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Oct 18, 2017

Chapter (By Angel23) (Thanked: 136 times)

After spending some time with Khushi, Arnav went to his office.

 Madhu went to her room followed by Nisha and Arjun.

 Khushi was showing the NGO to mami and Nk.

 "Mami ji this was done by Arnav.. When our home caught fire then he helped us.. And see it's more beautiful than before.." Khushi said smiling.

 "Khushi Arnav is a good person inside but the way he suffered in life made him like you know before you came into his life.. Now that you're here. I feel like I will get to see my Chote back.. I feel like Ratna is here.. He loves you a lot.. He can do anything for the one he loves.. And I expect that you also do the same.. Please don't break our hearts.. Remember that he loves you a lot.." Mami cupped her face.

 "I know mami.. Why are you talking like this? Is something wrong?" Khushi asked worriedly.

 "Actually this is a battle between your hubby and your mummy.. So Mami ji is scared that you chose.. You know.." NK said biting his lips.

 "Mami I will die but my love for Arnav will never change.." Khushi said with tears brimming in her eyes.

 "I know.. But.. I feel scared.. We don't know what will happen with this deal and all.." Mami said disturbed.

 "Don't worry Mami ji Arnav will win only and will take me back to our home.." Khushi said.

 "You're right only. I shouldn't think negative.. Arnav bitwa only will win.." Mami smiled. ***********************************

Everyone were on the living room, Mami was giving gifts for Khushi. Khushi blushed and took it from her hand. While Madhu fumed in anger. And Nisha cried in jealousy.

 "We have to talk with the priest for a best date of their marriage.." Mami said eying to Madhu.

 "I'm not a part of this drama.." Madhu replied.

 Khushi looked down upset that her mother is refusing to participate in her marriage.

 "Then I will do the necessary.." Mami said.

 Arnav reached from office, "No need to call the priest.. I want to marry Khushi asap..".

Khushi looked at him: Arnav it's necessary.. We have to talk with the priest and give him our birth chart..

 Arnav nodded sideways: No, it's not Khushi.. All this is useless.. We will only waste time.. If he tells you that we have to get married after six months would you hear him?

 Khushi: We will ask him for the best day and sooner..

Arnav frowned: I don't believe in all this..

 "But Arnav.." Khushi tried to say something.

 "Enough.. I said that we don't need it means we don't.. Tomorrow is your haldi.. Be prepared for that.." Arnav said and went to his room.

 Khushi looked at him going and shook her head, "Laad governor.."

 "A husband that doesn't listen to his wife.." Arjun smirked staring at Khushi.

 Khushi looked at him, "He does listen to me..".

"That's not what we saw.. And you know very well Khushi.. That this time the point goes to Ma.. She always listen to you and for you she is participating in this deal.." Arjun said.

 NK pouted thinking, "Losers.. Took advantage of their fight..".

Mami nodded upset, "Okay.. One point to Madhu..".

Madhu smiled. Anjali clutched her sari looking away thinking: Chote you have to control your anger.. She felt disappointed to see her brother losing.

 Khushi took the gifts Arnav's family gave to her and went to their room.

 She opened the door and left the gifts on the bed.

 Arnav walked out of the bathroom, wiping his face with a towel.

Khushi was siting on the bed sadly.

 "Khushi.. I really don't know what's the need to call the priest.." Arnav sat beside her.

 "And I'm not sad because of that.. You know MA got one point. You didn't listen to me.." Khushi said. "What the.. " Arnav uttered.

 "Don't say what the now.." Khushi pouted.

 "It's okay.. It's just one point.." Arnav said caressing her back.

 "When they win and you lose.. I get frightened Arnav.. Just by using our little argument they managed to get win.. Imagine what they can do.." Khushi stare at him.

 "Your husband is ASR.. Don't forget that.. I will make you mine at any cost.." Arnav said huskily, he brought his face closer to hers, making Khushi shiver.

 Her cheeks turned red and she forgot about everything surrendering herself to him.

 Arnav dropped a kiss on cheek.

Khushi looked away clutching the bed sheet. Arnav threw her hair to one side, leaving her neck visible to him. Khushi stood up from the bed shyly, Arnav held her hand stopping her.

He pushed her back and she fell on him. They kept staring at each other, Arnav caressed her neck, and bend his head to kiss her.

 A vase breaking sound interrupted their romance.

 Arnav looked at the door frowning, Khushi immediately stood up adjusting her dress and her hair. Arnav stood up and went out of the room looking around.

 "Who was it?" he thought.

 "Must be someone who came to call me.. But after seeing your shameless acts.. The person left.." Khushi pouted.

 "What the.. You're my wife.." Arnav frowned.

 "So? I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta.." Khushi said proudly.

 "My Khushi Kumari Gupta.." Arnav said.

 Khushi smiled and rested her head on his shoulder, "And you're my Arnav Singh Raizada..my laddo.." Arnav patted her cheeks, still looking around.

He held Khushi's hand and was taking her to their room.

 When a earring on the floor in middle of the pieces of the vase caught his attention.

He bend down to catch it.

Khushi looked at him confused: What are you doing? You will get hurt..

 Arnav stood up and showed to her the earring, "Who does this belong to?"

 "Arnav I don't pay attention to these things.. Give it to me.. And I will ask the ladies.." Khushi said. Arnav nodded sideways, "I think I've seen this earring before.."

"It's not mine.."Khushi said crossing her arms, jealously was clear on her tone.

 "I know.." Arnav said.

 "Arnav.." Khushi widened her eyes.

 "Khushi.." Arnav stare at her sarcastically.

 "Laad governor you know about other women things.." Khushi pouted.

 Arnav shook his head, "I don't have time to explain this now.. I think I've seen this.. God.. Yeah.. Nisha.. This is Nisha's earring..".

"Nisha? But what would she be doing here?" Khushi frowned.

 "I don't know.." Arnav replied.

 "Maybe it's someone else.. And it's similar to Nisha's.." Khushi said.

 Arnav nodded: Probably.. But that someone was secretly watching us and then the vase broke..

 Khushi raised her eyebrow: Do you think?

 Arnav: I'm not sure.. Let me confirm with Karan.. If she is still here or not..

 Khushi nodded and both went inside the room, closing the door. Arnav called Karan and got to know that Nisha wasn't at his home, and he had no idea of where she could be. Arnav asked him to check if she went back to Mauritius.

 "See.. No one knows where she is.." Arnav turned to Khushi.

