporter ending with,” a search party has been sent for retrieving the bodies” made khushi collapse on the floor.


Jun 11, 2017

chapter 2 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 66 times)

Her mother reached out to her,”khushi    beta.... don’t cry” she said though herself shedding a few tears, “we can’t do anything now, he was a good person” she sat beside khushi not able to hold back anymore.

Khushi felt coldness seep through. She started to shiver. Rocking in the place to and fro, sobbing uncontrollably. “w will she regret now, what she has done to him?”her words came out in vague terror.

“khushi please your father will hear you, we can’t take another stroke can we?” Her mother said wiping the tears with the end of her sari, “get up”

Khushi stopped abruptly but the ache it is causing inside her, she barely registered walking back to her room. “you cheated devi maiyya. You don’t care for good people. He was never happy when he was alive. This is injustice to him”she whispered to the idol hiccoughing in between.

She forgot the hatred she had for him, diverted all at once to her beloved sister, who is happy in US with her so called husband. She wants to see diya right now, see her feel the pain of hearing his death. See her writhe in guilt and never be happy again.

Khushi never wished this bad for diya, not even when she insulted the whole family in front of the entire colony residents nor when she sent khushi behind the bars on false accusations.

She has always loved her, even diya’s hatred for her didn’t matter to her but now the death of this person whom she always saw as the lone responsible person for sudden change in diya’s attitude towards her family has changed her thinking.... can she even think any more?

She felt null inside as if empty.

Diya and khushi clasped hands trying to get away from the rowdy crowd, they were all students throwing stones at shops and buses. The disrupt was caused by a small college elections fight inside the campus leading to street fight.

Arnav didn’t come to college today, he had to go on passport work. Khushi looked about “what if they see us? These people only fight for fun” diya said tightening her grip on khushi “ it is difficult to go in public transport, we better find some auto or something.

“but how?” khushi asked keeping a look on the mob.

Her friends have left long back while khushi had to go look for her sister whom she didn’t find at first in the library studying at one particular corner very hard to notice.

The crowd swelled and progressed right to the bus stop where they took shelter while the sisters backed in fear. Khushi saw him first. Arnav came running to them from the opposite direction.

“come on quick”he said without waiting for them to speak he took hold of diya’s hand and she gripped khushi and all three of them ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction.

“I parked my car near the barricades the police put, it is long way around. Faster now”he glared at khushi who is lagging behind.

“oh leave me then”she cried angrily but not stopping her run.

There are now some people here all looking worried and trying to leave the scene as soon as possible, “thank god”khushi said holding her stomach and stopping a little to take breath. Probably the opposite batch of students lunged in from the side unexpectedly breaking the khushi’s link with her sister.

“diya jiji”she shouted seeing a batch now separated her from safety. Arnav sighed angrily,”why doesn’t she keep up with us?”he rounded on diya who started to cry seeing some young man push khushi and she fell to ground.

“don’t cry now”he shouted,”run to the car and lock yourself in”he gave her the key and pressed himself  between people and reached khushi. With his help there were in the car within two minutes.

Diya stopped crying and looked relieved to see them safe. Khushi was in back and diya was right beside him. She suddenly gave a gasp looking at his T shirt,”blood”diya shrieked.

Khushi was 18 at that time and she quite didn’t understand why her sister crying constantly. It was not that she isn’t worried for arnav but doctor assured them that the cut isn’t deep and he will be fine in less than a week and didn’t even needed stitches.

But diya was miserable she didn’t eat or sleep for two days crying most of the time if no one’s watching her.

But what is she doing right now, khushi thought wiping her own unending tears. Does she know? Khushi came to a sudden decision to call diya once. It may be midnight for them but she went with her decision.







Jun 13, 2017

chapter 3 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 86 times)

Phone rang many times and went to voice mail.. Khushi didn’t say anything and left the job of trying to call her. She sat with no sense of surrounding when she got a call back from her sister,

“hello”khushi said swallowing a lump

“yes khushi you called me?”diya answered curtly

“ye... yes did you know about him. He is d.... dead”Khushi covered her mouth to stop crying loudly. Saying it loud had so much impact sinking the fact that she will never ever see him again.

There was silence on the other side and then a sigh”yes just saw the news”diya said so casually that khushi stopped crying taken aback,

“and..... and you don’t feel anything”

“yeah..... look aunty ji  is here I will talk to you later” there was a click on the other side but khushi held on,” did you ever love him jiji”she asked to no one and slowly lowered the phone.

Khushi watched the news with silent tears when her father was resting and she didn’t touch a thing the whole day. In the evening she saw the news of taking the bodies back to Delhi to their home. 

Reporter said the bodies were found side by side, unrecognised, mutilated due to wild animals eating them up and khushi gave a shriek so loud that her mother came running from the kitchen,” i can’t.... i can’t live to see all this amma”she said sobbing hugging her mother.

Garima went to the TV while the reporter went on so smoothly about the family refusing to talk to press and the clash with the police over the delay in taking the bodies home, she switched it off.

“khushi you have to stop now. Please”

“why amma why did i ever hate him so much? I want to see him for one last time, please do something”she covered her face with both her hands and lay there until she fell asleep.

Next morning khushi woke up and felt so weak to even go have a bath for the interview she had. Yet she dragged herself, was ready in minutes. Garima forced her to have a little breakfast which she vomited.

Khushi left the house not knowing what to answer the interviewers if she ever made it there. The bus jerked unevenly, she clutched the file in her hand tightly and got down so suddenly even when there are two more stops before she reached her destination.

She increased the pace; she has not much money to take an auto to Shantivan. She decided to walk until she reached the other bus stop and got into the bus.

She had a mixed feeling, fear of facing the family.... pain to see him in that state all the while tears leaked freely and she felt people sneak at her. One elderly lady even tried talking to her.

Khushi ignored her trying to wipe the tears. She walked to Shantivan, the scene there was nothing like she expected, there were so many people, press ganged outside ready with their equipment. And khushi recognised most of her sister’s friends, her college mates, and many more people probably his employees.

Khushi covered her face as much as she could with her dupatta and stood waiting.

“the bodies haven’t arrived yet?”a man asked wiping sweat on his brow.

“are about to”the other one replied, “call deepthi here. She has to start anytime now.” Khushi merged in the reporters, she may get a better view if with them. “deepthi”the first man raised hand, khushi looked to her side.

A young woman may be only few years older to khushi glanced at them and ignored talking in her cell.

She drifted very soon after that and khushi jumped back hearing her voice so loud and clear right beside her. “I may get a golden news if this call is genuine”she breathed,” a woman called saying her husband is missing from the same spot. The police as usual ignored her seeing it as nothing. And she was saying....” the woman named deepthi leaned forward to whisper and khushi could still hear.

“when she looked down  just before the accident her husband and this arnav and his niece were very close to the ground from where falling can cause no harm as much as death”

“but they could be anyone, how did she recognise them as arnav and his niece, the mountain they were trekking is almost 50 feet high no one could see them that clearly from there”

“see i have my doubts, i don’t completely trust this call but we can try right. May be there was some scuffle and this is not just an accident”she breathed angrily looking disgusted,” who knows what this arnav is like”

Khushi hissed, deepthi glanced back and continued her chatter with her colleagues. She could have retorted then and there but the ambulance sound resonated in the silent area and khushi’s attention focused there like the rest of reporters.

