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Jun 17, 2017

Late.. but she realized it.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 81 times)

Late.. but she realized it..

A lone tear left her eyes as soon she took steps to his house, his room, his bedroom!!

She was hating all this, but she was helpless also, she had to marry him.

" Khushi madam wait here till your prince comes.." Mary said smiling.

" Prince?? " Khushi asked Mary sarcastically.

Mary bit her lips, then left the room.

Khushi sat on the bed, she shoved the red petals angrily from the bed, and cried cursing her fate.

He finally entered in the room, and Khushi quickly wiped her tears, and looked away.

" Khushi.." he whispered her name.

" Don't come near me.." Khushi warned him pointing her index finger to him.

" Khushi relax.. I will not force you to accept our marriage.." he sat beside.

" You already forced me Arnav.." Khushi looked at him crying.

" Khushi I didn't knew that Ratna ma forced you to accept, I swear I would wait for you till you accept me.." he said guilty.

" You knew everything.. and who said for you to wait for me ahn?? I clearly said to you that I don't love you, I only love Samrat, is that difficult to understand??" she beat his chest with her tiny hands.

Arnav held her hands softly: I'm sorry Khushi.. I'm sorry, I married you because Ratna ma said that you're ready for this marriage, now only I got to know that you're not.. I'm sorry.. " he caressed her hand.

Khushi shoved his hand rudely: Leave me.. I don't want you to touch me.. Only Samrat can do that..

Arnav: Do you think Samrat will ever come back?? Are you blind Khushi, he left you long ago..

Khushi fumed hearing this: You have to right to speak bad about my Samrat..

Arnav nodded: Okay!! But did you ever ask yourself, why didn't he come one day to you, or call you to know if you are alright or not??

Khushi: I said he is busy in his work, once he gets successful in that and become rich, he would come to take me back. But you spoiled everything, now Samrat will be angry, he will think that I betrayed him..

Arnav shook his head, this woman was way too innocent, she really believes someone who left her 4 years back will return now.

Arnav said sadly: If he comes back to you, I will leave you Khushi..

Khushi: Aashi..where is my baby?? I'm sure you left her in the orphanage itself..

Aashi, a small 4 years old girl came running to them, she hugged Arnav tightly: Here I am mumma!!

Arnav kissed her nose smilingly, Khushi looked shocked at Arnav.

Arnav smile: Unlike of what you think of me, I love Aashi like my real daughter and would never leave her alone.. 

Khushi looked down and bit her lips embarrassed for thinking like that.

Aashi clasp happily: Wow papa is room is way bigger than I thought!

Arnav kissed her cheeks, and made her sit beside Khushi: Not my room, it's our room now my baby..

Aashi rested her head on Khushi's shoulder, Khushi wrapped her arms around Aashi smiling.

Arnav smiled at both: Good night!!

He walked to go, Aashi pouted: Papa stay here please..

Arnav looked at Khushi, who looked at Aashi: Aashi your papa can't sleep here..

Aashi sadly: Why mumma?? Why are you punishing papa for that man, whom we don't even if he is going to come back??

Khushi angry: Aashi don't speak about Samrat like that!! Don't forget before Arnav, you considered Samrat to be your papa..

Aashi cried: But now I don't, Ratna nani said that man isn't good for you.. Arnav is my papa only, papa is always there for us..

Khushi looked away angry, Aashi went running to Arnav sobbing.

Arnav lifted her, and caressed her back to calm her: It's okay baby, don't cry princess..papa doesn't like seeing you crying..

Aashi kissed his cheek: Aashi doesn't like seeing you sad.

Arnav smiled and took her with him to another room.

Aashi hugged Arnav while sleeping, Arnav caressed her hair..

Aashi: Papa where is your family? You said that when you marry Mumma, then we will live in a huge family together.. Here its only you and Mary aunty.

Arnav smiled sadly: I also thought like that, but things don't happen like we think..

Aashi looked at him confused: What happened papa??

Arnav kissed her cute little nose: Let it be dear..

Aashi nodded and closed her eyes.


" What?? You want to marry an orphan and adopt another orphan child??" Dadi shouted, almost getting an heart attack.

