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Chapter 30 - The first rain together... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 113 times)


Khushi rubbed her eyes and sat on the floor, yawning.

She looked at his side, and didn't found his cute baby face sleeping.

She pouted, then looked at the sky: It seems you're still angry with me! And see na, when you're angry with me even the day becomes gloomy gloomy..

She stood up and hurriedly went to the bathroom to freshen up and then talk with Arnav.


Khushi went to the living room, and didn't saw any kids waiting for their breakfast.

"What happened to them? Ma where is everyone?" Khushi asked.

"They went with Arnav to jog.." Madhu said.

"Really? All of them?" Khushi smiled.

"Yeah! Even the girls went with him, as soon as they saw him going outside.." Madhu said with a surprised smile that even the girls accepted to do some exercises, which is good for their health.

Khushi heard the kids voices shouting in happiness.

"It seems that they have reached now. I will see them.." Khushi said smiling, she went running outside to the courtyard.

In the courtyard, Arnav reached all tired with the kids, Ruchi was on his arms.

"Bhaiya was I good? Do you think I can be an ath-.." Ruchi asked him, but forgot how to say athlete.

"Why not? You will be an athlete for sure!!" he smiled pinching her cheeks.

"Ath-le-te.." she repeated after him with a cheeky smile. 

Khushi reached in the courtyard and looked at the kids, whose attention was all in Arnav-Ruchi conversation.

"Bhaiya after breakfast.. Can we play hide and seek with you?" she asked him.

"Ruchi now Bhaiya is grown up na. He can't play such games.. They are meant for people of your age only.." Arnav said caressing her back.

"Sachiii? But Didi still plays with us.." Ruchi looked at him making a confused face.

"That is because your Didi only grew up in terms of height, she is still a kid in her mind and heart.." Arnav said teasing Khushi.

All the kids started laughing out loudly.

"Ohh really!" she looked at him putting her hands on her hips.

All the kids, especially Ruchi widened their eyes in shock seeing that she heard them laughing at her.

"Didiiii.." all said her name smilingly as if pacifying her and went running inside the NGO to escape from her.

Only Ruchi couldn't escape as she was in Arnav's arms still.

She hugged Arnav tightly hiding her face from Khushi.

"Are you scared of this Jerry Ruchi?" Arnav asked her.

Khushi walked near them, "Ruchi even you laughed at Didi?"

"Didi it was funny.." Ruchi face her with a sheepish smile.

Arnav left Ruchi on the floor, and she went running behind her friends.

"Are you still angry with me?" she asked him with a guilty tone.

"How can I be?" he tucked her hair behind her ear, and whispered near her ear "After that kiss!"

Khushi widened her eyes, Arnav chuckled staring at her face.

"You weren't.." she whispered still shocked.

Arnav nodded, "I wasn't sleeping Khushi, right from the pillow to the kiss scene.. I enjoyed every care from you!" 

Khushi mouth shape formed a big "O", she beat him on his chest smiling.

"How could you do this to me?? You're really a Laad governor.. Urghh.. You were awake.. I was making a fool out of myself.."

"It's ok to be what you're.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not fool Arnav.." she pouted "But I'm really sorry for slapping you without any fault of yours.."

"I already heard your sorry many times Khushi! Now do you want me to kiss you again to say it's ok?" he rolled his eyes.

"Nahin! No need to kiss me again.." she blushed and went running from him.

Arnav smiled.


Raizada mansion..

Mami served the breakfast for Mama, Akash and Anjali.

"It's so boring with you three here! I wish Khushi returns as soon as possible.." she pouted and sat on her chair.

"You seem to have become friendly with Khushi, Mami.. What did she do to you?" Anjali looked at Mami.

"She does what you don't! Why did you left me alone on that day on shopping? I didn't like it all Anjali"  Mami said angry.

"Where did Di go? Wasn't she with you that day?" Akash asked suspiciously.

"I don't know where she went. But she wanted to leave all the bags with me alone.. I'm getting old now and I have to carry all those things! No respect for elders nowadays.." Mami complained.

"Where did you go Di?" Akash turned to her.

"I went to meet my friends Akash.." Anjali faked a smile, trying hard to maintain a calm face.

Mama sighed, "Ok! No need to discuss on this matter now.. It's gone! Akash beta do you know when are Arnav and Khushi going to return?"

Akash nodded, "Bhai told me he is coming on Monday.."

"Means tomorrow.." Mami squealed in happiness.

"Are you excited for Khushi comeback so that she applies make up on you Manorama?" Mama teased her.

Akash, Mama and HP laughed after seeing her glare to Mama.

"You look beautiful today too Ma!" Akash smiled.

Anjali rolled her eyes.

"Really? Khushi choose this sari for me and Arnav beta bought for me.." Mami smiled proudly.


In the afternoon, Khushi was playing as much as she could with the kids, as a form to bid good bye to them.

All were happy and sad at the same time. They thought they would see their Didi after a long time then. And they would miss her so much.

Arnav reached in the living room, and found all the kids on the floor painting and sketching with Khushi.

He sat on the floor near Khushi, "What are you all doing?"

"Drawing competition- means the one who will make the best painting will be the winner.." Khushi smiled showing him her blank paper.

"Is it because the weather is not good today?" he asked.

"Hmm Mr.Smart, the kids can't play outside today.. And we have to keep them here inside.. " Khushi smiled.

She took one paper and pushed her paints, pencil, eraser, watercolors and paintbrushes to him.

"Join us!" she said.

Arnav nodded, "But if I join, do you think you stand a chance to win from a designer?"

"I know I will lose from you! But what to do? You will be boring here alone, so join us.." she pouted.

Arnav had a little smile hearing this from her, he took the paper from her hand and then a pencil.

He started his creative work. And Khushi was thinking what to draw.

"Show me what are you doing?" she peeked to see his drawing.

"Khushi concentrate on your blank paper.." Arnav said chewing his pencil with erasing something on his paper.

Khushi pouted, she snatched the pencil from his mouth, "Bad habit.."

Arnav frowned looking at her, "I know.. But it's my habit.."

Khushi handled him the pencil again, "Don't chew it okay! It's not good.."

Arnav nodded and took the pencil from her hand, then concentrated on his drawing again.

She also concentrated on her drawing. 

The kids were so excited to see who will win, they were spoiling their clothes with paints and watercolors.

Madhu shook her head smiling, she just wanted to scold them for doing so, but she knows Khushi would come to protect them by saying they are kids, let them enjoy that's why she just kept looking at them.

Arjun giggled staring at Khushi, who unknowingly put the paint on her cheeks.

Arnav stare at him giggling, then shifted his eyes from him to Khushi, he saw the paint on Khushi's cheek and realized why Arjun giggled.

Arnav wiped the paint on her face with his thumb softly.

Khushi looked at him, confused why is he caressing her cheeks now.

"You slapped me here (she pointed to her right cheek), not the left one.." she said innocently.

Arnav shook his head in disbelief, and showed her his thumb filled with the paint that was on her cheek.

"Ohh.. Thank you.." she smiled warmly at him and concentrated back on her painting.

Arnav smiled and returned to his work.

Arjun was just going to do what Arnav did to Khushi, he stopped on his way and went back to his place cursing Arnav under his breath.

After sometime..

"Arnav look at my painting.." Khushi smiled broadly showing her paper to him.

"It's beautiful.." he lied to make her happy, she drew a lake and kids playing near a tree.. Her drawing was like a kid does only!

"Aww thank you! Now that you, a designer appreciated my painting means I will win hain na?" she giggled.

Arnav: I still think mine would be the best..

Khushi raised her eyebrows: Really! Show me then..

Arnav: Khushi don't poke your nose in my drawing please.. You will see at the right time..

Khushi pouted: But I showed mine to you Laad governor..

Arnav smirked: Did I ask you to?

Khushi sighed in defeat: Fine! Actually do you know why I drew this lake? It's because this is my favorite place.. And it's near here only.. I will take you there tonight before we leave.. Is it okay with you?

Arnav nodded: Yeah. We can go.. I also want to know more about you..

She smiled and hide her painting to show it at the right time to everyone.

Arnav also ended his, and at the same time Madhu came showing them the clock.

"Time is up!" she said.

The kids excitedly hide their paintings.

Madhu smiled: Now we will start with you the youngest one.. Ruchi show us..

Ruchi showed to all her painting, she drew a man, a woman and a kid in between them.

Madhu smiled: Who are these three dear?

Ruchi: This is Arnav Bhaiya, then me and then Didi.

Madhu smile faded away, and Khushi and Arnav looked at Ruchi overwhelmed.

Arnav sent a flying kiss to Ruchi, and she smiled and went running to hug him tightly.

Arnav also hugged her, in such a short span of time he became so close to this little one, he would surely miss her when they go away tomorrow.

Khushi had tears in her eyes seeing the hugging each other.

Madhu: Let's continue.. Kushal it's your time now..

Ruchi went back to her place.

While the kids showed to Madhu their paintings, Arnav secretly changed his painting with Khushi's.

And then her time to show her painting came, she excitedly raised the paper to everyone.

"WOW Didi.." all looked at the painting gulping their saliva and with wide eyes. They were astonished by the painting, they had no words to describe it, it was more than beautiful..

"Khushi I didn't knew you are so good at drawing.." Arjun smiled praising her.

Khushi knew her painting wasn't such a big thing, she looked at everyone confused.

Then turned the paper to herself, she gasped shocked with the awesome painting on her hand.

"This is me!" she whispered in astonishment, when she saw herself on the paper. No one has ever did such an awesome drawing on her. She had no words to describe how much beautiful the painting was for her.  The beautiful and innocent smile of hers, was drawn so perfectly..

"I didn't knew you have such a talent Khushi.." Arnav winked at her.

Khushi stare at him and understood that it was his painting only!

Then Arnav and Arjun showed the others their paintings.

Madhu smiled staring at Khushi: There is no doubt who is the winner here..

The kids cheered for Khushi, and went running to give her a hug.

Khushi smiled and while the kids were busy showering their love to her, she was staring at him.

Rabba vee.. Rabbe vee..


It was 5pm now, but because of the weather, it looked like 8pm.

The kids didn't like such day, especially today that it's Sunday.

After taking a quick shower on the Madhu's orders because they were all dirty with paints and all, they came and sat on the living room.

Arnav also came after changing his clothes, in a white shirt and blue jeans. And he had to look handsome today, after all Khushi is going to take him out.

"Are you going somewhere Arnav?" Madhu asked him.

"Yes, I'm going out with Khushi.." Arnav replied.

"The weather is not so good!" she said in a warning tone.

"Ma but it's urgent.. Before we return home.. I have to show Arnav my favorite place.." Khushi stood behind them and replied to Madhu.

Arnav who was till now facing his back to her, turned to face her.

He was totally awed by her look today, "Gosh.." he gasped not believing she could look more beautiful than she is in Red sari!

"What happened? Am I not looking good? Ma I told you this sari of yours is old fashioned.." Khushi whined.

"You look.. I have no words to describe.. Even more perfect than that painting.." Arnav said with his gaze fixed on her.

Khushi blushed, she lowered her eyes smiling.

Madhu: Do appreciate her when you accept her as your wife!

Madhu went from there angry.

Arnav frowned looking at her going, he didn't like the way this woman behaves, still he respects her because she is related to Khushi.

Khushi looked at him angry, "Let's go.."


At the lake, Khushi and Arnav reached there. 

"Aren't you feeling cold?" he asked concerned for her.

"No! We will return in a while.." she smiled and asked him to sit on the grass.

"So this is your favorite place.." he stated glancing at Khushi.

"It's a small lake, but isn't it beautiful and calm?" Khushi smiled.

"Yeah it's beautiful.." he whispered staring at the lake side.

"I grew up on this place.. When I was a little mischievous kid, I used to secretly come here without informing Ma.. The neighbors used to look for me all the places and houses, but no one found me.. Then as usual when I returned Ma would give a tight hug first crying, then she would scold me the next whole day.. But I kept on doing that.. I just love this place, this calm ambience, this lake, this grass, the trees.. Just everything.." Khushi said to him.

Arnav was about to say something, she placed her fingers on his lips.

"Don't say anything.. Just feel it.." she whispered and closed his eyes with her palms.

"Isn't this stupid?" Arnav mumbled with closed eyes.

Khushi giggled and closed her eyes too, "No..it's not.. Workaholics like you don't understand it.."

A silence prevailed in between them, while the soft breeze touched their faces. They were enjoying this feeling. 

Arnav slowly opened his eyes, and stare at her face, she was way too innocent for this world, her face clearly shows him that, her unique smile is enough to make his heart beat once again. Is enough to wake the Arnav inside him! Her smile can do wonders to him.. 

Rabba vee... Rabba vee...

Khushi frowned, she touched her her face, feeling something strange.

Drops of water were touching her face, "Ohh nooo.. It's raining" she whined as she opened her eyes and looked at Arnav's side.

Only to find him staring at her lost somewhere.

Khushi patted his shoulder blushing, "Arnav it's raining. We should get going now.."

Arnav woke up from his dream land, he looked at the sky and rain drops fell on his face with more pressure this time.

Both stood up and held each other hands, running to a tree near them.

Khushi giggled, "It was fun na? Did you enjoy?" she asked him hugging herself and rubbing her arms with her hands, she started feeling cold now.

Arnav didn't respond to her, he was mesmerized by her beauty. Her wet hair, her wet sari were making him gulp and he couldn't control his feelings anymore even though he tried to.

Her wet sari clearly revealed to him her waist, making it more difficult to him to pay attention at any other things than her.

Khushi looked at him, he was looking at somewhere with attention. She looked down and realized that her sari was all wet due to the rain, and Arnav was staring shamelessly at her, making her uncomfortable with his different kind of gaze.

She looked back at him, and he was coming near her still with his eyes fixed on her.

She stepped backwards and Arnav move forward till her body rested on the tree behind her.

She leaned on the tree gulping, Arnav rested his hand on her waist, and rubbed his cheek against hers wiping the rain drops on her face.

Khushi's heart beat increased with his touch, Arnav never came so close to her like today, her body went numb now. She didn't knew how to react to his touches.

Arnav fingers caressed her waist, and Khushi closed her eyes feeling goose bumps now.

He tucked her hair behind her ear, and buried his face on her neck placing soft kisses to wipe the rain drops on her neck.

