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Jul 9, 2017

Jab We Met (By Angel23) (Thanked: 99 times)

“Finally I’ll rule this house..sasuma’s keys will stay with me now” Manorama thought with a hidden smile on her face, while having the first breakfast without an important member of Raizada family, Nani.

“This mansion doesn’t seem the same without her anymore” Manohar, her husband said enough for everyone to hear.

“It was a natural death Mama, it’s DM wish that it was time for her to go” Anjali said.

“And we can’t stop living because Nani died, we have to move on. I know it’s difficult but we have to do it” Akash said sipping his juice, and constantly staring at his phone to see if he got any messages of work.

“Chote I need money today, actually I want to go to a jewelry shop with my friends” Anjali said looking at her brother.

“I will transfer it to your account..” Arnav said and left the table, HP came running to him to handle him his bag.



“No need to do that..” came a voice from the door, a sweet and melodious voice in Arnav’s thinking.

And finally she appeared to everyone’s vision.

“Who are you?” Mami asked her frowning.

“My name is Khushi Kumari Gupta..” she said smiling “Lawyer ji please explain them my reason to be here..” Khushi turned back to the Lawyer standing behind them.

“Mr.Kapoor any problem?” Arnav asked, to his Nani’s lawyer.

“No Mr.Raizada.. I just wanted to say your Nani’s last wish to you all and make you meet with the owner of her property..” Mr.Kapoor said with a smirk.

Everyone just left the table running and came to three standing in the living room.

“Haan haan tell us Mr.Kapoor?” Anjali said with a smile on her face, Nani just loved her a lot, so she was sure she would be the owner.

“I’m the owner of AR as well as this mansion Mr.Kapoor, you don’t need to say that..” Arnav smirked.

Anjali had a sullen face hearing this, and Akash had a last hope that Nani chose him as he was the one who always obeyed her words.

Mami was only interested in getting the mansion’s keys in her control, while Mama shook his head seeing all of them; he sat on the sofa comfortably.

Payal, Akash’s husband also was not interested in all this, she left to the kitchen and returned with coffee for the lawyer.

“Sorry to say, but your Nani didn’t choose any member of your family, the owner of her property is this girl, Khushi and here are the papers that prove what I am saying” the lawyer smiled a little.

Everyone gasped shocked, Arnav frowned taking the papers in his hand, he couldn’t believe this at all, Nani trusted a stranger..

“I can’t accept this..” he said angrily.

“Khushi should I go now?” Mr.Kapoor stroke her hair lovingly, she was like his daughter. 

“Yes uncle, you can go. I can handle this..” she winked at him.

Mr.Kapoor left, and everyone were looking at him like they deserve an explanation for this.

“So yeah.. let’s start..” Khushi stretched her arms, and sat on the sofa sipping the coffee Payal brought for her too.

“Let’s end this.. just get out from my mansion” Arnav shouted angrily.

“Are you illiterate? Didn’t you read what’s written in the paper? I’m the owner of this property..” Khushi looked up to him in a no nonsense tone.

“But Nani never told us about you..” Anjali glared at Khushi.

“So what should I do Miss Anjali? Bring Nani from the sky to make her tell you about me? Isn’t her signature enough to prove you that I was close to her?” Khushi smirked.

“Listen you..” Mami pointed her index finger to Khushi.

“Shh.. now I’ll speak and you all will listen to me quietly..” Khushi said and got up from her seat.

“So basically I’m here to fulfill Nani’s last wish.. well a long one must say, first wish Manorama Singh Raizada, ohh that’s you only, so Nani wants you to say bye bye to parlor and kitty parties and say hi hi to the kitchen,

Manohar Singh Raizada, you’re her son, she just wants you to control your wife, and that’s tough job I know (Mami glared at Khushi),

Anjali Singh Raizada, ohhoo I’m going to have a tough job with you too, friends, parties late at night, wasting money for no reason at all, as soon as I reached only I found you begging money to your brother, seriously!!! There is a limit to everything, now only you lost your Nani and you want to buy jewelry, does it look good???

Then we have Akash Singh Raizada, start giving more attention to your wife instead of your work.. I’ll kind of make sure you do that Akash, because I can’t stand with people who ill-treat their wives like you.

Payal Singh Raizada, start saying hi hi to a new life for you (Khushi smiled genuinely)..

Arnav Singh Raizada, last but not the least..” Khushi smirked.

Arnav raised his one eye brow looking at Khushi, who was coming near him.

She extended her hand to him showing him sindoor and a wedding chain “Nani wants me to become your wife..”

“What the…” Arnav widened his eyes. 

“Yes this is the truth, don’t be so shocked, it’s your age only to get married. And phati ji if you don’t accept this, I will have to send you all out of here..” she blinked her eyes innocently. 

Jul 10, 2017

Chapter 1 - An angry Arnav Vs Innocent Khushi (By Angel23) (Thanked: 87 times)


"Hurry up Pathi ji.." Khushi looked at him indicating him to fill the sindoor in her maang.

" What the..no.." Arnav frowned.

"Chote just marry her, didn't you hear what she said?" Anjali said worried about her and her family.

"She will throw us out of here.." Mami said glaring at the girl in front of her.

Arnav gritted his teeth, "You will pay me for this.."

" Of course pathi ji.. I will, I have loads of money now.." Khushi giggled, and he took the sindoor from her hand rudely.

"Don't be angry my sweet hubby.."  she pouted.

Arnav filled her maang with sindoor, and tied mangalsutra around her neck angrily.

"Why are you all standing like statues? Go and bring sweets my dear Mami ji.. Don't you want to congratulate us?" Khushi smiled.

Mami nodded shocked, she went running to the kitchen.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "I'm going to office Di.." he said, and was about to take his bag.

Khushi snatched it before he could take, " Not now Arnav. Promise me that tomorrow we will go to court to register our marriage.."

"What? Didn't I marry you? Aren't you happy?" he asked.

"Of course not.. I know how your Harvard brain works okay, and I won't let you fool me.." she smirked "Later you will tell me to prove you that we got married, and I won't have, so that's why we need to register our marriage okay.. Be ready tomorrow and if you don't come.."

"I.will.come.tomorrow.." he gritted his teeth stressing each word to her.

" Don't look at me like that pathi ji.. I will fall in love with you.." Khushi faked a blush.

" Give me my bag back.." he ignored her teasings.

Khushi handled it to him, "Heyy wait, what about the sweets?"

" I'm diabetic.." he glared at her and then left for his office.

Khushi chuckled, then looked at everyone.

"Anjali what are you waiting for?" Khushi looked at her smirking.

" My friends.." Anjali said confused with her question.

"Forget your friends. I have some work for you. Go and clean Nani's room now.." Khushi said flipping some pages of a magazine that was placed on the table before.

"What? Why should I do it when HP is here only?" Anjali frowned, she was already hating Khushi a lot, what she didn't expect was Nani handing over her property to this strange girl.

"And why should HP do it when you're here?" Khushi frowned "HP take a leave for today, I want to see Anjali working today!"

Anjali sighed in frustration when Mami indicated her to go without creating a scene.

Akash was totally confused, he picked his bag and walked to leave to talk with his brother about this, and what will they do now of Khushi.

" Akash come back here.." Khushi looked at him going.

"What do you want from me now?" Akash frowned.

" I don't want anything from you. But today like HP take a leave from AR.." Khushi said.

"No I can't.. Bhai will not like this.." he said trying to get away.

" Your brother has a wife now, who will handle him. You stay here with your wife today.." Khushi smiled.

Akash looked at Payal, who looked down in fear.

He left to his room frustrated. Payal looked at Khushi: What are you doing? You're spoiling everything here..

" I'm not spoiling.. I came here to fulfill Nani's wishes.." Khushi said.

"Yes you're spoiling my already spoilt life. See now he got angry and will throw his frustration to me.." Payal shook her head crying.

" You don't need to be scared of him Payal. I'm here with you.." Khushi stood up and was about to touch Payal.

Payal showed her palms to Khushi and went running upstairs.

"Here is it sweets.." Mami showed her the plate.

"Taste it first.." Khushi smiled.

"Me why? Wasn't this for you?" Mami gulped.

"The fact is that I don't trust you, and I'm sure something is wrong with this laddo, or else you wouldn't come smilingly here" Khushi appreciated the plate and left from there.

"Where is that Arnav's room now?" she thought ascending the stairs.

Anjali was going to Nani's room with a broom, Khushi looked at her: Anjali where is Arnav's room?

Anjali smirked: It's your property, so you should at least know this..

Khushi shook her head, "I will find it alone"

Saying it, she went alone to find her new husband's room.

" What a family Nani ji!! Everyone here is so rude.. Why did you choose me for this? I don't know if I will be able to  change this family, it's a long way to go Nani ji.. And why did you made me marry with him? Couldn't you make me do this without marrying him? Why did this had to be your last wish? You trapped me here Nani ji.. you really trapped me.." Khushi was talking alone while opening the door of each room to find Arnav's room.

" Ohh yaaay, I found his room alone!!" she jumped in happiness after seeing Arnav's picture hanged on the wall.

" Egoistic, rude,arrogant, devil..these four qualities suits you Mr.Raizada.." she stuck out her tongue like a kid to his picture and closed the door of the room.

" I don't know how I end up being your wife.." she pouted and jumped in the bed facing his picture now.

" I don't like you, the way Nani used to tell me about you scared me a lot you know.. I prayed to DM to never come across you and look at my destiny.. I'm standing here as your wife now.." she glared at his picture.

" Nani laugh as much as you want.." Khushi looked at the sky complaining "You left me alone, and now I have to accept this family, DM I'm so scared, will I be able to change this family? Act like a strong girl?" Khushi bit her nails confused.



" Dammit, I thought Nani would transfer the property in my name. I was damn sure about it, then why did she choose that stupid girl?" Arnav slammed his fist on the table.

"But Arnav you wanted her property?" Karan, his friend asked.


"It's not what you're thinking Karan, it's that if Nani transferred her property to some strange girl, this means that she didn't trust us, her own family members. I was very close to her, so I thought she would leave everything to me, but no, even me, she didn't trust!! It hurts me you know" Arnav said in a low voice.

"Hey don't be sad, of course she trust you. Maybe this girl was close to her.." Karan said consoling his friend.

"More than me?" Arnav looked at him.

"Let's change this topic, you can't stay one whole day talking about this" Karan rolled his eyes.

"You're not getting me still Karan, I'm married!! Shocking right??" Arnav looked at his friend in an unbelievable tone. His friend was reacting to normally that was irking him more.

" What should I do Arnav? Cry over this that my friend isn't a bachelor anymore.." Karan giggled.

"Stop making fun of me, I don't believe in this marriage, neither I ever will, just wait and watch Karan. I will surely find a way to get rid of this Khushi whatever.." he smirked.

"Baby.." a woman came in his cabin, playing with her curly hair trying to seduce Arnav.

" Not now Lav.." Arnav looked away, and Karan couldn't control his laugh anymore.

" Baby I'm sorry you lost your Nani.." Lavanya ruffled his hair.

Karan laughed more, Lavanya just touched the topic that is leaving Arnav angry today.

" Out.." Arnav glared at her.

Lavanya looked at him confused, "Let's go to my apartment Arnav, you must be upset right?"

" Lavanya  I said get out.." Arnav barked.

Lavanya nodded and went running from there scared of his wrath.

"And you stop laughing at my face.." Arnav frowned at his friend, who almost was falling of his chair just by laughing. 

"Oh my God. Nani is great man.. She just went but left a nightmare for you all.." Karan wiped the tears on his eyes due to laughing.

"Not for me, because soon I will get rid of that girl soon.." Arnav shrugged.

" What if something happens with her and all property goes to a NGO, you know like in movies?" Karan teased him.

"Karan I don't know about her, but if you continue to tease me, you won't return home fit and fine.." Arnav looked at him.

"Okay I will stop.." Karan giggled one last time, and invited Arnav to go out for a lunch with him.

" We can go, but I have to talk with Akash now about some work.." Arnav said and went out of his cabin, to look out for Akash.

" Aman come here.. Did you saw Akash?" Arnav asked.

"No ASR, he still didn't come to office.." Aman said and left hurriedly to do other works.

