TS: Emotionally Hurt...

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Jul 7, 2017

TS: Emotionally Hurt... (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 123 times)

Hii Guys!! How are you all??

I'm fine and my exams are just going great. Thanks for your wishes those meant a lot..

I'm writing an TS on ArShi.

You know I got this Idea when I was about to start my exam. After I came I just penned it down. Today actually I revised almost all of my syllabus so thought to update..

Do tell me how is it..

"You lied to me Chote?"

"Every thing has changed Chote ever since you fell in love, ever since you are married, ever since you stopped answering my questions!!"

"I can't believe, You changed a lot bhai!! Can't you see the pain Di is going through!!"

"This Gupta sisters only know how to trap the sons of this house. I can't believe that phati sari wrapped my Arnav around her little finger that he can't see his sister's sadness and pain!!"

"Hamare Chote ab hamare nahi rahe. Woh ab sirf Arnavji hai, khushi ke Arnavji!!" {"My Chote isn't mine anymore. He is just Arnavji, khushi's Arnavji!!"}

"This is your same Di who use to worry for you day and night, who use to keep fast for your well being, for your success, who use to spent sleepless nights worrying for you!!"

"You use to say right that your Di is the most important person in your life, that you can do anything for her. Where is that importance, love and concern when she needed it the most!?!"

"Can't you see how she is suffering just due to your wife!?!?!"

"I did not expect this from you Chote. You disappointed me alot!!"

"What she has in her that you forgot everyone around you especially your sister who is in pain!!"

"I'm scared Chote, scared that tomorrow you will also throw me out of this house like you threw my husband!!"

"Chote, you promised your mother that you will take care of your Di, remember??"

"She is just middle-class gold-digger Chote who trapped you and married you for your wealth."

"She is our same Di bhai, whom we can't see in tears. But now thanks to your wife she is crying every day shedding the tears of blood!!"

"I don't understand what enmity does phatee sari has towards our Anjali bitiya, that she separated her husband and now brother from her!!"

"I believe my husband Chote!!"

"My husband can't kill an insect Chote, forget about betraying me!!"

"It is your wife who is cheating you Chote, not my husband!!"

"I don't want to hear anything against my husband!!"

"Here your Di is in pain and there you were enjoying your honeymoon!!"

"I can't believe bhai, you forgot all the promises you did to Di on every rakshabandhan!!"

"I can't believe bhai, The Great ASR was lured by a chit of a girl!!"

"Who knows how many men she lured from her beauty!!"

"I swear khushiji, I only love you. I don't love that Ranisahiba!!"

"If you love me then divorce Anjaliji!!"

"Believe me Arnavji, I only love you, You were my first in everything. I swear on my dead parents!!"

"I love you too, Arnavji!!"

"I will be there with you Arnavji, no matter what. I promise you!!"

"Nannav, I saw Shyam sneaking from the back door!!"

"Nannav, see this footage. This shows that Di is meeting Shyam behind our back!!"

"Bhaiya, didi went inside the temple an hour back, she did not return yet!!"

"Nannav, see this is di's mobile phone bill. She regularly speaks with that Shyam!!"

"Ahhh!! Ahhh Arnavji my stomach is paining very badly!!"

"Khushiji, you are bleeding!!"

"I'm sorry Mr Raizada, we couldn't save your child!!"

"Yes, she was a month pregnant. I think she did not knew about her pregnancy as symptoms starts showing after 6 weeks."

"It wasn't a miscarriage, it was a murder. She was given abortion pills!!"

"I'm sorry to say Mr Raizada, your wife can't conceive. The abortion pills were given in a high dosage which weakened her womb. There are only 20% chance of her to become a mother!!"



"I swear Arnavji, I did not know that I was pregnant!!"



"I'm a bad omen Arnavji. I wasn't able to protect my child!!"

"Am I so bad that my baby left me?"

"Sir, doctor is calling you. Mrs Raizada is becoming hysterical!!"

"Arnavji, can we make a baby again, please. I want to be a mother!!"

"Arnavji, can I become a mother?"

"I think she is sinking Mr Raizada. The loss of her baby made a great impact on her!!"

"If this goes on then, I'm afraid we may loose her!!"

"Nannav, if you break down like this then who will support khushiji?"

"She needs you more than anyone!!"

Arnav came out his thoughts hearing his wife murmuring his name and baby in her unconsciousness.

Doctor gave her the sedatives. She is unconscious since 12 hrs. She may come to conscious anytime.


"Khushi, I'm here!!"

"Ar..na..v..ji m..y ba..b..y!!"

"Shh Khushi, relax!"

"M..y ba..b..y!!"


Khushi tried getting up but she wasn't able to as she was very weak. Arnav helped khushi to sit up comfortably as it isn't good for her to lay on the bed constantly.

"My baby??"

"He is fine Khushi!!"


"With your Devimayya, our mamma, Amma and babuji. They are taking care of him!"

"Pakka??" {Sure?}

"Haan baba Pakka!!" {Yes}

Arnav forwarded her a glass of water towards her lips For her to drink. She took a sip frowning as he throat was paining.

Arnav messaged NK to bring a bowl of soup as Khushi got her conscious.

After a while NK entered the room with a parcel of soup.

"Hii Khushiji!! How are you feeling?"


"Hmm.. now drink this soup as a good girl you will be back to your self in a jiffy!!"


"Yes why not, she have to drink this. As if she has a choice!!"


"Now open your mouth.."

Arnav silently fed her the soup and Khushi like a good wife drank it from her husband's hand. She did not want to upset Arnav anymore as she knows that he is already very upset and tired.

After feeding her soup Arnav gave her medicines and helped her to lay down on the bed as her back started aching.

Due to the pain and medicines effect khushi dozed off.

Arnav just sighed seeing khushi. She is lot better from yesterday. He shuddered thinking her condition from yesterday.

"Nannav, com'on bro you too have some food!! !"

"I'm not hungry!!"

"It's ok if you aren't hungry. But eat some for my satisfaction and after that you have to take your medicines too, remember?"

Arnav just sighed and started having his food as he knows NK won't leave him until then..

"Nannav Aman asked me to give You this file!!"

"Hmm... thanks NK!!"

"Will you be with Khushi? I don't think she will be up any time soon!!"

"Ok! But where are you going?"

"To finish some unfinished business!!"


Arnav entered the living room to see Shyam sitting with Anjali and other family members laughing and chatting..

Shyam was the first one to see Arnav-"arrey saalesahab, you came!!"

Everyone stopped talking seeing Arnav.

"Thank you so much Chote, for bringing Shyamji back in this house and in my life. You don't know how I lived these 2 months without him!!" saying this she was about to hug him but Arnav stepped back not allowing her to come near him.

Anjali was shocked seeing her Chote not allowing to touch her. She thought she was imagining and again going to hug him but stopped as Arnav snarled- "Just stop it Mrs Jha!! Don't come near me. I Abhor your touch!!"

Everyone were shocked hearing Arnav as this is the first time Arnav is showing his wrath on his Di.

"Chote, do you know what are you saying?" asked Nani as she did not liked the way Chote shouted on Anjali as she is his elder sister upon that she is pregnant.

"Yes I know. You don't need to say something!!" Shouted Arnav on the top of his voice..

How was it guys?

I hope it was good..

Do give me your reviews..

P.s Bullish Khushi will be updated by next Tuesday..

Jul 20, 2017

chapter 2 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 84 times)

Hiii guys...

@sonali: sorry for making you wait dear. 

"Yes, I know what I am saying and doing. You don't need to say anything!!" shouted Arnav.

"Chote, behave. What has happened to You? Where did you forget all your manners, Haan?? And Where is the so called wife of yours from 2 days?" asked Nani sternly. She can't believe her Chote is behaving like this with the family. She knows how Arnav behaves with the outside world and sometimes only for HP, OP and JP but not with the family members especially her and Anjali. 

"Manners, right? You all please don't talk about it. It doesn't look good to hear manners from your mouth Nani!!" snorted Arnav chuckling sarcastically.

"How can you speak to sasuma like that Arnav bitwa??" Mami asked not liking the way Arnav is speaking with Nani and Anjali.

"Why not Mrs Raizada, when you all can speak however you like with my wife, then why can't I?"

"Huh!! So phatee saree has send you here after complaining to you about us!!"

"Do you think khushi is a complaint box like you to complain her husband about everyone in the family??"

"Bhai, you can't speak like that to my mom!!" intervened Aakash as he did not like the way Arnav is insulting his mom.

"Aakash, I don't need to take advice from a spineless man like You!!" 

"What did you say? Me a spineless man??" whispered Aakash shocked.

"What wrong did I say Aakash, you are a spineless man who can't do anything on his own. You needed me and Khushi to propose Payal for marriage, again you needed us to convince your mom for your marriage with Payal. You can't stand up for your wife when your mom insults her infront of everyone and call her names and upon that you go on support your mom to insult her indirectly by being silent."

