OS - Basanti!!

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Jun 29, 2017

OS - Basanti!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 98 times)

" Hey what's up buddy?" NK wrapped his arms around his friend, Arnav's shoulder.

" Cool bro.. " Arnav hive five with him, and sat on a bench of their college.

" What's the plan for today?" NK asked cheerfully.

" Busy with studies.." Arnav replied with a cheeky smile.

" Seriously yaar.. Books and you are like Ram Leela.. How much they tried to be together, but at the end got separated and died too!! In your case, you are going to sleep!!" NK laughed at his friend face.

" Ram Leela became one okay, didn't you hear the last dialogue in the movie?!.. And by the way, behind my nerdy mood today there is a Basanti.." Arnav whispered his secret to his friend.

"Basanti?" NK asked with wide eyes.

" Yes Basanti joined our college few days ago, didn't saw her bunking yaar.. So pakka nerdy type.. That's why today Arnav is going to take help from Leela (books) to get Basanti.." Arnav spoke proudly of his plan.

" Ohh I got it..good luck Gabbar.." NK said taking his bag to leave.

" Heyy why Gabbar?" Arnav asked frowning.

" Gabbar villain hain na.. He does bad things, so what can I call a lazy and prankster student like you? Hero?" NK laughed at his face and went running to save himself from his friend who wanted to beat him.

Arnav went to the library, he made a sullen face at the entry itself.

" Oh God. Save me from this silence.. How come that Basanti manages to stay here all day?.. Calm down Arnav.. Relax, think this as place where you will find many Leelas (books), who will help you be friend with this nerdy Basanti.." He breathed in and out and took one step inside the library.

" Wow.. So many Leelas (Books)" he said surprised, being one of laziest student, he never bothered to come and check his own university library, because for him everything is in the internet also!!

" Heyy.. If you came here to torture the girls, it's better for you to go back.." the old lady responsible to take care of old library scolded him, she knows how naughty Arnav is.

" No no.. I came here with good intentions only.." he almost cursed this old lady, who always scolds him.

" Good intentions my foot.. You're bad influence for these girls, they stop concentrating on their studies whenever you're near.." she scolded him adjusting her specs.

" Ohh Good influence ji.. What's my problem if they can't concentrate when I'm near? Should I stop coming to college because of them?" Arnav replied to her, adjusting his invisible specs like her.

" Look.. You're crossing your limits you spoilt kid" the lady was red now.

" I'm not a kid madamji.. and I will complain with the principal about you.." he warned her.

" What will you complain?" she asked shocked.

" That Good influence is trying to make me leave college because girls look at me.. Then we both will have the same name - Bad influence!!" Arnav smirked scaring the old lady, this time Arnav adjusted the specs for her.

" Should I go in?" he asked with a winning smile.

" Go go.. " the lady said with a defeated sigh.

He searched for some good books, but all of them had the same boring face to him.

"Why are all Leelas (books) upset today?" he pouted.

Behind him was a girl, looking for a book also.

" Is he mad? Where is Leela here?" she thought looking around herself.

" Ouch.. Leela you had to fall on me now, are you giving me punishment for not touching you? Let alone look at you na?" Arnav said and knelt down to take the book that fell on him, and then on the floor.

" No no..is he talking with this book?" the girl looked at him with big eyes.

Arnav heard some mumblings sounds, he looked up and found his Basanti!!

" Heyy Basanti.. " he smiled and left the book fell again from his hand.

" Basanti?? " she asked confused.

"What's your name Basanti?" he asked eager to hear her name.

" I won't tell you my name..you flirty Gabbar.." she left angrily with a book on her hand, why all the boys are the same? She thought and sighed sitting on a chair, she left her books and took out her pencil to start taking notes.

" Kateeli teri ankhiyaan jaise nok nukeeli knife da (Your sharp eyes are like the sharp point of some knife)" he sang for her, while pushing the chair to sit beside her.

" And I will use my sharp eyes to kill you if you don't leave me in peace" she glared at him.

Arnav gulped scared of this girl: Angry Basanti!!

Khushi looked at him and grinned: Irritating Gabbar.. Just leave me okay, don't even try to flirt with me, because I'm not that type of girl..

Arnav smiled and beat her shoulders playfully: Oh don't worry Basanti, I don't have problem.. I flirt with every type of girl..

