FS: Dil Laga Liya

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Jul 3, 2017

FS: Dil Laga Liya (By Angel23) (Thanked: 76 times)

The awesome breeze touching their faces and bringing a peace inside their heart and soul..

" Arniiee.." Khushi, a chirpy and bubbly girl silently touched her friend's hand..

" Hmm.." came a reply from Arnav, a handsome and silent boy who was deeply lost in the view or on his thoughts.

" All our friends are in the party, and we are here enjoying a simple boring view of lake..can't we go there?" Khushi pouted looking at him.

" Shh..just enjoy this silence.." he said.

" I enjoy it everyday na..with you..there isn't a silent boy all over the world like you.. I bet that.." she giggled.

" Khushi seriously!! You can go if you want.." he said holding her hand softly..

" Holding my hand and telling me to go?" she smirked, he and his ways of telling her the truth..

"I'm kind of testing you.." he winked "What will you do now?"

" Let's enjoy the silence.." she looked again at the view..

" Wow God..such a good friend you gave me.." he looked up and smiled.

After some seconds, he received beatings on his shoulder.

" Di called..she was saying for us to go to my house, they will be spending the weekend with us..so much fun na?" Khushi asked excitedly.

" Horrible.." he grimaced "completely mad people in a house can bring destruction.."

She giggled and rested her head on his lap, he stroke her hair..

" Yeah..but one serious business man can avoid this destruction" she looked at him winking.

" I know.. I'm the one.." he spoke proud of himself.

" Oops I forgot to inform Kyara that she has a photo shoot in Monday.." Khushi bit her tongue.

Arnav smacked her head playfully: That's your job.. I think I'm CEO and the secretary of my own company..

" I'm sorry.." she held her ears giggling.

" If this sorry was from your heart.. I wouldn't have accepted.." he smirked.

" Shouldn't it be "I would have accepted"?" she raised her eyes.

"Didn't you hear the famous dialogue?" he looked at her.."Dosti mein no sorry, no thank you.." both say together smiling.


Gupta house:

" No, this is my room NK" Akash opened the door cursing NK for choosing the same room as him.

" Akash no man.. I want this room only..it's close to my Kukuuu.." NK whined " Aunty dekho na.. " he looked at Garima with a crying face.

" Oh my dears.. I really can't do anything.. You both talk with Khushi, let's see what she decides.." Garima shook her head smiling.

" Mummaa.." Khushi reached the room, and found Nk and Akash.

" Wow you both are already here.." Khushi smiled.

"Yeah..you left us in the party.." NK complained.

" I'm sorry NK..Arnav doesn't like such places.." Khushi said glancing at Arnav beside her " He enjoys silence more, so I have to become like him.."

" Really..another boringwa.." Mami jaws dropped.

" Mamiiiiiiiijiii.." Khushi shouted smiling, she jumped to hug Mami.

" What about my hug Khushi?" Nani eyed her faking angriness.

" Ohh my Nani.. I didn't forget about you.." Khushi side hugged Nani tightly.

After sometime, Arnav's family were arranging their clothes on their respective rooms.

While Khushi, Payal and Garima were preparing popcorns, snacks and pizza to start enjoying their weekend.

Arnav came there to the kitchen, Khushi showed him her hands full of flour, and then start coming near him to spoil his shirt..

" Khushi don't come..Ma see na.." he whined and hid behind Garima.

" Khushi don't tease him.." Garima scolded Khushi, she pouted at him and he had a winning smirk on his face.

" You don't even know how to cook, why are you spoiling the hard work of Payal and Ma?" he asked teasing her.

" I know how to cook better than you Mr.Raizada.." she stuck out her tongue at him.

Arnav smiled, and sat on the table looking at the ladies cooking.

Khushi came to him, and started preparing the pizza dough with him.

Both were enjoying in their own world, Garima and Payal smiled looking at each other.

"Heyy Nannav..let's choose some best horror movies for today.." NK came all excited.