" Arnav are you out of your mind?? You're the only son I had expectations that would never hurt me, and now.." his father said sternly but still a disappointment was clear in his voice.

" I love her Dad.." Arnav said.

" But a girl from an orphanage Arnav, when you have so many beautiful friends.. You can choose one.." his mother said, caressing his cheek.

" I don't want to marry them mom, I said I only want Khushi..and that's it.." Arnav said irritated " And what's the problem if she is an orphan, isn't she a person like us?? "

" She isn't like us Arnav, get that in your mind. We are Raizadas, what's her worth here?? You're attaching our name with a random girl, you'll spoil our reputation.." Anjali, his sister scolded him, and her husband Shyam, shook his head, he was the only true friend Arnav had.

" Anjali let him.." he said only to be cut by his wife.

" Shyam don't support him in such a madness.." Anjali glared at him.

" If you all don't support me, it's okay but I will only marry Khushi, she is the girl I love..if I don't marry her, then I prefer to die.." Arnav stood by his decision.

" Then get out from this mansion.." Raj, his father shouted on the top of his voice..

" You're good as dead for me now.." his father left the hall, leaving everyone shocked with his words and Arnav with eyes moist.

" Go and say sorry to Dad right now.." Armaan, his elder brother said to him angrily.

" Yeah bhai, why did you do that?? You know he wanted you to marry Meera right?? Still you choose that girl.." Akash said in disbelief.

" Arnav beta, go and say sorry to your father please.." his mother cried.

" No I won't.. I'm not wrong this time.." Arnav said, and left the house determined to marry Khushi and accept Aashi as his daughter.

Shyam went running behind him: Wait Arnav..

Arnav looked at him: Do you want to scold me as well? I don't understand what's the problem in marrying the one you love..

Shyam hugged him: Arnav I'm with you..

Arnav hugged him back: Thank you Shyam..

Shyam: Go on and live your life. If you ever need my help, don't hesitate call me..

Arnav nodded smiling, and left from there.

Flashback ends.

Arnav thought: What should I tell you Aashi?? My own family are so cruel, you wouldn't be able to hear what they think of you and Khushi..

With so many thoughts running in his mind, he slept.

Khushi also fell asleep crying on her bed.


Days later..

Aashi was waiting for her father to come back from work.

Khushi: Aashi go and eat something.

Aashi: I'm waiting for papa..

Khushi nodded and went to her room.

Some minutes later, Arnav returned from office tired, Aashi smiled seeing him: Papa!!

Arnav smiled at her: My baby what are you doing here alone??

Aashi: I was waiting for you, come lets have dinner.. I'm famished.

Arnav nodded: Did your Mumma eat?

Aashi nodded: Yes papa..

Arnav smiled sadly, she couldn't even wait for him like Aashi did.

Arnav arranged plates for him and Aashi, Mary came running to help him.

" Mary let it be, I will warm the food, go and rest.." Arnav smiled.

" No sir. Let me do it.." Mary said and waited for him to go outside the kitchen.

Arnav looked at her suspiciously: What happened Mary? Why do you look so worried?

Mary hid the pan nodding sideways: Nothing sir..

Arnav took the pan from her hand and opened it, he chuckles: She only cooked this for Aashi..

Mary looked down sadly for her sir, since Khushi married him, she never cooked for him, she cooks only for Aashi and her. Mary is the one who cooks for Arnav and lies to him that Khushi cooked it.

" Why did you lie to me Mary??" Arnav asked disappointed.

" Sir.. you're already sad with your family issues and I didn't want to disappoint you more.." Mary said feeling guilty now.

" It's okay Mary, thanks for your concern.. now cook something for me, I'm very hungry.." Arnav smiled and went out of the kitchen.

Mary: I wish madam falls in love with you soon, I can't see you sad like this..


" Aashi come here.." Arnav called her to sit with him on sofa, while they waited for Mary to cook for them.

" Tell your papa, what does mumma like?? " Arnav asked, Aashi sat on his lap massaging his forehead.

" Like??" Aashi asked confused with the question.

" What does she likes to do, eat or is there any favorite place she likes to go??" Arnav said.

" Mumma likes to draw and cook, she likes to eat jalebis, you know papa that sweet Ratna ma was making.." she said trying to make her father remember.