Khushi bit her lips, she looked away and her hands traveled to his arms, she clutched his arms to make him aware of what was he doing..

Arnav knelt down slowly and buried his face on her waist..

The thunderstorm sound made them both wake up from their love land.

Arnav slowly loosened his grip on Khushi, when he realized what he was doing with her.

Khushi pushed him away from her, she went from there running.

He called out her name worried and scared of what she would think of him. She would think he was taking advantage of her again.

"Dammit.." he kicked his feet on the tree.


Thank you so much for the comments! The next update will be Anjali's truth!

Aug 11

Chapter 31 - The truth! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 145 times)

Khushi reached in the terrace, she shut her eyes and covered her face with her palms blushing.

"Arnav also loves me.. Yes.. Yes.. Thank you DM.. His touch on me proves me that he also feels the same I feel for him na??" she twirled with open arms enjoying the rain drops on her.

Arnav came running behind her to the terrace.

"Khushi.. Khushi.." he reached there panting now.

Khushi composed herself and with a small smile on her face she turned to him.

"Are you okay??" he whispered coming near her.

Khushi nodded looking down playing with her fingers.

"Khushi I'm sorry.." Arnav said with a guilty tone.

Khushi looked at him not understanding why he said that.

"Look I didn't want to touch you! I'm really sorry.. I.. don't know what  happened with me..  I just lost my control..please don't think it in other way.. It was a mistake.." Arnav said trying to touch her shoulders with his arms.

Khushi stepped back hurt with his words, "It was a mistake?"

Arnav nodded: I didn't want to touch you.. You know I don't want to spoil our friendship.. But I don't know what happened with me.. Don't think I take you as one of my girlfriends.. I really respect our friendship..

Khushi blinked her eyes as tears threaten to come out, luckily it was raining and even if she cried he wouldn't realize.

"Are we only friends?" she asked him, deception was evident on her hazel eyes.

"Of course Khushi.. aren't we? You only said we are friends.. Let's keep it like that, I don't like to be your enemy now.." Arnav smiled.

Khushi nodded plastering a smile on her face, "Hmm.. we are friends.. just good friends.."

Arnav sighed in relief, "I thought you would feel bad.. I was so worried..but you're my good friend, you understood it.."

He smiled and pulled her into a tight hug, he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm sorry Khushi.. I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.." he said it repetitively in her embrace.

Khushi's arms touched his shoulders, she was crying silently.

Arnav broke the hug, and looked at her: Where will we sleep today? This rain spoiled our room!

Khushi faked a smile, it was too hard for her to smile, when she wanted to cry heavily now. She was controlling herself to not sob loudly for him to hear.

"Li-ving ro-om.." Khushi said in a broken voice.

Arnav nodded and walked to leave the terrace, Khushi followed him. 


Raizada mansion..

Early in the morning, Khushi and Arnav reached in the mansion.

And they were welcomed by all his family.

Mami smiled and started doing rounds with puja thali near their faces.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "God Mami we didn't came back from another planet for you to do this.."

Mami pouted and put tikka on his forehead, then on Khushi's.

"I know! But without you both this house didn't seem the same.. It was like no one was here, you both went far away.. That's why I decided to do a grand welcome for you both.." Mami smiled.

Khushi smiled and took blessings from Mami and Mama along with Arnav.

Akash smiled: Welcome Bhai and Bhabhi..

"I'm not your bhabhi Akash.. Your brother doesn't even consider me as his wife.." Khushi thought with moist eyes.

Payal smiled and hugged Khushi tightly, Khushi was surprised to see her in RM.

"You came back Payal?" Khushi asked.

"Still not! But I'm close to take her back home.." Akash walked near them smiling.

Payal blushed looking away. Khushi nodded: I'm sure you're close to!

Akash and Payal then hugged Arnav welcoming him.

Arnav smirked staring at his friends, Karan and Meera.

He walked in and hugged them both at the same time.

"Hi bro! After such a long time.." Karan wiped his fake tears.

"Shup Drama king.. You were with me all day in office.." Arnav slapped his shoulders.

Karan and Meera laughed.

Payal pinched Akash's shoulders, "Is Shyam coming here or not? It's time for him to enter in the scene.."

"Relax! He will come in at the right time.." Akash winked at he smirking.

Arnav then eyed to Anjali, she was present there but didn't seem happy that he came back. It pricked his heart.

He walked near her, Anjali faked a smile and was about to hug him when a loud laugh sound echoed around the living room.

Everyone's attention shifted to the door.

Akash whispered to Payal, "Now we will get to know the truth!"

Shyam entered in the mansion laughing like a crazy man with liquor bottle on his hand.

Anjali looked at him with big eyes, while Arnav frowned.

Khushi was shocked that a simple man like Shyam was drinking like this, and his state was horrible.

Payal looked at Akash, "I think we exaggerated on his clothes! He looks like a beggar.."

"He is a Devdas na Payal! It's just perfect.." Akash smirked and asked her to enjoy the scene without interruptions.

"What is he doing here? Like this?" Arnav looked at Anjali, anger clearly written on his face.

"Aree Arnav sir.. Why are asking her? .. Ask ME.. ask me please.. I'm the one who is suffering without my.. wif.." Shyam shouted crying.

Anjali quickly placed her fingers on his lips before he could utter "Wife".

"Shyam what are you doing? Keep quiet.." Anjali glared at him.

"Why are scolding me? You're..very..very..very..very.. bad Anjali.. Kyun?.. Do you know..how much it hurts?" Shyam pouted cupping her face.

Then suddenly he pushed her away, "Bad woman.." he cried.

Akash and Payal who knew Shyam was only acting, were having a hard time controlling their laugh.

Arnav clenched his fist when he saw Shyam pushed his sister in front of him.

He walked to Shyam and pulled him by his collars, "How dare you treat my sister like that in front of me? How dare you.."

"Your SISTER is my WIFE.." Shyam screamed on the top of his voice.

Khushi, Mama, Mami, Karan and Meera looked at Shyam shocked.

"What nonsense is this?" Arnav tightened his grip on Shyam, his eyes were burning in anger now, if looks could kill someone, then Shyam would be dead by now.

Anjali shut her eyes clenching her fist, "This is not true Chote.."

Akash walked near them, "Not true Di! Are you sure? You only said to me that Shyam is your husband.."

Akash dropped another bomb to the family, and Arnav loosened his grips slowly shocked.

His Di told Akash that she is married, so that means Shyam is telling the truth?

Shyam laughed: See I'm not lying.. Anju..my wife..my wife..Anju..

Anjali gulped, she cursed herself for forgetting that Akash knows the truth.

Arnav slapped Shyam, "Just SHUT UP.. My Di would never do this.. Di would never get married without my consent.. Di can't do this.."

Akash frowned: But bhaiii..

Arnav gritted his teeth glaring at Akash: Didn't you hear what Di said Akash? She isn't married to him.. And on top of that you expect me to believe him, a drunk man! What wrong with you guys? Why are you all so shocked? He must be kidding...

Arnav walked till Anjali, he cupped her face: You know I love you right? I love you more than my life.. I will believe in your words only, not Shyam..  Prove them wrong.. You didn't get married to Shyam right?.. Tell me.. Akash is lying right?.. Tell your brother Di.. You aren't married to him.. He is drunk, that's why he is saying all this..

Akash: Di enough.. Don't lie to Bhai.. Tell him the truth.. What did Shyam do to you? Tell him..

Anjali cried: Chote I'm married to him not because I want to.. He forced me..

Shyam looked away smiling sarcastically, Anjali showed him her true face today. But he would prove her wrong today, no matter what happens. He would prove his innocence in all this.

"What? You're MARRIED to him? He forced you.." Arnav mumbled.

"Haan Chote.. Shyam forced me to this marriage.. We both married each other one day because we were drunk, then I asked him for divorce but he denied.. He wanted this marriage Chote.. But I don't love him.. I don't want.." Anjali started crying badly and hugged Arnav tightly hiding her face on his chest.

Arnav stood frozen on his place, his sister was forced in this marriage, and she didn't even told him anything.

"Lies.. Lies.. Lies.. How much will you lie to your brother Anjali?" Shyam came in front of them, without acting of being drunk.

Anjali looked at him shocked: You're not drunk?

Shyam shook his head in disbelief: No.. I'm in my senses but you're not! How can you lie to your brother like this? That too in front of me taking advantage that I was drunk to make your words true? You're disgusting woman.. I don't know why I fell in love with you.. Thank God Akash and Payal told me to do this act, otherwise I would never see you real face..

Arnav clenched his fist prepared to give a punch to Shyam for talking like this to his sister, when he was the one who forced her in this marriage.

Shyam looked at him and showed him his palms to stop.

"Wait Arnav.. Let me prove my point to you then you will decide what you want to do.." Shyam said serious.

While Mama, Mami, Khushi, Karan and Meera were only shocked silent spectators in all this.

Anjali wiped her sweat scared now, there was no way to escape now. Shyam would prove her wrong for sure.

Shyam: First point is that your sister wanted to get married, not me! Second is that I don't drink alcohol, so there is no way we married like she is telling you all. And third is, do you really think I could force Anjali Singh Raizada, daughter of Raj Singh Raizada and ASR's sister to accept this marriage? Like really! I can't even touch her hand without her permission Arnav, how would I force her to accept this marriage?

Anjali bit her lips looking down.

Shyam smiled: I think you won't believe in me.. I need to prove it to you..

Shyam took his phone from his pocket and searched for his pictures with Anjali.

"Oh God.. Now I'm dead for sure.." Anjali sobbed thinking about Arnav's reaction when he gets to know that she lied to him.

Shyam handled his phone to Arnav, "These are the pictures of our marriage.. Looking at these pictures do we look drunk?.. And there is more.. You can see that Anjali doesn't seem so sad for someone who has been forced in a marriage!!" he said sarcastically staring at Anjali.

Anjali hid behind Arnav to not face Shyam's glare on her.

Arnav looked at the pictures, the phone slipped from his hand and a lone tear from his eyes.

He looked back at Anjali, "Why Di??"

"Chote woh.." tears started flowing from her eyes while trying to explain her brother.

Arnav didn't let her complete the sentence, he gave a tight slap on her face.

Khushi gasped, and clutched Mami's arms scared of Arnav. She knew he would react like this, and she was scared of what he would do to Anjali today.

Mami cried and wrapped her arms around Khushi, and looked at Mama like go-and-do-something.

Mama nodded, and walked near Arnav and Anjali.

"Arnav beta don't you think we need to sit and talk well?? You're just scaring Anjali bitiya like this.." Mama said.

Arnav's eyes turned darker, he just didn't know whether to show his sister how angry, hurt or upset he was with her act.

"Mama this is between me and my sister.. Don't interfere.." he said in a dangerous tone, scaring Anjali more.

"Go and pack your bags.. Leave with your husband NOW.." he roared.

Anjali caressed her cheek crying, "Chote.. You're asking me to leave my house.. Mama.. Mami say something to him.. He can't do this to me.."

She ran to hug Mami crying heavily..

Mami was till now hugging Khushi, took Anjali in her embrace.

"You shouldn't lie to your brother.." Mami whispered caressing Anjali's hair.

"Mrs.JHA didn't you hear what I said? OUT from here.." Arnav barked.

Payal looked at Akash, "What's happening Akash? Anjali still didn't reveal the truth and Arnav ji is ousting her from here.."

Akash blinked his eyes, "Have patience.. Is there something she is hiding then we will get to know now because I'm sure Di doesn't want to leave all these luxurious life she has here to stay with Shyam.."

"There is no need to cry here.. When you married him you were all smiley, why are you crying today?.. There is no space for liars in my life.. Just pack your bags and leave from here.." Arnav shouted taking  Anjali from Mami's arms.

"Didn't you hear what I said?" Arnav gritted his teeth.

"I won't go with Shyam.." Anjali cried.

"Then go where you want because here you won't stay.." Arnav pulled her by her arms harshly.

"I won't.. This is my house.. I won't go with Shyam.. I don't love him.. I don't consider this marriage true.." Anjali shouted.

"What?????" everyone mumbled shocked.

Akash and Payal looked at each other smirking.

"You married him with your consent ANJALI.. What is this now? You don't consider this marriage true.." Arnav screamed not understanding his sister now.

Shyam looked eagerly to know what's the reason she married him.

Khushi hugged Mami again, scared of Arnav's shouts. This ASR side she never saw even on his office.

Mami caressed her hair, still trying to digest all this happening in front of her. She never thought she would see Arnav shouting like this to his sister. But then she clearly understands that he is hurt, he is like her father. And that would be an angry father reacting when he gets to know that his daughter married secretly like this.

"I just used Shyam.." she spilled out the truth.

Arnav frowned, "Explain it.."

"I don't love Shyam.. I love another man.. Yuvraj.. We were dating for one month and his family loved me a lot.. They wanted to get us married and were even ready to talk with you also, his mother called the priest to talk about our marriage and if everything is alright if we both unite. But the priest said whoever marry me first would die.. His mother became worried, but Yuvraj didn't want to marry anyone else than me, we both love each other a lot..  Then the priest came up with this idea.. I would marry someone for six months and then he would lose his life, then I could without any problem get married to Yuvraj. He said this was the only solution we had.. That's why I never told you all anything about it, because it wasn't a marriage for me, Shyam was only a person who would clear the way for me and Yuvraj. Nothing else, I never was nor will be in love with a poor person like him.. I hate people like him and would always hate.. They are dumb, and he proved it to me by accepting to get married to me and believing in my acting.. Though I had to wait for a long time to gain your trust" Anjali said the truth.

Arnav slapped her not once but twice now.

Now everyone present on the living room gasped in shocked, even Payal and Akash. They just didn't expect this from Anjali.

Arnav pulled her with arms on her shoulders, he shook her: Have you gone mad? You.. I just can't..believe this.. You used an innocent man and you're not even repenting for it.. What's wrong with you?..

Arnav looked at Mama crying, he walked to Mama.

"Talk with her Mama.. Explain her what she did isn't a child's play.. My sister can't do this.. Who is she? She isn't MY DI hain na Mama? She is someone else.. My sister can't play with someone's life like that.. Mama make her understand.. Why are you standing Mama? Talk with HER.. Mama explain her life is not like this.. Why aren't you doing anything?"

Mama stood still crying, he was too shocked to react or to say anything to Anjali. Maybe he and Mami failed to give a good upbringing to Anjali after her parents died.