" You choose with Akash.. I'm cooking with Khushi.." he said not interested in doing anything apart from staying with her.

Khushi smiled looking at him, then at NK: I don't want to watch horror movies please..let's watch a romantic one..

" No Sona.. You know I can't handle too much drama.." he nodded sideways..

" Acha okay.." Khushi pouted accepting his wish.

NK nodded and went to choose movies with Akash.

Anjali, Mami, Mama and Shashi were preparing the living hall.

Arnav, Khushi, Payal and Garima ended their work earlier than others, and came out of the kitchen with delicious pizza, snacks and popcorns for everyone.

Arnav brought cold drinks for everyone and secretly jalebi for Khushi.

" Akash why do you like to scare us with these movies?" Nani looked at him scolding.

" Nani relax..they don't exist, it's just for fun.." Akash giggled with Arnav.

"I always say let's watch romantic movies, but boys don't accept" Khushi hugged her pillow pouting.

" Let's say you're scared.." Arnav glanced at her.

" I'm not..I deal every day with Arnav Singh Raizada in AR, which is no less than a Ghost!!" Khushi mocked him.

" I will not leave you Khushi.." he left the remote with Akash, and started running behind her.

Khushi also ran around the living room laughing at his face.

" What did you say? Am I a ghost?" he said running behind her.

" Your face remember me of one.." Khushi giggled and stopped running, she held Garima and pulled her in front of her.

" Let's see..what will you do to me?" she smirked, hiding behind her mother, who was laughing at their childish behavior.

" For now I will spare you, let my friend (Ghost) deal with you.." he shrugged and went to put the movie with Akash again.

While watching the movie, Khushi was sited beside Arnav, Anjali with her husband Shyam, who reached late because of work, the elders were together in one big sofa. Akash and Payal also sat together, and NK was alone pouting.

" Have to find a girlfriend soon.." he said and everyone laughed at his face.

" Do you want me to sit with you?" Buaji smiled at him.

" Nahin nahin.. I'm fine.." he said with big eyes, and returned to the movie.

Arnav was feeding Khushi her jalebis, he stopped for a while to watch the movie.

Khushi was still waiting with her mouth open, after sometime she realized he was watching the movie only.

" Arnaaav.." she shouted to him, and pinched his arms.

" Ouch..pagli..here is your jalebi.." he feed her the jalebi that was waiting on his hand.

"Pagal.." she muttered and feed him his pizza.. " How is my pizza?" she asked smiling.

"It's not much better than the one I had in that restaurant, but it's okay.." he said waiting for another piece, with a smirk hidden on his face.

" Then go and eat there only.." she looked away, watching the movie and the ghost appeared right in the time she turned.

" Aaaaahhhh.." Khushi shouted and hid her face on his chest.

Arnav laughed and wrapped his arms around her: See my friend took my revenge..

" Khushi bitiya..is everything okay?" Mami asked glancing at Khushi.

" Yes Mami.." Khushi said holding her heart, which was beating faster.

Arnav pulled her more to him, caressing her hair: Got scared?

Khushi nodded pouting, she whispered to him: Don't think I'm scared of ghosts, this is just your curse on me..

Arnav nodded chuckling: Alright..

Khushi took his pizza and started eating it, talking badly about the ghost to Arnav.

" It's impossible to watch a movie with you.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

" Awww.. You're the one who come always to sit with me.." Khushi crossed her arms and looked at movie grumpily.

Arnav smiled at her face..

After some seconds, she started talking again "You know Lavanya..she is irritating me yaar..all day throwing tantrums over the make up artist, the outfits given to her.. One day I will lose my patience"

" Khushi seriously from where does Lavanya come now?" he sipped his cold drink.

" I'm just saying na.. you need a specific time to talk about something kyaa?" Khushi said irritated.

" Yes.. Only mad people like you talk things which makes no sense at all.." he replied.

"Shup.. What was I saying?" she looked at him.