" Ohh yeah.. I know, jalebi.." Arnav said nodding.

" And I think she likes open places, like gardens, beaches, forests.." Aashi said.

" Okay.. tomorrow I will buy jalebi for your Mumma then.. " Arnav smiled, at last he found a way to make her happy.


Next day:

" Khushi this is for you.." Arnav handled her a packet of jalebis, he was so excited to see her expression when she sees her favorite food.

But his happiness was destroyed in one second, when Khushi threw the packet on the floor.

" Arnav just leave me alone.. Don't try to get close to me now.." Khushi said angrily and left the room running..

Arnav looked down, it feels like someone just slapped him.

Aashi was watching this from outside, she pouted sadly.


Some days later:

Nothing changed in their daily life, Arnav was doing his best to give Khushi all the happiness and make her forget Samrat, but she was adamant in her decision.

She ignores him all the day, like he is a no one to her, he only talks with Aashi and Mary at home.

Mary was noticing that her boss, was becoming depressed day by day, he reached home late and tired now, he didn't had the same energy like earlier.

Aashi was very worried for her papa.

She went to the kitchen, and looked at Khushi: Mumma can't you cook for papa today??

Khushi: Aashi you know..

Aashi: Mumma papa is doing so much for you and me.. Can't we do this for him? He adopted me, and loves me as his real daughter.. And he loves you a lot too.. Please mumma..

Khushi nodded sideways: I don't love him.. do whatever you want Aashi, but don't expect me to cooperate with you..

Aashi pouted: You're becoming very bad mumma!! You always teach me to help other and today you're not doing it..

Khushi: Help good people, not your father..he isn't good for me..

Aashi: What did papa do wrong to you mumma??

Khush: Aashi bus.. I don't want to talk about it now..

Aashi stomped her foot and went from the kitchen, Mary stopped her in the way: Wait baby..

Aashi looked at her: Dji aunty..

Mary: I have an idea to make your father happy..

Aashi smiled: Really??

Mary nodded: Yes!! Let's make a cake for him..

Aashi clapped her hands excitedly: Yes..of course.. Let's bake a cake for papa..


While Aashi and Mary baked the cake, Khushi was thinking ways to get rid of Arnav.

" I have to make him divorce me.." Khushi said, and went out of her room, only to find her daughter and Mary baking a cake.

" Whose birthday is it??" Khushi asked.

" No one mumma. This cake is for papa, do you want to join us??" Aashi smiled asking Khushi.

Khushi nodded and helped them bake the cake, which was surprising for Mary and Aashi.

After sometime, Mary took out the cake excitedly, she cut one piece to Aashi to taste it.

Aashi frowned: Ohh no, Mary Aunty you put sugar on this cake??

Mary nodded in no, they look at Khushi.

Khushi: Doesn't he eat that??

Aashi: Mumma you knew it, papa is diabetic.. why did you spoil the cake??

Arnav entered in the kitchen: It's okay baby, the fact you thought to make a cake for me, makes me really happy..

He looked at Khushi: But some people are so childish, that they spoiled your surprise.

Khushi looked away ignoring him, Arnav lifted Aashi.


" Uff it's too cold today na papa" Aashi said, and hid behind the blanket.

Arnav smiled at her cuteness, he took one more blanket and left to Khushi's room.

" Khushi take this blanket.." he handled it to her.

" No I don't need it.." Khushi replied sternly.

" Khushi stop being stubborn okay.. It's too cold today, you'll not be able to tolerate this.." Arnav said and put the blanket on her bed.

Khushi threw it on the floor again, Arnav sigh: What's the problem in accepting this??

Khushi: You touched this..that's the biggest problem..

Arnav: Why do you hate me so much??

Khushi shouted crying: I hate you because you married me forcefully, I regret the day you came in my life.

Arnav cupped her face: Khushi Ratna ma didn't tell me you weren't ready.. She told me you were happy.. I thought you accepted this marriage..

Khushi: Toh kya?? You knew it very well that I only love Samrat.. why did you do this to me?? Why are you making me wear this chain in your name?? I hate you Arnav.. I hate you..

Arnav left the room, and went running outside, everything was suffocating him. He shouted to take out his frustration, his pain, that no one could see.

