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Sep 9, 2017

Chapter 49 - Ma or Arnav? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 149 times)

Arnav sat on the bed beside Khushi who was playing with the rose petals on the bed.

He felt relaxed only by staring at her smiley face.

"Arnav when will you go to your business meetings?" Khushi asked.

"Tomorrow Khushi.. Today only we reached and you're busy sending me out.. Am I not tired?" he made her lay on the bed, and circled his one arm around her waist while his other hand pulled the blanket to cover both.

Khushi giggled snuggling to him, "I'm not busy to send you out.. I'm actually counting the time you will stay away from me.."

"Just few hours.. Then I will rush back to you ok?! And there is Payal here too, you won't be alone Khushi.." he whispered and dropped a kiss on her hair.

Khushi nodded and closed her eyes to sleep..

Arnav switched off the lights and both slept.


Anjali knocked the door of RM reluctantly.

Mami opened the door, and was shocked by seeing her.

"Tum?" Mami said.

"Mami I came to meet you and Mama.." Anjali said trying to smile.

Mami looked at her state, she was looking pale and wearing a simple sari with no jewelry adorned on her, which was quite impossible for her not to wear.

"Anjali you know very well that Arnav doesn't want to see you here near RM, after what you did I will never forgive, if he doesn't.." Mami said in a no nonsense tone.

"I know mami.. That's why I came to visit you today I know he went to London.." Anjali said.

"So what? Don't think I will disrespect his words.." Mami frowned.

"Please mami.. I just want to talk with you and mama.. I will never come back to you all.. Just this is the last time I want to talk with you.." Anjali cried "I know no one will ever forgive me for my sins, not you, not Chote and neither Shyam.."

Mami nodded and let her walk inside.

Mama was equally shocked by seeing Anjali, but Mami signaled him to keep calm.

Anjali sat on the sofa, and looked around the mansion, she started reminding her past, the way her parents treated her like a princess, when her parents brought Arnav to their house, when she used to feel jealous because her mother gave more attention to Arnav, when they grew up and she started treating Arnav well just to gain his power that Nani and her father handled to him, when Arnav cried in front of her pleading her to say that she did not marry Shyam without his consent, when she told him that he was an orphan, when he threw her out of the mansion and now where she landed.

Tears escaped from her eyes and she stared at Mami and Mama.

Anjali joined her hands, "Please forgive me Mama and Mami.. I'm very bad.. I did wrong with my brother.. I broke mumma's promise.. I married the wrong person and betrayed the right man for me.. I spoiled everything in my life.. I am myself responsible for what happened with me.. Please forgive me if possible.. I just came here to beg for forgiveness and to tell you that I've changed.. I'm not that arrogant and selfish Anjali.. By staying alone and struggling to live, I changed myself for good.. I just came here to visit you both for the last time.. I also know that Chote will never forgive me.. That's why I chose to come here today that he isn't here.. Otherwise his mood would be spoiled by seeing me na.."

She stood up and walked to go, while Mami and Mama were staring at her not knowing what to say.

Mami called her: Anjali..

Anjali turned back to her. Mami walked near her.

"What you did, was very wrong.. You not only broke your mother's promise but also managed to break this family, luckily we had Khushi who managed to keep us united.. I don't know if I will be able to forgive now, but will surely try.. Only time will tell if you deserve this forgiveness or not.." Mami said.

Anjali nodded her head, "Only time.."



The phone call disturbed their sleep, Arnav frowned in his sleep and tightened his grip on Khushi, who smiled in return to his groans in frustration.

"At least let me see who is calling?" she mumbled.

"No.." he replied and buried his face on the crook of her neck.

She giggled feeling ticklish with his hair.

The second ring, made her curious to know who is calling her. She searched for her phone on the bed, and found it.

Struggling a little to come out of his hold, she left the bed and went to the balcony to not disturb Arnav.

Arnav pouted and hugged the pillow.

Khushi smiled staring at caller ID, it's her mother.

"I forgot to tell Ma that everything is good between me and Arnav.. Thanks DM you gave me that chance now.." Khushi thought.

"Hi Maa.." Khushi said in a happy tone.

"Khushi where are you?" but her mother was an angry tone.

"London.." Khushi replied confused.

"You went to London with Arnav? Why Khushi? You're supposed to stay away from him.. And you're going behind him.. Did he sign the divorce papers?" Madhu asked.

"No.. Ma.. I wanted to say to you that Arnav loves me.. I misunderstood him, he was just scared to confess his love for me because he scared to lose me.. But I'm Khushi Gupta na.. I managed to make him say I love you to me.. Everything is well now between us Ma.. There is nothing to worry about.." Khushi smiled.

"What?? Khushi are you mad? You believed in his words, a man who always showed his anger to you and now suddenly says that he loves you? Khushi he is just using you, because you managed to change his family and now he is seeing that there will be no one better than you to be his wife or I can say his maid!! Now he will treat you well, but later he will do the same as his brother Akash did with his wife and in your case you already know Arnav has many girlfriends!! Do you think he will leave his lifestyle to stay with you? And what did he said? He didn't said I love you to you because he was scared.. What a pathetic explanation Khushi.. Anyone can shed crocodile tears to you and say rubbish like this and you will believe his words.. What about when he said that he will never love you? When he got close to you here in NGO and still said that it was a mistake and you both are only friends? What made him change so much?.. Khushi don't be a fool and listen to me, give him the divorce papers to sign and free yourself from this hell.. I'm your mother and I know what's better for you.."

"But Ma.. This is not true.. Arnav really loves me.. And I will not divorce him Ma, I already tore those papers.." Khushi cried.

"What? You tore those papers Khushi.. This means that Arnav is more important for you than me now.. Okay, live your life with your husband and forget that you had a mother.." Madhu said angry.

"Ma how can say like this? Please don't hurt me.." Khushi said crying.

"Then you too don't hurt me Khushi.. As your mother don't I have the right to say what I want from you and isn't it your duty to fulfill my wishes? If I'm your life like you say, then please fulfill this wish of mine.. Divorce him and marry my son Arjun Khushi.. I want to die knowing that you're in safe hands.."

"Maa.. I can't think about any other men now.. I love my Laddo a lot more than you can imagine Ma.. Please ask me something else, not this.. I won't be able to wear sindoor in Arjun's name, because it only belongs to my husband.. Ma I will die but won't marry anyone else.. I want to be his till my last breath.. " Khushi said in a broken voice.

"So you don't love me anymore right? I can understand that Arnav is your life now and we don't mean anything to you.." Madhu said sternly.

"Ma you mean my life to me.. Please don't do this to me.."

"Then choose between me and Arnav Khushi?" Madhu asked.

Khushi gulped, tears escaped her eyes, she didn't had any answer to this question.

"I will wait for your answer when you come back Khushi.. Take your time Khushi and don't forget that for me you're like my real daughter and your every decision will have a great impact on my life.." saying this Madhu cut the call.

And the phone slipped from Khushi's hand, she sat on the floor with a thud crying.

"How can you do this to me Ma? How will I choose from the one who gave me a life and the one who gave my life a meaning?" she placed her palms on her face crying.

Thinking about Arnav, she rushed back to the room and sat on the bed staring at him sleeping.

She filled his face with soft kisses while controlling her tears.

"If Ma is my life, then you're my heart Arnav.. How can one live without his heart?"

Arnav slowly opened his eyes smiling, Khushi looked away wiping her tears.

"Did you got a call from DM or what? Suddenly romantic!!" he teased her rubbing his eyes.

Khushi smiled and hugged him tightly.

Arnav hugged her back, "Are you ok? Who called Khushi?"

"Ma.." Khushi whispered.

"Oh God.. We forgot to inform her that we are going to London.. Now she already hates me, and will hate me more for taking you without informing her na?" Arnav hit his forehead.

"Hmm.. But don't think much, I will pacify her.." Khushi said.

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Sep 12, 2017

Chapter 50 - Arnav feels Khushi's upset.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 128 times)

Early in the morning, Arnav was brushing his hair staring at the mirror.

His lips curved in a smile when he saw Khushi staring at him, laid on the bed and covered with the blanket.

"Early in the morning you're checking me out.." he smirked.

She was lost in Madhu's words that Arnav's voice didn't reach to her ears.

Arnav turned to her, "Wow such an intense stare Khushi.. What's your intention with me?"

He buttoned his last button of his shirt giggling.

Khushi looked at him startled when she heard him giggling.

"Kya? (What?)" she looked at him confused.

"Khushi!! Are you here or in your dream land?" Arnav asked irritated.

"Sorry I didn't hear what you were saying.." Khushi said in a low tone.

Arnav sat beside her, "Khushi are you ok?"

"Hmm.. I am, why are you asking?" she asked scared what if he got to know the reason behind her tensed face.

"Nothing.. It's just it isn't normal for you to say sorry to me.." he teased her.

Khushi smacked his shoulder smiling, "Laad governor.. And you can't say something good about me.."

"Ouch.. What type of wife are you? Husband goes out to work, instead of giving him a good bye kiss, you are beating him!! My wife is an alien.. I'm sure about that now, that's why you keep praying to DM all the time to show you the right way because you don't know anything about our planet.. So you need DM to show you the right path.. Tell your DM that you don't need to return to your planet okay, now Arnav took this alien only for him.." Arnav said.

Khushi smiled lovingly staring at her husband with moist eyes. He loves her so much, and his words always manage to bring a smile on her face.

"I will get going now.. Aman, Karan and Meera must be waiting.. Have breakfast with Payal ok? Then lunch we will have it together.." Arnav cupped her face, then kissed her forehead.

Khushi closed her eyes feeling his touch, with a pain on her heart.. Will this be forever? Will she wake up and see him always? Or will she let Arjun take Arnav's place in her life?

"No.." she whispered mentally slapping herself for thinking about giving Arnav's place to anyone else.

"No? Khushi what's wrong with you? Why are you crying now? Don't you want me to go? It's okay.. I will cancel my meeting today.. Shh.. Don't cry please.. I won't go anywhere.. I will stay with you.." he wrapped his arms around her waist consoling her.