 "This means she might be here.." Khushi looked at him worried. ***********************************

 It was dinner time, Khushi was serving for everyone with the help of Anjali.

 Arjun was staring at her lovingly making Arnav clench his fist.

 Anjali signaled Khushi to serve Arnav and skip Arjun.

 Khushi went to serve Arnav, after she serve his food.

 Arnav held her hand and dropped a kiss on her palm lovingly purposely showing to Arjun that Khushi is his!

 Khushi smiled blushing and then sat beside him to eat.

 "Tomorrow is your haldi.." Arnav looked at her.

 Khushi nodded, "Hmm.. It's yours too.. "

 "I know.. I've prepared a small surprise for you.." Arnav smiled and pinched her nose.

 "Laddo really??" Khushi smiled surprised.

 "Why this surprised look of yours? I know I'm unique but I'm human also and I do everything you do also.." Arnav said sarcastically.

 Khushi chuckles: Okay okay.. I'm sorry.. the one who had that expression isn't here anymore.. Later, after everyone finished eating Khushi went to the kitchen to wash their plates.

 Arnav came behind her: Let me help you.

 Khushi nodded sideways: Go and rest Arnav.. You must be tired..

 "Perhaps you don't know that without you I don't rest.." Arnav said.

 "Stubborn husband I got.." Khushi sighed.

 Arnav hugged her from behind, "Whatever I'm.. Now I'm yours and you can't walk back.."

 Khushi smiled and placed her palm on his cheek warmly, "Hmm.. You're mine and I love you the way you're Laddo..why are you thinking that I will leave you? I can't imagine my life without you now.."

 "And I can't imagine my bed without you, I'm really sleepy Khushi.. Let's go.." Arnav pouted.

 "One minute.." Khushi giggled.

 "The bride to be must rest.. And not work like this.. Khushi leave all this.. I will do it.." Anjali said. Arnav left Khushi and walked to go away from the kitchen.

 Khushi held his hand stopping him, "Thank you Anjali..you here?"

 "Actually I needed a job and now I'm taking care of the kids here.." Anjali said.

 Khushi nodded: Okay.. I was surprised when I saw you here..

 Arnav was looking away pretending to be not interested in what she says.

 But he was listening to everything.

 Khushi pressed his palm looking at him.

 Arnav: It's getting late.. Shall we go?.

 Khushi nodded: Okay.. Good night Anjali. Anjali smiled to both: Good night Khushi and Chote..

 Now that his Di called him, Chote his heart melted.

 "Good night.." Arnav cleared his throat.

 Anjali smiled happily. While Khushi looked at her, "It seems Anjali changed for good now..but to make my Laddo understand that will be a difficult task.."

 Ruchi came to the kitchen, and found her three favorite people.

 "Bhaiya.." she jumped to Arnav.

 Arnav picked her from the floor smiling, "My flower.. How are you?"

 "I'm fine. You forgot about me!!" she pouted.

 "Maybe.. Ask me why?" Arnav talked with her taking her to their room with Khushi.

 "Why?" Ruchi asked.

 "You're so short na.." Arnav teased her.

 Ruchi giggled and hugged him tightly.

 "I missed you Bhaiya.. Please come here often.." she pleaded melting his heart.

 Arnav hugged her back, "I will..".

Anjali on the kitchen stare at them going, "I just hope that Ruchi tells Chote about Nisha now..". Khushi on her way found her mother.

Madhu stare at her and Arnav with Ruchi on his arms.

 "Ruchi go and sleep now.. It's very late.." Madhu said.

 "She will sleep with us today.." Arnav said.

 "You like to argue with me over everything na.." Madhu put her hands on her hips.

 "Yes and you know what's the best sasuma.. I always win." Arnav smirked.

 Madhu stare at him angrily while he was going with Ruchi.

 Khushi stayed for a while. "MA are you fine now?" Khushi asked her.

"I'm perfectly fine. What happened to me?" Madhu looked at her confused.

 Arjun reached: Ma you're not fine.. Remember you were coughing..

 Now Madhu remembered about their plan, but she was late.

 Khushi already understood everything. "I didn't expect this from you.. You would stop so low just to win from my husband.. At least what he does, he always speaks the truth.. Never lied to me to manipulate me.. There is not a single doubt in my mind now Ma that only he will win.." Khushi said with tears in her eyes.

Oct 24

Chapter 60 - The haldi.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 130 times)

“Good night Ruchi..” Arnav kissed her forehead.

Then was about to kiss Khushi, but she cleared her throat indicating him that Ruchi was there, still he dropped a kiss on her forehead wishing her a good night.

Khushi smiled, thinking how this man took control over her!!


Haldi function..

The girls took Khushi excitingly to the place where haldi function would occur. Khushi was mesmerized with the beauty of the decoration.

She smiled staring and capturing everything with her eyes, then she turned to the girls who came with her, but no one was there.

“Aww where they went..” Khushi frowned looking around. His arms made way to her waist, making her shiver.. yes she knows it’s him.. because she recognized in seconds his touch.

“Arnav..thank you for this..” Khushi whispered and turned to him hugging him tightly.

“Don’t thank me now.. because I will make all the functions of our marriage special for you..” Arnav said.

“You didn’t need to do this.. I’m happy with a simple marriage..” Khushi said looking up to him.

“I’m doing this for you because I want to Khushi..” Arnav said cupping her face.

Khushi smiled and looked down, that’s when she noticed he wore a white kurta today.

“Arnav what you wore today??” Khushi asked him with a surprised smile.

“Remember I told you about the little surprise for you.. then..” Arnav shrugged his shoulders, “I tried.. I think I wore it well..”

“You’re looking perfect..” she whispered smiling brightly.

“It’s uncomfortable but.. for you I will do everything happily..” he said resting his forehead against her.

Khushi closed her eyes feeling his breath.

“Khushi..” Arnav whispered her name.

“Hmm..” Khushi hummed still with closed eyes.

“I..” he said slowly.

“You??” she asked blushing, waiting for him to complete the three magical words.

“I’m getting late..” he said pressing his lips to suppress the smile on his face, Khushi opened her eyes in jerk.

“Late??” she frowned.

“Haan late.. it’s my haldi also today..” Arnav smirked.

“Laad governor.. I know you were making fun of me..” Khushi pouted and went from there throwing glares at him.

Arnav chuckled.