Mary cried seeing him in this state in the garden, the man who sacrificed his entire family for a woman, was completely alone in his garden and crying.

" This is so unfair.." she thought and left to her room.


" Khushi did you saw my files??" Arnav asked her, while looking on the living room for it..

" Which files??" Khushi asked disinterested.

" A blue one, it was written Mr.Mehra.. if you see it please tell me, it's really important..." Arnav said looking at her having breakfast as if nothing happened.

Aashi came running to him with burned paper in her hand: Papa..

Arnav looked at the papers: Ohh God.. Aashi you did this??

Khushi: Now are you going to scold her??

Arnav: It was an important file baby..

Aashi: I didn't burn the file papa.. I found on the dustbin.

Arnav glared at Khushi: Why are you doing this??

Khushi shrugged her shoulders: I thought it wasn't important!!

Arnav smiled: You knew how much it was!!

Aashi: Papa will something bad happen??

Arnav nodded: But it's okay..

Arnav left to his work, Khushi looked at him, he didn't scold her. She thought he would create a scene for that and lose his sense, but he was calm. She felt guilty now.


Days passed, and Khushi continued to plot against Arnav to make him angry with her, but he never lost his patience with her.

Today she brought her friends home, all were talking, laughing and  irritating Arnav, who couldn't concentrate on his work.

" Can you please talk lower?" Arnav asked politely, as he left they again started laughing loudly to irritate him more.

Aashi started crying purposely: Mumma..

Khushi came running to her: Kya hua baby??

Aashi: Please tell those auntie to stop making noise, I'm not able to sleep now.. they are disturbing me..

Khushi: You or your father??

Aashi: Both!!

Khushi sigh in defeat, she did as Aashi asked her to.

Arnav was surprised when he felt silence in the house, he went outside and found Khushi and Aashi watching tv alone.

" Where are your guests??" Arnav asked confused.

" They left because of you.." Khushi said without looking at him.

Aashi winked at him: I made them leave papa, so that you could work at peace..

Arnav smiled: Thanks baby..

Khushi: So that means I can't bring my friends here??

Arnav sat beside her: Bring anyone you want here Khushi, not to irritate me but for you to enjoy with them, smile again and be happy..

Khushi looked at him, Arnav also looked at her..both shared an eye lock..

Rabba vee..rabba vee..

" Can I bring Samrat here also?? He is the only one who I can enjoy with and be happy also.." Khushi said sarcastically.

" Didn't I said to you that if Samrat comes back I would give you divorce?? I will keep my word Khushi.." Arnav said with moist eyes, he quickly left the living room so that she couldn't notice that he was crying.

But he was late, Khushi did notice that, Aashi also.

Aashi: Mumma one day you will repent for hurting papa to this extent..

Aashi went running behind her father, Khushi wiped a small tear in her eyes: I know you're not at fault Arnav.. but I can't love you..


Mary was running around the house happily, it was Diwali. And she was really happy for it, Khushi helped her in making sweets and other arrangements.

Arnav bought red lehenga for her, and a pink lehenga for Aashi.

Khushi as usual rejected his gift, he wasn't disappointed now, he already saw this coming, but as a husband's duty he has to keep trying.

Aashi came to him with the lehenga he bought for her, she was looking cute and beautiful.

" Wow you look like a princess" Arnav smiled, and knelt down kissing her forehead

" Thank you papa.. Happy diwali.." Aashi said smiling.

" Happy diwali dear.." he said.

Khushi came out of her room with normal dress, Aashi and Arnav looked at her.

Aashi: Mumma aren't you going out with us??

Khushi nodded sideways: I don't want to celebrate anything..

Arnav stood up and went near her: You have problem with me na.. then I will not go to the orphanage, you go with Aashi.

Aashi made a sad face, Mary was very angry with Khushi's behavior.

Aashi: Papa you have to come with us..  Ratna nani called us..

Arnav: Go and dress yourself Khushi...

Aashi sigh disappointed.

Khushi and Aashi went to the orphanage to spend time with the children's and celebrate diwali with them.

Arnav stayed at home alone, as Mary had to visit her family.

At the orphanage, Khushi and Aashi reached, Ratna was very happy seeing them.