Khushi wiped her tears, "No.. I meant for this.."

She cupped his face and pecked his cheek lightly.

"Now you can go.." she blushed.

Arnav had a growing smile on his face, but still worried for her.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes, I am.. Good luck.." she managed to bring a smile on her face.

Arnav nodded and stood up, he took his bag and walked out of the room.

"Khushi you can't lie to me.. I know something is wrong with you.. Yesterday Madhu aunty called her and she is behaving strangely.. Should I call and ask Madhu aunty if everything is okay?! I don't get along with her, it would be better if Khushi shares with me what's happening.. If I ask Madhu aunty, she will not give me a proper answer.." Arnav thought walking through the corridors.


Arnav-Payal's phone conversation..

Arnav: How is she now Payal? Did she had breakfast?

Payal smiled: Yes Arnav ji.. Your wife is fine now and she had breakfast too..

Arnav: Is she near you?

Payal: Haan Arnav ji.. Do you want to talk with her?

Arnav: No I want to talk with you Payal.. Just say to her that I will come soon and thank you for what she gave this morning..

Payal nodded, and kept the phone aside.

"Khushi Arnav ji told me to say it to you that he will come back soon and thank you for what you gave to him this morning.." Payal said to Khushi.

Both were walking on the roads of London, Payal was showing it to Khushi.

Khushi smiled shyly understanding that he was thanking her for the kiss she gave to him.

Payal returned to the call.

"Now listen Payal.. I need you to help her wear a dress I left in our room.. I want to make a surprise for Khushi.. Only you know about this.. Make sure she doesn't listen to our conversation.." Arnav said.

Payal nodded and created a distance between her and Khushi to not give any chance for Khushi to hear about the surprise.

Khushi also wasn't so interested since her mind was occupied in thinking what to do to convince her mother that she wants to stay with her husband and choosing between both it's an impossible task for her.

Payal was listening to Arnav's surprise for Khushi with a smile on her face.

When she ended the conversation, Khushi looked at her.

"What did he say?" she asked casually.

"Woh.. We were talking about Akash.." Payal smiled.

"Acha.. Arnav didn't want to talk with me?" Khushi asked.

"He said he is too busy to hear your nonsense.." Payal laughed.

Khushi jaws dropped, "Did he really said that? I won't spare him today.."

"I'm kidding Khushi.. I think he was busy, he took only this little time to know if his wife is okay and if she had her breakfast or not.." Payal said.

Khushi blushed, "Laddo.. He is my favorite sweet.. One day I will eat him too if he continues to be sweet like this.."

Payal giggled, "For you he is Laddo.. For many he is Karela!!"

"But I'm very happy Khushi that Arnav ji found someone who could bring the Arnav he was.. It's very rare to see him with a smile on his face, but you made him it a habit to see him smiling everyday.. You're great Khushi!!" Payal pinched her cheeks.

"I pray to DM to never make me the reason for his tears then.." Khushi smiled sadly.

"Heyy why are thinking negative? You will never be the reason for his tears, only smile.." Payal frowned.

"Why am I feeling that I will hurt him DM? Please help me.. In my every decision should be the best for Arnav.. I don't care about me, but his happiness is my priority.." Khushi thought.


At the conference hall, Arnav was staring at his wife's picture on his phone with a smile on his face.

All were on business talking, but his mind and heart both were not interested in this but for the surprise he kept for Khushi.

"I'm sure you will be very happy with the surprise I did for you Khushi.. Today I will confess my love for you in a proper way.. You remember na, that my love confession wasn't that good.. I was drunk so.. But this time, it will be perfect and I will make sure of that.. I just hope this boring meeting ends quickly so that I can finally work on the arrangements for our special day!! ... Wait.. What the.. Did I just say boring meeting? I, ASR who loves my work other than anything.. See how you're affecting me with your madness.. "

"ASR.." Aman called him.

"Haan ASR died..Only Arnav is here.." Arnav replied sarcastically.

Aman looked at him confused, while Karan laughed.

"ASR.." Aman said only to be interrupted by Arnav.

"You had to disturb such a beautiful thought in my mind Aman.." Arnav whined, and kept his phone back to his pocket. And his fingers touched his laptop, while finalizing the designs with the team.


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Chapter 51 - Red Lehenga!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 135 times)

Khushi looked eagerly to the car waiting to see her husband's face.

She and Payal were in an open restaurant waiting for Arnav, Akash and Meera to have lunch together.

"I'm not seeing Arnav there.." Khushi said.

Payal giggled silently, then composed herself.

"Haan.. Even I'm not seeing Arnav ji.. Who knows he stayed back with his partners.." Payal said.

"No.. Today morning only he confirmed to me that he is going to have lunch with me.. Now how can he do this to me?" she pouted.

Karan pulled a chair for his ladylove and then wanted to do it for Aman, who just glared at him.

"Relax!! I thought you miss Arnav doing this for you.." Karan giggled.

"What? ASR never pulled a chair for me.." Aman widened his eyes shocked.

Akash sat beside Payal, and pecked her cheek lightly, "I missed you.."

Payal blushed. And Khushi also couldn't contain herself, she also smiled teasingly to Payal.

"How I wish Laddo was here too and did this for me.. Unromantic husband.. Promise me something and next minute break his promise.." she frowned with her thought.

"Khushi.. Actually Arnav got some urgent work to do so he won't come.." Karan informed her.

"Urgent work.." Khushi rolled her eyes sarcastically and lowered her head upset. She waited so much for him, and he cancel their lunch like this!!

Her phone rang, she glanced once at it and saw his name on the caller ID flashing.

"Answer it Khushi.." Payal said passing the phone to her.

Khushi took the phone angry, "Hi Mr.ASR.."

"Woah.. Mr.ASR? Itna gussa on your Laddo?" Arnav replied.

"Haan.. Mr.Promise breaker how could you?" she attacked him.

"I won't break my promise.." he said.

"Really? Then you're coming na?" she asked with an excited smile.

"Nahin! But we will have lunch together.." he smiled.

A waiter came with a dish and placed it on her table.

"I didn't ordered this.." Khushi looked at him, while speaking with Arnav.

"I did for you.. Now I'm having lunch and you too will.. Aren't we having lunch together?? Although in separated places.." Arnav replied.

"Aww cheating.." Khushi mouth shape formed a big "O".

"Shh don't complain now.. Eat what I ordered for you like a good girl.. I'm waiting you know.. After you eat, then I will eat my food.." Arnav said.

"No, first you eat Laddo.. You were working na, so you must be tired.." Khushi said smiling.

"No.. You eat first.." he said.

"Acha.. Let's eat at the same time.." she said and took the spoon near her mouth.

"Done.." both said at the same time, and chuckled later.

"Aww"  Meera squealed in happiness seeing this cute gesture from them.

"Aww my God.. I never saw ASR like this.. Khushi you really changed this man.." Karan blinked his eyes in disbelief.


Back to the hotel, Payal took Khushi to her room.

It was afternoon, and soon she needed to make Khushi ready to take her where Arnav planned to.

Khushi entered in the room, and looked at the heavy red designer lehenga on her bed.

"What is this? This seem to be more others room than mine, first decoration and now this lehenga??" Khushi pouted.

"Decoration? Was your room also decorated?" Payal asked her confused.

"Yes.. But Arnav told me that he didn't ordered anyone to do that decoration.." Khushi replied taking the lehenga in her hand, to return to the owner.

"So this mean it wasn't Arnav ji who did that in our room? Then who did?" Payal thought, but seeing Khushi about to spoil her plans.

She walked near her, and took the lehenga from Khushi's hand.

"It's beautiful right? And if it's in your room then it must be for you Khushi.." Payal smiled.

"Yes its beautiful.. But it's mine Payal.. No one knows me here to gift me this.." Khushi shrugged her shoulders.

Her eyes landed on the card placed on the bed she failed to see first.

She picked it, and read aloud.

"Red.. My favorite.. Designer.. Your favorite (Me).. Lehenga.. It was made for you.. Red Lehenga.. It was made only for me to see you!!"

Khushi and Payal both blushed profusely, one reading and other just by hearing!!

"Khushi let me help you wear this.." Payal said.

"Nahin!! What will I do by wearing this lehenga? It's so heavy.. I will keep this safely in my bag.." Khushi said.

Payal stood thinking what to do make Khushi wear the lehenga without letting her know that Arnav planned a surprise for her.

"Haan I know.. But I really want to see you in this dress.. Please Khushi.." Payal made a puppy face.

Khushi sighed smiling, "Okay.. Help me with it.."

Payal clapped her hands excitedly making Khushi stare at her weirdly.


"Yeah I'm sure.. You can pack this ring.." Arnav said, to the shopkeeper of a jewelry shop.

He called Aman, "Is everything in order there?! Aman don't forget my red rose petals.. I will beat you up, no I will fire you from AR if you forget that.. And the candles.. None of them should melt.. Keep them alive till Khushi reaches there.."

Aman chuckled silently, "Everything is in order ASR.. And your candles won't die with the fear of their boss.."

"Very funny Aman.. They won't die because the one who is in my life only makes me feel alive.." he said, thinking about his wife.

He was hell excited to do this surprise for her. He is sure that she will love what he will do for her and they will remember this day in their lives always.

"ASR did you change your clothes? I guess soon Karan will do his work.. You must reach there before Khushi  bhabhi.." Aman said.

"Ohh yeah.. I'm just going to do that now.. I was buying a ring for her.." Arnav said and quickly walked out of the shop heading to his car.

On his car, he kept the ring box safely and threw his phone in hurry as he was already late. Not that late, but he is ASR.. He wants everything to be done in time only.

His phone rang again, he groaned: Who is this now?..

He took his phone, and picked the call: Haan..

"Arnav bitwa.." Mami said.

"Mami can you call me later? I, Akash, Payal and Khushi are perfectly fine.. Now I'm driving.. Call Payal.. No, Payal no .. She must be dressing Khushi.. Ahn.. Yeah, call Akash.. He is free now.. He can talk with you.. Bye.." Arnav said and hurriedly cut the call, concentrating on his driving.