"Just contemplate Aakash, your so called mom insults your wife infront of you then what all she does when you aren't around may be she abuses her physically ok not physically but she does mentally. We all can notice it except you or I think you too notice it but choose to ignore as you cannot go against your mom but can allow your wife to be insulted on daily basis!!"

"So, you of all people don't need to say me what to do or not!!"

"And coming to misbehaving with Mrs Jha, I wonder what is in her that everyone goes on taking her side and supporting her? I realised too late but eventually I did that she isn't what she portrays herself. She is the most vicious, cunning and selfish woman I came across who wants everything according to  her wish and everyone dancing on her tunes as her puppets. I was the biggest one as she needed me no not me but my money for her expenses. She looks so innocent and ingenuous that everyone believes her fake tears and her pout!!"

"Whenever anyone denied her or refused her for anything the tears readily flows from her eyes and that lips are ever ready to pout!!"

"I just don't understand how she manages to do that every single day. Doesn't you get tired of your acting??" asked Arnav to Anjali genuinely confused.

Anjali just shaked her head in as if denying all the accusions while tears flowed her eyes like waterfall and the pout was as if permanent on her lips..

"Stop!! Just stop crying Dammit!! I'm over with your tears and innocent face!!" barked Arnav frustrated with all the happenings..

"CHOTE!! stop saying such rubbish. We all know how Anjali bitiya is, you uttering all this cannot change the truth. As manorama said did your wife sent you here to accuse Anjali bitiya for that she can't even think of doing??" asked Nani abusively 

"Ohh!! So you all believe that my wife sent me here filling my ears against you all, so be it. I'm not going to prove you all her innocence. I'm just here for some work after that I'll not enter this house.." saying this Arnav called some one and asked that person to come inside.

After a while Aman entered with some people and Mr Roy his lawyer Everyone greeted Arnav with respect by shaking their hands. After the introductions Arnav asked Aman- "Did you bring all the things required?"

"Yes ASR!!"

"Ok!!" Turning to the family members "as I said, I came here for some work, so let me continue, where was I? Haan with Mrs Jha. So Mrs Jha, like I said stop your fake tears as they aren't gonna melt me. Remember, as I wanted to do an background check on Shyam when you said that you want to marry Shyam what did you say that time, that can't we trust your choice by faking some tears. Seeing your tears Nani, Mama and especially me believed you and gave you the consent for your marriage with shyam. Those days my business started gaining popularity in Delhi."

"Like fools we did not think how come someone wants to marry you inspite of you having a limp and without asking dowry. Remember almost everyone rejected you as we weren't able meet their dowry demands and some rejected you due to your leg. We were so happy at last you will be marrying someone and that happiness on your face was something which gave peace to my mind."

"But came a blow that you don't want to leave this house and go to the new house. You came to me and pleaded with your teary and pouted face that you cannot live without me and like a fool I requested Shyam to live with us not knowing that it was your plan to let you and your good for nothing, jobless husband stay here. This Love, sudden meeting in the Mandir, him saving you from falling from the stairs and all was just a story so that we all can believe you. Right Mrs Jha??"

"No Chote, this isn't true. I know all this was said to you by your wife who can't take that I'm important to you than her. Believe me Chote, I did not do any such thing. Why will I do anything like that? What will I gain?" Anjali said in between her tears but Arnav ignored her and continued

"Everything was going smoothly after your marriage. But after the fashion show in sheesh Mahal every thing changed. Mr jha who was loyal to his wife wasn't loyal anymore. He started visiting many places in the name of work which she was aware that he isn't visiting for any work and was just bluffing. Shyam was living in Gupta House as a P.G lusting after  Khushi. This was unknown to Mrs jha that her husband was trying to marry someone while being already married and to Guptas that he was married to Anjali. Mr Jha's plan to marry khushi were slowly turning futile when she started teaching Lavanya in RM. He was afraid that maybe Khushi may find out that he was married or Mrs Jha may find out that he was being disloyal to her. He tried convincing khushi not to work at RM as we are very bad people and Anjali that khushi is a gold-digger!!"

"First time in her life Mrs Jha believed Khushi as she was very innocent and more over she reminded her of herself with same spirit. She hired khushi and trusted her blindly."

"Everything was going on smoothly when suddenly I married to khushi on Aakash's wedding. She was enraged as I did not ask her before marrying. From that point I did not listen to her any word and started ignoring her. It hurt her ego very badly as I wasn't being her Chote who use to listen to her every word. And again she came to know that Shyam was cheating her behind her back which wasn't digested by her as a chit of girl can charm her husband and adding to that I threw her husband out of this house with out consulting her or asking her wish."

"Later she asked, pleaded, begged to bring her husband back which I wasn't going to budge. And last nail in the coffin was I went to honeymoon leaving her in pain and hurt. After that she started abusing my khushi along with all the family members. She filled everyone's ears against khushi that she snatched her husband as well as her Chote from her and was living a very happy and contended life."

"Everyone who were her puppets believed her and started abusing, taunting and bad mouthing my wife. She did not pay any heed to anyone's word as she knew what she is and did not harm anyone. This hurt her ego even more when khushi ignored everyone's taunts and behaved as if nothing happened." 

"And behind our backs she started meeting Shyam who apologized to her and asked him to swear on his child that he will not do anything like that in future. She started acting like she was very much hurt and is in pain to loose two important persons in her life which made everyone hate khushi even more."

"Thanks to NK that she did not go under any depression as I was sure she would as everyone in her place did. Luckily for her my love and NK's friendship was enough to live."

"And do you all know that this Shyam Manohar Jha is a fraud, criminal who escaped from jail and landed directly in RM as the husband of Ms Anjali and with the help of Mrs Jha he stole many millions from AR. I didn't knew about this as Mrs Jha threatened my C.F.O that she will send him to jail with many illegal charges against him."

"Mrs Jha clearly covered Mr Jha under her wings and protected him under me. So no one from the police department, CID and CBI came to know about Shyam!!" said Arnav very calmly.

"No Chote, I don't believe you. I know Anjali bitiya can't do any such thing.!!" whispered Nani not believing anything. 

Arnav laughed out non humorously.

"Seriously Nani, do you think I will lie to you about all this? Ok fine, if you can't believe me you can believe the proofs right? Let me show you them!!" Saying this he opened the file he was carrying and passed it to Nani who wasn't able to get anything written as it was written it in English. Aakash too came there and read the file. He was shocked to know about the criminal things done by his so called jijaji whom he use to respect a lot..

He nodded his head as if to say whatever Arnav said was true. Nani slumped on the sofa crying and Mami was too shocked while Anjali and Shyam gulped as they know that they can't do anything to defend herself.

"Chote listen.."

"I don't want know all that. I just want to know why did you do any such thing? Why did you marry someone like him who is a criminal, whom CBI is chasing??" 

"Why Mrs Jha??" shouted Arnav.

"Because I wanted control!! I want everyone to act according to me. Like you I too can't take when some one is ordering me. I wanted every thing according to my wish which I got by hook and crook. I had everything in my control. A doting brother who use to take the whole house on his head whenever I use to she a single tear, a loving family everything except a husband."

"Everyone use to see me with sympathy and pity as I wasn't married  at the age of 30 due to my leg. I wanted someone as my husband who will dance on my tunes when one day I bumped against Shyam who was running. I saw the helplessness on his face and offered him a lift in my car. There I sweet talked him and asked his problems but he did not budge to say me anything later I blackmailed him saying if he shared his problems then I will give him some money."

"As he was in a dire need of money, he shared them with me. As promised I gave him some money and asked him to live in our old house as no one can find him there. Later we met and I asked him to marry me in return a lots of money every month."

"As I don't want to be questioned how I was spending a lot of money so I blackmailed the CFO of AR. He gave me money every month by making false reports."

"Later I married him in return of money and he agreed to marry me. I was afraid that I will have to leave all this luxuries and go and live with him in a small flat so I emotionally blackmailed Chote to request Shyam to live with me and he did without second thoughts."

"Everything was going smooth when that yokel entered my life. I thought her to be innocent and appointed her to train lavanya but she charmed both my husband and brother. I never had any problem if Chote loved her or she loved Chote till every thing will be in my control." 

"But Chote married her suddenly and after that changed everything. He started spending less time with me and more in office. He was lying as well as distancing himself from me. How can I take that when my Chote was ignoring and upon that Shyam's behaviour too changed. It wasn't digested by me."

"Later I came to know that Shyam kidnapped Chote. I knew he was capable of doing such things as it wasn't new for him but I was shocked he did all this for property and upon that he was lusting after that yokel."

"And you (pointing at Arnav) threw him out of the house, did not think how will I live without him? I was so enraged on everyone as they thought to do what all they pleased with out my choice."