Reporters hurried to the ambulance and khushi was left alone fearing to face the truth now, she regretted coming here. The whispering was loud now and she understood the bodies were got down.

But she couldn’t see a thing as reporters flew around like a ring of protection but they were doing nothing like that and finally police had to intervene so that the body could reach the family.

Gate closed and reporters protested angrily, while khushi stood without a glance at the bodies. She started to shiver again; she didn’t know how she was standing here on her own feet when they weighed like logs and she felt difficulty to walk on them.

After a long time she made a move closer to gate. Security guard standing there saw her, he himself looked very depressed but he identified khushi the first time his eyes landed on her.

She seemed to take no notice of the surroundings and had a  lost look all the while tears streaming down. Guard started to unlock and again there was commotion as media pushed forward excitedly.

Khushi felt someone poking her in the ribs and she saw to her surprise deepthi watching her with interest. “khushi bitiya.... bitiya”she glanced at the guard.

“ramu dada”she uttered under the breath and walked to the slight opening in the gate while reporters started to slam the gate. “get in fast” inspector shouted at her harshly.

Ramu the guard helped her in. “you go in bitiya”he too had tears glistened on his face.

After many years she is here at this house her feet took her automatically inside the house. She saw with pain that nirmal aunty is unconscious while anjali di clung to smallest bundle of body crying her heart out.

Uncle stood a little away with his hands on his head and nani collapsed on the floor beside what was arnav’s body khushi noticed for the first time. She fell with a thud seeing what was left of the body, most of it was bandaged including his face white stained with blood at some points.

She sat there looking yearningly at arnav’s body, she had little hope before that all this  could be a bad dream but seeing the whole family in distress fell like a slap on her face, not just she lost a friend but this family lost a son, a little girl who has not seen much in the world.

She thought uncle had seen her and made no move to drag her out of the house, which she thought a fact she deserved after all her sister did to this family. She sat there watching arnav. She registered something unusual even at a time like this, may be because that one incident kept popping up so many times last day.

Diya cried three whole days very secretly and khushi has noticed even if none had after arnav was stabbed in the side of the stomach during the college fights. Later after he got well, diya cheered up and a month later when they were chatting in this house, diya playfully lifted his shirt to see the wound and it had a huge mound in the place of wound.

“will this not go”diya asked while khushi felt odd at how awkward it is for her sister to take up the shirt in front of his mother.

“it will never go”nirmala ji said that time and arnav whispered something to diya and khushi saw how her sister has blushed. She was such a fool to not notice their love when it was so open.

But that is not the point now, she suddenly looked down at her own belly and felt her head spin. Shaking her head literally she forwarded her hands, “this is right, this left”she whispered. Her brain wasn’t working right now but she must make sure.

The wound is on the left side if she could remember, but there is no mound which she clearly had remembered it to be there. She stood up suddenly and swayed a little and looked right at uncle. She must tell him.



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Jun 15, 2017

chapter 4 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 76 times)

“uncle”she said in feeble voice. He didn’t look up at her, before she could call again Manorama rushed to her and fiercely grabbed her wing and pulled away

“get out right now before we do something to you”she was crying and khushi felt pity though she never had a soft corner for her.

“aunty ji listen he is not arnav”khushi whispered, no one seemed to hear her not even mamiji

Arnav’s father looked up and so did many, Devyani came there,”khushi why are you here. No one can take any more pain now please go”she folded her hands to her

Khushi nodded asking her not to. Seeing the old woman who has seen not just her grandson’s death but also great granddaughter’s too, khushi thought she can’t say what she wanted to

What if she was wrong, giving them hope and crashing them again. She thought they can’t take anymore. “ i will leave, sorry”she said walking out of the house, she felt her head spin again, she hasn’t eaten for whole day and over that the stress she has gone through.

“khushi”she was half way to the gate when she heard the her name being called. She turned to find payal who too had red eyes. She walked slowly to payal and they hugged.

“listen payal....”she stopped suddenly seeing her mangalsutra,”you are married?”she said suddenly feeling light. Payal and akash’s marriage stopped due to her sister.

“yes, only a year back”payal replied. Khushi nodded understandingly,”i am happy for you. Okay listen i may need your help i can’t go nearer so can you for me check if there is any sign of healed wound on the left side of arnav’s stomach. Like a mound if there is healed cut..... “she explained with her hands, looking around, payal seemed confused but she nodded.

“My number” khushi told her number and payal recited to remember,”take care”khushi walked away very fast to the gate. She felt overwhelmed at this thought, maybe he is alive, a smile flickered on her lips.

But how will she find out. She saw deepika watching her closely. She must have seen her smiling and may be even thinking she has a hand in the accident.

Khushi quickened pace before she can be caught by the prying reporter, she must leave this place and wait for payal’s call and make a plan, “excuse me”khushi didn’t turn she knew who is calling her now.

“I know you heard me, if you stop we can help each other”Khushi turned around to find deepika walking as fast as her, “what do mean? Help each other?”khushi felt her head spinning again, this time she couldn’t stand and she had sit down right on the road.

“are you okay” deepika kneeled by her “do you need anything” khushi nodded and the whole world seemed to rotate very fast and she caught her head in her hands. “I..” deepika left her swiftly.

Khushi saw that the road is empty  and she has wait till she gets better, she closed her eyes again and held her head tightly. A scooter stopped right in front of her.

“if you can get up, I will take you to the hospital”it is deepika again.

“no I can’t even stand” khushi sobbed fresh tears spilling out. She need to be strong now if she has to find out arnav’s truth why did she choose to fall ill at this time.

“have some water” a bottle is pushed closer to her face. Without opening her eyes khushi gulped down a little water. Khushi took her time, a lot of time if she knew because now vehicles started to leave from the raizada mansion though many still remained. Her head still wobbled but it wasn’t that bad now. She can safely open her eyes to see. Deepika stood patiently without talking.

After what seemed a long time, deepika kneeled by her side again, “did you eat anything since yesterday”

Khushi nodded as no, “then if you stand up we will go. I will drop you at your place” khushi looked thankful, she tried to stand up but couldn’t, deepika helped her.

“hold me tight... not like that, hold my waist” she yelled back at khushi. Khushi obeyed. She felt better as wind blew on her sweaty face once the ride started.

After a little while,” see, I will stop by a restaurant. Then you can eat something while we talk” she shouted to khushi

“oh.... this why you helped me then. You need your stupid news”khushi felt angry

“don’t be stupid. Yes i need news that is my job but don’t think I would leave if someone needed help”she said, though still angry khushi understood the truth of her words.

“so what do you say? Shall I stop by?” “you can”khushi said angrily as if i am going to say anything to you she thought.

While in the restaurant khushi stayed silent watching as she ordered food. “eat” she pushed the roti plate to khushi. Khushi silently plucked a bit and ate very slowly. Why isn’t payal calling her. She must have seen by now, then it must be wrong. Her hopes crashed and tears made way.

“Why are you crying again? I saw you smiling, you were happy for something when you were returning from that  house”deepika asked, khushi realised she was right, no I am not telling you anything, she stared determinedly into her eyes. Something in those eyes told she must say.