Raizada mansion..

"What did he say?" Mama asked her eagerly.

"Nothing.. He was driving and didn't had time to talk with me.. I will call him later.." Mami said with a sad tone.

Mama cupped her face, "Everything will be alright.. DM is here na.. She knows what she is doing.."



"Did I do the right thing?" Madhu asked to Nisha, on the living room.

"Haan aunty.. You just saved Khushi from a heartless monster who would have kicked her out of his life after destroying her completely.. I'm sure that Khushi will choose you only aunty.." Nisha smiled caressing Madhu's shoulders.

"I didn't like Arnav earlier, but for a while I thought that he would love Khushi someday.. Now that you told me what he did with you.. I'm completely sure that this man isn't worth for my daughter.." Madhu looked away with moist eyes.

"I wish I could have stopped Khushi from marrying him.. I wouldn't have to do all this.." Madhu said.

Nisha rolled her eyes by Madhu's emotional drama.

"Better late than never aunty.." Nisha said.




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Chapter 52 - The decision!!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 145 times)

"Please drive fast Karan.." Khushi cried to Karan.

She clutched her mangalsutra with shut eyes praying for her husband to be fit and fine.

"Relax bhabhi.. I don't think it's a big accident.." Karan said staring at Khushi. It was their plan to take her out of the hotel and reach to the place where Arnav planned a surprise for her.

"Karan what are you saying? Arnav met with an accident.. He must be injured.. DM please don't let anything happen to him.. If something happens to him, I will die.." Khushi said sobbing.

Karan gulped, she was taking it too seriously. It was paining him to do this prank with her, he made such a terrible acting and still she believed in him so easily. By seeing Khushi crying and praying for Arnav, he wanted to reveal everything to her, but then he can't spoil Arnav's surprise.

"Bhabhi don't cry much.. Your make up will be spoiled.." Karan said.

"KARAN.. I don't know how Arnav is now.. And you think I will care for my make up?" she scolded him.

Karan looked ahead nodding, "Okay bhabhi sorry.."

"Please drive fast.." she whispered and broke down talking with her DM.

Karan attend the call of Arnav.

"Haan.. We're.." he said only to be stopped by Khushi, who snatched the phone from his hand.

"Karan please take me to Arnav.. You will call with the person you're talking with later.. For now please make me reach my husband as soon as possible.. Please I beg of you.." Khushi pleaded him.

Karan gulped staring at the phone, then at her.

Arnav who heard everything she said, closed his eyes in guilt. He was tormenting her now, but then he would make up for it. The surprise will be better than the pain he is giving her now.

He cut the call, and Khushi left the phone back with Karan.

Karan sighed in relief because they didn't got caught by her.

The car came to halt, Karan: Bhabhi Arnav is inside there..

Khushi looked at the place, confused: Church?

"Haan.. Woh, the people who helped him and called me took him here.." Karan came up with a lie.

"Ok.." Khushi nodded and climb down the car.

She went running in full speed inside the church.

The nave of the church was covered by red rose petals, like a carpet for her.

She walked slowly confused, no one was there.

"Arnav.." she called him looking around.

Arnav was standing at the altar, he wore a black suit and didn't forget to gel his hair. He was looking extremely handsome, not only by his looks but because he was happy from inside too!!

Khushi stare at him, she blinked her eyes. Till now she was clutching her mangalsutra praying for him, and here he was in front of her. That's all she wanted.

She didn't thought of anything at the moment, and just ran to his direction holding her heavy lehenga.

Her bone crushing hug, made him step back once, but he held her by her waist and balanced himself.

"Tum.. I was so scared.. Thank DM.. You're fine Arnav.. I thought I would lose you.. Karan told me you met an accident.. Thanks to DM, his words didn't come out true.. You're fine.. Yes you're fine.." she mumbled and broke the hug.

Then cupped his face and filled him with soft kisses all over his face.

Arnav smiled as he enjoyed this way of Khushi to show her care for him.

Khushi tightened her grip on his both shoulders by her hands to assure herself that he was fine. Nothing happened to her husband, he didn't got hurt!

"You're fine.." she smiled now in relief.."Wait.. Arnav tum thik ho and no one is here.. And these petals and candles all over the church.. You did this Arnav??.." she widened her eyes.

"Yes Jerry.. Does it take too much time to realize I'm behind all this?" Arnav smirked.

Khushi mouth shape formed a big "O".

"Arnav how dare you.. Do you know how much scared and worried I was?.. I would have died if anything happened to you.." she beat him on his chest.

Arnav placed his finger on her lips, "Don't talk about death Khushi.."

Khushi pouted and looked away, "You can fake this accident and make me worried, and I can't even talk about death.."

"I am sorry.. But it was a way I found to bring you here.." Arnav held his ear cutely to her.

Khushi smiled, "You don't need to say sorry.. But don't do this again Laddo.. And there many ways to bring me here without making me worried.. You don't use your brain na.. You always think of the most dangerous way.. After all, ASR is your name.."

Arnav chuckled, "Right.. Tom always trouble Jerry.. So how could you think here would be a different situation??"

"My fault.. I thought my Laddo isn't that Tom anymore.. I forgot being Tom is in his blood itself.." Khushi rolled her eyes.  

"What the.. Let's not waste time on your bak bak.. And.." he looked around Indicating her about his surprise.

"You made this?" Khushi asked awed by the simple yet beautiful decoration.

"Nahin, I asked Aman to make the arrangements but I decided everything.." Arnav smiled.

"Laad governor.." she whispered.

"Miss Wow-man can you do this alone?" he asked sarcastically.

"Yeah I can.. Not only this I can make a decoration alone for a big wedding also.." Khushi smirked proudly.

"Okay, you will prove that to me in our wedding.." Arnav said.

"We are already married.." she looked at him "Are you forgetting about our marriage? Arnav no!! Did you lost your memory??"

"God Khushi don't eat my brain.." he groaned in frustration.

Khushi twisted her lips unpleasantly.

"Do you know why I brought you here?" he asked with a soft tone now.

"You brought me here, so you only know.. By the way, it's good that you brought me here.. I will meet DM's friend.. Jesus ji and will plead here too.. Then I will get blessings from two sides.." Khushi smiled and joined her hands.

Arnav shook his head smiling, he turned her to face him.

"I brought you here.. Because this is a silent and calm place.. No one is here to disturb us.. It's only you and me.. We didn't got married in a proper way Khushi.. We didn't made the seven vows a couple is supposed to do to concretize their marriage.. And today I want to marry you in my way.. I want to make seven promises to you that I will fulfill all my life.. He (Jesus) and your DM will witness our marriage today Khushi.. I don't need anyone to be here.. They will be the witness of the promises we will make for each other today.." Arnav said.

Khushi smiled and nodded her head.

"I promise to you that I will live my life for you Khushi.. I will always love you the most.. No matter if we are united or separated from each other, my love for you will never fade.." Arnav said staring deeply into her hazel eyes.

"I promise that I will always love you too Arnav.. No one will take your place in my life.. I will live and die as yours.." Khushi nodded accepting his first promise.

"I promise that I will never let our sweet relationship turn into that boring husband and wife life after many years.. I promise that we will always be like we are now.. Nothing will change.. I will continue to be your Laddo, Tom, Laad governor, Mr.Stone, Dracula etc.." Arnav took his second promise.

"I promise that I will always be your Jerry to eat your brain and your Jalebi to show you how sweet love is.." she giggled, while tears of happiness escaped her eyes.

"I will share everything with you Khushi.. I know that you know everything about me because Nani told you so.. But I never told you about my past.. And also hide from you that I love you and why I never showed or confessed my love for you.. I promise I won't do that again.. You will be the first one to know everything about me and my feelings.. I will never lie to you Khushi.." Arnav said repenting for not telling her how much he loves her on that day in NGO.

"I promise that I will share everything with you Arnav.. Hereafter I won't lie to you.. You are my half better and you will know me inside and out.." Khushi promised, the smile on her face faded away as she remembered she is hiding something from him.

"I promise that I will support you always in everything.. I will always be there for you when you need me.. We will walk together no matter where destiny led us to.. We will always face it together.." he said.

"I promise that whenever you call my name.. I will be in front of you.. To stand by you.." Khushi nodded, accepting his fourth promise.

"I promise that I will trust you blindly.. We can love each other, but if there isn't trust in our relationship then we will not be able to maintain our marriage.." he promised.

"I promise that I will believe in your words only.. Anything from you is the truth, I will turn deaf for others who will try to break our trust.." Khushi smiled.

"I promise that I will always keep you happy.. I know I'm rude and arrogant and stone hearted.. But I promise I will never show you that my side.. You will always find your Laddo by your side to make you smile.." Arnav said.

"I also promise to be with you forever.." Khushi smiled.

"That's not the promise Khushi.." Arnav raised his eyebrow confused.

"I'm Khushi (Happiness).. And I'm always with you means you will be happy always na.." Khushi smirked.

Arnav shook his head, and she pouted seeing his expression.

"Last promise.. If I can live for you, then I can die also for you.. If there any situation come where I'll have to sacrifice my life to protect yours.. Then I will do that without any second thought.. I will protect you Khushi, like a father is protective of his daughter.. The same I will be for you.." Arnav said.

Khushi's eyes got moist hearing this, she touched her forehead with his, "This situation will never come.. Because we will live and die together.. Change this promise of yours now!!"

"Okay.. I promise we will live and die together.." Arnav smiled and cupped her face, wiping her tears.

She hugged him tightly and Arnav also reciprocated the hug.

After sometime he broke the hug, and knelt down.

Taking the ring out of his pocket, he showed it to her.

