Raizada and ranawat family

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Jun 22, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 14 times)

Thanks to all my readers  this is my new story. 

Character sketch :

Ranawat  family:

Arjun ranawat :he is dead some year back. He changed every property in his grandsons rudhra ,Arnav, Samrat, akash name. He have two daughters first daughter sandhya second daughter  manoramma. And two sons also dilshar first  son of ranawat  family. Second son Dhanveer. 

Sumithra ranawat  :dadi of Samrat, rudhra, sumer, sunehri. Nani of arnav , anjali, akash. Mother  of dilshar, Dhanveer , sandhya, manoramma. 

Thakur sing tejawat. He is very dangerous  man. He is doing illegal  business in border, he can do anything  for mony. He have only daughter parvati. 

Raj sing raizada  :husband  of  sandhya father of arnav and anjali. 

Manohar sing raizada:husband  of  manoramma . Father of akash:

Raj and manohar brothers. They have one sister  also name garima. 

Shasi Gupta :husband  of  garima. Father of kushi and Payal. He own a business . 

Other characters  same as both serial. 

Rudhra:he married parvati forcefully for her dad tejawat. 

Rudhra loves his brother arnav a lot. He always  support him in his childhood. He always  fight with his aunty mohini. 

Rudhras dad staying in Mumbai  with  arnav family. Rudhra and arnav same age. After  his mother  runway  with home. He and his dad stay with arnav house in Mumbai. And he continues his study there. He hates women. He dont talk anyone. 

Rudhra comes to paro. She keeps crying. She asks him what does he want. 

Rudhra says say the truth about ur dad. He takes out statement paper and says i am giveing u chance. Free yourself in jail and he tuched mangalsuter free this marriage  also. He ask her to sigh but paro doesn't  budge. He said u only know  how to break realtion and go away forever. Nothing new is proved. You only proved that you are  women

Parvati :u also proved that you are  Bsd officer. U can do anything  for ur job right u married  me because  of this job na.my dad was right. Heartless, animal, monster, and weapon holder u all bsd officers. 

Rudhra:u dont know  about ur dad he is very dangerous  man. He can do anything  for mony. But now you will see what this 

animal and monster  will do with u. U remember we are now married  i am ur husband. 

Parvati :husband u. Ur animal i dont leave with u. I dont know  anything leave me . I want  to go home. 

Rudhra :smiled and said everyone  thinking  ur dead i send ur house ur dead certificate.now ur dad will come out i will catch him and i will kill him. 

Parvati :in shock and she  says to herself i am dead she gose back. 

Rudhra comes and holds her and put cloth on her mouth. She get unconscious. 

Aman:ask sir what are u doing    

Rudhra:that thakur will come to see her. So we are leaving  my home. And she is safe from his dad . 

Aman:sir bhabi.... 

Rudhra look at him angryly and leave with paro. 

He called his dad and said i am married  u all come to dadi home tomorrow  i will book ur ticket. And inform  arnav about my marriage .tell him accept  to his marriage.and he cut the call

Dilshar:says he only  speak . He dont hear other speech. Anyway finaly he is married. He called sandhya. 

Sandhya:bai u r face showing somthing. R u happy. He said yes our rudhra married. 

Sandhya:what he is married.how is this happen bai. 

Dilshar:i dont know  he called me and said i am married  u came to dadi home and he cut the call. 

Sandhya:smiled  brightly  and i will tell this happynews to everyone. She run from there. 

sandhya tell mano about  rudhra marriage. 

Mano:wow jiji i am so happy where is bai. 

Sandhya:he is room. 

Sandhya called arjun . Mano called manohar. 

Rudhra called arnav 

Arnav :sees his num and he is very happy but he dont attend  his call. 

Rudhra know  very well  his brother and he messaged his number. I am married . U also move on ur life. Accept  ur marriage please. 

Arnav:replied  his messag. I dont trust u. 

Rudhra:said then come to our home and see. 

Arnav:reply him ok i will come. 

Arnav:called sandhya and said mom we all leaving  dadi home tom. I will book ticket .

Sandhya:ask why she teased him. 

Arnav:i want to see my bhabi. 

Sandhya :oh really. And i want to see ur wife. 

Arnav:maa u just call her she will rush to come. 

Sandhya:ask what. What did u say. 

Arnav:nothing maa. I have meeting  bye. 

Kushi  come to Ar for one meeting. She searching  arnav. 

Arnav:called her mobile and said i am conference  room come fast. 

Kushi :smiled  ok. 

Kushi enter the conference  room  . 

Kushi: hi arnavji 

Arnav:hi kushi and he said i am leaving  my dadi home tomorrow. 

Kushi:shocked  and ask what... 

Arnav:rudhra is married  now

Kushi :ask really

Arnav :says yes. 

Kushi:is sad face. 

Arnav:said go and pack ur things u also come with me. 

Kushi:looked  at  him. And smiled. but dad mom dont  alow  na arnavji. 

Arnav:i already  talk to  uncle  aunty. 

Kushi:what mom said 

Arnav:she is ok. 

Both of them talking  each other  for sometime . 

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Jun 23, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 16 times)

Thanks  to all  my  readers.  

Parvati gained  consiousness. And she look at rudhra. 

Rudra:says hi welcome home  Parvati. 

Parvati :keep crying and says please leave me. I dont  know  about  my  dad  business. 

Rudra:leave that Parvati . I know  how to kill ur dad. U dont worry. 

Parvati:i dont  alow u to tuch my dad. I know  he is good. Ur a devill.I dont go anywhere  i will fight with  everything, against your forceful nature, your  injustice, your unfairness, 

Rudhra:says i must tell you somthing  that

You are here not because it is still in  jail, you want to have  a war. Rudra hold her hand and says you  want war so fight. We will  see who wins. 

Parvati :says yes we will  see. 

Rudra:looks at her confidence. He asks what? 

Parvati:says u said we will  see whos win so i said we will  see. 

Rudhra:says i know. And he said. This is  my  house. Both of them  infront of ranawat house. 

Parvati :says i dont live with you. 

Rudra:says u said u fight  with  me and  and win me . Where is going on ur confidence. 

Parvati :ur devil yes i will fight with  you. 

Rudra:says see Parvati  now ur my wife infront of my family and my dad and my brothers  came to see u tomorrow  dont say anything  about u. 

Parvati :says  yes. Else u will shoot my dad and burn my village . Rudra pins her to gate and says listen  carefully  that 1st u will never say truth to anyone. And 2nd you will not step out of here. If u follow this you will be safe. 

Parvati : hold his shirt collar and said u killed my mom and forced to marry me. And now u r talking about  my safety. 

Please  leave  me. I dont accept  u as my husband. 

Rudra :says this out of the house Mrs rudra. We will go our room then u talk to me romanticaly. Now please  leave  my shirt. I will  give u one chance sign this statment paper and u will be free this marriage  and this case. 

Parvati:push him  angryly. She says dont say i am ur wife  its burning my skins. 

Rudra:says u cannot  tolerate  its burning  ur skin then admitt it admit it ur dad crimeand sign the paper. I promise  u will release u from this marriage . 

Parvati :Asks how can u so low rudra. 

Rudra:says u lost some but i lost all my entire  team. My whole mission  under fire because  of ur dad. He says sign the paper  or accept  me as ur husband.I dont care. If u burn or not. He says stay quiet corner.  Cribbing and cursing  me. And remember  one thing i can do anything  for  my  mission. 

Parvati :says then i will  kill myself i dont live with  you as ur wife. 

Rudra:says fine then i will burn ur whole village  . 

Parvati : dont say anything  and crying. 

Rudra knock  the door. 

Mohini:open the  door and called rudra she sees Parvati  . He holding her hand she is wareing mangalsuter. She ask she is ur wife r u married . 

Rudra:walk in to his room. And says yes she is my wife. 

Mohini says he is still same adament  like his mom. She angryly leave from  her room. 

Rudra:says to parvati. I will  go to my office. U rest here. 

Parvati :nods her head. 

Sunehri  and mythili knock  rudra room door. 

Rudra:dont say anything  to  them and leave  from  there. 

Mythili : ask parvati what is ur name. 

Parvati :said my name parvati thakur. 

Sunehri  :bhabi  now ur married  my bai so ur now Parvati  rudra pratap ranawat. She smiled. 

Parvati :says ok.she is very sad everything  is changed  because  of this. She tuch her mangalsuter. 

Mythili :yes this is  the fate no one change that. Ok r u hugry u want anything  to eat. 

Parvati :says no i dont  hungry now.. 

I want to sleep. 

Mythili  and sunehri says ok we will  talk  tomorrow  now u just sleep. 

Parvati :remember  how rudra blackmail  her dad  and tie mangalsuter  on her neck. Bsd officers  killed her village  people  and her mom dead . She cryingly  sleept in floor. 

Rudra:came to his room  and  saw  Parvati  sleept . He lift her in his arms and make her lay on  the  bed. And he also sleept  beside  her. 


Raizada house :

Manoramma:talks about rudra wife. And she is very happy. We will go our home tomorrow  she is very excited  to  go her home. 

Sandhya:yea mano i am also very happy. 

Arnav:maa what are  you  doing  dont sleep u both. 

Sandhya and mano said u both a brothers  came late daily so we are not sleep. 

Arnav:said thank you  maa. 

Sandhya: smiled  and said ok. 

In chandangarh :

Rudra: wake up first and sees paro sleeping  peascefully. He looks at her little surprised. He leaveing to wash room. 

Parvati :wakeup and sees her dress falling from cuboard. She takes  it out and places it in cuboard. Her dress stuck in cuboard. 

Rudra:ask what r u doing here. He comes forward  paro. She moves backwards. He said move a side . But she dont say anything  and standing  . He holds her sleeve and pulls it. Sleeve get torn. Rudra looks stunned. While paro is extremely shy. Looks down and hides by placing  her hand on her face.he says i am sorry. 

Parvati :says devil dont know  how to behave  with girls. 

Rudra :says wait and watch how i behave with  u as ur husband. 

Parvati :is tensed  hearing  this. 

Rudra:says get ready fast my dad, and aunty, brothers  are comeing today. 

Parvati :says ok. She think herself  this devil have all the relation. 

Dhanveer : says to his wife today Sandhya  mano my brother  r coming here. 

Mohini : i know  that rudra came with  his wife na i guess it. They are  all  coming here. Everything  is  ready room and food everything. 

Dhanveer :says thank you. 

Raizadas enter  ranawat house. 

Mohini and Dhanveer  welcome  them. 

Mano and sandhya ask mohini h r u. 

Mohini says fine h r u all. 

Sandhya ask mythili h r u beta . 

Mythili: huged  her and said fine maa. 

mohini look at kushi. She hold arnav hand. 

Sandhya understood and says bhabi she is my nanad daughter. 

dhanveer, dilsher, raj, manohar, talking each other. 

Lady's  also talking each  other. 

Kushi ask arnavji where is rudra and his wife. 

Arnav :called his mobile. 

Rudhra and Parvati  came to hall everyone  sees both of them  and very happy. 

Rudhra hug his dad and ask h r u. 

Dilshar :says fine.he asks y r u married  in hurryly. U think i am not in this world. 

Rudra hold parvati hand and both of them touch  his feet. 

Dilshar :says god will give u everything  to u. I will  pray for u both. 

Rudra and parvati touch  elders feet and take their blessings. 

Rudra :huged  arnav and asks h r u. He look at kushi. 

Arnav :says she is my aunty daughter  kushi. 

kushi:says hi rudra h r u. Dont u introduced  to  ur wife. 

Rudra:says she is Parvati  my wife. 

Kushi:hi paro h r u. 

Parvati :fakeing a smiled and says fine h r u. 

Sandya and mano also talking  to Parvati  sandya says i like u Parvati  u looking very beautiful. 

Rudra:ask arnav where is akash. 

Arnav:he is in office. He will come after 2 days. He ask how is this  marriage  happen suddenly  and ur wife  is not happy  if u forced to maryy her or she is happy with this marriage. 

Rudra:she is my suspect. 

Arnav:ask what. 

Rudra:whatever  i am married  now. And she is safe here. Leave this  all. First u answer  my question.r u love with kushi. 

Arnav:says no. But i like her she is my good frd. 

Rudra;but she is love with  you. 

Arnav:oh but she dont says anything  and she dont even behave like that to me. 

Both brothers  talking  eache  other. 

Mythili, sunehri , kushi, paro in rudras room. 

Parvati  is very silent. She dont talk much. 

But our kushi talking to much. Mythili says kushi ur so beautiful  and ur smile also nice. 