After all she can’t do anything without help, “actually i think the body is not arnav’s”khushi said quickly all the details of how the has doubt has begun. “now I am waiting for payal’s call”

“okay, what is your name?”Khushi was taken aback by this unexpected question”khushi”

“okay khushi, once we get the call from payal confirming it think what should we do?”deepika said eagerly

“we? Why would we do anything? I will have to try and talk with the family”Khushi said

“that is no use we must make sure before we can give the news to the channel”

“channel? This is the reason why I didn’t talk anything at first”Khushi glared

“oh i am not going to news channel yet. You know we must find out how they identified the body as arnav’s. Then we can go for DNA test where your friend that payal will help us. And then i need to get a FIR copy, that is quite easy I can have it in an hour. We also have this call of this woman, if she is saying the truth what happened to her husband. Oh we have so much to do.... what”

Khushi was staring unblinking at her,” you think so advanced”khushi said slowly.

“we must, you know my job”deepika drank water,” so for now we have to wait for the call” Khushi again fell into her own thoughts and her eyes misted.

“you must love him so much” Khushi looked startled, “love. No i don’t love him. He was my friend” Khushi said

“Don’t fool me. Look at your state, if this is not love i don’t what is?”deepika said

Khushi looked angry,”see it is not me, my sister loved him..... or so I thought”khushi added remembering how casually diya has taken the news of his death.

“so there is more to this story”deepika said her eyes shining

“yes but i am not telling you anything more”khushi said and her phone rang.”it must be payal.”

Deepika leaned forward,” yes.... payal........ okay i will call later”khushi ended and sighed in relief smiling.

“there is no wound marks”khushi said smiling,” your smile is most beautiful when you do it with genuine happiness.”deepika complimented.

It reminded of her sister. Diya has said the same thing many times. “but still we are not sure. We must confirm with DNA.”deepika said

“how?”khushi asked forgetting her fears and last days turmoil.

“simple. Payal. Call her again”

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Jun 17, 2017

chapter 5 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 82 times)

Payal agreed to bring something of the dead body and arnav’s father to match the DNA while deepika made a few more calls.

“we are to go and get the FIR now.”she said paying the bill.

As they went somewhere where khushi had no idea she felt for the first time today if it is safe to go with this woman. There are dark clouds carpeting the sky and wind thrashed them behind their backs pushing as if to their destination.

Where are you arnav if your are alive. Alive is no question he has to be, khushi thought angrily.

When they reached the place and diya parked by  a huge tree and asked khushi to stay where she is while she brings the documents. The daylight has gone by now and it seemed as if it were 6 or 7 in the evening though it is only noon.

Khushi shivered as a lightening spark illuminated the sky. She wished he was under shelter unlike her own self who is under a tree, which is very bad right now considering the branches swayed madly.

Deepika came sooner and started to read the papers, while read out loud if there were important points that khushi must know.

“see this “she said reading a point in the FIR, “it says the bodies were identified by the family that is the deceased sister and mother of the Mr arnav Singh Raizada (28) and Ms Priyanjali vikram Singh (12)...... Oh my...... priyanjali’s face wasn’t bitten unlike her own uncle’s who face and body was clawed and eaten by the wild animals.”

“shh...”deepika said consoling as khushi started to cry again, “let me read this completely first, remember we have things to do like saving arnav?”she said

“do.... do you think he is alive”

“of course he is now listen this...... and his brother in law vikram identified the bodies too and the wallet of Mr Raizada and his clothes who wore a white shirt and a black pant though there were many tears in them....”deepika smiled

Khushi looked at her pointedly,”khushi a white shirt and a black pant are as common thing as a person having limbs, this can’t be identification. We have to see what they have to say about the autopsy”

Deepika scanned the papers with concentration while khushi waited with bated breath,”there is nothing much here except for explaining what kind of wounds the person endured. But they are saying the blood group matched.”deepika is crestfallen.

“now we have nothing else to do than to go for the DNA”

It started to rain. Small pebble sized raindrops hit them and they were soaked in minutes. “i tell you we call it a day for today and go to payal tomorrow” Deepika yelled, back on bike

“just keep going. I am not going anywhere till i find him safe.  If you want the news don’t step back now or else i will never meet you again, nor will payal. And you did read that FIR there are wild animals there.”

“then there is fat chance he is alive”khushi pinched deepika on her waist,” don’t you dare”

While khushi was angry deepika only laughed,”look who keeps saying they don’t love him.”

“i don’t love him”khushi repeated,” i just like him very much”

“yeah right”deepika remained calm for a while,” i saw he is hot in the pictures and all but how is he outside in live”

“he is more than that”khushi blushed unknowingly ,”but why are you talking all this now. And for love i forget it, i just hate him”khushi spat

“hate and love are same thing if you ask me.” There chatter continued like that while deepika drove to shantivan to meet payal.

While they reached there it took a lot of time for payal to come. “i got the blood samples of Ashok uncle. It was easy for as we take his sugar tests regularly”payal said when she gave them the glass slab and tiny transparent packet with hair,”but this hair i had to pluck it of from the dead body with no one knowing” she shuddered

“are you sure he is alive”payal asked with tears, “don’t worry just pray for his safety and payal how is anjali di”

“khushi i don’t really know what life can give us. It takes something away and it gives something more. I don’t really think if di cared when doctor announced her pregnant a while back. No one really cared anymore”

Deepika heard interestingly,” i see she has another child, a boy”

Khushi didn’t know what to say for this, “di always wanted 3 or 4 children but priya is her first child and di loves..... her”khushi couldn’t talk anymore, she sobbed again.

Payal hugged her, she looked at khushi,” you both are drenched. The rain stopped for now but i think it will come back again”She looked at the dark clouds.

“why don’t you......”but khushi interrupted,” we don’t know how is he. We must reach him. We can only do this and go to the police if we are sure first”khushi turned to deepika, she nodded.

They turned back,”why can’t give in one of these hospitals or labs”khushi asked

“i doubt if they would take them for test. There are legal problems, they may ask for orders of some kind i think. I have never done it before”deepika explained, “but this lab i am talking about they will do it for money”

Khushi was silent and then she said”i will pay you back when i earn some money”she said

“sure i will follow you until you pay me back”khushi knew this was a joke, but she didn’t feel like laughing.  She missed her interview today and she doubted if she ever gets placed.

The roads are now filled with water and very soon her scooty got stuck in the water and it didn’t move an inch,” now what”deepika said as it started to rain again.

“i am sorry”khushi said,” if you can give me the address i will go while you can go back to your work.”

“what are you thinking of. Walking there?”deepika said glancing at the phone covering it from rain,”not again” both had got many calls, deepika from her office and khushi from her mother.

Khushi had to finally talk to her mother saying she is all right and she will be there as soon as the bus moves in the traffic.

Khushi nodded, “that is the only way,  isn’t it?”khushi said looking at the whole lot of vehicles left unmoving on the road while buses tried to go making way in the jam.

“you can’t, it is like some 20 km from here. My office is just Km far we will go there and wait till we get other vehicle or this stupid rain stops”deepika suggested.

“i can’t wait anymore, i am feeling anxious as time passes”khushi said playing with her fingers.

“fine go but keep calling me. Take the money”deepika gave her bag, “there are the samples and be careful”Khushi shook hands with her slightly, “we will meet again”


Khushi reached the place safely. The lab is dingy and there were no lights in there. She hesitated but thinking of deepika suggesting this place she made brave move inside.

