Kd and varun

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Jun 12, 2017

Kd and varun (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hii friends I have been seeing adalat and recently varun s death is heartbreaking so I deceided making an small story of it How ever thanks to god varun had confirmed his entry back Love kdvarun Are u excited and do u want me to continue pls comment and let me know Thank you readers

Jun 12, 2017

Married to her unknowingly (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 3 times)

Hii readers I m not satisfied with imaginary character shifalie so I m creating a new one Varun was rescued by kd after hell of torture by man eaters and varun is recovering well and kd is happy too as varun Got well Regarding the case in rajasthan bikaner varun had to fight with goons in temple Where a beautiful girl in wedding dress is doing puja( pre marital function) As it being a village whole people residing in the village were present in the temple Varun is fighting in the middle of the temple and he is in front of God's idol He takes the plate where a sacred chain and red powder kumkum is placed and throws it on the goons In the middle of the fight the sacred thread (mangal sutra) falls in the brides neck and filling her forehead with varuns Blood The bride is shocked and all the family members are too numb to respond All the goons surround varun and he beats all of them One of the goon points his knife at the bride s throat and blackmails varun to stop Varun stops seeing the bride but throws sand in the goons eyes The goons injure varun and the bride As the bride is unable to walk varun carries her to the nearby tree And there was fire in between and they unknowingly take wedding rounds Varun : I hope u are alright and take care madam The bride is too shocked to respond Varun leaves and the villagers blame the bride of getting married to stranger (varun) Brides father : u ruined my respect get out from my house and throws her out of the village Precap :. The bride meets kd I want my respect back I want my husband Varun and kd fight over this Friends how is this going Please comment and let me know

Jun 19, 2017

Adjustment (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 1 times)

Hii friends how are u 

please keep commenting and give me feedback

the story goes on like.......................................................................................................................

the bride is thrown out from the village and boards the train to MUMBAI

bride(thinking to herself):- hey god please make me meet my sweet cute husband 

and the bride reaches mumbai

she is mesmerized seeing mumbai  and happy

Image result for beautiful brides full veil pakistani

Image result for maharashtrian marriage photography

she sees her mangalsutra and cries thinking about her marriage

just then some guys tease her

Boy1:- eh ladki looking like a beautiful bride did u run away from ur weddihg

Boy 2 :- bro see her mangalsutra she is married and may be left her husband

just then shravan (KD s assistant ) sees the boys commenting and teasing her and fights with them

Shravan :- App kaun behen ji they were ragging u and why are u crying

Bride :- my husband left me i m alone and have to find my husband

Shravan :- what who is that idoit 

Bride :- he is a very nice person i ahve ever met

Shravan :- bhabhi ji dont worry when ur bro is here and i m assistant of famous KD pathak sir 

i will find your hubby and dont worry

bride :- but

Shravan :- bhabhi ji where to go

Bride :- i domt know any one in this city

Shravan :- no problem bhabhi my friend Mrs billimoria works also for an NGO run by women and u can stay there till your hubby is found

i will drop u there

Bride :- but bhai

Shravan :- dot worry bhabhi and calls mrs billimoria

shravan :- billi ji apun ko help chahiye( i need a help)

Mrs billimoria :- what is it sharvan

Shravan :- mrs billimoria i met a bride whose idoit husband left his beautiful bride and she is crying

i want to join her in ur NGO

Mrs billimoria :- but shravan i m at KD s office right now and doing some important work

i dont have my car right now so get her to the office i will accompany her

Get her here i will take her to Asylum

Shravan :- sure

shravan gets the bride to the office and ask her to wait in the reception

shravan who is running upstairs collide with KD

KD :- aree Shravan slowly

where r u going with hyperspeed

Shravan :- billi ji

and runs upstairs

KD:- uff Yeh ladka bhi na

KD sees the bride and calls her

KD :- who are u and why r u here

Bride :- Nameste 

i m waiting for shravan ji

just then varun comes to the office and sees the bride

Varun :- Good morning sir 

and hello ms bride 

the bride gets happy seeing Varun

just then shravan comes down with billimoria

Shravan :- bhabhi ji chale

varun :- u know this girl too

KD :- varun do u know her

Shravan :- this girls husband

the bride :- my husband meri pati mil gaya

all of them exclaim who

the bride eyes varun and says Varun ji

all are shocked

Varun :- madam what rubbish

shravan :- kya varun bhai why did u leave bhabhi  like that 

mujhe aap per eh umeed nahi the

Varun :- this girl is not my wife

KD :- what is this going on

Bride :- varun ji u left me in mandap after marryung me and left from there 

i had come to mumbai searching for u

KD;- Varun 

Varun :- see girl i did not marry u and dont etell lies madam

the bride throws newspaper on varun s face and shows him their photos clicked while varun rescuing the bride and taking wedding rounds 

KD :- varun what is this 

Varun :- sir this is not true i m just rescuing her from the goons

Bride :- did u not put mangalsitra in my neck amd ur blood on my forehead

my parents threw me out from my house and my marriage got broken

all the villagers were spectators of our marriage how could  u say like that

Varun :- see i m just rescuing u from the goons and this all happened i dont believe in concept of marriage

bride :- i came searching for u and u were not accepting me and i should die jumpimg in sea

no justice for me and cries

KD :- i will do justice for u and dont worry 

u r varun s wife and varun will look after u

varun :- sir please

KD :- varun this girl is kicked off from her house and this girl is your wife varun

Varun :- sir this girl

KD :- whats your name 

Bride :- Mukti singh rat****

Varun :- see madam dont drag me into this 

KD :- varun u married her and u have to take care of her

Varun :- sir its not soemthing called marriage the mangalsutra by mistake fell on her while i was fighting with goons

and i love shefali

KD :- varun u believe in god may be god is wanting to make ur life good 

Varun :- but sir i dont consider this even as marriage 

it all happened by mistake

KD :- Varun BASSS

take her home and no more arguments varun

I m like your elder brother and do this

varun :- but sir

KD :- a girl is having her life on u and u r not accepting her

u wanted to become a lawyer and fight for justice and u r not even  thinking about justice of women 

who is your wife

Varun :- sir but i love 

KD ;- now u r married and dont eben think about your life with someone else

and take her home 

varun takes her home

Shravan :- boss why r u compellig varun to accept mukti bhabhi

KD :- i saw truthfullness in her face

and varun will be happy with her i can guarentee that

Mrs billimoria :- but KD what if she is a criminal ir something 

KD :- Varun s sahi life partner

on the other side

Varun :- this is my house and u get freshen up i will make coffee

Mukti :- varun ji i m sorry but i have no other option 

Varun :- i m sorry fo breaking your marriage on the mandap bcoz of goons ur marriage got stopped and u got kicked off from your house

and u can live here

Mukti :- Thank u so much varun ji

Precap :- Mukti s jilaebis

friends please comment and let me know 

how is it

Thank u for reading

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