Arnav returned to his cabin confused, "Strange, today Akash didn't came to office.."

"Really!! Finally today Akash left his work time.." Karan sighed in relief.

Arnav shook his head, and called Akash.

" Is everything alright Akash? Why didn't you came today?" Arnav asked.

"No bhai, that girl forbid me from going to office today.." Akash complained.

"What? How dare she.." Arnav gritted his teeth irritated with Khushi now.

"This is nothing bhai, she ordered Di to clean Nani's room, and granted a leave to HP, and today Ma is cooking lunch for everyone alone, you know ma is getting old now, how will she handle kitchen alone now?" Akash said leaving Arnav more irked.

" I'm coming.." he whispered and looked at Karan.

" Let's go Karan.." he said grabbing his car's key.

"What happened?" Karan said confused.

"She dared to make my sister work.." Arnav said angrily, and Karan followed him to do the car.


Raizada mansion:

" Khushiiiii.." Arnav roared in anger when he reached his house.

Khushi jumped from the bed shocked, "Wasn't he in the office?" she thought and went running downstairs.

"What happened pathi ji?" Khushi asked him smiling.

"What happened? Why are you making my sister work now? Can I know why my mami is cooking in the kitchen?" Arnav walked forward with a dangerous glare.

"I said Anjali to clean her Nani's room, nothing wrong in that I guess.." Khushi raised her eyebrows.

"There is HP to do that, Di doesn't need to do all this.." he said shouting.

"Don't shout Mr.Raizada.. Let me remind you that I'm the owner of this mansion and if I want I can even make you do what Anjali is doing now but since I respect you,  as you're my pathi ji.." Khushi smirked.

" Oh shut up.. I don't consider you my wife. And you only came here today, don't start thinking you can command on everyone here.." he said.

" I don't think, I know I can Arnav.." Khushi giggled at him.

" WOW" Karan clapped his hand impressed with Khushi.

Arnav widened his eyes at his friend, who seemed was supporting Khushi more than him.

"Chote.." Anjali came running to him, she hugged her brother.

Arnav hugged her back, and glared at Khushi.

"Aww I'm sorry Princess Anjali" Khushi caressed her shoulders, Anjali shoved Khushi's hands from her.

"But this is just the trailer.." Khushi said smiling.

"Fabulous.." Karan gave another round of applauses for Khushi.

Arnav raised his hand to beat Karan now, Karan hid behind Mama scared of his friend.

"And I will end this movie, got that!" Arnav's burning in anger eyes met her hazel innocent eyes.

"Super Arnav.." Karan clapped for his friend, Arnav looked at him like thank-you-for-at-least-supporting-me!!

"Don't worry Arnav I'm not here to make Anjali or any other member of this family work or suffer, that's not my intention, neither Nani's.  But it's just to show her that Nani died two days ago and she should have some responsibility in her. You cannot just go and roam around with your friends, when someone close to you all left you. There will be guests coming here, and what will they see, the daughter of the family is out with her friends, the sons are in the office. Only Mama ji is attending them with Payal. I'm sure Nani wouldn't like this at all.." Khushi's eyes got moist, and she looked away to avoid eye contact with them.

"Don't give me your long lecture. What do you think I don't care for my Nani? I know very well why you're doing this.. You want to take control over everything here." Arnav shouted to her again.

"Right Arnav bitwa, she only wants this mansion for her. And is doing all this so that we leave this mansion on our own.." Mami glared at Khushi.

"Think what you want Mami ji.. I won't waste my precious time by proving myself to you.." Khushi said smiling.

A smile that irritates Arnav the most.

" I'll make your life a hell Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta, that you will leave this mansion without anyone force you to" Arnav thought. 

Thank you: Isabellaallan2108: Including Arnav dear, Prachi21, Spriya, Aditi252525, Jelebigirl, Noordina: The whole property belongs to Nani, but Arnav who take care of everything thought Nani automatically transferred to him, Khushisingh96: I missed u so much!! Happy ur back :), Love youuuuuu, Maahiak, sujesan61, Pindborg, Londoner, Arshi95twilight, Gouae, Lily30, Skalpana, n, Arshisarunmoon, Angelrima. 

Jul 12, 2017

Chapter 2 - Bringing Arnav back home!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 91 times)


"Akash where are you going?" Khushi frowned seeing all the family disappearing as soon as they finished the dinner.

"To my room, what else?" Akash looked back at her.

"I mean, why don't you stay here to watch daily soaps or news with your parents?" Khushi asked.

"Let it be Khushi bitiya, in this mansion everyone likes to do their own things alone.." Mama explained.

Akash left to his room, and then Payal also followed him.

"Hello hi bye bye it's time to my face packwa.." Mami went running to her room before Khushi creates another work for her.

Khushi sighed, she smiled sadly at the poor man sited in the living room alone watching TV, and probably missing his mother now.

"Mama ji, where is Anjali?" Khushi asked, and sat beside him in the sofa.

"I don't know dear, maybe parties. She never shares with us where she goes. Ma (Nani) used to get very angry on this, but when her own brother (Arnav) doesn't say anything, what will our scolding affect her?" Mama sighed changing the channel to a daily soap to watch with his new companion.

"Nani said to me that even Arnav comes late home" Khushi said.

"Yes, even he comes late. Arnav beta always party till night, you know with girls and all these things. Responsibility is something very rare in this house.. Arnav beta is only responsible in his office, other than that.." Mama chuckled.

"Wow.. I'm going to have a hard time with this family.." Khushi cried dramatically.

"Don't worry Khushi bitiya. You're close to my mother, that means there is indeed something special in you. She never trust anyone so easily, and I was sure she would hand over her property to Arnav, but she didn't, this means she surely thought well before taking this decision.." Mama caressed her hair, as if blessing her.

"I just hope everything goes well as I planned. I promise mama ji I don't want this property for me, I'm just doing this because Nani wanted to" Khushi said.

"I know Khushi, it's clear from your eyes that you don't want this luxury" Mama smiled.

"Acha tell me what's your plan now?" Mama asked her excitedly.

"Let's start with Mami ji and Payal's relationship. Both seemed to be enemies for me.." Khushi hugged a pillow comfortable now with Mama, who is now her new friend.

"Payal bitiya is very sweet girl, but Manorama hates her, don't know why!!. She thinks Payal will take her place in Akash's life. Only if she knew that Akash life is only limited to his work, he doesn't give attention to the persons surrounding him.." Mama said sadly, after all he wants his son's attention too.

"Complicated issue!! But don't worry I will find a way to end this problem. First I have to make Mami ji treat Payal like her daughter.." Khushi said thinking of a plan.

"Though job!!" Mama laughed as if it was impossible to do this.

"I will do it mama ji" Khushi pouted.

"I know you will, let me help you too.." Mama smiled.

"Sure, you're my partner now.." Khushi giggled.

"Okay, think of your plan then tell me tomorrow morning. Now I'm going to sleep bitiya. Good night.." he patted her shoulders smiling.

"Good night Mama ji" Khushi nodded and made way for him to go.

"Anjali and Arnav at parties, Mami ji is doing face pack, Payal with her husband who must be in his laptop now...ohh DM how will I change this family.." Khushi hugged her pillow tightly watching the TV.

"First let me call this Mr.Arrogant Raizada.." she smirked.

"Hello phati ji.." Khushi shouted purposely as soon as he picked her call.

"What the.. I'm not deaf.." came an angry reply.

"Come home now, I'm waiting for you" Khushi giggled.

"Don't wait, simple as that.." he said irritated.

"What type of husband you're? I married you today morning, and whole day you disappeared from me. Will I have to marry you again to see your face ahn? Please come home soon, I'm missing you pathi ji. And if I miss you more than necessary then when you came back you will see your family outside the gates looking for you.." Khushi laughed silently.

"Are you threatening me?" Arnav gritted his teeth.

"No no.. Don't use such big word, who am I to threaten the big ASR? I'm just the owner of RM and AR only, nothing much.." she smiled teasingly.

"Shut up.." he shut his eyes irritated  with her.

"I will shut up, but just tell me if you're coming home or not?" Khushi said.

"Hmm.." he said taking the car keys from Karan's room and heading out of his farm house.

"What does hmm mean? Yes or no dear hubby?" Khushi  bit her lips to control her laugh, she was just enjoying teasing him.

"Khushi don't eat my brain. I'm coming..you want to hear car starting now to be sure?" he shouted.

"Ohh thank you, your shout is enough to make me sure you're coming.." she giggled and hang up the call.


"Welcome home Arnav.." Khushi smiled at him.

Arnav ignored her and walked straight to his room.

"Aree phati ji, don't you want to eat something?" Khushi smiled.

"I want to eat you, so that you disappear from my sight.." he glared at her.

Khushi followed him to the room, "Phati ji you're great as business man, don't try to be a wolf.."

"Just shut up, will you?" he looked straight in her eyes.

"I can't shut up.. You know even If I want to shut up, my mouth refuses to.." Khushi pouted.

When he entered in the room ignoring her, she giggled behind him and then entered in the room.

"You should call Anjali..it's late now.." Khushi said taking a pillow from his bed and heading towards the recliner.

"She will sleep in her friend's house, and where are going? Didn't you call me home stating that you're missing me? Now what happened? Come and sleep here with me.. Come na Khushi.." he smirked.

"I would sleep with you pathi ji. But you smell bad now.. You know alcohol.. I hate that smell.." Khushi quickly came up with an idea on her mind.

"It's your excuse only.." Arnav shook his head "And it's good you sleep in the recliner, I wouldn't tolerate you here near me with your irritating behavior.."

"Forget it, why didn't Anjali inform Mami ji that she isn't going to sleep here?" Khushi asked.

"She is my sister. She informed me and that's enough.." he glared at her switching off the lights "And the way I switched off these lights, switch off your mouth too now"

Khushi stuck her tongue to him and face her back to him.

"DM what type of husband you gave to me? I swear I never prayed to you to give this man to me, you and Nani just trapped me.." Khushi cried.

Jul 12, 2017

Chapter 3 - The stubborn family (By Angel23) (Thanked: 84 times)

Early in the morning, Khushi was praying in Mandir with Mami and Payal. She turned to them and offered sweets.

"Only two of you pray in this house?" Khushi asked in an unbelievable tone.

Payal nodded. Mami glared at her: Go and make breakfast, don't start being friends with this girl..

Khushi: Why not?

Mami: Because she is my daughter in law and will hear what I say to her.

Khushi smirked: She may hear of you, but I don't. Today you're going to make breakfast my dear Mami ji. And Payal will wait here to eat your handmade food.

Mami jaws dropped, she glared at Payal.

Payal nodded: I will go and make the breakfast.

Khushi tried to stop Payal, who is stubborn.

Mami smiled: It's not to easy to fulfill Nani's last wishes. But yes I can help you, in one condition.

Khushi looked at her: What?

Mami smiled and pulled Khushi near her: Give me this mansion's keys and I will rule over everyone here.

Khushi giggled: I won't give you that, keep dreaming. And I will change everything in this house. 

Mami frowned and left from there angry.

Mama returned home with newspaper on his hand.

Khushi looked at him and sighed: Partner ji you should have told me. I would buy one newspaper to you.

Mama: Ohh that's alright dear, this is my daily routine. You don't know how much fun it is walking on the roads alone early in the morning..

Khushi smiled: And you don't know how much it is to steal gol gappe from the vendors and eat with your friends.

Mama laughed: You do that?

Khushi nodded: Haan mamaji I just love doing it with my friends.

Arnav sat on the breakfast table and looked at both chatting, "That's your job only, steal people's belongings"

Khushi looked at him smiling: If you're hinting to Nani's property, then keep it in your mind that she was the one who chose me. I didn't steal anything from you.

Arnav looked away, and shouted to HP.

Arnav: My coffee and iron my suit.

Khushi: HP has so much to do and you will stop him just because of your coffee and suit.

Arnav glared at her: Miss Khushi I pay him to do that. Don't poke your nose  in my matters.

Khushi said sternly: Go and iron your suit alone.

Arnav looked at her, while Payal served him his breakfast.

HP came with his coffee already prepared.