"Khushi.. The girl I never imagined I will be doing this for her.. But you made me bow down to you Khushi.. And you very well deserve it.. The day you entered in my life.. You only changed my life and my family's for good.. For a reason I hide my feelings for you, as I never believed in love.. But this time, Nani, DM and you were determined to make me submit myself in your life.. And I don't regret it at all.. Today I'm really thankful to Nani that she send you in my life Khushi.. You painted my black and white life with colors of love.. You're the woman whose face brings nothing but happiness and peace in my life.. I need you in every moment of my life Khushi.. You're that important in my life, like oxygen I need to breath.. You're that important in my life, that I will be extra possessive of you.. You're my life Khushi.. Today I've no fear to tell you that I Love You Khushi.. I love you so much.." he said, how much she means to him. His heart was relieved now..

"Will you marry me??" he asked and ready to put the ring on her finger.

Khushi's heart skipped a beat hearing and witnessing such a beautiful confession from him. A man of less words, pour his heart to her today.

Khushi held his shoulder, "Arnav.. before I answer to your proposal.. I need to start our relationship without breaking any of those promise we now made to each other na?"

Arnav nodded confused, "Hmm.."

"So.. I need to tell you something I hide from you.." Khushi said, nervously. How would he react now?

"Haan tell me.." Arnav said still in the same position.

"Woh.. You remember that day we got close in our NGO, where I took you to show my favorite place, Lake.. Then it started raining.. You told me that it was all a mistake and you considered me to be your friend only hain na?.." she said with shivering hands, she doesn't know what he will do, but she couldn't accept this proposal without sharing this with him. It would like betraying him.

"Haan.. I said that.. I'm sorry.." Arnav said guilty.

"No, don't be.. Actually by that time I had realized my love for you Arnav and when you said those words I thought you will never love me.. When we returned home, I had in my mind that after changing your family, I would return to my normal life.. But then it got difficult to separate myself for you, you were really weak when you got to know about Anjali's truth and I didn't want to leave you alone at that time.. I waited till you were fine and then I decided..to.. woh..di..divo..(Khushi shut her eyes tightly) divorce you.."

"What??" Arnav looked at her shocked.

"Haan.. But Arnav  I did that only because you didn't love me.. How could I live with a man who only treated me as his friend when I loved him? It would be difficult for me too.. Trust me if I knew about your love I would never think of divorce.. When you confessed your love for me.. I threw those papers Arnav.." she cried.

"But.. okay.. It's my fault that I made you believe that I don't love you.. You're right.." he nodded understanding her side.

"Are you hurt with me??" she whispered.

"No.. I'm not.. Hurt I would be if you decided to leave me now when you know how much I love you.." he said "Is this the only thing you hide from me? Now answer me.."

"No.. It doesn't end here.. Ma was the only person who knew that I was going to divorce you.. You know Ma still doesn't believe you're the right man for me and that you love me.. She says you're playing with me and making me your slave and your family also.. She asked me about divorce and I said that I will not divorce you anymore because we both love each other.. What happened was misunderstanding.. But she is refusing to hear my words.. She wants me to divorce you and marry Arjun.."

"Hmm.. And you will not hear her right?" he asked, a fear crept over him by staring at her not so good expression.

"Ma said for me to choose between you and her!!" Khushi said and lowered her head.

Arnav blinked his eyes staring at nothing in particular. The ring slipped from his hand, and his eyes moistened.

Why do his loved ones leave him when he shows them his love????????

Everything is happening in the same way! The last in the list, Khushi is about to leave him too.

Both kept silent for a while. Khushi sobbed and broke the silence: Arnav..

He didn't said anything, but just buried his face on her waist hugging her tightly.

 (Imagine Arshi!)

"Why this only happens with me Khushi? Isn't happiness written in my destiny? Why does everyone leaves me? .. Tum bhi.. I should never confessed my love for you.. Why did I did that? Why? See now I lost you.. It's my fault.. I knew this was going to happen only still I went on.. Why don't I learn from my past mistakes? I lost my mother, Nani, papa, Di, Nisha and now you too Khushi.. Please don't do this with me.. Don't leave me Khushi.. Everyone left me.. Ma, Ananya ma, Papa, Nani, Di, Nisha..and now you Khushi.. Am I a curse or what?.." he broke down.

Khushi ran her fingers through the back of  his hair crying, "Arnav.. don't think like that.."

Arnav looked up to her, he whispered but still audible to her, "Please choose me Khushi.."

Khushi caressed his forehead, he looked like a child pleading his mother for something.

"I said that I wanted to share something I hide from you before I answer to your proposal.. If I shared this with you means I don't want to break the promise we made for each other, and if I accepted all the promises means my answer for your proposal is YES.. And that means??" she asked to him to complete.

"That you choose me??" he asked to her innocently, still not believing it.

Khushi nodded smiling while tears were flowing from her eyes.

"Yes I choose you Laddo.. The owner of my heart.." Khushi nodded.

Arnav stood for a while staring at her, then his face glowed with a smile. She won't leave him!!!!! She proved his belief wrong!!!!

"Jalebi's finger is waiting for her Laddo!!" Khushi said smiling, extending her hand.

Arnav took the ring from the floor smiling and slid it on her finger.

He kissed her her finger later.

"I am yours.." Khushi said flaunting her ring to him.

Arnav stood up and cupped her face, "I know your mother doesn't like me and it's difficult for you to choose one of us.. Still you choose me, now I promise to you that I will make your mother accept our marriage.."

 "One thing is missing.." Arnav said with a naughty smile. 

"What??" she asked. 

He placed his finger on his lips, smirking. 

"Aww you want me to kiss you in Church?? Have some shame Laddo" Khushi widened her eyes, nodding sideways. 

"It's allowed when people get married na.. don't you see?? When my friends got married here, I saw that it's allowed okay..and no one is here, so nothing to get shy about Khushi" Arnav said. 

"Acha.. but Jesus ji is watching us.. I can't do this.." Khushi said innocently. 

Arnav cupped her face, and pecked her cheek quickly before Khushi could react or stop him. 

"Happy??" he asked her. 


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Sep 17, 2017

Chapter 53 - Shyam and Preeta engagement! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 141 times)

Khushi quickly peeked on his lips with red cheeks already.

"Happy??" she asked him the same way he asked her smiling.

Arnav smiled amused with her, he lifted her and in seconds Khushi was on his arms, she rested her head on his chest.

And Arnav kissed her forehead fondly leaving the church with his wife!!

He opened the car's door for Khushi and made her sit properly.

Khushi clutched his shirt stopping him from going, "Arnav I am sorry.."

"For what?" Arnav asked confused.

"All this that is happening now, it's only because of me.. I told Ma bad things about you and she kept hating you that she reached to this level of forcing me to divorce you.. And because of me you will be more scared of losing your dear ones.. I shouldn't have done this.. It's all my fault.." she sobbed.

Arnav nodded sideways, "Khushi I'm not scared of losing my dear ones now because of you.. Today you chose me, and you proved me wrong.. And about your mother, then I will deal with her.. Trust me, she will say yes for our marriage.. ASR won't let her say no.."

Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

Arnav caressed her back, "Don't you trust me?"

"Don't ask me stupid questions Laddo.. Do you need an answer to  this question?" Khushi pouted.

"I know you do.. then don't cry..you're making me break my promise Jalebi.." Arnav whispered, he broke the hug and kissed her tears.

Khushi smiled, "Laddo.."

"Hmm.." Arnav hmm-ed while dropping kisses on her both cheeks.

"This romantic role doesn't suit you.." Khushi giggled.

Arnav stopped kissing her, and threw a glare to her.

Khushi laughed at his face, "Truth is bitter.."

Arnav rolled his eyes and closed the door of the car, then went to his seat.

Khushi giggled and circled her arms around his neck, she dropped a wet kiss on his cheek. 

"I love you.. That's what I wanted to say.." she said.

Arnav smiled and tickled her belly. Khushi laughed holding his hands to stop him, "No.. I feel ticklish.. ahh.. this lehenga is heavy Arnav.."

Arnav stare at her, in between all this he didn't had time to compliment her.

"Perfect.. You're the most beautiful bride I've ever seen Khushi.." he mumbled lost in her.

"Mr.Liar there are many beautiful brides even more than me.." Khushi blushed.

"I don't lie.. For me, in my world you are the most beautiful of all them.." Arnav smirked.

"App bhi!!" Khushi said shyly.

"I what?" he asked teasing her.

"You're the most handsome man in this world for me.. If I tell you the truth, you're so so so handsome even more than my Salman ji.. And I get so jealous when girls look at you.. Because I know they look at you the way I look at you, and I look at you as if there is no one in this world but you.." Khushi blabbered not even realizing what she is saying in front of Arnav.

"Really Khushi?" Arnav smirked.

Khushi nodded and faced him, after staring at his face for a while she widened her eyes realizing what she said.

Arnav chuckled.

"Drive na.. Are we going to stay here forever??" she stammered embarrassed for her outburst.


"I love you Shyam.." Anjali said with a smile on her face.

She blushed staring at the mirror.

"I wish I was confessing my love to you only Shyam.. But.. I can't now..it's too late.. Today is your engagement with Preeta.. Means that today you will belong to someone else.. You will forget me forever.. While I will live with your memories.. Life is so strange.. In a moment I was the one who wanted to forget you and you always remembered about me.. Now you will forget me, and I will always remember you.. Your name will be permanent in my life.. And don't worry.. I don't blame you at all.. You loved me so much and I always humiliated your love for me.. You deserve someone who would love you equally.. Not me.. I wish you have a beautiful and better married life ahead with the girl you're going to marry.."

While Shyam was on another place, in a decorated hall of his engagement with Preeta.

He slide the ring on her finger, and smiled.

She also did the same excitedly.

"This is a new start Shyam..I have to love her the same way or more than I loved Anjali.." he said to himself determined to forget there was a girl Anjali in his life.

"Congrats Shyam ji.." Preeta smiled staring at him, while the guests clapped their hands cheering for the couple.

"Congrats to you too Preeta ji.." Shyam smiled.

"Dekho if we keep calling each other with "Ji" word.. It sounds like we are strangers.. So I will call you dear hubby.. And you call me wifey.. Cute names right?" Preeta said.

"Ji? In front of everyone??" Shyam widened his eyes.