But after realizing they were alone, she frowned: Arnav beta??

Aashi pouted: Mumma didn’t want him to come, he stayed at home.

Ratna angry: Why Khushi?? What is his fault that he loves you so much??

Khushi: The fault is yours, you forced me in this marriage, when you knew I wasn’t ready for this. Now this is the outcome of it..

Ratna: Samrat will never come to you again Khushi, he was a cheater only. He used the money you had saved, and went to Mumbai. Can’t you see that??

Khushi looked away: Please stop talking bad about Samrat.

Ratna shook her head: I did all this to save from being with a cheater and suffer all your life, now it’s your choice Khushi..

Khushi went from there without listening to Ratna, Ratna looked at the little Aashi: Baby how is your papa??

Aashi: Papa is not good, he is sad and tired all day..

Ratna shut her eyes tightly and whispered: Sorry Arnav..


Arnav looked at his wife and daughter returning, he saw Khushi limping, he got worried seeing that.

“What happened??” Arnav asked worried, he made Khushi sit on the sofa.

“Papa, firework hurt my mumma” Aashi said, and hugged Khushi.

“Does it hurt??” Arnav caressed her feet, he gulped seeing her wound.

“No.. I’m fine..” Khushi caressed his cheek, she looked at him astonished, he was crying.

Aashi smiled seeing her parents getting close to each other.

Arnav lift Khushi to her room, Aashi went to her room.



“Do you want me to stay here with you??” Arnav asked as he left her on the bed.

Khushi nodded sideways: Nahin, I’m fine..

Arnav: Okay. If you need anything, call me.. I’m right here..


Next morning:

“Mary where did Arnav celebrate his Diwali??” Khushi asked while cooking, and Mary was helping her.

“Here at home, alone” Mary stressed the word alone.

“What about his family??” Khushi asked her shocked.

“His family disowned him” Mary said.

“Why? What happened??” Khushi got shocking news.

“Because he told his family that he wanted to marry you and accept Aashi as his daughter, all his family especially Dadi were against this idea, they’re still worried for their reputation and name, everyone asked him to change his decision and marry Meera, a girl with the same class as him, but sir was adamant on marrying you only, he told his family that he prefers to die instead of marrying another girl other than you, his father became angry and threw him out of the house, so now practically he only has you and Aashi, but you also disowned him, so what’s left?? Aashi right..” Mary smiled.

Khushi looked down feeling guilty, she was so shocked, this man sacrificed his everything for her, and what she did in return for him.

A lone tear escaped her eyes; she cursed herself for not seeing his real face. Mary hugged her: You still have time madam.. go and pacify your husband. I’m sure he will never reject you.

Khushi nodded crying: I will Mary.. I will..


It was night time now, today Khushi decided to forget her past with Samrat, and give a chance to her relationship with Arnav, with her husband.

She smiled, looking at herself on the mirror, today she wore a simple but red, his favorite salwar kameez, she left her hair open and put a basic make up.

She descended the stairs, and waited for him to come back home with Aashi. Aashi was so shocked when her mother said that she cooked for Arnav today, inside she was dancing in happiness.

Arnav returned late as usual, today he came with a girl at home, both were talking something then smiling all the time!

Khushi frowned with the scene, Aashi went running to her papa, Arnav hugged her smiling, then looked at Khushi, who was gorgeous in red!

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, Khushi approached them, Arnav was still staring at her only.

“So she is your wife!!” the girl said smiling.

“Hmm.. Khushi, she is Meera.. my friend” Arnav said introducing Meera to him.

Meera smiled to Khushi hugging her, Khushi faked a smile shocked to see Meera. Meera: I’m just famished today, Arnav go and change fast.. if you want I will help you change today (she winked teasing him)

Khushi took the joke seriously: No, I’m his wife, why should you change him??

Meera giggled, Arnav: She is just kidding Khushi (Arnav said surprised with the tone Khushi used to talk with Meera)

Arnav went to his room, Khushi went behind him. She helped him take off his tie, Arnav looked at her shocked, he thought he was dreaming now.

“Why are you looking at me like that?? It’s my duty to do this and I don’t allow your friends to get this close to you.. app..sirf.. mere.. hain (you’re only mine)” Khushi pouted.