Kushi:thank u di. 

Mythili  : smiled  at kushi. 

Monini called mythili and she leaves  from there.sunehri also leave from  there. 

Kushi:loack the room door. And ask parvati whats ur broplem. Y r u very dull. 

Please share with me i will  help u. 

Parvati :shocked  hearing  this  all. She asks how u know  i am in broplem. 

Kushi:says i am also girl na so i know . 

Arnav :called kushi

Kushi:look at parvati and says i will come in five minit. 

Parvati :says ok. 


Arnav:Says to kushi dont interfire  in rudras matter ok. He dont like  all this. 

Kushi:said ok.But her crazy mind thinking something. She think herself  i want to help parvati. 

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Jun 24, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 13 times)

Thanks to all my readers. Please  press thank you button. 

Rudra:called aman 

Aman:says sir that thakur is not trust babhis dead certificate. And thakur's men searching  bhabi everywhere. Take care  of her and ur family. 

Rudra:says but this adament  girl want to go her dad. She dont trust me. She trust her dad. 

Aman:u just talk to her sir make her understand  the truth. 

Rudra:i dont trust beautiful  women. 

Arnav and kushi talking  each  other. Rudra sees this and join with them. 

Kushi: says arnavji i want to go outing. 

Rudra:says no kushi. I mean some broplem  is going on here so. 

Arnav:says kushi u just go i will come. 

Kushi :says i dont go anywhere . she ask rudra whats the broplem . 

Rudra: look at arnav. 

Arnav:kushi please  dont asks anything  just leave from  here first i will tell u everything but not now. 

Kushi:look at rudra and arnav. She leave from  there. 

Rudra:says parvati's dad is searching  for her he is not that good. So u take care  of  everyone  ok. Thats why i said to kushi dont go out. 

Arnav:its ok she will understand. 

Kushi, mythili, and paro talking each other in kitchen . Mohini comes and says what  are  you  doing all. She schold mythili do it work fast first. Mythili  nods. 

Kushi:hold mythili hand and says i will help u. 

Paro:says i also help u. 

Mythili :huged them and says thank you. But i will manage. 

Parvati :no i will  help u. Kushi i also says same. 

Mythili smiled  and says ok. 

Pandit came to ranawat house. 

Everyone  in the hall. 

Pandit said this week last friday u will fix that rudra parvati suagraat. 

Parvati hearing this shocked  she gose one step back . But rudra hold her. Both of them look at each other.eye loack. 

Parvati:frees herself  from him. And run to her room. 

Kushi :came to paros room and sees she is crying. She called Parvati . 

Parvati:look at her. Kushi ask r u k. 

parvati says u know  my mom is dead and my frds village  people  also killed that bsd officers  that rudra. She crying heavily. And he married  because  of my dad. 

Kushi:says please  dont cry. Rudra is not bad. I know  arnavji told me.please  we just find out  the truth first. Then u will choose  what u want. 

Parvati :says i know  my dad he is very good. He loves me a lot. 

Kushi:says ok ok.But we will find out the truth na. So u just give one chance for me please.  

Parvati :says  but i am sure i dont live with him.And i dont trust him.

Mohini :called rudra and says this is ur mother jewellery  give it to ur wife. 

Rudra:getting angry and he try to talk but arnav says no. Rudra control  his anger. 

Mohini:ask parvati u know  household work na. Rudra's mother dont like this household  work so i am asking u. And ur looking  beautiful  like rudra's mother. 

Rudra:says enough .     ..... 

Mohini:why i am asking this question  to her na. she also leave u like your mother 

Rudra gets angry and hit her hand on the wall. His hand hurt blood pleading in his hand. Rudra about to answer  but Dhanveer  comes and shout at mohini. 

Rudra:is very angry he called paro to come. She leave with him. Rudra closes the door angryly. 

Parvati  :sees blood comeing in rudra's hand. She try to clean his hand but he look at her angryly this is all because  of u that lady talk to me like that. he says leave me alone go away from me. 

Parvati :says u r really a devill. She leave from there. 

Mohini:says  sumer find out that parvati detail. She is not happy  in this marriage. This rudra hide something  i will find out the truth. 

In night :rudra is sleeping . Paro comes  with cream and apply on his hand. She is very nervous  but touches his face, rudra get up and tucks her. He spines her on bed and get on top of her, she looks at him  tensed. She close her eyes. He ask r u ready Mrs. Rudra. She open her eyes look at him widely. She try to push him but rudra hold her hand tightly. She is in tears. He said i dont get affecte ur tears he leave  her and sit on the bed. 

Rudra:why r u doing this. Why care for  me. I am same devill and killed  your fake dad... 

Parvati :says ur devil that doesnt mean that i shoul act like devil with u too. And one more thing he is my dad. She leaves arnav hearing this smiled. 

Arnav:enter rudra room and apply the cream. He ask its paining. 

Rudra :no its ok. 

Kushi in terrace and look at the stars. 

Rudra :ask everything is ok na. I mean  

Arnav:said  yea everyone  fine. 

Rudra:asks where is Parvati  and kushi... 

Arnav and rudra called kushi, Parvati 

Rudra gets tensed and searching  Parvati. 

Kushi and parvati talking  each other  in terrace. 

Rudra came to terrace and sees both of them smilingly talking each other. 

Arnav:shout kushi... 

Kushi and Parvati  look at them both. 

Arnav run to hugged  kushi. Kushi ask r u k what happen. He shout  at her. Y r u coming here dammit at this nt time. 

Rudra:also ask parvati y u comeing here at this time. 

Kushi:ask whats ur broplem  arnavji i am just watching stars. 

Parvati :dont say anything. 

Rudra:says i am asking u Parvati. 

Parvati :says i am just meet my buterfly frd. 

Rudra:hold her hand and leave from there. 

Kushi:ask y r u so much care for me arnavjj. Arnav says nothing  . Come we will go down. kushi smiled  at him. 

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Jun 24, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 12 times)

Thanks  to u all. Please  comment  my storys. 

Arnav:asks rudra u dont sleep. 



Rudra:i dont know. 

Both are talking  each other . 

kushi:came to drink water and she saw rudra and arnav sleeping in the hall. She smiled seeing them. 

Its morning :

Kushi wakeup  and saw Parvati  sleeping her side. She think herself  when she came to my room. 

Mohini:called everyone  for pooja. 

Kushi hearing  this . She rush to washroom and came to see parvati wakeup. 

Parvati:smiled  and ask why are getting  nervous. 

Kushi:mohini aunty called everyone  for pooja. Go and get ready fast go. 

Parvati :also tensed now and she run to her room. And saw rudra sleeping speacefully. She silently went wash room and she forget to her dress. She open the door and saw rudra wakeup and sit in the bed. 

Rudra:says parvati come fast. I want to go office. he sees her dress  in bed. He understand  y she is silent. Rudra says i will go out.u just ready and call me. 

Parvati:hearing this happy. And she came out of wash room  and get  ready  and came down for pooja. 

Parvati  asks mythili where is kushi di. 

Mythili:she is in garden. 

Parvati ask u want any help. Mythili  says everything  is  finished. U just relax. 

Mohini , Sandhya, mano doing pooja. Sandhya give aarthi to everyone. 

Mohini:says parvati u will prepared  today breakfast. 

Parvati :nods her head. Kushi also join with  her. 

Everyone eat breakfast  together happyly. 

Arnav:look at kushi she is smiling and talk to Parvati. He think she is beautiful  when she smiling. 

Rudra:dont trust  to much this women. Its hurting  u. 

Arnav:look at him angryly . 

Mohini:says we are  all going mandir tomorrow for pooja. 

Arnav :mom i will not interest  in all this please leave me. 

Sandhya :says in stren  voice u also come with  me . Thats it. 

Kushi called Parvati  silently. 

Parvati came to kushi room. She ask why are  you  calling  me. 

Kushi:we will  meet ur dad tomorrow. 

Parvati :asks how that devil rudra is with me always  he dont leave me alone. 

Kushi: said somthing in her ear. Parvati  says ok. 

Rudra knock kushi room.door

Parvati: says that devill is comeing. 

Kushi:no may this is arnavji wait i will  open the door first. She open the door and sees rudra standing. she look at Parvati  and smiled. 

Rudra:called patvati. 

Parvati : leave with rudra. 

Arnav :came to kushi room. And ask what are you  doing  kushi. 

Kushi:says nothing arnavji its getting  bored  here. 

Arnav:we will go out tomorrow. 

Kushi:says yea i know  arnavji.she think herself  i am not comeing with u arnavji. Me and Parvati  going  to  meet  her dad. 

Arnav:says tomorrow  i want to tell u important  matter  to  u. 

Kushi:ask what 

Arnav:says surprise . 

Kushi:smiled  at him. She think herself  tomorrow  i will  be with paro arnavji i am sorry. I hide to u. Paro feel bad i didn't  see her like that. She is like my sister  na. 

Everyone  ready for going  mandir. 

Rudra:came out of wash room and sees Parvati  sleeping.he called Parvati . 

Parvati :open her eyes and says she holding her stomach ahh ahh 

Rudra :ask r u k . With so much of cincern in his eyes. 

Parvati:its paining  ahh ahhha 

Rudra:wait i will call doctor. 

Parvati :says no. Its normal i will manage  i am not comeing  mandir. 

Rudra :says ok u just rest take rest. 

Arnav:asks kushi u dont get ready no arnavji i have hevye headache  i will not cime. U can go. 

Arnav :ask r u ok. 

Kushi: i want to sleep arnavji then i will be better. 

Arnav says ok u take  rest. 

Everyone  leaving  mandir. 

Rudra ask arnav where is kushi. 

Arnav:he have headache  so she is sleeping

Rudra having  doubt at kushi and paro. 

Rudra says go home fast 

Arnav:ask any broplem ... 

Rudra u just go arnav  i will tell u later

Arnav :said ok. 

Paro and kushi came out of house. But dilshar called paro. Where  are  you  going. 

Parvati : i am leaving  this  house  and that devill. I want to meet my dad. 

Kushi: called paro come fast .... 

Dilshar hold her hand and says dont go. Ur dad will kill u. Dont go. 

Parvati :says nooo my dad is good i know  everything. Leave me leave me.. Paro push him and leave from there. 

Kushi start the car and both leave from there. 

Thakur men informed  about paro and kushi  in the car. 

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Jun 24, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 8 times)

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Rudra:says arnav u  just call kushi num. 

Arnav:called kushi mobile. 

Kushi:busy in driveing.

 Parvati  says ur mobile  ringing. Its arnav bai photo. 

Kushi:stop the car and attend  the  call. Hello arnavji. 

Rudra:i am rudra where are u. Give mobile to Parvati. 

Kushi:i am in my room. Parvati  in  her room i have headache  i am sleeping  rudra. she is acting very nicely. 

Rudra:i know  ur both in car. Dont go anywhere  its not safety for Parvati  please. Go home. He control  his anger  and talk to her. 

Parvati :snatch  the mobile  and said i am leaving . Gud bye rudra. 

Rudra:Parvati .... Dont go he is not ur dad he will kill u. 

Parvati :shut up.....  u only kiled everyone  and destroy  my life. 

Rudra:shout angryly paro.......  

Parvati:cut the call and says kushi please  drive fast. 

Kushi:says car is not started. 

Parvati :asks what happen kushi

Kushi:i dont know  paro car is not started. 

Parvati sees rudra standing  before the car. She called kushi. Kushi also sees rudra and arnav she is stunned  seeing him. 

Parvati  and kushi came out of the car and Parvati  hold kushi hand run from there. 

Arnav and Rudra  also run behind  them. 

Kushi:says paro please  stop. i will talk to  rudra and u meet ur dad. 

Parvati :says no...  he is not allow  me to meet my dad. And he will kill my dad. 

Rudra :called paro ..... Stop r i will shoot u.. 

Kushi and paro stop.... Paro says to kushi see this his real charecter. 

Arnav:is very angry on kushi.... 

Kushi:says arnavji is angry on me. 

Parvati :i am sorry because  of me u r in broplem  now. 

Kushi:says its ok. 

Rudra came near  them. Kushi is very tensed. 

Parvati and kushi move backwards. 

Arnav says kushi stop dont go with her. 

Parvati :suddenly  took a knife and hold kushis neck. Rudra dont come near  me r i will  kill her. 

Kushi :asks paro whats this 

Parvati  :i am sorry kushi. Rudra go from here.  R i will  kill her.... 

Arnav:shout Parvati  dont do this she is help u but what u did with her now. 