Mami happily came with a bowl containing haldi for Khushi, with NK, Meera, Karan, Payal, Akash and Aman by her side. They were happy to enjoy ASR’s wedding.

It was something worth to watch!!!!!!!

“Mami will this function end early??” an impatient Arnav asked sitting on his stool.

“Shup..” Mami glared at him.

Arnav rolled his eyes, it was so boring for him to be sat in front of his wife but be able to see her face because of piece of cloth hang on there to separate both.

“Listen..” he whispered to Khushi.

“What??” Khushi said.

“After this haldi and on.. we will go out together na..” Arnav said.

“No! I’ve mehndi at evening don’t forget that..” Khushi said.

“Mehndi?? Why?? I hate that smell.. now I’ve to sleep with you and that smell also..” Arnav groaned.

Khushi widened her eyes.

“I’ve an idea.. today you will sleep on the floor..” Arnav smirked.

“I wish this cloth wasn’t here to separate us.. I would beat you very hard..” Khushi frowned.

“Aww my baby is angry..” Arnav smiled “I’ll sleep with you ok??”

Khushi blushed and shook her head.

Arnav’s family started applying haldi for both, as Madhu and Arjun didn’t want to participate in any marriage function.

Anjali came last, she caressed Arnav’s cheek with moist eyes, “I’m happy to see that you changed this much..that for Khushi you’re doing this..”

Arnav just keep looking at her, his eyes brimmed with tears, after waiting for a long time, this is the first time his Di touched him with so much affection, but still his heart was scared that even this is her acting.

He looked away, and Anjali applied haldi on his both cheeks, then his arms and feet. She did the same with Khushi, Khushi smiled warmly at her. Then Ruchi and the other kids also applied and dirtied Khushi and Arnav and their clothes also.


Madhu’s room:

“What’s happening here?? I don’t like it at all.. Arnav and Khushi are more close to each other.. and we are doing nothing..” Nisha shouted in frustration.

“Then what will we do??” Madhu asked.

“This time it’s something bigger..” Nisha said angry.

“What?” Arjun asked.

“I don’t know yet.. but we have to plan something.. we have to convince Khushi that Arnav isn’t the right person for her..these small tricks won’t work anymore..” Nisha said.

“I’ve an idea..” Arjun said smirking.

“What??” both asked curious.

“ASR’s famous anger will help us a lot..” Arjun said.


All the guests were having fun playing with haldi and each other, music was being played entertaining them more.

Arnav took the opportunity to grab his lady love from there, he took her to a corner.

“Arnav stop it.. someone will see us here..” Khushi said pushing him.

“Everyone is there.. they won’t even realize we left..” Arnav said stubbornly, he dropped kisses on her neck, while Khushi was blushing and busy in pushing him.

“Arnav.. stop it..” Khushi giggled.

“I didn’t apply haldi on you..” Arnav said then trapped her with his arms.


“It’s not necessary..” Khushi smirked.

“But I find it very important..” Arnav said, “And that’s the reason you should stay..”

Khushi closed her eyes, and he moved closer to her, brushing his cheeks against her.. then caressed her arms spreading the haldi over it..

“There is something called room to do this..” Meera said closing her eyes with her palms smiling shyly.

Arnav and Khushi widened their eyes, Khushi quickly pushed Arnav and looked at Meera.

“Can I open my eyes now??” Meera asked with a teasing smile.

“Yes..” Arnav said embarrassed.

Khushi was glaring at him because she said someone would come and he didn’t listen to her.

“I came to inform you both that Nisha didn’t go back to Mauritius, and I don’t know where she could go now..” Meera said.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other, they now confirmed that Nisha was in the NGO itself.




Lazydoll: Yes, we are in the 7th page!!.. my longest story till now.. I'm happy with the love and support I got from you and my all readers..

Nov 7

Chapter 61 - Nisha out again.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 125 times)

“Khushi come with me..” Arnav held her hand and both went inside the NGO to look out for Nisha.

“Now I’m getting everything..” Arnav whispered walking here and there.

“What?” Khushi asked him confused.

“Nisha is the one behind this, if your mother came to the extent of lying to you and made you choose between me and her, then Nisha is manipulating her only Khushi..when someone is evil, he can turn others too..” Arnav said.

Khushi nodded realizing what he mean to say, “I get it now.. that’s why Ma is behaving strangely these days..”

“How dare she try to come in between us after I threw her out of AR?? I will not spare her this time..” Arnav said angrily.

“She is a witch.. and witches keep glued to you till an angel comes to save you..” Khushi said smiling, and pointing the finger to herself for him to understand that she’s that angel.

“You’re no less than a witch in my life..” Arnav said walking upstairs to look for Nisha.

Khushi widened her eyes following him, “Laad governor.. you Dracula.. how dare you say I’m a witch??”

“Dracula and Witch.. match made in hell right??” Arnav smirked opening each door of the rooms.

“Shiii.. say good things Laddo.. Tom and Jerry.. match made in heaven..” Khushi frowned beating him lightly on his back.

“Hmm..” he replied smiling, only Khushi to make him smile in a serious situation.

“Say naa.. we are not match made in hell.. DM will be angry with you..” Khushi patted him.

“Match made in heaven.. happy meri angel??” he asked her, going to the last room, which was Madhu’s room.

Khushi nodded smiling, “Yes..”

Arnav opened the door, but it was locked. He looked at Khushi who got suspicious, both tried to open the door and heard a gasp sound.

“It’s..” Khushi tried to say something, but Arnav placed his palm on her mouth, and pulled her to a corner.

“Shh.. Nisha wasn’t alone, she is with someone else..” Arnav said.

“Who??” Khushi asked silently.

“Maybe your mother.. we need to stay here hidden to catch them.. “ Arnav said. Khushi nodded and both waited till someone opens the door.

And finally someone opened the door, it was Madhu, then behind her came Arjun.

“No one is here..” Arjun said looking around.

“Maybe it’s one of the kids playing..” Nisha said coming out of the room, Madhu immediately covered her face with the veil.

“Go inside the room Nisha.. someone may see you..” Madhu said pushing her inside.

“We already saw you Nisha..” Arnav said coming with Khushi, his face full of anger.

Nisha gulped, while Madhu and Arjun widened their eyes shocked.

Nisha walked backwards slowly, she tried to run but Arnav held her in time. Madhu hit her forehead, thinking how could she be so careless.

“Ahhh..” Nisha cried in pain.

“Shout Nisha..Shout more.. because you deserve this..” Arnav shouted to her.

