Raizada Chaos - sequel to Words Unsaid

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Jun 18, 2017

Raizada Chaos - sequel to Words Unsaid (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 85 times)

First of all, I apologize for the delay in the update of Ghostly Girl. I'm actually stuck with many ideas and would really take time. I was casually going through Words Unsaid when the thought of a small sequel popped up in my mind. Thought i would treat you guys with this until Ghostly Girl is ready.

Raizada Chaos



“And what exactly do you mean by in a relationship?” Arnav asked angrily.

Everyone soul of Raizada mansion looked at Mahi for an answer.

“Umm....I think that’s supposed to mean that I’m in a relationship” Mahi said sheepishly and looked down.

“And I assume that you both know about this” Manav being the possessive protective brother looked at Riya and his wife, Ritika.

Ritika cleared her throat and said, “Well we both came to know these 3 years ago!”

“THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Arnav, Manav and Aarav roared and the ladies flinched.


Well, everything was fine at RM apart from Nani’s demise!

Nani is no more. And Mami is now at Sydney with NK who is enjoying his never ending bachelor days.

Arnav and Khushi are happily “aging”. With her childish antics, Khushi today require the whole family to remind her that she is soon to be a grandmother. Oh...didn’t I mention about Manav and Ritika?

Manav and Ritika is now married for 3 years and are soon to be parents. Aarav and Naina are happily married with Naina’s books getting more and more recognition. Aayina, their daughter is now 5 years old. Riya’s popularity is growing and she is today known as “princess of pop”.

 Everyone was fine....




2 hours back



“The summer line clicked really well” Aarav said submitting the reports on Arnav’s table.

Manav nodded and said, “Mahi’s modelling career is sky rocketing. She said that many companies are sending her emails to join them!”

“No way!” Akash said, “She is exclusive for AR. After all she is Raizada princess!”

Arnav nodded no and said, “She is a talented model and I don’t want her to be suppressed under my empire. If she is interested in working beyond AR she can!”

“But dad” Manav started and Arnav said, “It’s her decision Manav. By the way where is she?”

“Must be at my office. I asked her to check the costumes!” Manav said.

Arnav stood up and said, “Let me see her. You guys continue these....” he said pointing to the reports sprawled over his desk and the three men nodded their heads.



“Mahi are you....”

Arnav trailed off as he heard a gasp and his eyes went wide as a saucer witnessing the sight before him.

And there was HIS daughter and HIS Friday man’s SON in a beautiful position.

“What the” he gasped.

Mahi and Ayan looked at each other gulping.

“Dad this report is...” Manav trailed off as he walked into his cabin and looked at the frozen scene before him.

He looked at his frozen dad and then at Mahi and Ayan who were standing next to each other frozen as well.

“What’s happening?” he asked out aloud.

Arnav looked at Manav and said, “I found out MY DAUGHTER making out with a guy who happens to be MY Friday man’s SON whom I damn TRUSTED.......that’s what happened!”

Manav opened and closed his mouth like a fish and looked at the pair who was sweating like hell.





“NO FREAKING WAY!” Aarav shouted.

“Why?” Mahi asked in tears.

“DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD HE IS?” Akash roared.

“31” Mahi said.

“31!” Manav shouted.

“So what? I’m 21! He is just 10 years older than me” Mahi said.

“10 YEARS!” Arnav shouted.

“We both also have almost the same age difference Arnav ji” Khushi reminded him.

“Khushi keep quiet” Arnav said.

“Why should she? Are you going to reject Ayan just because he is 10 years older than Mahi? Then I demand a separation from Akash” Payal said sternly.

“WHAT?” Akash gasped.

“What is wrong with Ayan?” Ritika asked, “He is such a nice guy. He can be trusted. He is honest, sincere, kind, polite...hmmm everything that Manav is not!”

“SHUT UP” Manav shouted.

“Shut up Manav” Riya scolded, “Ayan was once mentioned in Naina didi’s book. And her fans really loved him. They even said that Naina didi should’ve married Ayan and not Aarav bhaiyya”

Aarav gasped and Naina narrowed her eyes at Riya who winked at her. Smiling slyly Naina looked at Aarav and nodded her head vigorously.

“Ha...Ayan uncle is so nice” even Aayina piped in.

“NO WAY” Arnav shouted and said to the other male inhabitants, “That boy has every single ladies on his side!”

Manav nodded his head and said, “There is no way that I’m gonna bring him inside this house!”

The boys kept on ranting and Mahi looked at her mother who was chuckling.