Rudra move forward  to parvati. Paro is tensed ... Kushi is very  tensed and shocked. 

Parvati  says i will kill her dont come near me. Rudra says kill her... Paro is stunned... 

Arnav:asks rudra what r u doing..... 

Rudra:wait arnav...... 

Parvati :sees thakur comeing she is happy looking at him. 

Thakur points gun at rudra. Parvati  leaves  kushi and came to thakur and huged  him. Dad u came i know  u will come to me. 

Rudra:says dont go paro. Come here to me. Dont worry i will not let anyone do anything. Come hold my hand

Parvati:asks why , why should i come so that u can destroy my life. 

Arnav :is shocked  seeing all this. 

Kushi:came near arnav. He ask r u ok. He is angryly  asks her. Kushi seeing everything she faint. Arnav hold her kushi kushi.... 

Rudra:says paro they will kill u. 

Parvati :no u only know how to kill, destroy  houses, 

Rudra:says i can only protect u, he extend his hand and ask her to come 

Thakur says rudra Pratap  ranawat my daughter  told u her decision. 

Rudra:says  this time i will not let you win. I will  not let you take paro. 

Thakur shoots rudra hand. rudra fall down

Parvati :sees rudra and shouts rudra arnav shouts rudraaaaa..... 

Parvati says dad dont do this dad. She asks rudra r u fine. He looks at her being concerned. They start shooting . 

Arnav fight with thakur's men. Rudra give him goon

Thakur takes paro away. 

Aman find rudra.. Rudra orders aman to find thakur and not to shoot innocent  people are there. 

Rudra:sees kushi is laying arnav fight with a goons. He came near kushi and lift her to take the car.he called arnav.. 

Arnav:came to rudra . 

Rudra says u go home i will come. I will find  paro... Arnav mobile  ring. 


Ranawat house maid :arnav baiya dilshar sir in hospital. 

Arnav:ask what how is this happen. 

Maid:i dont know  baiya u just come fast. 

Arnav:rudra i will go home. Rudra asks everything  is  ok na. He said yes. I will take care . U can go find bhabi first. 

Aman :called rudra. He says sir that Thakur  took paro in his car. But our mission  is successful. We got all  the weapons and thakur mens. 

Rudra says thakur will kill paro. 

Aman :but asks him to reconsider. Rudra gets in the car and decides to drive off. 

Thakur brings paro to some village. Paro asks why here  why not go our home dad. Thakur  asks her did bsd make her sing something. Paro says no dad. Paro says i know  ur right and we r not wrong. I know  bsd is wrong. 

Thakur says good job. But u will be dead my lovely daughter. And one thing ur not my own daughter. He takes the gun and pointing at her 

Paro is shocked  seeing him. What are  you  saying . But mom... Nooo ur lieing... 

Thakur says ur not my own daughter. Ur my house  maid daughter. My wife adapted  to u. And now my wife is not here. And u also go with her. 

parvati:says so rudra was right... U and arms dealing. U r a traitor... 

Thakur pushesh paro in ground and says i am protect of my family name. And village 

Parvati :asks what about us? Thakur says in war.. One has to sacrifice and this war for our self respect. Thakur says to paro listen  to me carefully  yes i do all this arms dealing. And create terror in the country. 

Parvati :ask then my marriage. 

Thakur:everything  is drama but that rudra married  u. But now i will kill u. 

Parvati :recollect  rudras words and crying. Paro says enough  thakur cant tolerate  anymore. 

Thakur:says lets end it then. He  points  gun  at  paro. 

Parvati :falls down and sees her mangalsuter. U cant kill me because  i am bsd officer wife now. Rudra is with me. Paro throws the ground  chilly powder on thakur eyes and says its for my mom u killed  her na. Its for my frd bindi. And beacause of u i called my husband  as devill . But really ur a devill , animal. Paro beats him with iron rod. And run from there. 

Rudra :comes  out of the car and he sees bangle  of paro. 

Parvati  :sees rudra she is happy... Seeing him. She is crying  seeing him she remembered how he take care of her how he safe her all the time. She called rudraaaa she shout.... 

Rudra :sees her and run to her she also run to him. She hugged  him tightly  and crying . I am sorry i am really sorry i did worng. 

Rudra:mibile ring it was aman. Hello aman

Aman:sir ur dad in hospital  

Rudra:shocked  what happen to him how is this happen . 

Aman :i dont know  sir. Ur dad only knows i think so. 

Parvati:ask what happen  rudra. 

Rudra:says nothing we will go my office . 

Parvati :asks say something  everyone  in fine na . 

Rudra:look at her angryly  because  of u my dad in hospital. 

Parvati  :remember  she pushed  him in house. She start crying and pray to god please safe my papusa. 

Rudra dont say anything  drive the car fastly and came to bsd office. 

Parvati  :says everything  to media. She looks at rudra. One media people  asks r u married. She says yes. Major says yes she is Mrs. Rudra.rudra is very  angry on her. 

Rudra:says major sir my dad in hospital  we will  go hospital . 

Major:says ok u can leave rudra. Take  care  of ur dad. 

Rudra holds paros hand and leave from there. 

In hospital :

Sandhya and mano pray to god . 

Mythili  and sunehri with kushi. Kushi is in unconscious. 

Raj, manohar, dhanveer, mohini sumer, Samrat, arnav, in out of dilsher room. 

Rudra:comes with paro in hospital. Everyone  sees  rudra come with paro. Rudra takes paro inside the room of dilsher. paro called him papusa. Rudra says stop ur acting. Because of U kushi also in unconscious  now. She always  help u but what u did with my family   he shout  at her. Parvati is crying . She asks where is kushi..... Rudra says dont call her name or i will cut u. Your  tears will not melt me today. Enemy  dont do this, what you did today. 

Parvati :is crying  i am sorry  rudra please  forgive  me. 

rudra:says my dad always  said. Beautiful  women  are not worth to trust. 

Aman :called rudra. 

Rudra:says arnav take care  of everyone  i am leaving  office. 

Arnav:nods ok. 

Rudra:looks at parvati and angryly leave  from  there. 

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Jun 25, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 10 times)

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Kushi :open her eyes and called parvati .

Nurse:says mam r u fine.

Kushi:nods han han I am fine please called my sister parvati.

Nurse:OK mam .

Nurse:came out of kushi room and says to arnav sir mam gain conscious but she wants to meet her sister parvati.

Parvati: hearing this and asks nurse she is OK na.i mean she is fine na.

Nurse:mam she wants to meet her sister parvati.

Parvati:she is tears in her eyes.i am parvati her sister.

Arnav:says to parvati go and meet her.

Parvati:look at him and says thank you .

Kushi:sees parvati .she is very happy kushi asks parvati r u k na .

Parvati:is crying and nods her head .she rush to huge kushi .

Kushi:also hug her back.kushi ask now u understand rudra na .he is good na.he not devil na .

Parvati:says I am sorry kushi because of me now your in hospital.and papusa also in hospital.and rudra is very angry on me.

Kushi:but paro what happen uncle.how is this happen.

Parvati: I don't know.how is this happen.but I pushed him na.so I feel guilty.

Kushi:says don't cry . everything is fine soon.u meet rudra and talk to him .

Parvati:he is very angry on me .

Kushi:says I will talk to him.

Parvati:no I will handle this situation.i hurt him .he always protect me but I don't believe him.but now I understand everything what is truth what is wrong I realized now. 

Kushi:says good girl .rudra understand u soon and he will forgive u  .

Parvati:says he don't like women and he don't trust me.

Kushi:but he is married u na.he is it huspand.

Parvati: yes he is my huspand.

Arnav enter kushi room.parvati leave from there.kushi look at him tensed .

Kushi: called arnavji 

Arnav:ask r u fine.

Kushi:says I am fine.

Arnav:slap her cheek hardly.because of u rudra is hurt today.why u did this all kushi.

Kushi: know he will angry on her .but she don't expect he is slap her....she don't answer him .she is in tears.

Arnav:asks why you did this all tell me kushi.

Kushi:says I am sorry arnavji.

Arnav:I don't forgive u kushi .he leave from there angrily .

Kushi:is crying .and called arnavji please don't leave me.

Mythili and sunehri come to kushi room .

Mythili:asks r u k .

Kushi:says fine di.

Sunehri:asks kushi where is bhabi

Kushi:says I think she going to meet rudra.she asks how is uncle now.

Mythili:says he is fine now.

Parvati in rudra office .she saw Aman and asks where is rudra.

Aman :ur dad shoot him his hand Na.docter check his hand. 

Parvati:is shocked he is fine na.

Aman:says u can go and see him .

Parvati:run to rudra room.she sees rudra .

Rudra:also sees parvati.but he ignore her.

Parvati: please rudra forgive me.she crying heavily.please believe me I realized my mistake now.i understand u now.

Rudra :pins her and says I would have believed you but I always says Thakur is not good he will kill u .he is not ur dad howmany time I told u .and u try to kill kushi .

Parvati:says I was wrong ,I thought you will kill me.

Rudra:says Thakur is ur god then why came here.

Parvati:says because I came to know about his truth .

Rudra:says enough you attacked kushi .and my dad.and run from Thakur . because of you my dad in hospital now .

It is just that you are women ,a beautiful women.you can be of anyone .you ask my life but don't ask my belief because I don't have it .no I will give u.

Major :comes there .he says this is arrest warrant of Thakur.

Rudra:says ok we will go sir 

Major:asks about paro

Rudra:says she can go with other officer.

Parvati:shout rudra I am ur wife .I will be with u.

Rudra :looks at her stunned seeing her.

What did u say come again....

Parvati:look at his eyes and says I am ur wife I will be with u .

Rudra:then why don't u believe ur huspand 

Parvati:is silent

Rudra: answer me now.

Parvati:I am sorry for that  rudra please don't hate me. 

Rudra:says Aman come fast we have lot of work.he leave from there.

Sandhya ,mohini,and mano asks kushi what happen . please tell me clearly.

Kushi: aunty she start her acting and hold her head .aunty I don't remember anything aunty.

Sandhya and mano says ok u take rest.but mohini seeing her doubtfully.she think kushi is hide big things .

Arnav:called rudra mobile.

Rudra: hello arnav how is dad he is fine na.

Arnav:says yes uncle is totally fine.he wants to see u and parvati.

Rudra :is now super angry.he says I will come .

Rudra came to his office.parvati in his room and crying .he called her we will go hospital come.

Parvati:nods her head .and leaves with him.

Doctor check kushi and says u r fine now .take medicine on correct time ok .

Kushi:said ok doctor .

Arnav:asks doctor she will be ok na. 

Doctor:yes she is fine now .u can go home today evening.

Arnav:says thank you doctor.

Arnav :look at her and asks u want anything.

Kushi:talk herself loardgoverner u  slap me na I don't leave u.i don't talk to u .

Arnav: came near her and sit beside her.kushi is tensed.

Kushi:think herself why he came near me.

Arnav:says kushi y u did this all .if anything happen to u  I feel bad u know  . parvati hold u with knife I am just shocked that time. 

Kushi :says no arnavji parvati don't know anything I will give that knife idea .she stopped in middle and realized what she says.she looked at arnav 

Arnav :is angrily look at her. He try to go but kushi hold his hand.she says please I will explain u.

Arnav :asks what

Kushi:says rudra is forced to tie mangalsuter in parvati neck that's it.and he did this marriage for u. And parvati also don't believe him  .and she is crying heavily meet her dad.so i am just help her.and I think I want to talk to her dad so I will go with her. But u both came and everything is collapsed.but now parvati is understand rudra and she believe him also.i did good na .

Arnav:asks why u did this all .why u help parvati.

Kushi:she is like  my sister so .

Arnav:oh really he came near her,move close to her face.

Kushi look at him she is getting nervous.she closed her eyes   

Arnav :kissed her forehead and says I know why u did this all .

Kushi:says woo woo arnavji I did this 

Arnav: suddenly kissed her lips 

Kushi:eyes are widen seeing his sudden kiss .she slowly closed her eyes she try to move but arnav hold her both hand .but suddenly arnav mobile ring he leave her and attend the call.

Kushi:think herself why he kissed me now  heydevimayya what he is thinking. He suddenly kissed me .

Arnav:ask kushi r u ok .


Arnav:u want anything he touch her lips 

Kushi:look at him angrily .she asks y u kissed me .what u mean arnavji.

Arnav:says it means I love u dammit  .

Kushi:eyes r widen hearing his answer.

Arnav:smiled and leave from there.

Rudra came with parvati both of them meet dilshar .