"Why not? I'm officially yours now.." Preeta laughed at his face.

"I mean.. It wouldn't look good if I call you Wifey in front of your Dad.." Shyam said.

"Perfect.." she blushed "It felt so good hearing you call me Wifey now.. I'm so happy.."

"Ohh love birds.. Congratulations!!" Mr.Khanna side hugged Preeta, then Shyam.

"Thank you sir.." Shyam smiled "Woh, I mean.. Dad.."

"Good that you corrected yourself before I scold you.." Mr.Khanna pinched Shyam's cheeks.

Preeta smiled.

"And you guys could roam around alone somewhere.. Me and your mother, Shyam will take care of the guests.." Mr.Khanna said.

Shyam's mother nodded, "Haan go on.. We are here.."

"Wifey do you want to go somewhere??" Shyam asked to Preeta.

Preeta blushed hearing him call her like that.

Shyam hiccuped realizing what he said in front of his mother and Mr.Khanna.

Mr.Khanna smiled teasingly, "Already nick names for each other.. Hmm.. This is going fast.. I like it.."

Preeta hide her face on Shyam's chest, "Papaaaa.." she whined.

Shyam wrapped his one arm around her waist with a shy smile.

Mr.Khanna and his mother left them alone for a while and went to attend the guests.



Arshi's room:

"Hey this is not fair.. We helped you Arnav.. We want to know.." Karan said standing outside the door with everyone behind him.

"Haan Arniee please tell us.. How did you propose Khushi??" Meera asked excited to know.

"Bhabhi please share with us.." Akash shouted to Khushi, who was laid in a bridal position on their bed.

Khushi blushed and lowered her head smiling.

Arnav smirked: Tomorrow!!

"Ahhhh nooooo.." everyone yelled.

"Guys it's my suhag raat now.. Do you think I have time to tell you all how I proposed her?" Arnav asked.

Khushi widened her eyes and thought, "Suhag raat?? Oh my DM.. I won't escape from him today.."

Everyone smiled shyly now, and fled from there.

Arnav sighed in relief and closed the door.

Khushi gulped and played with her hands.

Arnav sat beside her on the bed, and caressed her hair.

"Don't you want to change your dress?" he asked.

Khushi looked at him confused, she thought he would come close to her but here he was asking her to change her dress.

"Arnav suhag.." she stammered shyly to tell him the complete sentence.

"I was lying to them Khushi.. It was for them to leave us alone.. Our suhag raat will be when you're completely prepared for that.. I won't force you till then.. And today you kissed me that's enough for me.." he smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Arnav it's your right..not force.. I would never think bad of you.." she said staring at him.

"It's my right but a real man is the one who doesn't think only for himself but waits for his partner.. I know you're not ready for this Khushi.. Didn't I explain to you that day? Everything will happen when we are ready.. Like now we sleep together, and today you kissed me.. which is a good progress in our marriage.. We don't need to plan anything Khushi.." Arnav caressed her cheek.

A lone tear escaped her eyes staring fondly at the man in front of her, "You're very good and patient husband.. I'm lucky I have you in my life.. You understand me better than others.."

"Go and change this dress Khushi.. Or do you need my help?" Arnav smiled.

Khushi blushed and went to the bathroom to change.

After sometime she came back with night dress, and sat on the bed with him. 

Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist, and helped her remove her bangles and earrings.

"How are you going to convince Ma?" she asked snuggling to his chest.

"I don't know that now.. But I will make her accept our marriage by hook or crook.." Arnav said.

"Aww.. Are you planning to kidnap her and force her to say yes??" Khushi widened her eyes.

"I wish I could do that.. I really hate her to the core.. But I won't do it to my dear Sasuma.. I will be patient with her, but if she continues to be stubborn then I won't mind to use your idea.." Arnav smirked.

Khushi smiled ruffling his hair: I know you are tolerating all this because of Me..

"I'm ready to do anything for you Khushi.. Sasuma isn't a big deal for me.." he winked.

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Chapter 54 - Arshi early in the morning romance.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 129 times)

"Arnav wake up.. please wake up na.. Arnaaaav.. when it's for me you always do this.. but when you have work you wake up early.." Khushi cried patting his back. 

"Hmm.." Arnav hmm-ed in his sleep, he brought the pillow to cover his face and ear to not hear her complaints early in the morning. 

"Laad governor.." Khushi widened her eyes ignoring her, "Is your sleep more important for you than me???" 

"Hmmmmmm.." Arnav replied in the same manner, and pulled her by her waist to sleep with her, he cuddled her and drop a kiss on her neck, then back to his sweet dreams again. 

Khushi pouted, "You're very bad, you're purposely ignoring me?! You promised me that you would take me to see London Eye and now you're sleeping??"

"When did I promise you that Khushi??" Arnav frowned in his sleep. 

"Aww yesterday.. when we were in each others arms, I told you to take me there and you said okay.." Khushi who till now, her back was facing Arnav, turned to his side facing him. 

Arnav smirked, and opened his eyes: You really believed that?? I was in your arms last night na, so I would say yes to everything na.."

"Pleaseeeeeee take me there.." she pleaded him, with a cute puppy face. 

"Some other day.. I came here for business issues, I don't have time.." he said and rested his forehead against her. 

Khushi nodded, "Okay..some other day.."

Arnav hugged her smiling, "Aww my baby I'm kidding with you.. I will take you to see London Eye today only.. I heard your wish yesterday.. and I will not fail to fulfill any of your wishes.." 

Khushi smiled happily, "Thaaaaank youuuuu.." 

"I don't want to hear thank you, you know what I want.." he said. 

"I love you Laddo.." she said blushing. 

Arnav raised his head, and kissed her forehead, "I love you too.. now sleep pagli.." 

"But it's morning!!" she said. 

"We got married yesterday just to remind you.. and today is Sunday.. want to torture your husband??" he asked her in disbelief. 

"Aree nahin nahin.. sleep then.. who told you to wake up??" she caressed his cheek. 

Arnav gave her a ohh-really?? look. 

Khushi smiled sheepishly, "I was excited to go, understand my situation na.. you have been here for many times, it's my first trip to London.. and I haven't gone to any place with you, only with Payal.." 

"And what's the difference if you go with Payal or me? London will remain the same.." Arnav chuckled teasing her. 

"You're my Husband and Payal is not.. and if you are not interested, then there is a line of handsome and gentleman waiting to hold my hand!!" she smirked. 

"Khushi don't go there.." he said with a serious and full jealous face. 

"Someone is jealous!!" Khushi said making fun of him. 

"I am NOT jealous because you're mine Khushi.. those who are waiting will keep waiting, because right now I'm the one who is holding your hand, and now that I hold your hand, I won't let you go.. I will hold it forever.." Arnav gritted his teeth, he pulled the blanket away and walked to the balcony, brushing his hair on the way. 

Khushi bit her tongue staring at him going, "Bear his anger now Khushi.. you only provoked him.." 

She too took baby steps to the balcony to reach him, standing behind him: Laddo I'm sorry.. You know I only said that to tease you and nothing else.. sach mein.. you're the most handsome and gentleman for me.. I don't look at other.. so no question to leave you for them.. I will also never let you go.. 

Arnav turned to her, he held her hand and kissed. 

"I am sorry if I was rude to you.." he whispered to her feeling guilty of having showed to her his anger. 

"No, you don't need to say that to me.. you know what I want to hear.." she replied smiling, 

"I love you Khushi.. I love you even more than I love myself.." he pulled her into a tight hug.

Sep 22, 2017

Chapter 55 - (By Angel23) (Thanked: 160 times)


Arnav waited for his wife to dress up, so that they go out to see London Eye. 

Khushi wore her bangles, "How do I look??" she turned to him and stood up ready to go, her eyes landed on him staring at her long time. 

Khushi's cheeks changed it's color, it wasn't even needed for him to say if she was beautiful or not, his long staring session at her already gave an answer to her. 

"Let's go!!" she patted his cheek. 

Arnav smirked: This is your effect on me!! 


Arnav Khushi, Payal and Aakash went to visit London, they roam around the roads chatting with each other, having fun and Khushi's craziness and Arnav's irritation were entertaining Payash to the core. 

"Khushi please stay at one place quietly.." Arnav held her tightly, and wrapped his arms around her waist forbidding her from moving. 

"Ahh leave me Arnav.. I'm enjoying..I just got lost one time, it doesn't mean I'm a baby that I will get lost every now and then.." Khushi pouted licking her ice cream. 

Arnav tightened his grip on her smirking, "You're my baby.." 

Payal and Akash cleared their throats, while Khushi beat Arnav lightly on his chest, "Please have some shame.. we are not alone!!" 

"We can leave you both alone then.. what say??" Akash smirked and held Payal's hand. 

"Nahin.." Khushi screamed, "It's so much fun with both of you"

"Thank you!!" Arnav said blinking his eyes, making Payash laugh. 

"Aree thank you what.. I want to stay with Payal and Akash.." Khushi frowned to Arnav. 

"But they also want to stay alone.. they are couple like us.. why do you think Karan and Meera didn't came with us??" Arnav said. 

"Achaa.. okay then..bye Akash and Payal enjoy.." Khushi waved her hands cutely at the couple. 

Akash and Payal smiled and went from there, enjoying their time alone now. 

Arnav rested his forehead on Khushi's smiling, "Don't you want to share your ice cream with me??" 

Khushi smiled, "Nahin, it's not good for your health.." 

Arnav shrugged his shoulders, "This means you don't want to share!!" 

Khushi  shook her head and pecked his lips, letting him taste the ice cream on the corner of her lips.

"I want more!!!" Arnav said, pulling her near him. 

"Aree no!! I already made you taste my ice cream.. and now people will start staring at us, and I'm shy.." Khushi nodded sideways. 

"Okay, I will buy another ice cream and you're gonna feed me that in our room.." Arnav pouted. 

Khushi giggled, "These special moments you just get once in a day or in a week.. you already got it now.." 

"Heyy not fair ahn.." Arnav whined. 