HP: I will go and iron your clothes now Malik.

Arnav smirked at Khushi. Khushi just looked away disappointed.

Arnav: No one will dance to your tunes here, got that?

Khushi was very irritated inside, she was feeling sad because no one in this family seem that will change, but still she faked a smile in front of him.

Khushi: Pathi ji don't forget today we have to go to court.

Arnav: I know..

Khushi: By the way where were you last night? Do you reach all day late like yesterday?

Arnav sipped his coffee, "None of your business"

Khushi clenched her fist: Don't answer me, later you will regret..

Arnav: And how? By threatening me that you will take us out of this mansion?

Khushi: Nahin. By showing you that you're wrong!!

Arnav: You came here to fulfill Nani's last wish but I see you doing nothing here. You better return to the place you belong..

Khushi: You talk as if it is easy to change an arrogant person like you.

Arnav shouted: Then go back dammit..

Khushi shouted back to him: I won't.. If I go back, then it will be when I see you all changed.

Arnav and Mama looked at her surprised.

Arnav: Don't shout..

Khushi: Same to you. If you shout at me, then I will also. Don't think you're ASR, and I'm a scared cat. Everyone dance to your tunes because they need you but I don't.

Arnav just shoved his cup of coffee angrily and it directly fell on Khushi's feet.

"Ouch.." she hissed in pain.

Mama and Payal ran to see her.. They helped her sit on the sofa, Payal quickly brought first aid box, to heal her wound.

"Shh..it's okay.." Payal caressed her trying to calm a crying Khushi.

HP came running to give Arnav his suit and bag.

Arnav took it from him and went outside.

Khushi wiped her tears, "Devil.. I have never seen anyone so cruel like him.."

Payal: Everyone in this house is like this.

Mama: Is it hurting Khushi? Should I call a doctor for you?

Khushi nodded sideways: No mama ji. It will be fine, don't worry about me.

Payal applied ointment in her feet carefully to not hurt her.

Payal: Khushi if you really want my advice, then go back and live your life. Don't waste your time by trying to change them because it's impossible. Like today, you will get hurt everyday..

Khushi smiled faintly: It's not impossible Payal, it's that no one tried yet and I won't give up, I will keep up my promise to Nani, otherwise her soul will never rest in peace.

Mama nodded: Payal bitiya let's try it now. How long will we live like this? Nani died unhappy with us, now do you want the same to happen with me?

Payal nodded sideways crying, "Don't talk like this papa.."

Khushi: Please Payal help us.

Payal nodded: What we have to do?

Khushi jumped in happiness forgetting about her wound.

Payal and Mama helped her stand straight.

"Khushiii.." Mama glared at her.

"Ohh I forgot about this stupid wound.." Khushi smiled sheepishly.

" Now do I need to shout your name or what? Don't you want to go to the court?" Arnav returned looking at Khushi.

Mama: But Arnav beta how will she go now? Her feet..

Arnav: She is the one who wants this mama, not me.

Khushi walked limping near him: Let's go..

Payal looked at Mama like how will she handle herself.

Arnav walked forward not even helping her to walk, Khushi knew he wasn't going to help her at all.

Payal went running to Khushi, "I will help you till the car.."

Khushi smiled and nodded.


After registering their marriage in the court, Arnav and Khushi walked out of the court.

Khushi smiled happily: Ohh ji finally officially married to a Beast!! Just don't know if like in that princess story, I will be able to change him into a prince.

Arnav: You will not, because I'm more than a beast..

Khushi: We will see Beast ji.. We will see..

Arnav: I'm getting late to office, so just take some taxi or rickshaw and go back home.

Khushi widened her eyes: But I'm hurt..

Arnav smiled sarcastically: You're not dead. So just go..

Khushi frowned.

Arnav: Ohh you don't have money? Owner of AR and RM, doesn't have money with her. What a shame!!

Khushi smiled: I don't need to shout to the world that I'm rich like you!! Bye. And yeah today I want you and your sister at home early!!

Arnav smirked: You won't find me.

Khushi folded her arms: If I don't find you at home, next day you won't take a step in that mansion. Remember that the guards only listen to their employer.

Arnav glared at her, he went to his car.

Khushi smirked, "I think this is the only way to set you in the right track!!"

She went walking alone till the mansion.


Arnav reached in his office already barking at the guards for no reason at all.

"ASR is everything alright?" Aman gulped scared of him.

"What? Who are you to question me that? Just disappear from my sight now Aman.." Arnav shouted and went to his cabin.

"What does she think of herself? No one commanded me till today and she dared to do that!! I wish I could kill you with my own hands Khushi" he shoved everything that was in his table.

Karan reached at the right time, and raised his eyes, "Itna gussa (so much anger)"

"I will kill her one day Karan.." Arnav sighed frustrated.

"What did she do now?" Karan asked taking the papers Arnav just threw on the floor in his hand.

"She wants me to reach early home with Di.." Arnav frowned and sat on his chair.

"Ohhoo. Wife on action, Girlfriend out now.." Karan giggled.

"Really Karan. You chose a wrong time to joke.." Arnav glared at him.

"Sorry.." Karan chuckled.

"Don't be.. You just gave an idea now.." Arnav smirked.

"And what is the idea?" Karan asked suspiciously.

"Lav.." Arnav said and called Lavanya to his cabin.



"Hi Sweetheart.." Khushi hugged an old lady from behind, who was usual was talking alone and all kids already disappeared from her.

"Khushi.." the lady Madhumati turned to her smiling "My angel..you're back.." she kissed Khushi's forehead.

"Maa I'm not back!! You know now I'm married" Khushi pouted and sat on the table snatching the carrot from Madhu.

"What marriage? Without any ritual or anything.. This is not marriage bitiya. I hate that you're doing all this.."Madhu looked away faking angriness to Khushi.

"Ma I'm sorry. But I have to do this for Nani, I know you wanted to make me marry with Arjun. But life had another plans for me.." Khushi said and wiped the small tears on Madhu's eyes.

"What plans!! My son was so perfect for you Khushi. And you chose to marry that ASR. Is he treating you well? Sona why are you so selfless? Why do you think of others first than you?" Madhu shook her head crying.

"Ma please don't cry. I'm fine, and see I have to fulfill Nani's last wish otherwise her soul will not rest in peace. After that I promise I will stop being selfless.." Khushi giggled.

"I know you won't pagli.." Madhu hit her forehead.

"Acha,  I just passed to see how you're. Now I have to go to see what Raizadas are doing.." Khushi said and got up.

"What? Now you came only. Bitiya let me serve you some snacks.." Madhu pouted sadly.

"DM what will I do to you? This is my house you know na. I don't need you to serve me anything!! But ma I have to go.. I'll come other day to talk with you well.." Khushi smiled and walked to go.

Madhu just shook her head in disbelief looking at the stubborn girl.

"I hope DM stays with you always" she whispered and concentrated on her work again.


Raizada mansion..

Khushi reached home and found Mami with her friends in the living room and Payal serving them soft drinks.

"Namaste.." Khushi smiled at the guests.

Payal looked at Khushi shocked, "You came here alone?"

Khushi whispered to her: Woh Devil left me on the court itself and I had to return alone.

Payal caressed her cheeks: Are you okay na? You feet must be really hurting now, go and take rest.

Khushi nodded sideways: Not now..

Khushi turned to the guests and sat with Mami.

"Mami ji introduce me to your friends.." Khushi smiled at Mami.

"You're not that important.." Mami mocked.

"Acha ji. I will be important when I throw you out of here.." Khushi said playing with her fingers. Payal just chuckled.

"Who is she?" one of the guest asked.

"She is Arnav beta's wife.." Mami said glaring at Khushi.

Khushi smiled at the guest, "But mami ji you missed one important point. I'm the owner of this property now.."

"Really? What is this Manorama? Didn't you told us when your sasuma dies, she would hand over her property to you and her son (Mama)?" the lady giggled mocking Mami.

"Actually.. I.." Mami smiled embarrassed.

"Seriously you let this little girl win over you.." all started laughing as they now had the opportunity to tease Manorama, who used to show off to them.

"Let's go. We don't want to stay with a loser.." her biggest enemy, Pinky said and all ladies followed her.

"Are you happy now? You spoiled my reputation!!" Mami looked at Khushi.

"Just showing you your friends true face, the one who stayed with you when you had everything now they just left you, when they got to know that I'm the owner of this mansion.." Khushi said calmly.

"I hate you.." Mami shouted angrily and left from the living room.

Payal smiled: Wow you're incredible Khushi.



"What baby you're married.." Lavanya widened her eyes in shock.

"No baby I'm divorced.." Arnav replied sarcastically.

"But how this happened? And why didn't you tell me earlier?" Lavanya asked.

"What the.. If I told you earlier, would anything change?" Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Lav the plan is that you have to say to Khushi that we both are engaged and your parents want us to get married as soon as possible, just act got that and enough to convince her to divorce me.." Arnav said.

"But baby I'm model and I don't know how to act and all this.." Lavanya shrugged her shoulders.

Arnav face palmed, and Karan sighed: Lav just act, it's so simple.

Lavanya: It's not that simple Karan, that's why not all movies are hit!!

Karan laughed: OMG.. Lavanya you're not going to act in any movie. It's real life man..

Lavanya pouted and looked at Arnav, "Baby..I'm sorry.."

"Don't baby me now.." Arnav looked away sighing in frustration. One on hand is Khushi, other is Lavanya, both give him headache.

"Okay I will do it. Be calm.." Lavanya said softly..


Raizada mansion:

"Hey bye..see you tomorrow.." Anjali waved at her friends and got inside the mansion smiling.

Khushi looked at the watch, then at her: You're quite late..

Anjali: So?

Khushi smiled: The fact Miss Anjali is that this isn't a hotel that you come at the time you want. This is a  house in which people living here should be responsible enough to take care of it. Now you can't expect others to take care of it. And a lazy like you come, eat and sleep without helping.

Anjali: Look I don't want to hear your lecture okay!!

Khushi: No need to that also, just pack your bags and get out from here.

Anjali looked at Khushi with big eyes: You cannot threaten us like this everyday.

"You compel me to do it.." Khushi replied.

Mami: Now let her rest at least. Why are you tormenting her now that she reached home?

Khushi: Go and change your clothes, then help Payal in preparing the dinner for tonight.

Anjali: Excuse me why should I? Wasn't mami the one to stay in the kitchen?

Khushi giggled: Ohh God. Can't you cook Miss Anjali? Okay so you and Mami today will prepare a special dinner for us. 

Mami went away cursing Khushi, while Anjali went to her room.

Khushi sat with Mama and Payal, the three high five.

Payal smiled: Now we will see Maa-Di Jodi in the kitchen today!!

Khushi nodded: And now you will call your husband home.

Payal smiled awkwardly: Nahin Khushi. He will be angry if I do so.

Khushi: Yes today he will, tomorrow he will, and this will go on, but one day he will listen to you Payal. Just don't accept defeat soon.

Mama nodded and patted Payal's check encouraging her to call Akash home.

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Jul 13, 2017

Chapter 4 - Arnav-Lav's plan! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 107 times)

Payal called Akash, "Akash ji.."

"Yeah Payal.." he replied.

"Can you come back now?" Payal asked hesitantly.

Khushi and Mama showed thumbs up to her.

"Payal I have work now. And you know very well that I'm not going to come then why are you disturbing me with your phone calls?" he said not interested in their talks.

"Tik hai.." she replied in a low voice and he cut the call.

"I knew it he wasn't going to listen to me.." Payal looked down.

"I also knew it Payal. But you know this a part of my plan" Khushi smirked.

"What plan Khushi?" Mama asked her confused.

"Slowly slowly you will understand Partner ji.." Khushi said.

Anjali and Mami came downstairs after a while and went to the kitchen.

They were spoiling the whole kitchen while cooking and fighting all the while.

"This always happen with me.. I just can't do this round shape of roti perfectly.." Anjali pouted.

"Ohh that's very easy Anjali bitiya. Let me show you, then you will do the rest.." Mami said and helped Anjali making the rotis.

"Mami see your face.." Anjali giggled seeing Mami's face all dirty with flour.