Dilshar:asks parvati now u understand him na  .

Rudra :asks first answer my question dad  .what happen to u.tell me everything .

Dilshar:I am in my room suddenly my heart is paining so I faint I forget to take my tablet so .

Rudra:look at parvati   and dilshar.he know his dad is lieing  .but he don't say anything .

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Jun 27, 2017

Raizada and Ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 10 times)

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I will give u long update

Rudra:says to her dad I am going to meet kushi and come u just rest ok.

Dilshar:says k but I am fine now. dont feel.please forgive  ur wife.

Rudra:is angry .wife ....no she is not my wife .I dont want any women in my life.hhee looks at paro and said go away from me and my dad.

Dilshar:asks then why u married her .

Rudra:I did that marriage for my job thats it anyway that marriage is fake.

Dilshar:but media people knows ur her huspand.

Rudra:but I dont accept her .she is not part of my life .I dont allow any girl in my life.

Dilshar:says then ur brother's also dont get married.u know arnav na.

Rudra:u take rest I will handle this all.I know how to convince arnav.and u will stay with me.u dont go Mumbai thats final.he looks at parvati and leave from there.

Parvati :

Rudra:came to meet kushi and arnav also with her.

Kushi:sees rudra and says I am sorry for everything.

Rudra:says leave it .I know her character .h r u.

Kushi:I am fine rudra.but please paro is very good girl and perfect for u.she loves u .she dont leave u .please forgive her.

Rudra:says please dont talk about her .my life my dad only .I dont trust any girl and I dont want anyone in my life.

Arnav:asks then why u called me here.then why u said to me I am married u also move on ur life .everything is lie na rudra.

Rudra:is very angry .and says yes that marriage is fake .

Arnav:look at him shocked.

Rudra:says whatever you want you do .I dont care about anyone.no one worth for trust in this world understand that and concentrate on ur life.

Arnav:is now very angry and he is hurt by rudra word's.

Kushi:says rudra why are you hurting ur brother.

Rudra:says I dont have any brother .say him concentrate on his life .

Arnav:says kushi dont talk to him.he is really a devil Parvati is correct.he said see Mr.rudra pratap ranawat this is our last meeting.I hate u rudra .u forced to marry her and now u said that marriage is fake .

Rudra:says yes I can do anything for my job.

Arnav:says I dont forgive u rudra .u did big mistake .

Rudra:says I dont ask u any forgiveness .so please dont interfire in my life .go away from me .

Arnav:says kushi we will leave mumbai tomorrow .

Kushi:says arnavji please dont talk like that .he is ur brother.

Arnav:shout at her .u dont hear before sometime what he says.he said na he dont have any brother.then whats ur broplem.we will leave mumbai tomorrow thats final.

Rudra:says kushi I am leaving bye take care.

Arnav:says to rudra u dont have any rights.so dont talk to my kushi.just away from me and my family .

Kushi:says rudra I am sorry .he is angry now so he arnav slap her cheek hardly.....she is shocked seeing him and his angry 

Rudra:shout arnav why are you slap her .

Arnav:I have all the rights to slap her .because I love her and I want to marry her in real .not fake love fake marriage  ok.

Rudra is happy inside of his heart.and angryly leave from there.

Kushi :arnavji what are you doing .he is ur brother .

Arnav:kushiiiiii dont take his name infront of me ok. I will talk to doctor we will go home today.

Arnav:called sandhya and says I want to go Mumbai right now.

Sandhya :how can we leave today chote .my brother in hospital na.

Arnav:ok u will take care of him and stay here but me and kushi leaving today itself.

Sandhya :dont know what happen why her son talk like that.

Rudra is very shattered.Parvati run bhind rudra and stop the way.

Rudra:asks what 

Parvati:I will come with u.

Rudra:who are u to me.

Parvati;I am ur wife 

Rudra:look at her and leave from there.

Parvati :asks rudra where are u going.

Rudra:says go from here.

Paro :says I will not go.

Rudra:says why you want to stay here to see my dad dying.he drags her 

Dhabveer:says she was staying with us .she is ur wife you think she can do this.

Rudra:says what about my mother did 15 years back ,could anybody thought that she could do something like that but she broke my father .and today this girl tried to take his life.he forget his lesson that beautiful women are not worth to trust.

Arnav and kushi came to dilshar room .arnav says we are leaving for Mumbai today .I have work  so.

Dilshar: asks beta if rudra 

Arnav:says uncle he can do anything for his job and he says I am not his brother.

Kushi:says arnavji please uncle is not well.she says uncle u dont worry everything will be fine soon.u take rest .we are leaving now .

Dilshar:says I want to talk to u kushi.

Arnav :says I am waiting for u  outside.

Kushi:says ok arnavji.she says to dilshar I am sorry for his behaviour uncle.please forgive him.

Dilshar:says I know my chote's angry.so u dont feel.

Arnav and rudra always fight like this in their childhood.

Kushi:thank u uncle.and I will call u.take care of parvati.

Dilshar:says  ok beta .

In headquarter:

Paro says to rudra to listen to me .but he ignores her.she says to aman please says him to forgive me aman bai.

rudra :says I don't know ,your real face has comes infront,

Paro:says I dont have dont have dual face.my tears are real.my regeretion ,my truth all are real.believe me.

Rudra pins her and says I woud have believed u but .when that thakur near you.how I was saying u dont go with him .come with me but u attacked kushi and dad

Paro : says I was worng,I thought you will kill me.

Rudra:then y u came here now.

Paro:because now  I understand u majorshab.

Rudra :shout at her enough.go away from me .

Aman:says to paro kushi want to talk to u.she in line he give his mobile to paro.

Parvati:hello kushi where are u 

Kushi: says everything about rudra and arnav fight.

And she says u dont worry . U have to be with rudra in this time.u will fight for ur life ok.he will believe u and oneday he will accept u.dont lose hope ok.

Parvati:says I dont know what to do.he is very angry on me.she crying.

Kushi:says please dont cry .and me and arnavji leaving mumbai today .take care bye we will meet soon ok

Parvati:ok.and says u also accept my arnav bai love ok.

Kushi:says he knows I love him thats why he slap me  .

Parvati:asks what he slap u.

Kushi: says thats also a way of love.so I dont get angry on him ok bye .take care of rudra.

Parvati:says thank you bye .paro gives mobile to aman.and asks where is rudra.

Rudra comes and tells aman to go and they will inform about thakur tomorrow.

Aman:asks him will he not go home .

Rudra just goes in.

Paro :says he is not showing but he is totally shattered.

Aman says he will drop her in home.

Parvati:says no I will be with my huspand.

Aman :says ok food is inside eat it.

Parvati:says ok.

Rudra is drinking remembers his dad in hospital.

Fb: and his mother singing halli sune le ramji. A glass breaks paro goes inside .smells the liquor in the bottle and watches the broken glass removes the pieces setssets the table and sees rudra in the mirror room.

She is shocked seeing his hand is bleeding she runs to catches hold of his hand .

Rudra:asks her to go and leave him alone .but she wants to put medicine and he tells there is no medicine and all is cut inside and out and he is feeling very hurt.and he pushes her but he falls on her.and hugs her.

Rudra :falls on her slowly she makes him sit down and watches his hurt and slowly picks his hand asking whether it is paining .he says so much that it will kill me .she tears her chunni and slowly cleans the wond and blowing on it.and asks is he bit ok she then ties it and then thinks she should call aman bhaisa

Rudra:says no and says I am hungry .she gose to bring it but he catches her hand saying repeatedly dont leave me and go .I dont want to stay alone .she tells to look at her and says she will not go anywhere.

Parvati:feeds him and he smiles and says you came back and she asks him to open his mouth and feeds him.he says enough.she wipes his mouth and he says he is tired and she tries to take him to his room but he lies down there and sleeps with his head in her lap.

Arnav ,kushi,raj,and manohar leaves Mumbai.

Sandhya and mano staying with dilshar in hospital.

Rudra is sleeping in paros lap ,he blabbers in sleep that dont leave me maa.I am good boy ,dont leave me maa.

Paro :consoles him that its just a dream ,calm down ,she caresses is forehead she sleeps to.

In morning:

Rudra wakes up and sees himself in paro's lap.she too wakes up.he gets up and ask what is she doing here.

Parvati:says you got wound in hand ,

Rudra:he says leave it.

Paro:says you were in bad state last night.

Rudra:says stay away from me.

Paro:says u said to me stay here last night.

Rudra looks at her.he calls aman and says to look for thakur.and I dont have anything to do with his wife but arrest him.

Paro says :my mom is dead .

Rudra :says ur dad second wife mala thakur.

Parvati:shocked what .but he said she is my aunty .and she is very good to me.I know my dad is worng but aunty is innocent.believe me.

Rudra:asks how u know her.

Paro:dad says she is ur aunty.and aunty mede learn all things ,how to do puja of bholenath.

Rudra says enogh.he asks peon to bring tea .he is restless ,paro looks at him.he is seeing files,peon gives him tea.he cannot concentrate and gets up tea falls and cup breaks .

Paro says not to take it if you got wound I will pick glasses .rudra opens his banages and start picking up pieces,paro says will u not go to hospital.

Rudra calls peon and says to take her to different room give her food but take her away.

In Mumbai:

Arnav:ready for his office.he check his mobile somany times but rudra message is not come.

Kushi:called arnav and asks where are u.

Arnav:says in home.and he called kushi if he called u..

Kushi:asks who 

Arnav:say nothing and he cut the call.

Sandhya :asks dilshar r u k na bhaishab.

Dilshar:much better sandya.where is mano.

Sandhya :says she going to meet doctor.

Ranawat house:

Rudra is sleeping.paro comes with food.rudra says whats all this ,paro says you hav not eaten anything since morning.he says stop this you were not able to kill my father so u thought to kill this devil first .did u mix poison..

Parvati :look at him  and eats food and says now u believe me.now you can eat .she goes out.

In Mumbai:

Garima :asks kushi .how is everyone .

Kushi:fine maa.rudra got married .his wife is so sweet her name is Parvati thakur.

Garima:shocked hearing thakur name.she asks Parvati mother name .

Kushi:sorry I dont know maa.bye I am leaving office.

Garima:says bye and says next time I will also talk to Parvati.

Kushi:ok maa.

Arnav:is very tensed thinking about rudra.he called kushi.and says I want to meet u please come to my office.

Kushi:says r u k arnavji.

Arnav:yea fine .

After sometime

Kushi enter AR.she knock arnav cabin.

Arnav:come in.

Kushi:saya hi aenavji

Arnav:says hi 

Kushi:ask y r u looking sad.

Arnav:says please hug me .

Kushi:looked at him shocked.and asks any broplem.

Suddenly arnav get up from his chair and huged her tightly.he says I am sorry but I dont know what to do.

U know na how much I like rudra.but he lie to me.I am hurt kushi.his words r hurting me so much.

Kushi:hugged him tightly.everything will be fine soon please dont feel arnavji.

Arnav:no kushi I dont talk to him .I will try to forget about him and his memory.

Kushi:says please dont talk like that.

Arnav :came out of the hug .and look at her.

Kushi:getting nervous .she think herself hey devimayya please do something.

Arnav :says I love u.will u marry me.

Kushi:look at him wiedly.her words r stammered.

Wo wo arnavji .....

Arnav:kissed her eyes .and asks say what u think about me.

Kushi:open her eyes and says u dont give time to answer ur question na arnavji.

Arnav smiled and says ok now tell me.

Kushi;I want to marry u .and I want u and rudra 

Arnav: says stop it kushi.

Kushi:says ok I am sorry.

Arnav says I have meeting .we will meet tomorrow .

Kushi: says I will wait for u .we will go home together.

Arnav:says no hp is in home he will prepared my food I already told him.

Kushi: called arnavji ....

Arnav:what ....

Kushi: says I love u.

In ranawat house:

sandhya ,mano ,dhanveer,came to home with dilshar.

Dilshar asks where is rudra .

Samrat says he leaves mandir for u.

Dilshar:is very happy.

Parvati in mandir.she turns and sees rudra comeing in mandir.she is surprised .she gets happy and starts running,she comes to him.she is about to fall but rudra holds her.she is in his arms.and puts hand around his shoulder.they hug,she breaks hug.they look at each other.and have an eye lock.

Parvati:says take me home.please forgive me she is in tears.

Rudra :says ur request will have no effect on me ...and dont come around me and my dad.rudra walks of.

Paro is saddened.

Rudra:came to his dad and puts prasad .dilshar asks where is Parvati.