Her phone rang, and she picked it up smiling at the cute and irritating's faces her husband was making for not getting more than one kiss. 

"Hello.." she said and sent a flying kiss to Arnav. Arnav kissed her cheek directly and she widened her eyes making him giggle. 

"Seems that you're very happy Khushi in a fake world!" Madhu said. 

"Ma..app" the smile on her face faded away. 

"Haan.. seems that you're very busy in wasting time on a man who is just using you.." Madhu said. 

"Ma please don't talk like this.. Arnav is my husband.." Khushi frowned. 

"A fake husband!! Did you decide whom do you choose??" Madhu asked and coughed a little. 

"Maa you're coughing are you okay??" Khushi asked worried. 

"I am not okay, I'm getting sick day by day just thinking about you" Madhu replied. 

"Ma take care of yourself.. don't think much about me.. I've decided whom I will choose between you and my husband.. as soon as I reach in Mumbai I will tell you my decision.." 

"Okay.." Madhu replied with a smile. 

Khushi hang up the call, and looked at Arnav. 

"Is she really sick? Or doing all this to make you choose her.." Arnav raised his eyebrow. 

"Arnav she is my mother.. why will she lie to me??" Khushi asked to him. 

"Hmm I know.. but you also know that I hate her.. and I think she is lying.. emotional drama this looks like to me.." Arnav said rolling his eyes. 


"Did I do the right thing? Will Khushi be convinced and choose me?" Madhu asked to Nisha. 

Nisha smiled, "Now I'm sure that she is going to choose you aunty.. you did great acting!" 

Madhu smiled, "I hope so.. I have a feeling that Khushi will choose me only.." 

"She will have to choose you aunty.. I will make sure she does..by hook or by crook.." 

"What are you going to do??" Madhu asked. 

"If Khushi even chooses Arnav, then I will make show Arnav as a bad husband to her.. she will herself be forced to leave him.. she doesn't know Nisha yet.. I can do anything to make Arnav mine.. only mine.." 


In a restaurant.. 

"Whom will you choose?" Arnav asked playing with the ring in her fingers. 

"Any doubt?" she looked at him. 

"Don't torment me Khushi.. just say the name.." he said impatiently. 

"You my Jaan.." Khushi caressed his cheeks lovingly, she smiled "I will never break my promise.. we will walk together, no matter what the consequences are.." 

Arnav smiled, finally his heart was satisfied and at peace!!!

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Chapter 56 - The face off.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 135 times)


Khushi held his hand tightly as soon as they walked out of the airport, means they reached to their hometown, and now she has to face her mother and tell her that she chose Arnav instead of her. It would be heartbreaking moment for her, she never prayed to be in such a complicated situation in her life.

“Khushi calm down.. I’ll take care of everything..” Arnav looked at her.

“I know you will..” Khushi whispered, and wrapped her hands around his arms.

The driver came and everyone got inside the car.



Anjali came outside of the kitchen with juice for Madhu, she smiled and handled to her, “This is for you aunty..”

“Thank you Anjali bitiya..” Madhu smiled.

Nisha also smirked, and made Anjali sit beside her, “Di tell me the truth please.. will you help us separate Arnav from Khushi?? How will you do it??”

“Haan I will.. don’t worry.. my plans will work according the time.. this time Arnav and Khushi will be separated from each other forever.. because this time my plan will have no flaws..” Anjali said smirking.

“I’m much relieved now.. we are four now and they are two.. which means our group is stronger..” Nisha sighed in relief.

“By doing all this, will Khushi be mine??” Arjun asked not interested in their plans, only to reunite with his childhood love.

“Haan beta.. I’m doing all this to make you and Khushi one.. no one will be able to separate you both and Khushi will realize that she doesn’t love Arnav at all..” Madhu said.

Anjali walked back to the kitchen making an excuse of leaving the tray back.

“Sorry Nisha.. but I won’t separate Chote from Khushi, instead I will make sure your every plan with Madhu aunty and Arjun fails.. I’ve committed many sins till now, and now it’s time to do my duty as a sister.. I will make sure I save my brother’s marriage, and you three will never be able to break it..” Anjali thought.

Ruchi came running to the kitchen making a sad face, she clutched Anjali’s sari calling her, “Didii..Didiii..”

Anjali bend down to reach her level, “Yes my sweetheart.. what do you want???”

Ruchi: You too? I thought you were good person but you want to separate my bhaiya and my Didi.. why?? Why Madhu ma turned bad? Why did she lied to Didi that she is sick when she is not? What do you keep talking about plans every day??

Anjali cupped her face and whispered, “It’s a secret.. don’t say this to anyone.. but I’m with them because I want to save your bhaiyaa and Didi..”

“Then why are you with them??” Ruchi asked all confused.

“One day I met Nisha didi at the market, Nisha didi is very bad and she wants to separate your bhaiya and didi once and for all.. so she asked me to help her do that and convinced me for that.. but I know Ruchi loves bhaiya and Didi a lot.. so I will only pretend that I’m helping them.. when you’re my real partner.. bolo.. will you help in making your bhaiya and didi relationship even more stronger than before??” Anjali asked her smiling.

Ruchi nodded smiling, “Yes I will help you..”

“Then it’s a secret okay.. don’t say this to anyone..” Anjali placed her index finger on Ruchi’s lips, who giggled nodding her head in positive.

Nisha came to them running.

“What happened Nisha?” Anjali asked.

“Arnav and Khushi arrived.. I had to hide na.. they can’t see me here..” Nisha said hiding under the table.

Ruchi laughed staring at her, “Nisha didi is scared.. Nisha didi is scared!! Hahahaaahha..”

Nisha glared at Ruchi, who hide behind Anjali scared of her now.

Anjali lifted Ruchi walking out of the kitchen to see Arnav and Khushi.

Arnav on the other side reached calmly with his nervous wife, who was blabbering to him all the way.

Madhu stood up with a smile staring at Khushi, she walked near Khushi and hugged her tightly, “Thank DM you returned safe and sound..”

“As if I’m a kidnapper!!” Arnav rolled his eyes in disbelief.

Madhu looked at him angrily and ignored to greet him. She pushed Khushi to sit with her on the sofa, and Arnav walked behind her.

While Arjun greeted Khushi, Arnav’s eyes landed on a familiar face to him. First he was shocked, then turned to disappointment to see the face of the person he wants to forget..

Anjali looked at him with teary eyes, she smiled staring at him. Arnav looked away ignoring her, still the question on his mind was haunting him, what was his Di doing in Madhu’s NGO??

“Toh bolo Khushi.. what did you decide? Whom will you choose between me and Arnav??” Madhu asked with a smile on her face.

Khushi smiled nervously, they just threw this question at her without giving her a chance to explain them why she will choose her husband.

“Ma.. I..” Khushi stammered, she looked at Arnav’s eyes to gain some courage to say this to her mother, the one who adopted her and nurtured her when she had no one in her life.

“Let’s get this straight sasuma..” Arnav interrupted her, “Khushi is legally my wife, which means I’ve rights over her and vice versa.. let me explain you better, Khushi is MINE.. and I don’t want to leave my wife.. nor now neither in my future.. and you want Khushi to leave me by hook or by crook.. not to forget the drama of sickness you put up to convince her choose you..” Arnav chuckled in his last statement.

Khushi widened her eyes and Madhu was left with open mouth, “How dare you say that I lied??”

“Ohh you can lie.. we are humans and off course not saints.. so I don’t believe you!!” Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

“But that’s not the main point, the main point is you want Khushi, and I also want my wife.. so in between our fight we’re making Khushi’s life difficult.. because it’s difficult for her to choose between her husband or her mother.. but let me tell you that she would choose me only..” Arnav smirked.

Madhu frowned and looked at Khushi.

“Look at me sasuma.. I’ve not finished yet.. so I was saying that I can’t see my wife troubling herself for both of us, so I thought to solve this problem in my way..” Arnav said.

“Which way? Force me to accept you??” Madhu raised her eyebrows.

“No my dear sasuma.. can I force you to like me when I myself hate you??” Arnav chuckled.

Khushi shook her head in disbelief; her husband is not scared to share his thoughts in front of the person he hates!!

Madhu: Look at the shameless man you have as your husband Khushi, he has not respect at all!!

Khushi stayed quiet and looked at Arnav.

“Do not bring Khushi in between us..” Arnav said serious now, he doesn’t like the way Madhu brings Khushi in between everything.

“Let’s make a deal!” Arnav said.

Khushi looked at him confused, he didn’t talk with her about any deal, what was he planning to do now!!


“If I lose you take Khushi with you, and if I win then my wife is mine..” Arnav said staring at Madhu.

“Sounds good!!” Madhu nodded “What’s the deal??”

“The deal is that I will marry Khushi now with all the rituals we didn’t complete yet..” Arnav was talking only to be cut by Madhu who didn’t like the idea.

“What is this?? You’re making Khushi yours again.. don’t take me as a fool..” Madhu frowned and Arjun also stared angrily at Arnav.

“I didn’t finish.. to marry Khushi I will prove myself as a good husband for her who will only care and love only her.. not the way you describe me.. if I managed to prove myself then on the marriage day I will mark Khushi as mine, but if I don’t then you will take your daughter back..” Arnav said.

Khushi looked at Arnav with moist eyes, she clutched his shirt: What are you saying??  You’re risking our marriage because of a deal.. I don’t want this deal okay..

Arnav cupped her face, “Relax I know what I’m doing..”

“No.. you don’t know.. I will never divorce you Arnav.. Ma I’ve decided that I will choose my husband only.. I’m Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.. no one will take this name from me.. no one.. please stop this deal.. I don’t want to risk our relationship..” Khushi said crying, she clutched her mangalsutra tightly.

“Khushi am I good husband for you or not?” Arnav asked to her wiping her tears with his thumb.

“You’re..” she replied “But no one here will accept that..”

“Then if you consider me a good husband, means I already won this battle Khushi.. and don’t worry there will be special judges to test me for that.. it will not be sasuma who I know will reject me right away..” Arnav explained to her.