"Oh my Goodness. I need to do face packwa asap.." Mami widened her eyes when Anjali showed her face with the help of her phone.

"Mami you can't leave me alone here okay. I'm not going to cook alone.." Anjali glared at her.

"Okay.." Mami smiled sheepishly.

"See mamiiiii..round shape rotiiiii.. I made it.." Anjali jumped happily with her achievement.

Khushi and Payal smiled hiding behind the door.

" See all they care for each other. But are too busy to show it.." Khushi shook her head.

"It's so good seeing Di and Ma having fun in the kitchen like this. How I wish it was everyday.." Payal smiled faintly.

"It will be Payal.." Khushi patted her shoulders.


After sometime, Arnav, Akash and Lavanya reached home.

" It will rain tonight, someone reached home early, are wah mere joru ka ghulam" Khushi smiled "Who is she hubby?"

Arnav and Lavanya sat on the sofa.

Arnav glared at her, then said "Khushi she is my girl.."

"Ex-girlfriend.." Khushi cut him off.

"My fiance.." he glared at her.

"Ex-fiance.." she curtly replied calmly..

"Khushi youuu.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Just tell me what's your ex-girlfriend-fiance name?" Khushi smiled.

"Lavanya.." Arnav said.

"Ohh AR ki top model. That's good now, I will have fun talking with you Lavanya. But you will not, do you know why? I'm the owner of that company now, and if you talk rubbish or something that irritates me.. You know you will be known as ex-model of AR.." Khushi smirked.

Lavanya gulped, and looked at Arnav scared.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "Just tell her dammit Lav. I will not let anything happen with you.."

"Woh..actually.. Khushi please listen to us. You know we both are engaged and very soon my parents are coming here to talk about our marriage. What will I say to them?" Lavanya said wiping her fake tears.

"Simple just tell them that glass slippers didn't fit in you. And Arnav's Cinderella turned out to be a girl named Khushi Kumari Gupta.." Khushi smiled sweetly.

Lavanya jaws dropped with Khushi's attitude. And Arnav looked at her amused, she knows how to give it back!! Although he hates her now, but he doesn't deny that he likes woman like Khushi, who know how to fight for themselves, but this time he is determined to win from her.

"I think you didn't forgot the way back Lavanya, did you? You want HP to accompany you?" Khushi said politely.

"No..I did..didn't.." Lavanya plastered a smile on her face and went from there running.

Anjali and Mami went to arrange the table for dinner.

Arnav went to his room frustrated, he wasn't finding a way to get rid of Khushi soon.

Khushi came to the room, and stood behind him with her arms crossed.

"Arnav I hope you know that the relationship you share with that girl is called extra marital affair. And if by any chance I decide to divorce you, you will suffer a lot of losses. You perfectly know that I can use this information in my favor" Khushi said angrily. 

"Jealous?" he smirked and pulled Khushi to the wall, trapping her with his both hands.

"My name is Khushi.. Khushi ki jawani.. I’m too ****y for you.. Main tere haath na aani (My name is Khushi.. Youth of Khushi.. I am too ****y for you.. I won’t come within your reach)" Khushi sang for him in his ear.

"What the.." Arnav looked at her angry.

"I'm more beautiful than you okay. Why should I get jealous of a robot like you? Who only knows how to bark at others, the worse example of a gentleman is standing in front of me" Khushi mocked him.

"Whatever.. I know you won't divorce me Khushi and neither you're affected by my affairs because you don't love me and this isn't your aim, you want to unite this family, right?" Arnav smirked. 

"You're right Arnav. But did you ever thought that your lifestyle was against Nani's? Do you know how much upset she used to be to know that you change girlfriends like clothes? Did ever stop to think about her? You all are so selfish. I must say if having a family is this what I'm seeing, then it's better for me to be an orphan.." Khushi shoved his arms and walked out of the room with tears in her eyes.

Arnav traveled to his past..


"Chote come here.." Nani called him smiling.

Arnav sat beside her on her bed, "Do you want something Nani?"

"Hmm.. Akash was saying to me that you have a new girlfriend. Did you left the past one, what's her name? Haan Shyra.." Nani asked stroking his hair.

"Yeah Nani.." Arnav nodded.

"But why? I was already thinking to make you marry her.." Nani asked worried.

"Nanii.." Arnav whined "Things didn't work out and we broke up. And I don't want to marry them Nani, stop thinking like that. I don't love these girls I date, and never will. I don't believe in love or marriage. These relationships are for name sake only.." Arnav said.

"What is this Chote? You will keep changing girlfriends then. I don't like this, please give me the privilege of witnessing your marriage.." Nani said trying to convince him.

"Nani you already saw Akash's wedding na. And then Di's marriage you will also witness. Don't include me in this.." Arnav looked away.

"Won't you fulfill this my wish?" Nani asked him last time.

"Nahin.." Arnav left from her room.

Flashback ends..

"That's why you left me.." he whispered and entered in the bathroom.


While having dinner, Khushi noticed Arnav was little upset, she thought it was because she reminded him of Nani. She looked at him with a guilty feeling inside.

"Hubby ji how is the food?" she asked smiling.

"Haan chote tell me, I cooked today with mami.." Anjali said excitedly.

"I give you ten stars for this.." Arnav smiled a little surprised that Anjali cooked it, it wasn't so perfect but it's his sister who cooked it, he made sure he tasted every bit of it.

"Thank you.." Anjali smiled.

"See if you want to get compliments like this from your brother then you should do little things like this.." Khushi said.

"And you don't need to teach me.." Anjali glared at Khushi.

Khushi rolled her eyes, thinking "Forget it Khushi. You will never get compliments or thank you from this arrogant family.."

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Jul 14, 2017

Chapter 5 - Thief in the mansion.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 98 times)


After having dinner, Khushi literally had to force them to sit together in the living room.

“It’s my time for face packwaaaa..” Mami said loud enough to Khushi to hear.

“Your face is already tired of your face pack, give it a rest mami!! Today I’ve a better idea for you” Khushi smiled and brought hair oil from her room.

“Today let’s work on your hands” Khushi handled her the oil, “Apply this oil in Payal’s hair..”

“What?” Akash looked angrily to Khushi for making his mother work.

“What nahin, yes!!” Khushi glared at him “If Payal cooks every day for your mother, doesn’t she deserve at least this small gesture of care from Mami? Is it a sin? Is there any rule that only bahu should treat and care for their sasuma, and not the vice versa??”

“Akash don’t waste your energy on this mad woman, let her do what she wants..” Arnav said and shifted his eyes again to his laptop.

Mami glared at Khushi, and then held Payal’s hand rudely, making Payal sit on the floor, she applied the hair oil in her hair angrily. Payal looked at Khushi like it-wasn’t-needed!!!

Khushi blinked her eyes like I-know-what-I’m-doing!

Khushi sat beside Arnav then, who just sighed purposely for her to hear, “Thanks for helping me” she whispered to him in his ear.

“Ohh hello, I didn’t help you. I just don’t want to hear your lecture at this time..” Arnav frowned.

“I know you love my voice pathi ji” Khushi winked at him “And sorry also for making you remind of your Nani” she looked down guilty.

Arnav just looked back at his laptop.


Arshi’s room:

Khushi pulled the blanket to hide her face, after sometime she pulled it off slowly, her heart started beating faster now,  “A..ar..arnav..” she stammered looking at him who was typing something on his phone.

“What??” Arnav looked at her.

“Dekho bhoot (ghost)..” Khushi pointed with her index finger to the door that was slightly open.

“You just look at that mirror, you will find one” Arnav curtly replied and engaged himself in his conversations.

“I’m not lying Arnav. Just look there is some shadow..” Khushi said scared, she jumped from her recliner and sat with him on the bed.

Arnav just glanced once at the door, and widened his eyes indeed seeing a shadow passing by.

“Ghost nahin, it’s a thief” Arnav glared at her, and then went to open the door.

“Same to same, we get the same fear inside for both. Thief is no less than a ghost..” Khushi pouted and followed him to the corridor.

“Should I switch on the lights? It will be easy to find him hain na??” Khushi asked him, now excited to catch a thief with her not-so-friendly-husband!!

“I really wanted to clap for you when you replied to Lav, but now I want to bang your head on this wall. If we switch on the lights, he will get alert na” Arnav glared at her descending the stairs slowly.

“Why didn’t you clap you egoistic Raizada?” Khushi looked at him angrily following him behind.

“Shh.. did you hear that sound?” Arnav asked her eying to the kitchen.

“Thief nahin Arnav, it must be a Monkey then who wants to eat bananas that HP brought today” Khushi said putting her hands on her hips.

Arnav clenched his fist trying to control his anger, “Let’s go” he whispered and walked to the kitchen.

“Ohhhoooo are you scared now? Go and beat that thief alone then why do you need a woman? Be a man!!!!” Khushi scolded him.

“What the.. I’m a man!!” Arnav whispered angrily at her.

“And do you know who am I??” Khushi pushed him backwards with her palms on his chest.

“You’re a woman..” Arnav replied like is-she-dumb?

“Haan.. I’m a wow-man!! You’re ordinary, and I’m extraordinary!!!! I have super powers!! Suna tumne wow-man..” Khushi said spreading her arms to show how big she is!

“Wow-man shall we catch the thief now?” Arnav showed her with his palms to the kitchen.

Khushi nodded smiling and went forward, while Arnav followed her behind with I-want-to-kill-you look.

Arnav switched on the lights of the kitchen, and started looking every corner to find the thief along with Khushi.

Khushi widened her eyes when she saw “Anjali” hiding behind the fridge.

Anjali pleaded her to keep quiet. Khushi nodded and looked at Arnav, “Pathi ji just go and ask the guards if they saw anyone”

“Patni ji you go” Arnav replied in his sarcastic way.

“Wow today you admitted I’m your wife” she smiled “See my cheeks are so red now, chaloo let’s go to the bathroom, you will help me to wipe it..” she grabbed his arms and pushed him out of the kitchen.

“Wait..wait..” Arnav stopped walking “Isn’t this thief your friend who came to steal here? And you’re helping him?”

“Are you really Harvard student???” Khushi asked him raising her one eyebrow in suspicion.

“What the.. do you think I’m a liar?” he too raised his eyebrow like her.

“Why would I inform you then about the thief if he was my friend?? I just checked here, no one is here. Go and ask to the guards, maybe he or she fled” Khushi said pushing him outside.

Arnav shook his head and then went outside of the mansion, “Why did Di roam around the mansion like a thief??” he thought.

Inside the mansion, Khushi helped Anjali to go back to her room without being noticed by anyone.

“I deserve an explanation from you” Khushi looked at her serious.

“Wh..what explanation? I just wanted to meet my friend outside, and didn’t want to wake anyone, that’s why..” Anjali said turning her back to Khushi.

“What is truth or lie, one day will come out..” Khushi said and left her room.


“Pathi ji let’s sleep” Khushi looked at him, sitting on the sofa.

“You go..” Arnav said for the first time softly.

“What you’re thinking Arnav??” Khushi asked scared if he saw Anjali or not.

“Khushi just go away dammit..why do you like to poke your nose in everything? Go and sleep..” Arnav shouted angrily to her.

“You said the truth that day. You’re more than a beast..” Khushi shouted and went running to her room.

Sitting on the recliner, she wiped small tears threating to come out from her eyes, “Ma never scolded me like that and he.. I will break his face one day..” she pouted pulling the blanket to cover herself.


Next day..


 “I have an idea, what she wants, change your family right? And you want to get rid of her asap. So you can help her in changing your family quickly and in return you ask her for divorce” Karan said and his eyes lit in happiness finding a solution for the problem.

“No Karan. I will have to handle this nightmare for all my life now, after all she is my Nani’s last wish. When Nani was alive I didn’t fulfill her wish, now that died I have to fulfill her last wish..” Arnav said.

“Will you ever love her?” Karan asked looking deeply in his eyes.

“I don’t believe in love Karan, and it isn’t necessary to fall in love to get married..” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Right!! After marriage you can fall in love too” Karan teased him.

“Or never…” he smirked. 

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Jul 15, 2017

Chapter 6 - Arnav needs Khushi's help (By Angel23) (Thanked: 94 times)


Anjali: Chote I'll skip today's meeting with Mr.Saxena. Can you meet him for me? It's very important..