"Chote too stopped caring towards me and started spending more time with khushi and upon that he was neglecting his work. Then he went to honeymoon with his wife leaving me, his Di alone who was hurt and was in pain. Here I was mourning and there he was enjoying his life with his wife. I was so jealous of that khushi so I started turning everyone against her which was very easy for me. For the sake of Me everyone started hurting her which was soothing to my burning heart."

"Then once again Shyam contacted me and said that he was very sorry as he wasn't in his senses what all he was doing. I forgave him as I loved him very much. I wanted him with me in RM which was next to impossible as I know Chote was very stubborn so I use to hurt Chote by badmouthing his wife and everyone played with me. I knew Chote can tolerate anything but can't see anyone hurt. So i was hurting his nerve so that he can bring Shyam back on my life and see he brought my Shyamji back" Completed Anjali panting as she was shouting on the top of her voice.

Nani slapped Anjali as soon as she finished saying her deeds.

"How can you do all this. We trusted you so much but you broke it and played with our feelings. For you we all hurt an innocent soul!!"

"Yes I did, and will continue doing this in future with all those who come in my path!!

"I can't believe Ratna gave birth to a selfish woman like You!!"

"Yes, I'm like this. What will you do? You all can't do anything without me!!" boasted Anjali.

"Ok, agreed that you wanted control in your life which you did and will also be doing in near future but why did you kill my child. What was the use of killing my child in all this? What was his fault?"

Everyone gasped after hearing Arnav. And most shocked was Anjlai.

"Wh..a..tt?? Your child?"

"Yes my child who wasn't a month old. Why did you give khushi abortion pills?"

"No Chote, I did not give khushiji abortion pills. I'm selfish but not a murderer that to of my brother's child. I swear on my child I did not know that she was pregnant."

"Oh please don't swear I know that you were aware of khushi being pregnant!!"

"No Chote please believe me I did not kill your child. What will I gain by doing that? I agree that I hurted khushi only because I wanted shyamji6back in this house but I did not kill your child."

"What will you gain? Because you wanted my attention for all yourself. You couldn't digest that I was giving khushi more importance than you so do you hurted her and now by killing my child you will clear your path as Khushi went in depression. She is losing her sanity and all this is because of you."

"No Chote I swear I did not do that horrendous crime. How can I kill one's child when I myself is on the threshold of motherhood? I know how important is a child for a woman."

"She is right she did not kill your child because I did it!!"

Hii guys. I'm back with my update.

So many of you thought that Anjali killed ArShi's baby but she did not kill. So who killed it? Any guesses?

Please do tell me how is it.

Jul 23, 2017

last shot... (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 111 times)

Two years later.



"WHAT!!!" Khushi was shocked learning Arnav had a accident and rushed out calling Peter to drive to the hospital.

"How did this happen Nanheji??" asked Khushi as soon as she arrived at hospital

"I don't know khushiji, I just received a call from Aman saying Nannav was hospitalized!!"

"HD!! Please keep my Arnavji fine. Nothing should happen to him!!" Prayed khushi hoping for the doctors to come out fast.

After an hour which felt like ages for khushi doctor came out of the operation theatre.

"How is he doctor??" asked Khushi as soon as she saw doctor.

"Who are You??" Asked doctor confused.

"I'm khushi, wife of Arnav Singh Raizada!!"

"Ok Mrs Raizada, I would like to talk to you in my cabin.."


Doctor's cabin

"Anything serious Doctor??"

"Nothing serious Mrs Raizada, he just got bruises which we bandaged and he will be fine in few days, but he won't be a father!!" Said doctor sympathically, shocking Khushi.


"In the accident his Testes are damaged and no treatment can repair them."

"But doctor, there can be a treatment right??"

"I'm afraid Mrs Raizada but no, we don't have any treatment for this. But only for your satisfaction I'll show his reports to seniors to know about the treatment."

"That will be fine doctor!!"

Khushi was so happy when Arnav agreed to start a family a week before but now his accident shattered all her hopes. After her miscarriage for six months Arnav was staying away from her. But later he started using protection when she protested he explained according to doctors we should wait atleast two years for a baby so she agreed.

But after two years too he did not agree to start a family. But after a lot of coaxing and her food-strike he agreed and now this accident.

She wiped her tears and faked a smile as she has to meet Arnav. She can't be sad as this may hurt him and make him guilty.


"What happened khushiji, what did the doctors say??"

"Nothing Nanheji, he just said that Arnavji needs a lot of rest as he will be weak due to blood loss!!"


"Ma'am the patient gained his conscious!!" Informed the nurse.


Khushi and NK went to see Arnav and saw him geting up only to wince as there was a bruise on his palm.

"Careful!!" Shouted khushi.

"What was the use of getting up Arnavji, you should have called me or anyone of you need anything!!" Scolded khushi softly.

"Ohh, so the roles are reversed now, is It??" Joked NK seeing khushi scolding Arnav

Khushi flushed at the comment and Arnav smirked seeing her flushed face.

"I'm fine Khushi, just a small accident!!"

"Small, yes your this small accident almost gave me a heart attack!!"

"Don't you dare say that khushi!!" said  Arnav furious .

"Sorry sorry!! Ok now you rest I'll back!!" Saying this she went out from there and started crying sitting on the chair.

"What happened to her?" asked Arnav confused.

"Don't know, I'll check her!!" Saying this NK too went out in search of Khushi. He saw khushi sitting on the chair sobbing.

"Khushiji, what happened?" asked NK sitting beside her.

"Nanheji wo Arnavji...."

"Nothing happened to him khushiji, he is totally fine. At present weak but he will be ok in few days."

"No Nanheji..." Khushi was about to blurt out but stopped as she doesn't want anyone even Arnav to know about it.

"Ok, I got It. You are just worried for him. I know love and all that. But please don't worry he will be fine in a jiffy!!"

"You are right nanheji!! Ok come let's go are else he will freak out!!"

After sometime..

"Khushi I'm perfectly alright you don't have to wait here, you go home with NK and upon that nurses are there to take care of me!!"

"No Arnavji I'm not going anywhere!!" Said Khushi stubbornly.

"And these nurses instead of doing there work they just ogle at you and blush!!" muttered khushi getting jealous but Arnav heard it.

"Khushi, something is burning!!" Arnav teased her.

"Really??" Khushi asked sniffing. See his smirk she understood that he is pulling his leg and snaked him on the shoulder.

"OUCH!!" Yelped Arnav clutching where she smacked


"Sorry sorry sorry!"

Arnav giggled seeing her worried face and said - "Khushi you are so cute."

"Arnavji, it neither the place nor time to joke!!" Said Khushi serious.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to hurt You!!"

Doctor entered after knocking the door.

"How are you Mr Raizada??"

"Better doctor!!"

"Ok it's time for your dressing, Mrs Raizada can you please leave us alone??"

"Alone??" asked Khushi unsure.

"Yes, it isn't good for you as you are sensitive to wounds, stitches and all!!"

"Ok!!" Saying this this she left the room  confused as how did doctor know all this.

"Thanks doctor once again for helping me!!"

"It's ok Mr Raizada, but still I don't think it is good idea to lie to her about it!! It will shatter her when she comes to know about It!!"

"I'll make sure she doesn't come to know about it. It took me a lot of time to bring her back from the trauma and this news of her will shatter her completely. It is better to blame me than her for us not having children!!"

"I understand your concern Mr Raizada but.."

"It is a better solution that I being impotent than she knows the truth!! This smal accident of mine helped me a lot. I sincerely thank that person who banged in my car. If not for him then this wouldn't happen!!"

"It's upto you Mr Raizada!!" Doctor said sighing and started dressing the wounds.

Arnav remembered how he requested doctor to declare him impotent infront of Khushi as after a lot of treatments she wasn't able to conceive. So he decided to stay as impotent than tell her the truth. This accident was a boon in his life.


After doctor left NK and Khushi entered the room.

"Nannav Dadiji called, she came to know about your and was requesting to speak to you.." NK informed about his phone call which he received a sometime earlier.

"I don't have anything to do with them NK!!"

"Arnavji I think you should speak to Them. It doesn't look nice, she being an elder calling you and you rejecting it Every time!!"

"You better don't say anything about It!!" said Arnav sternly not giving into her wishes. He earlier did too much for them due to her.

"NK, next time I don't want to hear anything related to them!! I can't forget whatever happened!!"

Arnav recalled what happened in the RM two years back.


"She is right, she did not kill your child because I did." said Aakash With out any guilt.

Everyone gasped hearing him accepting his horrendous crime.

"You did what??" asked Payal shockingly.

Aakash did not say anything but looked away from her painful face.

"Why did you do that Aakash?? How can you kill chote's child?" asked Nani

"Aakash it isn't the time to joke!!" But one look at him Anjali understood he is serious.

Mami was too shocked to say something.