Khushi walked to her and whispered, “I love your choice. But you could’ve told us before Mahi. Arnav ji likes Ayan. It’s the fact that he caught you both red handed, instead of you telling him, is angering him!”

“I was scared. Ayan is elder to me, I know. 10 years is not a small gap but I really love him. He is a great guy” Mahi said slowly.

“We know dear” Payal said softly, “Let the men carry on with their ego for a while. We, the ladies, will convince them. Girl power!”

Naina walked to Mahi and hugged her tight assuring her.

“I hate Ayan” they heard Akash muttering and the ladies chuckling.


Men will always be men....




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And yes, i need your opinion. Should i wrap this up as a three shot or extend it as a short story? Please vote.


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Jun 19, 2017

Important note (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 50 times)

Thank you for the thank you buttons dear readers. Was a bit disheartened due to the breakdown of comment section  but still the number of viewers gave me the message that you guys have accepted the sequel with open arms. 

I had put up a vote for continuing this story as three shot or short story and based on the majority votes, I'll be wrapping Raizada Chaos as three shot.

Will be updating tomorrow.

Wait for me......

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Jun 20, 2017

Showing the mirror (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 90 times)

Quote of the chapter: "Give children what they NEED, not what they WANT"

creator of the quote: The one and only, ARCHANA SURESH

Showing the mirror



“Marriage?” Aman asked shocked and the files he had in his hand slipped to floor.

Arnav narrowed his eye brows and looked at his PA’s shocked face. “Yes, what happened Aman?”

“But sir...yesterday...you scolded him and today you want to fix your daughter’s marriage with him?” Aman asked recovering from shock.

“I was angry and vented out at him. But yesterday we all had a talk and fixed this” Arnav said.

Aman looked down and then at him. “I’m sorry ASR” Aman said, “I know that Ayan and Mahi are in a relationship. Yesterday I talked with Ayan. He loves her a lot. I know.....but we’re not very rich like you. I don’t know whether your daughter will be able to adjust and then....I don’t want my son to stay at your house as a ghar jamai.”


“No ASR. If they are marrying, Mahi will have to stay with Ayan at his small apartment. Ayan moved out to live alone years back and would stay with us during weekends. So Mahi will have to adjust with our lifestyle. And I don’t think she would be able to because, with all respect and love, Mahi is a spoilt girl” Aman said firmly.

“AMAN” Arnav shouted and stood up.

“This is the truth and you know it. You all have pampered her beyond the limit. She is good at heart, I know, but her behaviour to other models and staff at AR is not good. You can enquire. Her stubbornness and arrogance is something she inherited from you and it was always encouraged by your family!”

“Aman Mathur” Arnav said angrily, “It’s not that my daughter doesn’t get grooms. I can get her married to the most eligible bachelor in this world but she chose your son. They both are in a relationship. You’re making it sound like she went behind him. NO it was....”


Arnav stood dumbstruck seeing the ever calm Aman Mathur raising his voice before him, for the first time ever.

“Tell me something ASR” Aman said, “You and your wife have been married for more than 25 years. Why can’t you still adjust at Gupta house? Why do you still limit your stay there for two-three days? Why is it that Guptas come to RM to visit their grandchildren, not the other way round?”

Arnav sat down on his chair not answering the questions and Aman chuckled, “The difference between rich and poor will never fade ASR. Your married life is a proof for that. Being your PA I have witnessed the fights you and your wife has due to your differences but still....you both adjusts well. You accept the way Khushi mam and her family is and she does the same but I don’t think Mahi would ever accept me and my wife’s lifestyle.”

Arnav opened his mouth to say something but Aman showed him his palm indicating to stop.

“Mahi has grown up ASR. She has changed a lot. Manav didn’t change much because he saw the harsh realities in his life at a young age – your fake divorce, problems with Ritika’s family, bullying issues he had at college etc. Even though Mahi also witnessed your fake divorce, it became a closed chapter in her life but for Manav it was imprinted in his mind because Mahi was just 9 and Manav was 17. Relationship with Ritika always held him to ground. Being a girl who never got to spend time with her family, Ritika is the most down to earth rich girl one has ever seen. She held him in the reins. But Mahi....” he shook his head.

“I’m showing you the reality ASR” Aman said slowly, “Mahi is a good girl but she also has an arrogant, rude and stubborn side. Now she is head over heels in love with Ayan but tomorrow, when he is unable to adjust with her lifestyle or vice versa, her frustration will overlap her goodness. And after some years, they would be apart. It won’t work ASR.”

“I understand” Arnav said sighing, “But what can I...she....” he stammered.