Arnav nodded: Sure. But where do you want to go Di?

Anjali plastered a smile on her face: Actually I want to talk with Mona about the models costumes.

Arnav: Di is there anything you want to share with me?

Anjali nodded sideways: No Chote..

Arnav looked deeply in her eyes: Are you sure?

Anjali started sweating now, she wiped it slowly and nodded: Y..yeah..

Arnav: Okay, you can go..

Anjali smiled and left the cabin. (Note: Anjali too works in AR)

"What are you hiding from your brother Di?" Arnav thought hurt.

He picked his phone quickly and called his irritating-wife.

"Hiiiiii what a surprise.." came a reply even before he could say anything.

"Khushi come to my office now.." Arnav said shutting his eyes in frustration.

"I won't. First it isn't your office now, and second learn some manners how to talk with a woman.  I'm not your slave.." Khushi replied.

"Khushi come to your office now.." he said clenching the cup of coffee in his table..

"You just rectified the first mistake. What about the second? Ohh sorry.. I have to teach you na. Say My dear wifey please come to your office at any time you want, but I really need you now.." Khushi smiled.

"Khushi stop your nonsense. It's something serious.." Arnav shouted.

"It's serious for you. I don't even know what you want.. Bye.." Khushi cut the call on his face.

Arnav just threw the cup of coffee angrily, "Urgghh.. It's not possible I will handle this torture all my life.."

He called her again, "Haan pathi ji..changed your mind?" Khushi smirked.

"You will come or shall I come to pick you??" he asked.

"You will plead me or shall I cut the call again?" she replied with the same attitude.

"Okay fine.. My dear wife please come to office now.." he pleaded unwillingly.

"Something is missing.." Khushi said giggling silently.

"Nothing is missing Khushi. I said please also.." Arnav stood up ready to break the glass wall of his office too now in frustration.

"Pathi ji something is definitely missing.. I don't like this way of pleading.. Repeat everything I said, then I will come.." Khushi said.

"My dear wifey please come to your office at any time you want, but I really need you now.." Arnav said while Karan entered in his cabin.

"I will kill her one day.." he whispered to Karan, who just laughed.

"Before you kill me, I will send you to DM.." Khushi replied.

"What the.. You heard that?" Arnav asked not believing that Khushi heard him saying it.

"I'm coming.." she said and cut the call on his face again.

Arnav shut his eyes sighing in frustration, " No one has ever irritated me like this girl Karan. I swear even Aman isn't capable of reaching her level.."

Karan: And what a luck!! You got her as your wife..means everyday BP high!!

Arnav sat on the chair again, "You know no one dares to answer me back, but she really isn't scared of me"

Karan: Forgetting about your wife for a while, today it's Arun's birthday.. Wanna go to his birthday bash?

Arnav nodded, "We'll leave together.."

Karan went outside of Arnav's cabin.

After sometime, Khushi reached in AR. She went directly to his cabin, guided by  Aman.

Khushi opened the door smiling.

"What the.. Can't you knock the door?" he asked angrily.

"Nahin because.." Khushi said only to be cut by Arnav.

"You're the owner of AR. Stop saying the same dialogues everyday..isn't it irritating for your own ears??" Arnav looked at her irritated.

Khushi smiled and looked at Aman: Look who is saying that.. The one who born with one dialogue in his mouth "What the..". At least I'm still new in repeating dialogues, after all I only became rich now..

Aman chuckled but seeing Arnav's glare on him, he went running outside.

"Sit here.." Arnav pointed to the chair opposite of him.

Khushi sat on his chair smiling, she left her purse on top of his papers and closed his laptop.

"Yeah..now tell me.. Why did you call?" Khushi asked him.

"That's my seat Khushi.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"My seat pathi ji. I see in movies the one who want to request something always sit in that chair, which you told me too. And the one who accept and listen to them, sits where I am now, means the boss!!" Khushi explained him.

Arnav sat on the chair  he pointed to her.

"I want to talk with you.." he said.

"Hmm.. I'm listening.." she said looking at him.

"You know yesterday when Di was hiding behind the fridge, I saw she was pleading you to keep quiet and I pretended like I didn't see her and stepped back to make you also believe it.. " he said.

"Sachiii? You saw her?" Khushi asked him with big eyes.

"Hmm. I want you to ask her why she did so.." Arnav said.

"I asked. She told me she wanted to meet her friend and didn't want to disturb anyone.." Khushi said sitting beside him now.

"Hm..okay.." he said.

"You don't believe it right??" Khushi asked him after noticing the expression on his face, like someone who just accepted it but don't believe it.

Arnav nodded sideways.

"Nani was right about you. You're a mysterious man. Like really Arnav? Couldn't you tell me that you don't believe it? Hmm..okay means what? Do you want me to read you? You Raizadas are just unbelievable. Can't even express your feelings!!" Khushi said in disbelief.

"You're my wife, aren't you? Your duty to read me.." Arnav pressed his lips.

"Don't you want to get rid of me soon?" she asked smirking.

"Nani trapped me with you. Now there is no way back also. But I will never fall for you. I don't believe in love and all these things.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders. 

"I also don't love you okay.." Khushi frowned "So now we have to find out what Anjali is hiding" Khushi said taking from her purse, her mini diary.

She wrote it as one of her tasks, Arnav looked at her amused.

"Short memory.." he teased her smirking.

"Long memory do you want my help or not?" Khushi glared at him.

"I don't know why God created such a irritating thing on this world.." he rolled his eyes.

"Dekho.." she was about to continue when Arnav stopped her.

"No don't talk Khushi. I will break something here in frustration just by hearing your bee like voice.." Arnav shut his eyes trying to control himself.

"Shark like voice I'm going.." Khushi pouted and went outside his cabin.

"Aaahhhhhhhh..." he heard her shouting and went running outside too.

"Where is she now?" he thought looking around AR.

"ASR that way.." Aman and Karan went running to a corridor.

Arnav also followed them, and downstairs everyone were so curious to know what happened.

"God she didn't even memorized the way to go back.." he face palmed.

"Khushi what happened?" Arnav, Aman and Karan asked at the same time.

She turned to them, and said stammering "They were about to woh.." she pointed to Lavanya and one of the fashion designers, Laksh.

"Woh what?" Arnav asked and Lavanya looked down in fear.

Khushi ran to him and whispered in his ear "Waise aaj jumma (Friday) nahin hai, but they were like jumma chumma de de (By the way today is not friday but they were like Jumma give me a kiss)"

"They were kissing.." Arnav spoke a loud.

Khushi widened her eyes feeling embarrassed and nodded vigorously.

"You both are fired.." Arnav said and went from there.

"You should work in the office, not doing that..." Khushi said and looked at Aman "I lost my way in this jail like office. Please help me to go out.."

Aman nodded and guided her outside, while Karan just sighed staring at Lavanya.

"You know he doesn't have mercy on anyone, still.." he scolded her.

"It just happened.." Lavanya looked at him guilty.

"Be prepared to stay at home now. I'm sure Arnav doesn't give second chances.." Karan shrugged his shoulders, and also went from there.

Leaving Lavanya cursing Khushi for shouting and grabbing her everyone's attention.

Arnav returned to his cabin, " All girls are gold digger.." he thought and sat on his chair.

He was about to open his laptop, when he noticed her pink shining diary laid on his table.

"This Nightmare also had to forget her diary here. Then will come to eat my brain when I return home.." Arnav sighed and concentrated on his work for a while, but then his attention was all in that diary.

He was about to open it, when a phone call disturb him.

"Hmm.." he said irritated.

"Hmm what? I forgot my diary in your cabin, don't you dare open it because I will kill you if you do so!! I'm waiting, come to give me here outside otherwise I will lose myself in the way and will catch another jumma chumma scene" Khushi said everything in one go shouting.

"You voice like bee I'm not interested in reading your bakwas diary. And I won't come to give it to you, but will surely send it to you.." he smirked.

"Send it na.." Khushi pouted.

Arnav picked her diary from the table and opened his glass window.

"Just sent it now" he said smirking looking at her through the window.

"Where? I'm not seeing my diary.." Khushi looked around to spot someone.

"I just threw it now from my window.." Arnav said.

Khushi widened her eyes and looked up, only to find him smirking.

"Urghh I hate you. Where will I find my mini diary.." Khushi pouted and started searching for it.

"Have a good time!!" he cut the call and returned to his work.

She shook her head and looked at the driver, "Bhaiya ji please help me in finding a pink diary.."

The driver nodded and both started searching for it.

Arnav was going out and noticed Khushi wandering one place to other trying to find her diary.

He went near her, and opened her purse and put in her diary.

" I never threw it in first place.." he winked at her and went from there to his car.

Khushi jaws dropped, she looked angrily at his leaving figure and threw her sandal to him, but it landed on his car, on his lap.

"What the..." he looked at the sandal, then at her with are-you-mad?  look!!


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Jul 16, 2017

Chapter 7 - New Payal!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 121 times)

Beauty parlor..

Payal frowned looking at the place Khushi brought her.

"Khushi where have you brought me now?" Payal face palmed.

"Ohoo you need to change your look Payal" Khushi said and pushed her inside.

"No Khushi, you don't know Ma will create a huge scene if she gets to know that I spent money for myself. Please let's not do it.." Payal cried.

"Payal you said you will change na. And what's the problem? It's my money and I'm ordering you to do this" Khushi scolded her, and pulled Payal with her to an employee there.

"Priya, she is Payal, my Jiju's wife" Khushi smiled and made Payal sit on the chair.

"Really!! She is so beautiful Khushi, but hey you need to change this look, you look tired.." Priya said pinching Payal's cheek, who smiled awkwardly.

"That's what I'm telling her to do, but she is stubborn. Please show her your magic Priya. I want her husband to fall for her all over again.." Khushi giggled and caressed Payal's hair.

Payal smiled and stare at Khushi lovingly.

"Don't worry ji when Priya is here.." Priya smiled and took Payal to wash her hair.

Khushi waited for them and sat on a chair reading some magazines.

"Changing Payal's look task finally done!! I know a bad husband like you Akash will scold her for sure, but then my plan doesn't end here also.." Khushi smirked. 

"Now I need to find what is Anjali hiding from us. I hope it's nothing serious.." she prayed and called her husband.

"What?" came a rude reply.

"I wanted to talk about your sister, but seems you're not interested.." she said angry.

"I'm.." he replied.

"Then listen I think today we should stay outside the mansion to see who comes to meet her" Khushi said.

"Tonight no. I won't even return home, it's my friends birthday bash and even Di will be there" Arnav said.

"Okay then.." she nodded.

"Do you want to go there? Maybe we find something.." Arnav asked.

"Really? You want to take your wife with you? Are you sure?" Khushi asked surprised.

"I'm doing this for my sister.." he reminded her.

"Selfish.." she pouted.

"I will come to pick you. Be ready.." he said and cut the call.

"Khushi come here.." Priya shouted.

Khushi went running to them, "Hmm what do you want?"

"Should I cut her hair? I don't know if you want a fresh new hairstyle.." Priya smiled with the scissors in her hand, Payal gulped with big eyes.

"Dekho Priya do what you want, but at the end I want Payal look no less than any actress.." Khushi said.

"Alright.. Now that you given me this liberty to choose what I want to do. I promise I won't make you disappointed.." Priya said and high five with Khushi, then she raised her hands to Payal to high five, but Payal just smiled sadly that she is going to cut her hair.

Priya: Don't be sad Payal. I will make you look beautiful, pinky promise I won't cut much of your hair.

Payal nodded smiling: Okay then..


Raizada mansion.

Payal looked at Khushi nervously. Khushi glared at her, "Do exactly what I told you to. Otherwise our friendship ends right here.."

Payal nodded sideways: But I won't be able to do it Khushi.