" Lavanya is irritating you.." he rolled his eyes, sighing in defeat.

" Yeah..and Rohan flirted with me..you know.. I got angry and slapped him.." Khushi pouted sadly complaining to her friend.

" What? How dare he flirt with you? " Arnav got angry, he quickly brought his phone close to him to call Aman, to fire Karan.

" No let it be Arnav..it's okay.." Khushi took the phone from his hand.

" It's not okay for me.. " Arnav snatched the phone from her.

"Dekha..that's why I don't like to tell you all this.." Khushi pouted looking away.

" But..okay..but a punishment he will surely get.." Arnav said.

" Yes that's fine.." she smiled "Slap him like hero in the movies..dishoom..dishoom.." she giggled.

" Does slap sound come as dishoom for you?" he laughed.

Khushi started beating him on his chest.. " Stop making fun of me.."

Akash: Payal where do you want to go tomorrow?

Payal smiled: Anywhere you take me!!

Akash smiled:  Hmm..then I would take you to a dinner date..

Payal rested her head on his shoulder.

All family members were like aww seeing the cute love birds. Arnav rolled his eyes, how much he hates romantic things..

The movie ended, and only the youngsters were awake now.

Khushi smiled mischievously: Let's go outside..

Arnav: No.. You will catch cold Sona..

Khushi whined: Don't start Arniee.. It will be fun..eating ice cream on the roads in this dark night..

NK smiled: Yummy..let's go..

Akash and Payal were okay with everything. While Anjali and Shyam were with Arnav in this one.

" It's too late now.." Anjali said worried "Better not to do it.."

Khushi looked down sadly, Arnav shook his head: Let's go..otherwise she will say I spoiled her weekend..

Khushi jumped excitedly: Let's go..jaldii..before Arnav changes the idea..

Arnav held her hand and took her outside, followed by NK, Akash, Payal.

Anjali and Shyam preferred to stay, and in case the elders ask for them, they would answer them.


Khushi was busy attacking her ice cream, and she didn't even bothered about anyone, or even the rest that was on the corner of her lips.

Arnav wiped it for her, shaking his head in disbelief.

" It's cold.." she complained after ending her ice cream.

" Ohh really!!" he mocked.

" I won't say the truth now to you, you're always with your sarcastic comments on me.." she pouted.

" Ohh Sona..don't get angry.." he pinched her cheeks and made her wear his sweater.

Khushi hugged him: You know I don't get angry with you..

Arnav nodded: I know.. you just like to eat my brain..

Akash, Payal and NK laughed at them..





 Thank you for reading!! 

It will be a love story of Arnav and Khushi, who are best friends since school times.. and it will be five shots..

Jul 4, 2017

Part 2 - A new entry in Arshi crazy world!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 74 times)


" Oh God..I'm sleepy yaar.." Khushi said and lazily leaned on his chair, while Arnav was talking with her about a meeting.

" Khushi no..don't sleep now.." Arnav glared at her.

" Five minutes Arnav please.." she said with a cute puppy face.

"Okay fine.." he smiled at her cute face.

" Nannav.." NK entered in the cabin, rubbing his chin.

" Hmm..Bakbak..tell me what happened now?" Arnav sighed.

" NK where are we going to have lunch today?" Khushi woke up all excited.

" Today Aman will decide which restaurant we will go.." NK smiled.

" Seriously..instead of talking about work, you guys are thinking about food" Arnav rolled his eyes, and sat on a chair.

" Oops Arniee, don't get angry na.." Khushi caressed his palms.

" ASR.." a woman called him seductively smiling.

" Ohh God..please save me.." Arnav shut his eyes tightly.

" Don't worry, Khushi is here.. I will help you.." Khushi smiled at him.

" No.. I don't your help..you stay quiet and sleep.." Arnav glared at her.

" What do you need Lavanya?" he looked at the woman standing beside NK.