Arnav smiled: Khushi..

Khushi nodded smiling: I’m sorry Arnav.. I’m really sorry, I’m such a fool that I didn’t realize how much you love me, you sacrificed your family for me, and I made you suffer so much, no one deserves a wife like me, I’m very bad.. you’re very good.. you know, if you leave me today I won’t be angry with you, you have all the rights to be angry with me, I never respected or treated you well, but I just want one chance.. please one chance to prove you that I can be a good wife too..

Arnav lifted her happily: Of course I will give you this chance Khushi.. I was waiting for this day only..


Arnav kissed her cheek, making her blush. She rested her head on the crook of his neck, Arnav caressed her hair smiling: You’re happy na with me?? What about Samrat??

Khushi: I’m very happy with you, and I will forget Samrat, Ratna ma was right, he is never going to come back..


Months later:

 “You both will make me crazy someday” Arnav sigh in relief, thank God he found them safe.

“But papa, we informed you we’re going to the ladies shop” Aashi said giggling.

“Haan Arnav, you were only busy talking with your second wife” Khushi said pouting.

Arnav hugged her: I’m never busy for you, sorry I didn’t listen when you said that, I thought you both finished your shopping, so I was waiting for you both in the car, then you were delaying and I got scared.

Khushi hugged him back: Don’t say sorry, do you think I’m angry with you?? I’m not jaan..

Arnav smiled, Aashi: Mumma already knows she will have to bear Aman uncle all her life!!!

Arnav and Aashi laughed, while Khushi pouted, after some seconds she joined them laughing!!

They were returning home, Arnav parked the car on the road, because his wife and daughter were shouting and pleading him that they want ice cream..

He went to buy it, and returned: This for both my babies..

Khushi took it from his hand, and kissed his cheek: Thank you!!

Aashi did the same, Arnav: When you both become sick, don’t come to me then..

Khushi: Acha!! You’re the one who will come running to us!


“These movies are so boring mumma” Aashi pouted, and hid in the blanket unable to watch Salman movie again.

Arnav also had a sullen face watching the same movie again.

Khushi changed the channel: Watch your favorite Hollywood movies then..

Arnav and Aashi smiled excitedly, Khushi who was in the middle of them, pouted.

Arnav giggled with her expression, he changed the channel to her Salman’s movie again, Aashi: Papa why!!!!!!

Arnav: Let mumma watch her favorite, if we don’t let her tomorrow we will hear lot of lecture..

Khushi stare at him lovingly: No watch what you want Arnav, I promise I won’t be angry with you..

Arnav: No, I’m fine with Salman’s movies, they aren’t so bad!

Khushi giggled and rest her head on his chest, Arnav wrapped his arms around her tightly, Aashi sat on Khushi’s lap smiling.


“Do you think this will suit papa??” Khushi showed a watch to Aashi, in a shop.

“No.. this one mumma” Aashi pointed to one of the watches.

Khushi smiled and asked the man to pack it, then she lift Aashi and went to home with Mary.

“Mumma why are we buying gift for papa??” Aashi asked and sat on the bed, while Khushi wrapped the gift.

“Papa won a big deal, so they are organizing a party for him, many people will be congratulating papa right, so he deserves gift hain na baby??” Khushi explained her sweetly.

“Hmm..” Aashi smiled understanding it.


Tonight Khushi wore the red lehenga Arnav bought for her, Arnav was looking handsome with black suit and red tie matching with his wife.

They went to the party and left Aashi at home with Mary.

Reaching there, everyone were looking at them, some jealous and some happy for the couple.

“Dekho, ASR married an orphan..” ladies were whispering among themselves.

Khushi looked down, feeling sad. Arnav looked at her, then at the ladies.


He approached them: ASR is a human like her, I fell in love with her, and married her, what’s the problem in being an orphan?? And is it bad being one?? Some or other day, our parents will die too, won’t we be called that?? Why taunt others when we might have the same destiny?? I love my wife the way she is, I don’t love her for her class or other things you see.. I saw the beauty inside her.. And I don’t repent marrying a woman like her, instead I would repent if I married one of you, who has such cheap mentality and ugly heart..

He held Khushi’s hand and made a way to the hall, behind them some were clapping for his reply.