Mami cried covering her mouth with her palms, she couldn't believe Anjali used a man to turn things in her favor. And she cried even more when she saw Arnav's devastated state after such a long time, after his parents death.. He was so helpless and she could feel that in his voice, his eyes speak everything.

Anjali was standing with tears on her eyes, but not for Shyam or what she did. Only because Arnav would throw her out of her house. She had to do something to save herself, her mind chanted that.

Shyam knelt down on the floor, while tears left his eyes staring at the woman he most loves in this world just played with him, she wished DEATH for him and he prays everyday to DM for her long life.

Akash and Payal walked to him, Akash patted his shoulder: You have to be strong.. It's okay.. Don't cry Shyam.. It's not your fault..

Payal nodded: Shyam ji please don't break down like this.. She should shed tears not you.. Please..

Khushi walked to Arnav, she caressed his shoulders trying to calm him down.

"Khushi.. Did you hear what my sister said?.. She used Shyam..she hide such a big truth of her life from ME, her brother.. when our parents died we promised no matter what we would always be there for each other..wouldn't lie to each other.. Then what made her do this to ME? To Shyam?.. She isn't my sister right? My sister isn't such a villain.. My sister is a replica of my mother.. Mumma never did wrong to anyone..then how can Di do such thing?" he cried hugging Khushi tightly.

Khushi sobbed caressing his back, "Calm down Arnav.. I know it's difficult to accept this.. I.. Don't cry.. Please control yourself.. Don't cry.."

She didn't know what to say to him, she was herself dumbfounded now with Anjali's attitude. She didn't know how to console Arnav.

Arnav wiped his tears, he broke the hug with Khushi and turned to Anjali angrily.

"Just get out from here.. YOU'RE GOOD AS DEAD FOR ME NOW.." Arnav said with his sharp eyes at his sister.

"Who are you to throw me out from here?" Anjali glared at him.

Khushi looked at her angry, "Anjali don't cross your limits now.. Admit it you're wrong!"

"Who are you? You're nothing to me Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.." Anjali walked near him with a smirk on her face.

Khushi gulped, she knew where is this leading now.

"Anjali shut up.." Khushi said coming in front of her Arnav.

"Who am I to you? Is that even a question Di?" Arnav frowned.

"Don't call me DI.. Because you're NOT my brother.." Anjali shouted on top of her voice.

Mama and Mami looked at each other, they walked near Arnav, Anjali and Khushi.

Mami: Anjali bitiya please keep quiet.. Don't forget your promise to your mother..

Khushi also glared at Anjali, "Keep your mouth shut if you don't know a way to save yourself.."

Arnav looked at Mami suspiciously, "Which promise?"

"The promise to.." Anjali smiled, Khushi placed her palms on Anjali's mouth crying.

"Please Anjali.. Don't do this.. Don't break his heart.." Khushi whispered to her.

Anjali shoved Khushi's hand from her, "So you also know the truth?"

Arnav walked to Anjali and held her by her arms taking her out of the house, "Enough of your talks.."

"You can't oust me from here Arnav.. Because you're no one here.. You're NOT my brother.. You're just an orphan whose parents left you with MY parents.." Anjali pushed him away and slapped the truth out on his face.

Arnav stare at her trying to register what she said.

"Anjaliiii.." Khushi shouted crying.

"You're not my brother Arnav.. You don't have any right to oust me from my mansion and my parents's company.. You're a NO ONE .. You're not a Raizada.. So stop showing your right over everyone here.. Because you don't have a Raizada blood.. You don't belong to us.. From childhood till today you just snatched my rights from me.. First you snatched my parents from me, their love and attention went all to you, then my family, then my house, my office.. Papa and Nani would leave AR for me, not for you.. I HATE YOU ARNAV.. I really hate you.. I wish I could slapped this truth on your face.. You're so proud of being ASR na! Let me tell you this name isn't for you.. Now I ask you who are you to throw me out of here? Ahn answer me.. Who are you to question me? I just tolerate you because I promise Mumma I would never tell you that you're an orphan.. But today I couldn't control it.." Anjali said.

She left Arnav, who stood numb without any reaction.

She turned to go back to her room, Khushi came in front of her and pushed her gently back.

"OUT.." Khushi shouted with sharp eyes.

"What?" Anjali whispered in disbelief.

"I said OUT Miss Anjali.. Maybe your forgot that Arnav, neither you are the owner of this mansion.. This property is in my name. And I will keep the person I want to.. So just get out from MY mansion NOW.." Khushi said angrily.

Anjali looked at Khushi shocked.

"Will you leave by yourself or shall I call the guards to kick you out from here?" Khushi crossed her arms.

Anjali looked at everyone, "Won't you all say anything to her? Mama? Mami? Akash?"

"Just go away from here.. You have no shame on your face.." Akash said clenching his fist.

Mama and Mami looked away ashamed of her.

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Aug 12

Chapter 32 - His Jerry! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 138 times)

While Anjali left Raizada mansion angry with Khushi.

Arnav walked silently to his room.

Everyone looked at him going to his room, his face had no expression at all, it was blank.

Mami cried, "It's all Anjali's fault.. Ratna made all of us promise that Arnav shouldn't get to know that he is an orphan. He is a Raizada to all of us.. But Anjali couldn't handle to keep it a secret.. After so many years she had to reveal it to him.. See na Manohar.. Ratna will be so angry with us.. Today her Arnav is hurt.."

Manohar nodded with tears on his eyes, "Anjali shouldn't have done that. Not only Didi (Ratna), but Ma (Nani) also never wanted anyone to know about this.."

Akash: I never thought things would turn out like this..

"I will get going now.. Thanks for everything Akash and Payal.. You both showed me the right path today.." Shyam said wiping his tears away.

Akash patted his shoulders, "Listen don't be sad for those who don't deserve. And I'm really sorry for what Di did to you.. I know there is no forgiveness for this.." 

Shyam went from there.

Khushi went running behind Arnav, she opened the door of his room slowly.

Arnav was on his bed silent, the room was also like his state dark and silent.

Khushi sat beside him.

She stare at his face crying, she couldn't see the love of her life in this state. Now it pricks her heart and it was one of the worst feelings ever in her life. If she didn't love him like before, maybe it would be easy to just say "Move on.. Everything will be alright" to him, but NOW it's different, if he is broken, then she is equal to dead.

"Arnav.. look at me.." she whispered to him.

Arnav didn't move a bit, he was just staring at the floor, or maybe not even that, he was lost..

Khushi cupped his face trying to move him to face her.

That's when he react, "Don't.. Don't touch me.." Arnav shoved her hands away from him, still looking at the floor, he refused to move from his position.

"You knew it Khushi.. Even you! I trust you and you betrayed me.. You lied to me.. My Jerry lied to me.." Arnav broke down crying.

Khushi nodded sideways, "I didn't.. I didn't want to break your heart.."

"Break my heart? How do think I'm now?" he finally looked at her side.

"If even I told you, would you believe in a strange girl like me? Tell me Arnav.. Would you believe in my words? Would you believe in a girl who just stayed weeks with you?" she asked staring into his eyes.

"YES.. I would believe in YOU.. Because I trust you dammit.. You're not a strange girl to me, you're MY WIFE.. Understood???" he shouted with anger clear on his tone.

Khushi looked at him astonished.

Arnav fell on her lap crying, he clutched her salwar, "Why Khushi? Why did you lie to me? I would trust you.."

"I'm sorry Arnav.. But I was just keeping a promise I made to Nani, and Nani made to your Mumma.. She never wanted you to know about this.. Because for her, you were her real son.. She loved you more than she loved her own daughter.. You were an angel who came to her life.. That's why.." Khushi ruffled his hair.

"But why? You all knew it.. I lived a lie all these years.. I'm not Arnav Singh Raizada then.. I don't deserve all this.. I don't even know who I am.. I feel so bad now.. I snatched Di's rights from childhood na.. That's why Di never treated me well when we were kids.. I would never imagine it could be something like this.. But when we grow up, Nani..gave me the responsibility of AR.. I was a fool only.. I couldn't see her sad face when they gave me something that was hers, not mine.. It's nothing mine.. This family, this house, AR.. Nothing belongs to me.. I don't even know who I'm.. " Arnav cried more.

Khushi nodded sideways, "You both share the same right Arnav.. You didn't snatch anything from her.. You only got what you deserved.. Arnav please stop thinking that you're not her son.. You're her life.. She loved you the most.. And she would be feeling terrible now where she is, hearing that you asked such stupid question, "Who am I?" You're her son, this family's Chote and AR's owner.. So what if you don't share a blood relation with your Mumma? At least what you both share proved to be more than a blood relation.. It was such a beautiful bond between you both, why are you spoiling it because of people like Anjali? Do you think Mumma is happy when you question her relationship with you? Do you think she is happy in heaven by hearing her son ask who am I after all the love and care she showed to you?"

Arnav nodded sideways like a baby.

Khushi wiped his tears with her palms.

"Let me tell you how your Mumma found you and how it was DM's wish that you both share a son and mother relationship.." she tried to smile for him.

Arnav nodded looking at her eagerly to know where they found him.


Ratna was on the hospital bed crying, she lost her child. She was cursing herself for not being able to save her second child.

Raj came to her and hugged her tightly, "Ratna please don't cry.. It's DM's wish.. What can we do?"

" Why my son Raj? Why not me? DM could have taken me with her, I would happily go to her, but why my little son? What was his mistake? Why did I lose him Raj? Why? .. It's all these doctors fault.. They killed my baby Raj.. I had so many dreams for my little boy.. Why didn't they save my son? Why did my son die after stepping in this world Raj? Was it my fault? Did I do something wrong? I took care of myself na? I did all that doctors said to me then? Why?" Ratna clutched his shirt crying.

"Don't blame anyone Ratna.. It was destiny.. We will have another baby Ratna.. Please stop crying.. I can't see you like this.." Raj caressed her back. 

"I'm sorry Raj.. You must be angry with me because I couldn't save your son.. You had dreams that he would be the next owner of AR.. He would be just like his father in business world.. No one would beat him, hain na? I broke your dreams Raj.."

"No.. This dream will be fulfilled by our princess Anjali na.. I'm not angry with you Ratna.. I love you.. Please don't say such things.." he kissed her forehead.

A knock disturbed their emotional conversation.

"Excuse me.." a pregnant lady stood on the door.

Ratna and Raj looked at her. Raj immediately went to help her, he made her sit on Ratna's bed, while Ratna moved aside letting the woman rest.

"It's okay! I'm fine.." she smiled.

"What fine? You shouldn't walk in such situations.. If you need anything then call the nurses.. Wait.. They didn't attend you well?.. I will talk with them.." Ratna scolded her and then turned to scold the doctors for not taking care of the lady.

"No! Please listen to me.. I want to talk with you only.." the lady said smiling.

"Me?" Ratna asked confused.

"Yes.. First my name is Ananya. Actually I'm a widower and my little one father died on a car accident.. I had to struggle alone to take care and reach till here to give birth to my baby.. But there is a problem.." Ananya looked at Ratna and Raj with a worried face.

"What problem?" Ratna caressed her hair.

"Share with us! What's the problem? We would do everything to help you.." Raj said consoling the lady.

"Like my little one father, I will leave this world soon.. Doctors said there is a complication on my pregnancy. And one of both us would live, so I decided to go on and let my little one live.. But I didn't knew that his father would die and my baby would stay alone after my death.. I would keep him with our family in London, but I know that we are not so connected with each other and they would not give any attention to my boy.. That's why.. actually .. " Ananya looked at both scared.

"You want to give us your baby?" Ratna asked surprised.

Ananya nodded, "How do you know? Yes, I want to give my baby to you both.. The way I saw you both loved so much your unborn child and I'm really sorry he couldn't survive.. I really feel bad.. That's why I want to give you both my baby.. I know better than you both, no one would take care of him.. So can you both do this big favor on me?.. I will be very grateful to you both.. Please accept it.."

Ratna nodded smiling, "Of course we would be happy helping you. And DM gave us our happiness back to us.. See na we lost our baby, but DM blessed us with another baby.. DM returned happiness in my life Raj.." Ratna hugged him smiling. 

Raj nodded and hugged her back. Ananya smiled staring at both.

"Just one request.." Ananya said.

"Yes tell us.. And don't request please.. The baby is yours.." Ratna smiled. 

"We are thankful to you for giving us such a happiness in our life.. After losing our child, we thought we would never be happy again.. But because of you we are so happy today.." Raj joined his hands to the lady.

"No please! Don't say such things.. I'm thankful to you both for accepting my baby without any problems. I just want you both to name him Arnav.. Please it's a small request.." Ananya said with tears on her eyes. 

Ratna nodded, "Arnav.. We will keep it as his name.. Don't worry.. I will give him lot of love and will care for him all day.. He is an angel that came in my life.. I will thank DM everyday for giving me Arnav in my life.. I will treat him as my real son.. We will share an unique bond.."

Flashback ends.

"So when your mother gave you birth, she lost her life but you gained your Mumma and a family who loves you a lot Arnav.." Khushi ended telling him his truth, his story.

Arnav blinked his eyes, staring at Khushi.

"Now tell me if you can choose who is your real mother?" Khushi asked him.

"Both are my real mothers.." Arnav whispered as he understood Khushi's point of view now. It was wrong for him to say now that Ratna is not his mother, or he didn't deserve her love, because she always loved him like her own son. Both of his mothers always did what they did for his happiness only.

"See.. Now you will not say you're not a Raizada.. Or you snatched everything from Anjali, right?" Khushi asked him like his Mumma used to ask when she ended her explanation to him.

"I won't say such thing now.. I'm Arnav Singh Raizada.." Arnav said and turned his face to her waist, he hugged her waist tightly like a baby and closed his eyes.

Khushi caressed the back of his hair smiling, she wiped the tears running down on her cheek.


After Arnav fell asleep, Khushi made him lay properly on the bed and closed the door so that no one disturbs his sleep.

Khushi descended the stairs and found everyone in the living room with worried and crying faces.

"Khushi bitiya did you talk with him?" Mami shot the question as soon as she saw Khushi on the stairs.

Khushi nodded and walked to them.

"Bhai is okay na??" Akash asked concerned.

"He is resting now.. I talked with him about his past.." Khushi said.

"What did you told him? He must be broken now.." Mami cried.