" ASR your make up artist..is troubling me..please change her.. And the dress..uff..it doesn't fit on me.." Khushi acted like Lavanya, making NK laugh out loudly.

And Arnav face palmed, now he will witness cats fight here.

" Chamkili.. how dare you.. ASR see na..instead of helping me she is making fun of me.. I already informed her about the same and she didn't do anything.. That's why I had to come to you.." Lavanya pouted.

" Shut up Lav..you're always throwing tantrums on others.. Why should I worry Arniee for you?" Khushi shouted angrily.

" You're telling me to shut up..how dare you..it seems now it's time to teach you some lessons.." Lavanya was about to slap Khushi.

When Arnav and NK stood in front of Khushi, protecting her.

" Who do you think you're to slap my friend?" Arnav asked her in a dangerous voice.

Lavanya gulped scared, she smiled awkwardly to him: ASR..you..don't need to..get..angry..

" Don't cross your limits..otherwise I will show you the way out of here.." Arnav glared at her, while Khushi smiled proudly of her friend.

Lavanya left from there cursing Khushi.

" Wow God..such a good friend you gave me.." Khushi winked at Arnav.

" Didn't I told you to keep quiet?" Arnav smacked her head.

" Ouch Arniee.. How could I? You're worried about your meetings and she comes here to talk about nonsense.. I wouldn't tolerate all this on you.." Khushi pouted.

" Ohh my cutie..she left now.. Stop being angry now.." NK smiled.

" Yes yes.. I shouldn't think much of her.. I'm wasting my time and beauty.." Khushi said with a refreshing smile.

" That's the spirit.." NK tried to hug Khushi but in vain, like always Arnav came in between: I said na.. I don't like when others hug my Sona..

NK pouted: Nannav.. I'm your brother not others..

Arnav: Still.. Sona is my doll, no one can hug or pamper her like I do..Am I clear Bakbak?

NK smiled and nodded: Alright.. Okay I just came to inform that Akash will not be attending the meeting with you because he and Payal are going to their love land..

Arnav nodded: Everyone is irresponsible in this family..

Khushi smiled: Except me na Arniee..

Arnav laughed and pinched her nose: You're the most irresponsible person I've met till now..

" Heyy that's mean.. Don't I inform you correctly your work? I'm always here on time,  I reach even before other employees.." Khushi frowned.

" Let me correct you..You inform me everything that is your work, basically making me do your work..and second you reach first because you come with me everyday..and like today I have to lift you from your bed everyday otherwise madam won't wake up!!" Arnav smirked.

"Have some pity on me.." Khushi smiled sheepishly.

NK just left the cabin shaking his head.


At night, Khushi was in her bedroom on her bed.

" Dear Diary..

How did my day went? .. You know the answer.. Superb!! Today Arnie defended me when I fought with Lavanya.. Perfect prince right? And I'm the lucky girl who got him.. Just afraid of telling him my feelings.. But why am I? He likes me.. We are best friends..and I share my everything with him.. Just this one thing I can't.. I'm shy!! Why I don't know.. I blabber a lot..then why when it's time to tell him that I love him.. I get shy.. I smile.. My heart start beating abnormally.. A fear of rejection also comes in my mind.. A battle between my heart and mind.. And then the end!!..I end up talking with him about something else..well that's me!!.. But you don't worry.. Soon I will tell him my feelings.. And from friends we will become a perfect couple!! .. Just like Shahrukh and Kajol in DDLJ.. And yeah he will have to like romantic things.. Otherwise I will reject his marriage proposal.. Kidding you know.. I would never reject him..

Bye bye Diary..see you tomorrow.. I will come with more gossips for you.." she closed the diary, and hid it under her bed.. Soon she fell asleep..


The next day, Khushi came to Arnav's mansion as Anjali called her.

" Di what's so special today?" Khushi asked confused.

"Just my friend coming today, I wanted to make her meet you all, as she will be spending one week here I wanted you all to stay with her as she is of your age only.." Anjali smiled.