They refused to take it at first but agreed when she offered money.” When can i get the reports,” “ we will call you. Write down your number and leave”they said

Khushi left feeling not so happy or excited after handing over the sample. The place seemed not very nice and classy, what if they miss the samples. What if they get wrong.

She reached home safely with so much less hope as darkness filled outside. Her mother scolded her and she had to take a hot shower though she felt like she just sit there until she gets the reports. As time passed she felt arnav is falling in more danger.





Jun 19, 2017

chapter 6 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 86 times)


Chapter 6

She didn’t eat anything, her mother prodded until she started to slowly swallow, when the bell rang.

Her mother opened the door. She was their new neighbours living in the same floor. She said something her mother nodded looking back at khushi,” i will talk to her, give me a minute”she heard her mother say. When her mother walked in the woman too walked in right behind her.

“it is her daughter’s engagement tomorrow and they need you to make a dress for her. C... can you?”

Khushi couldn’t register what she was talking at first then the woman spoke,”my daughter nitya is getting engaged tomorrow. We have taken a lehanga, It is a pink and black combination one. But the groom’s family called us a while back saying they don’t want her to wear black on such auspicious day. Your mother has said that you studied fashion.”she said looking hopefully at her mother. She seemed very tensed.

“i don’t think what i can do about it” khushi said slowly.

“We can’t even go to buy a new one at this hour. We called a local tailor but she can’t understand what to do. If you can suggest something, that will be huge help. Please.”

Khushi looked down thinking, she can’t sleep tonight with the tension instead she could be of help to someone. “i will see the lehanga first.”

The woman smiled happily taking khushi with her, her mother followed. Khushi studied the dress, it is more of black than pink. There is nothing she can do  other than redesigning it completely making pieces of the new dress. She told the same to them.

Nitya the bride seemed very scared; her mother asked if she can do it. “i will if you agree to”khushi replied taking the lehanga into her hands, “amma we have di’s farewell dress, will you bring it here” garima left, while khushi asked for a paper and pencil.

She sat there drawing while her mother brought the dress. “this green will go very well with the pink, i have to patch both of them together like this” she showed them the drawing.

“so can i go ahead?”khushi asked, she felt excited for the work for the  first time ever in her life.

They nodded looking sceptical. Khushi took a deep breath imagining arnav coming safe, and very much alive. She smiled and plunged into work.

It took almost the entire night before khushi could finish with dress. Nitya slept after much persuasion and khushi finally said it is ready by 3 in the morning. “she can try it when she wakes up. Call me when she does” khushi said leaving with her mother.

The bride’s mother looked at her with gratitude while her father came rushing forward, “we can never forget this. Thanks a lot”he said, “don’t miss the function in morning” khushi nodded, of course she can’t go there.

She went to her room and sat there waiting for the time to move much faster than it is now.

Howling of wind clearly indicated the raging storm outside. She thought how it felt to be outside in this weather. How is arnav there in the forest? Is it raining there..... wild animals with fierce teeth rounded around her..... she fell back and hit the hard trunk of the tree.

Arnav clasped her hand and pulled her, she was running and the glowing eyes followed. She is much much forward but arnav was left behind, then she heard his cry the animal caught his leg and pulled him into darkness by the time khushi saw him.

She woke with a shout stuck in her throat. She looked around wildly for arnav, “oh..... please be safe arnav” she said crying into her hands again, “till i reach there...”

She didn’t sleep after that dream. While nitya herself came to their house in the morning wearing the dress she has designed last night. She is glowing with happiness, “thank you so much for this.”she said,” it is really beautiful”

Khushi smiled, indeed it fitted her well and khushi prided on her first ever complete designed outfit. “you are coming right. The muhurat is in an hour.”

“i can’t come, i have to go out....”Khushi tried to find excuses though there are many hours before she could get the reports she wasn’t feeling well after the dream.

“go out this much early. Please di at least come for 2 minutes”nitya calling her di made her look at her surprised. While nitya took her silence as yes and went away saying “ i will wait for you”

Khushi attended the function in spite of her unwillingness. What else can she do? By lunch time she finished eating first to leave the place early when she got deepika’s call.

“i am going to bring the reports, we will meet at the police station, be there in an hour”

“police station? But what about the results”

“khushi i will message you the address. The DNA didn’t match. We must find him sooner if he is still alive” khushi gasped, “thank you god. Thank you”she chanted while she ran to bring some money and hurry outside the house without mentioning it to anyone.




Two days back,

Arnav opened his eyes to the total darkness. There is pain and burning all over his body. His neck ached and so did his back, if he could just stretch a bit.

But he couldn’t, his hands fell hopelessly. He tried to move a little, but that little movement caused him off balance and almost another fall. There was emptiness around him and no bottom bellow him. He tried to remember, what is holding him?

A tree he realised, and held to it with all he has. And then lost his consciousness again.

Next morning,

“help”he shouted till his throat felt sore. He must get down but the land seemed far below. But he must try. He has to find out priya. He gulped; he doubted if she is even alive when she fell he heard her scream much below him.

Hope dwindled, priya’s smiling face swam before his face. He decided to jump even if he may get more broken bones or even if it costs his life. He must find priya and save her. The sun was right over his head by the time he could move and come into sitting position.

He breathed and made a jump. He fell sideways one arm protecting his head while the other taking the blow from fall. Again he lay there without the knowledge of day or night.

Next time he woke up it was dark but his brain gathered information more quickly and he remembered things well. There aren’t any animal sounds; he understood it must be past midnight.

He can sense the pain but now had more urgent things to care for. First he must find priya. And then contact anyone who could take them out of this forest. The wild grass here is almost 5 foot length that alone didn’t cause his death when he jumped from that height. But that also means he is in the middle of the forest and very far from rescue.

Suddenly like a flash he remembered khushi. Why khushi now? He saw her fearful face and then she was crying, then he saw shyam. Where is the link? His brain took him to two days back when he was trekking.

Only 3 people were trekking here because this is the highest hill in the station. But there is also a spot not very high from the ground level, where people can stop and go back down, where tourist managers stayed watching over so that everything goes well.

Priya will only trek till that point. He warned her not to come with him but she is stubborn girl more like him. His di will kill him even if there is a scratch on her. She brought her phone with her with no one seeing and taking selfies now.

“priya stop that and concentrate” he yelled she is far down, obliquely from him. The other man is between the two and he smiled at arnav ”children” he said

Arnav didn’t reply, he looked up, a women peeped down at them from what seemed the spot in hill. “my wife ”the man said,”she is faster than me but she stopped there, but i am going up. Are you coming too”he asked

Arnav nodded not willing to extend the conversation. “we both love trekking, we do it so often. You know, just come here with our back packs and plunge into this. We love adventures.” Arnav is speedier, calling for the priya to make it fast.

Arnav didn’t even nod this time, he had an eye on priya,” people are not common here, because there is less or no help if there is any accident. But that is almost impossible. The.....”

“arnav” someone called high above him, Arnav hadn’t noticed there is 4 th person trekking on this hill, “know me” he was standing higher above all of them with the stick and sneering at arnav.

Arnav was confused, he has never seen him but the person definitely recognised him, “no” arnav shouted

“I am shyam manohar Jha” arnav’s blood broiled hearing this, “come up here. We need to talk” he said coolly.

What does that idiot want, he don’t want to talk anything with diya’s husband. “i don’t have time. Come fast and don’t scream for help any of you “ he said as a stone rolled down the hill very close to Priya.