"No Mami.. I made him understand that even Ratna ji, as well as Ananya ji are his real mothers.. He shouldn't say that Ratna ji isn't his mother, because she loved him like her real son and would be hurt if he question her relationship with him, that's why she hide such a big truth from him, she never wanted him to think he was an orphan.. Because for her, he never was.." Khushi said touching Mami's arms.

"Sachi? Did he understood what you explained to him?" Mama asked.

Khushi nodded smiling, "After all he is ASR.."

Everyone smiled relieved now.

Karan: No one should get a sister like Anjali really..

Meera nodded: What he did for her and see how she returned to him!

Mami: I will prepare something for him to eat.. He must be weak na..

Mami wiping her tears went to the kitchen.

Khushi looked at everyone with sad faces, today surely wasn't a good day for them. What she expected and what happened! Everyone had a big smile on their faces while welcoming them, and now only because of Anjali the smiled is far away from their faces.

"We can't be sad like this. If we behave like this, then imagine how will Arnav be? He will be more hurt if he see you all like this..he will concentrate on his office all day and will isolate himself from his family,  this family will go back to what it was again.. Please don't let this happen.. We must be strong.." Khushi looked at everyone.

Akash nodded, he wiped his face with his palms, breathing in: We should be strong for Bhai. This truth can't shatter our family.. Nor we will let ANJALI spoil our happy family.. Guys we were changing na.. See Khushi managed to change Me, Ma, Payal and Bhai. We were about to start living as a happy family again, but she spoiled our happy moments.. But we can't let this happen..

Khushi smiled: Haan Akash.. This is the moment we should stay and support each other.. We can't let Arnav alone now..

Payal: Yes, nothing will change now.. We already changed for good.. And we can't let Anjali spoil everyone's hard work here..

Mama, Meera and Karan agreed.

Karan: So in simple words, we are supposed to do everything to make Arnav happy hain na? And not like leave him alone, and concentrate on our life only otherwise we will be like we were when Arnav lost his parents..

Khushi giggled and nodded, "Yes, you will be a naughty friend to Arnav, Meera will be his mad friend, Akash his supportive brother, Payal his well wisher, Mama will be his business partner at home, Mami will be his third mother, and I will be.. " Khushi stopped when it came to her part, she smiled faintly at everyone.

"YOU will be HIS JERRY.." everyone said at the same time.

Khushi nodded whispering, "Yes.. I will always be here when he needs me.."


Anjali was standing on the road thinking what to do.

"How dare she throw me out of my parents house? Just wait and watch what I will do to you.. But now what will happen to me? I will never be able to marry Yuvraj then.. Shyam also left me and we didn't even complete six months yet.. Couldn't this secret come out after six months? I would go and marry Yuvraj and live happily with him.. What will I do now?" she cried walking helplessly on the road now.

She decided to call Yuvraj now.

"Yuvraj.." she sobbed when he attended the call.

"Yes princess, what happened? Are you crying?" came a soft reply.

"Yuvraj they threw me out of my mansion.. Can you believe it?.. They got to know why I married Shyam.." she said.

"What? How? First tell me where are you? Are you okay?" he asked concerned.

"I'm outside RM on the roads.. Can you come here? I need you.." she cried clutching her sari with her hands.

"Haan, don't worry I'm coming to you Princess.." Yuvraj said before hang up the call.


Shyam reached his house devastated, he went silently to his room. 

His mother noticed him going to his room and she wondered why did he return so early today.

"Beta is everything okay? Why did you return so early from the shop?" she shouted to make him hear.

Shyam glanced at her, "I asked Chotu to take care of the shop.."

"Haan haan.. But what happened to you? Why did you ask Chotu?" his mother came to him and touched his forehead to check if he is sick or not.

"I'm fine Ma.. Please leave me alone for a while.." Shyam stepped back and was about to enter on his room.

"Did you fight with our bahu?" she smiled.

"Stop it Ma.. She is no one to me.. She isn't your Bahu.." Shyam shouted and the tears he was controlling till now, finally came out. 

"What are you saying Beta? Are you very angry with her or what? Beta didn't she told you to have patience.. She will tell her villain brother about you both..trust me.." his mother looked at him worried.

"Villain brother!! She is the real villain Ma, not his brother.. She is a woman who doesn't deserve the respect from us.. She is a disgusting woman.. She played with my feelings Ma.. Anjali isn't the sweet and good girl you think she is.. Ma she loves someone else.. She just married me because the first person who would marry her was destined to die. It was all her plan Ma, since I'm poor so she used me,  I would die and no one would create a scene for that, then she would marry a man of her dreams.. She never loved me Ma.. She just used a fool like me to get what she wants.. Anjali is right Ma.. I'm a fool.. I'm really a fool who let people play with my feelings.." he said in his mother embrace crying.

"Ma.. Ma.." Shyam broke the hug and looked at his mother unconscious.

"Maaaaa.. What happened? .. Open your eyes Maa.. Talk with me.." Shyam cried patting her cheeks.

The neighbors hearing his shout came inside his house.

"Shyam what happened to your mother?" they asked worried.

"She fainted.. I.. I have to take her to hospital.." Shyam mumbled and lifted his mother, one of the neighbor who had a car near, helped them reach the hospital nearby.


Arshi's room:

Mami reached the room with a tray, she wanted to feed him as it was lunch time.

He had already woke up, but didn't made any sound or reached downstairs to talk with them.

He was just leaned on the headboard of his bed on his place. 

"Arnav bitwa.." she smiled and walked to sit beside him.

"Look today I cooked for you.. You have to taste this food and tell me if you like it or not?" Mami said.

Arnav nodded sideways, "I don't want.." 

Mami: Why bitwa? Try it at least.. 

She tried to feed him placing the food near his lips.

Arnav looked away, "No.." 

Mami left the food back on the plate upset.

Khushi watched this through the door, she wiped her tears and entered in the room.

Arnav glanced at her, Khushi sat on the bed with him and took the tray to her lap.

"You have to eat Arnav.. I also don't like to see this loser with Devdas uniform..ASR is better than this one.. ASR's body language is enough to fear someone.. His dark eyes uff can make any girl surrender to him.." she said again bringing the food near his lips.

"Even you?" he asked accepting her feed him now. 

"I already surrender myself to you Arnav.. You're the one who don't believe in Love still.." she thought with a sad smile on her lips.

"Am I a boy that you're asking me like this?" she looked at him with big eyes.  

Arnav smiled faintly, while Mami chuckled.

After feeding him, Khushi wanted to keep the plate back in the kitchen.

Arnav held her hand stopping her from leaving the room.

"I will come back.." she whispered blinking her eyes.

Arnav still didn't left her hand, instead he held more possessively this time.

Mami understood he wanted to stay with Khushi.

She smiled: Khushi bitiya give this tray to me. I will keep it back in the kitchen.. You stay here with Arnav bitwa..

Khushi nodded and handled to tray to Mami, she sat back with him.

Mami went from there and closed the door.

Downstairs, everyone eagerly came to her to know if Arnav ate or not.

"What happened Ma? Did bhai eat?" Akash asked.

"Yes he ate! But not from my hand..he only accepted Khushi to feed him.." Mami smiled.


Yuvraj's mansion..

"Anjali but why did you let Arnav know about this?" Yuvraj's mother asked.

"I had no other option Ma! Arnav would kick me out from my mansion and I would have to stay at that yuck Shyam's house.. I wouldn't tolerate all this.." Anjali said.

"Success requires sacrifices Anjali. You should have accepted that. Arnav would make you leave RM, you would stay with Shyam, after six months he would die and your brother would forgive you by seeing your devastated state after losing your husband and then I would enter in the scene as someone who could fill the absence of your husband Shyam. Arnav to see your happiness again, wouldn't think twice to make you marry me.. And that's it Anjali.. Our plan could still be a success.." Yuvraj face palmed.

"I didn't think of all this.." Anjali frowned.

"Yeah you didn't because you don't think with calm mind.." Yuvraj said.

"Are you taunting me?" she asked angry.

"No Princess.. I'm just upset that you lost such a big opportunity.. But it's okay.. We can still think of something.." Yuvraj hugged her caressing her back, then he looked at his mother winking with a evil smirk.

"We will not think of anything Yuvraj.. Everything is over now.." Anjali broke the hug.

"Over?" he looked at her confused.

"What will I do now Yuvraj? No one supports me in that mansion.. And they would never take me back after what I did.. I broke Mumma's promise.. I told Arnav that he isn't my parents real son.. And he told me I mean nothing to him now.. I'm good as dead for him now.. There is no way back for me Yuvraj.. Also Khushi kicked me out from there.. So.. It's over.." Anjali cried.

"Wait.. Just repeat what you said.. Arnav told you what??" Yuvraj said shocked.

"He said I'm good as dead for him now.." Anjali repeated for him.

"Means you mean nothing to Arnav now.. I mean you're not his Di, his life, his everything anymore?" Yuvraj blinked his eyes.

"Haan Yuvraj why are you talking like this now?" Anjali looked at him confused.

Yuvraj's mother: And who is this Khushi? Who is she to throw you out from your mansion?

"Nani transferred all the property to Khushi's name.." Anjali said.

Yuvraj and his mother gulped shocked.

"What? And you're telling me this now?" Yuvraj screamed.

"Haan toh? What happened to you?" Anjali looked at him more confused than before.

"I would have convinced Khushi to marry me by now, not waste my time on a poor like you.. " Yuvraj rolled his eyes.

"WHAT? What are you saying Yuvraj? Have you realized what you just said to me now?" Anjali stood up crying.


Arshi's room:

"Do you know who Yuvraj is?" Arnav asked to Khushi.

Khushi nodded sideways, "No, who is he?" 

"He is one of my business rival.. And it's too obvious he just used Anjali to destroy me.. He only wanted to marry her so that he gets my power in fashion world.. He knew if I handle my sister to him then I would have to do everything as per as his wishes.. It's too obvious Khushi.. Only Anjali doesn't use her mind to see this.." Arnav said looking at poolside view to hide his tears coming out again.

Khushi cupped his face, "It's okay Arnav! You can cry in front of me.."

Arnav shut his eyes tightly, "I don't want to cry.."

Khushi didn't know if she would smile at his cuteness or cry for his pain.

"Cry Arnav.. Cry your heart out.. No one will say anything to you.." Khushi whispered to him.

"No.. I won't shed tears for that woman.." he hugged Khushi crying.

It wasn't so easy to forget everything his sister did to him and to Shyam. Maybe she doesn't even realize how much she hurt him, maybe she doesn't care!

"I wish this was just a bad dream Khushi.. I wish I woke up from this dream and see my sister, my Di smiling at me, calling me Chote, giving me my meds on time.. Scolding me for being all the time work.. I wish.. How I wish.. You know when I was a kid I loved her a lot, I kept doing crazy things just to gain her attention but she distanced herself from me, now it's also the same thing what happened.. But this time I will distance myself from her.." Arnav mumbled, his eyes turned red.

"I know even I wish that Arnav.. But we can't change what happened, the truth is Anjali turned out to be a selfish woman who just used a man to her selfish motives and also hated her brother because everyone used to give attention and not her.. She is wrong.. And I know that the path she choose is wrong, but I want her to walk on this path and realize by herself what precious person she lost in her life with her selfishness.. Even if she suffers now, it would be good for her to learn a lesson.." Khushi said caressing Arnav's back.

Arnav tightened his grip on Khushi, he wanted to say something to her but then he just buried his face on her hair crying.

"I'm just letting you cry today only because you're still in shock.. But tomorrow I want my ASR back okay.." she whispered in his ear.

"Okay.." he mumbled.


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Aug 14

Chapter 33 - Hum aapke hain kaun? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 139 times)

Arnav hugged his pillow and leaned on the headboard of his bed, staring weirdly at the popcorn bowl in front of him.

Khushi was beside him smiling: What happened? Believe me, you will enjoy Arnav.. Nothing is better than watching a movie and eating popcorns.

"I'm not in mood to do this Khushi.." he kept the bowl on her lap.

"Ok! I'm going to watch it with everyone downstairs.." Khushi pouted and pulled the blanket away.

Arnav pulled her back, she gasped.

"Ohh DM.. Arnaaaav.. See what you did.." she looked at him with big threatening eyes, as her popcorns fell from the bowl and laid on the blanket, when she lost her balance.

"Why are you going? Stay here.." he sounded more like a baby complaining to his mother.

"Now let me clean this.." she pointed to his blanket filled with popcorn.

Arnav threw the popcorn on her face.

Khushi mouth shape formed a big "O".

She threw it back on his face, and they kept teasing each other by doing this, till they leaned on the headboard to rest for a while laughing.

Khushi stare at him laughing his heart out.

A smile appeared on her face, her heart was much satisfied seeing him like that.

Arnav smiled reduced when he noticed she was staring at him.

"Only you could make laugh at one of the worst days of my life.." he said patting her cheeks.

"I'm happiness after all!" she said with a cheeky smile.

Arnav: Which movie are we going to watch then?

Khushi grinned: Sal-

"Not Salman! What do you want to watch Tubelight again?" Arnav frowned.

"Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.." she said with a pout.

"We are already married! No need to watch.." he rolled his eyes.

"Dabbang!?" she asked.

"I already have you in that role.." he smirked.

"Tere naam (Your name)??" she furrowed her brows cutely to him.

"My name, Arnav.." he shrugged his shoulders.

"Bodyguard??" she clutched her pillow now.

"I'm already surrounded by bodyguards everyday.. Why should I watch one, when I know their work?" he said.

"No entry.. It's comedy.." she said turning red in anger for his excuses to not watch the movies she choose.

"You already entered in my life without permission!" he smirked.

"Wanted?" she asked glaring at him.

"Did I commit a crime?" he asked enjoying her red face, she couldn't scold him, as she knows he is sad today, that's why the great Khushi Gupta is controlling herself today.

"Maine Pyaar Kiya (I loved)" she asked.

"Maine nahin kiya (I didn't..)" he said.

"Hum aapke hain kaun? (Who am I to you?)" she asked to him with a different tone now, as if asking him to reply to her.

Arnav stare at her, now she caught him!

"Let's watch this one to know it.." he said placing his pillow on his back.

Khushi played the movie on TV, and after cleaning the blanket, she sat with him to watch.

While watching the movie, Khushi was explaining Arnav each scene to keep him entertained with the movie and so that he didn't distract himself and start thinking about Anjali.