" Really!! Then it will be great fun.." Khushi smiled back munching the jalebis Arnav was feeding her, and at the same time having his breakfast.

" Baby.." he rolled his eyes, and she smiled and said .."yours.."

" Completely mine.." he smiled.

" Anjali.." a girl entered in the mansion, confused where to go.

Anjali went near her, " Kavya.. Come here.."

" Ohh Anjuuu.. I missed you so much.." Kavya hugged her tightly.

"Me too.." Anjali caressed her back.

Kavya went to take blessings from the elders.

" Hi Arnav..right?" she looked at Anjali to confirm her doubt.

" Hi..it's Arnav only.." he smiled.

" And he is NK..(pointing to NK) ..he is Akash..she must be Khushi.." Kavya waved at them.

" Hi Kavya..you guessed our names correctly.." Khushi said.

" You must be tired na.. Go and rest for a while.." Anjali said and told HP to drop Kavya in her room.

" Di you never told me about her.." Arnav looked at Anjali with questioning eyes.

" Haan Chote. It's her sister studied with me, and when we used to go out, she used to stay often with me.. And with that we became good friends.. She is quite simple and sweet.. And she came here to visit us.. I keep talking with her about you all.. Today she recognized all of you.." Anjali smiled.

"So today no work.." Khushi exclaimed happily.

" See lazy people.." Arnav glared at her.

" Don't start you both.." Anjali sat on breakfast table.

Nani and Mami were laughing of Arshi craziness.


Thank you!!

Jul 5, 2017

Part 3 - Arnav irritated.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 75 times)

Arnav and Anjali went to Kavya's room making sure they aren't noticed by anyone.

Kavya quickly opened the door for them, and welcomed them inside.

" How's my acting?" Kavya smiled.

"Very bad you know.. Khushi seemed totally unaffected.." Arnav frowned.

" That's mean.. I tried my best.." Kavya pouted.

" It's okay..we still have one week na.." Anjali reassured them.

" What one week Di? If in one day that pagli didn't felt jealous of Kavya..what will one week change?" Arnav sat on the bed upset.. "Does she love me Di?"

" Of course she does Arnav, have some patience.." Kavya giggled.

" You don't talk with me.. What is this? Hi Arnav.. right? .. Seriously.. She will think we are strangers..couldn't you hug me or something like that?.. And Di..we should have told Khushi that she is my friend, not yours.." Arnav complained to both.

" Chote use your brain.. Khushi knows all your friends. How does Kavya comes in between? She would get suspicious.." Anjali shook her head.

" Yeah..right.." Arnav nodded "But Khushi didn't react Di"

" Oh my God she will react.. Please wait.. On some minutes only, you can't see the difference.." Kavya patted his shoulders.

"I would see a difference if she was with another boy than me.." Arnav pouted.

" Kavya let's go..you will become mad if you talk with him.." Anjali rolled her eyes and took Kavya.

" Heyy wait for me.." Arnav came behind them.

Khushi came to  them, who were in the first floor corridor.

" Arnie let's go to my house with Kavya.. " Khushi smiled holding his hand.

Arnav was about to say yes, Anjali and Kavya glared at him.

" Ye..No Khushi.. I'm going out with Kavya and Di.." Arnav said.

" Ohh alright..then I will go with NK.. " Khushi smiled and left from there.

Arnav wanted to stop her from going with Nk, Anjali and Kavya stopped him.

" Chote..do you want to make Khushi jealous or not?" Anjali glared at him.

" But Di she will go with NK.. I can't let anyone stay with my Sona.." Arnav said.

" Ohh God.. NK is your brother and he knows your feelings for Khushi.." Anjali face palmed.

" Nannav... Aaj mausam hai suhana.." NK winked at him, showing him that today Khushi will be with him.

" I won't spare you.." Arnav glared at him, and looked at Anjali " Let's go fast please.. I can't see Sona with anyone.."

