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Jun 17

Request please read (By Anamehreen) (Thanked: 7 times)

Heyya guys!!! I know i know... dissapeared for soooo long. Bt no worries hopefully now am bck... as u know dat i got another job n with it new responsibilities... am unable to update any of my wrk on med or my arshi page on fb or either my blog.... well these complaints can go on n on n on... nevermind dat.... Actually guys need u guys hlp. As u already knw this is the last week to vote for monaya. Our doll is in top 3 in nach baliye. We need to mke hr win it!!! Can i count on all u present here??? Jst one miss call on 18008432202. 1 miss call per sim. Please guys jst try n vote max.... use ur parents frns relatives neighboors evry single person u knw phones to gve a miss call. Only indians fans r allowed to vote so plzzzz guys mke it happen. Do it for our ipk....

Jun 18

Voting lines r open frm sun 9pm to thursday 9am (By Anamehreen) (Thanked: 3 times)

Ok guys so as u all saw in nb8 star plus favors hr dear bahu rani... we hve to mke our sanaya win guys. This time voting lines r open as frm 8 pm on sunday (tomo) till thursday 9am. U guys hve 4 days n 4 nights to vote n mke monaya winners of nb8!!!! Buckle up guys n mke all necessary arrangments to hve as many sims as possible to vote.

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Jun 19

Start voting (By Anamehreen) (Thanked: 1 times)

Come on guys plz start votng!!! Starting from now grab all available phones n dial 18008432202 to vote for sanaya n mohit!!!! They truly deserve to win this trophy!!!! U guys hve till thursday 9am to vote. Plz vote evryday n night till thursday n mke monaya win nb8

Jun 21

Vote vote vote 2 days left (By Anamehreen)

Only 2 days left plzzz keep votng!!!! ONE SIM ONE VOTE!!!! Use multiple sims. Please spread d msg thnk u ?????????? n plzzzz keep voting. They already started shootng for d finale.... on thursday they will announce the winner. As it is Divyanka is blackmailing star plus dat if she is nt nb8 winner she will leave yhm ???????? so vote max!!!!!

Jun 22

Same sim to vote today and tomo till 9am (By Anamehreen) (Thanked: 1 times)

Continue voting guys!!! Today n tomo u cn use sme sim to vote!!!! So grab all phones mobile n landline n dial 18008432202

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