Khushi cupped her face: Payal you look so beautiful you know. Have you looked at yourself on the mirror? You look like a princess, and should be treated like one. I don't want to see you look down when they insult you. I want you to look and answer them. I'm not telling you to be rude or insolent, but fight for your rights, you don't deserve to look after a husband who thinks you're his slave and only cares for his work. Payal wake up, this isn't what you want, you didn't marry this man to live a life like this,  you parents didn't left you here to suffer but find a partner who will be with you like they were with you. You didn't came here to wake up early in the morning, serve his family right from Mami ji to Arnav, sacrifice your time to serve, cook and take care of this mansion when they are enjoying life, you didn't came here to be ignored by your husband and ill treated by his mother, you didn't came here to be their waiter Payal, you didn't came here to bear their frustration, you didn't came here to satisfy anyone. Stop being so selfless. Show them that they need you too, and they can't take you for granted. Show them that you too have a life, dreams and other things to do for yourself Payal. You're strong girl I know it. People like Mami ji and Akash only shout to intimidate you, show them that you're not scared of them, face them Payal. One day your parents come here to see you, do you think they would like to see their daughter like this? Being treated like a slave, when all they thought was their daughter being treated by her husband like a princess? Answer me Payal..

Payal looked at Khushi crying heavily, she immediately hugged Khushi tightly, and nodded "You're right Khushi..thank you for coming in my life.."

Khushi sighed in relief, she patted Payal's back, "Now stop crying, and be ready to face your new life.."

Payal wiped her tears smiling, "Let's  go inside.."

"No you go inside. I will watch your movie here on the door only.." Khushi said.

Payal nodded, " Don't worry. My movie will be a hit without you in there.."

Khushi giggled and nodded: That's what I want..

Payal entered in the mansion with a new face, new style, new attitude, new clothes, new Payal!!

Mami jaws dropped staring at her, she immediately pinched Akash to look at his wife.

"So you went to beauty parlor today? And return this late at night.." Mami fumed in anger.

"I took one day out for me.." Payal replied.

"Ohh really? Do you know ma had to cook for lunch and dinner today? You left all work on her, and what is this? You cut your hair..it's horrible Payal. You look like a clown with this look of yours.." he shouted angrily.

"4 years Akash.. It's has been 4 years since I'm in this mansion and I cooked everyday for everyone here. Do you know how many days there are in 4 years?   1461 days almost and if one day Ma cooks, what's the big deal? And yeah, about my looks.. I completely respect your point of view, just one thing I want to tell you that you're the only one who didn't like my look, otherwise everyone says the opposite. But then it's all about perspectives, I'm very happy with my new look and your opinion matters the less for me. You just wasted some precious 5 or 7 seconds of your life by commenting on me" Payal smiled and walked to her room, leaving Akash and Mami astonished, shocked, hurt and what not with her reply.

Khushi that was hiding behind the door watching Payal's every step. She started dancing happily and whistling.

"What a reply Payal.. This is what I want from you.. Now I don't need to worry about Akash and Mami ji, you will tackle with them.." Khushi smiled and entered in the mansion.

"Mami ji how was your day?" Khushi teased her.

Mami looked away, and Akash glared at Khushi.

"She is becoming like you now.." he looked at her.

"Of course bitwa, Khushi is influencing Payal to do all these things. Shi shameless girl, you want to make our bahu like you. And both now will spend Sasuma's money to do these things, shopping's, parlor and eating outside.." Mami glared at Khushi.

"Are you making a fuss for cooking one day Mami??" Arnav asked and sat on the sofa opposite of Akash and Mami.

Khushi looked at him surprised, when did he reached that she didn't notice him outside.

"Nahin Arnav beta, but did you saw how Payal is looking now?" Mami said with big eyes.

"I saw her and she is looking gorgeous.." Arnav replied.

Khushi looked at him amused.

"Gorgeous and Payal!! Come on bhai she is like a behen.." Akash was about to complete his sentence.

"If she is like a behen ji or whatever, why did you marry her your sister Akash?! If you're angry with her for changing something in her life without informing you, at least don't lie saying that she isn't beautiful, because deep inside you, you know it very well that she is more beautiful than the models we see in AR now.." Arnav said taking out his suit and stood up to go to his room.

Akash got another shock in his life in one day, his brother replied to him in a such a rude way for Payal!!

Mami glared at Khushi: Everything is happening because of you..

"Everything is changing for good.." Khushi whispered smiling.

She went running to her room, Arnav was taking out his clothes for the party.

"You iron this shirt for me.." he handled the shirt to her.

"I'm not you!! I have a name Khushi. And go and iron your clothes alone, otherwise you will see me as Payal also" Khushi said and gave his shirt back to him again.

"You're worse than Payal.." he added "Then call HP.."

"HP is very busy.." Khushi said and sat on the bed.

"Khushi I don't know how to do it.." he looked at her angry.

"Ohh so this was the problem. I will teach you na.." Khushi smiled.

She took him to the room where HP iron all their clothes.

"Come.." she called him and placed his shirt on the ironing board.

Khushi stood behind him and hugged him from behind, she placed her hands on him and guided him how to iron his shirt.

Arnav felt strange that she was literally hugging him from behind although her motive was only to teach him. Khushi also felt goose bumps and little nervousness at first because its first time she is close to a man like this. But then his unaffected pose made her feel comfortable later.

"And that's it. Now you can use your shirt.." she smiled.

He took the shirt and said, " I will surely revenge you for making me do this.."

"See DM I help him do something and he return revenges to me.." Khushi looked at his leaving figure sighing.


Arshi room:

"Khushi tell me something when you knew we're going to a party, couldn't you also change this look of yours?" Arnav asked her as gelled his hair.

"I'm beautiful the way I'm!! And Payal's new look wasn't to make her beautiful, she is already, it was only to make her confident and show her that she can do anything that the Raizada women do" Khushi replied taking a anarkali from the closet.

"You have answer for everything!!" Arnav replied amused but didn't show it on his face, he preferred to make it a sarcastic comment.

"Hmm.. Tell me what should I wear? Pink or blue?" she showed him two anarkali on her hands.

"I don't know.. " he shrugged his shoulders.

Khushi felt sad, since she reached this house, apart from Payal and Mama, no one gave her love, or care for her. If she was in her house with Madhu and the kids, they would surely help her.

"Maybe that pink one.." he replied and took the car's keys from the dresser.

Her eyes lit in happiness, she nodded and went to the bathroom to change it.

Arnav shouted: Khushi I'm waiting for you in the car.

"Jii..I will come soon.." she replied.


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Jul 17, 2017

Chapter 8 - The disaster.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 109 times)


Khushi went to Payal's room after getting ready.

"So how do you feel?" Khushi asked her smiling.

"Strange.New.Nervous.Excited.. But I'm feeling good inside Khushi.." Payal smiled holding Khushi's hand.

"You did it Payal. Now don't look back, just keep moving.." Khushi said.

"Are you going somewhere??" Payal stared at her "You look beautiful"

"Haan I'm going to Arnav's friend birthday party. Thank you. I'll get going now.." Khushi said and left Payal's room.

She went outside the mansion, and found Arnav waiting in the car with an irritated impatient expression on the face.

She opened the car's door and got inside.

"Can't you make things fast?" he barked and glanced once at her, and dared to glance again at her.

"How am I looking?" Khushi asked arranging her dress.

Arnav shifted his gaze away from her, "You know you will be the only one with anarkali there.."

"Anarkali disco chali (Arnakali went to disco) if Anarkali can go to disco, why can't I wear anarkali and go to a birthday party?" Khushi glared at him.

"Jhansi Ki Rani you really have answer for everything!!.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"At least you admit I'm brave enough to face a beast like you.." Khushi smirked.

Arnav shook his head and shifted his attention to the road.

After sometime they reached in a beach. Khushi widened her eyes seeing only drinks, girls, dance and all.

"Is this the party?" Khushi looked at him.

"Yeah!!" he got down the car, and opened the door for her.

"I don't feel comfortable in such places.." Khushi pouted and stood behind Arnav.

"No one will bite you here.." he replied rolling his eyes.

A girl came running to him, "Heyy ASR..come join us..we were just waiting for you.."

Karan also came with two girls glued to him, "Bro you ditched me for your wife!! I waited for you man.."

"Had to pick her.." Arnav said and Karan pulled him to the beach.

Khushi was left alone there, she bit her lips looking at the people around her, who seemed like getting mad while dancing.

And the loud music was irritating her to the core.

Karan wrapped his arms around Arnav's shoulder.

"Just tell me one thing Arnav. Why did you brought her here?" Karan asked raising his brows.

"Biwi hai woh meri (She is my wife)" Arnav smirked.

"Ohh really.." Karan giggled "Don't tell me she wanted to control you that's why she came behind you.." he laughed.

Arnav shook his head, "Just go from here Karan, you girls are waiting for you.."

"For me!! They are drooling over you.." Karan let out a chuckle.

"Where is Arun?" Arnav asked looking around.

"Must be with his wife. Look there.." Karan pointed and left with his girl to dance.

Arnav went to Khushi, "Chal.."

"Chal what? How can you leave me alone like this? I don't like this place Arnav, this alcohol smell, loud music and on top of that drunk people I hate.." Khushi complained.

"Khushi we have a mission here okay. That's to find about Di, stop throwing your tantrums now.." Arnav glared at her.

"Ok! But as soon as we find about Anjali, I want to go home.." she pointed her index finger to him cutely.

"Hmm.." he nodded and held her hand, both went to meet with the birthday boy.

"Happy birthday Arun.." Arnav side hugged him.

"Thanks yaar.." Arun smiled and looked at Khushi.

"OMG bhabhi also came today.." he laughed at Arnav's face.

"Happy birthday.." Khushi plastered a smile on his face.

After talking some minutes with Arun.

Khushi and Arnav sat on the sand, Arnav was highly irritated that he had to stay with Khushi instead of his friends.

Khushi was like you-need-my-help!!

"Don't drink please. I can't handle drunk man.." Khushi looked at him.

"I know how to handle myself.." he said accepting the beer one of waiters brought for him.

Khushi shook her head in disbelief.

Arnav shouted to Karan to call him, Karan came running to him.

"Lovely couple.." he winked teasing Arnav.

"Shut up.. Did you saw Di anywhere?" Arnav asked.

"No yaar. She hasn't reached yet.. Must be in her friends house, then they will come here.." Karan said.

"Getting bored? Wanna dance for sometime?" Karan asked him.

"Nahin. He doesn't want to dance" Khushi glared at Karan, and held Arnav's arms tightly.

"Okay.." Karan raised his hands with a sheepish smile and disappeared from there before  Khushi could kill him.

Arnav smirked at her, she looked at him, then left his arms angrily.

"Isn't there any cake here?" Khushi asked him.

"No! Beer hai, you want?" he teased her.

"Shii I don't drink. You should stop also. It's injurious to health.." she made a disgusting face.

"Look I don't want to hear your lecture here.. I just wish Di comes soon, and I get rid of you also.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Arnav yaar join us. Why are you so bored tonight?" a boy came to him and pushed Arnav to go with him.

"Bhabhi free him for a while. You can't do this to our friend.." the boy pleaded her.

Khushi pouted looking at Arnav, then faked a smile to the boy.

The boy smiled, "Let's go, she agreed.." he quickly pushed Arnav with him and went away from Khushi.

Khushi looked at his disappearing figure disappointed.

"I didn't agree to anything.." she slammed her fist on the sand.

"Good job Kunal. Finally I can enjoy the party without that stress.." Arnav high five with him smiling.

"When you came here with her I thought Arnav accepted his biwi, but when you messaged me to come and pick you from there, I was like so you were acting.." Kunal said and everyone laughed.


Anjali reached with her friends and went to wish Arun first.

Khushi got alert when she saw Anjali, she got up and started searching for Arnav, but didn't find him anywhere.

"Where is he now?" she thought.

Anjali smiled confused spotting Khushi in the party, "See who is here. Khushi Kumari Gupta.. Not bad.."

"Isn't she your brother's wife?" one of her friends asked.

"Yeah. I wonder how Chote accepted her to come here.." Anjali raised her one eyebrows thinking.

"Anjali won't she get suspected of us?" Shyam asked worried.

"Shyam don't worry!! I told Chote that you're a part of my group friends and he trusts me. He never suspected, then what will she do?" Anjali caressed his cheeks.

"Alright.." he sighed "I just don't want to bring problems for you."

Anjali smirked: Who brings problems for me is Khushi. And now that she is here, I can get my revenge.