Kavya was having a hard time controlling her laugh, she couldn't believe Arnav was this much possessive of Khushi.

The three went to some restaurant, while NK and Khushi were in the car on way to Khushi's mansion.

" Look there Nannav.." NK purposely showed Khushi, where Arnav was getting off his car with Kavya and Anjali.

" Arniiiiieeee.." Khushi shouted to him smiling, she waved at him.

" Finally!!" Arnav whispered smiling, he turned to their side and NK parked the car near.

" Khushi..don't you want to join us?" he asked purposely.

" Nahin.. I'm getting late now, Mumma called me today to help her in the kitchen, Papa's friends are coming tonight to have dinner with us.." Khushi smiled to him.

" Oh it's okay.." Arnav said getting irritated with Khushi, who wasn't showing any expression on her face other than her radiant smile.

" Such a bad luck Khushi.. After having lunch here, me and Arnav will go to watch a movie and late at night we will go to party.." Kavya wrapped her arms around Arnav's arms.

Arnav widened his eyes looking at Kavya, she looked at him confused.

" Arnav doesn't like parties Kavya.." Khushi said.

Kavya coughed shocked, then turned to Arnav: Really? I didn't know it..

Arnav nodded sideways faking a smile: It's okay.. I will go with you today..

Khushi laughed: Sach mein? Please Kavya click a picture of him for me!!

Arnav clenched his fist now, Kavya smiled: Sure Khushi.. Today I will teach Arnav to become like me..

Arnav smiled at Kavya. Khushi looked at NK: Let's go then..

Nk nodded confused, "Okay.. Bye Nannav.."

They went, Arnav looked at Kavya: See it didn't affect her a bit.. I never went to a party with her, and she doesn't mind if I go first with you.. I will watch a movie with you without making fuss, and she didn't complained about that.. Now I'm sure she doesn't love me..

Kavya sighed: As per as I know, she would fuming in anger now..but you're right Arnav.. She seemed totally unaffected..

Anjali heard their conversation: Hey let's not lose hope please..

Arnav nodded: Yeah.. Like you all said we still have one week..

The three smiled.


Khushi reached home, and went to help Garima in the kitchen, after that she went directly to her room.

In her room, she threw out her pillow frustrated.

" Hey calm down.." Payal entered in the door, and bend to take the poor pillow on the floor.

" Tell me what happened?" Payal sat beside her.

" Arnav is no longer my Arniee.." she pouted sadly.

" What? Why are you saying this?" her sister threw questions at her confused.

" Jiji he let another girl touch him, you know.. Kavya, Di's friend who will stay here for one week.. Today only she reached, and he took her out and refused to  drop me home, on our way I found them going to a restaurant..that girl wrapped her arms on my Arnav Jijiii..(Khushi sobbed).. I'm so hurt.. he doesn't think of me now that she came.. He let me go home with NK.. You know he never let NK drop me home then why today? Just because of that girl? And on top of that he will go to a party with her..when it's me he always reject.. I always accept his wishes.. And.movie also with her.. He doesn't watch movies with anyone other than me and when we are all together.. " Khushi ended her complaining list crying on her sister's lap like a baby..

" But..Khushi..she is new na.. Why are you getting affected? Arnav must be trying to make her feel comfortable..nothing else.." Payal stroke Khushi's hair smiling, she already knew her sister feels something for Arnav, but Khushi is stubborn, she will not confess so soon.

" What if she is new? That doesn't mean he should forget me.. He is mine, only mine.. I feel like pulling that Kavya's hair for touching my Arniee.. " Khushi pouted angrily "But I can't wish her bad, she is a sweet and good girl..but she can't touch my Arniee.. Jijiiii..are you listening to me?" Khushi looked up to see Payal.

" Hmm.." Payal rolled her eyes, Khushi started crying.

" Khushi stop crying na.. Acha.. I will call Arnav here..do you want?" Payal shook her head in disbelief.