"Am I a foreigner that you're explaining me such simple scenes like that?" he glared at her.

"I thought so.. Since you like to watch news channels that shows what's happening around the other countries!" she teased him.

"If you keep explaining to me each scene, you will fall asleep without know the answer of your question, "Hum aapke hain kaun?" he looked at her side.

Khushi: I didn't asked to the movie. But to you, which you clearly ignored my question..

Arnav: Doesn't the mangalsutra on your neck and sindoor on your maang, tell you who are you to me?

Khushi: Woah do they tell me? I didn't knew they had mouth to speak..

Arnav: We are missing the movie now. Then I will lose my interest on watching it..

Khushi pouted and looked back at the screen.

And after the first half of movie, she started blinking her eyes feeling sleepy. She hugged her pillow and slowly sleep took over her.

Arnav shook his head in disbelief, and covered her properly.

As time passed by, the movie came to an end, Arnav switched off the TV when the question Hum Aapke Hain Koun!? appears and then the answer Hum Aapke Hain! (I am yours!).

He stare at Khushi sleeping like an innocent angel.

"Don't blame me for not getting the answer later.." he mumbled.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

He went downstairs and filled his empty glass with water. Then went back to his room and slept on his side, while Khushi occupied the other side of the bed, for the First time!


In the morning, Nisha came back from Mauritius.

She was with Mami and Mama, who told her everything that Anjali did to Shyam and Arnav.

"I just can't believe Anjali turned out to be like this.." Nisha said with tears in her eyes.

"We also bitiya! But what can we do?" Mami shrugged her shoulders.

"How is Arnav now?" Nisha asked.

"He is still in his room, we are eagerly waiting to see how is he today.." Mama said.

"You must be tired na, go and rest Nisha now.." Mama caressed her hair.

"No, it's okay Mama. I will wait for Arnav. He needs everyone support now.." Nisha said with a half-smile.


Arshi's room:

"Khushi.. Khushi..wake up.." Arnav shook her body.

"Five minutes more.." Khushi buried her face on her pillow.

"What the.. Wake up now, I need to go to office.." Arnav frowned adjusting his tie.

"Go then! Why do you need me??" Khushi left her pillow, and looked at him.

"My coffee?" he rolled his eyes.

"Aww Laad Governor.. You need me to make coffee for you.." Khushi looked at him with big eyes.

Arnav nodded and brushed his hair with his fingers.

"I won't wake up now at any cost!" Khushi said and hugged her pillow to sleep, that's when she realized she was in his bed! She slept with him for the first time in the same bed!!

"Khushi wake up na.." Arnav shook her again.

Khushi opened her eyes, "Why didn't you take me to my recliner?"

"What the.. You fell asleep here, what would I do?" Arnav said.

"Take me to my bed (recliner)" she replied.

"Ok, next time.. Now go and take a shower.." he said eying to the bathroom.

"Nahin.." Khushi pouted.

"Khushiiii.. I need you to be there with me. You know I will step out of this room to move on.. But I don't know if I will be able to do it.. Everyone's gaze on me, will keep reminding me of that woman.. I'm scared to fall weak.. I need you to be with me, by my side.. I know like yesterday night, you will make me laugh again, you will motivate me to not take a step back, but one forward.." he said, a little embarrassed or shy that he was saying the truth to her.

Khushi stare at him, she pulled him into a tight hug.

"You will do it Arnav.. You're more strong than anyone here in this family.." she said.

"Still I want you with me.." he hugged her back.

Khushi nodded, "I will freshen up and come.."


Shyam's house:

Shyam fell asleep while taking care of his mother.

She didn't get sleep all night, thinking about her child. Only she knows how much Shyam loved Anjali, he sold his old car to buy an expensive sari for her as a gift for their marriage. And she doubts that Anjali will ever value what he did for her.

She really curses that woman now, who spoiled the life of her son. Once she used to pray for her all day. She really loved Anjali like her daughter, not only her, her husband and Shyam's sister already made her a part of their family. Little did they know, that all that was her drama, she never accepted them.

Shyam slowly opened his eyes, and looked at his mother, staring at him with moist eyes.

"Don't cry Ma. Let's forget it.." he whispered trying to smile.

"I, your father and your sister can forget it.. But will you be able to forget her?" she asked.

"I..I will.. Why not? I will move on in my life.. I will work in my shop.. Invest my time in doing things that will benefit me later.. And one important thing, I will never trust anyone so easily.." Shyam said.

His mother nodded, and caressed his cheek, "This is more like my son.."

He smiled and hugged her tightly, she also smiled while tears left her eyes.


Yuvraj's mansion:

"After this breakfast I'm giving to you, you can leave right?" Yuvraj asked to Anjali.

"How can you be this cruel to me?" Anjali cried.

"What will I do with you? You know I can't stay in the same place with a poor person.. I just can't Anjali.. Weren't you who used to say this?" he smirked.

"Haan even I believe in the same.. But I'm not poor.. RM and AR are mine only.." she said.

"In which Disney land do you live in? You're not any princess now.. Everything belongs to that Khushi.. Anjali accept that you have NOTHING.." his mother said rolling her eyes.

"I will find a way to take everything back.." Anjali said with a smile to convince them.

"Seriously! Till now I'm being polite with you Anjali, I let you stay a night in my mansion and today you're having breakfast too. Will pay for this? No right? So just LEAVE from here.. Get out Anjali.." Yuvraj said clenching his fist.

"But Yuvraj.." she cried.

The guards came to take her forcefully.

Anjali pushed them away, "I know how to go by myself.."

"Really.. Then go na.." his mother rolled her eyes.

Anjali gulped seeing the person who used to love her so much, today are treating her like this.

"But let me tell you one thing Yuvraj, Khushi is married to Arnav.. So you will never get a chance with her.." she said smirking, then left from there.

Yuvraj choked on the food he was eating, and looked at his mother shocked.


Arnav and Khushi came out of the room.

Downstairs everyone were engrossed in their daily routines.

Arnav looked at Khushi, "Everyone is behaving same.."

"They already moved on na! You shouldn't think much.." she said and both went downstairs.

A new face for Khushi came directly to hug Arnav.

Arnav hugged her surprised, "Nisha tum.."

"Yes me!" she said giggling.

"How are you? When did you came back?" he asked.

"Just now only.. I'm fine and you?" Nisha asked.

"I'm fine too.." he said and everyone smiled at his reply.

"Come to have breakfast now.. I'm very hungry.." Mami said caressing her tummy.

Khushi giggled and everyone moved towards the table.

Khushi went to make coffee for Arnav.

Akash: Bhai we should finalized the outfits for the show with Mr.Khanna. He already choose some who fit the models, but he wants you to take the final decision.

Arnav nodded, "I will go through it.."

Khushi came back after minutes, with his coffee.

Arnav took it from her hand, with a small smile as if thanking her.

Khushi sat beside him, she picked her jalebi from the plate.

And enjoyed it with her tea.

Arnav looked at her amused, munching her jalebis as if nothing is more delicious than that.

Nisha: Now that I'm back. Our group is together right Arniee? We will have so much fun now..

Meera smiled, "Yeah.. I didn't even realized that.. And now we aren't four, but five.."

"Five??" Nisha gave a confused smile.

"Yes, five with Khushi.. Arnav's wife.." Meera said.

"Ohh yeah! We have so much to talk Khushi. You have to know with what kind of trouble you got in.." Nisha giggled and high five with Meera.

"She knows very well how to handle the trouble!" Arnav said glaring at both making fun of him.

Khushi smiled staring at the three, Arnav has true friends, that's so good.




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Aug 16

Chapter 33 - It will hurt to leave you... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 125 times)

"I'm going Khushi.." he said standing behind Khushi washing the plates and cups in the basin.

She turned to him, "Ok! Bye.. Good work.."

Arnav nodded and went from there.  She sent a flying kiss to his disappearing figure.

"My laddo.." she smiled and continued her work.

Meera and Nisha came to the kitchen to help Khushi.

"Khushi.. we both are here to help you.." Meera said.

"Ohh thanks. But you both just have to chat with me, I will do the rest.." Khushi smiled.

"Aww how can you say this? We both will help you prepare the lunch for today.." Nisha said with a fake-angry face.

"Ok ok!" Khushi raised her hands giggling.

"So what will we do? Arnav's favorite?" Nisha asked.

"Yes! Let's make his favorite dishes.." Khushi said nodding her head in positive.

Mami came in and decided to stay with the three ladies.



It was lunch time, and Arnav was busy deciding the final outfits for his show with Mr.Khanna, with Akash.

"Bhai what do you think of this one?" Akash pointed to it.

"No.. I actually designed that, but didn't like it that much.." Arnav said rubbing his chin.

"But it's beautiful Bhai!" Akash said showing him the dress.

"Yeah it is. But it does not fit perfectly to our current model.. That's why I didn't like it much.." Arnav said.

"Bhai did you saw them with the dresses? Bhabhi will kill you for that.." Akash widened his eyes.

"Why would she? It's my work.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders confused.

"Yeah I know! But Payal doesn't like if look at other girls, then Khushi bhabhi is no less right?" Akash asked.

"No Akash.. She isn't like that .." he shook her head.

Akash smiled, "Bhaiiiii every girl is like that.."

"But you know that I don't have such feelings for Khushi and neither she.. So no chance to feel it like that.." Arnav said concentrating on the outfits.

Akash nodded sadly.


Raizada Mansion..

Arnav reached in his mansion with Akash and Karan with him.

The three headed inside, and found the ladies excitedly arranging the table for lunch.

Arnav's eyes searched for his wife, when he spotted her, a small smile played on his lips.

Just by looking at her, he feels everything is fine!

Khushi was busy talking with Meera and Nisha.

"You see people run behind me, I don't go behind anyone.. You don't believe me na.. Let me prove it to you.. when you get married, how do you feel? Khushi (happiness) right? Then when you buy a new car? Khushi also right? When you have a new phone? Khushi nahin? When you're with your family! Khushi right? And this goes on.. People pray for me to DM.. Please DM give me Khushi all my life, no one prays for Ghaam (sadness) instead, when they have Ghaam with them, they pray to Ghaam go away and Khushi comes in their life.." Khushi said in her usual chirpy way.

Nisha and Meera laughed.

Arnav stood behind her, close to her they bodies were almost about to collide with each other.

"Look at my luck! I don't have to run behind you, because you're here with me.." he said with his killer smirk.

Khushi blushed when she realized he was standing behind her.

She stare at him, "You came back.."

Arnav nodded. Meera and Nisha looked at them with teasing smiles.

Khushi: Go and wash your hands, I will serve lunch for you..

Arnav left his bag on the sofa, and went to the bathroom.

He opened the tap and sighed staring at nothing in particular.

It was a difficult task for him to wake up and behave like nothing happened yesterday. To have breakfast without his sister, to sit in his car without her beside him, to work in the office without seeing her there, to come back to have lunch without her.. And his family were pretending like nothing happened too, to make him feel better, he knows it! But it was so strange.. He was sure he would be able to forget this and act strong, because his Khushi was with him. Till she is with him, he knows he will do it..

He splashed water on his face scolding himself for thinking about Anjali again.

Walking out of the bathroom, he sat on the bed.

"How was your day?" he heard her voice.

"It was good.. But even better now that I saw you.." he winked at her.

"Cheesy line!" she giggled and sat on the bed with him.

"Speaking the truth, I still remember of her.. I don't know, but I can behave like nothing happened.. But when I'm alone.. It's like impossible to not think about it.. But I'm really trying Khushi.." Arnav said genuinely.

"It's okay.. It's normal, as you got to know Anjali's truth yesterday only.. But I'm sure after some weeks, you will completely forget about it.. My strong laddo.." she said pinching his cheeks.

"What the.. Strong laddo are you serious Khushi?" he chuckled.

"Didn't you like this name?" she pouted.

"You know I didn't.. But it's ok, since it's you I will let you call me that, Dracula, Laad governor, Egoistic, Mr.Stone, Arrogant, Rude, Tom.. Call me anything you want.." he said.

Khushi giggled sheepishly, "I will call you names according to the situation.."

"Let's have lunch now.." he said and stood up, Khushi followed him.

Reaching downstairs, Nisha served for everyone.

"Arniiee fast.. You food will be cold then.." she said and sat on her chair.

Arnav frowned: Why did you serve for me? It was for Khushi to serve me Nisha..

Mama: What's the problem Arnav? She served for everyone..

Arnav sat on the chair, making a cute sad face, "When Khushi serves it, the food becomes more tasty for me.."

"What????" everyone laughed and Khushi smiled amused with him.

Arnav bit his lips embarrassed for his sudden outburst.

Nisha: Okay baba.. Next time, I will keep it in my mind..

Khushi sat on her chair joining everyone for the lunch.

It was a happy and enjoyable lunch for the family.

Akash, Mama, Karan and Arnav were making fun of the ladies, by giving negative comments of their dishes.

And Khushi, Mami, Nisha and Meera were replying to them, saying if they want they could eat in some restaurant then.

Khushi was really happy to see that the family united to make Arnav feel better and each one changed for good except Anjali.


Three weeks later..


Walking in the corridor of the first floor of AR, Arnav dialed Khushi's number and stood in a corner waiting for her to reply.

"Khushi.. Where are you? Why are you taking so much time to pick up my calls?" he frowned.

"I was in NGO, and now I'm at Mandir.." Khushi replied.

"Hmm.. How are the kids? Aunty and Arjun?" Arnav asked.

"Kids are fine now in their new home, they are just so excited Arnav.. They like each and every place of the NGO, thanks a lot for that.. And Ma and Arjun are fine also.. And yes, Ruchi said she is missing you a lot.." Khushi said.

"I also miss her and the kids a lot.." Arnav said with a smile on his face.

"Ma and Arjun?" she smirked.

"You know I don't.. Anyways I called you to inform, today Mr.Khanna invited us to a party where he will announce the date of our fashion show to everyone.. So be ready, I will pick you at 8pm ok?" Arnav said resting his hand on his pocket.

"No! Arnav you know I don't like such places.. I'm not comfortable.. You go with your friends.." Khushi said standing outside the Mandir.

"I want you, not them.. I promise what happened in that birthday party will not happen again Khushi.. I will be with you. No one will touch you without your permission.. I promise.. Trust me.." he said with his intense husky voice making it difficult for her to refuse.