Priya screamed, “arnav mama” arnav looked down and then up at him, who is this psycho, “don’t do that I am coming” arnav said walking up faster looking back at priya fearfully, “stay there” the other man who talked with arnav before looked scared at them.

With an eye on both priya and shyam arnav trekked upper. He seemed to notice with that the other man was inching closer to priya, “hold this priya”he whispered, “I will get you down”

It seemed like shyam didn’t notice them. Arnav grasped the stick tighter and didn’t look back so that shyam doesn’t notice the help priya is getting. But suddenly a large boulder rolled right past him, “no”arnav yelled and turned back at the same time priya and the man shrieked and went down with the boulder.

“priya” arnav screamed, “what did she do to you” arnav had tears stung in his eyes and he started down,” stop there, we still have to talk. Then you can go back to her”arnav looked up at him with loathing, his hands shook with anger.

“i am going to be father. Oh wait.... or is that you?”he smirked.

“what are you talking” arnav has never seen such malicious eyes in his life. “don’t fool me. Both star crossed lovers cheating me behind my back, you think I don’t know” Shyam started to walk down closer to arnav, “I never cared for her, i only wanted her for one night but due to some unexpected consequences i had to marry her.”

Shyam reached arnav’s rope anchor and started to cut with a knife. But arnav started to untie the rope from his own padlock holding one hand tightly on the stick. The cutting of rope and untying happened at the same time. The hill here is steeper than at the beginning and he couldn’t see anything but the abyss.  He understood why shyam lured him up here.

He could only hope that priya is safe while he awaited his death when another rock rolling right to him Pushed him off his feet, then he heard very faintly but clearly, “khushi I am coming” and shyam’s evil smirk is last he had seen.

Jun 22, 2017

chapter 7 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 68 times)

They both met outside the police station, and deepika immersed in the reports. “this will suffice for the police to take action. They need to inform the kerala police to find him and i can go and run the news”

“you will not to do anything like that unless we find him”khushi hissed at her angrily as they stormed  inside the police station.

Police were surprised to hear their story, “you did what?”the inspector stood up with shock when he heard deepika telling about the DNA tests.

“here are the reports”she gave him the papers and waited.

“we will see what we can do”he said slowly after sometime. Probably thinking they are mad or the kind of thrashing they may get once the media gets to know how they messed up everything.

“i know what you must do. Contact the kerala police and send for search” deepika suggested.

“we know what to do. Don’t meddle and just leave” inspector looked angry.

“we are not going anywhere unless we know what you are doing about this” deepika said firmly not leaving the seat, “and I am from media”she added ,”you need to know before you decide to kick us out”

Police looked at her helplessly and went to make a few calls. “I think it is time we mention this to his family. “deepika whispered

“can’t we postpone this, what if we are wrong”khushi said

“even if he is not alive we must tell them that they have conducted funeral for the wrong person and more over the Raizadas can use their power and can find him sooner. As you can notice the police are taking no care of what we are saying”deepika said

Khushi nodded,”but you talk” she said


In an hour, akash, vikram and Sheshank Singh Raizada reached the station, deepika rushed forward while khushi fell back. Deepika explained to them pointing at khushi in between, all three looked at her whenever deepika pointed to her. Khushi wished she had told before not to mention her.

They listened and rushed inside the station. “all done”deepika said smiling at khushi, “what happened? You don’t seem happy, they said they will even send helicopter to find arnav. This way he will be found sooner”

Khushi smiled, “I hope so, I will sit a little far. Tell me if there is any news”khushi said and walked away.

Deepika watched her till she went to the parking area and called her friend,” capture me and send the video. I am waiting here to take live the minute we get the news”


Arnav is awake but immovable; he tried to understand which part of his body is not paining. But everything is on fire. Rain only stoped a while back and he was soaked and felt chills. He crawled moving his head around at least his neck isn’t broken and he has no head injuries.

“priya”he tried to yell but merely a whisper came out, he felt hunger like he never felt in his life. Sun shone brightly and he guessed the time nearing noon.

Then he heard the roaring sound of helicopter, his hopes revived suddenly. He can find priya now. He tried to raise his hand calling for attention, but there was no need, the land vibrated under him and the trees swayed madly and a loud thud far away made sure the landing of the copter.

Four people rushed to him with a stretcher, he was air lifted in minutes,”priya”he mumbled, “we need to find her first”he said

“don’t worry we found her”one of the men said, he looked depressed.

“where are we going?”arnav want to know first he must tell them about the threat. If shyam knows he will come back again.

“we are heading for Delhi as per your father’s orders. But before that paramedicals will see you. But you are completely alright. Just hold on”

After that everything was a blur, two or three dressed in white coats looked after him till they reached Delhi. There were ambulance sounds everywhere when they landed and a police siren. If he could warn them now, they can protect his family.

But he couldn’t speak because of the oxygen mask which was unnecessary because he felt perfectly fine now. Priya is safe.


Khushi looked at deepika who came smiling to her,” look at the live coverage I got. Exclusive on our channel”she said

Khushi glared at her,” don’t you stand by word. Don’t you have work ethics”

“I helped you khushi”deepika glared at her,” but he is alive see”she said showing the live on her phone and smiling again. Khushi relaxed a bit and gasped, “my god he is injured”she felt tears sting her eyes again

“what do you think? He fell from a hill so high”Khushi nodded,” will he be alright?”

“of course he will. You saw to it that he is found sooner”deepika beamed, “no it is you”khushi said shyly.

“yeah we both”deepika smiled, “i want to see him”khushi said

“you are seeing him”deepika said waving her phone,”not like this”khushi felt restless to know that all this is covered in media.

“then we will go to the hospital now, I have to speak in front of the camera. Our van is coming.”

“I think I will go home now” khushi said slowly, “just inform me before you inform the whole world”khushi protested deepika’s plea to come with her and left for home.


After two days she felt what it is to feel hungry, “ amma, l am hungry” she called at the front door.

“khushi where did you go from the function? Everyone were asking for you there and did you see the news”her mother’s eyes sparkled.

“what news?”khushi asked pretending to grab an apple, hiding her smile

“about arnav, he is alive”

“is it? Amma can we talk about it later, I am hungry”khushi said, her mother was startled but nodded and left to kitchen. It was becoming harder for khushi contain her happiness. She want to hug her mother but it will betray too much and if her mother speaks about all this to diya di.

She sat there watching the TV all evening when the phone rang. She was surprised to see diya calling her number.

“yeah jiji” she said

“hi khushi, How are you?”

“great” khushi replied dully, she didn’t felt like talking to her now.

“ok I heard the news. So is he.... safe”she asked

“Yeah jiji. Is shyam there?” khushi asked, her sister would never talk about arnav in front of her husband.

“no he went on a trip to Chicago. But he landed an hour ago, he will be here anytime now.” There was silence, khushi didn’t know what else to speak, why did her sister call so suddenly. She never did before.

“and khushi don’t call him shyam”diya said slowly, “he is your jijaji”

“I can never see him as my jiju. Sorry”khushi said harshly

“but you must khushi. We are shifting to India in few days and i don’t think he will like it if you behave like this. He is really excited to meet our family.”she said

Khushi had a slight tug in her stomach, she will be seeing her sister after nearly 5 years but she didn’t want to have any contact with that shyam. She has never seen him personally except in photos and she didn’t like him.