Madhu smirked, “Let’s see Mr.Raizada if you manage to prove yourself what you’re not.. I’m sure that my daughter will come back to me.. Khushi maybe you’re taking me as a villain now, but I only want your good bitiya.. nothing else..”

Khushi cried and rested her head on Arnav’s chest, who was consoling her that she is his only and no one would separate them, this deal he only did to make Madhu accept her defeat and never try to manipulate Khushi to do things on her way. 

Oct 9, 2017

Chapter 57 - The challenge starts.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 135 times)

“Let’s go Khushi..” he held her hand taking his wife. Khushi held his hand tightly and followed him.

“One minute..” Madhu said making both turn back to her.

“Khushi will stay here.. after all we need to make preparations for your divorce..” Madhu said smirking at Arnav.

“Hmm you’re right.. Khushi will stay here for preparations of our marriage.. not divorce.. be positive sasuma.. you’re already rejecting me without knowing the final scores.. but if Khushi stays here then how will I be able to prove to you that I’m a good husband for your daughter???” Arnav smirked and walked near her.

“Don’t worry about that I have a solution.. you both stay here..” Madhu said angrily that she will have to live with him once again.

“Wherever my wife is, I’m comfortable at that place.. even in hell..” Arnav said chuckling.

“My NGO isn’t a hell.. it’s place we built with love and care..” Madhu said.

“I know.. but since you’re hell bent on destroying your own daughter’s life.. this place has turned a hell for her.. if you noticed well, Khushi today is eager to get out of here when in the past she loved this place.. anyways it will be difficult to explain you that..” Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

He walked to Khushi again and cupped her face, “You will stay here now, I will return once I finish some works in AR, and will pass from RM to get our clothes.. and our special judges..”

“Who are them by the way??” Khushi asked him.

“Two from the both sides.. sasuma you chose two and I already chose.. Mami and NK..” Arnav said.

“NK???” Khushi asked him confused.

“Your lost twin brother..” Arnav replied nodding. Khushi looked at him more confused, “Mere bhaiyaaa??”

“Hmm.. he is half-mad like you.. so you both together will be full-mad..” Arnav said.

Khushi mouth shape turned a big “O”, and Arnav smirked, “My cousin brother who lives in Switzerland..”



“What??? Deal??” Karan, Meera and Aman shouted shocked.

“Hmm..what’s the big deal??..” Arnav frowned.

“Marriage is not a deal Arnav.. what if you lose?? What if Khushi’s mother manipulate you??” Karan stood up.

“Relax.. I only will win.. Khushi loves me and I love her.. true love always win in the end..” Arnav said staring at his friends.

“Aww you’re so cute Arniee..” Meera pinched Arnav’s cheeks.

Arnav glared at her, “You have a boyfriend to do these things..”

“If Khushi pulled your cheeks, would you say no???” Meera asked him.

“Yes.. I would say no.. what’s the big deal??” Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

Khushi happily reached in Arnav’s cabin, arranging her purse, “Uff in this complicated office I found my husband’s cabin..”

She opened the door, and found Arnav with his friends, “Oops..sorry..” she closed the door again making Arnav, Karan, Meera and Aman look at each other.

Khushi knocked door, “May I come in??”

Arnav smiled and stood up, he himself went to open the door for her.

“You don’t need to do that Khushi..” he held her hand taking her inside the cabin.

Khushi smiled and pinched his cheeks, “Thank you.. you’re so sweet laddo..”

Now Meera raised her eyebrows to Arnav smirking, who let his wife pinch his cheeks when he hates when someone does this to him.

“You provoked the lion bhabhi..” Karan said giggling.

“Why? What did I do? You said for me to stay in NGO na.. I’m sorry  but I couldn’t stay there without telling you something..” Khushi looked at him with a sorry face.

“No, actually Arnav hates when someone pinch his cheeks like you did now..” Karan explained.

Khushi widened her eyes and looked back at Arnav.

Arnav: It’s okay.. you can.. tumhe haqh hai (you have that right)

Khushi blushed, she played with her fingers and her duppata smiling.

Arnav smiled staring at her, she is so cute and innocent. He never thought a girl could blush with every word he says for her..

Meera cleared her throat and Arnav embarrassedly shook his head.

“You won Meera.. if it’s Khushi then I would let her do what she wants with me..” he declared he lost for his wife, for the first time he was happy in not standing by his words, in accepting defeat for her.

Meera, Aman and Karan silently left his cabin and closed the door.

Arnav walked near her, Khushi closed her eyes feeling his breath.. he was so close to her that she neither had courage to say something or look at him..

“I’m liking this new feeling in my heart..” Arnav whispered.

“Which feeling??” Khushi asked him, even though she kind of knew the answer.

“Love..” he said.

“You already fell in love with you 50 girlfriends..” she teased him.

“Nani lied to you.. I never had 50 girlfriends.. and I didn’t loved them.. sit here Khushi..” Arnav made her sit on a chair and he sat beside her.

“You know till you came in my life.. I never understood women.. I never respected them.. I thought women only like to show off.. all they need is a handsome and rich man and they would stay happy and quite for all their life.. but you proved me wrong Khushi.. you proved me that women also have self respect.. they are strong and should never be used.. they should be treated with love and care always.. when you entered in my life.. I thought I would destroy you.. I will make your life a hell and would torture you till you yourself leave my house.. but see.. you managed to win from me and changed my family for good.. I did so wrong to you still you’re here with me with only your love to give me.. that’s why from today now on.. I will do my part.. I will always treat my woman with love.. I really respect a woman like you.. we may have lack of money, food, or whatever the situation is.. but there always be love between us Khushi..” he said his heart feelings for her, and touched her forehead with his.


Khushi closed her eyes resting her forehead on his, “And your strong Khushi will fight to save our marriage this time too..”

“I know..” he smiled.

“Arnav did you see Di??” she asked him.

Arnav looked at her and nodded, “I saw her.. and it doesn’t matter to me anymore.. she is there or not.. or what she is doing there.. I don’t care at all..”

Khushi nodded, “I know you don’t want to know about her.. it’s just I found it strange for her to be in NGO..but I didn’t talk with her yet..”

“It’s better not Khushi..” Arnav said.

“And stay away from Arjun too..” Arnav said with serious face.

“You don’t need to teach me what I’ve to do or not.. I know..” Khushi pouted.

“I’m not teaching you.. I’m warning you..” Arnav said.

“Aww warn me?? That’s even worse Tom.. you really didn’t changed a bit.. you’re still that Arrogant and Rude ASR from inside..” Khushi said frowning.

“And you’re still that irritating Jerry from inside..” he smiled.

Khushi looked at him then start laughing.  

Oct 13, 2017

Chapter 58 - Arnav's victory.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 121 times)

Raizada mansion..

Mami hugged Khushi as soon as she opened the door of the mansion for them, “I missed you so much Khushi..”

Khushi smiled and hugged her back tightly.

“I missed you too mami ji..” Khushi said and broke the hug.

“Nannav..” NK, a handsome and cool boy descended the stairs, with headphones around his neck and a huge smile adorning his face.

“Nandhe Kis****..” Arnav said sarcastically.

“Nannav it’s NK.. not Nandhe Kis****..” NK frowned and corrected him unable to hear such a long name.

“Then it’s Arnav and not Nannav..” Arnav glared at him.

“Nannav.. hahahahahaha..” Khushi laughed out loudly staring at Arnav.

“See she liked..” NK pointed to Khushi with his index finger, “By the way is she your girlfriend?? Nannav mere bhai you’re married now.. stop these cheap things.. pass me your GF’s phone numbers and I will take care of them..”

Khushi pouted and wrapped her hands around Arnav’s arms, “I’m his wife Nandhe Kis**** ji.. and he doesn’t have any girls number on his phone.. hain na Arnav??”

Arnav caressed his neck ignoring her question, Khushi glared at him: You have their phone number? Laad governor.. how can you betray me like this??.. I hate you..

NK screamed, “No way.. Nandhe Kis**** ji!!!!.. no one spoiled my name like this..”

Khushi looked at Arnav, then at NK: Okay ji.. I will call you NK only..

Arnav gritted his teeth, “Don’t call him with “ji” you never called me Arnav ji!!

Khushi glared at him, “Delete those girl’s number right now..”

“I won’t..” Arnav shrugged his shoulders looking away.

“You won’t? Look na mami ji.. you’re not saying anything to him.. is it right to keep other girls number on his phone??” Khushi made a crying face to Mami.

“It’s not right bitwa..” Mami nodded supporting Khushi.

NK: OMG don’t create “hamesha” here.. we have to leave na for a NGO to be the special judges na..

“Hamesha??” Khushi frowned.

“Tamasha..” Arnav said rolling his eyes, while NK passed him a sheepish smile.

“When will you learn hindi bitwa?? One day you will murder people with your hindi…” Mami said with a sad stare at NK.

“I will learn with time Mami ji.. life is long..” NK said spreading his arms.

“And to live this life you should have brains also.. otherwise you will end up in the sky..” Arnav said.

“Nannav.. how bad you’re” NK pouted.

“I will just come.. let me check if everything is in order here.. till then you three can go to the car..” Mami said and went to the kitchen to talk with HP what he has to do in her absence.

Khushi went alone till the car angry with Arnav, he followed her with NK beside him.

“You will delete those numbers.. otherwise you will see another Khushi..” Khushi whispered to him angrily.

“I’ve seen your worst side.. what’s left to see?” Arnav smirked.

“Ohh you haven’t Mr.Raizada.. You’re only mine and those stupid girls will never come in between us.. I will make sure of that.. even if I’ve to turn into a witch to scare them..you will see what I can do..” Khushi said almost attacking Arnav.

NK closed his eyes at the back seat, “No romance in the car please..”

Khushi looked at him and shyly sat back at her place, Arnav chuckled: Romance?? She’s killing me here..

“Wow Khushi.. you just amazed me.. I thought you’re one of those.. shy and traditional types.. but you turned out to be something else..” NK smiled.

Khushi giggled: Nahin NK ji.. I’m not shy types.. my friends called me sweet, bubbly, chirpy and talkative..