Khushi widened her eyes: Disgusting Gabbar..

Arnav thought: Oops.. I made my situation worse than it was!!

Khushi ignored him and started taking her notes again.

Arnav started playing with her books: Oh God Boring Basanti.. I heard girls don't get along well, you leave this Leela alone and come with me outside, Leela must so bored with you Basanti.. Let's go somewhere away from this haunted place.." Arnav said making a yuck expression at the library, then grabbed Khushi's hand to make her leave the place.

" Ohh hello.. This book is Leela for you, then for me he is Ram, got that Ram!!" Khushi shoved his hands.

" Hey that hurts Basanti, I just took help from Leela to get close to you, and you're betraying me with Ram?" Arnav pouted.

" You're completely mad and disgusting also" Khushi glared at him, she kept her things on her bag and walked to leave.

" I'm just telling the truth.." Arnav said innocently!!

Khushi shook her head and went from there..

"Hey Basanti tere ghar ka address bol de (Hey basanti, tell me the address of your home)" Arnav shouted after he left the library behind her.

" Go to Ramgarh.." she shouted back and disappeared from his vision.


" Basanti?????" his family asked simultaneously shocked.

" Chote now who is she? New prey of yours?" Anjali giggled.

"No.. This time it's true love.. You know kuch kuch hota hai Anjali, you won't understand!!" he hugged his sister from behind.

" Aww you don't understand that it's wrong to play with girl's feelings my Rahul" Anjali turned to him and cupped his face.

" Di she is the one.. I even felt bells ringing in my heart.. tang tang tang..." he smiled.

Anjali laughed out loudly: You're completely mad Chote.. Let's see how much time this true love prevails!!

Arnav sat on the sofa and said " Life time Di", then he kissed his Nani's cheek, then his mami..

He was about to kiss his father, when he gasped shocked: Yuck.. I just saw Basanti in you Dad!!

Dev shook his head: What? Have you gone mad? You should see how your father is one of the biggest business and start a friendship with your books also, to maintain my reputation intact..please my son.. Save your dear daddy from your mother..she keeps eating my brain saying that you don't study at all, you know I don't have any problem..

Arnav giggled: Chill Dad.. I have got good marks..

Dev smiled and shook his head: Pagal.

Ratna, his mother glared at both: You don't have problem Dev, because you were a flirt like your son now.. And what good marks Arnav? By cheating right?

Arnav winked at his mother: Smart mumma I have..

All laughed at the crazy member they have in the family, but still a loveable one. No one can stay angry with Arnav for so long.

 " I've heard we have new neighbors Dev.. We should pay them a visit.." Ratna smile, and sat near Arnav, ruffling his soft hair.

" Do you want me to go with you?" Arnav asked, resting his head on his mother's lap.

" Do you want to flirt with some girl there?" his mother smirked at him.

" Beauty with brains.." he smirked back at her.

Giving the family one more reason to laugh!!


Ratna and Arnav reached the new neighbors mansion, that was next to them only.

"Gate is closed!!" Arnav said.

" Yeah, and where are the guards here?" Ratna looked around to spot someone to help.

" Should I break it?" he smiled mischievously, and laughed with his mother.

After sometime, he noticed his Basanti passing by with someone beside her.

" Heyy Basanti tere dil ka tu gate khol de (Basanti, open the gate of your heart)" Arnav shouted smiling.

" Of their house Arnav.." his mother glared at him.

Garima, Khushi's mother looked at her: Who is this boy? Why is he calling you Basanti?

Khushi shrugged her shoulders: He is a mad man only..

Ratna: We are your neighbors..

Garima smiled at the lady, and opened the gate for them, she invited them inside the house.

Ratna and Arnav, walked inside and chatted for a while.

Khushi came there with juice and snack for them.

Arnav whispered to her: Take blessing from your future mother in law Basanti..

Khushi glared at him: Don't dream too high..

Khushi sat with her mother.

" What a creation Aunty..your daughter is as beautiful as Basanti.." Arnav openly flirted with Khushi.

Garima gasped shocked.

" What did you say?" a tall and handsome man approached them and sat beside Arnav with a stern face.

" I said that this girl (he pointed to Khushi).." before he could even complete, the man glared at him making Arnav stay completely quite.

" Ji I'm sorry..actually my son likes to joke always..he is half-mad" Ratna apologized to Garima and the man, then glared at Arnav.