He was the reason so much bad happened to her family, “khushi are you there”

“yes jiji. I am just excited. Will wait for you”khushi said and ended the call.

Last time shyam came into her jiji’s life her life turned up side down. What storm is he bringing with him this time.



 I think many of you are confused who's husband is shyam. As this chapter cleared it, you know now that shyam is diya's husband not khushi's. And khushi has never met him in her life.

Jun 24, 2017

chapter 8 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 75 times)

Arnav’s recovery is faster than anyone could have expected. He didn’t know that priya died until a fortnight later, thinking she is saved like him he didn’t yet tell the police about shyam.

He talked to his jijaji on the day when finally anjali couldn’t hold anymore and told him that priya is no more. He was still on hospital bed, holding back his tears he told everything to vikram.

“i wanted to secure my family first. It is not like I wanted to save diya’s husband” arnav said choking

“I know you arnav, is that why you.... you wanted us in your house and all those security people?”Vikram said holding his hand.

“I am sorry I thought everyone are safe, especially priya.... i thought once i come back home when I am with you all I can call the police and tell everything about what happened. I wanted to be there not lying on this bed in helpless position..... not able to protect you when he can come back after my family for revenge. I am sorry I ever feared...”arnav had said fiercely.

He was discharged the next day deciding to call the police. But was stopped by vikram. “why should we back off knowing that he murdered priya” Arnav had shouted that day. Vikram went to close the door and came back to explain.

“We don’t have proofs, I checked the flight details and there is no shyam manohar jha, who travelled India. And he has proofs that he is at Chicago during the accident”

“But we can’t leave him right? After what he did to priya”arnav fought back the anger trying to get the reason

“Arnav priya is my daughter.”vikram spat and fell silent for a few seconds. “anjali doesn’t care about her 4 year old son who needs his mother right now. She doesn’t care for the baby she is carrying in her womb”

“di is pregnant?” arnav didn’t knew how to react to this.

“she is and she doesn’t take care of her health. She is not in this world, it.... its like she left us, when priya left us”vikram cried.

“so what do we do, just leave him to roam free. He must suffer the way we did”arnav said a bit slowly seeing his jija ji’s tears.

“I know but we must get proofs to send him behind the bars and trust me it is not that easy.  He has US citizenship. And.... I think anjali can’t take it, her health is worse and she doesn’t eat or sleep well. If she knows now that her daughter is murdered i don’t know how she reacts. We must act carefully. We really don’t know what this shyam is capable of”

This reminded arnav of shyam’s last words “Khushi I am coming” what did he mean by that. Is he after khushi too? He remembered how diya has sent them both to jail. Is it all because of that? But then he had said that he never loved diya then what led him marrying her.

Why is he after khushi? Is she safe? Or did he already got to her too? The more he thought, the questions increased and his head throbbed.


11 weeks later....

Khushi has designed for nitya’s marriage. They came out so well that more people started to come to her. Just by the word of mouth she gained popularity within a few weeks time.

It didn’t flourish like any other business but she earned enough to keep the savings intact and use her earned money for her father’s treatment. Her sister and her husband didn’t come to India yet but they will be here next week.

They bought a house not far from here much to her dislike. Does she have to meet that shyam on daily basis now? She looked for a small shop for her to start up. She can’t work from home anymore, now that her sister is coming.

She wants to be away from home as much as she could wish for. Deepika is her friend now and they both speak almost every day on phone and meet whenever possible.

Deepika is also the source of her news about the Raizada’s. She is really happy that arnav recovered and was discharged in two weeks time and also started to go to office made her heart light. He is perfectly alright then, she thought happily.

She didn’t know what life can be before that. Her own life divided into two halves before, arnav’s accident and after that. She is more confident now and always happy.

“They just want to thank you. What is the problem in meeting them?”deepika had asked this question some hundred times but khushi don’t want to meet the raizadas. She didn’t deserve their thanks, she thought.

“forget that and tell me if you could give free publicity to me and my designs.”khushi asked playfully,” on your TV”

“i will if you tell me the story of you, your sister and the great Mr Arnav Singh Raizada”Khushi fell silent, “it has lot of mud no one wants to get immersed in, so forget it”khushi said,” I need to go in search for my shop. Bye “her hand dropped. She didn’t want to think about that past, never again.


“why are you not eating chote? How will you take tablets if you don’t eat?”his mother scolded. Arnav looked at his di, who played with her own food and paid no attention to the surroundings.

“I don’t want to take anymore tablets. As I am responsible for priya’s death I don’t want to even eat. Let me punish myself” he said taking his blazer and moving out very fast. He hated his life; he wished priya was alive instead of him.

More than life he hated the two sisters. Why did he ever fell for that diya. He loved her more than anyone, he liked khushi because diya loved her. He liked everything diya did. But what happened in the end she left him for another man.

And she deserved him truly, a monster who will rot in jail for what he did. Then he will see her for the last time in his life and laugh at her choice. He never thought ill of that family or diya even when he was sent to jail or she left him for that shyam.

But today seeing what his sister is going through he wished hell for her and her family. Only she made a monster out of him now. He want to track them down and torture that family.

Arnav found solace in his work. He worked and only worked all the time. His shares are soaring new heights each passing day. If he wants now, he can just contract to kill that shyam and come out of it without getting caught. But what will be the difference between him and that shyam then.

He will show what it is to meddle with Arnav Singh Raizada. First he must know where they are staying, not at lakshmi Nagar anymore. His sources told they sold the house and shifted to flats.

There weren’t any proofs, Is it? He will make shyam fall on his knees and agree to what he did and beg for imprisonment. Arnav stopped his car so suddenly as there was a long queue in front him right on the road brought him right back from his thoughts.

“what the”he looked up at the stairs. A temple, why are all these people queuing in front of god today? Must be a festival. The whole house lost track of days and festivals. He didn’t care to pray to god anymore.

“Ganapati Bappa” hails from the temple told him that it is Ganesh chaturdi. He stopped reversing the car and got down. He remembered how he and his sister used to get an idol, decorate it and pray. It continued till her marriage but she still visited them for every festival.

After priya’s birth they both teamed up in preparations. It reminded him of priya’s giggles. Unknowingly he started to climb the stairs. The queue dwindled and people are waiting for the Puja inside the temple.

“who’s car is this?”someone called from behind, he turned, “coming” he shouted back and turned to look at god and retrieved. Stepping down and turning at the same time he hit someone or something. It is plate covered with cloth.

He caught the falling plate and mubbled, “sorry” and tried to smile at the person holding it. Khushi looked back at him equally shocked and surprised. Blush stained her cheeks, her eyes lowered.

His smile turned to anger. She is not looking at him. Does she know what her sister’s husband did to him and priya, about the murder he committed? He ddin’t know how to react at first, he wanted to throw every verbal abuse at her, but what wrong did she ever do to him.

Other than being that woman’s sister. Is she so ashamed to even meet his eyes, finally he came to a conclusion to stir the conversation, “hi khushi, don’t you want to know how I am?”he said trying to force a smile.

“I... yes I saw the news. How are you?”she said her words stuttering with uneasiness. Why is she feeling so shy to even meet his eyes. Did she not anticipate seeing him at least from far to confirm that he is really safe and healthy? To satisfy her heart, she has called payal every night to know how he is doing.