"Aakash please say this isn't true. Please Aakash!!" Payal said shaking him.

Seeing him not saying anything Payal too slapped him.

"How dare you killed my sister's child Mr Aakash Singh Raizada??"

"I did everything you and your sister asked me to do in return you promised me not to hurt khushi but you went and killed her child!!"

"How can you Aakash, did your conscience allowed you to do It? How can you kill your brother's blood??"

"Yes, I killed the baby. I killed the baby of The great ASR. Why shouldn't I?? When me and di can't be happy then he and his wife too don't have the right to be happy."

"He made my life hell in office and his wife made the life hell for my Di!!"

"Every time he boss around, Here in the house and in the office. I work in the office like a normal employee and he works as a boss. He don't include me to attend the important meetings instead asks me to take care of the office. Am I a care taker to take care of his office? He is the owner, CEO and MD of the office where as I am a mere employee in my own office."

"I work there and he enjoys sitting at the office. Every time my mom shops more than 5 lacks she has to take his permission from The ASR for her access of credit card. We can't spend money on our own will as we have to ask his permission to do so. He forgot that my mom sold her jewellery to give him the money for starting his business. He is so ungrateful, selfish that he did not name anything from his property in any of the family member."

"If I do anything wrong he shouts at me like I did a grave mistake. Why Can't I do any mistake, I'm a human I'm bound to do mistakes but why will a person like him understand all this because he wants everything perfect.."

"He wants control over everything but I proved The ASR wrong by killing his first child. I gave his wife overdose of prednisone by which she can't conceive in her whole life. Now he can't control over his children as they won't be born."

"I relieved his child so in future they won't complain that his father is control freak." Aakash wasn't able to continue as he was slapped by Manorama.

"Chii!!!! I did not expect you to do this Aakash. I regret giving birth to you. What did you do Haan??  Do you know the pain of loosing one's child??" asked Manorama hurt with his son's doing.

"So I have not one but 2 backstabbers in my life!! One my own sister who was like my mother and my brother whom I trusted like my shadow. Who am I kidding our shadow too leaves us in darkness." whispered Arnav painfully. He thought Anjali killed his child for her hatred towards khushi but it was Aakash who killed the baby. His baby about whom he did not know till his death.

"How did you come to know about Khushi being pregnant?? No one not even Khushi knew that she was pregnant." asked Arnav

"Remember everyone had their monthly check up 4 days before. The next day You weren't there in your cabin when I came to meet you for your signatures, that time doctor called you to inform about it. Luckily I answered the call and asked him to send the reports to the office. Receptionist gave me the reports as I asked her to do so. Day before yesterday I mixed that drug in her juice and she consumed it. That's how I killed your baby."

"You Scroundel!!! Saying this Arnav was about to punch him but was held by Aman who saw it coming.

"Arrest him inspector!!" Ordered Aman.

"Leave me Aman!! I'll kill him, how dare he kill my child!!" Shouted Arnav.

Arnav Some how freed himself from Aman and punched Aakash

"How dare you do that. Because of you khushi isn't stable now. She is loosing her mental stability, only because of you!! You B@$#@¥d, $€¥0?&d€l!! Just because of you doctors have to give her sedatives so that she may regain her stability. If any thing happens to her then I'll not leave you."  Saying this he punched Aakash where ever possible.

Everyone were shocked seeing Arnav punching Aakash but no one stopped him as they knew what Aakash did was wrong and upon that they knew somewhere they too are responsible for this.

"Enough ASR, we will see him. You Did enough." said inspector sternly as he did not want to put Arnav behind the bars.

He signalled his colleagues to arrest Aakash.

"Mr Jha you are under arrest!!" said CBI officer coming towards Shyam.

"Me? But what did I Do??" asked Shyam feighing innocence.

"We will say you leisurely, now come with us We don't have all time in the world." ordered CBI officer.

"But how can you arrest him officer, he did not do anything. He is innocent. It was Aaksh who did all that!!" Exclaimed Anjali afraid to let go of Shyam.

"Oh no Mrs Jha, you too are going along with him!!" said Arnav.

"But why Chote, what did we Do?" Asked Anjali frightened as she knew he is a wounded lion who can do anything.

"First thing dont call me Chote, your chote died the day you went behind his back. You know what all you Did, today you too have some hand behind my baby's death. And you don't want to live separate from your husband, right? So you both can live together in the same cell. I'll request them to give you both same cell. After few days your child will be born, teach him/her your ways to get Every thing you want!!" Mocked Arnav.

"But Chote, how can she live there in this condition??" asked Nani.

"Ohh!! Again worried about Her??  What about my Khushi's condition. Atleast she will have her baby and her husband with her but my Khushi she can't conceive right. Did you think about it??  Anyways I don't care what will happen to her and her family but she will be arrested for stealing money from AR and doing things behind my back!! Arrest both of them officer!!" Ordered Arnav.

Nani was about to protest but Arnav said - "If you are so concerned about her well being then why don't you accompany them, Nani?? You too are culprit here for mentally abusing me wife. By this you can take care of your Anjali bitiya and damadji. Shall I ask them?" asked Arnav sarcastically which shut nani's mouth.

Arnav was about to go from there after ensuring that Anjali, Shyam and Aakash were arrested when he heard

"Arnavji can I meet Khushi?? Please don't deny I know what Aaksh did was wrong I just want to ask her forgiveness!!" said Payal guilty.

"No, no one is going to meet her except NK as you all lost the right to do so by hurting, insulting and accusing her of some thing which she did not do!!" said Arnav sternly.

"Hame maaf kardijiye Chote, hum nahi jaante the ki Anjali bitiya aisa karengi!! Hamne toh bas Anjali bitiya ke khatir aisa kiya khushi bitiya ke Saath!!" (I'm sorry Chote, we did not know that Anjali can do such things. We just behaved like that with Khushi as we weren't able to see her in pain.") Said Nani remorsefully.

"Your words and sorry can't erase the pain and hurt khushi went through. Can you give back her happiness, can you give back our child, no right? then let it be. By trying to safe guard your grand daughter's life you destroyed other girl's life. I can never forgive you all for this Nani."

"I never thought you to this Nani, I thought at least you understand her but No, no one understood her."

"I'm afraid we can't breathe the same air as you all. So we going from your lives forever. Please never try to contact us."

"I'm grateful to my child, he came to us only for few moments to show me the true faces of my family members. While going he taught me a lesson not to trust anyone if that person may be of same blood!!" Arnav said this so painfully which brought tears in Every ones eyes.

Arnav was about to continue but stopped as his phone rang. It was NK calling him.

"NANNAV NANNAV!!" NK was panting.

What happened NK?? Is khushi alright??" Arnav panicked hearing NK's voice

"No Nannav, she is becoming hysterical and asking for you!!"

"Ok you be with her, I will come in few minutes." saying this he left from there ignoring all of them as for him no one is important other than Khushi.

When he reached the hospital he saw khushi wasn't allowing anyone to come near her was continuously asking for him and baby.

Arnav's eyes became moist seeing his love in pain. He can do anything for her happiness but can't bring his baby back. Today he understood that he can't write his destiny as he claims to do so. He is helpless in the hands of destiny.

So much he did for his brother and sister but both backstabbed him. Even he hurted his love for his Di but she did not even think of his happiness. From the start she is cheating him with that Shyam.

He came back to his senses seeing khushi calling him as she sensed him.

"Arnavji!!" Saying this she fainted.

Arnav adjusted her on the bed properly and went to meet the doctor.

"What happened to her doctor, she was fine when I left?"

"She is scared and insecure Mr Raizada. She thinks like her baby you too will leave her and go. So you have to be very careful towards her. You have to make her understand that you will not leave her under any circumstances with your love and care. More than medicines your love will cure her. I saw the way she came back only for you when we lost the hopes. The drug will take couple of days to removed from her body till then she has to be here in our observations."

"Ok doctor, I understood!!"

"And one more thing Mr Raizada please be with her but away from her For few days. Do you understand what I'm saying??"

"Ok doctor!! Are you sure that there are no chances for her to conceive in near future??"

"See Mr Raizada, she was given overdose of a very powerful drug and According to the reports there are only 20% changes for her to conceive. I'll refer her case to OBGYN. We can see are there any chances for her to conceive. If there are we will start the treatment or else you can go With other methods too."

"Ok doctor!!" Saying this Arnav took his leave.

Arnav came out of the Doctor's cabin and saw NK sitting outside.

"What did the doctor say, Nannav?"

"Nothing much, she is just insecure that I may leave her the way baby left her and she can be discharged after couple of days."

Just then NK saw Payal and Nani were coming towards them. As soon as Arnav saw them he was enraged.

"Why did you all come here?? I warned you all not come near khushi, didn't I??"

"Arnavji wo khushi.."

"Don't just don't take her name with your mouth!! We don't need your fake sympathy!!"