"Ok-ay.." she said while her heart was going dhak-dhak with his words.

"Listen.. You're in Mandir na? Then remember me in your prayers.." he smirked.

"Dji.. Bye.. I will hang up now.." Khushi said.


Khushi entered in the Mandir, and rang the bell on the entrance.

She went near DM idol, and joined her hands with closed eyes.

"First of all thank you DM.. Thank you so much.. I finally managed to change Arnav's family except Anjali.. Please say to Nani to not be angry with me.. Because I don't feel a woman like Anjali deserves forgiveness for what she did.. And if Arnav doesn't want to accept her back, I will support him also.. Mami's attention now is more to her family and the kitchen works as you wanted Nani instead of parties and make up and all, and Mama is happy with his wife, Akash gives more attention to his wife Payal, and she finally forgive him for his mistake, let me tell you Payal is more strong woman now, she doesn't let anyone take advantage of her.. And Arnav.. You were right about him.. You purposely told me all his bad habits and told me to find by myself his good ones.. Indeed he is a devil outside, but inside a naughty cute prince.. You really need to live with him to understand what he does and why!! And I understood him Nani.. I used to wonder why do you love him so much, why do you love an arrogant and rude grandson! But now I know this feeling, because I too fell in love with Mr.Arrogant.. I'm madly in love with him Nani.. I can't think of anything else other than him.. I wake up everyday thinking that he has to go to office and I need to make his coffee.. While cooking also Nani.. I keep thinking about him, what he does for me and our cute fights, and my afternoon is spent by waiting for him to come soon from office, Nani my eyes shine in happiness when I hear his car sound coming inside RM.. And without talking with him, now I can't sleep.. Are you seeing that DM and Nani? The man I used to hate more than anything on this world, now it's completely opposite.. And now that I don't want this feeling, it came to me.. Why DM? Why did you make me fall in love with him? He will never reciprocate my love for him.. And it will hurt me so much to leave him, while he will for sure party now that he will get his freedom again. Nani now I fulfilled your wishes, your family changed, and Anjali right now must be paying for her mistakes. Now it's time for me to go, I hope your soul rests in peace now.. I have the divorce papers ready now, just need his signature.. And then I will go far away from him.. " Khushi prayed while tears slipped from her eyes.

Aug 17

Chapter 35 - Shyam save Anjali! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 116 times)

Khushi walked to go from Mandir, she descended the stairs.

And found him leaned on his car, staring at his wrist watch.

Khushi walked near him, hiding the divorce papers in her purse.

"Arnav.. You? What are you doing here?" she asked him with a slight frown on her face.

"I came to pick you.." Arnav said opening the door of the car for her.

Khushi got in the car, and Arnav took his seat.

"I was waiting for you since long Khushi!! Why do you torture DM with you long list wishes?" Arnav teased her.

Khushi didn't replied to him, she looked at the glass window side of the car, while he was driving.

She was thinking how to tell him about the divorce matter, she knows she will miss him a lot. And she is making sure she cherish these last days with him before telling him about their separation.

"Khushi is everything ok? Are you thinking about the party? You don't have to worry about that Khushi.. I will be with you all the time.." Arnav glanced at a lost Khushi.

"All the time?" she asked him again.

"Yes.. All the time.." he nodded.


At 6pm Anjali walked on the silent and isolated roads, lost deeply in her thoughts.

"What will I do now? I have to pay the rent of the house I'm staying in, but now I don't have any money with him.. How could I waste my money without even thinking of the consequences!? And what friends I have.. They showed their real face when I need them the most.. Helped me waste my money with parties, shopping, holidays and trips.. And now that I don't have any money, they turned their backs on me.. No one even accepts me in their company.. What they say? I'm not talented enough!! Like seriously, I didn't had such good marks in college exams, but they could give me any work.. After I'm a Raizada! Now what will you do Anjali? One month is about to end, and I don't have a single penny to pay that woman.. She will throw me out of her house.. And I will be left on the roads to beg.. Nooo.. This can't happen with me.." Anjali cried while walking on the roads.

"Hi pretty woman.." a man on his bike teased her.

Anjali ignored him and went on walking more fast this time.

The man left his bike, and held her hand: Why are you ignoring you lover, pretty woman?

Anjali shoved his hand, getting scared now, she was alone in this dark and isolated road with this man.

"Don't touch me.." she frowned and walked to go.

The man pulled her behind by her arms, "I just touched you now baby.. Who will stop me?"

Anjali slapped him, "I will stop you.. Don't you dare touch me again.."

The man groaned in anger, no girl dared to slap him like that.

He pushed Anjali, and she fell on the road, getting hurt on her elbow.

"Ouch.. ahh.." Anjali cried in pain.

The man smirked, and came near her.

Anjali touched her wound, and looked at the man coming to her, his intentions weren't good and she felt that.

"Help mee... Is anyone hereeee? .. Help meee.." she looked around trying to spot someone on the place to help her.

"No one will come here darling.. No one.. Means no one will interrupt our romance.." he said with a dreamy look.

Anjali gulped scared, she tried to get up, but failed miserably because her knee also was hurt, it was bleeding now.

"No..please don't do this.." she nodded sideways to the man crying.

The man laughed and sat near her, grabbing her hand, he tried to kiss her.

Anjali tried to push him, beating him with her hands, but he didn't gave up and cupped her face now to kiss her on her lips.

She stare at the  wood stick behind him laying on the road, to protect her dignity, she quickly grabbed the stick and beat him on his back.

The man screamed in pain, and left her to touch his back.

Anjali got up with difficulty and started running from there.

The man glared at her, then ran behind her, using abusive language to her.

Anjali cried when she turned back and saw him still coming to her. She was hell scared of what will happen to her, and who will help her. No one was there, and this man didn't left her at any cost.

She suddenly hit with something, and was about to fall again on the road, but two strong arms catch on her time.

She sighed in relief, and looked up to plead help from the person.

"This man is following me.. Please help me.. He wanted to force on me..please do something..please help me.." she said sobbing.

When her eyes landed on the man still holding her by her arms. She looked shocked.

"Sh-yam.." she whispered his name.

Shyam without staring at her, arranged her sari's pallu and made her stand behind him.

He looked at the man with eyes burning in anger, taking fast steps. Shyam reached to the man, and punched him hard on that man's face, then clutched the man's shirt collar.

"How dare you force a woman? Aren't you ashamed to be a man? Who gave the right to touch her? Ahn.. I will kill you.." Shyam yelled at him.

"Heyy who are you? Police officer? Why are you getting so hyper? Is she is your sister? No right? Why are you wasting your time on her? Leave this woman for me bhaii.. Then if you want.."  the man said.

Shyam slapped him on his face, and didn't let him complete his sentence.

Anjali flinched in disgust with his words.

"She is my wife!" he gritted his teeth.

Shyam clenched his fist and hit on the man's face hard.

So hard, that he was bleeding on the corner of his lips, and his cheek swollen.

The man became scared of Shyam, he tried to run away, but Shyam pulled him back and started beating him more.

Anjali clutched her sari scared, "Shyam..don't fight with him.." she cried.

He heard her voice, and left the man on the road.

Then turned to her, "Don't think I'm your friend, I just did my duty to save a woman's dignity.. And yeah, do remember when you did the same thing to another woman Khushi, that day no one was for her, still she saved herself alone.. But today, I was here for you.. See after so many sins you did, God is great.. He still send me to help you.."

Anjali looked at him with tears in her eyes, "Thank you Shyam.."

Shyam looked away, and started going.

Anjali looked at him going.

He looked back, "Do you need special invitation to come? Let's go, I will drop you to your home.. Or you need phone to call Yuvraj? Call him and ask him to pick you!"

Anjali took baby steps to him, "I will go with you.."

"Call him! Here is my phone.. Or you can't bear to stay and touch a poor man like me?" he asked to her sarcastically.

Now it pricked her heart hearing him say that. Yuvraj and her friends kicked her out of their lives, and she kicked him out, HE.. The man who never left her in any situation.. HE.. The man who always knew how to handle her.. HE.. The man who always took his time for her, when she needed him.. HE.. The man who would never leave her hand..

"I'm not with Yuvraj.." it was more like an embarrassed whisper from Anjali.

Shyam looked at her shocked, still he mentally decided not to interfere in her life. After helping her reach home, he would go to his life and not think about her and her life. She knows better what she does.

Shyam went forward, and Anjali followed him wiping her tears away.

"You will never forgive me for doing wrong to you Shyam.. I know it.. It was my bad luck, that I lost such a man like you and went behind that loser who only wanted power, status and money from me.. I wish I never married you and spoil your life like that.. You never did any wrong to me.." she thought staring at him walking while checking his phone.


Arnav checked his phone, and messaged the three ladies to come out of RM.

No one responded to his message.

"Unbelievable" Arnav whispered.

"Did you really messaged Meera? She is always with her phone.." Karan whined.

"Karan shut up.. First I send a message to Khushi, then Meera, and last Nisha.. No one replied to me.. What can I do? They must be busy with make up and all.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

While inside the mansion, in Arshi room, Khushi sat on the bed wearing her earrings.

"Let me keep this divorce matter for three days later.. Because it will be Holi and I want to at least enjoy our first Holi after marriage with you Arnav.. On that day, I will tell you about our divorce and finally free you from this marriage.. And I will go back with our memories.." she thought staring at nothing in particular.

Nisha and Meera came to her room.

"Khushi..let's go.." Nisha said waking Khushi from her dream land!

Khushi nodded plastering a smile on her face, and then went away from her room with Nisha and Meera.

The three walked out of RM.

Karan sighed in relief, when he saw them coming.

"There they are.." he patted Arnav's shoulder.

Arnav whose attention was on his phone, shifted his eyes from his dear phone and stare at his wife coming towards his car.

The moment his eyes met with her, it stayed glued to her! He was speechless with her beauty again, and she really managed to make him open his mouth awed by her!

Karan went to the back seat purposely to let Khushi sit with Arnav.

"You three are looking gorgeous" Karan complimented the girls, and opened the door for Meera and Nisha.

Arnav quickly composed himself and went fast to open the door for Khushi, not letting any chance for Karan to do his duty.

Karan pouted at his possessive friend, who didn't let him open the door for his bhabhi!!


"This is where I live.." Anjali quickly said pointing to a house.

Shyam was surprised, but he composed himself and nodded.

"I'm not even interested to know.. Bye.." he said sternly and started walking to his home.

"Shyam.. " she called him.

Shyam sighed and turned to her, "What?"

"Thank you for saving my life.." she blinked her eyes.

Shyam didn't say anything and left from there.

Anjali walked inside the house, thinking about him and how he saved her life today.


Reaching at the hall of the party, Arnav wrapped his arms around Khushi protecting her from the media. He led her inside and behind both, came Karan with Meera and Nisha.

"Khushi are you really ok? You're behaving strangely today.." he asked with a worried tone.

Khushi nodded: I'm fine. What would happen to me?

Arnav: I don't know.. But I feel you're not like my Jerry today..

Khushi: It's your imagination only.. I'm like I am everyday.. Nothing changed in me..

Arnav nodded: If you say so! Come let me introduce you to Mr.Khanna and others..

He held Khushi's hand, taking her to his business partners.

"Why do you want to introduce them your wife when you don't consider her one?" Khushi asked him plainly.

Arnav stopped walking, he slowly turned his head to her.

"Still it doesn't change that you're MY WIFE.." he replied stressing the last two words to her.

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Aug 17

Chapter 36 - Arnav's stubborness! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 121 times)

Khushi let him guide her to his business partners. After a quick introduction, they went to sit on a table reserved for Arnav and his family.

"Pink suits you.." he whispered to Khushi with a smirk on his face.

Khushi looked at herself, with a pink anarkali..

"Thank you.." she replied to him.

"I thought you would say 'Not only pink, every color suits me'" Arnav glanced at her, confused with her behavior.

"Arnav don't start.." Khushi frowned, and looked away avoiding conversation with him.

"See you're really strange today.." Arnav pointed with his finger to her side.

Khushi shifted her attention to the dance floor, not caring to reply him.

What would she say? She is praying for some magic to happen to him, and he confesses his love to her and she would drop the idea of divorcing him! How can she say to him that she wants him to love her the way she loves him! How can she  say to him that she doesn't want to separate from him, but still she doesn't want a life like this. She doesn't want to stay as Mrs.Raizada, when this name means nothing to him!

Karan took Meera to the dance floor.

While Nisha, Arnav and Khushi stayed back.

Nisha: Khushi if you don't mind. Can I take Arnav to dance with me?

Khushi nodded with a smile: Sure, I don't mind it at all.

Nisha looked at Arnav: Shall we?

Arnav nodded sideways: No Nisha! Maybe later..

Nisha pouted: Why not? Please, it's such a soft music.. I really want to dance like them!

Arnav sighed and stood up, "Let's go then.."

Nisha clapped excitedly and went with Arnav to the dance floor.

While one of the guests, came to Khushi.

"Can I have the pleasure of dancing with the most beautiful woman on this party?" he put his hand in front of her.

Khushi looked at him, "No.. Thanks"

"Why? Do I look like a goon to you? Scared of me?" he pouted.

"No!" Khushi giggled "I..actually.. I don't know how to dance this.. And I don't trust strangers.."

"Ohh.. Mom.." he looked at an elder lady with her husband.

The elder lady smiled, and came to him, "What happened Rehan?"

"Look she is my mom, and my name is Rehan.. If I even try to tease you, she is here to twist my ear!" Rehan giggled.

His mother nodded: But what do you want with her?

"Dance mom!" Rehan said.

"Ok! Dance with him dear.. I will make sure he doesn't tease you.." his mother said.

Khushi smiled, "Okay!"

Rehan smiled and took Khushi to the dance floor.

"Thanks! By the way, what's your name?" Rehan asked while he raised his hand to rest on her waist, and Khushi also to touch his shoulders.

But, at the right time, Arnav came there burning in jealousy just at the thought that someone would touch Khushi like he does.

"Dance with me!" he said huskily.

"But.." Rehan intervened.

Arnav glared at him, "She is my wife Mr. Whoever you're.."

Khushi stare at Rehan with an embarrassed smile, "Sorry.. Maybe some other day.."

Rehan nodded and went from there.

Arnav wrapped his arms around Khushi's waist, "You will never dance with him.."

Khushi raised her hands for support on his both shoulders.