" Nahin.. I don't want to see his face.. He betrayed me..he is bad.. very bad.." she wiped her tears.

" Khushi.. Ohh bitiya..what happened? Why are you talking like that about Arnav beta?" Buaji sat with them.

" Because he is bad Buaji.. he is really a Ghost.. " Khushi pouted.

Buaji smiled: Khushi bitiya do you love him?

Payal: Yeah tell us..do you love him? Why are feeling jealous?

Khushi looked at both, she wiped her tears quickly: No I don't love him.. what are you both saying? Arniee is my best friend..how can I think like that of him? I don't imagine about us like that.. There is only friendship between us..


 "Nannav your plan failed.." NK pouted looking at Arnav.

" And you must be very happy about that.. You dropped my Sona home.." he glared at NK.

" Offo please stop fighting..and let's think about the next plan" Anjali said tired of both.

" I won't lie.. It was a lovely experience take Kukuu home.." NK teased him.

" Youu.. I will beat you up.. I shouldn't have included you in my plan.." Arnav looked away.

" Ohh Nannav..relax I will help you stay with your lovely Sona.." NK hugged his brother tightly.. "You know  I love to tease you"

Arnav smiled faintly: Bakbak.. I know..

NK: So what's next?

Kavya: Tomorrow we will go together out with Khushi too, Arnav will be giving more attention to me instead of Khushi.. I'm sure after that she will feel upset about this..

Arnav nodded: Sounds good.. She will be with us, and we will get to see reaction also..

Jul 8, 2017

Part 4 - The end!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 166 times)

“Such a beautiful day Arnav..” Kavya smiled at him, while Arnav parked the car near his and Khushi’s favorite garden.

Khushi at the backside of the car was burning in jealously but still she faked a sweet and convincing smile on her face. She just hated seeing Arnav so gentle with another girl than her.

Everyone got down the car, and started chatting with each other, and Khushi was left alone.

Arnav looked at her: Sona come here..why are you standing alone?

Khushi smiled: Yeah, just coming..

Arnav nodded, and the asked to Kavya: Do you want ice cream??

“Yes. Strawberry Arnav” Khushi smiled excitedly.

“I didn’t even ask you, Khushi!! Today we’ll go by Kavya’s choice” he winked at Kavya, and she showed thumbs up to him because Khushi’s face showed that she was upset with the way Arnav rejected her.

 “I love chocolate flavor..” Kavya said.  Khushi looked away controlling her tears, that were threatening to come out from her eyes.

“Okay then I’ll buy it for you..” Arnav said and went to buy ice creams for everyone.

Anjali pouted sadly looking at Khushi, “Aww I think she wants to cry Kavya”..

“Good..this means our plan is on the right track today” Kavya smiled happily.

NK came to Khushi: Khushi are you upset-upset? You want strawberry ice cream?

Khushi nodded: Yes!

NK smiled: I’ll buy it for you..

Khushi nodded sideways pouting: No.. I don’t want!!!

NK frowned, Khushi: I want Arniee to buy it for me.. but he doesn’t want!! He likes Kavya more than me..

Nk smiled happily: Khushi do you love him?? Jealous??

Khushi stammered: No.. I don’t love him, he is just my friend!!!

Nk looked at her shocked, but nodded “I’ll just come back..” he went running from there.


“Nannav.. Nannav..” NK called him panting, he rested his hand on Arnav’s shoulder.

“What happened NK? Hold this for me..” Arnav looked at him, and handled some ice creams to him.

“She doesn’t love you Nannav..” NK whispered sadly.

“What??” Arnav looked at him, and the ice cream on his hand went to the floor directly..

“I talked with her now, and she was upset because you bought Kavya’s favorite ice cream, so I asked her if she loves you or not, she said she only considers you as her friend” NK explained.

Arnav was deeply hurt when he heard it, holding the ice creams on his hand he left without any expression on his face.

NK looked at him worried, and followed him.