Though his father wanted to meet her personally and thank her she has never agreed but her heart urged her to get a glimpse of him all these days but now her eyelids are too heavy to lift.

“how’s your sister?”he said not getting anything from her.

Khushi looked up suddenly, is this why he talked to her in first place to know about her sister. Does he love her still? “she is good”she replied wanting to leave the place.

“where do they live?”he asked casually, while he was burning to know about shyam’s whereabouts.

“they are in US. But will shift to India next week. They will stay here in Delhi”she said

“great” he said smiling, “nice meeting you khushi”he said and left.

Khushi stood there with the plate full of ladoos waiting to reach god, bribe she offered for arnav’s well being. 

Jun 26

chapter 9 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 72 times)

No sooner arnav reached his office he called Vikram and akaash to reach there. They are the only other two people who knows about shyam and arnav being in danger.

“what happened arnav? Is everything fine”akash said walking in with vikram.

“I have just now redoubled the security at house and here. Akash I did the same at your house too. Just tell mami and don’t let payal or anyone to go out without them”

Akash is surprised but he nodded, “can we know why?”Vikram asked

“Shyam is returning to India. I don’t know why but we must be careful.”arnav replied looking at a file, “I have a meeting in about 15 minutes, I want you akash to cancel your trip to Mumbai, we will send Manas”

“but bhai it is the most important, we can’t send someone. I must go personally”

“nothing is important than your lives. I have seen what shyam is capable of. He not just killed priya, he killed that man who has no relationship with us just because he tried to help priya, and you are my relations. Believe me this will not take very long. A caution just for few days. I will get him before long”Arnav said getting ready for meeting

“jija ji I must say the same for you. As you must go to the court and all but still be careful, don’t forget to use our precautions” Vikram nodded

“but what about you. I see that no one is specifically following you? It is you who requires the security”he said

Arnav sighed, he hated to live in the fear of attack every second but they lost priya, and he can’t lose anyone all because of his foolishness to love anyone at all.

He hated the term love. Loving diya only gave him pain and anguish. There will never be place for another girl in his life, another chance to ruin him. “I am wearing my jacket and my car is bullet proof so that will suffice”he said curtly

“I will go for meeting now” he said , lost in thoughts

“arnav, how did you get to know about shyam. That he is coming to India in few days”vikram asked

“I met khushi at temple. She told me”he replied. The two of them looked at each other. Arnav was surprised by their exchange of looks and he understood,” I know what you are thinking.... really I met khushi accidentally and I have no real contact with any of that family”he explained

“no bhai, we are not thinking that” akash said

“actually we wanted to meet khushi ourselves. We need to thank her.” vikram said. While arnav looked puzzled vikram explained, “she is the reason you are alive arnav. She is the reason we found you at all”and then he explained everything what has happened from the time Arnav’s supposed dead body was found

“we couldn’t tell before as we weren’t in a condition to talk anything” Vikram had tears in his eyes.

Arnav nodded looking guilty, he remembered the morning incident, how must she have felt to not even getting a thanks from him in return but after all she is her sister.  She doesn’t deserve to be talked to either. It reminded him of his college days.

Though it was diya he loved, khushi and he were friends. More like best friends.

“it is strange how one sister and her husband ruined our lives while the other saved me”arnav said looking at his watch.

“don’t want to judge about khushi, she suffered as much as you.”akash said, “payal told me many times, Khushi didn’t know why her sister married that shyam and she has gone through everything what you have gone through. And remember she is a girl. A girl locked up in jail is enough to ruin her future”

“I have to leave” arnav walked out briskly.

It was easy now for him to convince any client of his, so did he crack this deal too but his mind wasn’t there. Khushi’s face appeared and he remembered most of their fights and reconciling.

“payal has her number”he muttered. I need her help, with or without her willing to do it.


Khushi found a shop; it is far enough from home that she need not find excuses to come home often than she wanted. Because her sister will be here in 2 days and they didn’t mention that she is pregnant until, Shyam’s mother slipped accidentally, khushi was happy for her sister, but this meant seeing of her sister more often and shyam is package deal with her.

“khushi have something to eat first, then we can go” her mother said seeing khushi packing things in a bag.

“i will eat something later amma. It is getting late, come fast”khushi dragged her mother out, while her father waved and smiled at her with the good hand.

It is her shop opening today and she doesn’t have many invitees, except for her mother, Deepika and a few people from their flats. After the puja she started eating the samosa chatting with deepika when to her surprise saw three cars stop in front of her.

As she waited only one person got down looking very embarrassed. “payal”khushi jumped from her chair, “ You said you may not come?”khushi hugged her happily.

Payal smiled and looked uneasy as khushi looked at the cars. “are there anyone else with you. Please ask them to come”Khushi said

“they are security”payal said, “i don’t know why but akash won’t let me go out without them.”

Khushi was surprised but this matter didn’t arouse as much interest in her as in deepika, she looked at the two extra cars with stunned silence, “Wow”she said

“Come let’s call them too. They can have samosa too. There are enough for everyone”Khushi said smiling.

The security in black uniform were surprised to be welcomed but they came and took part in the little party.

“arnav came home the day before yesterday, he asked your number”payal said before taking leave.

Deepika winked at her while khushi blushed a deep shade, “you think what I think too.” Deepika said smiling at her.

“what is your stupid brain thinking now”khushi didn’t look at her and followed back into the shop. She looked around.

She hung up a few clothes she designed, hoping at least this to go right in her life. “didn’t you see the security. The AR fashions is really doing good, I understand but is it not a bit show off”

Khushi looked angry,”payal is not show off”

“I didn’t mean payal”deepika said

“Anyways it’s their hard earn money. Isn’t it” But it suddenly occurred to khushi, arnav wasn’t protected when she saw him in temple. And why the security suddenly? Does it have any relation to the accident?

She felt uneasy at the thought. It is only accident. She told herself. It would come in news and deepika would definitely know if there is something else.


Arnav came home closer to mid night as every day. To his surprise he found anjali waiting for him at the table, “ di? Why are you not sleeping. Is there any problem” he looked very tensed and anjali felt distressed.

“chote, I only want to talk with you. Come eat your dinner”she said

“did you eat?”he asked

“I... I a...ate”she said

Arnav nodded, “then even i ate”he replied a bit harshly

“chote, please. You can’t spoil your health like this” she is crying, “di?”arnav hurried forward, “please don’t cry”

“chote it is true that I am totally in pain, but that doesn’t mean I am not happy to see you alive. If it was to choose between priya and you it will definitely be you. I love her as much as I loved you. But It is you I can’t see unhappy”She choked

“I can’t forget priya never in my life. She is my love of my life but you are truly my first child”

Arnav hugged her, “stop it di” he too was crying, “i can’t see you like this. It is just that, I was there and I couldn’t save her” they both were silent in each other’s embrace crying out every pain they endured.

“we can both eat, if you wish”arnav smiled wryly

Anjali hesitated, she remembered priya but looked at hopeful face of arnav and nodded.

After the dinner, first time after the accident arnav ate his stomach full just to see his sister continue to sit with him and he felt light. His sister didn’t hate him for being alive.

He tossed in the bed and looked at his phone. “need to meet you tomorrow. If it ok with you, reply – arnav”he messaged khushi and waited.


 Eid Mubarak friends.....