She looked at his feet to try and  follow his steps.

Arnav raised her chin gently, "I don't mind if you step on my foot Khushi.."

"But people will see I don't know!" Khushi pouted making a sad face.

"Just look into my eyes and forget everyone.." he whispered to her.

She looked at him, and let him guide her body to the tunes of the soft music.

He twirled her holding her finger, and Khushi felt like a princess! 

"Why do you have problem if Rehan danced with me?" she asked him.

"Because I don't like to see you with another man other than me.." he said tightening his grip on her.

"Why? Why don't you like?" she felt herself going more close to him, still controlling herself to not get lost in him, she asked him.

"Khushi I said I don't like means I don't like.." he said irritated.

"Give a name to this relationship Arnav.. What rights you have on me to forbid me from going to another man? Answer me.. Why can't you see me with other men? Today or tomorrow I will marry someone else.. Because you don't consider me as your wife.." Khushi said angry.

"I said na we are friends Khushi! I don't consider you as my wife, but you're Mrs.Raizada right?" Arnav looked away.

Khushi shook her head, "If this is your final decision Arnav, then it's okay.. I won't force you to love me.. On Holi, I will make you sign our divorce papers.." she thought.

"Am I a burden for you then?" she asked with moist eyes.

"Khushi what kind of questions are these?" Arnav looked at her.

Khushi kept quiet then, and looked at other couples dancing.

"You're not a burden for me.." he tucked her hair behind her ear gently.


Three days passed by in RM, and the ladies were tired of working for the festival. They were busy taking care of decorations and food for the guests.

It was an habit now to Raizada Family to make a grand celebration in Holi, because Ratna always loved to celebrate this day in a grand way, and now even after her death, Mami and Mama took the responsibility to make this day special and unforgettable all the years.

Early in the morning, Arnav was pacing around his pool side talking with Aman about his scheduled that needed to be changed as he won't be in office today, in fact no one will!

He wore a black jeans, and white shirt, not to forget his gelled hair with beard shaved just like Khushi likes.

Khushi hide the colors in fist, and tip toed to the pool side to put colors on him.

It was selfish on her part, but she wanted to put colors on him first and it had to be before the puja, otherwise Mami or someone else would apply to him.

She walked to him like an excited kid about to do some mischief.

Arnav felt her presence, he smiled and walked to a table near, taking some colors on his fist, "Good that you come here Khushi before Puja.." he thought.

Arnav immediately turned to her and applied the red color on her cheeks "Happy Holi Jerry.."

Khushi jaws dropped, the colors on her fist fell from her hand to her dress only as she was also about to throw it on him, but he turned at the same time and made her threw the colors to her side.

Arnav raised his eyes shocked, "Khushi you too?"

Khushi nodded pouting, "You spoiled my plan.."

"I wanted to apply it first on you.. That's why I applied in such hurry.. I didn't saw you were to about.." he explained and shoved with his hands the colors on her dress.

"It will not get off now! It's dirty my dress only because of you.." Khushi looked down at him trying to clean her dress.

"It's Holi na.. It will be more dirty. This is just the start.." he said cleaning his hand.

"Happy Holiii.." she said glaring at him.

Arnav smirked, and walked near her. Khushi took one step backwards.

Arnav walked forward, and this went on till she hit on a pillar.

Khushi gulped staring at him, and his dangerous moves.

Arnav moved his face near to hers, and rubbed his cheek against hers.

Khushi closed her eyes feeling his breath, he was so close to her and whenever he is like this, her dhak dhak increases.

"You already applied colors on me.." he whispered and looked at her pointing to his cheek with a lop sided smile.

Khushi blushed profusely when she understood what was he doing.

She went running downstairs, while Arnav followed her walking.



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Aug 18

Chapter 37 - I won't tell you but I do! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 140 times)

Mami was near the DM idol with a puja thali.

She waited for each family member to come and join her in puja.

Arnav and Khushi reached in the mandir, of their mansion.

Mami smiled at both, whose cheeks were already red with colors of Holi.. Or love!

She turned to DM and started the puja.

Everyone prayed. Khushi was one of them, praying with heavy heart.

"Maybe this is my last day here DM. Please always keep this family like this, even when I'm not here. Please take care of my Laddo. Make sure he always get success in his work, and he always stays happy. That's all I want.. If he is happy, you know my heart will dance like Sachin won a match right? So please keep him always with a smile on his face.. The only sad part is that I will not be the reason of his smile anymore.. If my.. I mean.. if ever my Laddo falls.. (she sobbed) falls in love with someone else..then keep both together-together always.. Make sure they never fight and you know the rest.. It hurts me to think of him with another woman, but if he is happy with another woman then I will be happy for him also.. And please make me strong to tell him about our divorce today.." she finished her praying crying.

Arnav who was just staring at her instead of praying, panicked.

He cupped her face, and she opened her eyes automatically.

"What happened Khushi? Why are you crying?" he asked wiping her tears with his thumb.

Everyone turned their attention to her worried.

"Nahin.. These are tears of Khushi.."  she said glancing at everyone, assuring them that she was fine.

"Of course they are your tears Khushi, but why are they in your eyes?" Arnav asked in a soft tone, that one tone that makes her heart melt.

"I meant.. Tears of happiness.." Khushi corrected avoiding eye lock with Arnav.

"What the.. Who does that Khushi? Were you having special conversation with DM?" Arnav looked at her in disbelief.

Everyone laughed. Khushi pouted staring at Arnav for making fun of her.

Mami applied tikka on everyone forehead then applied colors on their cheeks, then gave Prasad to them.

Arnav shared his Prasad with Khushi, because he can't eat sweets but now he had to eat at least a bit, otherwise Mami would scold him along with her partner, Khushi.

Everyone from the family applied colors and wished a "Happy Holi" to each other.

"Now we can leave Arnav bitwa.. I will go in Akash's car with your mamma and Payal. Then you go with Khushi, Nisha, Meera and Karan.. Is it fine?" Mami looked at Arnav.

"Haan, I will just go and take the car keys.. Akash you can go.." Arnav said and went upstairs.

Khushi followed him, and entered in their room taking the purse with her.

"Leave this purse here Khushi.. You won't use that.. We are going to my farm house.." Arnav glanced at her.

Khushi nodded sideways: I will need it..

Arnav shrugged his shoulders as if saying "Okay".

He caressed her cheeks, "Are you ok? Tell me the truth, why were you crying?"

Khushi nodded sideways: I already told you, I was not crying!

Arnav: You know I know you inside and out. So don't need to lie, if you don't want to say..

Khushi looked away: You will get to know at the right time then!

Arnav held her hand, and made her look at him.

"Is there something bothering you?" he asked.

Khushi nodded: But it will be good for you. In fact you will be very happy about it..

Arnav frowned: What can keep me happy when you're not?

"Some things are better not to be answered.. At the right time, you will know.." she said looking deeply into his dark brown eyes.

And he got lost in her hazel hypnotizing eyes.


Reaching in his farm house, it was already full of guests playing with colors on his huge garden part.

Arnav entered with Khushi and his friends.

Mami came to him and smiled introducing him to her family, he greeted all of them. And then walked to a corner with Khushi.

"Want to play?" he asked to her.

"I would ask you this question! I will play Holi with everyone, you're the one I doubt.." she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah. I don't play Holi with anyone, that's why I'm asking you if you want to play with ME alone.." Arnav chuckled.

"You and alone? Why?" Khushi raised her eyebrows suspiciously.

"You have a lot questions in your tiny brain.. Are you a journalist, by the way?" he teased her, ignored her question.

Khushi folded her arms, and looked away cutely.

Arnav smiled at her cuteness, he just can't handle this type of cuteness from her. It always makes him smile unwillingly!

Payal came running to Khushi, taking her to the crowd.

Karan played the music, "Balam pichkari.."

And the guests started dancing while playing with colors also.

HP excitedly served bhang to every guest coming in to take.

Now it would be real fun, seeing all them do what they don't in their daily routine.

He and OP also drank it and were happily dancing with each other, but not on balam pichkari song, they were busy singing the old songs of Holi..

Karan sighed seeing Arnav staring at the guests only in a corner, what he didn't know was that Arnav was watching Khushi dancing her heart out.

"Bro what's up?  Come here.." Karan pushed him to HP and OP.

Arnav whined while going, he didn't want anyone to disturb him while staring at his Khushi.

Karan stood before HP, but still Arnav wasn't paying attention to him nor to his acts, he was only looking at Khushi from a different view now.

Karan patted his shoulder, "What happened Arnav?"

Arnav groaned: What do you want?

Karan smiled and passed the glass of bhang to him, "Drink this and you will open yourself.. And not stay on a corner alone like a dead body in front of these energetic persons.."

Arnav nodded sideways, "I don't want.."

Karan forced him to drink.

"Karan man.. Khushi doesn't like it when I drink.." Arnav pushed the empty glass scolding his friend.

Karan giggled: Why would she not like? It's Holi yaar.. Even she will drink it..

Arnav glared at his friend, but before he could complain or say anything, Karan made him drink few more glasses.

Arnav shook his head with shut eyes, Karan laughed at his face.

Nisha came and took both boys to the crowd..

Now the bhang was showing its effect on Arnav, he was dancing with his friends.

Payal patted Khushi's cheeks, and pointed to Arnav dancing.

Khushi looked at Arnav with open mouth and big eyes.

"Don't worry, it's bhang effect.." Payal giggled.

"Ohh.. But he knows I don't like when he is drunk, still.." Khushi smiled sadly, he doesn't care for her wishes!

"It's holi Khushi.." Payal said smiling "It's good after long we are seeing Arnavji like that.."

Khushi nodded smiling, "That's true..  I never thought would see his balam pichkari dance.."

Arnav came to Khushi laughing, he pinched her both cheeks, "Aww merii Kuchi Kuchi.."

Payal covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing at Khushi's astonished look to Arnav.

"It's Khushi my name.. Not Kuchi.." Khushi glared at him.

Arnav giggled: Kuchi kuchi is fine for you okay.. You also call me.. Payal you know.. she calls me.. Dracula.. Tell me.. Did I ever suck anyone's blood? .. Am I that bad? .. Kuchi kuchi.. I'm your prince na.. Not any Dracula..

Khushi face palmed seeing him complain like a baby!

Payal laughed out loudly, and Akash joined them looking at the three confused.

"Kuchi kuchi tell them na.." Arnav smiled shyly.

"What?" Khushi raised her eyebrows.

"You kissed me here.." Arnav pointed to his cheek where Khushi kissed him on the terrace. 

"There is still your invisible lipstick here.. I can feel it.." Arnav giggled.

Khushi widened her eyes embarrassed, he said it in front of Akash and Payal.

Akash chuckled, and Payal blushed hearing it from Arnav.

Arnav: Kiss me again Kuchi Kuchi.. You have to kiss here again and again so that your lipstick mark doesn't leave me na..

Khushi held Arnav's hand and took him away from there before he could embarrass her more!

Arnav: Kuchi Kuchi why are you.. why..

Arnav stopped laughing, Khushi rolled her eyes and helped him enter in his farm house, and then helped him climb the stairs.

"Let me enjoy na.. Where are we going? .. I want to go back.. " Arnav whined and turned to go again.

Khushi pulled him back, "Didn't you want to play Holi with me alone?"

"Yes yes.. I want.." Arnav nodded.

"Then let's go.." Khushi said and helped him reach till his room, she opened the door and Arnav walked to jump in the bed.

"Kuchi kuchi kiss me na.." he pouted staring at her and sat with a thud on the bed.

Khushi eyed to her purse laying on the corner of the bed, the papers  fell from her purse to the floor.

She widened her eyes and sat with Arnav hiding it from him with her duppata that touched the floor.

Smiling awkwardly to him, she secretly send her hand to reach the floor and grab the papers in her hand without him noticing it.

Arnav: Why are you smiley Kuchi kuchi!! Eeekk such a weird smile..

Khushi giggled staring at him making faces like he didn't like her fake smile.

She finally managed to grab the papers in her hand, but before she could hide it back on her purse, Arnav made her lay on the bed and came on top of her.

Arnav caressed her cheek with his thumb gently and stare at her without saying anything.

Khushi got scared when he came on top of her, she hide the papers on her back and with the help of her duppata.

"I am Sorry Kuchi Kuchi.." Arnav said with a different tone now.

"Why are you saying sorry?" Khushi asked him worried. Even while drunk, Arnav is a pregnant man! He has his mood swings ready at any situation.

"Because.. I know.. what you feel for me.. I know what relationship we .. both share.. but I'm scared.." he said with moist eyes.

"What are you saying Arnav? I'm not understanding anything.." Khushi looked at him confused.

"Khushi.. I am sorry that I LOVE YOU but I will never tell you that.." he buried his face on her neck letting the tears on his eyes fall down.

Khushi for a moment became numb with his confession, his tears touched her skin made her react.

"Why?" she whispered with tears running from her cheeks, but hers was of happiness that he LOVED HER.

"I'm scared Khushi.. I'm very scared.. I will never never tell you that I love you.. I will lose you then.. I don't want.. I can't afford to lose you.. I can't.. I can't.. I can't.. Kuchi kuchi you mean my life.. If you go, then there will be no Arnav.. No Tom.. No Laad governor.. Nothing.. If you leave me.. I will DIE.. " Arnav shook his head crying.

"Ssshh calm down.. Why are you so scared to lose me? And who told you I will leave you?" she cupped his face, wiping his tears with her thumbs.

"I know you will.. I know you will leave me.. I'm scared.. I don't want you to leave.. But if I tell you that I love you..then you will go away from me.. I know it.. That's why I will never..ever show it to you how much you mean to me.. But you're such a fool.. Can't you understand that I love you? .. I am sorry Kuchi Kuchi.. You're waiting for me to tell you na.. But I won't.. Do you know why? .. Look, first I love my parents a lot, Mumma and Papa were my world, I showed to them and told them everyday how much I love them.. What happened then? They left me right? .. Then Nani.. I loved Nani so much.. She was like my second mother, after mumma left me.. I thought, mumma and papa left me.. But still I have Nani with me.. She will always be with me, will never leave my side.. Will tell her Chote the right and wrong things.. But Nani too left me.. Nani.. I called Nani that day.. But she didn't respond to me.. I cried so much .. Still she didn't woke up to her Chote.. How could I.. I didn't knew that I would reach home that night and find my Nani no more.. I.. was so broken inside Khushi.. It hurts.. It hurts when someone so close to you leaves you.. I told her how much I love her, still she left me.. That day.. "


Arnav returned late from office, the light were switched off.