After staying and roaming around the garden, which was a horrible experience for both, now Arnav was completely ignoring Khushi and only giving his attention to Kavya. Khushi was hurt seeing him do that.

It seemed like only Kavya was with him, and they were not there, he was only chatting with her, and whenever Khushi tried to exchange few words with him, he avoided talking with her by just nodding.

Then they went to a restaurant to have lunch, there was not space for all of them in a table, Khushi wanted to say that she will sit with Arnav on other table, but before that he invited Kavya to sit with him completely ignoring or to say didn’t even look at her side.

Later in afternoon, all wanted to go to watch a movie, Arnav only dropped them and then refused to go inside stating that he was tired.


He sat on his favorite place, on the grass looking at the lake view!! This gives peace to his broken heart..

“Why can’t you love me Khushi?” he thought throwing a stone to the lake.

“When you spent your entire childhood with me, we both shared everything to each other, we smiled, cried, played, we just did..everything together then why can’t you love me the way I do??” his heart cried refusing to accept that she doesn’t feel anything for him.

“Done of ignoring me?!” he heard her voice.

Composing himself he turned to her, “What?”

“Arniee you’re hurting me you know.. why are you ignoring me?! Did I do something wrong?” she sat beside him stroking his hair.

“I’m not ignoring you” he looked away..

“Really!! I’m your friend and I can feel it.. in fact, like always here I’m the one who was to butter you when we get angry with each other.. when it’s not  even my fault, I have to say sorry!!” Khushi rolled her eyes “I’m angry with you.. you forgot your best friend in two days only, just because of some girl who will stay here with you one week Arniee.. I never thought you would leave me.. you’ll start attending others first than me.. but anyways.. can you tell me what wrong I did that today you’re ignoring me?” she plastered  a smile on her face.

“Why are you getting affected if I’m giving more attention to Kavya than you? One day I’ll get married na… I’ll love my wife more than you..it’s not like always I will be here with you.. one day I’ll sit here with my wife enjoying this silence..” he said angrily.

“Of course I’m affected Arnav..  because unlike you I never thought about someone else to be my husband, I always imagined my life with you only. Since childhood I stayed with you, I shared my everything with you, I never had crush for anyone in my life other than you, I never looked at any boy like that.. I only look at you.. whatever you say.. I obeyed your words.. you don’t like to go to parties, I stopped going because of you, you don’t like to watch romantic movies, I watch horror for you, you don’t like to socialize much, I only stay with you, you don’t like to sleep late, I sleep early for you.. you don’t like when I talk with other boys, just go and check my phone, there isn’t any other boy phone number, other than you.. and what not!!! I just lived for you Arnav, I look at you like my friend, my boyfriend, my husband, the father of my babies, I see my entire life with you..and you ask me why am I getting affected? It’s only because I love you Arnav.. I love you.. I’m just hurt that you don’t see me in that way and I like a fool wanted to confess my feelings for you.. good that I got to know how you feel about me now..” she said with tears in her eyes, and stood up to leave.

Arnav was too shocked to react, he smiled happily, and when he realized that she was about to leave he held her hand, and pulled her to him.

Khushi directly fell on his laps, “Arnav…” she shouted shocked.

“I love you too Sona..” he said and didn’t waste a second to peck her lips happily, today was the best day of his life!!!

“What? Now only..” he placed his finger on her lips, “It’s just a misunderstanding.. I’m sorry.. Kavya was here because I planned this with Di to make you jealous and see if you feel the same about me or not..”

“Aww how dare you!! Couldn’t you confess to me?” Khushi jaws dropped, all this was fake?!!

“The same reason why you didn’t confess to me.. I was scared of your rejection..” he said caressing her back.

“We both suffered so much when it wasn’t even needed..” Khushi laughed and hit his forehead.

“But it was good!! I got to hear such a heartfelt confession from you..” he smiled and she hugged him tightly. 

"I will kill NK now.." Arnav pouted thinking. 

The end!!

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