"But Chote.."

"You don't have any right to call me Chote, you lost it when you started badmouthing my wife."

"Just leave from Here!!"

Payal and Nani silently left from there as they knew no matter what Arnav won't allow them to meet Khushi.

Arnav went and sanear khushi caressing her head..


Khushi got up from her sleep feeling someone caressing her head.


"Shhh!! I'm here."

"Where did you go leaving me. We're you also leaving like my baby??"

"No never, I can't leave you and go khushi, and remember one thing our baby did not leave us, he is here in our hearts and in the sky watching over us with his grandparents."

"But he left me!!"

"He left Because Mamma, Amma and babuji along with your Devimayya is taking care of him, understood??" On seeing her nod he continued.

"He is better off there then here!!"

"But who killed our baby??"

"Killed??" asked Arnav shocked as neither him not the doctor said her that the baby was killed.

"Yes, I read the reports. It was written in it that I was given some drug which caused my miscarriage.."

"Khushi I warned you not to get up from the bed, didn't I??"

"Yes, I wanted to use the loo so..."

"Leave all that, first tell me who did it?"

Arnav recalled what happened in the RM.

"What jijaji did this for property??" asked Khushi shocked.

"Hmmm!! Now get up you have to take your dinner!!"

Arnav fed her the dinner and medicines And helped her to lay on the bed. Soon khushi dozed off due to medicines.


After couple of days khushi was discharged from the hospital. Few times Buaji and Garima too came there to meet Khushi as they were in Lucknow. They too were angry on Raizadas especially on Aaksh to do all that with Khushi, but they can't say then any thing as Payal still was Aakash's wife.

Arnav along with Khushi shifted to AR's pent house with the help of NK.

Later when Arnav needed some documents which were in RM he decided to go to RM without informing khushi. But khushi came to know that he was in RM when she called Aman to know the where abouts of arnav as he wasn't picking up his call.

When khushi reached RM she saw the whole atmosphere was gloomy. Nani was looking pale, Payal became thin and tge most shocking wad Mami with out any make-up crying.

Everyone where surprised to see her and apologised to her. She tried to ignore them but couldn't as she wasn't able to see the pain they were undergoing. When Arnav came to know that khushi came to RM from HP he came down in a flash and scolded khushi for coming.

"It's ok Arnavji, I'm fine. I came here to take some of my belongings." Khushi pressed his hand to calm him down.

"Arnavji can you do a favour for me."

"Sure, what do you want?"

"First promise me!!"


"Please promise me.."

"Ok promise.."

"Will you please ask the police officers to release Aakashji, Anjaliji and Shyamji??"

"NO!! Are you gone mad?? Do you know what are you asking??"

"Yes, please will you do It??"

"No Khushi, never in my life!!"

"You promised me Arnavji, you can't back off Now!!"

"Whatever khushi, but I'm not doing that!!"

"Please Arnavji, will you not do this for me??"

"But why do you want them to be free??"

"Who knows Arnavji, tomorrow someone will kill my other child or curse me so that I can't become a mother in future, if their children are behind the bars because of Me!!"

"No Khushi, no one will do any such things."

"Please Arnavji!!"

"Khushi did you forget, Aakash killed our child before we came to know about his existence!!"

"I know Arnavji, but I don't want him to be punished. Devimayya will punish him in the worst way possible!! You have my swear!!"

"Ok khushi, I will only ask them to release Aakash and Mrs Jha, I can't ask them to release Shyam as CBI was searching him before this fiasco!!"


After this Arnav and Khushi took all their necessary belongings and left from there.

Later on Aakash and Anjali returned RM in a very bad condition as they were living in jail for 15 days.

Arnav transferred all of his property on everyone's name except AR as it was his baby so he did not wish to give AR to anybody. As Aakash reminded him that Mami sold her jewellery to give him money to start the business, he gifted her the more than 10 times worth jewellery and equal amount of money Mami have to start the business  as a compensation.

When khushi was certified healthy to travel by doctors, he and khushi along with NK shifted to Sydney permanently.

After that they did not turn back to see what all happened to Raizadas.

Flashback ends..


After few days everything was back to normal. Arnav was fine and he started going to office and Khushi was back to her NGO which she started after coming to Sydney.

Sometimes khushi was lost in her thoughts, Arnav found it strange but understood what she was thinking. He tried to ask her few times but khushi brushed off saying it was nothing important. She was sure Arnav did not know about his impotency. She is scared what of arnav asked why she isn't pregnant after two days. She asked Arnav to use protection but he was stubborn not to use it. She everyday prayed for her husband's well being and for his treatment to work. If only she knew.

But nothing was fine in RM Anjali gave birth to baby boy who was exactly a replica of Arnav. She named him Aarav as her chote's name is similar. She tried to bail out Shyam from jail but Arnav made sure that he will not be out of jail this easily. Initially She called Arnav everyday but Arnav blocked her and the everyone's number. She cursed khushi for snatching away Arnav from her life. She isn't guilty for whatever she did.

After arnav left Aakash started business with the help of his father but it using gaining any profit. His company is just going under losses. Payal forgave him after lot of his pleadings as she understood his insecurities. In 6 months she underwent 2 miscarriages which made Mami and Nani cry everyday for the I'll fate of their children and grandchildren.

NK is working at AR as a professional photographer. He is also dating Anisha who is a junior designer at AR.


"Arnavji, I think we should postpone our baby!!"

"Why??" Arnav understood why she is saying all this. Somewhere he is feeling guilty for lying to her bad making her worried but soon he brushed his thoughts as it was for her betterment."

"Wo now-a-days you are so busy with meetings and I'm also busy with NGO so....."

"Don't worry khushi, I'll appoint some more employees to help you and about me being busy, I'm busy because of fashion show. After this I'll not be this much busy for you amd our baby!!"

"You are right Arnavji, but I want to postpone it for few years!!"

"Why khushi?? I mean you were so eager for the baby but what happened now??"

"Nothing, but I think I'm not ready for the baby. It comes with lots of responsibilities and all so it is too early for me and You!!"

"Nothing is early or late khushi, with time we will adjust with all this. If you are afraid that you will be alone to handle a baby then we can ask buaji to shift with us. She will be of great help.."

"You are right Arnavji, but can we please wait for parenthood?? Please please!!"

"Ok!! as you say. I'm ok with whatever you wish!!"

"Thank you so much Arnavji!! You are the best husband!!" Saying this she hugged him tightly.

"But you have to promise me, after our baby you will give me the same attention, love and care like you give me now!!"


"Ok, let's seal this promise with a kiss!!" Saying this Arnav kissed khushi.

The end

A special mention to Suryakavi0912 and lazydoll ... they were the one who guessed that Aakash killed the baby for property..

May 3

Epilogue (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 76 times)

I'm sorry for the late update I was caught up with some works!! 

5 years later


"Ansh come here !!" Shouted khushi running behind a small boy of 5 years with a glass of milk.

"No Mamma, I hale milky!!!" said Ansh (no Mamma I hate milk)

"Ansh I'm warning you, if you don't come here right now then I will complain about you to your Dada!!"

"Mamma I klow(know) you won(won't) do lhal!!" Giggled Ansh still running (Mamma I know you won't do that)

"Anshel Singh Raizada, stop where you are!!" Khushi said sternly.

Ansh knew this tone as his mamma uses this when she is angry so he stopped running and stood at his place like an obedient child. When he looked at his mother he was shocked as she was going to fall down he immediately ran towards her and clutched her hand preventing her from falling.

Khushi was coming towards Ansh when she did not see the water on the floor and was about to slip but Ansh held her at the right time.

"Mamma, how maly (many) limes shall I say you to walk popely, whal if somelhilg happened to my sisler!!" Scolded Ansh to his mother who was smiling at his son's concern. (Mamma how many times shall I say you to walk properly, what if something happened to my sister!!)

"Nothing can happen to me till I have my superman son!!" said khushi proudly hugging Ansh

"I'm solly Mamma, due to me you were going to fall!!" Ansh was guilty as she was running behind him. He promised his Dada to take care of his mom in his absence but he wasn't able to do it.

"It's ok little man, you caught me before I fall. So you don't need to feel guilty!!" Consoled khushi to her son

"But Mamma il is my duly to prolecl you and my lille sisler in the absence of Dada!!" Ansh said patting her 6 months pregnant belly.

"How do you know that it is your sister, it may be your brother too!!"

"I'm sure it my sister and Dada says too that it is my sister!!"

"Ok, now drink your milk then we will go to our NGO!!"

"Really??" asked Ansh excited as he loves to go to NGO

"Yes if only you complete your milk!!" Ansh hurriedly gulped his milk as he was really excited to go to NGO and play with many of his friends.

"See I filished, low come fast!!" Said Ansh holding Khushi's hands.