“Arnav leave me please..” Nisha pleaded crying.

“That’s what I expected for you to do.. leave my life Nisha.. and what you did.. you came here and played your cheap tricks to separate me and Khushi.. what did you think? My love for her is so weak, that using her mother you would be able to pull us apart?.. Listen to one thing carefully, I love my wife more than I hate you now.. this is a game of feelings, and not smartness Nisha.. to win you must love, and that’s something you’re not capable of, you don’t know what’s love.. then you already lost this game..” Arnav said with eyes spitting fire at Nisha.

“I love you.. you cannot say to me that I don’t know what’s love Arnav.. because only I know how much years I spent waiting for you..and you never looked at me like that..” Nisha screamed to him.

“If you loved me, then you would be happy with my happiness. I’m only happy with Khushi and not you..” Arnav said.

Nisha nodded sideways, she cupped Arnav’s face and quickly kissed his cheek, “Tell me you don’t feel anything now..”

Arnav wiped his cheek angry, “I feel nothing for you..”

Khushi walked near Nisha and slapped her hard on her cheek, “How dare you kiss my husband in front of me..”

“I was quiet about you till now Nisha, but now enough is enough.. Just get out from here right now..” Khushi shouted to her.

Arnav: I will do the necessary, now I will send you back to your home and tell your parents what their daughter did..

Nisha: Noooo.. I love you Arnav.. I can’t live without you..

Khushi’s anger increased, she looked away trying to control herself.

“I will commit suicide if you don’t stay with me Arnav” Nisha said, while Arnav was taking her out of the NGO.

“I don’t care..” Arnav gritted his teeth, “You have completely lost it..”

“I love you.. please understand my love.. Arnav.. I never wanted to do this, I.. I really don’t have nothing to do with Madhu aunty and Arjun.. I just talked with them to get you.. see how much I can do for you.. I can go to any extent to make you mine..” Nisha smiled staring lovingly at him.

“And that’s the difference between you and Khushi.. she doesn’t need to make efforts to gain my attention.. I myself go to her.. she is my home, my Khushi..” Arnav said throwing Nisha out of the NGO.

Nisha touched the ground outside, crying. She hated Khushi for doing this with her, for snatching her love.

“Kyun??” she screamed.

Karan shook his head staring at her, while the Raizadas were shocked seeing Nisha there. They wondered what was she doing there. 

Madhu thought, “Now Nisha has gone, what I will do to make Khushi be with Arjun??”


Nov 8

Chapter 62 - Khushi's mehndi function.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 116 times)

Mehndi ceremony..

In the evening, Khushi was with the girls around her in the hall doing mehndi design on her hands.

“What should I write?” the lady asked her.

“A..” Khushi replied blushing.

“Today we’ll get to see if ASR really loves someone else more than his work..” the other woman joked, and the ladies along with Mami and Meera started laughing out loudly after seeing Khushi’s shocked face.

“But it’s true na Khushi, let me see if Laad governor really loves me more than his so called work..” Khushi thought giggling.


Arnav was on his room, as he wasn’t allowed to take part of the girl’s function. He was hearing the girl’s laughing sound, the music being played. How he wish to see his wife, she must be gorgeous right now..

“Nisha is out of our lives now, but Sasuma and Arjun are still here. And if Arjun was with them, means he loves Khushi.. I knew it before, but now just confirmed my doubts.. DM you’re just too good.. Khushi was with Arjun since childhood still she didn’t fell in love with him but me.. I know you kept her for me.. and I know you will let me win this challenge and I will mark my wife as mine forever now.. no one will separate us more.. just one test..” he said smiling looking at Khushi’s DM idol placed near the bed.


“Please do this fast aunty ji.. I’m very hungry and tired also..” Khushi pouted, whining with the lady.

“Have patience dear..” the lady smiled shaking her head at Khushi’s childish antics.

Arnav passed through the corridor, to peak at what they were doing, he saw Khushi pouting there with a boring look.

He waved at her, she looked up and widened her eyes as if it was a crime for him to see her.

Khushi send him a go-away look frowning.

Arnav smiled and gave her a challenging look, like he would stay there and no one would dare to send him out.

Khushi shook her head, looking around herself to see if he could be caught or not.

Arnav touched his forehead with his finger, then pointed to her. Khushi touched her forehead with the hand which was clean yet, confused.

Arnav smiled and sent a flying kiss to her.  Khushi smiled shyly still she didn’t understand what he did.

Then he touched his cheeks, and her indicated her to do the same, she touched her cheeks, and he also sent a flying kiss to her.

Now she understood that he was sending kisses to her, where he was indicating her to touch.

Then Arnav touched his lips. Khushi was about to touch obediently, when she realized where he was sending kiss to her, she kept her hands back widening her eyes.

Arnav laughed silently.

Khushi gave him someone-will-see look. Arnav nodded, and pointed to their room from far, gesturing to her that he would take this kiss in their room then.

Khushi blushed, she looked at the lady. Then glanced once again upstairs, to see if he was still there or not.

And he was still there, staring shamelessly at her, which was his right.

The ladies came to take Khushi to dance, Khushi smilingly went with them to the dance floor.

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke

Main kanna vich paavan chum chum ke

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke

Main kanna vich paavan chum chum ke

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke

Main kanna vich paavan chum chum ke

Mann jaa ve... mainu shopping kara de

Mann jaa ve... romantic picture dikha de

Requestaan paayiaan ve

Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve (hey)

Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Oh baby meri white kalaiyaan ve (ho)

Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Oh baby meri teri hisse aayiaan ve (ok ok!)

Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve(ho)”

She looked at Arnav smiling, while dancing with Meera and Mami.

Arnav smirked staring at her. NK came to him and shouted: Nannav.. oh my Devi Maya.. you committed a sin.. you cannot stare at Khushi ji now..

“What the.. which sin? She’s my wife..” Arnav frowned.

“Which sin?? Oh my God Nannav.. you look more foreign than me.. you don’t know you’re not supposed to participate in mehndi function because it’s for girls and you’re a boy..” NK shook his head in disbelief.

“And you’re a monkey.. I know that.. and since when you call my wife with “JI” Arnav asked jealous.

“She calls me with Ji na.. same I will do..” NK said smiling sweetly.

“NK I will break your face if you smile like this while talking about my Khushi..” Arnav said.

“Ohh relax Nannav.. I don’t love Khushi ji.. I mean bhabhi..” NK smiled sheepishly.