Khushi was stunned once again by this man!!

“Sunno..” she whispered to him.

Arnav looked at her: Hmm..

“I love you a lot..” Khushi smiled.

“I love you too Khushi” Arnav smiled back, both were lost in each other worlds.

 After the party, people congratulated ASR, and some left the hall. Khushi pulled Arnav to a corner, she handled him her gift.

“It wasn’t necessary Khushi” Arnav said, and took it from her hand “you’re with me, that’s the biggest gift for me!”

Khushi smiled: Still I wanted to gift you this..

Arnav unwrapped the gift: Someone knows what I like!!

Khushi: I live with you Mr.ASR, I know you can’t live without your watch!

Arnav caressed her cheeks: Lie!! I can’t live without YOU, Aashi and then comes my watch!!

Khushi: I’m always here with you!

Arnav nodded, and kissed her forehead lovingly. Khushi closed her eyes feeling his touch!

“Khushi..” they heard a broken voice..

Arnav and Khushi looked the side the voice was coming..

“Samrat..” Khushi said shocked.

“Khushi how could you betray me??” he said crying.

“Samrat.. I..” Khushi was too shocked to react.

Arnav looked at her scared; will she leave him again for Samrat??

Samrat cupped Khushi’s face: Where did I fail in my love Khushi?? I waited for you and you married someone else..

Khushi stepped back: I don’t love you Samrat.. I only have love for my husband now, you came late.. I’m sorry if I wronged you, but I don’t love anyone apart from my husband now, he was with me when no one was, he cared and stayed with me even I tough I was a fool to wait for you, you left me, but he never left me.. I didn’t betray you Samrat, you did.. you never came to me, you used my money to become rich, and when you were here only why didn’t you came to meet me?? I know everything about you Samrat.. I know everything..


On Diwali day:

“Khushi what kind of behavior is this with you husband??” Ratna shouted to her angrily.

“What ma??” Khushi looked at her angry also.

“You love your Samrat a lot na, come with me I will show you his real face to you today..” Ratna pulled Khushi by her shoulders angrily, and both went to big building.

“Read the name of this company loudly to me Khushi” Ratna shouted, while Khushi was shocked reading the name.

“Your dear  lover is here only Khushi, like I said he used your innocence to take money from you and start his own business, I knew about this long ago, but I didn’t want to break your heart, that’s why I forced you to marry Arnav, who could protect you from this cheap man if he comes back, and remember that Khushi, if he ever comes back, then you will not be treated as his wife, but as maid to him, he already has so many girlfriends, that you won’t believe how cheap this man is.. please Khushi listen to me, I’m not your real mother, but I love you like one, I would never pray for your bad.. do you think I can do that??” Ratna asked her crying.

Khushi nodded sideways crying also: I’m sorry ma.. I know you can never do any wrong to me.. I’m sorry..

Khushi wiped her tears: Does Arnav know about Samrat??

Ratna nodded: He knows it Khushi, but he didn’t told you because he knew you would be hurt, he didn’t want to see tears in your lovely eyes sona, he loves you a lot..

Khushi: And I did so much wrong to him! I don’t deserve a man like him.. I fought every day with my husband for this cheap man, who doesn’t even care for me.. how could I fall in his traps ma?? How could I??

Ratna: It’s okay Khushi, such things happens in life.. now you know who deserves your love and who not..

Khushi nodded slowly..

Flashback ends.

“Just go away from my life.. and never show me your face” Khushi shouted angrily, Samrat gulped scared of her look and Arnav’s glare.

He went from there angry, he thought Khushi was still waiting for him, and when he got to know that she married Arnav, he knew he could use this opportunity to be famous, as his name would be attached with ASR always, and this would help his company to grow, but Khushi crashed his dreams now..

Khushi turned to Arnav and hugged him tightly: I’m sorry Arnav..

Arnav hugged her, caressing her tiny waist: Why are you saying sorry Khushi?? I should say sorry for hiding this man truth from you..

Khushi: No Arnav, I know why you hide this from me, I’m not angry with you..

Khushi smile faintly at him, Arnav held her hand and both went walking to home, life has a lot in store for them, but this time together they will face it..

Late.. but she realized her love for the one who deserves it, her husband..


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