"Wait, let me inform your Dada and Maria!!" Khushi called Arnav and informed about their visit to NGO and asked Maria to prepare some snacks for the kids in NGO

When Ansh saw Maria he remembered how she did not do her work properly due to which his Mamma was going to fall.

"Where were you and why did you not clean this floor did you know Because of you mamma was going to fall down!!" Shouted Ansh in his childish voice

"I'm sorry Ansh!!"

"Don't you know I hate sorry, I will ask Dada to fire you!!" Threatened Ansh

"Ansh!!" Chided khushi.

"You don't say anything Mamma, she isn't doing her work and always busy with her phone!!" Ansh said sternly to his mom while he was glaring at Maria who was bowing her head afraid to loose her job.

"Maria you leave and quickly prepare some snacks for NGO!!" said khushi in a dismissing tone.

"Ansh this isn't the way to speak to elders. Is this what I taught you??"

"I'm sorry Mamma but she did not do so her job so I was scolding her. What if you slipped and hurt yourself!!"

"You were there with me na, and nothing can happen to me when I have my superman!! Don't you dare say all this to your Dada, I'm warning you Ansh!!"

"Hmmm!!" Khushi knows Maria will be fired from her job the first thing in the morning the hmmm from her son said it all.

After sometime Ansh and khushi left for NGO!!


New Delhi

In 3BHK Flat.

"What happened Anjali, what did doctors say??" asked Nani on seeing Anjali entering the house with her son Aarav.

"Nothing new Nani, he is suffering from Alalia. He may or may not speak. It totally depends on how his body reacts to the medicines. I'm afraid Nani if he doesn't start speaking.." Anjali shared her worries with her grandmother who rarely speaks to her that too only related to Aarav.

"Then it is the result of his parent's crimes done to many of them!" replied Nani silently crying.

People don't bluff when they say children has to bear the brunt of their parent's wrong doing so is Aarav. He isn't able to speak a word since his birth heck, he doesn't recognise his surroundings except his mother. He just see the surroundings as he came to the place for the first time and later forgets it..

"Nani please again don't start your lecture that I did wrong. What all I did was and is correct. I spoke to one lawyer he said he will try to bail Shyamji out soon.. After that I will take Aarav to a best doctor. I can't expect anything anymore from Aaksh!!"

"Why do you start expecting anything from Aaksh, Anjali. He is also suffering. Did you not see how much he lost in the business, this is the result of trying to cheat and betray Chote along with killing his child. Today he is childless just due to his wrong doings!!"

"I know Nani, because of his losses we have to live in this small house, God knows how he can't handle this business. It is just an easy task and that khushi isn't allowing my Chote to come back to me. Heck, she even made him to block his numbers. What ever happened with is her is what she deserves. I wish her to never become a mother!!"

"And Nani if he is childless then it is all Payal's fault. She isn't able to take care of herself during her pregnancies thus causing 8 miscarriages. I said Aaksh to marry once again but he isn't listening to me!!"


Nani slapped Anjali tightly seeing her shamelessness.

"Chii!! Anjali I thought you will realise your mistakes and repent but No, you won't do that in this life time I'm sure. You are such a disgusting selfish and vile woman who is doing everything only for herself. Do you realise what are you saying, you being a woman is saying like this. You are just a pathetic excuse at the name of woman!!! Shouting this Nani went from there wiping her angry tears.

Anjali angrily marched from there taking her son. She can't believe her Nani slapped her for that khushi. She will never forgive khushi first for taking her Chote away from her and second for making her family against her.

Aakash's Room

"What did the reports say Aakash??" Payal asked on seeing her reports in his hand

"Again same thing Payal. If you become pregnant it may risk your's and baby's life!!" Payal just sighed hearing the same answer from past one year.

She has miscarried 8 times in a row and now she became next to infertile. Everyone is staring at her suspiciously whenever she goes out of the house. She isn't pregnant even after 6 years of marriage. Once she slipped from the stairs on the day of her Godh Bharai which is keeping everyone's mouth shut or else they would have started calling her infertile woman.

According Dadi and maaji said her it's karma, what goes around comes around. Aakash did bad with Arnav and Khushi and now they aren't blessed with the most beautiful happiness. She can't help but agree with that.

It was her insecurities and jealousy which didn't stoop up for khushi when everyone were doing bad with her. It was Aakash's insecurities, jealousy towards Arnav and over ambition to become the CEO of AR which led to all this.

During that time they both believed that "Fair is foul and foul is fair!!"

Which she is now regretting. She knows somewhere Aakash is guilty but he isnt ready to accept the same. According to him what he did was right.

"You don't worry Payal, there will be some solution to it, we will go to the best doctors for treatment!!"

"How Aakash, how will we go to the best of doctors for treatment?? We don't have enough money to do that. You are drown in to neck deep of losses which I'm sure will take years to clear. We are living here in these 3 bed room flat which hardly has any facilities. We don't have enough money to buy medicines of dadiji, every month Anjali Di comes to your doorstep for money. She stares at me with so much disgust as I'm the root cause of all this. Maaji's health is deteriorating. If not for Papa's income we would have been in roads!!"

"What can I do payal, you only tell me, Raizada Mansion's rent is used to pay for the losses, from where can i get money. We sold almost all the jewellery if yours and mom to save the company. Our company is at stake. I'm trying to find a way so that we don't have to shut it down!!"

"You can ask help from......"

"Don't you dare go there Payal. I won't bend down infront of that man. Today where we are it's because of him. He is the reason why no one is ready to make a deal with us!!"

"You aren't understanding Aakash, he has better knowledge than you. He can help you. You just have to call him!!"

"Do you think I will do that, never. It won't happen till I'm alive. I won't beg infront of him. Do you think if I go and ask for help he will do that, he won't spare me a single glance forget about helping me. You don't know him Payal his hate is very dangerous. I'm the first in the list whom he hates as I targeted the weakest point of him, his wife Khushi. Everyone here knows that how much she loves children, she is totally shattered on knowing that she can't become mother again which I'm sure will hurt him a lot on seeing her state. I'm sure he won't opt for surrogacy or second marriage as he can't hurt his wife whom he loves a lot!!"

"Why Aakash, why did you do that to them. What was the child's fault in all this??"

"Com'on Payal, you know my reasons very well, weren't you jealous of khushi at one time. I'm sure you would have done the same if you got a chance!!"

"Never Aakash, I wouldn't have killed a child just for jealousy!!"

"Yes, you wouldn't have as your sister didn't snatch everything from you but that person snatched each and every thing that was mine from me and my family!!" Aakash said with venom filled in his voice and left from there.

"I don't know Aakash, just because of your revenge everyone is suffering here!!" Payal whispered brokenly.


Arnav entered his room calling for Khushi but got no response. Sighing he went to Ansh's room but saw it empty. He was surprised at this time both will be either playing something, doing Ansh's homework or sleeping but he didn't find them anywhere. Panicked he ran outside the house to ask the security guards while dialing NK's number.

On enquiring from guards, he came to know that both his wife and son went to the NGO. He was relived. For a second he thought some thing happend to both of them as it's unusual not to find both of them when he is home.

No wishing to be alone he too drove to where his family is. He knew khushi is happy in fact very much happy when she came to know that she is pregnant after 5 Damn years of wait.

It wasn't easy for both of them when accidentally rummaging through his files Khushi caught hold of her medical file and came to know that the fault is in her not in him for them not able to produce children. It so happened after 5 months of his accident.

4.5 years Earlier

Or 5 months after Arnav's Accident


"Khushi can you send me the file named 'financial record of AR'? It is red in colour and has AR logo on it!!" Arnav requested on phone.

"Sure, let me see where you have kept!!"

"It is in my locker!!"

"Ok, got It!! I'll send it through driver!!"

"Ok, and haan I'll be late for dinner. Don't wait for me." Saying this Arnav hanged the call not knowing that the secret which he was keeping within himself is gonna be out today.

Here khushi picked up the files which fell accidentally and saw some medical reports in her name and was surprised as she never underwent these many tests and there were some tests which were unknown to her but what caught her eye was the results which said that 'the patient still isn't able to bear the children.'

She re-read those file thrice to make sure that it was about her and not anyone else's. After that she left from there taking those reports along with Arnav's reports as it didn't take much time for her to put two and two together and come to conclusion that Arnav is very much fit to father children and isn't infertile.

She immediately went to a doctor who lives near by to clarify that the reports are true and she confirmed the same who felt bad for such a wonderful woman. She even clarified that her uterus isn't able to bear the child as it is very weak and in future if she becomes pregnant then there are chances of miscarriage.

Khushi for the first time in her life cursed Aaksh and wished him to never be a father in life.

She left from there to the church nearby to sit in peace. She didn't cry, not even a single tear was shed by her. After sitting there for sometime she left from there. She went to the park near the church and started seeing the children playing there.