Arnav shook his head, NK side hugged him smiling: In fact I’m so happy you’re getting married. Finally I will see your phone ringing with just one girl name.. and this one is a fixed one..

Both chuckled looking at each other.

Soon the smile faded from their faces, when they heard Khushi screaming in pain.

Arnav ran downstairs after seeing she fell on the floor crying in pain, he went without thinking anything just to save her, that’s what he wanted.

“Khushiii..” he shouted her name, pushing the guests aside for him to see her.

“Arnaaav.. aahh..ahhh..” Khushi cried, shutting her eyes in pain.

“What happened??” he bend down and sat on the floor cupping her face, she rested her head on his chest.

“My feet…” she managed to say.

Mami looked at her feet, and gasped shocked seeing blood on the floor.

“Arnav bitwa she is bleeding..” Mami said worriedly.

Akash and Payal also stare at each other confused, if she was well dancing now then how did she got hurt like this.

Arnav looked shocked also, he caressed her cheeks, “Shh.. stop crying.. you’ll be fine..I’m here na..”

“It’s hurting.. aa..a lot..” Khushi hid her face on his chest.

Arnav felt as he is the one who got hurt, by seeing her in this state.

“You’re here na Arnav.. despite you here, she got hurt.. what kind of husband you’re? Weren’t you the one who promised to her that you will never let her get hurt?? Ab kya hua?” Madhu smirked.

“You can’t be just a good husband in good times, but you should take care of the precious thing you got.. if I was in your place, I would concentrate in protecting Khushi rather than show that I can cook for her, or can give her a big and dreamy wedding..” Arjun said.

“One point goes for my mother right NK..” Arjun smirked. NK looked down without saying  anything.

Arnav just ignored their words, he was more concerned of his wife rather than thinking about getting points.

He lifted Khushi who was crying uncontrollably, and made her sit on a chair. He bends on his knees, and lifted her feet to rest on his lap.

Then he asked Meera to get a bowl with water, already Anjali came running with what he asked. He took it from her hand, and washed Khushi’s feet softly and careful not to hurt her. She looked sadly, as her mehndi got spoiled because of it.

Arnav caressed her feet, everytime asking her if it relieved her pain or not. Khushi nodded her head, she really felt good after his care, she was just staring at him lovingly.

Arnav kissed her feet where it was bleeding, making Khushi look at him astonished. She just felt goose bumps on her body right now. He’s not someone who will say he cares, but today she truly felt he cares!!

The guests, Arnav’s family, Meera and Karan, especially Madhu were in awe when they see this Arnav’s gesture of love for his wife.

"Khushi is also a human being, and it's not possible for Arnav to predict she would get hurt and he would have to save her.. a good husband yes should save his wife from every trouble, but a perfect husband is the one who actually cares and takes the responsibility of his wife after every trouble.. Arnav today just didn't prove he is a good, but he is a perfect husband.. just perfect.. so two points more for him na??" Mami said smiling proudly. 

Arjun clenched his fist in anger.  

Nov 9

Chapter 63 - Relationships changing.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 147 times)

Arnav  lifted Khushi taking her to their room, Khushi rested her head on his shoulder smiling while in pain. She never thought she would fall in love, as a girl who had seen life in a not so good way, she was always exposed to the harsh realities of life, and didn’t had a princess life either. She always used to think that all men are the same, and all these prince thing coming to your life and take you to another world was a rubbish thing. But Arnav’s entry in her life changed her point of view, so what if she didn’t had a princess life back then, today her husband made her feel no less than that. She felt really happy that she found her prince inside that man whom she thought to be beast.

Arnav made her lay on the bed, and sat beside her: I am sorry..

“Why?” Khushi whispered looking at him sadly, she didn’t understand why he was saying sorry. What was his fault?

“I didn’t protect you. I don’t like to see you hurt..” Arnav said looking away.

“What you did after that made me respect you more Arnav. And it’s not your fault..” Khushi said caressing his cheeks, “I’m your wife, you can show that you’re crying..”

Arnav turned to her chuckling, “Men don’t cry..”

“Aww.. you’re crying now!!” Khushi smiled, opening her mouth in big “O”

“Shh.. don’t tell anyone..” he wiped the corner of his eyes, smiling.

Khushi nodded also smiling, “Okay.. I won’t..” she whispered like a kid.

“How did this happen?” he looked at her feet again.

“I got pricked with glass on the floor. I don’t know maybe the kids dropped it by mistake..” Khushi said shrugging her shoulders, “What’s bad is that my mehndi got spoiled..”

“It actually didn’t..” Arnav said still staring at her feet. Khushi peeked to see her feet, she was taken by surprise when she saw the mehndi on her feet so dark, even though Arnav washed it when it didn’t even dry.

“See how much I love you.. the mehndi just touched your feet for minutes, but it’s effect was permanent one..” he smirked.

Khushi hugged him tightly, “Haan it’s true.. you love me more than your work.. yaayy..”

“What the.. who said that?” Arnav asked.

“Don’t you love me more than your work?” Khushi broke the hug glaring at him.

“No..” Arnav nodded sideways.

“Laad governor.. I left my Salman for you and you do this to me.. stay in AR only.. your jail.. where no one knows how to enter and how to leave that place..” Khushi  pouted.

Arnav laughed shaking his head, “I love you more than anything in this world Khushi..”

She blushed, “I love you too Arnav. Do you know why I feel happy when I hear you saying that you love me?

Arnav nodded sideways.

“Because you learned to say your feelings without any fear now Arnav. Now you express to me how you feel, you smile, you talk.. you’re not that person who used to only work and stay isolated in your room as Nani used to say to me.. you changed now.. and I feel as if Nani must be so happy in seeing you changed like this.. maybe she thought that after Ratna ma died she would never see her Chote happy like this..” Khushi said.

“That’s because of you..” he pinched her nose.


Madhu’s room:

“No matter what we do, Arnav is winning this competition Ma. We must implement the plan we made with Nisha now. This time we are two only..” Arjun said pacing around the room angrily, he was remembering how Arnav kissed Khushi on her feet, while he was the one who hurt her to get her, but in the end Arnav got two more points, and he is much ahead on the competition.

“Enough.. we’re not going to do anything now..” Madhu said looking at nothing in particular, while a lone tear escaped her eyes.

“What?” he looked at his mother shocked.