Shyam touched her shoulders: What are you planning to do Anjali?

Anjali called one of her friends, Jai.

"Jai please make my bhabhi enjoy this party. She seems to be alone now.." Anjali smiled slyly.

"Guys this is wrong.." Shyam frowned.

Anjali: Shyam then you think what she does with me is right!! If you like her so much, then go to her..

Jai sighed: Can I go now?

Anjali nodded, and Shyam was trying to stop them but they were adamant to see Khushi paying for what she does with Anjali.

Jai reached near Khushi, and extended his hand to her, "Dance?"

"No.. " Khushi nodded sideways and continued her searching for Arnav.

"Come on babes!!" he held her hand.

Khushi immediately shoved his hand from her, "I said I don't want to dance.." she shouted angry.

"Relax baby. I think you need a drink" he smirked and took one drink from the tray the waiter showed him.

"Drink it.." he said bringing the drink near her lips.

Khushi stepped back, "Just leave me alone okay. I said I don't want to drink or dance with you.."

"But I want.." he said and forcefully pulled Khushi near him.

"Just leave me.." she beat him to let her go, but he tightened his grip on her.

Khushi struggle to come out of his hold, she was shouting to people to help her but they didn't even cared.

He brought his drink near her lips again determined to make her drink, Khushi shoved it from his hand angrily and it landed on the sand.

Jai became angry, he pushed her with him to an isolated place.

"Leave me.. why did you took me here?" Khushi tried to pull his hands off her, but he was more strong than her.

"Could you guys please leave us alone?" Jai asked to a group of three friends that were chatting alone there.

"Arnav is amazing, he left his wife and went to enjoy. And also left a boyfriend to his wife also.." one boy of the group said and they started laughing while leaving the place for both.

"So this was your plan Arnav.." Khushi thought, she was really hurt with him.

"Please saveeeeee meee.. Don't gooo.. Pleaseeee..." Khushi shouted crying to group, who just left leaving Khushi hopeless.

"Now it's just you and me.." Jai whispered in her ears, and tilt his head to kiss her.

Khushi looked away crying, "Don't touch me.."

"Kya hua baby?" he wiped her tears smiling.

Khushi slapped him on his face angry, "I said don't touch me.."

"How dare you slap Jai.." he pulled her by her hair angrily.

Khushi hissed in pain, she clenched her fist trying to control herself from shouting.

Anjali and her group watched the scene secretly, they were enjoying seeing Khushi suffer.

"Anjali let's stop this. Jai is crossing his limits now.." Shyam whispered to her.

"Chill yaar.. Now the fun begins.." Anjali said smiling.

Khushi on the other hand was trying to push and beat Jai, which seemed an impossible task to do for her.

But whatever happens, she has to fight for herself. Then it struck on her mind when she threw a sandal to Arnav in the morning.

She smiled faintly finding a solution for her problem.

"Now its enough!! I'm going to save her.." Shyam said and angry with Anjali he went to save Khushi.

Arnav, also was returning with his friends to the place Khushi was.

She quickly took the sandals from her feet, and started beating him with force.

"Aahh.." Jai shouted.

"How dare you touch me!! You don't know me.. I'm Khushi.. And I'm not scared of shameless men like you.. I will beat you up. What do you think women are fragile? I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget in your life..." she beat him and pushed him angrily to the sand.

Jai was surprised, shocked with Khushi's sudden reaction. From where did she got this force to fight back with him??

Khushi kicked him on his belly multiple times and slapped him hard on his face.

"If you ever touch any girl without her permission. Do remember of me.." she said fuming in anger.

And got up taking her duppata from the sand, that fell when she was fighting with him.

Shyam smiled and stepped back, he looked at Anjali: Dekha this is what we call strong girl!!

Arnav came near her confused, "Khushi what happened? Are you okay? (he looked at Jai laid on the sand groaning in pain) What did he do to you? Khushi..tum teek ho?"

Khushi pushed him backwards with her palms angrily, she shouted crying.

"I shouldn't have trusted you Mr.Raizada. You are the most disgusting person I've ever met in my life.. You don't know how to respect and treat women.. Shii.. And you still ask me if I'm alright?.. Have some shame on your face.. You leave your wife alone in a place she isn't comfortable..and ordered this man to..I hate you Arnav.. I really hate you.. How could you do this to me? You don't like me, you were forced to marry me, but am I not a woman? Isn't it your duty to protect me? And you did this??? I didn't came here because I wanted to okay.. I wanted to help you.. And this is what I got in return.. Just think if it was your sister in my place.. Would you do the same with her? .. You're so disgusting.. I don't even want to see your face.. " Khushi cried her heart out, and left the beach running.

Karan looked at Arnav serious, "Did you order him to do this Arnav? How cheap of you.."

"No Karan.. I don't even know him.." Arnav said frowning, but then he glanced again at the boy's face.

"He is..one..of..Di's friends.." Arnav widened his eyes in shock.

Anjali bit her lips scared of her brother, "Let's go from here.." she held Shyam's hand and pulled him to leave the place.

Shyam left her hand and nodded sideways: Anjali what we did was wrong and it's important to tell Arnav the truth.

Anjali shook her head: Chote will be hurt with me Shyam.

Shyam didn't listen to her, he went forward and looked at Arnav: Anjali ordered Jai to torment Khushi. Jai wanted to kiss Khushi forcefully and also tried to make her drink but Khushi bravely managed to save herself.

Arnav looked shocked at Anjali. She just looked down having no courage to face him.

"Di.. you.." Arnav whispered in disbelief.

Anjali came to him crying: I'm sorry Chote. But she really makes us suffer a lot, so I thought to make her pay for what she does to us.

Arnav slapped Anjali, his eyes were burning in anger.

"She is a woman like you. Would you like anyone to touch you without your permission ahn? Do I let anyone do it with you? Answer me Di..did I ever let anyone touch you without your consent?" Arnav yelled to Anjali.

Anjali nodded sideways sobbing: Chote please forgive me..

Karan: I never thought you could stop so low Anjali. It's really shameful for a woman to do this to another..really..

Anjali looked down crying. Arnav shook his head in disbelief, "We will have a talk about this at home. Don't forget to bring yours friends also.."

Arnav looked at Karan: I'm going to talk with Khushi.

Karan nodded and patted his shoulders, "Yeah.. You should go. I will take Anjali and her friends to your place.."

Arnav left from there and went to his car, where he thought Khushi would be, but he didn't find her.



"Ma.." Khushi ran to Madhu and hugged her tightly crying.

"Khushi..what are you doing here this late at night?" Arjun asked shocked to see her.

"What happened bitiya?" Madhu caressed her back worried "Did anyone scold you?"

"He is not a human ma.. He was right..he is more than a beast..Ma.. he ordered a man to.. that man..tried..to kiss me..forcefully..he tried to make me..drink also.. Ma I had told..Arnav..that I hate all this..still..he did..this to revenge on me.." Khushi said hip cupping.

Madhu didn't understand anything she said,she looked at Arjun.

"Princess come here. Sit and explain to us clearly what happened.." Arjun guided her to the living room and made her sit on the sofa.

Madhu poured water on a glass and came back running to Khushi.

"Drink this water dear.." she made Khushi drink the water and then placed it back on the table.

Khushi looked at them sobbing, and started narrating everything that happened with her.

When she finished, she again started crying badly and rested her head on Madhu's lap.

"Ma.. I don't like when that man touched me.. he forced me.. I pleaded for help but no one cared for me.. everyone were laughing and enjoying.. all are very bad.. I shouted for help but no one listened.. what type of people they are Ma?.. I pleaded that man..to leave me..but ..he didn't.." Khushi shut her eyes tightly.

"Don't cry Khushi. You did the right thing. You're not wrong.. Arnav and that men should suffer and cry and not you. You're my brave girl na. Stop crying. Please Sona. Ma didn't teach you to be weak. And today you just proved it to me that you learned everything I taught you, you didn't fail my heart.. You're strong girl.. I'm so proud of you.." Madhu had tears in her eyes, still she smiled for Khushi and kissed her forehead.

Arjun smiled at their bond, but remembering what Arnav did to Khushi, made him furious.

"What does this Arnav think he is? Khushi tell him you're not alone, you have us.. I will break his bones today.." Arjun gritted his teeth and stood up determined to make Arnav pay for what he did to Khushi.

"Nahin Arjun.. " Khushi held his hand "I know how to fight for myself.."

"But Khushi.." Arjun frowned.

"No means no Arjun. I don't want him to think that I'm affected by his cheap plans. I already made him listen what I wanted. I won't break down in front of him, I will show him that I'm strong and not scared of him.." Khushi wiped her tears.

"Alright" he sighed frustrated "But if he dares to hurt you again, you know I won't stop princess.."

She nodded, "Thank you for your support.." she smiled a little feeling relieved that she shared what happened with the two most important persons in her life.

"Shup pagli..when did you start saying thank you??" Arjun hit her forehead playfully.

"Don't beat my daughter Arjun.." Madhu hugged Khushi saving her from Arjun.

"Urgh she always takes my place.." he sat with them beating Khushi with pillows.

Khushi stuck out her tongue to him: Loser..Ma is only mine, not yours..

"Ma tell her this is not true" Arjun said.

Madhu laughed, "Khushi is my daughter only"

Arjun jaws dropped: Ma how can you betray your son?

Khushi giggled: Loser see I won once again..

The three laughed remembering about their cute fights.

"I miss you yaar. I don't know why you got married to that stupid.." Arjun pouted.

"I miss you two more.. You don't know how life is boring with you, Ma, and the kids.." Khushi said sadly.

"But we are here na. The only thing you have to do is divorce that man that doesn't deserve you and come back here.." Madhu said pinching Khushi's cheeks.

" I can't Ma and you already know the reason.. Nani.. I can't break my promise. The same way I love you both,  I love her too and she is special to me.." Khushi said.


Early in the morning..

Arnav woke up in a jerk when he heard plates sound.

"Khushi.." he whispered her name shocked, he fell asleep when he was supposed to look for her.

"Arnav ji kya hua?" Payal asked him placing the last plate on the table.

"Woh..I fell asleep and Khushi.." Arnav mumbled in his thoughts.

"Khushi is in the kitchen perfectly fit and fine!!" Payal said with a sarcastic smile.

Arnav went to the kitchen to verify himself if she was there or not.

And Payal wasn't lying, she was there ordering Mami to prepare the breakfast. She looked the same, like nothing happened yesterday. And that made him more worried.

"Go and freshen yourself Arnav ji. You're getting late for work.." Payal said loud enough for Khushi to hear that he woke up.

Khushi glanced at him staring at her, then looked back at Mami.

"So you're going to prepare the breakfast, Anjali the lunch and Payal the dinner" Khushi said and Mami nodded unwillingly.

Arnav noticed that she ignored him, he went to his room to take a shower and also called Karan to inform that Khushi was already at home.


Few minutes later..

Arnav entered silently in the kitchen, Khushi was standing on a stool looking for an ingredient for Mami. 

"Khushi.." he called her out. 

Khushi gasped when she saw he was coming to her, she lost her balance on the stool and was about to meet the floor, but two strong arms caught her at the right time. 

"DM am I in your arms? Did I die too soon?" she shut her eyes tightly. 

"Khushii.." he called her again. 

"Thanks DM. Now I'm sure I didn't die, because if I died then I would be on heaven, I wouldn't hear his voice, he belongs to hell only" Khushi muttered to herself. 

"Leave me" she said sternly and Arnav left her to stand on the floor. 

Khushi glared at him and tried to stand on the stool again. 

"Khushi HP and OP are busy.. you don't want to do anything for me.. and I want black coffee, will you teach me how to prepare it?" Arnav bit his lips staring at her. 

She looked back at him, and nodded. 

"Bring black coffee powder.." she ordered him without any expression on her face. 

Arnav nodded and like a good boy went to bring the powder, he placed it on a table. 

"Khushi what happened yesterday..." he tried to bring this matter in their conversation. 

"Water..." she cuts him off. 

"What??" he looked at her confused. 

"I said bring water to heat it until boiled" she said sternly. He nodded again and did as she said.

"Now?" he asked her. 