Here Arnav was worried as Khushi didn't send the file and adding that she isn't picking the call. He called the house number to know from the maid that khushi left the house with some file. He called the driver to know that she is in the part near the church she usually visits.

Getting worried he postponed the meeting and left from there to the park. When he reached there he saw some kind of hollowness in her eyes which made Arnav restless. He went and sat beside her expecting her to acknowledge his presence but he was left disappointed as Khushi didn't even move an inch from that time.

"You lied!!!" Khushi whispered still staring at nothing in particular.

If Arnav was not staring at her he wouldn't have noticed her lips moving.

"What?? What are you talking about!!" Arnav asked confused.

She handed him the files which were kept in the lap and Arnav understood the secret which he was trying to conceal can't be concealed anymore.

"Khushi, I can explain....!!"

"Is it true or not??"

"Khushi please....!!!"

"I'm infertile!!" She said brokenly.

Arnav held her hand but she shoved it.

"Khushi!!" Arnav was shocked with her behavior.

"Please Don't touch me!!" She said getting up from the bench.

"Khushi listen, I can explain!!"

"No, I don't want to listen anything! These many years I was living a lie!!" Saying that Khushi fainted.

Arnav caught her, took her home, called the doctor and NK on his way.

"Khushi, please get up!!" Arnav pleaded patting her cheeks who was lying lifelessly in his lap.

"Driver please drive fast!!"

They reached home in no time and saw NK with the doctor sitting in the hall.

Arnav rushed to their bedroom and laid her on the bed. He called doctor to check on her.

"I think she is stressed or underwent emotional trauma. She is too fragile. Please keep her away from the stress!!"

"She just came to know that she can't conceive!"

"That's why, please ask her to keep calm. There are many other medical ways by which she can have a baby or you both can always adopt a child!!" Doctor advised.

"Make sure she don't get any panic attacks as it can detroirte her health!!"

"Thank you doctor!"

"Call me if you need anything!!" Saying this Doctor left from there.

"Nannav, how did she come to know about it??"

"She saw the medical files which were kept in the locker!!"

"**** Man!! Now what are we going to do??"

"Nothing, I'll have to explain everything to her, and make her understand that it wasn't her fault. She is so broken!!" Arnav said tears forming in his eyes.

"Relax dude, I know you can do it!! I you need anything I'm there for you both!!"


After sometime Khushi gained her conscious and saw Arnav was doing something on the laptop sitting beside her. Sensing some moment he glanced at Khushi and saw her awake.

"You got up, how are you feeling now??"

Khushi kept mum.

"I think you are hungry, let me ask Mary to get something for you to eat!!"

After a while Mary, their maid brought a bowl of soup.

"Come let's drink this!!" Arnav said and was about to help her to sit but Khushi shrugged his hand.

Arnav was hurt seeing her indifference.

"Khushi, I'm sure you are hungry. Have it without any fuss!!"

This time Khushi didn't shrug his hand and allowed him to feed her.

She got tears seeing him taking care of her.

Arnav wiped her tears understanding the reason behind him but didn't tell her anything. After he was done feeding her Khushi launched her self in his arms and cried, for her loss, his loss and his pain.

He too cried silently for their loss. He knows how she is eager for children and that's it her Devimayya denied to give her.

"Khushi that's enough, you can't cry and make your self sick. You know there are many medical ways to try for a baby. We can opt for surrogacy and a best way is to adopt a child!!"

"You are right!!"

"Ok, now lie down and sleep silently. I'll just complete my work!"

"No, you also join me!!"

"Ok!!" Saying this Arnav lied down beside her and took her in his embrace.

2 days later

Everything was gloomy in ArShi's little paradise. Khushi was doing everything mechanically and was almost in the bed for the whole day. Arnav too didn't to go office not wanting to leave her alone in this condition.

He knows she is depressed and needs him in this condition.

He was busy feeding her when out of no where he heard.

"Divorce me and marry someone who can give you a child of your own!!"

Arnav was shocked would be an understatement. He stilled for a minute and said.

"Fine, I'll marry someone and have a child of my own but she won't be you!!"

Saying that he threw away the food plate on the floor and marched out of the room in anger.

How can she say that?

Doesn't she knows that he loves her?

Doesn't she love him?

Is a child so important for that she is ready to leave me?

Arnav thought sitting in the balcony. But he to understood that it was just her insecurities speaking.

She is afraid that he will blame her of something.

Maybe he will stop loving her as she can't give him a a child.

Maybe he is feeling her as a burden.

Maybe he is tolerating her just because he has a hope that one day she may conceive?

"Khushi Dammit, you will be the death of me!!" Saying this he went to their room and saw her crying clutching their photo to her heart.

He snatched that photo and said.

"If I divorce you, you won't be having any chance to see any of our pictures and touch them as I will destroy them, you see my new wife may not tolerate that my ex-wife still cries clutching my photo to her heart!!"

"Can you bear that??"

"Can you tolerate seeing me with other woman who may have more right over me than you??"

"Can you tolerate me touching her, kissing her and making love to her??"

"Can you tolerate we both going on a date and coming to each other??"

"Can you tolerate....!!" He wasn't able to complete it as Khushi shut his mouth with her hands.

"Please don't say anything. I agree that I can't even imagine you with someone!!"

"Please!!" Khushi begged sliding on the floor.

"Then why Khushi, why did you suggest something so absurd. You know I love you and can't tolerate any women near me, then why???

"I'm sorry, I don't know what I was saying!!"

"But you are hurting me Khushi, with your silent behavior, your indifference, they are killing me!!"

Arnav left from there leaving a shattered Khushi who just realised what a mess she created unknowingly.

She has to somehow mend it, him, her and their relationship.

He tried his best to conceal her from the hurt and it's now her chance to remove his hurt and pain.

'I came to know about this 2 days back and I'm so shattered, then what about him who knows it from 2 years and is silent just for my sake!!' She thought wiping her tears.

Two weeks later

Khushi tried every way to bring normalcy in their relationship but failed as Arnav was very much hurt after knowing that she is ready to divorce him.

He shunned all her advances. Saddened with that she left to church for some peace of mind and to think a new way to apologize.

She was just strolling in church as she liked the atmosphere of it. It's serene beauty and atmosphere brings peace to her heart.

Just then she heard a crying sound of a baby and went in that direction and saw the Father of the church consoling a crying baby.

"What happened father why is the baby crying so much and where is his parents??" Khushi asked touching the baby's small fingers

Wish she too has a baby like him.

"I don't know who are his parents child, I saw him in the churchyard crying!!"

"Do you mean his parents left him here??"

"Maybe, as I didn't find anyone around!!"

"Can I console him??"

"Sure my child!" Father who knew Khushi readily agreed. He likes Khushi as she is a regular visitor of the church and more over she donates a huge sum to the church.

"Can you arrange for some milk for him I think he is hungry and that's why wailing his lungs out!!"

"Yeah, I'll see what can I do!!"

Father went from there and brought some milk in a feeding bottle. As there is an orphanage nearby it wasn't difficult for him to find a feeding bottle.

He handed that bottle to Khushi and Khushi started feeding the baby.

After some time.

Arnav came running inside the church and saw Khushi playing with a small baby and the Father sitting near by.

He was astonished seeing Khushi smiling after many days. He was at peace. The picture was looking so perfect, if only they have their child.

He came running to the church when driver called him and said that Khushi is inside the church since five hours and is not picking his calls. He got worried and immediately rushed here thinking for the worse.

"Khushi!!" Arnav called.

"Shh, he is about to sleep!!" Khushi said not realising she is telling it to her husband.

"Okay!! Arnav whispered.

Father left from there after greeting Arnav as he had some work.

After making sure the baby is sleeping Arnav said

"Shall we leave, he is asleep!!"

Just then Khushi realised Arnav's presence and wondered when did he come.

"Yeah but....!!" Khushi glanced at the baby in her lap and Arnav saw a longing for a child in her eyes. He cursed Aakash, if not for him they would have been playing with a child of their own.

"I'll call the Father.."

"Why? Where are his parents??"

"I don't know, someone left him in the churchyard in the morning!!" Khushi said sadly.

The people who can have baby doesn't know the importance and the people who are longing for a child knows how precious a baby is.

"Ok, come fast!!"

Khushi took the baby to the Father who was inside, handed him and came back. 

She prayed for the last time and left. 

"How did you come to know that I'm here??" Khushi asked as they sat in the car.

"Peter called me saying you are not lifting his call and when he entered the Church you weren't there!!"

"Actually I went to the orphanage behind the Church to change the clothes of a baby!!"


"You know the baby is so small, his hands and legs are so tiny and soft. Like a teddy bear and he is so red. Father is saying that he is around 3 days old!!"

Khushi kept blabbering about the baby and Arnav was silently listening to her and responding whenever necessary.

They didn't realise that they are again in talking terms like earlier and discussing about a baby like any other parents do.