Jul 2

chapter 10 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 69 times)

Arnav’s father is handsome, from where arnav got his looks from, but the similarity ends there. He is alcoholic and a womaniser. Khushi was in 3 rd year when she and few of her friends did internship in AR fashions.

Arnav visited his family for a short time during the summer. His idea was to tell his family about his love and diya. But diya couldn’t make it to meet him at first because of her work.

Diya called khushi and cried, telling she wanted to quit the job which is the reason she couldn’t come home to meet arnav. Khushi was surprised and for the first time in her life she doubted if they were in love. She asked the same.

It was only then that khushi came to know about their love story. Khushi was happy for her sister. It was also the time when khushi became more aware of the kind of person arnav is and they became more close friends than before.

Arnav came to Office regularly unlike his father. Also khushi who didn’t like to work or wasn’t interested in studies found excuses to skip her work and pass the time was mostly found in arnav’s company.

Khushi was childish at heart and saw him only as her sister’s future husband. But the people in office started to see them as more than friends. They gossiped about being in love.

But there were gossips going on about another pair too that they got more attention than the chaiman’s son. It was the chairman himself. Sheshank Singh Raizada visited the office more often than he used too.

The rumour that he is having an affair with a young girl from internship batch rounded more than anything. The girl was hema, one of khushi’s friends. As it usually does their relation ended faster than it started.

The girl was depressed and often seen crying. Khushi knew the truth, she was afraid to speak about it to arnav but she confided in her sister the kind of man her father in law was.

It was the same time when both families agreed for arnav and diya’s marriage. It was fixed that once arnav completes his studies in Harvard they can get married.

Diya was so happy she rebuffed khushi from talking anything. “ I agree uncle is wrong but the girl is wrong too.”she had said and for the first time khushi saw the selfishness in her sister. But she loved her sister too much to take it to heart. Still she felt for hema.

Khushi tried to talk her out of the mess. The girl was too much in love to see anything. One day she came to khushi smiling happily, “I am pregnant khushi”she said as if she achieved something great.

Khushi was shocked, “now he has to accept me”she told her

Khushi thought she must tell arnav now that is the only way left. Before she could do anything the same evening hema committed suicide in her own house. The poor girl left a letter saying she was fed up life and held no one responsible.

Crying she called her sister  ”you won’t tell anything to arnav. You will ruin his relation with his father. Think about my marriage, khushi” she said

Khushi was not her cheerful self for many days. Arnav noticed it and came to speak to her, “I understand you lost your friend but khushi how many days will you be like this. Where is my little sunny, always khushi khushi. Look at this place all gloomy and looks like a hospital like it used to be before you came to this office.”

Khushi had tears, his kind smile melted her heart, “I want to leave my internship arnav”she said

“hey! What happened? Did anyone say anything? You can tell me. Remember we are secret partners.” he tried to engage her in smile.

Khushi couldn’t hold back anymore, words poured out. Arnav listened silently but she can feel the heat of his anger.

After that when arnav confronted his father didn’t deny, he was suffering too. He agreed he cheated on his mother and the girl who is younger than his daughter too. He was apologetic.

But his sorry couldn’t bring back the dead girl. The family broke. Though his parents didn’t divorce, his father left the house and stayed separate. As the company also started to go downhill, arnav’s uncle Manohar took over as new chairman, arnav left to Harvard.

Diya stopped talking to khushi for many days, and khushi wondered if she did anything wrong causing so much pain for everyone. But Nirmala aunty was same as before with her, caring and loving though she was shaken from inside.

Arnav lost trust but not hope. He called khushi once saying she only did favour and not any wrong. That incident did increase her faith in arnav. She was sure her sister will be happy with him. She trusted him more than anyone, respected for what he is.

It is also the reason she opposed her sister’s decision to marry someone else. She knew diya lost a good loving husband.



Khushi read the message the minute she received it. It was late night she was working on her designs, but replying at this time would seem very desperate of her.

She wanted to meet him badly. She barely slept that night, all the old memories replayed in her mind. The time she spent with arnav, the innocent khushi who treated him as her best friend.

Their banter, their laughter everything seemed to make her blush now. Where did that innocent khushi go.

Next morning when she reached the coffee shop late, arnav only smiled in his usual way. “very you khushi. You didn’t change. Not punctual at all. I had to postpone a meeting”he said smiling

Khushi blushed looking down, the old khushi would have retorted made excuses, even scold him for taunting her, “sorry” she mumbled.

“I am wrong. You changed” he said looking amazed.

Khushi sat down as arnav ordered for coffee, “thank you khushi” he said “for saving me” Khushi felt shy again, “no don’t thank me. We don’t.... de... deserve.”

“the reason I called you is my family wants to meet you khushi, to thank you. Please come home once. They will be happy to see you. “

Khushi was surprised to find herself nodding to what he said. “where will  be diya staying”he asked out of blue.

Khushi understood, he wants know about diya. Is this why he called her? Does he still love her. There was a time when she felt so happy for her sister for getting his love but now, it almost made her jealous.

Khushi told him the address,” jiji is pregnant so they want to stay close to our house. She said shyam wanted this. He also searched for a job here in Delhi”

“that’s nice” he said, “come i will drop you at your house” he said suddenly standing leaving the untouched coffee.

“no. No need. I can go, I actually have to go to my shop” she said feeling angry. He called in the middle of the night for this.

Arnav watched her and he actually laughed out loud, “Sorry khushi, I already said I had to postpone a meeting for you” khushi’s heart melted.

“I will drop you at your shop then. Come”

In the car they didn’t speak much. When they reached her shop, arnav raised his brows. “do you design”he asked looking at the closed shutter.

Khushi nodded, “don’t forget to come home” he waved and left.

Khushi sighed and walked to her shop. The shop in the main market centre could have made her business bloom, but she couldn’t afford it. This is a peaceful area in between family residents and her boutique is barely visible here.

Later that evening when she reached home fatigued for having no work at all, she found Kiran ji by the gate. He is in his late 40’s and he stalks khushi like hell. She knew he likes her but being one of the flat owners in the apartment, she must act to be friendly.

“hi uncle” she said

“call me kiran khushi” he smiled.

“ya kiran ji”she escaped before he could prolong the conversation.



Two days later khushi dreaded to be in her own house. Anytime now her sister will come. And she hated the introductions.

“argh”she yelled loudly throwing the dress she must wear to welcome them. If not for her mother she would have been in her boutique. But her mother too seemed tensed to meet her son in law after 4 years and khushi stayed for her mother’s sake.

When they came shyam only nodded at her and smiled faintly. He didn’t speak much and left to her room which she gave it to her sister and her husband until their stay.

Khushi hugged her sister happily and sat with her once he was in the room. “oh jiji. I am happy for. What month is it”she asked

Diya merely smiled making it clear that she isn’t at all happy to be here, “5 th month khushi. I am sorry to bother you people. We will leave in two days” she said

Her mother protested, “don’t say like that diya, we are happy to have you here” garima said, diya smiled not wholeheartedly.

“oh no, jiji I forgot to take out the other clothes from the top shelf, I will go get them” khushi stood up to go.

“its okay I will bring them for you”

“no jiji I will come with you. You can’t reach the top. You have to stand on the bed to reach the clothes, which you shouldn’t do it”Khushi said

They both together went to the room and as diya pushed the door they found shyam standing with one of khushi’s dupatta close to his lips almost felt like he was kissing it.







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