"Now pick that cup there.." she pointed to the cup. 

"Here it is.." he went fast to take the cup and returned to her within seconds. 

"Now in this cup, put a spoon of black coffee powder..." she said. 

"You know Di.." he tried once again only to be cut by her again. 

"Arnav pour that hot water in the cup now.." she glared at him, and he did it fast.

"Now add milk only if you want.." she said. 

"You add it??" he asked and she nodded. He also added milk like her. 

"Khushi yesterday.." he said guilty. 

"Forget yesterday and drink your coffee for today.." she looked at him angry and went out of the kitchen. 

On her way she found Anjali with a frightened face, "Now what happened with you?" Khushi raised her eyebrow in confusion. 

"Khushi I'm so sorry. Please don't punish me and please calm Chote. He is very angry with me.. I just told Jai to tease you only, then he started to get furious because you rejected him and tried to force you.. I'm sorry Khushi.." Anjali said everything in one go scared of Khushi's reaction also. 

"So..you.." Khushi stammered still shocked, Anjali nodded slowly.  

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Jul 18, 2017

Chapter 9 - Arnav joins the Team!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 109 times)

Arnav reached them, and Anjali stopped talking.

"Why didn't you tell me that Anjali was the one who planned all that?" Khushi said to him.

"You disappeared from my sight when I got to know the truth" Arnav sighed and glanced at his sister once, from his eyes it was very clear that he was hurt with Anjali.

Khushi also noticed it.              

"Give her any punishment you want Khushi. The boy who tried to force himself on you is already in jail.." Arnav said.

"I don't want to punish anyone. What happened, I already forgot about it. I just didn't expect this from you Anjali.." Khushi sighed.

"Are you sure?" he asked again not believing what he heard. 

Khushi: Aren't you getting late for work? Then don't come to me and say that I'm the one to be blamed for it.

Arnav: I'm not going to office today.

Khushi shrugged her shoulders: Then do what you want..

"Let's have breakfast" Mami called them and all settled themselves in their seats.

"Chote Khushi.." Anjali whispered to him.

"Khushi has forgiven you. I didn't.." Arnav glared at her.

"Chote please I did that out of frustration. She is also at fault na, isn't she making us her slaves?" Anjali frowned.

"She is fulfilling Nani's last wishes. And from now on, you're not allowed to go out with your so called friends and spend money everyday on petty things.." Arnav warned her.

"Kya?" Anjali looked at him with big eyes.

"You heard it right.." Arnav pressed his lips.

"That's not needed Arnav. No one is forbidden from having friends.." Khushi, sat next to Arnav said it glaring at him.

"Khushi you don't need to interfere in between us.." Arnav glared back at her.

"Then go on, do what you want and you will never know what she is hiding from us. Just forbid her from spending money on useless things.." Khushi barked at him in his ears.

"What the..you bee like voice.. " Arnav shut his eyes frustrated.

"Like she said, you're only allowed to meet your friends Di" Arnav said to Anjali, who nodded. 

Payal cleared her throat, "Ma I'm going out today to meet my old friends"

"Nahin, we have so much work today. HP wants to clean the rooms and the living room, so you have to help him.." Mami said making faces.

"Ma I'm telling you, not pleading you.." Payal smiled, Khushi winked at her.

"And I'm here only na with Mami ji and Anjali. We three will clean the rooms with HP.." Khushi said glancing at the both ladies that were now making boring faces.

"And my dear husband is also here today.." Khushi shifted her eyes to him, who was lost in thoughts.

"Pathi ji will you clean our room?" Khushi waved her fingers on his face.

"Hmm.." Arnav replied.

"See Akash, you should be like Arnav, yesterday he learned how to iron his clothes, today he learned how to make a coffee for himself and now he is going to learn how to clean our room!! Cute hubby na?" Khushi giggled.

"What? Clean my room??" Arnav came back on earth and shouted like mad.

"Haan pathi ji. You only accepted it now.." Khushi pouted looking at him "I will help you like always" she added.

"Ok!" he curtly replied and sipped his handmade coffee for the first time, it tasted good!!

Mami, Anjali, Akash and Mama faked a cough shocked that Arnav accepted Khushi's orders.

"You're falling in her traps Chote. Soon she will make you like HP in this house and she will take over this mansion and AR. This is her plan only, she knows you're the strongest here and the only one who can win from her. That's why she is using you against us only now. Can't you see she is slowly making you obey her every word?" Anjali shook her head in disbelief and went from there followed by Mami and Akash. 

Arnav just looked at them going with What-the look.

Khushi felt bad about Anjali's words, she looked down and tears started threating to come out of her eyes.

Payal and Mama looked at each other like this family has no cure.

"Well since I'm the strongest one in this family. You three kind of need me in your team.." Arnav smirked looking at the three.

"Arnav ji.." Payal smiled astonished.

Khushi looked up to him blinking her eyes, "You want to join us?!!"

"You need me.." Arnav replied sarcastically.

"I don't!!" Khushi stuck out her tongue to him like a kid "Didn't you see me beating that guy all alone?"

"Arnav beta I'm very happy that you took the initiative to change this family. You were only needed in our team and it's good you opened your eyes to see their reality.." Mama said.

"Let me tell you that I'm the boss here.." Khushi glanced at him.

"What the.. Now that I reached everything will change.." Arnav retorted.

"Mama ji dekho na.." Khushi whined.

Mama and Payal giggled looking at both like Tom and Jerry couple.

Khushi punched him playfully on his cheeks, "I'm still angry with you"

"What the..What did I do now?" he looked at her confused.

"You left me alone there.." she pouted.

"But you're Jhansi ki Rani na. You would handle yourself.." he teased her.

"And you're really a beast, reached in the last minute and ask me if I'm alright!!" she scolded him.

Payal rolled her eyes with their long lasting fight.

"I'm going now.." Payal picked her purse.

Arnav called her out before she left, she looked back at him.

"You're doing the right thing Payal.." he said and there was a little smile playing on his lips which he didn't want to show anyone.

Payal blinked her eyes smiling and went from there.


Arshi room:

Khushi was taking his clothes out of the closet to clean it.

"What should I do?" Arnav asked seeing her doing things all alone.

"Your wife is waiting for you" she eyed to his laptop.

"What the.. Laptop isn't my wife!! You're my.." he stopped abruptly when he realized what he was going to say to her.

But it was late, she understood his unsaid words and smiled slowly.

"You can fold your clothes" Khushi said pointing to his clothes spread over the bed.

He sat on the bed and took his one shirt to fold.

"Now how will we find out about Di? There isn't any birthday party now!" he looked at her dug a piece of cloth on a basket with water and then spread it over his closet door cleaning it.

"I don't know!! You wasted such a good opportunity. But never mind, at least we got you in our team after that which is a better news. And about Anjali, I think now that she is upset with you. We will get a chance to discover what it is..Can I tell you something?" she said engrossed in her work.

"Hmm.." he placed his folded shirt on the bed and picked another.

"I think Anjali is in love.." Khushi said and shut her eyes prepared to hear a shout.

"WHAT..NO!!" Arnav frowned.

"No what? Why would she leave her mansion secretly? To meet someone na, and this someone can't be a friend? So.." Khushi looked at him.

"Boyfriend!!" he said.

"Right! I'm not sure, so I think we really have to wait.." Khushi said shrugging her shoulders.

"Di is becoming strange for me day by day! It feels like she is going away from me.." Arnav said and lowered his eyes continuing with his clothes.

Khushi glanced at him astonished, as she remembered of the past.


"Nani eat this hot yummy pakora! I made it now only.." Khushi sat with Nani in the living room, and Madhu went to her room leaving the best friends alone.

"I don't want.." Nani shoved the plate and pouted looking down.

"Why bestie?" Khushi looked at her worried.

"Chote you know he is suffering losses in his business" Nani almost cried.

"Did he told you that?" Khushi asked her caressing her palms.

"Nahin, Aman told me. Chote happens what happens, he never shares his problems with anyone. Since his mother died, he never opened up himself to anyone, neither me. If he is happy, sad, angry, sick, tired you will never know because he never shows or tell anyone. Just close himself in his room. If he has complaints with you also, he will never say a word, if he likes you, he will never say it or show it to you.." Nani said wiping her tears.

"Ajeeb ladka hai (Strange boy he is). Nani it's better to check if he is a human or robot!!" Khushi giggled making Nani smile at her.

Flashback ends.

"Wow this is miracle. Arnav shared his feelings with me.." she looked weirdly at him.

Arnav looked at her confused with her stare at him, then he looked behind him to see if something is wrong.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked.

Khushi nodded sideways and went to open the door for HP who brought a broom and two big boxes for her.

"What is this for?" Arnav asked.

"One box you will put in clothes you don't use anymore and another we will put the extra things you don't need" Khushi explained him and handled him one box.

Arnav nodded and after minutes he ended folding his clothes and handled to Khushi who placed it back to the closet.

"Now?" he asked her.

"I will make the bed and you will clean your desk.." Khushi said and both set to work.

She placed new sheets and blanket on the bed and threw the old one to the washing machine.

Arnav placed his files in order, and pencils, pens, paper-clips, notebooks and more on his desk organizer.

Khushi later helped him organizing his bookshelf.

Where she found a letter of his ex-girlfriend.

"Ayeee.. Love letters.." Khushi teased him, while he just shook his head.

"Just throw it away.." Arnav said while taking some books from her hand.

"Love I'm missing you so much! It has been one week we didn't see each other.. (Khushi was left with open mouth) I want to give you a tight hug when I come back from my holidays and a kiss also on my favorite place.." Khushi read it aloud and looked at him "And where is that favorite place?"

"Read her name.." Arnav said trying to remember.

"Anika.." Khushi said.

"Hmm..it was on my neck.." Arnav smirked and took the letters from Khushi's hand.

"Bakwas hai yeh.. Don't waste time.." he said and threw it on the floor.

"Ajeeb people!!" Khushi rolled her eyes.

"Didn't you ever fall in love Khushi?" he asked.

"Never.." she replied "And you? Oh God you fell in love so many times. Nani told me some 50 girlfriends of yours.." she laughed.

Arnav: I never fell in love and never will! And Nani lied to you that I have 50 girlfriends.

Khushi: Why did you ask me such question?

Arnav: Because you're making yuck faces which clearly shows me you never had a boyfriend.

Khushi pouted: Face reader now you can go!

"Why?" he asked confused.

"Because I'm going to wisp away the dust now.." Khushi said taking the duster from the floor "And you're allergic to dust.."

"Ohh.." he nodded and walked to leave the room, but then looked back at Khushi "Nani told you this?"

Khushi nodded: If Nani didn't told me, you expect DM to tell me?

Arnav grinned: And is it written in that mini diary of yours Short memory?

Khushi threw a pillow to him, "Don't tease me.."

Arnav left the room shaking his head, he saw Mama on the living room ordering HP to pick the vase carefully.

Arnav sat with Mama for sometime chatting with him and Akash..

And HP was also cleaning the living room. Arnav started sneezing, making everyone look at him worried.

HP forgot about Arnav's allergy, he held his ear cutely: Sorry Malik..

Arnav sneeze more glaring at HP, his nose was all red now.

"Beta calm down. HP how can you forget about his allergy?" Mama scolded him.

Khushi came downstairs hearing Mama's shouts.

Arnav was going outside to get some fresh air.

Khushi looked at him going and at HP with a guilty face. She quickly understood what happened with the scene: But HP you already know about his allergy. You should have informed him to not stay here.

"I forgot ma'am. It's Malik never stays here at this time.." HP explained his act.

Khushi poured water in a glass for him and went outside where Arnav was sitting on a bench sneezing.

"Drink this water.." she hand it over to him and caressed his back.

"I do.don't..want.." he managed to say and took her duppata to cover his nose.

Khushi was like how-badtameez!! She sat beside him, Arnav stare at her with wide eyes when he saw that her dress revealed her back that the duppata was covering. He started coughing badly and snatched the glass of water from her hand.

"You said you don't want, now you want!! What happened to you? Why are you coughing?" she asked him worried and patted his back.

He returned the duppata to her with watered eyes, and quickly before she notice why he coughed like that.



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