Rudra: says I already told u she is not my wife.thats fake marriage.he angryly leave from there.

Rudra called kushi and asks h r u.

Kushi :I am fine..

Rudra:asks he is ok na.

Kushi: says he is very angry on u.abf she asks how is Parvati and uncle.

Rudra:says dad is fine .he says bye and cut the call.

Kushi says both brothers r same.

sandhya:asks rudra where is Parvati.

Rudra :says aunty I dont know her .and she is not my wife dont asks anything about her .

Sandhya:thats why u fight with arnav right.

Rudra:leave from there dont say anything.

Mano says jiji .Parvati will change him.dont worry.

Sandhya asks how he dont allow to enter home.

Mano says she will come jiji.wait.

Mano called parvati.she closed her face in veil.and called rudra also .

Rudra asks who is this girl.

Mano :says ur dadi ashram girl.me and sandhya leave tomorrow na.so I will arranged the girl for bai.

Rudra:asks in this veil how she handle dilsher

Mano says old fashioned so.

Rudra asks name

Mano says gowri  she cannot speak.

Rudra:says ok.I will book ur ticket.

Mano:already arnav betuva booked our tickets.

Rudra:oh ok .he leave from there.

Parvati says thank you aunty .mano says I trust u .u will change him.

Parvati :yes I want him .he is my saviour .he is my life .I will win his trust aunty.

After sometime sandhya and mano leave for Mumbai.

Rudra and dilsher sleeping.paro sees rudra and places cushion under his head.she looks at him sleeping peacefully.she check dilsher and says he has fever.she goes to check pan.

Rudra comes in kitchen.

She takes on her veil.she thinks what he is doing here.

She starts to washing dishes.

Rudra looks at her and gose to fridge.

Paro thinks he must have not eaten anything.she takes some vegitables.

Rudra says I am not hungry.

But paro points to wait for a while .paro start making food.she points that it will take 3minutes.then foid will be ready.

Rudra thanks her

Paro smiles.

Rudra is making rotis in kitchen.mythili come and says rudra u make good sabzi.rudra says that maid made it.

Paro is with dilsher..she places wet cloth on his head.

Paro serves him food .rudra sees R wirriten on her hand with mehandi.he holds her hand.mythili looks on.

Paro tries to take it.rudra takes veil of paro .he is shocked to see its paro.he asks what are you doing here.he says bapusa.he runs to check dilsher .he is fine.

Rudra comes out in the hall.

Paro asks bapu alright.he says I told u to not come .you came to kill him.

Dhanveer :says she came to take care of him.

Mohini says you have guts .you did a big sin and came here again 

Rudra turns and says I not allowed you to talk.he is my bapu and I can finish all his broplem.you stay out.

Rudta says paro to go out.

Dhanveer:says think about her.

Rudra asks dhaveer u r taking her side.he asks ur with her r me.

Dhanveer is silent.

Rudra says to paro that I am feeling suffocated with your presence.I cant bear just go from here.paro does nit budge.he says u will not understand.he takes her hand and comes to gate .

Paro says enough I know I was worng I thought you are wrong.I did mistakes but how can I hurt a man who was with me always.and he said I am his daughter.how can I hurt him.because of me thakur shoit ur hand.but I am sorry what I am did .she folds her hand and says to forgive me.please take this weight this from my heart.

Paro says bapu said ur and mine relation is a lie but I made real relation with that fake relation.

Rudra says stop doing ur drama.u know my anger best

Before I am out of control go out.

Parvati;looks at everyone and starts leaving.she sits on gate.and says I will not leave till u forgive.

Rudra aays go...

Paro says kill me r throw me but I will find ways to come here and you know how stubborn I am.

Rudra says parooooo

But rudra gets call and he leave hall.

In Mumbai:

Sandhya noticed arnav talking mobile.he is always busy with his Mobile.

Sandhya:says mano see he always busy with his Mobile.I think somthing worng.

Mano:says I will handle this jiji dont wory.mano called akash.

Akash :came to hall and asks what maa.

Mano :asks if arnav betuva loves any girl.

Akash:wo maa 

Sandhya:asks say the truth akash

Akash:actually badi maa bai loves kushiji she also loves him.and bai slap her two times.and he stop and says I dont know anything he run from his room.

Sandhya and mano smiled seeing him.

Sandhya called chote come here.

Arnav:says to kushi wait mom called me 

Kushi:says u dont cut the call stay on the line 

Arnav:says ok.

Sandhya:says me and ur dad choose one girl for u chote.she is very beautiful.


Mano:says yes yes arnav betuva u both are looking good and perfect also.


Sandhya :I will invaite that girl tomorrow lunch for our house .u just meet her and say.

Kushi:is crying hearing this all.

Arnav:maa I am in love with one girl.

Sandhya and mano smiled.

Sandhya asks who is she .

Arnav says kushi

Sandhya snatch arnav mobile and says come here right now.

Kushi:ok aunty.

Arnav:maa how u know

Sandhya says I am ur maa chote.

Arnav asks maa if di called u.

Sandhya says yes chote she said ur mobile always busy .she complain me.

Arnav smiled at his mom.

Sandhya and mano says our chote smiling haina its very nice na mano.

Ranawat house:

Rudra comes to dilsher room he is sleeping due to fever.rudra says I am free from all charges and I am going to get medal for this mission .I know u know this u will be very happy.I dont want any scuffle just get up.

Paro is sitting at gate.dhanveer comes there and gives her blanket.he blesses her and leaves.

Its morning:

Paro is in kitchen.rudra come there and asks what are you doing here.why didnt you go.what are you making 

Paro is not answering he throws utensil and says go from here.paro is doing her work .he shouts what you think its a game go from here.I told u clearly that I dont wanna see your shadow.

Paro says I told you clearly I will not go 

Rudra says look at me and say again.

Paro looks at his eyes and says I will not go.

Rudra is stunned.and says if I want then I will hold ur hand and throw u out.

Paro extend her hand.

Rudra is stunned.he goes out fuming.

in night:

Rudra came to dilsher room.paro appllies it on dilsher feet and says it makes man stand on his feet.she said I didn't mixed poison in it.

He sits infront of her and asks politely what are u doing .I shouted on you.but you didn't listen to me.why are u doing this and this rudraksh thing that you will not give till I not forgive you.why this forgiveness matters to you alot.he makes her stand.

Paro says I want forgiveness but its eating me inside that you think that I did that with bapu.believe me I cant do this .I just slightly throw his hand that day .I 

Rudra asks why you want me to believe who I am to you ?why you want forgiveness from this devil

Paro says dont say like this.you are my savior.I was worng saying u devil.it matters to me .how can u ask what you are to me .she take out her mangalsuter .you r my she stops and looks at him .

Rudra is stunned.he goes out and and thinks about her words.

Rudra comes to hall.

Rudra says last night I thought alot about ur words.I believe that you have regertion and I have place in your life 

Paro says you have.

Rudra says have to see how much you can go to reach to my forgiveness.

Paro says I can go any lenght but just give me forgiveness.he takes her to hall where all present he says you all know that paro wants forgiveness from me.I am ready to give it but she has to do something only then I will believe her.she herself said that she will do whatever I say.

Paro says yes.

Rudra says now u all are witness.he goes infrot of lord and takes sindoor box he opens it infront if paro.

Mohini murmured what is this new drama.

Rudra says will u marry me paro is stunned.he says what you said only that you will accept my any demand.answer me will u marry sumer.all are shocked.he asks yes r no.

Mohini shouts what joke is this my sumer will say no.rudra asks sumer to open bag he opens and sees mony .

Mohini says says you cant buy him he is not vegetable.

Sumer asks when I have to marry.

Rudra smiles and says today only.he give him sindoor box .

Rudra says groom is ready he asks paro are you ready he says should I take your silence as no what about that regeretion what about that thing which was eating you inside.what about fire inside you because of my doubt paro is in tears.


Rudra says prove yourself go from my life.

Paro asks u will forgive me ,you will get peace if I marry sumer 

Rudra looks on.

Paro says answer me.

He says yes......

He close his cubord but his doll fall down .Before paro sees he takes it and put cubored .he says dont you cant see it.its the only good,sweet,pure memory of my childhood a friendship of very small span it can heal my wounds but you will not understand.he says go out from my house.


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Jun 28, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 9 times)

Thanks to all my readers . please drop some comments and thank you .

In Mumbai:

Kushi: ready to go arnav home 

Payal and garima ask where you going kushi .

Kushi:maa I am going to arnavji house aunty called me ma .

Payal:asks why

Kushi:I don't know jiji .

Garima :says don't talk  like childish to ur aunty ok.

Kushi:says ok maa.Bye jiji bye maa.

Raizada house: 

Sandhya:asks arnav why are you slap her.this not good arnav.u did wrong so say sorry to her ok.

Arnav:maa she knows me .first time she did mistake so I slap her.second time I am just angry on rudra   .she don't hear my words so I angrily slap her .she will understand me.and I love her maa.

Sandhya :looks at her chote unbelievably .

Arnav:called her mom ...

Sandhya: says I am happy for u chote.she smiled brightly and hugged him.

Arnav:also hugged her back .and says mom she is talk like child please forgive her if she talk too much to u na .

Sandhya :says I know her very well c**** .u don't worry ok.

Kushi:came to raizada  house.

Arnav:sees her and smiled at her..

Sandhya:says come kushi why are you standing there.

Kushi:nods her head . namaste aunty .

Sandhya :says namaste.

Arnav:says mas I am leaving my room .

Sandhya:says it's ok chote u sit here.

Arnav:says ok he sit beside his mom.

Kushi :sit in opposite of arnav.she is tensed  .

Arnav:asks kushi u want coffee.

Kushi:says no it's ok .

Arnav:glared at her .

Kushi:says ok coffee.

Sandhya smiled seeing her she is afraid of her son .

Arnav:called hp one coffee.

Hp:ji baiya

Sandhya:how is ur mom,dad,payal,

Kushi:fine aunty.

Sandhya:asks then 

Kushi:look at arnav.

Sandhya:I am asking u kushi .why are you so silent today.why are you look at my son.

Kushi:don't know what to answer her questions.she stay silent .

Arnav:says mas please stop it she is scared of u .see her face.

Sandhya:smiled and asks kushi u really like this angry young man .

Kushi: looked at arnav.her heart beating very fast.she says woo woo aunty she closed her eyes and says yes.

Sandhya:asks kushi who proposed first u r chote.

Arnav:said I proposed her mom.kushi u remember na .say to ur aunty.

Kushi:says han aunty arnavji proposed me first.

Manoramma:came from beauty parlor.she sees kushi .

Kushi:says namaste aunty.

Manoramma:hello hai bye bye .ur looking beautiful.perfect for my arnav betuva.

Sandhya and mano likes kushi.

Arnav:says kushi come with me I will talk to you.

Kushi:look at sandhya and mano .

Sandhya says go kushi .

Kushi:says no it's ok aunty I will be with u.

Arnav: angrily leave from there.

Mano:says arnav betuva angry on  u kushi.u can go .

Kushi:nods her head and leaving upstairs.she knock the door .arnav pulled her inside room and closed the door.

Kushi is going to shout but arnav closed her mouth in his hand.she look at his eyes .arnav also look at her.arshi eye lock.

Arnav:move close to her.

Kushi : breathing heavily .

Arnav:asks r u k.

Kushi :says mm mm 

Arnav:oh I am sorry.he removed his hand .

Kushi:asks what are u doing arnavji.

Arnav:he move close to her .

Kushi:called arnavji she hold her shirt 

tightly.heart beaten fast .she said no arnavji .

Arnav:says I want. he move more close to her.

Kushi:says arnavji..I will go home ..

Arnav:says ok.he kissed her forehead.

Kushi :closed her eyes .

Arnav:says relax ok.

Kushi:asks when will u marry me.

Arnav: Tom I will talk to ur uncle .and then ur uncle will talk to ur dad .

Kushi:says I don't know why  .I miss u so much arnavji.

Arnav:ask r u k.

Kushi: crying if anything happen to u .I can't live without u arnavji.

Arnav:hugged her what happen kushi.any broplem.

Kushi:says I don't know I am afraid of that bad dream .

Arnav:asks what?

Kushi:han one bad dream .

Arnav:kushi please I don't believe in this all.

Kushi: keep crying.

Arnav:says kushi please .see I am fine ...

Don't cry .arnav Mobile ring he attended the call.and hugged her oneside.

Arnav:hello di.

Anjali:hi h r u chote .how is kushi.

Arnav:di she is fine .He look at kushi she is still crying thinking about that bad dream.