“Great.. we will get along well..” NK high five with Khushi.

“At least you know you’re talkative..” Arnav smirked.

Khushi smacked his shoulders frowning, “Don’t tease me.. I don’t want to talk with you.. go and chat on social media with your girlfriends..”

NK giggled watching them fight, meanwhile Mami reached and the four went to the NGO.



Anjali smiled thinking that at least in this short time she will get time to spend with her family. Ruchi kissed her cheek, breaking her thoughts.

“Didi.. I’m happy today..” Ruchi clapped her hands excitedly.

“Why??” Anjali made her sit on her lap.

“Because my Didi and bhaiya are coming here.. they will spend time with me and I will enjoy their marriage.. also our plan..” Ruchi said.

“Hmm.. I’m also happy.. Ruchi don’t forget about our plan.. we shouldn’t let Arnav lose at any cost okay..” Anjali kissed her cheek and Ruchi nodded.

“Di..” Nisha reached there, and Ruchi went running from there scared of Nisha.

“Haan Nisha.. what do you want??” Anjali asked to her.

“Di.. I’m going to stay here only..” Nisha said.

“What? What if Chote.. I mean.. Arnav finds about you??” Anjali asked.

“Don’t worry.. I will hide my face under this veil..” Nisha smiled showing her, “I want to make sure I make Khushi life a hell and separate her from Arnav forever..”

Anjali nodded, “If Nisha stays here, then I will have to be more alert..”


Arshi’s room in NGO:

Khushi arranged their clothes on the cupboard, and Arnav was also helping her. He noticed she was not talking with him.

Leaving the clothes on the bed, he went near her and snacked his one arm around her waist, while the other hand had his phone.

“I didn’t delete those girl’s numbers not because they were my girlfriends.. but they’re the models of AR too..it’s only for professional reasons.. if you want.. Then delete them..” Arnav said burying his face on her hair.

Khushi smiled, “I knew it..” she kept the phone aside, and turned quickly to him hugging him tightly and shyly, “I trust you more than I trust myself.. I don’t need to check your phone..”

“Why are you angry then??” Arnav asked.

“Because I wanted you to say it instead of teasing me and making me jealous..” she giggled.

Nisha watched them through the door, with a lone tear escaping her eyes.

“I wish I was in your place Khushi.. I wish Arnav also gave me that right to delete those girls numbers on his phone.. I wish he came to pacify me like he’s doing with you.. I wish he helped me folding my clothes.. dammit.. why are you getting all those things I dream with him?.. why did you came in between me and him?..” Nisha clenched her fist.

“It’s okay.. I will make sure that Arnav does all this for me too..” Nisha said smirking and went from there silently.

“Tomorrow your shagun starts.. and my tests..” Arnav said caressing Khushi’s cheek.

“All will go well.. my shagun also and your test.. you’re the perfect husband for me..” Khushi dropped a kiss on his palm.

“It sounds awkward na.. I will be tested after such a long time ..only school and college did that to me and now..” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“You were class topper always.. and now also you will win..” Khushi giggled at his expressions.

“Do you want me to tell you what I like and not? It will help you in winning.. Ma knows everything about me..” Khushi said.

“No no.. no don’t tell me anything.. I want to learn about you by myself and on the basis of time I’ve spent with you.. let’s be fair to this deal also.. and sasuma doesn’t know everything about you.. she doesn’t know that you love me.. so it’s not everything.. almost.. and I’m not at a bad level also.. I know many things about you..” Arnav said.

Khushi nodded smiling, “I just want the best for you!!”

“I have the best with me, you!!” he smiled.


The next day, Khushi lazily turned to Arnav’s side and hugged him tightly, she frowned after realizing that it’s wasn’t Arnav she was hugging, but a pillow.

“Where is my pathi ji??” she thought staring at the pillow.

Ruchi knocked the door, and Khushi thought it was Arnav. She went running to open it but didn’t saw anyone.

“Ahn??” Khushi frowned.

“Didi here..” Ruchi waved at her.

Khushi looked down and saw Ruchi, she smiled and picked Ruchi from the floor taking her to her bed.

“Good morning my princess..” Khushi said. Ruchi stood up on the bed, and smiled: Good morning Didi.. are you looking for Bhaiya?

Khushi nodded, “Do you know where is your bhaiya??”

Ruchi giggled: Go and fresh up Didi.. I will take you to bhaiya then..


In the kitchen..

“This kitchen is mine.. I don’t allow others to enter in and take my place..” Madhu said to Arnav.

“But I want to cook for my wife..” Arnav said stubbornly.

“I will cook for Khushi.. you don’t need to do that..” Madhu said.

“Ohh really.. you’re very smart sasuma.. want to take the credit for yourself using my idea??” Arnav smirked.

“Excuse me I didn’t use any of your idea.. I was really planning to cook for my daughter..” Madhu said embarrassed for being caught.

“Excuse me.. excuse.. we’re the judges of this deal.. so we will decide who will cook for Khushi today...” NK and Mami came in the kitchen.

Arnav sighed in relief.

“Off course you will choose him then I also have the right of calling my judges, means Anjali and Arjun..”

Arnav felt hurt to see that his sister, was going to support Madhu to see him lose.

Mami saw through his eyes, that he felt bad.

“Why did Anjali came back in our lives??” she thought.

“Okay call them.. but I think everyone will agree to let Arnav cook, since it’s his test.. we have to see if he is a good husband for Khushi or not.. so you don’t need to prove anything.. unless you think that you’re not a good mother for Khushi..” Mami said with sharp eyes to Madhu.

Madhu stomped on her feet and walked out of the kitchen.

Mami smiled to Arnav, she and NK hugged him tightly cheering for him.

Arnav was now alone cooking for his wife, “Where should I start? If it was me.. a sandwich or toast for my breakfast.. about Khushi.. I should make parathas for her..”

He thought, “God how does one prepare such thing?? Paratha!!! What the.. I confidently said to sasuma that I would prepare breakfast for my princess.. will I be able to??”

Meanwhile, Arnav searched on his phone how to prepare a delicious breakfast for Khushi. Khushi and Ruchi peeked to see him, what he was doing.

Khushi looked at Ruchi: What is he doing?

Ruchi: Bhaiya is going to prepare breakfast for you. As a part of the test..

Khushi walked inside the kitchen and took the phone from his hand, “Leave all this..”

“What??” Arnav frowned.

“Why do you need to do this Arnav? You don’t know how to cook and I don’t want you to force yourself in doing things you don’t know or like.. by cooking for me you won’t prove to be a good husband..” Khushi said.

“I know it doesn’t prove.. but this small gesture if brings a smile to your face then it means that I’m good husband.. I’m that husband who does anything to bring a smile in his wife face..” he said and snatched the phone from her hand.

“Okay.. then let me help you..” Khushi said pouting.

“Khushi if you help him.. then what’s the need of this deal??” Arjun said who is keeping a watch on Arnav’s every move.

Khushi looked away, while Ruchi pouted.

Arnav: You go and I will handle everything here..

Khushi nodded, she cupped his face and tiptoed on her feet to reach his forehead, she dropped a kiss on his forehead lovingly.

“My DM is with you.. whatever you do.. success will follow you..” she said.

Arnav smiled warmly and nodded.

Khushi and Ruchi went to the living room.

Arjun was also going behind Khushi now.

“My wife is mine Arjun.. try to touch her once and you will see the worst of me..” Arnav said gritting his teeth.

Arjun glared at him and went from there.


Khushi sat on the breakfast table with Ruchi. Madhu smiled and placed jalebis on her plate, “Khushi this is for you..”

“My husband is cooking for me.. I should taste his food first..” Khushi replied pushing the plate aside.

“Khushi you’re doing wrong.. one day you will repent for treating me like this..” Madhu said.

“Ma you’re doing wrong.. you know Arnav is preparing the breakfast today and you purposely bought jalebis for me.. to make eat your food and reject his.. and then he loses and you won?? By cheating.. you won’t get anything ma.. you taught me.. you should follow it also..” Khushi said looking at her mother with a disgust feeling.


Arnav was having difficulties while making the perfect dough, he was trying it many times.

Anjali came secretly inside to help him, “Chote let me help you..”

“I don’t need your help and don’t call me Chote..” Arnav stare at her angrily.

“You will not be able to do this..” Anjali sighed.

“I will..” Arnav said stubbornly.

Anjali walked near him and twisted his ear, “I thought only I was stubborn and fool.. Now I realize that we both are really siblings..”

Arnav hissed in pain, “Ouch Di.. stop it..”

Anjali left him smiling with tears in her eyes, he called her Di!!!

Arnav gulped and looked away when he realized he called her Di, “I mean.. Anj..you know.. why do you want to help me if you’re against me??”

“I’m not against you..” Anjali said making the dough for him while engaging him in her conversations.

“It’s done.. now you have to make that round shape of paratha.. you used to make it with mumma remember na??” Anjali asked him.

Arnav nodded like a baby, “I know..”

Anjali smiled and caressed his cheeks, “I’ve to go now..” she said and went quickly from there without being caught by anyone.

Arnav stare at her going confused with her behavior but he continued his work.


After that, he went to serve his wife and the kids the paratha and tea, as he often sees her drinking tea.

Khushi tasted it excitedly to know if he did well or not, she widened her eyes surprised: It’s yummy..

Arnav smiled, he looked at Anjali and blinked his eyes thanking her. Anjali smiled to him.

Ruchi also tasted it, “Bhaiya it’s the best..”

Madhu, Arjun and Nisha clenched their fist and looked at each other angry.

“One point to Arnav.. and zero point to Madhu aunty..so sorry Madhu aunty.. you’re so cute but better luck next time..” NK announced. 


In a corner.. 

"I won.. don't I deserve a gift??" Arnav asked her trapping her on the wall. 

"Take what you want.." Khushi smiled blushing deeply. 

Arnav smirked, "You sure??" 

Khushi nodded looking down and he bend down to capture her lips. 

Thank you for the comments.. 

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