“Haan you heard it right Arjun.. I thought no one better than you can be Khushi’s husband but today that boy proved me wrong.. what he did today for Khushi left me speechless.. me being a mother to Khushi turned to be selfish that with this same hands who raised to feed that little girl, today the same hands placed broken glass on the floor to hurt my own child.. how could I do this sin? Just to win??.. And Arnav didn’t even thought about that.. he was only interested in relieving the pain a mother caused to her daughter.. his act today made me feel ashamed of myself.. did you saw the kiss he gave to Khushi?.. he bend on his knees for my daughter.. he kissed her feet with so much love without caring for his image as ASR.. I don’t think Khushi would ever find a better husband than that man.. today I wished to say hats off to him..” Madhu said with tears in her eyes.

“Ma app.. you’re leaving me.. can I not be a good husband for Khushi??” Arjun asked broken.

“Nahin Arjun.. Nahin.. you hurt the one you love to win.. Arnav loved Khushi to win.. that’s the difference.. you only think of her as a trophy to get at any cost, while Arnav think of her like a precious diamond which he needs to keep with himself..you want to win from him, Arnav wants to win for his wife.. you want to break their marriage, he wants to save his marriage.. I’m sorry beta.. but this is difference between you and him.. and I’m the one to be blamed that I supported you and selfishly only wanted Khushi for you.. I never tried to understand Arnav and his love.. but today I saw with my eyes.. I saw that no matter what.. Arnav isn’t going to leave Khushi’s hand till he breath his last.. “ Madhu said.

“We should let this wedding happen..” Madhu stared at Arjun looking for his response through his eyes.

Arjun: Never.. I will do anything to make my childhood best friend my wife.. only I understand and can take care of my Khushi well Ma.. I had the patience to wait for her all this time, and it’s not now that I would give up..

Arjun walked away from the room, he wanted to shout in frustration that even his mother was there to support Arshi, what’s wrong with her now? Suddenly she saw Arnav’s love and forgot about his??


“How’s Khushi now?” Mami asked Arnav outside in the garden.

“She’s fine Mami now..” Arnav said assuring them.

Mami nodded, she kissed his forehead and went inside wishing him a good night.

Arnav smiled a little and went to sit on a bench for a while. He sighed, looking behind a tree: You can come out now..

Anjali gulped and came in front of him.

“Sit..” he said pointing at the empty space in the bench.

“Actually I wanted to know..” Anjali said hesitantly.

“If Khushi is fine or not..” Arnav completed for her, staring at the sky.

Anjali nodded.

“And you also heard the answer right?..” Arnav smirked, “What I don’t understand is why this sudden care on the woman you hate?”

“Chote I don’t hate you both anymore.. Life taught me how to judge others in a better way.. the Anjali that left RM that day, and this Anjali are very different from each other..” Anjali said.

“Did you knew about Nisha? I think you knew, you were here before us.. still you didn’t inform us anything.. how come both Anjali are different now? I still see the same..” Arnav replied sarcastically.

“I came here only to protect you both from Nisha, Madhu aunty and Arjun evil plans.. just the difference was I was pretending to be in their team so that I could save yours..” Anjali replied smiling, her brother only believes in facts!

Arnav nodded his head quite surprised, that his Di came to help them.

“Will not forgive me?” Anjali whispered.

“It’s too soon for that now.. give my bruised heart time to heal..” Arnav replied.

She nodded, “Take as much time you need..”

After a long silence between both, Arnav decided to speak: Did you return to Shyam? How did you solve your situation?

“Shyam is married with another girl now..” Anjali said smiling, yet only she knows how much pain her heart took to say those words.

Arnav looked at her shocked, he saw her hurtful eyes.

“You lost a good man Di..” he whispered.

Finally tears slipped from her eyes, she smiled wiping it and nodded, “Yes.. I lost him..”

“But it does not mean you will not find another good man..” Arnav said, and pulled her into a tight hug.

Anjali cried in his embrace.

Khushi watched the scene from the balcony with Ruchi in her lap, she looked at Arnav and Anjali hugging each other and consoling.

She smiled happily. Ruchi: Bhai aur Didi are hugging each other..

“Haan.” Khushi nodded, “The same way I’ll hug my Ruchi..” she hugged Ruchi who giggled and hugged her in return.

“Didi can I say something to you?” Ruchi asked with fear.

“Haan bolo na..” Khushi convinced her to talk.

“I saw Arjun bhaiya putting broken glass on the floor where you were dancing, but I didn’t knew he did that purposely so that you get hurt..” Ruchi said innocently.

Khushi widened her eyes in shock. 

Nov 11

Chapter 64 - Jab we met.. The end.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 134 times)

Khushi stormed inside Arjun's room with anger. 

"Arjun.." she screamed. 

Arjun who was coming back,  entered in the room with a smile.

"Khushi..are you okay?" he asked smiling. 

"Hahaha.. The one who hurt me is asking me if I'm okay.." Khushi clapped her hands smiling. 

Arjun gulped looking down.

"Why Arjun? Why? I'm a married woman now, I don't deny you to love me but at least don't try to spoil my marriage.. I can never be yours. And shi.. I never looked at you in that way.. By hurting me to make Arnav lose you're wasting time.. Because even if he loses this competition, I will not stop loving him.. And I would rather die than marrying you.. I thought only Ma was in this, but you also Arjun..you just lost your friend today Arjun.." Khushi said angrily.

"Khushi I.." Arjun looked at her with moist eyes. 

"Shut up. I will say what you did to Arnav.." Khushi yelled. 

Arnav was walking through the corridor when he heard Khushi shouting.

He went running to Arjun's room, "Khushi.. Kya hua?"

Khushi ran to him, "Arnav he was the one who hurt me. I mean he put those glasses on the floor so that you lose.."

Arnav clenched his fist hearing that, he walked forward and pulled Arjun by his collar. 

"Not only him,  I also put those broken glasses on the floor Khushi.. " Madhu said feeling ashamed of herself.

Arnav loosened his hold on arjun, and looked at Madhu in disbelief. 

Khushi looked at Madhu, "I didn't hear what you said na Ma.."

"What type of mother are you? I agree you didn't want Khushi to be with me, but how could you give pain to your own daughter? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" Arnav yelled.

Madhu shut her eyes in pain. Khushi was crying, "Why you did this Ma? Am I not your favorite daughter? To make Arnav lose, you stopped so low.."

She went from there running.

"Khushi bitiya.." Madhu raised her hands to stop her, but she was already gone. 