Anjali:called chote r u there.

Arnav:di I will call u later .he cut the call.

And says kushi please don't cry.

Kushi:hugged him tightly.

Arnav:hugged her .u will stay with me today .

Kushi:look at him widely.

Arnav:called Shashi mobile and says uncle today kushi will stay here .

Shashi:says ok arnav  .

Kushi:look at him .

Arnav:says come we will go down and eat together.

Ranawat house:

Parvati:opens rudra cupboard,she takes out doll and is stunned to see that it's her doll .she sees her embroidery on doll's dress.and recalls how she had thrown it towards rudra from bus.she says it's mine ,I had given it 15years back .this means rudra is the same guy,what a game god has played with us.

Parvati :hugs the doll and recalls rudra saying that it's only sweet,pure memory of his childhood.his friend for sometime but you will not understand,paro says I will understand because I am that girl.your friend .that's why I have seen u in my dream for many years.she recalls how she prayed that wish my husband would have name of Lord.she says it's rudra .it had to happen.my wish got fulfilled you are my rudra .you are savior.you are fate how I can be away from you .she says I have to tell you all this.

Sumer calls rudra and says all is fine .when you will give me money 

Rudra: asks did paro say yes .

Sumer says she is happy inside don't worry about her  .she is shy and who will say no to beautiful person like me.

Rudra says shut up donkey and ends the call.he recalls how he stopped  Sumer from wiping paros tears.he sees a cloth strip and recalls how paro tied it on his hand  .how she burnerd her hand showing her stubborn nature.he recalls laila's words that you have become her savior you  care for her, you have given right to her,she has made place in your heart.rudra gets angry and says no she doesn't affect me.i don't care.whom she is marrying .he gets call that award ceremony is about to start.he goes .

In award ceremony,major sing says that from years gun smuggling was done here.but rudra took responsibility and caught a fake baraties.rudra remembers pointing at paro.

Paro is running towards hall.

Major says  that rudra pratap ranawat exposed that Barat.ask him to come rudra is lost so Aman wakes him up .

Rudra comes on stage and gets medal.

Major asks rudra to say some words .

Rudra says some time back I was being questioned on this mission.i was confused to what to do but there was one man who said that he is with me.and he is proud of that.i am thankful to that friend

Aman smiles and nods.

Rudra says thanks all the soldiers who are not with us.rudra says I will fulfill my duty. This medal is not mine its of all officers,all Indians,this medal is of my father ,jaihind 

Parvati:comes there in hall.and screams majorsahab.rudra is pleasantly surprised.he comes down from stage.

Both of them remember all the moments.

They look at each other.

Rudra:asks what are you doing here.

Paro says I am here to tell you that it matters to me.

Rudra says you have to be in way of Jaipur now.what r u doing here.

Paro says I am not going anywhere.she says I have learned alot from you and learned  that one should never run from his broplems and tension.and you are not my tension so why should I go away from you.

Rudra says what are you saying 

Paro shows her doll to rudra.

Rudra is stunned and says I told you to not touch it.

Paro says strange what is mine you have made it yours and what should  be yours.you are fighting from her running from her .have you ever thought why that girl gave you this doll.

Rudra:says why you want to know .

Paro says I don't wanna know I wanna tell you .she says it was very hot that day and in that sunshine there was tears in that boys eyes was like rain .that tears gave her message .that she is not alone suffering,having pain someone else also in pain. She had to tell him to have patience and bear pain but she had nothing.she only had her doll so gave it to that boy .she says that meeting 15years I remember it like u major Sahab .

Rudra is stunned.

Paro says it's strange that were calling this doll as yours and was not allowing me to touch it but it was mine.it became yours like I because yours 

Rudra gets emotional and points that this is your doll.

Paro says it was connected to show me that you are not my enemy but my savior.like we were together when we didn't want it .it was our fate to be together so I will not go anywhere because I am standing where I should be,with u.she says finish this fight it's not good.i...now only she looks around that everyone is seeing .she says I am from conservative family .we don't say heart talks in front of everyone.we don't ask our soul mate to accept us but I had to come Infront.i have to say that parvati can be rudra only in whole world . parvati was of rudra and will always be.paro shows sindoorbox and says to rudra to accept her it's time to make me yours I am not born to be with Sumer or anyone.it will wrong with our relation.accpet me major .

She says it's time that rudra should accept his paro because parvati cannot be of anyone.make me yours.

Rudra holds her hand.she smiles he throws sindoorbox upward some falls on park's head.she is shocked.rudra holds paros hand and takes her away from there.

Rudra:says you wanna marry me 

Paro says you don't know what I am feeling for u.she says remember in childhood when bus was going you looked at me and I felt you came closer to me.

Rudra says it was childhood thing.i am not that rudra.

Paro says I know may things changed but not all because if all changes then you wouldn't have this doll with you.she says it's all fate that we met again.we came closer .

Rudra says stop this rubbish you have lost your mind.

Paro says I lost my heart too.

Rudra is shocked.

Paro says its not good that a girl say these things but I wanna tell you my heart talk to you .

Rudra says stop it .

Paro says for world you were fulfilling your duty but for me you were making our relation .

Rudra says what relation of madness foolishness

Paro says no it's of love.trust 

Rudra looks in her eyes.

Soldier comes and major has called you.

Rudra says paro to stop it now if you want to be here or not it's your decision.he hose out .

Paro says how to tell you it's a new beginning .

After sometime:

Rudra says to dhanveer that she made me embarrassed Infront of my seniors.

Dhanveer:says major sing is right .he doesn't want media to think that you played with paros feelings  for this mission.and all know ur her huspand.

Paro comes and says major Sahab 

Rudra says you came back again I told you  this is not your house.paro says you what my feelings my happiness.i will not go.

Rudra says I will throw you out .

Paro says you won't be able to send me away .I was with you all these in my doll's face.she says when we after 15 years my dress got stained of your blood because there should be some hint of you on me.she says today 

Rudra says today you wished Infront of all that you wanna marry me.i said noooo.

Paro says you never said no .

Rudra says I threw sindoor.

Paro says but you never said no  .paro says your answer was throwing sindoor.when you threw it.it came in my forehead.

Rudra says you have gone mad.it was by mistake.

Paro says its not first time that filled my maang.Remember you filled it by blood and said I am ur wife .I will not go anywhere .how can I wife go leaving her husband .

Rudra gets angry and  drags her out of house.

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Jun 29, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 5 times)

Thanks to all my readers.please press thank you button.and drop some comments please.

In Mumbai:

Raizada house:

Arnav and kushi came down .

Sandhya :asks kushi r u k na.ur looking dull.

Arnav:maa she is thinking about her bad dream.

Sandhya: laugh hearing this.

Arnav:maa please she is already crying a lot.then she will start cry again.

Kushi:look at him angrily.and she run to guest room.

Arnav:called her kushi 

Sandhya:also called her but she run from there cryingly.chote I am sorry.

Arnav:maa it's ok she is like this .I will handle her u don't worry.

Sandhya :nods and leave from there.

Arnav knock the door and called kushi open  the door .

Kushi:says leave me alone arnavji.

Arnav:ok I am leaving .I want to go long drive.

Kushi: shocked and says noooo.she open the door  .

Arnav: says I am sorry.

Kushi : please don't go long drive.

Arnav:says ok .come we will eat dinner first .

Arnav:asks maa where is dadi 

Sandhya says she is in her room.

Arnav:mobile ring.he busy with his mobile .

Kushi,sandhya,and mano talking each other.

Mano:says kushi don't get scared ok.it was just dream bad dream ok.

Kushi:smiled and says ok mamiji.

Ranawat house:

Rudra tells paro that the whole story began with the gudiya?keep it he throws the gudiya on paro's face.he says it been here coz I forgot to throw it away and I don't remember the girl . Who gave gudiya and don't remember the boy too...left him behind long back.....got the gudiya now leave .no more bonds ...no more ties ... everything is over.he closes the door on paro....he is emotional but acts touf..he tells everyone that the show is over go....

Dhanveer :says the poison in paros heart against BSD is gone now u r her choice .the past days of ur fake wedding are now pleasant memories for her.ur a soldier...but she is a woman.ur name is on her hand and for a girl like her .who is brought up tradition.she can't forget all this.u think from ur head and she from her heart.its not easy to forget all and propos u Infront of everyone so whatever she said was from the heart.

Rudra says feeling of heart don't change overnight.

Dhanveer says a moment is enough.

Rudra says love is not meant for me.and even if it did .can't think of spending my life with her.

Mohini gives money to rudra .and says these 3 lacs u gave to my son to buy him today I bought him back rudra takes and walks off.

Rudra keeps looking at the door and recollects paros words ...of wanting rudra to marry her.rudra open the door and can't find paro and runs to go back but then sees her her sleeping at the stairs holding the gudiya.wind is blowing and rudra walks to paro..he watches her with pained expression..he bends and suddenly spots sindoorbox on her forehead.he freezes he walks back.

Paro wakes up from the sound of door slamming she asks her gudiya if rudra had come to see her.she smiles...

Sumer is angry on mohini.she is not let him go to Jaipur.

Mohini :thinks herself this rudra will be out  of this house na .no one come there in this house . arnav and slash never came here rudra is not in this house .then every property is mine and my son's only.i will kick out this rudra and his dad.

Paro talks to gudiya and says won't leave he said story is over.how our story is not even half done just now.i have started  to understand him ..i know it feels as if I lost.

He broke my heart twice.but i am not depressed.rather hopeful and also confident to fight.paro sys happened fist time.everything feels new.paro tells gudiya did what all told me to till now but for first time today I wanna do something.manmani wanna do what I want. even if they think I am stubborn

I want to stay with rudra.i like staying with him.it give me happiness..and I will get my happiness.and will teach him how to smile..paro says there is still a child in him and I will bring it out.be it by bring it or scolding it.will teach him to live once more.but for this have to stay inside the house.will fight.

Mohini says if talking to toys can get things done .folks won't need weapons . mohini asks paro to intro her to the toy .mohini introes herself and teases paro about being mother in law of paro mohini tells paro to come with her inside the house.

Paro says rudra won't like.

Mohini says if he will like u sitting outside in the open .I am here as ur side ...come with me and rudra won't be able to say anything.

Paro asks mohini what u want return

Mohini says nothing.and if I need will tell u later.mohini says had offered to help u when u wanted to run away.u din take wanna help u now.when u wanna go close to rudra .. but still u don't agree.

Paro says I don't trust.

Mohini :but I need to convince rudra.am innocent and for that need to take her help...mohini self thought ...u r so foolish rudra hates u.n can't stay where u stay am sure he will walk out seeing you here.

Paro in kitchen.mythili comes there.paro says thank u for trusting me .I did not do anything papusa.

Mythili says but how to prove rudra .

Paro says papusa told him .I trust shivji.she came out of the kitchen.

Rudra:asks what are u doing here.

Paro tries to talk but rudra dragging her out but mohini comes and says she din ..dare..I supported her and brought her back.do u have any broplem

Rudra:asks who r u.

Sumer:says how dare u.

Mohini:says relax Sumer.and she tells I brought u here and she will stay here else u and ur dad have go out of here.

Sumer:says my mom have heart of gold otherwise you and your  dad had brought embarrassment to this house 15year back and now this girl.rudra is about to hit him but paro stands in-between and stops rudra.

Paro says major Sahab ,

Sumer is about put paro aside but rudra takes her aside and says don't u dare .now don't say a word else I will throw u get angry because of and a bulk sorry that I don't listen to u.

Rudra says no u sorry that you came in house.

Paro says because it's not mistake and why I should be sorry for that.

Rudra says to paro that u took kaki help and came in house but doesn't mean this house is yours I can throw you out right now.

Paro says I know but you also know that I will come again and again because coming in this house winning your trust is not worng for me.i have pure feelings for u then how it can be worng 

Rudra says ok be here in some corner but don't show your face to me.i don't wanna see ur face of liar girl like u.paro is hurt.he leaves .paro says ok major Sahab I will do what you say .I will not show my face to you but I will prove my innocence.

Rudra comes back from outside.he is knocking gate .paro comes and thinks that must be major Sahab.she opens gate and hides behind gate 

Rudra closes gate .paro turns before he could see her face and hose from there.paro comes in kitchen and says he must be hungry.she says what if comes here.i can't show my face to him.she tries to take veil on her head but her dori of blouse gets open .she tries to close it but couldn't not reach .rudra comes there ,he sees her dori open and turn his face to other side .paro is shy.rudra sees her having difficulty tying dori so he comes to her both look at each other little.he ties dori .paro feels shy.she is tensed rudra gose  from there .paro looks on.