" Half-mad aunty, your son is full mad..he think books like Leela!!" Khushi laughed.

Now Ratna looked at Khushi shocked, Arnav: Hey Basanti I'm not mad!!

" Don't call my sister Basanti.." Karan, her brother intervened.

" Then tell me her name" Arnav smiled at the man, who in return threw a glare at him.

" You Gabbar.. Don't use your intelligence to know my name.." Khushi pointed her index finger at him.

" Are wah.. Mom look at this, she will definitely be your bahu..the first person who called me intelligent!!" Arnav smiled happily.

Karan stood up ready to beat this man who dared to flirt with his sister like that.

Arnav went running from there after seeing the angry faces her mother and brother were having looking at him.

Khushi smiled: Pagal..


In college:

" Come on baby..just one kiss.." NK grabbed Khushi's shoulder, moving her to the wall.

" Leave me.. What are you doing? I will complain to the principal about this! Just leave me.." Khushi tried to shove his hands away from her, sobbing.

" Aww don't cry na.. Just be my girlfriend.." he smiled, and was about to kiss her.

His friends were cheering for him like he was winning a match.

" Leave me..please don't kiss me.. " Khushi cried pushing his face away with her hand.

" What's happening here?" a voice came from behind the whole crowd, and it was no one other than Arnav.

He pushed the people away to get a clear vision of what's happening that people are so curios.

" Basanti.." he looked at her shocked, then at NK's hand that clearly shows he was forcing her.

He clenched his fist but still maintained a calm look on his face.

" What are you doing bro?" he asked smiling.

Khushi looked at him shocked, she thought he would save her.

" He is trying to kiss me, I don't want.." Khushi sobbed looking at Arnav.

" Kiss? OMG.. I still haven't hugged my Basanti and you want to kiss her NK?" Arnav widened his eyes, he slowly took Khushi away from NK's hold, and made her stand behind him.

" Is she your Basanti?" NK asked shocked.

" Yes..MY Basanti.." Arnav smirked.

Everyone laughed at NK's face now. Arnav held Khushi's hand and took her out of the crowd, but NK was angry for losing his challenge to kiss Khushi, he went behind them and pulled Khushi again to him.

Arnav now got really angry, he punched NK's face at once: Don't you dare touch her, got that?

" You beat your friend for this girl?" NK touched his face, with a disbelief tone.

" I will beat anyone who touches her without her consent, even if it's my friend.." Arnav threw a glare to him and pulled Khushi away from the crowd.

" Now you can go home.. " he smiled and left her hand. He walked to leave singing.

" Heyy Gabbar..won't you drop me home?" Khushi shouted to him smiling.

"Ramgarh is very far from here Basanti.." he turned to her smiling.

Khushi nodded: Okay then.. I'm going..

Arnav came running behind her: Basantiiii.. wait for me..we will go together..

Khushi stopped and waited till he reaches her.

She smiled: My name is not Basanti, Khushi..

He replied: And my name is definitely not Gabbar..Arnav..

Khushi giggled: At least the end of his name is the start of yours!! Ar..Ar..

Both laughed, Khushi: But you're a Good Gabbar..

Arnav bit his lips smiling: Because Basanti is so beautiful and good girl, so you turned this Gabbar into a hero..

Khushi blushed and walked to his car.


Weeks later..

Khushi was dancing with joy since her elder sister is going to get married, the groom's family came with the marriage proposal.

Arnav came to their house, he noticed a boy, with his mother and father, then Khushi dancing in front of them happily. He thought his parents forced her for this marriage since both are dating now, and he knows Khushi loves him only.

" Basanti in kutto ke samne mat nachna (Don't dance in front of these dogs)" Arnav shouted taking everyone's attention.

Shashi, Karan and Akash turned to him and laughed: "Spare us Gabbar.. Take your Basanti with you"

Khushi went running to with him outside and hugged him tightly laughing: It's not my marriage.. Jiji..

Arnav hit his forehead for his stupidity, he was about to explain his act and say sorry to everyone.

" I love you Arnav.." she placed her fingers on his lips making him quiet.





 Enjoy reading!!! Some dialogues are taken from the movie - Sholay, and from the song Dance Basanti, of the movie Ungli.. I hope you like the story and its funny enough to make you all smile!

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