“Just go home and tell her sternly that this relation will not happen. And then you would witness the extreme arrogance and stubbornness your daughter has. I don’t mean to be rude but it is yours and your family’s over pampering that is going to reflect today” and with that the most trusted man of ASR walked out of his cabin.








“Well can’t help but agree with Aman” Khushi said sipping her coffee.

Arnav looked at her and she said nodding, “Mahi is a pampered princess. I also had this doubt whether she would be able to adjust with them and yes, Aman said the same.”

“So what now? Ayan and Mahi want to get married but Aman is...well he has made it clear that he doesn’t want Mahi to be his daughter in law” Arnav said.


Arnav and Khushi looked to the door to find a shocked Mahi.

“He said that?” Mahi asked in shock.

She walked to Arnav and asked the same question again.

Arnav sighed and narrated his conversation with Aman.

Mahi looked at Khushi who looked down and said, “He is right Mahi. Everyone has faults and we have to accept that. It’s our fault that your behaviour is growing unacceptable. Aman is showing us the mirror. We have to accept that...”

“NO WAY!” Mahi shouted and Arshi looked shocked.

“Mahi, lower your voice!” Khushi said sternly.

Mahi stomped her feet and said angrily, “Give me his number. I’m gonna talk to that assistant of yours. How dare he? He is...”

“Mahi!” Arnav shouted, “Don’t forget that he is of the same age as me and he is Ayan’s father! You cannot talk about him like that!”

“What is happening here?” Manav asked as he walked in hearing noises.

Mahi looked at him and said, “Well dad’s assistant doesn’t want me to get married to his son!”

Manav blinked his eyes in shock and looked at Arnav who nodded his head.

“Tell me what the problem is and Mahi,” Manav said firmly, “Aman uncle is not just dad’s assistant. Don’t disrespect him!”

“Then what should I do?” Mahi asked angrily, “He said that I’m a spoilt brat who can never adjust with Ayan and his lifestyle!”

Khushi shook her head and said, “And you’re proving that now!”

Arnav took a deep breath and said, “I never noticed it but Aman is right. And it’s completely mine and Khushi’s fault. The way you are talking about Aman is.....” he shook his head and turned away from Mahi.

“Dad I....” Mahi began when Manav said, “He is right. You cannot talk about Aman uncle like this. He always stood with this family during crucial stages, be it professional or personal. He isn’t just an employee of AR!”

“Fine” Mahi took a deep breath, “But what about him insulting me? Is that fair?”

“He didn’t insult you. He just stated facts. He was just being practical and gave me an analysis of the future problems that’s gonna arise!” Arnav said.

“Adjusting to another lifestyle isn’t easy Mahi. I faced the difficulties when I walked into RM for the first time. Arnav ji still isn’t used to the ways at Gupta house nor are you children. It’s easy to tell but very hard to adjust” Khushi said, “But it’s not impossible. But considering your behaviour none of us think that you would.....”

Mahi cut her off and said sternly, “I’m gonna meet the so called Aman Mathur”

And she turned and stormed off the room not hearing to her parents’ and brother’s calls.



Please don't hate Mahi. I really hated in the show where Arnav pampers Aarav and insults Khushi when she warns him not to. If the show had continued then definitely they would have to show Aarav growing as a spoilt brat. So....umm....just putting it in my 3Shot. 

Jun 25, 2017

Time for a Change (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 92 times)

Time for a Change



Exactly after two hours, the Raizada mansion saw Mahi entering the hall.

I would like to correct the previous sentence.

Exactly after two hours, the Raizada mansion saw Mahi storming into the hall.

“Mahi” Khushi called out but the 21 year old model stormed upstairs without paying heeds to her mother’s calls and slammed the door shut with the bang echoing the mansion.

Arnav was about to walk to the stairs when a hand stopped him. Everyone looked at Naina who held his hand.

“I’ll go” she signed.

Arnav nodded.






Naina pushed open the unlocked door and locked it behind her. She saw Mahi lying on the bed with her face buried in pillow.

Sitting beside her, Naina caressed her hair.

Mahi shoved her hand off and sat up. “GO AWAY” she screamed.

Naina smiled faintly and gave her a glass of water.

“JUST GO AWAY BHABHI!” Mahi screamed and pushed her hand. The glass fell on the floor and shattered into pieces.

Naina said nothing but bend down to the floor and picked out the glass pieces carefully.

“I know dad and mom have sent you here. Don’t even try to talk out things with me!” Mahi said angrily and wiped her tears.

Naina dumped the glasses on the dust bin and looked at her.