After sometime :

Paro comes with food in rudra's room.she have veil on her face.

Rudra comes there.wind blows paros veil comes off .she runs and pumps in to rudra.she hides her face in his jackets and says now I am not showing my face please don't be angry,he pushes her away and says are you mad .paro hides her face with curtain  ,paro says you get angry seeing my face so I hide it.rudra says is it a joke .he says I am tired listening to you ****.he ask where are all ,

Paro says all have gone to mandir.

Rudra:says did you send them.

Paro asks why?

Rudra:some days back I hate u alot like you use to hate me.but I had respect for you.that you have shame.you keep in limits but now I get to know that you are not only fool but shameless girl , what are you doing by hugging me.taking off your dupatta and that dori you must have opened it.you want to come closer to me.

Paro says enough.belive me 

Rudra says it's like slang from women's mouth.rudra takes off curtain and says behind this beautiful face you have impure plans,i feel suffocated around you.

Paro says you hate me .you think I am shameless,

Rudra:says yes,if you have little shame then go from here .I hate you.

Paro says you never seen Love,

Rudra asks what you want ,

Paro says your pardon.

Rudra :says you want my forgiveness then I am forgive you calling me devil,for going with thakur I  mean ur dad for hurting me and my family.he drags her to porch and says I am forgetting that you push my dad.now you will go .

Paro says no...I want to make you see my lo.... Rudra says enough,dont say a word ,paro says I didn't say it and you listened it because you listened my heart as always.

Paro says I  will not go. Rudra says I will never be yours

Paro says shivji says same to parvati that he will never love her but he loved her.

Rudra says it was story only.

Paro says our life is story too .you meeting me 15years back .then meeting after 15years saving me.it was all story ,

Rudra says it's ended , paro says no our story is started this mangalsuter.now I will never allow it to end.rudra says it was fake marriage no use of this mangalsuter he broke that mangalsuter .

Paro is shocked.and says we will maryy again.

Rudra says that will never happen.

Paro says to rudra that I will take courage from parvati maa who waited for shivji,who loved him selflessly ,she know that one day shivji will come and he accepted her Love.

Rudra says he accepted her but I am not god,dont show me ur face,stand here.

Paro says I will..

Rudra asks will you be able to do that,rudra says to paro you think you can do what parvati ji did then do me favor keep standing here .

Paro says if you say then I will stand on one feet.

Rudra says don't come inside till I call you,he leaves .

Paro says now I will do what you say,she says I will do anything for you.i will follow parvati maa .I will stand her on foot.

Mohini comes she says to Sumer what Is this new drama.sumer gets a call from client ,he says you have to return my money.sumer says my mom crested .some issues but I will arrange money.he says I will arrange it by to night.

Mythili comes and tells mohini that rudra asked her to stand here like this.

Mohini says nobody will talk about it.tell this to Samrat and sunehri too.they have from porch.

Sumer comes to rudra and says I don't ask you money.you came to me and give me money but maa gave it back to you rudra says it was a deal it didn't finalize so why should I give you money.sumer says I don't have any fault ,paro didn't like my taj Mahal but you BSD Mahal I didn't ask her to get flat on you.he says I need money brother please give it.he sits in rudras feet and ask for money and says my marriage broke too.,rudra says it wouldn't have happened if you were real man ,he throws him out.sumer gets angry and says now I will show that I am man you hurt my male ego.

Mythili comes to paro and says kushi wants to talk to you.

Paro says I don't want talk to her now.say her .

Mythili says kushi .kushi says I heard her voice  .leave it di.and she cut the call .

Rudra is wiping dilsher's feet , dilsher's says where is parvati .

Rudra don't give him answer.

Dhanveer:comes and says it's not she is standing outside.

Rudra says is bearing her own mistakes.

Dilsher:what are you saying dhanveer.he gets angry on rudra  and says I told na she don't do anything .she push me but I am not falling .some goons did this  to me may be that thakue men's.

Rudra says ranawat please rest .dont support some random girl .

Dilsher says she is ur wife u said like that to me and ur brothers.

Rudra :I said that's for her safety and for my mission .that marriage is fake .

Dilsher:says u never change .ur really a devil.

Dhanveer: says people are gossiping how she came in award ceremony ,rudra says I didn't ask her to come and show sindoorbox  to world.

Dhanveer:says what about gossips? Rudra says what should I do Infront of this stubborn girl.dhanveer says calm down.

Outside paro is having difficulty in standing on one feet. She loses her balance ,she folds her hands and prays to God to help her.and dont make her fall.

Mythili comes to paro and says dilsher is now perfectly fine.

Paro says I want to meet him but I will not come till he calls me inside.

Mythili says u know he is stubborn.and kushi says she not going to eat anything until u talk to her.

Paro says I know but I will stand here till he calls me .it's been just 3hours and parvati maa stood like this for shive for many time.its a exam for us both.and please convince kushi to eat.mythili says ok and she leaves from there.

In night:rudra is with dilsher.dilsher ask about paro..outside heavy rains starts and paro gets drenched in it standing there.rudra doesn't answer dilsher.he says are you deaf ,I know everything,rudra says you know that she try to kill u still u wanna see her  .rudra says you take rest.

Dilshar chock little ,rudra gets worried . dilsher says you must be missing our small scuffs,you attitude to me and our tension,rudra gives I don't care expression,he says sleep ranawat,dilsher says what ?he says sleep bapusaa dilsher smiles.

Outside paro is fully drenched in water Sumer clicks her picture hiding behind bushes and thinks now I will tell you what I can do rudra pratap ranawat.

Dilsher asks rudra to bring paro.rudra asks him to sleep.he closes curtain and sees paro standing on a foot in rain.he is stunned,he says paro .. this girl ,he runs to porch ,he comes to her and says have you gone mad.what is this madness.

Paro says u came 

Rudra says why are u standing in rain .

Paro says u said that you will believe on Love.if I stand here ,he says lower down your foot,paro lowers down foot and it's paining alot ,he ask is it paining alot.she looks at his concern paro falls on rudra unconscious,he hugs her , paro blabbers now you believe me?he ask paro ....he sees her unconscious and is affected by her action.

Rudra lifts her in his arms and takes her inside the house.he takes her to his room and puts her in bed. Paro blabbers do you believe on my love?he says calm down.he turns to leave but paro holds his hand,rudra says I am not going anywhere.

I am here.he wipes water from her face.he outs blanket on her .paro is feeling cold in wet clothes.rudra says paro ur coth need to be changed.

Rudra comes to Mythili and says I need ur help ,paro is wet,change her clothes.she says okay .they come to paro she puts hand on her foot.paro winces in pain.rudra holds paro's foot and says be careful she is having pain.

Mythili smiles seeing his Care for her.she says you go out and change .he says be careful.mythili says don't worry .he goes out closing door .

Rudra changes his clothes and recalls how paro was standing in rain on one feet,

He is tensed .he says this girl has gone mad.

Dilsher says it right ..she is mad because how can a cute girl like her can like u.when she talks it's like honey and you talk but bite.

Rudrsays you should be her father.

Dilsher says you are mistaken to not see her and not understanding her .when I saw her first in cupboard I was sure you both have something.dilsher says she said that she loves u and wants to maryy u .

Rudra says there was whole community when she said that.

Dilsher says what about you.

rudra says I am angry on her.

Dilsher says you always angry.but it's time to wake up ,things are changing rapidly,wakeup..

Rudra comes to paro and checks her fever 

Mythili says she is fine don't worry.

Rudra says I am not worried but she is mad to stand in rain like this.he says he will put wet cloth in her forehead.

Mythili says you go and sleep.i will do it.she calls me jija.

Rudra takes cloth and says I will do it.

Mythili says u don't care for her then why you took her inside ,let her remain outside getting drenched in water.

Rudra says she got unconscious

Mythili says so what if she lying unconscious in rain then she was suffering because if her madness.why you took her inside.

Rudra says I took her inside out of humanity even after knowing that tried to kill my dad .

Mythili says no she was not paro .u just asks ur dad.but I don't think you need to see them because somewhere you know paro can't do that,you just believed that just keep paro away from u.she says to rudra when will you hide your love for paro,you say you are doing this for humanity .but I had seen when paro was wincing in pain you too had pain on your face.i know you will not accept it because you dont want to that paro is something to you.

Rudra says thanks for your help.

Mythili says sorry and leaves.

Rudra says to paro that you are nothing to me .u mean nothing.paro is sleeping in bed.she turns her head  her head is about to fall from pillow. Rudra holds her face putting his hand on her cheeks.he sets her head.and looks at her thoughtfully.he places chair beside bed and sits there looking  at paro.he keeps hand on bed to save paros head from falling . paro turns and sleeps on his hand.she holds his hand ,he is about to take off his hand but stops himself .

Kushi:called Mythili she asks about parvati.mythili says everything to her .she says I will call her tomorrow and cut the call .

In morning:paro wakes up and sees her head resting on rudra's hand.she gets up rudra too wakes up,he checks paro's fever and says it's gone,paro asks I am here.

Rudra says I brought u here.paro see her cloth changed.and my cloth who...

Rudra doesn't answer her.she says major Sahab I am asking something.

Mythili comes and says storm came and it's still there.she asks are you ok.paro says I am fine . mythili you must be as rudra took care of you whole night he was awake.paro looks at him .he leaves.

Paro asks my cloth ... mythili says I changed them.rudra was so worried for u.

Paro asks he was tensed . mythili says yes he was not allowing me to touch you till I assured him that I will take care .paro says why he did that? Mythili says ask him.she says now get fresh.she leaves .paro remember Mythili words.

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Jun 30, 2017

Raizada and ranawat family (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 7 times)

Thanks to all please press thank you button.and comments please.

Raizada house:

Sandhya:says Raj our chote fall in love  .

Raj:ask what ? Who is that unlucky girl.my son is always loves his laptop,mobile ,his pa Aman,offic  how this happen .

Sandhya: glared at him .and says kushi Kumari Gupta .ur sister daughter.

Raj:is very happy and asks really.

Sandhya :says we will go your sister house and ask them.what you say.

Raj:says Payal is there.how garima is agreed kushi to  get married first.

Sandhya :we will asks them first then decide ok.

Raj says ok.where is chote.

Sandhya:sees he is talking with mobile.

Raj :also sees him he talking with his mobile and Laughing.raj looked at sandhya.

Sandhya : smiled and says he is talking to kushi I think like that.

Raj:says ok.anyway he is smiling .I want my son happiness that's it.

Rudra gets aman's call who ask him to come to headquarters.rudra ask what happened.major sing takes call and ask rudra to come fast ,rudra leaves for headquarter.

Dilsher comes to paro ,she is happy seeing him.she says I am sorry.

Dilsher says it's ok.u don't do anything.my son is a fool.dilsher says I saw daughter's love in your eyes.he says not to cry.i went to mandir as I wished that rudra will get a girl with whom I can leave him.he says I know he is not accepting you.but he is not bad.what he is today is because of me and his mother.who left him.i went out my anger all these years Infront of rudra so he bitter but don't lose hope.he shows saree and says it's of rudra's mother.he says I let her go because she wasn't mine but what's yours don't leave him.he says I still take her as my wife.he blesses her to be happy and leaves.paro looks at saree and says I promise bapusaa I will never break your trust.

Major sing gives newspaper to rudra and says I told you to take this lightly and think with brain.its successful but we lost respect,trust of people,other major ask that you said to world that you are marrying her.rudra says that marriage was part of mission she also knew that it's just fake marriage.

Major :then what was that which happened in award function.after that day she is at your home.

Rudra says she herself came.

Major:says you asked her to stand her in rain

Rudra: says I told her something and she took it wrongly,

Major:says that people hate us so you do such things ,major says media thinks that you are incompetent for BSD,major says you can't be on duty till you solve this matter.

Rudra says I don't know whether that girl or someone from your house leaked that oics but you can't be here till you finish this matter.

Major ask rudra to go but gives gives badges,his hat and everything first.

rudra gives his hat .gun belt,aman takes off his badges,rudra is very much hurt.

otherside in house:

paro gets ready wearing that red saree which dilsher gave her .she wears earring.

otherside : badges are being snatched one by one from rudras uniform.he is in tears.

paro wears necklace and smiles.she prays to God to help her.

In night:rudra is drinking .he recalls how paro asked him to marry her in award function.he recalls how she said that a wife can't leave her huspand ,how she told him he filled her maangRemember unknowingly.how she stood in rain.how major sing said that you can't be on duty till you solve this matter.