"This is so disgusting.. You shouldn't have done that.. being a woman you yourself should know that for a woman it's very important to save her marriage,  and you want to break your daughter's marriage..you don't even mind hurting her for that..did you ever ask yourself what will you gain by doing this? Will Khushi be happy after getting divorce from me and then marry this disgusting man? Are you even worried about her happiness? Or you just want her to be your son's trophy?" Arnav shouted at the top of his voice. 

Madhu gulped crying, she looked down not having courage to look at Arnav in his eyes.

Arnav turned to Arjun, "And you.. I said try to touch my wife and you will see the worst of me.. Here you hurt her, I will do the worse with you.."

Saying it, Arnav punched Arjun on his face and both started fighting.

Karan and Meera came running to stop their fight as Madhu asked for help.

Karan held Arnav by his arms pushing him to a corner, "Enough Arnav.."

"No it's not enough.. He dare to hurt my wife.. I will not spare him.. I will make him feel more pain Khushi felt.." Arnav said trying to make Karan leave him.

Karan shook him, "Arnav..calm down.."

Madhu went running to Arjun, she caressed his forehead.

Arnav gritted his teeth, "When your son gets hurt you feel pain,  when your daughter gets hurt you care about points.. Then you say you care about her.. Today you just proved blood is thicker than water.."

Karan: Let's go..don't forget tomorrow is your marriage Arnav.

Arnav pushed Karan away, he smiled sadly: You know sasuma.. Tomorrow I'm getting married to Khushi..but I wanted you to participate in her marriage.. You are her mother,  and every girl wants her mother in their marriage to bless her.. My Khushi also wanted the same.. And before the marriage itself I wanted to prove to you that I'm good husband for Khushi.. I wanted to have a good relation with you.. Kyun ki Khushi is happy but still a part of her wants her mother to accept her marriage. I know her, she will not say anything to me..but I wanted you to bless our marriage tomorrow.. But.. It's OK.. Mami is there for both of us..we don't need a person like you to bless us..You stay with your worthless son who can hurt a woman to get her.. If I was in your place I would give him a tight slap.. But how can you na? You yourself helped him in that.. You both hurt my wife a lot.. But did you ever ask what wrong she did to you both? Why is she getting punished? What's her mistake?

Madhu joined her hands crying: Forgive me beta. I am wrong.. I know that..  I am wrong.. Give any punishment you want to.. But please accept my forgiveness .. I know you love my daughter a lot.. I was selfish that I only wanted her for Arjun..but not anymore.. Now I wish she gets married to you only..

Arnav looked at her shocked, same goes to Karan and Meera. 

"You're happy with this marriage?" Arnav asked her.

Madhu nodded: I've no problem.. Take my daughter with you.. You win Arnav.. I lost.. And don't think I'm upset for losing, I'm very happy.. If Khushi accepts then I would like to bless you both in your marriage.

Arnav smiled a little, he looked at Karan and Meera.

The three share a group hug, Meera smiled: You did it Arnav.. You did it.

Madhu smiled staring at them. Arjun was upset, he sat on the bed and hide his face with his palms crying for losing Khushi.


Khushi's room:

Khushi walked out with a red lehenga from the bathroom, she blushed deeply when she saw the girls smiling at her.

"Wow Khushi you look so beautiful.. The most beautiful bride I've ever seen.." Payal said hugging her tightly.

Mami put black kohl behind her ears smiling, "May no one cast an evil eye on my Doll."

Khushi smiled looking down shy. 

Madhu came and kissed her forehead, "You're looking beautiful Khushi.."

Khushi looked at her shocked, she stepped back looking away. 

Madhu nodded sideways crying, "Please forgive your mother Khushi.. I was not on my senses when I did that to you.."

"You did wrong.." Khushi looked at her crying.

"I know.. I want to reticfy my mistake.. Please .." Madhu pleaded her.

"Accept my Arnav first.." Khushi said.

"I already accepted him Khushi.." Madhu said.

Khushi threw herself on her mother, crying heavily.  She hugged her tightly.

Anjali, Meera, Payal and Mami had tears in their eyes.

"Excuse me..  Excuse me.." the boys entered in the room.

The girls quickly hide Khushi. 

"Go away from here.." Madhu said faking anger. 

NK: Ayoo Nandhikis****.. She will get us killed.. Let's go Karan and Akash.

The three went from there back to Arnav's room.

Arnav walked to them, "Where's the pic?"

"Madhu aunty scolded us. So we didn't manage to click your permanent model.." Karan pouted. 

"Acha.. Yeh sasuma bhi na.. She likes to poke her nose in my matters.." Arnav frowned cutely.


Arnav waited for his bride in Mandap, soon Khushi reached with Madhu, Anjali, Meera and Payal.

She blushed staring at him with open mouth.

The girls giggled staring at Arnav's expression.

Arnav stood up smiling at her, he extended his hand to her and Khushi held his hand.

Both sat and the priest start ordering them to join their hands, while he was reciting some mantras. 

Then he asked someone to tie Khushi's lehenga duppata with Arnav's scarf. Anjali did that for them, she caressed both cheeks smiling.

Then they did the seven rounds making vows to each other. 

And the priest asked Arnav to tie mangalsutra around Khushi's neck.

He smiled at her taking the mangalsutra from Madhu's hands, he tied it on Khushi's neck and whispers near her ear: Now you've become officially Mrs. Raizada na? 

"And you're officially my Laddo.." Khushi giggled silently earning a "What the.." from her husband.

"Arnav don't say what the in our wedding.." Khushi scolded him.

"I will say,  what will you do? My what the is with me always.." Arnav frowned. 

The guests looked at each other confused, were they seriously fighting on the day of their marriage? 

"I will not marry you.." Khushi pouted. 

"I will also not marry you." Arnav said and crossed his arms. 

Everyone gasped. 

The girls looked at Arnav like they a chance, and boys stare lovingly at Khushi.

"Marry me na ASR.." one of them said.

Khushi widened her eyes, she wrapped her arms around Arnav, hugging him sideways tightly.

"He's my Tom.." Khushi said cutely, glaring at the girl. 

"She's my Jerry.." Arnav smiled lost in his Khushi. 

"Don't get so shocked with these two mads.." Mami smiled sheepishly to the guests. 

"Because when they Met.." Karan smirked.

"Life turned upside down!!!" Arnav's family, Madhu, Ruchi and the kids screamed laughing.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other smiling. 