He knew everyone was sleeping by now. So he changed his clothes and kept back the plate of food his Nani left on the table for him in the kitchen. He wasn't hungry.

After working for a while on his laptop, he stretched his arms lazily and closed his laptop ready to go and sleep.

His daily routine, was before going to sleep always he had to give his Nani a good night kiss.

He headed to her room, opened the door slowly to not disturb her sleep, little did he know that she won't wake up now.

He walked near her and sat on the bed caressing her forehead.

"Hii Sweetheart.. First of all.. I'm really sorry.. I know I'm late and tomorrow you will scold me for that.. And I'm sorry that I didn't eat the food you kept for me.. I'm not hungry really.. Where I was? Party.. No! Today I'm not drunk Nani.. I came late because there was a lot of work to complete in AR.. So you know I had to come late.. Not my choice.. It's duty that keeps calling you here and there..  But your Chote never forgets to give you a good night kiss.. No matter what the situation is.." Arnav spoke to her, as he daily does.

He smiled staring at his Nani sleeping, "I love you Nani.. Now I won't disturb your sleep with my blabbers.. Okay! Good night my Sweetheart.."

He kissed her forehead one time, he felt strange he didn't feel her breath.

He quickly checked her pulse, and dropped her arms the next seconds in shock.

"Nani.. Naniiiii.. What happened to you?" he rested his head on her chest to check her heart beats.

A lone tear escaped his eyes when he realized her heart wasn't beating anymore.

"Naniiiiii please noooo.. Don't leaveeee meee Nani. Please wakeeee up.. Why are you doing this with me? .. Are you angry with meee? Please talk with me.. Scold meee.. Slap mee.. Do what you want.. Don't leave meee.. Pleaseeee Nani.. I won't survive without you.. Nani.. I promise.. I will come early from office.. I will stop drinking.. Going to parties late at night.. I promise I will stop all this.. You don't like I have many girlfriends.. I will marry the girl you want me too.. I will not pamper Di anymore.. I will be more time with my family.. Please.. You will take any decision of my life.. Just don't leave me alone.." Arnav cried heavily burying his face on Nani's belly.

He fell on his knees on the floor crying, "Naniiiiiiiiii.." he screamed her name..

Everyone in the mansion came running to Nani's room hearing his scream.

Flashback ends..

"After Nani left me.. I somehow managed to survive.. Do you know why? .. Di was with me.. But now.. Di also left me.. Di doesn't consider me her brother.. She thinks I'm a no one for her.. She married another man just to kill him and then marry the man she loves.. Such a disgusting act.. That I had no heart to forgive her.. Not only me, Shyam also will take time to forgive and digest this news.. I had to make her leave me.. I wouldn't be able to look at someone who betrayed.. And played with my feelings.. She also left.. Without saying sorry or anything.. See Khushi.. Everyone left me.. That's only because I showed to them how much they mean to me.. So they left me to punish me.. If I tell you that I love you, and now I am only alive because you're in my life.. Then something will happen.. You will also leave me.. That's why I'm scared.. I can't take this risk.. I can't.. I'm very scared to lose you.. I know I won't live if you leave me now.. These days I don't like your behavior with me Khushi.. You're purposely not talk-talk with me na.. You're going away-away from me.. Why? .. Do you know how much it hurts? .. My heart is so weak.. It starts crying when you do this.. But he smiles a lot.. When you are with me.. I love you Khushi.. (Arnav slapped his lips) .. Oops.. I wasn't supposed to tell you that.. I forgot.. Ssshh.. Okay.. Forget that I told you that.. "

Tears slipped from her eyes hearing him tell all this to her. He loves her but he is scared to lose her, he already lost many people who he loved more than his life.. That's why it became a fear for him to lose her too.. And here she was thinking he doesn't love her.

Arnav pouted staring at Khushi, he kissed her tears falling down her cheek.

"Don't cry.. Angels never cry.. They only smile.." he whispered to her.

Khushi smiled through tears.

She caressed his hair lovingly, Arnav smiled enjoying her care on him.

 "Bhang ki nashe mein ek ho Gaye hum.." he sang while he rested his head on her chest, hugging her by her waist.

Khushi chuckled hearing him sing, she was so happy still shocked with his sudden confession!! She wanted to scream in happiness to the world, that he too loves her!! Her love isn't one side one!! Both love each other.. She means his life to him, and he means her life to her.

Arnav frowned when he caught papers behind Khushi's back.

The smile faded away from Khushi's face.

He sat properly on the bed and took the papers to see what it is.

Khushi widened her eyes, she quickly snatched the papers from his hand and tore it pieces crying.

She threw it on the the dust bin, her heart was beating fast. If he got to know she was planning to leave him, his heart would break in pieces now.

"Kya hua? Failed in maths? Is this your report card?" Arnav chuckled.

Khushi stare at him, Arnav saw she was crying.

He quickly went to her, "Areee.. Don't cry Kuchi Kuchi.. I will not complain to anyone.. Sachii I won't scold you also.. Don't cry like a baby.."

Khushi looked at him, she hugged him tightly.

"I love you.. I love you more than anything else in this world.." she smiled.

Arnav hugged her back, "I can't say.." he broke the hug and gestured his zipped lips.

He walked to the bed, Khushi put her hands on her hips: I will make sure you say it..

She closed the door of their room. And laid on the bed with him.

Arnav left the pillow and made her belly his pillow again.

Khushi smiled and covered him with a soft bed sheet. She ruffled his hair and he fell asleep in no time.

"I understand your fear Arnav.. Maybe anyone in your situation would feel like that.. But this time.. I will show it to you that you don't need to be scared of losing me.. I will always be with you till my last breath.." Khushi said to him sleeping figure.

"It's seems I will have to start working on our relationship!!" Khushi thought.


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Aug 19

Chapter 38 - I will wait! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 147 times)

"Akash bitwa come here.." Mami called him, she was busy giving instructions to the servants to serve the guests as it was lunch time now.

"Haan Ma.." Akash came to her.

"Bitwa did you saw Arnav and Khushi? I saw everyone playing with Holi, except both.." Mami patted his shoulder.

"Woh.. It's Bhai drank bhang and he was teasing Khushi bhabhi.. So she took him inside the farm house Ma.. They must be sleeping now.." Akash giggled.

"Acha!! Why didn't you make a video of Arnav bitwa drunk? I also wanted to see him.." Mami laughed not believing Arnav drank and teased Khushi.

Payal joined the conversation, "Ma you should have seen Khushi's red cheeks when Arnav ji asked her to kiss him!"

Mami widened her eyes, "Badtameez Dil bitwaaaa!!"

Akash and Payal laughed at Mami's reaction.

Mama: Can I know what's the joke? And Manorama if it's a joke, why are you with such a shocked expression? You always do the opposite of what others do right..

Mami smacked Mama's shoulders with a pout, "See what they are telling me!! Arnav bitwa wanted a Isqh-wala-kiss from Khushi!!"

Mama laughed, "So what? Don't I ask you to?"

Akash and Payal now burst out laughing with Mami's shocked expression to Mama who just spilled their secret!

"You too like Arnav bitwa - Badtameez Dil Hubby.." Mami looked away and decided to ignore their shameless conversation otherwise she would blush now for sure.

"Ma relax! We all are married na.. We know everything.." Akash winked at her and high five with his father.

"Aww you three are so shameless.. Payal bitiya come here with me.. Don't stay with them, otherwise what what you will listen is not good for you.. We three (Khushi, Payal and herself) are very innocent for you three shameless men (Arnav, Akash and Mama)" Mami pulled Payal with her smiling.

Payal went with Mami blushing at Akash and Mama, who teasingly sent flying kisses to both respectively.

Mami laughed and shook her head, "He is still the same mad man for me!!"

Payal nodded smiling, "Papa loves you a lot.. I wish our family remains like this forever.."

Mami slapped Payal's shoulders playfully smiling, "We are old now to think of romance.."

Payal giggled: No! You're still like Madhuri Dixit Ma!

Mami pinched Payal's cheek smiling.


Arnav frowned with his closed eyes, he groaned in pain and opened his eyes slowly.

He looked at Khushi sleeping, while one her hand was rested on his hair, which clearly showed she was caressing his hair and fell asleep too.

He sat properly and made Khushi lean on the bed in a better position now, he placed a pillow behind her head and brushed her hair aside to make herself more comfortable in her sleep now!

After making sure she was fine, he stood to go to the bathroom, that's when it struck on his mind, that he said those three magical words to her while drunk! He can't remember everything he said to her, but he knows he spilled the truth to her, he remembers Karan making him drink bhang, then the dance and later he only knows he did said he loves her.

Arnav hit his forehead with shut eyes and went to the bathroom.

He opened the tap, and washed his face thinking about Khushi's reaction! He won't lie that he was happy that she knows about his feelings to her and he won't see her sad face anymore begging him to confess what she means to him. But for him, himself it's difficult to even now say I Love You to her, the most important persons in his life abandoned him. And this came more than a shock to him, he won't be able to even think that she will leave him. And his heart wants to scream his love for her, but is still very scared and not ready at all to lose a person like Khushi. Khushi for him is a mixture of both his mother and his Nani. His life totally depends on her Khushi now..

Arnav closed the tap and grabbed the towel, he wiped his face but her arms snacked around his waist and he felt her body close to hers, she hugged him from behind, resting her head on his back.

Arnav stood still for a while, not knowing how to react. Does she want him to say it to her again? Does she know he won't be able to?

Then he composed himself, and raised his hand to caress her hair behind him.

Khushi accepted his soft caresses on her hair with a small smile playing on her lips.

"Laddo.." she called him.

"Hmm.." he rolled his eyes at the name she keeps calling him now.

"I will wait.." she whispered to him, she thought he would not understand why is she saying so. Because he was drunk and didn't remember anything.

But Arnav understood what she was saying to him, his heart felt contended now! Khushi is really patient with him.

"Let's go downstairs.. I'm so hungry yaar.." Khushi pouted and broke the hug.

"Should I show you that Jerry's fat picture again? Just to remind you of your look if you eat more than necessary.." Arnav smirked.

Khushi rolled her eyes, "I will also find a Tom's fat picture for you.. Then we will see so who will be more fat.. You or me?"

Arnav shook his head, "Excuse me.. Perhaps you don't know I go to jogging everyday.. So I will always be fit for my girlfriends.."

Khushi slapped his chest, "What girlfriends?! You don't know but the same way you threw those love letters of your girlfriends, I will throw them out of your life.."

"You will throw them, when I have someone else na.." Arnav said and went from there leaving Khushi alone in the bathroom.

Khushi blushed smiling.


Arnav walked to the kitchen and poured water on his glass.

Akash and Payal came inside giggling, Akash held Payal by her waist trying to get close to her. While Payal was warning him that someone could come inside.

Arnav cleared his throat indicating that he was there!

Payal widened her eyes and looked at Arnav.

"Calm down! I'm going.." he took his glass and left the kitchen for the love birds.

Khushi came running downstairs and was heading to the kitchen.

Arnav held her by her shoulders stopping her.

"Aaahh.. Leave meee.. I'm really hungry Laad governor.. Dekho food is calling me urgently.." Khushi said with a crying face eying to the kitchen in front of her.

"Payal and Akash are there.." Arnav said pulling her back.

"So what?" Khushi frowned.

"Urghh Khushi understand naa.. You will witness another jumma chumma scene there.." Arnav scolded her.

Khushi widened her eyes, "Sachii? Then I will not step in there.. But I'm really hungry!!"

"Let's eat outside.. I guess guests are having lunch together.." Arnav held her hand going with her outside his house.

Khushi let him guide her happily, Arnav stopped on his way to talk with some guests.

Khushi was giving him angry looks, she pointed to her stomach to him only gesturing him that she was really hungry!

Arnav rolled his eyes, and after exchanging few words with the guest. He went with her to serve food for her.

"Mamiii.. serve food for this Jerry.." Arnav said staring at Mami distributing the plates to the servants.

"Haan I was just asking where were you both to Akash. I will serve for you both now, go and sit in that table.." Mami said.

Arnav nodded and took Khushi with him to the table reserved for his family. But now they were the last ones to have lunch late!

Mami came with both plates for Arnav and Khushi.

Mami eyed to Arnav: In asking Khushi a Ishq-wala-kiss you forgot to have lunch with your family!!

Khushi cheeks turned red now.

Arnav: What the.. Kiss? When did this happen?

Khushi giggled: If I tell you what what happened.. You won't believe..

Nisha sat on the chair beside Arnav joyfully, "I will tell you Arniee.. You finally give in to my wishes.. Khushi he danced with me.. That too on balam pichkari song.. Unbelievable right?"

Khushi nodded: I wish I had made a video of you dancing. I would tease you all my life..

Arnav raised his eyebrow, thinking: "Gosh today was the day! I did so many things like this.. Drink..Dance.. Kiss and.. I love you!! How can you lose control like this ASR?? It's all Khushi's fault.."

Khushi waved her fingers near his face.

Arnav glared at her and concentrated on his food. 

Nisha: Arnav do you remember that we love to play chess? After all the guest leave, we can play na?

"Eeek.. Chess? Really! I don't understand a bit of that game.. Let's play hide and seek.. It's more energetic hain na?" Khushi said chirpily.

Nisha: Hide and seek? Seriously Khushi this is a kids play..

Khushi: Toh kya? My heart is still like a kid! It never gets older..

 "Hmm.. Eat..eat.. Weren't you hungry?" Arnav said feeding her.

Khushi ate from his hand, "We will play na?"

"Arnav doesn't like such games Khushi! He prefers more Chess.. So today he will play with me.." Nisha smiled.

Khushi pouted looking at Arnav, "You don't know what's real fun!"

"Wanna teach me?" he smirked.

Khushi nodded, "When you give a chance na!!"

Arnav whispered in her hear, covering her ear and his lips with his palms.

"Did you kiss me when I asked you to?" he asked with a low voice, so that no one hears.

Khushi nodded sideways vigorously.

"Then if I catch you in this game, you will do this as a punishment! Agree?" he smiled teasingly.

Khushi looked at him with big eyes, while Nisha looked at them confused.

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