Rudra comes home drunk and shouts paro paaaroo. mirror in which paro was looking gets broken.

rudra keeps shouting paro paarooo.she comes out.

Mohini: says why you are shouting she is in home.didnot go Jaipur,

rudra says I am calling paro not you.he calls her again.she comes in hall.

Mohini:sees her wearing saree and says oh paro is wearing rudras mom's saree.

rudra comes to her and sees saree ,he says come .he will brings her in center of hall,he ask what about your foot strength,your eyes shine,your confidence where is all this .after what happened you should be happy afterall.you won,paro ask what.rudra says you should get award in lie,drama and deciet rudra shows her newspaper and says your cheap trick is being published.you proved that rudra promised a innocent girl to married.played with her feelings and when she expresses her love Infront of people he took her to his house and now doing this cruelty with her.

paro says major Sahab..

rudra says don't call me major.

dhanveer comes,rudra says tell her what happened in BSD.

dhanveer says we will talk later.

Rudra says what about that which happened in headquarters,they took all my badges,said that I am not competent for BSD.belived this liar girl.he says they didn't say we will talk later they took decision that time only.

paro says why are you saying this  .I can promise that I didn't do anything this.i can promise that I didn't do anything,

Rudra says you always say that you are innocent what about that insult when you said you love me Infront of people and now you are staying in my house.you proved that you are innocent and me a cruel man played with your feelings but 

you will now say that it's all fate.its all fate that you sat in bus Infront on me.it was fate that I saved you from your fake dad.it was fate that you are with me.but your fate is my ill fate.after meeting you I had to lose my uniform because of me.i never lost any war but lost in my home.i lost to you paro.maa parvati took 7births to win shivji but you managed to finish it in some days,

paro says believe me I didn't publish this news.i just asked you fill sindoorbox my maang.

Rudra says I was saying same thing ,I will fill your maang now.

mohini: ask what are you doing.

Rudra  says marriage.rudra goes to mandir in home.and says we have to manage everything from home,he takes things from there.he says what  about havan kund,he takes pot for it,he puts clothes in pot.

Dhanveer asks what are you doing.

Rudra says you all are guest but I have nothing for them but I started to get attach to you if you want that attachment so stay out of it.he says to paro to lets get married.he puts oil in pot and says wish ranawat was here .he went to pray but don't know what's remain to pray,he says lets start wedding he says I will bring wood.

Mythili tries to stop him but Samrat stops her.

Rudra breaks chachis chair for wood,she shouts rudra,he says now fire he wears dupatta puts fire at its end and brings it to pot,he lits fire in havan kund and says marriage of rudra and paro.

Rudra says we need bandit but in this marriage groom is enough for every thing.

Rudra says you wanted to marry,wanted to become one.paro says not like this.he comes close to her shoulder and ask to say again ,she says you have broplem with this too.everytime you want your style.but now it will be Rudra's style.he says no more drama,we will do marriage directly,he puts dupatta around his neck and ties it with paro's saree for gathbandhan.he holds her hand and starts taking phera,he says 1st promise that for you blinded love you will ask nothing from me.2nd promise that like you never trusted me you will never ask trust from me.3rd promise that I will always be away from your beauty.4th promise that like my respect was snatched ,my soul was screaming but nobody listened same way you will scream for whole life but nobody will listen 5th promise that our relationship will be like you have never imagined in you worst dream.6th promise that I will answer your stubbornness with my stubbornness.7th promise that you will never get happiness and will not allow you to be happy and now 8th phera only for u,he pulls her towards him and take phera while holding her in arms ,he says rudra will never be of paro.he leaves her.he brings sindoor and says you wanted sindoor in your maang.he puts sindoor on paro's forehead and throws box.paro closes her eyes,he shows her mangalsuter (thread) and ties it around her neck ,paro in tears looks at him.he says happy marriage Mrs rudra pratap ranawat.he days clap and thanks for coming in marriage.he leaves to his room .

Paro feels dizzy and falls on ground, mythili ask sunehri to bring water ,mohini is unable to react.mythili gives her water.

Dhanveer says he did that in anger and bhaisa is not here.

Mohini says it was a plan that he is not here.she came in this house to write name here.rudra he married himself,she says now your brother will come and says oh what happened.now leave it give them blessings

Mohini says now after sometime small smoke girl will be running here and there.she says remember dilsher said that rudra will get married 1st and he will have grand child ,she says now what you all are seeing ,lets leave from here all leaves.

Dhanveer comes back and says to paro that what happened was not in good way but truth is you are now daughter inlaw of this house and we will welcome you like a daughter in law.maithili , Samrat,abd sunehri comes with Pooja thali,she ask paro to get up ,they take paro to gate and puts kalash Infront of her.maithili do paro's aarthi ,paro touches dhanveer's feet he blesses her to be married ,paro touches mythili's feet,she hugs her and says I have nothing to give u but hope God give you everything , sunehri also hugs her ,paro throws kalash and comes in ,she puts feet in red water and is about to come in .rudra comes and says I made her  bahu so why doing rituals alone Mrs rudra pratap ranawat.he lifts her in his arms,dhanveer ask where you taking her,he says she is my wife ,so suhaagraat must happen.he takes her to his room.and disbalances ,he says I am not that drunk that I will put u on ground .he makes her sit on bed.and closes door.he comes to paro she is afraid,he leans to her and takes viscky bottle from side table .he sits on ground and says this drink is for Mr and Mrs rudra pratap .

Paro says enough you have drank a lot.

Rudra says you are taking like wife he says another glass for losing my bad job.paro gives him milk.rudra says sit,rudra says to paro to drink ,paro says I don't drink milk.my health becomes weird.

Rudra says drink it .I will not drink wine if u drink it.paro says ok I will.she puts hand on her nose ,she drinks glass in one go.rudra says good.now one more ,paro says my health will become bad please stop it.rudra says one dialogue for u.

Rudra says till when you are drinking milk I will not drink wine.if you stop I will start drinking again.paro starts drinking milk .she drinks another glass .rudra points to jug she drinks whole jug .rudra looks at her.paro feels vomiting and runs to washroom.rudra says come out paro.he pulls her out and gose in wash room.he vomits too.paro ask are you Alright.he comes out of wash room.he looks at paro and is about to fall .paro tries to balance home and they both fall on ground.in process with rudra on top of paro ,rudra sleeps being drunk ,paro drags him to bed with much difficulty.she makes him sit then then tries to put him on bed.she is unable  to lift him.after much problem she pulls him to bed ,she takes out his shoes,rudra sleeps on whole bed.paro puts her sheet on floor and sleeps there.

In night:paro feels noise in room.and says rat ,she runs and stand on bed she sits beside rudra on bed.rudra holds her hand in sleep,paro looks at him and lays down beside him holding his hand.she keeps looking at him and sleeps.its morning rudra wakes up and is stunned to see paro sleeping beside him.he ask paro gets up.he ask what are you doing in bed.paro says there was rat on ground ,rudra asks what are you doing my room.paro says last night .rudra says saree , sindoor what's all this.you started your drama again .paro says what you did this.paro says last night, rudra ask what ,he says my heada is aching go from here.paro gets up to go and recalls their marriage last night.how rudra had put sindoor and mangalsuter to her.

Paro comes to Mythili and says that he doesn't remember anything not even our marriage.rudra comes and says paro I asked you to go in kitchen to make tea.cant I ask this wife from my wife. Mythili says she was saying you don't remember marriage.rudra says who forgets his own marriage.he says paro I am asking something.go don't worry I will not forget anything neither will allow you  to forget it my Mrs.

Sumer gets money for proving pictures to media .he is happy that he will buy drinks.he throws envelope of money in dustpin.all sits for breakfast,

Rudra says what happened last was thing between me and my wife nobody will say a word about it .

Mohini says that is ok.but where is your wife.

rudra says I asked her for tea ,where is she ,he calls her name .paro is sitting in room sadly.

Mohini:says to rudra that control her she is not listening to you from now have control on her .

Rudra says wish somebody had told this to chacha,he gose to check paro.

Mohini says I am going market she ask dhanveer that ur son said nobody will talk about his marriage. What will you do now.

Paro is sitting on ground with mirror broken Infront of her.rudra comes there and says didn't you listen to my voice,paro says I am not understanding what are you doing and why,rudra sits beside her and says to understand that because of u my job ,my respect is at stake.you wanted marriage I did.i will fulfill my every promise that I took in phera,have friendship with tears because they will be with you for whole life.paro unknowingly put hand on mirror piece.she winces rudra ask to show him her hand it's bleeding,

Paro says you feel happy seeing my tears then why you are worrying seeing my blood.tears give more pain.rudra holds her hand and says don't show me attitude,i am ur huspand I have this right,

It's bleeding,he wipes her blood with handkerchief and cares for her wound paro looks at him.he ties handkerchief on her hand..rudra ask paro it's paining .he says be careful now .he takes glass pieces from there.he looks at her and says don't take it seriously that I was saying i have right like huspand.he says I was saying it because I don't know when you click  photo and sent it to media. rudra comes out and is throwing mirror pieces in dustbin and gets the envelope from there .he says this mean picture are leaked from house only.he recalls major saying that may be that girl or somebody from your house leaked photos.

Paro is doing work . mythili says don't do this as it's your 1st day.after marriage,eudra comes there and shows envelope to all ,he says someone from house sent picture to newspaper.sumer gets  tensed,he says money received from this latter is fake I got this news from sources

 ,Sumer get more tensed.so who who ever tried to this thing tell me .he did foolish act.rudra gives envelope to paro ,paro says why are you giving it to me.maithili says who can do this ,rudra looks at paro,

Paro says don't look at me like this ,I didn't do it.rudra says who tried to do wrong with me,he also got bad in return,. 

He leaves.

Sumer in room thinks how to check whether they are fake.rudra comes and says see in light ,rudra says u earned money on my name so we should do party,he says leave it , you also have to go doctor.sumer ask why,rudra is about to punch him and stop,he says because of your lust my uniform is taken from me.sumer says your uniform is taken from me.sumer says your uniform doesn't have problem with me.but with paro,rudra 

Says because of u I lost my respect in BSD that for my mission I used this girl.

Mohini  says enough all leaves from there.rudra is about to go.but paro hold his hand .and says now you believe me.that I didn't send these pictures,if blame from me is taken off then now you will set everything right? Will take out poison? Rudra takes her with him.

Rudra takes paro to room.paro says you do so much mistake.what you think that I married you because of these pics.you never listened to me.when I said thakur is worng.when I said ur marriage is also drama .when I was said that thakur is not ur dad.when I asked to sign papers.when I asked you to go from ceremony you didn't listen to me but when I asked you to stand there on one feet ,from which mud you women are created ,he holds her tightly .

Mohini says I will take revenge from paro as rudra will be hurt as she is his wife .rudra will be hurt.she says if we prove rudra as huspand who beats his wife then what will bsd do .

Paro says to rudra I will never wanted this to happen to your job,rudra says because of you all thinks that I hurt women,just for that moment,he leaves her.

Mythili comes there and says can I take paro with me.paro nods ,rudra says remember whether anything happen but his bitterness in our relation ,this hatred in our relation will never end.

Mythili says to paro that you must have listened to ritual paag phera .

Paro says I know but I can't go to Mami.

Mythili says what if your jija do this ritual for u.paro hugs her,mythili opens her rooms door which is decorated,maithili gifts her clothes,paro come after wearing it,mythili does aarti,mythili makes her wear bangles and says keep fighting for right of this relation.soon his anger will vanish and your trust will win , paro says yes I will win his love and smile.my home will create.

Paro comes to her room.rudra looks at her dress and says we have to go to bsd.paro says I will change ,rudra says why you are looking nice.he says I mean it's good you look like new nurse,lets go,

Mythili says have faith in your heart that you will get your husband.

Rudra and paro are in office.he says meet sir without any drama,paro says for you it's drama but for me everything is pure about this relation.

Major sing comes there.rudra says after marrying her I have given her respect then why delay in my job,major says it's about women respect.media is asking that the way we give free had to our soldiers.rudra says show them face of paro.he ask paro to tell how much happy you are.major says your asking her or warning her .

Paro says I wanna say that I wanted this marriage and I will fulfill it for life.major says they will not agree with this .Major says some welfare team will come to your house,they will see your lives then will decide,you have to behave nicely it's like exam it will decide your career.

In Mumbai:

Sandhya and Raj came to kushi house and talk about kushi arnav marriage.

Shashi says I have sometime.

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