"Jab we met.. I learned how to live.." both whispered to each other. 

Arnav filled her maang with sindoor, and they were declared wife and husband.

Both took blessings from Mami, Mama, and Madhu.

Then they shared an emotional hug with Karan, Meera, Payal and Akash. 

Anjali smile at them, Arnav came to her: Look your Chote got married. 

Anjali nodded smiling through her tears, "I wish you both a happy married life ahead.."

"Thank you Di.." Khushi hugged her tightly. Arnav also joined the hug. 

The car came to pick them, Arnav looked at Khushi: I think we solved our problems now.. Are you ready  for this new beginning?

Khushi smiled and held his hand tightly, she nodded: I'm ready as long as you're with me..

Both went walking till the car.  The family cheered for the couple.

Madhu had little tears in her eyes, every mother cries when her daughter leaves her house permanently.

Arnav frowned when he was about to open the door.  

"What happened?" she asked him. 

"We forgot something.." he said.

Khushi: What? 

"Our daughter.." he said and turned back calling Ruchi. 

Ruchi came running to them, Arnav lifted her on air smiling.

Khushi smiled happily staring at them. 

The End..


Nov 17

Epilogue| A peek into their morning.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 162 times)

5 years later..

“Khushi look I’ve an important meeting today.. Don’t eat my brain..” Arnav said putting on his suit, and quickly grabbed his car keys from her hand.

“Laad governor..” Khushi muttered gritting her teeth. She sat on the bed annoyed with him, all she asked for was their cute family to go and pray in Mandir. But as usual, her Tom spoiled her plans.

Arnav bend to reach her soft and pink cheeks, he brushed his nose against her cheeks, making her blush. Then he pecked her cheek, “Some other day okay my Jerry?”

“Okay..” she nodded her head, when he talks like this. Does she have any other option other than to accept??

He smiled and went from there, to the living room.

He sat on the breakfast table looking around, he raised his eyebrows confused.

“Where’s my Naughty Jerry?” he asked to Mami.

“I’m here Papaaaaaa…” a little 3 years old girl came running to him, with her hands dirty and a huge smile in her face. She wanted to hug him, Arnav stood up glaring at her: Aashi no! Papa wants to go to office.

Aashi pouted, she looking down playing with her hands. Arnav melt seeing her cute antics just like her mother, she is his Little Jerry!

He walked to her and knelt down, hugging her tightly. Aashi smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, dirtying his shirt with her hands.

Khushi giggled seeing Arnav’s expression, if it was someone else he would bark at that person for spoiling his shirt when he is about to attend a meeting, but since it’s his daughter, he can’t even scold her.

Arnav cupped Aashi’s face and kissed her cheeks, “I love you little Jerry..”

“I love you too Big Tom..” she said and everyone laughed out loudly.

Arnav stood up, and lifted Khushi taking her to their room. Khushi widened her eyes, “What are you doing? Let me down Arnav..”

“Help me change my shirt..” he said smirking.

“What? Mr.Raizada you can do that alone..” Khushi frowned.

Arnav pretended like he was not hearing what she was saying, and closed the door of their room.

Khushi took another shirt from the closet, and handle it to him, “Your daughter does wrong, and I’m the one who pay for it..”

Arnav shrugged his shoulders, “She is my little Jerry na. I can’t punish her..”

“Help me change..” he said walking near her, smirking.

Khushi glared at him and started unbuttoning his shirt, mumbling to herself.

Arnav rested his forehead against hers, with a smile playing on her lips.

“I’m not angry!!” Khushi said smiling, she took his shirt off.

“I know! You’re little mad so I do expect your mood swings like this…” he teased her.

Khushi giggled, and took the shirt on his hand to help him wear, Arnav raised his arms to make it easy for her.

She buttoned his shirt. Arnav caressed her cheek staring deeply at her: Do you know why I like to irritate you in the morning?

Khushi: At least you admit it you do irritate me a lot!!!

Arnav chuckled, “Because I want these little moments to be with us! I want our love to never fade.. and we both are like this, always fighting with each other still we love each other.. and I want to keep this way.. we should never forget our love just because we are parents now..”

Khushi smiled brightly, she hug him tightly.

“Shall we go to Mandir??” he asked smirking.

“You said you have work na. I don’t want you to suffer losses..” Khushi replied still in his embrace.

“Khushi does your brain work properly?” he asked frowning.

“Haan.. My brain is perfectly fine, your is not.. a while ago you said you have work, now you want to go to Mandir.. are you suffering from amnesia or what??” and here their fight starts again.

“Can’t you see I was kidding with you?” Arnav hit her forehead playfully.

Khushi opened her mouth in “O” shape: Aww you Laad governor.. how dare you??

Arnav rolled his eyes, “Sometimes I ask myself did I do the right thing by marrying??”

Khushi pouted, and walked in the bathroom to change her clothes.

Arnav sat on the bed giggling at her face, “And the answer is I did the best thing in my life..” he shouted for her to hear.

Khushi smiled inside the bathroom.

“Don’t you want help to change?” he asked naughtily.

“No!!” Khushi screamed shyly.

“I’m coming..” he said smirking.



Mami, Mama, Anjali and her husband Karan, Payal, Akash and their son Aansh, Arshi and Ruchi and Aashi reached in Mandir.

Khushi joined her hands to pray, Arnav stayed in his same position. Khushi gestured him to copy her.

“I don’t have anything to ask for..” he whispered.

“Why?” she asked.

“I have you, nothing more to ask is left. You’re my everything..” he said.

Khushi looked at him with teary eyes. Arnav wiped the tears in her eyes and held his ear: Sorry for making you cry..

Khushi nodded sideways: You know these are tears of happiness..

“Mumma .. Papa.. you always fighting.. and then you be good friends!!.. you both are so strange!!” Aashi whispered to both.

Khushi and Arnav giggled.

“This is nothing Aashi. I will tell you how Mumma and Papa used to fight when they came to NGO..” Ruchi said.

Khushi smiled hearing both talking with each other about them.

After praying, Arshi walked out of the mandir. Khushi feed Arnav a bit of prasad, then Aashi and Ruchi.

“Do you know what I prayed for Mumma??” Aashi asked.

“What?” Khushi asked curious.

“That you both keep fighting like Tom and Jerry!!!” Aashi giggled.

Arshi widened their eyes.

“Because they might fight, but they care for each other..” Ruchi explained.

Arshi smiled and picked them in their arms. 

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