When they reached home Arnav had to tell her to get down as he have to rush to the office.

I'll be late, don't wait for me, have your dinner and medicines at time!!" Saying this he pecked her forehead and zoomed off in his car.

Khushi smiled seeing him being normal with her but got emotional thinking about the lone baby.

When Arnav came back he saw Khushi sleeping on the sofa kept in the hall. He shaked his head on her stubborn behavior, picked her up and took her to their room. He can't wait to tell her about his surprise.

Next day

Khushi got up to see herself in the bed and Arnav no where. Thinking him to be downstairs she rushed there and came to know that he left early in the morning with NK.

She was disappointed not finding him and his phone switched off . Sighing she left to freshn up and did her morning c****s.

Khushi was eating her breakfast when NK came there calling for her. There was a strange excitement on his face which made her a bit happy.

"Khushiji, are you done with your meal??"

"Almost! You went with Arnavji right, then why didn't he come with you??"

"He will be here shortly, can you eat a bit fast I have a surprise for you!!"

"Ok! I'm done!!" Khushi said as soon as she finished the breakfast.

"Come come...!" Saying this NK dragged her to the hall and blindfolded her.

"You said you want to take me somewhere but you are blindfolding me!!"

"Patience, you'll get to know in a while!!" Saying this NK messaged someone in his phone.

She sensed someone else's presence in the room and said the same.

"Is some too here along with you and me??"

"Yes! Now you can open your eyes!!" NK removed the blindfold from her eyes. She blinked getting used to the lights and saw a heartwarming sight. Arnav standing infront of her with a baby in his hands. On getting a close look she realised the baby is the same whom she met yesterday in the Church.

"Meet our Son Anshel Singh Raizada!!" Arnav forwarded the baby towards a teary eyed Khushi who took him in her hands.

"How? why?"

"Yesterday I saw a spark of happiness in your eyes which was lost these days and your longing for a baby when you left him in the church so I decided we will adopt him!!"

"Yes, we are going to adopt him. In fact almost work is finished, only your consent and signatures are pending!!"

"I can't believe it!!" Khushi hugged the baby closer to her heart and cried out of happiness.

"Who kept his name??"

"Father, he kept his name after you as he stopped crying being with you. Anshel means Happiness!!"

"Truly, he is happiness in both of your lives!!" NK said genuinely happy.

"Ok enough, in about an hour we have to go to hospital for his check up!!"

"Hospital? but why, is he alright??" Khushi asked concerned.

"Yes he is, Father adviced to go through a normal health Check up just to make sure he is fine and we have to know his blood group and other related stuff!!"

"Oh okay!!"

Later, they left for hospital and after a through check up they came to know his blood group is B+ and he is a healthy baby of 5 days.

On knowing they are going to adopt him doctor advised induced ****feeding for Khushi which may be healthy for the baby and it bonds the mother and the baby.

On finding more about it, it's effects and side effects Khushi and Arnav decided to go with induced ****feeding which may take a month's time for Khushi to start feeding him. They were ok with it. Till then they decided to feed him the baby formula.

They got so busy with him that sometimes they forget their usual work. Importantly they forgot that they weren't talking with each other and were back to normal with Anshel.

That's how Ansh who is lovingly called by his mom came in their lives.

Arnav came out of his thoughts hearing a horn and realised he was again lost in the thoughts of his wife and son. It's been five years since he came and still he can't believe that he is with them.

No one can say that Ansh is not their son. He totally a crazy boy just like Khushi and protective about his mother just like him.

Now with their little one coming his family is complete. He is sure she is a daughter. He already has a son and needs a daughter just like Ansh. Ansh too supports him telling it's his sister.

He still remember the day Ansh called him telling his mother is crying and he rushed to the home.


"Dada! Mumma is tying (Crying)!!" Ansh said almost in tears.

"What happened Ansh, why is she crying!!"

"I dol no!!" (I don't know)

"Ok, don't panic Ansh, I'll come in 5 minutes till then you be with mumma, Ok???"

"Ok! Tome (come) fast!!"

He reached his house in 15 minutes and saw a teary Ansh consoling his mother who was crying her eyes out. It was such a painful sight to see.

"Khushi, what happened, why are you crying!!"

"Arnavji!!" Khushi hugged him and cried even more.

"Shh shh, calm down. It's ok. First tell me what happened!!" Arnav said running her back to calm her down.

"Impregnant!!" She is in one go confusing Arnav and Ansh.

"What?? Be clear!!"

"I'm pregnant!!"

"It's ok Khushi nothing will happ... wait WHAT?? What did you just say??"

"I'm pregnant!!"

"Are you sure??"


"It's such a happy news then why are you crying!!"

"Because I don't know how to react!!"

"Stupid woman!!" Saying this Arnav hugged her.


"Wht the-!" The little Ansh decided to make his presence notice

"Ansh, you are going to have a little sister!!" Arnav said bringing him close.

"What?? Really!!"



"In eight months!" This time Khushi replied.

"So late!!"

"Yes, she said me first she will make sure that Ansh will be a good brother then she will come!!"

"I'll be the best brother!!"

"When did you come to know??"

"Just now. I missed my periods for two months so I went to the doctor as it's not common for me to miss it. She asked my medical history and advised me to under go some tests and came to know that I'm pregnant. I asked about the baby and said it's almost 3 months old and is healthy. There are 30 % chance of miscarriage in 4-5 months but if I take rest then we can avoid it. According to her it's a miracle pregnancy. Except that I'm totally fine!!"

"When's your next appointment??"

"Next week, why??"

"I'm coming with you!!"


This is how he came to know about her pregnancy. Now Khushi is in safe period according to doctors but he is still careful towards her not wanting to hurt her or their little one.

He reached the NGO and saw Ansh playing with some of his friends who are around 60-70 years of age and Khushi smiling and talking with them keeping an eye on Ansh.

Ansh was the first one who saw him and shouted.

"Dada!!" Ansh came running to him.

"How are you Ansh?"

"I'm fine and mamma is also fine, but you know today she was going to fall but I held her. It's because of Maria, she isn't doing her work properly so fire her!!"


"You are not even here and he started complaining. Ansh I warned you right not to complain it to your dad, then why did you say about that!!"

"Khushi is he telling truth??"

"Yes, I was about to fall but it wasn't Maria's mistake and you Ansh why didn't you tell your Dada how you made me run around the house??"

"No Dada, I didn't ask her to run but you know she likes to do that!!"

"Khushi, I told you to take care of yourself, right??"

"Yes, but he wasn't drinking his milk so...!!"

"Whatever it is Khushi, if he wasn't listening to you, you should have called me instead of straining yourself. You do know that you are in a very delicate stage!!"

"I'm sorry, but I'll take care next time!!"

"You better be!!"

"Now if you are done here, let's leave. I'm very tired!!"

"Then why did you come here???"

"I was worried not seeing you both at home. I so got used to both of you When I return!!"

"I informed you before coming, right?"

"Yes, but it slipped out of my mind!!'

"Ok, let me take my purse and then we'll leave!!"






"Did he sleep??" Khushi asked seeing Arnav entering their room.

"Yes, but gave a hard time!!"

"He is doing that from past 4 months that's why I asked you to let him sleep with me!!"

"No, I can't take any chance. What if he kicks you in his sleep. He is totally like you while sleeping!!"

"Please, poor boy he is so eager to sleep with me and you are the one who is denying him every day!!"

"Khushi I'm doing this for your good only. Once the baby is born he can sleep with you any time!!"

"Let's see!!"

"Khushi, stop being so sarcastic or else I know how to perfectly shut your mouth!!" He said coming towards her.


"What happened??"

"I think the baby kicked!!"

"What? really!!"

"Yes, the doctor said it will start kicking soon during last appointment!"

"Can I feel it??"

"Yes!!" Saying this she kept his hand on her swollen belly and the baby kicked.

"Damn, It's so amazing!!!"

"Yeah it is!!"

"Is it paining a lot??"

"No, why do you think so??"

"You just yelped right!!"

"Yeah because it was sudden and I was not prepared. It's a wonderful feeling!!"

"That's so beautiful, I'm so jealous of you, you can feel the baby any time and I have to wait for another 3 months to hold her!!"

"Awww!! It's ok. Don't tell me you want to be pregnant??"

"NO!" Arnav said horrified. Khushi laughed seeing his expressions.

"I'm glad!!"

"Come let's sleep!!"

"Wait, how can you be sure it's a girl it can be a boy too!!"

"Yeah it can be a boy too but a father's instinct is saying that it is a girl. We don't really need a boy as we have our Ansh we just a sister for him!!"


True to his instinct Khushi gave birth to a baby girl after 2 and half months.

The most excited was Ansh as at last he got a sister.

They named her Aarushi. 

So this is the Epilogue which took 8 months to come up.


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