“I can’t talk” she signed.

Mahi looked away.

She clapped her hand and Mahi looked back to her.

“But I can listen” Naina signed.

Mahi slumped her shoulders and looked down to the mattress. Her fingers were clutching the bed sheets and she bit her lip to prevent tears.

Naina sat before her, facing her, and wiped her tears.

Mahi broke down and hugged her tight.

“He......he to...ld me....to....g..o....” Mahi sobbed.

Naina said nothing but caressed her back. Mahi seemed relaxing because the tight hold on Naina’s shoulder became loose.

With a now clearer tone, Mahi repeated, “He told me to go.....to walk out of his life....”

Naina pulled out of the hug and looked at her with a face demanding details.

Mahi sniffed and said, “I was angry and....shouted at Aman uncle. Ayan shouted at me and asked me to leave. He told me to never call him or try to meet him again!”

Naina sighed and her eyes fell on a crumbled sheet of paper.

She bend down and took the paper from the floor. Mahi looked on and Naina unfolded the paper.

Pressing the paper on the bed, she brought the paper back to its rectangle sharp and looked at Mahi.

Mahi frowned and Naina smiled.

“This paper will never return to its original beauty! A crumbled paper will have the marks forever” she signed.

Mahi gulped and sobbed.

“But that doesn’t mean that the paper cannot be used” Naina signed and Mahi frowned.

”You can always use a crumbled sheet of paper only if you take proper care not to rip it off! And now, the paper is in your hands!” Naina signed and handed the paper to Mahi.

Mahi looked at the paper and then at Naina.

Naina smirked and leaned to the bedside table. Taking Mahi’s car keys, she shoved it to the model’s hand and pointed to the door.






3 days later

Purple Orchid Restaurant, New Delhi


Arnav and Khushi sipped their coffees and looked at the man sitting before them.

“Mahi is a crying mess. Neither eats nor sleeps!” Khushi said sadly.

“Ayan...whatever happened was wrong. She shouldn’t have spoken like that to Aman. But can you....please talk to her once?” Arnav asked softly.

Ayan kept the cup on the saucer and nodded no.

“Ayan let me...” Khushi began when Ayan said, “I really respect you both and also the whole Raizada family. I really love Mahi and would like to spend my whole life with her!”

Arshi looked at him and he continued, “But right now she has put me into a situation where I have to choose between my parents and her.”

“No she is...” Arnav began when Ayan cut him off, “Sorry to interfere you but please don’t try to justify your daughter’s actions”

Arnav looked down and he said looking at Khushi, “I really love my parents. Everyone does. And when I say I want to marry Mahi, I expect her to adjust with my family just like the way I adjust with you and ASR. And if she cannot do that and is disrespecting my family, then it won’t work. Right now she may be feeling low but how can I be sure that this same thing won’t repeat in future? What if she insults my father again?”

Arshi looked down and Ayan said, “If I have to choose between Mahi and my dad....I’m sorry to say this, it will always be my father because he was there for me right from the first breath and I’m definitely not gonna leave him for a girl whom I met some years ago!”

He stood up and said, “I need time ASR. A hell lot of time!” and he walked away.







“What did she say?” Arnav asked sipping his coffee.

Khushi sat beside him near the poolside and said sighing, “She just cried more. Didn’t say anything!”

“I respect Ayan’s decision” Arnav said after a silence.

Khushi hummed and said, “It’s our fault! Mahi was always the princess of the family and we all pampered her more than required!”

Arnav nodded and said, “I never noticed it until Aman said it. Mahi is indeed rude to her fellow models.”

“Sometimes I feel like she is a female version of you!” Khushi said giggling, “Remember how you were when we met for the first time? Mahi is exactly you!”

“It required you to change me” he said smiling.

“And now, let’s hope that Ayan will bring some changes in her!” Khushi said leaning on his shoulder.

“You’re right!” Manav said from behind.

Arshi stood up and turned to find their son and daughter in law.

“Ayan is right. Mahi definitely need to lose her attitude!” Ritika said, “It’ll take time but the happy news is that she has begun to realize that the fault is at her part!”

Manav nodded and said, “Slowly she’ll change! She loves Ayan, we all know that. She will definitely win him back!”

Arshi nodded smiling and Khushi said, “So let’s all now just leave the two of their own. Meeting Ayan and Aman again won’t work. This is a battle Mahi started and she will end it!”

Everyone nodded.





And exactly after four months, Raizada mansion was decorated for the naming ceremony of Manav-Ritika’s baby and engagement of Ayan-Mahi.




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